Written by: Peretz Green


Introduction to Jews concerning the true Story of Jesus



The Importance of Jesus for the Final Redemption, a discussion for Jews in particular

Hello. Please listen and don't close this document. We are absolutely not of Jews for Jesus or any such groups. We are of the Final Redemption (Geula Shleima) in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim, as announced and explained, in thousands of pages of Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Shabbat: I dreamed 2 dreams that come to help me define the document. In one dream a young university-student aged girl knocked on the door of our house and we had her enter. She wanted to speak to us about enlarging our horizons by being interested in the political realities of Israel, social matters, history and culture in general. There were two fellow friends present, one a young boy of let's say 14 years old and another young student aged person, let's say 22. He began to answer to the young woman showing a large knowledge of things. I then said to her, "Have you met others with such a vast knowledge and depth of thought? The young boy held my hand tight in a bond of friendship. –

These 3 Jews were those who could understand the Message of the importance of Jesus.

In the other dream: Rav Laras of Milan was seated in a courtyard, similar to the backyard of our house in Newark, New Jersey of the 60s and part of the 70s. I was on the left side of the courtyard and there was an amazing vision of the sun. There were beautiful colors and collidescope type designs around the sun and as I fixed my eyes on it, it lifted me up, even to a height of some 15 yards. I didn't want to be seen by R. Laras. I remember that the sun spoke to me saying that I was exempt from any oath that I may have taken or that I wanted to renew but was told by the sun not to renew it. I came down and went over to the Rav asking him if he had seen the amazing sun. He said no. In fact, from where he was seated, there was only a tall building on the other side of the fence which impeded and further vision. I then realized that I had not offered him a coffee or whatever and I brought him inside the house but then he was gone even without saying Good-by. - -

This dream reminds me of the miracle of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot of 1983 when Rav Laras did not even bother to look at the sun. Here the dream obviously says that it's not properly to Traditional (religious) Jews that the document must be written: they will not be able to see anything, closed off in their limits etc.

I must not waste time or energy on those who will not understand, even with miracles before their eyes. They will not see the miracles, point blank. Those who will be able to understand are young open-minded Jewish people and young people who as close and precious friends will take our words to heart.



It's of course not easy to approach Jews with the prospect that Jesus not only has had an important historic role but that such a role has also great significance for the Jewish people. Our success in completely detaching Jesus from Christianity, accomplished by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim, is yet a long course from the mentality of any Jew whose reflection on every aspect of Christian history is replete with the accounts of hatred, of Jewish suffering and blood libels, of intolerance and of popular stupidity fostered by the Church and by Haman-Priests. A long two-thousand year chain of prejudice, small-mindedness and the rebellions of invidious souls have cast shadows of unthinkable appeasement between the Church and the Synagogue. Not for the Synagogue of devoutly religious Jews is this said but of Jews in general from all walks of life if yet their Jewish identity is alive within them.

Such an historic reality is somewhat overshadowed in present history since fanatic Islam has targeted Christians as well as Jews and because general cultural development has allowed many of the Christian world to reread the Bible and to gain a deeper appreciation of God's selection of the Jewish people. Certain Protestant congregations even help Jews settle in Israel for in their belief in the second coming of Christ they are convinced that such cannot come about until God's promises of Israel's return from its exile has taken place at first. They thus sustain Jews who wish to establish themselves in Israel in that which they see as a worthy deed before God. This certainly represents a positive jump from all past history.

Catholics too have seen changes in the Church's attitude towards the Jewish people since Pope Carol Woitilla entered the Synagogue of Rav Toaff in Rome in 1984. Most Catholics, however, follow, nevertheless, the dictums of the Vatican that has had to come to terms with the reality of Israel's existence.

In any case these levels of appeasement are quite superficial and they do not touch the crux of the problem. All Christian theology has absolutely no possibility of conciliation with the pure monotheistic faith of Judaism. A reconciliation with Islam will take place when Islamic fanaticism will be destroyed since the monotheistic faith is upheld by the Koran but even if all Christians suddenly loved all Jews, this would not bring about any true reunion of the faith. The Trinity is not monotheism!

 Our discussion here, however, does not relate to past history and in what relates to future history is not between the Church or Christianity in general, and between Judaism. As said, there exist no terms of reconciliation between the deification of a man and Jewish belief. Such a deification has no place in the world of truth. There will be no Church, no deification, no Trinity and nothing of all that relates to Christian theology, point blank!

This simplifies the theological part of the matter but the problem of a world filled with Christians and the 'problem' of Jesus himself and of his Mission must be resolved. Christians, although they will return to the pure faith in the One Living God, will not become Jewish but also the general love of Christians for Jesus will not go away. False Christian theology has been imposed on them as a dirty garment that can be removed but the love for Jesus is of another substance. Jesus was a living person; he was not a 'theology'. His being is an integral part of the Christian essence; it cannot be undone.

All this is background for the point at hand, the importance of Jesus for Jews and for future Jewish history or as we speak, in terms of the Geula Shleima, the Final Redemption. The first concept of the Geula Shleima without which there is no beginning is the universality of the Final Redemption. The peace promised by God Almighty cannot be only for Israel. Peace cannot be promised for Israel if there are bellicose conflicts in the world. Wars lead to other wars and Israel would come to be involved sooner or later. In any case the universal peace of the Final Redemption is not a partial one and it represents the entire new mentality promised by God Almighty.

If, as a Jew, you believe that the Geula Shleima is truly a promise of God Almighty that will be, this is the only true starting point. Otherwise there is no logical prospect to a universal peace. History is proof. Conclusion: if the promise of Ha-Shem Baruch Hu is for a universal peace, then most certainly He has already established the ways and means in which it will be obtained. It is over our heads, as said, it's not a logical process. Nor will it be such as to give place to mankind, whoever they may be, to say, :We have done it; in our good will has it been reached; in the work we have done towards it, has it become a reality. This would be foolish arrogance, but what will happen is such that no one can think it or say it. All will know that God Almighty alone has brought it.

The Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim is explained throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim in many Books and Texts, thank God. In this document, however, I'm trying to explain to open-minded Jews the importance of Jesus, of his Mission and of his influence on history for the Final Redemption, without explaining too much of the Geula ha-Shleima itself. Obviously, one who is already into the New Studies doesn't have the problem concerning Jesus' position by simply following the Signs. From the very first Sign of the Stars, the Goel Haim declares, "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility" and in the course of the Completed Signs was received in a dream of Giuseppe Manigrasso, in the name of the Archangel Michael, 'Three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim'. Also from the Completed Signs derives the great redemptional novelty both for Jews and Christians: Jesus' redemptional position relates directly to the prophetic realization of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead. (see Petal 5 of Sefer Mishnat Haim. Those already involved in the marvelous perfume of these subjects understand the importance of Jesus.

