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The Donkey’s Back

in America


the inaugural speech

of President Obama




Index of the Donkey’s Back in America




Introduction to the New Terminology of the Donkey’s Back




1) Here I say “hello” and open this book. – My dream of the Prophet Elijah who flew over my childhood and teenage house on 70 Wolcott Terrace, Newark, New Jersey. –


2) Here I tell you to get tough with Christian theology – ‘My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me?’


3) Hello, hold on, here I tell you that I’m taking you to task. I'm a Completed Donkey whether you like or not –


4) Here I tell you some things, president Obama, for if you are the Chief Donkey of America now, I am the Chief Donkey of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread –


5) Here I tell that you are off your rockers. The pillars of nature are being torn down – I cry for the plight of the homosexuals who no longer distinguish between natural and unnatural –


6) Here I tell you the continuation of this rhyme - In truth, Jesus was caught up in the messianic prophecies –


7) Here I tell you that the position of the Head Donkey on the Altar of the Great Israel corresponds to the Messiah, son of David, in the Messianic Order of the Essenes –


8) Here I tell you of the Stars of Abraham and Malchitzedek –


9) Here I tell you again, be careful. We are in a New Time. The Stars of the Final Redemption have come unto their time –


10) Here I tell you, if you want to hear, already the world is being totally renewed from above and from underneath


11) Here I tell you good Christians: don’t be fooled by foolish thoughts, ‘Ah now these stubborn Jews have finally understood’ –


12) Here I tell you that the New Dawn of humanity has come with the Completed Signs – the birth of Yenun to my daughter Ester and Ofer and my letter to Yenun


13) Here I tell still of YENUN because of NUNEI HA-YAM (fish of the sea). For I am also quite a Fishy Donkey –


14) Here I tell you why the Final Redemption is in the Sign of the Neshama, the Higher Soul


15) Here I say a word about President Obama’s speech at Cairo.


16) Here I tell then that it may seem very hard for us to imagine but in terms of the Times we have now fully entered into the Soul of the Final Redemption

(Here where second half of the book begins)


17) Here I tell you the second dream of June 16, 2009 at Fermo:


18) Here I tell you some more differences: Paul of Tarsus could not speak of the Redemptional Design of God in the name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’.


19) Here I tell then that I, Paul of my American Passport, am the guiltiest of the Donkeys,


20) Here I tell you thus that the ALEF of the final name is called the Great Faith.


21) Here I tell you then, in conformity to Giuseppe’s dream of 150, the Three NUNES of the FR. –


22) Here I tell that somebody asked, “So what religion are you in if you are faithful to the Final New Pact”? –


23) Here I tell something of Malchitzedek, King of Salem, Priest to God on High. –


24) Here I continue to tell of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek – the Meeting of Abraham and Malchitzedek – the Priesthood in the New House of Prayer -


25) Here I continue to tell of the Altar of Malchitzedek –


26) Here I tell of Peretz and Paul after the Sign in America.


27) Here I tell you more while we are in the Correction of Paul –


28) Here I tell you some more about this Meshullam prophecy.


29) Here I tell you more of how to wrap yourself up in the Active Spirit of the Six Great Signs thus accomplishing the Great Faith of the Final Redemption. -


30) Here I tell of how to get in (or out) of the Fourth Generation. -


31) conclusions


32) my dream, and my letter to President Obama -

Index and Contents




Newark, New Jersey




The first Donkey of the Sign of the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption, with his son Joel (Yehoel Yehoel), came for a visit to the United States to reestablish (after 19 years) the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption. Foremost in this text is the Great Correction of Christianity and the totally new explanations of the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, son of Joseph and son of Miriam, as well the Correction of Paul of Tarsus. Whether for Christians or Jews, the true nature, provenance and prophetic value of Jesus’ Mission has been unknown and misunderstood. Only now by way of the Completed Signs, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim, (1914-1982) from San'aa, Yemen, can the truth be revealed. This book is a must for those who wish to understand the true relationship between Judaism, the Messianic Mission of Jesus and Christianity. The material here is completely new and is unique and is Sealed into the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption.










Preface to the Donkey’s back in America


This Book is an informal continuation of the texts of the Donkey who eats Bread of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim ben Moussa, originally from San'aa, Yemen. And I’m the Donkey who’s writing.

Actually, I’m just a good Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey, (a quip I remember of Jerry Lewis on the Jack Parr Show some 50 years ago) graduating from Weequahic High School, studying a year in the Yeshiva University, then spending 5 years with the Lubovitcher Movement, 2 years in Crownheights, Brooklyn and 3 years in Brunoi France. I went to live in Milan, Italy, to work with Habad but then I met the Teacher Haim and he redeemed me from the Habad Plague. For 13 years I studied with the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of his generation. With his demise there began to be revealed the most amazing new revelation of God Almighty’s Third and Final Redemption of Israel and of humanity.

The Tzadik Haim was chosen by the Lord, our God, as the Third and Final Goel, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. On earth, to those who followed the teachings of the Teacher Haim, were revealed the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in which is contained (in the 4th of the 6 Great Completed Signs) the Sign of the Donkey who Bread. To me, Paul (Peretz) Green, was given the responsibility of heading this Sign.

It’s quite a story, the true testimony of the revelation of the Promised Universal Redemption, revealed in very special dreams to a few selected Donkeys and White Horses.

I and my Donkey friends have been writing down our dreams for 27 years now. There are at least 4000 dreams divided into the various categories that concern the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and the New Prophecies concerning this long generation (1983 to 2047) called the Fourth Generation. All the Messages and Signs that arrive in those dreams are perfectly coherent to the same Message of the Third and Final Redemption.

So has it been my good fortune, thank God, to formulate, in the permission of the Goel (redeemer) Haim, the many texts necessary to explain as much as I am able about all subjects of the Final Redemption. Our primary work is to prepare the texts for the generations that are coming.

So give me a break, I started out in Newark, New Jersey, in 1945, but I’ve had quite a haul until now. I’ve seen more changes in my life than a donkey sees his load changed. (Try to get that one) I was a normal Jewish guy from Newark and now I’ve got more weights and Donkey-Titles upon me than any other donkey could hardly stand. I try to pass them on as much as possible but it hasn’t been so easy. People like titles but not the responsibilities that go with them.

I’ve traveled quite a ways from Newark, New Jersey and yet I’ve seen the coming of the Great New Ark of Salvation from the throngs of this Fourth Generation. My purpose in writing is to open up the treasures of the New Revelation and to awaken the heart’s spiritual yearnings. If you read my Donkey words in good faith, slowly, with humility and simplicity, you will begin to find these treasures, on the condition that you realize that before the Creator of the heavens and the earth, our intellects are as those of a donkey and not more.

 The Book of the Rose or Sefer Mishnat Haim is the name of the general opus of the Final Redemption. Each Petal contains texts within the framework of 13 main subject-headings of the Final Redemption. In these Official Texts of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim, the Great New Message can be entered into from whatever Petal, Book or Text one reads. The Books are themselves explanations of the Completed Signs which are all coherently and solidly bound to the New Message.

The prominent subject matter of this Book is within the framework of the Fifth Petal, ‘The Book that Astounds’ regarding the ‘Great Correction of Christianity’ and the second half of the book is particularly concerned with the ‘Correction of Paul of Tarsus’. It is a call to Christians to listen to the Marvelous News concerning the Messianic Mission of Jesus.

Well, from a good, little Jewish fellow from Newark, this might seem a somewhat extraordinary and unusual statement, but I’m speaking here of ‘new things that you did not know before nor ever heard of’[1]. So wait before judging. In any case Jesus was truly the Messiah, son of Joseph and of Miriam.

I mentioned above the Six Great Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. The First Completed Sign (received in a dream by Gino Tampieri in April 1983) is called the Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption and in it the Sign of the truth of Jesus’ Messianic Mission is declared by the chosen Goel Haim. After showing Four Redemptional Stars, namely the Star of Abraham, the Star of Isaac, the Star of Jacob and the Fourth Displaced Star which relates to this Fourth Generation in which we are found, a great, luminous Star was seen and the Tzadik Haim explains, “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility”.


“Oh, how wonderful”, I said, “I didn’t know that Jesus’ messianic mission had truly been messianic, nor did I think that the Star of Christ seen by the three Magi had any substance to it, nor could I have imagined that it was destined to return. Wow! Fantastic, wasn’t it just this that Christians have been saying for a quite a number of centuries, that Christ would return? Well just look at that, it’s not exactly Jesus that returns but the Star of Christ under which Jesus was born and under which his Messianic Mission was accomplished. Truly amazing. I’m flabbergasted.”

Oh no, I thought, how am I going to announce this to Jews? They’ll accuse me of being Christian. But then again, how can I announce to Christians that Jesus was a servant of God, not a Divinity. They’ll accuse me of being a Jewish complotter even an anti-Christ. I might announce it to Muslims, I thought, but how would that help Jews and Christians!

In any case if you read this book, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Good luck.

Paul Green




Introduction to the New Terminology of the Donkey’ back


The new terms in this book and in all the texts of the Third and Final Redemption, written mostly by me, Paul (Peretz) Green, represent the promised Clear Tongue prophesied in Zephaniah ‘In that time I will pour out a clear tongue to the nations, and all will invoke the name of God, to serve Him united’.

This is a totally amazing prophecy. God sends to humanity a NEW LANGUAGE which has such an incredible force that the whole world changes and a multitude of nations, most of which follow idolatrous religions, pagan cults and false theological doctrines, by way of this Clear Tongue, become aware of the One True Living God and of the true Tradition of Israel and are ready to pray together in the same faith, obviously in the prophesied House of Prayer for all the Nations. A truly stupendous prophecy!

As explained in our writings, we have, thank God, received this Clear Tongue in merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim and all the New Terminology of said Clear Language is an integral part of the Third and Final Redemption. If one has as yet no knowledge of this new terminology, the terms may at first seem strange. This is because it is an essential purpose of our books to explain them. Without explanations one hears words that he basically knows but the meanings of which must yet be defined.

The fact is, however, that the Clear Tongue is quite simple and it was meant to be clear and simple and thus there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of it in the sense of fearing not to understand it. It has been given to be understood and to be accessible to all people among the nations of the world. If it were difficult or complicated or highly intellectual or even philosophical etc. it would not be in the fulfillment of its very purpose. The fact of it’s being a clear tongue to the nations also indicates that it is perfectly translatable in every language and this too demonstrates that it’s a clear and simple language that all people of all levels can understand and appreciate.

I’m not kidding you. This clear tongue is a prophecy of God Almighty. I have not invented it. It has been revealed and its terms have been given just for that purpose of rendering it easy to understand. I report here the basic terminology of this Clear Tongue without explaining them. You will see that you know the words but the terminology needs explanations:

The Third and Final Redemption

The Third and Final Goel (redeemer)

The Completed Signs of the Final Redemption

The Sign of the Stars of the Redemption

The Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven

The Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot (the Inauguration of the Third and Final Temple)

The Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and of White Horse

The Sign of the Fourth Generation and of the New Construction

The Sign of the Resurrection of the chosen Teacher Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead

These are the basic terms of the New Language discussed in our texts. There is nothing difficult about them. As one reads any book or document of ours their meanings are explained in clear and simple ways.

So don’t be thrown off by the New Terminology. Just bray with me and soon you will understand them all. Hee-haw, hee-haw!

Letter to Readers,

Please don’t think that because I believe in the Messianic Mission of Jesus that I have in any way abandoned Traditional Judaism. I have not. I believe in the Torah and Prophets, the Written Tradition and the Oral tradition and the Halachic Tradition (practiced Jewish laws). We are in a New Revelation which doesn’t replace Judaism, it completes it. The Judaism of today cannot be extended to the nations; it is strictly held into its own separation. The prophecies, however, announce that future time when there will be a Reconciliation, a New Understanding for both Jews and non-Jews alike that will allow for a true unification of the hearts in the true faith of the One Living God.

Such is God Almighty’s promise and so has He maintained that promise in merit of the chosen Teacher Haim with whom I had the great privilege to study for 13 years before his death. In our texts I’ve explained at length the terrible decree that the Teacher accepted upon himself, of his dreadful suffering for more than a year and a half, and of the most incredible News of the Final Redemption that were revealed to us after his death and Resurrection into the Kingdom of Heaven. The New Revelation contains the KEYS to the aforementioned Reconciliation of the Hearts.

The historical play-out of the Reconciliation and New Understanding must first and foremost undo the formidable 20 century wall of separation between Christianity and Judaism. (afterwards comes the reconciliation between Jews and Muslims but it is relatively simple compared to Judaism and Christianity 1) because the faith of Islam is in the same monotheistic faith in God as Judaism 2) because God has designed it such that there remain between the two an historical separation which is basically not conflictual if taken properly; Jews follow the Torah and Muslims follow the Koran.)

The great historical conflict, on the other, hand, is between Judaism and Christianity, a conflict which revolves mainly on the question of the Messianic Mission of Jesus. The conflict here is so uncompromising that without any doubt, if things were to remain as they have been, there is no solution whatsoever. The Reconciliation does absolutely not allow for a compromise in the faith. The pure monotheistic faith of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the faith in the One Living God who redeemed Israel from slavery in Egypt and who revealed Himself at Sinai in the revelation of the Ten Commandments does not and cannot nor will it ever accept that a man, a human being with eyes, nose, hands, feet and a body be considered ‘God’.

For this reason Judaism could never have accepted Christianity because the deification (making man into a god, Deus in Latin =God) is strictly prohibited and is considered idolatry. Christianity on its part, under the influence of the Letters of Paul of Tarsus (Saint Paul,) founder of the Roman Catholic Church, became detached from the Laws of the Torah and no longer had the strength to maintain the purity of the monotheistic faith of the Second Commandment and of all Jewish Tradition.

So stand on your head and say ouch 30 times, there was no way to break down the extremely dense historical barrier that separated the two religions.

Until we received the KEY from the Teacher Haim, explained at great length in our books, “This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility”. This Sign verified the truth of Jesus’ Messianic Mission of 2000 years ago. It also thus verified his sacrifice accepted by him with enormous humility before God for the sake of a salvation of Israel. At the same time this Sign which represented the Second Coming of the Star of Christ (the first is written in the Gospel of Matthew concerning the Star followed by the 3 Magi at Jesus’ birth) gave over the Great Correction of Christian Theology (theology means that which pertains to God; Theos in Greek = God). The Messianic Mission of Jesus (sometimes we refer to him as Yeshua, his name in Hebrew) was true but now had come the time to separate him from the many theological errors that all forms of traditional Christianity had attributed to him.

Otherwise, if Jesus remains a Divinity, there could absolutely be no Reconciliation, as explained, and the historic Barrier between the two religions would go on forever. You must, however, see the question not only from the Christian point of view but also from the Jewish point of view. How is it possible after 2000 years that Jews accept the Messianic Mission of Jesus?!!!!!! Believe me, this is hardly easier for a traditional Jew than it is for a traditional Christian to throw off the yoke of Christ’s Divinity. It’s probably even more difficult for the Jew.

Also for this reason the Key sent to us by the chosen Teacher Haim declares that the Star of Christ comes in virtue of humility. Both Jews and Christians must be very humble in this matter. As one studies our texts it becomes understood that we are speaking and explaining Signs and Keys from God Almighty that were reserved for the time of the Final Redemption and were not known previously.

Nor should it be thought that we are speaking to those already fixed in their Institutions and most certainly not to the Institutions themselves. We are not because such is useless and they will not change their ideas and it’s not our job to convince them. We can speak to those who are not fixed in religious Institutions and who are open-minded and free to reason with their own intelligence. For the most part our books are intended for the generation that is coming and for the generations after them. It takes a certain maturity of thought to realize this point.

In any case, I love Christians as I love Jews and as I love all people in general. I also love the true Jesus and the true history of his Messianic Mission and Messianic Sacrifice. Don’t get upset, therefore, when I speak quite harshly against the totally false theology that Christians have been nourished on for 2000 years. It’s my job to throw down those falsehoods and to bring into light to both Jews and Christians the truth of the Messianic Mission of Jesus.

Paul Green

(renewed here Beersheva, Israel 20 March, 2015)





Chapter 1


Hello, I'm back, not yet physically but that too will come in some way or another. In a flash dream, I saw the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, fly over the house in which I lived with my family from when I was 7 to 18: 70 Wolcott Terrace, Newark, New Jersey. At 18 I graduated from Weequahic High School.[2] Then I was in Brooklyn for 2 years, in France 3 years, in Italy until now, but with trips to Israel in 1990, to Houston Texas, 1990, back in Italy 1991, again in Israel from 1998 until 2002, and back to Italy. Not to speak of living in 6 different places in Italy itself. And with 62 years behind me, just now the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, shows me a vision from above and behold, an aerial view of 70 Wolcott Terrace over which he flew.


In the meantime, having no means to go to America, I open this Book in English. I’m quite a hair suit Donkey, with four nice feet and a beautiful Tail, and I've been braying now for 26 years. I ask, with all you millions out there in the United States, is it possible that no one would like to know what I'm braying about? Fact is that the Prophet flew over my house and that doesn't happen every day. 70 refers to the 70 Nations, so that's a nice Sign. I myself am covered over with Prophetic Signs, the famous Donkey who Eats the Bread of the Third and Final Redemption. So how can I be famous if nobody knows me? The Signs are prophetic, however, so there is hope and even certainty. I've gotta get me known, sooner or later, here or there, in this world or the next, but I've gotta come out. It's Donkey destiny and with destiny you can't fool around.


Don't take me for a stray Donkey. I'm well saddled in. Oh, if ye knew what I’d like to say sometimes but hold myself back. Must I then bray now for Americans, even just as the Donkey politicians have come to the fore, in the White House, Senate and Congress. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing to do with politics, but a Sign is a Sign! President-Elect Obama says that he represents change. So do I. Hee-haw, hee-haw! He, however, is now known in the entire world. Only about 50 people know me, and of those only 25 participate in the Donkey Signs, and of those only few are really Donkeys. We're not in such great shape, are we? Nor is it easy to move on from day to day. The Almighty God of the universe, Blessed is He, is with us and therefore we're still here. But the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, has flown over that house on 70 Wolcott Terrace and I'm now the Head Donkey of that Prophetic Sign! What must I now do?


So I'll write these messages in English, perhaps I can convince some Redemptional Star to link up to someone in the good ol'USA. I must announce to the 70 Nations the Fourth Generation, the Final Redemption and the Resurrection of the Goel Haim. You of the United States are missing my brays, folks, and I must try to fill in the gap. It's not easy. For 26 years now I've been braying, in writing mostly. Hee-haw, it's hard, everyone can understand but nobody wants to listen. I don’t know why. I'm a Donkey, I bray with clear words in a clear and simple language that all can comprehend. The Third and Final Goel, chosen by God Almighty for the Third and Final Redemption, has arisen from the dead to preside over the New and Complete Kingdom of Heaven of the Third and Final Universal Redemption.


My brother Ted says, "I suppose you're right, but I don't know what Goel means and if you ask me what 'redemption' means, I don't know what to answer. Nor do I know what you're speaking about in 'arising' from the dead to preside over the Kingdom of Heaven. I'm sorry, Paul, maybe for you it's simple but I don't know what you're talking about."


My brother, of course, is Jewish and he's never read the Gospels. Christians are slightly more receptive because of Christian 'Resurrection' and 'Kingdom of Heaven' terminology. But if the Sign of 70 indicates the 'Nations' so this American Donkey task is not properly for American Jews except perhaps for those who are so assimilated that they are practically of the 'Nations' or of the American Nation of the United States. The announcements are for everybody but if I have to pin point particular groups, the announcements will be particular to that group. So have I had to write messages in the past admonishing the Orthodox Jews of their defects and admonishing Reformed Judaism that it had strayed too far from the true Jewish roots. This is aside from my writings against the False Kabbalah of the Zohar based on the idolatrous doctrine of Divine Emanation, and so too have I had to denounce the Habad Movement for its false and idolatrous messianism and its completely hateful, un-Torah behavior.


 On the Christian scene, we Donkeys received messages in prophetic dreams of the Fourth Generation of the terrible Hatred from Heaven against the Movement of the Y.’s 'Witnesses. All those who are still part of that Movement will be destroyed before the end of the Fourth Generation. It takes in the brains of innocent victims and cooks them in their ovens, profaning God's name every second on false doctrines no less idolatrous than the usual Christian theology that they denounce. They write and speak openly against the Sages of Israel before even one of whom a million of them together would be swept under the rug and cleared away with the vacuum cleaner. They deny the soul in the other world and so too will their soul be denied in the other world. I cannot express the severity of the Hatred from Above seen in the Signs against those who are part of that Movement. Some, nevertheless, can yet be saved if they come to know of this message.


We’ve also received messages of Hatred from Above against the Dianetica of the Scientologists who entrap souls into frozen refrigerator encasings while they take their victims' money. They destroy people's minds and hearts and the damage they inflict is irreparable. Be aware and do not fall into their many traps. Your entire being is at stake.


That’s what I mean by more particular messages but the Sign of 70 refers mostly to American Protestants. This rules out no one, such as American Catholics or American Indians or even American Jews but the main object is the wide range of Protestants who make up the majority bulk of the U.S.A. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, flew over the house of my youth in New Jersey, U.S.A. not somewhere else in South America or North America. Don't get me wrong, the announcements are for all people but there are assignments of the Donkey that must cover a certain terrain. In Italy the texts in Italian are mainly for Catholics. It’s Protestant Christianity, however, that represents the United States.


Hardly easier for this American born Donkey! Nobody knows me! And it may not seem so but it’s easier to convince Catholics of certain things than Protestants. A Sign was received some years ago which declared that those of South America will receive the Final Redemption before those of the United States.


Some probable reasons are easy enough to understand. The idolatry of the Catholic Church is much worse and much thicker than that of the Protestant Denominations, with idols and statues all over and thriving cults to Saints and Madonnas and pagan rites. As this Fourth Generation progresses, there will be awakened a general awareness that such devotion to statues and cults is pure idolatry. Therefore thousands and thousands growing up now will be detaching themselves completely from the Mother Church. Many are those, however, whether or not they are still confused about the Trinity and Deification of Christ, have in their hearts faith in God and a strong love for Jesus. Such ex-Catholics will thus be facilitated in understanding the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption.


There are other reasons too for their leaving the Catholic Church for the hypocrisy, avidity and insincerity of the Priesthood, from the top down. And those, of course, who study the history of the Catholic Church find thousands with valid reasons to disdain its very existence, not less than all Protestants, children of Luther's Reform. Protestants, however, are already in that Reform for 500 years, and their disdain for the Vatican and every thing it stands for is a force which constantly renews their own adherence to the Protestant way of Christianity. It is therefore more difficult for Protestants to come on to the Final Pact of the Final Redemption than for Catholics.


So listen all Protestants, I'll tell you good news. This Return of the Donkey must bring the Donkey back out of history into the present time. Actually, I'm in the Torah and in Prophets. I was even in the Garden and I licked the bark and smelled the fragrance of the Tree of Life. I was created in preparation for the chosen Man to be created, the chosen Animal to carry him around the Garden when he would so desire. That’s why I’ve been given the privilege to be Donkey to the chosen, Final Goel, Haim, in fulfillment of the Chosen Son of Man about whom Jesus prophesied. So you’d bray too if you’d be in my place.


I'm in the Torah. Abraham, our father, saddled me up early in the morning, so happy he was to bring Isaac to be a complete holocaust to God, and he took along with him Isaac's donkey as well, as he later says to the two youths with him, (Genesis, 22-6) "Sit here with the donkey while I and the youth go to prostrate ourselves and then we'll return". Not only did Abraham, our father, give immense importance to that donkey (not "Let the donkey stay here with you" but "You stay here with the donkey") but even more he called him 'ha-hhamor' - THE donkey, that particular Donkey that will interest us in the prophetic history of Israel. But also Jacob, our father said in his blessing to his son, Issachar: Genesis 49-14: 'hhamor garem' - a loaded up donkey. The Sages explain 'garem' as 'cause' – Issachar was 'caused' by the donkey. Jacob, our father, was tired that night and had no feeling to be with Lea, but passing by he saw a donkey together with his female and he too was stimulated and Issachar was born.


I've been around, believe me. If already in the Garden was I there, so I've got a nice 6000 years or so behind me. What a story! Nobody has paid much attention to me but I was there. Like ye gotta understand, being a chosen Donkey in the Garden to carry the chosen Man when he will come, is not such a small thing. O how hairy I am and my Tail when it touches the ground makes me laugh but it lifts itself up to the Redemptional Stars and even makes me dizzy with all those fluxes that fall upon me. Listen here, I'm an Animal from the Kingdom of Heaven. It's not so easy for me to understand myself when I descend into Peretz or Giuseppe or Noda or anyone else who wants me in him or her. I'll come down and you will feel me but when I'm in you, it's hard for me to feel myself as I am above in the Donkey-Stable of the Kingdom of Heaven.



Have some mercy, then, on a Donkey and do not let him fall by the wayside for reason of your non-comprehension. That's why I'm writing this book, nevertheless, in a kind of American manner so that maybe I can get some of my hair under your skin. Do not misinterpret me, however; I received it in a dream from the Tzadik Haim when I was in Houston Texas, in 1991, that I had permission to write my own book and to be as open as I wanted in expressing myself. I was born in Newark, New Jersey and lived in the US until twenty. I've got some American roots, no! Even Jerry Lewis went to Weequahic High School until he was thrown out for acting clownish. And I once heard him say on the Jack Parr Show, "What do want from me, I'm a good little Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey". I say the same thing.


Nelda Levi in her dream in 1983 saw the Donkey who walked on the street in Milan with his cart, and without a driver. He then 'parked' his cart before a Bakery, entered and ate bread. After 12 years she remembered that also Peretz was in the dream, outside in a vegetable stand observing everything. - - That was a miracle, if you understand. I had to consider myself the Donkey who eats Bread for 12 years in order to fulfill the Signs of the Donkey. For I was for 6 years in the Christian Correction and 6 years in the Reform in Judaism; in the Christian Correction I was in the Signs of the Donkey, Messiah son of Joseph and in the Reform of Judaism I was in the Signs of the Donkey, Messiah son of David. Those were needed to complete the New Pact, At the end of 12 years, in a dream, the Goel Haim kissed me on the lips; then he pushed me away and reprimanded me, "You believed yourself the Messiah".


"No, Moreh, no Moreh, I didn't believe myself Messiah" and he repeated, “No, you thought yourself the Messiah”. I woke up with great fear for the Tzadik's words. Then, after a day or so, Nelda Levi was joyously recounting her Donkey dream and ended saying, "And Peretz was standing there the whole time, watching everything from a vegetable stand outside the Bread-Store". - - I grabbed my head and Paolo (our White Horse) got up from his seat, and with one swell voice, "What? You never told us that before". Nelda herself was amazed, "It's true. I don't know why I never said it. It is clearly a part of the dream as the rest of it. I see it before my eyes, as always. How is it possible that I never mentioned it? It's incredible."


It was, indeed, incredible. These are particular miracles from the Kingdom of Heaven. Peretz had not to know that fact until the two periods of the 12 years in the formation of the Final New Pact was completed. He had not to be a spectator to the Donkey Signs but a Donkey to the Donkey’s Signs. He had to feel himself and to become a ‘Messianic’ Animal. At that point, the Teacher Haim kissed him on the lips as a Sign that the Pact had been reached. Then he made a sign to detach him from the Messianism of the Messianic-Donkey of the Final Redemption because Peretz himself couldn't have done it. He had always disclaimed any kind of Messianism on himself and thus didn't and couldn't realize the subtle modes into which the Messianic Donkey gets under one's skin.


Try to understand folks. That why I'm writing this book. I'm back! The Prophet Elijah flew over our American one family house in Newark, New Jersey. I am THE Donkey from the Stable of the Kingdom of Heaven and I descend into Peretz as the Full-Fledged Donkey of the Third and Final Redemption. I am nothing of any kind of Messiah that you've ever thought of but I can assure that the Donkey who eats Bread, whether I'm in Peretz or Anna or Solly or Noda or Daniele or Giuseppe or any one of the Donkeys, is the one who can help you find the 'messianic’ (I don’t like that word) salvation' that you need. Here I'm in Peretz and with him for the sake of this book which gushes out sometimes with some pent up 26 year frustrations for not having yet made more Donkeys for this Wonderful Sign.

I'll let Peretz speak only on certain subjects but this is my book. I need to get myself heard and nobody is listening. I'm alluded to in the Holy Torah and in Prophets, so don't you want to hear what I have to say? Don’t be insipid. Of course, it's hard to speak to Protestants, as it is to Jews, Catholics or Moslems. It’s somewhat easier to speak to American Indians because they have a certain feel for spiritual things but Protestants are quite simple of heart, which is to be praised, and they are in good faith in their erroneous faith. On Fox, I saw Mike Huckabee last night. I like the guy. He's very simpatico. He's also very sincere and coherent and I agree with most of his opinions. He's also a Reverend, I believe, and all his convictions are based on faith. Oh but when it comes to Christian theology!


 Even the best of the best are like foolish children. After describing something of Mary's dilemma, he concluded that this is our great Christian faith; God in his mercy decided to give mankind a Christmas gift. What was the gift He decided to give? He decided to make Himself into a man and He made Himself be born unto Mary. – It is impossible for me to hear such, whether Donkey or Peretz. Have you no understanding of the words you say. God Blessed is He is the Creator of all things and of all mankind. It has absolutely no sense to say He decided to make Himself into a Man. In truth, nothing is more vulgar than Christian Theology and the deification of the poor Messiah.


