Written by: Peretz Green




Written in Israel



Letter to the Congregation of faithful Donkeys in Milan, Italy and in all other places where they are where they may be


Tikkun Paulus of Roman Passport

written by Paul of American Passport

Tikkun Paulus who confused all tongues

made by Paul in the New Pure Tongue of the Final Redemption

I write here in the Sign of Paul, of Peretz and of the Donkey

in the city of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our fathers.

Come, then, Paulus, as I search to place words

that look ahead and no longer behind.

Indeed, you were right:

Jesus was the Messia, Christ of the Nations.


I too was a Pharasee, as you,

five years among the studious of Habad.

The Tzadik Haim redeemed me from that trap

and with enormous love he wrapped me in the light of the true Torah and he gave me new life and a new heart towards all people with love.

From the one whose name was created by God before He created the world, I received a New Universal Spirit, as it was later revealed in the Completed Signs in a dream seen by Adam Kamkhaji, in which the Tzadik Haim, the final Goel, embraced the people of the world and with profound love declared to each person “We are all of the same flesh”.

You were reborn on the way to Damascus.

In Milan, the Tzadik Haim took away from me my blindness and gave me new eyes to see with, so as not to look at the bottle but what it contained; and the Teacher Haim introduced me into the faith of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim who take upon themselves the weights of humanity’s sins, not only of and for Jews but of and for all people in the country, or countries, of that decree for which the Hidden Tzadik chooses to suffer.

And although I did not merit to arise with the Hidden Tzadikim nor to undergo their suffering, the Divine Providence, in the hands of the Teacher Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, prepared me towards the historic duty that would be conferred on me after the last and terrible suffering of the Tzadik and after his resurrection from the dead, chosen by God Almighty as the Third Redeemer of humanity, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. I was then given the historic privilege to announce out loud before a starry heaven, thus for the world at large, “Ba-ha-Zman” - in merit of the Tzadik Haim, and in merit of his last suffering, the final sacrifice that saved the world from a decree of mass devastation in the world - human history had entered into a New Historic Time of the Third and Final Redemption, the Time of the third and final name ‘EHEYE’ of the full, triple-name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’.

That was the historical announcement of the opening of the Third and Final Redemption and of the Great Reconciliation of the hearts of fathers and sons. ‘Ba-ha-Zman’ is the announcement of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, from my mouth, sent as a messenger of the chosen Goel Haim.

One is able now to appreciate more deeply your illumination from that sudden acknowledgement of the truth of Yeshua’s resurrection and his being the promised Messiah. For you became the messenger of Christ and nothing in the world could have moved you away from that faith even until your last breath. And also I in my smallness hope to merit to even some part of your indefatigable fervor and in your constant growth in the knowledge and desire of God, in the choice of those beloved by Him.


I am astonished and overwhelmed by your pure love for Jesus. Your unshakable faith leaves me amazed. Your diligence and vigor in fulfilling your calling excite the senses of a Donkey, of a Peretz and of a Paul. You suffered every kind of adversity and of humiliation but you didn't stop for an instant to announce the arrival of the Messiah, the Christ waited for, from the Torà and from Prophets. Immense and breath-taking was your sincere love for each person who embraced the new faith in Christ. I would like to see in myself even one part of your enthusiasm in the new faith, to make it raise to enlighten the hearts of Donkeys and of people, in the final revelation of the Goel Haim.

Certainly the history of the Final Redemption is very different than the messianic history of Yeshua. We now know the Signs of the Great Correction of Christianity and we have the new and real equilibrium concerning the consequent Messianic Mission that derived from the RESH of the name ASHER and we have the new final equilibrium of the final name EHEYE. The reality of the world is all another today compared to your times, with 2000 years of historic developments. But even more and more so, considering the conditions of those times, did you demonstrate your force, your zeal and your passion in breaking down the barriers of history in order to raise up the name of Jesus as the Messiah, Christ of the Nations.

But as the nations have found gladness in you, getting inspiration from your ardent spirit, as a Jew, in Christ, so I hope that you may be glad in me now, that as a Jew, sent by the Tzadik Haim, I explain the truth of the messianic mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, in the light of the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the third and final Goel, Haim. The real Jesus, Christ of the Nations, by you so beloved, has returned home, after a long stay of 2000 years among the nations.

For, behold, the first prophetic Initial Signs of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua have already come true and now I announce the ‘new things’ revealed in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and I give over the new prophecies of the Final Fourth Generation and I bray out, together with the other Donkeys, all the marvelous news of the arrival of the Goel Haim, the chosen ‘Son of Man’ envisioned by Jesus. The Sign of the Garden of the True Universal Brotherhood has descended unto us Donkeys on earth.

From the undoing of that Historic Knot created by the mission of Yeshua, people will unite with the people of Israel in contemplating the Three men of the Redemption, Moses, Yeshua and Haim, and as written (Isaia 53, 5) ‘the moral lesson of peace is upon him'. ‘Musar Shalom’ - ‘Musar’ is a profound moral lesson which may also be painful, touching and correcting innermost attitudes. Since that lesson is bound to Jesus’ Messianic Sacrifice, understood by the Jewish people only after 2000 years, at the time of the Final Redemption, the faith in the messianic mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, is the Key, also now of the contingent universal peace that will reside in the world after the Fourth Generation. [1]

Perhaps this document represents a New Marriage because, well, Paulus and Paul together is quite an interesting combination. For this is the first and perhaps the only time that I enter the Triple Meditation as Paul, Peretz and Donkey and this does tend to cause jealousy among those who cannot bear the Sacrificed Ram, the failed mission of Malachi and the Messianic Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations. I think, of course, of your standing as well so that my beloved parents Morris Green and Ann Becker, peace be with them, may finally come to realize why they called me Paul. With love, then, I come to bring you back into the fold, not only with the pleasant Brays of a Donkey or with Peretz’ outbursts against untrained Horses but even as a good, little Jewish Paul from Newark, New Jersey, who somehow became associated with your immense historic problems.

Therefore I speak to you and recall the delicacy of the light, for if I affront the mountains with a vigorous tongue, the torch will shake so much that shadows will be strewn throughout the city and frightened burglars will fall upon their stolen livelihood. Thus I’ll avoid Poretz Gader as much as possible but rather will I whisper with the delicate compassion of Goder Peretz. As such, I seek as well my own correction Tikkun Paulus Verdus ex Novam Arcam. Terrible how Latin changes the sound of things!

In any case my name is Paul as the name by which you are known. You were the messenger of Christ and I became the first Donkey of the Goel Haim. You were part of the second redemption and I am part of the third and final redemption. You built up Christianity and not a little did you confuse the world. I have a part in destroying all theological Christianity and the terrible confusion that it has caused correcting it with the new pure and clear tongue of the final redemption. Your faith was part of the horns caught in the thicket of historical confusion. I know that Jesus was the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s Stead and my work has been to undo the historical confusion of the Thicket, as messenger of the Final Goel, Haim.

I also know where Jesus received his messages and the Initial Signs of the redemption and the secret of the miracles that he performed. These three things you did not know. There was no true history in your Christ nor did you understand the relationship between the mission of John the Baptist and that of Yeshua. You did not know the roots of the failed mission of Malachi. You did not understand the position of the Star of Christ nor the Sign of the Star of Malchitzedek and the Star of Abraham. You did not know that your time and your Christianity were under the letter RESH of the name ASHER of the name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. You did not even understand what your spirit told you, that God closed all of us in error so as to show clemency to all in the end.

And who could have ever imagined in his farthest dreams that the Final Goel himself would come in the Sign of the Stars to announce, “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility”?


[2]DIARY: Shavuot 5763, Sivan 6, June 6, 2003; Weights of the Donkey, 3956: Beersheva:

The Feast of Weeks; the Feast of the Ten Commandments; the Feast of the day of birth of the Tzadik Haim, born circumcised at exactly the hour of the giving of the Ten Commandments at Sinai. Enormous is the Secret of God. Who might ever imagine the happiness Above in that holy moment of the birth of the Third and Final Goel, Haim.


I enter, God willing, tomorrow night into the Triple Meditation in the Sign of 120 days. I will have the Meditation revolve about this Final Tikkun of Paulus.

For you need it, Paulus, and the Correction is lacking without yours. We can now correct your language while at the same time bring your ideas to their conclusion by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. I can do this, God willing, if my health permits. Tonight I asked the Tzadik Haim to cure me and to totally renew me, body, nefesh and ruah. This, I believe is the first and only time that I have turned directly to the Goel Haim with such a request for myself. I did this purposely, for the sake of the Christian Correction. For my prayers are always to the One Living God and Creator of the universe, and for sure, as prayers, it is forbidden to turn to the Goel. For even had the Goel been in the world itself, had the Providence of God so ordained it, it would have been prohibited to offer prayers to him and the Tzadik Haim would have totally rejected any kind of cult whatsoever to his person.

This does not change after his death and resurrection from the dead into the exalted and immensely hidden position as Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. One of the incredible reasons for the existence of Christianity is because ONLY by way of the Great Correction of Christianity do the Errors of Christian theology become the Historical Protection from mankind’s ever falling into them again. Profound is the Redemptional History created by God Almighty. No human brain can fathom His power: in Israel’s sin and the Christian error, 2000 years of historic darkness, so that at the end, with the coming of the chosen Third and Final Goel, Haim, those same kind of sins and errors will, once understood, never return again to the world for all the coming generations.

But I am the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim and as such I asked him for his blessing of healing, if this is in truth for my good as I think. It is, indeed, from the Tzadik Haim that I must ask this blessing because it is his forgiveness that I seek in order to receive his healing. This is because the state of my unhealthiness is of my own fault and my own doing and for my not having observed the commandments and teachings of the Tzadik Haim regarding my health and regarding the commandment of the Holy Torah u-shemartem meod le-nafshoteichem (Deuteronomy, 4, 15) - and you must guard yourselves (your own health) exceedingly. This too was always the Tzadik’s teaching to me and he warned me of many things.

But unfortunately, for certain matters I am thick-minded and unflinchingly insensible to my own reality and I do not make it even to the beginning. I am not jesting when I say that I have truly seen donkey-thickness in myself at every level of my life for certain categories of things and my animal-instinct to follow my instinct is worse than that of an animal, for no animal can be accused of having bad-habits since it cannot exit from its animal-instincts.

The Tzadik Haim commanded me to follow nature and never to abuse nature. But I have abused my lungs and my heart and my blood, choking them in my smoke-stack day and night. Now I have become weak and have not taken the heeding and strong-warnings come to me in dreams from the Tzadik Haim, especially since my coming to Israel more than two and a half years ago. I have no face to face up to my guilt; I have been my own worst enemy and all excuses are a wrestling with the wind.

Recently Sig. Remo Levi from the other world, in the vest of a distinguished Doctor-Professor who said to the other doctors who were curing me “He must not smoke”! (referred to me; in the dream, I was in the hospital for some type of external medication) - -

And three days ago I saw in my dream that I was praying to God Almighty for my healing. I felt that it was granted but I reluctantly had to agree, not verbally but in my heart with my head lowered, to stop smoking. - - Other proofs are hardly necessary!

And yet the thickness of my habit is like tank-metal but even thicker is my desire to continue smoking, at least a few cigarettes every day. I am afraid to stop suddenly. If I were in good health, my body could more easily take on the nicotine-shocks but I have become weakened and delicate inside etc. I therefore asked the Tzadik to renew me, body, nefesh and ruah, I ask first of all his forgiveness, as my Teacher, for my not having followed his teachings nor the wisdom that he imparted to me. There are no excuses. I am guilty and no one else. I have not taken care of my body as I should have.

With my body, however, already in this state, to heal me means to renew my body. I asked it of the Goel Haim, in the Sign of the Resurrection, in the Sign, “I was dead but now I am resurrected in merit of the resurrection of the Tzadik Haim”.

“For only the Tzadik Haim can do this” was specified by Giordano in his dream. The finalized power of the Teacher Haim in the Sign of his resurrection is greater than the power given to Jesus in the Initial Sign of his resurrection.

In my request to the Tzadik Haim, I mentioned the force of the Initial Sign of the Resurrection through which you too, Paulus, resuscitated a young girl after her soul had already left her. I hoped by this to awaken the Tzadik with love to his talmid who knows that no brain can fathom the power of resurrection in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim. Thus, as you might have said it, I am too guilty and too unworthy in my deeds to be pardoned, yet by justification of my faith, in this case, the faith in the truth of the power of the resurrection in the hands of the chosen Goel, Haim, I might be cleansed of my guilt and be reborn from afresh with a new body and new blood and a new spirit, not for any worthiness on my part but in virtue of God’s grace upon me to wash away the bonds of sin and to rebuild me again so as to be a servant unto Him.

 I must do it for I cannot be losing unto myself since I am a prophetic sign to future generations. I can be an example of weakness turned into force, even sin turned into perfume before Heaven but I must not be strength turned into weakness because such does not testify to true teaching of the great faith of the third and final redemption. We are not Donkeys nor Horses to teach the strength of the true faith for the sake of falling into weakness but rather are we weak Donkeys that by way of our faith in the New Signs of the FR, in merit of the Goel Haim, turn weakness into strength.

Therefore the time of this my guilty state has met with your Correction, Paulus, where our Pauls come together for reciprocal benefit, each in his own correction, where now both of us need each other so as to bind the Christian Correction to the Garden of the Great Fraternity of the Final Redemption. I need you for the strength of character that moved you and helped you overcome every obstacle in your incredibly difficult task of bringing the new messianic faith to the nations.

For you are Paulus, the White Horse of Christ and I am Paul, the first Donkey who eats Bread, in the sign of the Donkey ridden on by the Final Goel from the Kingdom of Heaven. We can well be friends for of those who will come to know the proportions of the true Messianic Mission of Christ these same will come to appreciate your amazing metamorphosis and the sincerity, force, spirit and love that entered into your heart in the grace upon you for your faith in Jesus, Christ of the Nations.

Jews will no longer be able to quip “Well Jesus was O.K. but his PR man messed everything up”.

Christianity was a decree of God, it had to be but its existence required errors, theological errors that could not be avoided, whether for the fulfillment of God’s promises regarding the chosen people of Israel, whether for a long middle-step historical intersection allowing the pagan peoples to climb towards the final redemption. They needed a Messiah between God and between them so as to feel a closeness to the object of their cult. Immense is the mercy of God to save the souls of His created mankind.

Indeed the Star of Christ had to fulfill its Mission on earth to prepare the nations of the world to become a multitude of peoples, children of Abraham, our father, in the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But the theological errors of Christianity came also for chastising the people of Israel dispersed among the nations with hidden lessons that they would understand only at the end, at the time of the Final Redemption, the Geula ha-Shleima.

“They have taken one of our boys and they turned him into a god and they say he is the Son of God”. Yes, we know of their errors but the purpose is that we recognize our own. Yeshua acted as a son of God because we, commanded to be as ‘sons of God’ did evil in His sight and we became as enemies of God not as His children, the beloved descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Jewish Messiah was raised up to the nations who called him the Son of God to make us feel our own sin of not being as a son of God.

Now you know that the Lord, our God, has no ‘Son’ and that He does not give His glory to any other. John the Evangelist, after his being separated from the false doctrine of the Logos, is saved for the invaluable contents in the fourth Gospel concerning the one chosen to reside as the Goel and Anointed Judge in the Kingdom of Heaven. And you, Paulus, after your theological Son of God is dissolved and recognized as idolatrous, the truth of your faith and sincerity in the new spirit that you found come now to ignite the Middle Pillar so as to illumine the faith in the Great Redemptional Design of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Do not wonder for the weakness of the spirit that enhances us and makes us seem as almost totally unconscious to the incredible reality that has befallen us. In our time of these past twenty years there was only time for gathering in the testimonies and formulating the basis of the Final New Pact. We are so few. We are separated between Italy and Israel. We have no congregation. We are a few lone Donkeys without any great Israel for whom to bray. The spirit has left and the enthusiasm forgotten for it is too great for such small Donkeys to handle. Yehoel Yehoel thought that Shavuot was Hhag ha-Beitzim, the Feast of Eggs - because here in Israel, for two or three days before Shavuot and ‘in honor of Shavuot’ throw fresh eggs at each other’s heads, for which foolish reason I will ne’er be able to fathom.

But the Lord, our God, at this time is so to speak, little concerned with our spirit for He has already closed us into the Pact of Truth. If we descend to levels of non-spirit and worldliness, the Pact will lift us up when it is necessary because we know the truth of the Final Pact that we are in. The Messianic Object of Faith created around Jesus in Christianity did not possess the truth to be closed into the Final New Pact. The truth of the Final Redemption is closed and sealed into the Final New Pact forever after.

The Redemptional Object of Faith in the Final Goel, Haim, does not change the theology of the Second Commandment. The Goel, Haim, is a creation of God as all people are God’s creations. He is not ‘Divine’ nor is he the Son of God. He is the chosen of God to be the Goel of the Final Redemption. He will be known and loved in the coming generations as the Marvelous Counselor, the potent one chosen by God, a Father for all times and the Prince of Peace. All this is coming; it has already been established and sealed by God Almighty in the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim.

It is thus not the spirit that is perpetrating the Final Redemption nor does the non-knowledge of it by the entire world impede its flow of Binding Signs in their Completion from the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth, in the paws of a few Donkeys and Horses, Tails and Manes, closed into the Pact of Truth of the Final Redemption. For so does it honor to God Almighty when future history will stand amazed at the vast and incredible revelation that had entered the world by way of a few Donkeys without the world knowing anything about it. We are a few lucky animals moved around by the Redemptional Stars of the Final Redemption. Then when the Star has accomplished its objective we return to our un-spiritual reality as if nothing had happened.

Christianity was not a finalized religion for the world for all times but it flourished on the spirit. It was designed to stimulate the spirit. It was based on the spirit that it furnished. The nations that took on Christianity did not have Torah and Law to fall back on; they did not have the oral Tradition; they did not have the mitzvah of studying Torah nor the Sabbath and the rest of Tradition.



continued lett105.doc


lett105.doc - continuation from lett104.doc of TIKKUN PAULUS

June 7, 2003


 Our fate as Jews who must open the founts of Torah and Prophets for the Nations is not so simple, true, Paulus? Yours, of course, were truly on the front-line; mine are written in texts for Sefer Mishnat Haim. But the Donkey Signs are incredible Signs because the Donkey who eats the Bread is also the ‘Messianic Corrector’ and the ‘Messianic Justifier’, for the sake of the Great Messianic Correction.

So have I been, thank God, a very lucky Paul, having been in the position to get down on all fours and to bray and to encourage others to bray with me. And so, with the Donkey upon me, I came through twelve years of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ. I was stunned and amazed by the New Revelation of the Sign of the Stars. It was the Sign of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, that asserts the final Fourth Generation, and the Second Coming of the Star of Christ, in virtue of humility. The chosen Goel Haim himself announces and explains “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility”. This was the change of my fate as Damascus for you was the change of your faith.

I had immediately to come to terms with Christ, Jeremiad breaking-down and building up. The Goel himself was announcing it. Let there be no doubt for the rest of history. The Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, was a true Mission. The Star which had guided that Mission 2000 years ago had returned for the Second Time. The Great Correction of Christianity had begun. I was Peretz in breaking down the Barriers of History since my writings for the Redemption are written in the Stars of the Redemption and thus they will become realities in the world as the Star-Cycles of the Stars of the Redemption conclude their times according to the Design of this Fourth Generation of 65 years.

For the first six years, I rode upon the Messianic Tightrope of Jesus’ plight. Not I, but the Donkey who eats Bread whom I called upon me with joy so that he exert in me his Messianic Breeding. He is delicious, the Donkey who eats Bread. He is purely clean of all human impurity, prophetically designed by God Almighty as a gift to the chosen final Goel when he would be resurrected into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is now a great pleasure for me to speak these things out to you, Paulus. Your depth from always, together with the Correction, will illumine your spirit in the truth of the proportions of the new pure tongue of the Final Redemption.

Who as you might desire to see the Book of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected concerning the truth of Messianic Revelation? But let the sadness of the past not disturb us here and the errors have been dealt with. Come with me into the Triple-Meditation and come to terms with the messianic meeting place of Malchitzedek and Abraham, our father. The position of Abraham is that of the Goel and the position of Malchitzedek is that of the Universal Messianic Mission, a Priest to God on high for all people. The Star of Malchitzedek is in the Sign of Fulfillment to extend the Blessing of Abraham, our father, to a multitude of Nations. The Messiah is not the Goel nor on his level by any means.

If the Messiah becomes considered more than Abraham or higher than Abraham or more important than Abraham, the entire equilibrium of the ‘faith of Abraham’ will be distorted. In Christianity, the deification of Christ made him higher than all human beings including those chosen by God such as the Patriarchs, Moses and the Prophet Elijah. The result is that the merit in the faith of Abraham is cut off by this distortion and thus the faith that will derive from it will not be the true monotheistic faith of Abraham and of the Second Commandment.

Malchitzedek receives a tenth of the Blessing of Abraham so as to bless, by way of bread and of wine, all people who desire that blessing. This is the ‘secret’ of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek which, in Christianity, by way of Yeshua’s mission, became the New Priesthood of the New Christian Church. In the Final New Pact, the New Priesthood derives from the Priesthood of Aaron the High Priest, by way of the Priesthood of the Prophet Elijah, in the hands of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim, in the context of the Signs of the Reconciliation. Therefore the Anointed Priest in the New House of Prayer must be of Jewish birth.