The time, however, is still before that involvement, and for Jews the matter of Jesus' being important or not has not yet been scrutinized. They cannot look at Jesus as being detached from Christianity with all the negative implications of Christianity's unbreakable and horrendously idolatrous theology. Yet even Jews who are able to think about Jesus' person and his mission before the corruptions of the Fathers of the Church, cannot go beyond the description of a very great renovator in serving God with true faith, with sincerity and with a sense of dedication that goes beyond and above death. The historical bungles of the Church they ascribe mostly to Paul of Tarsus and in general to the so-called Fathers of the Church.

Those Jews culturally more advanced in history (compared to the closed-mindedness of most orthodox or hhredi Jews who will not even 'speak' of matters concerning Jesus) are totally uninfluenced by Islam's standing on Jesus as a very special Prophet unheeded by Jews, who, as they did not listen to previous Prophets, were unready to yield to Allah's Messenger, Mohammed. Islam also cedes to the virgin birth which for Jews makes it all the more impossible to take on Islamic thought on this matter. (In general most Jews are unfamiliar with the teachings of the Koran but this is also true of the Christian New Testament). Jews have the Torah, what more do they need?

That is true but the Torah reveals the birth of Ishmael and his great expansion into 12 nations. So does the Torah reveal the birth of Esau who is associated with Rome and thus with Christianity. Ishmael was Abraham's son and Esau was Abraham's nephew. Thus Islam and Christianity are 'signed' into the Torah. This is not true of any other 'historic religious body'. In any case we are not speaking here about Islam or about Mohammad. Nor are we speaking about Christianity as such which although it has had functional importance on Christian society throughout the ages, doesn't remain in time due to the false faith that it teaches. In the New Message is explained at length that Christianity has served as a place of refuge for the souls of the Lost Sheep of the Ten Tribes of the House of Israel, and that this is prophetically announced in Jesus' words. In any case, a refuge has only an intermediary function after which it need no longer exist.




Theological Christianity cannot be spoken about but Christian Revelation has had purposes and when the Final Redemption is revealed, those purposes become understood. As they become understood, also the importance of Jesus becomes envisioned in a new prospective. The Ram sacrificed in the place of Isaac, our father, was important. Tradition says it was created just before the first Shabbat of Creation (Avot, 5: 6). Why? Because it was important. Not only, it was very important for the history of Israel for the sake of reaching the Final Redemption. If not, could God's Providence not have sent a Ram with or without his horns being caught in the thicket to be taken for a sacrifice? That Ram, however, was needed for Israel's redemptional history and if not for its being created before the first Sabbath, it would have been missing.

In the end, Jews will come to understand that Jesus was in truth the prophetic realization of that Sacrificed Ram. This matter is unknown to Christians as well as to Jews. For although Christianity calls Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away sins, he is never called the Ram sacrificed in the place of Isaac. Otherwise Isaac, as a man would be much greater than the ram itself which in any case is an animal. The Lamb of God, on the other hand, has no Isaac to be compared to.

There is, nevertheless, an historic difference between the binding of Isaac (Akeidat Yitzhak) and the 'altar' of Israel's punishment for its sins in the last 200 years of the Second Temple. Isaac was a Tzadik before God. He was not meant to be sacrificed for sins. On the contrary, he was greatly sanctified when he was bound to the altar, ready to be sacrificed. The Tzadik Haim taught that Abraham's slaughtering knife did nonetheless just touch Isaac's neck allowing a few drops of blood to spill. This had the purpose of completing the sanctification as if he had been sacrificed.

At the time of Jesus, a terrible decree of annihilation, God save us, of the Jewish people was decreed. They were on the 'altar' of their death, Only a sacrifice of death, on the part of someone worthy in his service to God to take upon himself that sacrifice, if necessary, could have mitigated that decree and substitute it with a much less harsher one, namely, the destruction of the second Temple and the exile and dispersion among the nations. The sacrifice of Jesus actually accomplished that mitigation and lessened the decree. The essence of the prophecy in Isaiah 53 concerns this matter.

The Ram's horns caught in the thicket are prophetic to the tremendous theological complications that characterized and plagued Christianity in every stage of its history were the Horns of the Ram enmeshed in the thicket.

Abraham, our father, extracted the Ram from the thicket and offered it as holocaust. So now, when the Star of Abraham is revealed at the time of the Final Redemption, the Correction of Christianity extracts Jesus from all the idolatrous theology placed around him.

I understand that, as Jews, you have nothing yet to hold on to. Also I, as a Jew, would be unable to understand if not for my great luck and immense privilege of having been his pupil for 13 years in Milan and now for 32 years after his death and Resurrection into the Kingdom of Heaven as the Final Goel of Israel and of all humanity.

All this is unknown to you as yet. Nevertheless it is possible to accept as historic certain points of the Gospels. The theology of the New Christian testament is all false. There are some popular legends that have crept into it and developed with it. One can, however, be assured that it also contains historical realities:

 Jesus was condemned by the Jewish Tribunal and crucified at the hands of the Romans.

Jesus was the son of Joseph and Miriam. That he was born of a virgin is a legendary falsehood and a theological absurdity.

Jesus was extremely intelligent and acute and he delved into the Torah, the Prophets, all Jewish Tradition and laws. His words in the Gospels affirm this. Not all the words are truly his, however, especially in the Fourth Gospel of John.

Jesus healed people wherever he went. Those healings are emphasized to the gills in the Gospels. This is supported by The teaching of the Teacher Haim who explained to us the truth of the power of the Kabbalah Maasit that Jesus received at the School of the Essenes and used for healing people.

From the Tzadik Haim we have received the historical secret of Jesus being in the School of the Essenes for 3 years. Our Book 'The Initial Signs and the Completed Signs' is replete with the subject of that School, of its founder, the Teacher of Justice, of John the Baptist, of the Messianic Order in the School and of the Initial Signs. All those matters are essential for understanding the reception of Jesus, the great dilemma of Jesus and his leaving the School.

Even without that new study, it is possible to receive as history Jesus' resurrection after his death and burial. With God help, we will explain more about this fact, since the matter of Jesus resurrection is the fulcrum point of Christian belief. Extremely interesting is the reaction of Jesus disciples after witnessing his resurrection: From disciples who were still weak in their understanding, they became full-fledged messengers expanding their belief in Jesus messianism.



I understand well, as a Jew, that my saying that Jesus' resurrection really happened, more than not convince, it simply doesn't enter into the framework of your thought process. It's not that you might necessarily say, "I don't believe it"; it's simply that you cannot assimilate it to the realm of your faith. In truth, its implications would be too much for Jewish thinking to relate to. If you believe that Jesus descended from above after his death and showed himself to his disciples in his new resurrected body, this belief cannot simply stop there. It necessarily has consequences. If you believe in his resurrection from the dead, you can certainly believe that he was fulfilling a 'Messianic Mission', a Mission of Salvation. Would you then not have become Christian in your belief? But you are Jewish, not Christian. Therefore the entire matter does not come into play in your heart and mind.

