Written by: Peretz Green


Baby Matthew


Jesus’ ‘Messianic Code’


The ‘son of God’



Explained to

Baby Matthew

And thus completing

The True Bible



The Birth of Baby Matthew


Giuseppe Manigrasso dreamed: He saw Anna Gasparotti on a bed with a newborn child next to her. A television was near by with a very large screen that Anna replaced with a smaller one that gave a clear picture just the same. Joseph then took up the baby and put him on his shoulders and walked around the streets of Milan. Joseph asked the small child, "What's your name?" and he responded, "Mathew." Joseph asked him how old he was and Matthew answered, "Four years old." Joseph asked him if the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption interested him and he said, "I listen to them voluntarily." They kept on walking, with little Matthew always on his shoulders. All of a sudden it was night and in the sky Joseph saw the New Constellation of Seven Stars from which came out the Great Stellar Eagle which descended towards earth. When it came close to the earth, the Eagle turned into a Dragon of Fire creating great panic among the people. The Dragon with his tail hit Joseph's nape but without hurting or frightening him. Joseph asked Matthew if he had seen the Dragon and he answered, "I felt him." - -


Our job


The Dragon of Fire is our job to remove all idolatry from the Christian New Testament. Joseph and Mathew are protected from that Fire because they are under the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. The newborn 4 year-old Matthew alludes to the new text Baby-Mathew of 4 chapters, enough to understand the essence of all the 4 Gospels. Anna Gasparotti has reviewed this text written by me in Italian and which I have translated here into English while Moshe Levi has translated it into Hebrew. This isn’t the text of the Dragon of Fire which explains the idolatrous Christian doctrines such as Son of God, the Trinity, the Logos of the Fourth Gospel and cuts out the falsifications, additions and changes etc., especially from the Fourth Gospel, of the true teachings of Jesus. That is a separate text, God willing, 'The Dragoon of Fire'.


The Messianic Code of Jesus and

the Prophetic Messianic Nexus


In this Introduction and the Text of Baby Matthew, the reader will find the term Messianic Code of Jesus and also the term Messianic Nexus of Jesus. The Messianic Nexus refers to the Messianic prophecies, particularly the last prophecy of Malachi and chap. 53 of Isaiah, that held up the Messianism of Jesus in the context of the First Coming of the Star of Christ 2000 years ago[1].

The Messianic Code of Jesus is the language used by Yeshua to present himself to the public, being that he could not declare himself 'Messiah' for reasons to be explained. The Code-Name that Jesus chose to describe his Messianic Calling was 'son of God' based on the words of the Torah 'You are children unto the Lord, your God' (Deut. 14: 1) and 'My child, My first-born, Israel' (Exodus, 4: 22).


The Messianic Code of 'son of God'


The expression 'son of God' represented the fulcrum point of Jesus' teaching, to teach the Jews of that time to behave as and to assume the attitude of God's children. This Messianic Code, however, fell historically, with the Jews at that time, scandalized by it and not understanding Jesus' intention; and with Christianity afterwards totally falsifying the sense and turning it into a doctrine of the 'Divine Son of God'.


John - (10, 33) - the Jews answered: «We don't stone you for a good work, but for the swearword and because you, being a man, make yourself God».


The Christian faith that Jesus is God justifies those Jewish complaints. Jesus, however, spoke in his Messianic Code which, if unexplained, could also confuse. The Pharisees in Jerusalem at that time would not listen but in the end, however, their fears of a 'deification' and of a deviation from the true monotheistic faith, unfortunately, were fully realized in Christianity.

At that time, the Jews were scandalized by Jesus' words 'son of God' taking it literally and thus declaring that it was blasphemous. This has been properly and unfortunately the stand of Christianity, taking the term 'son of God' literally.

Jesus, however, explained that he was the 'son of God' in the same general and figurative meaning of 'You are sons unto the Lord, your God' and ‘My firstborn. Israel’ and in Psalms, ‘I said ELOHIM ATEM (ye are God) (Deut. 14: 1).


Why was Jesus not listened to?


Why is this answer (and others) of Jesus, an answer as clear as the midday sun in clear sky, never even considered? The researchers of the biblical texts postulate an original text of the Fourth Gospel that didn't make Jesus God. Later, with the formations of the first churches and the formulations of the Gospels, having doctrines of the Divinity of Jesus for a base, the 'editors' of the 'Church' added, changed, manipulated and 'indoctrinated' the Fourth Gospel and then also the Synoptic Gospels. Thus they firmly established the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels. In truth, their additions cover up the true Gospel and they falsify the words of Jesus. The entire Prologue of the Fourth Gospel is an exemplary addition.


Two thousand years of false Gospel


Therefore, dear lovers of the truth, those additions covered, turned upside-down, contaminated, and falsified the true words of Jesus and the new Christians were under the various churches that dictated the doctrines. Christians could no longer read these words with objectivity. Even Protestants could not break with the Trinity because also they had to obey the dictates of the various churches of the Reformation. (In the last 50 years, however, the researchers of the deciphering and the elucidation of texts, together with historical clarifications hitherto unknown, realized that the Gospel of John is a great slaughter house with quite a lot of butchers involved for reaching the finalized text).


In the Final Redemption there is no deviation from the true monotheistic faith


For us, thank God, our work is facilitated by the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Redeemer Haim. First of all, we explain the true monotheistic faith; then we discard the wrong words and cancel every trace of the deification. A more original text is born or, as in this case, the original text is seen for what it says and thus the true Jesus responds, 'I am not speaking blasphemy in saying I am the son of God. Also you are the children of God, as it states, 'You are sons unto the Lord, your God' and it states ‘My first-born son, Israel’. I use this expression in a figurative sense, as does the Torah, not in a literal sense.’


We designate a formula to correct the Fourth Gospel and then all the Gospels: Code, Chalice, Changes, Idolatry.


Messianic Code of Jesus


Code is the Messianic language used by Jesus, primarily the Code 'Father and Son'. For Jesus, this was his Messianic Sign. Jesus didn't say 'I am the Messiah'; he could not use the term Mashiah (Messiah) because he knew that his Messianism didn't have that ‘finality’ to determine a 'final redemption' for Israel, a redemption that would then bring to peace.[2] Most of the redemptional prophecies interpreted in Tradition foresaw a Messiah who united the people, establishing the Temple and the 'Kingdom of David' forever, in the correct faith and with the correct behavior bringing peace and extending the light of Israel to the extremities of the earth.


Another kind of Messianism


Jesus knew that his mission was 'Messianic' but of another kind, such as the Messianic allusion of Peretz who rapidly and forcefully breaks down the barriers of history, announcing the redemption.[3] At the School of the Essenes, Jesus learned and, in the end, 'took' the (Initial) Messianic Signs. For him Yohhanan ha-Matbil (John the Baptist) was the 'Peretz' who had broken down the barriers, leaving the School, opening the road for Zerah, his twin brother, 'to shine' for the world. Zerah means 'to shine as the sun' and such was part of the prophetic certainty of John the Baptist that, as Peretz, he broke the barriers so that the one who came after could shine for the world.


The Torah, however, in that Messianic story (King David descended from Peretz) clearly represents the beginning of a cycle that conduces to the Messiah, to the construction of the Temple, to peace and to the great diffusion of the true Tradition of Israel.

Jesus came at the lowest time in Israel's history. Even the Talmud curses the last ten High-Priests of the Second Temple. There was, unfortunately, a rottenness that could not be restored to health. Being, therefore, the Messianism of Yeshua not that of peace and reconciliation, his Messianic mission was of another kind, 'I have not come to bring peace but rather the sword and conflict' (Matthew, 10: 34) etc.


The Messianic purpose affirmed by Jesus


For whom then was the salvation? Jesus answered, 'I have not come except for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel' (Ibid, 15: 24). For the Jewish people, I come to teach, whether they want to listen or not, the mission given by God to be 'God's children'. As for the world, in general, it will not enter the time of peace but into times of war and conflict.

Jesus also knew that his very mission would eventually create historical conflicts. He knew that the Messianic Mission of the 'the son of God' would fail and that there would be no reconciliation of the hearts. Jesus, indeed, knew that the Messianic salvation that he brought would go out for 'the lost sheep of the house of Israel' (without being able to know who or where or how).


The Code 'son of God' fails


In the end, as said, the Messianic Code of the 'son of God' fails and it doesn't answer sufficiently to the Messianic Purpose of Jesus. And there would be no Reconciliation and no Peace. Which Messianic Purpose remained? Only that of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the Ten Tribes of Israel. The Messianic Code of Jesus, therefore, after the failure of all else, becomes 'I have not come except for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep' (ibid).


The Messianic Code 'the son of man'


Another element of the Messianic Code of Jesus was the 'son of man'. There has been great confusion on this term and the words of Jesus in the Gospel slip between another selected final Man of the future redemption and between himself. Christianity eventually designed the belief of the future Second Coming of Christ on earth. Thus the Messianic Code of 'son of God' fails. The Messianic Code of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep remains (but its completeness comes only in the Final Redemption). The Messianic Code of 'the son of man' created confusion that must now be clarified.


Why the confusion?


In synthesis, as taught me by the Tzadik Haim, also to Jesus himself it seemed, at times, that it was he (that is, that which corresponds to the Final Goel). We have explained that the 'centrality' of that historical Messianic position, strengthened by the Star of Christ (which for the distance from the Star of Abraham[4] in that epoch, shone out of measure), made it impossible for Jesus to see other than himself. The solution: where Jesus speaks of himself as 'the son of man' it is resolved in the Final Signs by the Second Coming of the Star of Christ. Where Jesus projects the 'son of man' to the future 'Final Goel' that must yet come, this is prophetic to the coming of the Goel Haim.

This completes the terminology of the Messianic Code of Jesus (1) 'son of God' (2) 'only for the salvation of the Lost Sheep' and (3) 'the son of man'


The Bitter Chalice


 It is properly the Messianic Code of 'son of God' that underwent the Bitter Chalice drunk by Jesus on the Cross. Before surrendering his soul, the poor young Messiah saw in a vision that instead of understanding his Messianic Code of 'son of God', the term would be transformed into a false deification reading Son of God literally and creating idolatry. It was for this that he cried out "My God, my God, why have You abandoned me" (Ibid, 27: 46)!

All the idolatry that came out in Christianity depended on this transmutation into a literal sense of 'God's Son'. It was not the Code that was guilty, but rather the bitter destiny of Jesus' Bitter Chalice.


The Logos


The Logos that becomes Flesh in the Prologue of the Fourth Gospel was the Seal of the Bitter Chalice. The divinity of Christ was formed already in certain circles of the first Christians of the dawning churches, but that false doctrine of the Logos, added to the Fourth Gospel, is the apex of the terrible Transmutation of the true Code of Jesus into the false and idolatrous sense of Divine Son. If Matthew, Mark and Luke are the authors of their Gospels, without additions, it means that also they participated in the False Deification of Jesus. It doesn't become actually doctrine, however, until the malefic Logos of the Fourth Gospel. Later, all the Gospels were touched with additions. The Word that became Flesh in Jesus deifies him and it transforms the general sense of the 'Son', into a literal 'Son'. All the idolatrous evil is here!


The Logos is worse than the Letters of Paul


Therefore we characterize the Bitter Chalice of Jesus with the Logos of the Fourth Gospel. Note: that Prologue of the Fourth Gospel has been the power of the false Christology of history more than all the Letters of Paul. Apart from the fact that only a few of the Letters are authentic or not manipulated, Paul's purpose was to open and to bring Christianity to the nations; aside from the interwoven ways and philosophical modes of Paul, his writings were not properly aimed at indoctrinating the Divinity of the Son. The Prologue, instead, was placed there for indoctrinating Christians in the Divinity of Christ.


Such a theological calamity, intentionally added to the Fourth Gospel, is followed in that whole Gospel, said to be of John, with addition on addition, but also with contradiction on contradiction (the researchers of the Gospels know more than I). The Bitter Chalice, therefore, the Logos, has instigated waves of misconstructions with it, requiring additions and changes so as to correct any original text in which the Messianic Code of Jesus was found simply.

The result of all this, the Bitter Chalice, Additions and Changes, produce idolatry, the cult to Jesus as God and then other lower cults such as the cult to the Virgin Mary and to Saints.

Our work to re-establish the True Bible begins with removing the Logos from the Fourth Gospel, as well as the Changes and the Additions, bringing that Gospel back to the Messianic Code of Yeshua.


Since the Messianic Code of Jesus was truthful, Messianic and absolutely not idolatrous, there is a solid basis on which we can face the Correction of the Christian New Testament. The words of Jesus deny any interpretation of taking literally the expression 'son of God'. Also after his RESURRECTION, Jesus says not to have yet ascended to his Father yet and adds, 'my Father and your Father, my God and your God' (John, 20: 17). Clearer than this!


The Initial Signs and the Prophetic Nexus


Once determined the terminology of the Messianic Code of Jesus, we must continue to search for its Messianic substance. There are two categories that determine the Messianism of Yeshua:

1) the substance of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs and

2) the Prophetic Messianic Nexus.

Neither the first category nor the second could be understood without the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.


The Initial Messianic Signs


The Messianic Mission of Yeshua was founded on the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs that were found at the School of the Essenes. Jesus learned those Signs and then 'took' them and left the School in order to fulfill his Messianic Mission. Those Initial Signs are found in the Gospels and thus Christianity has had behind it the strength of those Initial Signs. Obviously, nobody could have foreseen that those Signs were called 'Initial.' If it had been known then that at the end of a long historical cycle the Completed Signs would arrive, that would have removed the earth from beneath the feet of nascent Christianity. Nobody would have accepted considering Christianity as an intermediary stage whose existence would go on in history only until the arrival of the Completed Signs.

But so is it! And Jesus projected prophetically that the 'son of man' would appear in the clouds etc. to open a new epoch of history.

Not only do the Complete Signs give the raison d'etre of the Initial Signs, they greatly facilitate the understanding of matters that otherwise would have remained hanging in the air. It would not have been possible to individualize them without the formula of the Six Completed Signs. It could not have been understood, for example, that the 'sign' of the Star under which Jesus was born was the Initial Sign of the Stars, until the revelation of the Completed Sign of the Stars of the Redemption. We speak, therefore, of the Messianic Code of Jesus which contained, at times in synthesis, at times more extensively:

(1) the Initial Signs of the Stars,

(2) of the Kingdom of Heaven,

(3) of the New Light of a New Message,

(4) of the Messianic Mission on him,

(5) of a Fourth Generation of terrible things, calamities, wars, fear etc. etc. and

(6) of his own Resurrection.


Sign of the Stars


Jesus told the disciples 'Do not rejoice that you’ve healed people and have cast demons and spirits in my name; rejoice rather than your names are now written on the stars' (Luke, 10: 20). Jesus thus had received at the School at least some studies concerning the Stars of the Redemption.


Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven


The Kingdom of Heaven is a Kingdom in Heaven, ‘presided’ by a chosen 'Anointed one’ (Christus-Rex in Christianity), a Kingdom that is 'descending on earth' (for Universal Judgment), to which we must be worthy to enter and afraid not to be accepted after death. Jesus offered his life for that position so as to help those who believed in his Messianic Mission. This represents a Central Pillar of the teachings and parables of Jesus.


The Sign of the Resurrection


Jesus speaks and alludes to the fact that he would arise from the dead and have that Mission, as Resurrected into the Kingdom of Heaven, to preside over 'redemptional' matters on earth, and from which he would send a New Spirit, the Paraclito, to those people who followed him.


Sign of the New Light


Jesus’ New Message gave new hope to the poor of spirit, to those suffering, to the sick etc. His own ‘Messianic’ Mission itself was an integral part of his New Message. The beatitudes represented the hope of being received in the Kingdom of Heaven. All these were new teachings.

In short we have all the Six Initial Signs: (1) Stars (2) Kingdom of Heaven (3) New Light (4) Messianic Mission (5) Fourth Generation (the calamities prophesied by Jesus) and (6) Resurrection. We now are, thank God, the first fortunate Donkeys to have received the Six Complete and Final Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.


The Six Initial Signs represent the Substance of the Messianic Code of Jesus, the great ununderstood and misunderstood Second Man of the Historical Redemption. Jesus was a just man loved by God, chosen for his jealousy against the offenses to God caused by the terrible hypocrisy of that epoch; and chosen for his love towards every human being, and for his humility. He complied to the Mishnaic precept, 'In a place in which there are no men, try to be a man' (Avot, 2: 6).


The Messianic Nexus


The Messianic Mission must be in correspondence with the Prophets of Israel. The Messianism of Yeshua contained 2 basic elements: (1) its particular terminology concerning the Six Initial Signs, (2) the Messianic Prophetic Nexus based on 2 prophecies in particular, the last prophecy of Malachi and Isaiah 53.


The Messianic Mission of the last prophecy in Malachi is the 'mission' (indirectly) of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. That mission attempts the Reconciliation assigned to Elijah, but there was no merit for such a Reconciliation and there goes into effect the negative part of the prophecy, 'lest I come and smite the land with anathema' (Malachi, 3: 24).


The Messianic Mission of Isaiah 53 furnishes all the identification marks of that same mission of the 'suffering servant' unjustly brought to death. It even anticipates the resurrection because after that death in innocence and 'loaded with our sins', he is again found 'alive', rewarded with a great progeny, the receiver of great bounty from God. Isaiah 53 also prophesied the realization, with due repentance, and the recognition of that 'servant' whom they had not appreciated and had not understood and not imagined that he had carried our sins with his sacrifice etc. It prophesizes that in a certain moment of history, the Jewish people will reconsider the whole matter of Yeshua, they will understand and they will recognize that which we are studying here, the true Messianic Mission of Yeshua.


The Salvation Hidden to Israel since that time


This is an extremely profound prophecy. If Jesus carried 'our sins' at that time, and his sacrifice was accepted by God as a Messianic Sacrifice, this means that also the people of Israel, without knowing it, had received a 'salvation' through his sacrifice. In conjunction to the last prophecy of Malachi, we explain that a decree of total destruction, may God save us, was transformed, in merit of the Messianic Sacrifice of Jesus, into a decree infinitely less harsher, in the destruction of the second Temple, be-avvonot ha-rabim, and Israel's dispersion among the nations. That Messianic Sacrifice represented the historical realization of the 'prophetic' Sacrificed Ram in place of Isaac, our father.


The Messianic Code and Prophetic Nexus of Yeshua help us understand the Messianic Purposes of that mission and, thus, its teachings. After we remove the idolatry and cancel out more than half of the Fourth Gospel, what teachings of Jesus remain for the True Bible?


Jesus - Second Man of the Redemption.


In the Completed Signs we have the message from the Archangel Michael (Ministerial Angel of Israel) 'Three are the men of the redemption: Moses, Jesus and Haim'. That Jesus is the Second Man of the Redemption cannot but have an enormous importance for all of us, an importance not relegated only to the past. The Torah, for the sake of understanding, cannot be relegated only to the past; it is the Living Torah given us from God and brought to us by Moses, our teacher; it the Source of Law, of Wisdom, of Sanctity and of Blessing, from when it came into existence on earth and forever. When we study the Torah with the correct humility and proper respect, we receive something of the humility of Moses, magister noster.


Baby Matthew of the True Bible


When the Book of the Rose (Sefer Mishnat Haim) will become known, studied, and recognized as the only true continuation of the True Bible[5], in merit of the Goel Haim, those who merit will desire to be part of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and to become faithful talmidim (pupils) of the Goel Haim. These texts are all written in the Clear Language prophesied in Zephaniah ;In those days I will turn over a clear language to the nations and all will invoke the name of God, to serve Him together'.

In short, afterwards, all will have the True Bible, the traditional Bible of the Tradition of Israel, the New Corrected Testament of Jesus and the Texts of the Final Redemption. With Baby Matthew, we propose the Key Book of the New Corrected Testament of Yeshua, the Book that, in place of the old Christian New Testament, tells briefly the true contents of the Messianic Mission of Jesus.

What remains, then, from the Christian New Testament and what are the teachings of Yeshua from which we can always draw study and deep reflection?


What did Jesus not teach?


Jesus didn't teach a mystical doctrine, or any initiate or Gnostic or philosophical doctrine (such as the Logos). He taught, instead, for as much as was possible, the Substance of the Messianic Mission that was upon him. Such a substance could not be an esoteric doctrine or meditation-mysticism etc. otherwise it would deny the possibility of teaching it to the masses or for the masses.


The Miracles computed by Jesus


On the other hand, the so-called 'miracles' which Jesus performed by way of the 'secret' of the Kabbala Maasit[6], at times in front of the masses, do not interest us. They do not represent a Messianic teaching but only an expedient to attract the masses so that they listen to his message since Jesus had no other means.


To define the Substance in terms of the Triple-Name


There remains to search for more definition concerning the Substance of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, a Substance that completes nothing less than the Final Bond of the name 'ASHER' and the final name EHEYE, thus completing the whole name of God 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE'[7] in the Final Redemption. The name 'ASHER' is connected with the Signs of Isaac[8]. And even though Jesus was in the position of the Sacrificed Ram instead of Isaac, the name 'ASHER' generally is in the Signs of Isaac. The Ram was taken and the Ram arose in Sacrifice to God. Isaac remained highly sanctified but on earth. Thus, now, the Correction of the history of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, for the sake of understanding, puts the RESH back to its correct place, completing the whole name and sealing it into the True Bible. And we have a Sign from the Teacher Haim that says, "The pupils must never be without the Signs of Isaac.


The disagreeable obligation in reproaching the people of Israel


Before pursuing the search of the Substance of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, it is worth while asking a few questions on the character of the Jesus' approach to the Corrections that he, in that Messianic position, had to try to effect. Without any doubt, Jesus contested all the hypocrisy and all the evil that he saw in the Pharisees and in the Priests. Such a knowledge was intense among the holy Teachers of the Essenes, and in the end they had to detach themselves completely from bringing sacrifices to the Temple. But did Jesus want a Reform in Judaism? Or did Jesus want a new interpretation of that which was within the context of Tradition? Or was Jesus ready to go still further with a more radical Reform even outside the context of Tradition?


It is not to be misunderstood


Jesus had no intention of reforming the Institutions of Israel's Tradition but rather to reform the false heart and turn it into a sincere and truthful heart with God and with men. One must remember that the same Teacher of Justice about 100 years before Jesus had established that School to be a salvation from the terrible decree that he foresaw against the people of Israel. This knowledge belonged to the established Messianic Structure in the School, to be a Messianic salvation when the forces of darkness and the forces of light would come unto that awful war. 'Not a stone will remain on stone', therefore, Jesus learned at the School.


That Messianic obligation could not finish well and Jesus probably knew it but he had, nevertheless, to reproach the Pharisees and Priests in his discourses since the prophetic aspect of the Messianic mission is similar to God's instructions to the great Prophet Ezekiel that if he warns the sinners of their sins and they don't listen to him, he is exempt and they are guilty but if he doesn't warn them of those negative prophecies, then they are exempt and he is guilty.

A prophetic obligation requires the announcement of the prophecies received. We, in the first years of the Completed Signs, had to announce to people, in whatever way possible the arrival of the Goel Haim and the Signs of the Redemption and the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. Once the Signs had been received, it became a prophetic obligation to announce them, and aye if we had not done it!


When Jesus, driven by a thousand Providential factors, decided to assume that 'Messianic Mission', there descended upon him from Heaven 'prophetic obligations' that he had to announce. He could, therefore, not avoid criticizing and reprimanding those responsible for the people, the Pharisees and the Priests of that time for their hypocrisy, egoism, corruption and closed mindedness which represented impediments to any redemption or salvation. He also made signs to show that a Messianic Mission was upon him, an undertaking anything but easy!


The Corrections of themselves are not Messianic Teachings


The Corrections that Jesus had to attempt didn't represent the teaching of Jesus as Messiah. As said, these were prophetic obligations that had to be announced; they were not the Substance of Jesus’ Messianic teaching. It was a necessity without which he could not have proceeded.

We of the Donkey Signs have the prophetic obligation to correct the insidious idolatrous sin of the doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar, and we have the prophetic obligation to denounce the false and idolatrous messianism of Habad. So are we obligated to reproach all negative attitudes that go against the virtuous attributes needed for the Final Redemption. An equally prophetic obligation is the Great Correction of Christianity. So too we have the prophetic obligation to denounce Islamic fanaticism and to curse it because it originates from darkness which must be expelled by the light of the Final Redemption. So are we obligated to denounce the Movement of the Testimonies of - - hated and cursed by the Creator of the Universe. So have we received the Signs of God’s hatred to Dianetics or Scientology.


All these Corrections are compulsory for the purification of the Fourth Generation but they do not represent the Substance of the teachings of the Goel Haim in the context of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Back to the question: what is the Messianic Teaching of Jesus, a teaching that was valid then and which is valid always. Believe me, it's not an easy question.

The purpose of this text is to furnish the True Bible to the public in place of the Christian New Testament. By impulse I would discard almost everything, not only from John but many things in the Synoptic Gospels as well that I just don't like, whether for their idolatrous tonality or their irrelevancy or for their Comic strip presentation[9]. Poppycock. Hodgepodge. Hogwash. I’m not being facetious! Almost any Jew who reads the Gospels gets the same feeling, not with the words of Jesus (in the Synoptics) but with just about all the rest.


What do I want from the Gospels?


Nice question, hi-haw, hi-haw! We have our document Siman 33 (The Gospel according to the Donkey) that we read in the New Rite for the Feast of the 25th of December called 'Feast of the First Messiah, Died one Year ago'. This stupendous title received in the Completed Signs shows that the Messianic Mission of Jesus represents an integral and living part of the Final Redemption, not a matter relegated only to the past. We are, it is true, the pupils of the Goel Haim and everything that we receive and that we study is in the context of the relationship Teacher-Pupil with the third and final Goel Haim. Also this Sign, however, declares: Three are the men of the redemption Moses, Jesus and Haim. - We are, therefore, through the studies received from the Goel Haim, also pupils of Moses and of Jesus.