The false deification of the Messiah of that Middle Redemptional Period is counter-balanced by the animal-simplicity of the Sign of Donkey who eats Bread. This, by the way, results as well in the acknowledgement of the Unique Messianism of Jesus. No Messiah will ever again be lifted as a Sign-Post to the Nations. No Messiah will ever again come in the context of the Historical Thorn Bush into which the Ram’s horns were caught creating the Unbalance that has reigned for two thousand years. The Jewish people that now awaits the Messiah son of David will overcome the unbalances created during the Jewish Exile. Christians awaiting the Second Coming of Christ will overcome the theological errors of Christianity. We, however, speak from the third and final name of GOD of the Triple-Name, under the Signs of Jacob, our father, and the Splendor of Israel.

We reveal the Hidden Mystery of the Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, in the light of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ, announced and explained by the Goel Haim. The Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven is not the Messiah; he is the Goel. The Messianic (Anointed) Missions on earth in the hands of the future Anointed Priests on the Altar of the Anointed Priest and on the future Head-Donkeys of the Altar of the Great Israel, will be simple Donkeys, in the permission of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim. They will be in the just measures of the Final Redemption. The Sign of the Donkey undoes all the messianic exaggerations of the past and chops them down to size for good digestion. The ‘Messianic’ Donkey who eats Bread is a Messiahclast-Donkey. Blessed is the Lord, God of the Hosts, who made me His bread.


Reading Romans 7, I get something of the idea of living in a state of sin under the Law. For sure the Satan had little to gain from the sins of those not commanded, because not being commanded in the Law, they were not in sin for disobeying the Law. What really counts, nevertheless, is that you had to make the separation between the Law of the Torah and the New Law for Christians; therefore you had to explain the break-away.

We of the Final Redemption receive, in merit of the Goel Haim, the New Law of the Final Redemption, a New Mishnah for all, for Jews and for the Nations. We are not in the Break-away from the Law of the Holy Torah, or from the Oral Tradition or from Prophets but rather are we in its fulfillment. The Coming of the Final Goel, Haim, is itself the fulfillment of the Torah and the Sign of his being born totally circumcised exactly at the moment of the giving of the Ten Commandments at Sinai, is a prophetic Sign from God Almighty that the Law of God, especially the Ten Commandments, would be extended to the world, fulfilled and completed, in the hands of the Tzadik Haim when he would become the Goel.

The Law of the Torah is brought back to the world by way of the New Law of the Final Redemption, within the context of the Final New Pact with some distinctions between those of the Altars of Judah and Efraim and those of the Altar of Malchitzedek.

Christianity was the great historical stepping-stone in extending the Ten Commandments to the world but it unfortunately could not be considered of the true Law of God because it falsified the Second Commandment. After Christianity Islam was the great stepping-stone for extending the Ten Commandments to the Arab nations and to many non-Arab nations. The faith of Islam in the One Living God is the true faith of Abraham.

You were convinced that the Spirit in Christ substituted the Law but the Spirit of Christianity was at discrepancy with the true faith of the Second Commandment. Therefore the New Law of Christianity dissolves into non-existence with the coming of the New Law of the Final Redemption.

Nevertheless, the strength of your faith in Christ is overwhelming, unflinching, uni-directional. I ask myself now, with the second coming of the Star of Christ to what extent I might use your strength in binding that Great Middle Pillar to the service of the future generations. That same Star is now the Star that Astounds. Everything that has to do with the Messianic Mission of Christ amazes and astounds us and teaches us messianic lessons. And everything that has to do with the Marvelous News of the Final Redemption is astounding.


The third night of the Sign of 120 days: we are pupils of Moses, our teacher. We are pupils to the Messianic Reality of the Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations. We are the pupils of the Final Goel Haim, the chosen Teacher of the Third and Final Redemption. He is our beloved Teacher, the crown of our head, and the light of our existence.

For it is written, “I am the first and I am the last and with Me are there no other gods (or there is no other God except for Me”. This means that after the Correction of ‘other gods’ in that Second Redemption of Jesus, ‘there will be no other God except for Me’ (Isaiah, 44, 6) for all the future generations. Then will the true light of the redemptional mission of Yeshua shine for the world, constantly amazing mankind with the wisdom of God Almighty in designing the history of the Redemption. ‘Great is God and exceedingly praiseworthy and into His greatness there is no searching’ (Psalms, 143, 3). Therefore I re-find you, Paulus, to help me feel that true and worthy part of your sincere and total love for Jesus, Christ of the nations.


June 9, 2003; Sivan 9, 5763; Weights of the Donkey, 20, 3956; Beersheva: Sharonne dreamed that to the 6 Signs came an additino but it wasn’t said what or how. In the dream, however, there was a horse. - - -


So, Paulus, see the hidden matter here; only after we’ve reached a certain important level in the completion of the Signs, we received word that we cannot announce the Redemption publicly. In the Fourth Sign was lacking the Sign of White Horse who runs to the four angles of the earth. The dream of Sharonne comes to add this to the Sign. If not for a sign we would not know it because in the two Great Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread there is no Horse. The Sign of White Horse came separately. Afterwards there are a great number of dreams in which the White Horse and the Donkey or Paolo and Peretz are together.

The fact is that the Donkey without White Horse is incomplete and viceversa. The dream, however, does not state specifically where and what to add. The reason is that if it would have been stated specifically we would think that the Fourth Sign has officially taken on a new form ‘Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and of the White Horse’. This is not so. The name of the Sign is ‘the Donkey who eats Bread’ but we must add ‘and White Horse’ when we say the Fourth Sign.

Clearly good news. It confirms this Tikkun Paulus in the making. For you, Paulus, were the White Horse of Christ who changes direction and moves towards the nations after things have not been understood by traditional Jews. The extension of Christianity to the world at large is attributed to you. Jesus, Christ of the Nations, needed you in order to extend the message to the world. In this you were, indeed, the Donkey of Jesus and the White Horse of Christ.


In the Final Redemption the Torah becomes enlarged, not diminished. Signor Banin, peace be upon his soul, in the first years of the Signs, received the Sign of the Enlargement of the Torah in the Final Redemption. When the christian world will take hold to the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham and of the Second Commandment, a great new respect, love, appreciation, and understanding of the Torah will be born in the world. Those who return to the truth of the Second Commandment will then find themselves under the Ten Commandments of the Torah. In these will the Torah be greatly enlarged as the Final Redemption proceeds.


Sivan 11, 5763; June 11, 2003; Weights of the Donkey 22, 3956; Beersheva: This evening Asher and Noah Hhana Noga were in my room and suddenly Asher said to me that I must sit on my chair because all the stones are around it. The chair is my particular one, a modestly elegant chair, reserved for the Tribunal of the Final Redemption. As a Sign the night before I placed many of the Stones of the Final Redemption in a circle around the seat after placing four stones around each leg of the chair. Asher then said to me, “You must hold one of the Sticks (cains) and I must stand on this side (my right side) and Noah Hhana Noga must stand on that side (my left side)”. And so we did the Sign.

I thank God Almighty for this wonderful Sign of the successful Bridge established between the name ASHER and the final name EHEYE. I think that this Sign represents a concluding point of the Sign made by the Goel Haim in the Sign of the Stars from the Fourth Displaced Star (Star of the Fourth Generation) to the First Star (Star of Abraham) which has lasted four months. The sign of Asher here came at the conclusion of the fourth day of the Sign of 120 days.

Last night a strong bond of love was expressed between Giordano and me, by telephone from the Ucrain. Giordano was trying to express his feeling for me and I said, “I know that your heart loves me very much and I too love you very much and the bond between us is very strong”. It was the first time that such a mode of expression was used and I felt that it had very important consequences for Giordano and that a new bond of love had been formed in our heart for the sake of the Final Redemption.

Giordano dreamed that he was at his mother’s house in Milan with the whole family and there was Sig. Remo Levi, peace be with him, who gave to Giordano a sort of ticket or bonus worth 70,000 italian lire (about 35 dollars) and told him to use that. - -

Today Noda finally wrote down her dream of over a week ago in which she took upon herself responsibility for me and signed a document to that effect and it was said that Peretz would have yet years of life. Thank You EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.


The 70 number in Giordano’s dream corroberates the Sign of the Seventy Nations which we are involved here with in this Tikkun Paulus. In the Sign of the Stars, the Book of the Stars, with the names of all the nations, is in the hands of Giordano Levi.


5th day: terrible Hhamas terrorist attack at Jerusalem; 16 Israelis killed and some 70 wounded.


Noda dreamed Totò who showed her signs of Edom, the red Edom. He showed vases representing many nations. She asked, “And the people of Israel?” He showed a vase representing Israel with many young children baking halla for the Sabbath. - -


With the signs of the nations coming in, also the signs of Amalek begin to come to the fore. We have the sign, received by Giuseppe, that Hhamas and similar terrorist groups are Amalek, the cursed blood of Amalek and of the Emorei. There is no peace for Israel until those of Hhamas and Islamic Gihad Islamica and similar groups will be destroyed. Their hatred is in their heart and nothing will change it. They must be killed and annihilated, otherwise there is no peace.


The true victory of Jesus comes only at the time of the revelation of the Son of Man about whom Jesus announced. But the signs of the times that are in the context of the coming of the Son of Man, as alluded to in Jesus’ words are those of the Terrible Fourth Generation. It is for this reason that Yeshua is reported as saying that ‘all these things will come to pass within this generation’ (Luke, 21, 32). Instead 2000 years were needed for the coming of the Final Goel and the entrance to the Final Fourth Generation of 65 years.

Jesus could not have known the truth of when it would happen and he himself was somewhat confused about the matter, seeing all the Signs around his own person. Nevertheless, his words were prophetic in that the time of the Final Redemption comes when the Final Goel is chosen by God and the Final Goel is the chosen Son of Man that Jesus saw in his vision, the chosen one of God who had to come and to be revealed. Jesus also saw that the manner of that revelation would be of a different level but he saw phases of the Fourth Generation that were coming and he prophesied that all would be within the time-framework of a generation.

To you the spirit spoke of ‘until the fullness of the nations would enter’ which for sure made you imagine an indefinite number of generations.

After the opening Sign of Ba-ha-Zman, the Tzadik Haim shows us that the time of the revelation of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, has now been opened for the world. The Sign made by the Goel Haim from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star both binds four 4000 years of prophetic history and it establishes the Fourth Generation. The 4000 years of the cycle of the Star of Abraham need yet 65 years to be completed. The main stellar sign of the entire generation of 65 years is the great velocity of the events that take place in it. It will later be known in history as the fastest generation ever to have existed. Its quickness is a constant marvel because of enormous historic changes that come about in it in relatively very short time-spans. The most incredible changes that the world has ever known will be compressed into this Fourth Generation.

It is enough to think that by 2047 the third of humanity left will all be under the Star of Abraham, in the true monotheistic faith received and taught by Abraham, our father. The humanity left will all receive with joy the teaching of the Goel Haim, “We are all of the same flesh”.

The Divinity falsely attributed to Christ distorted everything in Christian reasoning. Christianity could not envision someone else. The true measure is as declared, in a dream to Giuseppe, by the archangel Michael, Ministering-Angel of Israel, “Three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Yeshua and Haim”. This destroys any form of deification. It also completes the Great Triple Meditation of the Final Redemption. With the coming of the Final Goel, the Triple name is completed and when the Triple name is completed, all three parts of name come into the fullness of their existence.

Therefore the Torah is enlarged in the Final Redemption and therefore Yeshua, in his messianic mission and as Christ of the nations, comes only now to the fullness of his existence as the second man of the Redemption. The greatness of the person of Jesus was that he was a man of blood and flesh and in his earnest desire to see the salvation of the Jewish people, he was loved by God.

And as Pinhhass in his time, Yeshua appeased the wrath of God, speaking out words of truth in rebuking the heads of Israel for the terrible falsities into which they had fallen. Jesus became the spokesman of God in those four years of that mission. On the other hand he raised up the downtrodden morale of the simple Jews, the poor ones, the sick ones and he spoke to them with love and compassion. His love to the people was as a true shepherd.

There is now a world of good people who are filled with love towards others to help the sick, the poor, the widows and the orphans. In Israel, at the time of Jesus, the Priests of the Temple and the rabbis or studious of the Torah, the Doctors of the Law or Peirushim (Commentators of the Law - Pharisees), had no compassion on other people and they did nothing to work for the betterment of the masses of Jews in Israel then. Hatred abounded on every side and the Priests committed sins even in the Temple itself.


You Paulus would say that the Law had again brought Israel to its death. In truth the Torah is all love and compassion and the humility of Moses but because of its being the only true Tradition given by God and its recompense is very great, the yetzer ha-ra has always been able to make the children of Israel fall. But our lesson is not to understand the strength of the Great Angel Serpent but to understand our faults that have made us fall. We are not better than anyone else. We are not better than non-Jews because we are Jews. He is not the God of the Jews and not the God of all mankind. He is the Creator and Lord of all mankind among which He chose the children of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to be redeemed from Egyptian bondage and to receive the Holy Torah at Sinai, to be a priestly nation for the world, to teach love and charity and humility and to be a light of wisdom and goodness for all.

We are also the most stiff-necked people, unfortunately. We are unappreciative of what He has given us and as wild bulls we trample down everything without distinguishing. In Isaia 48, 8, God says that He will create and send new things and new prophecies that did not exist before. He exhorts us not to say that we have heard them and that we knew them before because ‘you did not hear nor know anything about them’. Then strangely enough God declares ‘for I knew that most certainly you would have rebelled and that your tendency is such from birth’ (Ibid).

Most prophetic language is enigmatic and its allusions manifold. Good questions help us discover more of the prophesied intentions. When was it that new things would have been given but were not given because God knew beforehand that Israel would only rebel against those newly created things? For we are affronted by a seeming contradiction: if the prophecy is speaking about the new things of the Final Redemption, new things which ARE given over to Israel and to all, how can the verse refer to a preceding time in which these things were not given to Israel because it would rebel? If they are newly created now, how did they exist in a preceding time?

This alludes to the fact that the Initial Signs of the Redemption WERE given but a decree did not allow Israel to know of those new things, Yeshua’s messianic mission, the Star of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven, a new message, the sign of the Resurrection, the Messiah of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel. To Israel was not given anything of that revelation which, instead, went out for the nations, even if distorted. Had those Signs been given to us, it would have been much worse because we would have rebelled against the Signs themselves, God forbid, and the world would have been turned back to chaos.

When the Final and Completed Historical Messianic and Redemptional Signs arrive in merit of the chosen Goel Haim, these Signs are newly created and they were never in the world before. Nor is it possible to find them in the Prophets, except for certain essential allusions which can be explained only in the light of the Completed Signs, for these are all new prophetic Signs relative to the future generations.

Most of the messianic and redemptional prophecies passed through Christianity for the sake of the purposes of the Initial Signs. One must always keep this in mind, that the same prophetic Signs, some of the Torah and many more in Prophets, passed through the level of interpretation regarding Yeshua’s mission. They return in the Final Redemption for their full interpretation according to the Completed Signs.

There is a difference between Pact upon pact and Pact instead of Pact. ‘Pact upon Pact’ is the New Final Pact made UPON the Pact of the Holy Torah. ‘Pact instead of Pact’ is the New Final Pact which replaces the New Alliance of Christianity.

The New Pact of Christianity cannot remain in time because it is bound to the idolatrous theology of the Logos, the Deification of Christ and the Doctrine of the Trinity and of the Divine Son of God. The Great Correction of Christianity does not properly CORRECT traditional Christianity. It destroys it, in the manner that the Second Commandment destroys, in the end, every form of idolatry, from the crudest forms of idolatrous practice to the most sophisticated theologies of doctrinal idolatry.

The Baptists ‘children created from the rocks’ return to non-existence. The Word of John the Evangelist is cut down from lofty falsification. In the beginning the Word of God created the entire universe, heavens and earth and all contained therein. There was no Word of God that became flesh in Jesus. This is putrefied garbage and utter foolishness, as it is to believe that the Creator of the Universe has a Co-Creator, His Son-Creator, the Divine Son of God, Christ. It is quite different to understand the level of messianic-prophecy that came into Yeshua’s portion, even as a Spokesman for God’s ire against the evils of those times. Also to Prophets, God sometimes spoke in the first person in their mouths. They did not become Divine Beings after that!

The Trinity is chopped into pieces together with the deifying Logos. The Star of Abraham which carries the force of reception of the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father, moves closer to the world day by day, throughout this Fourth Generation, awakening minds and hearts to reject a Threeness in God that falsifies the true Oneness of God.

The Catholic cults to Saints will be wiped out by the village boys of the new generation. They are already born with a sense of God’s Oneness and a sense of what falsifies that Oneness. When they hear the true explanation of the second commandment, they begin immediately to break down in themselves any traditional Christianity. But the time comes closer every day and together they will rise up to cut down all idols of the past. For they desire to clean up their villages from all past pagan-Christianity.

A moment of happiness fell upon me here as I thought about this incredible generation in which the Star of Abraham draws closer every hour to the world. This thought has unleashed me from the burden of contemplating too much on how Judaism will be purged of the Zohar and the false Doctrine of Emanation and the Kabbalah of Tzphat and Hassidut and the false messianism of Habad. The Star of Abraham, in the time-framework of the Fourth Displaced Star of the Fourth Generation, will awaken Jews to desire the true Judaism, in the true faith, and they will stand up against the falsified Judaism of that false Kabbala deriving from the Book of the Zohar.

But the cloying-sugar of cults to the Virgin Mary will be destroyed by decrees from the Higher Tribunal. Miriam, the mother of Jesus and wife of Joseph, was not a virgin when Jesus was born nor was he conceived by the Holy Ghost. We say ‘Mary, Veiled mother of the nations’ ignorance’, Mary Veiled mother of the nations’ ignorance, Mary Veiled mother of the mations’ ignorance’, when we pass by or speak of that cult because these words have the power to break down the terrible cult to the Madonna. In this phase of history, the cult of Habad to its false Messiah and the cult to the Madonna impede the Final Redemption from residing in the world. Also the Witnesses of J. are hated by Heaven and they make many victims. In the north the Greek Orthodox Church is hated by God Almighty because of the anti-Semitism that it preaches. And, of course, those terrorists of Islamic fanatics and the anti-israeli and anti-Jewish feelings of too many Arabs must be destroyed for the sake of the Final Redemption.

In today’s world those who deny faith in God Almighty abound and millions believe that man derives from the Monkey. Also the sins of genetics and cloning are coming on to their revolutions, God save us. Also unnatural sex abounds going against the nature of the world created by God. We are in the Final Fourth Generation. Thousands upon thousands of harsh decrees fall upon the world, God save us, during this Fourth Generation.

We could hardy call out in the market place with the darkness of false lights that dominate the world even though we know that the same world contains a third that are of a good heart and are humble. These will be saved and even if many will still be in the errors of beliefs and doctrines, the essence is a good, kind and loving heart. With the correct explanations, the idolatrous errors can be erased and the light of the Star of Abraham will awaken the hearts to the truth.

We walk in the footsteps of Abraham, our father and as the Star of Abraham comes closer to the world, he will lift up a multitude of nations upon his arms and hands. Do not underestimate the force and the power of the Stars of the Final Redemption during this most incredible of all generations. But the Star of Abraham is the father of a multitude of stars because the Time-Cycle of 4000 years of the Star of Abraham is the ‘catalyst’ of the time-cycles of the other stars. Therefore when it returns to complete its 65 year finish, all the Stars of the Redemption follow it, in unity, towards the world. At that moment, the chosen Goel, loved by God Almighty, was resurrected into the New Kingdom of Heaven as the Anointed Judge of the Final Redemption and the Sign ‘The Time has Come’ (Ba-ha-Zman) is sent into the world.

Afterwards is revealed the First of the Six Great Signs of the Final Redemption, the Sign of the Stars. When the Tzadik Haim makes the Sign of the Fourth Generation from the Fourth Displaced Star to the Star of Abraham, the Star of Abraham, together with the other Stars of the Redemption, is ‘authorised’ to exert its influence in the world, in a progressive force until the end of the Fourth Generation.




continuation from lett105.doc of TIKKUN PAULUS


The fall of Traditional Christianity, as a religion and an institution, whether Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant or Neo-Protestant is doomed to extinction. It had to exist, it had to be but only until the fullness of the nations has entered, all those whose destiny it has been to be born to become Christians. Christianity for them has been the historical stepping-stone needed to reach the Final Station of the Final Redemption, more specifically the Final New Pact of Jeremy 31, for the Altars of Malchitzedek and Altar of the Nations, for men and women respectively in the New House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, of Seven floors, Thirteen Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam.

When Gino sees the Book of the Stars in the hands of Giordano Levi and he sees the names of a multitude of nations, this is the Sign that the ‘fullness of the nations’ envisioned by your spirit then, Paulus, has been reached: the prophesied fullness of the nations that must enter into the Christian Pact before there opens up the new time when God will use clemency with all of us. All history changes from the moment God Almighty has chosen the beloved Tzadik of His desire.

The time of that ‘fullness’ could not have been before the coming of the Final Goel with the Christian Correction and the Final New Pact. The Initial Signs in the hands of the Seventy Nations formed the Church of Satan, accuser of Israel for its sins. Traditional Christianity has been an enemy to Israel and as you wrote, Paulus, ‘as for the Gospel they are considered an enemy’ (Epistle to the Romans, 11, 28) etc. The rest of your explanations, that the Jews are loved because of their election as children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were absolutely not seen by Christianity.

All Traditional Christianity has persecuted Jews, belittled them, scorned then, and frightened poor Christians from the Satanic-evil of Jews. Christianity has been Israel’s tormentor and torturer throughout the ages. If not for the fact that Hhush, son of Dan, who was deaf and mute, took up his sword and cut off Esau’s head which then rolled into the Maarat Ha-Machpelah. For until the very end, even at the burial of Jacob, our father, at the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron, Esau contested the Birth-Right ‘stolen’ by Jacob.