I continue to stimulate your intellect. What is the main subject matter of Jesus' teaching? One may say at first 'the virtues of the heart' 'sincerity in one's faith and the undoing of every sort of hypocrisy', 'to feel oneself close to God Almighty as a son to his father' and so on. Jesus, however, speaks of the New Message that he brings. Those matters mentioned are in truth as old as the Torah and even before the Torah. They therefore cannot properly be called 'New'. Jesus himself refers to the New Message he brings as that of the Kingdom of Heaven and his parables most often center on this News of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This is an extremely interesting point. Jesus was attempting to teach to the Jews who listened to him the New Message of the Kingdom of Heaven. There are two main modes of this teaching, negative and positive. John the Baptist preached the immanent descent of the Kingdom of Heaven together with the Divine Judgment that necessarily preceded it. Those who repented would be saved from it. All others immersed in their sins would be punished and de-rooted from the world. The Baptist didn't reach the positive aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven nor could he yet speak of the heavenly realm of a Kingdom that was in Heaven. The situation was of crucial punishment that was decreed on the Jewish people and he took it upon himself to save the savable.

Of the positive and blessed aspects of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven he left for the blessed one that would come after him. He was the precursor whose main work was to admonish and to revitalize the Jewish spirit by way of the sanctified immersion that he furnished. Immense was the difference of level and the diversity of purpose that he envisioned in the obviously 'messianic' personage who would come after him. He himself was not worthy of even latching his shoe-laces since his was the mission of purifying by way of immersion in water whereas the one who would take on the 'Messianic Mission' would baptize men and women in the Holy Spirit (ruah ha-kodesh). Also Jesus declared the immanent Judgment of the descent of the Kingdom of Heaven but he then enlarged the teaching in the Great Kingdom of Heaven that awaited the good-hearted and faithful people who conducted themselves as loving children before their Father in Heaven.

Here's the point I'm getting to. Even if you, as faithful Jews, read the Gospels, let's say for general culture, trying to understand what's it's about, these two colossal matters of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Resurrection of Jesus will be for you inscrutable, unattainable as a thick wall that you cannot cross over to see what's on the other side. It will pass over you and you will pass over it. In essence you do not see it because you cannot look at it. How is this bridge going to be gapped? Our subject here is to understand Jesus' importance. In truth it cannot be understood until you come to grips with these two essential spiritual questions. What is the Kingdom of Heaven that both John the Baptist and Jesus gave their lives in order to reveal it? What is the truth concerning Jesus' resurrection from the dead and what importance does it have and what significance does it contain for our own belief as Jews.

Nice question, no? Christianity but more important Christians have thrived on these two concepts for 2000 years while we Jews cannot even open the door to see what's in the room. O good people, it's not a question of fault. The door has been closed and not given to be opened. In truth, it's not the fault of Jews as much as that of Christianity. Even though the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven and the fact of Jesus' resurrection are true, Christian theology has included them into the same deification of all the rest and this impedes further thought.

It's now time to rejoice. The solutions to these matters and the keys to open the doors come only with the Final Redemption and God's choice of the Final Goel, Haim. First of all, as mentioned, Jesus is completely taken out of that false theology. Jesus was a human being as every other human being. To explain things in the quickest way possible, there are Six New and Completed Signs that descend in redemptional dreams. These are called Completed Signs because aside from their new contents concerning the Geula Shleima itself, they 'complete' the 'signs' of Christianity found in the Gospels and this fact allows for the solutions. In brief:

The Sign of the Star (of Christ) has its Initial Sign in the story of the Three Magi who followed that Star.

The Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, is totally completed and superseded by the Completed Sign of the Goel Haim who is also the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Initial Sign of the New Message spoken of by Jesus is mostly related to the Kingdom of Heaven in general, as explained. The Completed Sign relates mainly to the New House of Prayer, of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam and thus includes many, many aspects of the Final New Message.

In the Initial Sign of the she-ass ridden on by Jesus into Jerusalem for that last terrible ordeal and sacrifice accomplishes the prophetic Sign of Zechariah (9: 9), behold, he is poor and come riding on a donkey and on a foal son of she-asses. That was Initial realization of the prophecy. The Completed Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread reveals the totally new tasks of the Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Final Redemption.

The Initial Sign of the Fourth Generation (in the Gospels it's not called the Fourth Generation and is, instead, included in the terms of the Kingdom of Heaven that is descending into the world) relates to the events of punishment coming to the Jewish people, including the destruction, be-avvonot of the second Temple and in general it relates to Jesus' statement that he has not come for bringing peace but the sword (Matthew, 10: 34). The Completed Sign is a Double Sign called the Sign of the Fourth Generation and the Sign of the Generation of the New Building. This is the Double-Sign which is Quadrupled, that is, the Double Sign for Israel and the Double Sign for the world. For Israel, it's a time of enormous confusion and turmoil at the end of which issues a Wonderful Building of Peace and Harmony in all Israel. In the world, it relates to the Fourth Generation of Judgment where a majority will be destroyed and on the positive side of the New Building it relates to the world's becoming a New Building mainly by way of the incredible scientific progress (that we are already witnessing here 32 years into the Completed Signs).

The amazing Initial Sign of Jesus being resurrected is totally completed by the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim which is the Final Sign of the Traditional Belief in tehhiat ha-meitim, the eventual Resurrection of the Dead.



The importance of Jesus is that he followed John the Baptist's 'opening' of the Kingdom of Heaven and in the fact of his resurrection which also was the very essential confirmation that Jesus' sacrifice had been accepted by God Almighty is that he is called the 'Christ of the Christian Nations'.

Are the traditional Jews who await the Mashiah ben David also waiting for Mashiah ben Yosef of whom it's said that he will precede Mashiah ben David, will be killed in his wars against other nations to liberate and redeem the Lost Tribes of Israel? Yet Jews do not call for Mashiah ben Yosef but only for Mashiah ben David. Something is missing. Jesus was killed unjustly for the Mission he had undertaken. Was then Jesus, son of Joseph, in a war to redeem the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel? A phrase of his, nevertheless, is stunning: I have not come except for saving the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (ibid, 15: 24). Truly amazing! The true purpose, he is exclaiming, of the 'Messianic' Mission taken on by him is for redeeming the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. This means that even the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sign of his Resurrection that he foresaw came only for the purpose of redeeming the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel. This then was 'his' war. So was he killed in fighting for it.