Students of Moses


As students of Moses, magister noster, this will show itself continually stronger on a more universal level, from the Fifth Generation onwards. With the True Bible, the Christian world that will remain, returns 'automatically' to the roots of the Source and it will no longer see the Torah as the Old Testament but as the True Bible of the true faith in the truth of the Only God, Creator of the Heavens and of the earth. The same Torah will become alive in the world and all will be proud that in merit of the Teacher Haim the world also becomes again pupils of Moses, magister noster. All the texts of the Tradition of Israel represent many worlds of true teaching and true study.


Students of Jesus


This is not the problem. The problem is the teaching of Jesus. We must discard all the comic strips from the Gospels and everything that is useless, with all the additions and falsifications, but something also has to remain from the Gospels, something that the Second Man of the Redemption represents! With the terminology of the Messianic Code of Jesus, together with the Messianic Initial Signs and the Messianic Nexus from the Prophets, his Messianic Mission is Complete. If, however, we don't establish a general historical context of his Mission, the Measures of that Messianic Mission would again thrust it up off course.[10] In Siman 33 we established Jesus’ Messianic Mission as the Pre-Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth.


The precocious birth of Yeshua


A Providential Spirit pushed Joseph and Mary to a passion that made them do that which of nature and of education in the fear of God they would never have done.[11] It was a Sign from Above that had to be, even if it had, absolutely, to be covered over in Christianity. Jesus had to be conceived from a 'pre-matrimonial' relationship because his Messianic Sign would bring a Pre-Kingdom of Heaven and not the Final Historic Kingdom of Heaven which ‘descends’ and forms a new relationship with the earth, referred to as Matrimonial, a New Historic Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. And from the Completed Signs we know that also the Stellar Mission given by the Star of Christ 2000 years ago could not be a complete mission, that is, the Mission which completes the Redemption for the world. The Completed Mission of the Final Redemption is represented by the ‘meeting between Malchitzedek and Abraham’ which is repeated only after 4000 years. 2000 years ago, with the Star of Abraham at its farthest point and the Star of Malchitzedek (becoming the Star of Christ) with its cycle of 2000 years, at its closest point to the earth, the effulgence of that Star was unbelievably potent, not allowing for the true equilibrium required for the Final Redemption. Jesus’ Mission, therefore, was 'pre-matrimonial', the Messianic Mission that didn't contain in it the force to effect a Complete Redemption.


The Incomplete Mission of Malachi


It could be problematic to find in Prophets references to such a ‘pre-matrimonial’ and incomplete Mission, but it derives mainly from the prophecy of Malachi which prophetically looks at the possibility of the failure of the Reconciliation.


The Messiah, son of Joseph


The concept exists in Tradition but is it totally obscured by other formulations. The concept, generalized by the Gaon Malbim, (on Ezekiel 37, 19), is that before the Messiah, son of David, there arrives the Messiah, son of Joseph. The Messiah, son of Joseph, combats against hostile nations to bring in those missing of the Ten Tribes of Israel to the promised land. That Messiah, son of Joseph, however, doesn't succeed in finishing his wars and he is killed. Only afterwards comes Messiah, son of David, to complete the wars begun by the Messiah son of Joseph and to bring all the children of Israel to the promised land where the Temple is built and the Messianic Kingdom is established.


The Incompleted Messianic Mission


We certainly smile a bit at the form of these ideas but the idea of two Messiahs is found in the Tradition, and it contains the idea that the first Messiah, son of Joseph, will have an Incomplete Messianic Mission. Now, however, the Signs of history are completed; certain historical 'Signs' could not in fact have been interpreted in the correct way if not for Completed Signs. We have here a triangle: the Mission of Yeshua was Pre-matrimonial and Incomplete; Yeshua, unfortunately, was Killed, and his father’s name was Joseph.


Messiah ben Yosef's Bond with the Lost Sheep


Another factor is quite surprising. Jesus declares in no uncertain terms that his Messianic coming (Messianic here means 'of salvation') is not for the salvation of the Pharisees nor the Priests, nor for those instructed in the Torah, and it's even possible to say not for the people of Israel found at that time. Adhering to the prophetic announcements of those Initial Signs, the Messianic envoy declares without hesitation, "I have not come except for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel." A colossal affirmation! The salvation that I bring, says Jesus, is a Messianic salvation that comes for the salvation of those originally from the Ten Tribes of Israel and who were 'lost' among the people. I know that the Messianic mission upon me is true; I know that the Messianic salvation has to go out for the lost sheep of the ten lost tribes of Israel; more than this I do not know, it is the work of God.


4 signs, therefore, that the Messianic Context of Yeshua's Mission was that of Messiah, son of Joseph


These four Signs, therefore, contain four solid corners to establish that Yeshua was the Messiah ben Yosef: 1) his father Joseph 2) he had the Incomplete Mission, 3) he was Killed and, therefore, he was not given the possibility of completing his mission and 4) Jesus declares that his Messianic Mission comes for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, that is for the children of Israel from the ten lost tribes among the nations. This affirmation of Jesus is highly prophetic. The expressions used for indication the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in Prophets are 'House of Israel' on one hand, in comparison to the 'House of Jacob', or 'Efraim' or ‘Yosef’ on one hand, in comparison to 'Judah' etc. were written in Prophets 600 years before Jesus.


Yeshua knew, therefore, that the House of Israel or Efraim (son of Joseph) or the 'lost children' of Rachel, our mother, (Joseph's mother), were all references to the Ten Lost Tribes among the nations who also lost, in time, their own identity as Israelites. It is nothing less than amazing, therefore, that Jesus declares that the Purpose of his Messianism was the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. And this is the Fundamental Pivot of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua. Even if we wanted to discard all else in the Gospels, we could not discard this essential key, "I have not come except for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel"; this means that "The purpose of this Messianic Mission of mine is entirely for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep."


What, however, is the Messianic teaching in this?


Now if that salvation is a Central Pillar of the purpose of that mission prophesied for the Messiah, son of Joseph, also the principal teaching that we are looking for has to represent the teaching that goes out in favor of, or to benefit, the lost sheep. Jesus, Messiah, son of Joseph, in an Incomplete Messianic Mission, was innocently killed, and he had declared that the purpose of his Messianism was for the salvation of the Sheep Lost of the House of Israel. But how could Jesus do something that benefited the Lost Sheep?

Yeshua, for sure, would not have been able to answer, except to say that God alone knows. As a Messianic prophet Jesus made that declaration, and the prophet knows the words that he receives but he doesn't know how those prophecies will be realized in history.

We must ask, at this point, if the teaching of the 'son of God', in the Messianic Code of Jesus, can be connected, as a 'teaching', with the Messianic Purpose of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep?


A Secret Bond of the Code connected the souls of the Lost Sheep


Let me bray it out Donkey-wise and meditate on it if you so desire. From when the souls were brought by God's Providence into Christianity, that 'voice' of the 'son of God' was for them a ‘hookup’ to their roots in Israel because 'You are children unto the Lord, your God' (Deut. 14, 1) and 'My son, My first-born, Israel' (Exodus, 4: 22). Just this term 'son of God' was the Word-bond that in a concealed manner maintained the Rope of the Heredity of Jacob.


The Mercy of God


The mercy of God Blessed is He, did everything for the Complete Salvation of the Lost Sheep of Israel in the end. Christianity was a Shelter so that they fall not into the more distant religions that didn't know (and a lot of them don't know yet) of the Patriarchs and of Israel's redemption from Egypt and of the Revelation at Sinai etc. etc. They were souls rooted in Sinai and rooted in the Ten Tribes of Israel but they were estranged by now from their roots. God Blessed is He, in His mercy, therefore placed a Shelter and Safeguard in the world, Christianity, to help them maintain their integrity, if not actually in the pure faith but at least in the good qualities loved by God.


The prophecy, Isaiah (49: 6) 'it is a light thing' etc.


There are universal purposes that concern the dispersion of the lost sheep of the Ten Tribes, their loss of identity and their eventual return within the confines of the people of Israel. Important is the prophecy in Isaiah that even gathering in the Tribes of Jacob and the missing of Israel (the Ten Tribes), before God is yet considered a ‘light thing’, since the light, the mercy and the salvation of God must reach the extremities of the whole world.

In theory, this could have proceeded from the Second Temple but it was not so. Christianity, instead, reached many nations even to the extremities of the earth although the faith itself would eventually have to be corrected. Blessed is He who designed in Christianity a Cord of Truth, that of being a child of God, for 'you are children unto the Lord, your God' (Deut, 14: 1). This was for the souls of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel that are also a Source of salvation of all people[12] in the history of the redemption.


The Nations of Japheth and Esau - distant from the true faith


The nations destined to adapt Christianity were too distant to hold faith in the One Living God. These were the children of Japheth with many mixtures of Esau-Japheth. They could not make it in one step. Even more distant were the children of Cam.


Esau saved for respect to his parents


Blessed is the Merciful God who searches out the positive qualities in all people and who loves every person. The whole matter of Esau didn't come for complicating the life of Jacob, our father, although that's what it did from beginning to end. But we cannot understand even minimally the intensity of God's love for every person in the world, and He found in Esau the quality of maintaining his respect towards Isaac and towards Rebecca, at least in their presence, and in this virtue He saw fit to save many descendants of Esau.


Esau, however, was the son of Rebecca and Isaac, nephew of Abraham and Sarah. In prophetic history Esau is associated with Rome (and thus Christianity) and generally with the mixtures of Esau from Sem and the people of Yapheth (Greece in particular but Indo-European generally). All this was for the sake of extending the seed of Abraham to a multitude of nations. So too was the bitter history of Sarah, our mother, and the whole conflict for reason of Hagar and Ishmael. But if Isaac had been born first, Ishmael, son of Abraham from Hagar would never have come. God, Blessed is He, saw that many descendants of Ishmael, son of Abraham, would be able, after many centuries of history, to take part in the blessings of God concerning Ishmael. All this was for extending the blessing of Abraham, our father, to a multitude of nations in the end.


The True Bible is for everybody


It is thus through Christianity and Islam that the extension of the word of God has actually gone out to the extremities of the earth, reaching even, in time, many peoples of Ham. So too, in the end, the True Bible will go out for everybody, also to Moslems who will always hold sacred the Koran. The Arabic peoples (and then also non-Arabic peoples such as the Turks or the Iranians who became Moslems), although they had wandered from monotheism for many centuries, in merit of Ishmael, son of Abraham, returned to the pure faith of Abraham. The mixed peoples of Esau-Japheth, on the other hand, were much more distant and they didn't succeed in understanding God without having an 'image' of God to hold on to. Thus God Blessed is He, in His amazing mercy for all, allowed that part of humanity to begin to draw near to God through Christianity.


The lamb of God for the expiation of sins


Jesus was 'sacrificed' in his innocence, in the true faith in the only God of the universe, and was taken by God as the a Holocaust of a lamb or sheep, offered to God to expiate sins. Since his Mission was Messianic he became that Lamb of God for the partial Salvation of the Lost Sheep and for the extension of that partial salvation to many peoples.


The Teaching


The Messianic teaching of Jesus was to love God so much, as a true son loves his father, so as to be ready to devote oneself and even to sacrifice oneself for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and with them to extend the salvation of God to the extremities of the earth.




We are in the definition of the Messianic Code of Yeshua, trying to understand the teaching of the 'son of God'. Both the Messianic Code of the 'son of God' and the Messianic Purpose of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep must have a connection with the term 'son of God'. That Messianic Nexus arises from the prophesied Messiah, son of Yosef. All squares: The Messiah, son of Joseph comes for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep and such a Salvation required the 'term' and the 'character' of Jesus, Christ of the Nations, who taught to follow his example as a 'son of God', as a faithful child to one's father, ready even to sacrifice himself in order to fulfill the will of his father, to follow the will of God in the Salvation of others. This completes the Messianic Code.


The Meaning for us


It's not a particular sentence that we are trying to learn or a motto of wisdom of Jesus that we want to follow. The Messianism of Jesus was a Mission of Sacrifice for the purpose of the Salvation of others. The teaching: despite the impossibility, the insurmountable obstacles and the total non understanding in what he was saying, he, with absolute trust in God, and even in his ardor to be ready to die, if it be so desired by God, did everything for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

This now reaches and touches us in the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread.


The Mission of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep passes to the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread


Now! The long crossing is done. The word of Yeshua not to have come if not for the purpose of the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel now returns to us. It was that affirmation which opened the road of Christianity afterwards to a universal level.

The salvation of the lost sheep requires a 'Mission' (we use the term ‘Sign’, however, not ‘Mission’, a term we don’t like). The Donkey-Sign requires humble Donkeys who can serve as Good Shepherds. Do you understand? The first arrival of the Star of Christ was for establishing in the world a Messianic Mission for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep and to do such Christianity had to be extended to a universal level. The Second arrival of the Star of Christ, announced by the Goel Haim, comes for completing the Salvation of the Lost Sheep through the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread and of his helping partner White Horse.


We find ourselves, after 25 years now, with certain similarities to Yeshua's time. He was in Israel and to Israel he spoke. It’s not yet the time of being listened to. (a gentle way of saying it, no!) Our Sign, however, thank God, is not that of failure. The Final Goel Haim presides in the Kingdom of Heaven. We must, however, load ourselves with work for the Final Redemption. A world of lost sheep await their Salvation. We have to open the doors of Salvation towards the Christian world and the True Bible to be prepared will serve to connect forever the RESH of the name 'ASHER' to the final name EHEYE. This small book Baby Matthew that explains the true Gospel of the true Jesus completes the connection, God willing, in the Sign of the True Bible Connection that has been missing from history. Then the Dragon of Fire will descend from the Stellar Eagle, which itself descends in conjunction with the New Constellation of Seven Stars, to burn away idolatry from the world.


The two 'powers' of Prophecy and of Spirit connected to the Messianic Code of Gesus


The wind is seizing me to make the True New Gospel in a few lines. Before I let myself be taken by the wind, however, there are still two aspects concerning the Messianic Code of Jesus to be covered. One is the prophetic aspect and it is very important, as said in a dream of Daniel Manigrasso that we must reread the words of Jesus in the Prophetic Key. The other aspect is that of the Spirit or rather the Ruah, because the Messianic Mission of Jesus derives from the Signs of the name 'ASHER', in the Signs of Isaac, also called the Signs of the Ruah (Spirit), (in comparison to the first name, in the Signs of Nefesh (the Vital Soul) and to the final name in the Signs of the Neshama (the Higher Soul). There must be an aspect of the New Spirit of the Final Redemption that is not completed without the Corrected Spirit that derives from the name 'ASHER' through the Mission of Yeshua[13].


This is also the case of the Virtues of the heart that have some roots in the teachings of Yeshua. We speak of 13 Virtues of the Heart of Ester, 13 Virtues of the Good Heart and the 10 Virtues of the Middle Pillar of the Triple Meditation. It would be, nevertheless, a lack in the completeness of these 36 Virtues of the Heart without the Virtues or certain teachings brought by the first Messiah in the Initial Signs.

The New Gospel of the Little Matthew, therefore, must take into account how much resides in the Messianic Code without missing the followings points:


The birth of Yeshua under the Star of Christ;

the Pre-Matrimonial conception;

the acuteness and the sensibility of the young Jesus;

three years in the School of the Essenes;

the Initial Signs in the School;

the Kabbala Massit received there;

the exiting of John and then of Jesus;

Jesus baptized by John;

the announcement both of John and of Jesus that the Kingdom of Heaven is descending on earth;

the Temptations due to Jesus' decision to go out in public with the Messianic Code of the 'son of God';

the beatitudes to understand the Virtues taught by Yeshua;

the Messianic Purpose of the Messiah, son of Joseph, to furnish the Salvation (Initial) to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel;

the Kingdom of Heaven;

Some words on the 'son of man';

The she-ass of Jesus;

his Sacrifice

his Resurrection



Chapter 1


Little Baby Matthew


I am Little Baby Matthew, born by Mother Anna and brought around on the streets of Milan standing on the shoulders of Joseph Manigrasso. I have listened, seen and understood a lot of things. I am a New Gospel, the true one, after the Dragon of Fire has burnt away all the idolatry, all the additions and changes and the whole false deification of the poor Jesus, Messiah, son of Joseph. I must go now an instant to the Donkey of the New Firmament; in these days he looks like an Elephant with the Skin of an Hippopotamus. "Could you please write for me a small Prologue so that I don't get confused with Words"?


The Donkey Elephant with the Short Trunk


Dear Baby Matthew, I'm an Elephant with a Short Trunk. Before the beginning of the Creation, there was only God. And also afterwards, when the purposes of the Creation will already be reached and exhausted, the whole universe will no longer exist, only the Omnipotent God will exist. Well, don't worry about that, Baby Matthew, these are matters of God, not ours, nor are they comprehensible to the human mind. We say it only for the understanding that except for God, Blessed is He, everything in the universe was created by EL SHADDAI and every creation has its limits and has a beginning and an end. Do you understand, Little Matthew, that the end of the creation is not a time that we can judge, even in terms of perhaps millions and millions of years; it's unknowable. So you have absolutely no reason to cry!


'My thoughts are not your thoughts'

Take heed from mystical doctrines


Nor can we understand God's thought, as He said to the Prophet, (Isaiah, 55: 8) 'My thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not My ways'. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be deceived, Little Matthew, by whoever says that God's Self is unified in the Self of the person and that the Self of God is called Father and the Self of the person is called Son or that Jesus came for illuminating the world with the New Gnosis that he had the mission to spread. It is not so, dear Child, 'My thoughts are not your thoughts'! And 'the Divine Ego' mystically placed in a person will bring to the idolatrous sin of 'Small Gods', as the Snake said, 'your eyes will open and you will be as 'gods' who know good and evil.' (Genesis, 3: 5). Be careful never to eat of that philosophical, deceptive, sweet and convincing evil. It is a terrible false light and who is fed on it dies spiritually and is deceived into believing himself or herself as living in the way of the Tree of Life.


The Tree of Life requires a Simple Heart


The Way of the Tree of Life, is, instead, to be of a simple heart in one's faith in the only Living God. One does not reach EL SHADDAI with mysticism or esoteric doctrines or with meditations of auto-negation, to leave the body and the world. Those who believe and practice such currents of thought come in the end to mental and physical unbalance. Jesus, however, said that when the time of the Kingdom of Heaven would come, to enter it, one must have a clean and simple heart, as a child. Just like you, Little New-Born Matthew, ready for the new listening, with new eyes, to learn your New Gospel. Bray, Matthew, I'm listening to you.


Only now are the Messianic and Redemptional prophecies completed


 Only with the arrival of the chosen Goel, there begins the Completeness of the prophecies and the realization of a New World, beginning from the Fifth Generation. In that renewed world, based on the true faith and correct behavior, the Torah, Repentance, Paradise, Gehinom, the Final Temple and the Throne of Glory will be completed for the people of Israel and for the world, in merit of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, Haim. Notice well, Matthew, for you are an intelligent Child: it speaks of the 'name' of the 'anointed' one , not of the man himself. The Mishna doesn't say that these 7 things were 'found' before the creation of the world but that they were 'created' before the Creation of the world. They were not intermediary in the creation of the world and the world was not made through them. There are no intermediaries in the Creation.


'God said and the world was'

All was created with the double-word 'Be-Reishit'-'At the beginning'


God Blessed is He, is the Creator to Whom is the power of creation, as is written, 'He said and the world was' and 'alone I have stretched out the heavens and the earth.' For our understanding, we say words that we are able 'to hear', knowing that they are only for capturing something of the sense. Thus we say that God says and that which He says is immediately created ex nihilo, from nothing; first that thing didn't exist and when God 'said it' that thing came to exist, (in Latin creatio ex nihilo). God Blessed is He, revealed to Moses the first word and the first words that God said and the world was. In the first word, the letter BEIT is completed by the word REISHIT. Already from the whole word BEREISHIT, formed by the two words BEIT (in) and REISHIT (beginning), the whole universe was created with all that which is in it.


To God only is the power of the Creation


No man, in this world or in the other world, or any angel or archangel, or any other level of the superior worlds, possess the power of Creation. The Creator, Blessed is He, is above every creation. A Son of God doesn't exist. God is not a man. He is the marvelous absolute power, the truly absolute 'free' One, who creates everything that He desires to create. Any man or any other power or entity or angel or archangel are not even minimally close to being able to create the universe or the heavens and the earth. The difference between Creator and 'created' is infinite, and it's not possible in any way to imagine it or understand it with human logic. Creatio ex nihilo is to be taken on faith from the true Tradition, At the beginning, God created, from nothing, the heavens and the earth.


After the double-word BE-REISHIT which represents the first expression of God and the creation of the whole universe, 'God said and the world was', the Word of God expands into more words to help us gain understanding in other concepts pertaining to creation, At the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth; He created the heavens and everything that belongs to the heavens, and He created the earth and everything contained in it. In the beginning of Creation, everything was created, in the first instant of God's creating; then, in the times established by God, He, so to speak, put order in the universe that He had already created. Note as well, Matthew, that the beginning of which it speaks is not the beginning of a time; it is the beginning of the action of God in creating the heavens and the earth. It doesn't tell you when! That 'when' is not calculable, as we have explained for the time of the end of the universe, that it absolutely doesn't reenter in terms that we can contemplate.


The earth's Antiquity


Thus, the time of the beginning of Creation is outside of the limits of the human mind. "The time when the heavens, the stars and this earth came into being", the Tzadik Haim taught me, is of millions and millions of years and it cannot be known. Only God knows it. In fact, the Torah says that in the creation of the heavens and the earth, the earth 'was' (haita) without form and chaotic. The verb here in the past demonstrates the distant antiquity of the existence of the earth. Only God knows when He created the heavens and the earth.


The Logos of the Prologue of John doesn't exist

It is the Bitter Chalice that Jesus drank


The Logos doesn't exist; there was no WORD that 'At the beginning' was near God. The Logos of the Fourth Gospel was a trap of Gnostic philosophical mysticism that put the Seal of Idolatry on all subsequent Christianity deifying the poor Messiah, son of Joseph. And this was the Bitter Chalice that Jesus drank. So was it bitter the prophetic vision on the Cross before ceding his soul in which Jesus saw the terrible ingratitude history would pay him turning him into a Divinity, the Son of God. For reason of that unfortunate vision he cried out, "My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me?" (Matthew, 27: 46).


The bitterness of that Chalice


It's good that you're still small, Matthew, so not too many things can enter you, because I have to keep this Text short. Stay calm, we'll discard most and hold on only to the beneficial. Always remember that Jesus was not a 'mystic', he was not a 'philosopher', he didn't come with a new 'clever' system to wake up the minds to reach a superior state of knowledge. Jesus was Jewish, Jesus was Messianic, Jesus was prophetic, Jesus accomplished for the world the great Sign-Example of the realization of the prophetic words of Habakuk (2: 4): 'The just man lives in his faith'.

He acted in the realm of his faith. It was not as with Moses, our teacher, with whom God Almighty, Blessed is He, spoke to directly and ordered him what to do or what to write. Nor was Jesus in the Higher Order of Sanctity of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of each generation whose steps are guided constantly in the Sanctity upon them. Jesus’ faith had to be from himself. There was no merit in Israel at that time to allow for a direct revelation of God Almighty, even to an individual for the sake of the people. Needed for that time was a just person, a Tzadik who lived in his faith, and for his own faith and love of God, he would stand up to speak the truth, even in the face of death.

So it was in his decision to take on that mission (decided on properly when he received the ‘secret’ of the Kabbalah Maasit, at his completion of three years). The strands of his life all came together and he saw in the many Providential events that had shaped his life, as well as possessing that character of faith which was unfortunately lacking in the Priests and in the Doctors of the Law in those last epochs of the Second Temple. He knew where his heart stood in his love for God. His desire was to see other Jews sincere and honest before God and before people. He was in the end weary of all the serious errors that he found and his inner frustration of not being able to help them allowed him no mental rest. God’s Providence led him to the School of the Essenes but his Mentor and cousin shook the foundations of Jesus’ existence when he left the School and preached in public the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The point is, little Matthew, that Jesus’ choice to exit from the School, a year and a half after Yohhanan ha-Matbil (John the Baptist) and to embark upon that Messianic Mission, was his. It was he who had to decide and to take upon himself that responsibility, cost what it may, because he believed firmly that God’s Providence had led him to the point of that choice but that to have the necessary merit in it, he himself had to choose it. And he knew that said Mission once undertaken had no turning back, for if you are in the fulfillment of God’s will, whether it was ‘ordered’ directly or whether it came by God’s Providence, any turning away from it afterwards would become a terrible sin to one’s soul before God. This is what I mean by Jesus’ fulfillment of the Tzadik who lives in his faith.


Jesus fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah 53 of the suffering servant loaded with the sins of his people. He was the historic realization of the Ram Sacrificed in place of Isaac. He was the Second Man of the redemption. The Bitter Chalice turned all these great merits into a false and idolatrous doctrine of the Divinity of Christ. There are no criteria to fathom the bitterness of that Chalice! My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me, Abi, Abi, lema shevaktani (Matthew: 27: 46). And his precious soul left his body.


In the Gospels we look only for the Substance of the Messianic Mission of Jesus


You see, Small four year-old Matthew, even though you were just born, take it from an Elephant because elephants are pleasant, even if, by chance, they have a short trunk. The Wedding of Cana doesn't interest me at all, and I don't care if the water become wine. Not even the multiplication of the bread awakens my attention or the story of Lazzaro so filled with contradictions. The Samaritan woman was much less insipid than the disciples who were unable to pronounce a sensible sentence, but of stories there are so many books. The itineraries of Yeshua in the Gospels don't tell me anything and I leave them to the Travel Agencies. So do we discard many other details and badly elaborated résumés along with the ecclesiastical additions of the dawning Church in the periods in which the Gospels were written.


The Messianic Code of the 'son of God' failed historically


And it is true that Yeshua, with the so many Messianic and Prophetic 'fluxes' upon him, announced and brought a New Messianic Spirit in the context of his mission. But being that same Messianic mission Pre-matrimonial, Initial and Incomplete, very little counts concerning the correct intentions of the Messianic Code of Jesus in the expression 'son of God'. As an Elephant I tell you: the Messianic Code of the 'son of God' failed; it failed in Israel and it failed in Christianity, foolishly taken to the letter, as if Jesus were a Divinity, the Divine-Son of the God-Father. We must, therefore, differentiate this aspect of the Messianic Code from the others, in as much as a teaching, even separated from any idolatry, because it conduces to confusion.


