Written by: Peretz Green


Matthew Corrected



Hheshvan 4, 5747

November 6, 1986

December 1, 1994 - 5th day of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot


Matthew 8, 4: 'And his leprosy was cured immediately. Then Jesus said to him, "Be sure you tell nobody; but go and show yourself to the priest, and make the offering laid down by Moses for your cleansing; that will certify the cure" (or for it serves them as testimony). -


Even though this generation is corrupt, the Law of Moses is binding as is the oral tradition. Yeshua also said, 'Do as they say, but don't do as they do'. The Law itself is not invalidated by man's corruption. This is fundamental when we speak of the Law of God.

Christians must understand that there is a fundamental difference between Jewish tradition and Christian tradition. Jewish tradition is rooted in Sinai and in the pure faith. Christian tradition has been de-rooted from Sinai and it deviates from the true monotheistic faith.

The particular sanctity of Israel is for the Jewish people who walk in all its ways. This is the particular sanctity in which Israel has been commanded and it does not pertain to the nations, nor can non-Jews take part in it (without conversion to the traditional Synagogue). It is the higher portion of Israel chosen to fulfil the commandments of the Torah. It derives from the particular blessing of the Patriarchs, blessing sanctified within the souls of all Israel at the revelation of Sinai, especially when they themselves heard the voice of God pronounce the first two commandments. Even Paul admits in Romans that the 'calling of Israel, in virtue of the Patriarchs, is irrevocable'.

Christianity, despite Paul's attempt to demonstrate Israel's election even while having fallen into errors, was unable to maintain that balance of understanding. The New Universal 'Law' of the newly found Church not only rejected all Jewish law, but rejected also Israel's sanctity and Israel's portion. Not Paul's warning or Jesus' teaching were able to stay the tide of the total incomprehension of Judaism's heritage. In such a way also the new universal Christian 'law' was without the basis of the true sanctity of Sinai, and could never again elevate itself to the all-essential basis of the pure monotheistic faith. What true evaluation could it possibly have had concerning Israel's tradition?


All this becomes resolved in the New Pact of the Final Redemption, for merit of the Final Goel, Haim, because the New Universal Law does not undo in any way, nor diminish the value of traditional Torah, talmudic and halachic Judaism. The sign of this is: The House of the Final Redemption is independent but under the Traditional Synagogue. This is because of the elevated sanctity safe-guarded in traditional Judaism.


August 4, 1986

Some basic reasons for the terrible deification of Yeshua:

1) John the Baptist's 'children of the stones'

2) misuse of the word Adon in reference to Yeshua

3) the blinding light of the sign of the resurrection

4) John's doctrine of the Logos

5) confusion between the terms 'messiah' and 'son of God''

6) the false conception that the Messiah was more than Moses


Nov. 15, 1985 Kislev 2, 5746


Matthew 5, 31 - 'They were told "A man who divorces his wife must give her a note of dismissal". But what I tell you is this: If a man divorces his wife for any cause other than unchastity he involves her in adultery; and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.' - -


In the House of the Final Redemption, the Altars of Judah, of Efraim and of the Nations all have laws of marriage and divorce. For the Altars of Judah and Efraim , the law of polygamy is acceptable, but not where it is prohibited by the State or Country, in accordance with the law of the Torah. The circumstances and the agreement of all parties, however, must at first be taken up by those responsible.

At a first glance, it is quite incomprehensible that Jesus should so valiantly proclaim a new law completely at variance with that of the Torah. In essence, however, his new law is an added severity to the law, and the basis of this extra severity was attained to by him at the School of the Essenes. There is a margin of exaggeration quite remarkable in Yeshua's affirmation 'that one who marries a divorced woman commits adultery'.

Why should marrying a divorced woman be considered adultery? This has no legal sense or social rectitude for that matter. Without entering here a long discussion, let it be said that the first added severity gives way to the second exaggeration. In any case there is no place for either in the New Law of the Final Redemption.

Yeshua's severity in this was an attempt to correct many evil practices that were rampant in those times, such as being light in divorcing for reasons unworthy of divorce. For sure, in the School of the Essenes, certain mishnaic laws such as justifying a divorce because 'she burnt his food' or because 'he saw one prettier than she' were considered untenable and were seen as the cause of evil-practices prevalent in those corrupt generations. As in other matters, the only way to combat such erroneous usage was to go to the opposite direction, and this is what is reflected in Yeshua's statements here.

Indeed, after Jesus, the rabbis of the Talmud amended many laws for the protection of the wife, obviously because the mishnaic law had not protected her enough.


'Again you have learned that our forefathers were told, "Do not break your oath" and "Oaths sworn to the Lord must be kept". But what I tell you is this: You are not to swear at all - not by heaven, for it is God's throne, nor by earth, for it is His footstool, nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King, nor by your own head, because you cannot turn one hair of it white or black. Plain "yes" or "no" is all you need to say; anything beyond that comes from the devil.' -


Also the Torah did not advocate taking oaths or swearing, but in the case that one did make an oath (neder), the oath must be maintained. It is, however, better not to take oaths and not to add to the prohibitions of the Law.

There are, nevertheless, many instances where swearing (shevua) before God is a necessity, in cases of judgement, such as in court rooms on the witness stand. Again Yeshua's all out tirade against any form of oath or swearing is meant as a severe correction to the unfortunate habits prevalent around him.

Speech, as every other faculty that a person possesses, is a God-given gift, to be used with the utmost attention. The words that come out of a person's mouth do not vanish into the air, but continue to exist and are weighed in judgement. Of the 4 basic categories in man, thought, feeling, speech and action, the greatest number of sins derives from the tongue. The manner of a person's speech may be his blessing or his curse. For those entities created anew are as bodies in which thoughts, feelings and intentions are contained. Therefore the words of a person are true witnesses unto his substance.

As explained in the book "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs", Yeshua had his great problem in having to break his oath for life taken at the School of the Essenes, a problem that was lightened for him by John's breaking of his previously. Perhaps there is an undercurrent of self justification in that regards, for if Yeshua could have said only 'yes' instead of the severe oath taken, it would have lightened his burden greatly.


August 16, 1985 - Menahhem Av 29, 5745


Matthew 1, 23: 'All this happened in order to fulfil what the Lord declared through the prophet: 'The virgin will conceive and bear a son, and he shall be called Emmanuel, a name which means 'God is with us': Rising from his sleep Joseph did as the angel had directed him; he took Mary home to be his wife, but had no intercourse with her until his son was born. And he named the child Jesus.' -


It must first of all be said that the worship of the Virgin Mary is a sick, disgusting, idolatrous and pagan faith. It will be burnt out and destroyed forever before this Fourth Generation is completed. There is no Queen of Heaven. There is no mother of God. This is a blasphemous and idolatrous concept, contrary to the True Faith.

(It is also a sign that in all these first years of the revelation of the Completed Signs, that the Pope Woitylla is the most devout Madonnist of all times. His only true belief and desire is to spread the belief and fidelity in this cult. The evil descends from the north in this 'hated fourth generation'. On the other hand Pope Woitylla is straight in the double-sign, split 50 50 between evil and good. For he is also a man of peace and reconciliation, and he merited to break the great ice and enter the Synagogue in Rome, in speaking out against anti-Semitism and of forming diplomatic relations with Israel.)

In the end the Great Goddess Mary will be split and cut down in the four corners of the earth and the vicious cycle will finally be broken. The minds of people will wake up and will say "Why pray to a woman who died 2000 years ago instead of praying to the One Living God of the universe in whose power it is to answer".


How did this error come into the New Testament tradition? To understand this it is necessary to search out in depth the great error of John the Baptist. Yohhanan ha-matbil is guilty for the words pronounced (and taught) by him "and do not presume to say to yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. I tell you that God can make children for Abraham out of these stones here'. - - This is the extremely unsagacious passage which falsified all subsequent Christian tradition with foolish and idolatrous thoughts and beliefs. It is, however, the 'Sin of Fathers', subtle and seemingly logical in its own context, while deviating in truth from a basic foundation of the true faith and thus causing after it three long generations of idolatrous beliefs and practices.

Therefore it is natural that one does not realise immediately wherein lies the tragic mistake of the Baptist's preaching. For sure it is true that God, if He so desires can do whatever He so wills. How can the simple affirmation that God can do everything go against the true faith?

The superficial eye is trained in not seeing what lies below the surface of that which is said. We cannot take up here the entire subject, because it involves the mental structure of the Baptist formed at the School of the Essenes, subject matter for the book "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs". It suffices to say that the secrets seen and received by John at the School, secrets that are within the frame-work of Kabbalah Maasit and by which 'miracles' outside of nature can be performed, in the end displaced John's vision from the reality of the world. He had seen too much. With those holy names it is possible to create things, even animals, for example. All the miraculous signs performed by Yeshua were by way of the Kabbalah Maasit received at the School.

Thus when Yohhanan left the School to be the 'voice in the desert' calling to repentance before the Kingdom of Heaven that was descending, he knew that the power of his Baptism and the words pronounced by him actually 'renewed' the person in the faith of that repentance. It is also common in Jewish exegesis that 'words' are compared to the 'stones' from which houses and buildings are constructed. Those new converts to John's prophetic mission were indeed 'children born of the rocks', new-born in the spirit, a rebirth for those who wished to be taken up anew as God's chosen children.

In John's desire to begin, at least, to 'create' a new generation of those saved by repentance and faith, he found it necessary to detach those new-born babies from the complacency of routine attitudes among the people. Therefore 'Do not presume to say to yourselves We have Abraham for a father' etc.

 Until here all seems well. It must be realised, however, that the 'holy stones' of Yohhanan's predication had an extremely great power behind them, and, indeed, they became the introductory forerunner to all Christian teaching, reason for which they were included in the Gospels themselves. It becomes necessary therefore to look at the words themselves and to ascertain their exact connotations because in the correction of the Christian errors, the discovery of the subtle and often hidden 'sin of fathers' is essential to understanding the rest.

What does it mean 'If God wants, He can make children unto Abraham from these very rocks'? There is an extremely false logic in this phrase. Not that there is no logic, but the logic here used is a generalised hypothesis that cannot gain credit until it is measured with the reality of God's creation and the reality of God's redemption and the reality of God's promises. Is the creation of new-born children from the rocks a way in which God operates in the world? Has God created nature to operate against it? Even the great miracles in Egypt were not against nature but above nature, and they lasted only for the time allotted to the miracle. After the miracle, the nature returned as before. Even when God said to Moses, 'Let Me destroy this people and I will make from you a people even greater than these' it was not from the rocks that such a people would have come but from Moses and his offspring.