He may not have known where they were exactly but it was known that the Ten Tribes of Israel had been dispersed among the nations. There is also a prophetic statement of his (ibid, 24: 14) that this Gospel will be extended throughout the world. In truth Christianity was formed and Christianity became the Refuge House of the Souls (neshamot) of the Ten Tribes of Israel. This extraordinary and hidden information was taught by the Tzadik Haim before the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Afterwards dreams of the Completed Signs corroborated this fact many times.

There are many reasons for which the continuous Jewish Tradition of awaiting the Mashiah ben David has had to be upheld throughout the ages. Also true is the particular blessing I received in 1990 in Israel in a dream: Blessed is the Lord our God who has separated Israel in its sanctity and its concept of the term 'Mashiah' from all the (so-called) sanctifications and concepts of the term Mashiah of the Nations.

Simply put: Israel has kept the concept of Mashiah on a human level, not as the Christian nations who have associated the term 'Messiah' with the Divine Son of God.

This is true. It is, however, also true that the Messianism of the Mashiah ben David in Judaism has been of an unspeakable confusion and the opinions around it are manifold, contradictive and without a true foothold upon which to stand. What has stood has been the belief itself in its simple form, 'The Mashiah ben David must come.

In this matter the Tzadik Haim revealed to us the main source of confusion in the Jewish world in this matter: the Mashiah is not the Goel and the Goel is not the Mashiah and the Goel is of a completely higher level than that of 'Mashiah'. This was an extremely important knowledge that the Teacher Haim revealed even before he himself had passed the ultimate sacrifice, died and was resurrected as the Final Goel. It has been for the lack of this knowledge that Judaism has procured such great confusion on this matter. The Completed Signs then corroborated this fact at every step with hundreds of dream-Signs in which the Tzadik Haim appeared, such as Giordano's dream in which the Tzadik explains, "Tell them that I am the Tzadik Haim who is announced three times" or Daniel Manigrasso's dream in which the Teacher explains, "I am the Goel Haim and you are the Star of the Goel".

The question of Jesus' Mission and perhaps even more important the matter of his person and that he was loved by God Almighty had to be given from the very beginning of the Great Complete Sign of the Stars. After the Teacher Haim announced the Fourth Displaced Star and the redemptional Stars of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Goel Haim announced the Messianic Star that 'makes its way from Jacob' (Numbers, 24: 17) declaring, "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of Humility". This stupefying statement opened the explanations of the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek explained at length in Sefer Mishnat Haim. From it we immediately knew that the Messianic Mission of Jesus was true and that all that he did was done with humility before God, le-shem shammaim.

This great redemptional explosion opened the way for the Great Correction of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, Christ of the Christian Nations. Obviously the Geula Shleima itself could not be without this immensely important rectification of Yeshua's undertaking. I thank God Almighty for giving me the privilege, in merit of the Goel Haim, of taking part in working on the texts of that Correction.



Without those amazing new explanations that issued, the knowledge of the true past events of the historical redemptional process necessary for the reception in the world of the Geula Shleima, could not have become known. Jesus was thoroughly caught up in that redemptional process. It is true that he was not a true Hidden Tzadik (Tzadik Nistar) as was Mordechai ha-Tzadik or the Final Goel Haim. Required at that time was a very special and historic 'messianic mission' which took the brunk of Israel's sins on himself and gave over his life in sacrifice for the sake of Israel. He was not a Hidden Tzadik but rather a 'Tzadik who lives in his faith' (Tzadik ha-hhai be-emunatoHabakuk, 2: 4). He accomplished the Mishnah that states, 'In a place where there are no men, try to be a man'. Most essential, he was loved by God Almighty and considered humble before Him and his sacrifice was accepted before Him. Who are we, as Jews, not to love our true brother in the flesh and in the faith, Jesus of Nazereth!

It is God's doing. Our returning to appreciate the justice and loving-deed of Yeshua's mission, his sacrifice and his resurrection, is also a great redemptional means of the fulfillment of the reconciliation of the hearts fathers to sons and sons to fathers, as promised to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. And for the sake of Jesus' fulfillment of that redemptional necessity, he would be taken out of the context of Judaism in order to uplift the spirit of many among the nations compared to the idolatry and immorality of most pagan religions. Such was God's mercy on the nations, for all are His creations and He loves to see goodness in all people. They had no way, however, of breaking off those purely pagan yokes and finding the morality and justice of God's words. Christianity, at least partially, brought them to believe in the Bible, to know of the Patriarchs, of Moses and God's redemption of Israel from Egypt and the revelation at Sinai.

The sacrifice of Jesus would also, unfortunately for him, be an historical sacrifice in which, after his death, his own true Judaism would be compromised in false deification theology of the nations. He saw this prophetically in his last moments on the cross and for this reason he declared, "ELI, ELI lema shevaktani" (My, God, my God, why have You abandoned me)? (ibid: 27: 46). The poor messianic Lamb of God would become for them a Divinity, the Son of God the Father. The nations could not make it in one step. They needed an elevation in certain virtues so that in the end they might be lifted up to the pure monotheistic faith. Such was the terrible generational sacrifice of pain given to Jesus for the sake of God's mercy on the peoples of the world and for the eventual return of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

We must, therefore, recognize all these facts that we didn't know and couldn't understand previously. Jesus was important and his Mission was important. He is our brother in the flesh and in the faith and by way of the Corrections of the Geula Shleima, Yeshua himself returns to his true origins in the Jewish fold. Together with the Lost Souls of the House of Israel, he returns with Rachel's tears as her sons and daughters come back unto the confines of the chosen people of God, and they rejoice with Jacob in re-finding his son Joseph alive. This answers to the hidden purpose of the Messiah son of Joseph.



Jesus prophesied, even though more by allusion than with clarity, by way of those Initial Signs, that he would be resurrected and that he would preside in the Kingdom of Heaven. If not for the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim and his presiding over the Completed Kingdom of Heaven we could not have taken on the belief in Jesus' resurrection nor could we reflect on that most hidden foundation of the Redemption called the Kingdom of Heaven. After the Signs of the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility, the hidden history of Jesus in the School of the Essenes, the prospect of salvation for the Lost Sheep of Israel and the truth of God's acceptance of his sacrifice, we could then begin to ask the question of what relationship did Jesus' Mission have to do with the Kingdom of Heaven?

With the finalized Kingdom of Heaven only now realized with the final Redemptional Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim, what might we attempt to understand of a particular level of an incomplete pre-Kingdom of Heaven to which the 'redemptional' position of Yeshua belonged. It could not be missing for in the same way that the Completed Signs required a stage in history in which the Incomplete Initial Signs were revealed, the same must necessarily be true for the Incomplete Kingdom of Heaven. It isn't an easy matter on which to contemplate but in conclusion to the aforementioned Initial Signs, something had to be. Jesus did not die on the cross and it finished there. He showed himself to his disciples in his resurrection and he thus had a 'position' above, an active position of Messianic Salvation for the souls of those of the nations who became Christian and had merits of kindness towards others, love for helping others, charity and good will in the faith that Jesus was their Messianic Savior.