You see, New Matthew, also the teaching of the Messianic Code of Jesus 'son of God' in the sense of 'You are sons unto the Lord your God' must be removed and it doesn't enter the New Gospel. In the end, it has not brought good fruit and it has confused the minds for 2000 years. Not so the Messianic Code of Jesus, Messiah, son of Yosef, expressed in the affirmation, 'I have not come except for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel'. This is the true Historic-Messianic conclusion to Jesus’ Messianic Code of the 'son of God'.


Between the terms 'son of God' and 'Christ of the Nations'


Ah, Little Matthew, I know you would like to ask me if with this cut of 'son of God' we do not commit the same error of cutting away the tongue of the poor ex-Christian girl? And then came your mother, Matthew, stopping me from cutting out the girl's tongue with the scissors and she, using instead a Spray, resolved everything without the drastic measures and highly dangerous procedure that I wanted to adopt. – So I re-established the term 'Christ of the Nations' exclusively on the person of Jesus, so as not to remove the term Christ from the people of Christianity and thus 'cutting away their tongue'.

I think, dear Matthew, that it's not the same thing. The term 'Christ' becomes purified in the Second Coming of the 'Star of Christ, in virtue of humility', a term, therefore, authorized by the Goel Haim. The 'son of God' instead doesn't bring any precise teaching that must be continued and it doesn't hold up in time. But if in some instances we want to keep it, also for this we have a simple Spray, writing ‘son’ with a small letter and not with a capital S!


In the Pre-kingdom of Heaven, Jesus was indeed the Christ of the Nations


Jesus has indeed been the 'Christ of the Nations' in a Pre-kingdom of Heaven, as explained in the Book that Astounds. It is correct, therefore, that the title remembers this fact, a fact which is filled with more substance than what we might know of because it deals with things hidden of the other world. But for the term 'son of God' I see no raison d'etre. The Star of Christ doesn't return for bringing the correct equilibrium of the 'son of God' so as to extend its teaching in history. This is not so with the Messianic purpose of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep. The Star of Christ returns for Completing the partial Salvation for those souls through the Mission of Yeshua, in the Final New Pact of the Third and FR, in merit of the Final Goel Haim. Do you understand, Baby Matthew?


 "Come on now, Donkey-Elephant, call in Peretz, otherwise this New Gospel doesn't get started. Where does the 'Middle' True Bible begin between the Tradition of Israel and the New Tradition of the Final Redemption? "

 The Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs were found hidden in the School of the Essenes.


The 6 Signs are connected in the Torah with the 6 Points above the word va-yishakeihu (Genesis, 33: 4);

They represent the Signs of the Reconciliation


The Initial Messianic Signs were the Historical Signs with which Yeshua, son of Miriam and Joseph, accomplished his Messianic Mission in Israel, 2000 years ago. Such Signs are connected with the famous 6 Points above 'va-yishakeihu' (Gen. 33, 4)- 'and he kissed him'- in the kiss and embrace between Esau and Jacob. The 6 Points, therefore, are from the Torah and they represent the 6 Signs of the Reconciliation; and generally the Reconciliation of the hearts is the General Key of the Final Redemption, as the Great Sign of the Goel Haim, "We are all of the same flesh".


The Signs of Reconciliation are then found in the last prophecy of Malachi

It shows us that the Signs of the Reconciliation were given by God to the Prophet Elijah.



The Signs of the Reconciliation were given in heredity, for all times, to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, in the last prophecy of the last Prophet of Israel, Malachi:

'Behold, I am sending the prophet Elijah, before the great and terrible day of the Lord; he will reconcile the heart of fathers on their sons and the heart of sons with their fathers, lest I come to smite the land in anathema' (Malachi, 3: 23-24).

Jesus knew that he was part of this prophecy, as is known in Tradition that this last prophecy of God’s mandate to the Prophet Elijah is the necessary opening prophecy of the redemption in its time when either the prophet Elijah himself or a mandate in his name opens the final redemption, giving over the prophecies necessary to affront the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord, and to bring about the Reconciliation between the heart of fathers to their sons and the heart of sons to their father. These are the Great Keys of the Reconciliation which is representative of the Final and Complete Redemption. Jesus understood that God’s Providence had led him to the only place at that time where those redemptional and messianic Keys were known and practiced.

It was thus an obligation that Jesus attempt the Reconciliation and he well knew the insurmountable difficulties to be met before the Priests and Torah scholars of that time. Also this, however, was the prophetic basis for the ‘messianic code’ of the ‘son of God’. The heart of the father, my Father in Heaven, will be reconciled with those of Israel and the heart of Israel will return in love to its Father in Heaven. It is a sign of the Geula Shleima, the Final and Complete Redemption.


In every generation only the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim knew the Signs of the Reconciliation


Those 6 Hidden Signs, in every generation, were with the Prophet Elijah in the 'Kingdom of Heaven', and they were known in the world to only one person in every generation, the Head of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim.


The Teacher of Justice, founder of the School of the Essenes, was the Head of the 36 Hidden Just of his generation.

The Motive for the Foundation of the School


It was therefore essential that the final Goel reveal that the Teacher of Justice was on a very elevated level, a Tzadik. Then from the context of the Completed Signs, it was understood that he was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation. For respect, his name has never been exposed; this was from Heaven that it be forever hidden, because despite his correct intentions for God, none of the 36 Hidden Just, before him or after him, had ever revealed to others the 6 Hidden Signs of the Reconciliation brought by the Prophet Elijah. The Teacher of Justice, however, a true Hidden Tzadik on a very high level of knowledge, foresaw (perhaps 100 years before Yeshua) the destruction of the Second Temple and a terrible decree on the land. He established a Hidden School to counterbalance the lowness of the times, finding true, faithful and highly educated teachers and bringing them, with the severest of oaths, into the knowledge of the Six Signs of the Reconciliation that belong to the heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and that derive from the 6 Points above va-yishakeihu.


The Messianism of Yeshua derives from those Signs of the Reconciliation and thus his Mission was connected with the last prophecy of Malachi


Follow me, Baby Matthew. Once these things are known, as well as the fact that Yohhanan ha-Matbil was in the School for perhaps 8 years and that Yeshua was in the School for 3 years, everything begins to clear up. The Messianic Mission of Jesus derives from the Six Hidden Signs of the Reconciliation, of the heredity of the Prophet Elijah.


The Mission that fails or the Mission of the Missed Reconciliation


But the same prophecy in Malachi gives place to a mission of the Prophet Elijah (or at least in the name of the Prophet Elijah) which fails, giving the terrible result of 'lest I come to strike the land with anathema' (Malachi, 3: 24). Such was the Messianic Mission that fell into the destiny of Yeshua, son of Miriam and Joseph, Mission of the Failed Reconciliation. God, Blessed is He, foresaw that to reach to the conclusions of those Redemptional Signs of the Prophet Elijah (in the case that the first mission fails) a 'middle historical point' was needed, with the Initial Signs. Only in such a way, the world afterwards would be able to receive the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.


The Failed Reconciliation resulted in the 2000 year-old 'postponement' in order to reach the completeness of the Messianic and Redemptional Prophecies


The Messianic Mission of Jesus was thus connected with the last prophecy of Malachi, from the part that fails. In that failure, the time of the Final Redemption would be moved ahead for another 2000 years. The Messianic Signs, however, derived from the true Signs and therefore they became in Jesus’ hands the 'Initial' Messianic and Redemptional Signs. For this reason, dear Matthew, the failure of that mission of Reconciliation gave place to the long historical times 'dividing' the same Messianic and Redemptional prophecies into two periods separated by 2000 years. Since those Signs were true and they were Messianic, there are Messianic prophecies that coincide with the Mission of Yeshua but the conclusions of those same prophecies are only, so to speak, 'half way'. This is why Christians in these past centuries have enjoyed seeing the connections between certain Messianic prophecies and the Mission of Jesus. The connections were there indeed, although the completeness and full realization of those same prophecies were still distant.


The Providential Preparation of Yeshua


The factors that pushed Yeshua to assume on himself that Messianic Mission, are first of all, Providential factors that convinced Yeshua that everything that he had passed, until 29, had formed him for completing an important purpose for God. From his youth, he was mentally very acute and very sensitive. He was avid in the study of Prophets and he was anguished for the inadequate destiny of Israel in those times and for the suffering state of the spirit of Israel. Yeshua was 'enchanted' by the Messianic and Redemptional promises, he reflected a lot, he searched for answers, he was of a very serious nature. Here is the Torah and here are the Prophets but where is Israel?


The dissatisfaction that brought Jesus to the School of the Essenes


Yeshua went here and there, he spoke, he asked, he listened to men of Torah, he became expert in Torah, in the Tradition and in the Halacha; he was facilitated by a burning inner thirst to understand the destiny of the people of Israel. He also tried to express his opinions based on his readings in the Torah and Prophets but he found no heart that shared his ardor in discovering the means with which to bring Israel to a truthful spirit towards God and towards others. The more he studied, the more he suffered inside and the more his thoughts didn't find relief. At 26, his suffering, but also his hopes of finding an important way to serve God, had reached the peak when he went to see Yohhanan ha-Matbil at the School of the Essenes.


The entrance in the School


Yeshua convinced himself after only a few days that all that he aspired to was found in that School. He listened to all that was told to him by John the Baptist, of the terrible times that were arriving, and of many Signs and many 'secrets' revealed only to the chosen of the School under severe oath; he heard speak of Messianic orders that were part of the same formation of the School furnished by the Teacher of Justice, and of the particular creed that they of the School held concerning the 'Level' and the 'Position' of the Teacher of Justice. Yeshua understood: here there was truth; outside there was no truth, even in the Temple. After a short time, Yeshua entered as a full student in the School with a vote to life to never leave it. He rapidly adapted to the rigid discipline, chastity, absolute modesty, the prohibition to waste words in useless sentences, fasts, constant study and constant prayer, immersions every day before dawn, and in many other disciplines.


His close examination in the studies of the School


God’s Providence had guided him to the School, and so it drove him into a deepened ardor for understanding the Signs of the Reconciliation held secretly in the School. Probably in the School they were called 'Secrets' and not 'Signs.' In those studies Jesus came to know: (1) of the 'secret' of some Redemptional Stars, (2) of the 'secret' of the Kingdom of Heaven, (3) of the 'secret' of the heart loved by God that always revived the spirit, (4) of the 'secret' of the Messianic Mission for the salvation of Israel and the world against the forces of darkness, (5) of 'prophecies' on the decrees and the terrible times that were coming, and (6) the 'secret' of the Resurrection. Such were the 6 Initial Signs that Jesus, in the end, brought with him in his attempt to complete the Messianic Mission outside in public.


Jesus alone had to decide whether to take on that mission or not


The decision, however, to accept on himself that Messianic mission, had to be his. He was not 'commanded' by God – 'you have to accept on yourself this mission'. Needed was the merit of an act of 'jealousy' for God and such a merit could not be commanded by God, otherwise it would not be an act of 'jealousy' that pushed him to action but the will to follow God's commandment. Wanted here was a true action of 'jealousy' for God, as that of Pinhhass[14] in his time.


The influence of John


Yeshua feared God and he knew perfectly what a vote to life meant before God and especially a very severe oath in the name of God. The Providential factor, as regards Yeshua, that gave him the strength, persuaded him and finally convinced him to leave everything and to embark on that Messianic Mission, was the sudden exit of John the Immerger (Baptist from the Greek) from the School to open a 'mission' of penitence with immersion. That came at about a year and a half before Jesus left the School.


Without those studies of Yeshua at the School of the Essenes, it would not be possible to understand the true history of Jesus and the truth of his Mission


Do you hear me Baby Matthew? This is the true Gospel, essential in understanding the true history of Jesus, Messiah, son of Joseph, Christ of the Nations, Second Man of the Redemption. Yeshua was deeply influenced by the action of Yohhanan and especially by the 'prophetic' words that Yohhanan pronounced, even while still at the School, that he who came after him was greater than he and the one waited for. I was taught by the Tzadik Haim that this statement never detached itself from Jesus' thought, until he became convinced that he was the one prophesied by Yohhanan.


Why did Jesus take immersion from John?


In the end, Jesus decided that he was chosen to take on that action of jealousy for God, cost whatever it cost. Shortly after leaving the School, he went to John to take immersion from him. This represented for Yeshua the Convoy of the Signs by which he could relate to 'he who comes after me' (John, 1: 27).


Here you are, Baby Matthew, with this first chapter of Baby Matthew which contains all the roots of the true Messianic Mission of Jesus. Without knowing the position of the School of the Essenes, of the Teacher of Justice, of the Signs of the Reconciliation hidden in the School, of the history of Jesus three years in the School, of his relationship with Yohhanan ha-Matbil and of the decision to leave the School, there is no true Gospel. Only with this new knowledge, the Messianic terms are justified in the Messianic Mission of Jesus. We now go on to the second chapter of your book, Baby Matthew, and I would really like to know what it's about but I already imagine that it deals with the Messianic Nexus between the Star of Christ, the Messiah, son of Joseph and the Initial Signs.



Chapter 2


In truth the Signs of Messiah, son of Joseph and the Signs of Messiah, son of David, are found together


Oh how lovely, beautiful little Baby Matthew, how many things you have learned from just one chapter. But we go on because Jesus knew that his Messianic Mission came for the salvation of the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

You see, Matthew, certainly the Signs are together, that is the Signs of Messiah, son of Joseph and the Signs of the Messiah, son of David. The Redemptional Signs, however, are both particular for the Jewish people commanded in the Torah, the Signs of Messiah son of David, and universal for the nations of the world, the Signs of the Messiah, son of Joseph. When Jesus said, 'I have not come except for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel', this was also a recognition that the Signs of Messiah son of David would not have succeeded in his hands. Otherwise he would have had to declare, 'I have come for saving the people of Israel that are found here and I have come for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel dispersed among the nations.'


The Salvation of the Lost Sheep represents the Completeness of Israel


Jesus said, 'I have not come for denying the Torah or the Prophets but to complete.' Already from the division between the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel was lacking the 'completeness' of the people of Israel, how much more so when the Ten Tribes were deported and they began their long dispersion among many peoples. And, in the Prophets, the 'House of Israel' almost always referred to the Ten Lost Tribes. Look, Baby Matthew, at the perspicacity of Jesus’ realizing that for the completeness of the Torah and Prophets there was needed the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel. Otherwise the redemptional prophecies could not be realized. It dealt with an extraordinary understanding: with the Messianic Mission, I have to work for the Completeness of the Torah and the Realization of the Prophets, and Israel is not complete without the return of the children of Rachel lost among the nations, no longer knowing their true identity in the chosen people.


But with which Messianic Title?


But now think about Jesus, Matthew, when he finally decided to leave the School, full of Signs, of prophetic words, of the light of the faith, of solutions of the heart, of Messianic teachings of the Kingdom of Heaven and with the Messianic Mission on him! With what Title did he have to present himself to the people? He could not, however, announce himself as Messiah (mashiah) because Yeshua understood that through him the Signs of Messiah, son of Joseph would be accomplished, not the Signs of the Messiah son of David. His Messianism would come out in the long run for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep, as it states, (Jer. 31: 19) 'Efraim is for Me a precious son'.


Therefore a Messianic Code was needed


Yeshua needed a Messianic Code to be able to present himself. He could not say 'I am the Messiah of the Redemptional Star' or 'I am the Messiah of the Kingdom of Heaven' or 'I am the Messiah of a New Light' or 'I am the Messiah that establishes the Messianic Mission on earth' or 'I am the Messiah that announces the day of the Lord, great and terrible' or 'I am the Messiah who will be resurrected from the dead'.

You see, Baby Matthew, in all those 'titles' (that we say for possible hypothesis as the substance of the Signs themselves) from the Initial Signs, there could not be the title 'Messiah.' Something of the Signs entered the Gospels but not directly with the term 'Mashiah' attached and never as titles to which Jesus made reference to himself. The term Messiah didn't hold up in those Signs because at that time they were able to give only the Signs of Messiah, son of Joseph, while the Signs of Mashiah ben David couldn't yet be realized.


The Messiah, son of Joseph, is not announced


Could Yeshua call himself Mashiah ben Yosef? And who would have accepted a Messiah, son of Joseph, who doesn't complete his Messianic Mission and is killed, and there must come the Messiah, son of David, to complete his wars? In truth, I bray, Baby Matthew, after the tragic death of the First Messiah: that perspective of waiting for a Messiah, son of Joseph, has little sense. Have the Jews in exile waited for a Mashiah that would be killed! We are able, instead, to make historical reference to the First Messiah, son of Yosef, already known for his tragic crucifixion. Supported then by the prophecies of Malachi and Isaiah 53, and now from the Sign of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ, in virtue of humility, and from Jesus' affirmation, 'I have not come except for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel', we establish, 2000 years post factum, that Jesus was the Messiah son of Joseph.


The Donkey who eats Bread, however, also eats the Signs of the Donkey, mashiah ben David, Hi-haw!


I, instead, says the Donkey, dear Matthew, am really the 'Donkey, mashiah ben david', as received and established in the Signs, and thus I can also assume so many beautiful titles as the Donkey of the Stars, the Donkey of the New Firmament, the Donkey of the Rose, the Donkey of the New Law and of the New Rite, the Donkey with beautiful feet who announces the Prophetic Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed memory, for this Fourth Generation and the Donkey who declares, Blessed is the Living God who has made me His Bread. But I, Paul (Peretz) Green, am not the Messiah, son of Joseph and I'm not the Messiah, son of David. The Donkey, however, is truly Messianic, the Messianic Donkey that was missing in Yeshua's time. And who loves me, says the Donkey, will love the Goel Haim and who loves the Goel Haim will love me, because I’m a Faithful Donkey to the one who guides the Cart of the Good News. So is this Donkey-Sign alluded to in the Prophet Zachariah (9: 9): Greatly rejoice o daughter of Zion, shout out o daughter of Jerusalem, behold your king shall come unto you, he is Just and endowed with salvation, he is poor and rides on a donkey and on a wild-ass, the son of she-asses.

And then, it doesn't mean just me but all the Donkeys and Faithful White Horses.


The she-ass upon which Yeshua rode didn't speak


Have you understood, Little Matthew, the Donkey is our good fortune, after our great fortune to know the choice of God, Blessed is He, of the Final Goel, Haim. But the donkey on which Jesus rode into Jerusalem for the last time could not bray, at least not in human language. What could Yeshua explain: 'I am the Messiah who rides the donkey prophesied by Zaccaria!? Jesus made the prophetic 'sign' and rode on the she-ass but the complete contents of that same prophecy would be realized only in the Completed Redemption. Yeshua had instead to find the term that described or characterized the Messianic teaching that he rode, to present himself in a Messianic role without using the term mashiah nor could he use the terms of the Initial Signs to define his messianism, as explained.


Efraim is a favorite son


And it's possible that in dreams received by Jesus, from Heaven was he indicated as 'favorite son of God.' And for sure the Providence of God guided him to see himself in that mission as a first-born son loved by his Father in Heaven, or 'only son' because Yeshua was totally alone in his enterprise, alone with God, alone in his unshakable faith that God wanted that he follow the road opened by Yohhanan and that he assume upon himself the weight of that Messianic and Redemptional Mission. Thus a sign from Heaven, in a dream, would have been able to indicate Jesus as 'My favorite son' because the Messiah, son of Yosef comes for the salvation of Efraim (who represents the 10 Tribes) and (Jer. 31-19) 'Efraim is for Me a precious (or favorite) son'.


The decision of Jesus concerning his Messianic Code of 'son of God'


Jesus finally decided that the principal teaching that he had to impart was the love for God as a son who loves his father and who is loved by his father, with all the feelings of love that this can awaken, as written in the Torah, 'You are sons unto the Lord, your God' and 'My son, My first-born, Israel.' (Exodus, 4: 22).


The Jews were lacking in 'you are sons unto the Lord, your God'


It's not the Prescribed Holidays that, so to speak, make Heaven rejoice, if these are not in the correct spirit with the correct substance behind the religious practices. As the Prophet Isaiah says 'as a commandment of routine' (Isaiah, 29: 13). In hypocrisy and with a false heart, even the Prescribed Holidays become before God hateful as written (Isaiah 1, 13-14) ‘Do not continue to bring vain offerings, incense that is for Me an abomination, Month and Shabbat called holidays I cannot betake of sin and feast. 'Your months and your feasts I hate; they have become for Me a wearisome burden'. In the last century of the First Temple this dealt with many who went to bring sacrifices or offerings to the God of Israel in the Temple and outside they did service to other gods.


The sins in the time of Jesus


In the time of the last two centuries of the Second Temple, the sins did not directly involve idolatry or any other cults, reason for which we don't find in the Gospels any warnings on the part of Jesus against idolatry. There were other sins, corruption, love of honor, arrogance, love of money, etc. practiced by those responsible for the people. For Yeshua, the people that always said 'Our Father in Heaven' had forgotten the true bond of love felt by being near to God as true sons. Yeshua decided to adapt his Messianic Code of presentation with the expression 'son of God'.


Jesus, ready with the answer


It was a fundamental decision to be able to assume and to begin that Messianic Mission. Yeshua, a very acute Jew, knew very well that 'son of God', said in this way, in the first person singular, would arouse sensation with the Pharisees and that they would have misunderstood him. Therefore Jesus was ready with the answer when accused of blasphemy for declaring himself 'son of God' (John, 1: 49). Is it not written in Psalms 82: 6) and Ye are God (elohim atem)? I am not speaking blasphemy, is it not written 'You are sons of the Lord, your God' and 'My son, My first-born, Israel'? The answer is clear: if my saying 'son of God' is meant literally, it would mean that God has a Divine Son and such is blasphemous; I, am, instead, saying it in the same figurative sense as the Torah where it states, 'You are sons to the Lord, your God.' If the verse makes you 'Small Gods' that would be blasphemous! I am speaking in my Messianic Code of the 'son of God'.


There was no blasphemy and no idolatry


It's not blasphemous and not idolatry. This was the cardinal point of the Messianic Code of Jesus. It was a difficult point to resolve and to reach because the Messiah, son of Joseph, could not announce himself as Messiah. Jesus, however, after having eliminated any other possibility, opted for the Messianic Code of 'son of God', a term directly connected to the Initial Signs and a term that captured in it the 'heart' of the Initial Signs, both for the corrections of the heart and for animating a New Spirit founded on love. It answered to the Signs of the Reconciliation of the heart of fathers towards their sons and the heart of sons with their fathers. It was not accidental.


Rather, the Messianic Code of 'son of God' touched the Reconciliation' of the Jew with his Father in Heaven


You understand, Little Matthew, the Messianic Code of Jesus was in the Key of the Reconciliation of the Heart of Israel with their Father in Heaven, that the 'heart' of their Father be 'reconciled' with the heart of the children of Israel. It thus completed the Messianic assignment of the prophecy. Only that such a Reconciliation was distant and the prophecy had to finish, unfortunately, with 'lest I come to strike the land with anathema' and the Initial Signs could not but begin the Incomplete Messianic Mission of the Messiah, son of Joseph. The Code of 'son of God' failed together with the failure of the Reconciliation. In fact, this term failed in Judaism and it failed in Christianity with the Deification of Christ.


'I have not come for bringing peace but the sword'


Therefore, Baby Matthew, there was no level of 'salvation' such as could have been if, for hypothesis, the Reconciliation had been realized; only a partial salvation to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jesus knew, therefore, of what part of the Signs his Messianism came on. And to emphasize the fact that he would not succeed in the Messianic Mission of the Reconciliation, in the Signs of the Messiah, son of David, in the Sign of the Complete Mission, that is, which conduces to peace, Jesus declared with strong linguistics, 'Do not think that I have come for bringing peace, I have not come for bringing peace but the sword' (Matthew, 10: 34) etc.


But of which Lost Sheep, who and where?


There were no Lost Sheep visible. It dealt with the Prophetic Voice of the Initial Signs. That realization, however, depended on the One who sends them their salvation. But if the Mission came for the Lost Sheep and it was not known where they were, what was the Messianic teaching of Yeshua in this? Nothing to be done. His words were prophetic. The Messianic Code of 'son of God' failed and the Messianic Code of the Messiah, son of Joseph, brings with it a hidden future salvation, hidden also to Jesus who prophesied it. Thus also the Messianic Code of Messiah, son of Joseph, was not actual or feasible at the time of Yeshua.[15]


The Messianic Sacrifice of Jesus - destiny of the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53


It's not, however, strange to say that the Messianic salvation of Jesus was a hidden salvation. On a hidden level, a decree of total destruction was transformed into a decree of the destruction of the Second Temple, 'be-avonot ha-rabim', and in the long Diaspora. One must contemplate the Prophetic Messianic Nexus of the Messianic Sacrifice of Jesus.

Indicated by the words of Jesus in the Gospels was his precocious and unjust death, and his own resurrection, a Messianic fact due to his particular position. It is amazing that Jesus knew this. He clearly had Isaiah 53 before him. He knew the Messianic Mission was upon him. He knew that that Mission had to result in salvation. The Reconciliation would fail but there would be salvation for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel, in an unknown future. Jesus thus knew that the mission of the Suffering Servant fell into his destiny.


Jesus resigns himself to this fact


He had always lived correctly, with great love for his people and for the God of Israel. So had he lived in elevated sanctity (kedusha) with the Essenes where he came to the knowledge of the Signs of the Reconciliation. God's Providence had brought him to see that that 'mission' prophesied by Yohhanan was on him, if he desired to fulfill it. Jesus saw the truth of the Signs and of the Messianic Mission they contained, and Yohhanan had opened the way to the announcement of the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus took immersion from Yohhanan in order to receive the continuation of John's announcement in public of the Kingdom of Heaven. He knew that the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven were bound with the Sign of the Resurrection and that, with his Mission, they went out in the initial phase of a long history.