God does not and 'cannot' go against a promise that He has made. He 'cannot', not because He does not have the power to do whatever He desires, but because once He has expressed his desire in the form of a 'promise', to undo that promise would mean to deviate from the truthfulness of His own essence, which is impossible because it represents a contradiction in terms.

These 'children born of the rocks' could in no way represent the fulfilment of God's promise to Abraham and to the Patriarchs, for they could not be the seed of Abraham nor could they be considered his descendants. John's statement had no correspondence in the reality of the world created by God. It had, instead, the power of psychological engagement and played heavily on the mental structure of his followers, creating in the imagination a volatile fabric of pitting the spiritually-absurd against the rational truth of God's operating in the world.

Nor can it be maintained that John's affirmation was not meant to be taken literally, even though it is true enough that it was not intended for any actual realisation. It was meant to be understood as a 'simple truth' to be believed, not as a homoletical exaggeration for the purpose of emphasising God's omnipotence.

In any case[1], more important than John's intention was the subsequent historical role as the foundation stones of Christian Revelation in which these words were taken to the letter. It later became a 'simple truth' in the newly formed Christian mentality that God had rejected the carnal descendants of Abraham and resurrected the New Body of Christian Children born from the New Stones of Christian Revelation, through the Resurrection of Christ. It became the very substance of all Christian Theology.

The Baptist's words were so powerful that they formed within the bosom of Christianity a new mentality which must be labelled 'the merit in believing in the absurd'. Such a mentality was catalyst to the subsequent 'logical' continuation of that belief. Thus the more absurd and contrary to nature was the belief, the more merit one had in his faith. This is, indeed, the logic that most characterises the Christian credo.

The worst effect of that unbalanced logic of the absurd crystallised 'materially' in the belief in the virgin birth of Jesus. If God can bring children unto Abraham from the stones, could He not bring His Messiah from a virgin! If children, supposedly human in every aspect, could be 'generated' from the 'purity' of the stones which have no blood or generative faculties, could not the Messiah be generated from the 'purity' of a virgin birth! And if you do not believe it, you are lacking in faith and do not believe in the omnipotence of God!!! Indeed you will not gain Christian Grace if you are lacking in the logic of the absurd!!!

The idolatrous catalystic sin of fathers, although difficult to recognise in its inception because of the 'seeming' logic contained in it, always carries its false logic through a four phase descent. Not only, however, is the 'sin of fathers' itself idolatrous; it is the root of the idolatry that it generates, and therefore, although more concealed, it stands on a 'higher level' of that same idolatry that pursues from it; it is the force behind that idolatry; it is the doctrinal source behind the theological errors eventually formalised into doctrines.

The children born of the stones are, in essence, not human beings; they are godlings, pure and untainted by bodily functions; they are untouched by human frailty; they are not subject to the laws of nature. They are only human enough to be higher than the angels because the angels are not human enough to be descendants unto Abraham. They are perfect beings, small human-like gods.

From these small human-like gods, generated by the Higher God by way of the virgin stones, the cycle descends unto its third phase of the idolatrous quartet, the deification of the special Messianic Son born of the virgin Mary.

In the first phase of the idolatrous error of Christianity, the deviation from the monotheistic concept is not at first felt. This is because the omnipotence of God is being evidenced. It is, however a monotheism that does not correspond to the true faith. The God of the Torah does not, cannot (as explained), and will not bring children unto Abraham from the rocks. It is thus 'another god' about whom John the Baptist spoke, not the true God.

In the second phase where the god-like children of the stones are projected into the virgin birth of the Messiah, a dual Godliness is reached because of the Divine Purity of the New Born Son. That Dualism, however, cannot yet be defined; that is, it does not yet reach the doctrinal Deification which comes in the third phase. This is because a third binding element between God the Father and the New Born Messianic Son-God has to be formulated in order that the Deification be defined. To have God the Father and the Divine Son without a dividing and yet binding force between them, would result in an unproductive Dualism. It would be a dualism without a purpose. If there were nothing human-like in the Divine Son, nothing to divide Him from his Father in Heaven, there would be no purpose in his coming because he would have no more of a relationship with humanity than his Father in Heaven. Therefore he was not generated directly by God onto the desert sands.

The idolatrous triangle formed with the Holy Spirit, associated with the Mother of God, gives birth to the Defined Deification of Christ. The children of the stones are projected into the Child of the Virgin and only after such a birth can Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mother of God) become defined in their relationships to complete the idolatrous deification. All this from the stones of the Baptist's children. After this comes the Hated Fourth Generation Idolatry that concludes the cycle of the Sin of Fathers.

As is known to us from the Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption, the relationship of the many-sided four phases of the Fourth Generation is always 'three Stars in a line with the fourth star displaced'. This is also the case of the four-fold theological deviation of the Christian faith which culminates in the hateful theology of the fourth Gospel of John. It is here that the fallacious 'words' of Yohhanan ha-Matbil are finally sucked up into John the Evangelist's theological abomination, the Mystery-Doctrine of the Word, the Logos.

After the Humanising-Deification of the poor Jewish Messianic Sacrifice, all the elements of that deification are 'elevated' into the Pre-existing Word which according to John's mystical vision was 'with God from the very beginning'. This, the worst theological distortion of all history and the thickest falsification of Divine truth ever rendered doctrinal, is discussed in John Corrected. It suffices here to say that with John's logos the 'line' of the great theological error of Christianity is drawn back to the first theological deviation of John the Baptist. The stones of the Baptist through which the God-like children are generated, in the end becomes the deified Stone, the Pre-existing Divine Stone through which the Pre-existing Divine Son was generated. Here the illusion, the falsification, the deification and the obnoxious eternalisation of the unfortunate Messiah ben Yoseph are locked in together, not to be broken until the wrath of the Divine Jealousy of EL KANA is awakened in this final Fourth Generation to break asunder and destroy forever every theological doctrine that has profaned and distorted the truth of the One Living God.


The question of the true situation surrounding the birth of Yeshua is discussed in the Introduction to Matthew Corrected. The Mission of Yeshua was the 'Messianic Mission' conceived of before its time.


Here is brought a review of the essential parts of the Emmanuel prophecies: Isaia 7 (Go out with your son Shear-Yashub--), Isaia 7,13 (Listen, house of David---: A young woman is with child, and she will bear a son, and will call him Emmanuel.), Isaia 8 ( --Then I lay with the prophetess, and she conceived and bore a son; and the Lord said to me, Call him Maher-shalal-hash-baz- speed-spoil-hasten-plunder. -- The whole expanse of the land shall be filled, so wide he spreads his wings; for God is with us. -- Make your plans, but they will be foiled, propose what you please, but it shall not stand for God is with us. ), Isaia 9 (The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light:-- Thou hast increased their joy and given them great gladness--- for Thou hast shattered the yoke that burdened them ---For a boy has been born for us, a son given to us to bear the symbol of dominion on his shoulders; and he shall be called in purpose wonderful, in battle God-like, Father for all time, Prince of peace. Great shall be the dominion and boundless the peace bestowed on David's throne and on his kingdom, to establish it and sustain it with justice and righteousness from now and for evermore. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts shall do this.), Isaia 10,21 (A remnant shall turn again, a remnant of Jacob to God their champion), Isaia 10,33 (Look, the Lord, the Lord of Hosts cleaves the trees with a flash of lightning---Then a shoot shall grow from the stock of Jesse---The spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, a spirit of wisdom and understanding, a spirit of counsel and power, a spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. He shall not judge by what he sees nor decide by what he hears; he shall judge the poor with justice and defend the humble in the land with equity; his mouth shall be a rod to strike down the ruthless, and with a word he shall slay the wicked. Round his waist he shall wear the belt of justice and good faith shall be the girdle round his body. Then the wolf shall live with the sheep and the leopard lie down with the kid; the calf and the young lion shall grow up together, and a little child shall lead them; the cow and the bear shall be friends, and their young shall lie down together. The lion shall eat straw like cattle; the infant shall play over the hole of the cobra-----for as the waters fill the sea, so shall the land be filled with the knowledge of the Lord. On that day a scion from the root of Jesse shall be set up as a signal to the peoples; the nations shall rally to it---Then he will raise a signal to the nations and gather together those driven out of Israel; he will assemble Judah's scattered people from the four corners of the earth. Efraim's jealousy shall vanish, and Judah's enmity shall be done away---The Lord will divide the tongue of the Egyptian sea---he shall split it into seven channels---Cry out, shout aloud, you that dwell in Zion for the Holy One of Israel is among you in majesty.) -------

The three names in this order: A 'Remnant will return' , Emmanuel-God is with us , and 'Speed-spoil-hasten-plunder'. -----

An important point: The Messiah who will come, without any doubt born Jewish, from the tribe of Judah, will not be able to fulfil his role as Messiah unless he is accepted as well by the nations. Yet the nations of Christianity will not abandon the Messianic Mission of Jesus, for he is their Teacher and Messiah. Therefore the Messiah who will come will necessarily have to show his references as to his Mission, that it be in the messianic tradition (this, of course, has to be explained) of Yeshua, in the same way that he will have to show his references to Jews as to his mission (that he is circumcised etc. that he speaks on the authority of the true Tradition in the Faith of Abraham and the Pact of the Torah etc.)

Thus, in the Completed Signs of the Redemption, the Star of Christ is introduced and announced by the Final Goel, Haim. This is because the Sign of the Star of Christ indicates the Messianic Message to all the nations. ------



Matthew Corrected

from August 9, 1985 - Menahhem Av 22, 5745

first draft of Matthew Corrected

December 13, 1994 - Tevet 10, 5755


With the help of the Lord, our God, we will now attempt the first draft of Matthew Corrected.


The descent of Jesus attributed to the House of David[2] is relatively unnecessary and irrelevant to the Messianic Mission of Jesus.

Yeshua was born a natural birth, son to his father Joseph, the carpenter and his mother Mary[3].

The fallacious belief in the virgin birth was born of the necessity of covering over the truth of the real circumstances of Jesus' birth. That truth would have, without any doubt, impeded the acceptance of the Christian Mission in the world. Yet the Christian Mission had to exist. It was part of the Divine Design in history that it come out in the world. Therefore many factors, facts, elements and aspects of the true story of Jesus were not given to be revealed historically. Such, for example, aside from his birth, were the three years spent by Yeshua at the School of the Essenes, the reception of secrets from that School by the power of which he later performed many 'miracles', the breaking of his oath (in the footsteps of John the Baptist who spent at least 8 years there) and his leaving the School etc.