You can't hear the truth only because all Christians have been cut off from the true Tradition of the true monotheistic faith. Every Jew in the world and every Moslem in the world, on hearing such a phrase cringes inside and shakes his or her head in unbelief (our friend Abraham called me in this moment to say that there was a small earthquake tremor in that minute just before he called. This just indicates the force of the sentence above). To say that God decided to make Himself a Man is much worse than Greek mythology. Even Zeus wouldn't do such.


The point is that Jews and Moslems are in the Tradition of the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father. Christians are in the Tradition of Zeus who this time turned himself into a man. Don’t get angry and remember this concerning us Donkeys of the Final New Pact:

We love Jews and we love Israel but we hate the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar.

We love Christians and we love Jesus, the Messiah son of Mary and of Joseph but we hate the erroneous and idolatrous theology of all Traditional Christianity.

We love Moslems and appreciate greatly the Koran IlKarim but we hate fanatical Islam of Gihad mentality and we hate Islamic terrorists.

In general, we love all people and all nations but all have Corrections to be accomplished.

Back to you Protestants. As small children without discernment you speak. To say that God turned Himself into a Man goes directly against God's Creation of the universe. It's pure foolishness. God is the Creator of all things and of all mankind and He is infinitely above all that He created. 'God decided to make Himself into a Man' turns the universe up side down. It totally negates the concept of the true Living God, Creator of the heavens and the earth.


And where was the God, Creator of the universe, when He decided to become a man? Did part of him remain above and part of him become a man in the world?! This would mean a pure dualistic faith, two Gods, one above and one below, an old Persian doctrine of the Zoroastrians, a doctrine absolutely against the true monotheistic faith. Oh, how nice, you fixed up the dualism by adding another 'divinity' and so you have three. I always left these arguments to Peretz but now I want to get into it myself because I'm the Donkey with Three Eyes, and I love you Christians as I do Jews and Moslems. But Christians are outside of the true faith because they have been cut off from the true Tradition of the Patriarchs and of Sinai. You are orphans to the true Tradition. To say 'God made Himself into a man' is pure pagan theology, and you, millions and millions of good people that you are, as is Mike Huckabee, have lowered God to become a man, and raised up a man to being God and you have been raised and have grown up in the orphaned Tradition of Christian confusion.


So I puff and I puff and I bray the house down, 'cause I'm a faithful Donkey whose mouth and pen are opened to speak the truth. Your children and your children's children will have no church to go to. The Vatican will fall, Greek Orthodoxy will fall, and then Protestantism will fall. Theological Christianity cannot go on in time. The true monotheistic faith of the Final Redemption will reside in the world and all that would impede it will be destroyed. My job is to clear the way for the children of Malchitzedek, ex-Christians who enter the Final New Pact and enter the New House of Prayer on the Altar of Malchitzedek. God, Blessed is He, doesn't turn Himself into anything and doesn't make Himself something else. It's a false diminishing of God, detached completely from the true Creator.


I'm not going to discuss theology with you, that's not my purpose here. Everything has been explained in our texts, from John the Baptist’s deified children born of the rocks whose purity goes on to allow them to be born to virgins and until the terrible false Logos that has turned Christianity into the Deified Farce of the poor and true Messiah, son of Joseph, of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs. What then do you have? You have a falsified Christ and no true Tradition. You thus have a false Jesus and no true Messiah. My work as Donkey is to bring you back to the true faith of the true Tradition and thus to bring you to the true Jesus, Messiah, son of Joseph. You cannot truly appreciate Jesus until you take him on the true terms of his being and of his mission. Jesus was in the true faith of the true Tradition. How can you understand the true Jesus if you follow a false Tradition of a falsified Jesus?


Enough, the time has come, unsaddle your errors. It's not your fault. You received in good faith a false faith. God is not a man and no man can be God. You Christians foolishly say that God has a Son. I say 'foolishly' and I mean it because in the Fourth Gospel Jesus negates any such foolish error. "Why do you speak blasphemy, referring to yourself as the son of God", the Pharisees rebuked him. But Jesus stayed calm and was ready with the answer, knowing very well that his references to himself as a son of God would incur scandal among the rabbis. "Is it not then written in the Torah, 'You are children unto the Lord, your God' and 'My son, my first-born, Israel'.


Two things will change all history, when Jews understand Isaiah 53 and when Christians understand this perfectly clear answer of Jesus. If Jesus would have been considering himself the 'son' of God in a literal sense, then the Pharisees would have been perfectly right. If anyone else had called himself the 'son of God' in a literal sense, Jesus would have been the first to rebuke him and to call him a blasphemer. "Not in a literal sense am I speaking" explained Yeshua, but in a figurative language exactly as the Torah speaks of the children of Israel as the 'sons of God' or as 'His son, His first-born, Israel' or as it states in Psalms ‘Ye are God’ (ELOHIM ATEM).


Have you never seen this before? Is it new to your eyes? It has been there all the time but your Trinitarian eye-glasses have not allowed you to look at it with understanding. Jesus was in the true Tradition of Israel. He was not of a new religion! Stop doing dishonor to the chosen Messiah of that epoch who believed that God alone is the sole Creator of the heavens and the earth and He chooses the servants whom He desires. As Messiah, he was attempting to teach the children of Israel to be as true sons and daughters to the Lord, our God. How could Jews ever have understood Isaiah 53 if, for Christians, the 'suffering servant is God Himself’? You have made it impossible for them to contemplate the messianic mission of Jesus.



Chapter 2


Hello, hi. I'm back, hee-haw, I've gotten through a chapter. But I can't get out of your divine desecration so easily. Try to understand: in saying that God decided to turn Himself or make Himself into a man, you are not speaking about the true God, Creator of the universe. Nor are you speaking about the God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; nor are you speaking about the God who redeemed Israel from Egypt. Nor are you speaking of a true Messiah. God chooses human beings to be anointed in His name; God doesn't choose God to become a Messiah!


So what's so great about being Protestant! Of a man you make God and of God you make a man. You are outside of the truth both of God and of Jesus. Your brain has been fused into mishmash theology, a concoction of Logos poison, John's rock-children, a touch of Pauline Sonship, and four pints of bloodless Mary. I'm not being facetious, o Christians. You must begin again to study the true faith. You have been brain-washed in the confusion into which the Ram's horns got caught. And I'm the first little Donkey come to pull you out for I am sad about what history has made of you. Not for the sake of putting you on the altar of slaughter would I love to extract you from the thicket but for raising you up to clarity, true history and true revelation, even more, to give you the possibility to have a portion in the Final and Completed Kingdom of Heaven, in merit of the Final Goel Haim.


You need only to change the channel and to look at the new program sponsored by the Donkeys of the Final Redemption. Without money, however, the only thing I can do is to write down some words and hope. The historic time has changed and the Redemptional Stars are beginning to speak. The true story of Jesus is a thousand times more marvelous than what has been told you in the Gospels. The tonality of the Gospels is that of comic books, the reality is all put aside. You hardly get to know anything of the real Jesus, the historic Jesus who assumed upon himself that impossible Messianic Mission, the tragic Jesus willing to be sacrificed for the love of his people, the turning point of Yeshua's life when he entered the School of the Essenes for three full years.


You dear Christians have been shorn of all true messianic history. I intend to nutshell it here in the short chapters of this text. Every point is discussed more at length in our texts for deeper contemplation. What is the knowledge that you may retain? Jesus lived, he tried to accomplish that Messianic Mission, he was innocently condemned by the Sanhedrin and crucified by the Romans. He showed himself to his disciples as Resurrected a few times and that Sign was the true force behind all subsequent Christianity. So is it true that the consequences of his Mission, Sacrifice and Resurrection, all in the Opening Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven, gave over to Jesus a 'mission' after his death.


We call it the mission of presiding over that Pre-Kingdom of Heaven. We avoid trying to define it because it was immersed in the hiddenness of all the redemptional history of the past 2000 years. And even though that Pre-Kingdom of Heaven was part of the other world, it was absolutely not the Completed Kingdom of Heaven which is established only with the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus could not descend after those few meetings. This is very significant. That Sign of his Resurrection was the Initial Sign, not the Complete Sign. The Complete Sign realized with the Resurrection of the Goel Haim, aside from the fact that the Goel is not limited in his descents into the world, when he sees fit and so desires, even more important is the Sign of Correction.


Jesus could not correct the errors that came out, otherwise he would have done so. There was an attempt of sorts after his death when he spoke to Mary Magdalena, telling not to touch him because he had not arisen ‘to My Father and your Father, to my God and to your God’. That was the most he could do in attempting to avoid the terrible theological errors that were on the road but his words were not taken with any understanding. We've also explained that Jesus' terrible vision of what Christian history would make of him, in that last minute of life on the cross, made him pronounce, "My God, my God, why have You abandoned me". This was the truth that he saw coming: his true mission and his true person would be paganized into false doctrines, falsifying everything.


Remember that Christianity afterwards could not really fathom why he said such! In fact, the prophecy speaks of that suffering servant of God as being taken to slaughter without opening up his mouth. That Just Servant would be taken as a sacrifice without lamenting in any way before God. That was an integral part of the sacrifice itself. If Jesus had said, "O my God, it is not just that You make me suffer in this way" such a sentence would have undone one of the essential elements required of that sacrifice. Jesus’ sacrifice, however, was accepted before God; if not, there would have been no Sign of his Resurrection. Thus 'Eli, Eli, lemah shevaktani' was most certainly not a complaint or lament. Those words were something else of a different order but very potent and filled with meaning.


Jesus was 'prophetic' and his words in the Gospels (those authentic) may be studied in the light of prophetic messages. The Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs were upon him and those Signs by their nature are ‘prophetic’. In those final moments, with his soul being close to ceding, he received a prophecy of profound significance, a true prophetic vision reserved just for that last minute. Had he seen it previously, he would have renounced everything. He saw the terrible and distorted deification that would be made with him afterwards and he cried out, 'My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me' to the throngs of idolatry and falsified history. Had he seen or known it before, he himself would have abandoned that mission.


I'm sorry to make you angry but I'm a Donkey and I must speak the truth. Keep in mind, however, that what I said before that every Jew and every Moslem in the world disdains the Christian deification of Jesus and knows perfectly well that such is a false and idolatrous doctrine imposed by Christianity after Jesus, is true but it doesn't complete the picture. They do not know the Completed Sign of the Stars in which the Final Goel Haim explains, "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility". They do not yet know in which way Jesus was truly bound to the last prophecy in Malachi. They do not know about the three years of Jesus in the School of the Essenes which changes everything. Nor do they know yet that Jesus was the second man of the three men of the redemption.


God Almighty has already chosen the final Redeemer and history has come on to its time. Therefore must I tell you how things stand and both the terrible and the marvelous changes that are coming to change the mentality of mankind. I saw and heard Rick Warren's Christmas sermon at Saddleback. He's a great guy, sincere and honest and he's become extremely popular in the last two years with his book, I think it's The Purpose Driven Life. He spoke of God's plan for each person which is often not the plan that a person may set for him or herself. Then he went on to God's plan in bringing His Son to the world, even through Mary's suffering and loneliness, etc. The audience was moved in the way all Newborn Evangelical Christians are.


I was brought up in the American atmosphere and although I’m Jewish. I know various mentalities of different Protestant churches. They are all quite convinced and all my reasoning does not reach them yet. They are happy and comfortable in their faith. Millions of Protestant Americans are good people with a loving heart and charitable deeds. They cannot hear words that undo their worship to Jesus and which they consider the devil's work. But I’m a servant of God Almighty, not of the devil. My ‘prophetic’ Donkey Sign is part of God’s Design and my calling is to announce and explain the Final Redemption which requires a new mentality for all humanity. Christianity was a stepping-stone for the nations of Esau-Japheth. It was not the final rock of history. The absolute truth and also severity of the Second Commandment will never go away. Even if Christians be the best people in the world, their faith in the Trinity and Divinity in Jesus is a false faith. It cannot remain in time. I am obligated to announce this. It’s required so as to clear the way for the Final Redemption.


I'll speak to your children, then, because they are among those who will recognize the truth of the pure monotheistic faith and of the true Tradition of Israel. I cannot stay quiet. I can still love you with all in my heart but a Donkey doesn't speak the falsehoods that have been extended throughout history conditioning mankind into non-thought. God is One. He is not three-fold. He has no Son. He is not a human being who has a form. He has no eyes or ears or mouth, or hands or feet. He is the Creator of all. Jesus was one of His creations, in the category of a creation, not the Divine Son of God.


Christians do not realize that the true merit of Jesus was as a man, as a true servant of God who complied to His will. They distort all his true merit. Does Satan tempt God? Such is impossible. Satan is an angel created by God. Does God have merit if He miraculously cures someone? It's not called 'merit'. We praise the Almighty God for all His works and His miracles. It has no sense, however, to say that God has merit in what He does. Merits are for human beings. Jesus had great merit. He loved God and he loved the Torah and Prophets and he loved the Jewish people with all his heart. He had great mercy on the sick, the poor and the unfortunate and it greatly agitated his soul in not seeing them helped by the rabbis and priests of those times.


The tendencies of his heart were those desired by God Almighty, in that low generation where hearts were shorn of true feeling for anyone else. He merited to understanding the will of God Blessed is He and to see the treachery of the times and was afraid for the destiny of the chosen people. For these reasons, he merited to find and to enter the School of the Essenes from where the rest of his messianic aspirations would find the very substance of the mission that he would, at the end of three years, feel descend upon him, a year and a half after John the Baptist's breakaway from the School. All these were attributed to Jesus as merits because he desired for his love of God to represent a salvation for the people of Israel, the holy nation.


Therefore even the prohibited means by which he embarked on his mission, breaking the vote for life in the School, and disobeying the oath of not using outside any secrets of the Kabbalah Maasit received in the School, became merits in the end, in the category of 'zedonot naasu le-zechuyot'. These are sins done intentionally which, either by repentance or for God's intervention, become considered meritorious actions before God. See for example the case of Pinhhass ben Elazar ben Aaron ha-Cohen whose killing of Zimri and of the Moabite woman would have been prohibited, his being a High Priest, if not for God's intervention in claiming Pinhhass' great merit and bestowing upon him the Pact of Peace. The prohibition in that moment was much less than the fact that God's desire was being fulfilled and God's wrath was being vindicated.


See the great merit in that moment. Zimri took to wife a Moabite who was prohibited by law to Israel, and Zimri did so, intentionally and openly, in rebellion against Moses, and saying with obnoxious arrogance "If Moses prohibits us to take a Moabite, who ever gave him permission to take to wife Zippora, from Median!". Pinhhass was unable to support his anger for the complete lack of respect for Moses and for the laws of God that Moses received and gave over. He took up his javelin and entered the tent of Zimri who was in that moment copulating with his Moabite wife and Pinhhass spliced them in their midst and they died. Pinhhass was High Priest; he had no permission to touch blood or come in contact with blood or to put himself in a position where he could be touched by blood. If not for God's justification and intervention, proclaiming it from heaven for all to hear, Pinhhass, for his sin would have sinned and would have been condemned.


Instead the Lord, God, loved his action which, for the sake of comprehension, reflected God's desire in that moment of wrath. Very great was the blessing of the Pact of Peace that such was the blessing that the soul of the Prophet Elijah received and in the power of which he did not die but alighted to heaven fully and wholly as testified to in Kings 2. The Pact of Peace, as explained by the Tzadik Haim, is the Pact in the force of which the four elements, fire, water, spirit (air) and earth, remain in perfect equilibrium in the body so that the body does not die. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, merited, because of his great jealousy for the truth of God's Unity and his attempt to save the people from the idolatrous trap of Baal service in his time, to receive the soul of Pinhhass who had put his life and priesthood to risk in his jealousy for God and for Moses meriting to the Pact of Peace before God.


It is their merit that was loved by God. Could God Himself not have killed Zimri and the Moabite in one second? But it is for the merit of those who serve God that He created mankind. The purpose of the world is to see the elevation of men and women by way of the merits that they take before EL SHADDAI. So too Moses was loved by God because of his enormous humility, so humble that every moment of his 120 year existence were considered merits. The entire Torah is for the purpose of giving merits to the children of Israel who fulfill the commandments. So too the second man of the redemption had the qualities and performed actions and expressed the sentiments of his heart all loved by God and considered great merits before Him. If you call Jesus the Lord, God, you have falsified every intention of God's creation. You have shorn off the true merits of the true Jesus, and turned his messianism into a Fount of idolatry, "My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me"!


There is that moment in which you will become aware of the contradiction and in that moment everything changes. The great pleasure you have in 'visualizing' your God in Jesus' image is not a merit and is a falsehood created by an idolatrous concept. See that the Jews and Arabs of Sem remained in the pure faith of Abraham. The peoples of Japheth and the many intermarriages of Esau and Japheth, of themselves, do not stand on their own faith. The Tzadik Haim explained to me that their tendency is to want to see the object of the cult. They find themselves in difficulty before God's invisibility and His infinity. They want something before their eyes to say "This is my God". Noah's words were prophetic: he saw that Japheth could not stand on the true merits of the faith unless 'they would dwell in the tents of Shem (Sem)'.


This is the truth and it’s also the reason that Christian churches will not remain in history. The history of Christianity begins with Israel but it rapidly extends to Greeks and Romans and to the nations. Christianity's separation from Judaism with Paul detached it from the Tents of Shem and the Church became the Tents of Japheth and of the Esau-Japheth peoples, as known that Esau represents Rome (Se'ir) and thus Christianity. They met and intermarried with the peoples of Japheth (Greek and Indo-European peoples). The prophetic value of Esau's mixing with those nations (Esau himself was of Shem, son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham) is for maintaining the roots of respect and proper behavior for the elevation of the peoples of Japheth. With Christianity separated from Judaism, however, the Tents of Japheth do not have the force to maintain the pure monotheistic faith by themselves but only by ‘Dwelling in the Tents of Shem’.


This is what happens in the Final Redemption, in the Final Prophesied House of Prayer in which all the nations will come and pray together. The House of the Final Redemption of 7 Floors and 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam is in the Key of the Great Reconciliation. 'In those days the nations will go up to the Mountain of God and will seek out the ways of Jacob'. The nations of Esau-Japheth will desire to study the ways of Jacob once they understand the futility of Christianity’s theology, and they will dwell in the Tents of Shem. In the Completed Signs it is given and explained that the same House of Prayer must also be in Beersheva, and that the fact of there being two Houses of Prayer hides another hidden information: this gives place to new congregations in the world affiliated strictly with the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. Those Houses of Prayer will not need all the Altars but each one according to its needs and strictly under the authority of those responsible in Israel. Thus will Japheth dwell in the Tents of Shem and churches will no longer exist. The New Congregations will be strictly bound to the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption for all nations.


You will not remain hungry; you will be quite satiated. For 2000 years you have been cut off from the 2000 years of history in the true Tradition, from Abraham until Jesus. Jesus was an integral part of that 2000 year old Tradition and as every Jew, and even more so as every Jew well-instructed in the Torah, he hated all forms of idolatry. Return then Christians to see the true Jewish Jesus as a meritorious servant of God who sacrificed himself for the Jewish people in his love for the true God and the True Tradition of the Torah, the Prophets and the Oral Tradition of the Sages of Israel. He was chosen for that excruciating mission because he was a true Jewish soul who stood up for the truth as a man in a moment in history when there were no other men to stand up to teach the true qualities loved by God.


God's Providence was with him from his birth, and the Star of Malchitzedek became the Star of Christ in the name of his mission. He was a man with free choice, however. He was not a puppet pulled by strings or an angel that has no libero arbitrio (free choice). He was very special and very unique, the realization of the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac's stead, in the prophetic realization of the negative part of Malachi, the first Messiah of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs, the second man of the redemption after Moses and before Haim. He was a man with free choice who merited in virtue of his choices at every step of the way because his intentions were pure, sincere and truthful and God allowed him to proceed. Jesus was replete with true merits before God, but Christians say, without their understanding what they are saying, that Jesus had no merits. For it was God Himself who did everything!! Jesus had no free choice as a human being and therefore he had no merits, God forbid.


The Jews sought a Messiah who was a human being, filled with merits before God, chosen to lead Israel into its Final Redemption, an anointed servant of God, not a Divine Son of God which is in direct contradiction to the monotheistic faith! In a dream in Israel in 2000, I received and was given to pronounce the following New Blessing, ‘Blessed are You, o Lord, our God, who separated Israel in its concept of Messiah from all the other ideas and ‘sanctifications’ of Messiah among the nations’.[3]


Take on the true equilibrium that the Goel Haim is teaching us. Get back on the road to Jesus' Tradition and let the Christian Theological Tradition fall by the wayside. Take yourselves back into the 4000 year old Tradition, from the time of the Patriarchs. By bringing yourselves back to the Tradition of Jesus, you will suddenly find yourselves 2000 years older and wiser. 2000 years of undesired images, physical and mental, and of absurdities and contradictions, will break into millions of pieces that will be thrown into the great Abyss of no return. Save yourselves from believing in false concepts that have been imposed on you. Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One.


You seek God's mercy now from all this Donkey talk because you've become confused. Stay with me, I won't let you down. The true monotheistic faith has been in the world for 4000 years[4], and the Torah of Truth has been in the world for 3500 years, and the words of the Prophets have been in the world for 2600 years. Jesus firmly believed in the Torah, in Prophets and in the Tradition of Israel. In which way will you be closer to Jesus, if you falsify the very faith that he taught or if you walk in the same faith that he was teaching? You will not be diminishing the Messiah; you will be restoring him, because if he remains for you a God, he cannot be the Messiah and if he is the Messiah, he is a man, not God.


In truth, you have been confused because of the greatness of God's mercy. For His goodness reaches every level of His creation and in seeing goodness His mercy is, so to speak, awakened to greater mercy with that goodness being projected to the final result; therefore He places the historical stepping-stones that will conduct to that final result. Awaken you winds and blow hard and scatter the millennia dust. Those of you of the Esau-Japheth nations were inclined to the 'necessity' of visualizing the object of your faith and without that figure you felt lost. God Almighty, however, knows our weaknesses, whether on a national or a personal level. Let the winds blow hard and break down the sand-dunes of the past. The merciful Lord, our God, knew that you would not make it otherwise. He saw that if your faith was not associated with a person that you could relate to, you would be lost to the idolatrous world at large and there would have been no way to bring you back in the end.


He is the God of mercy and of kindness and great is His love for all His creations. Therefore God allowed the Christian mission to happen and He allowed it to be a New Spirit for the salvation of the nations of Esau-Japheth. It was a middle point not yet in full truth but its roots proclaimed the truth of the Torah and Prophets. It was not some Asiatic philosophic religion which doesn't recognize the true redemptional history which begins with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and which recognizes God's redemption of the children of Israel from Egypt and the Revelation at Sinai. It held the belief in God, Creator of the Heavens and the earth, which is then diminished for reason of the countenance placed on the true countenance of God which is above all images. It became an associated faith, strictly prohibited to the children of Israel but that association was, nevertheless, with the God of Israel, and not with another god of pagan origin.


This is what was meant by Paul's spirit in Romans that the sin of Israel became the Grace to the Nations, because in the Design, also the Nations had to be uplifted. Then when that Grace will go out to the fullness of the Nations, Israel will come unto itself, and God's clemency and mercy will go out to all.


Paulus was greatly enthralled with that revelation of his Christian spirit but his understanding of it was as unbalanced as the schism with Judaism. Israel's sin became the Grace to the Nations who otherwise would be outside of redemptional salvation. This can have sense but the Grace to those Nations was not the full truth of Israel's Tradition. For if the Nations had the full truth and Israel was left to its sin, Israel would be nullified in the light of the truth gone out to the nations. Such would deny the truth of Torah and of Prophets and was thus impossible. Therefore with the decree of Christianity's existence, alongside of it was the degree of its great imperfection. Nevertheless it was God's Grace and Mercy that allowed those Nations to be elevated partially by way of the virtues that Jesus taught.


That was to the Nations in Israel's sin. Israel's fullness comes with the Third and Final Redemption when the Correction of Christianity is given by the Second Coming of the Star of Christ and when the true messianic mission of Jesus becomes understood and accepted by Israel. That will be the Sign of Humility loved by God for the generations coming.


Chapter 3


Hello, hold on, I'm taking you to task. I'm a Completed Donkey whether you like it or not. Understand God's mercy for allowing you to be Christians but understand the bountiful mercy of God Almighty, Holy One of Israel and its Redeemer. Jesus sacrificed himself to save Israel, and Israel was saved in the way explained. His mission, however, was refused by Israel and it went out for the Nations. After that, see that the refusal of Israel was still much higher than the acceptance of the Nations:


4:35 Unto thee it was shown, that thou mightiest know that the Lord, He is God; there is none else beside Him.

4:36 Out of heaven He made thee to hear His voice, that He might instruct thee; and upon earth He made thee to see His great fire; and thou didst hear His words out of the midst of the fire.

4:37 And because He loved thy fathers, and chose their seed after them, and brought thee out with His presence, with His great power, out of Egypt,

4:38 to drive out nations from before thee greater and mightier than thou, to bring thee in, to give thee their land for an inheritance, as it is this day;

4:39 know this day, and lay it to thy heart, that the Lord, He is God in heaven above and upon the earth beneath; there is none else.


See then how tremendously far you are from the True Tradition. There is no other God in heaven above or on earth below. You have the Bible but you don't have the True Tradition. You have heard of the Revelation at Mount Sinai but you cannot visualize that incredible and wonderful but terribly fearful event, not because you are less intelligent than I but because I've had the good fortune to receive the True Tradition of the Holy Torah. The Tradition that you've received is that of the New Christian Testament which is filled with flaws and later interpolations, the worst of all being the deifying Logos of the Fourth Gospel.


If you can hear me, listen. I'm not trying to take you away from your faith; I'm trying to take you back to the true faith, which is also the faith of Jesus. The faith of Christianity has taken the faith of the Torah totally out of its true context. You are not diminishing your faith by coming back to the true faith; you are only elevating your faith to its proper reign. God is One, not two or three or ten.


If you had, for the sake of argument, considered Jesus the Messiah as your teacher and not as the Lord, imagining him as you might for inspiration, such a mental image would not be idolatrous unless in your thoughts you made it so and you pray to that mental image. Otherwise it wouldn’t be idolatrous but rather as the image that a person has or remembers of his teacher. But it is not so. You look at the image of Christ and you say , "This is my God and He is the Son of God". You are profaning God by doing such and these words are in truth blasphemous, in direct contrast to the Second Commandment and to all the injunctions and admonitions against every form of idolatry spoken by the true words of God in the Torah. Those words are eternal because they are true forever.


Nor is it a truth that is superseded by a higher truth, as many Christian theologians have tried to imply. I heard a Catholic Priest on the radio say that Judaism and Islam are religions of a 'natural faith' whereas the faith of Christianity is higher because its faith reaches outside of nature and is therefore more spiritual. I told him he should have his spirit examined and his head with it and turned off the radio. It's hard to argue with ignorance even if its thin, but when the ignorance is very thick and the ignorant one thinks that he is brilliant, it's hardly the case to speak. This foolish falsehood, nevertheless, has furnished the underlying food of millions of Protestant Sermons in various and subtle ways so as to keep Christians happy with a feeling of superiority over the other two monotheistic religions. See the difference of the Torah of Moses who admonishes the children of Israel again and again that God spoke to them from the fire that they beheld but they saw no image, for God Almighty has no image.


The children of Israel heard the voice of God Almighty who spoke to them directly giving over the Ten Commandments. That was the great moment of history, the Spiritual Marriage between the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the people of Israel, their descendants. To say that the Christian faith is more spiritual than the faith revealed by God Almighty at Sinai is a derogatory and false idea which must be burnt and scattered to the wind. You have, unfortunately, been conditioned to speaking of the Old Testament and the New Testament and conditioned to consider the Torah as 'old' and thus counting very little compared to the 'new'. In truth you have been cut off from the True Tradition of the Torah because the Newborn Christianity could not have withstood the truth of the pure monotheistic faith once it fell into the error of the Deification of Christ. So did Christianity become absolutely prohibited to Jews and Christianity was cut off from the True Tradition forever.


  But I speak to you now because the Time has Come. It’s one thing to detach Jesus from all theological Christianity by comparing the True Faith of the Torah, Prophets and Tradition to the falsified and idolatrous deification of the poor Jewish youth from Nazareth. It is quite something else to place Jesus in the proper context of that messianic mission that he undertook. I could absolutely not have done it by myself even though I knew things about Yeshua that all other Jews did not know. I can summarize that knowledge received by me from the Tzadik Haim but you should realize that the 'secret' of his 'messianism' was not revealed to me. The Teacher Haim said that these were 'signs' which would help me understand the 'secret' afterwards. It was prohibited for the Tzadik Haim to explain more in words because it was a 'hidden question' known in secret only to the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation, and was thus in the same category as other 'hidden matters' which are prohibited to be spoken about. The 'signs' given me, instead, were mentality changers so that I'd be able to affront the question when it would come.


  I knew that the Teacher of Justice, founder of the School of the Essenes, was a Tzadik and that because of the terrible decrees that he saw coming against the Temple and the people, founded the School of Refuge, a Refuge for the Israel that could be saved when the Days of Judgment would come. Aside from the extreme severity in maintaining to the utmost the precepts of the Torah, the Teacher of Justice had handed over many 'secrets' to the teachers (all Torah scholars and fearful of God) of the School, among which were 'secrets' of the Kabbalah Maasit which Jesus later received and used outside, such as in multiplying the bread and healing the blind etc. Yohhanan ha-Matbil (John the Baptist) was in the School of the Essenes some years, perhaps 6, before Jesus entered. After a year and a half, Yohhanan left the School, breaking with his oath of life to the School. After Yeshua was in the School for three years, at the end of which he received 'secrets' of the Kabbalah Maasit, he left the School and embarked upon that tragic messianic mission. The Tzadik Haim explained that if not for Yohhanan's breaking away previously, Jesus would not have had the force to break with his oaths (in which is proclaimed a precocious death by the hand of Heaven to the transgressor) and leave the School. Not only, the words of John that his calling was to pave the way for the one who would come after him etc. never left the thoughts of Jesus. I knew that the great confusion came because that opening, first of Yohhanan and then of Yeshua, of the very 'hidden matter' of the 'Kingdom of Heaven', was 'before its time' and thus, even though those were only extremely small openings, they created world-wide confusion afterwards.