Esau’s head, however, is cut off from his entire body. (see Sefer Ha-Yashar) This is prophetic to the entire Church-Body of Traditional Christianity. Away with it; it no longer has any historical purpose for the coming generations. What will be saved is the head of Esau, those are Christians who have respect for their parents and for elders, as Esau whose head was saved because he showed respect to Isaac and to Rebecca. This first of all means those Christians who have respect for the Jewish people. All Christians whose blood is tainted with Jew-hatred will not be saved. This is also true for all those of Islam. If their blood is tainted with Jew-hatred they will not be saved.


But am I as a rectifier of crooked nails? I am here in the day of the Final Redemption and the night of the Fourth Generation. The truth that we know has to do with the world but the world has not yet to do with us. Your were a servant to Christ who was your Lord and you associated the Lord with Jesus and the son of God with God the Father, displacing the true monotheistic faith with an ASSOCIATED FAITH, prohibited by the Torah.

You fell not into the Messiah but into the Mystery. For of the Messiah there was no license for deification but in the ‘MYSTERY’ of Christ, the Second Commandment was covering a Mystery of the Faith which revealed the Son of God. It was, in truth, the ‘mystery’ that covered over the truth of the Second Commandment. The faith in the One Living God, sole Creator of the universe and the God who chose the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, IS NOT A MYSTERY. It is the true monotheistic faith revealed to Abraham. It is not a cloud of theological confusion nor is it to be clouded and falsified by theological additions and constructions. The Almighty Creator of the universe is One and no one can be associated with the Creator and His glory will He give to no other.

No one can ‘comprehend’ His oneness; it is an Absolute One that has no two or three after it. In our faith we believe in His absolute Oneness as was revealed to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Therefore the Torah commanded ‘Be of the a simple (pure, complete) heart with the Lord, your God‘ (Deuteronomy, 18, 13). Thus the true faith is not a mystery, it is a received truth: God is One.

It is true that every thing that exists has hidden levels and this is most certainly true of the Holy Torah which Moses, our teacher, brought down from the heavens above, after the Ten Commandments had been directly revealed to all Israel. All existence is a ‘secret’, one part is revealed and ninty-nine parts are hidden from human eyes, how much more so every word of Torah, Moses’ Five Great Texts of prophecy, truth, law, revelation, miracles, redemption and wisdom. So is it written ‘the hidden things are unto God and the revealed things are for us and for our children forever’ (Ibid, 29, 28). If the faith were a mystery and the mystery was able to say the opposite of what has been revealed, then the true faith could never be revealed. Every mystery would be able to change the revealed meaning, destroying the foundations for establishing the true faith in the world.

The two mystery doctrines that have done just that are the Logos of John in Christianity and the doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar in the Judaism of the last 400 years. The mystery, interpreting the faith according to its own terminology, makes one believe that he is in the true faith which is in truth such and such. If one believes in the mystery, then he will believe in the interpretation given by that mystery or mystic system of interpretation.

For this reason the Sages, of blessed memory, declared as a law in interpretation that the words of a verse of the Torah does not exit from its simple meaning. If the words and sense of a verse has a simple and clear explanation, no other interpretation may undo that simple meaning. The same verse will allow for other levels of explanation, as is known that the Torah can be interpreted in seventy ways, but the simple meaning must remain intact. Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One. Thou shalt not have other gods from before Me (Exodus, 20, 2).

We must be servants to God alone. The Goel, Haim, chosen by God Almighty and who rose in his resurrection in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead to be the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven is our Teacher. My great and undeserving privilege is to explain to the world that the Goel himself teaches us to be just people who live in their faith and to serve exclusively the One Living God, the Mighty Creator of us all. To God alone all prayers, all vows, all oaths, all praise and glory.

“I am the Tzadik announced three times” announced the Tzadik Haim in Giordano’s dream. The three times correspond to those of Moses, of Yeshua and of Haim, as announced by the angel Michael in Giuseppe’s dream. The children of Israel did not think that Moses was a god but a man called by God for the mission involved in Israel’s redemption. The Jewish people has never deified Moses. And from the beginning of this new revelation we explain the prohibition of doing any kind of cult, or offering of prayers to the chosen Goel of the Final Redemption Haim ben Mosheh from San'aa, Yemen.

Jesus is now in the greatly honored position of the second man of the redemption. The Sign of Moses, Yeshua and Haim did not come until after 17 years of work on the Christian Correction. At that moment it was declared from the Higher Tribunal that the Correction had reached the level of assuring that no place was left to the deification of Jesus and that the truth of his mission had been sufficiently explained for the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim. The true position of Jesus as second man of the redemption between Moses, our teacher and the Teacher Haim is the most amazing placement of all history. Indeed, the Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ becomes the Star that Astounds in the Final Redemption. In the Final Redemption, every aspect of the mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, once it is understood, astounds and amazes and it never stops astounding and amazing in the generations of the Final Redemption.

Jesus, however, was too young to be a father of all time. Jesus was a messianic sacrifice, the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead. He strove before God to know how he might help the lowly state of the people and God Almighty loved his sincerity and the truth of his desire in that orphaned time of hatred, corruption, hypocrisy and the falsification of true values. Jesus tried to teach the people to act as and to feel themselves sons and daughters to the Living God.

The Teacher Haim will become the father of the those of coming generations for all times afterwards. This is the great privilege that I have seen; I was and hope that I still am the first son of the Tzadik and chosen Goel Haim. For he truly loved me as his son and if not for that love I would not have merited to remain his pupil for all the foolish mistakes that I made. But the Tzadik Haim cleansed me every time and had mercy on me and forgave me. This is because his love to me was as a father to a beloved son. The Tzadik Haim himself told me many times that if I had been given to any other of the Hidden Tzadikim they would have been very severe with me and they would not have been lenient with me had I committed errors. “Thank God that you ‘fell’ into the lucky destiny of being the talmid of ha-Moreh Haim. I am wide and forgiving and I allow you space until the time comes that I will draw in the cord.”

This means that the Tzadik Haim’s love for me was of another level even higher than the level of love of a Tzadik for his Talmid. Oh, how much I would have bettered my ways and would have found a thousand ways to cause pleasure to the humble Tzadik, if I had understood and appreciated then even a thousandth of the privilege of being loved by the Teacher Haim, as a father to his first-born and only son.

But through you, Paulus, I come to speak about it here. I understand the truths that you were perceiving. But the time of the Church has stellar-wise ended. All traditional christian theology will be destroyed from the world. We are now in the final Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption. The people will need a marvelous Teacher and Counselor. Their relationship with the Goel Haim may be one of profound love as a child to a beloved father.

Afterwards the world will understand that the Six Great Signs are the final and completed Signs of the Reconciliation of the hearts promised by God to be brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. These are revealed only when God chooses the final Goel and the Goel, by way of the marvelous redemptional dreams, teaches us and directs these Signs until their completion in the world. Therefore the Teacher Haim will be called afterwards the Prince of Peace. As time goes on and understanding increases people will be able to contemplate, each person according to his manner, on the most incredible powers bestowed by God Almighty on the Goel Haim.

The Tzadik Haim is a father in wisdom. The wisdom of the Hidden Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, was of a totally different order, a holy power from above unimaginable in terms of human intellect. He was never angered and always poised. I never saw him yawn although he slept at most two in twenty-four. He was inside a totally elevated sanctity with totally different parameters in respect to this world. He greeted every person with a smile and with heart-felt happiness to receive that person. When the Tzadik Haim desired, he could know everything about any person, past, present and future. The Tzadik Haim, in his love for me, filled me with knowledge concerning the powers of the Hidden Tzadikim and concerning even superior powers of the Tzadik himself who was the Head of the other 35 Tzadikim.

The entire Talmud was in him orally by heart and there was no aspect of Torah or Halacha that he did not know. But the great love of the Tzadik Haim was the wisdom of the stars and I know directly from the Tzadik Haim that he was heir to the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father. I thus understood immediately that the Book of the Stars in the Completed Sign was the Book of Abraham, our father, that the Goel was now revealing for the world for the sake of the Final Redemption.

All these will endear the coming generations to the Goel Haim. For by way of the Signs of the Stars he is teaching the world the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father. So too does the Teacher Haim teach us the Great Correction of Christianity after he himself announces the second coming of the Star of Christ in virtue of humility. In his merit the virtues in the world are being bound forever to the New Kingdom of Heaven. In his merit has been revealed the Third and Final Temple, the House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars and the Carpet of Islam. In his merit do the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread and the Signs of White Horse accomplish their many purposes towards the Final Redemption. In his merit the new Prophetic Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, is given over for the world, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. The Teacher Haim is teaching us the new marvels of the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.

Also the Islamic peoples will great love the Teacher Haim for he was born in Yemen and spoke perfect Arabic and fourteen dialects of Arabic and was perfectly versed in the Koran and he greatly loved and appreciated Arab culture and philosophy.

The Goel Haim is a living force who will continue to be understood and felt by those who are coming. People will understand and be amazed and they will be humble and merit to true dreams and to true visions. Those with problems will receive answers in dreams or otherwise. As a father to a son or daughter he will look into the problems of each person and send to them the solutions. Therefore will he be known as the Marvelous Counselor.

Another level of maturity is coming to the world. During this Fourth Generation the world will be cleaned of its impurities and all those who do evil against other people will be cut down. The world must yet pass through its judgment. We do not desire it but it is not our doing. It cannot be avoided because it is a necessity. The Final Redemption will reside in a world cleaned up from evil and sinning people. All forms of idolatry will be crushed and destroyed forever. All those who commit sins against nature will be punished. All those who teach negation of God will be destroyed. All false doctrines of the faith will be burnt out of history.

Do not put your trust in money. It will not help you on that day. Do not rely on your social position for all positions will be broken down on that day. Look with love at the Jewish people and see how God is fulfilling His promises by way of the people of Israel. Remember that the Jewish people has already paid the price of its selection in the terrible Shoa but in this Fourth Generation all the nations are under judgment. There will be no minds left because of the events that are coming. All must be afraid, each person before God. As I write twenty years[3] have passed of the 65 and the last five years will be after the terrible period of the day of the Lord.


We say that one must believe in God’s choice of the Goel Haim. We do not say, “Have faith in the Goel Haim, call to him and he will answer you”. It is prohibited for us to say or to do such. It states ‘and they believed in God and in Moses His servant’ (Exodus, 14: 34)[4]. That faith in Moses, however, came only after the splitting of the Sea of Suf. Not even by all the miracles of God in the hands of Moses and Aaron, in the redemption of the children of Israel from the most potent of all kingdoms, Egypt, did they come to the just faith in God and in the servant that He had chosen.

And Moses, our teacher, was with them, in the physical world. With their belief in Moses they merited to the revelation at Sinai and even then after forty days they fell into the idolatrous error and sin of the golden calf.

Oh, but how you spoke sagaciously and even Donkey-like when you rise to show the foolishness of Sages before the wisdom of God. I really loved you there, Paulus, you were superb in showing the humility of servants who announce the New Message sent by God. You speak of being considered foolish and without true study while anointed in the Spirit to relate the messages of God through Christ. You made it even to Donkeyhood exclaiming that God has chosen the lowest of the earth to break down the wisdom and presumed understanding of the studious. You had Donkey Skin for sure even as a White Horse.

Now, however, we cannot speak outside of the Goel Haim. Darkness covers the minds. It is not desired that we be ridiculed for if we were made also to be laughed at for reason, perhaps, of our funny ears and sympathetic paws, that is not to be scorned at or ridiculed. We tell of the words of God that have been revealed in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. With Jews I speak as a Jew. With Muslims I speak with love as beloved descendants of Abraham, our father, and of the true faith in the One Living God.

With Christians I speak as an understanding Christian for Yeshua was Jewish and he became the Christ of the nations and I believe in the truth of the messianic mission of Jesus, and I have seen the great awaited for coming of the final Goel who from the Kingdom of Heaven teaches us the hitherto hidden meanings of the Star of Malchitzedek, and that the Star of Christ has returned for the Great and Final Correction of Christianity.

Jesus, however, had said, “I am not come except for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew, 15, 24). The force of ‘except for’ in this context is extraordinarily definitive. How might you have answered to this as Messenger to the Nations? The nations were not of the lost sheep of Israel; the expression refers to the ten lost tribes of Israel dispersed among the peoples of the world. The first purpose of the Christianity decreed was to create a haven or refuge for the Lost Tribes of Israel.

God’s Providence brought their souls into christian-born parents and in this way, throughout the ages, those souls were, first of all, saved from the much worse pagan idolatry of the nations. Even more important, through Christianity they were in contact with the Bible, with the knowledge of and belief in the Patriarchs, the Redemption of Israel from Egypt, the Revelation of the Torah at Sinai, the history of Israel until Prophets etc.

The souls of the lost sheep of the house of Israel, at the time of the Final Redemption, are those chosen to return home, into the confines of their rooted Israel. Their souls were sanctified at Sinai and they were in the world also at the time of the dispersion of the Ten Tribes. In the New House of prayer the Altar of Efraim bridges the gap between the Jews of the Altar of Judah and between the New Jews coming from the Lost Sheep of Israel. And those not yet strong enough to bear the elevation of the New Law for the Altar of Efraim, are felicitous to be part of the Altar of Malchitzedek or Altar of the Nations.

Paolo Fierro, our first White Horse, was the first to perform the New Circumcision for the Altar of Efraim. His circumcision was a Sign to the Correction of the Pact of Circumcision discontinued by you, Paulus, for the sake of the Nations. Paolo has a root in the tribe of Yissachar and a root in the tribe of Judah.

So let us take up those White Horse Keys

And keep ourselves busy as the bees

to prepare the children of the generation

to make the great jump into final salvation.




continuation from lett107


Don’t worry little children

I’ll not let you down

I’m Paul, Peretz and a Donkey

I’ve been all around.


 Notice that you say, Paulus, that as death came into the world by way of one man, so too the victory over death by way of the resurrection has come to the world by way of one man. This reasoning might have been true if Jesus, as Adam, our first father, had been considered a ‘man’ by Christianity. Jesus was a man and he was resurrected in the Initial Sign of the Resurrection from the Dead. The Resurrection of the Goel Haim is the Final, Completed and Complete Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.

 All the Redemptional Signs must be completed for history by way of the third and final Goel, Haim, including, of course, those Signs which are for future periods in history. It is similar to the Patriarchs who are three. If we think about the Patriarchs also in terms of the Signs of the future history of Israel and of the world, we know that until the Signs of Jacob’s victories and the Signs of the Splendor of Israel, the previous Signs were not yet completed. Jacob, our holy father seals all the Signs in his because in him the completeness is reached.

So is it in the Final Redemption. In the global vision of redemptional history, the Signs of the first redemption and the Signs of the second redemption are not complete until the realization of the Final Signs of the Final Redemption. The Six Great Signs thus open the New Period of Torah Study and Understanding in light of the Torat Ha-Simanim (the interpretation of the Torah in terms of the Redemptional and Messianic Signs hidden in it). They explain the Messianic Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, contained the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs. In merit of the chosen Goel Haim, the Six Great Complete Signs complete all the Initial Signs brought by Jesus and extended into universal Christianity for all peoples by Paulus of Tarsus.

The mind is being fortified by the Final Redemption. The confusion of the past has no sense, only question marks. The Messiah will come and will awaken the dead and the just will roll from their tombs dispersed throughout the world etc. etc. Or at a certain moment Christ will be revealed to the whole world and he will quicken the dead and he will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

And then what? In such an order of things, the Messiah for Christians would be the God of the Third Temple and the Messiah ben David for Jews would receive Christhood and people would come from the whole world to bow down to him…

The question of what the Messiah has to do with the resurrection of the dead is totally confused and ununderstood in Jewish sources. Christianity had the Initial Signs and there is a level of understanding the Initial Sign of Jesus’ resurrection but it has turned poor Yeshua into a God that dies and a God that is resurrected. God Almighty has no body and does not die and needs no resurrection.

But listen, dear children, whose faith is ardent in God. Before the prophesied period of the actual resurrection from the dead, there must yet pass many other historical-redemptional periods, for centuries and I dare not think of when. For the Tzadik Haim himself always said, “God alone knows the time of the resurrection of the dead. All have been mistaken on this matter”.

Four to five hundred years represent the time of the generations of the Third and Final Redemption. From the time of the end of the Fourth Generation, after the terrible years of the great and terrible day of the Lord, will begin the phases of the Final Redemption History, of the Great Reconstruction of the world in the true light of peace. The roots of evil will have been destroyed and thus true teachings will not be impeded from their extension. The world is great and manifold and there are ‘far off islands’ that are yet so pagan and so far from the true revelation of the Torah at Sinai that clearly generations will be needed to elevate them unto the true history designed by God Almighty for the great universal redemption in the end.

Unfortunately and unfortunately a thousand times, the period of the great and terrible day of the Lord is the Historical Key to mankind’s true fear of the One Living God, Creator of the universe. That part of mankind that is saved and remains after the period of the day of the Lord will have seen the truth of God’s promised judgment and His wrath on the world as they will see the living blessing of God when He has mercy on His beloved creation in the new world-construction of peace and love, after the great and terrible day of the Lord..

The world will continue in the nature of this world. There will be no God walking around on earth in a body for all to adore. If the Final Temple were to fall from Heaven into the Heavenly Constructed Jerusalem of the Kingdom of God on earth, also such a Final Temple would become the object of idolatrous cults!

Contemplate the ‘measure’ of the dream of the Contract of the New House of Prayer. The Tzadik Haim, as final Goel, has me sign the Contract of responsibility for the New House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. After I sign it, the Tzadik Haim says, “In 400 years, from 4 to 5 hundred years, Jews of the beit ha-knesset (Traditional Synagogue) will no longer use tefilin”.

This represents an incredible change for Traditional Judaism. Whoever walks in halachic Judaism can hardy believe this prophetic affirmation of the Goel Haim. It’s contrast with Tradition is éclatante. Tefillin are Mi-deoraita. They are numbered among the 613 commanded precepts of the Holy Torah.

So I answer him, “Don’t worry! You still have 400 to 500 years left to understand why the Teacher Haim announced it.”

Do you get what I’m getting at? The same Jew who says that tomorrow Meshiah will come and will effect the resurrection of the dead from their sepulchers cannot support the idea of change from the state of putting on tefillin to not putting on tefillin even in 400 to 500 years from now... Hello, is anybody home?

 The world needs the Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead which is an integral and essential part of Jewish Tradition and belief, as recited in the Traditional Amidah 3 times a day. Yeshua underwent the weight of the Sign of Resurrection because the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs had to carry the historical continuation of that Sign for the sake of future history. Christianity extended the belief in the Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead by way of Jesus’ resurrection to a multitude of nations in the world. Also Islam later adopted the faith in the Day of Judgment and the Resurrection of the Dead.

The Initial Signs were also those of the Kingdom of Heaven and without the Kingdom of Heaven there can be no Messianic Sign of the Resurrection as confirmed by the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

In Traditional Judaism, the Sign remained in its global form, the Resurrection of the Dead at the end of days. The Direction of the Sign and its historical development is not envisioned in Traditional Judaism. Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of the two redemptional aspects of Messianic Salvation and the Resurrection of the Dead brought traditionalists to think that the Messiah came and then effected the Resurrection of the Dead, not that it was the Messiah who died and was resurrected into a Kingdom of Heaven that is in heaven, not on earth.

The revelation of the Initial Signs was thus needed historically for the sake of extending to the nations belief in the Kingdom of Heaven and in the Resurrection of the Dead. This was a great and essential purpose of the raison d’etre of Christianity together with that of diffusing the knowledge of the Bible, the Patriarchs, Egypt, Sinai and the Prophets of Israel to many nations. Christian Redemption was all about the salvation brought by the Messiah in his resurrection from the dead into the Kingdom of Heaven thus creating a strong relationship between that Kingdom of Heaven and the people on earth.

Yeshua in the Kingdom of Heaven after his Resurrection became the great advocate, in love, for the justification of the Christian faith. On its level, christian faith in Jesus’ resurrection and in that pre-Kingdom of Heaven presided by him, helped good Christians of all epochs to fear God and to love to serve Him, even though their faith was associated to Jesus incorrectly. The individuality of the Initial Sign had absolutely to be in the world, otherwise the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead in the Resurrection of the Goel Haim would never have been understood.

The Kingdom of Heaven, the Resurrection of Christ were true terms but they were were incomplete. Yeshua, Christ of the Nations, arose to his position in that incomplete pre-Kingdom of Heaven. His prophetic words concerning the Son of Man who would come would eventually be justified in the coming of the Son of Man, the chosen Goel, Haim, of the third and final redemption. The Goel himself would then explain to the world, by way of the Completed Signs, the second coming of the Star of Christ and with it the true understanding of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, second man of the Redemption between Moses and the Goel Haim.

Without those Initial signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection, the Final Redemption would not have had the Historical Pillars to establish itself in the world.


But you, Paulus, got so mixed up with the Torah that you called it Ishmael. The descendants of Abraham who received the Torah at Sinai were the children of the servant Hagar while the new Christians, freed from the Torah were children of Abraham through Sarah the wife of freedom. How did this pig-dung stink you out of reasoning! I find it difficult to believe that you really wrote this. Even pigs wouldn’t find it worthy to oink about. It is the apex of foolishness created by the break-away from Judaism. It is a denigration of Sinai, of Moses, of the Torah and of the children of Israel and of the Jewish people. It’s a good thing that Islam came so that your infelicitous allegory could get the hell out of history. Sorry lad but you made a big booboo. I don’t believe that it’s really yours, with all the interpellations that have corrupted your Letters. I must, in any case, interpret it as if you had said it.