How much such a Messianic Intervention could help people in the world by way of his merit cannot be reckoned with. Most probably it existed to a certain extent but more important is the salvation of those worthy souls in the other world after death. For sure it existed as did the Incomplete Kingdom of Heaven itself and there were positive purposes that Yeshua could accomplish towards those worthy souls whose deeds were meritorious before God Almighty. For sure it was not one's being a devout Christian in complying to the church-prayers or anything of its cult that was meritorious, but spoken of are actions of charity and mercy in helping others. These had to be recompensed in the other world.[1]

The entire level, however, was in the realm of incompleteness. There can be no completeness without the true monotheistic faith. Jesus' teachings on this matter were not taken on and were totally distorted by the so-called Fathers of the Church. There were people whose heart was pure and their intentions and actions good. They were, however, Christians in the Christian faith which of itself was false and could not be 'redeemed'. The souls of these could be redeemed and given a place in that incomplete Kingdom of Heaven. Merciful is God Almighty on all his creations.

There is a very important aspect of the question so that the understanding of this matter not be misconstrued by those coming now into the true history of Jesus: Jesus did not have the power to correct Christianity's theological errors – 'My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me' followed Jesus throughout his 2000 year 'journey' above. He didn't have the autonomy or force or permission to intervene. This is a large point not to be underestimated for the sake of comprehension. Jesus had a high role in the pre-Kingdom of Heaven but his power was limited and he didn't possess, as does the Final Goel Haim, the Key of the Signs of Correction that guarantee justice and truth for every matter. I myself, since I am also a shabby donkey without much sharpness to avoid errors, have received hundreds of dreams during the years with Correction Signs for the sake of correcting myself or correcting my written words in texts. The Correction Signs guarantee the truth of the Final Redemption.

It also reflects the 'pele yo-etz' – 'marvelous counselor' of Isaiah (9: 5) The Goel Haim will become known as a wonderful counselor because of the power of the Correction Signs. Without that power, there cannot be no marvelous counselor and before the Geula Shleima it didn't exist. The 'guarantee in that prophecy of there being 'justice and rectitude on the throne of David forever' (ibid: 6) comes by way of the Goel who is already above death, who sees all that is happening in those of the Redemption and corrects the errors of arrogance or other negative qualities or mistaken actions. Only in this way is the true integrity of the redemptional Israel, the throne of David, conserved for all times. This couldn't have been accomplished by Jesus.

So too the Initial Sign of the Resurrection was incomplete. It lasted only a short while.

The importance of the Initial Signs was that they established a mind-set for a multitude of believers in the world that was necessary for the end time when the Completed Signs would be revealed. That mind-set was no small thing. It was absolutely necessary. Who foresaw it? Ha-Shem Baruch Hu. When the Completed Signs in merit of the final chosen Goel would become known, the Concept of the Resurrection and the belief of the Kingdom of Heaven were already in the world. This is a mind-boggling fact. For Christians, it's an historical transition. For Jews it's an amazing reawakening that carries the Jewish people to new heights within the walls of the true Tradition. It completely enlarges the view of history to a universal vision that otherwise would not have been possible.

From the world of truth Above came the Completed Sign: Three are the men of the redemption Moses, Jesus and Haim. Obviously, everything spoken about here concerning the importance of Jesus as the Messianic Precursor whose love to God and to the Jewish people, could not be accepted by Jews until they have come to believe in God's choice of the Tzadik Haim, from San'aa Yemen, and that he is alive in the Completed Kingdom of Heaven and is working for the sake of establishing the Geula Shleima for all times.



We present this document of Esther 1 to the Jewish people for examination. If an intelligent and open-minded Jew considers this outline of new thinking it will be a catalyst to reading and studying the Petals of the Book of the Rose (Sefer Mishnat Haim). We are not Christians by any means. We are pupils of the Teacher Haim who is guiding the world of the Geula Shleima.

The Jewish Tradition doesn't move from its place but the Geula Shleima enlarges its horizons in a thousand ways. Such, for example, is the Triple-Meditation in which are studied from anew the Signs of the 3 Patriarchs, the Triple-name 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE' and the historic fulfillment that it entails, the Triple-'Aliya of Moshe Rabbeinu on Monte Sinai that includes the more hidden middle 'Aliya, and in general the Three Redemptions. For the Final Redemption, through the First Completed Sign of the Stars, the Book of the Stars of Abraham is revealed and is taught to us by the chosen Teacher Haim. This is totally new revelation of the 127 Stars of the Redemption including as well the Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan.

Of great significance is the New Law of the Final Redemption. This New Law does not substitute the laws of the Torah or the Halacha but it may be adopted by a great number of Jews who have been pretty much estranged from Halachic Judaism. We have the Sign that in the New House of Prayer, it's possible for a Jew to accomplish all the mitzvot of the Traditional Synagogue. Aside from the New Rite and New Priesthood of the House of Prayer of the Geula Shleima which of itself requires New Laws for the 13 Altars etc., the New Law accomplishes the essential 'messianic' prerogative of Isaiah 42 and other prophecies of 'bringing justice to the nations (mishpat la-goiim yotzi (Isaiah, 42: 1)). Muslims have the Koran and the Shaariya but all those of the Christian nations have not possessed a true Book of true Laws.

This makes the New Law an essential requisite of the Geula Shleima and although it may be hard for us to envision now, this New Law represents an enormous felicity in Heaven before God Almighty. That first verse in Isaiah demonstrates God's enormous love for the 'Messianic' Servant who extends that justice to the nations, 'This is My servant, I shall uphold him, My chosen one in whom My soul desires, I have placed My spirit upon him, he will bring justice to the nations' (ibid). We thank God Almighty for being part of the revelation and the formulation of the New Law in the permission and guidance of the chosen Goel Haim. In this, we, the Donkeys, ridden on by the Goel Haim, who eat the Bread of the Completed Signs, are included in the Meshullam prophecies here in Isaiah 42. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

November 11, 2016 – Mar Hheshvan 10, 5777 – Valley of Mercury 3, 3969 – Beersheva. -



This morning, Tuesday 15, the dreams weren't yet finished. I saw a woman who was very antagonistic towards me and she spoke angry and accusing words, I don't know about what, I also slammed her verbally with my own. There were quite a few people around. (I remember seeing Johnny Puddu, brother of Sara Markus) The woman, it seems, worked in a kitchen. In any case, I decided to go to her, to excuse myself and to ask forgiveness because it was my fault. As I approached the kitchen, she came out, and she had the same idea, excusing herself and asking forgiveness saying it was her fault. We embraced and both of us were extremely happy for this reconciliation.