The Messianic Bond of Isaiah 53


If he had to die, loaded with the sins of his people, in a Messianic Sacrifice, it became clear to him that the Messianic Signs on him would be realized through that sacrifice. And the same prophecy alludes to the rebirth to life of that just one who was brought to his slaughter as a lamb that doesn't open his mouth, he will enjoy a great descendance etc. Jesus put all the matters together: he would unjustly die; a hidden salvation would go for the Jewish people, from him there would be a salvation for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven would involve him and he would be given to accomplish the Sign of his Resurrection. This is the unbelievable Messianic Nexus in which Jesus had no doubts.


From whence salvation for Israel?


And how did Yeshua know that from his Messianic Mission there would be a salvation for the Jewish people? The prophecy says that in a certain moment of history, the Jewish people would recognize that servant whom they had not appreciated and who had been innocently killed, and who was loaded with our sins. If, therefore, the Jewish people will recognize him, and appreciate the terrible sacrifice that he had made, this means that that sacrifice had been accepted before God to expiate our sins, which means that a benefit of substance also came out for the Jewish people, although they recognize it only in the end.

Dear Baby Matthew, we can now understand it, in the second coming of the Star of Christ, in the context of the Completed Signs of the Third and FR, in merit of the final Goel Haim.


The first coming of the Star of Christ in the Gospels


This, Baby Matthew, is the true Gospel that explains the true Messianic Nexus in which Jesus was found in his Mission. I don't know if the Three King Magi from the east were, in realty, three wise men from the School of the Essenes, but it's essential that that Star is signed into the Gospel. This is the Messianic Star that completes the Messianic Nexus that has 4 corners to close: 1) The Star of Christ, 2) the Signs of the Reconciliation (of Malachi), 3) the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven 4) the Sign of the Resurrection preceded by a Messianic Sacrifice (Isaiah 53). The Messianic Nexus are explained and verified in the light of the Completed Signs and such a verification reestablishes the Redemptional Nexus of the RESH of the name 'ASHER', making it become an integral part of the True Bible. The Messianic Code of Jesus explains the Messianic teaching of 'son of God' which fails and it explains the Messianic teaching of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep, establishing Jesus as the Messiah, son of Yosef.


The 'miracles' of Jesus


So, Little Matthew, I've told you the essential points of the true Messianic Mission of Jesus. Yeshua, then, gathered up disciples and made 'miracles' and many healings, and at times he taught. These 'miracles' done with the Kabbala Maasit don't interest us because they were only an expedient and not the substance of his Messianic Mission. Also Jesus noticed, according to John, that the people had eaten of that bread and then followed Jesus 'not because of the miracle' but because they had been satiated. Whether multiplying bread or transforming water in wine or walking on the water or making miraculous healings, those 'miracles' don't give us any Messianic Teaching of value.

The Gospels, nevertheless, will exist later, for study, and one will be free to read them. But I reduce your New True Gospel, Matthew, to the true Messianism of Yeshua which completes the RESH of the name ASHER.


The New Spirit brought by Jesus


I still don't understand, however, the New Spirit that Jesus intended to teach or to transmit. Let's go therefore to the beatitudes according to Matthew (5, 3-12):

Blessed are the poor of spirit for they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are those in mourning for they will be consoled.

Blessed are the humble for they will inherit the earth.

Blessed are those hungry and thirsty of justice for they will be satiated.

Blessed are the merciful for they will be beloved (or will receive mercy).

Blessed are the pure of heart for they will see God.

Blessed are those who seek peace for they will be called 'sons of God'.

Blessed are those people who will be persecuted for reason of justice for to them is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are you if they accuse you and they persecute you and they speak falsely against you with every evil for reason of me. Rejoice and be happy for great is your reward in Heaven, as the Prophets persecuted before you.


On the beatitudes


These beatitudes of the fifth chapter of Matthew, Young Matthew, are by far the most noted to Christians in every century. They contain that inspiration of love, that spirit of humility and strength at the same time, that ardor to establish justice in the promptness to suffer the consequences, and, perhaps above everything, that great hope of being deserving in front of God in this world and for the other world. It is a great message of consolation and hope. Jesus also exhorts those who pursue peace to complete the teaching of the mission of 'sons of God'-'for you are sons unto the Lord, your God.' The spirit of these beatitudes is that of the Reconciliation.


Jesus loved peace


Jesus was for peace, not for war, even knowing that the world will go towards wars and conflicts, not towards peace. The world will still be full of injustices and the injustices create conflicts and wars but those people who fight for justice are children of the Kingdom of Heaven and those who seek peace are children of God. And even if they have to fight against the injustices, the purpose they want to reach is peace. But the beatitudes give the hope in a bright future of truth in which the just will receive only good and the wicked will be no more. Hope is not only for the educated ones in Torah and in Tradition but for the poor of spirit, the afflicted, the ill, the unfortunate and for the people of the earth. There was here a novelty in comparison to the spirit of the religious Jews. Hope reached low and from below it lifted up the spirit of the humble and the suffering.


a New Spirit could not be lacking


There had to be a New Spirit bound with the Messianic Mission of Yeshua. That Mission had to be raised up in the world to the eyes of the nations, to such a high point that all could see it, a 'miraculous' rising to lift up the poor of spirit, the humble, the suffering and those who strived and fought for justice. The New Spirit that Jesus received derived from the RESH of the name 'ASHER' and the Signs of 'ASHER' are in the Signs of Isaac, and the name 'ASHER' is under the Sign of the Spirit (Ruah), whereas the first name 'EHEYE' is under the Sign of Nefesh (vital soul) and the final name 'EHEYE' is under the Sign of the Neshama (the higher soul of each person).


(the name of God, as Redeemer, revealed to Moses at the Burning Bush, is triple 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE'. The middle name 'ASHER' is comprised of 3 Letters, ALIF, SHIN, RESH: the Messianic Mission of Jesus was under the RESH of the name 'ASHER')

ALEF-the Prophet Elijah, SHIN-Purim, RESH-the Light of the Temple


After the spirit of the hidden faith of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and after the spirit of immense joy in the hidden redemption of Purim, the RESH comes with the Light of the Temple that conduces to the Final Redemption through a Messianic Mission made in that Light of the Temple that is extended to the extremities of the earth. But those of the Temple at that time were not worthy and only those of the School of the Essenes held true light and true power from the Sanctity of the Torah that could furnish the means of realizing the New Pact promised in Jeremy 31. Each one of the Initial Signs was Messianic, Redemptional and Prophetic and they contained a New Spirit that was not found in all the past.


An opposition of Yeshua to certain rabbinic laws


Some words of Jesus in the Gospels seem to be in contrast to certain teachings of Moses, magister noster, or to diminish them but it is not so. The Messianic assignment of Yeshua included the need to inculcate a New Spirit in conformity to the purposes of that Mission. The New Spirit 'synthesizes' the heart desired by the law, as 'synthesized' in the Prophet Zachariah in answer to the question 'what does God want from us'? –(Zach. 7: 9-10, 8: 16-17) God wants that one do good, that he help the widow and the orphan and that he walk modestly with the Lord, his God etc. The beatitudes form the example of the novelty brought by Jesus in the context of the New Spirit. Here Jesus is saying, 'I'm explaining to you the good things that are in the New Spirit of the Messianic Mission upon me, Blessed are the poor of spirit for to them is the Kingdom of Heaven', etc.


The New Spirit derives from the RESH


There was a New and Powerful Spirit in the Light of the RESH, a light that could spiritually revive whoever believed in the Messianic Mission of Jesus. In realty there were very few and the sad events of those times couldn't result in any extension at the time of Yeshua's Mission. And after Yeshua that same New Spirit that derives from the RESH of the name 'ASHER' was 'forced' by the false doctrines of the Divinity of Christ to be detached from all the preceding letters, becoming, so to speak, a ROSH (Head) by itself, outside of the true monotheistic faith required by every part of the name 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.' Despite all this, Christians of every epoch have found 'new spirit' from the words of Yeshua, especially from the beatitudes.


What does this New Spirit mean for us today?


You now ask, Little Matthew, what the New Spirit brought by Jesus has to do with us today, we who are in the revelation of the New Spirit of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim? Good, Matthew, you are a perspicacious Child and your question resounds with intelligence. Have we, perhaps, not seen enough of the great historical slaughter houses of millions of 'Christian spirits' that had been better off had they been left poor of spirit! Baby Matthew, let the dead bury the dead, it's useless to look at the past of Christianity. The understanding of that New Spirit interests us because it belongs to the Triple Meditation of the Final Redemption. After the Correction of Christianity and the 'return' of the RESH to its place, that New Spirit renews for us in the Final Redemption the Messianic Key of true enthusiasm in working for the Salvation of the Lost Sheep.


Noda dreamed Jesus standing before many sheep


Noda, about a year ago, dreamed Jesus who held a golden baton and he stood before a mountain that had many levels and every level was filled with a great number of sheep. (see explanation in conjunction to the Apocalypse) - - This is now. All the dreams received concerning Jesus are for now, in this time, for purposes of the Final Redemption. Now, with the coming of the Goel Haim, Jesus too has the work of completing his Mission and he is close to our battles against the false historical Jesus. We cannot imagine how his work is in the Kingdom of Heaven but for sure he is working for the Completion of the Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and for the good of heart of every nation who are humble and just, who love good and hate evil, who are generous and tolerant and who live in the hope of a better world.



Chapter 3



I continue, dear Baby Matthew, after the Prologue of the Donkey, the history of Yeshua in the School of the Essenes, the Messianic Code of Jesus, the Messianic Nexus of the Messianic Mission of the Messiah, son of Joseph; and then we mentioned the New Spirit that Jesus brought as Messiah. We now take up some other teachings brought in Matthew and I'm trying to show you the various ways of true interpretation. Try to understand me because, whether said or not said, I'm connecting the words of this your text, Baby Matthew, to the Signs of the Redemption.


Salt can go bad, not the Torah


 If salt goes bad, it doesn't serve for anything. The salt gone bad are those people of the Law who don't follow the true Law and who don't deserve to raise the Light of the Torah and the Light of the Temple for others. Now that I speak of salt gone rotten, you will accuse me of denying the Torah but the Torah and Prophets are anything but salt gone bad:


Mat. 5 - 17 do not believe that I have come for abolishing the law or the Prophets: I have not come for abolishing them, but for completing them.

18 in truth, I tell you that until there pass the heavens and earth, not even a jota of the law will pass, before everything is accomplished.

19 who therefore violates even one of these smallest precepts and teaches others not to do them, will be called small in the kingdom of heaven; who instead teaches them to put them in practice will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

20 and I tell you that if your justice is not greater than that of the Scribes and the Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.


Jesus tried to avoid misinterpretations


Jesus placed his hands ahead of him with enormous strength to establish firmly, for all times, that his teachings are those of a son of the Torah, of the Prophets and of Tradition. Jesus affirms without half terms that the letters of the Torah are sacred and prophetic and that their truth remains in time, as the heavens and the earth. Jesus strongly warns that he is not going against anything of Jewish Tradition, even in the smallest details. It is a terrible diminishing of any person coming in Jesus' name or in the name of his teachings, to deny the Torah and to teach not to follow the Law.


Wine in Water


The Great Church turned good wine into polluted water and detached itself, in the tracks of Paul of Tarsus, from the Torah and from the true Tradition, bringing the newly 'arisen Christian faith' to a spiritual death towards the true faith in the only God. Throughout history, the Church did the exact contrary of the teachings of Jesus.


Also the Sages discuss the laws with different opinions


Jesus turned to his pupils in the stylized form: 'you have heard that in the Law of Moses says such and such; I, instead, in truth, I tell you such and such’. Jesus allows himself to speak in such a manner only after having declared with every clarity that he respects the Torah and Prophets and the Tradition; do not think, therefore, that when I say that Moses said such and I say such, that I am denying the Tradition of Israel. I come with some teachings that also represent a completeness in certain matters of the Law as well as in certain matters concerning the prophecies. Nothing of this is a negation. And if my opinion on certain things varies with the Sages, I have the right, as every student of the Torah, to have my opinion and to demonstrate its worth with valid reasoning.

It was essential for Yeshua to establish his position in the Tradition of Israel. And when he speaks of the Scribes and Pharisees, he means those of his time, not for the fact of their being Scribes or Pharisees!


Jesus didn't teach Essenism


Jesus didn't allow, however, that the discourse become a diatribe among the studious of the Torah. Certainly, in difficult ways to decipher, some ideas expressed can have been influenced by his studies with the Essenes. His purpose, however, was never Essenic. He didn't recommend the life of the Essenes to anybody and he didn't preach anything of the rigidity of the School. Nor did he advocate the life of a hermit or of negation. Only when it came to the disciples who wanted to follow his way, Jesus gave them the powers to heal and to chase demons, and to them, for that purpose, he predicated greater perfection, a perfection that for others would be considered negation and of extreme difficulty. That was part of the way of the New Messianic Spirit that Jesus tried to extend through disciples.


Mat. 5

21 you have heard that it was said to the ancient ones: - Not to kill - and who kills will be submitted to the tribunal.

22 instead I tell you: - Whoever gets angry against his brother, deserves to be judged. And who says unto his brother: "Wicked" will be submitted to the Sanhedrin. And who says "Foolish" will be condemned to the fire of Gehinam. -


Jesus teaches the New Spirit, not the Halacha


You see, Baby Matthew, it is an integral part of the Messianic Mission of Jesus to teach a New Spirit. Jesus imparts here rules of the spirit. The people of the Torah were not in the correct spirit of the Torah; the Messianic Mission had to overcome the past with a New Spirit. It was not Jesus to decide such. The Signs of the Reconciliation that originate from the RESH of the name 'ASHER' required a New Spirit. Jesus is not going against the Law, he is explaining the 'refined' 'laws' of the Ruah (spirit) of the person which represents nothing less than the criteria for which it is possible or not to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


First Redemption-Nefesh, Second Redemption-Ruah, Third Redemption - Neshama


 I'll explain it to you in another way, Baby Matthew. It's possible, in the Light of the Three Redemptions, to say that the Torah of Moses represents the Nefesh or rather the Body of the people of Israel. The Law teaches to the body what to do and what not to do. Obviously, in the Torah there is all and all is contained in it and thus it is clear that the Torah teaches not only Nefesh but also Ruah and Neshama. The question is that the Body had to be formed first and the Nefesh has to be purified and the person has to live without sins. Only then can one become a container to the Ruah. It is not, therefore, that the Torah didn't teach the Spirit but rather that the people of Israel had not succeeded in maintaining, unfortunately, even the level of Nefesh. The Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah contained a new spirit able to effect the Reconciliation and it gave teachings of a renewed heart of love between fathers and children.


Remember My servant Moses


You see, Matthew, in the preceding verse, it states, 'Remember my servant Moses who gave you laws and statutes at Horeb.' Of Moses, magister noster, the verse speaks of laws and statutes; of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, it speaks of the 'new' prophetic tradition for which he is sent into the world 'before the day of the Lord, great and terrible', to attempt a reconciliation of the heart. It doesn't speak here of laws. The Law is in the hands of Moses. This also proves that the New Spirit of the Signs of the Reconciliation is absolutely not in contrast to the laws and the statutes brought by Moses, magister noster. Indispensable, however, was a New Spirit to accomplish the Reconciliation. Only to lift one’s hand against another is as killing and it is forbidden to become angry against another person and it is punishable to call another person with an ugly word of contempt. These belong to the rules of the Spirit.


Rules of the Spirit


Mat. 5 - 27 you have heard that it was said to the ancient ones: - Do not commit adultery. -

28 instead I tell you: - Whoever looks at a (married) woman to desire her in his heart has already committed adultery with her. -


Jesus speaks here of 'adultery' of the sexual imagination towards a married or betrothed woman. The New Spirit will not reside in the mind and heart filled with thoughts prohibited by God. Even if the body has not committed the sin, its eyes, its mind and its heart have contaminated the spirit of the person and the New Spirit will not reside.


31 were also said: - Whoever repudiates his own wife, gives her the libel of the divorce. -

32 instead I tell you: - Whoever sends away his own wife, except in the case of fornication, makes her adulterous, and whoever marries the woman sent away, commits adultery. -


To remove injustices inflicted on women


Probably a teaching of the Essenes. It would seem exaggerated, especially this new prohibition to marry a divorced woman (which in Tradition was forbidden only to the Cohen). There were, however, many sins committed against the women in those epochs, and for a nothing, one became angry with his wife and he gave her a Ghet (traditional divorce). This is why the Essenes tightened and limited the motivation of the Ghet to fornication, infidelity, for a greater protection of married women. If, therefore, such a woman is sent away by her husband for a non-valid motive, that woman should, in truth, still belong to that first husband and thus if another man takes her, it is as if he committed adultery with a married woman who doesn't belong to him. In any case, the New Messianic Spirit of Jesus also asked for new, mature and sensitive attitudes towards women.


38 you have heard that ii is said: - Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. -

39 instead I tell you not to make resistance to the wicked one; but if one strikes you on the right cheek, also hand him the left;


Here the affirmations of Jesus are really in the New Spirit of Reconciliation.


Giuseppe dreams the Prophet Elijah


DIARY: I had written that last sentence and Giuseppe dreamed the following: Joseph writes here his dream of 6 Dec. 2007: in the dream Peretz, Solly and I were in a room; above us was the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. His spirit had come down upon us for the sake of love and for the reconciliation of fathers with their sons and of sons to their fathers. Peretz and Solly spoke of the Renewal of the Torah. Peretz said that he had cut out some prayers and placed new ones, because the past enters the future of the Final Redemption. All of a sudden, I saw Solly holding a very ancient book in his hands, with a beautiful cover. In the dream I understood that it was the Torah Renewed[16]. When Solly opened the Sefer, there were initially 'signs' of various colors and various forms. These Signs began to take to life each one with its own form, and every Sign told its history. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, was happy because now his spirit had come into the Book of the Torah with the Completed Signs, that now began to open and to reveal themselves and when this happens, there begins the Prophecy of the Reconciliation of the heart of fathers and sons. - -


Some indications


Look, Small Matthew, I had written 'Here the affirmations of Jesus are really in the New Spirit of Reconciliation' and to Giuseppe, the great Prophet arrives with joy for the news of the Reconciliation. True New Gospel of the Third and Final Redemption! I try to understand the dream. Peretz, Solly and Giuseppe. Peretz has to write for Israel and Giuseppe for the Lost Sheep. The Spirit of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, is upon us to complete the writings desired on the Reconciliation of the hearts. Peretz and Adam speak together for a Hebrew text that represents the Renewal of the Torah. Peretz cut out some traditional prayers to give place to new prayers; he must write some new prayers abreast of the Reconciliation brought by the Prophet Elijah.


The past enters the future of the Final Redemption. We usually say 'The Torah enters the Final New Pact'[17]. The expression of the dream goes deeper: all that which is valid of the past doesn't remain in the past; it is 'transported' ahead to become part of the future represented by the Final Redemption. It is so for the Torah itself and it is so for the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah. The Reconciliation of the hearts failed in the Messianic Mission of Jesus. In the Final Redemption, the Signs of the Reconciliation, when God Blessed is He chooses the Goel Haim, are Complete.


The Reconciliation of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ


The Reconciliation attempted by Yeshua no longer enters the question. There enters, instead, the Second Coming of the Star of Christ because the Reconciliation also requires the great Reconciliation between Jews and Christians. When the Jewish people will know, understand, and recognize the truth of the Messianic Mission of Jesus and Christians recognize the idolatrous falsehood of all Traditional Christianity, then the true Messianic Jesus of the past becomes the Binding Knot which binds the Reconciliation of the Hearts, from now on and always stronger as it enters the generations of the Final Redemption.


On Jesus is the Sign of our Peace


This is the true meaning of the words in Isaiah 53 'mussar sh'lomeinu 'alav' that we translate 'the moral lesson (that which we receive at the end, when we recognize the true Messianic Mission of Yeshua) that brings us our peace, is upon him.' The Star of Christ also comes in virtue of humility in its Second Coming. For Jews and Christians to admit the truth and recognize the errors of two millennia requires great humility, and the true peace comes to exist only in the context of such a level of humility. It is thus the Second Coming of the Star of Christ that integrates Yeshua’s true past into the Final Redemption which continues into all the future generations.


The beginning of the understanding of the Prophetic Jump of Malachi


This is true, but it is not the reconciliation attempted by Jesus in his teachings that return, a reconciliation that failed and had to enter the negative part of the prophetic anathema on the land. With God's choice of the Goel Haim, the same prophecy in Malachi returns for the time of the Final Redemption, and now the prophecy is revealed in its complete and final form. In the permission of the Goel Haim, Peretz calls out before all the stars "ba ha-zman" (The Time has Come). This is the prophetic announcement of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, in the mouth of Peretz. After that there descend the Complete Signs of the Reconciliation. It was not the work towards the Reconciliation taught by Jesus that worked slowly throughout history to gradually bring the world to the Final Reconciliation[18].


For two thousand years nobody has understood Jesus


Not so, dear Matthew. That past doesn't bring the Reconciliation. Without the Great Complete Signs of the Reconciliation, every other kind of reconciliation was or is ephemeral at best. The Messianic Mission of Jesus was not understood for two thousand years. There was no true understanding from any part.[19] We now learn anew the true Mission of Jesus in the Sign of the New Light of the Final Redemption. All history undergoes an enormous prophetic jump when the Tzadik Haim is chosen. And with this jump to the new present of that prophecy in Malachi, the last of all the Prophets of Israel, all the other Messianic and Redemptional Prophecies make a 2000 year jump. That which might belong to the Messianic Mission of Jesus has already done what it could do. All the historical phases under those prophecies don't count anymore, if not for pure study.


Ba ha-Zman now for the prophecy of Malachi


When Peretz announces Ba ha-Zman, therefore, authorized by the Tzadik Haim, it re-begins 'Behold I am sending the Prophet Elijah, before the day of the Lord, great and terrible, he will reconcile the heart of fathers with their sons and the heart of sons with their fathers' (Malachi, 3: 23-24). - the last negative part of the prophecy doesn't return anymore because it was fulfilled through the tragic mission of Yeshua.


Only now can the Signs hidden in the Torah be interpreted


Giuseppe’s dream speaks of the Renewal of the Torah in terms of the Signs. I hope to God to be able to do it. We have often mentioned the fact that with the Complete Signs there is a new level of interpretation of the Torah that didn't exist before the Completed Signs, the interpretation of Signs 'hidden' in the Torah. Such interpretations are bound with the Thirteen New Mazalot of the Great Fish Leviathan, with the New Constellations, with the Seven Prophetic Circles, with the Six Complete Signs.


It widens the studies of the Patriarchs


All is new. For instance, in speaking of Abraham, our father: we speak of the Star of Abraham, we explain lech lecha (Genesis, 12: 1) in terms of 'NUN' 'NUN' to better understand the 'NUN' of the Triple Meditation, we speak of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, we speak of the 'stellar secret' of the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek, we connect the first name EHEYE with the Signs of Abraham. This is all new, Matthew. And as the Donkey who only now can bray, so too only now Big Fish Leviathan can open his mouth and make the bubbles that he desires and in which we want to swim. What the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, says here, is quite amazing. Before now, the Prophet Elijah could not yet see realized the Signs of the Reconciliation in the Torah.


the New Interpretation of the Signs connects the Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah with the Bible


It’s almost as if to say that only now the prophecy of Malachi concerning Prophet Elijah is realized because the Signs of the Reconciliation brought by him can be explained only now. The dream announces this marvelous news. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, is satisfied. The level of the writings and all the Sign-bindings made by the Donkeys have served to reach the necessary level of undertaking explanations of the 'Hidden Signs' in the Torah, in the Light of the Completed Signs. Then Solly opens the Ancient Book and sees a development in the 'signs' that as soon as they take form, each one then tells its history. The Book becomes renewed with new life for reason of those 'Signs.' The Prophet is happy because his spirit has 'descended' into the Torah by way of the Completed Signs. And only now, with such an 'entrance' into the Torah, and as soon as this knowledge increases, there begins the prophecy of Malachi of the Reconciliation of the hearts.


Look, Precious Little Matthew, in that same prophecy in the preceding verse 'Remember Moses, My servant', etc. How long has it taken for the two traditions (of Moses and Elijah) to actually be found together?


DIARY: (Sun. 2007) the Goel Haim gave over, "Let Peretz also write, in the Book of the Rose, what it means to love one's own wife or one's own husband. People have to know!".

Is it not surprising, Small Matthew, that this has come just after having spoken of Jesus' words concerning marriage and divorce!

I think the Teacher Haim is answering to Jesus' intentions there.


Jesus Defended women for love of the family


Jesus did a great thing defending the position of the woman against easy divorces. It was not of the Halacha that Jesus was worried about but of the correct attitudes.

Jesus wanted to strengthen the love between husband and wife. Many in those times abused their wives and considered them as material objects of little value, an attitude that is absolutely false Torah. The Torah doesn't denigrate women. Sarah, our mother was at times of a superior prophetic level than that of Abraham. Also Hagar was an exceptional woman. Rebecca, our mother, was of a very strong character, of personality, of wisdom and of courage. The Sages, of blessed memory, explain in Oral Tradition that 'in merit of the women, the children of Israel were redeemed from Egypt, and in merit of the women, the children of Israel received the Torah at Sinai. The Torah generally establishes the house of the Jew, the house is one's life and the woman the life of the house.


The Reconciliation begins at home


 In truth, I bray you, O Child of the New Things, the Reconciliation of the heart begins between a husband and his wife, but the prophecy chose fathers and sons which includes the whole family. A true love between husband and wife prepares the heart to the Reconciliation. Fortunate is a husband whose wife is modest. That modesty creates wisdom in the woman. Fortunate is the woman whose husband is honest and he works for the good of the family. Blessed is her husband and blessed is his wife when they can rely on each other's love, sincerity, trust and fidelity. They become two parts of a same body and they reciprocally know the movements of each other's heart. They always rejoice inside themselves for reason of that love because it is a truthful love that doesn't weaken and doesn't diminish and they are happy in the great fortune to have found the other half of themselves and they always thank God for the bounty that He has shown them. Their house is filled with blessing and the perfume of that love is imbued into the walls. Blessed are children that have parents who love each other; they will be solid internally.


