Written by: Peretz Green


The Star of Christ Explained


Only the Final chosen Goel, Haim, of Sana'a Yemen could have made this amazing declaration "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility". These words in the mouth of the Goel Haim are destined to change the general mentality of all Israel and to destroy the false theological application of deification to the poor God-Fearing Jew, thrown into that messianic thorn-bush in the prophetic realization of the Holy Torah of the Ram sacrificed in place of Isaac, our father. Except for the chosen Tzadik Haim, no one could have the authority nor could anyone have the force to declare such, if not that God Almighty chose him as the Final Goel and the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. The statement represents an incredible change in all future history.

The chosen Teacher Haim informs us of this fact as the New Chosen Teacher of humanity who in this first Completed Sign is teaching us New Things concerning the Stars of the Redemption that were hidden and whose names had not yet been given until the coming of the Final Goel who reveals New Things from the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father. So have we mentioned the names of these Stars in their new redemptional formation throughout the Book of the Rose. These stars all existed before but they possessed other names and the name of each star is representative of the star's qualities. Each star has its own qualities and even its own desires and preferences. The intellect and knowledge of a star is superior to the human intellect. As angels who have a very elevated intellect, so the stars, each one on its level, is endowed with a very high intellect.

This is for the stars in general. Until the new names of these stars taught to us by the Tzadik Haim, were given, the stars were, in a manner of speaking, as people of individual interests. The secret of these stars are given in the Book of the Stars of Abraham. From the true knowledge of those stars, even as each one was in all its past, the Goel Haim gives over the 'secret' of those redemptional stars by calling and applying the New Names of the Redemptional Stars. We are speaking about 127 Redemption Stars. These, however, do not count the number of stars for each constellation of the thirteen 'New Constellations' of Big Fish Leviathan. Nor do I know anything about the number of stars in each one of those New Mazalot. Nor is it important. It's important to know the name of the New Mazal and all is included in it.

When these new names are given to the stars and are received by them and the Goel Haim teaches their names and they are written in the Documents of the Final Redemption, they are in such a way fixed and bound to the earth forever more. Thus with the Stars of the Redemption fixed in writing in the world, constantly bound even more by the new pupils who say their names in studying about them, the influences of these redemptional Stars begin to descend to people in the world who have merits before God Almighty and whose essential being is prone to doing good, to help others, to love justice and to use respect for parents and for all people. These are yet individuals who will eventually receive the Final Redemption. For now the redemptional stars themselves are in harmony, in perfect harmony with God Almighty's truth in every aspect of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. They know in their elevated stellar intellects that as time proceeds, the chosen one of the Creator will be called Marvelous Counselor, Potent one of God, Farther for all times, Prince of Peace.

Therefore it is part of our service to God Almighty in working for the Final Redemption that from second night of Shavuot until Kippur we have the New Rite of Counting the 127 Stars of the Redemption and to complete the 127 stars in the 7 days of Succot).

Such is the necessary introduction to the immense felicity of the revelation of that incredible and wondrous star called here: 'the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility'. For sure, this is the most incredible Star of all the other redemptional Stars. No other Star was the Star of Malchitzedek and no other Star is called the Star that Astounds in the Final Redemption. No other Star is the Star of Bethlehem, for in no other Star is there such a very special Oven for Baking its Bread! No other Star is a Baker, as far as I know. But no other Star carried the name of Justice is my king, or as the Completed Anointed King and other names as well. And let me tell you with Donkey Flashes of the Redemptional Stars, no other Star is alluded to in the Holy Torah as 'the Star that made its way from Jacob; it will smite the strong ones of Moab and undo by uprooting while yet awakening all the children of Seth' (Numbers, 24: 17).

And yet all this, dear fellow pupils of the Goel Haim, yes, it is the most amazing and wondrous of Stars but it is not the most elevated by any means. Malchitzedek, even if complete as a King and as a Priest to God on High, received a tenth of the spoils from Abraham, our father. Although it binds righteous kingship and priestly unction, Malchitzedek needs a tenth of the Star of Abraham in order to be able to fulfill his own tasks at Salem, antique name of Jerusalem, and as Priest to God on High. This fact, on a stellar level, is very interesting, not only for this Star is needing the blessing of the Star of Abraham but for the fact that it could not bear more than that percent, a tenth and not more. Such was the level of the Star of Makchitzedek compared to the Star of Abraham.