That such a concealment of facts 'had to be' may at first seem strange to some, since it does not entail any responsibility of the Disciples or of the first Christians or of the fathers of the Church, even in the case where certain concealment may well have been intentional, such as the removal of Yeshua's body from the cave on the part of the disciples.[4]

The decrees from above, nevertheless, are not all of the same level. It was decreed that Christianity had to come unto the world (as it was decreed by Heaven six hundred years later that Islam had to be established in the world), and thus whatever might have been a cause to impede that decree, was concealed. Or to say it on another level, the stars whose destiny it was to carry Christianity along its long historical path, saw to it, especially in the first periods of its inception, that no such impediments which might have been detrimental to that purpose come into play.

But there is, in the case of Christianity, a higher vision or a deeper justification concerning that concealment, namely that the Higher Providence which hid those facts from subsequent history, knew that in the end they would be revealed, in the fulfilment of the revelation of the Completed Signs, at the time when all traditional Christianity would lose its raison d'etre and collapse before the Light of the Completed Universal Message, including the Great Correction of Christianity.

At that time, the truth of those previously concealed facts would in no way hurt the purposes of the New Decree of the Final Redemption for all the future generations that come under it. Not only; those facts themselves open the new mentality to the incredible new understanding of the Divine Design in history, thus becoming part and parcel of the New Light itself. The truth is light and concealment is darkness.

So too in the question of Jesus' birth, it is important to understand it from the new position of the Great Historical Redemption. After we come to terms with the Correction of the idolatrous theology of all traditional Christianity, with the re-dimensioning of the entire concept of Messiah, with the re-defining of all aspects of Yeshua's mission and with the new definitions and explanations of the various purposes that had to be filled by the Universal Christian Mission, it becomes hardly scandalous to define globally Jesus' messianic predicament as 'The Messianic Mission conceived of before its Time'. It was the Precocious Messianic Mission conceived of before the actual Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Earth by way of the New Pact of the Final Redemption.


The Star of Christ


     It seemed to those of us, whose non-credulence of all Christian sources, literary, doctrinal or pastoral, was solidly entrenched in the Tradition of Israel, that the legend of the Three Magi Kings was a story for children at best. Our amazement busted through the parameters of complacent speculation when in the First Great Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption, the Final Goel, Haim, in the redemptional vest of Teacher of the Stars of the Redemption, explained unhesitatingly to Gino Tampieri, “This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility.”

Concerning the Magi, or Magussi, the Astrologers and star worshippers, Priests of star idolotry and sages of combined star worship and demon magic etc., I had received many studies from the Teacher Haim. The Magussi of Babilonia were similar to the Hhartumim of Egypt, known for their wisdom of star calculations as well as for the powers of magic cults to which they were heir. The knowledge and the hidden sciences in which they indulged, the immense powers granted them by their knowledge of the particular service to each star worshipped, are totally unknown to all subsequent history after the redemption of Israel from Egypt. Diminished and watered-down sciences based on the same continued for millenia, but as a lizard compared to a dinosaur.

Nevertheless there were still true Astrologers of high ‘technical’ levels at the time of Jesus. But from there having been astrologers knowlegdeable in following the hidden paths of stellar influences etc. to associating these with Matthew’s legend of the Messianic Star of Christ, bridges an enormous gap.

The affirmation of the Final Goel that the Messianic Star carries this name, confirms at least the basis of that evangelic legend. If the ‘Messianic Star’ in its completed re-appearance has the name ‘Star of Christ’ it is certain the same star was bound to the mission from whence that name was born.

I will not try to describe here the tremendous conflicts of understanding encountered by me during these first twelve years in reconciling the name Star of Christ with the New Revelation. The main reasons of the conflict were two: the name of the Star was spoken by the Final Goel, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, but this name could not be the name used for the continuation of the terminology of the Completed Signs. The second difficulty was in determining the correct name of this Star for the New Revelation and the New Mission. Only two weeks ago, after twelve years, did I arrive at the conclusion that the main name of this Star is the Star of the Anointed Judge.

Why all the difficulty? It is because in effect the Star has many names and many possible names, such as Star of Malkitzedek, Star of the Anointed King, Star of Christ; with the new revelation, other names were demonstrated: Star of the (Redemptional and Messianic) Signs, Star of the (Messianic) Corrections, Star of the Messianic House of Bread, Star of the New Heart etc.

In the first five years, until the correction of the Tzadik Haim, we erringly referred to the Final Goel, Haim, as the Final Goel of Israel and chosen Christ of the Nations. This name was rejected by the Goel who explained in dream language that by using the name Christ, I was creating a theatrical farce.

I was of course not trying to recreate anything Christian by using the name, other than the universality implicit in the Christian Mission. In my sometimes undernurtured simplicity, I reasoned that the Tzadik himself had used the name in the Sign. Why should I be afraid to use it? The contents given by such a title are not essentially mistaken - the Third and Final Goel (redeemer) of Israel and the chosen (awaited for) Christ (Anointed one) of all Christian Nations (and the Great Sage awaited for in Moslem tradition).

But it was the name Christ itself that led to error, if used on anyone except the person on whom the name had been historically attributed. The name Christ of the Sign came principally for two reasons: 1) to justify historically the first coming of the Star of Christ and to explain Jesus’ mission and the Christian Mission in general and 2) to correct the erroneous basis of all Christian dogma and theology.


This Star is the amazing Universal Priest Star of Malkitzedek. Its great historical purpose is to unite the Messianic Signs to the Redemptional Signs of the Star of Abraham. Its enigma is established in Genesis. King Solomon was anointed under its guidance, as attested to by the ‘universality’ of King Solomon’s inauguration speech of the First Temple at Jerusalem. At the time of Purim, it was totally ‘hidden’ in the ‘Palace of Queen Esther’. Yeshua, son of Mary and son of Joseph, was born under this Star. It guided him from his birth in the seriousness that would be required for that later mission; it guided him in perceiving the many injustices so prevelent at that time in Israel; it guided him unto the School of the Essenes and into its Signs there revealed to the Guardians of its secret; it also guided him to take its mission upon himself and to leave the School for that purpose; it carried the names of its Signs out of the School with Jesus to fulfil the stellar decree of that epoch. It later became known as the Star of Christ.


The Donkey who eats Bread


Thus the Star of Christ comes now to declare, to explain and to make the great Correction of Christianity. There is, however, another essential instrument sent by the Lord, our God, to aide in this Correction. He is non other than our Beastly little friend, the Donkey who eats Bread in the Kingdom of Heaven and then brings it down to those of us who like getting involved in Donkey affairs. You will see his descent throughout the Correction, and you will hear his clodded hooves when he asserts his being. You will recognise his voice when he says, “Hey look here” or some other such expression to get your attention. Generally when he comes I let him speak, so that you may hear his Donkeyish ideas fresh from the Higher Ovens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes, however, I send him to White Horse so that you may eventually hear it straight from the Horse’s mouth. But most often when his happiness is high he stands on his Tail, amazing all with the dreams he pulls out of her prophetic sleep.


It is perhaps incumbent upon us at this point to understand what the Donkey’s relationship is to the Star of Christ. I have succeeded in avoiding this question for twelve years for fear of dizziness. One is the most amazing Star of History and the other is the most stupendous Messianic Bread Eater of all time.

If one loves the Donkey, he’ll truly go far

but what has that Animal to do with a Star?

If he eats the Bread of the Kingdom of Heaven,

is then the Star of Christ its leaven?

Where on earth is the House of Bread?

Is Bethlehem for the living or for the dead?

How will the Kingdom come down to earth,

if the Donkey continues his rhyming mirth?

I can ask questions just like any of you,

but here’s a solution to think thoroughly through:

He’s from the Kingdom while on earth he’s found,

and the Star helps to get the Bread to the ground.


The answer of the Donkey has to be studied. It means, first of all, that the Kingdom of Heaven is a Kingdom above the stars in level. The Bread of the Kingdom of Heaven (these are the Completed Signs themselves and all the Signs and Messages connected to them) in order to descend on earth need to pass the intermediate level of the stars.

When the Final Goel is chosen, the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption are freshly baked in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Messianic Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven is there formed and given to eat of the Heavenly Bread with the mission to descend on earth to give over that Bread. The beginning of his descent is by way of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, received by Nelda Levi.

Obviously the Higher Bread as it is in the Kingdom, in order to be received on earth, has to be lowered into a form ‘edible’ and comprehensible to people of the world. The Stars of the Redemption serve to this effect in concretising the Higher Aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven in forms obtainable by mankind.

The Donkey, in his descent from the Kingdom of Heaven, is given to pull the Cart of the buone novelle. The Cart, as known from the Signs, is the Big Dipper or Gran Carro with its 7 stars. Such is the Cart pulled by the Donkey, but the buone novelle, the Redemptional and Messianic Signs, are not the Cart, but the Bread of the Signs. The Cart itself represents the Seven Great Aspects of the Final Redemption, the Faith of Abraham, the Construction that lasts in time, the Star of the Redemption, the Star of the Fourth Generation, the Star of Mordechai and Star of Esther, the Star of the Final Teacher Haim. The Star of Christ is not included in these seven and is separated by itself. It is the Star of the Wonderful News.

Thus the Donkey pulls the Cart of the Seven Great Aspects of the Final Redemption as he himself eats the Bread of the Signs of the Star of Christ. In the first Sign the Donkey disattaches himself from the Cart, stands up and eats Bread in the Bakery, Bread which has not touched the ground. In the second Sign, the Bread has been bought in a Bread-Store, then it rolled along the ground and under the head of the Donkey who eats it, after somewhat of a stubborn hesitation. In both dreams, the Bread was not in the Cart and independent of it.

In the second Completed Sign of the Donkey, upon the Cart sits an Elderly Man who conducts the Donkey. This signifies that the Seven Great Aspects of the Final Redemption (the Cart) are now conjoined in the Formation of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, chosen by God Almighty. The Final Goel conducts these Seven Great Aspects guiding the Donkey on the road and seeing to it that he eat the Bread of the Signs from the Star of the Messianic House of Bread. Thus the Star of Christ is also the Star of Bethlehem and Bethlehem is a Sign of the Messianic Bread.