Return o Love, return o Heart, without you there is no true life. When there is true love between husband and wife, they know the Beauty of Heaven. That love is a source of every good, a river of bounty that permeates all, a satisfaction that doesn't delude because it's based on the sincerity of the heart. Love will return and the family will return, from the Fifth Generation onwards. There will be harmony at every level and every discord will be resolved pacifically. Then the woman will be modest and wise and the man will be sensitive and human. In the houses will reign the blessing of God and the Beauty of Heaven will fill the house and the perfumes of exotic flowers will raise the souls to the beatitudes of the New Terrestrial Heaven that the world will become from the Fifth Generation onwards. Even now those people who know true love are happy seeing the good fruits of their love and they rejoice in an intimate bond, incredibly deep, that ties one heart to the other. It is a fire inside that burns but doesn't consume, an ardent fire that speaks through the heart of inner love that goes beyond words. Also now in the world it exists among those very fortunate people who have found their other half when the man re-finds again his removed rib and the woman rediscovers her original abode in the intimacy of her husband.


Jesus did well to defend the family


To turn hand the other cheek is not a law


Also to turn the other cheek is not Halacha and in truth it is not even the solution to any true Reconciliation. But Jesus in his discourses connected to the Reconciliation, was not in a situation of Reconciliation but rather in the perspective of the sword and conflicts of every kind, also in the family. The rule, therefore, for Jesus, was a reaction that goes to the other extreme. Therefore Yeshua did not look at the Halacha that at least in theory should impart the Middle Way. To turn the other cheek is not Halacha. Closer to the Halacha is as in Psalms (18: 27) 'with the pure of heart I act with rectitude and with the one of a serpent's heart, I make myself more astute than he'. 'To turn the other cheek', instead, is a strategy in extremis in order to break down the hatred that removes every possibility of Reconciliation.

So, dear Matthew, I have given you the way to interpret every affirmation of Yeshua where he seems to be in contrast with the Halacha. Remember, though, that one needs to know the Tradition of Israel in order to reach the correct measures.


Mat. 5 - 43 you have heard it said: - Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. -

44 instead I tell you: - You must love your enemies, do good with whom hates you and pray for those who persecute you and slander you,

45 so that you be children of your Father in Heaven who makes the sun rise on the good and on the bad alike and who makes to rain on the just and on the unjust equally

46 in fact, if you love those people who love you, what compensation do you deserve? Do not the publicans do as much?

47 and if you greet only your brothers, what have you done of extraordinary? Do the Gentiles not do the same?

48 be perfect, therefore, as is perfect your Father in Heaven.


To love one's enemy is not for everybody


To love one's enemy is a high-level teaching. Since Jesus could not accomplish a Reconciliation of the hearts at his time, his words go to the roots. If you transform a hatred, even justified, in a tendency of conflicting love, you destroy a Carrying Pillar of Hatred inside yourself. And if you do so with an enemy, how much will it become easier to become reconciled with another when it doesn't deal with an enemy but of an acquaintance or of one's family.


As explained, Jesus had to make the Signs of preaching the Reconciliation because his Messianic Mission involved the prophecy in Malachi. Any Reconciliation in that epoch didn't allow for an attainable equilibrium for the masses but required, instead, a breaking strike against the tendency of deeply rooted hatred which only a few could accomplish. The masses, in general do not come to turn the other cheek or to love the enemy. The teaching of the Reconciliation of Jesus, therefore, was a radical teaching accessible only to a certain elite. It doesn't hold up to the balanced New Law of the Final Redemption. They must be studied, nevertheless, in order to show that other extremity which, hypothetically, would have been necessary to effect the Reconciliation at that time.

I remember the extraordinary event when Pope Carol Woitilla went to visit Ağca in prison, his attempted murderer. The Pope went in the ‘sign’ of fulfilling Jesus’ command to love your enemy. The Pope said with spiritual conviction that no one could have asked for such an occasion. It had come, a Redemptional Sign from God.

Ağca had already been imprisoned and could no longer hurt the Pope. The Pope, nevertheless, seized the opportunity to demonstrate that even though Ağca was an enemy who had tried to kill him, the heart of Woitilla did not assume an attitude of hatred and on the contrary was able to find place for understanding him and loving him. It was truly an incredible moment which lifted up worldly esteem for the Pope even more than it had already been.

To love your enemy, is not to be considered a law which must be abided by. In war, if you love your enemy in the battlefield, he will kill you. If you love an evil person who wishes to damage you and so you show him love, he will damage you even more, as the Sages wisely taught: "mercy used on behalf of an evil-doer is cruelty" (Proverbs, 12: 10). – It is cruelty because the more you show him mercy, the more you open to him ways of harming you, and since his intentions are evil and cruel, you have only added to his cruelty.

Jesus here speaks of a larger global truth, the extension of the precept to love your neighbor as yourself to a universal level. We are all together precious creations of God, without exception. We always mention the great Sign of love and reconciliation of the Goel Haim who embraced with a full heart the people of all nations and declared “We are all of the same flesh”. We must love every human being for the fact that he or she is a creation of God Almighty who created us in His love.

One must love the essence of every human being because each person is God’s creation, but one is commanded to hate evil and not to hate the sinners themselves and to have mercy on them for the evil traps of life into which they have fallen, and one must, hate evil itself and all evil intensions and all evil actions. The more one’s love for God is true, the more his hatred for evil will be felt. And those who perpetrate evil are called the enemies of God. In truth, they are the enemies of God because they are the enemies of mankind created and loved by God. Therefore is there justice in the world, whether administered by Judges and Tribunals or whether administered by the Higher Tribunal. In God’s mercy, the sun shines on all alike and we are all of the same flesh. We all must eat and have a house to live in and we all desire good health. If, however, mercy were at the basis of Justice, no one would any longer be guilty and there would be no place for judgment based on justice. Great, nevertheless, was Jesus who opened new horizons for contemplating global truths which pertain to all.


Now you know everything, Little Matthew, the Messianic Code of the Messiah, son of Joseph and the Prophetic-Messianic Nexus involving Jesus' Mission. The Messianic Code of the 'son of God' didn't hold up to history. Also the Messianic Code of the Reconciliation doesn't hold up to the final equilibrium of the Final Redemption. The Key of the Messianic Code of the 'Messiah, son of Joseph' held because that was the time of the Initial and Incomplete Signs and it held the prophetic Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. That salvation, through Christianity, was incomplete and only the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption complete the Salvation for the Lost Sheep on the Altar of Malchitzedek and on the Altar of Efraim in the House of Prayer of the Final New Pact in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.




After the true history of the natural birth of Yeshua and the history of Jesus in the School of the Essenes, the Messianic Code of Jesus, Messiah, son of Joseph, serves us in understanding those of Jesus' words in the Gospel that we maintain are authentic. The Messianic Nexus of Jesus serves us in verifying the various Messianic prophecies that involved Yeshua in his decision to undertake that mission. The Star of Christ at that time influenced him from his birth. The last prophecy of Malachi ceded to the sacrifice of the Sacrificed Ram in the place of Isaac. Isaiah 53 gave over the Suffering Servant, the Lamb of God who removes sins[20], and, more hidden, the Resurrection and the Kingdom of Heaven. The same prophecy alludes in a hidden manner to the second coming of the Star of Christ with the future acceptance and appreciation of the Mission of Yeshua. That Recognition requires that the Star of Christ come for the second time to undo all the falsehoods created around the first coming and to explain the whole truth of that Mission, come in virtue of humility. It establishes forever that Jesus was the Second Man of the Redemption and in this the Star of Christ announced by the Goel Haim in the Sign of the Stars brings Jesus into the present, in the work of the Complete Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. All this represents the Correction of the RESH that completes the name 'ASHER' which thus completes the whole name of the God of the Redemption, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.



Chapter 4



Mat. 7, 21 not whoever calls me: - Lord, lord! – will enter the kingdom of heaven, but who does the will of my Father who is heaven.

22 many will call me in that day: - Lord, lord, we have prophesied in your name, and in your name we chased away demons and in your name we accomplished many miracles! -

23 but I will say to them, "I don't know you; go away from me, operator of iniquity -


Great confusion in the meaning of ADON of Malachi 3, 1


The Christians read 'Lord, Lord,' as if Jesus was calling himself 'God, God', God save us!

But there is nothing of Jesus that has not been distorted in Christianity!

In any case, it's not so clear why Yeshua didn't realize the confusion that might have derived from this expression. We study the root of the matter.


ADON – Lord, lord, Mister, an important person of authority


The base is from the verse (Malachi 3:1) 'Behold, I send My angel before Me, and suddenly will he enter his Palace the ADON that you have been searching for and the angel of the pact that you desire, behold he will come, saith the God of Hosts' etc. The term ADON is the problem; it is usually translated 'Lord' capitalized when in reference to God, as 'adon kol ha-aretz'-' Lord of all the earth'; in the lower case, (to be intended but in Hebrew there exist no minuscule or capital letters), it is also used as a title of respect such as 'Signore' in Italian or 'Mister' in English. In all cases it indicates a position of high respect. Even Aaron, Moses’ elder brother, in humility and humiliation for not having understood the idolatrous intentions of the Mixed-Multitude in the sin of the Golden Calf, answers to Moses, “Let not my master (ADONI – my Adon) be irate with me, for you know the evil of this nation” (Exodus, 32: 22). The meaning is, you are my master, that is, you are superior to me in understanding the idolatrous thoughts of the Mixed-Multitude (Moses had been in the Court of Pharaoh where he had studied with the Hartumei Mitzraim their idolatry, their magic, their beliefs etc. whereas Aaron, eventually the High Priest of all Israel, had lived in the land of Goshen practically separated from the Egyptians, as known that the Tribe of Levi did not become slaves). – Thus in our Prayer Book we translate the Adon that you have been searching for as ‘honored teacher’.


ADON - clearly Messianic-Redemptional reference


The prophecy here is clearly Messianic and redemptional. Many Midrashim, for instance, give the opinion that the Prophet Elijah will come together with the Mashiah when he comes. The basis of this in the prophecy is 'the angel of the pact' in clear reference to the Prophet Elijah. Concerning the Redemption, therefore, the ADON that you are searching for comes together with the Prophet Elijah.


Unbelievable the Understanding of Jesus


Listen, Baby Matthew, it's really amazing how Jesus found himself in this prophecy. Jesus saw himself in the role of the 'Messianic' ADON, not certainly as God but as he who will preside in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is amazing that Yeshua understood this.

Even the term here ADON coincided with the fact that Jesus could not call himself Mashiah (being Messiah, son of Yosef and not Messiah, son of David). We thus understand Yeshua’s thought: he was the Messiah, son of Yosef, who had to complete the 'Messianic Sacrifice' of Isaiah 53 and then be resurrected to preside in the Kingdom of Heaven. And from the Kingdom of Heaven he would be in contact with those people of a just heart before God and with those people who believed in his Messianic Mission. Thus it became clear to Yeshua that the word 'hechalo' (his royal chamber) did not mean terrestrial Royal Chamber but rather the Palace of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Only in this verse is the term ADON used

What does 'suddenly' mean?


No other prophecy in messianic references uses this term ADON. The tonality of the verse indicates that the ADON who will come is not the Mashiah that you think. The verse doesn't say 'son of David' or 'king' etc. That is: you are waiting for the Mashiah ben David who comes to establish his Messianic Kingdom in the land of Israel. Instead the ADON, a title of prestige and honor, who will 'immediately' enter his Royal Chamber comes, and with him comes 'the angel of the pact', the Prophet Elijah. And to this the prophecy gives an identification mark 'suddenly'. It is indeed a strange identification mark. If a 'king' has to enter his Royal Chamber, this means that it was already built! It has no meaning: you have the Palace and you have the Messiah, and the 'sign' that I must wait for is that he enter ‘suddenly’ into his Royal Chamber! It's senseless!


The substance of Messiah ben Yosef was different


But Jesus knew that he was not the Mashiah ben David and that the Mashiah ben Yosef didn't call himself Messiah. He knew that he had to die in a Messianic Sacrifice that was bound with the Kingdom of Heaven. Yeshua knew that his Mission was bound with the last prophecy of Malachi, also in the failure of the attempted Reconciliation, and thus the Mission of Yeshua was bound with the Prophet Elijah. Jesus, therefore, thought that he is the ADON of the verse; he had no doubts. The Palace-Chamber was of the Kingdom of Heaven. The given prophetic sign of 'suddenly' meant that a few days after the death and the resurrection, he would enter the Kingdom of the Heaven. This has sense.


Therefore Jesus used the term ADON


This explains why Jesus allowed himself to say 'not whoever calls me ADON, ADON' etc. It's amazing! Without the Initial Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Resurrection, Jesus would not have been able to understand this prophecy. Excuse me, however, Baby Matthew, but didn't Jesus know that not all are able to read the Prophets?

He then used the Messianic Code of 'son of God' which only complicated the matter. It is one thing to be a 'son of God on earth; it's another thing to be the chosen 'son of God' in the Kingdom of Heaven


Jesus was faithful, however, to his Messianic Code


But for Jesus it was so. The Messianic Code of the 'son of God' thus meant that the resurrection would be extended afterwards to the Kingdom of Heaven. Yeshua absolutely saw in this no problem of deviation from the faith. For him also all the great personages of the history of Israel were in the Kingdom of Heaven. If a Jew wanted 'to call' to Moses, not in prayer, but as a pupil who needs his teacher, I am sure that for Yeshua that would not represent a problem. And also Moses could hear that call and he was free to answer or not. Jesus saw himself as the active Messiah in the new historical epoch that was entering, in the position of the Good Shepherd to the flocks on earth. Jesus saw that position as the Great Historic Messianic Novelty; he would be in the Kingdom of Heaven and its flocks would be on earth and there would be a bond by way of the spirit and through his teachings. It is truly amazing what Jesus was able to perceive from the Initial Signs in conjunction with the messianic and redemptional prophecies.


Who could understand Jesus?


Oh, Little Matthew, Jesus was young but he was great. I don't know, nevertheless, how he thought that someone might have understand him! We understand him only because with the coming of the Goel Haim, the same prophecies are completed. The entering 'suddenly' into the Kingdom of Heaven, shortly after his death and his Resurrection, with the descent from above of the Sign 'ba ha-zman'- 'the Time has Arrived', of the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, seals the messianic and redemptional prophecies into the New Prophetic Nexus of the Third and Final Redemption.


The prophecies make a 2000 year jump


The last prophecy of Malachi is reborn and, with it, all the necessary prophecies for the Final Redemption are revived in a sudden 2000 year 'jump' after 2000 years of the Messianic Convergence in Jesus' time, Jeremy 31: 31, Isaiah 53, Isaiah 9: 5 (a child has been born unto us), Zephaniah (3:9) the clear language and this of Malachi (3: 23-24).


The Great Novelty is that the Goel is not the Messiah


With enormous rapidity, the new finalized explanations of the same prophecies jumped out upon us after June 1982, because the Goel Haim presides the Kingdom of Heaven and rides the Sign of the Donkey who eats the Redemptional Bread on earth. The Great News is revealed: the Goel is not the Messiah and the Mashiah is far away from the level of the Goel. We can thus now divide the prophecies that belong to the Goel and those that belong to the Messianic Donkey Signs on earth. Yeshua had no such parameters, and its redemptional 'secret' is revealed only in the Final Redemption since only the Goel Haim presides the Completed Kingdom of Heaven and guides the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread in the completed prophecy of Zachariah. Jesus didn't and couldn't know about such a completeness. He rode a she-ass into Jerusalem and so he accomplished sufficiently the prophecy of Zachariah for his Mission.


The time of Jesus was not that of the Goel or of the Donkey


It was not the time of the Final Goel and it was not the time of the Completed Donkey. Now, however, having the Final Keys of interpretation, we can return to contemplate ex novo the understanding of the same prophecies seen and lived by Yeshua. Jesus saw that he was the ADON of the verse, that he would be killed and would enter and preside the Kingdom of Heaven. He saw that he was in the prophecy of Reconciliation, even if it would fail, and thus in the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah. His teachings would thus be a Wonderful Counselor and he had demonstrated powers that come from God; he would be considered a father for many and a Prince of Peace, as it was indeed in the coming Christian mentality, because he loved peace and because, for Christians, he would return for the Final Peace.


The Brit Hhadasha of Jer. 31 was not mentioned by Jesus


Jesus could not call himself Mashiah and he could not mention the New Pact ('brit hhadasha' - Jer. 31,31), but he tried to realize it with new teachings, with the New Messianic Spirit upon him and with great love. Upon him was the great Convergence, the Star of Christ, the Six Initial Signs and the Prophetic Nexus. That Convergence upon him, however, could have been 'felt' only by himself and the 'calling' of that mission could be desired only by him.


Humility, oh my people


What a shame, my people, what shame. The Star of Christ comes in virtue of humility. All the criticisms of Jesus and then of the Evangelists regarding the Pharisees and the Priests, and all the terrible historical consequences, why? Because we have not been humble! Here is the word of the Tzadik Haim: the whole and true study of the Torah is the study of the humility of Moshe Rabbeinu. All other studies of Torah without this are lacking.


Sages in our own eyes


We have been wise in our own eyes in all these past centuries towards Jesus. Has it never occurred to anyone or has no doubt ever awakened the thought that perhaps Jesus knew something that we didn't know? I know very well that it was Christianity's fault for what they made of Jesus, and I am perfectly aware of the fact that only with the Complete Signs we now know and before we could not. In that time, however, before it became the fault of Christianity, we were responsible for Christianity’s becoming another religion; did no doubt ever come to someone?


Nicodemus, our rabbi friend, returns


Only to a certain Nicodemus the doubt came but he didn't succeed all the same to understand! Yet now here in 2007 where are we! I have now only you, Little Matthew, only you understand me and you are my hope. We discard every trace of anti-Semitism from the Gospel because Yeshua never intended to create bad for his people Israel.


One cannot get out of it!


The Messiah-Prophet could not escape the realty that he knew, and until the very end we have to return to that unfortunate stupidity of which the Gospels accuse us. For now, Baby Matthew, you have received all the Keys to understand the true history of Jesus, and this does not exempt us from the obligation to review, this time with humility and with wisdom, our dense stupidity and our closed heart of that time.

The almost automatic reaction; as soon as we have understood something of that time, we immediately tell ourselves with regret, "Things haven't changed very much". Then we press our finger to the mouth so as not to commit a sin against the chosen and blessed people.


Also I am a Prophetic Donkey


I am, however, a Donkey-Prophet and also I, as Ezekiel or as Jesus, cannot be exonerated from the burden of reproaching those people who prevent the redemption. Oh, Nicodemus of our days, a good Jew, timorous of God, educated in the Tanach, in the Mishna and in the Talmud, in the Poskim and in the Mishna Torah, in the Shulhhan Aruch and in the Halacha.


Baby Matthew explains some things to Nicodemus


Listen, Nicodemus, for you are a teacher in Israel but of these things that I am explaining you don't know anything yet. How will you do, however, to assimilate it if you don't revive your spirit? Only humility will open the road. And if you don't want to hear it from me, listen to the voice of Baby Matthew because he belongs to the True Bible that you don't yet know. Be careful not to contradict him, Nicodemus, otherwise he'll cry. He's still a child. Go ahead, Matthew, speak!


The Child gets immediately to the point


"Peace upon you, Nicodemus. I'm Baby Matthew but I'm growing rapidly. Paul (Peretz) said I already know everything. Well, excuse me, rabbi, I'll tell you what I know. When the Final Goel Haim comes, the world enters the Triple-Meditation of the Triple-name of God 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.' This means 'I chose three humble men that I love very much to bring My redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim. Of Moses his humility is known, of Haim it will become known, but of Jesus it is not known because Christianity made him a God! The Goel Haim arrives and declares, "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility." This is very important because when the people of Israel will know of Yeshua's humility, this completes the whole Triple-Name. Do you understand, rabbi Nicodemus?


Nicodemus, disoriented, wants to understand


"And how is it that we can understand the humility of Yeshua?"

"Listen, Rabbi Nicodemus, and try to be a Baby as I, and you'll easily understand. Yeshua recognized the Messianic Mission that fell into his destiny. With humility he saw that every footstep of his life conducted him to desire the salvation of others. Entering the School of the Essenes, he thought that the greatest salvation that could be made would come through the Higher Sanctity and by way of the prayers, study and discipline of the School. With great humility he renounced the world, material good and marriage, all because he firmly believed that in such a way he participated in bringing a salvation to Israel, even if hidden, through prayer directly to God. Yeshua was humble, modest and serious, and always intent on reaching a level in closeness to God that could be of salvation for Israel.


The Pleasure of Yeshua in the School


In the School he marveled greatly and he rejoiced in the new revealing studies and the 'secret' Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus ate of that Bread, to use an expression loved by the Donkey, with such fervor and with such gratefulness of his heart to God and with such illumination, that for no reason in the world Yeshua would have left the School for the rest of his life. This was explained to me by Peretz who learned it from the Teacher Haim.


The Yohhanan factor


The fact of Yohhanan upset him greatly. Did John want to change the axis and bring the salvation out into the open? The 'Prophet' of the School changed wheels and broke with his oath because there was need of salvation outside of the School. Is was the prophetic voice that declared that he had to make way for the one who comes after him!? Jesus was humble, Nicodemus, and he greatly feared God. He knew what a vow meant and a severe oath in the name of God. He saw, nevertheless, the road that Providence showed him and conducted him along solitary footsteps. His fervor was different and his desire for the salvation of others was different than that of the teachers of the School. Such a diversity was also hidden from him but it developed or revealed itself slowly but surely from the fact of John onwards.


Yeshua's Internal Battle


There were for sure other factors of Providence, in dreams and signs, which we cannot know and Jesus certainly fought long battles inside himself. The thought that he was the one prophesied by Yohhanan was not simply an idea en passante but rather a mental reformation in which everything he had learned in the School, as well as the events of his brief life and the coming to the School, turned in him inside. Let's say that from a third person perspective of a certain distance, it became first person, changing the whole perspective. And at that point the Messianic and Redemptional Prophecies, of which Jesus was very experienced, took life in him, and the Signs of the Reconciliation pushed him to new conclusions. With great humility, Yeshua underwent such an inner war, trying not to pay attention to it. In the meantime, Yeshua progressed in levels of the Kedusha.


Jesus immerged in ruah ha-kodesh


 It's not improbable that Yohhanan had said "I baptize you with water but he who comes after me will baptize you with ruah ha-kodesh (Spirit of Sanctity)" (Mark, 1: 8). Jesus saw himself raised up in the spirit of the Kedusha, and in it he could see that from every angle, the Providence of God had placed him before that decision. The certainty to be able to extend to other people powers of the Kedusha, however, came only towards the end of the remaining year and a half of Yohhanan’s departure, receiving, under severe oath, some 'secrets' of the Kabbala Maasit. In good faith he received them and with great humility, and he still didn't pay attention to all the thoughts of following the way opened by John. He won them and subdued them.


For a while


The 'suggestions' of Providence are stronger than inclinations. If they come from the Yetzer ha-Ra, you can beat them but if they come from God's Providence you cannot stop them. Rather, each footstep that you make for eliminating them will always bring with it something else that makes it return even stronger. When the Providence of God acts in the person on the level of 'suggestions' in one's thought, you cannot escape them. The Prophet Jonah tried to run away from prophecy but prophecy didn't leave him and it followed him wherever he went.


Jesus as the Prophet Jonah


Thus Jesus felt that he was as Jonah, that in not wanting to face that mission, he was thrown inside the belly of the whale for three days and three nights. In the end, Jesus decided. The prophecies were on him. The will of God was with him. He could not infringe on the will of God even if it required an extreme sacrifice. Since, then, Isaiah 53 also responded to such a sacrifice, he didn't have to take anything else into account. To perform 'miracles' with the Kabbala Maasit before other people was punishable with the punishment of a precocious death at the hands of God. Yet also the Messianic Mission of the Suffering Servant prophesied a precocious death. Jesus reasoned that for that Mission he had to face death and if the Providence that he knew and saw were true, also God knows about the oath. The fact of John was alive in him. Humbly Jesus decided to face death, to do that mission and to rely on his Father in Heaven.


Jesus while still at the School realized all this!


Still before leaving the School, Jesus perceived the entire Prophetic Messianic Nexus that was on him. He had received from the teachers of the School the secret studies of the (Initial) Messianic and Redemptional Signs (everything now proven in the Completed Signs), and he had to organize inside himself his 'Messianic Code' with which to present himself to the others. In this Text of Baby Matthew is explained in synthesis the Messianic Code of Jesus and the Prophetic Messianic Nexus from the Prophets of Israel concerning that Mission. Here then, Rabbi Nicodemus, although you won't yet believe it, are the true introductions to the true history of Yeshua. Also you now know everything. The rest is detail. This is the True Gospel and here are the Keys to face the purification of the Traditional Gospel and the great cutting away of more than half of the Fourth Gospel.


Epilogue of Baby Matthew


Jesus, therefore, was very humble and he was beloved by God. Jesus was also truly 'jealous' for the just heart towards our Father in Heaven. Jesus was the truly just man who lives in his faith. Jesus also taught the ways of the Good Shepherd. If the Shepherds of Judaism and the Shepherds of Christianity and the Shepherds of Islam had been even near to the true Shepherd viewed by Yeshua, all past history would have been of blessing and not of the contrary. But oh Nicodemus, Jesus knew, even before leaving the School, that in that Messianic Nexus and those (Initial) Signs, in the possible and most probable lack of the Reconciliation of Malachi, he would be killed in sacrifice, he would rise in resurrection and that he would have had a unique and privileged position in the Kingdom of Heaven. Oh, Nicodemus, Jesus knew all this 2000 years ago. And you, now, in 2007, have come to hear that which you didn't know before, that you didn't imagine and that you had never thought about. Who, then, knew more 2000 years ago, Jesus or the rabbis and priests?


Toward the conclusions


Good, Baby Matthew, I'm proud of you. Nicodemus will never be the same. You have given him a fist to the brain to free it from centuries of darkness. Good, you are really a Good Child. You were just born, you are already 4 years old, and you've by now had the privilege of beginning the Triple-meditation of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. How nice that the Fourth Generation is in the Sign of Velocity! In short, Small Matthew, with the preface, introduction and these 4 chapters, we have a text of the True Bible and we must find the way of extending it for the salvation of the Lost Sheep. It's true that many words of Jesus remain to be examined and to be explained but with the basis given here of the true Gospel concerning the history and the Messianic Mission of Jesus, Second Man of the Redemption, all that is written in the Gospels either reenter within the given basis or else are to be discarded because they are additions that serve only to falsify the true Jesus.