Here now, think a bit. If the Star of Bethlehem is going to Bake 'Messianic' and Redemptional Breads so that they be received and eaten by the Donkeys of the Goel Haim who eat that Redemptional Bread, it would not be enough to eat a tenth of the Star of Abraham. In that particular moment of history, it was sufficient. Perhaps, King Malchitzedek could have written and sent messages to the nations to know that there is only One true God. This obviously was not the case, otherwise it would have been revealed for history. The fact, however, that at that time and that blessing, it would have been sufficient to bring the final redemption of humanity if the nations would have abandoned their idolatry and served the true God. Such a hypothesis is only for understanding. The Star of Abraham is the Father of a Multitude of nations. The tenth received by the Star of Malchitzedek gave over a great force to Malchitzedek to be able to convert people of the nations to the true faith.

What I'm getting at is this: as history progressed and the Patriarchs were complete and all redemptional history continued, it would not have been sufficient to receive a tenth of the Star of Abraham but he needed as well also a tenth from the Star of Isaac and from the Star of Jacob, a tenth of the Star of Aharon, a Tenth of the Star of Yehoshua bin Nune, and so on. Also this why this Star is so Astounding; it partakes of a tenth of all the Redemption Stars.

It is therefore just this Star that moves across the heavens while rooted in Jacob. Since it takes a tenth of the Redemptional Stars, it moves from one position to another so as to be in the proper and best stellar position to receive a tenth from each redemptional Star. Those movements themselves from one Stellar position to another render the Star even more amazing, in its quality of rapid changes and flexibility.

In elevation, however, it is less than each individual Redemptional Star, as its smallness compared to the Star of Abraham. Take this marvelous 'messianic' (of salvation) Star and call him humble, for in humbleness, he is loved by all, and thus can it receive the Composite Message of the Third and Final Redemption. This is one of hidden intentions of the Goel Haim's teaching, "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility'. Hee-haw! hee-haw! This knowledge is a gift from the Teacher Haim.

Last night, Shabbat, Noda saw in a vision a star which she saw as being all black inside while its outer, manifest part was totally white. It is just this fact that has stimulated me to write these words on the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility. Jesus was born under that Star as we have received it from redemptional dreams. So was he guided by that Star to arrive at the Essenes, to be in close relationship with John the Baptist and the leaving the School in order to accomplish a messianic mission of salvation. All Christianity followed, and since that Star contained also the Universal Signs of salvation for the nations, Jesus became the Christ of the Nations.

The Star of Christ announced by the Goel Haim is expressly called the Star of Christ; in this way we know that it refers to Jesus' 'Mission', otherwise it would have no relevancy with the Completed Signs. Secondly it places Jesus in the solid basis needed to be loved by God: Jesus was humble and his teachings taught humility and he was loved by God Almighty who accepted his messianic sacrifice for Israel. Thirdly, it comes with this name so that it be recognized as the second coming of the Star of Christ. It is, in truth, the second coming of the Star of Christ, come this time, first of all, to correct all the idolatrous errors taught by Christianity and to separate the true Jesus from the Church and to bring him home with the Jewish people. Such is the root of the reconciliation of fathers and sons. This amazing Star furnished us with all the necessary Signs in order to accomplish the Great Correction of Christianity.

I feel that the blackness that filled the star seen by Noda was not 'negative'; on the contrary, it was a very shiny hidden light, the true hidden qualities of a star, the interior life of a star, secrets that are not revealed. Every star contains its 'secrets' that cannot be revealed. And yet Noda saw it in her vision and told it to me today, Sunday. For as explained, previous to the Coming of the Tzadik Haim into his position in the Kingdom of Heaven, these stars had other names and other functions. In their new Stellar positions, I think that the inside blackness of that star is positive and represents new things that will be revealed in the world and for worthy individuals thirsty for the New Knowledge of matters that were previously hidden. These are of the Treasures of the Lord, our God. Not suddenly are they revealed but slowly as the times of the Fourth Generation lasts. Then in the generations of the Geula Shleima, more interior levels of understanding of the New Redemptional Stars and the New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan will be revealed by the Teacher Haim. Let us hope to God Almighty that we may merit to partake of that knowledge. Amen.