That’s what happens, I suppose, when you don’t know where you are in history! And that’s what happens when you think the Torah is ‘finished’. It becomes finished in your interpretation of it and so was it finished for Christianity. Jesus, poor boy, was the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s Stead; he was not Isaac. The Jewish people, for whom that Sacrifice served, first of all, was the people of Isaac. In that historic dearth of sincerity and love and the abundance of corruption, deceit, hypocrisy, hatred and indifference to the true fear in God, the people of Isaac was on its altar of total destruction, God save us. The sacrifice of the Messianic Ram changed the decree into a decree of the destruction of the Temple and the long galut among the nations.

The Initial Signs were under the Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER which represent the Signs of Isaac, our father. Those Initial Signs not having been able to bridge the breach between the Jewish people and the nations, had the Sign of the White Horse, the change of direction from a non-understanding Jewish people to a partial fulfillment among the nations of the world through Christianity. Your false and preposterous bantering about the Law of the Torah as Death and the New Law of Christ as Life broke you off from the source of the Tree of Life. And the idolatrous Son-God trap did all the rest.

It is rather that the Holy Torah makes a point of the two youths who stayed behind to wait with THE donkey, as Abraham, our father, brought his son Isaac to the altar on Moriah. The Tradition explains that Ishmael and the other youth did not see the sign of a sacred cloud rising from Moriah, a sign from which Abraham knew where to go to make the sacrifice. Tradition affirms that one youth was Ishmael, representative of later Islam that would spread out to many nations. We interpret that the other was a representative of Christianity that would spread out to many nations. Ishmael was thus representative to the Mohammed of later history while the other youth represented you, Paulus, messenger of Christ to the nations.

Both of you did not see the Binding of Isaac and you only heard about the Sacrificed Ram in place of Isaac. Therefore you got confused. Mohhamed wanted Ishmael on the altar; this has no sense at all. And for you, Christianity is Isaac and the Jews Ishmael. Quite laughable! Perhaps that’s why I dreamed Jerry Lewis as I began Tikkun Paulus. For I am also bound to the Donkey with which you, Christians and Muslims, were waiting for the return of Abraham and Isaac.

That other youth alongside of Ishmael could not have represented Jesus because Yeshua was the Sacrificed Ram itself. Thus it was you, Paulus, without any doubt. You were the representative of Christ to the nations. Sit you both down with the donkey until the return of Abraham and Isaac together with the Signs of the Sacrificed Ram. Keep your crests down until THE donkey upon which Isaac will ride in the true light of Abraham will come at the time of the Final Redemption. Therefore is he called THE donkey, alluding to the Marvelous Donkey who eats the Bread of the Completed Signs in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

The donkey, it’s true, begins to appear under the Signs of Isaac but the finalized Donkey who eats the Delicious Bread of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption is under the Signs of Jacob, our father. You both thought that yours was the finalized form of the final redemption, but Christianity’s donkey couldn’t speak and it’s white horse also made a mess of things in certain areas.

Yet the Tradition says directly to Islam ‘remain here sitting with the donkey’ (Genesis, 22, 5) o ‘nation similar to a donkey’. That is why Islam considered itself the donkey of history with three eyes, one for Judaism, one for Christianity and one for Islam. But those were three separated eyes trying to make the other two lose their own sight to adopt the eye of Islam. Only the Donkey who eats Bread of the Final Redemption has Three Eyes, for Jews, for Christians and for Muslims, in order that they unite, yet proportioned into a single faith by way of the Final Pact brought by the Goel Haim.

We are now in the time still left! What is left? What is left?. The great and terrible day of the Lord will determine what will be left. We come with the prophecies of Elijah the Prophet, in merit of the Goel Haim, to warn the world of what is coming but in this moment of history who will listen? Where are true children of Islam who love their cousin from Isaac, son of Abraham? Where are Christians who search for the true monotheistic faith? Where is nature that has remained in its nature? The world is now sick in its brain, distorted in its heart, outside of the boundaries of the simplicity of the heart required for every aspect of the Final Redemption.

If, however, the third of the world[5] that will be left, if that prophesied estimation is anything close to the reality, we can presume that at least a third of the world consists of people who have good qualities and are loved by God and will be saved.

The arrogance of all the arrogant will be shattered forever but those of a simple heart will finally be able to speak and the Donkeys will be able to bray and the Messages will be heard and understood. Even the Israeli Government will have to admit, “The final Goel, Haim, of the Final Redemption, as prophesied in the Holy Torah and in Prophets as well as in the words of Jesus and as well as in the aspirations of the children of Islam, has been revealed.”

Precious to God is the final redemption of Israel and of the nations that He has designed. It will not be impeded by the foolish thoughts of mankind but thus has He designed it so that the events of the time of its revelation will destroy all foolish thoughts.

When the Ministers of Israel will declare such, even the rabbis will have to listen and try to understand what it’s all about. Then a few Donkeys will come to explain to the studious of the Law and Tradition a few basic principles of the Final Redemption. Hee-haw!

The Torah remains. The Tradition remains. The Synagogue remains. The Halacha remains for those who walk in the Halacha and there is the New Law and the New Rite for the Jews who desire it on the Altar of Judah in the New House of Prayer. Thousands upon thousands of Christians who in truth are the souls of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, souls that were present at Sinai and later on souls of those of the Ten Dispersed Tribes of Israel, will enter the New Final Pact. Then, when they are able and ripe and desirous, they will be circumcised[6] in the Pact of Abraham and will make immersion and they will arise to the Altar of Efraim.


All those of Islam who will participate in the New House of Prayer will be part of the Carpet of Islam on the First Floor of the New House of Prayer. Those who roots are of the nations, for the most part combinations between Esau and Japheth but also those of Cam, coming mostly from Christianity, will come to be part of the Altar of the Children of Malchitzedek. All these will be in the New Law according to the Altar to which they belong. Also those of the third world countries who are at present far from the true history of the redemption and from the faith of Abraham will enter the New Pact when they will be ready on the Altar of the Children of Malchitzedek unless they prefer to become part of the Carpet of Islam.

All these will believe in the New Final Pact in merit of the Tzadik Haim chosen by God Almighty as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and beloved Teacher of the Final Redemption. So will they will see its truth in the harmony, blessing, spirit and peace that the New Final Temple will bring.

The Design and Project of God Almighty for this Fourth Generation is immense, marvelous, intense, rapid, overwhelming, frightening and terrible, all the events of which are, so to speak, tightly wrapped together in the incredible historically short time-span of 65 years of which 45 remain to date. The Goel Haim explains in the Sign of the Stars that the Sign of this final Fourth Generation is the unequalled historical velocity with which it proceeds. No previous generation or no generation after it can compare to its velocity and the events will be remembered with total amazement by all future generations.

The Torah comes back to history in a true New Light, and the force the Patriarchs and of the first redemption from Egypt and of the first Sanctity at Sinai come back openly in the world, according to what each person is able to receive. Noda dreamed that in the first redemption God redeemed Israel from Egyptian slavery and in the Final Redemption God redeems all humanity from idolatry.

When Christians will understand the Second Coming of the Star of Christ and will rid themselves of all deification theology, they will happily find themselves in the faith of the Holy Torah and they will gain great respect for its truth and they will feel themselves redeemed into the Torah and they will become true disciples of Moses, of Jesus and of Haim.

What was more difficult, Paulus, the historical separation that you had to establish for the sake of Christianity or the historical reunification of the Completed Redemptional Signs of the Final Redemption explained by the Donkeys and White Horses? Without any doubt, yours was the more painful because the separation of itself was not desired but it had to be while the reunification is loved and desired and it has to be.

So dance with me together joyously in my Wigwam. I am glad to be of service to you in straightening out the past. I thank God Almighty for having formed me from the womb to carry Signs of Paul, of Peretz and of the Donkey and who with His graciousness upon me gave me over to the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation and chosen as the final Goel after his suffering and his demise and his resurrection. I am less than the worm of Jacob but God has used our weaknesses to justify the good of heart in the world and He has used our strengths to bind the Stars of the Redemption and the Kingdom of Heaven to the world in the Completed Pact of the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

You are forgiven now, Paulus, because in any case the mission of Jesus was under the Isaac Signs. You could not but get confused and it was impossible that you see Christianity as a half-way mark to the Final Redemption. You too thought that there was little time left and that all would come to an incredible spiritual conclusion within a generation. Sit down on my chair for a while, Paulus, and Domenico Manigrasso will come down from the Kingdom of Heaven to place his hand on your head and to make the sign of forgiving you and Paolo, the father of Beniamino Perico, will stand close by to answer amen. Antonietta, Beniamino, Remo Levi, Domenico Manigrasso, Kamel Kamkhaji and Vincenso will be present to effect the Correction from above. This blessed and important Sign is in the permission of the Goel Haim. I am girded around but my legs and feet are bare.

The Sign was made, the remittance of sins, the correction and the kiss.


24 Sivan 5763 - Day of the Tzadik Haim


Jacob, our father, is called the holy one, or the holiest, of the 3 Patriarchs. This does not mean that Jacob, our father was more or better or higher than Abraham and than Isaac. Jacob, our father, reached to the level of sanctity in merit of Abraham, his grandfather and in the merit of Isaac, his father. Indeed, Abraham is the Root, Isaac is the Trunk with its Branches and Jacob is the Fruit of the Tree.

When there is peace and harmony and all eat of the delicious ripe fruit, the Signs of Jacob become the Splender of Israel of the Third and Final Redemption, under the third name ‘EHEYE’ of the triple-name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’. The final Goel Haim is thus under the Signs of Jacob which become the Signs of the Splender of Israel. Terrible was the last suffering of the Tzadik Haim, beloved of God in his humility, the Splender of Israel in the Kingdom of Heaven, the Resurrected Goel of the Final Redemption. No one of the Hidden Tzadikim of all the past generations, from Mordechai ha-Tzadik on, ever reached the level of the Higher Hidden Sanctity as did the Tzadik Haim ben Moshe of San'aa Yemen.

The Higher Hidden Sanctity is a great hidden and secret power given by God Almighty exclusively to the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of each generation. It is not known in the world. The word ‘sanctity’ has been bantered around all history so much that it has become whatever one wishes to believe. The Hidden Tzadikim are holy men, all Jewish from birth and circumcised in the Pact of Abraham, who merited to receive the Secret Tradition of the Higher Sanctity from their teacher. All is in secret because the level itself is secret and hidden from the eyes of all others, even those whose life has been spent in the study of the Holy Torah and who walk in the Holy Tradition of Israel, written and oral. The 36 Hidden Tzadikim all have the Secret of the Ascent to higher worlds above.

The Hidden Tzadikim are all very humble before all people. If we say as a proverb of wisdom that that every person is an entire world, a Hidden Tzadik sees in truth an entire world in each person and he loves every world that God Almighty has created. The 36 Hidden Tzadikim arise in their holy ascent every day, generally at least three times a day. They in their bodies are spread out in various, large, cities of the world, generally where there are also Jewish communities. They have all suffered greatly for decrees that they voluntarily accept upon themselves when they know of the decrees from the Higher Tribunal.

The 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim, in their ascents each day, often find themselves together in the Higher Tribunal above and there they hear the decrees which issue against cities or countries. If they desire, they intercede and the decree, for reason of the sins of others, fall upon them physically and they bear the weight and suffering of that decree. In their ascents they also often find themselves together for praying. The Talmud alludes to a knowledge of the fact that ‘there are 36 Just in the world who receive the Shechina (the Holy Presence) evey day’.

The Sanctity of the Hidden Tzadikim cannot be understood in terms of natural, human intelligence. For example, can the normal intelligence understand the fire that descended from God to consume the sacrifice brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning? You can imagine it but you cannot properly understand that fire or the holiness of that moment or, similarly, the fire that descended to consume the two sons of Aharon for their bringing unrequested incense into the Sanctuary.

The 36 Hidden Tzadikim are in that holy fire, almost constantly, but they are not consumed. They exit from their bodies and they arise in that holy sanctity to wherever they must be above. In the world, however, they suffer, in their bodies, when they substitute decrees with their own suffering. Many of them have also suffered poverty and humiliations and every sort of difficulty because the weight of forebearance elevates them constantly allowing them to receive more elevated levels. They sleep very little and they go from ‘strength to strength’ in the force of the great hidden sanctity that is upon them. From the time of the first Head of the Hidden Tzadikim, Mordechai, the world would have, God forbid, been destroyed if not for the holy service to God Almighty of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation.

Note well, Paulus, that all this truth concerning the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, has nothing to do with the poor Messianic Ram of history. ‘Messianism’ is for the people in the world. The understanding of its messages come by way of teachings that are comprehensible. We warn to be careful with what the Torah declares openly ‘The hidden things are unto God but the revealed things are for us and for our children forever’ (Deuteronomy, 29, 28). Unfortunately most of history has inverted this into ‘The hidden things are ours, with God, and the revealed things are for those carnal creatures who cannot go beyond the simple meaning’. The Mystical Doctrines destroy, by covering over, the true, simple faith commanded us in the Holy Torah.

The true Hidden Tzadikim have no Mystical Doctrines, They have true and powerful secrets and they arise to true levels of hidden worlds and immense is their knowledge in the Hidden Ways of the Holy God of Israel.




continuation from lett109.doc TIKKUN PAULUS


What has been called the Mystery of the Faith in Christianity, the Mystery of the Holy Trinity or the Mystery of the Logos etc. are not mysteries; they are false theological doctrines.

Yeshua was not a Hidden Tzadik and he was not on the level of knowledge, of elevation or of the sanctity of the Hidden Tzadikim. Nor was that his calling. The Messianic Signs come for the sake of the people in a manner that it might be received and understood by them. The Higher Tzadikim are hidden and their knowledge is on a hidden level, a secret level, which thus, on the contrary, is meant to be and must always remain completely separated from all people in the world, from the simplest maid-servant to the highest Jewish sage of Torah study. And if it is not for those commanded in the Torah, it is most certainly not for those not commanded in the mitzvot and in the Sanctity of the Torah.

The Messiah does not come to give over Higher Secrets of the Hidden Tzadikim. Whether the first Messiah was Shaul or David, the messianism given over by Samuel the prophet was Kingship-Messianism, a King anointed with sanctified oil in the name of serving God by way of that kingship. That first messianism had to establish that ‘Messianic Kingdom’ so that the Temple could be built and so that, in any case, the Kingdom of Israel on their land be established for all times. In that way whatever might happen afterwards in Israel’s history would never undo the Messianic Promises of God made to the house of David.

Those were the necessary historic events that could not have been missing from the later ‘messianic events’ of history. If we see how readily Christianity would consider itself the New and True Israel relegating the Jewish people as a lasting remnant of the past, having the only purpose of exposing its shame and stubbornness for having despised and killed the Son of God, what might have happened if the messianic promises and historic ‘messianisn’ of the house of David, including the reign of King Solomon and the first Temple, had never been established!

Christianity could say what it wanted afterwards but the preceding messianic promises would never be undone and no ‘completed’ messianism could proceed without the Jewish people. Consequently when the mission of Yeshua was refused by the people of Israel, Christianity could never have been a ‘completed religion’ but only a distorted religion with a totally false and idolatrous theology. Otherwise Judaism itself would have truly been outdone by Christianity. The messianic promises to the people of Israel would never let that happen.

Christians have always relished in comparing the material and ‘carnal’ messianism of the Kingdom of David to the great, universal spiritual Reign of Christ. In truth the historic messianism of the house of David, the reign of King Solomon and the First Temple at Jerusalem, in the general Design of the Redemption, were not yet part of what is designated as the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the Reconciliation. The Signs of the Reconciliation were given by God to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed memory, after the division of Israel into two kingdoms. Enters into history the Hidden Name ‘ASHER’.

What came before were the necessary historic events that completed the ‘purposes’ of the first name ‘EHEYE’. With the Prophet Elijah a totally new redemptional epoch begins but that on an extremely hidden level represented by the Prophet Elijah himself. The dichotomy of ‘extremely high spiritual level’ of the Prophets and the extremely low levels of Israel’s populous is put into evidence in the prophetic mission of Elijah related in Kings and afterwards in the words of the Prophets of Israel. The final prophecy of Malachi seals the Signs of the Reconciliation of the heart of fathers to sons and sons to fathers etc. to the redemptional mission of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning.

The Pact of Peace given to Pinhhass became embodied in the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, during his life-time and he reached the level of ‘beyond and above death’. This is the source of the Sign of the Resurrection and the Ascent of the Prophet Elijah, without dying, is the source of the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven. For in his ascent to the higher world, directly, from earth, where did he ascend to if not to a Hidden Kingdom in Heaven?

But you, Paulus, did you not see that the same prophecy begins with ‘Remember my servant Moses, the laws and statutes that I gave him’ etc. (Malachi, 3, 22)? Since the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, brings in the Redemption, the word of God warned clearly, ‘Do not think that the coming of the Prophet Elijah annuls the Law of the Torah given by God at the hands of Moses, Head of all the Prophets. Also when the time of the final redemption comes, the Laws of the Torah must be observed, otherwise the redemption will not be valid. Most assuredly the word of God did not say, ‘When the Prophet Elijah brings in the redemption, in the Sign of Reconciliation and Peace, with New Light and New Prophecies, the Law of the Torah which is death to those who follow it will be substituted by a New Torah brought by the Messiah!

The warning is given exactly for the reason that at the time of the coming of the Prophet Elijah and the Reconciliation that he brings, there may be many reasons to think that the Law of the Torah will lose its validity in face of the new things. Know, then, that it is not so ‘Remember My servant Moses, the laws and statutes’ etc. Yeshua was totally aware of the consequences of this prophecy in Malachi when he said, ‘Do not think that I am come to abolish the Torah and Prophets’ (Matthew, 5, 17) etc.

The Torah is the Crown of the Jewish people and the Head of the world for all times. The world itself exists in virtue of the Torah. The Torah is the true life for those who cling to it but for those who are commanded in it and who deviate from it it is death as it states, ‘Behold this day I have given before thee life and death and thou shalt choose life’ (Deuteronomy, 30, 19). The tragic death of fire by which you were killed, as revealed to me by the Tzadik Haim, was because of the ‘death’ that you associated with the Torah. For the Torah is a Law of Fire, a Holy Living Fire that does not consume those who walk in its ways and a consuming fire to those who deny it and refuse its true ways.

That was the expiation you needed so as to be able to continue your mission in the other world.

You were, of course, rightfully enraged and disgusted by the thick and unyielding spiritual death of the Judaism of your time. I can feel your inner suffering for the corrupt state of things at that time. The rabbis whipped you time and again because you professed the reasons of your conversion to the faith in the Messiah, Jesus. But it was not the whipping that you hated as much as the unshakeable hardheadedness and hardheartedness of the official rabbinic Judaism of that time. You did not see a Torah of life but a Torah of death and you received a spirit of life from your belief in Yeshua. Then did you receive your calling to extend the new message to the nations and you had no choice but to separate all new Christians from Judaism itself.

I too can now look at Judaism in face of all the incredible news of the Final Redemption and even more so in the light of the true teachings received by me in my thirteen years as talmid of the Tzadik Haim. We have still at hand the false and idolatrous messianism of Habad, a hateful fourth generation movement which totally falsifies Judaism in the name of Judaism. In Milan we saw their baseness and crudeness, their heart of stone, their arrogance and the false methods used for capturing ‘victims’.

They represent a darkness that covers over any true Judaism but there is, unfortunately, great darkness in general among the rabbis of today and they do not yet understand the danger. There are some 2000 organizations of Habad that teach a false and idolatrous messianic doctrine to children. They are destroying the brains, God save us, of all those children. A cry must come up from the depths, before God Almighty, to stomp out this monster of late exile Judaism. May that the extremely important Book of David Berger ‘The Rebbe, The Messia and the Indifference of Orthodox Judaism’ become known all over and translated into Hebrew and published in Israel[7].

The covering over the Judaism of today, however, is not only Habad but rather its root-sin of idolatrous Emanation in the false theological doctrine of the Zohar. There is the closed mindedness of Orthodox Judaism in general because of the unnecessary severity applied to the Halacha. There are the other hassidic groups outside of Habad that suffocate their members in a false Judaism. There is the terrible School of Kabbalah in Jerusalem. There are fanatics who do not recognize the other creations of God Almighty, who believe themselves ‘better’ than other Jews and who hate all non-Jews considering them as garbage to be disposed of, God forbid. The false lights of the Zohar has closed them off from all reality.

The distortions inside Judaism in our times stick out at every side. I had the great privilege of seeing the Rambam, peace be with him, in a dream some months ago and in that dream was shown the thick wall between the true halachic Judaism of the Great Eagle and the falsified Halacha of today’s so-called hhredim (strictly religious).

The Judaism of today is sick. It must be cleaned of the false forms of exile-Judaism that it has taken on, especially in the last 400 years. There is no real form of true Judaism at this moment. The Judaism now found is in a state of spiritual death in need of its resurrection. It must, however, at first, be cleaned of its idolatrous doctrine of Emanation and stripped of the exile garments and purified in God’s love to all people.

So it is in the period of Yemot ha-Mashiah, the Messianic Days, which begins with the establishment of the State of Israel.

So it is at the time of God’s choice of the third and final Goel Haim. So it is at the time of the revelation of the Completed Signs of the final name EHEYE. So it is at the time of the prophetic announcement ‘Ba-Ha-Zman’ and the entrance into the final great and terrible Fourth Generation. So it is at the time of the New Final Pact of the Third and Final Redemption. I have witnessed all this, Paulus, together with the Levi family and a few other friends, the coming of the time of the fulfillment of God’s promises of the Geula ha-Shleima, for Israel and for all the Nations.