I knew from the Teacher Haim that Jesus spoke good and true things but was completely misunderstood by the rabbis of that time. The way of the Tzadik Haim’s speaking about Jesus was always with love and deep feeling of anguish for the tragedy that befell him at such a young age of 33, just at the age of flourishing, the Tzadik would often say.


Such is the essence of what I knew from the Tzadik Haim before his last, great suffering, his death, his Resurrection and his being chosen by God Almighty as the Third and Final Goel, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. I received the Sign 'The Time has Come' eight days after his demise. From April 1983 until April 1984 there came in dreams the Six Great Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. The First Sign, Sign of the Stars, contained also a very brilliant and luminous star about which the Teacher explained (to Gino Tampieri who received this dream) "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility'. This was now in the revelation of that 'hidden matter' concerning the Messianic Mission of Jesus.


That was the fifth Star of the Sign of the Stars. The first Four Stars were in the handle of the Big Dipper, three in a row and one displaced. The three stars in a row were in the Key of the three Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Fourth Displaced Star was of this Fourth Generation, and thus the Sign made by the Teacher Haim in the dream, from the Fourth Star to the First Star was an Historical Binding of 4000 years of redemptional history to the present time. The Star of Christ, in another position (not in the Big Dipper) was of the middle time between the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham. It was the Messianic and Redemptional Star of which the Gospels transmitted the story of the three Magus-Kings who followed that star from the orient and saw its realization with the birth of Jesus.


The Goel Haim is indicating in the Sign of the Stars that the Star of Christ had returned after 2000 years, and here it was in the same Sign of the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham. So if the Star of Christ has a cycle of 2000 years, that is to say that 4000 years ago it was in coincidence with the Star of Abraham, and after 4000 years it again comes into coincidence with the Star of Abraham, reason for which they are both in the same Redemptional and Complete Sign of the Stars. Obviously in the 2000 years before the Mission of Jesus, this same Star had another name. Here it was clearly 'messianic' and 'universal' and this coincided with the fact that the Mission of Jesus became a 'universal, messianic mission'. How then to find that same star under its previous name?


I did not find that difficult. The episode of Malchitzedek, King of Salem, who brought out bread and wine to celebrate Abraham's victory over the five kings who had conquered Sodom and Gomorrah and another two cities, was clearly a 'messianic' allusion in the Torah. Indeed, that meeting alluded to the coincidence of those two stars, the Star of Malchitzedek and the Star of Abraham. Malchitzedek means 'My King is Justice' which has messianic implications with it; he was the King of Salem, SHALEM in Hebrew which means COMPLETE (Shalem was the previous name of Jerusalem). He brings out bread and wine and is called by the Torah a 'Priest to God on High'. It is in fact incredible that the Torah speaks of a 'Priesthood' which has no link to the much later Priesthood given to Aaron, High Priest of Israel. So too is it very strange that the Torah never mentioned him before and after this meeting with Abraham does not mention him again in the Five Books of Moses.


All the Sages of Israel know that these verses, which contain also Malchitzedek’s blessing to Abraham, are 'messianic allusions' but hardly anything else could they discern from it. For the sake of the Final Redemption, these two Stars are needed, one for the True Tradition of Abraham, our father, and one for eventual universal messianic revelation that must come together with the True Tradition so that the light of the redemption can become a great beacon unto the nations. They meet in the Valley of Shaveh which may be translated the Valley of Equality. Here in their meeting, notwithstanding the fact that the level of Abraham, our father, the chosen father of a multitude of nations, was of a completely higher nature, nevertheless, in that encounter it was Malchitzedek who blesses Abraham.


14:17 And the king of Sodom went out to meet him, after his return from the slaughter of Chedorlaomer and the kings that were with him, at the vale of Shaveh--the same is the King's Vale.

14:18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine; and he was priest of God the Most High.

14:19 And he blessed him, and said: 'Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Maker of heaven and earth;

14:20 and blessed be God the Most High, who hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand.' And he gave him a tenth of all.


The Valley of Equality (I have sometimes translated it as the Valley (profundity) of the Perfect Equilibrium). There is an equality in their meeting and on their betaking bread and wine together. The King-Priest Malchitzedek recognizes the great level of Abraham and Abraham respects the Kingship and Priesthood of Malchitzedek. This relationship, of which we have received[5] the corresponding principle of the Goel Haim "We are all of the same flesh", is the formula sine qua non of the Universal Redemption. So too the two Stars, Star of Malchitzedek and Star of Abraham, represent the Perfect Equilibrium of the Final Redemption after 4000 years of the cycle of the Star of Abraham. In the midst of that cycle, however, the Star of Malchitzedek became the Messianic Star of Christ with the Mission of Jesus.


From this derives another very important conclusion: 2000 years ago the Star of Malchitzedek completing its 2000 year cycle was at its closest point to the earth whereas the Star of Abraham was at its furthest point from the earth. This helps us understand the incredible unbalance of that period, on one hand the lowness of Israel, but on the other hand, also the exaggerated luminosity that issued from the mission of Jesus, exaggerated because instead of a light of clarification it was a great illumination which couldn't be grasped and was even 'blinding'. Hee-haw. Think about that one for a while and you'll be amazed how much understanding you can gain from it.


I stop now and I get off the boat and swim the rest of the way to Bradley Beach and take a Bus to Newark because I don’t know where to go for the moment. Nodah, our Tail of the Donkey dreamed (it’s already February 6, 2009) that I stood behind her and then handed over to her a large, thick book that I had just written in English. The book concerned the inauguration speech of President Obama. How do like that for a kick in the head! What am I now, a Donkey-Journalist or a Donkey-Politician! I’m not even a Donkey-Democrat ‘cause I like the Republicans more. In any case, I didn’t get registered here in Italy and thus didn’t vote. It doesn’t matter, Obama’s in and no one else now is the President of the United States and I’m an American citizen so he’s my President. Aside from that, the Democrats are in and their Sign is the Donkey. Hee-haw, you see that the Donkey’s back home!


Paolo will retrieve for me that inauguration speech. I really don’t know what I’m supposed to write about. What do I know about politics! Or what do I know of economy! I know quite a bit about the Yetzer ha-ra (evil inclination) and about the false god Mamon (Money) but not about politics or economy. Obama, in any case, represents a new epoch. History is at a turning point. All the Signs agree. Also Abraham Lincoln represented a turning point for all American history. Obama is the first black American to become president of the United States, thus representing a fulfillment of Abraham Lincoln’s American civil war against slavery.


I know practically nothing about Wall Street, Banks, Financial Institutions, Security Institutions. I don’t even know how the Health Care system in America works. OK I guess that I, along with most Americans, are getting a few lessons on economy every day just from turning on the News. I myself follow Fox News which I generally prefer to the CNN but wherever you turn, the economic crisis and at this moment the more than 800 billion dollar Stimulus Package is being discussed. It comes out of your ears after a while. Donkeys just don’t like that stuff. What, you’ve got nothing better than to speak about money the whole time. Just how much space do you intend to give to Mamon? I would much prefer that they spoke about the Wonderful News of the Third and Final Redemption and of the Terrible News of what is coming in this Fourth Generation. Maybe I’m not so American at that.


I’m speaking, of course, of my gut feeling but I am hardly unaware of the monetary earthquake which is swallowing up the livelihoods of millions of Americans and is spreading out to the world at large. Millions have lost money and even lots of money with Wall Street. Millions need Bank loans to carry on their businesses and the Banks have squandered their clients’ money on paper investments that had no keeping. The economic crisis is real. People are in true financial difficulty and they are afraid of what is coming. People have lost their faith in the financial institutions, not even so much for their inefficiency but because of the terrible corruption on many sides and many angles which is the true underlying rottenness on the inside which only now has begun to show itself on the surface.


There is one good element in this realization that corruption is at fault – all eyes are being opened to the fact. Millions have stopped taking things for granted. It is not properly the ‘institutions’ that have gone wrong but rather the corrupt monsters inside them. President Obama knows this and he intends to fight against it. He sincerely hates all forms of corruption and understands well that the real culprit is dishonesty and the ‘financial’ tricks pulled off to fill their pockets with the people’s money. Obama stands for fighting injustices and corruption of every kind. He stands for social justice and the elimination of the ‘high class’ thieves who ruin society.


I just went down to take a bite, turned on Fox and Bill O’Reilly was saying that most Americans have completely lost confidence in Wall Street, in the Financial Institutions and in the Government and politicians in general. He said that no one is convinced that the Stimulus Package will help nor can anyone say with certainty just what it’s going to bring to. He added that Obama himself cannot know and does not know what effects it will have.


That is true. President Obama cannot know what the future holds. He’s not a prophet. He may have convinced himself that it will work which is as well a necessity for having the power to convince others but in truth he hopes that it will create jobs and get the economy back on its legs. I believe that he well knows, however, that if true oversight is not reached over and inside the Institutions involved, there is no system that will work in the long run. He knows that it’s not really the institutions that count but the people who run them. This is the crux of the matter. Honesty is the real cure and honesty does not come when people in high positions can do whatever they want. But also the other side which refuses to have a Federal Government takeover has good reasons for it. In any case corruption is the real war that must be dealt with and Obama knows that it’s useless to speak about it too much, ‘With strategies make your war’ it states in Scripture.


In any case it’s good that the cat’s out of the box. People’s eyes have been opened. They suspect big crooks where before they had placed their confidence. There is no feeling of sympathy for the crumbling financial institutions but rather a loathing towards those who have taken them in and dishonestly squandered their client’s money. Worlds of Americans are claiming justice and want the perpetrators of corruption to be discovered and punished. I hope the Stimulus Package will provide for many more prisons.


The point is that Obama Lincoln must stimulate the new civil war that is now beginning to come to the fore, for example, with Madoff’s robbing 50 billion dollars of his client’s money and of many other unfortunate facts recently discovered. And let me add the verse ‘from Heaven they will reveal their sin’. But from Heaven justice will be done when on earth there are people who fight for justice. They will be called children of the Kingdom of Heaven. People will not regain their confidence until thousands of big rich thieves will be closed away in prisons of iron, not in prisons of silver and gold! This, I believe, is where the present crisis is leading to, a civil war, stimulated by Obama with his new administration, a necessary but very difficult war which must be fought and cannot be avoided.


Sean Hannity says that he doesn’t trust Obama because he lied about the Reverend Wright. How can you be 20 years in his congregation and not know what kind of sermons he gives!? I believe that president Obama can be trusted, even if he lied about Wright and the knowledge of Wrights’ radical and also absurd civil war against white supremacy. That doesn’t mean that Obama is not an honest and sincere person. Barack Obama was not conducting his campaign for losing it but for winning it. If he had admitted knowing more about Wright’s position, his campaign would have been lost overnight. There is no political victory without strategic lies. That is true of all politicians because all politicians know that if you say what you really know or think on certain matters, you can pack your bag and go home.


As for most Americans, also Democrats, the matter of Rev. Wright was very disturbing and Obama’s denial of it was not believed by most. Reflection, however, gave it a different twist. Obama is a fighter for justice and for changes that must be made on many levels of government and of America’s infrastructure etc. I think that Rev. Wright for Obama and his family was, aside from the Christian faith that they studied from him, a symbol of a fighter for justice, one who wants to break down the evils and hypocrisy that exist in the American society. Obama is also an intellectual with a high level of intellectual flexibility. Even if he had listened to some of the exaggerated rantings of Wright, he did not accept anything of the ‘forms’ of Wright’s argumentation but he saw in the Reverend an outspoken soldier against social injustice. ‘He took the kernel and threw away the shell’.

O look, folks, I’m trying to be a good American citizen.



Chapter 4


Here I tell you some things, president Obama, for if you are the Chief Donkey of America now, I am the Chief Donkey who eats Bread. Don’t get me wrong! I like you. Not only do I think that you are Abraham Lincoln come back to reap the recompense of that terrible but redemptional war of freedom for all. I like you as a person together with the majority of Americans and of the world. Nor am I hardly jealous of your chiefdom or popularity, for I can think of no office such as President of the United States that is completely foreign to my life and to my way of being. But you got the Donkey high spot in government and I’ve got the Donkey high spot of the Third and Final Redemption.


DIARY: Feb. 21, 2009: Nelda Levi, mother of all us Donkeys of the Goel Haim, our beloved friend from the depth of the heart of everyone who knew her, passed away at the time of Minhhat Shabbat, after much suffering in the past two years. She was 86 years old. It is she who received the first Great Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. She leaves Iliade, Giordano, Renato and Davide, 5 nieces and 3 nephews and one granddaughter. She joins her beloved husband Remo Levi who died in 1992. Also Remo Levi had great merits before God and it is he who received the Great Sign of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot. This is the chosen family that received the blessing of the Tzadik Haim and which, after his demise, received the 6 Great Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

The funeral is tomorrow, Feb. 23, 2009. Nelda Levi was a wonderful person, filled with the spirit of life, with great faith in God Almighty, and with immense love for Remo and for her children. She taught her children to have a heart of mercy and feeling for others, whether Jewish or not Jewish. Being Jewish for her meant the great privilege given by the Holy One Blessed is He to the people of Israel.


In such terms I eulogized her before about 70 people between family and friends. From my heart I spoke out about her great faith and how ‘Baruch Ha-Shem’ (Blessed is God) was always on her tongue and in her heart. I spoke of her great love for Remo Levi her husband who died in 1993 and how she remained close to him in all these years; and of her dedication to her family. I finished with the Sign received by Solly in Beersheva that ‘with Nelda Levi the Kingdom of Heaven is closer to the earth’. My eulogy was short but all were moved and many had tears in their eyes.


There was one Rabbi present at the funeral, with Hassidic garb, full beard and a large black Hassidic hat (not of Habad, however). Giordano told me that he was not Habadi, that he was Italian and that he was OK. I didn’t enter into discourse with him. Certainly he heard my words that ‘in merit of Nelda Levi, the Kingdom of Heaven has come closer to the earth’. He also said to someone later on that he was taken by my words and that he would like to know me. I mention these facts to understand a dream of Giuseppe that night that I’ll relate afterwards. First, however, I wish to bring a message of the Goel Haim that Giuseppe received in vision at his grave, in the same cemetery where some of us went after the funeral. This message may well be called The Message of Life given by the Goel Haim whose name means Life. I translate from Giuseppe’s testimony of the vision:


Milan, funeral of the Mother of the Donkeys. After the ceremony and the burial of Nelda Levi, her family, Peretz’ family and the family of Shaul and Rahhel went to the grave of the Teacher Haim.

I saw the Tzadik Haim seated on a chair of the Kingdom of Heaven. With a smile and with love he said to me these words: All of you, my dear ones, know that I would like to descend again into the world as I did before but I cannot; this is because you must live in the Spirit of Life. God wants you to be alive every moment and filled with love inside you for Life. For this reason my name is Haim (Life); for if you awake every morning and in every moment and in your heart there is a spirit filled with love for life, and you are sensitive towards every person close to you, then will life be opened inside you…

 Give this over to Peretz and then to the others: Be alive always in your life. Enjoy the marvelous News that you have received in God’s grace; then will I be able to descend and to touch you and to sustain you as a father. You have the good fortune that you may relate all this to others and to take pleasure in this always. Be sensitive to others constantly; open up life to other people with hope and with love. That is what I love; I loved life when I was in the world more than you can imagine; my power lay properly in this. Your heart must be for living and then you will be strong inside and you’ll be able to teach living in the world to others. Always have a smile for every person who comes close to you because this allows the love in you to be extended to others. The Kingdom of Heaven is for the virtues of the heart and it opens in merit of these virtues.

Everyone must thank God for his or her good fortune because a person’s wealth is when one accepts God’s will and such is one’s good fortune. Being sensitive to others is a virtue very much loved by God; search for it always because there is no limit to its study, and the heart is its receiver…

I love you all and my love for you has not ceased for a second…

Listen well to the lessons given by Peretz and cast aside every obstacle that comes to impede your listening. He is a teacher and I guide him always because my spirit is always upon him.



 The night after the funeral, Giuseppe dreamed:

In my dream I saw Peretz and the Rabbi who presided at Nelda Levi’s funeral. There was a fullness in the fact that Peretz prayed according to the New Rite and the Rabbi in the Traditional Rite. After this, Peretz was making a sign for the New Sanctity and for the Neshama (soul) of Nelda. All took place in a room filled with orange colors. I was sitting on a sofa together with the Rabbi who was trying to follow the sign made by Peretz but he couldn’t fathom the sense of it. At a certain point I felt my socks being taken off; it was the Rabbi. I then put my feet close to his and he saw that my toenails were colored with nail-polish. I explained to him that these were signs; we sometimes use nail-polish to make signs. He didn’t understand. I said in Hebrew ‘simanim shel ha-geula’. He still didn’t understand and I continued, “The problem is that until now the traditional Jews have never studied in depth the ‘signs’ of the Torah. Moses, for example, made water come out of the rock with his staff. Joshua son of Nun set up twelve stones by the Jordan river. It’s now time that the Jews begin to understand the Signs of the Torah, not only the laws and commandments of God. The Lord, our God now desires that Israel open itself to the Torah by way of the Signs that are hidden in it because these Signs conduce to the Redemption.”

Peretz listened attentively to my words. At a certain point, the Rabbi slowly transformed into a female; on her chest was a sign of a heart, as if tattooed on a breast.

I continued speaking to the Rabbi. “It’s necessary to save Christianity!” The Rabbi, in his female form, was taken back by this statement about Christianity. I calmed her down saying, “Don’t be scandalized because God loves all people and the Jews have an obligation to save Christians. From whom was Christianity born? Two thousand years of history have passed, with two thousand years of exile that permitted Christianity to be extended. In this moment of history, in order to save Christians, one must, so to speak, forget about being Jewish, if it is this that impedes normal communication with Christians. (in the dream there was an indication of breaking down obstacles of dialogue and communication) For God has chosen Israel to be the truth in the world and the purpose of Israel is to be a light unto the nations.

In that moment the woman Rabbi was softened and her eyes were filled with tears and with sadness, as if to say, ‘It’s a shame for all the centuries that we have lost in their darkness’.



And here’s the first dream about President Obama, also of Giuseppe. It’s a very difficult dream so brace yourselves. President Obama was with Giuseppe in a house. His hair was grey. He showed the same enthusiasm and conviction that we all have come to know. His ideas were good and his intentions the best, but to no avail. Poverty reigned in the United States and in the world. It was the Fourth Generation that determined mankind’s fate and even the best intentions of the President could not undo what was coming. - - -


 It’s first of all important to know that the intentions of Barack Obama are good, honest and sincere. It’s good for us to know this first off in a true Sign from Above and the sign of his grey hair, aside from showing the terrible heavy weights upon him which make him age before his time, also indicates that his basic and positive character will not change even until an older age. It is also a sign that he will get old and that nothing will befall him as is was with Abraham Lincoln, may God protect him. But because of the very hard times that are coming we must remember this Sign because Pres. Obama will be accused of the failures by many, and from that they will descend to other unfounded accusations etc. It’s thus important to remember that he’s doing his best with a true heart and with the desire to see people live well.


Unfortunately the avalanche has not come down from a solid mountain and as it comes down it continues to reveal instead a mountain filled with holes and crevices that conduce to other avalanches. Those holes and crevices are created by corruption at the higher levels of Banks, Finance Organizations, governmental positions etc. etc. where those ‘in charge’ of money use it corruptly. Now the new government will try to have oversight but this is very difficult without falling into becoming a police State. There are too many dishonest people in high economic positions who have made the system rotten from inside. Also ‘high technology’ has created millions of new jobs for thieves. One must be quite intelligent to be a thief these days. No problem. They are extremely astute and all their intelligence is used in robbing others.


It is therefore not even the Obama presidency that will change greedy thieves into becoming honest people. Let many new prisons be built, nevertheless, with the hope that a horde of them be discovered and punished. The only answer, unfortunately, against the many evils of society, today is the Great and Terrible Fourth Generation. The punishments against the evils in the world will determine the times ahead. The good intentions and the actions taken for bettering the situation may assuage certain groups of certain places for a while but that will not answer to the impoverishing currents of the Fourth Generation.


“Why must it touch all?” you ask, perhaps with some anger attached. “Why let it not destroy only those who have sinned and not all society!” I answer you with relative simplicity but no question of Justice is simple. The Fourth Generation is prophesied and it corresponds to the time in which the world is at the threshold of a new world in which will reign peace and good will among all people and all peoples. The fear of God will be present in all, the fear to sin or to do that which is not favorable before Him or to serve any other creation as a ‘god’. The Ten Commandments will be in the hearts of all and people will not assassinate others or commit adultery or steal or give false testimony or desire that which belongs to others. So too the Christian theological faith will no longer exist and the true messianic mission of Jesus will be clearly understood by Jews and Christians alike. Jews will be shorn of their one-sidedness and will extend their arms and heart to all people, as the Tzadik and Goel Haim teaches: We are all of the same flesh. Muslims will be shorn of their hatred for Israel and for all humanity that has not embraced Islam; they will also relearn history to understand that if not for the Torah and the Jewish Tradition there would be no Islam.


At that time, the hardest crusts will have been broken and the heart of mankind will learn to be sincere with God Almighty for everything is in His hands. He is the Creator who made us and who loves when we try to walk in His ways and we do no damage to others. That will begin ‘from the Fifth Generation onwards’, a term received from the Goel Haim. It does not speak of one group or one people but rather as those who are saved and remain after the ‘Great and Terrible Day of the Lord’. This expression from the last prophecy in Malachi is an integral part of that ‘redemptional prophecy’. The prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, is sent to open the Redemption together with the prophecies to be extended to the people BEFORE the great and terrible day of the Lord. He is sent by God to bring the Keys of the Reconciliation, that essential quality which sustains the promised peace that will come.


Clearly the two categories of Redemption on one hand and the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord on the other are entrenched in a unified time span. Why must the Prophet bring the Keys of the Reconciliation BEFORE the Great and Terrible Day? The Completed Signs of the Final Redemption answer to this. With God’s choice of the Final Goel Haim, Six main categories of Completed Signs begin to descend in dreams to the new Donkeys, those concerning the Stars of the Redemption, those concerning the Kingdom of Heaven, those concerning the New Message of the history of Jesus together with the New Light of the New House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, those concerning the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, those concerning the New Prophecies of the Fourth Generation of the New Construction, and those concerning the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.


There are thus 5 purely redemptional Signs and one general Sign of the Fourth Generation and of the New Construction. And the Signs explain: the Fourth Generation is of 65 years, in two phases, the first of 35 years and the second of 30 years. The first phase of 35 years is still relatively clement; this is in merit of the terrible sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim. The real thick of the Fourth Generation are the years that go from 2018 to 2047 but those last 5 years are in the Sign of the Reconstruction after the devastation of the Fourth Generation. From 2018 in crescendo until 2042 the world will be in pain, in conflict, in desperation and the number of those who die will be unfathomable. Perhaps that ‘last’ year’, 2042, refers to the Day of the Lord, but we must think in terms of the Generation, thus the Great and Terrible Fourth Generation, from 2018 until 2042.


Thus the opening of the Redemption (the Sign the Time has Come) with the descent of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and the opening of the prophesied Fourth Generation, coincide. I am writing here in the 26th year of the Signs; at Passover enters the 27th, 9 years from the beginning of the bulk of the Fourth Generation. Thus all that we are seeing so far, such as the Tzunami, Katrina, the economic downfall etc., are only ‘signs’ of that which is coming. In part, these first 35 years are to be preparatory. The New Prophetic Messages relate the absolute necessity to have ready Refuge Houses for those times ahead. We do not yet know how, when and where but these are true prophetic messages and with the help of God we will accomplish them.


This economic crises is only a prelude to the poverty that is coming on a global level. The times of Mamon opened with Jesus who explained that you cannot serve God and serve Mamon as well. The Fourth Generation sees the terrible generation of Mamon of Mamon: All is money, God save us. Too many people place their ‘confidence’ in money instead of in God. The great moral lesson that derives from the terrible Fourth Generation is that only God saves. God alone can save you; place your faith in Him with all your heart and the Lord, your God, will save you. The expression itself ‘great and terrible day of the Lord’ is itself a double-sign, as is the Sign of the Fourth Generation and the Sign of the New Construction. It is terrible in all its devastating manifestations but at the same time it is great in saving those who have merited to be saved. One must have faith in God Almighty, not in money!


The servants of the false god Mamon have now panicked. Their god is failing them. He has let them down. He has not come through as he promised but let us try to save him so that we may again have faith in him. This is why the efforts to save the economy will not work, so that the foolish Mammonites do not say, we have saved Mamon and so now he will save us again.

Thick is the brain of money lovers, a brain of darkness to all real values, for there is no thick darkness as the blinding blackness of the false god Mamon!

How many millions of Americans are thrown down by him and are crushed by him in the end because his ‘goodness’ is short-lived and his benefits have no true solidity behind them. The Stock-Market crashes and they are left distraught; the pillars of their insides have fallen. We have the form of this great Agent of Satan; he is black throughout and the blackness is something like the thick and physical darkness that fell upon the Egyptians for three full days and nights in God’s plagues. Such is the form that we were given to see in dreams; he is, of course, a mighty agent of Satan and terrible is his reigning power on earth. It is against his reign that the economic crises has come.

People’s faith in him has superseded all limits. He must be slashed down and, at least, weakened, otherwise there will be no hope for anyone and all will become his slaves and there would be no room for redemption, God save us. But also in this way, for those whose heart shuttles between their faith in God and their reliance on money, this economic crises comes to help them understand the moral lesson. It is God who saves, not money or anything or anyone else. In a dream of Giuseppe even the battered but ferocious dog with two big bloodshed eyes had to admit that “God only saves”. So too the ants and the stones, the spirits of the dead and demons, all cried out the truth, “It is only God who saves”.

Come now and take the lesson. There is nothing evil in money itself. It is a measuring rod of monetary value needed in the world. If you have money that you have earned honestly, take off a tenth for a worthy charity for the poor, the sick, the orphans and the widows, and keep the 90 percent for yourselves. You will in a short time notice that there is a blessing in that 90 percent, that it goes a long way, and what it buys is beneficial.

And when you witness this truth, you will understand that with money, it is not the money that counts but the blessing from Heaven in that money. This was a primary teaching of the Tzadik Haim, who lived for many years in Milan without work and with great difficulty even to bring food to his table. Let then your thoughts and your reliance not be on money but on God Almighty. Now I speak to you because this is not like any other generation, it is the ‘Final’ Fourth Generation of History. It is the Great Final Judgment of the world for the sake of rendering the world worthy and purified and simple in its faith in God Almighty, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.

The Judgment is upon the heart and not on one’s knowledge, for all are equal before Him, the servant and the master, and there is no knowledge that is new to Him. The qualities of the heart, on the other hand, of doing good, of loving others and having mercy on others, and of feeling oneself humble before God, are the true Splendor of the human kind, a splendor of humility and elevation. That heart which loves good and hates evil and is humble inside and before others is the residing place of God’s love for us. If a person is intelligent and knowledgeable but he is arrogant inside himself, God’s love will not reside in him. A person who may be much less intelligent and much less knowledgeable but is a good person with a sensitive heart, has in him or herself a residing place for God’s love, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever.


 The Fourth Generation is also the time of abominable sexuality in sins that are against nature, such as homosexuality. Homosexuality in the United States represents a great danger to the world society. It is all over the world, true, but America is the leader of nations and what happens in America is public to the world and there is nothing close to American influence. Waters are overflowing the river banks and fire devastates California’s forests. All teachings have become false and some priests call for Gay Marriage. Even the President cannot say what he really thinks about homosexuality[6]. Just one word and you become the ‘evil-doer’, the prejudiced one, the closed-minded, the back-minded. Where one wants to put himself is none of your business!

Not only do they destroy nature which in the Fourth Generation is the time of nature’s rebellion, the natural mentality of nature has vanished and is no more. The basic concepts of nature have been so distorted that one can no longer speak about nature or what is natural. I do not at all like Pope Ratzinger but on this issue he seems to be the only one unafraid to speak the truth. I say this to make you Protestants angry. Where are you? You know as well as I do that homosexuality is an abomination prohibited by God Almighty. You know as well as I do that same-sex sex is against the nature of the world created and loved by God. But you are afraid of the consequences in a society in which the truth has become taboo and in which the term ‘nature’ has been distorted beyond recognition.


Chapter 5


You are off your rockers. Otherwise you would rock out the truth that you know! The pillars of nature are being torn down. People inside are sick with non-definition. They live without true proverbs of wisdom. They float on empty currents and have nothing to hold on to, lost in a plethora of unconnected images. The brains of the young people have been ironed down with electronic vibrations. Inner emptiness has filled their blood and they cover their pain with video games of a million sorts, with ipods and a million things whose names I do not know. It’s sad to see the undoing of the human brain. Many will go crazy. Many will die young. If you cry for the money you lost, cry instead for the times ahead when poverty and illness and craziness and death will encrust the planet!