February 15, 2016 – BeershevaPeretz Green

Now listen, my friends and hear me well. I'm not fooling around. I've got Donkey tate-buds even now at 70, Thank God Almighty who made me His Bread to make other Donkeys that also they become Bread of the Lord, our God. A Donkey tries to do what is loved by God: he works for the Final Redemption in whatever way he or she can to bring the New Message to others, to explain to humanity its errors, to announce the Final Goel Haim, God's choice as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Goel is not the Mashiah. He is the Final Redeemer of Humanity. Moses was the First Redeemer of Israel. Mordechai ha-Tzadik was the Second Redeemer of the Jews. That Redemption was, however, not Universal nor did it become universal even throughout the duration of the Second Temple. Jesus was the Second Man of the Redemption but he is not called the Second Redeemer but Messiah. The confused Tradition of Mashiah ben Yosef concerning the Messiah who precedes the Mashiah ben David and who is killed in the end without being able to complete his wars in redeeming the lost sheep of the house of Israel, could not receive the matter as it truly is. The reason is that Christianity went off course completely, deified Jesus and all else was distorted out of all true proportions. Jewish Tradition could not touch it; it was totally taref. Nor was there any way to separate Jesus from Christianity because he was known as the Christ of the Nations. With the Completed Signs all goes into place and with the Coming of the Third and Final Redeemer, Haim, we can now understand that Jesus was alluded to in the allusions to Messiah ben Joseph. He was truly 'messianic'. He could not complete his Mission and he was killed. His main objective as the Messiah at that time was to save the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Through Christianity his teachings extended to many nations and to the extremities of the earth. Even his father's name was Joseph.

All this is so and well proven to be so. Now listen to what I ask you and from my questions your minds will awaken. Why in the world did there have to be a Messiah son of Joseph in the first place? What kind of wars would he conduct and would then be killed so as not to able to complete them? Why does Tradition continue to beseech the coming of the Mashiah ben David if the Messianic Mission of Messiah ben Yosef has not yet come? Would it not be more logical to beseech the Mashiah ben Yosef so as to bring Israel and the world closer to the Geula Shleima? But then again if it would be so that the Jewish people prayed for the Coming of Mashiah ben Yosef, is it then something pleasant or even logical or even elevated that they pray for the coming of a Mashiah that will be killed? Write me a letter with the answers, if you wish, Hee-haw!

So I'll give you advice, as might any good Donkey of the Final Goel, Haim. Eliminate the confused and unclear Bread. Even the Great Eagle didn't mention the Mashiah ben Yosef. Take also that fact with Donkey Hearing! And take up, instead, the New Clear Tongue of the Final Redemption. The prophesied Messiah ben Joseph had to be and his Mission had the purpose of saving the lost sheep of the house of Israel but he would be killed unjustly not being able to complete his that Mesianic Mission. Nevertheless, his Mission was Messianic and his teachings became known on a universal basis. The Jewish people remained in its Judaism. The teachings of that Incompleted Mission went out for the nations in which by God Almighty's Providence wlogiere disperced most of the 'souls' of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

The Prophets or Jewish Tradition could not perforate more its historically hidden issue. Needed was the Second Coming of the Star of Christ. In merit of the chosen Goel Haim in the Completed Kingdom of Heaven the Bread of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ was now being baked in the Great Oven of Bethlehem. The only thing missing was the reception of that Bread in the world. The difficulties of that reception in the world in the first period of its second coming are now impossible to breach. Who would be able to tell of the Coming of the Final Goel!? Who would be able to open the discourse of the now Completed Kingdom of Heaven!? Who would be such a worthy receiver of that Messianic Bread reveled now by the Second Coming of the Star of Christ and not believe himself the Chosen Messiah as well as the chosen Priest to God on High, the exalted Malchitzedek of History!!??

