The Book that Astounds (Sefer Ha-Mafli)


Perhaps the most astounding aspect of the Geula Shleima relates to the Messianic Mission of Jesus. Many Jews might close the Book just hearing the last sentence. Be intelligent though and keep it open. It is not Christ who returns but the Star of Christ, the Most Astounding Star that exists. Malchitzedek was under it 4000 years ago, Jesus was under it 2000 years ago and even the first Donkey of the Final Goel Haim was under it in the first 6 years of the Completed Signs, hee-haw!, for the sake of the Correction of the incredible Mission of Yeshua son of Joseph and Miriam. It's truly an amazing Star reason for which in the Final Redemption it's called the Star that Astounds (Cochav ha-Mafli).

It is as well the Star of Bethlehem, the House in which the Bread of the Final Redemption is baked. One can search this out by partaking of its Astonishing Redemptional Bread brought by the Donkeys who eat Bread. Is it not wondrous that Donkeys can eat Bread from a Star!? You can check it out, however, and you'll be convinced that it is so. It's the Astonishing Star that eats a Tenth of the other Redemptional Stars and then bakes them in its own Oven the perfume of which bewilders the taste buds of all good-hearted people of faith.

        So don't close the Book and don't leave this Petal and you will find out, as all Christian theology falls away, what the true Messianic Mission of Jesus was all about. In the House of Prayer we have the celebration of the 25th of December 'The First Messiah who died a year ago'. So amazing was that historic mission that as one learns more about it, it seems as if Jesus had died only a year ago, hee-haw!


This Fifth Petal is dedicated to two main subjects:

1) the Correction of Christianity from the idolatrous sin around Jesus in all its aspects

2) the explanation of the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, based on the New Message of the Third and Final Redemption


Before reading the material in this Petal, we are obligated to caution the public with the following very clear and severe warning:

We, the pupils of the Teacher Haim, who has been chosen by God Almighty as the Third and Final Goel of mankind, are aware of the fact that there exist, unfortunately, groups of Jews, in Israel and outside of Israel, who call themselves ‘Messianic Jews; or ‘Jews for Jesus’.

The Jews of these groups not only define Jesus as Messiah but they believe in idolatrous doctrines of Christian Theology, such as ‘Son of God’, the ‘Trinity’, the Logos that became ‘Flesh’ in Jesus. These groups are a great and real danger to the Jewish people; they are enemies of the true and pure monotheistic faith. Many innocent Jewish souls, who for many possible reasons are somewhat removed from proper Judaism which absolutely prohibits any kind of idolatry, have fallen into their trap.

 It is no sin to speak about Jesus; we here in Petal 5 speak the whole time about him, explaining his historical task in God’s Design of the Redemption. The sin is to believe that Jesus is beyond the level of a human being!

Petal 5 of Sefer Mishnat Haim, in merit and in the permission of the Goel Haim, explains at length, with clear explanations, the true Jesus, son of Joseph and Miriam, and the contents of his true historical Mission from God Almighty concerning Israel and the nations.

It is thus our obligation to declare unequivocally that there is absolutely no relation between us and those groups: never in Sefer Mishnat Haim is Jesus referred to as ‘Son of God’ or anything similar!

 We believe exclusively in the One Living God, sole Creator of the universe, who in the course of the history of mankind chose three men of the Redemption: 

Moses, the First Goel (Redeemer)

Jesus, our precious brother, until now misunderstood by all, the second man of the Universal Redemption, and the historical Ram sacrificed in place of Isaac (Mordechai the Jew, instead, is the second Goel of Israel), and Haim, the Third and Final Goel of the Geula Shleima (Final Redemption) “even though until now very few know about this”.

In no way do we ever transgress what is written, ‘and they believed in God and in Moses His servant’.



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