I wrote the New Law of the Final Redemption a letter to Homosexuals back in 1991 in Houston Texas. I explained there that God’s mercy is upon them, waiting that they might repent from abominable actions and begin to respect nature. For this unfortunately large category is different from that of thieves or killers or gangsters or bad-hearted people. Many and perhaps most of them are good people with good intentions, honest working people. The Lord, our God is merciful. He does not want to see them destroyed but they do not realize that they are destroying themselves by those actions which are against nature and, as explained, they have lost the concept of what is natural and what is unnatural.


One must cry for them. They are confused without knowing it. They’ve taken their genes to the other side justifying themselves with terms of ‘love’, ‘pleasure’, ‘reciprocal dedication to constructing a life together’ and similar ideas’. And they won out because also the society at large is confused about the issue, and those who are not confused are afraid to speak. If one man loves another man, doesn’t that ‘love’ indicate that it is just as natural to love another man as it is a woman? The answer is absolutely ‘no’! Love, pleasure and reciprocal dedication have nothing to do with it. Nor is a pastor who falls in love with a sheep and rams her with unbound passion justified in that abominable act, even if the poor sheep smiles at him and consents!


The Almighty Creator of the universe created the nature of this world and all the commandments that He gave to Israel are in perfect conformity to that nature. The prohibitions concerning physical actions that are considered abominations allow us to know what is unnatural and against nature. It is thus not with the microscope that you will discover the unnaturalness of homosexual acts but rather from the law of God. For it is He who created nature and none better than He knows what is contrary to the nature that He created.

As far as pleasure is concerned, there are pleasures which are permitted and pleasures that are prohibited. The pleasure of tasting our food is permitted; not only, the more one chews slowly, the more taste he has, and both masticating well and slowly and tasting more of what you are eating are very beneficial to one’s health. Pleasure, therefore, is not only permitted, it is desired by God Almighty. It is He who created pleasures for us. So has He given wisdom to prepare foods and make them delicious to have us know many kinds of tasteful pleasure.

Being together with one’s wife is a permitted pleasure; not only, in Jewish Tradition it is called a mitzvah, the fulfillment of a commandment and, on the other hand, a sin not to give one’s wife her time. It is severely prohibited to Jews to be with their wife when she has her menstrual period and 7 clean days are counted after the period is finished at which time the woman makes a ritual cleansing in the mikvah and then she again is permitted to her husband. The main reason for all this IS FOR THE SAKE OF THE PURITY OF A CHILD BORN AND ESPECIALLY THE BRAIN OF THE CHILD. There are also many sicknesses and down and other defects that may be born with children born from such contaminating unions.



Purim’s coming tonight; it’s time to change thought. Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot is the Redemption of the New Humble Brain. Purim is the Redemption of the New Humble Heart.

Here you have the New Message of the Final Signs, the Reconciliation of the Heart, the New Message of the true history of Jesus’ Messianic Mission, the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam.


Purim is the time of the Sanctification of the heart in the happiness of God’s truth, a happiness that remains in time because it remains inside the heart to constantly contemplate the Hidden Ways of God in redeeming His people Israel.


Purim, Purim, Hhag la-Yehudim, a Holiday for the people of Israel, a Feast for Jews all over the world, don’t tell it to the nations. Even the Meghilat Ester doesn’t reveal God’s name, so then even the nations who receive the Bible will not understand what it’s all about. Don’t reveal it to the nations, lest it awaken the jealousy of Haman. Hide it and keep it to yourselves, for the nations will not understand. On the contrary, they will hate us even more. Hhag Purim, Hhag Purim, hu ha-Hhag la-Yehudim.


They are jealous of our Queen Ester and do not merit her favors. This is the people of My choice, whether you like it or not. This is the people whose beauty is as that of Sarah, our mother and as that of the beautiful Queen Ester. But the nations love an ugly beauty, to scorn the Jews and make fun of them, or to hate them ‘til their guts reap with venom or to kill them for pleasure, helping the Lord, they say, destroy this cursed nation from the face of the earth. Therefore will I hide My name from them and it is they who will be destroyed. Hhag Purim, Hhag Purim la-Yehudim, how many enemies killed in the streets of Shushan, and how many killed in a hundred and twenty seven Provinces of King Ahhashverosh. Don’t explain it to the nations who falsify their faith in God against His chosen people Israel.


We’ll let you say it was by chance, for indeed you have not seen God’s name written in that second Redemption. Eat now your food, o Israel haters, for you will be destroyed from the face of the earth, and you will not return again. Your line will be wiped out o cursed Amalek when the fences will come down and wild animals will eat you alive. You are good supper to the beasts of prey, for you have scorned the choice of God and placed yourselves as judges to the chosen people.


Big Purim, New Purim, the numbers of the Meghilah will be multiplied a thousand times and more, when the nations who hate Israel will crumble, and Israel will be raised up as a Savior of the world, and Mordechai will be judge in the Higher Tribunal and Queen Ester will reign in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. Hhag Purim, Hhag Purim, burn the Jew-haters, it’s better, so as not to contaminate the earth. Purim is the hidden death for those who do not accept God’s choices. THEIR DEATH WILL NOT BE HIDDEN BUT THE REASONS WILL NOT BE REAVEALED. For I have hidden My name from you, o evil Hamans, and you will never understand My hidden ways. Nor will you ever know the love that I hold in store for the Pupil of My eye; unless your heart has converted to loving the Jewish people, then we will bring you to the Banquet, to feast with us together at Leviathan’s delight, in the Palace of Ester, in the inner city of SHUASHAN, in the Kingdom of the Virtues.


In this the New Purim is different. The Jewish people includes all those who love Israel and who recognize God’s choice of this chosen nation. An immense difference. This is what is called the Great Israel because it includes the friends of Israel. There are even many now, compared to the past, and there will be thousands and even millions more as the Fourth Generation proceeds. The State of Israel will become stronger and stronger and the enemies of Israel will be defeated and many destroyed and we will have again what to shout about and beat our hands on the table and stomp with our feet, as fifty kilos of blood pour down from every enemy camp. Hhag Purim la-Yehudim when Israel’s enemies are destroyed.


So is it written in the Stars of Ester. Haman will be destroyed, all those whose Amalekite blood is filled with hatred for the people of Ester. AHH will shine and HHASH will splendor, SHOR will kick up a Storm of Force and the Evil of ROSH will be hung on a fork of fifty cubits, and the Star of the Neck will become the Star of NUN, the Great NUN FINALE of SHUSHAN. Then will Ester’s Virtues become known and the Justice of Mordechai, the Jew, and SHUSHAN will rejoice with true happiness, God saves those whose heart is faithful to God’s choices.


Hidden in the heart is the Palace of Ester. Who can come in to begin his elevated walk on the Steps of White Marble? All those who believe in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Hidden Tzadik Haim and who love the Goel’s Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Final Redemption. For also the Donkey oft dresses as Ester the Queen and beseeches the King to have mercy on that part of mankind that has retained a true heart and that has mercy on others. For Israel will be saved and redeemed and with it many will arise with the Donkey on the Altar of the Great Israel. Hhag Purim, Hhag Purim, Hhag la-Tovim u-le-Ohavei Yisrael[7].



Nodah dreamed yesterday morning (March 15, 2009) that she was in a hospital in Israel, and she gave birth to a baby-boy, and, behold, the baby was Jesus. Nodah was somewhat upset because it had all happened so quickly and without pain but in a manner that did not let her understand or feel his birth. And even more inconceivable was the fact that there was no blood, nothing dirty and there was no need to cut the umbilical cord because the baby was already detached; and the placenta itself remained inside her. This fact worried her but the assisting Nurse assured her that everything was alright and the placenta would come out by itself. And about the other facts she said that such was his birth and all was ok. Then Nodah saw that, incredibly, the baby-Jesus seemed to be complete, like a baby-size man. He was very clean and he wore a white tunic. Nodah herself was wearing a tunic of celestial blue. - -


Perhaps all you female Christians would have loved to receive such a dream, I don’t know. The dream, however, took place in Israel which indicates that the message of this dream is primarily for Jews. What difference is there, Christians might ask, but the difference is substantial. This is a Correction-Sign concerning the birth of Jesus to be studied by Jews who otherwise need not be corrected concerning Jesus’ birth from the Virgin Mary. No Jew believes that Jesus was born from a virgin or that Miriam was made pregnant by the Holy Spirit. In the same way that no Jew believes in the Divinity of Christ or that Jesus was literally the Son of God to Whom one must pray, or in the Word (Logos) that became flesh in Jesus, or in the Trinity, or in the veneration of the Virgin Mary. All these are as foreign to the faith of Israel as are the pagan Indian cult to the Cow.


The Correction of those idolatrous and pagan ideas is directed towards Christians among whom, already in our time, there are many, many millions who have extremely serious doubts about those things and thus the Correction will help them see it all in a clear prospective.


Jews, however, who will begin to study the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Redeemer, Haim, and come to know the New Revelation of the true story of the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, need some help, let’s say, in putting the pieces together. It’s not easy because the elements are manifold and the concepts are all new: the Messianic Mission of Jesus, his Crucifixion, his Resurrection, his birth, his studying in the School of the Essenes, the necessary Correction of the Gospels, the prophecies that have references to his mission, especially the last prophecy in Malachi and 53 of Isaiah, his ‘Jewish’ messianism as the Messiah, son of Joseph, who comes for the sake of saving the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, the historical realization of the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead, and his historical position as the Second Man of the Redemption, after Moses and before Haim. It takes some doing to put all the matters together and to see the puzzle resolved. I’ve been, thank God, working on it for 26 years now, and there is no end to further completions and deeper understanding that can be reached.


So too this dream of Nodah comes to complete an understanding concerning Jesus’ birth. Also Jesus’ birth was quite particular. Was he then born ‘clean’, without an umbilical cord, without blood and wearing a tunic? Certainly the dream is speaking in allusion! But have you ever heard of Malchitzedek, king of Shalem, Priest to God on High.? ‘Shalem (which was the ancient name of Jerusalem) means ‘complete’; the ‘tunic’ is a sign of ‘priesthood’. We read the Torah and Malchitzedek is ‘born’ unto us as a new-born baby whose birth we did not feel. The Torah never mentioned him before nor will it mention him afterwards in the Five Books of Moses. We know nothing of his ‘umbilical cord’, that is his parents, his mother or father, his race[8], where and how he was brought up, nothing!


From the midst of Abraham’s miraculous victory in war and the famous meeting with the king of Sodom, close to where now stands the Dead Sea, all of a sudden we are told that there then existed a certain King of Shalem who was a Priest to God on High (COHEN LE-EL ‘ELYON). So does he set up a table with wine and bread and he goes on to bless Abraham. Blessed is Abram to God on High, Possessor of the heavens and the earth. And Blessed is God on High who protected you from your enemies in your hands; and he gave him a tenth from all[9].


Everybody, both Jews and Christians, knows that it represents a messianic allusion, but, in fact, the allusion could not be understood until the Revelation of the Sign of the Stars. Who was he? Where did he come from? How did he obtain the level of a true Priest to God on High? Was it not God who later in history established the Priesthood of Israel with Aaron, High Priest? The Torah is hiding from us something quite ‘illuminating’ but what? There is obviously a Messianic ‘secret’ in that episode, but it isn’t possible to find one’s hands or feet in it. It has been left for the Final Redeemer to reveal. The Teacher Haim is teaching us many lessons from the Book of the Stars, heredity of Abraham, our father, revealed in the First Great Completed Sign of the Stars of the Redemption.


We thus already know the secret but Nodah’s dream gives a further clarification so as to help Jews get certain things into their proper and prophetic perspective. Already from the Sign of the Stars, I was able to obtain the basic stellar secret in the matter. That Sign may be divided into 4 sections 1) the Book of the Stars in which there are the names of a multitude of nations 2) three Stars in a row and a fourth Star somewhat displaced from them 3) the Sign made by the Goel Haim from the Fourth Star to the First Star and the Teacher’s statement that with this Sign all will proceed quickly and 4) the Goel Haim’s announcement of the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility.


That the Book of the Stars was the heredity of Abraham, our father, I knew directly from the Tzadik Haim. But the Sign itself left no doubt: the names of a multitude of nations could only refer to Abraham, promised to be the ‘father of a multitude of nations’. The 3 Stars in a row were obviously of the 3 Patriarchs, beginning with Abraham who had received the Book of the Stars (all these affirmations were further substantiated in other dreams). Being the Final and Completed Redemptional Sign of the Stars of the Redemption, we are speaking of the 4 thousand year history of the Redemption from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob until the Third and Final Redemption. These are 3 Great Foundation Pillars of the Redemption promised by God.


Therefore their Stars come back (their stellar cycles are such) into their ‘redemptional vigor’ for the time of the Final Redemption. Once they come and are established firmly in the Signs, they are fixed in the framework of the New Redeemed World that is coming for all the generations ahead. More practically this means that the knowledge and the great and essential importance of God’s three chosen patriarchs will be extended and understood afterwards by a multitude of nations. For without that knowledge and understanding, the rest of all redemptional matters could not be understood in their proper perspective. In Christianity, for example, the Patriarchs, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and the Prophet Elijah, are known but they are not really ‘alive’ for Christians. They are background shadows and have very little to do with the Christian religious experience.


The Teacher Haim makes a Sign from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star, the Star of Abraham, and says, “When the Fourth Star is reached, I make this sign and all will proceed with great velocity”. This is the Redemptional Sign of the Binding of all preceding redemptional history to this Fourth Generation. I don’t think that anyone would deny that since that sign in 1983, the world has continually seen incredible signs of velocity and that it does not slow down but moves always quicker. And this is only the 26th year out of 65. The international events are now mind-boggling and it is still slow compared to what is coming.


Those 4 Stars are part of the Handle of the Big Dipper. It’s other 3 Stars were not seen in the Sign. The 5th Star seen was not in the Big Dipper but from another part of the sky. It was very luminous and Gino who received this Great Sign was amazed by it’s brightness and colors. The Goel Haim then appeared once more and explained, “This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility”. End of this marvelous dream-vision. Also the Sign of the Star of Christ had returned for the Great Historic Convergence of the Redemptional Stars.

That Star was amazing

And well worth praising

After two thousand years

In the thicket of deviating

Theological bends

The Great Messianic Star

Had returned to make amends.


Oh’ some said

“It’s the second coming of Christ”

“No’, I answered with delight,

“It’s his Star come back

To illumine the long dark night.

Christianity got all confused

With the deification of a man,

So now down with foolish mumble,

that Star unveils the truth:

Jesus’ mission was true

And he was very, very humble.

Away with pagan platitudes,

All theological Christianity will crumble.


 I already knew about the Essene School

Some of the Scrolls and the Damascus Rule

And the Teacher had made it known to me

That John for about eight and Jesus for three,

There were the secrets that Jesus took up,

There was the Sanctity and the Holy Cup,

There the inner sanctum for wise-hearted men,

There the instruction of the Just Teacher’s pen,

There was the truth of the Torah’s great plan,

Jesus there entered to become a new man,

To truly serve God and learn the ways of salvation,

To salvage inner rectitude, may God pardon the Nation.

For three years Jesus studied but in the midst of that course,

John his cousin-mentor left the School, to Jesus’ remorse,

The life-oath to the School, lest the punishment from Above,

“Upon me” said John “is to preach repentance. I do it with love.

To save the savable, to renew their spirit through immersion,

Perhaps to save all Israel from a terrible dispersion.

I’m only the forerunner, I announce and clear the way,

But it’s he that comes after me for whom the people pray.

He will lift up the nation and anoint with holy light,

In him will be the power to save Israel from its plight.”




Chapter 6


These words echoed on his young and precious ears,

And raddled his mind with unprecedented fears;

John was an honored teacher at the School,

He knew the oath’s price in breaking the Rule,

And yet he faced even death to do what he did,

What prophecy belay him that from others he hid?

For a year and a half Jesus studied and prayed,

And lived in the light that the Sanctity displayed,

He took every study into his very being,

Discerning the messianic substance he was seeing,

But at times he was caught in John’s same decision,

Could salvation be had without a messianic vision?

He felt himself destined as part of the Design,

And saw that John’s prophecy had given him the Sign;

The Teachers would not exit from the Damascus Rule;

How, then, would salvation extend from the School?

He was caught in the vision of his desire to save,

It was stronger than the world and went beyond the grave,

Until he received secrets of the kabbalah maassit;

Then was he sure that his calling was complete;

He received further visions to affront the rising tide,

Beyond doubt convinced of whom John prophesied.


 I received substance of this information from the Tzadik Haim,


In truth, Jesus was caught up in the messianic prophecies. His questions and dilemmas had racked his mind for years. By heart he knew all Prophets and pondered on their visions day and night. Why had the Prophet Elijah not come? Who was that estranged personage who carried Israel’s sins with him in an unfounded death penalty? Why then did the Sages not dwell on the Prophets to be inflamed by their words? They explained every word with acute definition but the substance of action was completely missing, as if reading of the past or of a very far off vision of the future.

For the most, Jesus was distraught with the reality that he saw in all those years before entering the School. Why were the poor, the sick, the orphans and the widows uncared for? Why was it not understood that it was a heart of goodness that the God of Israel desired and that the true unity of the people depended on that loving-heart that sought good for the unfortunate and for the poor of spirit. The Prophets of Israel had spoken loudly and clearly about it: What does God ask of you? To help the widows and the poor and to walk modestly with the Lord, your God.


Obviously, the Prophet Elijah had not come because the heart of rabbis and priests in those times were anything but prone to receive the Reconciliation of fathers to sons and of sons to their fathers. What then would happen if, instead, the negative part of that prophecy was decreed: Lest I smite the land with anathema! - How long might the Temple continue to exist if its Priests are corrupt? What would happen to God’s people that didn’t understand?


John explained to him that the Teacher of Justice had foreseen it all. He had known what was coming, the destruction of the Temple and the dispersion of Israel. Therefore he founded the School as a place of refuge for the true Sanctity of Israel and he formulated books on the very severe conditions to be respected by the Teachers and Pupils. Those teachers were holy men, totally versed in all Torah Tradition. They were sincere and very serious and lived in their faith. They had seen that the Jewish world in those epochs was in a state of failure and sin, and they went behind the Teacher of Justice in whom they believed and were ready to take the oaths necessary for receiving the secrets that he had handed down orally to those in whom he saw true love and fear of God.


In the School he established three Messianic Orders, (1) the Messiah Priest, (2) the Messiah, son of David, for the battles against the forces of darkness that were coming, and (3) the Messiah Sage most able to receive messages from the Teacher of Justice even after his death.

The prophecies were alive in the School; they were not just Holy Writ. They were lived in the prophesied visions, in constant preparation for the Destruction and the Redemption that were coming. Also an Essene Community was formed where the poor and the sick could take part in and be cared for. The root-word Essene itself means ‘medicine’. The teachers and pupils lived a humble and sacrificial existence. Jesus, with John’s responsibility on his behalf entered the School, stripping himself of all worldly goods, taking the oath for life and dedicating himself, as a full-fledged talmid, to the teachings of that Hidden Tzadik, the Teacher of Justice.

In the course of those three years, but especially in the year and a half after John’s leaving, he began to see himself in the Prophetic Role of saving the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

In truth it was the Jewish people who should have had the Prophetic Role of searching and saving the Ten Dispersed Tribes of Israel and to bring them back into the fold. A Great Messianic Light could have gone out from the Temple of the God of Israel to the nations - if the Sages had shown love and concrete help to the people and if the Priests had been true God-fearing people dedicated to the spiritual salvation of the Children of God. If it had been so, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, could have come then, or a true messenger of the Prophet in his name (by far the most probable). If the Sages were good and the Priests were good and the people were filled with good faith, God Almighty would have revealed to them marvelous new things that could have been announced to the world in the manner of those times. If it had been so, the first part of the Malachi prophecy would have been fulfilled then, creating a great force of Reconciliation in the heart of people.


 Without a doubt, also the great and terrible day of the Lord would have been announced and the great and terrible Fourth Generation would have come then, purifying the earth of sinners of every sort. For the prophetic warnings of what was coming is an integral part of the prophecy; if the Reconciliation is accomplished, also the Great Day will be announced, not that in virtue of the Reconciliation, that Great and Terrible Day of the Lord would be annulled. The world was filled with evil-doers and enemies to humanity. On the contrary, only if the Reconciliation had been effected, would there be merit to know beforehand what was coming and to prepare for it. The second part of the prophecy, on the other hand, ‘lest I come and smite the land in anathema’, had there been merit, could have been annulled, in which case a great blessing would have descended on all Israel instead of such a dreadful decree.


All such hypothetical possibilities are only for understanding, but in the long run they are very far from the reality of Israel in its historical epochs. They are ‘ifs’ for studying what Israel loses when it demonstrates hard-hearted attitudes towards God and towards people. They can be hypothesized because the God of Israel rewards it with great blessings if they merit, as are the promises in the Torah. That merit depends on free choice and if free choice had been used to choose that which is right, everything could have gone differently, in a positive way. Had the son of King Solomon listened to the elders, reducing the taxes of the Ten Tribes, the Kingdom would have remained unified and the rest of history could have radically changed in beneficial ways. If the Jewish people had listened to the Prophets and took them seriously for the holy words of God received by them, there would have been no reason for Malachi to be the last Prophet. And if prophecy had continued, so too the closeness of God’s guidance would have brought Israel to further heights in their spiritual and physical life and a totally different history. If Israel, in the time of the Second Temple, would have been inspired as it should have been by the miracles of Hanukah in the war against the Hellenists, and they had returned to God with a true heart, all history could have become positive.


So too, hypothetically only, if Israel had been sincere, honest, charitable, and loving towards others, that Messianic Mission of salvation could have come in a clear manner, within the framework of the prophesied Reconciliation; the Temple would not have been destroyed and the people of Israel not dispersed among the nations into exile. That didn’t happen and the result was that a Messianic Mission had to come in a completely different manner, unfortunately, in that negative ‘Lest I come’ etc.

The point is that these ‘ifs’ hardly answer to the reality of the Jewish people in most epochs. Indeed, after the 4000 year redemptional course, which concludes with the end of this Final Fourth Generation, we must conclude that it is God’s Design of history that determines, in the long run, the Historical Pillars upon which the Three Exiles and the Three Redemptions, within the time framework of 4000 years, is that which it had to be. Thus the Messianic Mission of Yeshua whom the Completed Signs designate as the Second Man of the Redemption, is an essential Pillar in God’s Design of the Redemption. It had to be for the many purposes without which the Final Redemption could not have found its place in the world.


It was the Redemptional Mission before the time of the Redemption. It was the Mission announcing the Kingdom of Heaven before the Final Time of the Kingdom of Heaven. So too was it not the time of the Final Sign of the Resurrection. Jesus’ words were prophetic in announcing the coming of the ‘Son of Man’ who brings with him the ‘glory’ of the Kingdom of Heaven at a future time in history. Notice well that he is called the ‘Son of Man’, not otherwise. It was the Mission that came for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, but there was as yet no Christianity to become a Refuge for them, as explained by us at length. In time, by God’s Providence, Christianity became that primary Refuge for the House of Israel, but not the Final place of their salvation because Christian theology doesn’t permit a complete salvation.


It becomes, therefore, a primary objective of the Final Redemption to seek out the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Actually we never distinguish in our searching between the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and the people of all nations. The first Redemptional obligation, however, is in the fulfillment of the prophecy of Rachel’s bitter tears and of God’s consoling promise to her that her sons will come away from foreign lands and will reenter into the confines of the true faith of Israel, a faith which now includes the true redemptional history of the Messianic Mission of Jesus and all the new Testimony and writings of the Final Redemption. For these Lost Sheep who have become Christians, for whatever level of the Christian faith they live, if they are still attached in some way to their Christianity, have immense love for the person of Jesus. The image of Jesus is in their hearts and they are inspired by the words of Christ.


It is thus for these reasons mentioned that God’s Design of the Universal Redemption contains in the Final Redemption the very special revelation of the truth of that Messianic Mission, this time in the true monotheistic faith of Israel. This is the great joy that those souls are waiting for. Therefore, as we saw in Giuseppe’s dream, the rabbi, becoming feminine to symbolize Rachel, mater nostra, cries for the time lost, centuries, in not having searched for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. The dream then gives over the prophetic injunction that the time has now come that Jews are obligated, if they wish to fulfill God’s will, to correct Christianity, to search for the Lost Sheep. This time has now been opened because the Completed Signs furnish all the true explanations of that incredible and sacrificial Mission.


Noda’s dream, as said, comes to show that Jesus was born under the Star of Malchitzedek. His birth, in this dream, is correlated with that Star. The Star of Malchitzedek could itself be called the Messianic Star. Malchitzedek is the King of Shalem; he represents a Messiah who is Complete, and in his completeness he is also a Priest to God on High. Two other names of this Star: Star of the Anointed King and Star of Gold, Incense and Myrrh (representing the Law of God, Prayers to God, Good Actions before God). Another name is Star of the King of Justice indicated by the name Malchitzedek – my King is Justice. It is also the Amazing Messianic Star which perpetrates amazing things to the one born under it.

Also King Solomon, who was the Messiah, son of David, was born under this Star, at the thousand year mark in its course. He became, in fact, the Messianic King of Jerusalem (King of Shalem). He was himself not a Priest but he had the Temple built with the orders of Cohanim and Levites established. Also the nation was complete in his reign and the Israelite nation was known and renowned among the nations and the name of King Solomon was famous in the world of that time. His name itself SHLOMOH is the same root of SHALEM (Complete) as it is also the root of SHALOM (Peace). Under King Solomon the Kingdom of Israel unified all the Tribes of Israel and Israel was at peace with the other nations. Tradition calls him Melech she-ha-shalom shelo - King of whom Peace was his.

With all the rest of Israel’s history after the separation into two kingdoms (at the time of Solomon’s son and for the bad choice he made), it is somewhat hard for us to imagine the stature of Israel, with the Temple standing at Jerusalem, a Kingdom respected and feared by the other peoples around it and far from it. That moment of unity and peace of the Temple and the Priesthood that unified all Israel was historically just that, a ‘moment’, an incredible, exceptional and singular but short-lived moment in the history of Israel.

Unfortunately, the very strong Messianic Stellar Fluxes of the Star of the Anointed King on King Solomon, together with his riches, his fame, his horses and his women, went to the King’s head, as if to him was the God-given right to have and to do everything he might desire. In a word, he completely lost the previous humility for which he had been loved by God and given to be the Messianic King of Israel. This is the truth; King Solomon fell into subtle traps of arrogance believing himself the great Messianic King who had built a House for God and reigned in peace over the Great Chosen Nation of Israel. That’s why the Tzadik Haim loved so much the story of the poor widow who because in her mercy she knitted a heavy garment to cover her neighbor, a poor elderly woman who was cold, was so loved by God that she obtained in the other world a higher station than that of King Solomon.

Let this also give us insight into the Goel Haim’s announcing: This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility. If, under this Star, there is true humility, it will be the Messianic Star of Justice. If, under this Star, humility is lacking, that Messianism will become deviated and pushed into false directions. This is because the person under it will see himself at the center of the universe and this will make him fall into error unless he is so inwardly inculcated with the virtue of humility that it saves him each time such a central universal vision is felt by him.

Thus the Goel Haim affirms that the Messianic Star of Christ, in the case of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, was upheld by his humility. – Also his sacrifice was proof to this and he did not open his mouth to complain, but as an innocent sheep brought to his slaughter.

Stellar-wise, at King Solomon’s time, the Star of Malchitzedek, a thousand years in its two thousand year cycle, was at its furthest point from the earth. In some ways, this was compensated by the still relative closeness of the Star of Abraham, only one thousand years away in its 4000 year cycle. If one thinks of the position and the great privileges bestowed on King Solomon, he had every reason in the world to make himself truly humble before God and to serve Him, not as all other Kings, but as the Messianic Envoy who elevates the people in God’s laws and who refines people’s heart in the ways loved by God. Had King Solomon remained humble, his wisdom would have been awakened to do such but he became taken up, instead, by his prestige, his wives and concubines, his horses and his riches.

Perhaps the Star of Malchitzedek in that epoch, being at its furthest point, operated for the Completeness in every material way. Also Malchitzedek was a King, and it may be presumed that his reign in Salem was ‘complete’ unto itself and that nothing lacked. In the case of Malchitzedek, however, his position as king and all the rest that goes with being king, did not interfere or diminish in any way his being a Priest to God on High. This is sure proof to his humility as a person, inside himself before God Almighty in all his thoughts. It is therefore a truth to conclude that the Messianic Star of Malchitzedek came in virtue of his humility.

At the time of Jesus, this Messianic Star was again at its starting-point position. The Star of Abraham, on the other hand, was at its furthest point in its 4000 cycle. For it must be well understood, as the Goel Haim is teaching us from the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, that stellar-wise, the Messianic history that will evolve from the Star of Malchitzedek depends on its position in relation to the Star of Abraham. The Torah closes in, so to speak, on the ideal Messianic and Redemptional position of those two Stars to teach us extremely important lessons to be understood at the time of the Final Redemption. This is because the relationship of the Star of Malchitzedek and the Star of Abraham, hidden in their famous meeting by the Dead Sea, contains in it the eventual relationship between the Goel, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, and between the position of Anointed Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. This is the Messianic Position of the Messiah Priest (Cohen tzedek).

The New Messianic Priesthood, in the House of Prayer, is extended from the Altar of the Anointed Priest to the Anointed Priest of the Altar of Malchitzedek. The Anointed Priest position is a purely Jewish one, the Anointed Priest must be a born Jew fully versed in Jewish Tradition. The Anointed Priest of the Altar of Malchitzedek is not Jewish but of the Nations (the Altar for women of the Nations is called the Altar of the Nations).