All was foreseen, of course, by the True Giver of that finalized Redemptional Bread baked in the Great Oven of the Star of Christ. A human being would be so uplifted that he would come to err and to believe himself what in truth he is not! Therefore the Almighty revealed to the Prophet that the true chosen one, the chosen Tzadik in whose merit God's salvation comes into the world, will ride on a donkey and on a wild-foal, son of she-asses. And Nelda Levi dreamed the donkey who walked along a street in Milan, entered a Bakery Shop and ate bread. – Needed was the Donkey who would eat the Bread of the Final Redemption. A Donkey knowing that he is much less than a human being could eat that marvelous Bread and not believe himself more than a Donkey. Hee-haw! Spoke up the Star of Christ in its Second Coming and gave over the Bread, first of all, of the Great Correction of Christianity, to the first Donkeys, and he explained the true messianic mission of Jesus, Christ of the Christian Nations by way of the Star that Astounds.

All is well but it was also foreseen that even the Donkey in his descent from his Stable in the Kingdom of Heaven, even in his reception of the New Bread, would not be able to speak of the Tzadik Haim and of his teachings, unless his first pupil, Peretz Green, would speak up as well and relate all that he knew having studied with the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, for 13 years in Milan, Italy. The Star of Christ in its Second Coming needed both the Donkey who eats Bread and Peretz who had studied with the Tzadik Haim.

Oh, they would have work together and in harmony to get things accomplished. So don't be surprised especially in those first 6 years, that often there arose tension between the Donkey and Peretz. The Donkey, and the Donkeys at that, eat the delicious Bread but Peretz had to write it down in readable texts for the coming generations. They were essentially in harmony but they differed in approach sometimes and sometimes for the fact that certain texts needed Peretz and certain texts need the Donkey. Peretz, however, so caught up in his love for the Donkey who eats Bread, began to believe himself the Donkey, the Messianic Donkey at that! The Donkey knew that he was only eating the Messianic Star-Bread of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ but Peretz had the 'credentials' as first Talmid of the Tzadik Haim. Now if he were the Messianic Donkey as well and he himself was born Jewish and of the Tribe of Judah, could then some Messianic pretenses not creep under his clothing, striping him of all the past and rendering him the first New Messianic Donkey who eats and gives over to the world the Amazing Bread of the Final Redemption?

This, dear friends, speaks of the first 6 years in the Sign of the Correction of Christianity where the Signs were so blatant and visible until the stones that we walked on barefoot by the Adda river or wherever we went, called to us, "Come and take us up to be 'Signs' of the Final Redemption!". At every step of our actions in those years sent down upon us redemptional Star-Rays of illumination. I had to be warned in a dream sent by the Goel Haim, 'be careful and do not formulate now the New Pact; twelve years are needed, not six. If you make the Pact after 6 years, you are digging a grave for yourself, a grave twelve feet deep. Clearly to make the Pact before 12 years meant death, God forbid, to the Final New Redemptional Pact. Dear friends, if you are not amazed by this information, you are asleep and you must wake up. On the other hand if you are so amazed that you fell yourself illumined with immense enthusiasm, wait yet, at least another 6 months before you judge if your enthusiasm is truthful and your illumination exact.

The first Donkey had to die at the end of those first 6 years. It was foreseen by the Completed Signs themselves. The Donkey and Peretz had so Messianically been enamored by the Correction and Revelation of the true Jesus and the corresponding 'signs' made by the Donkeys were so extravagant, that that first Donkey had to be hanged by an unjust Tribunal to complete the Correction of Jesus' crucifixion.