The darkness that covers over Judaism today and the Jews of today was foreseen in the Torah and in Prophets. Jacob, our father, had to order the cleaning out of all foreign gods before proceeding to Beth El. From the famous New Pact prophecy of Jeremy 31, 31, the great suffering Prophet foresaw the destruction of the First Temple, be-avonot, and thus the reason that necessitates the giving of the New Pact is clearly stated, ‘for they have violated My pact, although I am husband unto them’.

It is therefore not so strange, Paulus, that in your time you saw Judaism in a state of violation of the Pact of the Torah and we, now, in our time, are witness to a Judaism in a state of violation of the Pact of the Torah. For the same Pact prophesied in Jeremy 31 comes twice in history, with the messianic mission of Yeshua and with the coming of the Final Goel, Haim. The doubling of that historic Pact was inherent in the conditional Reconciliation of Malachi ‘lest I come and smite the land with anathema’ (Malachi, 3, 22). If the Prophet Elijah’s mission of Reconciliation is refused, then the ‘lest’ will take place and the same mission of Reconciliation will take place at a future time when the possibility of the ‘lest’ will be annulled by the historic events of that generation and by the great and terrible day of the Lord.

If not for the events of the Fourth Generation, it would happen all over again, if, that is, it depended on the Official Orthodox Judaism of today or of any other form of Judaism for that matter. We stand now in the 21st year of the 65 year Fourth Generation. The Final Redemption has yet no voice because the world has not yet ears to hear it. But the world is totally another world compared to your times. Everything is different. We are given the Final Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, in merit of the Goel Haim. These are established in the world in writing and closed into the Final New Pact contained in Sefer Mishnat Haim.

In this way the Completed Signs are established in the world, as they are written in the Stars of the Redemption for all future times, reason for which they called the Final Signs. For history continues and goes on to many other phases but these are the Final and Completed Signs of the Great Universal Redemption promised by God Almighty and they need no other revelation of other New Signs that supersede these. This may be compared to the third Patriarch, Jacob, our father, after whom no other Patriarch was needed. The Patriarchs are 3, not 2 and not 4. All the future history of the children of Israel was, in a manner of speaking, closed within the context of God’s love and His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We are, thank God, after the unspeakable decree of the Shoa, Israel’s great general expiation for all its past sins. The State of Israel is a reality and the great gathering in of exiled Jews from every country is a reality. The processes of Israel’s redemption are under way, consciously or otherwise. The great majority of Jews are honest and sincere and have mercy on others. Their children will be able to receive the Final Redemption and God’s great revelation to the world of His chosen Tzadik, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Teacher Haim, as it states ‘Suddenly will he come unto his chamber, the Honorable Teacher (adon) whom you are seeking and the angel of the pact that you desire’ (Ibid, 3, 1).

And yet when he is chosen, there is no Messiah to kick up a storm but only a few Donkeys to kick up a great deal of Redemptional Star-Dust. I was chosen as the first Donkey who eats Bread because I am par excellence the Donkey All-To-Correct. I am below the human level and even the smallest child is more clever than I. I might wish to have a recompense such as receives a human being but I am so thick-skinned and I walk on four and people laugh at my big ears. From what great heights has the Goel Haim thrown me down in order to resurrect me as a redemptional animal?

And so I fail in every endeavor undertaken as if I were a human being until I bray with brays of mercy to elevate some child of the chosen mankind. This is the generation that demonstrates our ignorance until we shamefully try to hide ourselves in the crevices of the rocks as if to take all eyes away from looking at the scarcity of our being. We cannot run from ourselves, however, or from the Presence of God for also we were girded at Sinai in the warning not to dare go beyond the limit to step upon the mountain lest we be consumed by the fire of God.

This now is the famous illumined generation that comes to demonstrate the ignorance of all mankind and each part of mankind that deems itself more illumined will be shown more forcefully its ignorance. Blessed are the ignorant and humble for they will have what to learn in this Fourth Illumined Generation. Take it from a Donkey, an ignorant animal or take it from Peretz, ignorant announcer of the Final Signs or take it from Paul, just plain ignorant, a nice Jewish boy from Newark New Jersey.

I sit me down in stupidity to imagine rocket ships flying about the heavens or stopping at McDonald’s Moon Shop to catch in a Space-Hamburger. In truth I saw aliens and especially a Jupiter-Man 90 feet tall, at the Piramidi of Zona, in northern Italy, in 1994. What might King Solomon have done if Internet had existed in his time? Or how might it have been had the Sages also written down their ideas on MicroSoft Word? Yet oh how nice the world must have been when women were still covered?

How could all those generations have passed in such simplicity without being able to compare that life to this extremely complicated and illumined generation? Ask the Robots and perhaps they will tell you. Science abounds and knowledge is written in millions of books. But people’s brains are so filled with words and half meanings that only confusion reigns. The Generation of the Tower of Babel has returned and the Construction whose head reaches the heavens is fully underway. The rebellion of the idolatrous but powerful Nimrod has been given over to the experts of DNA. The ignorance of mankind has never been so great as the level of ignorance to which it reaches in this Fourth Illumined Generation.

Do you see then what we have seen? In the midst of the Tower of Confusion and scientific jumps into interplanetary research, in the midst of a large christian world that yet clings to the Godship of the Messianic Ram, in the midst of an Islam at least half of which breeds hatred to the Jewish people, in the midst of a Judaism darkened by an idolatrous error and false messianism, by defects and closedmindedness, and in the midst of far off islands and nations who have not yet heard of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or the revelation at Sinai, I am a nice Jewish boy called Paul from Newark New Jersey come to tell you that God Almighty, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob has chosen the Third and Final Goel Haim, born in 1914 in San'aa Yemen. He was the holiest of the Hidden Tzadikim, the most humble, the most loving towards others, the most knowledgeable in the wisdom of the true secrets of the universe, the most powerful in the Sanctity given him by EL SHADDAI.

Do you see, Paulus, that the depth that you perceived in your generation was yet shallow compared to the complexity of this final Fourth Generation? Yet in the midst of all this Gino saw the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, in the hands of Giordano Levi in which were written the names of all the nations. Then there were four stars, three in a row and one displaced, of the handle of the Big Dipper, and the chosen Teacher Haim explains to Gino that he will make a sign from the fourth star to the first star and then all will proceed rapidly. Then a fifth star was seen on another part of the heaven, a large and luminous star that surprised Gino for its brightness and the final Goel Haim explained to Gino, “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility”.

 We are in the quickest generation ever to exist. Perhaps you thought it was yours but yours took 2000 years of expansion. I have been through the Donkey Signs and Peretz Signs and twenty years of Signs have passed with enormous speed. But I must now complete my own Paul signs by way of this Tikkun Paulus. I do not understand why I have become so ignorant but so it is. With every step in these past twenty years of writing and explaining the great illumination of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, I have seen in myself progressive levels of my ignorance and instead of becoming more intelligent I become less intelligent and I know less.

Might you tell me, perhaps, why this is so? My faults abound. My lackings are many. I anoint my toes in the Sign of the Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High. I anoint my head in the Sign of the Anointed Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest in the permission of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, Haim. The influxes of Redemptional Stars descend upon me. Yet I feel myself empty, ignorant, unworthy, and without the true spirit desired for me by the Tzadik Haim.

I cannot figure it out; whereto have I wandered so far? Have I fallen back to the foolish ignorance of Paul, that unformed Jewish fellow from Newark, New Jersey? Have I again become a foolish youth of yesteryear? Have my thoughts returned to undesired meanderings after the Correction of Er and Onan?

Why am I so far from modesty? Why am I so far from study and learning, from enjoying Torah and the wisdom of the Sages? Why can I not educate my children as I ought to? Why has the New Spirit of the Final Redemption not fallen on us yet to remain. Tell what you will, dear Paulus, and I will try to understand. For I have clamored unto the Heavens and pleaded with God and each time He hears me in love and I feel the acceptance of my prayer. Yet I am plagued with a sort of mental blindness that impedes true elevation. Have you no remedy for my broken spirit?

(Paulus): “I’ve heard it said that the Donkey licked the Bark of the Tree of Life in the Garden. I know that you announced ‘Ba-Ha-Zman’. I have heard of your part in the wars against idolatrous doctrines. I’ve heard speak of your twelve years in the Messianic Donkey-Signs of Messiah ben Yosef and of Messiah ben David. I know of your work on the Correction of Christianity. I know that you were the talmid of the Tzadik Haim for thirteen years in the world and that you are faithful to him, even with the lackings and defects of which you speak. I know of the many documents thus far prepared for Sefer Mishnat Haim although there are yet many to complete. You have been through the Mill of rotating but progressive Signs for 20 years. I do not know why you have become emptied of knowledge and thrown into progressive ignorance or why you feel yourself so far from the reality of the New Spirit that you desire to know in yourself.

“Nevertheless, since you have asked me for advice, after you have pleaded with God and after you have sought council from the Teacher Haim, for sure your asking me is for the purpose of breaking down all cults to Saints. I pass from Saint Paul to Paulus and all Christian Saints will be stripped of their undesireable Sainthood and nations will be elevated from their ignorance while statues and sanctuaries to Saints and to Madonnas will be destroyed with the coming of dawn. And I thank God Almighty who in merit of the hidden Tzadik Haim has sent the Final New Pact for it is only through this that I can make my way back to my Jewish heritage.”

Something now clicks. The Sign of the chosen Teacher is from the fourth star to the first star, the Star of Abraham, not from the Star of Abraham to the fourth displaced Star. For although it is the Star of Abraham that returns to complete its 4000 year cycle in this Fourth Generation, it is, however, this Fourth Generation that must ‘return’ to the simplicity of heart of the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father. This is because the Final redemption is not only a going ahead in time but it is also a returning to the truth and the true qualities of the past, such as the temimut of the faith of the Patriarchs in EL SHADDAI.




continuation TIKKUN PAULUS[8]


Tamuz 2, 5763; July 1, 2003; The Illumined Turtle, 3956; Beersheva:

Giordano in the Ukraine dreamed that he was with Pope John 23. The Pope was as he is now, trembling with Parkinson disease. This fact reminded Giordano of his father Remo Levi who suffered for many years and died from this terrible illness. Pope Woitija asked Giordano to accompany him to the bathroom. Giordano with pleasure said “Certainly” and he helped him walk towards the bathroom but it was occupied by Renato Levi. Giordano suggested with gentleness’ that they sit down on a bench that was there and the Pope consented. They sat down and Giordano said to the Pope, “I have contemplated on a matter and I’ve come to the conclusion (Giordano was thinking about the Goel Haim and that ‘We are all of the same flesh’) that what counts is that there be peace among nations. Without peace among the nations, the promised blessings of God do not descend”. The Pope then said, “From the time I was born, I believed in exactly this”. - -


This Sign represents an important closing of a Fourth Angle in the Sign of the Garden of Brotherhood and Peace for all Nations. Only now have I written here this name in full. This Sign represents the extension of the Book of the Stars in which are written the names of all the nations. What the Book of the Stars of Abraham comes to bring is not simply the names of the nations but the peace and harmony among nations. For Abraham, our father is the father of a multitude of nations but when there will be peace and love among those nations then ‘and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed’ (Genesis, 12, 3). And when can there be love among the nations? That is when all the nations are in the same faith as Abraham, our father. Such is the purpose of the Final New Pact and it thus brings the Keys to resolve all questions of faith.

Giordano is Jewish and thus representative of the Jewish people; the Pope is representative of Christianity and here it is not important the distinctions between Orthodox Church or Protestant Churches. Giordano represents the new Judaism of the Final Redemption who knows of the terrible idolatrous theological error of the doctrine of Emanation of the book of the Zohar and all the false tradition that followed from it. Giordano, on the other, hand believes in the messianic mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, while he knows the terrible theological idolatry of the Christian Trinity and the false deification of Yeshua. Pope John, on the other hand, who is of course embedded into the false theology of Christianity, is a man of peace and of many genuine human qualities. Theological errors can be corrected for the coming generations; the essence is a good heart and love for others.


I dreamed this morning that I kept on seeing the number 75 in the Sign of the Star of Abraham[9].

This is a further confirmation that the world has entered a new phase in redemptional history. The Star of Abraham is bound with the Tradition of Abraham, our father, and thus it has power to elevate the faith of mankind, those worthy to be deemed children of Abraham. All the Signs and events of this Fourth Generation are double, of course, and every good news for those worthy is the opposite for those not deemed worthy to receive the faith of Abraham.

The Star of Abraham is a great Blessing for the world, the Blessing of the chosen father of a multitude of nations. And as you have justly pointed out, Paulus, that blessing was given to Abraham before he was circumcised so that there be from him a blessing also to the uncircumcised.

See how the just measure of the question of the circumcision is resolved for history by the final New Pact: aside from the New Circumcision (the form is the same - mikveh and mila and pria) for the altar of Efraim, for the New Jews coming from Christianity, there now exists the New Circumcision for the Children of Malchitzedek on the Altar of Malchitzedek for all those of the (mainly) christian nations. This is an historical first in as much as these children of Malchitzedek, if they desire, may perform the circumcision in name of the Pact of Abraham without becoming commanded or obligated in all the commandments of the Torah as those born Jews or those converted to Judaism.

Nor is it an obligation. Some might want it but are afraid. Others do not have any feeling to do it. We received in a dream of Noda the very important message that ‘above’ in the Higher Tribunal there was a discussion to decide if Gino Tampieri, husband of Eliade Levi, who received the Great Sign of the Stars, was to be considered ‘circumcised’ or not even though he is not Jewish and is uncircumcised. It was decided that in virtue of his faith to the One Living God and his good and generous heart, it is considered as if he were circumcised.


July 6, 2003; Tamuz 6, 5763; the Illumined Turtle 19, 3956; Beersheva:

The family today went down to the sea

Noda, Paolo and children, all except me

And finally Paolo made an immersion

to help the children of the dispersion;

there were lots of Medusas small and grand

and Noda brought me sponge found on the sand

and as she spoke of the pleasure of this land

a beautiful Scarabeo walked on her hand;

how extraordinary, then, about 10 here tonight

Noda said, “Now’s the time to make you delight,

lets make a sound in the Sign of Resurrection

for the time has come for Paolo’s Correction”.

So she took up the Stone of Paolo’s Brain

and on it she placed the Stone of a spiritual vein

and on that she placed the Sign of Precision

and fixed his Heart with a White-Horse Staff incision;

you may just wonder why I sing this with cheers

but I’ve waited this Sign out for 15 full years

so I sat on the Seat of the Tribunal

with the Staff of the Prophet

for when the Sign of Paul’s Correction comes

no one will stop it. Hi-haw, hi-haw!


Do you see, dear Paulus, that the Paul, Peretz, Donkey combination has worked, thank God, and that your Signs explained by you in your Letters have now by way of this TIKKUN PAULUS been purified of the theological errors and re-dimensioned in the entire prospective while reinforced within the context of the true equilibrium of the Completed Signs compared to the Unbalanced History of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs. No one has understood anything correctly concerning the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, Christ of the Nations.

But now the Signs of a Multitude of Nations have been reinforced for the Final New Pact. Giordano saw the Sign of Seventy. Then he saw the Pope and they spoke of love among peoples. And Sharonne saw that to the Sign of the Donkey we add ‘and Sign of White Horse’. Do you see, Paulus? your Signs, given us already from the beginning of the Completed Signs, have now entered the stage of their completion for the Stars of the Final Redemption. These are extremely potent Stars, called the Stars of the Seventy Nations and each one of these Stars is bound to a Ministering-Angel for each of Seventy principal Nations. Afterwards the number of nations may be in terms of thousands but the Root number is Seventy.

‘For a son has been born unto us, a child has been given us, and the Mission is upon his shoulder’ (Isaiah, 9, 5). The idea of the Son of God in Jesus, when it is re-proportioned and put into the true equilibrium, furnishes the understanding of the chosen Son of Man, the third and final Goel, Haim. For although the Mission of the Kingdom of Heaven was of the Christ of the Nations for these past two thousand years, the poor Jewish Messiah was on the Cross of a false deification for which only the Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim and his ascent as the chosen Judge of the New Kingdom of Heaven allowed Jesus by way of the Correction given by the Star of Christ to descend from his historical Cross to be understood finally by all.

Come, then, Jesus and complete the sign of Paul’s Correction, Brain, Spirit, Precision, Heart, for the sake of the Formation of the Garden of Brotherhood and Love between all Peoples of the New House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars and the Carpet of Islam. Indeed, Yeshua, you announced it prophetically and now you can see its realization. Come now here for the duration of this sign and liberate Paulus from the errors of history.

For the RESH[10] of the name ASHER has come unto its place, by way of the Correction of Christianity and when this happens all history changes. When the Final Goel is chosen there begins the revelation of the final name EHEYE and at the same time, by way of the revelation of the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs, there begins the Great Correction of the RESH. All history has been out of the proper equilibrium since the RESH had become a Head onto itself.

This means that all the previous letters ALEF, HEI, YOD, HEI, ALEF, SHIN could not be properly bound to the RESH while the ALEF, HEI, YOD, HEI of the final name could not yet be revealed. Christianity was an unleashed RESH with Jesus taken as a God, the Son of God, not conforming to ‘and My glory shall I give to no other’ (Ibid, 42, 8) - ‘and except for Me there is no other God’ (Ibid, 44, 6)- ‘and you shall have no other gods from before Me’ (Exodus, 20, 2) and thus not conforming to the entire Tradition of Israel, Tradition of the Prophets, Tradition of the Torah, Tradition of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One.

What then happens when the RESH of the name ASHER is corrected? Everything happens. Let us look and be grateful to God, magnificent is His glory forever in eternity. It has taken some twenty years to complete the Correction but twenty years is nothing compared to the history that comes after it. For when the RESH is re-proportioned in the light of the Second Commandment and in the New Light of the Completed Signs, the great and holy name of God Almighty as the Holy Redeemer of mankind is completed in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim and all the letters can now be read together without any discrepancies or distortions ALEF, HEI, YOD, HEI, ALEF, SHIN, RESH, ALEF, HEI, YOD, HEI. Glory to God on High who designed the History of the Redemption. Amen.

Therefore the true faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob returns, the true faith in the Redemption of the children of Israel from Egypt returns, the true faith in the revelation of the Torah returns, the true faith in the Oral Tradition from Sinai returns, the Messianic Signs of the house of David return and the Signs of the First Temple at Jerusalem, the true faith in the mission and in the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah returns, the prophecy in Malachi returns for the second time and with it the second-time coming of all the messianic and redemptional prophecies, the faith in the redemption of Purim by way of Mordechai and Esther returns, the true history of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs involved in the mission of Yeshua is revealed, the faith in the Completed Signs in merit of the chosen Goel Haim is revealed, the faith in the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of past history is revealed and clarified, the redemptional dreams as prophesied by Joel descend and the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim are formulated, including the New Law, the New Rite, the New House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam, the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread and of the White Horse, the new prophecies of the final Fourth Generation and the Signs of the final Kingdom of Heaven and the final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim and the Signs of the New Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan.

All these are the great Pillars of Faith of the holy name of God Almighty EHEYE ASHER EHEYE blessed is He in eternity.

Can we then have human intelligence to understand the re-proportioning of the RESH of the name ASHER in merit of the beloved and humble servant of God, the Tzadik Haim, born in 1914 in San'aa Yemen, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation! We are naught, nothing, dust of the earth, thankful to have any existence at all by the will of God Almighty.


Tuesday morning, July ninth, Paolo drove me to Icholov Hospital in Tel Aviv, for a bronchoscope and lung biopsy, done by Doctor Grife. They put me to sleep and after two hours, I woke up on my hospital bed with Paolo standing by my side. (see Paolo’s report) Doctor Grife passed by and I asked him how the situation was? He said, “The situation is good. I didn’t even have to make a biopsy. There is a diffused inflammation state of change but otherwise all is normal. This is, thank God, good news.


I thank you, Paulus, for the occasion of this Historic Correction. Of other interpolations in perhaps most of your letters, I do not apply myself because I do not know who they are or how to distinguish the various strands but Romans, Corinthens 1 and 2, Galati, are enough to effect the Correction. It is left to you, from where you are, to do the rest because the effect of this Correction above is that you now have permission to do as you like, with severity or with kindness, as you see fit, with those who incorporated their own thoughts into your writings.

For me as Paul, I am finally happy that my beloved parents Morris Green and Ann Becker, peace be upon them, decided to call me Paul. It is interesting that only since I’ve come to Israel have I been using officially on all documents the name Paul and I write it in Latin letters. Only in this last period did I realize that since our coming here, we have been part of this historic correction of Paulus. So I had to be Paul, coming to Israel from Italy where I had been living for thirty years, in order to be a living Donkey-Sign of your return, Paulus, after almost 2000 years, to the homeland you loved and desired to return to.

Of course you could not return to Israel before the Coming of the Teacher Haim and the descent of the Completed Signs and the Sign of the Goel Haim, “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility” this last of which gave over to the Donkey and to White Horse the Great Sign-Correction of the Christian Correction. Also Paolo, after having used different names in the course of the Signs, such as ‘Shlomoh’, has returned to being Paolo from the minute he came to Israel.

I was not born into Pharisee stock. I was a common American Jewish boy from Newark New Jersey, always making wise-cracks not less than Jerry Lewis. I did not begin to study Torah until, at the age of 18, I attended the Yeshiva University for one year. After that I became a Lubovitcher hassid and spent 5 years in their Yeshiva, two years in Crown-heights Brooklyn and three years in Brunoi, France.

I fell into that trap not with much difficulty. I was searching for all-out true Judaism. The Litvak and German American Judaism seemed to me to be watered down. I wanted something complete, integral, totally involving, a place where I might serve God all day and night, to pray and to meditate. For God Almighty knows us and sees us and is with us constantly and He reveals wisdom to those that fear him. I wanted to enter into the mystery of life.