Thus we understand that Malchitzedek, Messianic King and Priest to God on High, represents the Redemptional Means by which the Blessing of Abraham, father of a multitude of nations, can be extended to the nations of the world. Thus the Star of Abraham which is ten times greater in every way compared to the Star of Malchitzedek (alluded to in the words, ‘and he (Abraham) gave him (Malchitzedek) a tenth of all’), in order to fulfill its own position as Father of a multitude of Nations, in the same, pure monotheistic Faith of Abraham, as was Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High, needs to be united with the Star of Malchitzedek. The Star of Malchitzedek is thus the Universal Messianic Star required for the Final Redemption which is Universal, for all people from all nations.

The great novelty is that also the Priest of the Altar of Malchitzedek is ‘Anointed’. Since we are, for the sake of study only, associating ‘Anointed’ with ‘Messianic’ because the word Messiah means Anointed, there is now a Jewish Messiah Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest and a non-Jewish Messiah Priest on the Altar of Malchitzedek. Oiy gevalt geshrigen, I hear the rabbis scream. Yes, but the rabbis don’t know how the Blessing of Abraham can be extended to the nations, an absolute necessity for the Final Redemption!


The Prophet Zachariah received prophetically[10] (that in the Final Redemption, that perfectly balanced relationship between the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek, related in the Torah, becomes the relationship between the Final Goel, in the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread on earth. In the House of Prayer, the Signs of the Donkey are on the ‘Altar of the Great Israel’. It is called Great Israel because it’s the Donkey’s job to extend the Final Redemption in the world and also to find those who wish to become Donkeys. The Altar of the Great Israel, therefore, is not exclusively for Jews and all those who work for the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread are part of the Altar of the Great Israel.

The Head Donkey, however, must be Jewish and knowledgeable in Jewish Tradition, because this position represents, quite differently than anyone expected, the Sign as received by Solly Kamkhaji in his dream in which the Tzadik Abuhhatzera says to me (Peretz), “Ah, you then are the Donkey, Messiah, son of David”. – It is thus the position of the first or Head Donkey who eats Bread which fulfills the ‘Messianic’ Role of the Messiah, son of David. Hee-haw, hee-haw. Therefore this Altar is also one of unction (but not of a Priesthood). The Donkeys anoint themselves with Oil. Also this unction thus excludes none, Jew and non-Jew alike. This is alluded to in Zachariah’s poor Tzadik who, however, does not ride only on one donkey, but both on a donkey (hhamor) and on a young, forest (or wild) ass (ayar). There is no one Donkey upon whom the Goel rides but on all Donkeys of the Redemption, even young and wild ones.



Chapter 7


The position of the Head Donkey on the Altar of the Great Israel corresponds to the Messiah, son of David, in the Messianic Order of the Essenes, also referred to as the Messiah of the Wars of God between the forces of good and the forces of darkness. In the Final Redemption, this, most essentially refers to the New Law of the Final Redemption and wars of words against the falsehoods of idolatrous doctrines and of the many categories of evil which must be destroyed. That is most essential because it comes first. The Final Redemption can be received and fulfilled only in the context of the true faith. At the same time the Donkeys announce the Coming of the Goel Haim and the Completed Signs and all the great testimony of the truth of the Final Redemption. The Donkey eats the Bread of the Final Redemption, digests it, and then prepares ‘Messianic’ Bread for all people. I, as Head Donkey, and the Donkeys and White Horses together, have prepared this Messianic Bread which here means the Bread containing the Messages of Salvation.

Also this position needs the accompanying Star of Malchitzedek who brings out bread and wine. There are two levels of this Bread and Wine, one is of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek and the other is for the writings of the Book of the Rose. Since the Donkey has to write quite a bit, he needs a lot of help from the Redemptional Stars because the writings of the Final Redemption are the testimonies and teachings that must be written in the Stars of the Redemption so as to have their realization in the world, as those Stellar Cycles unfold.

The Stars of the Redemption, however, are enormously great and potent Stars, also proven by the length of their redemptional cycles, first of all by the Star of Abraham the redemptional stellar cycle of which is four thousand years. In any case, here’s the Donkey’s problem: I’m a small, little Donkey. How can I get those tremendously enormous and potent Stars to speak to me?

Well, actually and first of all, the Goel Haim sends redemptional and prophetic dreams to the Donkeys and to the White Horses and they contain the Signs and the information on the arguments that must be written about. The interpretation of the Signs and Messages is my responsibility because I’m the Head Donkey and the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim. But I am not the ‘Messiah’ and not a ‘Sage’ - I am the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim and I received Torah from him for thirteen full years. I thank God Almighty every second of my life for that unique and exalted privilege.

So together with all my many studies with the Tzadik Haim and with the Signs, Information and Prophecies pouring down at the hands of the Goel Haim, from the Kingdom of Heaven, in dreams to the Donkeys, you might conclude that it shouldn’t be so hard for me to get the Redemptional Stars to talk to me and help me explain things. But it’s hardly so cut and dry as that. I must formulate them all into clear texts accessible to all. Not only, these writings themselves represent the ‘messianism’ of the Final Redemption. They are also part of the New Clear Language prophesied in Zephaniah. So too that New Clear Language, which in essence, is the New Language of the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs, is itself ‘messianic’. Through it, salvation is reached and the nations will eventually rally to its truth and understand the new reality to which it conduces, until the nations, coming by way of it to the true faith, will enter the House of Prayer for the Nations and will invoke the name of God and will serve Him in a united Congregation.

I need, first of all, help from God Almighty in a million ways. I need immense help from the Teacher Haim who sees and directs every question of the Redemption on earth. So too I need help from the Stars of the Redemption because they are the New Pillars of the Universal Redemption that is coming to reside in the world and I am blessed by the Tzadik Haim to put every matter in writing.

Something, however, is still missing in order to accomplish this work. It is alluded to in a hidden manner, as mentioned, the Star of Malchitzedek receives a Tenth of the Star of Abraham. This alludes to the quality of that Star to receive a Tenth from the other Stars of the Redemption. So catch this: if the Donkey is eating the Bread of the Final Redemption, where is the Furnace in which the Bread is Baked? Ah, dear friends, make no mistake, that Bread is eaten by the Donkey in the Bakery Shop where the Bread is Baked.

The Bakery Shop is the House of Bread, as the very name Bethlehem, Beit Lehhem, the House of Bread.

This is the importance of the fact that the Star of Malchitzedek receives a tenth from the Star of Abraham and then from the other Redemptional Stars. The Furnace of Bethlehem is found in the Star of Malchitzedek and it’s from that Star that the Donkey eats his Bread and so is he able to digest it well because the enormity of each Star is reduced to a tenth in it. And such is the Messianic and Redemptional Bread that can go out for all people.

All then can now understand as well the Messianic Sign of the Star of Malchitzedek that placed itself over the newborn Jesus, in a stable in the city of Bethlehem. Jesus was destined to eat of and to digest and to speak out the Messianic Bread of that terrible, incredible and historic time. Noda’s dream comes to affirm definitively that Jesus was born under the Star of Malchitzedek and was thus destined to become the Christ of the Nations. Jesus was born, figuratively, with the Messianic Tunic on his back, without birth-blood and with a certain natural inclination from birth for ‘completeness’, a completeness of faith, character and humility necessary for fulfilling that mission to which he was destined.



March 23, 2009 Fara Gera d’Adda, Bergamo


A letter to Magdi Cristiano Allam

After reading Grazie Gesu

As a friend I write this critique, a friend who has great respect for your ideals, your courage, your quest for liberty, and your justified hatred against the fanatic, militant, violent and closed-minded Islam that it has become in their hands. They have truly brought Islam down to its lowest level.

I also have immense respect for your defense of Israel’s prerogative to exist and your courageous battle to rectify all the parameters in this matter that have been so distorted. Indeed all distortions stem from negative attitudes towards the Jews and towards Israel. Notwithstanding all Israel’s mistakes, throughout history I mean, God Almighty is the sole Judge of his chosen people Israel and history itself is witness to God’s punishments on the Jewish people for its sins. But as a loving Father who must punish his son for his misdoings, the Father’s love for his son does not diminish and He desires only the good and right way for him. The same Father, however, who has taken upon Himself to punish his son, hates to hear rebukes against him from others, and He warned all peoples ‘Who blesses Israel will be blessed and who curses Israel will be cursed’ and ‘Whoever praises Israel receives a sanctification’.

On a moral level, I can understand your conclusions against Islam. Amor vincit. Love must be preached, not hatred. A religion that teaches hatred to other people is against the true teachings of God Almighty. ‘And thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself’. And ‘you must love the stranger (also in the sense of convert) for you yourselves were strangers in the land of Egypt’. Just this verse itself is worth meditating on for a few years, no!

The Islam of today, not having arisen to combat every form of terrorism and fanatic Islam, and thus becoming associated with and accomplices to it, has brought evil on itself, bringing the Koran down with it, making it become every day more hateful in the eyes of the world. I can thus well realize how Islam itself has become hateful in your eyes. Notwithstanding the many true teachings of faith that it contains, if Islam uses that faith to spread hate and to promulgate Jihad against the world of infidels, that most certainly is against the will of God and those who pretend to do so in the name of God render it a thousand times worse before God and before non-Muslims.

Even the monotheism of Islam, which is its most essential tenet, doesn’t help if false ideas are taught in its name. It isn’t simply the monotheistic faith that counts. Judgment on the faith includes everything taught in the name of that faith, God’s laws, His miracles, His intervention in history, the proper morality, the proper behavior, more than all a good heart filled with love for others. Thus the First Commandment is not ‘I am the Lord, your God, Creator of the Heavens and the earth’ but ‘I am the Lord, your God, who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage’. That God is the One and only God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, was already fully part of the Tradition of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and maintained by the Tribe of Levi, the only Tribe in Egypt not to be enslaved. The First Commandment came to teach the other many aspects of the faith.


Islam, however, will not become nullified. Many things will happen in the years to come and false mentalities will be broken. I heard a young moderate Islamist, a University Professor, I believe, interviewed on the O’Reilly Factor of Fox, explain that all those negative Jihad affirmations in the Koran must be understood and taught as historical affirmations relating to Mohammad’s various wars and battles and not as ‘eternal commandments’. This, according to him, will eventually come and will change the Muslim vision and mentality.

I can well understand your not wanting to wait for it or even your not believing it, knowing the crusts of hard-headedness and of the non-reasonability that characterize most Muslims in questions of faith as well as the thick ignorance of most Muslims concerning history, always left enigmatic in the Koran itself and propagated by the false interpretations of those who teach hatred and propagate ignorance. This makes it a thousand times harder to break down the crusts.

Your framework of reasoning is for now and in the near future. You have chosen love over violence. You have reneged Islam mainly on this basis; and since violence and inhumane attitudes and totally intolerant dispositions have been given their ‘justification’ as being taught by the Koran, you can no longer believe it to be a true religion

Here I begin my critique.


Islam did not come by itself. It is an integral part of God’s Design in bringing the world to its Final Redemption. Also Christianity did not come by itself and it is an integral part of God’s Design in history. Islam too is the realization of God’s prophecies in the Torah to Hagar concerning Ishmael. Many great nations will proceed from him and they will be extended in the world. This great merit, also in merit of Hagar’s faith, was because Ishmael was Abraham’s son, properly his first-born son from Hagar, and Ibrahim Abuna was blessed by God Almighty, in the pure faith of the One and only Creator of the heavens and the earth. So was Ibrahim Abuna blessed by God to become the father of a multitude of nations. Two times in the Torah, God’s prophetic words to Hagar of His blessing concerning the progeny of Ishmael are written in God’s name. There is no other nation in the world, outside of Israel itself, in the Torah or Prophets, to receive such blessings from the Almighty God of Israel.


This must be considered very seriously in contemplating Islam’s standing in God’s Design of the Redemption. The fact that Islam came 2600 years after Avraham, avinu, has to do with God’s Providence in the Historical Design of the Redemption but this doesn’t detract from its essence. Ishmael, son of Abraham, aside from the actual proliferation of the Arab peoples from that time onwards, received historic blessings from God, the realization of which were bound to Mohammad’s formation of Islam. Mohammad believed in the Oneness of God, sole Creator of the heavens and the earth, of the tradition of the Patriarchs and the faith of Revelation. The monotheistic faith of Islam is in principle the exact same monotheism of Judaism.

Thus what I previous said of the fact that the negative attitudes of Muslims render that monotheism nil, does not deny in any way the truth of the monotheistic faith itself, the faith received by Abraham, our father, to give over to a multitude of nations[11]. The errors of false attitudes can be corrected. Even certain errors in the Koran itself can be, and I believe, will be, corrected in the end. This is because Islam itself is redemptional once those errors and falsified attitudes have been demonstrated by a new generation of Muslim’s religious leaders and teachers. The basis is there; all errors can be corrected. One must remember that religion never rides on the written word itself but on those who teach the concepts of those words to the masses.

Islam, I would say, has the good fortune of not being messianic. Mohammad was not Jewish, nor did he feel himself part of the Jewish people. He was an Arab who decided to elevate the Arab peoples, and with them others, to the true monotheistic faith and a new religion. He thought, erringly, that now, with the new revelation of the Koran (most of which I believe was written by Abu Bakr) the Jews would follow him and when they didn’t, he got very angry.


Christianity, on the other hand, is all ‘messianic’ and is therefore totally caught up in the Thicket (svach in Heb. ‘complications’) into which the horns of the Ram, sacrificed in the stead of Isaac, became entrenched. It refers to the 2000 year ‘Messianic Confusion’ between Christianity and Judaism, born with the Messianic Mission and the Sacrifice of Jesus. The Great Confusion is not only between Christianity and Judaism, but is also within Christianity itself and in Judaism itself. The concept of Messiah in Judaism is confused and confusing and every opinion proffered by the Sages only adds to the confusion. Judaism, of course, does not realize yet that the Messiah, son of Joseph was Jesus, or that he was the prophetic Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead or that he was the suffering servant who carried the sins of his people or that he was resurrected etc.

This may not be properly called confusion because Judaism has never been confused about Christianity. The theology of Christianity is idolatrous by all the parameters of idolatry given in Tradition, such as the Divinity or Deification of a human being, a Divine Trinity, the Association of a person (or anything else) with God etc. Since the person of Jesus was closed into the context of Christianity and Christian Theology, it was impossible for any Jew to contemplate a true Messianic Mission on the part of Jesus.

Not properly confusion, then, but most certainly a ‘complication’ and by this I mean a true, historic complication which must be resolved for the sake of the Final Redemption. For it must be understood that the Three Monotheistic Religions are the Core of the Final Redemption because these recognize the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the redemption of Israel from Egypt and the Revelation at Mount Sinai. The other nations with other religions are still completely removed from the true Tradition.

It is thus impossible that these three religious bodies not find complete unity in the end. This means in turn that the Revelation of the Final Redemption must reveal the Prophetic Keys which open the gates of comprehension to effect that Unification.

Mohammad was also a religious strategist. He sought ways to bring both Jews and Christians into the Islamic fold by an interpretation of Jesus’ Messianic Mission in such a way which, he believed, would, or at least should, satisfy both Jews and Christians. Having adopted the true monotheistic faith, he knew perfectly well (and he himself believed) that the Jewish people would never accept the Deification of a man. Never! It was against the Second Commandment and against all Jewish Tradition. It was thus equally against the monotheism of Islam. On the other hand he lifted Jesus up as a close Prophet of God and a Messenger to teach God’s ways.


Mohammad thought in terms of Islam’s being the ‘Third and Final Redemption’, having in it all the roots of the Jewish Tradition, and at least the Main Pillar of Christianity, the faith that Jesus was sent by God for that prophetic mission. Thus Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. So he hoped in his previous years, before they refused and inflamed his anger, especially against the Jews. But he also reasoned that the fault lay in the fact that there were still too many Arab peoples practicing idolatrous cults and this gave him tremendous force to either convert or to kill those ‘enemies’.

The Redeemer or Messiah, however, must be Jewish and of the Tradition of Israel. Salvation comes from Israel and not from any other nation. Mohammad was the Messenger for the Arab peoples and for those who would take on Islam as their religion. It was not for the whole world, as he thought, and no other nation or religion can substitute or ‘go above’ Israel. This is true Torah and these are the promises of God which are eternal. Also Jesus firmly established this in his teachings, but the Church etc. etc.

The Church and all Christian theology do not represent the teachings of Jesus. Jesus’ words, in truth, allowed for no deification, no Trinity, no Logos that turned the true Theology of the One Living God upside down, and no beatification for a virgin-birth that never happened. His teachings, unfortunately, were not taken for what they say but rather for what the Church wanted to say. Jesus said clearly, ‘flesh generates flesh and spirit generates spirit’. And when criticized by the Pharisees for speaking blasphemy in declaring himself the son of God, he answered with such a clarity that one needs only to understand his words, ‘Is it not written ‘You are children of the Lord, your God’ and ‘My son, my first-born, Israel’! (or in Psalms, ‘ye are God (ELOHIM)).

I am the ‘son of God’ as you, the children of Israel, are the ‘sons of God’, NEVER to be taken in a literal sense. Taken literally it is blasphemous and idolatrous! Taken in a figurative sense, indicating the essential closeness of Israel to its Father in Heaven, it is Torah. It was part of Jesus’ messianic role to re-teach the Jews to be Children of God. Therefore he chose this terminology for the fulfillment of his messianic position and declared himself the ‘son of God’.

So too, ‘I am not come to deny Torah and Prophets but to fulfill (or complete)’.

No man is God, just as nothing else in the universe is God. Only the One Living Creator of the universe is God. This is the only true theology and any other theology deviates from the truth and is false. This truth is universal and is the only truth that will reside in God’s Design of the Final Redemption.



Therefore the differences of the Corrections are large. Judaism will be reformed but the Synagogue remains. Muslims (and certain aspects of Islam) will be reformed but the Mosque remains. The Great Correction of Christianity corrects and explains the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, separating the true Jesus from the false theological Christ; the Church will not remain in time. And when Jesus re-becomes a human being in his messianic service to God, and his true Messianic position is established, Jews will come to understand Isaiah 53 and the entire world will change.

Jesus was the Messiah, son of Joseph, of Jewish Tradition. He was the Sacrificed Ram in the place of Isaac. He was the suffering servant of God. He was the Messianic Lamb who helps take away sins. Great is his place in the Design of the Redemption and great was his humility and great were his merits. Theological Christianity took all merits away from him, proclaiming him ‘God’. For the Redemption does not come for God, and God Almighty does not gain ‘merits’ for His works. God is praised for His marvelous works but ‘merits’ come from the worthy and meritorious actions of the human race, in the force of how they use their free-choice. If you call Jesus God, you are disowning him from all merit as a true servant of God and you are associating God with ‘another god’ which is forbidden by the true Law of God.


Therefore, dear Magdi Cristiano Allam, because of my positive and sincere love for you as a person of sound and important ideals and as a courageous soldier in fighting for those ideals and as a true friend of Israel, it was very difficult for me to see you leave Islamic Theology which is monotheistic and which doesn’t falsify Jesus’ value in God’s selection of His servants, and to become fully immersed in the perfectly idolatrous theology of the Catholic Church.

Please excuse me if my words have caused you any displeasure, and please do not think that I am judging you. Judgment is God’s prerogative and no one can tell Him how to judge because no one can see and know what He sees and knows, and that which is hidden is nine times more than that which is revealed. I therefore congratulate you for your happiness and for your breaking with violence and with a falsely interpreted Koran while embracing the ideal of love, tolerance and the freedom of thought. It would be a pleasure and privilege for me to meet with you. I’m an American citizen, born in Newark, New Jersey, 1945, and I live now in Bergamo and have been living in Italy, for the most part in Milan, since 1969.

My sincere best wishes

Paul Green

The Donkey with Three Eyes, for Jews, for Christians and for Muslims, who eats the Bread of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel Haim, born at San'aa, Yemen in 1914, died in Milan in 1982.

Responsible for Sefer Mishnat Haim or The Book of the Rose which contains more than twenty books (all unpublished), some in Hebrew, some in English and some in Italian, as yet unpublished.



Chapter 8


Here I tell you of the Stars of Abraham and Malchitzedek. In this moment, however, April 1, 2009, it’s the Rosh Ha-Shana, the New Year of the Stellar Calendar of Leviathan, the year 3962, this the first day of the Month of the Bird Resurrected.

For you see, dear people, we are the first to have this New Calendar and the names of the New Months. They are pretty happy names at that, just listen to their sounds: The Resurrected Bird, the Battle of the Fish, the Weights of the Donkey, the Illumined Turtle, the Kingdom of the Giraffe, the Star of the Project, the Refuge of Armadillo, the Lake of Salt, the Valley of Mercury, the End of the Minute, the Heavenly Perfume, the Lion’s Den, and the Beauty of Gan Eden.

Well, OK, the Battle of the Fish is quite a war; the Weights of the Donkey are quite heavy; the Refuge of Armadillo is quite a restricted situation; the End of the Minute is very frightening but all the rest are extremely happy. And then the Battle of the Fish is very felicitous once you have won; the Weights of the Donkey are heavy for the Donkey but are all pleasure for those who receive them; and the End of the Minute helps us get things done in time which is a very good thing. But we can’t get out of the Refuge of Armadillo until the end of the Day, so of happiness it’s only in the future. Nevertheless, also The Refuge of Armadillo has its Shabbat because it’s the Seventh Mazal from the Battle of the Fish and the seventh mazal from the Beauty of Gan Eden.

And I, dear friends, am the Peretz who announces the coming of the Goel Haim Resurrected. So the Mazal of the Resurrected Bird takes me in friendship.

As first pupil of the Tzadik Haim, I explain (on the basis of Sefer Milhhamot Ha’Shem of Yihhye ibn Shlomoh Elgafeh) the terrible sin of the doctrine of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar and formulate the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, the Official Excommunication from the Torah itself which cuts off forever the Book of the Zohar and every form of false Kabbalah that derives from it; so does it excommunicate the false messianism of Habad and the School of Kabbalah at Jerusalem in the name of Ashlag and then, of course, the entire false theology created in Christianity by the false doctrine of the Logos which falsely and idolatrously deifies a man of flesh and blood. So I suppose, in the eyes of the Fish of this Battle, he sees that I’m doing my best.

As for the Weights of the Donkey, well, I try to do my best. I get under the Donkey-Titles as much as I can and the Donkey likes that and comes down to earth. Therefore, I think the Mazal of the Donkey’s Weights is happy with me; just think of a few Donkey-Titles and ask yourself if it’s easy to carry their Weights: the Donkey, Messiah son of Joseph (in the Great Correction of Christianity), the Donkey, Messiah son of David (in the Great Reform of Judaism), the Donkey with Three Eyes, one for Jews, one for Christians and one for Muslims, the Donkey of the Stars, the Donkey of the New Firmament, the Donkey of the Rose which is also the Donkey of the Thirteen Petals of Sefer Mishnat Haim (or the Book of the Rose), the Donkey Meshullam of the New Rite, the Donkey of the Altar of the Great Israel (which is the Altar of the Donkey and others.

And what about the Illumined Turtle, does he like me too? Well, I’m always trying to be a friend of his and I love his marvelous lights; I need only to go much slower and then I’ll see his happiness with me. Nevertheless, the words that he helps me formulate are very illuminating and that’s what really counts. For others will go even slower than I and will be illumined by the concepts of those words. For sure, then, he likes me as well.

As for the Kingdom of the Giraffe, that’s quite a hidden one, with his head in meditation on the Kingdom of Heaven. Nevertheless, when I get into position with the Long Star of the Final NUNE, the Giraffe’s Long Neck lifts me up as well. I imagine that in such a way he demonstrates his affection to me. Not too much can be spoken, however, for such is the calling of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Oh, and there’s the Star of the Project. Don’t know if you know but there’s a Project and the Great Design of God Almighty for realizing the Final Redemption in the world. There’s a Constellation called the Star of the Project, the 6th Mazal of Big Fish Leviathan. In it is a Global Design of the Redemption in 4000 years and in it is the Composite Design of the Final Redemption in 65 years which will be established for the world of the generations ahead. This Star has in it the Burning Bush on the Level of the Constellations and from it its angel of God seeks out those to send in mission for the Final Redemption. So too does this angel of God help me understand the Design of the Redemption in His Holy name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. So have I explained it in writing for all to understand, if they have faith and believe that all Redemptional History can be found in allusion in this name of God. Therefore I try to be a good Donkey in contemplating the Star of the Project. Hee-haw, hee-haw.

Armadillo, I know you are somewhat annoyed and impatient and I know not yet how to satisfy your desire. We’ll need to know where and how, and I suppose a million dollars will be needed. People will come, God willing, to the School of the Rose and will become part of the Donkey Sign and all together we will accomplish this commandment of God, commandment of the moment for this Fourth Generation, and have our Refuge House built in the place where it must be. Amen.

And you, Great Lake of Salt, I love your water and love your salt and I love Leviatanit who was hidden there. I love the Great New Final Pact that descends from your Eighth Station and I love the SHIN and the HHASH within you. Have I then not tried to be a meditative Donkey on the Altar of the Leviatanit!

Mercury Valley, you deepen my view. I want to go in-depth as much as I can, but your Valley is deep and your visions profound, and your every elevation reveals new ground. I stand in you to see how small I am, so as to reach the humility that elevates man.

Onto the End of the Minute we are coming. We know it but we must know it. It will be the End of this End, for the Fourth Generation is the End Minute of all the past generations, and in it there is every sort of End. We wait for it with trepidation for it is a Day of darkness and suffering for all and only the true faith in God is the foundation of salvation, for God alone will save those by Him desired on that Day.

That Day will come and that is sure and so is it sure that that Day will end and pass, and those who are saved will all know that God was with them to save and protect them. They will all thank God from the depth of their heart, and without their realizing it, all their prayers will become a unified prayer before God Almighty and Heavenly Perfume will extend to all the Heavens and a great sense of peace will descend upon the world.

Then will their spiritual renewal bring them the force to take on the five year period of Reconstruction, from 2042 until 2047. And in that 5 year span, the News and explanations of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim, will go out to Israel and to the Nations and there will be a new understanding of the Marvelous Design of the House of Prayer of Seven Floors and Thirteen Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam. So will they study the Messages and the New Law of the Final Redemption and know that a Lion was in his Den to explain the basic Laws of God to the Nations on the Altar of Malchitzedek, and to explain to Jews the New Law of the Altar of Judah, and to explain to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel who wish to convert to Judaism the New Law of the Altar of Ephraim. Muslims have their Carpet of Islam on the first Floor. This is the House of Prayer in which ‘all will invoke the name of God and serve Him united.

Those prayers and that unity will be pleasing in the sight of God and He will bless again the earth, that it come back to its nature to furnish good health and satisfaction. It will still take time but the time will enter from the Fifth Generation onwards, for April of 2047 is simultaneously the end of the Fourth Generation of 65 years and the end of the period of Yemot Ha-Mashiah of 100 years from the foundation of the State of Israel. From then on God’s blessing will descend upon the world, preparing it for a mankind ready to appreciate the Beauty of Gan Eden. Amen.



President Obama’s speech in London at the G20 Summit, April 4, 2009, was a great success. Even the Queen and Michele put their arms around each other while all England looked on amazed and delighted. Wall Street has soared.

In the meantime, however, the world has become poorer but China has become richer. I have nothing against the Chinese people but China is the great danger of the Fourth Generation and the War of Gog and Magog is in reference to China. I knew this before, directly from the Tzadik Haim.




So listen Jews, Christians and Muslims, do you want to be saved or not! Are you afraid of the Great Day of Justice or not. Well it’s coming, whether you’re afraid or not. I’m being Pesah and Easter with you, you need liberation and you need passion in your faith. I’m riding now an Obama High, but as an un-political Donkey. I’m in a glasnost mood but much more than any Russians ever had in mind.

Oh, you Muslims, don’t think you don’t need liberation. In this moment of history you are the first ones that need to be freed of foolish ideas of the past. Take your jihad and throw it away; not only does it not serve you anymore, it is destroying you inside and outside before God and before all non-Muslims. It’s destroying the Koran in the eyes of the world and if you don’t care about that, what kind of Muslim are you? There’s no more conquering of the world. You are not going to convert the world to Islam. Take what you have and be happy with your portion but it’s not for everybody. God Almighty has made us all different, not so that we all be the same.

Relearn a little history and get smarter than you’ve been ‘til now. You have come late in history. You’re still a young little whippersnapper compared to the people of Israel. If not for Abraham, there would be no Ishmaels and no Hagars. If not for Moses, you would be in total darkness. If not for the revelation at Sinai, you would have no Koran and no Shaaria. You are babies before your elders, and as babies, you haven’t yet learned respect for your parents. In very bad faith do your Imams explain to you with passionate expositions of Allah’s marvelous action in making Ibrahim Abuna the first Muslim. This is where imposed philosophy destroys any knowledge of history.

Put down your Koran for a while, you can take it up later, and read the Bible to know something of history. Lower your heads, as we must all lower our heads, and you will see that you are still a small child without any true knowledge of the past. You must love the Jewish people for without them you have no existence. You raise yourself because of numbers but the God of Israel proclaimed in the Holy Torah ‘not because you are the largest among nations but the smallest, that I have chosen you’.

Get out of the history that they have taught you because it is a covering over your eyes, so that you not know and that you not think for yourselves. But the time has come for renewing the human kind and Jews, Christians and Muslims are in the front line. The time for true knowledge of God’s Design for the other religions of pagan descent comes afterwards; but you who claim and vaunt to be the true one, each with a knowledge of the Patriarchs and Israel’s redemption from Egypt and revelation, go now and take a strong look in the Mirror of History. What do you see? Where have we come? From which Fount has hatred been so extended, within and without, within and without, within and without?!