OK but the world yet needed a Donkey who eats Bread to complete the twelve years so as to establish the Final New Pact. Came down the second Donkey who eats Bread. For if the first 6 years were mainly in the Christian side of the Correction, the second 6 years had to complete the Messianic and Redemptional Signs for the Jewish people. The seriousness of Israel's position and Israel's predilection and Israel's errors that had to be corrected needed the Second Donkey who goes to Israel for the sake of receiving the Messianic Signs for all Israel and to brings the Completed Signs of Star of Bethlehem, the Messianic Star of the Messiah ben Yosef for the world and Messiah son of David. Came the Tzadik to Solly Kamkhagi in a dream. Paolo asked Solly was one standing there with Peretz? Solly answered that it was the Tzadik Abuhhatzeira, the only Tzadik except for the Hidden Tzadikim who possessed the knowledge of the Kabbalah Maasit in the last few centuries. Then the Baba Sali said to Peretz with much joy, "Ah, you then are the Donkey, Mashiah ben David!" For joy the Tzadik Abuhhatzeira wanted to lift up his voice and proclaim the news for all to hear. Peretz, however, made a jest to the Tzadik that it was better not to announce because it would not yet be received. Baba Sali understood and said, "Ah, yes, rabbanim reshaim". He then proceeded to have Peretz enter with him in a separated room and he closed the door behind them. - -

The Second Donkey who eats the Bread of the Star of Christ, the Star of the Messianic Bread of Bethlehem for bringing back the lost ten Tribes of Israel back into the their true confines, the Donkey, Messiah son of David, had to be a Hidden Donkey who could not announce to the rabbis anything of the incredible News of the Final Redemption. Only for the sake of those Signs for the Jewish people, God, Blessed is He, conducted us to Rav Raffael Peretz from BeerSheva and we became good friends and he allowed me to announce the Coming of the Goel Haim and the Completed Signs of the Geula Shleima in the Synagogue "Agudat Ahhim". In this way, the Signs were established in Israel for the Jewish people, Afterwards no permission was given to announce anything in public or to the rabbis. Even the Morroccan Jews, so messianic in their mentality and so respectful of the Tzadik Baba Sali, had nothing to say or to ask when I told a few of them Solly's dream before my announcing in "Agudat Ahhim", the Synagogue of Rav Raffael Peretz. Like ask me a question at least? no! With all your great love for the Tzadik Abuhhatzeira, you have nothing to ask about such an interesting dream… Nothing. Closed! Their ears were not given to hear what I was saying. We were 4 months In Israel, then 4 months in Houston Texas for the Completion of the Signs and then back to Italy for formulating the New Law, the Book Or Hhadash la-Rambam (New Light of the Rambam) and quite a few texts for the 13 Petals of the Book of the Rose (Sefer Mishnat Haim).

You can imagine that it was not easy not to get confused at times with hundreds of Messianic Donkey Signs upon me. I absolutely refused, of course, any Messianic titles from anyone and I fervently denied any such thoughts in others and in myself. Where did I get confused? It was not my fault exactly. The Second Coming of the Star of Christ in those first 6 years could scream out whatever it desired to explain and there were those who listened and were astounded. In the Second 6 years it was hard to find anyone who was able to listen and to react according to the News.

I sometimes fell into a sort of sadness. After knowing all that we had come to know and having no one with whom to share the Marvelous News conduced me at times to feel sorry for myself, A poor little Donkey who eats such Wonderful Bread and even prepares it for people to eat and no one sees him or understands him. I was sometimes in the Sign of Israel un-understood and unappreciated by all the nations and by fellow Jews as well. If I was in the Donkey Messiah ben Yosef Signs in the first 6 years who had to be unjustly hanged, in the second 6 years I was in the Donkey, Mashiah ben David Signs, without permission to speak and understood by none except for those close. The error of Emanation was to great and too thick. The error of the false Messianism of Habad too disgustingly rampant. "Be a good Donkey" I would say. "Be a good and happy talmid of the Goel Haim" he would retort. When I listened to the Donkey, I felt better. When I listened to Peretz' laments of not being understood, this was an error and so I fell into errors of crying for my illumined knowledge as yet unappreciated by all. It was a subtle and mistaken idea from which, without my realizing it and without any intension manifest in my thoughts, I saw myself as the Messianic Donkey caught up in a sort of human loneliness that could not be fathomed.