Once when I was 17 years old (and thus before Yeshiva University) it happened one day that as I stepped out on the lawn of Weequahic High School, at the end of a school day, I was taken by a spirit from above. I stopped in my path and I looked towards the sky. I reflected on ‘time’. I felt the nullification or better the subjugation of all existence before the timelessness of God Almighty the Creator of the universe. The understanding at that precious moment became indelibly fixed in my memory although it is not possible to describe the amazing elevation of the thought that I was seeing on some level of a reality above the normal physical world. I was realizing that all that which exists, except for God Almighty, exists in time but that time itself is only a creation. Time itself does not exist if not for its being created constantly by the mighty Creator.

It was for me a vision of a new ocean of thoughts. I also realized that I was, in truth, not a common Jewish boy from Newark New Jersey. It was clear to me that such a profound thought was extremely far from all the people that I knew.

In truth, the Tzadik Haim would explain to me years later that the essence of the person is the soul, the neshama (as opposed to ruah, the spiritual soul and to nefesh, the vital soul) more than parents and more than the star under which one was born and even more than education. The neshama is on a distinct and superior level, closer to the Creator. At certain moments, sometimes for reason of an immense happiness or the satisfaction of a profound thought, the soul descends from its lofty place to reveal something of God to the person who possesses that soul. Sometimes the vision, the feeling and understanding of that minute bring tears of joy to its beholder.

All depends on the neshama, explained the Tzadik Haim, but it depends after this on the level of the neshama itself. The neshamot of the Hidden Tzadikim are not individual souls but ‘general souls’. They are on an extremely high level and they have already been exalted in other lives of enormous merit before God. Therefore their level is on a general level and everything they do is not for themselves as individuals but for the sake of others in the world. Because of the great level of their neshamot they are lead by God’s Providence into becoming the pupil of one of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and they are brought into the higher secrets of the Hidden Kedusha.

In their secret, the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, live on the level of their neshama and not only on the level of ruah and nefesh. They live on all three levels but they live on the secret of their own elevated general neshama. They live, of course, also on the level of the nefesh for they must also be in the world and when they suffer they must suffer in their nefesh otherwise that suffering would not be felt and would be valid for the expiation of the sins of the decree that they have come to annul by way of their suffering. Immense is the holy and secret level of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and enormous their humility. They are friends to the Living God and faithful servants to His will.

As Paul, of course, I knew nothing of all this. I was a turbulent and inwardly troubled individualist desirous of finding the true way of a higher existence close to God that has constant and true meaning. I did not understand the world that I was in. In truth, I did not accept it. I saw only foolishness and vanity everywhere. It was difficult for me to be in the physical world. My soul was desirous of living above in a higher existence while being in the world without feeling it, a kind of true universal but Jewish Nirvana, I suppose. The great problem was that I did not yet have the wisdom to know the balance that must be maintained between a ‘spiritual existence’ and the physical existence of the body.

Even worse, I still do not have that wisdom, for myself that is, even after all the years of receiving that balance and that wisdom from my teacher Haim, I was such a fool concerning this matter that many of the defects, notwithstanding a million efforts, have weakened and damaged my health and my bearing and my capacities. My unbalance created laziness and laziness created defects in movement and defects in moving impeded any order and the lack of order has impeded many things in my life.

The Tzadik Haim cried for me for he knew the soul which is bound to me. He taught me with unending patience and he prayed for me and blessed me and encouraged me. For it was too difficult for me to feel myself elevated falling each time to laziness and non-functioning, to a lack of action and accomplishment. “The Teacher builds and you knock down, the teacher builds and you knock down”, the Tzadik Haim would tell me with great inner anguish and profound sadness.

The Tzadik Haim cleaned me a thousand times and picked me up again and gave me courage to stand on the knowledge of the very particular neshama that had been sent into the world in my coming. There were very important things for which I had been sent again into the world but I with my particular neshama were also in gilgul, which meant that I was sent for correction. Being my essential level very special but also the defects general and terrible, I had been given to the only Tzadik on the level to make that correction, the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim.

 “I have followed you from the moment you were born” the Tzadik informed me. “I even brought you here before the time, so as to save you in time because the depths of impurity to into which you had fallen and the dangerous level of Habad into which you sunk, would have no longer given place to the possibility of your correction. But for the sake of the elevated neshama that you possess I brought you here, by way of my secret, before the time. And remember this always, Peretz, I brought you here before the time and I had you enter into the Sanctity before the time. If for the established time all would have happened much later but I was following you from the beginning in everything you did and when I saw to what depths you had fallen into Habad I knew that if I did not act there would be no saving you afterwards and so I acted to bring you here before the time, for the salvation of your neshama for the benefit of the purposes for which you have been sent this time in the enormous privilege as talmid of the teacher Haim. Don’t forget this, never!

I have never really thought about how it might have been had I been given to be the talmid of the Tzadik Haim at a much later date. After several years of study with the Tzadik Haim, he sanctified for me the Holy Room in the Sanctification of the Hidden Tzadikim and allowed me slowly but surely to study the holy ascent. This also represented the second phase of “I have brought you here before the time” because the Tzadik Haim repeated to me many, many times, to remember that he had allowed me, of his own will, to enter into the Meditation, in the Sanctity of the sanctified room, before the time.

What happened in the end, dear Paulus, is that the chosen humble servant of God took on by himself the most terrible universal decree ever to be emitted by the Higher Tribunal from the time of Abraham, our father. The Tzadik Haim informed me of this before the decree fell on him. For 620 days he suffered in that illness and underwent two terrible operations for cancer of the stomach. He suffered terribly and could not eat. He became so weak and thin that only bones were left. He thanked God and was happy that I had merited to be close to him in his suffering. He warned me often to remember all that I was seeing.

The Tzadik Haim died in that wicked malady. So immense was the decree that to complete it, his death was necessary. Nevertheless, at the end, he was given the choice to live and allow the rest of the decree to fall on the world but he chose before God Almighty to complete the expiation for the annulment of that universal decree. With his departure the heavens and the earth were renewed and his sacrifice arose before God Almighty as the Final Redemptional Sacrifice of History and he arose to be the Head of the New Kingdom of Heaven of the Final Redemption. And from there he sent to Gino Tampieri the dream of the Sign of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, father of a multitude of nations, Sign of the Great Sign made by the Tzadik himself from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star and the Amazing and Wondrous Sign of the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility.

The Tzadik Haim had been taken from the world many years before his time. All was for the sake of the Final Redemption. The world needed it. The New Kingdom of Heaven with its renewal of the heavens and the earth had to come many years before the terrible decrees, of which no Tzadik will have permission to enter and annul, of the Fourth Generation and of the period called the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. So too is the prophecy in Malachi fulfilled for it states ‘Behold I am sending the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes’ (Malachi, 3, 23). Time must be given, years, to prepare the messages and to extend the new prophecies of this Fourth Generation.

The entire Redemption must be firmly written in the Stars of the Final Redemption before that period. The great remedy of the world must be in the world, even in a hidden palace written and explained in writing, so that all will remain for the world after the great and terrible day of the Lord has come and passed. After the demise of the Tzadik Haim I learned from his holy spirit upon me that the excruciating suffering that he had gone through were considered above as if he had suffered for thirty five years. This revelation of the Teacher to me was later confirmed in that the Signs declared that the length of the Fourth Generation was of 65 years[11], divided into two periods of 35 and 30 years respectively. The first period of 35 years is thus a preparation period for the period of the great and terrible day of the Lord that would come within the context of the second period.

In merit of the suffering sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim, the world had began to be heir, even without its knowing it, to the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, 35 years before the time in which framework comes the period of the great and terrible day of the Lord. The terrible universal decree was annulled allowing for 35 years of relative clemency on the world, to give people time to repent and time to change for the better and return to their faith in God Almighty.

And there descends that stupendous messianic Donkey who eats Bread whose very essence is a Sign to all the changeover from the world of the past to the world of the coming Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven the Goel Haim. Do you see then, Paulus, how Paul became Peretz and how Peretz became the first Donkey who eats Bread along with his faithful friend, Paolo, the White Horse? For together we four that are three, the Donkey, the Tail of the Donkey, White Horse, the Mane of White Horse, have been in the eye of the cyclone caused by the marvelous descent of the Completed Signs in merit of the Goel Haim.

You, Paulus, can now understand it better than anyone else. For Your Shaul became Paulus in your conversion to Christ and your letters contain many Signs of the Donkey of Christ and as the Peretz of History, breaking down the barriers of history on one hand and constructing the new building on the other hand, and as the White Horse of Christ who changes direction from the Jewish Camp to the world of Nations. So have I witnessed the Changing of the Guard of History as you witnessed it in that terribly complex and anguished middle time of history.

When the Tzadik Haim redeemed me from the Pharisee Judaism of Habad, he showed me the world of nations. It is a great error of Jews and especially religious Jews to think that, so to speak, God cares only about Jews. This is false. All are His creations and He loves all the creations that He has made. There is no difference between Jews or non-Jews except that Jews are commanded in the Torah. Otherwise there is no difference. As we eat, they eat, as we love, they love, as we suffer, they suffer, as human beings we are all the same and in every group there are good ones and bad ones. No one must believe himself more than someone else. ‘The mastor and the servant are one there” and their is no favoritism before Him, Blessed is His name in eternity’.




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In your time, the New Spirit and New Light of the Star of Christ descended upon you with enormous force and with great love for every new sincere adherent to the Christian New Pact. It was the time in which the mercy of God gave over an opening to elevate the nations. Yeshua, son of Miriam and son of Joseph, was the instrument of that mercy.

In their sins, the Jewish people, during the second commonwealth with the Second Temple standing, had not accomplished the purpose of making the Temple of God at Jerusalem a House of Prayer for all peoples. That young Jewish boy from Nazareth would be the object around which and from which a great new light of faith would be opened up to the world at large. Most unique at that time was that the Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ after Jesus, was at its closest point to the earth, concluding a two thousand year cycle, while it was at its furthest point from the Star of Abraham.

So has this hidden star-Sign been revealed to us by the Tzadik Haim that the cycle of the Star of Malchitzedek is of 2000 years whereas the Star of Abraham is of 4000 years. The perfect balance between the two Stars is hidden in the episode of Malchitzedek, King of Salem, Priest to God on High, who met together with Abraham, our father, close to Sodom by the Dead Sea, as explained in our texts. The 2000 years later, at Jesus’ time, the Star of Abraham was at its furthest point while the very Luminous Messianic-King Star of Malchitzedek was at its closest.

Also the Jewish people, on a whole, at that time, were furthest away from Abraham’s simple, honest and sincere love of God, most precious heredity of the descendants of Abraham, our father.

Therefore, Paulus, can you understand the highly exaggerated and, in the end, unbalanced brilliance of the Star of Christ in that epoch. It was that same overwhelming brightness that covered over the pure and simple Oneness of the Creator and made the second commandment blindly unrecognizable to the new Jewish Christians, fathers of the Church, who substituted the pure monotheistic faith with a Trinitarian theology, exiting from the very essence of the true monotheistic faith itself. At that time the Star of Abraham was at it furthest point from the world and the Star of Christ at it closest so that the great solidity of the true faith could not intervene to establish the parameters of the Star of Malchitzedek and maintain the necessary equilibrium to contain that brilliance from exiting the boundaries of the monotheistic faith.

Nor will that stellar situation ever return. The Final Redemption comes during the conclusion period of the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham, which is also the second conclusion of the 2000 year cycle of the Star of Malchitzedek. Thus only after 4000 years have they returned, together, in the original position of 4000 years ago, as hidden in the Holy Torah.

Therefore, Paulus, don’t be amazed by the lack of spirit upon the first few Donkeys and Horses, Tails and Manes. We do not betake of the Amazing Star that Astounds without the balanced solidity of the Star of Abraham. In your time, the Star of Christ hurled upon you all its force in order to get Christianity into the world which was a formidable feat. The other Redemptional Stars were in hiding and were not shining in the world. In that epoch of history, the Great Star of Christ stood alone. Therefore its Messianic-King bearer would be raised as a miraculous Sign-Post to the nations. And its Messianic Sign Bearers such as you would be in the direct light of the Star of Christ to establish congregations and churches and to convert by way of the Spirit of the new Christianity.

In the Final Redemption all is different. The Redemptional Stars are all functioning together in a perfectly balanced equilibrium. You saw only Christ, you lived only in Christ, you thought only Christ and you breathed only Christ.

We are a few poor Donkeys and Horses who in merit of the Goel Haim have received and are receiving the Completed Signs of the Star of Abraham, the Star of Isaac which is also the Star of the Construction that Lasts in Time, the Star of Jacob which is the Star of the Redemption, all the New Prophetic Signs of the Fourth Displaced Star, the Star of Christ which becomes the Star which Astounds, the Star of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the Star of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, the Star of the Goel Haim which is also bound to the Thirteen Starred Petals of the Stellar Rose, the Three Stars of the Mouth of Leviathan and the Thirteen New Constellations of Big Fish.

We cannot be led by one Spirit until we ourselves partake of the Great New Equilibrium of the Composite Project of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Teacher Haim.

As we work towards the Final Redemption, glimpses of the Spirit may come but we are yet very far from walking on the level of the Final Redemption. We are yet immature Donkeys who cannot yet understand what it really means to walk in the light and spirit of the Final Redemption. We are thankful for the Signs and Dreams received and we write them down as testimony and study for the coming generations. This has been the main work of the Donkeys in these past twenty years. We have not even a congregation to pray together with joy and to sing in the new harmony of the New Spirit of the Final Redemption.

The Goel Haim will be the Teacher of mankind for all those who will feel themselves his pupils. Those who enter into the Final New Pact will be guided by dreams and true visions and when they need resolutions or solutions to problems they will receive council from the Teacher Haim in the Kingdom of Heaven, Marvelous Counselor.


July 11, 2003 (my 58th birthday on Calendar). Tamuz 11, 5763; Illumined Turtle, 3956; Beersheva: Noda dreamed that she held a small baby-boy whom she was bringing to a ‘church’ to be baptized. In the ‘church’ was Paul of Tarsus; Noda handed the baby to him from the door without entering and he made the baptism. The ‘church’ had no images or crosses; Paul was not dressed as a Priest; the baptism was in God’s name without the Trinity or any other ‘christian’ formula. - -


Thank God Almighty, this TIKKUN PAULUS has been accepted above. Paulus has returned to the true monotheistic faith by way of the Final New Pact in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. This is an important historical Sign for the ‘great conversion’ that will take place in the christian world from the New Christian Pact into the New Final Pact of the Third and Final Redemption.


As you Paulus, I am Jewish. But all is different in the Final Redemption. I do not desire only a universal light, that is I do not desire any kind of universal spirit which diminishes the particular heredity of the Holy Torah. You were in the Sign of White Horse Separation. We are in the Sign of Donkey and White Horse Unification. We have taken back the Universal Signs of Christianity after they have been purified from idolatry. Now they are bound to the Signs of the Holy Torah and to Jewish Tradition and to the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father.

With the coming of the Completed Signs, the Initial Signs have no longer any existence on their own, remaining only for knowledge and meditation. They were, however, the Initial Signs of the Final Signs and their purposes are completed when the Completed Signs arrive. The knowledge of them is part of the Final Pact both for the sake of understanding Christianity and for understanding how the Completed Signs complete the Initial Signs. The Signs of Islam, however, are of a different order. They are redemptional but not messianic and they are separated and maintained in the Tradition of Islam and what must be corrected will be corrected within the confines of Islam after they will know of and love the chosen Tzadik Haim, of San'aa, Yemen.

The Church, all christian churches included, has no existence in time. The Church, is the bitter crying of Esau pleading with his father Isaac to bless him as well; but the blessing has already been given to Jacob, by way of the subterfuge of Rebecca, our mother, and Isaac, our father, although taken aback with fear and almost anger so that he even thought of cursing Jacob, saw the pit of hell open before him and he remembered the words of the blessing that he himself had just pronounced “Those that bless you will be blessed and those that curse you will be cursed” (Genesis, 27, 29) and Isaac concluded “Your brother has come and taken your blessing with trickery and so is it that he is blessed” (Ibid, 35).

Esau then went on to explain as he cried that two times had Jacob fooled him with his trickery, having him sell the Right of the First-Born and now having stolen his blessing from Isaac. Isaac, our father, was, of course, quieted internally by Esau’s declaration, realizing that it was a Sign from Heaven that Jacob receive the blessing of the First-Born.

In truth Esau and Jacob represent the conflict between the Universal Signs for the Nations and the Particular Signs of Israel. Jacob must receive the blessing; if it would be in the hands of Esau among many nations, Israel would have no existence among them. Jacob, however, in receiving the blessing of Isaac receives the blessing of Abraham, who is also the chosen father of a multitude of nations. Therefore the blessing to Jacob will allow for that expansion while at the same time it will maintain the Tradition of the children of Israel throughout history. That the Universal Church received the ‘fats of the land’ (Ibid, 29) is history.

Isaac, our father, loved Esau seeing in him a courageous man of the field, a lover of the natural world, a doer and mover among people, a working man who knows the trees and plants and fields, animals and birds, a hunter who brought delicious meals unto Isaac, his father. And when Esau would return home from the fields or from his hunting, Isaac, our father, would call him to come close loving the scent of nature that were perfumed into his garments. Isaac, our father also believed that the blessing of the First-Born belonged to Esau because he came out first from Rebecca’s womb.

All this is a Sign that Isaac’s soul loved the Universal Signs that were valid for all nations, in God’s promise to Abraham, his father, that all the families of the earth would be blessed through him. Isaac did not know that Jacob was the chosen heir destined to bring the twelve tribes of Israel. Nor did Isaac know that Esau was prone to every sort of idolatrous cult and that he hunted not only animals but also married women from behind their husband’s backs, or that he was arrogant and loved honor for himself. Rebecca, our mother knew it because she saw it and understood what she saw.

Good, in any case, the point is that Jacob could not have received the blessing of Isaac had he not clad himself with some of Esau’s garments that had the scent of the field. Isaac blessed Jacob in virtue of the Perfume of the Universal Garments of Esau. If not for the Universal Signs, Jacob himself would have received the blessing for the sake of all Israel.

In truth Isaac, our father, lived many years after he blessed Jacob and Isaac was still alive twenty years later when Jacob returned from Laban with his family. The fact itself that Isaac, our father, could no longer see is itself a most incredible fact since Isaac was blessed and loved by God, the second chosen Patriarch of history. Thus for the twenty years of Jacob’s sojourn with Laban, the evil beguiler of history, Isaac, our father, was unable to see with his eyes.

Since we have already explained that those twenty years in exile from the Promised Land represented prophetically 2000 years of the last great exile among the nations and the return of Jacob, our father, to the promised land represents the time of the Final Redemption. There are two factors here, Jacob’s being in exile from his land and family and Isaac’s not seeing. The Holy Torah does not say that Isaac was blind because his non seeing was not for any defect in his eyes. His eyes were covered with a holy cloud of God that did not permit him to see. For Isaac, our father, was kadosh and he was protected by God from head to foot.

It was a hidden action of Heaven so that Jacob receive Isaac’s blessing and not Esau. His not seeing for the coming twenty years was a Sign of the hester panim that would befall Israel in that long, long exile among the nations. This term means literally ‘a hiding of the face’ i.e. in God’s not revealing Himself overtly but in hidden ways, and thus times of hidden salvation from decrees and strife. There are many ways in which the hester panim manifests itself in relation to the Jewish people and there are outwardly many negative things caused by God’s hiding Himself from them.

We may, however, study more in depth the hester panim if by way of the example of the manner of Isaac’s not seeing as explained here. Christians, for example, have viewed the Jewish people as being ‘momentarily’ blinded from being able to contemplate the testimony of Jesus’ Messiahship and yet these same Christians, I speak of knowledgeable and earnest Christians, have never doubted the intelligence of the Jews or their great and intimate knowledge of Scripture.

In Tradition it is known that the heredity of the promised land of Israel was kept intact in merit of Isaac, our father, who remained his entire life in the land of Canaan and, indeed, had no permission from EL SHADDAI to exit from there. Those 20 years, however, between Jacob’s leaving Beersheva to go to Hharan and until his return, were particular in that Isaac’s remaining in the land while Jacob was out of the land, gave to Jacob, our father, the constant desire and yearning to return to the household of Isaac and Rebecca.

This is what is meant that the Isaac Signs had to operate throughout the rest of history, from the destruction and the exile, until the coming of the Jacob Signs. The Isaac Signs are bound to the hidden name ASHER and the bindings of this name to history are on three main levels as the three letters of the name, the ALEF, Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, the SHIN, the Tradition of Purim of Mordechai and Esther and the RESH, Tradition of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs.


You, Paulus, call Christ the Body and Spirit of the Church. The Christian Correction indeed destroys everything concerned with the false, deified Body of Christ, on whatever level it may be spoken about. It is true, however, that Jesus, in his resurrected form, similar to his form in the world, was ‘presiding over’ that pre-Kingdom of Heaven for Christians but this has nothing to do with the Body of Christ Theology of all traditional Christianity.

Also the hidden Tzadik and chosen Goel, Haim, in the Final Kingdom of Heaven has his ‘form’ similar to the form that he had in the world but it is absolutely prohibited to speak of a cosmological or theological Body of the Goel Haim and if someone tries to invent such a ‘new’ false doctrine, he or she will be punished from Heaven. Know it now and for all coming generations: There is no Divine Goel Haim; there is no Cosmological Goel Haim; the Goel Haim is not the Son of God or God or Lord or an Divine Emanation. The Goel Haim is the servant of God, chosen as Final Goel who presides over the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord, our God, has given us, all humanity, the beloved Teacher Haim. It is our work to be his pupils and to study his messages and to walk in the New Law, the New Light and the New Spirit of the Third and Final Redemption.