The Messianic Donkey come down to eat the Bread of the Signs is led onto two main diets in the first 12 years of the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread. In the 1st 6 years, the principle diet is of the Bread of the Great Christian Correction, while the main diet of the 2nd 6 years is the Bread of the Great Jewish Reform. The 1st 6 years also correspond to the Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption, the 2nd period of 6 years to the Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. Also the first Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread corresponds to the Mission of the 1st 6 years. The second Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread corrresponds to the Mission of the 2nd 6 years.

Extremely important for following our discussions and explanations of the Gospels is the knowledge that the Signs eaten by the Donkey in the 1st 6 years are called the Messianic Signs of the Messiah son of Joseph. The Signs eaten by the Donkey in the second period of 6 years are called the Messianic Signs of mashiahh ben david. These Signs, aside from being Marvellous, also caused us great confusion in these past 12 years, but every confusion was there for being resolved, representing an historical correction. Even Peretz, Man of the Signs, with at least 2000 messianic signs upon him, fell into the error of believing himself, in more or less subtle ways, something of a messianic guy himself, until, finally, the Teacher Haim had to rebuke him severly and to say in no uncertain terms, “You thought yourself the Messiah”.[5]

My grave error proved to be the Great Marginal Error of the 1st 12 years of the Completed Signs. The essence of my dilemma was that after speaking so many times about the Messianic Donkey and then associating myself with him, hee-hawing and declaring “I’m the Ass who eats Bread” (together with the innumerable Providential aspects of my own life that formed me for this work) etc., I began to invision myself as the ‘Messianic’ forerunner of the ‘Messianic Missions’ that issue, God willing, from the House of Peretz. In the end, the Signs got the best of me, and the hundreds upon hundreds of signs and titles connected to the Man of the Signs, made me elevate a spirit in myself which was not mine but of the Signs.

In truth I got confused in the as yet imprecise definitions concerning the terminoly ‘Messianic Donkey’ and ‘Peretz, Man of the Signs’ (and the resulting imprecise equilibrium between them). Even the name of the Star of Christ as it passes from the Great Christian Correction into the New Historical Phase of the Final Redemption was not yet placed properly by me as the Star of the Anointed Judge. That lack of definition was primarily in not specifying the word ‘Sign’ before ‘Peretz, Man of the Signs’ and even before ‘Messianic Donkey’, although the Donkey may be called ‘messianic’ for the Signs that he brings, without causing too many scandals. He’s an Animal.



cont. fr. Matthew3


To conclude, the Donkey is the instrument from the Kingdom of Heaven to bring the Signs of the Messianic Missions, called the Signs of mashiahh ben yosef and the Signs of mashiah ben david into the world. At first, the Donkey enters the House of Bread eating the Messianic Bread Signs of mashiahh ben yosef from the Star of Christ. After this he receives from a distance the Bread from the House of Bread, as he eats the Signs of mashiahh ben david from the Star of Bethlehem (the same Star).

Whether Peretz Green is human or otherwise, has little or no relavance to the Final Redemption. With the First General Sign, Sign the Time has Come, he was made into a Sign called Peretz, Man of the Signs. His work is basically secretarial. He registers in writing the Signs received by the pupils of the Teacher of Life, Haim, and attemps to explain them as best he can. Through the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, Peretz and the other pupils receive the Signs that the Ass eats from the Star of the Signs (same Star). He must medesimise himself so fervantly with the Donkey’s Mission in the first 12 years, that without realizing it, he is caught in the Messianic Trap of the 1st 12 Root Years of the Final Redemption. He is saved from the subtle but far-reaching snare by the Teacher, Haim.

In terms of the Final Redemption the various phases of the Peretz and Donkey team of the those 12 years, each phase with its particular and general mistakes and their corrections, are all significant. In truth I have passed through 12 years of messianic signs, of messianic phases and of messianic cycles. In this manner I have learned many things about what the ‘messianic mission’ is about. There are many aspects to the topic, but there are undeniable truths concerning the mission of Jesus. One is that his mission represented the Great Historical Knot in the Divine Plan of the Final Redemption of mankind. The Gospels Corrected represent the Great Historical Undoing of that Knot.

Even the Great Untying of the Knot, however, would not be complete in satisfying all the historical questions involved if not for the essential principle of the biblical veracity of Yeshua’s historic mission found in the Sacrificed Ram whose thorns got caught in the thicket.

These two great principles, the Knot and the Thicket, maintain the balance of the Gospels Corrected and Yeshuat Yeshua. Whereas the Gospels Corrected, however, are mainly concerned with undoing the Knot, the latter delves into the ‘mystery’ of the ‘Terrible Messianic Dilemma’ into which Yeshua was cast by the Hidden Providence of the Maker of all history.

With the exposition of that Hidden Providence, a parallel can be drawn at each essential point to the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead. This represents an historical necessity in filling in that one gap left open by Jewish Tradition, a gap that can only be closed by the Torah itself. Nothing less would satisfy the Jewish people. Thus the arguments come to convince Jewish Tradition of that truth, a truth which, in its turn, ‘binds’ all the other aspects in the comprehension of that mission.



The Knot and the Thicket



How is the ‘messianic mission of Yeshua to be considered? Does the significance of Yeshua’s mission have a reality in the present? As mentioned above, the mission of Jesus represented historically ‘the Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth, Conceived of Before its time’. The main purpose of that mission was to create a Preparatory Source of Salvation for many Nations and for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. That purpose is fulfilled, completed and ‘closed’ with the arrival of the Completed Signs. All Christianity was a passage way to the Historical Completed Signs which complete as well the Initial Signs from which Christianity itself was born. Just as Jesus was the Sacrificed Ram in the place of Isaac, our father, so too the time of Yeshua’s mission and with it the history of Christianity and the history of Israel’s long exile, is to be considered the time of Isaac.[6] The blessing of the Final Redemption is the closing blessing of Jacob which completes the Great Redemptional Cycle.





Matthew 4,23 - He went round the whole of Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, and curing whatever illness or infirmity there were among the people. His fame reached the whole of Siria; and sufferers from every kind of illness, racked with pain, possessed by devils, epileptic, or paralysed, were all brought to him, and he cured them. Great crowds also followed him, from Galilee and the Ten Towns, from Jerusalem and Judaea, and from Transjordan.

- Jesus decided that in order to fulfill his mission, it was necessary that he make himself known. To do this he decided to use the secrets that he had learned at the community of the Essenes.


There was great danger in this, the danger of performing miracles in one’s own name. How can you put yourself in the center, seen by all, and conserve your humility. How will you avoid that people mistake you for the object of their worship, especially if you do this before their very eyes.


The acute reader will come to realise that the three categories of the ‘temptations’ were all verified, unfortunately, in the entire Christian tradition. The fact that Jesus performed such miracles before the eyes of simpl folk certainly had a strong influence on his later deification.


Remember throughout the Correction that we are not come to accuse Jesus, but to explain his mission. The Initial and Incomplete Signs did not allow for a perfect mission. There had to be errors. Our purpose is not to accuse, but we must understand the errors. Our strong accusations against the words of John the Baptist, however, are based on their grave effects in all subsequent Christianity. Here it is necessary to shout as loud as possible. Two thousand years have passed. To understand the New Message, you must shake yourself loose of past conceptions.


Matthew 5 - When he saw the crowds he went up the hill. There he took his seat, and when his disciples had gathered round him he began to address them. And this is the teaching he gave: Blessed are the poor of spirit; the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

- The poor of spirit are the humble of spirit. The Lord, our God, despises the arrogant spirit, a spirit that inflates itself like a baloon to vant of its great capacities and virtues. The Lord’s way is to let such a spirit blow itself up to maximum capacity before it bursts and the air which it contains is disperced.

The humble spirited person diminishes himself in his own eyes. He feels his own smallness and does not open his mouth to speak of his own virtues or his own merits. He does not praise himself nor does he accept the praise of others. He does not attempt to lift his spirit up to some level, for his spirit is poor in his own eyes. He does not feel himself worthy to be loved by God. And yet it is he who is loved. If that spirit be an orphan, God will be its father and mother, for it has no parents to care for it. If that spirit be a widow, the Lord will be as her husband, for she has no man to look after her. And if that spirit be poor, not able to uplift itself, the Lord will enrich it with virtues and hidden trasures loved in this world and greatly rewarded in the next. I received this teaching directly from the Tzadik, Haim.

Now the Kingdom of Heaven that lasts in time has come unto its finalised form; this takes place when the Final Goel has been chosen; immediately after his sacrifice and resurrection he is brought unto his Chamber and is anointed in a ‘higher unction’ and called the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. He embraces the poor of spirit from the four corners of the world and exclaims, “We are all of the same flesh”.[7]

As first talmid of the Teacher Haim I can well testify to the fact that the Tzadik hated monarchs and kings and everything related to the arrogance of power. He would often say, “The only King is the Holy One Blessed is He” and “Thank God that the time of kings has passed” and “All kings should have been given brooms to sweep the streets with, to demonstrate the level of their occupation” and “Kings and Priests have been the destruction of the world”.

The Tzadik Haim never gave orders to anyone or told people what to do (unless they asked). He was humble with every person. He loved to talk with the simple folk, to hear what had to say, to listen to their problems and to console them. The person seated upon the Chair of the Kingdom of Heaven is the humble servant of God Almighty, chosen by God for his humility and for his love to the poor of spirit.

The Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven does not refer to the next world, that is, to the world of the souls after death, although when we speak of meriting to the Kingdom of Heaven, this also implies the merit of the soul after this world. The Sixth Sign, the Teacher of Life, Resurrected, covers that aspect of the Kingdom of Heaven. The 2nd Sign, however, shows the Palace of the Kingdom, the Anointed Judge, and the White Marble Steps which descend to earth. This is the ‘binding’ of the Kingdom of Harmony and Peace above to the earth. The expression ‘may it be on earth as it is in heaven’ refers to this Kingdom of harmony.

What does the New Testaments ‘gospel of the Kingdom’ refer to? Is it the same Kingdom of the New Signs? We often speak of the Newly Created Kingdom of Heaven which would seem to contradict any previous Kingdoms. The ‘Witnesses of ‘Genoa’ (considered by us arch enemies of the New Pact of the Final Redemption) believe that the ‘Kingdom’ was established in 1914. Does this have any sifnificance, being that the year of birth of the Final Goel, Haim, was 1914?

Concerning the Kingdom: To the same degree that Christianity itself was not the true messianism desired by God, also the intermediary Kingdom established by and for the Christianity of the Initial Signs, existed, but it was not the finalised Kingdom. With the revelation of the Completed Signs and the Final Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, that pre-Kingdom goes out of existence, ceding totally to the New Formation of the Final Redemption.