It was, of course, much better to think as a Donkey, to eat the Bread, write it down and be happy! Hee-haw! hee-haw!

I am not, however, relating all this except for the salvation of the Star of Christ in its Second Coming. Hee-haw!

I ate the Bread received mostly by the other Donkeys and I wrote. The 6 years passed and in the thirteenth year The Goel Haim kissed me with a loving kiss on the mouth. The messianic redemptional Signs had been completed and the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Geula Shleima could be formulated and Sealed. Then he thrust me away and rebuked me, "You thought yourself the Mashiah". "No, Moreh, no, Moreh, I didn't believe myself the Mashiah". "No, exclaimed the Tzadik Haim with force and even with disgust, "you thought yourself the Mashiah". And I woke up trembling!

I had to work it out and be thankful for this essential Correction after 12 years of Messianic Signs. In the permission of the Goel Haim, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Star of Christ in its Second Coming sighed with the relief that only such a redemptional Star might know. Hee-haw! It had given me to eat its Bread for 12 years but if I, as Chief-Donkey and as Peretz, pupil of the Tzadik Haim, had remained with any Messianic thoughts on myself in any way or form, the entire Composite Project received until then would be rendered, God forbid, invalidated, and the Final New Pact could not be made and sealed.

In a few days, the cream of the New Pure Cake that I was now eating after the Teacher Haim's cleansing me, consciously or in my subconscious or in any way or form whatsoever of Self-felt Messianism, was nicely poured onto the Cake itself to complete its sweet and delicious taste. "Oh" said Nelda Levi, "and Peretz was standing there outside of the Bakery looking on at everything the donkey did". It was a beautiful Sign of God Almighty. For 12 years, Nelda had never mentioned this fact. Only now did she remember it and did she tell it.

For twelve amazing years I was so wrapped in Messianic Cravings for the good of the world, that I believed myself the Donkey himself, the one who walked into the Bakery and ate Bread or Peretz in the Sign 'You are the Donkey, Mashiah ben David. I was heavily Donkeyed up, to say the least. Even in the Completing Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, the Donkey, pulling the cart ridden by an elderly man, after stalling and making a fuss about the Bred-Roll that had fallen from Sarah's (Markus) arm and rolled up on the country road from which the donkey cart was coming down, just under the donkey's head, gave in and ate it, although it was also somewhat dirty from the road dust.

Except for Sarah herself, in that dream, there was no onlooker. There was only the cart, the elderly man who drove it and the donkey. In the dream a second Bakery Shop was seen, after that in the first Bakery there were all kinds of cakes and sweets but no Bread. Nor was there a Peretz standing by to take in the scene. Also for the second period of 6 years I believed that I myself was the Donkey, the 'Messianic' Donkey, Mashiah ben David, even if I never admitted such to myself, knowing well that they were untrue and prohibited thoughts. But my sub-conscious couldn't lie to itself, could it?

Was all my fault? No, not my fault and not the Donkey's fault. It was the Star of Christ who knew in its elevated vision that Peretz had to see himself as the Messianic Donkey so as to capture with the correct emphasis the messianic and redemptional Signs of the first 12 years. It is the Star that Astounds and is filled with elevated strategic wisdom in every step of its redemptional course. It had to done in that way. But only when Peretz was cast away by the Tzadik Haim and then when Nelda Levi revealed that Peretz was outside close to a vegetable stand that the Star of Christ in its Second Coming sighed for its Stellar Relief and was joyous for its conclusion and for its continuation as the Star that Astounds.

Perhaps, the black inside of the star Noda' saw whereas the outside was pure white, may be exemplified by the kinds of hidden strategies of the Star of Christ. For, in truth, in the coming of the Universal Redemption the Star that Astounds is the Universal Star of Strategies in its course of channeling the Bread of the Final Redemption for the world into proper hands. Without its Stellar Strategies, there would be no equilibrium in the world that could receive the Final Great Redemption of God Almighty in the Great Change of Heart and the Great Change in mentality of all those who remain in the world after the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord in the Fourth Generation.