In the Midrash is related how Hhush son of Dan cut off Esau’s head at the funeral of Jacob, his grandfather, when Esau came to impede the burial in the Cave of Machpelah. The head of Esau entered the Machpelah. Esau is Edom, Edom becomes Rome and thus Esau represents Roman Catholicism, established by you, Paulus, to be taken on by the nations deriving in particular from Esau and Japheth. The body of Esau that is killed and that has no merit to be buried in the Machpelah with the Patriarchs is the Body of Christ of all traditional Christianity which relates to the Church. Therefore the Christian Church at all levels will fall out of existence as time goes on. The existence of the Church is idolatrous; it has no existence after the revelation of the Final Redemption.


All that which has to do with the false theological Christianity is not the ‘hester panim’ of exile, a term which relates first of all and foremost to the Jewish people. Among Christians of Esau-Japhet there are those loved by God because of the goodness and integrity of their hearts and for the good actions they do. They are represented by the ‘head’ of Esau that merits to the Machpelah. But also great numbers of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel are in the Christian folds. Since their souls were present at Sinai and later they were part of the 10 Tribes of the People of Israel, one may speak of ‘hester panim’ of the exile also in their regards.

The hester panim towards the Jewish people hides first of all the reasons behind the galut itself. Jews, for example, have until now known nothing of the historical importance of the School of the Essenes, or why it was founded by the Teacher of Justice, or of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs in the School from where Yeshua took hold of them.

With those Signs which in essence contained the Signs of the Reconciliation of the Hearts given to the Prophet Elijah, Jesus attempted that Messianic Mission. At that moment there came into play the last prophecy of Malachi: the Signs of Reconciliation between sons and fathers, fathers and sons, was refused. There was no merit in Israel at that time, at least among the doctors of the Law and the Priests, to understand what Yeshua was talking about and unfortunately there entered into prophetic vigor the ‘lest I come and smite the land with anathema’ (Malachi, 3, 24). All Israel went into exile but without having any understanding of how that prophecy had been filled by way of Jesus’ failed mission.

In this there is an incredible element of hester panim, decreed ‘hester panim’ - thou shalt not understand what happened for the entire time span of the long exile among the nations. 66From the mountain cliffs they will wrack your brains out with Christ, the Son of God, and will speak of that mission, but it will never occur to you that beneath that theological confusion there might be something of a truth that had to be understood. Thou shalt understand nothing of it and thou shalt have not the means to resolve it until the coming of the Final Goel who will explain it to you. In truth this aspect of the ‘hester panim’ is an incredible miracle above nature, a higher decree of God Almighty.

History, of course, was not seen on these terms. Theological Christianity was idolatrous and totally prohibited for every Jew. Christianity, on the other hand, held Jews to Judaism and never let them forget their identity.

The true Blessing upon the world, to save it from destruction and to redeem it from unbearable decrees, in these past 2000 years, has not been in the hands of the rabbis and was not the merit of Yeshua’s mission but was exclusively in the hands of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of the past generations. Also they have been bound to the holy ‘hester panim’ inside the holy cloud of the Divine Presence. There is no element of blindness in them but they are covered by a holy cloud that makes it impossible for others to see them in their true form. For they hate all honor for themselves and God almighty covers them over so that their true identity not be seen or sensed by others.



lett113.doc continued from lette112.doc Tikkun Paulus


Indeed all that which proceeded historically from the name ASHER, the Hidden Name of God, the Redeemer of Israel and of Mankind, is bound to various aspects of ‘hester panim’. The image, the life, the mission and the elevation of the great Prophet Elijah has been in ‘hester panim’, a small glimpse of an incredible elevation that cannot be measured. So too the amazing redemption of Purim is hidden in a hidden form in the Meghilat Esther, a Scroll that reveals the Stars. These are the ALEF and the SHIN but the RESH of the name ASHER was caught in the thicket of redemptional history and all that came out of it was confused and imprecise and in error and in sin, in darkness and the howling of the wind; ‘hester panim’ in its thickest manifestations, in punishment and strife in a world in need of purification, where ignorance reigns and the evils of power of thirst for money.

In that ‘hester panim’ so thick, dark and cruel, the Holy Lord of Israel saved and redeemed, gave hope and personal redemption and never abandoned His people Israel. At the same time many among the nations grasped Christ for their salvation and were uplifted to a higher morality and to a greater understanding of redemptional history, to prepare them for the Final Redemption. Immense and incredible are the ways of Hidden Salvation in times of darkness and suffering.


Also the merit of Ishmael, son of Abraham and of Hagar, came onto history in fulfillment of the blessings of God to Ishmael, to lift up many nations from pagan and idolatrous religions to the faith in the One Living God revealed to Abraham, our father, for all his descendants. Also Islam came under the RESH some 6 hundred years after Christianity.


40th day of first cycle of the Sign of 120: July 17, 2003; Tamuz 17, 5763; Kingdom of the Giraffe 2, 3956: Beer Sheva:

Last night at midnight (here 1:00) I stood up for day 40 and then Paolo came into my room. I said a prayer together with him asking God Almighty to save us from this our situation, with some thirty thousand shekel in dept, two rents unpaid, the non-status situation of Paolo, Noda, Asher and Noa Hhana Noga and many other problems. We asked EL SHADDAI to sustain, to help us, to send us the means to live regularly, to send the solutions to our problems. For we did not come to Israel for our sake but for the sake of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim. But You EL SHADDAI are the only one who can help us now, we are in Your hands; and as You have never abandoned us and have always saved us from day to day and from hour to hour, come now, please, and stand with us to do the miracle that is needed to save us from this financial dearth. Give us all good health and send us the means to live without debts. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.


In the morning Paolo received a strange dream. There was a very poor man who wandered around with a cart, looking for objects. Then someone gave him a large cylinder, quite shabby and worn. The poor man took it up and was very happy with it; then dust of gold and of silver came down from heaven into the cylinder. It was for Paolo. Then dollar bills were found all around. Paolo with us, gathered up the dollar bills with seriousness. Ghilat Haim, in the house, needed a few shekels and she took it from Paolo’s wallet. Paolo said to her that there was no need to look for money in such a way now since we have money.


 The cylinder in its form reminded Paolo of the Cylinder of the colors of the Rainbow, in the Sign of Peace between the Stars and in the Sign of the Pact of the Rainbow sealed into the Cylinder of the Final New Pact.

Let us say, for the moment, that the poor man is us, we and the pupils and friends together. Although the man is poor, he is happy to receive the cylinder, happy with his portion. The cylinder which is the most external part of the Final New Pact, is very shabby, worn and seemingly ready to be thrown away but instead gold-dust and silver-dust come down from Heaven to fill it and then there are dollars all around. Gold Dust and Silver Dust allude to the two Constellations of the Higher Tribunal of Mordechai Ha-Tzadik, and of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, here in the Sign of the New Hidden Redemption of Purim. Gold is Justice and Silver is the yearning of the heart to be elevated in the virtues loved by God.

The Container of this New Hidden Redemption is humility and the passing through many difficulties so as to have nothing of our own, to appreciate our being totally in the hands of God Almighty. With the Gold-Dust and Silver-Dust having descended into the Cylinder also the time of dollars probably will to come. For there is a point when the shabbiness and the limitedness would become counterproductive to the refuge house that we must organize and therefore, for necessity, I suppose, dollars will be found.

Ghilat Haim is in the Sign of the Joy of Life,

One must happy for the salvation of God alone not for the money itself. For money is only a means, like a garment that one wears and discards when it can no longer be used. But the person remains. So too money comes and is used and goes but the person remains, not the money.

I have mentioned elsewhere that in the thirteen years of study with the Tzadik Haim the subject on which the greatest number of lessons were given, was that of money and of the satanical traps that it possesses and of how so many lose their portions in the next world because of money.


But the dream is all positive and, on the contrary, the seriousness in gathering the dollars becomes the reason for good news given to the Joy of Life.


I must make a conclusion here to TIKKUN PAULUS. It is three o’clock in the morning of Friday, the first of August 2003, the third of Menahhem Av 5763, the seventeenth day of the Kingdom of the Giraffe 3956, Beersheva. You must go back to your place now Paulus for you have much new work to do. You have permission to begin to explain to those who have merited to hear that you have been corrected in the light of the Star of Christ in its Second Coming in merit of the Third and Final Goel, Haim, born circumcised in San'aa Yemen, Tzadik from his birth.

Tell them to be well amazed as the Star of Christ in its second coming is called the Star that Astounds because the true history of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, is truly more astounding and amazing, more incredible and surprising, more outstanding and unique, both for Christians and Jews, than anything known about Yeshua in all the past.


DIARY of the Donkey: I must conclude now as Giordano, Valentina, Daniele, Gino and Iliade are on their way to the Ukraine (a Fourth Corner in the Signs). In lett114, in Italian, letter addressed to Oscar and Pina for the first time, the conclusion came, signed in secretly in the death of Rosalie Enea, mother of Pina, wife of Oscar, the two new participants, 4 years now, in the School of the Shoshana in Milan. Her unexpected death from a mosquito bite came about as I opened that letter on July 18. When Giuseppe told me her name on the telephone from Milan, the heavy metal spring and large nail sprang out of my movable office seat and raged across the room.

I reasoned in lett114.doc that Rosalie Enea was a Jewish soul of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, caught in the thicket of thick Sicilian Catholicism. Her death had unleashed a new time, the spring and the nail of the past were broken and she suddenly was ‘unleashed’ with happy surprise towards her true roots from Sinai.

The next day Giuseppe informed me that Oscar and Pina were on their way to visit Sinai, as well as Sharm El Sheich and other places in Egypt. Pina then called me from Sharm ElSheich on my birthday according to the Luah, Rosh Hhodesh Menahhem Av.

Her call and voice contact with Paolo and with me completed the Sign of TIKKUN PAULUS, as the precious soul of Rosalie Enea would complete its return to her roots at Sinai by way of the merit of her daughter Pina and her husband Oscar, who came to the Final Redemption through Giuseppe Manigrasso in merit of the Goel Haim by way of the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption of humanity. Her return is a great victory for the Star of Abraham which, as I have explained in the last few months, has reached a new phase in its closeness to the earth, thus awakening in many the true monotheistic faith and awakening as well the wars against idolatry coming up in this Fourth Generation. She was the victim of Pauline Christianity who brings the roots of Christianity back to Sinai. This quite hidden Sign is related to the Silver Dust that descended from heaven in Paolo’s dream.


 (Also Bob Hope has arisen after 100 years in the sign of Isaac’s Laughter. Ought comedians not be perfect for the Sign of Isaac’s Laughter but you need two of them to complete the two Signs of a Hundred in Isaac’s history, so as to complete the 200 of the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’, one for the birth of Isaac when Abraham was a 100 years old; and one was God’s blessing, when Isaac was living in the territory of the King of Grar, that the produce of his fields be a hundred-fold (Genesis, 26, 12). Therefore the Jewish comedian George Burns reached and died at the age of a 100 a few years before. And if you think it’s coincidence, your not kosher. Two great and most famous comedians who were on stage their whole lives and known throughout the world, one is Jewish and one is Christian both just happen to die at the age 100.

They have merited to make people laugh for decades and so to help people get away from the heaviness of problems. And Bob Hope for five years kept up the morale of the American soldiers in the second world war. They were loved and God Almighty decided to make them redemptional symbols of the Laughter of Isaac.)


The completion of the Correction of the RESH will bring down Laughter and Joy from Above. Today is the 15th day (day 55 of 120) of the second Pillar in the Sign of the Heart of the Rose.


Steeve Reeves from Tel Aviv on the Larry King Show spoke marvelously good of Israel, its scientists and doctors, the unity of its purposes in scientific development etc. His words help Israel rise in the eyes of the western nations.


In the meantime Paolo e Noda have been to speak with the Italian Consul in Tel Aviv. He received them very well and with derech eretz and has taken their story to heart. The Consul will present their case directly to the Israeli Consul in an attempt to have Paolo and Noda gain permission to remain legally in Israel. May that God Almighty make it so if such is His will for us. Amen.


Look and see, then, Paulus that the Correction of PAULUS completes the Correction of the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’ and in its completion there descends the Laughter of Isaac, even though it is hidden in the Palace of the Final Redemption and nothing of it is yet known to the world.


Go then, Paulus, and speak of the just man who lived in his faith, the expiatory Ram of Isaiah 53, the messianic sacrifice that was not sought although, for sins of our people Israel, it had to be. Tarry only until you have been sated with words that you need, for in the authority that has been conferred upon me by the Goel Haim, I must send you back filled with correction words of truth, in the Sign of Paul. For I too, Paul, of Newark New Jersey, am fulfilled by your correction in breaking the falsehoods of the past while my parents might rejoice for the name they chose to give me.

No one returns to the middle step after the third and final step has been reached but we do go back to contemplate its worth and its values, its moral lessons and most of all the wisdom of God Almighty who designed it. We go back to its truth after discarding the falsehoods. We return to ourselves when we understand our ununderstood brother, conceived of before the time. Jesus too prophesied on the coming of the Son of Man, although in his time the confusion of the RESH impeded the true Laughter of Isaac until the chosen loved one of God would be revealed on the glory of the clouds.

A great explosion of truth is the Will of God Almighty when He chooses the final Goel who binds up all history from the Fourth Displaced Star to the Great Star of Abraham, our father. All falsehoods take fear because they know that their days are numbered and time has run out. Of themselves the falsehoods cannot run away for that itself means undoing their own existence. Therefore they remain inside and surge upward to maintain the garrison and to poison the body with unwarranted hatred against the light of the truth, as one condemned to death who spares no effort to save his skin.

When the Son of Man will come, explains Jesus, that is the generation of the breaking down of falsehoods and the coming of that chosen Son of Man brings the clarification of all the confusion that had reigned previously. Tell them the truth, there is no other God and the One Living Omnipotent God who created the universe has no son. Nor has He need for any Son because He is Omnipotent and He wrought all creation by Himself. Only for the sake of God’s redemption of mankind, He chooses the servants of His choice. These are beloved ones of great merit so that their merit be extended to others. They are not gods, they are chosen men and women who are guided by the spirit of God or directly by Him or by prophecy that they receive. He chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He loved them for the purity of their faith and the righteousness of their thoughts and the goodness and love of their heart and for the precious deeds of merit that they gain for the sake of mankind.

In them He set His great Design of humanity’s redemption and as they were three, He designed further history for the reception of three chosen men, three chosen servants of God who would be recognized by mankind, in the end, as the three men of the Redemption. He chose Moses for his humility, his forbearance and his suffering. He chose Yeshua of Nazareth for his humility, his forbearance and his suffering. He chose the final Goel Haim for his humility, his forbearance and his suffering.

Oh, that middle step that sent two thousand years of history into the great turmoil of mass confusion. For the young lad was caught in the thicket of non-merit, in the midst of God’s contrition for the sins of Israel, in the divine anguish of our Holy Father in Heaven whose sons and daughters had shunned Him and angered Him with unworthy deeds of wrath and hatred. Onto the Altar of historic confusion until you will again call Me Father and be children unto the Lord, your God. Great is My patience, saith the Lord for all time is before Me and I will see My will accomplished in my love for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Have I then, Israel, to tell you why? Have I not given you the intelligence to probe the truth of revelation? You were not there before I created the world but even then I knew your stubbornness. I need not tell you if I Myself have designed your stubbornness. That is for Me to know yet without any doubt it is for the necessity of breaking down that stubbornness that My Design required four thousand years. But how, in the end would that stubbornness be broken unless preconceptions within the framework of those 4000 years be burned away by a great explosion of truth that had previously not been revealed?

For I am the God of Justice and the God of moral instruction, the God who loves humility and who answers the prayers that ascend from a truthful heart. I have given you My Law and given the means to extend its application according to each generation. I have told you of Moses’ humility, and I redeemed him from the hand of Pharaoh for the sake of redeeming the descendants of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

If the nations of Christianity are still idolatrous that is because you o Israel had not merited and refused to teach them the true faith. For the sins of our fathers, you Paulus, briskly sprang out of the chair of Judaism and broke the binding peg of the true faith of the Second Commandment. Christianity is the bitter lesson that we are nothing in our being chosen unless we acknowledge the choices of God. Jesus is the messianic lesson that breaks down our obstinacy and brings us back to ourselves in the Five-Hundred Fold Laughter of Isaac. We come unto the Seat of Laughter when the chosen Goel completed his suffering in the great concluding sacrifice of Isaac and to him is given the sign of Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven for all future history.

Then we know that Jesus too was a humble servant of God, justified by God because of God’s wrath against His chosen people Israel. Christianity was born a virgin birth but Yeshua was conceived before marriage. The virginity that conceived Christianity was mainly yours, Paulus, and therefore you didn’t marry. You became a purified child born of the rocks and you married Christ.

Yeshua, however, was a man-child born of the seed of Joseph and Miriam, conceived of before Marriage. So would all preconceptions be done away with when the time would come, both in the first coming and, finally, in the second coming of the Star of Christ. But Christianity’s virginity has no true existence in time for it is not a true child born of true seed from father and mother. Its purity comes from the rocks that are not human. God criticized Moses when he would not accept the mission of redeeming Israel from Egypt. In truth Moses was so humble that he refused to believe in himself but yet this was a faultiness in view of the Holy God of the Patriarchs who was commanding him in that mission. Moses, the beloved servant of God for all times who from the heavens brought down God’s Law to earth, was even chastised because he hit the rock with his staff instead of speaking to it only.

Also the Prophet Elijah, in anguished humility, said unto God, “Please take back now my soul for I am not better than my fathers” (Kings I, 19, 4). Even the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who was heir to the sanctified soul of Pinhhass and who was the only person who did not die but arose to heaven directly, was a human being born of father and mother.

But the matrix of Christianity had gone prostitute and its illegitimacy begat an illegitimate child, its illegitimate theological Son of God upon whom no blemish could be laid. A human being is prone to error and weakness but God cannot err even if He decides one day to come down to earth in a human form. Foolish little children born of rocks, God is Creator of the universe and of all mankind. He does not descend to play a human role. Mighty are His works and great is His patience, Forgiving and compassionate for love to the souls of mankind by Him created, marvelous in the ways of His redemption so that mankind come to humility and to the understanding of His ways.

In truth Jesus was taken down from the cross by Jews under the Romans but Christianity put a falsely deified Christ on the Cross of the Great Contradiction for 2000 years. For ‘I am the first and I am the last and there is no God except for Me’ (Isaiah, 44, 6) and ‘My glory shall I not concede to another’ (Ibid, 42, 8). As a figment of imagination comes and goes, having no true reality to maintain it in the time of truth, so too the virgin purity of all theological Christianity has no true reality to maintain its existence when the truth of the third and final Goel of history has become revealed in the world.

Can I then pass off 2000 years of real Christianity for a figment of the imagination?! But as humans a figment of the imagination comes and goes away in time and it too is a ‘reality’ for the imaginer until it is undone. Thousands of books have been construed on figments of the imagination or on the basis of untrue knowledge and blemished reasoning and they seem to have taken form and to be a reality for as long as they last. If it is so on a human level, you will say, it cannot be so on a Divine level in all that which comes from God. For there are no figments of the imagination in God Almighty.

This is most certainly the truth, no thoughts that are not true can be attributed to God, Creator of the Universe and the Holy Redeemer of Israel. The Lord, our God, has expressed it clearly to the Prophet ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways’ (Ibid, 55, 8). Christianity became a reality because of God’s decree that it come into existence and be extended to many nations. The Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs would be hidden in it so that for the sake of truths that it contained it would be given its great historic reality until the revelation of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption would supersede it and bring clear light on the darkness of the past.

For there are no figments of the imagination in God’s thought but there are Divine and Hidden Strategies, in a manner of speaking, applied by EL MISTATER, the God who hides himself in the nature of world events so as to reach the purposes of His redemption promised to Israel and to all mankind. Christianity was a Divine Strategy, a stepping stone to elevate the nations from their ignorance of Revelation, a preparatory bridge which would eventually allow them to pass over to the Final Redemption. The Messianic Mission of Yeshua, Christ of the christian nations, was the extremely hidden work of God, a most incredible Divine Strategy in the midst of the Design of the Redemption which would serve as the Great Historical Eye-Opener of Israel at the time of the Final Redemption.

Christianity’s deified Christ on the Cross has been a symbol of hatred, the hatred of the rabbis and priests of that time towards Jesus, God’s hatred, expressed by Jesus, for the hypocrisy of Israel’s leaders at that time, the hatred of Jews to Christians and the hatred of Christians to Jews, and more than all the hatred of the Church of Esau towards his brother Jacob.

But the Five-Hundred Fold Laughter of Isaac comes with the great fall of those five levels of hatred. Tell them, then, Paulus, that Jesus was the Ram sacrificed in Isaac’s stead and thus he merited to be the cause and the central figure of the Great Historical Laughter of Isaac when the Signs of Jacob, our father and the Signs of the Splendor of Israel are revealed for the world, in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim.

All around Jesus was hatred but Jesus himself was filled with sincere love for God and for Israel. The Star of Christ comes in the Sign of Love, in the Sign of Reconciliation and it comes in the virtue of Humility. It comes in the Sign of the New Spirit of New True Heart. And it comes in the Sign of the New Humble Brain.


DIARY: August 4, 2003; Menahhem Av 6, 5763; Regno della Giraffe 20, 3954; Beersheva

I dreamed this morning that I was saying quite a few times “Ya gotov” (I am ready, in Russian).