And as Christianity itself had its manifold purposes to accomplish, so too that Kingdom established seconded Christianity’s accomplishments. The key to understanding is that compared to the pagan nations, Christianity represented a great elevation with a very high moral level. So too Christianity’s relationship to Christ in the aspect of Christ the King of the Kingdom of Heaven, was a pre-concept ( replete with idolatrous conceptualisations doctrinised in Christianity ) that had to be formed in the world to create the capacity among the nations to receive the true form of the Kingdom of Heaven when it would be revealed.

The same Kingdom of Heaven helped the souls of Christians throughout the ages also after death. For as those same souls had elevated themselves in ethical behaviour and higher sentiments for the betterment of all etc. there where Christianity was positive in aiding a person in clean and honest living, so was it a boon to his soul, in at least in some order of elevation, after death. Compared to paganism, Christianity was very elevated.

Compared to the New Kingdom of Heaven, however, it it nil and void, having a completely falsified theology, falsified terminology not to speak of its manifold falsified conceptions of the Jewish people.

One thing, nevertheless, is common between them. They were created by the Lord, our God, for the sake of elevating the poor of spirit into the Kingdom of Heaven.

 Concerning the New Kingdom of the ‘witnesses’ of the mosquitoes and their calculation of 1914 that they desume from Daniel, this fact of the importance of that year may be, I believe, taken as a sign.

For sure, it cannot be denied that once the Final Goel has been chosen, also the time and the facts of his birth, take on significance that previously could not be understood. For example, the Teacher, Haim, explained to me many times the fact of his being born circumcised. He also told me that this fact was extremely important and that, although now I was not able to understand, I would have great necessity of this fact afterwards. That circumcsm from God was a Sign of the chosen Son of Adam for the generations of the Final Redemption.

Also those of the original Students of the Bible were humble, as indicated in this name itself, compared to the name of the later breakaway group the ‘Witnesses’ of etc. They also had no anti-talmud and anti-rabbi attitudes, as the Witnesses took on afterwards[8]. There was a measure of the simplicity of heart and the sincerity of understanding the faith in that original group that gave it merit to find a time-key that did indeed correspond to an important redemptional calculation. No more and no less but even less. What could they do with it? And look what happened to it!

Nevertheless, we obviously have permission to use any sign found in the world if it corresponds to the Completed Signs and if there is some advantage in using it. Thus we may say that already from the birth of the Tzadik in 1914, the New Kingdom of Heaven was also ‘born’ and had its own completely hidden developements, until the death of the chosen Goel and the Sign of his Resurrection. Then the Kingdom is called ‘established’ and it can begin to be revealed. And therefore the Tzadik was born circumcised in the Sign of the Completed Pact of the Final Redemption.

If you look more closely, however, you will see that wherever a truth is ‘touched upon’ and then corrupted and misused, that corrupting force will become the foremost perpetrater against that truth. Thus it is also significant, within the framework of the Christian Correction, that only the Witnesses proclaim a New Kingdom in virtue of that date, thereby falsifying its true value with their own false doctrines etc. So too their new theology openly denies the Trinity while it does nothing but to form a Hidden Trinity beneath it, even more subtly false than those theological trinities already doctrinised among Catholics, Protestants and Neo-Protestants.

This is exactly the point; the ‘Witnesses’ represent the Fourth category of Christianity, the Hated Christianity of the Fourth Generation.

This is verified in the Completed Signs by way of the dreams that denunced the ‘Witnesses’ in no uncertain terms and declared that they were Hated by God and that many evils that fell on the United States (in particular) were due to them.

The fact that they are denounced as Hated by God is the Sign of the Fourth Generation Wrath that destroys a large part of mankind before the double generation is concluded. It is not so strange that the Wrath of God should be associated with them. It is they who proclaim themselves with utterly stupid arrogance that only they will be saved in the terrible Day of the Lord, because only they know how to call His name. If it is to His name that they call, they associate with that name all the falsities of their own doctrines, and thus they incur the full punishment of the Third Commandment for using the name of God in vain. They will be punished openly by God before the eyes of the world, just as they have profaned the name of God openly before the world during this Fourth Generation.


Matthew 5, 4 - How blest are the sorrowful (those in mourning) they shall find consolation.


When the Kingdom of Heaven begins to descend into the world, also the terrible prophecies of God’s wrath during the Fourth Generation, begin to descend. The period is also called the Fourth Generation of the Wars of God against arrogance, against idolatry, and against all the impurity upon the earth. Many, many millions will die out in this terrible generation. It is the time of the distinct separation between the forces of good and the forces of evil. If it would be one third and not two thirds, our minds would still not be able to imagine it.

The Protection of God needed to be saved from the wrath of God during the Fourth Generation comes by way of true heart-felt faith in the One Living God, Creator of all. In this lies the protection and in this lies the medicine. From the beginning of the New Revelation, the Signs of God begin to become manifest in the events of the world. And as the years of the Fourth Generation progress, those Signs and the hand of God that is showing them become ever more manifest to those who have faith. But those who have no faith in their hearts are not able to ‘read’ the Signs of God, nor will they merit to a more precise reading of the Signs by way of Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Wise men take hold of the fear of the Lord, for the good-hearted will merit to His protection. He is coming to purify the earth of its abominations, to cleanse it from the faith in money and to burn out all belief in other gods. Faith is the ‘true money’ of the Fourth Generation, for with it you can acquire your protection.

But do not put your faith on the dollar, for it will not save you on that day. Do not defile yourself with the temptations of the mighty dollar, for the ‘protection’ of Mamon is shattered to pieces on that day of the Lord. Train yourself on the force of faith against the ensueing temptations before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.

Thank God, there are also many good people whose hearts are filled with faith. They will be saved and preserved to be witnesses unto the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And yet they will be sorrowful and filled with mourning for the many who were separated into oblivion. After this, however, when they see the great new epoch of love and peace between nations and they understand how the Almighty has directed all history towards the fulfilment of the Promise to Abraham, they will be consoled in the Light of the New Kingdom of Heaven.


Matthew 5, 5 -- Blest are the humble of spirit; they shall inherit the earth.


The humble spirit is loved by the Almighty God more than any other virtue. When the time of the Final Redemption arrives, after the terrible ‘bridge’ has been crossed, all those who will be heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven will be of a humble spirit. This is because the Lord, our God despises arrogance and conceit and every form of self-inflated image. The good-hearted person will feel the truth concerning this. within himself he will know that God loves humility and hates arrogance. So too those who will inherit the earth at that time will be of those spirits who have merited to be called humble before their Maker.


Matthew 5, 8 - How blest are those who hunger and thirst to see right prevail; they shall be satisfied.


The time of the Redemption is the historical period when right prevails. Therefore those who have hungered and thirsted for it are those who merit to receive it.

-How blest are those who show mercy; mercy shall be shown to them.


The Lord, our God is the Merciful One, His mercy is everlasting and it prevails over man’s errors. Therefore the Kingdom of Heaven must come, for it is the fulfilment of God’s mercy on mankind.

Those who merit to the Kingdom of Heaven are people who take pity on those who are less fortunate than they are. Their hearts are filled with desire to love other people and to help others as much as possible.

Yet let also he or she who has received this wonderful gift of God to take pity on others and to feel such a love in his heart, not be led into errors of thought for the suffering that he sees around him. Foolish is the man who thinks that his pity and his love are greater than the pity and love of the Merciful One. There are indeed many fools who within themselves think that if God were as meriful as they, then everything would go better for mankind. These see their own image reflected from deflected mirrors and they have no pivotal thought to adjust the distortion.

God Almighty loves His creations and does not desire their suffering. He knows the suffering and the problems of each person to the depths of one’s innermost thoughts of the heart. More than the person himself, the Almighty knows that person’s suffering. It is that man sees the moment. The Lord sees the final good to which that person and that soul can be brought.

Thus the mercy of people shown to others is at the moment and so it must be, for the suffering is now and it hurts. Philosophy will not assuage its pain nor will metaphysics or theology. Nor is it our business to know why such a person is suffering. Have pity on whoever suffers, for mercy and compassion on others are loved before the Merciful God of Israel.


How blest are those whose hearts are pure; they shall see God.


-The person of a pure heart is one whose heart is filled with good, positive, clean and wholesome thoughts. He sees God in his heart and he feels the closeness of His Presence.


How blest are the peacemakers; God shall call them His sons.


Peace in Hebrew means wholeness, the completeness of that which was separated and thus lacking and has now been brought together in a perfect union. The Redemption of the nations is the bond of peace that will be formed at that time between all peoples. Those who work towards peace participate in the beloved Redemption.

Yet the completeness of the Final Redemption cannot be based on peace alone; it is not peace that brings the Redemption; it is the Redemption that brings the Great Peace after the Fourth Generation. Peace is the result of many redemptional elements that must finally be brought together in the true unity desired by God.

The Signs of the Great Unificaion are contained in the Sign of the Stars. Sometimes, such as in the case of the prophesied unity between the Tribes of Judah and the Tribes of Efraim, perhaps Great Reunification is even more exact. In any case the unification of Jews and Christians in the same faith is essential to the ‘Messianic Unity’ needed to implement the true roots of peace in the world. To this the unification of Jews, Christians and Moslems completes the great triangle of Universal Good Fortune for the world. That triangle, however, is called Redemptional Unity whereas the unification of Jews and Christians requires the ‘Messianic Unity’ to satisfy the elements of each ones inheritance.

True peace is based on the pure faith in the One Living God, and any form of peace not based on the pure faith will not last. The Key to peace, then, requires first of all the clarification of the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father. Therefore the Sign of the Stars is, first of all, the Sign of the faith of Abaham, opening with the Book of the Stars of a multitude of nations. No ‘messianic unity’ can evolve from false doctrines in the faith reason for which the Star of Christ comes in its first phase to correct the errors of faith in all traditional Christianity.

Once that correction is understood, it becomes possible to speak about ‘unification’ through the new messianic revelation. There are no compromises in regards to the pure faith. Therefore the Key to the Redemptional and Messianic Peace that is coming opens with the Great Correction of Christianity. After this the manifold purposes of the ‘Messianic Conflict’ can be explained while the true foundation for everlasting peace becomes established by way of the New Pact of the Final Redemption and the House of Prayer for all the nations. Without that Correction there is no true unity and no true basis for peace.[9]


How blest are those who have suffered for the cause of right; the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.


Those who hunger and thirst for right to prevail have already been mentioned. They are the seekers of justice. No doubt many of them have suffered for their desire of justice. Thus those who have suffered persecution for the cause of right are of a different category.