My epilogue


Allow me, Precious Matthew, some closing words because the text has to end here at the end of the fourth chapter. Jesus fought against the hypocrisy that, unfortunately, reigned in that time. He fought against looking down at others to find defects. Jesus strongly shouted against making oneself 'pious' in front of others. He gave a great and true teaching when he explained that whoever judges another person will be judged first and thus not to judge so as not to be judged. This is an essential lesson, realized by very few, but without which the spirit cannot be elevated. Jesus taught to pray only to God, and to love God. He taught the narrow way, the way in which every thought is bound with our Father in Heaven.


The Reform in Judaism


For sure, Jesus saw the necessity of a 'Reform' in the Judaism of his days. Too many practices had become superficial actions that in the end conducted to attitudes contrary to the true intention of that commandment. Not that Jesus wanted to undo the Traditional Judaism of which he too was part. He didn't want to create a new religion. He didn't desire a 'Church' in opposition to the Synagogue. He wanted an improvement in the true spirit of the Jewish heart, a just spirit detached from superficiality, from foolish attitudes and hypocrisy. Jesus wanted a Judaism that helped others and that did everything to assist the sick, the poor and the unfortunate. He wanted to see a Judaism that entered the heart of every Jew for the love that that Judaism demonstrated in helping and taking care of every aspect of every son and every daughter of Israel.

Also today we are still waiting for it. We may rejoice, however, because the Final Redemption is Complete. We are thus awaiting that which is certain to come. Great is the God of Israel who maintains His promises.


The non valid Congregation of that time


Yeshua foresaw the destruction of the Second Temple for the sins committed and saw the hypocrisy of many Jews in the Synagogues. Everything in that time was either corrupt or false. Therefore Jesus said that it was better to pray alone, in a closed room, directly to God who listens to the prayer of every mouth that calls Him with sincerity.[21] A true Congregation needs a united spirit in the love between brothers and sisters, directed by Shepherds who greatly love every individual of their Congregation. When there were no such Shepherds and when, instead of the love, there was resentment, envy, falseness, insincerity, egoism and Mamon, it's better to stay distant of it and to pray to God, Blessed is He, in the privacy of your house. He will know your motivations and He will answer to your prayers.


On some word of Mat. 10


If the discourses of Mat. Chap. 10 are authentic, the orders of Yeshua to the disciples to heal people and to chase away demons and evil spirits seem exaggerated: to go without provisions, without money, and without a second pair of sandals etc. This was not exactly Essenism but rather a few powers of the Kabbala Maasit that Jesus gave over to the disciples; this required serious 'sanctifications' that had to be maintained so that the Kabbala Maasit would function. Jesus, for instance, among other conditions, (as all those of the School) didn't marry so as not to lose anything of the Sanctity or to decrease its powers. To complete the commands of Jesus, the disciples had to deprive themselves of all desire for money or honor or things of this world. They had to be children of the Kingdom of Heaven in the world but separated from it.


Other times


To our eyes of today here his words seem like the priest-mendicant of Hinduism, hardly a Jewish teaching. However one must take into account the unbalances of that time. Besides, any use of the Kabbala Maasit in front of the people could only create unbalances of one kind or the other. Also for this reason they are ‘secret’ and must be hidden and used with severe criteria. It seems to me, in any case, that this fact of sending out disciples to perform miracles could not have lasted long. The same Mission, less than 4 years, and, later, the new believing Christians, were persecuted by the Pharisees. There was, however, a New Christian Spirit that descended upon the new followers. Some received that Spirit and they could also make healings etc., as Paul of Tarsus, for instance.


Confusion cleared away



Matthew 10, 40: "Who receives you, receives me, and who receives me receives the One who sent me".


It’s somewhat hard at first to reconcile these words with the true faith; this, however, is the fault of Christianity and not for the words themselves. The concept itself is realized and is completed in the Final Goel Haim and for this reason we can verify its meaning intended by Jesus. As explained, Yeshua knew that he would be killed unjustly, that he would be resurrected and that he would preside in the Kingdom of Heaven. This determined his Messianic Realization. If the one chosen for that Mission did not have an active and essential role in the process of salvation, what importance might it have? The Kingdom of Heaven came to give merit to the meritorious in the generations coming. Those to whom salvation would come needed a Messianic Teacher and Guide. Jesus knew that he would have a Messianic Position in that Kingdom of Heaven in which he would preside and would be able to pray for the pardon of sins of those who have a heart of goodness and to help in the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.


Jesus’ great love


Jesus knew as well that his love for others and for his disciples was large and true and that every pupil was as a son for him. For this he said Who receives you, receives me, and who receives me receives the One who sent me.


The Tzadik Haim has expressed several times the elevation in the unity between pupil and Teacher, or between Donkey and the Goel and how much it is desired.

Also of me the Teacher Haim said, Whoever loves Peretz loves me and who loves me loves Peretz. – And this is certainly true of all the Donkeys.


Matthew 10, 41: "Whoever receives a prophet as a prophet, will have his reward as a prophet; and whoever receives a Just one as a Just one, will have the reward of a Just one".




Good, Baby Matthew, you’re now ready for the whole Book that Astounds, with the Gospels Corrected, John Corrected, the Correction of Paul, John without the Logos, The Salvation of Yeshua etc. So too are you ready for all the texts of the Book of the Rose (Sefer Mishnat Haim) and to study the Marvelous New Things of the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim from San'aa'a, Yemen. OK, I’ll bring you to your mother Anna now who probably wants to have a smaller television screen. Giuseppe, then, must bring you around the streets of Milan saying, “Listen here, listen here, Christians of every church: Matthew the Evangelist has been reborn and he is found in Baby Matthew. He’s returned to receive the True Gospel of Matthew which is the true Announcement of the true Jesus and which, finally, is part of the true Bible. Come now all of you to hear Baby Matthew!



Chapter 5



DIARY: Baruch Ha-Shem – Brit Mila a David, Monday 17, 2007: Tevet 8, 5768: parashat va-yehhi; End of the Minute 6, 3960. Mohel Doctor Mortara.

I’m now pressed to write a 5th chapter to Baby Matthew by a dream this morning, Shabbat, Dec. 22, 2007: There was an extremely high tower in the sky. Above it were what seemed to be 4 gigantic ‘wings’ of a windmill. A stranger was pointing it out but I was somewhat afraid of the vision. - -

I felt I had to complete the Text with a 5th chapter, something different, such as the 5th Star (the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility) of the Sign of the Stars.


The Second Coming of the Star of Christ reinforces Baby Matthew


Nice title, eh, Baby Matthew! I’m sure you’ll like it. What a high Tower I saw but it was relatively ‘lean’. It reminds me of the mustard plant that grows to be higher than all the other plants even though its seed is the smallest. Nice, eh, small like you, Baby Matthew! So will you grow to be a plant so high that it touches the heavens. And why those 4 gigantic ‘wings’ like those of a windmill? It means that your book, Matthew, will extend a new spirit to the four directions of the earth; and that spirit will give birth to the New Spirit of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of our Teacher Haim. In order to reinforce the whole Tower, nevertheless, this fifth chapter is necessary because the Star of Christ wants to speak to you, dear Matthew. I don’t know what it wants to tell you but I am listening with good will.


The Star that Astounds is here


Shalom, Baby Matthew, I’m the Star that Astounds with the Second Coming of the Star of Christ. Now that the Goel Haim has said, “We are all the same flesh”, I can speak. Do you think it matters to me, Matthew, if you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim? You’re a good Baby for all of them. I have a marvelous furnace that I acquired at Bethlehem and I’ve brought it here to bake the Marvelous Bread to send to the Donkeys who eat Bread. Star Come Back, New Star, Star that Astounds with Bread of the Donkey. O Matthew, you’re the hope of the New Generation for the babies that enter the Fourth Generation.


Something of my history


I am also the Star of Malchitzedek, don’t forget it! I’ve around quite a bit in my life. I get along on the tenth of flour that I receive from the Redemptional Stars; then I cook the Messianic Bread. O Bethlehem, Ephrat, o Rahhel mother of Joseph. Incredible rounds have I made, routes desired by the Creator.

Even with King David I made way and from my bread he wrote a lot of poetry and sang beautiful psalms to God. With King Solomon then I had a lot of fun, first with love, then with wisdom, then with knowledge and the construction of the First Temple at Jerusalem where, if you remember, Matthew, I had been King to God on High in the time of Abraham. With love for God came his Song of Songs but after having everything and trying every pleasure without holding back all desires, he tried counting the sunrays until he got caught up in futile wisdom and cast down in time’s routine and wrote Kohelet. In the end he realized that every action of every minute in the world would be judged by God Almighty and he began writing Proverbs of proven Knowledge.


The Prophet Elijah tried to make the people return to God


Well, Matthew, the truth is that King Solomon didn’t succeed in holding on to the humility of which my Bread is endowed and so my Unction went to his head; he used unwisely my wisdom and only in the end did he return to true knowledge. Israel, unfortunately, paid the consequences and history is sad and painful, as it states, ‘Whoever adds knowledge, adds pain’ (Proverbs, 1: 18). This verse refers to the knowledge of history, explained the Goel Haim. The more you study it, the more painful it is.

So I hid myself, until while I was waiting for a new order, the Prophet Elijah found me. He wanted to destroy the cult to Baal which no longer permitted my Bread to descend in Israel but the idolatrous crusts were by now the bread of the people. Notwithstanding the great miraculous sign of the Prophet Elijah at Mount Carmel, the people did not return to God and did not repent. Idolatry reigned in Israel and in the Judea reigned arrogance. How then might a Star of Humility give over Redemptional Bread between idolatry and arrogance? Even the great Prophet Elijah had to admit that he had been unable to do more than his predecessors and so asked of the Lord to take him to his place in the Kingdom of Heaven.


The Prophet Elijah, Hidden Source of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection


The Prophet Elijah, jealous for God’s name, Head of the true Hidden Tzadikim of every generation, was greatly loved by God Almighty. He did not know death and God, Blessed is He, rendered him above death. His final rising contained in itself the source of the Resurrection of the Dead although he himself did not die and was thus not resurrected from the dead. He, in fact, arose to the Kingdom of Heaven which was a ‘secret’ kept very hidden from the world at large until John the Baptist’s leaving the School of the Essenes. See then, little Mathew, that already in the life-time of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, he was rooted in the Kingdom of Heaven and in the Source of the Resurrection. He held the power given him by God Almighty and he could have accomplished the Reconciliation of the hearts if there had been merit. The miracle of Mount Carmel could have become a New Light for all Israel had there been merit.


The Prophet Elijah could have brought the Redemption


If the people had returned to God they would have recognized the Prophet Elijah as their Head and he could have re-unified the tribes of Judah and of Israel and established a New Pact of Unity and Peace. This is true but the reality of those times was very far from any reconciliation, Anointed Kings who ate the bread of arrogance and drank the wine of egoists. I jump over the bitter history of deportation and destruction. The Tzadik Mordechai, the Jew, knew me in the Persian exile and Queen Ester was a Priestess to God on High but all was hidden in the Palace of Shushan under the historic veil of EL MISTATER, The Lord who hides Himself. I skip over the felicitous return to Zion and the building of the Second Temple, and afterwards the war and the miracle of Hhanuka. I found no true satisfaction. Missing was the spirit of a good heart in order to eat my Bread.


The difficult realization of the prophecy in Malachia


Even before the building of the second Temple, however, the Prophet Malachi, clearly in the light of the Prophetic Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, received the last prophecy: "Remember My servant Moses and the laws and statutes that I gave at Horeb. Behold, I am sending the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord; he will reconcile the hearts of fathers with their sons and the hearts of sons with their father, lest I come and smite the land with anathema" (Malachi, 3: 23-24).

When should or could this prophecy have been accomplished? In what period should the Prophet Elijah have come? Perhaps at the inauguration of the Second Temple? Without searching out the possibilities, the fact is that he did not come. Israel was without a spirit able to affront and receive the Reconciliation of the hearts and thus time continued to advance without it.


The Prophet Elijah could have anointed Messiahs


How did this possibility interest me, you ask? Look, Baby Mathew, if the Prophet Elijah could have come to accomplish the Reconciliation, he could have anointed Messiahs, in the name of the true God and in his permission as Prophet and these would have had the power to accomplish signs of healings and salvation and to extend with great enthusiasm prophetic messages from God, Blessed is He. The children of Israel could have become just before God and the light of the Temple could have been e beacon of light unto the extremities of the earth. I would have helped guide the Messiahs Anointed by the Prophet Elijah or by someone appointed in his name, to extending the truth of our God to the world. There was no merit, unfortunately, and even after the incredible victory in the war of Hhanuka and the miracle of the 8 days of the re-inauguration, there was not sufficient merit and the Prophet Elijah did not come.


The foresight of the Teacher of Justice


After some 300 years of the Second Temple, the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, known to history as the Teacher of Justice, seeing prophetically the destruction and the decrees that were forth coming, founded the School of the Essenes and revealed to worthy Hhachamim, teachers in the School, some secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Resurrection and Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah.

That Tzadik established in the School ‘Messianic Orders’ and spoke of me as well, calling me ‘The Messianic Star of the Anointed King, Priest to God on High’. The Teacher of Justice also gave over some secrets of the Kabbala Ma’asit to those selected teachers. Outside, even the Sages knew nothing of those secrets, not of the Kingdom of Heaven, not of the Resurrection, not of the Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah that by way of the Teacher of Justice had entered the School.


Until when could the Prophet Elijah come?


The time was closing in. The nation was going towards its ruin and the Prophet Elijah had still not come. The Signs of the Prophet Elijah, nevertheless, were in the School and the Messianic Orders continued. Many factors were converging. In Israel destruction was foreseen; in the Essene School existed the Messianic Salvation for the Jewish people. Good, they spoke of me in the School but I am not an Anointed Star for only a few persons; indeed, my Bread is Universal. Although it was not THE time because of the lack of merit, the time of the prophecy, however, was closing in. If the Temple be destroyed and the people dispersed, the Prophet Elijah, would not be able to come, at least not for who knows how many centuries until an entirely new historic context would be formed. The fact was, dear Matthew, that also my Stellar time was at hand; I was close to my time of closeness to the world, at the 2000 year point from the time of Abraham. I couldn’t complete that cycle without offering a Messianic Mission in Israel. Try to understand my dilemma, Baby Matthew!


The Star rejoices for the Good News


The destiny ordered by God Almighty saved my course. It was indicated to me to splendor on a certain person that would be born. Great was my felicity. After all those centuries, finally arriving was someone who would be ready to answer to the Messianic Mission of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah and I would be able to bake Bread in my furnace for Israel and for the nations. I was too overjoyed, so happy that I couldn’t contain myself. It’s incredible, I know, for a Star, but believe me, Little Matthew, I was out of my Star-Boundary for the joy of that announcement. The Star of Abraham, then, in that period, was in its furthest point away from me which made it more difficult for me to keep my balance. I had never imagined such a thing but in my unbounded enthusiasm and un-Stellar-like curiosity, I looked down at the would-be parents, betrothed and not yet married, of that ‘messianic baby’ that would be born.


The Star admits to have exaggerated


It was also my fault, Star or not. I didn’t reason well in that moment. The rays of my happiness issued wherever I looked. It was not the fault of Joseph or Mary. For my error and my stellar curiosity, as I looked at them with such enthusiasm and joy of heart, my fluxes poured down on them, and they, honest people and fearful of God, people of a simple heart without malice, poor people who lived by the bread of each day, lost themselves in their sentiments so strong and so sublime as to just about exit from human vestments and they joined together totally caught up in the stellar harmony upon them. You see, dear Matthew, also I had to return a second time to correct my preceding errors!


The Star justifies itself in that historical situation


I’m telling you how things went. The Star of Abraham was too far away. I had reached my 2000 year cycle. Israel was about to fall. The Prophet Elijah had not come and I had waited some 400 years for a Messiah who answered to Malachi’s prophecy concerning the Reconciliation. The announcement that I heard above of the forthcoming birth of a chosen ‘messianic’ baby made me shine beyond all measure. Joseph and Miriam then married and after some months Yeshua was born. He was born in a stable in Bethlehem, while from Nazareth they were on their way to Jerusalem. Bethlehem itself was a ‘messianic sign’ of the House of Bread, Bread that he would receive afterwards in the School of the Essenes. The stable was a sign of simplicity and humility.


A sensitive soul troubled by the surrounding reality


I then followed him, inspiring him to read Prophets and to reflect profoundly on Israel’s destiny. Excuse me, Young Matthew, I’m a Good Star but in that period the prophetic Stellar Convergence converged in the most formidable historical unbalance possible. Yet only in the Essene School did they know and understand it, in merit of the teachings they inherited from the Teacher of Justice.

I skip over the internal suffering of an extremely sensitive soul yet very acute and truthful, very serious and very disappointed for the insensitive and closed heart of his people. In the end I guided him to Yohhanan who explained many aspects of the School and after a short time Jesus stripped himself of the external and material world and took the oath for life of remaining there and following all the teachings of the Essenes.


Hidden in the School, the Star reacts with cleverness


In the School, I proceeded with stellar strategy, having Yeshua see particular rays of light around him, lights to which he aspired for the sake of the salvation of the people, without his seeing, however, his messianic fate. I needed John the Baptist and I showed him that the terrible convergence of the Prophesied Times close by could no longer support the lack of conscience of those responsible for the Jewish people at that time. The axe was ready to descend to cut down the trees that had not procured good fruit.

Too much time had passed and the Prophet Elijah had not declared himself and salvation did not issue from the School. Nor did the Teacher of Justice from the other world intervene to order that salvation be brought outside. The contradiction grew ever stronger with every day that passed. Yohhanan convinced himself that only a corresponding ‘contradiction’ of action, a contradiction in jealousy for God could ‘upset’ a part of Israel with consternation, have it repent and to reconcile itself with God.


John, Jesus, the Mission, the Sacrifice, the Long History


Yohhanan decided to abandon his oath and to open the way for the one who would come after him. Perhaps John himself thought that the one who would come after him could not but be of the Essene School since outside of the School there was no salvation. Yohhanan, in any case, relied on God’s will, without presuming who it would be. My stellar strategy worked: the completely unheard of and scandalous act of John in order to open the way for the awaited one, entered profoundly into Yeshua’s thought. The rest you know, Little Matthew, the Messianic Code, the Mission, the Sacrifice of the Ram and of the Lamb of God, of the Bitter Chalice and the false theological doctrines that deified the poor Messiah son of Joseph and Miriam, and 2000 years of Christianity. I too have had great patience, as the Redemptional Star that I am, to see in all these centuries the terrible and disgusting falsification of my Messianic Bread of the House of Bread. In any case I earned the name ‘the Star of Christ’, in merit of the Messianic Sacrifice of Jesus, Christ of the Nations.


The Hidden Salvation of Israel


Certainly all was foreseen: the last prophecy of Malachi couldn’t wait, even if the Reconciliation couldn’t be realized and the negative ‘lest I come and smite the land with anathema’ had to enter. That anathema, which became the decree of destruction of the Temple and of exile among the nations, was itself a hidden salvation so that all Israel not be destroyed. Involved was nothing less than the continuation of the history of Israel and hence of all humanity.


The Time has Come for the True Bread of the Geula Shleima


Thus, with the world itself, I awaited my cyclic return to be able to bake the true Bread for the world, in the true Reconciliation of the heart of fathers to their sons and the heart of sons with their fathers, the Great Time of the Final Historic Convergence of the Fourth Generation and the New Construction. All began with the death and resurrection of the chosen Tzadik Haim.


Blest but scandalous is the Second Coming of the Star of Christ


I will never be able to express my cosmic joy when the Goel Haim announced, “This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility”. This time there is the chosen Goel Haim. This time there is the closeness of the Star of Abraham. This time there is the Book of the Stars of Abraham, father of a multitude of nations. This time there the historic bond of 4000 years. This time the true history of the first Messiah, second man of the redemption, is revealed. This time there is the Anointed Judge who presides in the Kingdom of Heaven. This time there are the steps of White Marble so that good people in the world can merit through the virtues of the heart to the Kingdom of Heaven. This time there is the true New Balanced Light that was not in the world previously. This time the instructions for the House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam have been sent by God Almighty. This time there are the Completed Signs of the Reconciliation. This time there is the Sign of the Donkeys who eat my delicious Bread of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. And I am joyful every time the Donkey brays hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw.


The Design of God Almighty is being accomplished


It’s all a Design, Little Matthew, it’s all a Design established by EL SHADDAI to bring humanity to the promised Redemption when ‘all will know Me from the smallest to the greatest’ (Jeremy, 31: 33) and when all will invoke only the true and only God, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob. When all will pray to the same true God, peace will descend upon the world. I follow His will; I am only a Star.


The Mustard Plant Returns


Therefore be strong, Baby Matthew, there’s a long course ahead of you. Stay calm. All the seeds of the Plant are already firmly rooted in the earth of the Kingdom of Heaven; the Tree is already in solid binding with the Plant in the world and the Fruit of the Tree has already reached the New Firmament. For now the Plant is the smallest on earth but it will grow to be the tallest Plant of all.


Now you are ready, Little Baby Matthew, for the Star that Astounds


Now Little Matthew you have all the true roots to understand the true Messianic Mission of Jesus. Together with the Stellar Eagle that becomes a Dragon of Fire to burn away all the falsifications, the additions, the changes and the idolatry of the Gospels, you can use the Gospels as the testing ground in distinguishing what is true and what is false, to recognize the true tradition from the false tradition, and to know the true faith as opposed to the false faith. In conclusion I’ll try to give over some conclusions that will help you comprehend generally the position of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua ben Yosef ve-Miriam. I speak here after the Corrections and after you already know the true history of Jesus and after the Donkey’s explanations of the Messianic Code of Jesus and the Prophetic-Messianic Nexus of that Mission. Then I spoke to you of my course as the Star of Malchitzedek and the Star of Christ and now I am the Star that Astounds.


Mordechai the Jew, first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim


Jesus was In the Signs of Isaac but he was not Isaac; he was the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead. Mordechai the Jew was properly in the Sign of Isaac and in that epoch Queen Esther was in the Sign of the sacrificed Ram in that she was ready to sacrifice her life for the salvation of the Jewish people, under the guidance of Mordechai. Mordechai the Jew was the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and thus he knew the secret of the Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah. Also great was his knowledge of the stars and he knew of the Star of Ester and the hidden salvation that this Star held for the people of Israel. It was for reason of that knowledge that he was able to hide Ester for many years until she became the wife of the non-Jewish King Ahhashverosh. Purim is the Second Redemption of Israel and Mordechai ha-Tzadik is the Second Goel (of Israel). It was, however, not a Complete Redemption because the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were not a part of it.


The Fire of the Torah of the Prophet Elijah and of Mordechai ha-Tzadik.


I explained to you the potential redemption of the Prophet Elijah if there had been merit. That potential redemption stood in the ALEF of the name ‘ASHER’. The redemption of Purim, in the Tradition of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and Queen Ester derives from the SHIN of the name ASHER. The ALEF and the SHIN together form EISH = Fire. The Fire of the Torah, in the true Higher Sanctity of the Hidden Tradition of the Prophet Elijah and Mordechai ha-Yehudi, issued to reform the people and burn away the negative past. In that merit many returned to Jerusalem for the building of the Second Temple. The RESH of the name ‘ASHER’ is the Light of the Temple that unites all Israel and becomes a great light for many nations which would conduce to the Final Redemption. The Jewish people, however, failed in the time of the Second Temple and with the exception of Hhanuca there was, generally speaking, no salvation or Reconciliation. Only on hidden levels of the Hidden Tzadikim could Jewish history continue. We come unto the time of the Teacher of Justice and the rest you know.


Law, Spirit and Completeness

The Just one lives in his faith


The Signs of the first name ‘EHEYE’ are the Signs of the Law and of the Sanctity of Israel. The Signs of the name ‘ASHER’ are in the Signs of the Spirit and the virtues of the Heart. The Signs of the final name ‘EHEYE’ are in the Signs of the Completeness and Peace; these reveal together the Signs of every kind of End of this Fourth Generation. The Signs of Completeness complete the person in his comportment, in the Law of God, in the just spirit of the heart and in the great faith in God Almighty lived every moment of one’s life. It is to be noted that in Jesus’ Messianic Mission of the RESH, already detached from the Temple, there were prophetic signs through the Prophet Habakkuk (2: 4) of the Just Man who lives in his Faith. This expression, dear Baby Matthew, is very important. It represents a New Way of living one’s faith with a great closeness to God.


In truth differences of the Old Way and the New Way are not in contradiction


Follow me, Matthew, the New Way of Life and of all that which concerns life does not come to negate the Torah or Prophets or the entire Tradition of Israel but to fulfill and to complete. It gives, nevertheless, a New Way and the prophecy of Isaiah 48 speaks of New Things that you have not known and have not heard of etc. For this reason, Little Matthew, in the task of bringing that New Way before the Jewish world, the New Things and the New Way often seem to be in contrast at first with those things already established in the past. The Source of the New Way stands in the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’. Why? The Light of the Temple that should have been a light that issued for the world needed other parameters in order that Salvation reach the extremities of the earth. It isn’t the same thing to speak about the Law of the Torah with a Jew commanded in the Law or to speak with others about the laws they must follow even though not commanded in the Torah.


The New Law resolves the differences


Think about it and you will understand, Baby Matthew. Not being able to apply the same laws for Jews and non-Jews, a New Law is needed that holds up in a balanced manner the laws for Israel and the laws that belong to all. And I am the Star of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High for all people. To formulate such a New Law are needed 1) authorization from above 2) the Pact prophesied in Jeremy 31 3) the New House of Prayer for all the Nations 4) a New Rite (because the traditional Rite of the Synagogue is not adaptable to the nations). – In order to accomplish this a New Spirit from the Light of God Almighty is necessary. All this, however, does NOT COME TO DENY THE TORAH OR PROPHETS OR THE TRADITION OF ISRAEL. Do you understand, Baby Matthew: these New Things and the New Spirit of that New Way were then and are now part of the Signs bound with the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’.