But Abraham is the father of us all and he would like to see us in a relationship of love and true friendship, for we are all his children. Does a father have pleasure in seeing his children who hate each other or is his pleasure in seeing them united and helpful one to the other. So I may be a very small Donkey but Abraham, our father saddled me early in the morning so that I bring you to Isaac’s alter and Isaac rode on me. At a certain point, however, Abraham said to his two youths, “Stay here with Donkey, and I and the boy will go hither and prostrate ourselves and return”. The two youths represent Islam and Christianity which know of Abraham but they could not see the Binding of Isaac or hear the voice of the angel of God who spoke to him from the heavens nor did they see the Ram whose horns were caught in the thicket and then his sacrifice in the place of Isaac.

Therefore do you not know history except from far. Nevertheless, THE Donkey of Isaac comes back at the time of the Complete Donkey of Jacob, our father, so as to fill you in of what you are missing. At first I cry out to awaken your sense of having been taken in but as you get into true history I lick your errors away and bray with delight for we are all of the same flesh and all filled with errors and lacking.

So too you my fellow Jews, you have the true Tradition and yet there is still much of it that you carry on your backs. Many words of the Torah you have not understood. Look into the Historical Mirror of Haazinu and see what you understand. Most of all, you have carried along the words of the Prophets but how could you read them while they were on your back?

In this you are as a donkey carrying his weights. For this reason the Final Redeemer rides the Donkey who eats Bread, so that you wake up from a long vacation from the matters that matter. Hee-haw, hee-haw, also you are a Donkey, Blind and Deaf servant of God, as I. Have courage, Pesah is at the door. Rid yourselves of all hhametz at first so that you be humble enough to receive the words of a Donkey. You’re all behind the times. Your Three Redemptional Mirrors reflect only what you have seen until now. When the Final Redeemer comes, in his love for saving the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and with them all Israel and all nations, he is filled with enormous power and by himself he slides away the Great Stone on the mouth of the well and gives the flocks to drink.

For true peace does not come until the Final Redemption comes, after the Fourth Generation, but from the moment the Final Goel is chosen by God, the Completed Signs begin to descend with all the messages of the Great News of the New Revelation of the Prophesied History of God’s Design of the Redemption of Israel and of the Universal Redemption. Who knew that it had to come? Jews, Christians and Muslims, I suppose. Who understands what it’s all about? None. Some philosophy you have, some notions, it’s prophetic it must come. Peace, peace but there is no peace. All are at odds with one another. Peace, peace but there is no peace without the Final Redemptional Signs of the Great Reconciliation of the hearts.

So stop being at odds for a moment and let’s try to reconcile ourselves to the New Time that has Come. Remember that the prophecies are not explained; they are given; and even the Prophet himself couldn’t know more than the given words and the vision received; nothing of how, where and when those redemptional and messianic prophecies would be realized in history. So is it for Jews and for Christians. You believe in the Prophets of Israel but your understanding of their words is bound to the past. For you are not more than the Prophets themselves who could not know how their prophecies would become manifest in history. You might want to guess but that is a game and has nothing to do with the truth.

Therefore dear Jews and Christians, get yourselves into a New Prophetic Stance so that you may look back at the prophecies and see how they are realized in the Final Redemption, in merit of the Tzadik and chosen Goel, Haim. Can you speak of any Clear Language, oh, Christians, when all Christian theology is a gigantic thicket of mass confusion? With the Father-God, the Son-God and the Holy Ghost-God that have broken down your mental furniture to conceive the truth of God’s Oneness. That’s the Thicket that the Ram’s Horns got caught into almost 4000 years ago and that’s the Thicket of Jesus’ Destiny to be taken as a Sacrifice in the place of the Isaac Signs of his time. And that is the terrible theological Thicket into which the Ram’s Sacrifice would become enmeshed in Christianity. Only at the end Jesus knew it and in that last moment saw a vision of them deifying him and cried out just before yielding his soul, “My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me”.

Listen, then, Christians, throw off the yoke of Confusion. There is no true reason for confusion. God is One and there is no other. No man is God and God does not become a man. Put your eyes back on, after you’ve broken your Trinity Glasses. Jesus was Jewish. He never attended a Christian Church! Let the dead bury all Christian theology of the past, and come along now and wake up to the true history that has befallen us. If God were the Messiah, how could the Messiah be a servant of God? The Messiah is a servant of God, not God! Break those Trinity Glasses and you will see the truth.

Don’t lift your head up, o Jews, a certain Rabbi, Moses of Leon, some 750 years ago, in Spain, wrote a Book to fool all the Rabbis and Sages. And he did it and it worked. He called it the Zohar, the Book of Great Splendor, and he falsely attributed it to the great Tana, Rabbi Shimon ben Yohhai, of some thirteen centuries previous. Otherwise, who would have paid for it! The first rabbis to whom it was sold at a very high price fell into its clutches and they were so enthusiastic that they forgot to verify its origins or to ascertain any traditional basis for the doctrine of Emanation.

Emanation means that God before creation extended and diminished his Infinite Self into myriad ‘Emanations’ (not creations) finally forming the World of Emanation (Atzilut) above creation. The principle Emanations are the Five Aspects (Partzufim - Faces) and the Ten Emanated Sephirot. All this above and before creation. On that Emanation Level, God is not called Creator but rather Emanator (Maatzil). The Kabbalists call to God by way of these Emanations. Very sophisticated, yea! And in the hands of sophisticated rabbis of the Torah, (especially at Zephat 400 years ago) they entered into the complex and subtle explanations of those Divine Emanations.

So let us applaud and clap our hands, said Satan, you’ve done a great job. In your great credulity you have marvelously destroyed the basis of the faith of Abraham. You have obfuscated the faith of the Torah. You have again danced around the Golden Calf. O for the darkness of those who have remained so far behind in their simple faith in the One Living God, sole Creator of the universe, enthralled in the stupendous lights of the Emanated God-heads. O what sages you are! You have reassembled the burnt dust of that Golden Calf and reestablished it for the people of Israel. Might you not be proud of yourselves, nation chosen to fall into the Great Trap of the End of Days.

It was written in Haazinu but you could not see it. The Yemenite Sage, Rav Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh in Milhhamot HaShem tried to warn you, but you excommunicated his Book and you burnt it, instead of burning the Zohar. You went out to the Cemetery and put ash on your foreheads. You did not know it but it was a sign that you had resuscitated the ashes of the original Golden Calf. Did you not see that idolatrous New Gods were coming, that you would think them God but your prayers would be as sacrifices to demons? New Idolatrous Gods were coming that your fathers and sages had not been able to evaluate. So you took it upon yourselves to explain the great, new, hidden Gods come recently. O what happiness in your New Pantheon, what wisdom to separate them from the base idolatry of the created world. For it is different, you said, these are all Divine Emanations from the One Infinite God, all is One. Oh yes, said Satan, as he danced around you, just this is the one great idolatrous sin that I’ve been waiting for,and you have ingenuously and ingeniously fulfilled Moses’ prophecy. O look out, an evil nation of Amalek, so hated by God that He promised to destroy them totally in the end, has been sent to punish you, Nazi Germany, Goi Naval; read now Haazinu again, after the Holocaust.

Some would like to stone me for my words but I did not write Haazinu. That Goi Naval, an Evil Nation, refers to Nazi Germany was taught to me by the Tzadik Haim, not as an opinion but as an unfortunate truth that would later be revealed. That the sin of Emanation of the Zohar represents the idolatrous New Gods come recently, prophesied in Haazinu, I learned from Rav Elgafeh. His Book was published in Jerusalem in 1931, a magnificently clear exposition of the pure, subtle and grievous idolatrous sin of the Doctrine of Emanation, an attempt to wake the rabbis up and to have them call out their forces to purify once again the fallen faith of Israel. It’s a Book of great salvation, had only it been read and understood. But who might understand or accept the Traditional Reasoning of Traditional Judaism before the Great and Luminous Godly Emanations of the World of Emanation! They burned his Book and the harsh judgment against Israel continued in the Higher Tribunal.

I had to bind the Shoa to its ‘hidden root’ punishment in the Doctrine of Emanation which destroys the true Faith of the entire Torah. For if the faith of Israel is false, then Israel’s existence falls away from its Foundation, God forbid. I myself, as part of Habad, had had to fall prey to this prostitute from which the Tzadik Haim saved and redeemed me. That was in 1969. After the Resurrection of the Goel Haim, in 1982, he ordered me, with great consternation and also impatience with me for not having yet fulfilled my obligation, to write Supplements to Milhhamot HaShem. Rav Elgafeh’s prophetic words on the prophecy of Haazinu had unfortunately found their historical realization of Goi Naval in the Shoa.

The unpleasant burden of revealing the ‘hidden’ sin behind the Holocaust fell upon me and there was no getting out of it. I love the Jewish people. It’s difficult enough to even mention the Shoa. It brings pent up emotions and awakens justified hatred for that evil and cold-hearted nation claiming the superiority of the Arian Race, Goi Naval. Six million Jewish victims killed for the sake of the Nazi cleansing of the human race. I had now to explain the ‘hidden’ reason that so angered God Almighty who allowed it to happen. Who would not be wise and hold his tongue! The reason, however, went beyond this moment of history when the family pains of loved ones remembered is still so close and vivid. We are, nevertheless, the people of Israel and there are certain historical truths that in the end, if unexplained, might damage the faith of some in future generations. The time will come when they will need to understand what really happened on the True Level of Divine Justice.




Chapter 9


Here I tell you again, be careful. We are in a New Time. The Stars of the Final Redemption have come unto their time but their fluxes are still restricted to the Palace of Ester, hidden for now in the Donkey’s Stable. They desire to extend their Redemptional Powers for the world but they are forced to be patient until the Anger of the Fourth Generation has passed. Then they will see their marvels realized in the world. What truly matters now, however, is that their Signs have been received on earth and their names have been revealed, and they are written into the world’s coming Redemption in the Final New Pact for all the future generations. God Almighty does not choose the Final Redeemer twice. It is a one time historical event.


Israel will have to know what happened to us in the past. Where did we go wrong? Where is the Correction? For such is Torah, the Prophetic Format of Redemptional History. ‘Meditate every generation’ it states in Haazinu (binu shnot dor va-dor). Haazinu will have to be understood. What were the New Gods come recently that caused God’s anger to kill us in the Shoa. It cannot go unanswered when Redemptional History comes unto its time. But so will it not go unanswered and without profound reflection what our sins were in those last generations of the Second Temple. God’s House was not destroyed for small misdemeanors. Israel was not sent into a 2000 year exile for some minor sins or for the sins of only a few. We must reach a different level of maturity. The Sages’ answer was ‘sinat hhinam’ – ‘undue hatred’. We must ask, for what, for whom, by whom, how was it manifested. ‘Undue hatred’ doesn’t help our understanding very much.


Remember in all our writings that we are now in the Greatest Convergence of all history. Do not judge one point without understanding the Convergence in which that point is found. In a Convergence there are always seeming contradictions but they are not contradictions, but two or more different levels which give two or more totally different visions of the same happening. God Almighty said, ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not My ways’. We see things on an earthly level without knowing what its end may be. God, Blessed is He, sees the end and places the beginning, and furnishes His Design with all the necessary points that must be accomplished for the sake of Israel’s and mankind’s reaching that end.

This is Torah. Moses, magister noster, wanted to enter the Promised Land and he asked this of God in more than 600 prayers. Moses, in his great humility and in his great love for Israel wanted to be with them together in establishing the Land of Israel. He was worried too that they slide away from the Way in his absence. In that same humility, however, Moses did not realize that his entering the Promised Land would have brought Israel to its Final Redemption in that very early stage in history. God refused him permission and in the end ordered him, ‘Enough, speak to Me no more about this matter’.

Even the eventful reasoning of Moses’ not sanctifying God’s name, in the episode of the waters of Mara, because he touched the rock with his staff instead of only speaking and ordering the rock to furnish water, is given as a justification for his not being allowed to enter the Promised Land. This, however, must be contemplated. Was it truly that lacking level of sanctification on Moses’ behalf that warranted Moses’ ‘punishment’, so to speak, in not being allowed into the Promised Land. And Moses himself reveals in Deuteronomy that he committed that error because of the hard-headedness of the people, diminishing his own responsibility somewhat.

The real matter, however, must be viewed from a higher view. It was not time, and hardly the time, and still very far away from the time of the Final Redemption. This was the true reason for which Moses would not have been given permission to enter the Holy Land, even if that episode had never happened. It was, nevertheless, not desired that it be said that God refused his servant Moses in all those prayers without revealing in the Torah some more concrete reason for that refusal. We cannot say in Torah language that it was an ‘excuse’ for justifying that refusal. We can say somewhat closer in the language of the Teacher Haim that it was a ‘sibah’ – a ‘cause’ which had to be in order to arrive at what had to be. The Higher Tribunal had to show a reason for God’s refusal in the Torah and that lesser sanctification of God’s name was used as a reason. In truth it was a ‘sibah’ because it was not possible that Moses enter at that time.

We were speaking of the underlying sin that led to God’s wrath, God save us, and Israel’s punishment in the Shoa, the ‘hidden reason’ still unknown and thus not understood by the Jewish people. There are, however, other more global reasons for that by far most terrible event in Israel’s history. Some must be studied in depth. It is not simply that the Sin of the Golden Calf came out again in Israel’s history. It had to come out. The actual roots of the sin of the Golden Calf had yet to be purified and to be purified, this time for all future history, it had to manifest itself in its last final stand before being destroyed forever. If it had not come out and was not destroyed, the roots of the Sin of the Golden Calf would still exist and they would eventually manifest themselves in other idolatrous forms. And why were the roots of the Golden Calf not purified completely when Moses pulverized it and burnt it?

The true reason answers to the prophetic ‘New Gods come recently’ of Haazinu, which was not discerned or measured by your fathers, the Sages of Israel, of blessed memory, of the Mishnah and Talmud and Poskim. The Doctrine of Emanation was unheard of to them. There existed no knowledge of a theology of Atzilut. They didn’t have this terminology, as they did for ‘shituf’ (Divine Association, such as ‘God the Father and God the Son) or ‘ribui reshuyot’ (a multiplicity of Reigns, such as the dualistic Force of Light and Force of Darkness, in eternal conflict) or simply ‘elohim ahherim’ (other gods), and others. Divine Emanations, before Creation, intrinsically bound to the Infinite One, would simply be called ‘other gods’. This was true within the framework of many pagan religions but even in them the term ‘atzilut’ (emanation) was not used or known.

In Egypt, for example there was in the Enneadic, 9 gods, a concept that these gods were ‘emanated’ from a higher Infinite God who was, however, not counted nor served nor prayed to. The Tenth god, instead, was Pharaoh himself, the Divine Embodiment of Egypt etc. So too in the Sin of the Golden Calf there was behind it an idolatrous concept of Emanation. Pharoah was considered, in the eyes of the Egyptians, an Emanated Divinity, Divine because he was emanated from the Nine Higher gods. It was this concept of the Mixed-Multitude that brought them to envision Moses as a Divine Emanation of the Infinite God above. Therefore when Moses tarried in descending from Mount Sinai at the end of forty days, they became frantically afraid that Moses, the Divine Emanation that had brought them out of Egypt, would no longer return, and they sought another Divine Emanation that would take his place and walk before them and lead them. It was this that lead to the Golden Calf.

Their idea, however, was not so simple, taken from the sophisticated teachings of Hhartumei Mitzraim and transposed into their situation of having followed Moses and having seen the miracles in Egypt and on the Red Sea and at Revelation. They believed in God but they wanted the Emanation of God on earth. Thus in their thoughts they deified Moses. Therefore Moses broke the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments after seeing the Golden Calf that they had made; if the Golden Calf was in their eyes a ‘Divine Emanation’ and Moses was in their eyes a ‘Divine Emanation’, what then would they make of the Tablets themselves written by the hand of God! Idolatry!

Unfortunately, the Golden Calf had come through the hands of Aaron, Moses’ elder brother and the High Priest of Israel, although he himself did no idolatrous action or had no idolatrous thought. Moses, our teacher, had been brought up in the School of Hhartumei Mitzraim, in the Court of Pharaoh, and he was considered Pharaoh’s son. Therefore he understood the idolatrous thoughts of the Mixed-Multitude, mainly Egyptians, whom he had allowed to become part of the children of Israel, as known in Tradition.

Aaron, of the Tribe of Levi, the only Tribe not to be enslaved in Egypt, knew only the pure and simple faith in the One Living God, as he had received it from his father. He did not understand the idolatrous intentions of the Mixed-Multitude; otherwise he would not have ordered that an altar be constructed and most certainly he would never have said, “It is a Celebration to God tomorrow” if he had realized that idolatry was involved. Also the High Priesthood was given to Aaron. Had he been guilty of an idolatrous act, that wouldn’t have been possible.

Aaron thought that the Golden Calf could be included in some way in serving God. In the Causari, Yehuda ha-Levi explains that the Calf in their eyes, according to the ways of those times, might have been considered as a Temple for God. So too Aaron imagined that the Golden Calf be included in the service to God.

All this is extremely interesting. Only Moses understood the idolatrous intentions of the Mixed-Multitude and we have explained that the basic theological stratification that conditioned their thoughts was ‘Divine Emanation’. The term itself, however, as a theological doctrine, was used by Moses de Leon to create an entire system of Divine Emanations from the Infinite One, in the world of Emanation above Creation. And the rabbis fell into the trap, imagining that such a system of Divine Emanations could well be included in serving God. This is the prophetic meaning of Aaron’s great error, as it came out in history, with the Last Golden Calf of Israel. Aaron thought it could be part of service to God. The rabbis thought that the Zohar and the doctrine of Emanation could be part of serving God. They were both wrong. The Golden Calf and the entire Doctrine of the Zohar are idolatrous and against the true faith of Israel.

Those who actually practiced idolatry and danced around the Golden Calf etc., were 3000, and most of these were of the Mixed-Multitude itself. At Sinai there were 600.000 men from the ages of 20 to 50. Counting women, children and elders there were close to two million people. Percentage wise it’s a fraction. The gravity of the sin itself, however, was so heavy that all Israel was thrown down by it, and lost were the first Tablets written by the hand of God, and the entire nation had to be purified.

So too in the history of the Zohar Mysticism, slowly entering to become enmeshed in Orthodox Judaism and finding its strongest outplay in the Hassidic Judaism beginning some 300 years ago, the actual amount of Jews who have anything to do with the Zohar and all the Zohar-Based Kabbalah is fractional. Most Jews all over the globe have heard the name Book of the Zohar (also in the world now, many millions have heard of it) but they know nothing of its teachings or Doctrine. Nevertheless, since Orthodox Judaism represents the Chain of Jewish Tradition, the fact that it has entered Orthodox Judaism and is considered a Holy Book (God save us), and thus a part of that unbroken and unbreakable Tradition, is fatal to all true Judaism. The cunning Prostitute has furtively entered the camp without revealing her true identity and she captures her victims by day and by night while no one realizes what is happening. So grievous is this sinful and idolatrous doctrine that it undermines the whole Torah and thus the Jewish people, God forbid. When the true idolatrous nature of that doctrine will be understood and the prophesied sin of New Gods come Recently, the reason given in Haazinu for the punishment in the hands of an Evil Nation, then even the Shoa will reveal the most terrible ‘Why?’ of Jewish history.

There are thus ‘redemptional purposes’ in that terrible Convergence of the Shoa. Israel must yet reach the seriousness of the purity of its faith. The sin of Emanation was fatal to the Jewish people because it is fatal to the true Torah itself. The rabbis are still asleep but they will wake up, when they will know that the final chosen Goel of Israel and of the Nations has already descended from the Mountain. For this reason the Tzadik Haim ordered me to write Supplements to Milhhamot HaShem in which I formulated the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, The Excommunication from the Torah, against all that idolatrous doctrine of Emanation and against the false Messianism of Habad. This could not have been done before the Holocaust and thus Rav Elgafeh could not have known how the punishment for that sin in the hands of an Evil Nation was, unfortunately, realized in history.

The Hherem Mi-Deoraita is extremely important because it separates those who have actually fallen into the trap and thus saves the rest of the people. It defines this sin of Emanation in relation to the Four Great Historic Sins, The sin of the Forbidden Fruit, the sin of the Generation of Enosh, the sin of the Tower of Babel and the sin of the Golden Calf. These are explained to correspond to the Four Generations of Idolatry, Fathers, Sons, Third Generation and Fourth Generation, of the Second Commandment. It is a deep Torah study which encloses and excommunicates the Doctrine of Emanation in total conformity to the Torah itself. It’s therefore called the Excommunication of the Torah because it’s the Final Excommunication which is itself contained in the Torah.

The explanation of said correspondence has never been given before. As in all the other many matters of Redemptional Finalizations, only with God’s choice of the Final Goel are they revealed, at which time the Completed Signs begin to be revealed and the world enters into its Final Fourth Generation. Therefore the explanations of the Four Generations of the Second Commandment, in conformity with these explanations of the Four Basic Idolatrous Sins written in the Torah, all against the idolatrous sin of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar, brings the realization of ‘those who hate Me’ up to this Final Fourth Generation. Said explanations, therefore couldn’t have been given previously.


I’ve been speaking of all this to remind all Jews that we should no longer lift up our heads in scorn because of the terrible deification of all Christian theology. We may scorn all idolatry but let us not think ourselves better than others because on doctrinal levels, the slightest change in a formulation of the true monotheistic faith may subtly convince its listeners that it speaks the truth, whereas in truth, it’s a deviation from the top which slowly but surely pushes off course every other level that is under it. The Doctrine of Emanation has pushed off course learned rabbis and even great sages of the Torah in the past 350 years and they have not understood that the very doctrine of Divine Emanations above the world of creation is a purely idolatrous concept. Put then into a suave and mellifluous mystical tone in interpreting verses from the Torah and Prophets, it is poisonous to all reasoning. The first rabbis fell and after them the others, having those first ones to lean on. Taken on faith, they could no longer distinguish true Torah from pure idolatry.

Be then more lenient with Christians even if their situation is completely different than that of Judaism. Going, however, to the roots of their idolatrous error, one need only to go to the Prologue of the Fourth Gospel, to the terribly falsified Word (Logos) that became Flesh in the person of Jesus. This is the Doctrine which is at the top of the entire range of Christian theology and it is totally false. That doctrine, desired by the founders and fathers of the Church, became dogmatic belief, with their acceptance of that Prologue as True Gospel, and when it became an act of faith, there was no reasoning that might contest it. Such is the plight of Christianity.

Actually, the Doctrine of Emanation and the Doctrine of the Word that becomes Flesh and thus ‘God’ in the flesh in this world and hence Christian theology, have points in common. They begin and err at the top. The EIN SOF (Infinite One) too Infinite to make the world has to emanate downwards in emanation after emanation so as to make a World of Emanation the lower part of which can create the world. Satan knew that with Jews who study the Torah, you need real sophistication and very clever lies to fool them. They became tantalized with this false theology. So too ‘In the beginning there was the Word’ starts at the top with a totally false theology. What Word and what Beginning! And what Infinite One who needs emanations to be lowered so as to create the world! This is false! There was no Word in the Beginning. There was God Almighty only. The Torah revealed that He is the Creator of the universe, not the Emanator and not the Word. God spoke and the universe was created. There was no Word in the beginning which became flesh in Jesus Christ. This is poppycock. It has no place and no true existence. So too the World of Emanation does not exist. It is idolatrous philosophy. It has no place and no true existence.

Is there anyone existing in the world who can understand the beginning of Creation or who can understand creation itself! No human brain can understand it or perceive it. We believe in our faith because so has it been revealed to us, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’. You cannot know when and you cannot know how and there is nothing of it that you can actually perceive. If someone tries to understand it, he will only come to error because it is totally beyond that which human intellectual perception can reach. The Lord, our God, has given us the great gift of the faculty of faith because only by way of faith will its truth be received.

I may get angry with the fathers of the Church but Christians in all these generations have had no say in the matter because it was written in the Gospel and they were told to believe every word of the Gospels. Paul, then, had separated them from all the interpretations of Tradition. They could thus not return to the Source to question the Gospel on the basis of the Torah. Christianity was so formed that if you didn’t believe in the Trinity, you didn’t believe in God and in Jesus because you didn’t believe in the Church. That closed the doors of all true reasoning to all future Christianity. Even the words of Jesus, such as his acknowledgement that the Torah and Prophets are true and eternal, or that he relates himself as the ‘son of God’ in the same figurative and not literal way that the Torah declares the children of Israel to be His sons and His first born Israel, could no longer help Christians break themselves away from false theology. The Mother Church knew better!

Even Luther who verbally destroyed the ecclesiastical laws of the Catholic Church and demonstrated their being a farce and in direct contradiction to Christ’s teachings, could not get out of the Trinity or understand the false theology of the Logos that became Flesh in the person of Jesus. Luther could break down the false legacy of Catholicism but he had to remain ‘Christian’ and to remain Christian he had to believe in the doctrine that made one Christian. If not for the Logos, he might well have countered the Trinity and the deification of Jesus in any form, but he didn’t have the force to go against that which was written in the Gospels.

We have also explained on a more global level of the prophesied history of Israel that Christianity could never have come into existence with a correct Torah-based theology; otherwise it would have, in truth, outdone Judaism in which case the Design of the Redemption would have gone off course forever. There thus existed a certain level of tolerance before Heaven. Christianity did not come as a true religion that would last forever; it came in God’s mercy to lift up many previously pagan nations and to have them come closer to the true Tradition of Israel. Previously those nations knew nothing of the history of Israel or of the Bible and they were all polytheistic. They were extremely removed from redemptional history. The Messianic Mission of Yeshua was an incredibly great medicine for those peoples.

Christianity, however, never represented the truth and Jesus himself cried out ‘My God, my God why hast Thou abandoned me’. In that last prophetic moment Jesus saw visions of what the nations would make of him. Nevertheless, the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs that Jesus had were true. The Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ was true. The teachings of Jesus, the authentic ones, were of the true wisdom of the Torah. His Messianic Mission, in fulfillment of the Prophetic Tradition of the Torah (the Sacrificed Ram) and Prophets (esp. Malachi and 53 of Isaiah) was true. That Christianity would be a boon to those nations and at the same time a punishment for Israel was true but it was also true that Jesus’ sacrifice represented a great salvation for Israel in that time, as explained. That his sacrifice was accepted before God Almighty was true. The Signs of his Resurrection were true and it is true that a pre-Kingdom of Heaven was formed for the sake of Christians whose heart was good and who practiced good deeds and led a moral life etc. Jesus was the Second Man of the Redemption and this fact lasts for all times.

All this but Christianity was false and its entire theology idolatrous and it was not destined to remain forever; the Church (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Neo-Protestant etc.) will fall because Christian theology will fall and all the Churches are intrinsically bound to that theology in one form or another. Christians who merit, however, will be saved by way of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim who announces as well the second coming of the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility. The Star of Christ in its second coming corrects Christianity: it destroys all Christian theology and it redeems the true Messianic Mission of Jesus. Those Christians who come to know and to believe in the Completed Signs and in the final Redeemer Haim, will become part of the Altar of Malchitzedek in the House of Prayer.

It may seem that all this would need at least another thousand years of history to become reality but it must be remembered that this is now the Final Fourth Generation of which the Goel Haim gave us the Sign, in that same Sign of the Stars, of the Great Velocity of the events of this generation. From the world outside you can begin to get a feeling of how the events and changes are even now coming a hundred times quicker than before Internet. Things are happening so quickly that people’s minds are boggled by the events, the catastrophes, the terror attacks, the international conflicts, of high level fraud and corruption some of which is being revealed, and right now by the economic crisis. It’s too much to cope with. And we are still in the relatively clement half of the Fourth Generation. It’s even possible to say that these first 35 years are not properly called the Fourth Generation (with this Pesah the 27th year has begun). In 2018 until 2047 is the period truly called the Fourth Generation but the last 5 years will be of Reconstruction or New Construction. In any case, if the velocity of the events is such even now, the velocity of the events from 2018 to 2042 is for us now inconceivable.




Chapter 10



Here I tell you, if you want to hear, already the world is being totally renewed from above and from underneath. The Stars of the Redemption are already on their new course. The Completed Signs and the Final New Pact have already descended to the earth even if only a few Donkeys know of them. The waters from below are behind the mentality on earth; there are good and positive waters and there are evil and idolatrous waters. Now, in the merit of the Goel Haim, and in the power of the Messages written into the Final New Pact, the evil waters are being neutralized and the positive waters are growing more forceful and they are ever coming closer to manifesting themselves. For also the Final Redemption is in its course, but on hidden levels, in the Stars of the Redemption, the Waters below the earth, the Final New Pact in the Palace of Ester, in the Kingdom of Heaven and on many hidden levels of the other world.

Of course it is not to this generation that I speak, unless you are 26 years old or less. These can already feel differences because of the new waters that are stirring from underneath because in them the New Mentality will be born and in their children it will become living truth in the light of the Final Redemption. A small percent of them will be saved but those redeemed will generate long generations after them. The Fourth Generation is the end of the world as it was and the beginning of a New World for future generations. We are in time of that great clash but the real manifestations of the Great Clash will be from 2018 to 2042.