This confirms the Fourth Corner Sign from the Ukraine. In any case, I’m ready! I don’t yet know what I’m ready for but I am ready. The dream reminds me of two things: the Sign Ba-Ha-Zman (because also there, I announced “The Time has come” but I didn’t know very clearly what time had come) and secondly, the dream I had about two and a half years ago, at Rehov Jerico 36, in which I received from Russia the heredity of a library filled with books mostly in Russian and in German.



continued on lett115.doc


lette115.doc continued from lette113.doc

August 4, 2003; Menahhem Av 6, 5763; Regno della Giraffe 20, 3954; Beersheva


Tell them, Paulus, that Jesus had been in the School of the Essenes. There he heard of the Teacher of Justice and there he studied for three full years before embarking on his mission. There by way of the Messianic Order in the School, he became heir to a few secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven and there too he received a few secrets of the Kabbalah Maasit which enabled him to perform miraculous healings and ‘messianic signs’. The Teacher of Justice had been the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation and was therefore under the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. Through the Teacher of Justice, the Initial Messianic Signs and Redemptional Signs entered that School founded by him. All was for the sake of ‘salvation’ in those terrible epochs.

Since the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs were there in the Essene School, clearly the Messianic Order there was bound up to the New Pact of Jeremy 31. That Pact, however, could not be completed for others unless it became revealed openly to the Jewish people because the purpose of that New Pact was for the redemption of the Jewish people and eventually for all peoples. This is the source of the Cross of Contradiction in the School itself. Those of the School awaited clear permission from Heaven or direct orders from the Teacher of Justice from the Kingdom of Heaven. There was, however, no merit in Israel among the scholars, sages, rabbis and priests of the Temple and no permission from Above was given.

The Contradiction lay in the fact that the very New Pact into which framework the Initial Signs had been established in the School HAD to come out. But it was prohibited for the holy Teachers of the School to reveal it outside because they were sworn in the name of God to maintain the secret. This was a true historical contradiction which could not be resolved simply. There was not sufficient merit at that time so that God Almighty order openly or secretly to someone to perform a messianic mission, as explained in Sefer Ha-Mafli.

In brief, such a ‘messianic mission’ could only be taken on by someone who took it on of his own will, without permission, even against the severe oaths taken. Whoever might take on such a mission had to be ready to die for it, if the new teachings of the New Pact would be refused by the people of Israel? It was virtually certain death because of the low level of the leaders of those times. The first proof that Yeshua was willing to die for the sake of attempting that mission was that of leaving the School against an oath of remaining for life in the School and of relinquishing all matters of the world outside. Even more, the severe oath of not using the secret of the Kabbalah Maasit outside before others was a sworn oath in the name of God to die a death in the hands of Heaven as punishment if broken.

The time was such because also the Teacher of Justice, some hundred years before, had taken upon himself to reveal those secrets in sworn secrecy in the School. He had no permission to do such but he accepted all consequences for his action. In the prophecy of his wisdom, he foresaw a decree of terrible destruction coming on all Israel and he acted alone on the basis of ‘It is a time to act, they have violated my Torah’ (Psalms, 119, 226).

Thus the Teacher of Justice himself was caught in the contradiction of his true foresight having to act in a way which of itself was severely forbidden. So too the salvation that might eventually derive from the School was bound to that same basis of ‘It is a time to act, they have violated my Torah’. Christianity itself was thus born in the Sign of the Contradiction.

In the Holy Torah, the Sign of the Contradiction was procured by God Himself in ordering Abraham to slaughter Isaac, his son, as a holy sacrifice-offer to God. This was a contradiction in view of God’s promise to Abraham that the chosen descent of Abraham would be from the seed of Isaac. It was, it is true, a test of God and the elevated and unconditional faith of Abraham and of Isaac were exalted for all times. And yet a sacrifice was needed so that the sacrifice commanded by God be fulfilled. Therefore did Providence provide the Ram that was taken holocaust in the stead of Isaac.


Mordechai ha-Tzadik was the historic realization of Isaac himself saved from the altar of slaughter. Yeshua of Nazareth was the historical realization of the Sacrificed Ram in place of Isaac. Notice that it was not the Ram who saved Isaac, our father, but the Lord, our God, who ordered Abraham to hold up from the slaughtering. The Almighty intervened directly and the angel spoke His words while another angel held back the slaughtering-knife from Abraham who had already begun to pull it over Isaac’s neck. Only after this the ram’s horns were caught, by Providence, in the thicket and it was taken and given in burnt-offering to God by Abraham. They are, indeed, two distinct matters in the story and it is thus not strange that some 500 years passed between the Redemption of Purim and the Messianic Sacrifice of Jesus in that failed attempt to reestablish the Light of Hhanuca, within the framework of the standing Temple.

Both Signs were of the Signs of Isaac, our father, but Purim was under the SHIN of the name ASHER and the Messianic Mission of Jesus was under the RESH of the name ASHER.

Also the birth of Yeshua was in the Sign of the Contradiction for he was born under the Universal Messianic Star of Malchitzedek but he was conceived of before the marriage of Joseph and Miriam. In truth, also they were caught in the decree of Contradiction because they were both fearful of God and feared all sin. But it happened because a very hidden decree of God caused it to happen. It was foreseen by God Almighty that Yeshua would eventually take on that redemptional mission, that it would fail in Israel and that it would go out for the nations in distorted ways. This fact made everything concerning Yeshua a Messianic and Redemptional Sign.

Had Joseph and Miriam been married legitimately, such a legal Marriage that would beget a chosen Messiah would be in the Sign of Perfect Marriage and thus of the Final Redemption. But the Messianic Mission of Yeshua would be imperfect, the MESSIANIC MISSION CONCEIVED of BEFORE THE TIME OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION. ‘NORAA ‘ALILA al BNEI ADAM’ - Awesome are the decrees of God on mankind.

Jesus was not born of a virgin but by the physical union of Joseph and Miriam. This fact was a source to the Hester Panim that would follow, for Jews on one side and for the nations on another. For as the Marriage had to be imperfect so too the truth had to be covered, otherwise Christianity would not have been born. This explains more profoundly why the Purity of Christianity is a child begot of the rocks, without the foundations of true human history.


DIARY of the DONKEY: I was struck by a Giants six-run sixth inning against Cincinati Red Sox as the scoreboard read 661.

At the same time in a film in French of a group of film producers who went to study the Pygmies in Africa, the main character began to tell the Pygmies a story about the Jewish people, the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, explaining even that Isaac in Hebrew meant ‘he will laugh’. He then spoke of a ‘shtetle’ of Ashkenazim and Sephardim etc.

So like it got me to think’n that 661 being the number of Gnomen that closes every Book of Esther of Sefer Ha-Mafli should be telling me that I’ve finished this Tikkun Paulus. And at the same time, there’s a suggestion to go back to our friends of the Tribe of MaduMadu in the Book of the Donkey who eats Bread.


I must close this Letter of Paul, to complete the documentation, so that you, Paulus, may return to your station to inform of the Correction and of the Happiness of Truth. To do this, I must write something that contains a correction of myself as Paul. For although it happened only some six months ago, so foolish and even grave was my blundering mistake that it cannot be attributed to Peretz and of course, not to the Donkey who eats Bread. Only one as ignorant as Paul Green could have been so dis-minded, whatever that means.

Yet there was something even worse in the story, the meaning of which is even worse than the action or rather the non-action itself. More shameful than the shame of it is the excruciatingly painful realization that I, Paul-Peretz-Donkey Green, had not yet been rid a hundred percent of Habad-Hasidism. I can think of nothing for myself more shameful than this! And such a fact destroys me inwardly, God forbid, if I do not immediately rationalize it or by warning myself not to let myself be thrown down by that which cannot be corrected. The moment was then and I prayed to be saved from doing it instead of doing it.

So I must tell it or how will you know it? Even Paolo who was with me in the Synagogue on that Sabbath between Minha and Maariv does not realize what happened. It’s not something that we do, to go to the Synagogue for Sabbath Minha. We’ve been staying at home using the New Rite and not attending any Synagogue, not during the week and not on Sabbath.

On that Shabbat afternoon, however, I had been sleeping and dreamed that Paolo and I went into a room of some place, and after a few scenes that I don’t remember, there was a table with religious Jews eating, as is custom between Minha and Maariv of Shabbat, to which we were invited and I remember standing by the table. - -


Although it was not a clear-cut dream, I decided that I would go to some Synagogue and when I told Paolo, he decided to come with me. Unfortunately, on Sabbath, especially in these three past years here in Beersheva, instead of having the ‘extra-soul’ of the Sabbath, I have one soul less that the other days. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding but I don’t feel like talking about it now. I also don’t feel like telling this story but I can’t get out of it now that I’ve begun.

The first Synagogue that we approached had already finished Minha and we met a few people who were leaving it to eat Seudah Shlishit, the important third Sabbath Meal, and then return to the Beit ha-Knesset for Maariv. As we stood outside not far from the entrance I noticed the name of the Synagogue ‘Orot ha-Zohar’ - the Lights of Splender. It was obviously a Hasidic Synagogue trying to crown the Book of the Zohar. At the same time we saw a Habadi looking Hasid with such foolish arrogance on his face and in his movements that I said to Paolo, “Let’s look for another Synagogue”.

I remember seeing a car license with 770 part its numbers.

On another corner was a Synagogue with descending steps to enter it. It seemed to me, more or less, Sephardic but inside were also a small minority of Hassidim among which some Habadiim. We entered for exactly the time of Minha and we stood with the congregation in prayer. Afterwards about half the congregation left and would come back for Maariv and the other half, some fifty men, remained to eat Seudah Shlishit and they ushered the congregation with us into an adjacent room to eat with them. We sat down and were offered generously what was on the table.

One man, and here’s where my sin begins, rather joyously began pouring out some soda for me with his left hand. What’s terrible is terrible when merit is lacking and the Yetzer ha-Ra is standing, even on the Sabbath. I don’t understand how totally stupid I was in that moment or what came over me to commit such a shameful sin. I said to him “lo bi-smol bevakasha, cacha omring, tzarich la-teit be-yamin” - “not with the left hand, please; so is it said that one pours with the right hand”. The poor man flustered a bit, put the bottle in his right hand and started pouring soda into the glass with his right hand on the underside of the bottle. I said, “No, please, pour it with your right hand on the upper side of the bottle”.

I was nuts to say that! I was without any brains at all or without any memory at all. I am not allowed to do that. Not only is it prohibited by the Torah to embarrass someone in public, God forbid, but it was, God save me, a proof of a most intimately painful truth that the teachings of the Tzadik Haim had not entered me. It should have been my nature to know by years of study and contemplation that I should absolutely not have said one word and should have accepted that drink with thankfulness, as it was given, and I should have drunk it with joy.

That was the sin that did not allow me to merit to the mitzva that occasioned. There were, I believe, five extended tables in the room. We were seated, lets say, at the fourth table. On the last table behind us were seated bearded hhredim in hassidic garb. One of them began to hold a drasha (discourse) on the parasha, Behaalotcha, speaking about the light of the Menorah in the Temple, a commentary that he spoke in the name of the Lubovither Rebbe.

That enraged me immediately but not enough to do what I should have, to stand up and shout out the truth before everybody and to announce out loud that Habad is a false Messianic Movement which is caught in the anathema of the Holy Torah. Instead I made all kinds of motions of distress and disgust, with my head down and my arms up, more and more as the drasha was prolonged. It was painful to listen to. The Habadi that spoke did not stand up. He remained seated and his voice was without taste, without pleasantness, without giving understanding, without anything that even resembles the holiness of the Torah.

I kept getting more angry and was speaking out in a low voice what I should have stood up to yell out with a full voice. At least one man, at my right, at the head of the table, was looking at me fixedly, surprised and somewhat taken aback by my actions. Afterwards Paolo told me what shocked look he had on his face. Yet although he probably understood some of the things I was saying that was not enough to complete the mitzvah. The Yetzer had thrown me down and since I had, God save me, shamed someone in public, I did not merit to make the sanctification of God’s name in public by decrying the Habad movement as outside of true Judaism and as destroying the minds of many thousands of children, in the more than 2000 schools or institutions of Habad, indoctrinating them with false beliefs and making of the Lubovitcher Rebbe an omnipotent god, God save us.

I should have cried out against the photos of the Lubovitcher Rebbe, Menahhem Mendel Shneerson, their uses of which are idolatrous. They dirty and contaminate with idolatrous impurity the places and cities where they hang up his pictures. I might have told of Davide Levi’s dream a week before the Twin-Tower tragedy. He saw the city of New York all dark and gray with a terribly ominous atmosphere and from many sides he saw Habadim and photos of Shneerson.

All their actions are hateful before Heaven and they cause evil to the cities they are in. Thick is their inner ugliness before God, proclaiming a Messiah who is no Messiah without any permission or authority whatsoever. For the sake of the innocent children who fall into their propaganda traps and whose heads are eaten away by false beliefs, this Movement is hated before the God of Jealousy and the God of Justice.

So have they been placed into the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, that is the Hherem or ex-communication that derives from the Torah itself, by way of the verse in the Second Commandment ‘for I am the Lord, your God, the Jealous God, who punishes the sins of fathers, of sons, of the third and until the fourth generation of those who hate Me’ (Exodus, 20, 4).

If they are a force of darkness and evil for New York, how much greater is the impurity of their sin in the Holy Land! It is only that in Israel their presence is not felt as it is in other countries because Israel is so filled with different religious and hassidic groups with eccentric ideas that no one group is pointed to as dangerous.

I should have announced the Book of David Berger in America, ‘The Messiah, The Rebbe, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference’, who explains the terrible facts of Habad’s exiting from the Jewish religion and denounces by Halacha the wearing of tefilin written by a Habadi who believes the Rebbe Messiah, or mesuzot or a sefer torah written by such a Habadi. So had it been proclaimed at least officially by about 250 orthodox rabbis after acknowledging the material written by David Berger.

I would not have been lacking for words to say but I didn’t stand up. I had been caught in a sin that impeded that enormous merit of sanctifying God’s name publicly.

But how could I have done such? How could I not understand, after my dream, after the first Synagogue, then the sign of 770 and then the entire, one time situation that was created? But most of all how was I able to shame that man publicly without realizing what I was doing? How have I fallen so low? Unless there were still something of Habadi in me that had not been purified. But what? I was redeemed from Habad by the Tzadik Haim. I have been in ‘war’ with them for 30 years. Why was I so bothered by his left hand or reverse pouring? Perhaps he was left handed and so the left hand for him is equal to the right hand. In any case it was a grievous sin.

There is a false religiosity into which I had subtly and unconsciously re-fallen and it was this type of false religiosity that had been rooted in me during my 5 years as a Habadi, 2 years in Brooklyn, 770 Eastern Parkway and 3 years in Brunoy, France, just outside of Paris. It is, however, not only Habad that has this false religiosity which may be termed in the language of the Sages, of blessed memory, ‘they are severe with the reading of Lamentations and light-headed with the recitation of the Shma-Yisrael’. The rabbis established the reading of the Book of Lamentations, written by the Great Prophet Jeremy. The Shma Yisrael is written in the Torah and it is the expression of the true faith in the One Living God.

But how had I fallen into that which I am combating? Why had such an evil root not yet been rooted out of me? Orthodox Judaism and Hhredi Judaism have been tainted with this hypocrisy. In Israel today this hypocrisy, unfortunately is at its peak. It is thick in the veins of the rabbis here in Israel. But how had I held unto it. Was I not yet purified enough to stand by the Reform in Judaism brought by the Final New Pact?

Or was the accumulated non-merit of the present form of Judaism in Israel that had made it virtually impossible for me to gain that merit. Most probably both sides of the matter are true, the gravity of my sin which resulted in my not sanctifying God’s name for Israel’s sake, as well as the gravity of the errors of Orthodox and Hhredi Judaism of today. Their sin is in the lack of true sensitivity to others which then impedes true derech eretz which in turn impedes any true Torah.


Have we then returned to your time, God save us? Must we of the Final New Pact become separated from Judaism because of undesired forms that have set in? Nothing of it! Judaism is true as the Torah is true always and for all times. Also the Garden of the Pact of Esther is for all times. Israel is a crawler but the time has come. Negative elements that have crept in from the long exile will disappear. Your time was in the decree of separation, ours is in the final and true reconciliation.

Also my error, for however grave it was, most probably had to be. Otherwise I ran the risk of another failed mission since clearly time is yet needed for the Final New Pact to be heard. Only recently the Sign came declaring in my voice that it was not possible to announce the Redemption in public because the traditional terms are so off course and erroneous that in this moment no one would understand. We are thus in the Sign of Esther within the confines of a Hidden Palace until the time of this Fourth Generation will come unto its own and the miracle of Purim will become known outside.

The hypocrisy of Israel is of a small part of the Jewish people, a remnant of the Hester Panim of exile. Most Jews and even most Israelis are good-hearted people who want to live and let live. God Almighty has never left His chosen people nor will He ever leave them again. Only in the Shoa did He, so to speak, leave them for a moment so that they be the heirs of their eternal history. What has to be cleaned out will be cleaned out and new levels of understanding and good deeds will encompass all Israel. A new humble brain is descending and it will be received. So is it decreed by the God of Israel.

Go back now, Paulus, I cannot hold you here any longer. I must get on to the children of Madu Madu. Tell those above that you spoke to Paul-Peretz-Donkey and now you know all that has happened in merit of the chosen Goel Haim who has announced and explained the Second Coming of the Star of Christ and who has declared ‘We are all of the same flesh’. Great, large, profound and amazing is the revelation of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Amen.


May that the Lord, our God, forgive our sins. Forgive, o Lord, our God, the sins of Your chosen people Israel, as You have promised ‘I will forgive their sins and their iniquity shall I remember no more’ (Jeremiah, 31, 33). Awaken our heart unto yearning Your truth and Your closeness forever, amen.


Well, in some way, until the 27th of August, I know that you’re still attached here, Paulus. The proof is that I again saw Jerry Lewis, quite young, and he kissed me on the left cheek and he showed me friendship. There were scenes but I don’t remember them. In any case, Jerry Lewis had come at the beginning of Tikkun Paulus and now, I suppose, he’d come for a happy conclusion.


[1] (I wrote the above at first in Italian and afterwards I translated it) I continue here in English since just before beginning this document a few days ago I dreamed Jerry Louis; he was young; he was wearing a kippa; we sat together at a table; he asked me to bless him; I stood up and blessed him in the name of EL SHADDAI that he find a good wife; then I warned him to be careful that the others do not consume all that he has. - -

This dream reminds me of a quip of Jerry Louis that I once head some years 40 years ago on the Jack Paar Show. With his funny nebech voice, he said, “What do you want from me; I’m just a good, little Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey”.

How do like that! I’m also just a good, little Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey. Only thing is my name’s Paul so I suppose this Tikkun Paulus should be written in my mother tongue. Half of Jerry Louis’ jokes just don’t quite come out so funny in another language. Afterwards it can be translated into Italian for respect to your Roman Passport; then in Hebrew so as to get us back to our origins.)


[2] May, 2003; Iyar, 5763; Weights of the Donkey, 3956; Beersheva: Thank God Almighty, Noda dreamed two nights ago that I was sitting at a table outside, in a country field, in a serious atmosphere and around me were green vine-leaves from above. To Noda was given to sign a document in which it was promised that Peretz had yet years to live and she signed the document. - -

I thank EL SHADDAI for this wonderful news. I was more or less preparing myself for the end. I have had polistemia (high hemoglobin), lacking oxygen in blood. I’m also in a state of exhaustion and it’s hard for me to do anything. I’ve been cutting down on smoking but my weight has risen and although I’m only about 10 pounds overweight, it makes my state of things even more difficult.

Difficulties of all sorts have been a tremendous test for me, as well as for Noda and Paolo, since our coming to Israel more than two and a half years ago. I speak here for myself. The first year at 36 rehov Jerico was simply terrible. I was thrown from the beginning into a whirlpool of problems, financial, citizenship complications, friendship disappointments, nervous tension, physical weakness, the almost total non-comprehension of the other talmidim, the nerve-wracking situation of the Israeli-Palestinean conflict, the very low state of religious truth in this period, the school-situation for the children, etc. etc.

In truth it was a decree that we had the merit to pass through. It lasted a year. At the end of that year, I and the three children received citizenship, we changed house to rehov Denise Gibur 13 and compared to the previous year there was solace but financial problems have remained. A year ago I became sick and was taken to the hospital for blocked up kidneys. My kidneys, thank God, went back to normal but I am still in cure. Aside from that the main problem with our situation in general is that Paolo and Noda, Asher and Noga Hhana Noga have not been granted citizenship because they are not recognized as Jewish. We have again written to the Internal Ministry after the change from Shas to Shinui with Abraham Poraz head of Internal Ministry and we are still waiting for an answer.



[3] 29 with this revision

[4] Our belief in the Tzadik and Goel Haim is expressed when we say the names of the Six Signs; so too is his name mentioned in certain prayers, but no prayers are directed to him.

[5] This was later worsened to one fifth, God save us -

[6] It’s possible now in the Final New Pact to be circumsized also the Altar of Malchitzedek, without becoming obligated in the Commandments for Jews.

[7] The book was translated in Hebrew (2005): ""äøáé îìê äîùéç": ùòøåøééú äàãéùåú åäàéåí òì àîåðú éùøàì".

[8] The Correction of Paul of Tarsus (Saint Paul) -

[9] Abraham, our father, was 75 years old when the Almighty spoke to him, saying, “Go out of your country, from your place of birth and from your father’s house”.

[10] Third letter of the middle name of the Triple Name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’ revealed to Moses at the Burning Bush – This letter RESH when joined to the final name represents the Final Redemption, but because Jesus’ Mission was under this Letter, and all went wrong, that Binding was impeded for 2000 years.

[11] From April 1983 to April 2047