After an hour or so, I had another dream. A pig had been slaughtered (I didn't see the slaughtering) and blood was easing out of it profusely. I was naked from my waist and below. I took the blood issuing from the pig and with great enthusiasm and satisfaction, I repeatedly rubbed it on my lower parts, I rubbed that bright pig blood on me again and again, taking it with my right hand, (the pig was somewhere above my left shoulder) feeling in it protection and purification and I awoke quite happy with the feeling of that 'purified pig-blood upon me.

Not exactly an everyday dream!

Well, one dream of a conflict and reconciliation and one dream of marvelous pig-blood on the Pact of circumcision. Che felicita'! Afterwards I understood it was a very positive sign which represented an important conclusion to the Sign of the Sand that descends from the eighth hole of Esau's Red Flute.

The eighth hole alludes to the 'Circumcision" and the Correction of the Red Flute again referring to the male member. The children of Esau need just this Correction because they cannot raise themselves up to the Altar of Malchitzedek without being cleaned from many sins and many errors involved with this member. The Collana del Piffero Rosso (Petal 13) works towards the corrections needed for the children of Esau (meaning from the Christian nations).

Esau is the 'pig'. Before his parents, Isaac and Rebecca he showed them his split hooves (with his respect and derech eretz) but outside he was hardly ruminating (reflecting on his actions to see if they are worthy or not), committing adultery, and loving honor and money etc. The nations of Christianity have been filled with millions of people whose actions had to be 'converted' from their vulgar manners and sinful ways. That was the main purpose of the messianic mission of the first Donkey who ate the Bread of Bethlehem, which could, however, not reach completion until the Completed Signs.

Thus the Sign of ;purified pig-blood demonstrates that the Red Flute of Esau has been corrected. This means that Sign-wise, by way of Sefer Mishnat Haim in merit of the Goel Haim, the Sign has been established and is ready to be extended to the world by way of our Web-site, Beit-Sefer-Esther.com.



In truth, I have felt that I need to understand better the dream of the Teacher who spoke with such a question mark about Jesus' importance.

In the permission of the Tzadik Haim, we have spoken only the truth about Jesus. A great reconciliation has been taught correctly. Jesus has come back into the fold. Unfortunately, in terms of the false deification, Jesus has theologically been treated as a 'pig' in the hands and feet of idolaters, bashed around as a Divine-Puppet in their hands. Detached from them, the Messianic Mission of Jesus has been redeemed for all times.

It is not a compromise. Jesus was the historical realization of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead. The Messianic Mission of Jesus truly had all the purposes we've explained. He was the Messiah son Joseph whose principal war was for the sake of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. It is all true. Jesus was resurrected and he arose to a position of a partial salvation in a pre-Kingdom of Heaven. He was the Christ of the Christian Nations who by way of his teachings brought an elevation to a multitude of people among the nations.

The Teacher Haim announced, "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility". Extremely potent, too, is the affirmation sent in a dream to Giuseppe, in the name of the Archangel Michael, 'Three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim.

It is also true, as we have reiterated many times: Jesus was not a Hidden Tzadik. He didn't have access to any higher secrets. He could not arise to the higher realms as the Hidden Tzadikim. His arising to the Pre-Kingdom of Heaven is of another category, not that of the Hidden Tzadikim.

Yeshua has been totally removed from every form of Christianity by way of the Correction and as he himself has been redeemed from that false idolatrous world, our returning to appreciate and love him is the great catalyst of the reconciliation of the heart of fathers to their sons and the heart of sons to their fathers, as part of the fulfillment of the Prophetic Mission of Elijah, of blessed mentioning. The 'reconciliation' in my dream with that woman was a Sign to this,

In that dream, however, of the Tzadik Haim, he spoke of Jesus in a very matter-of-fact and rather cold manner. Even though the Tzadik Haim came in vest of a Jewish man of a traditional background so that I explain to Jews the importance of Jesus, which, thank God, has been done here, I am, nevertheless, not yet satisfied. The Tzadik Haim is speaking. If only for the sake of having me write this document of Esther 1, many other forms could have been given to accomplish such without his having to come in that 'vest'. Something is still missing from the explanations.



All is in place but one must find the place. After all these years in bringing to the fore the Salvation of Jesus and the many titles that he carried, there is the strong possibility of a flaw in the correct equilibrium of how to view him. Therefore the Tzadik Haim himself must assert this Correction: do not come to err in judging Yeshua. Mordechai the Jew was a true Hidden Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation. His being the second Goel of Israel is not a title that he bore. It represents his true essence. We need not prolong any discourse on the true levels of Moses or of the Prophet Elijah or of the Rambam, peace be upon him, or of the Tzadik Haim. To speak of the importance of their true levels and the importance of their true elevation or even that of all the true Hidden Tzadikim of every generation whose true identity is unknown, is not an importance carried by a title.

The importance of Jesus' level, however, was in his fitting into the messianic titles needed to carry that historic Mission into the historic necessities of Christianity and eventually, with the Final Redemption, into the Great Sign of the Reconciliation. The Sign of the Donkey who eats Messianic and Redemptional Bread and who in and out of Signs as garments to be warn and taken off, comes to teach this Message: the Mashiah or Mashiahs that will be are Sign Bearers, not true Tzadikim. The Messiah is not on the level of the Goel. The level of the Goel is far, far superior.

. Even with the messianic titles bound to his name, and even with his true function in that pre-Kingdom of Heaven, we could never have placed Yeshua in that middle position between Moses and the chosen Tzadik Haim if not for the affirmation of the Goel Haim himself 'This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility'. We of ourselves would never have been able to determine that humility. So too, if not for God Almighty's injunction 'Three are the men of the redemption' we would never have had the force to postulate such.

The difference in level is so gigantic that it's not really given to explanation. To compensate with some measure of definition we simply state that Jesus was not a true Hidden Tzadik but rather a Tzadik who Lives in his faith.

Jesus was not sent directly by God Almighty or by the Prophet Elijah or by the Teacher of Justice or even by John the Matbil. As in my dream, the Tzadik Haim says, "What importance did he have; he took things and did things"? Jesus 'took' what he took from the Essenes without permission. He then received there the secret of Kabbalah Maasit with which he 'did' many things. He was not himself the essence of what he received. He was the Donkey who ate the Bread of those Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs received with the Essenes.

We justify this with the positive necessity; otherwise he could not have fulfilled the Mission taken on by him. The worst negativity, in any case, that issued from that Mission was expressed in his desperate plea: 'ELI ELI why have You abandoned me', in a prophetic vision he saw himself being deified in the hands of his followers in the false lights of the Fathers of the Church for 2000 years. 2000 YEARS!!!

Jesus' intensions were good and elevated and on his person an incredible historic Mission was formed and through that Mission an incredible reconciliation will come unto the world. From God Almighty is all this, not from Jesus himself. Jesus' importance is the role that Ha-Shem gave him for the sake of mankind, not Jesus' level of itself.