Jesus is speaking here about the ‘cause of right’ that he was preaching. The ‘New Message’, as the Torah, is sometimes called dwcu ‘charity’. This term which in Hebrew indicates more precisely both ‘charity’ and ‘justice’ binds the theme of the Redemption to its main purpose. Both the Torah and the New Message are ‘charity’ of the Lord, our God, to mankind, and the teachings of ‘justice’ and the ‘just ways’ loved by Him. The principle purpose of both the Torah and the New Message is to create in people a New Heart of charity and good will towards others within the framework of justice.

Jesus was in the Sign of suffering for the justice of the New Message in which he believed. So too the people of Israel as a whole have been in the Sign of suffering for the truth and justice of the Torah since Abraham, our father. The reward for suffering for the Torah is the Torah itself. The reward for suffering for the New Message is the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Final Goel, Haim, who binds the tradition of the Holy Torah to the New Pact of Jeremiah of the Final Redemption has made it known to us through signs that the New Message of the Final Redemption has not been given to suffer for but to live for.

Yeshua’s messianic sacrifice opened the period of the great exile and long diaspora for Israel, and of ages of wars, ignorance and darkness. The redemptional sacrifice of the Goel Haim opens the Sign of the Tree of Life.


Matthew 5, 18 - “You are salt to the world. And if salt becomes tasteless, how is its saltness to be restored? It is now good for nothing but to be thrown away and trodden underfoot.

You are light for all the world. A town that stands on a hill cannot be hidden. When a lamp is lit, it is not put under the meal-tub, but on the lamp-stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. And you, like the lamp, must shed light among your fellows, so that, when they see the good you do, they may give praise to your Father in Heaven.”


After describing the categories of people who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, the discussion turns to the purpose and the role of Israel in bringing the Kingdom of the Heaven[10] to the world.

Israel cannot fulfil its ‘mission’ until it becomes a Light for the world. Nor can the Kingdom of Heaven be realised until at least the ‘Messages’ of the Revelation at Sinai (such as the Ten Commandments taught correctly) are known to large numbers of people in the world. For reason of this essential redemptional purpose, a ‘Messianic Pact’ had been made with the Prophet Isaiah, that Israel be a ‘light unto the nations’[11].

During the roughly 600 years of history that stood between that prophecy and the ‘there’s no time left’ calling of Yeshua, Israel had not merited to open the doors of revealed truth to the world.

In essence, the Promises of the Almighty God to Abraham entail proselitising missions that must bring the faith of Abraham to a multitude of nations. One of the foremost praises of Abraham throughout Jewish tradition is that Abraham taught the true faith to other men while Sarah, our mother, did the same with the women.

Also Israel’s redemption from Egypt and the Revelation of the Law at Sinai to Israel are the inheritance of Israel for the benefit of all. The Divine Law must be revealed in the world. The ‘chosen nation’ received the necessary blessing to maintain that Law and to act as a priest unto the nations.

The Prophets of Israel had explained the essential purposes of the Torah in a simplified manner so that it could be understood by all. Have faith in God Almighty and serve only Him. Do not fall into the many traps of idolatry. Behave with love and compassion among yourselves. Use justice in every decision. Be extremely careful in helping widows and orphans, the poor and the sick.

The words of the Prophets in effect represented ‘New Keys’ of simplified understanding given over to Israel. These came in the form of simple formulas which captured the essential spirit of the Divine Will. It was only in such a way that the Jews in those ages could have understood what God wanted of them.

The great majority of the Jewish people during the various epochs of the Prophets knew nothing or almost nothing of what was written in the Torah. The masses had continually fallen into the idolatrous cults of the nations around them. They had forgotten the Pact of the Holy Torah. The New Keys were a necessity of the times. They did not come to deny the Law but to explain, fulfil and complete the basic messages of the Law for the masses, so that they might live in their faith even without having studied the entire Torah.

Unfortunately Israel had not purified itself in the New Messages of the Prophets and it did not merit to purify others. It was therefore not fulfiling its mission. This is what is meant by the salt of the world that had lost its taste.

Israel had not been on the level of understanding the New Keys of the Prophets because it had not heeded the warnings of the Prophets to purify itself of idolatrous worship. It was the sin of idolatry that brought about the destruction of the First Temple. So too had the Prophets warned against arrogance and against substituting false values for true ones. This was the sin[12] that brought about the destruction of the Second Temple.

The New Message of Prophets, as we have said, contained New Keys of comprehension for Israel, had it merited to use them. When a key is given, this means that there is a solution to a problem which cannot be found without that key. One must attempt to understand; aside from the rebukes and warnings against idolatry and other grave errors (for in these there are no new keys), what did the Prophets seek to resolve?

One basic problem was this: How was Israel, commanded in the entire Law of Moses, to open the doors for instructing the nations in the Divine Revelation? Often, the messianic prophecies such as ‘I will make you a light onto the nations’ ‘and to his instruction the far-off islands wait’ etc. contain this underlying problematic.

The answer received by the Prophets was that the essential message of the Torah could be reduced to the basic commandments, ‘Have compassion one to the other’ ‘do justice to the widows’ , ‘ the just man lives in his faith’ etc. The Prophets spoke to Jews but these ‘reductions’ contained keys to formulating succinct messages that Israel as a nation of Priests could teach to the nations. In the end, also the nations would give praise to the One Living God and Creator of the universe and they would beleve in the God who revealed Himself to Israel. At that time the nations would love Israel and Israel would become a guiding light for the world.

It is essential that the Jewish people understand this. Had Israel heeded the Prophet’s warnings and had it merited to the many keys hidden in their words, its history would most certainly have evolved in a higher order. Instead of Yeshua’s there’s-no-time-left mission of tragedy, there would have been preceding Messianic Missions to fulfil that period of the 2000 year mark of the Star of Abraham, missions of a much higher order than the one that came out. It is essential to the seriousness of the Jewish people that it be realised consciously that the tremendous mishaps and tragic outcomes of that mission were also the results of Israel’s sins, especially in all the periods after the Maccabean revolt. If Jesus or someone else would have received those Initial Messianic Signs and had had permission to reveal them and to teach them to a meritorious Israel, the Signs of the Universal Light to the nations would have been fulfilled by Israel itself and all history would have taken a higher course.

You may think that this is quite a far-fetched hypothesis and that it even seems contrary to the necessarily tragic mission of the Sacrificed Ram that these Gospels Corrected come to explain. It must, however, not be forgotten that the tragic mission of ‘lest I come to place the land in anathema’ realised, unfortunately, in Jesus’ mission, was in counterposition to the first part of the prophetic verse ‘Behold, I am sending Elijah the Prophet - - he will reconcile the hearts of fathers to their sons etc. That the negative half of the prophecy was fulfilled is itself proof that, had there been merit, the positive side of the prophecy would have been dominant.

When the Completed Signs of the Redemption arrive, there is great joy on high. For once the mission of tragedy has ended its time cycle, the Final Mission is that of Life. When the cycle of the Star of Abraham comes to its closing period of 4000 years, the Great Key to the true reconciliation of the hearts is given through the Sign of the Stars, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. New Gates of understanding are opened. All past prejudices are cancelled out. It is the fulfilment of the New Song.

Abraham, our father was promised by EL SHADDAI tht he would be the father of a multitude of nations. In terms of the Redemption this means that there will be a multitude of nations who will recognise the validity of the Pact of Circumcision made in the name of the faith of Abraham in the One Living God. Most Christians have always been quite content not being circumcised. They have been taught that Jesus brought to Christians a circumcised heart, so were they exempt from any circumcision of the flesh.

The circumcised heart may well be the completion of the purpose of circumcision, but it does not correspond to the fulfilment of the commandment or to the ‘Sign’ made between God and Abraham. Come now Christians of a circumcised heart, after you have understood the Correction of the Christian Thicket, and look closely. Of the three religions, Jews and Moslems in the name of the Faith of Abraham have remained in their monotheism. The Christians when they left that Pact also changed the pure faith of our fathers. They did not have the protection of that everlasting Pact.

Yeshua was circumcised in the name of the Pact of Abraham and he did not come to deny the Law of the Torah or of Prophets, but to complete the Law. The circumcised-heart represents a completion, not a substitute which abrogates the Law. One is not complete without the other.

Thank God, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim, we have received the wonderful news concerning the New Rite of Circumcision as it will be incorporated into the House of Prayer for all the natuons. The Almighty has opened the way to the fulfillment of His promise. The key of the new possibility is this: There is a difference if the Circumcision is made directly in the name of the faith of Abraham or if it is made as an obligation of the Jewish people as it has been sanctified by the Torah.

The circumcision of the New Pact derives from the direct tradition of Abraham our father, as indicated in the First Sign of the Redemption. It must be said with emphasis that the New Rite of Circumcision for the Altar of Malchitzedek (Altar of the Nations) is not obligatory in any way whatsoever (as it is for the Altars of Efraim and Judah). The House of Prayer is for all the nations, for all people, whatever race or color. The faith that is preached in the House of Prayer is the pure monotheisic faith contained in the first two commandments. This is open to all people circumcised or uncircumcised. The New Rite of Circumcision exists for whoever desires it after having understood its significance.

The Pact of circumcision with Abraham, our father, was a Pact of the Faith of Abraham. The Sign of that Pact was the circumcision. That this Pact is not only for the descendens of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob is alluded to in the command to Abraham to circumcise even the servants in his household.

When the New Signs of the Redemption arrive, so to speak, history is reconnected to a perspective of 4000 years. This is because the Redemption is the realisation of the Divine Promise to Abraham who will be called father by a multitude of nations. Circumcision in the name of the faith of Abraham is a right and a privilege to anyone who desires to have impressed on his body the Sign which distinguishes the sons of Abraham. Only the New Rite of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption offers the balanced answer to a question that is pertinent to the Redemption and directly connected to its realisation. The time will come when the circumcision will be widely extended in the world. Therefore the House of Prayer has received the authhorisation to circumcise all gentiles if they so desire. In this way Israel is accomplishing its mission and the nations are elevated to the faith of Abraham. Israel remains sanctified in its commandment and through Israel the nations are reborn in the true monotheistic faith of Abraham. Great is the blessiing upon Israel when it fulfills its mision among the nations. And great is the blessing of the nations when they participate in the blessing of Israel. Therefore the New Rite of circumcision must be performed and witnessed to by at least 4 male Jews, circumcised according to the Law of Moses. So will Israel be the salt of the earth and its light shall be spread to the four corners of the earth. The four Jewish witnesses should throw salt over their left shoulder as soon as circumcision is performed. They should wear a ring that contains yellow amber or helio stone which they will keep pointed towards the circumcision from the four directions.