The Star that Astounds, since it takes on Stations to reach and to stand in in order to receive its Tenth of Wheat to take back to its Great Oven, has its particular Bindings to the other Redemptional Stars. For it is one thing to say that it the star that proceeds from Jacob but it is something else to know something of its more of its traveling across the heavens. We have spoken of its strategies for the sake of the Final Redemption, especially as the Star of Christ, even assuming the possibility of its inner 'blackness' being the wrapped up 'hidden' unrevealed strategies until the moment of their revelation in a purified manifestation of pure white light. Saying this, however, creates a Stellar Question: Is the Great Strategist of the Stars of Redemption, the Star of Queen Esther, in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh?

Well, we have seen it many times before in speaking about the New Born Union of Leviathan to the Leviatanit that big Fish himself in order to look at and gaze with love at his Leviatanit swam down from his Stellar Waters entering the Hidden Palace of Queen Esther and participating in the wonderful waters of the White Marble Steps. Now if it is so for Big Fish Leviathan to love the waters of his Newly found Leviatanit in Ester's Palace, for sure, the very Star that Astounds might often desire to travel through, while gaining its tenth from, the Star of Esther in the in Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. The wisdom of the strategies of the Star that Astounds together with the astuteness of Ester's strategies to destroy Haman, to uplift Mordechai and to redeem the Jewish people in the merit of its virtues, are certainly part of a the great redemptional strategies of the Stars of the Redemption. That is for the strategies while the Star that issues from Jacob must be bound, first of all to the Star of Jacob, our father, of the Big Dipper which contains the Signs of the Great New Messages of the Final Redemption; of the 3 Stars in a row in this constellation, the third Star is the Star of the Redemption. All 7 Stars of the Big Dipper are bound to the Star of the Redemption (Star of Jacob); the 4 revealed Stars are for open revelations and for the more hidden marvels of the Final Redemption are the Star of Esther, the Star of Mordechai and the Star of the Goel Haim.

The eighth Star seen in the Sign of the Stars is by itself, distant from the Big Dipper. Of this brilliant and many colored Star, the Teacher Haim explains: This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility. For the Great New Redemptional News comes the Star of Christ in its particular Stellar Relationship with all the 7 Stars of the Big Dipper, the Star of Abraham, the Star of Isaac, the Star of Jacob, the Fourth Displaced Star of the Fourth Generation, the Star of Esther, the Star of Mordechai and the Star of the Goel Haim.

The Star that Astounds is in a special relationship with The Star of Esther that extends to the Five Starred Constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, the Star of Ahh, the Star of Hhash, the Star of Shor, the Star of Rosh ,and the Star of Esther, as already explained in conjunction to historic Stellar Strategies.

The Star of Mordechai ha-Tzadik extends to the 7 Starred Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the relationship of the Star of Christ to the Tribunal completes the Star of Malchitzedek who declares, "My King is Justice". And by way of the Star of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the Star that Astounds is furnished with Wheat from each of the 7 Stars of the Tribunal, the Star of the Stone of Balance (Tradition of the Torah of Moses), the Star of the Stone on the Stone of the Balance (Tradition of the Prophet Elijah), the Star of Praise (Tradition of the Priesthood of Aaron, High Priest), the Star of Victory (Tradition of Yehoshua bin Nune) the Star of Abimelech (Justice for the 70 Nations), the Star of Mordechai (Tradition of the Composite Justice of the Higher Tribunal) and the Star of Phichol (the faithful voice of the Judgments of Abimelech).

The Star of Christ receives its tenth from the Star of Abraham in order teach the world the true faith of Abraham.

The Star of Christ receives its tenth from the Star of Isaac in order to explain to the world the Messianic Mission of Jesus in conjunction with the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac's stead.

The Star of Christ receives the prophecies of the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah from the Fourth Displaced Star.

The Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility, for its Second Coming, relates to the Star of the Goel Haim in explaining the Origins of the Initial Signs in the School of the Essenes. The relationship is also as declared by the Goel Haim in Daniel Manigrasso's dream, "I am the Goel Haim and you are the Star of the Goel".