Finally, then, after only 33 years, hee-haw, of the Completed Signs, we can begin to understand the first Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. We have for sure reached the roof of Christ's Sign-Structure. We have said it a few times but only now with this important Correction of the Goel Haim can we begin to realize its significance. Jesus was the first Donkey who eats Bread.

Of course he was amazing, as that first Donkey seen by Nelda who walked along the street in Milan with his cart behind him, detached himself from the cart, entered the Bakery Store and standing on his two hind legs, as if a man, ate bread from the shelves. Peretz stood outside taking in the extraordinary vision. Well. It took Nelda 12 twelve years to tell us this last fact and now it has taken me 33 years to say for the first time that he stood up on his two hind legs, as a man. So now let it be said: the true importance of Yeshua was his being the first historic Donkey who ate the Messianic Bread of Bethlehem, from the Oven of the House of Bread of the Messianic Star that Astounds.

The Completed Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread (received in a dream by Sarah Markus) completes the many titles of the Donkey, such as the Donkey Mashiah ben David, the Donkey with Three Eyes, the Donkey Meshullam, the Donkey who smelled the fragrance and licked the bark of the Tree of Life in Gan Eden, and a whole lot of other Signs. These titles do not make the Donkey important. They only show the various Signs that he has had to work on. Also Peretz is hardly a Tzadik by any means. His great fortune was that he studied with the Tzadik Haim for thirteen years before the Completed Signs. The difference between the Jesus-Donkey and the Peretz Donkey is that the Completed Donkey took what he was given to take and did what he was given permission to do by the Tzadik and chosen Goel Haim.



Therefore am I so happy about the Pig-Blood with which I doused myself below the belt. I am now a purified and protected Donkey in the blood of a pig who has finally returned to be kosher.

And such is the importance of Jesus. Through his Donkey Mission, howbeit incomplete, millions of 'pigs' in the world have become kosher, reason for which the pig in Hebrew is Hhazir, retuning, because it returns to be ruminating and kosher. Hee-haw, hee-haw!

The Complete Donkey's main historic purpose is to demonstrate that the Mashiah ben David that traditional Jews are waiting for is in truth only a Donkey Sign-Bearer.

If Jesus as the Donkey, Mashiah ben Yosef, had the long and tedious purpose of making pigs become kosher, the Complete Donkey has the purpose of correcting the Pact of the Sand that descends from the 8th hole of Esau's Red Flute. The Blood of the pigs becoming at least partially kosher through the Mission of the First Donkey who ate Bread is now being used to complete the Correction by using that Kosher Pig-Blood to bring Christians into the New Final Pact.

The eighth hole of Esau's red flute alludes to the Correction of that member for it is particularly there that the vulgar pig doesn't distinguish between good and evil. Therefore the Pig-Blood is placed with great pleasure on the Circumcision in the New Purification and the New Protection of the children of Esau in merit of the Final chosen Goel Haim. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.



We can perhaps better understand the blessing received by me in a dream, in 1990 in Beersheva: Blessed are You, o Lord, our God, who has separated the children of Israel in their concept and sanctification of Mashiah compared to the concepts and 'sanctifications' of the nations concerning the Messiah.

With the 'terrestrial' concept of Israel, the Donkey Aspect of the Mashiah ben David will be understood in its true terms in the Final Redemption. Much more radical and difficult for Christians to undo the blinding deification and to see Jesus as the first Donkey who eats Bread.

So do not go to the opposite direction because of my dream. The Tzadik Haim loves Jesus. As Goel of the Final Redemption, nevertheless, he must make sure that all understand how to distinguish between the Initial Signs that Jesus fulfilled and between Jesus' level as a Just person who lives in his faith. Jesus was the Ram sacrificed instead of Isaac; he was not Isaac. He was the first historic and amazing Donkey who ate the Bread of the redemption at that time.



Jesus had to bear the brunt of his Sign. He had no Goel to guide him and the she-ass that he rode on could not open its mouth to speak. A Donkey without the guidance of the Goel and without a Donkey that can speak was destined to that 'ELI ELI lemah shevaktani'. He was not properly abandoned by God because he was humble and was loved. He was 'abandoned' to the idolatrous nations. That first Donkey had to be given over to the 'pigs' for the sake of their purification. That was the terrible destiny of the unguided Donkey and the Donkey Sign-Bearer without a Donkey to explain Jesus' position. Such was the time; for a partial but essential salvation of Israel, a partial but essential salvation of the Lost Sheep of Israel and for a partial salvation to many nations, an amazing Donkey who eats Messianic Bread was necessary. Jesus was given to be that First Donkey.

How fortunate is the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption. He is guided by the Goel and he can explain to all that he is no Messiah, only a Donkey Sign-Bearer of Redemptional Signs. So is he rebuked for every Donkey-error, "The Key is in your pocket and the Holy One Blessed is He is waiting for you"; "Why have you not yet written the addition to Milhhamot Ha-Shem!!!"; while pushing me away severely, "You thought yourself the Mashiah" not to speak of hundreds of other corrections". It's hard enough to be a good Donkey, no less anything higher than Donkey rank! Hee-haw!

From all this, in explanation of the Goel Haim's Correction Sign concerning Jesus, the correct equilibrium in considering Jesus is reached and concluded for Jews throughout the world and for all others.

Be careful not to minimize all that has been explained concerning Jesus. His Mission was historically very important. The Goel Haim has given this Sign to maintain the just equilibrium but not to go in the opposite direction. Jesus is the Christ of the Christian Nations. He was humble and was loved by God Almighty and he is the second person of the three men of the redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim.



Shabbat (November 19) I dreamed the New –Santcification of the New Closet of the Final Redemption and of the Altar of Malchitzedek. This corroborates the fact that the Sign of 'Pig-Blood came to demonstrate the Purification of the descendants of Esau. After that dream, I saw various flashes in dreams of the Altar of Judah and the Altar of Ephraim. The Altar of the Anointed Priest is included in the Sanctification of the New Closet. Thank God, there is an elevation in the House of Prayer of the Redemption in merit of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the chosen Goel Haim.


Monday, November 21, 2016: 20 Marhheshvan, 5777




November 27, 2016: In a dream, I saw the Tzadik Haim, after I had been searching for him, from a certain distance, in a sort of restaurant. He asked me what I was doing and I answered that I was thinking about him. He then left and was not seen. I spoke to a girl at the cash register, who was in some way being secretary for the Teacher, asking her how it was that the Teacher had left. She answered that he does such, he goes, for example, to Padova, and then he leaves because he doesn't want to be seen.