The New Law of Christ established by Paulus denies the Torah


Jesus was conscious and educated in all the New Things bound to the Mission upon him. Paul of Tarsus ‘used’ the New Things brought by Jesus in order to establish that which he called the New Law of Christ. The Church for him was obviously the House of Prayer for all the Nations. The Way of Christ for him was the New Way of Life and of all that which concerns life for all humanity. The promised New Spirit was the Spirit of Christ. All this derived from the Initial Signs of the ‘RESH’ of the name ‘ASHER’ brought by Yeshua. The Law of the Torah was no longer upheld and unfortunately the true monotheistic faith of the Torah, Prophets and all Tradition was falsified and rendered idolatrous. This explains, Matthew, why the (spiritual) Reform desired by Jesus himself did not deny in any way the Torah or Prophets but was meant for accomplishing and completing the true Tradition.


The Task Blocked by Christianity


Here’s the point to understand, Baby Matthew. In the same way that the negative part of Malachi came to the fore at that time whereas the positive part of the prophecy was put off for 2000 years until the time of the Final Redemption (together with all the messianic and redemptional prophecies), so too the New Things, the New Spirit, the New Law, the New House of Prayer and in general the New Way of Life etc. were put off for 2000 years until God Almighty’s choice of the Goel Haim. Christianity, on the other hand, had no true New Spirit, it having become idolatrous; it had no true New Law, being detached from the Torah and from the Second Commandment; it could not have had the true, final House of Prayer for all the Nations with the prayers invoking Jesus as the Lord and Son of God in a literal sense.


Jesus himself did represent the just man who lives in his faith


Thus the New Way of Life and all that which pertains to life could not be accomplished by Christianity because it could not furnish the just measures of the true monotheistic faith necessary for true just people who live in their faith. Jesus himself, however, was the true example of the just man who lives in his faith. Take the words of Jesus (those that can be truly attributed to him) and you will see, Baby Matthew, how the Messianic Teaching of Jesus is there in that prophecy in Habakkuk (2: 4[22]) "Behold, disturbed, not at rest is the soul (of the wicked) in him; but the righteous ever liveth in his faith". – This was not part of the Messianic Code of Jesus and he did not use this verse to characterize his Messianic Mission. The Messianic Nexus is bound principally with Malachi 31 and Isaiah 53 because these prophecies answer to which Messianic Mission Jesus was Messiah.


The Principle Teaching of Jesus


The Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel represents the principal purpose of the Messianism of Jesus but the teaching in all his true affirmations was this: whoever doesn’t have a just soul will not be saved but only the just person who lives in his faith with God will be saved. The other teachings of Jesus were means and modes for instructing how to be a just person who lives in his faith with God. This was the counter-measure to the exact opposite prevalent at that very low time. The Jews in those periods practiced the actions of certain commandments and usages and they studied Torah but they were without the true fear of God and they didn’t live the constant and vivid experience of feeling oneself before God, with a just spirit of humility and love towards others. The just person who lives in his or her faith represents the Correction of the children of Israel.


The Tablets of Habakkuk


Take up the word, Peretz, otherwise I’ll begin to astound too much.

“But no, continue, o Astounding Star. Baby Matthew’s not afraid”. –

Look at the preceding verse, Matthew; there’s an allusion to the Gospels. Obviously the prophecy doesn’t speak of falsified Gospels, otherwise it could not call them ‘Tablets’. – ‘The Lord answered me and said, “Write the vision and explain it on tablets so that one can easily (quickly) read them. For another vision will come in its time and will become weary waiting for the end. But it is not false even if it tarries, wait for it, for it will most certainly come and will not be late” (Habakuk, 2: 2-4).

This means it will not tarry once it has arrived but before it arrives, who knows how many centuries Israel (and the world) will have to wait! It speaks about the End which brings us to this Final Fourth Generation. It speaks of a second vision after and in relation to the first vision of Habakuk.


The First Tablets allude to the Gospels


The first quickly readable Tablets were the Gospels. The Gospels were kept short and they are written in a simple language to make it easier for people to read them so that they be accessible to more people. They represent the ‘vision’ of the Messianic Mission of Jesus and as explained above his principal teaching was ‘the just man lives in his faith’. After that vision a second vision will come. When? At the ‘End’ time, hence this Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption that follows. That 2000 years stand between that first vision and the second coincides with ‘wait for it, even if it tarries for it will surely come’. The Tablets are the many texts of the Book of the Rose (Sefer Mishnat Haim) that explain the ‘final vision’ of the Geula Shleima.


O Matthew, you are now in Prophets


I am the Star that Astounds and my particular Petal of the Book of the Rose is the fifth, The Book that Astounds with the Great Correction of Christianity. If then the Gospels represent the first Tablets, then this your text, Baby Matthew, are of the final Tablets, the true vision of the Messianic Mission of Jesus[23]. Unfortunately, because of the briefness and the tragedy of that Mission, he himself had no time to write those Tablets himself and afterwards in the hands of his disciples things were obscured until in the end the very theology was falsified. So then, Matthew isn’t it then amazing that you are in Prophets? For now is the final time to search for salvation, to change and to live in a New Way of Life as just people who live in their faith.


The Question Returns but the New Answer is Hidden in the Middle Hidden ‘Aliyah of Moses


Now I know what you want to ask, Little Matthew: if Jesus had to rebuke the Doctors of the Law and the Priests and many Jews who did not live as just ones who live in their faith and he, instead, brought a New Way of Life of how to live as just ones who live in their faith, does that not represent a great change compared to the traditional religion of Israel?

Listen then, Matthew, I now furnish the Bread of the Six Completed Messianic and Redemption Signs. I now help the great, new comprehension of the Mission of Christ and I’m helping in the understanding of the revelation in the hidden School of Ester of the Essenes and I’m helping that people become just people who live in their faith. The New Way of the Final Redemption is rooted in the Second ‘Aliyah of Moses, magister noster, on Mount Sinai.


Moses too searched for that New Way


Moses himself in that second ‘Aliyah was searching for a New Way to bring to Israel since the Way already given had not functioned in converting the hearts of the children of Israel. In the Final New Pact there’s a New Mishnah on that hidden ‘Aliyah in the Torah itself. It was a tentative of Moses to have Ha-Shem give over a New Order in which the emphasis was not so much on the actions to accomplish as much as the spirit of the heart and the virtues of the heart. Every ‘suggestion’ proposed by Moses to Ha-Shem was refused for various reasons. For example, Moses thought that if the heart was just and the Jew dedicated himself to the virtues of the heart, by consequence all his actions would be just. God answered him that if the emphasis was put on the virtues of the heart and afterwards those virtues were violated, the severity would then be much worse, even hopeless. One must at first instruct the body and only when the Nefesh is complete to delve into virtues and the spirit of the Ruah.


The Parallels of the Middle Pillar


Such was the substance of the middle ‘Aliyah of 40 days and 40 nights until Ha-Shem said to Moses, “Hew for yourself two tablets of stone as the first; and I will write upon these tables the words that were on the first tables, that you did break” (Deut. 10: 1-2). – This too represented God’s refusal of Moses’ proposals.

Note, Little Matthew, the parallels of the Triple-Meditation: Second ‘Aliyah, Middle-Pillar, The Virtues of the Heart, the Ruah, the name ‘ASHER’, the Second Man of the Redemption, Jesus.

Moses, the beloved one of God of all history, tried to reveal a New Way of Life but it was not accepted; the history of Israel was not yet ready for it. It was still the time of the first ‘EHEYE’ and not of the name ‘ASHER’.


Poor Destiny of the New Way brought by Jesus


Jesus, loved by God for his righteousness and sincerity before people and before God, with Messianic Signs upon him from the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’, tried to bring to the people the New Way of Life, with the Laws of the Spirit that render people just people in their faith. The people, however, were far from the virtues of the heart and they refused anything new. Thus instead of the Reconciliation of the Hearts which requires a good and tolerant heart, one filled with love for others, there took place the sacrifice of the Ram instead of Isaac and the redemptional prophecies were put off for 2000 years. The New Way of Life was blocked and that which appeared was confused and the spirit was contaminated with Christian idolatry.


We speak now in terms of false and true


Do not misunderstand me, Baby Matthew. If we look at the pure faith and the true tradition against the pagan idolatry that Christianity teaches, we are looking at a situation of false and true. If, instead, we look from a human position, we see as well a great elevation represented by Christianity compared to the other pagan religions. For many millions of people in the centuries past, certain teachings of Jesus served as a great elevation of the spirit and in the faith in general even if not in the pure faith. We’re speaking of 2000 years of history involving millions and millions of people. When, however, the truth is revealed, and that which was of the past is not in the truth or was completely false, the past is eliminated, it no longer has any value, it has done its time. Now I’m speaking to you, Matthew, of our present stellar level; the Catholic Church is dead and its existence, on a level of truth, is like that of a body in agony. The historical times of this Fourth Generation will do what they must do. Then there will be other historical times for the education of all humanity from the Fifth Generation on.


The People of Israel in the end will be Complete and the New Way of Life will be of all


The Tradition of Israel, however, will always go ahead. The time will come when Israel will receive its New Spirit of the Ruah together with its Neshama of the Geula Shleima. With the Torah, with Baby Matthew (in which the entire Christian New Testament is corrected and the truth of Jesus’ Messianic Mission is clarified for all future times) and with Sefer Mishnat Haim, for all the children of Israel who recognize the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim and all the News of the Final Redemption, there will be a completeness that now is difficult to imagine. All is completed in the Geula Shleima and the New Way of Life and all that which pertains to life will issue for the nations, and so too the New Law and the Prayers of the New Rite and all the marvelous News of the Final Redemption.




All will celebrate the 25th of December, Celebration of the First Messiah died a year ago. And every year that passes in the New Light that reveals the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, I, the Star of Christ that Astounds, say with modesty: I will make splendor with new comprehension, in a way that will astound ever more the works of God Almighty, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever. O.K. Baby Matthew now you really know everything and you may well begin to study Torah, and this your book of Baby Matthew and the Book of the Rose. Thus will you be a Completed Baby of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim.

Here finishes the fifth and last chapter of Baby Matthew, the small yet great Biblical Bond that was missing in order to complete the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’ and that was missing in order to complete the True Bible. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.

Translated into English by me Peretz Green, Purim, March 4, 2015, Beersheva.



Chapter 6



The Conclusions to Brother Babies of Baby Matthew


From the Goel Haim we have received the message to formulate the True Bible regarding the Messianic Mission of Jesus, and so has been accomplished the Middle-Pillar of the Triple-Meditation. Three Pillars of the New Light now descend on us, the New Law, the True Bible (Baby Matthew) and the Writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim. In merit of the Goel Haim we have received the greatest riches that exist: the truth before EL SHADDAI for all humanity.


What is the Kingdom of Heaven?


I wish to understand what Jesus meant when he said ‘if your deeds are not greater than those of the Scribes, you will not merit to the Kingdom of Heaven’ (Matthew, 5: 20). We can presume beyond doubt that Yeshua did not mean to say that all those would merit only to Gehinom! Open your ears, now, Little Brothers of Baby Matthew, already born with the disposition to merit to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is a ‘specific world’ in which those who merit to enter believe in the One Living God and in the Great Faith of the Final Redemption and in the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim.


The Other World


The ‘other world’ is a word; in truth, there are many worlds, many places, many categories, a million things that from here we cannot know or see. Have not good people always existed, whether Jews or of the nations? Were those good people who did good things not compensated in the other world? They were! Whoever conducted a just life, with love and mercy on others, certainly, after their death, found peace and happiness. The Kingdom of Heaven, however, is ‘specific’, as the people of Israel is ‘specific’ among the nations of the world. Among all the 70 nations, and the number 70 is progressive, not limited, Israel was chosen to receive the Holy Torah at Sinai.


The Great Gift of God


The Kingdom of Heaven is a great gift chosen by God Almighty as a marvelous reward for those loved by God for their humble heart and good deeds. Whether Jewish or from the nations, those who are loved before God for the virtues of their heart will be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven in the next world. The Torah came for Israel to give them the Keys in which to prepare themselves for the Kingdom of Heaven when they would enter that Marvelous and Hidden Kingdom at the time of the Final Goel. For this reason the faith in the coming of the Final Goel has always been an integral part of Israel’s faith. The terminology of the Final Redemption has been mistaken as well as the substance since it was necessary to speak only about the Mashiah ben David, as explained to me by the Tzadik Haim.


The Historic Process of the Kingdom of Heaven


The Holy Torah did not speak about the ‘other world’ because the preparation towards the Kingdom of Heaven is a very long historical process. Therefore Ha-Shem Blessed is He, did not open the matter in the Torah, if not for some allusion, so as not to reveal the Great Secret of the Kingdom of Heaven. Great extensions of history would still be needed before the people of Israel would be ready for the Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. This doesn’t mean that true Jews ‘believers children of believers’, lovers of God’s commandments in every sense, and children of the Torah and Tradition who meditate day and night on its words and who walk in the fear of God before people and before God, didn’t have great rewards in the other world. They did!


The Extension of the True Tradition to the Nations


The Kingdom of Heaven, however, is something else. The same people of Israel, through God’s choice, is the people of the Prophets, the people for whom and around whom the prophecies of the Prophets of Israel were almost always involved. This has had particular consequences in the development of Israel’s history but the main point of that development was unfortunately negative, what Israel was supposed to do but didn’t. The Prophets spoke of the extension of the true tradition to the nations. The True Faith in One God revealed to Israel was not with the purpose of holding it only for itself but for extending God Almighty’s salvation until the extremities of the earth. Unfortunately Israel didn’t listen to their Prophets reason for which after the last Prophet Malachi, the God of Hosts stopped sending Prophets. You don’t desire the privilege of receiving true prophecies, enough, get along by yourselves.


Universalism is prophesied


In any case, they are prophecies of God Almighty and they must and will be accomplished. The universalism that Israel was supposed to reach was strictly bound to the Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. It did not involve a universalism that was detached from or minimized Israel in any way. Israel remains for always the chosen people with its special inheritance. That universalism represents a great completeness for Israel and a new elevation for the world, an elevation, first of all, above idolatry, false customs and distorted laws, an elevation that brings the nations closer to the Source of the Revelation of the Commandments: ‘and it will come to pass at the end of days that many nations will go up to Zion saying: “Teach us the ways of Jacob”’ (Isaiah, 2: 3).


Either bring closer or be pushed farther away


If Israel had listened to the voice of the Prophets, all history would have proceeded on a different basis but it was also foreseen that Israel was a stiff-necked nation and in the Torah it was written by Moses, Head of all the Prophets, that for punishment Israel would be dispersed among the nations. If they had listened to the Prophets, Israel would have drawn the nations closer to it. Not having listened, Israel would be dispersed among idolatrous nations extremely far from the true Tradition of the true Faith. I don’t elongate.


6 Signs become 36 Signs


The Great Secret of the Kingdom of Heaven is hidden in the Torah in the 6 points over the word va-yishakeihu (åÇéÌÄùÌÑÈ÷ÅäåÌ) ‘and he kissed him’ (Gen.33: 4). From the Completed Signs we know that the names of the 6 Signs include each other; in this way the 6 Signs are found 6 times in each Sign resulting in 36 Signs in this way: the Sign of the Stars in the Sign of the Stars, the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven in the Sign of the Stars, the Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot in the Sign of the Stars etc. giving 36 Signs.


The Stellar Hexagon

The Secret Tradition of the Prophet Elijah


This corresponds with the Stellar Sign of the Hexagon received by Giuseppe Manigrasso. Thus the 6 Points have the same names as we have received them, that is: 6 Points of the Redemptional Stars, 6 Points of the Kingdom of Heaven etc. The Sign of the Great Secret of the Kingdom of Heaven is hidden in the Holy Torah in the Points of va-yishakeihu (Sign of the Reconciliation and including all the 36 Signs). The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, received the Great Sign of the Reconciliation and was thus the Heir of the Hidden Tradition of the Keys of the Reconciliation of the hearts; thus he received the Hidden Tradition of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Hidden Tradition of the Resurrection of the Dead, the Hidden Prophetic Tradition of the Generation of the End Time (the Final Fourth Generation), the Hidden Tradition of the Redemptional Stars, the Keys of the New Light of the Third and Final Temple and the Keys of the Messianic Missions.


The Arising of the Prophet Elijah


Thus in the Secret of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, arose directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. This fact itself of not dying was most certainly in the Source of the Hidden Tradition of the Resurrection of the Dead. Contemplate, then, Baby Brothers and Sisters of Baby Matthew, what hidden treasures in the Secret of the Kingdom of Heaven were in the School of the Essenes.

Matthew 13, 44-46

The Kingdom of Heaven is similar to a hidden treasure in a camp; a man finds and hides it again, then he goes, filled with joy, he sells all his possessions and he buys that camp.

The Kingdom of Heaven is similar to a merchant who is searching for precious pearls; finding a pearl of very great value, he goes and sells all his possessions and he buys it.

Matthew 13, 47-50

The Kingdom of Heaven is also similar to a net thrown into the sea that gathers in every kind of fish. When it is full, the fishermen pull it to shore and then, sitting there, they gather the good fish in containers and throw away all those undesired. So will it be at end of the world. The angels will come and they will separate the bad persons from the good and throw them into the burning furnace where they will cry and grind their teeth”.

Matthew 13, 51-52

“Have you understood all these things”? They answered, “Yes”. And he said to them, “For this (reason) every Scribe who becomes a disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven is similar to the owner of a house who extracts from his treasure new things and antique things”.


(1) Hidden Treasure (2) Precious Treasure (3) Net for the Good Fish (4) Kingdom that comes at the End of the world (5) for the Jews of the Torah, a great treasure of New Things and Traditional Things.


The Hidden Treasure

The 6 Initial Signs and the Pre-Kingdom of Heaven


The Kingdom of Heaven is a Hidden Treasure that is not revealed until the Final Redemption when God Almighty has chosen the Final Goel.

Some knowledge of the ‘secret’ of the Kingdom of Heaven was at the School of the Essenes, revealed under oath; in the end, at first John and then Jesus brought outside into the open certain ‘words’ (and in Jesus’ case also some ‘powers’) bound to the ‘secret’ of the School.

The Messianic Mission of Jesus incorporated the 6 Initial Signs: Star of Christ, Kingdom of Heaven, New Message, Messianic Mission, Retribution with the Descent of the Kingdom of Heaven, and Resurrection. With his resurrection a ‘New Intermediary World’ was formed in the ‘other world’ after death, which can be designated Pre-Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus, however, prophesied that the Kingdom of Heaven comes at the end of the world, together with the prophesied time of the Universal Judgment but without being able to establish a time element and what he did say (to the effect that all will take place in this generation) only created confusion.


The ‘son of man’ that arrives


Jesus did not know when that Universal Judgment would be nor could he know who would be the chosen ‘son of man’ that would be revealed at the end. Clearly, however, seeing himself in the midst of the Messianism that he was part of, he could not but become somewhat confused. He was in a ‘chosen’ position that would continue in time, believing most certainly that the continuation would be in the true faith of the One Living God; he could thus easily be confused in seeing himself as the eventual Resurrected Goel. Nevertheless, his words were prophetic and therefore by way of the Completed Signs we can better understand the prophetic value they contained. Jesus saw prophetically the coming of the Final Goel, the chosen ‘son of man’ of the Kingdom of Heaven, not a terrestrial coming but ‘in the clouds of Glory’ etc.


The Inevitable Confusion


Jesus’ words in the Gospels that seem to indicate that he was speaking about himself are a part of that confusion that he himself was unable to avoid. (It must be remembered that Jesus didn’t have the parameters of the Triple-Name to know the position of his Mission from the RESH of the name ASHER.) Jesus thus spoke in good faith.


Jesus abandoned?


Only now can we understand that which Christianity, on an unconscious or almost unconscious level, was afraid of a true interpretation of ‘My God, my God, why have You abandoned me’! (Matthew, 27: 43). Christianity has always placed the bulk of this phrase under the table, with useless philosophical speculation. For sure, Christianity could not support a true meaning of this exclamation. It would have undone Christianity. The potency of this phrase, nevertheless, is now even stronger once we know of Jesus’ true Messianism and of the Initial Signs.


The True Lament


Jesus knew that he would be killed unjustly, filled with Israel’s sins. Jesus knew that he would be resurrected from the dead. Jesus knew that he would be given a central position in the New Kingdom of Heaven. And let us not forget that Jesus knew that the sheep brought up for its unjust slaughter must not open its mouth to lament. So then was it most certainly not a lament for the sacrifice itself or for the pains he was suffering. That exclamation issued from Jesus’ mouth prophetically for that which history would make of him, a ‘deified messiah’ on the cross until the extremities of the earth. His lips yelled out those words in Psalms (2: 2), ‘My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me’!


Only at the End


Certainly such a prophetic vision could have been revealed to Jesus only at the very end. If he had seen it previously, he would have recanted and denied everything in order not to be an object of idolatry. Only at the end just before his death he saw what he saw and pronounced those words. The fact is that those words represented a prophetic necessity which had to be part of the Gospels.

In this way when the Donkey of the Goel comes, he would know how to bray about that Bitter Chalice of the Second Man of the Redemption. Indeed, it’s a prophecy in its exact context: My God, my God why have You abandoned me in the hands of the Christian Church?

All this comes to explain that Jesus was able to speak about the Hidden Treasure and the Precious Treasure etc. but everything he spoke about could not yet have its final historical realization. The Hidden Treasure comes with the Final Redemption with the Coming of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the chosen Goel Haim.


At the Time of the End


Thus Jesus prophesied on the ‘end of the world’ that is, the End Time or the Final Fourth Generation in which is revealed to a few Donkeys at first the Hidden Treasure, the true opening of the Final Redemption that once opened does not close, the true Kingdom of Heaven. One has then to close it in the Palace because outside there are invidious, jealous, mal-intentioned, thieves and sinners of every sort. Those are not worthy to hear true words, as Jesus said, “Don’t throw pearls to the pigs” (Ibid: 7: 6).

Yet whoever has known and has believed in the present Revelation must be conscious of having found the Secret Redemptional Kingdom hidden by God from humanity in all past history. God, however, in His Infinite Greatness can hide the most hidden worlds and the most precious treasures even in a few Points over a word in the Torah.


The Net Thrown


It’s possible to think that the ‘net’ throne by the fishermen and the net pulled up by them for selection of the good from the bad refer to the 35 years and then to 30 years of this Fourth Generation, the fatal and terrible time, perhaps the worst of which will be between 2037-2042 when the bad fish will be throne outside of the net.


The Scribe who believes in the Kingdom of Heaven


It’s particularly interesting that Jesus says: “For this (reason) every Scribe who becomes a disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven is similar to the owner of a house who extracts from his treasure new things and antique things”. Clearly the Scribe is a Jew well versed in the Torah and Tradition who comes to know of the revelation of the true and final Kingdom of Heaven of the Geula Shleima. He will e very rich in the New Treasures and in the Traditional Treasures. Such was not possible previously.


The Serpent, of course, doesn’t sleep

That Serpent is not a joke! If so what was he doing in the Garden?

The Doubt


Was the Serpent of the Garden not the Serpent of ‘doubt’? Was it not by way of ‘doubts’ that the Serpent managed to poison Eve’s thought and make her sin? And is this text of the True Bible of the True New Gospel of Baby Matthew not the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected? And thus that well-known Tempter could not have been missing at the Feast-Banquet for the conclusion of Baby Matthew!


Adam and Eve, the Golden Calf, Christ Deified, Emanation


You must know in what Key I am speaking. When I speak of the Garden, it’s very simpatico because much more than the sin of Adam and Eve or the cunning of the Serpent, it’s the Design of God that we gird ourselves to understand. When I speak of the Doubt-Serpent who threw down many of the mixed-multitude and a part of Israel in the Golden Calf, that’s all another thing and the severity is harsh but necessary. Terrible are the historic consequences of that error and that sin. Even worse is the historical Correction of the idolatrous sin of Emanation, a sin that lay under the emanatistic mentality of the mixed-multitude, that manifested itself in the worst Idolatrous Golden Calf of history, the Book of the Zohar, of the thirteenth century, and its Correction comes with the Geula Shleima. There is only the maximum severity and war against that sin.


The Central Point of History


When, however, we speak of the Mission of the Lamb that takes away sin and then of what Christianity made out of poor Jesus, we must then extract Jesus from the terrible Golden Calf that Christianity made of him and at the same time redeem the true Jesus and the truth of that Messianic Mission. We then find ourselves before the Beastly Mark of the historic contradiction between the false Christ and the true Christ of the Nations, second man of the redemption.


The New Clear Knowledge


Since both elements are in the Gospels (and the New Testament in general) and our task is to distinguish and to separate the truth from the falsehoods, this work produces the Book of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected. This ‘Book’ aside from the texts of the Fifth Petal of the Book of the Rose is written in the Stars of the Redemption, in particular in the Star that Astounds. In this way it will be carried along historically. This Book permits the Reconciliation between the hearts of Jews and the hearts of Christians, and afterwards the Reconciliation between the hearts of Jews and Christians with the hearts of Muslims.


Many of the first will be the last, the Jews


The Correction of the Gospels, however, does not disregard the conflict of Yeshua and the Jews of his time, in the Gospels. That conflict is to be understood in depth. That historical convergence is very particular. There was the truth of the true Tradition of Israel but there were the falsities of the heart and of behavior. There was the truth of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, totally misconceived by the Pharisees and the Priests but after Jesus, that incredible and tragic Mission became mixed up in an idolatrous context, in total contrast to the true Tradition of Israel. In truth, Christians remained in the faith of the Messiah, son of Joseph, even if in a theological context totally erroneous. The Jews remained in the hope of the coming of the Messiah, son of David, even while erring in the redemptional terminology.