Matthew 5, 17 - “Do not suppose that I have come to abolish the Law or Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to complete. I tell you this so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened. If any man therefore sets aside even the least of the Law’s demands, and teaches others to do the same, he will have the lowest place in the Kingdom of Heaven, whereas anyone who keeps the Law, and teaches others so, will stand high in the Kingdom of Heaven. I tell you this, unless you show yourselves far better men than the Pharisees and the doctors of the Law, you can never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


- Yeshua himself had been instructed in the Pharisaic tradition before joining the community of the Essenes. He does not address the Sadducees or the Zelots or the Essenes, only the Pharisees and the Doctors of the Law.

Jesus had to clarify his position regarding the Torah. The Torah is the Law received by Moses, our teacher, directly from the Lord, our God. Every word and every letter, every crown and every variation are enclosed in the Divine Seal of Truth.

The Revelation to Moses, our teacher, includes the oral tradition received by Moses at Sinai and passed on to Joshua, to the Elders, to the Prophets, to the Men of the Great Assembly and to the Sages or Doctors of the Law. Much of the oral tradition was later written down, first in the Mishnah and afterwards, together with myriad discussions, explanations and innovations in the Jerusalem and Babilonian Talmuds. The Mishnah was written down by Judah Ha-Nassi about 200 years after Jesus. In Jesus’ time most study was still oral.

After the revelation at Sinai, the Torah became the Sealed Foundation of Truth and Justice in the world. Studying, understanding and applying the laws of the Torah is of the great privileges commanded to Israel. This study and its application represent the reinforcement of the foundations of truth and justice in the world. The study and application of the Divine Law, with reverence, with humility, with cleanliness both of body and spirit, with the proper balance of fear, love and joy before the Creator of all justice, is most certainly the blessed portion of Israel for all times.

A Jew who fulfils the Torah in this way partakes of the sanctity dyecw of the Divine Law; he thus brings great merit upon his soul in this world and for the other world, and he sanctifies ever more the protection of God that is upon him and within him. A Jew may become as holy as the Temple of Jerusalem if he sanctfies himself in the Law of God.

All this belongs to the particular sanctity in which Israel has been blessed from the beginning. It is an integral part of the Divine Design in history, in order to bring Israel, and with Israel a multitude of nations, to the Final Redemption.

The way in which the Almighty God of Israel brings His chosen nation unto its Final Redemption is by way of the ‘Prophetic History’ of the Jewish people, history which begins with Abraham.

The way in which the nations are brought to Salvation at the Time of the Final Redemption is complicated because it is indirect. Nevertheless Moslems and Christians are included in the Prophetic History of the Torah. Moslems are the nations of Ismael son of Abraham and Christians are the nations of Esau. Both the Koran and the Christian New Testament recognise the Revelation at Sinai. They are both bound to the Source of Israel. Without the revelation to Moses, our teacher, there is no Judaism, no Christianity and no Islam. Even with all Israel’s lackings, the Torah has been a Great Light unto the nations. All believe in God’s direct redemption of Israel from Egypt, in the splitting of the Red Sea and in the revelation of the Ten Commandments at Sinai.

At the time of Yeshua, because of the Stellar Time-Cycles of the 4000 year course of the Star of Abraham, Israel itself, had it merited, would have become a great light of faith, good will, instruction and justice for the world. Because Israel did not merit to this, that Great Light which had to begin its ‘Work’ in the world, came out in indirect manners, conflictual to the ‘person’ of Israel who had desacrated his own God-given privilege of being a nation of priests unto the nations.

This is the basis of Yeshua’s lament that Israel, salt of the world, had become insipid. In Jesus’ time, however, it was the phase in which the Jewish nation was given its last there’s-no-time-left chance to become a shining-light for the world. Unfortunately, Israel at that time was dzim aiig, culpable of the death penalty, and in the order of the messianic time-cycles, only the death-sacrifice of an innocent Ram could have sufficed to maintain Isaac in the world, so that history would continue until it came unto the Jacob and Israel of its great blessing.

It was, of course, not the fault of the people themselves, but, unfortunately, that of the Doctors of the Law at that time. They had become hypocrits; they were not sincere; they did not care about the common people and their many needs; instead of being humble, they were arrogant; they were ready to accuse others without seeing their own blemishes; they were closed-minded, unable to hear opinions different than their own, closed out to any possibility of understanding ‘new things’ hitherto unknown to them; they were false-hearted and deceiving; they were lacking in love and compassion and were instead filled with negative feelings for all others; they accepted charity but they did do charity with others; they were lacking in vision, lacking in a true feeling of love for all God’s creations; they loved honor and titles of power not less than the nations. Were they of the nations, not commanded in the Law of God, not the pupils of Moses, most humble of God’s servants! Would that they not have done all that they did in the name of God and in the name of His Holy Torah!

These were not Australian aborigines or Chinese Confucians or African medicine men or Egyptian magicians or Indian gurus or Greeks or Romans. They were the representives and direct heirs of the Patriarchs, those responsable for the Holy Tradition of Sinai, the privileged-bearers of the yoke of the Holy One, Blessed is His name. For this reason, the terrible wrath of God was justified in that moment in punishing Israel and in making them the object of scorn for having desacrated God’s name and for having falsified the teachings of the Holy Torah, not by their teachings but by their actions.

In truth, the New Testament, albeit all the false theological implications that it contains, was a decree of remembrance of Israel’s sins in that lowest of all epochs before the destruction of the Second Temple. No other document tells of it. The Sages of Israel speak of futile and unnecessary hatred, but only the Gospels testify to various ways in which that hatred manifested itself. If we look well, it is for our benefit that this historical documantation of our sins in that period, has come down. We must know and understand our sins in order to correct them.

Are the Completed Signs in a similar situation at the historical moment in which they are revealed? Big question. Thank God, no! Big answer. There are only Sign-wise simulations, so that the errors verified can be corrected. Well, it’s not quite that simple, but now the people of Israel is moving towards it historical splendor and not away from it. Also the State of Israel is here to stay and it is going forward (even if sometime in spite of itself) and not backwards.

Do we still have the ‘problem’ of the Doctors of Law. Tough Question! Tough answer- we do, but it is resolved this time once and for all by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. It is, however, very complicated.

The Doctors of the Law are also the bearers of the True Tradition of Israel. Jesus also said ‘Do as say but not as they do’. This is proof that Jesus believed in the veracity of the Torah, Prophets and the Oral Tradition of the Sages of Israel. It was, however, a period in history in which the Sages had gone sour. All was a mass of corruption. It was probably the most disgusting and shameful period of all Jewish history, that period which itself gave reason to the destruction of God’s house at Jerusalem. There can be no doubt that the sins were grave and hateful before the Holy God of Israel.

It is also true that because of such statements as this, the subsequent nations of Christianity did not merit to understand the elevation, the greatness and the holiness of the Sages of Israel throughout Jewish history. As a bull that tramples under foot whatever is in its path so has been Christianity in regards to the Sages of the Torah in these past 2 millenia. The entire New Testament is slanted against them. Even worse is that the other side of the prophecies, the positive and everlasting side, is completely missing from the text.

We will come back to this argument at various points of the Correction. Let it suffice to say, however, that one must be very careful in speaking about the Sages of Israel, of blessed memory, bearers of thr true tradition of Israel; all their words are ‘burning coals’ derived from the Sanctity of the Holy Torah. The Doctors of the Law at the time of Jesus were indeed in an extremely low and corrupt state of performance. Not for this reason are they to be judged for all times and all generations. Without them, there would be no redemption in the world.

It was for this reason that it was unfortunately incumbent upon the poor Ram to speak out forcefully in an impossible attempt to find ears that might listen. But that mission was already doomed to its sacrifice as Israel was already doomed to its exile. Only the virtuality of ‘possible’ repentence allowed for a short mission in an attempt to break down the barriers of the past. In any case, Jesus knew that he was speaking about the salt of the world, not so Christianity after him.

In all the New Testament only Paul tried to compensate for the lacking equilibrium, but Christianity was unable to hear his words.

We do not wish to be overly simplistic, however, in a question as profound as the ocean and as variegated as the kinds of fish in the sea. We must also try to understand Jesus’ various criticisms of the Doctors of the Law as the critique of a Hacham looking into the heart and essence of a problem the truth of which must be sought and found. Jesus knew the Sanctity of the oral tradition of the Sages. His affermations are not to be judged on the ignorance of Christian populations after him. Es is zicher fur mir einer fun die greste shwerekeiten reden vegen die hhessronus fun die Hhachamim, ober ich ken zich nisht opsheiden fun zweken vos hubben a hhashivus in dem klalisdiken tikun fur Israel in diese Firste Generazia und Lezte Teg fun Mishpat.

Jesus criticised the Sages of that time for not following the tradition, tradition which includes all the teachings of the Torah and Prophets, properly and for not implementing the teachings of the Sages with corresponding actions. The conditions of the Torah and of the oral tradition are rigorous. Every action, every word and every thought must be measured to the utmost; the exact behavior of one person to another must be impeccable; even one unworthy word that offends another person must be answered to in judgement.

Often Jesus’ teaching on such matters are not innovations; they are of the tradition. It was in that moment of history, however, when the very ‘acts of religion’ were totally external and unaccompanied by the true fear of God or the true love of God or by the attitudes of love and mercy towards people desired by God, that those teachings of the ‘essence’ of the Torah had to be emphasised:

“You have learned that our forefathers were told, ‘Do not commit murder; anyone who commits murder must be brought to judgement’ but what I tell you is this: Anyone who nurses anger against his brother must be brought to judgement. If he abuses his brother, he must answer for it to the court; if he offends him with an unworthy word, he will have to answer for it in the fires of hell - - If when you are bringing your gift to the altar, you suddenly remember that your brother has a grievance against you, leave your gift where it is before the altar. First go and make your peace with your brother, and only then come back and offer your gift.”

This was hardly a teaching foreign to the tradition or too abstract to be understood by the Sages of blessed memory. Jesus, however, when he said, ‘If you do not show yourselves far better men than the Pharisees and Doctors of the Law’ was not speaking to the Doctors of the Law but to the good-hearted Jews who lived in the simplicity of their faith, having perhaps been instructed only in the essentials of the Torah. Jesus rightly and justly defended these Jews against the corruption, insincerity and hateful attitudes of the rabbis in that period.