This is a message, probably in conjunction with this document, that in order to complete the equilibrium reached in this writing, something need be written to warn strongly not to treat as or mentally make the Goel Haim into a 'Saint', God forbid, such as that one of Padova whose name is not even to be mentioned. After the equilibrium concerning the position of Jesus and the great distance compared to the chosen Tzadik, it is necessary to reiterate the correct measure in this matter concerning the Goel Haim himself. Had it been for him himself, so to speak, he would not desire to be seen or known. Since he has been chosen Goel, he must be revealed for the sake of the world, but if for himself, he would have remained as the Hidden Tzadik as he was before. This is due to the elevation of being hidden Tzadik and in a direct binding with the Lord, his God, constantly.

This is the truth but the dream comes to explain another reason for which the Goel Haim would wish not to be seen. There are those who might come to error and to treat him in some similar way that Catholics treat their so-called 'Saints'. Such a manifestation is, so to say, a terrible nightmare for the chosen Teacher Haim.

All are to be warned, therefore. Respect the chosen Goel Haim and believe in the fact that God Almighty has chosen him as the third and final redeemer of Israel and of mankind. Make no kind of cult to him. Do not use his image, if some photo will be allowed to the public, as an object of cult, such as sleeping with it under your pillow or anything similar. He is not to be bowed down to. His name is not to be used for good luck. He is not a king and he hates all kingship. Be very careful in maintaining the correct equilibrium.

In the Geula Shleima, It is not the Goel Haim who brings the Redemption. As he does not bring the Fourth Generation, he does not bring the Final Redemption. He is God Almighty's chosen servant as the Final Goel of Israel and of the nations for the sake of the Final Redemption.

The Final Goel Haim is mentioned many times throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim for the sake of bringing merit to those who read and study and speak out verbally the sentences of these texts in good faith.

Nothing and no one have anything of themselves, not the heavens and not the earth, not the neshamot and not angels, not the chosen servants of God and not the Tzadikim and not those who study Torah day and night and not all the people in the world. He is the One and only Living Creator of the universe and all that it contains. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.


There is, however, a very great and special message bound to every aspect of the Final Redemption itself. It's still very hard for us to understand but if we believe what a Donkey has to say it will help us be elevated and even sanctified in the prophetic blood of Balaam's she-ass. Here's what it's about and be careful now with my prophetic paws. A new relationship is coming. Afterwards people will understand: It has not been before. It could not have been before. The world was still impure. The great and terrible day of the Lord had not yet come. There were still thieves and evil money mongers. There were still perverts and sexual sickness still prevailed. There were still worlds of non-believers. And a majority were frivolous and light headed and had no thoughts of anything serious. And the majority of those who believe themselves serious are followers of false Messiahs, of false doctrines and their belief creates in them inner arrogance more hated before Heaven than the other sins mentioned.

But back to now. The Bulk of the Fourth Generation is coming. No one can stop it. Therefore is it called the Day of the Lord because it is God's doing. Nothing and no one can change it. If more than one fifth of the world remains, that will already be a great blessing. It will come and it will be and a great clean-up and reconstruction will come in its wake and the new world will be humbled before God and heavenly joy will begin to descend and babies will cry for their mother's milk and laugh with infantile laughter. Then they will walk and grasp on to their mother's skirt and say, "Mommy, teach me the lessons of the Teacher Haim".

Those responsible for religion and morality will hear them and gather up their courage to speak. Farmers will pause from milking their cows to look at a new blue sky and will say to their sheep, "Look, it has happened, the heavens are descending on earth. Let us go tell it to the book-men who have had no time to look at the sky". Dreams will turn into redemptional dreams and young men will dip into the Lake of Salt. Healthy food will become available to all and skin diseases will disappear. Every heart will be a lion-king ruling over the body and every female will become extremely jealous of her own body so that it not be victim to masculine sight and comments. All will sing 'The Lord, our God, has begun to show us the world that He loves'.

There will be a new relationship. "Until now we have not understood what it's all about" will say those who study the Torah. "We thought we knew but we did not know. We thought we had heard it all before but we had not heard nor understood it. The prophecy was right and we were wrong". Away, away, it is not rav Hisda or rav Huna that you are rejecting, not Hillel and not Shammai, all remain in their place. But they did not know it nor hear of it because it had not yet come. Now has it been created, not yesterday or the day before. We must believe in Ha-Shem. He has told us so.

Of course we cry and beat our chest and say, "Daddy, where have you been? Why had you not told us that the world would change and God Almighty would bring to us the Teacher chosen by Him for all humanity? Why had you not explained to us that a child has been given us, a son born unto us and the great Mission of the Goel in the Kingdom of Heaven has come? Did you then not know that the Kingdom of Heaven is descending on earth and there is now a new relationship with the Teacher chosen for us by God Almighty? He is teaching us and we are now becoming his pupils. He is a marvelous counselor, the potent one of God, a father for all times, the prince of peace. And he is close to us in a totally new relationship between Teacher and pupil as the Kingdom of Heaven continually binds itself with the world. Amen.


We must try to understand. That's what it's all about. All the new things of the Final Redemption come for reason of the New Relationship between people in the world with the chosen Teacher Haim: the Completed Signs of the Redemption, the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel's teaching us the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, the prophetic and redemptional dreams, the New Law and the New Rite, all the New Teachings concerning Big Fish Leviathan and all the rest; all are for the sake of the New Relationship between the people in the world with the Teacher Haim.

First and foremost the Goel Haim teaches us to serve God Almighty exclusively, no one else and nothing else. Ha-Shem Baruch Hu is the One Living God, Creator of the Heavens and the earth. He is also infinitely Greater than anything the human intellect can fathom. He therefore said in the Torah, 'Be of a simple heart (tamim) with the Lord, your God' (Deut., 18: 13). The Lord, our God knew that in order for the world, the Jewish people first of all, to know His will and to go in His ways, a chosen Teacher is needed. The Lord chose Moses, our teacher, and He revealed the Ten Commandments and gave over the Torah, both the written and the oral. Afterwards He also sent Prophets to help the people understand His will but they went unheeded. Also for the nations, Jesus was given as a teacher but they misconstrued the true faith in their confusion. Even though Jesus said that he had not come to deny or undo the Torah or Prophets, Christianity did just that.

The point is that all humanity needs a true Teacher, chosen by God Almighty, in a New Purified World and a New Pure Context so that his Teachings be received and understood and fulfilled. The entire Geula Shleima comes for the fulfillment of this purpose. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.


[1] The Jews whose souls were present an Mount Sinai and who are commanded in the commandments of the Torah, certainly have a large portion in the other world. The Jews who are commanded in the sanctity of the Holly Torah have a place in the next world which is sanctified and separated from the other nations.
See dream of Rebecca Trinidad (Dream 126) in which is seen the Garden in the other world of worthy Muslims. In truth for all people who do good and help others etc. they are recompensed in the other world. God Almighty loves all people who are humble and merciful and do good.