Two Categories of united Signs


In truth, the Signs of the Messiah, son of Joseph and the Signs of Messiah, son of David, are 2 categories of Messianic Signs, 2 categories but in the same ‘family’. In order to fulfill the Sign of the Donkey I had to pass 6 years in the Signs of Messiah, son Joseph and then 6 years in the Signs of Mashiah ben David. Without the Signs of Messiah, son of Yosef, the Signs of Messiah, son of David would not have been complete. Only the 2 categories give over the final New Pact of Jeremy 31. We must then understand historically what the separation between Christianity and Judaism meant?


Historical Incompleteness


Now by way of the Completed Signs, we can better understand the matter in simple terms: with the Signs of David unfulfilled in Judaism and the Signs of Yosef falsified in Christianity, the Jewish world and the Christian world were both in a state of enormous incompleteness. Look, Baby Brothers of Baby Matthew, if only Christianity had been lacking and incomplete, and Judaism complete, there would have been no Correction of Christianity[24]. Also Judaism, however was incomplete so that by itself it could not possess the Keys of the Final Redemption. Missing were the Keys of the Messiah son of Yosef, Keys that were ‘buried’ in the prohibited context of Christianity, and without the Keys of Messiah ben Yosef, the Messiah ben David could not come to its realization.

Without the Keys of Messiah, son of Yosef, the Jews couldn’t re-find and redeem the lost sheep of the House of Israel dispersed among the nations, nor did they have the means to extend the salvation until the extremities of the earth. Christianity, on the other hand, precipitated into idolatrous doctrines being detached from the Keys of Messiah ben David, Keys that maintain the true Tradition of Israel, including the Second Commandment. They could thus never be part of the true Tradition, remaining incomplete. In the meantime Judaism itself remained incomplete in its messianic expectations because without the Keys of Messiah son of Yosef, it had no access to the Initial Redemptional and Messianic Signs brought by Yeshua. These were submerged in Christian mud and it was not possible for Judaism to dig them up from the Gospels.


Judaism still doesn’t know it


This is why until this day, the Jews cannot speak about the Kingdom of Heaven presided by a chosen Anointed Tzadik and Goel. It has been for this lack that Judaism in all past centuries didn’t know that it isn’t the Mashiah ben David who brings the Final Redemption but the chosen Goel Resurrected into the Kingdom of Heaven. Judaism very simply doesn’t yet know it. The Goel Haim rides the Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Geula Shleima and reveal all the New Things. It’s not the Donkey who is desired but the Goel who rides a guides the Donkey.


The United and Completed


All this explains as well why the Final Redemption when it arrives is not revealed through the Synagogue but rather in a completely New House of Prayer where all the Completed Signs of the Redemption reside, such as the Signs of Messiah son of Joseph and the Signs of Mashiah ben David and the Completed Signs for Muslims on the Carpet of Islam. The Goel Haim is close to us and is guiding us in a New Way of Life in living our faith in EL SHADDAI. The Synagogue will remain and will adapt itself to the Geula Shleima. So too the Mosque will remain and also it will recognize the Final Redemption in merit of the final Goel Haim and the Carpet of Islam on the First Floor of the Temple at Jerusalem and Beersheva.


The Churches will become Museums


The Churches, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Neo-Protestant will not remain. All Christians, and also non-Christians of more distant religions and cultures, who merit to the true faith will find their place of prayer on the Altar of Malchitzedek (Altar of the Nations for females) and will be called Children of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High. All this will come about but after the Fourth Generation, from 2047 on.


We are Hidden in the Points


We are now as the points over the word va-yishakeihu compared to the world. We are now in the formation of that New Mentality that will spread after the terrible Fourth Generation. Great and terrible will be the radical changes that people will have to undergo and those will have the flexibility to adapt themselves will be saved. It is best to stay quiet and not to judge. God Almighty is the Judge of the Universal Day of Judgment that is coming. Whoever is wise will have fear.


To you we are speaking, Babies


In any case, chosen and beloved Babies, we’re now talking to you because you have not been chained into the prejudices of the past and you’re ready to receive with joy the Resurrection of the Goel Haim and the Completed Signs. For you we are preparing these texts of the Book that Astounds and this small Book of Baby Matthew. Truth cannot be sold but the mind takes hold of the words that it hears and judges. The truth that we are speaking is of the promised prophesied clear tongue sent by God Almighty in virtue of His love for the humble Goel Haim. The clarity of these messages will speak to those who merit to read them and know of them. It is the work of God; the clarity and the new knowledge that is an integral part of its lucidity were held hidden from the eyes and ears of all until the coming of the Goel Haim. Therefore it has the power, when revealed, to effect a most incredible change in the whole world until ‘all will invoke the name of God to serve Him united’ (Zephaniah, 3: 9) in the prophesied House of Prayer for all nations.


The Basis of the Clear Tongue


The 6 Signs of the Redemption furnish the essential basis of the Clear Tongue. As the 6 Points over va-yishakeihu will always remain, the 6 Completed Signs will always remain from now on and indeed they will become stronger with every day that passes in ways that we cannot see. By way of the texts of the Book of the Rose with their Marvelous Testimonies and Explanations, God willing, this new knowledge received and written by us few Donkeys will extend to the Four Corners of the earth. This because its truth, in the time that is decreed by God, Blessed is He, is infinitely stronger than 2000 years of falsehoods, errors, confusion and great darkness. The coherence in all its messages is undeniable and the lucidity of every redemptional argumentation will explode over the world with a light seven times that of the sun. With what? With its words of the Clear Tongue promised by God Almighty.


The Fulcrum of the Historical Conflict


The Central point that will set off the mechanisms of the new comprehension, for Christians, Jews and for all is the Messianic Mission of Jesus, the misunderstood Lamb of God whose sacrifice became the fulcrum of the Historical Conflict all wrapped up in 4 relatively short Gospels that contain both truths and falsehoods mixed up together. For this reason, a text is needed that separates definitely the truth from the false of the New Testament Tradition. There is no other point of history where good and truth, falsehood and evil are mixed together in the same Tree, having roots in true Messianic Signs poisoned with the poison of Serpent origin. Have you understood, Baby Brothers of Matthew, this text of Baby Matthew represents nothing less than the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected.


The Fulcrum of the Correction


Baby Matthew is the Fulcrum of the true Gospel and the True Bible that has already eliminated the Evil and begun to give for the world the Fruit of Good and the Bread of Truth to eat. Baby Matthew touches the roots of the Garden and gives over the Keys for not falling in erroneous thoughts or doubts as have a few of our Jewish brethren in these past few days. The Serpent came to diminish their merit in this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil of which Baby Matthew is a part. They are good people with a good heart and they will understand to have erred and they’ll correct themselves, each one in his own way and on his own level. Have no doubt. The Serpent is acute and poisonous, cunning and a liar as always. The 6 Signs of the Final Redemption, however, are stronger than he is and the power of the Goel Haim neutralizes his poison.


Without the Serpent, Baby Matthew couldn’t be concluded


It had to come and it couldn’t be lacking because there can be no conclusion to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil if there is no Serpent to try guarding the Evil of that Tree so as to protect the poisonous Bread from any neutralization.


It’s Another Time Now


Understand o Baby Brothers of Baby Matthew, we are no longer in Jesus’ time. Yeshua didn’t have time to write texts and to explain that which he knew. In that time, the Poison of the Serpent was Poisonous History that contaminated all Christianity with idolatrous poison deriving from ‘small gods who know good and evil’. And to the Jews went the General himself, Satan, Serpent of Doubts, and he closed their heart in many ways. 2000 years of tears of exile for Israel and darkness for the world.


Honey from Heaven – not as Sinai


The Revelation of the Geula Shleima comes down from the Kingdom of Heaven, at the hands of the Goel Haim, as Honey, as Rain-Drops of Honey from above. Not like the Revelation of the Torah at Sinai with frightening clouds and torches of fire and the sound of the Shofar ever stronger until the Revelation itself. It seemed to them that Mount Sinai descended upon them and they felt great fear. At dawn came the revelation of God’s voice that pronounced the Commandments and every word was so potent that each soul began to exit from the body and arise while each body began to die. They saw open the 7 firmaments but with every word the Holy One Blessed is He ordered their Neshamot to return to their bodies.


Good Fortune


Nothing of this has happened with the revelation of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Those close to the Moreh Haim in his last sacrifice, close in sentiment and love, afterwards received Signs in dreams sent by the Goel Haim. As a rainfall of Honey did the Dreams and Signs descend. Not for true merits of ours in having tired ourselves to merit them but because of our love for the Teacher Haim. In this way have we been guided in all these past years with Dreams and Signs and we are blessed and protected through them because the course of following the Signs of the Completed Signs is similar to Israel’s walking in the midst of Yam Suf, miraculous and marvelous and protected.


Not, however, without pre-requisites


I warn you, however, that the Revelation descends from the Kingdom of Heaven as raining Honey, and is the hidden manifestation of that Kingdom of Heaven that God Almighty has held hidden throughout history, and thus there are requisites that must be maintained. Great was Jesus who said that those who will merit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven will have a clean heart as those of children (Matthew, 18: 3). Great, true and prophetic are those words. But if those children are credulous, you ask? Yes, it’s true, but we are now speaking of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, and of children or persons with a clean heart, innocent as is the heart of children, who are in the time of the Kingdom of Heaven and who know of the coming of the final Goel Haim. Who might enter?!


Doubt cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven


I’m telling you, wagging my Tail with joy for Yeshua’s words. Whoever comes to the knowledge of these texts of the Book of the Rose must be a hundred percent ‘credulous’ with every word. Once you know the new revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven, one must not have even the smallest doubt. There’s nothing to doubt. All is from God Almighty and His choice of the Goel Haim is for all forthcoming history. The Completed Signs are true and the texts are authorized by the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. When we err in something we are warned and we correct our mistakes. A person who has known these things must empty his mind and his heart from the past and walk step by step in the course of the News and the Directives as they arrive. Without doubts!


Blessed are the Children of Heart


It’s a course detached from any other course in the world, as a small baby who knows nothing of the world outside but only a few things that are close to him, inside the house, in his cradle, without questions, joyous in his playing and eating, without other thoughts. Whoever has found the Hidden Treasure must renounce or relinquish or leave other things so as to receive, maintain and merit to that Hidden Treasure. It’s not difficult if you have a clean heart and a heart of simplicity in the faith, as small children. Those, on the other hand, who know of the Hidden Treasure but whose heart is not as those of small children, sooner or later will be affronted by the Serpent-Doubter to bring doubts and throw that person down from the merits that hold up the merit of the Hidden Treasure, The Temimut, simplicity, and the joy of the heart in appreciating the Great Gift of God Almighty, the Kingdom of Heaven.


In any case the Serpent doesn’t go away


Don’t be fooled. The Serpent’s work is to fool the person and to hide the truth and to demonstrate what is false as being true. He does not come directly but he creates a situation of confusion and as confusion begins, he enters and bites and makes the person lose merits. Even the smallest doubt is a poison that expands and multiplies and makes people lose merits chain wise, God save us. Which merits? Those that permit the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore when one has known the truth of the Final Redemption, it’s necessary to be in that faith a hundred percent. Doubts don’t exist in the Kingdom of Heaven and for reason of doubts the ‘gates’ of the Kingdom of Heaven are closed barring the entrance. This is so with every aspect of the Kingdom of Heaven that the Goel Haim is teaching and showing us. The Kingdom of Heaven does not accept doubts and the faith of the Final Redemption is called the Great Faith.


The First Commandment


All that has been happening from the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, the entire reception of the Marvelous Signs that complete prophetic history for Israel and for the Nations, is actually part of the First Commandment Renewed for the time of Final Redemption.

It is good, Baby Brothers of Baby Matthew, to assimilate this concept. The faith in the Second Commandment is the base of the true faith in the One God, Creator of the heavens and the earth. Such has always been the truth, a truth that is eternal. The faith of the First Commandment is the faith in the truth of God’s redemption. It arrives when it arrives: God’s choice of the Patriarchs and all that the Torah relates concerning them, God’s choice of Moses and all that the Torah tells of the miracles of the First Redemption ecc. If a person believes in the Second Commandment and does not believe in God’s miracles and in God’s choices concerning the First Commandment, such is a person of a small faith. Perhaps the Jews in the time of Yeshua, also the Scribes, the Pharisees and the Priests didn’t believe in God’s Oneness? In Jesus’ time the people didn’t commit idolatry.


The Virtues of the Heart


We are thus trying to follow the Goel Haim, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Teacher desired by God Almighty for all humanity. Every step that we follow is part of the New Faith of the Third and Final Redemption. This faith is bound to the First Commandment Renewed for the Final New Pact, in merit of the Goel Haim who is teaching us the true faith loved by God on High in order to receive and hold onto the Great Faith of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must try to extend our love towards the lost sheep. We must try to practice the Virtues of helping others to understand and to console others, to desire to do good to others etc, and at the same time to be concerned with the hidden virtues our own heart.


The ‘false idea’


Many Jews of tradition have a false idea that must be extirpated. The idea is that in God’s eyes the Jew is more than a non-Jew. This creates a sense of superiority that is in no way loved before God and the Torah teaches against such an attitude (See Deut., 9: 4, Parashat ekev). Most of all the Torah teaches us that Moses, magister noster, merited to all that he merited because he was the most humble man on the face of the earth. If you want to acquire Torah, you must acquire humility, constantly and always more. If you believe yourselves superior to others, Jewish or non Jewish, that idea is mistaken and it goes against humility. God Almighty loves all people and He loves the good people of every nation.


We are all of the same faith


The Goel Haim has sent the remedy to a Jewish heart lacking in that humility believing him or herself in some way superior to a non-Jew, and declared “We are all of the same faith”. Our beloved Teacher Haim is teaching to whomever has ears and a clean heart as an innocent child that we are all of the same flesh. This is the First Great Principle that opens the heart to the Kingdom of Heaven, before the only One Living God, Blessed is He forever.

[1] We have received (April 1983) the Sign of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ which is in the Completed Sign of the Stars: Gino Tampieri dreamed that he saw the Book of the Stars in the hands of Giordano Levi; in it were written the names of a multitude of nations. Then he saw three stars in a row and a fourth star displaced from them; the Teacher Haim then said to him, “When we arrive at the fourth star, I will make a sign and all will proceed quickly", and as he said this he made a sign from the fourth star to the first star. Then from another part of the sky there shone a very brilliant star; again Gino saw the Teacher Haim who said, “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility.

[2] Whereas Jesus foresaw the destruction of the Temple, and he declared that he was not come to bring peace but the sword, and he also prophesied on the ‘Son of Man’ who would come in the future. And whether this refers to the Final Goel, as we know it does, or whether it refers to the Second Coming of Christ as envisioned by Christians, these affirmations demonstrate the non-finality of that Messianic Mission. The ‘Son of Man’ who would come was he who would bring the finality of the Messianic and Redemptional Signs. Jesus’ words were prophetic; the ‘Son of Man’ (notice, not the ‘Son of God’) was prophetic to the Final Goel, Haim. And it is the Star of Christ that comes twice, not Christ.

[3] . This was at the beginning of his Mission but as time went on and all became distorted, he knew that his messianism was reflected in the prophecy of Isaiah 53.

[4] The cycle of the Star of Abraham is of 4000 years, that of the Star of Malchitzedek which becomes the Star of Christ is of 2000 years. Thus 2000 years ago the Star of Malchitzedek was at its closest to the earth while the Star of Abraham was at its farthest point from the earth.

[5] The New Christian Testament cannot rightly be part of the True Bible since it’s filled with false theology etc. This text of Baby Matthew is intended to substitute the false Christian texts concerning the Messianic Mission of Jesus and thus be an integral part of the True Bible. Judaism on the other hand has the Closed Canon of Tanach (Torah, Prophets and Hagiography). Afterwards, nevertheless, the missing link, so to speak, concerning Jesus’ Mission and then the entire New, True Revelation of the Geuala Shleima will certainly have a very particular place in all future Jewish history, Sefer Mishnat Haim (Book of the Rose).

[6] I learned directly from the Tzadik Haim the facts of the School of the Essenes, the Teacher of Justice, the quality of the Teachers of the School, the fact that Yohhanan Ha-Matbil (John the Baptist) was in the School well before Jesus and that Jesus was there for 3 full years and that he received there the ‘secret’ of the Kabbalah Maasit with which he later performed ‘miracles’.

[7] I bring this here as reference only because this name is discussed at great length in the Texts of SMH. The Design of the Redemption is alluded to in this name received by Moses, our Teacher, at the Burning Bush, as known in Tradition that from this name of God, Moses saw in prophecy Three Exiles and Three Redemptions; this is proof that this name itself alludes to the entire Design of the Historical Redemption promised by God. In the first, the redemption from Egypt, the second redemption of the name ASHER (ALIF SHIN RESH) is divided into the second redemption for the Jews in the redemption of Purim (the SHIN), and the second universal redemption of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua (the RESH). If that Messianic Mission would have been ‘complete’ it would have had the force to become ‘connected’ to the third and final name (EHEYE) thus ushering in the Final Redemption from then on. That Mission was not ‘complete’ and it became enmeshed in the idolatrous deification of Jesus. Thus the RESH not only could not be joined to the Final Name but became detached from the preceding Letters as well having exited from the true monotheistic faith. The RESH was thus left ‘hanging’ so to speak, orphaned from its origins and unable to bring about the final revelation. Thus not only is the theology of Christianity idolatrous but the raising up of Jesus is totally disproportionate so that the Patriarchs and Moses and the Prophet Elijah etc. are all in the shadows and not given their proper elevation and honor. In the Completed Signs and the Great Correction of Christianity, the person of Jesus is re-proportioned into the parameters of a servant of God, the Messiah, son of Yosef, and second man of the redemption. The RESH thus fits back into place, so to speak, both in the name ASHER and in the first EHEYE and regains its true position in the history of the redemption with the revelation of the third name EHEYE of the Final Redemption.

[8] The first ‘EHEYE’ contains the Signs of Abraham, our father, the second name ‘ASHER’ contains the Signs of Isaac, our father and the third name ‘EHEYE’ contains the Signs of Jacob, our father.

[9] This was shown in a dream to Daniel Manigrasso; I’m not inventing it.

[10] Even if a Christian no longer believed in the Trinity or the Divinity of Christ but believed in Jesus’ Virgin Birth of Mary, this itself would come back in time to throw off the Proper Measures of his Mission and would create idolatry.

[11] See the discourse of the Star that Astounds here in the 6th chapter.

[12] The salvation of the Ten Lost Tribes found in Christian folds by God’s Providence is an absolute necessity for Israel’s completeness in the Geula Shleima and since they became part of Christianity, the Great Correction of Christianity was required. Once the Correction becomes effective it becomes a Source of salvation for millions of Christians who derive from the Nations and not from the Lost Sheep of Israel. And from the salvation of Christians a great salvation extends to other peoples until the far extremities of the earth. Thus the House of Israel is the pivotal point of salvation for the world. Jesus received this Sign in Messianic Prophecy although it was impossible for him to know how it might be realized historically.

[13] I think that it refers to that revealed in Noda’s dream at the end of the Fourth Chapter, namely: first of all Yeshua confirmed all the explanations that I’ve had the privilege to explain in the Texts of Sefer ha-Mafli on Jesus Messianic Mission and he also praised this booklet of Baby Matthew. With that confirmation and praise of the Great Correction of Christianity, Jesus gave over a bomb-shelling conclusion, admitting that certain phrases of his were erroneous in that they created afterwards theological confusion. He didn’t give an example but we understood that it dealt with statements such as, “I am in my Father and my Father is in me” (John, 14: 10) and others that correspond to this theme and a plethora of such in the Fourth Gospel. Indeed Yeshua said to Noda that it correct on our part to eliminate all the many statements in John but that, in any case, also his words had been the cause of them. That vision of Noda represented a stupendous conclusion to the Great Correction of Christianity, to the True New Testament represented this text of Baby Matthew, as well as to the true humility of Jesus that demonstrated the truth of the Goel Haim’s statement, “This the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility”. I believe that the reference here to a Corrected Spirit needed to complete the New Spirit of the Final Redemption that derives from the name ASHER was accomplished by Jesus’ admitting to this fact. Also incredible is the fact that had it come previously it would have created impediments to the explanations of Jesus’ Mission.

[14] (see Numbers 25, 7) Pinhhass, son of Elazar, son of Aaron, the High Priest

[15]. Except in an extended sense of Jews who no longer knew Torah and were far from Tradition. Clearly, Jesus also meant them. That, however, cannot complete his intention because the return of the Ten Tribes of Israel is fundamental to the Redemption of Israel. For Jesus, the Ten Tribes were dispersed among the nations and by God’s Providence they would eventually be found and would return unto the confines of the Jewish people. A statement of Jesus to the effect that his New Message would spread out to the nations may have resulted from this fact. If he had come to save the Lost Sheep and the Lost Sheep were dispersed among the nations, his Message had necessarily to reach the nations.

[16]. One must not err with the term ‘Renewed Torah’, as I did in 1990, at Beersheva, in a terrible error of thinking that I had literally to renew the Torah but without changing anything in the text, even a letter. So what did I begin to do, to formulate a word from each letter which begins with that letter. Incredible were the false lights of deception and it seemed to me that every word was revealing secrets of the Torah. In those days, our son, Yehoel Yehoel, was born, and our close friend Sarah Marcus came down Kibbutz Yotvata to be present at the Brit Mila (circumcision). In speaking to her I related my elated revelation that I was now working on renewing the Torah. Even though we had both drunk quite a bit of Cognac, Sarah said with serious soberness, “Peretz, you cannot renew the Torah; the Torah is the Torah and you cannot change or manipulate it in any way”! With Cognac clarity, I answered, “No, I know that, but it’s a new Sign that I have, to renew the Torah”. “No”, insisted Sarah, “the Torah cannot be touched. Be careful about what you are doing.” That night I saw the Tzadik Haim in a dream, sitting at a table, very serious. The Tzadik Haim said to me, “I have just come back from a meeting with Moses, our teacher. He told me to tell you ‘Take away the sin of your mouth that you spoke last night!”. I then was shone two visions which, in short, demonstrated (1) an old hat of mine completely renewed and (2) an apartment with old furniture completely renewed with new furniture and modern appliances. - - these were the two parameters by which to understand what was meant by the Renewal of the Torah. I have discussed this in our Introduction to the New Law. The meeting of the Goel Haim with Moshe Rabbeinu demonstrated the gravity of the sin I was committing and it was intended to frighten me into the necessary realization that every word I write on behalf of the Torah is seen by Moses, our teacher, and judged by him if necessary. In Giuseppe’s dream, the Torah Renewed represents the new explanations of the Signs of the Torah, hidden in it until revealed by the Goel Haim by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. The Signs of the Redemption are the heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and thus the true interpretations of those Signs as they are rooted and hidden in the Torah, such as the Six Points over the word Va-yishakeihu, in which the Six Great Completed Signs are hidden, or the Signs of the Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, etc. etc. I recently wrote, thank God, a booklet ‘The Signs of the Prophet Elijah in the Torah according to Big Fish, Leviathan’.

[17] In 2014 at Beersheva there was dream in which was indicated a completion to this Sign, namely that the Final New Pact had entered the Torah. (see The Universal Smile of Big Fish Leviathan, chapter 2. - -

[18]. We speak of a true and lasting reconciliation that lasts in time; such cannot be if the conditions of the true monotheistic faith and the true Tradition of Israel is not the basis of the Reconciliation. Nevertheless, as Western Culture has progressed in Democracy and tolerance and a wider realization that the world of nations must seek ways to have peace and international collaboration, the concept of tolerance and Reconciliation has been progressively uplifted in the Christianity of Christian nations. At least in the heart of many Christians. The message brought by Yeshua was certainly one of love, a good, tolerant and loving heart towards others, Reconciliation, and never hatred, if not for the sins themselves; and even an enemy’s slap in the face was to be answered by giving the other cheek to be slapped.

[19]. Perhaps the Koran is in some ways close, certainly closer than Judaism, in visioning Jesus as a Prophet of God, while denying the divinity of any man etc. but the teachings of Jesus are not part of Islamic Culture and even more essential is that Islam, although an integral part of the Historical Design of God for the Final Redemption, is not involved with the Messianic question; the historic Messianic problem is between Judaism and Christianity.

[20] Feb. 26, 2015, Beersheva: I wish to make here a point that the concept of the ‘lamb that takes away sin’ as it has been in Christianity is forbidden in the Final Redemption to be associated with the Goel Haim, in the same way that it is forbidden to pray to the Goel Haim. Prayer is to God Almighty alone and it is He only who takes away sin. About 8 months ago I dreamed that I said to the Tzadik Haim, “The Teacher Haim is ‘Seh ha-Elohim’ (the Lamb of God) but I have warned not to use this in the Christian sense. - -

[21] This should not be taken as a directive of our teaching; it must, however, be understood!

[22] The Holy Bible Translation revised by I.M. Rubin Star Hebrew Book co.

[23] The contradiction must be resolved, how can ‘Write on a Tablet’ etc. refer to the Gospels the faith of which has been falsified? Nevertheless they represent the only testimony of Jesus’ mission that issued for the world. Thus the waiting for centuries for the time of the End has sense. If the first Tablets were so clear, why then were the second Tablets needed? In any case, I think this prophecy in Habakkuk may have its ‘incompleted’ interpretation in this manner. Nevertheless, we in the 17th year of the Completed Signs received the Sign of the - ‘od moed - another (second) - vision which represented a renewed set of the so many Signs received and texts written. That second vision was necessary, however, for the completion and continuation of the Geula Shleima. (see "Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot and Yeshuat Yeshua"). Here the Prophecy in Habakkuk is complete because the second vision covers the period until the 35th year of the Completed Signs and only then enters the true bulk of the Fourth Generation, a period of 30 years until 2048 – therefore in all that period the wait and wait and wait is certainly necessary, and yet be sure that the promised End is coming and just as the period of ‘waiting’ anxiously is prophesied, so too the promised time is coming and it will not tarry (Peretz 2015).

[24] As Buddhism or other religions (except for Islam) that have nothing Messianic or Redemptional to correct, Christianity, instead, had in it the Messianic Mission of Jesus and the Initial Signs; thus the Correction has the purposes of destroying the theology of all traditional Christianity and the Church with it and of re-establishing the Mission of Jesus in its true roots and true dimensions.