So don’t think yourselves too smart with your year arithmetic; what it would have taken 300 years to do in the past takes now 30 days. That which is coming is unthinkable. So too the Shoa was unthinkable, unimaginably terrible, inhuman, a disgrace to the human race but it happened. It was a decree and it happened. There are, however, hidden necessities in it which will become revealed as history continues. Such is the Sign received by Noda in her dream, ‘It will not be the same for Jews because the Jews have already paid in the Holocaust’. – Also for Israel and for Jews the Fourth Generation will be difficult but much less compared to the nations of the world; the nations have not yet paid for their sins. The ‘Shoa’ of the nations is still ahead. It is coming; from 2018 until 2042 is the Final Fourth Generation for the whole world. Israel will afterwards understand and praise God that it passed the Shoa before the Final Fourth Generation for the world.

Do not be fooled then by the time that doesn’t yet speak. I would wrap you around me at the foot of the Burning Bush of the Final Redemption, if only now you could hear my Donkey-Prophet’s voice. Wake up to the New Reality of Salvation, the Final Goel has been chosen by God, as Moses in his time and as the Sacrificed Ram in his time. The mentality of the world will change with untold rapidity in the children of those whose heart is clean. But the tolerance for Christianity and all Christian Churches at large has come to its end. Every hour that passes renders them more hateful before God Almighty because of the false faith inculcated in them. Liberate yourselves! It’s Pesah.

Why speak I of Christian Churches when Islamic terrorists terrorize the world and are a destructive force of death squads in the midst of free people who want to live in peace? I speak of the churches because false theology cannot go on in history. The terrorists will be cut down and slashed to pieces. Islamic countries that do not establish freedom and democracy will be doomed to poverty and to death. The Islamic world will cut itself into pieces with new genres of civil wars. Islam will be re-proportioned. The concept of Jihad will be wiped out from the Islamic mentality. Non-Islamic people and peoples will no longer be considered ‘infidels’. Muslims will go back to the goodness of their tents and I do not say this facetiously or ironically. Those remaining who teach Islam will impart a high moral standard of tolerance, freedom, love and mercy. Islamic women will come to participate actively in Islamic society and their rights will be respected.

Therefore the Mosques which have now become altars of hatred before Allah and before mankind, will not be destroyed because when the mentality of Muslims changes those Mosques will become altars of peace and good will. This because their belief in the One Living God is solid when their attitudes are correct and judicious. On the first Floor of the House of Prayer is the Carpet of Islam.

I’m sorry to write these things but they are not mine. I’m not a writer of books. I’m not trying to catch you with literary skills which I don’t have. All these have we received and I’m obligated to speak. The Completed Signs come from God Almighty. I am the spokesman for what has been received, a small Donkey in the need to bray; otherwise I’m not given my Bread to eat. And if I don’t eat my Bread, I can tell you nothing. A terrible earthquake struck Italy three days ago, especially in Aquila and the Abruzzi, 250 victims, 1700 wounded, tens of thousands who had to leave their homes and many, many churches destroyed.


The Jewish people is, of course, slower than the nations to change, as Jacob, our father said to Esau (Gen.33:13) And he said unto him: 'My lord knoweth that the children are tender, and that the flocks and herds giving suck are a care to me; and if they overdrive them one day, all the flocks will die.


We are hard-necked also in the positive sense of tenaciousness to the Tradition. So are they hard-necked when they think something is against Tradition. I said above that the Chain of Judaism is of the Orthodox Camp but it must also be understood that Conservative Judaism and even Reformed Judaism have come into being because Orthodox Judaism was not able to satisfy them. Really Conservative Judaism and Reformed Judaism should not be mentioned together in counter position to Orthodoxy. Conservative Judaism is of the Halachic Tradition while it seeks ways, in accordance with Mishnaic and Talmudic Judaism, to lighten many burdens which, it is felt, most Jews find too difficult. Thus also Conservative Judaism depends on the sources of the Torah and Tradition.

Reformed Judaism established itself as a New Form of Judaism the law of which is not to based on Torah or Tradition but decided on jointly by its own Leaders. It thus has very little to do with Conservative Judaism and nothing to do with Halachic Judaism. Nevertheless, the sense of historical and cultural Judaism at its basis has turned it into a large Movement which has saved many thousands of American Jews (especially) from completely losing their Jewish identity. On the American Jewish scene where the force of assimilation is stronger than in any other Country in the world, this Movement has been quite important.

But be not foolish, o Orthodox Jews, and do not think that your place in the other world is higher than that of Conservatives and Reformists. The Final New Pact comes because ‘you have violated My Pact, but I have nevertheless possessed you’. If you think that this concerns the Conservative and the Reformed Jews and not you, I repeat a true statement of a Reform Rabbi that I read: As long as they maintain the Zohar as a Holy Book, they certainly have nothing to rebuke in us. – I agree with him, a hundred percent.

The true fact is that when the Final Redeemer is chosen and the Final New Pact is revealed, all Judaism in existence now, is in a ‘state of violation’ of the Torah’. All are off course in various ways. To abbreviate, however, all that which is revealed and explained in the Final New Pact is missing in them and to reach their fulfillment in the Torah and Tradition they need that which all past history could not provide them with. Big statement, I know, but it’s the truth. Notwithstanding that the Jewish Tradition is the true Tradition, all now are off course and they need the Final Redemption to get back on course.


Also the Passion of Christ was true. Jesus was killed in his Passion for saving the Jewish people which was in a state of great error, not in theology but rather in the roots of the heart. Theirs was not the good heart desired by God and this led them amiss in all that they did while the people, under the Priests and Sages, were left to their suffering. There was arrogance and hearts cold to the suffering of others. There was corruption and egoism and every sort of evil that goes with them. The only place of righteousness was the School of the Essenes.

The prophecy says that we will come only later to recognized that suffering servant and that his sacrifice was for the sake of the Jewish people. We didn’t believe in that Message nor did we believe in any way whatsoever that the arm of God was with him in that Mission. This prophecy is for all times but only now it is resolved. That return with the new understanding of Jesus’ Mission was impossible because of Christian theology.

In merit of the chosen Goel Haim and in the Sign of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ, we have, thank God, totally separated the two things, the Messianic Mission of Jesus and all Christian theology. The resolved ‘mystery’ of John the Baptists’ and Jesus’ part in the School of the Essenes which is essential to understanding the true Mission of Yeshua, had been revealed to me by the Tzadik Haim and has been confirmed in the Final Signs. So too the fact that the Teacher of Justice was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and thus the only one who had ‘access’ to the Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and that he revealed them in the School under the severest of oaths, explains the source of the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs that Jesus took out with him in his Mission. All this we know from the Completed Redemptional and Messianic Signs and it was not known previously. We thus have all the means of confirming the Prophetic, Messianic and Redemptional Mission of Jesus, Second Man of the Redemption.

Also Christians will come to their senses in this same prophecy. The prophecy speaks of a just person, a servant of God, a man who merited to expiate sins from the people of Israel at that time. It is sheer foolishness to think that this suffering servant of God is God. We Jews will come to believe in that which previously we did not believe and we’ll understand that the arm of the Lord, our God, revealed itself to that young and profound and sincere heart of Jesus so as to guide him in the fulfillment of that historic realization of the Sacrificed Ram in place of Isaac, our father. Christians will awaken to what is for them a ‘new concept’: you are actually detracting the merits of Jesus as a true and beloved servant of God if you say that he is God.

Christians therefore will reread this same prophecy with which they have hammered against the Jewish stubbornness for two thousand years, and they will discover that it’s speaking about a man, a human being who served God with all his being and when you come to see how truly ridiculous Christian theology is, you will then understand why Jews could have nothing to do with Christianity for these 2000 years, and your respect for Israel and Jews all over will be greatly incremented.

But when you Christians see that Jews now believe in the Messianic Mission of Jesus and that they recognize the prophecy in 53, they will become filled with love for the new people of Israel whom God has led throughout history in order to bring it to its Final Redemption. When we Jews know that Yeshua was the Mashiah ben Yosef of Tradition and that his sacrifice was for us but it then went out to the nations that became Christian and that the souls of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are to be found in the Christian ranks, we’ll be awakened with the desire to search for and find the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. It’s an overriding mitzvah in the times that are coming because we as Jews are not complete without the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Those are the children of Rachel whose identity was lost but who in the end return to the confines by way of the Final New Pact.


Motzei Shabbat, Hhol ha-Moed Pesah, we went to meet Solly at the house of Abraham and Hadassa at Cassano d’Adda. On the way we were forced to stop the car because a Catholic Priest was preaching an outside sermon for the night before Easter. Only for a minute or so we had to wait until the passage cleared. In the meantime we heard the Priest say: we must remember the Passion of Christ, Christ Resurrected and victory of Christ over death. –


The Passion of Christ, his tragic death on the cross, although I have not seen any sign to speak in the New Rite of the crucifixion except for mentioning the Sacrificed Ram in the place of Isaac for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel, is an Historic, Messianic truth that remains in time. That was the terrible sacrifice that was the testimony of Jesus’ true passion to offer his life for the sake of Israel, demonstrating his true passionate love for God. The Resurrection of Jesus, appearing to his disciples, was the living proof that his messianic sacrifice was accepted before God and the power of that Initial Sign of the Resurrection, together with the Star of Christ on the stellar level, was the force, sine qua non, behind the extension of Christianity.


Also Jews afterwards will become passionate while contemplating the marvels of God’s Design of the Redemption which He hid from all throughout history and while newly understanding that incredible segment of history involving Jesus, his sacrifice, his resurrection, his position as resurrected and the great extension of Christianity in the world.

All Christians love and are passionate about Christ. Afterwards when they will understand that Jesus was a man of skin and bones as every human being, they will come to appreciate the true merits of this servant of God. They will better understand his entire Mission.


So come, Beniamino noster, help me say a few words, for you too were taken as a sacrifice for the sake of the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread, in the prime age of 32.


As a beloved child of God you were taken,

Innocent, sincere, a man of truth,

inner suffering for that truth;

A child’s heart in calling out to his father or mother

For in them he is sure of their love.

Young sacrificed love, the lamb who takes away sin.

God in Heaven above

Profound are Your thoughts

In the Redemption that You desire for your children.


O Jesus, in your last breath

I see the flame of your prophetic essence,

With that last vision at the end of your passion

Your total anguish was completed,

seeing with utter consternation

what they would make of you,

a Divine Marionette

in the hand of its string pullers:

‘My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me!’

That is true and that is bitter history.

But how much, then, did you rejoice

When given permission from Above

To descend and to show yourself

In a new body of the Resurrection.

Who has seen the Contradiction of Life

As your bitter chalice

And your Initial Sign

Of the Resurrection from the Dead!


You are the Passionate one who loves his flocks

And whispers in the ears of salvation

To the meek whose heart is kind

And to the sick you turned with human passion

To show the world that love without deeds

Flies away at the brink of dawn

But passionate comforting of the unfortunate

Is greatly loved by the Almighty God,

Creator of the heavens and the earth.


Who can take you out of the longest night

Yet I saw you rise from the Chalice

In a church’s funeral ceremony

For Domenico Manigrasso

He wasn’t in the coffin but sitting next to me

And together we watched the show

With bitter passion

And when the Priest took up the Chalice of Wine

We looked on with amazement

As Jesus arose from it in full form

And then ascended to heights

Of which his destiny had closed to him

For two thousand years.

Tears of joy arose with him

In merit of the suffering of the Tzadik Haim

And thus the Initial Sign of Yeshua’s Resurrection

entered the Final and Completed Sign

Of the Resurrection of the Dead

In the Resurrection of the Goel Haim.


Not for punishment was your destiny so rough

But your presiding in that Pre-Kingdom of Heaven

Held you down for the sake of the Lost Sheep,

The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

And the Lost Sheep of Judah

And the Lost Sheep of many nations;

With them were you taken up

Every hour of every day

And at the funerals of loving Christians

You descended to say good words.

Wouldn’t it have been better to love only God?

Why was your love for the people so great?

I know your answer: all are God’s children

And to love God in truth is to love His children

And so you taught to act as and to be God’s children.

Therefore have you been loved as God’s beloved child

For the sake of God’s mercy on His children.

Ephraim to Me is a precious son,

The mercy of My inner parts are moved to tears

When Rachel’s love becomes My Passion

To save the Lost Sheep and bring them back to Me.


Wherefore, then, has the night been so long?

But can we of time fathom time

In Him from whom time is only a creation?

All were preparations and tests

For the human heart to grow in.

From adolescence to maturity

there passes a terrible long night

While the majority is lost

To the futility of Satan’s inventions.

Passions stirred up for every profanity

In worlds of uselessness and crude emotions.

And yet that has been your messianic destiny

To search for hearts of gold

In which the love for God

Breaks down the dikes of futile existence

And floods the spirit with new hope

and with a new passion for life.

I love you, Jesus, for the Passion of your death

Awakening so many millions to hope

In your Resurrection.


Such too was my felicity

And that of Domenico Manigrasso

To witness your ascent

From Christianity

 And the return to your roots

In the House of Israel;

Now the millions that you have redeemed

Will follow you in your ascent,

As Domenico Manigrasso

In merit of the Completed and Final Sign

Of the Resurrection of the Final Goel Haim.

All were preparations and tests to grow in,

Now the Time of Mankind’s maturity

Has been Signed into the Stars of the Redemption

And its descent into the world

Is a great ascent

To those whose Passion is in serving God.




Chapter 11




Here I tell you good Christians: don’t be fooled by foolish thoughts, “Ah now these stubborn Jews have finally understood. OK, we were thrown into a false deification but it is a detail compared to our love for Jesus and all that he did. But Jews who for 2000 years rejected him completely have now come to the truth of his Messianic Sacrifice and finally their stubbornness has been broken.”

Well, just let me tell you something in good little Donkey talk: We have not come back to Christianity to find Jesus. We have taken Jesus out of Christianity to find him. And when out of Christianity, Jesus returns to his Jewish essence, as the Messiah, son of Joseph.

As a good Donkey in Jacob’s Signs, I have furtively taken the Blessing of Isaac, my father, while Esau was outside hunting. I dressed myself in a hairy garment perfumed of the field. I once told you, no, that the Donkey in the Garden smelled the marvelous scent of the Tree of Life and Licked its Bark. Is that not then the perfume of the field so loved by Isaac, our father? Rebecca, my mother, pushed me hard. She was very perspicacious and quite prophetic as well, and she knew what she was doing. Isaac, my father, was, instead, blind to Esau’s true character and didn’t see his hypocrisy, respectful in his parent’s sight but committing every sin when not in their presence, even adultery with married women. My mother knew that I was worthy of my father’s blessing and not my brother Esau. And certainly Isaac didn’t know that Christianity would be born to Esau’s portion.

 Esau is Rome and Rome is the Catholic Church from which the greater part of Christianity extended. The Catholic Church is the Pillar of Paul and Peter’s Mission to extend Christianity to the Nations. If Esau represents Christianity and especially the Church of Rome, with more historical hypocrisy within it than any other Institution in the world, Esau also represents the falsified theological deification of Jesus.

The Blessing of Isaac was the Blessing of God given to Abraham and passed on to Isaac, thus the Blessing of the Chain of the Heredity from Abraham and Isaac which with the third Link of the Chain becomes eternal. So important was it that Jacob, our father, receive that Blessing that from Heaven it was so done that Isaac lose his eyesight; otherwise he would have recognized Jacob. It may well be that Isaac, out father, regained his eyesight afterwards, because he still lived many years after that Blessing was given to Jacob and Isaac was alive after twenty years of Jacob’s being in Hharan with Laban the Arameian. But in that period he was blind and he felt himself heavy with age and he thought that his time was coming close. Therefore he decided to bless the heir and complete his obligation of extending the Blessing.

Esau had been born first and thus Isaac considered him the first-born. Esau, as said, was respectful towards his father and mother, and he was also a great hunter who brought delicious meals to his father’s delight. Isaac considered him a worthy son. Jacob, our father, was not a man of the field and not a hunter or a fighter or a searcher of women or desirous of honor. His love was in meditating on the greatness of God, Creator of the heavens and the earth and to contemplate the tradition of God’s Blessing to Abraham and to Isaac, his father. His portion was in the Tent, a Fount of Studying, Meditating and Prayer. Rebecca, our mother saw this and understood.

Isaac, our father, didn’t know, of course, that Jacob had sold those lentils at the extremely clever price of the First-Born Rights and had Esau write such in a document signed by him. After Jacob, our father, received the Blessing from his father, Esau says, that’s why justly he was called Jacob, yaacob, for so has he taken me in these two times, taking the First-Born Right and now taking my blessing.

Good so let’s say ye know all that but what you don’t know is that I, a clever Donkey at times and even a somewhat mischievous and cunning Ass when it’s required, have ‘taken’ back the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs that were behind the great force of Christianity and I have cunningly detached the Blessing bound to Jesus’ Mission from Christianity and sealed it in the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim.

I did it especially in the first six years when the Star of Christ was dealing out ‘Signs’ for the sake of annulling stellar wise the various forms of idolatry of Christianity. What did I do, Donkey that I am? I would move in and out of the Christ-mode while my words formed the Correction. Believe me I saw quite a few things in those first six years and the Brilliance of the Star of Christ in its Second Coming was incredible. It was as if the whole universe was responding to my words and to the Signs made, with me in the center. In those days the Stars spoke, the clouds spoke and the stones that we walked barefoot on spoke to us and asked us to take them for a sign. It was an incredible experience, even for a Donkey, but in that way I was able to perceive the amazing correspondence and centrality that Jesus walked in in those almost four years of his Messianic Mission.


I would say to the Donkeys in those first years, “Let’s take in and appreciate these amazing signs we are seeing and receiving because the process of the New Revelation may well not continue in this way, and every sign that we are receiving and testifying to will not return, at least not in the same way that we are seeing them now”. Afterwards the Donkeys who were present in those years remembered my words and recognized their truth. The heavens were shining, a new redemptional song was filling the world. We brayed and saw new signs every day and dreams came so frequently that once Solly Kamkhaji who still lived in Milan implored me to let him rest for a while because with all the dreams he received he felt completely exhausted. I said meekly, “I’m not the one sending you these dreams but the Goel Haim from the Kingdom of Heaven”. “I understand” said Solly “but I need a rest. It’s too much for me”.


The great bulk of the Great Christian Correction was accomplished in those first 6 years. Then in all the years until now there are further elaborations and precisions and explanations that came and come out. The second six years were in the Great Reform of Judaism but already the open and amazing manner in which the Signs now came were closed into our School of Ester in Israel. Those twelve years were needed to complete the Messianic and Redemptional Signs necessary for formulating and closing the Final New Pact. Nevertheless, too many things were yet lacking in us and unfortunately the sacrifice of Beniamino noster of whom we speak had to compensate for our lacking. In a dream the Teacher Haim told us to make a sign of mourning for thirteen weeks. In another dream it was said that the Goel Haim would have to ‘take’ someone for the benefit of the world. After 13 weeks exactly Beniamino noster in a terrible accident at work had to throw himself off a builder-platform and died almost immediately of concussion. Giordano Levi, the same morning of Beniamino’s funeral, received in a dream the sign of his resurrection. His sacrifice was for the salvation of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread which comes for the benefit of the world.


So try to get it straight. I’m a Donkey, right? The Donkey is in the Jacob Signs of the Final Redemption, right? As Donkey of the Jacob Signs, I must receive the Blessing of Isaac, our father, and not let it fall into Esau’s hands where it would be, God forbid, misused and profaned. Comes then the Star of Christ and with my Donkeyhood under it, I explain the falsehoods of all Christian theology and at the same time I explain the true Messianic Mission of Jesus. The Esau-Church is nullified in the end by its own theology while Jesus becomes totally detached from it and thus detached from all Traditional Christianity. There remains, however, the force of the Initial Signs and these must be strategically retaken into the Jewish fold of the true Tradition of Israel. This is accomplished by way of the new power of the Completed Signs and not before.

We take them back by relating to their forms in the Christian New Testament, especially in the Gospels. I did not invent the Star of Christ nor the Star of Malchitzedek. The Initial Sign is in the Gospels. The Completed Sign is the Sign of the Stars in merit of the Goel Haim. I did not invent the term Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus was in the Initial Sign of the Pre-Kingdom of Heaven and he spoke of the Kingdom while the Pharisees, Priests and the Tradition itself didn’t have anything of the Christian concept of the Kingdom of Heaven. The concept was obfuscated in Christianity because of the deification but Jesus, nevertheless, became the Christ of the Pre-Kingdom of Heaven as explained. With God’s choice of the Tzadik Haim is revealed the Completed Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Completed and Final Kingdom of Heaven. The Completed Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven thus extracts the Initial Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven from Christianity; its Christian terms are re-proportioned in the Correction of Christianity and the Final Sign is explained in all its Newness and Completeness. The term thus abandons Traditional Christianity, returns to its fount in the School of the Essenes and is found with Jesus in his Mission and all is renewed in the Second Coming of the Star of Christ.

The Messianic terminology of the New Message, the New Light and the New Spirit is in the Gospels. I did not invent them. Those were part of the Initial Sign of the New Light of a New House of Prayer. In Jesus’ time, it could not have been the Temple of which Jesus himself prophesied that it would not remain in time. In any case the New Message related to all that Jesus was explaining and teaching and also prophesying. It was not a New Message of Reconciliation, as Jesus himself acknowledged that he had not come to bring peace but the sword. He did give council, however, in attempting ‘reconciliation with one’s enemies’, such as to give your left cheek to whom has slapped you on the right cheek; but I don’t think this was an essential teaching of Jesus because it is above the level of most people and such a behavior must be accompanied by very precise intentions which are not within the range of most people. The New Light was the Light of his Messianic Mission and the New Spirit was the Spirit of that Messianic Mission. These are included in the Third Initial Messianic and Redemptional Sign of the New Light.

We know them now from the Completed and Final Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot which is in the Sign of the Great Reconciliation in the faith and of the heart in the New House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam. Every part of this New House of Prayer carries with it New Messages and New Light and New Spirit. This of course automatically nullified the Christian churches, their altars, their tables, their religious instruments, their Mass and everything that has been sanctioned by Christian theology. The New Messages of Yeshua are reviewed in the Light of the Final Redemption. Even the Donkey Sign is in the Gospels; of course, it was a prophetic sign in Zachariah the Prophet. No one understood it, however, until we, thank God, received the Completed Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread.

The Completed Sign of the Final Fourth Generation is, of course the Sign of this present generation. The Initial Sign was in the School of the Essenes but it was not called the Fourth Generation. It was bound to the Sign they had in the School that the Kingdom of Heaven was descending to the world. The descent of the Kingdom of Heaven meant great destruction. John the Baptist spoke about said descent in a manner that resembles the Final Fourth Generation. This is not strange and the reasoning can be expressed quite simply. If the Kingdom of Heaven is descending on earth, then everything on earth which is not in conformity to that which is wanted, loved and meritorious for the Kingdom, must be destroyed. The Kingdom of Heaven will not reside where there is impurity, sins, negation etc. etc.

Thus in the Essene School the very Messianic Order, three orders exactly, had the purpose of preparing for the Great War between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. The Victory over Darkness would evolve into the New World of God’s Redemption. The Forces of Darkness were the evil forces of all the past coming together for their last stand. With the power of the Kedusha of the Torah and the Messianic Heredity and the Secret Heredity of those of the School they represented the victorious Forces of Light when that war would come; such, they believed, was very close.

In fact the Day of the Lord of that time was historically at hand and the Messianic Mission of Yeshua was a last-chance possible salvation. In truth had his words, teachings and mission been taken to heart by the leaders of Israel, that could have led to redemption. Highly theoretical, you say, but truth is above time of itself. It is another thing when truth has to meet its time to form a redemptional bond on earth. Merit is required. Even time, let’s say 70 years, was given after Jesus’ Resurrection to see, from Heavens point of view, if there might yet come about a Reconciliation. There were instead intrigues, factional striving, then the wars with Rome and finally the destruction, be-avvonot ha-rabbim, of the Temple, the deportation and dispersion. For the Israel of that time it was certainly a Terrible Fourth Generation. It was, however, not universal. The Final Fourth Generation involves the entire world.

The Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim is the Completion of the Initial Sign of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Thus all Six Signs are found in Initial forms in the Gospels. The Six Completed Signs descend unto the Sign of the Donkey. As first Donkey I have to take back the Signs that were ‘lost’ in Christianity. In truth they were stolen from Judaism and used, badly, by Christianity. I am, therefore, not a thief for stealing back those Initial Signs. If I have stolen them, it is from a thief I’ve stolen them but most of all from a brother who is not worthy of them because he places them into a false context. The Initial Signs were used in a context of an idolatrous worship of a human being. Instead of Messiah ben Josef, he was turned into a ‘God’. The true Initial Signs have no place in an idolatrous setting. So I have stolen them back so as to return them to their proper home in the true Monotheistic Faith of Israel. And yet no one understands what a clever Donkey I am!

The Donkey likes to speak like that, folks, in the first person. That lifts him up and makes him feel almost like a person. He’s an animal, you understand, he must feel himself something in some way. I remind him gently, “Listen here, Donkey, you could hardly steal anything by yourself. The Signs are not yours, whether in Christianity or in the Final Redemption! Nor are you the Star of Christ in its second coming which, in truth, is the force behind your strategic Hairy Garment of Esau.”

The Donkey’s not very interested in my rhetoric. He’s just happy with the Enormous Historical Weights that he is shifting around, getting them onto their proper balance and dancing to the New Songs of the Final Redemption. In essence he’s a happy Donkey and not a thief. OK, a million churches will fall and a thousand will become museums but Christians will finally know to Whom to pray! You can’t really argue with him; he’s a Donkey and he brays out happiness to those who listen. “Jesus was not the true Jesus in Christianity” he says, “but in the Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim, Jesus is Jesus, the true person of Jesus, loved before God Almighty for the tremendous forces that he alone faced with great courage and great humility in a time when no one had the courage or the heart to speak the truth.

There are even still Christians in the world who don’t know that Jesus was Jewish, hee-haw, or they know that he was Jewish but they don’t know what Jewish means. And it’s even true to say that all Christians have no real idea of what Judaism is. In a dream of Noda, Jesus was seen with close by him his tefilin and talet and he angrily said that he was Jewish in every way. So too in a dream of Giuseppe Jesus said, “ my faith was always the pure faith of Israel and I never had or preached another faith”.

“I know very well, Peretz, that I’m only a Donkey but the real reason I like to speak in the first person is because the Ass that Jesus rode on couldn’t speak. To put emphasis on the fact that now I can speak, I enjoy speaking in the first person. Hee-haw, hee-haw.


Seventh of Pesah 5769, April 15, 2009, Resurrected Bird 15, 3962, sixth day of the Omer

But I write because the time requires this candle-light darkness: it is the Pasqua nel Buio (whether Passover or Easter) in the Dark. Giuseppe had seen in a dream more than a year ago that four cities would receive destruction: Aquila, Milan, Rome and Turin (and also New York was touched); then it was said that there had to be passed the Pasqua nel Buio.

It’s just over a week of the strong earthquake that wracked terrible destruction in Aquila and parts of the Abruzzi; the past Sunday was Easter, the earthquake counted some 290 deaths, 1700 wounded and tens of thousands without homes.

For the last two weeks we have been with the electricity reduced because unfortunately we didn’t pay our bill. This morning the electricity was cut off altogether and this evening is the Seventh of Pesah, Celebration of the miraculous Splitting of Yam Suf which came at dawn. In fact we did manage, thank God and thank those who helped, to pay the bill and we hope to have it back tomorrow.

In any case tonight it’s dark in the house and I write here to candle light. Are we then not in the sign of the Pasqua nel Buio, just after the destructive earthquake at Aquila? Also the night before the splitting of Yam Suf was a terrible night of tremendous fear for the children of Israel. They were saved every minute from the Egyptians who launched their arrows at them but the Divine Presence was with them and it intercepted the arrows. There was also a Pillar of Light from Heaven that illumined them by night, as there was a Pillar of Fire by day to guide them. All this is true but the children of Israel were extremely afraid.

Aquila too is significant as a name, meaning Eagle. We have the incredible Sign of the Stellar Eagle that comes out of the New Constellation of 7 Stars; and when the Stellar Eagle approaches the earth it becomes a Dragon of Fire. This New Constellation is that of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption and it is representative of the Rambam, peace be with him, who is known as the Great Eagle, the Hacham who flies above the others; he represents the true Tradition of Israel for his great and holy opus The Mishna Torah. For the Final Redemption the Rambam, alav ha-shalom, is the fulcrum of transition between the Traditional Sanctity and between the New Sanctity that comes with the Geula ha-Shleima.

 When the Stellar Eagle, in the Sign of the True Tradition of Israel, both the former and the new, approaches the earth and sees the idolatry found on earth, here in Italy’s Catholic Church idolatry, it cannot support what it sees and is angered by the false tradition and by the statues of idolatrous cults and by the churches in general. But the city of Aquila is the False-Eagle and is known as the City of Ninety-Nine Churches. I don’t know how many churches there actually are but I’ve been told that they were all destroyed in the earthquake.

Let me mention as well that Giuseppe, Sharonne, Ester and I made signs at Mount Gran Sasso in the Abruzzi two years ago and we prayed there for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Last year we made the signs of Mount ‘Christian’, received by Solly K. in a dream, at Mount Vettore, Mountain of the Apex of the King, against the ancient enchantment of the Sibyllines. This now was for the purpose of breaking the enchantment in its Christian bearing of the Trinity and Divinity of Christ so as to awaken a new thought process in the so many non-thinking Christians whose minds are as under a magic spell etc.

After our prayer at Mount Vettore, the top of the Mountain was covered by a marvelous, dark cloud in the form of a Balance with two scales, one on each extremity. This was an extremely positive sign of the New Equilibrium which will come unto Christians.

So here we are at the Pasqua nel Buio, after the False Eagle has been cut down. Where do I go then to get my bearing on this night when many religious Jews all over the world stay up the whole night to greet the dawn-time of the Splitting of Yam Suf?