Thus have we spoken of the Star of Christ's binding to the Stars of the Big Dipper, to the Stars of the Constellation of Esther, and to the Stars of the Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai. The fourth Constellation is that of the 13 Starred Rose, the Shoshanna. As said, the Star of Christ proceeds from the Star of Jacob and the Star of Jacob of the Big Dipper is called the Star of the Redemption, as received in a dream by Solly Kamkhaji. In the Constellation of the Shoshanna, the third Star of the Roof, also called the Star of Jacob, and the Star that Astounds takes from it its tenth for the formation of the Schools of the Final Redemption, for there is no Final Redemption without the Schools of the Shoshanna, of Esther and of the Yellow Rose. From this relationship the Star that Astounds takes its tenth from each of the 13 Stars which together is called Shoshanat Yaacob, the Rose of Jacob. All these Stars are needed for the 13 New Altars of Prayer, for the 13 Petals of the Rose and for all the categories of 13 received for the New Final Pact of the Geula Shleima.

The Star of Christ having now passed through the Big Dipper which contains the Ten Virtues of the Middle Column, and through Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh with its 13 Virtues of Esther and through the Shoshana with its 13 virtues of the Good Heart is now ready to pass through the 36 Redemptional Stars of the Hexagon, taking a tenth of Wheat from each Star to complete the New Humble Heart of the Final Redemption. From there it passes through the 3 Great Star-Oceans of the Heart of Justice (Star-Sea of Malchitzedek), the Forgetting (Star-Sea that Astounds, which represents the forgetting of the past and its errors) and the verification of Prophecy (Star-Sea of Christ, which represents the historic secret that is revealed about the scarified ram in place of Isaac - prophetic secret that is revealed by way of the star of Christ) so as to complete the Mouth of Big Fish Leviathan to be able to enter the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan.

Clearly of all the Great Seas of Leviathan the closest in kind to the Star of Christ is the Sixth Mazal of the Star of the Project which itself relates to the Composite Design of the Third and Final Redemption. And by way of the Star of the Project the Star of Christ draws down its tenth from each Mazal of the 13 Mazalot.

Let it be remembered that with the Dipper, the Tribunal, Esther and the Rose, the Star of Christ is itself the 33rd. Then with the Mouth of Leviathan and the 13 Mazalot, 49 Stars have been reached. The Fiftieth Star is that tremendous long Star-Pillar which gives over the Three Great NUNES of the Final Redemption. The first NUNE after the 49 Stars is the Nune of Yehoshua bin Nune, needed especially for the formulation of the New Law. Here the Star of Neck is defeated and turned into the Star of the Victorious NUNE.

After this come the 36 Stars of the Hexagon with the Virtues bring the Star of Christ to 86. Then come the Star-Clusters of 6 Stars each for the Right Eye, for the Left Eye, for the Right Ear, for the Left Ear, for Breath and 2 Stars for the Tongue and Lips which brings it to 118 Stars. Here comes the Second Great NUNE FINALE on Star 119, after as the Star of Haman, it becomes the Star of the Great Final NUNE of SHUSHAN in which resides the Great New Hidden Purim of the Final Redemption with its destruction of the Jew-haters and enemies of Israel. Then the Star of Christ, come in Humility, is ready to receive the third Great NUNE whence cometh the end of every Stiff Neck in its thousands of manifestations throughout the world, whether in idolatry or for sex or for money, which are cut down and wiped off the Planet Earth. Then the NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan is so happy with this Victory that it sets out to prepare the Tables for the Great Banquet of the Just during the generations of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen and beloved Tzadik from Sana'a, Yemen, the Teacher chosen by God Almighty for the Geula Shleima, Haim.

Since the Banquet has to be prepared, it's obvious that the women are needed. For this purpose come the Seven Concluding Redemptional Stars of Sarah, our mother, Rebecca, our Mother, Lea, our mother, Zilpa, our mother, Rahhel, our mother, and Bilha, our mother with the 127th Star of Queen Esther, the Last of all the Miracles.

For sure the Star of Bethlehem receives quite a bit of Wheat with which to bake redemptional Bread for Donkeys to eat, if only they are hungry enough. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!!!