In one instance, however, Yeshua refers to a burden imposed on the Jewish masses but which the Doctors of the Law themselves did not carry. I don’t know if Jesus was refering to the various kinds of tithes and obligations of which the rabbinical authorities were so scrupulous in collecting and sagacious in avoiding while the Temple was still standing. Is it possible that he was referring to the ‘burden’ of the rabbinical laws themselves?

Probably, whether he was or he wasn’t, he was. I say this because when the Gospels are read according to the new understanding of the Initial Signs in virtue of the Completed Signs, its words often become prophetic signs; one can see Christian history and someimes Jewish history develope upon them. As explained, the Christian Signs were based on the Initial Signs which were Prophetic by nature as are the Completed Signs; this means that they are written in the Redemptional Stars which then carry them along historically.

It is undeniable that for the majority of Jews, the moltiplicity and severity of the rabbinical halacha has proved a burden which they are unable carry. The people yearn for a simplified halacha, a simplified way of serving God and doing what is right, while remaining Jewish. The developement of Conservative and Reform Judaism in the United States has been among the results of this historical necessity.

We must remember that just about all of Jesus’s words have messianic connotaions. They are prophetically balanced to meet the challenges of the opposing necessities required to bind extreme differences in the end. The messianic Joseph Signs and the messianic David Signs are found in opposition to one another in the purposes that they must fulfil, but after that fulfilment, each one to the point that it reaches, is inherently bound to the unity from which it had to be separated.

This takes us back to one of our original questions: how was the Torah to be a light onto the nations, in view of the tremendous severity of its laws, a severity which in most generations has been unattainable or unbearable to the majoriy of the Jewish masses themselves.

The messianic Signs carried by Jesus from the School of the Essenes, were already geared for the great Change in Direction when the attempted renewal would fail. It is for this reason hthat we find such statements in the N.T. such as ‘This gospel will go out to all the nations’ or ‘I have not found such a faith even in Israel’.

Those Initial Signs were inherently more geared toward the Joseph Signs, because these contained the simplified prophetic messages of the Prophets, messages that could be absorbed by the masses with great facility, in opposition to the complecated methods of the rabbinical schools. In the hands of the Sages, even those simplified teachings became cumbersome, long-winded and technical discussions geared to intellectual hair-splitting and not to the masses. It hurts but its true. History has proven so.

This does not detract from the truth of that tradition; it diminishes, however, its valid application to all strands and levels of the Jewish people. The Joseph Signs that eventually would be received by the nations of Christianity, were, in Jesus’ mission, still within the framework of the Jewish people, and thus they went out to the Jewish masses that could not keep up with the great intellectual heritage of the Doctors of the Law.

This fact, together with the base level and corruption of the rabbis of that time, turned the plate of justice to the side of the good-hearted simple people who desired to live in their faith. These became elevated in the sight of God, and the Doctors of the Law were despised, and the more they used the Torah and the Law to cover over or to obtain their personal and unworthy motivations, the more did they become loathesome before God and before His Higher Tribunal. The House of God and the long bitter exile was not a punishment for petty theft.

Jesus knew that his mission was under the Joseph-Signs or Efraim-Signs. Otherwise he could never have expressed the principles of his mission as “I have not come except to save the the lost sheep of the house of Israel” and “Do not think that I have come to bring peace” etc. But the lost sheep of the ten tribes were already disperced in Jesus’ time. And Jesus did not actually know if, and if so to what extent, his mission was destined to be taken by the nations. In his time the Efraim Signs sought to fulfil their purposes among the Jewish masses who were ‘estranged’ in many ways from the Judah Signs connected with the Torah and Temple Tradition in total adherence and with talmudic erudition.

[1]. All such exaggerations, for example, in the Talmud and Midrashim, did no harm to the basic faith of Israel because they were within the context of the faith of Torah Judaism. Had one such rabbinical exaggeration gotten out of that context to become a Corner Stone of a new religion, it might well have caused a similar damage. There is yet lacking, however, a profound study in the relationship between the Zohar's idolatrous doctrine of Zeir Anpin and such talmudic expressions such as the Tefillin of the Holy One, Blessed is He, or such as the Holy One's wrapping Himself in a Taleth acting as Shaliahh Tzibur (the Prayer Leader) at the Red Sea. Indeed these instances of momentary Manifestations of the Divine Presence were taken to the letter in that Kabbalistic literature and further concretised into the idolatrous building-blocks of their Four-World system, completely distorting the pure faith of the Torah.

[2]. Matthew 1, 1-17: Yeshua was from the tribe of Judah, nor is it improbable that he descended from the House of David. Even though his mission is not the mission prophesied for the scion of Yishai, the mission that brings Israel to its spiritual reawakening, to the building of the Final Temple etc., clearly the messianic prophecies had to pass through his mission, as explained throughout Sefer ha-Mafli. Those prophecies are replete with expressions which in some way can be associated with that mission and in some ways not, but even those prophecies that cannot be associated with his mission had to pass through that historical messianic phase, reason for which Christianity, in its 'necessarily' erring prospective of Jesus' position could not but associate them to him. What is meant here by 'unnecessary' and 'irrelevant' is in view of that traditional Christian prospective. First of all, after the understanding of the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the Ten Tribes of the House of Israel by way of the Christian Mission, explained at length in Sefer ha-Mafli, Yeshua's mission, in that aspect where it was truly successful (even if this truth becomes revealed only at the end in the Final Redemption), the traditional Jewish idea of the Messiah son of Joseph is certainly more applicable than that of the Messiah son of David. This because in Jewish tradition the Messiah son of Joseph is known as the Messiah of the Ten Tribes who is, however, only partially successful, having to be completed by a later mission of the Messiah son of David. The Messiah son of Joseph is himself of the ten tribes from whence his epithet, and not of the tribe of Judah. As a Sign therefore it is more interesting that his father's name was Joseph rather than Matthew's genealogy. As will be explained, however, even the Davidic prophecies had to traverse that previous messianic cycle, otherwise even the Messianic Mission of the Final Redemption would be lacking in the messianic and redemptional reference points that had to come out and had to be revealed in that previous period for the sake of their historical development until the revelation of the Completed Signs. In essence, nevertheless, it is neither the terms Messiah son of David or Messiah son of Joseph that invalidate or validate his mission. Throughout Sefer ha-Mafli a clear understanding is reached of the 'messianic term' that in truth characterises the Biblical prophecy that was, without any doubt, fulfilled by Yeshua, that of the Sacrificed Ram who was killed in the place of Isaac, our father. Jesus' mission was the historical and prophetic realisation of that happening. So too his sacrifice and the sign of his resurrection were the immediate results of that true messianic substance which sustained belief in his historical mission throughout the ages, not for his being the Messiah son of David or the Messiah son of Joseph and not even for the wisdom of his teachings brought down in the New Testament. If not for his sacrifice and the sign of his resurrection, there would have been no New Testament to further his teachings; he would never have been accepted by anyone, point blank. Even his own disciples re-approached their faith in his mission only after the sign of his resurrection, this notwithstanding all the teachings, all the signs and all the 'miracles' that they had seen. Nor would the terms of the falsified theology such as the Son of God etc. later doctrinised by the fathers of the Church, have ever taken root and come to the fore. Thus, with this understanding, it can be seen that all the other messianic purposes that may be associated with the house of Joseph or with the house of David, are completely secondary to the Divine purpose of the Sacrificed Ram and Isaac's 'resurrection'.




[3] In Israel, 1985, I received in a dream from the Teacher that Yeshu had a root in the tribe of Dan. - His parents were of the tribe of Judah, but one of them at least, probably Joseph, had a 'root' in Dan. Both roots had to be found in Jesus in order that those Initial messianic signs be fulfilled. Indeed, as proven by the Completed Signs, the messianic signs of both the Messiah son of Joseph and the Messiah son of David are integral parts of the same revelation, and the one person who carries them both is of the mission of the Ass who eats Bread. And although this term was unknown previously, it is made known by the Completed Messianic Signs. Thus the first Sign of the Ass who eats Bread refers to the signs of the Messiah son of Joseph and the second and completed Sign of the Ass who eats Bread refers to the signs of the Messiah son of David (see the sign received in Israel, Beersheva, 1990, by way of the Tzadik, peace be with him, Abuhhatzera, in which he announced, "Ah, so it is you the Ass, Messiah son of David" "az ata hu ha-hhamor mashiahh ben david". So have these first twelve years been divided so that in the first six years, the messianic signs of Joseph, including the signs of the Great Correction of Christianity and the signs of the universal congregation and of the universal salvation for all nations, etc. are received. Then in the second period of six years the messianic signs of the house of David are received. The signs of Joseph, furthermore, containing, as said, the Correction of Christianity, necessarily explain the true mission and the true purposes of the mission of Yeshua. Thus the first Sign of the Ass who eats Bread itself represents the mission that Jesus had upon his shoulders, whereas the second Sign represents this Ass' Mission.

In reference to the first note below, however, it is, I believe, the Mission of the Sacrificed Ram that will be used in subsequent history, because although that mission has many messianic explanations in terms of the First Ass who ate Bread, but it is this mission of the Donkey which is explaining them.

[4] This fact, however, does not interest the Correction, if not en passant, because it has relatively no importance. In any case, the Sign of the resurrection was true and this has nothing to do with what was done with his physical body.

[5]. see bookass1 followed by bkdonk2. -

[6]. Also in Jewish Tradition it is said that the First Redemption was in the merit of Abraham, our father; the (salvation during) exile is in the merit of Isaac, our father, and the Third and Final Redemption comes in merit of Jacob, our father.

[7]. see dream of Solly Kamkhaji - Israel - 1990 (Dream 629).

[8]. I found this information from a letter written to the Jerusalem Post somewhere between 1993-1994 by someone personally knowedgeable in the vast difference between that original group and the ‘dissident’ group that later formed the ‘Witnesses’ - see the Signs against the ‘Witnesses’ in dreams. - -

[9].see the New Law and New Rite on the Great Key of Peace found in the New Rite for the two days of Rosh ha-Shana. - -

[10]. perhaps ‘light of the Torah’ would seem more appropriate, but in view of the ‘messianic kingdom’ of the Initial Signs, Yeshua’s main thought was for the ‘Kingdom’.

[11]. Isaiah 49: 6.

[12]. The Sages, of blessed memory, say that it was futile or useless and unnecessary hatred - this was the result of arrogance and false values. -