Shall I then sing in this Passover of Darkness of the world’s enemies and the enemies of Israel and Jew haters who will soon be drowned in the waters of Yam Suf? Or am I to sing of the many churches that will soon be destroyed by the Dragon of Fire? For the Heavens now look at the words in the Final New Pact and all essential matters of the Faith have been clarified in writing and written into the Stars of the Redemption. Therefore the Pharaohs will fall and the Hamans will be hung on the forks they prepared for their victims. Amen.

I look all over and see great darkness in a world of economic monkeys scrambling up trees afraid of the explosions that are coming. “You have put your money in the wrong Banks”, I tell them, but darkness covers the face of money and the true force of Mamon is hidden to his servants, otherwise they would run from him and never want to serve him again. So shall I sing of this when money is printed into false credit cards or when oceans of wasted money is futilely thrown to the dogs? Shall I sing of decrees against Muslim countries in whose Mosques hatred is taught against Israel and against the West? Nothing will stop them except for harsh decrees because their brains and blood have left no space for reasoning. Shall I sing then to the stars that will take so many lives on the orders of the Higher Tribunal? Shall I sing of darkness before the great dawn comes?

I will of course rejoice when terrorists are killed, not for their death but for the good of humanity. And I’ll rejoice when the high-level thieves are discovered and put in jail for life. I’ll drink wine or whiskey when Muslim leaders who hate Israel will be thrown under ground.

I am sad for the homosexuals who are destroying themselves and will have to pay for their abomination against nature. They are not criminals or evil people; they are totally confused about right and wrong, about what is nature and what is against nature. I will not sing for their downfall, I will cry.

But I’ll be joy-glad for all the monstrous corruptors who use others for their evil purposes. Let them be cut into small pieces in the Square so that it be shown on Youtube or Twitter. “I’m a gentle Donkey but I am not so gentle towards those who induce others into sin and who use people as objects for their personal gain. How much darkness covers the face of the earth. Shall I sing of darkness on this Pasqua nel Buio?

Shall I sing then of the obliteration of churches? Yes, I sing somewhat but my song is reserved not by the crumbling of churches but for the salvation of Christians who come to the light. For you have been blinded and made deaf by your Church’s Dogmas and under the magic spell of the Trinity.

You must wake up to a higher reality than that which you have known. Your eyes, brain, heart and everything in you have been deceived by a falsehood which is an insurmountable obstacle in perceiving the true One Living God of the universe. Throw your deception to hell and look at the 2000 year anguish of the true Jesus. Stop turning a man into ‘God’. It’s false theology. No man, however great or however much loved by God, is God. God is One and none of his creations is even remotely similar to the Creator of the universe. For you I cry now but will rejoice when you understand and wake up to a reality that was always there and that will be forever. Free Jesus of the terrible Christian error. Have great mercy on the humility of his affliction for the false Divine Christ imposed on him by the Church. Liberate Jesus, the poor Jewish Messiah, son of Joseph, from the heavy chains of Christian doctrine that falsified his true person before God and turned him into the ‘God’ of God’s Mission which has no sense at all. Liberate Christ from those chains and you will immediately see that you have freed your own mind and heart and have perceived a light of truth that once acknowledged can never be substituted by other gods.

Dawn is close to breaking now. I’ve written the above to remember this Pasqua nel Buio.

Dawn has come and a donkey from the nearby field brays, perhaps to tell me to stop Donkeying around while the great Yam Suf is being split and we are ready to enter it and to walk on dry and solid soil.

O God of the universe, have mercy on the world You have created. Amen.




Chapter 12



Here I tell you that the New Dawn of humanity has come with the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. Also the electricity came back, thank God, and there is light in the house of Fara Gera D’Adda. And today I received word that the brit mila of my grandson, born to my daughter Ester and to Ofer her husband, was held at Shvut Rachel, close to Shilo, on the 13th of Nissan (2009); he is called, much to the surprise of all, Yenun.

Ester and Ofer, this name represents a very positive change for the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. Oh look, Shilo, I made there the sign in the Torah ‘and to him the nations will gather. Here is Jacob’s prophetic blessings to Judah, his son.


49:9 Judah is a lion's whelp; from the prey, my son, thou art gone up. He stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as a lioness; who shall rouse him up?

49:9 âåø àøéä éäåãä îèøó áðé òìéú ëøò øáõ ëàøéä åëìáéà îé é÷éîðå

49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor the lawmaker's staff from between his feet, until he come unto to Shiloh; and unto him shall be the gathering of peoples.

49:10 ìàéñåø ùáè îéäåãä åîç÷÷ îáéï øâìéå òã ëééáà ùéìä åìå é÷äú òîéí

49:11 Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washeth his garments in wine, and his vesture in the blood of grapes;

49:11 àñøé ìâôï òéøä åìùø÷ä áðé àúðå ëáñ áééï ìáùå åáãíòðáéí ñåúä ñåúå

49:12 His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.

49:12 çëìéìé òéðéí îééï åìáïùðéí îçìá



My daughter Ester, as well as my daughters Lea, Rahhel, Mazal and my son Eliyahu do not know that we have received the true and final Revelation of the Geula Shleima. They are for the most in the ‘territories’ and they follow the Halacha. They have their own matters to think about and they wouldn’t now be able to understand the Final Redemption. But a Donkey’s grandson was born to Ester and they called him Yenun.

Should this not be a Sign to me since I am the Donkey of the ‘Nunes’. Oh, I’ve got them all over. Look, the NUNE of Yehoshua bin Nune, the NUNE Soffit of Leviathan, the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN, three NUNES of the Star of NUNE, the NUNE (50) words of the Second Commandment, the NUNE (50) words of the sin of the Tower of Babel, the NUNE kilos of Blood of Purim (document of the New Rite) and the NUNE Blessings of the Final Pact of the Signs of the 12th of March. I mention here Ten NUNES as the name YENUN – YOD (10) NUN (50)


O how they get confused with the Mashiah’s name that was created before the creation of this world. Yenun, Shilo, Menahem, Hhanina and of these four they make a Mashiah - Menahhem, Shilo, Yenun, Hhanina.

òá,éæ "éÀäÄé ùÑÀîåÉ, ìÀòåÉìÈí-- ìÄôÀðÅé-ùÑÆîÆùÑ, éðéï (éÄðÌåÉï) ùÑÀîåÉ: åÀéÄúÀáÌÈøÀëåÌ áåÉ; ëÌÈì-âÌåÉéÄí éÀàÇùÌÑÀøåÌäåÌ".

His name will become eternal, before the sun Yenun is his name, and in him the nations will be blessed, all the nations will praise him.


The Rambam, the Great Eagle, made it clear that all these drushim are to be taken as that ‘drushim’ or rather as ‘opinions’, not as Kabbalah, the Reception of the Prophets, because all these matters will be known only at the time when they happen and not before.

Indeed, the Yenun and the name of the chosen Anointed Goel Haim was given before the creation of the world. Haim is the name and Yenun is the Sign in which to distinguish him. For this reason have we received so many signs of NUNE that are discussed throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim. The Sign of YENUN has come unto us in merit of the Final Goel Haim.

Therefore the sign of my new-born grandson Yenun represents a very important realization of the revelation of the Anointed Judge in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Chapter 72 of Psalms is for sure the most beautiful exposition of what King Solomon should have done as the Anointed King, to bring justice, help, sustenance, protection and security to the poor, the sick and the needy. And as the sun his name went out in the name of great peace respected by all the nations etc. etc.

As a prophetic exposition of the Anointed one, it emphasizes the universality of the nations who receive him. We must, of course, as always in Tanach get out of the king-mode, because, thank God, there ain’t no kings no more, at least not in Western culture or in Israeli culture. He is once called Adon in Prophets and systematically called King-Messiah in Tradition. He is also called Tzadik in Zaccariah and in this Psalm. Most sure is that his Mission is to bring Justice to the nations as in Isaiah 42 and in the Torah above –to him will be the gathering of nations. But whether called Adon or Melech (these two terms are totally rejected by the Tzadik Haim to be used on him) or Anointed one or Tzadik, extremely essential is his great love for those suffering.

The redemptional work is to save people from their suffering. I’ve often spoken about the Tzadik Haim’s love for all people and of his sentiments of profound anguish for those suffering. He himself suffered greatly in his life time and of his last redemptional suffering which became the Final Sacrifice for the Final Redemption I have spoken at length. And he declared with love as he embraced the people of the nations saying to each one, “We are all of the same flesh”.


Good, so what does my grandson’s sign mean? I announce it: there is a realization now in the course of the Completed Signs of YENUN. This means that the Signs of NUNE have reached a Completion, here just into this 27th year of the Signs, in the Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot, with a corroborating Sign of the birth of Yenun, my grandson. This is wonderfully good news even if I cannot understand its concrete implications. Ours, however, is the faith that all that must happen to bring the Final Redemption to the world will happen; for the Redemption is not ours but of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. He has promised the Final Redemption and He will make it come about. But now the NUNES have been solidly confirmed and the Donkey can bray with delight. All is still in hidden manners but the Goel Haim is closer to the world because Yenun is his name.


Congratulations to my precious daughter Ester and to my son-in-law Ofer.

And to you little Yenun, Shalom u-B’racha,

I’ll tell you a few points about the Final Redemption: I’ll keep a copy of this so that it remains part of the documents of Sefer Mishnat Haim. Perhaps I’ll send your parents a copy but they are much too young to understand it now, so in any case I’ll keep it for you and afterwards, God willing, you’ll be able to appreciate it.

The Final Redemption arrives for the world once in history, not twice. The choice of Ha-Shem Baruch Hu of the Final Goel is a one-time historical event which will never be repeated again. It’s the same as God’s choice of Abraham, our father, as the Father of a Multitude of Nations and the first Patriarch and first father of Israel, or of God’s choice of Moshe rabbeinu or of the Prophet Elijah or of Mordechai ha-Tzadik etc. These are God’s selected ones and the choice of God Almighty is a one-time choice which continues throughout history.

The Final Redemption is universal, for the Jewish people and for the nations of the world. This is simple enough to say but its meanings are manifold and the means of such an incredible reunification and reconciliation, just about impossible to imagine now, must be given together with the coming of the Final Goel. It is extremely difficult for Jews until now to come to terms with the concept of universalism but this is hardly the only point that is extremely hard for the children of Israel to follow. Perek 48 in Isaiah warns and explains to the people of Israel that what is coming with the Final Redemption are completely new things, things that ‘you did not know and never heard of’ – this is an explanation. And it warns ‘do not say you knew or heard of them, you didn’t know and didn’t hear of them’. The prophecy explains that these are new things created now and they contain also ‘new things’ that have been guarded until now.

Actually both are true. The Messianic and Redemptional Signs existed before; they are in the Torah but hidden; the heredity of these Redemptional Signs was given to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. These Signs are Six and in fact they are hidden in the Torah in the six points over the word va-yishakeihu. Only when the Final Goel is chosen, however, are these Signs revealed in their finalized forms. The finalized forms, therefore, are themselves totally new, created now with God’s choice of the Final Goel.

Each one of these Completed Signs, Yenun, contains an entire Book on matters of the Final Redemption. I have, thank God, written several thousand pages, some in Hebrew, some in Italian and some in English, in the past 26 years. Your grandfather has the obligation to explain them in writing and to formulate the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption in merit of the Tzadik Haim being that I was the first talmid of the Teacher Haim for 13 years in the world; and for the past 26 years I am the first Donkey who eats Bread.

As said, YENUN refers to the Final Goel and the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread carries the Weights of the Signs of YENUN in order to bring the News and the Teachings of the Final Goel to the world.

By the way, Yenun, it is for reason of the obligations that are upon me that I haven’t been able to relate with the family in all these years. My whole being is entirely taken up with Final Redemption and so my speech, my discourses etc. are not of anything else. My family in Israel, however, is not able to understand now New Things and they do not possess the necessary individuality or even neutrality to take them on. They need several rabbis to affirm these matters before they touch them. In the first years I began writing about them but it was useless. Then I received a rebuke from the Tzadik Haim (already in the Kingdom of Heaven) that I was only creating confusion by telling them things that they were in no way able to appreciate. It was my fault, I had no right to create confusion. The family is in its mitzvah and I am in mine and those who follow the Halacha have a hundred times more difficulty in receiving New Things.

The Halacha is exclusively for Israel. It can therefore not serve as the means of extending the laws for the nations. Thus as first talmid and first Donkey, I have the obligation to formulate the New Law of the Final Redemption. It is New especially for the fact that it’s designed for the nations, distinguishing that which are the commandments for Jews from the laws for all. It thus fulfills the prophesied ‘messianic’ mission (Isaiah 42) of the Blind and Deaf servant of God, Meshullam, loved and desired by God for accomplishing that very essential redemptional purpose of bringing justice and just laws to the nations Without such there can be no Geula Sh’leima which must be on a universal basis. The Halacha simply doesn’t have the means to do this and thus the New Law is needed.

This, however, the formulation of and the extension of the New Law of the Final Redemption for the Nations, takes many years and obviously what is most essential is that it be written in authorized documents for their extension afterwards. Thus the prophecy alludes to this fact that said servant of God ‘will not cry out in public or lift his voice outside’ and that ‘he will not run or be diminished until he gives over justice to the nations’.


It is, of course, extremely difficult to imagine the universal Reconciliation as the world is now but such is Ha-Shem’s promise through Prophets: (Isa. ) ‘It is too small a thing for Me that you reunite the tribes of Jacob and gather in the dispersed of Israel, I shall make you a light unto the nations so that My salvation reach the extremities of the earth’. No rabbi or Hacham would deny this verse but neither might they explain it because the means to extend the Torah (or even the Ten Commandments or the Seven mitzvoth of the children of Noah) is not found in the Halacha and the Traditional Conversion accomplishes nothing for the nations because the peoples of the world are not destined to convert to Judaism nor would they be able to. It’s too much for them.

Nor can the verse in Zephaniah (3,9) be denied: ‘After those days I will turn over a clear tongue to the nations and all of them will invoke the name of God to serve Him unitedly’. There is no getting around it; these are the words of God, Baruch Hu u-Baruch Shmo la-‘ad. They are to be taken seriously as every word of God in Torah and in Prophets is to be taken seriously. Ha-Shem Baruch Hu promises that there will be an enormous changeover among all the nations for reason of an obviously ‘new’ Clear Language the force of which will be so great that the nations will understand the true faith in the One Living God and will pray all together in the same House of Prayer with the people of Israel and together they will serve the same true God.

Quite amazing, no, little Yenun, the incredible power of that Clear Language! So too when the verse says ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations’ this means that the nations will have already received that Clear Tongue and it will become their heredity as well as of the heredity of Israel and they will thus be in the true faith and all will pray to the same One Living God together. This will make your hair stand up if you visualize its historic impact and the for now inconceivable changes in store for Israel and for the world.


Good, we, thank God, in merit of the Final Goel Haim have received this Clear Language which is given over together with the Final Messianic and Redemptional Signs. This New Tongue is based on the new terminology contained in the Six Great Signs and the names of Signs themselves are all new: (1) Sign of the Stars of the Redemption (2) Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven (3) Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot (4) Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread (5) Sign of the Fourth Generation and of the New Construction (6) Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.

 In perhaps about 15 years from now or even less, God willing, you will be able to read for yourself all the terms and explanations of this New Language which converts the nations to the true faith. The point is that all these are New Things, unknown in Tradition. One must have a New Brain and New Heart and New Spirit to take them from anew without being conditioned by past ideas. These New Things are not in contradiction to Tradition or to the Halacha. They are, however, completely new, unknown and unheard of; therefore until one has come to understand what it’s all about, they often seem at first to be in contradiction to the Halacha or simply of another world.


In any case your parents have placed you in a ‘Messianic Sign’ – Yenun. And the Brit was made close to Shilo of which it states ‘to him is the gathering of nations’. One Hacham in the Talmud says the Mashiah does not come to teach Israel the Torah but rather to teach the nations, as it states ."é÷äú òîéí"

 I’m explaining to you that one must possess the True Keys to accomplish these things and the True Keys are revealed only with the coming of the Final Goel. I and the Donkeys with me have had the great and unique privilege of receiving all these Marvelous and Historical Keys of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim, born in San'aa, Yemen in 1914.

You understand, Yenun, the Jewish people doesn’t yet know anything of the Geula Sh’leima and so too until now they call for the coming of Melech ha-Mashiah but they are calling to the wind. If such a Mashiah ben David would now come, what do you think he’d be able to do in this present world of conflict and disaccord and disharmony; I’ll tell you, he’d be able to call out to the wind but no one would hear him. Who would listen? Ask yourself and put every group you know to the question. No one would follow him, believe me. Israel is in absolutely no state of mind, or of knowledge, or with the true humility and derech eretz and the capability of receiving New Things as they are now being revealed to this small group of Donkeys who eat the New Bread of the Final Redemption. I’m writing to you because your mother and father called you Yenun and I happen to be your grandfather. It is quite possible that afterwards you will have an important position, God willing, in the realization of the Final Redemption.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m in no way diminishing what traditionally is required of a Jew to believe in the coming of the Mashiah. That belief, based on the prophecies of the Torah and Prophets, cannot be missing. The matter, however, is quite different. That general belief reaches that which the Tradition itself has been able to reach and not more. Since Tradition is factually confused about this matter and hasn’t yet received the knowledge of the Completed Signs, also that general belief, although necessary, contains within it the same level of confusion which is clarified only with the coming of the Final Goel.

The entire terminology of Mashiah and Goel is unknown (and confused) in Tradition. The terminology of the Kingdom of Heaven of the Final Redemption is totally unknown. The Resurrection of the Dead is completely ununderstood and its supposed relationship to the Mashiah ben David is in complete confusion. The Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread is unheard of and unknown. The Prophecies concerning this Fourth Generation in which there comes the great and terrible Day of the Lord are with us and no one else has them. The relationship of the Stars of the Redemption to the realization of the Redemption in the world is unknown in Tradition. The Design of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam becomes the Third and Final Temple. It’s revealed only in the Completed Signs in merit of the Goel Haim. The fact that the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead depends historically on the Final and Completed Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, resurrected, is totally new to Tradition. That the primary means of the revelation of the Final Redemption comes by way of the Marvelous Dreams announced in Joel (3,1) is non known in Tradition. And so too many, many New Things can only be obtained by studying the Great and Vast Testimony that we Donkeys have been receiving for the last 26 years.

In any case, I’m your grandfather and I write this letter as a testimony to you for when you will be able to read and understand it. I do this with love but I also had to because they called you Yenun and this name perks up my Donkey Ears way up into the sky. I passed through Shiloh when we came to Eli for the Brit Mila of Rahhel’s son and as we passed I made signs because I am responsible for the New Law of the Final Redemption and I’m from the Tribe of Judah and I, together with us Donkeys, have, thank God, received all the Keys from the Goel Haim for extending the Final Redemption to the Nations. And so have I explained it in the writings that YENUN is not properly the name of the final Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven but a Sign to the name Haim of the Final Goel. YENUN contains the Keys to the Fifty Gates of Understanding in that which concerns the Final New Pact. There are many categories within the framework of the Final Redemption and thus many NUNES are required: this is YENUN, the repetition of many NUNES (Fifty Gates of Understanding) necessary to explain in writing the subjects of the Final Redemption and the Completed Signs.



And if you ask ‘What has a Donkey to do with all this’ I’ll ask you back: And after you tell that ‘to him is the gathering of nations’, why does the verse go on to speak about donkeys, namely a foal and an ass?:

49:11 Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washeth his garments in wine, and his vesture in the blood of grapes;

49:11 àñøé ìâôï òéøä åìùø÷ä áðé àúðå ëáñ áééï ìáùå åáãíòðáéí ñåúä ñåúå

I thank God Almighty for your birth, Yenun, and I ask of Him to guide you and to bestow upon you good health, clear intelligence, a heart of love for others, the understanding of the great importance of derech eretz and the constant humility of spirit which is so loved by Ha-Shem Baruch Hu.


I’ll try sending this letter to you, Ester and Ofir, and I ask you to keep it for Yenun. Shalom u-B’racha and Mazal Tov.






Chapter 13


Here I tell still of YENUN because of NUNEI HA-YAM (fish of the sea). For I am also quite a Fishy Donkey. I even swam up to those thirteen gigantic seas and was brain-washed in those fantastic oceans. So, dear Yenun, try to understand my Fishy-Donkey Bubbles when I am covered in the waters of Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. Oh, how pleasantly my brain was washed into fineness until that which seems small on earth here is immense but that which seems great in the world here has little bearing.


But it is here that Paolo finally gave me the inauguration speech of president Obama. My thesis is that this speech contains redemptional signs. We the Donkeys have received the Completed Redemptional Signs which are all true Signs of God Blessed is He. We have also received the negative and frightening prophecies for this Fourth Generation, especially in the period 2018 to 2042. We speak of 65 years from April 1983 but the first 35 years, until 2018, are still called clement. The actual Fourth Generation starts from 2018. The signs that come in this first part of the 65 year generation, such as the tsunami, Katrina and high waters in many places and many other things are only admonition signs of what is coming. If the Tzunami and Katrina are only ‘signs’ who can now imagine what the concrete substance will be like. It is possible that only one fifth of the world as it is now will be saved.

Nevertheless, the Sign of the Fourth Generation is also the Generation of the New Construction. For the world is not only going towards destruction and devastation etc. it is ultimately going towards a New Construction of peace and humanitarian values for all. It’s going towards the devastation, unfortunately, but there are also roots planted in it that are good and positive.

I think that this inaugural speech has the elements of a positive construction. I suppose it as well because the name of this book was given to Noda in a dream; its name was The Inaugural Address of President Obama and it was quite a hefty book. I added to that The Donkey’s back in America because signs have come to go to America. I too saw in a dream the house of my childhood in Newark, New Jersey, and in the sky the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who flew over that house. We have no way to go now to America and we think that at least for making the sign I might go with my son Yehoel Yehoel for a week, more or less. Also for this we have no money; we plan it and Ha-Shem knows what will happen.

If what I’m saying about the Positive Construction is true, there will surely be indicating signs in his words. For this reason I undertake to make comments as the Donkey sees fit and even with Big Fish’ help. Let me remind you that I’m not a writer but I’m writing. I’m not a prophet but I announce true prophecies received for this Fourth Generation. I know so little about politics that’s it’s hardly worth mentioning. What interests me most is that the democratic party has the Donkey symbol, and even though this didn’t sway my views before the election and had I voted I would have voted for McCain, with the election, however, my attitude and I believe that of millions of others has become positive with the same positiveness reflected in president Obama’s whole bearing. He’s charismatic, eloquent, intelligent, serious and most important he’s humble and he truly wants to do good for as many people as possible.

You understand, if he’s humble he worthy of a Donkey title or at least of the Donkey Symbol. He’s also a man of faith which every Donkey has to be. The fact that he and most Americans are Christians, mostly Protestants but millions of Catholics, and you know by now that I love Jesus but hate all Christian theology, this has no bearing in judging Obama or his words. Christians all over the world do not know or recognize yet the Christian error. It thus certainly has no bearing on Pres. Obama. He believes in God Almighty, Creator of the Heavens and earth and he believes in the God who chose Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, our fathers, and who chose Moses and redeemed Israel from Egypt and who revealed the Ten Commandments at Sinai. His ways of perceiving is in the light of this biblical faith with its Christian overlaying. And he believes in the teachings of Jesus and is guided in his faith by them.


Yom Ha-Shoa; important speech of Shimon Peretz; in the UN many representatives walked out when the Iranian rasha spoke against Israel; discourse of Obama with the CIA; 21 trained polo-horses suddenly collapse and die in Florida, a tragic sight for all those in the stadium, about 3000 horse-lovers.



My fellow citizens: I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.

President Obama begins his message in the sign of humility of which in all the attributes loved by God Almighty there is none more important. He is humbled by the task before him and those working with him because it is immense and now it is upon his shoulders. He is grateful to those who because of their trust in him he is now the one upon whose shoulders stands the responsibility of that task. Also this is humility in recognizing that he owes his position to them and although the privilege is so great, the heaviness of its responsibility is of itself tremendous and it requires constant sacrifice. In such a position one is not living for himself but for those whom he is serving, the people of the United States. Whatever sacrifice is required for that purpose is sworn into the oath. Therefore as a student of history he is mindful in taking the oath that the ancestors, those who took this oath before him, had taken upon themselves the onus and responsibility of the sacrifices that had to be made.

He thanks president Bush. Barack Obama is the 44th president.

The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. Yet, every so often the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms. At these moments, America has carried on not simply because of the skill or vision of those in high office, but because We the People have remained faithful to the ideals of our forebears, and true to our founding documents.

In contrast to rising tides of prosperity and still waters of peace, he is taking his oath in times of gathering clouds and raging storms. He alludes to the economic crisis, world political storms where war may play a part, and other types of crisis. He is being more prophetic than he would like to be and he will of course be positive on every point but unfortunately we are in the framework of the Fourth Generation. Nevertheless we are still in the first relatively clement half of the generation, as explained above. This speech is in the framework of the New Construction. Obama has a profound sense of the underlying substance of what makes the American people American: Americans have remained faithful to those ideals established by the forebears and founders and the Constitution of the United States.

The vision of Americans rooted in those ideals and those documents is the substance which characterizes its continuation as a Nation unto itself with particular ideals and ideas of justice that form again and again the American who feels himself American, not just because he was born in America but because America stands for those ideals and those laws of justice signed into the Constitution. Without this, you are not a true American but you just happened to be born in America. He emphasizes this point, namely that is not those in high office who can do anything by themselves if that essential American ideal and that sense of justice is not present in the people themselves.

I personally find this interesting:

So it has been. So it must be with this generation of Americans.

This is the sign of America’s continuity.


That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood. Our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.

From the solid basis of the American ideals involved and thus the solid roots of America’s history, the present time is clearly one of extraordinary changes and new challenges that is leading to a New Age. And a New Age is not confined to America. The American Nation therefore must prepare itself for a New Age that is coming to the world. The ‘signs’ indicate reversely what the New Age is now impeded by: 1) the economic crisis 2) the war against AlKeida and all fanatic Islamic terrorism. The New Age must sustain its generation with economic stability. The New Age must be one of peaceful relations with the other countries.

Going back to the economic crisis which is the foremost element directly involving the people, Obama expresses his opinion that there were hard decisions that should have been taken years before that could have helped avoid the crisis. I suppose he has precise ideas about what decisions he means. He mentions that greed and irresponsibility are also to blame but it seems that he places this in second place compared to the fault of hard decisions not taken by previous governments and by what he calls a ‘collective failure’ which means, I suppose, many, many people in positions of responsibility.

He goes on to mention signs of the crisis:

Homes have been lost, jobs shed, businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly, our schools fail too many, and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.

These are the indicators of crisis, subject to data and statistics.

There is then the energy crisis and Obama language here is very strong and forceful. We are using energy in such a way that it strengthens our enemies is very strong language and that it threatens our planet is perhaps even stronger.

He then speaks of an even more dangerous aspect of the crisis, the negative attitude and pessimistic spirit that envisions with bitterness the end of American prosperity as one of its ideals.

Less measurable, but no less profound, is a sapping of confidence across our land; a nagging fear that America's decline is inevitable, that the next generation must lower its sights.

It is this kind of attitude that president Obama desires to dispel and undo in this discourse. As president he must put the people’s confidence back in their heart because it is only a positive attitude that is constructive.

 Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real, they are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this America: They will be met.

On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.

We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit; to choose our better history; to carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea, passed on from generation to generation: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.

Obama proclaims an interesting assertion that America is a young nation not only historically but also in its comportment still now. The bulk of America perhaps, in numbers, is like a child who loves childish things. The nation as a whole is lacking in maturity and has yet to grow to ripeness; but to reach that maturity in what it means to be an American, the first requisite is to reaffirm the very serious spirit that the forebears had in their sacrifices for those true ideals, sacrifices which proved the enduring spirit they possessed in which they made America endure. Without knowing it, Obama is being prophetic to the Sign of Peretz who declares the Time has Come. Then president Obama goes really Donkey and announces for a second time that the Time has Come. I wonder if he didn’t hear that from me. I say the same thing to the Donkeys, to leave all futile things and work for the Final Redemption and we must reaffirm the New Spirit which is being given to us by way of the Completed Signs.

I don’t know the biblical reference of ‘the time has come to set aside childish things’ but it’s certainly part of the New Tradition of the Final Redemption. Then he uses the expression which establishes the dichotomy of good and evil, that of being on the right side of history and not on the wrong side of history. Thus following the true spirit of God Almighty is being paraphrased by Obama as being on the right side of history. It even resembles the Essene expression of the war between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. In any case Obama has chosen here to refer to the words of Scripture and the God-given gift of redemption and freedom: the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.

In reaffirming the greatness of our nation, we understand that greatness is never a given. It must be earned. Our journey has never been one of shortcuts or settling for less.

It has not been the path for the faint-hearted, for those who prefer leisure over work, or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame.

These words ‘those who prefer leisure over work’ really demonstrates Obama’s strong and serious character. Half of America may not exactly agree and would say, “No, work is a necessity but leisure is a pleasure”. Pres. Obama is right, only great seriousness and a love for work is that required for accomplishing important matters.

Rather, it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things -- some celebrated, but more often men and women obscure in their labor -- who have carried us up the long, rugged path towards prosperity and freedom.

For us, they packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life. For us, they toiled in sweatshops and settled the West, endured the lash of the whip and plowed the hard earth.

For us, they fought and died in places Concord and Gettysburg; Normandy and Khe Sanh.

Time and again these men and women struggled and sacrificed and worked till their hands were raw so that we might live a better life. They saw America as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions; greater than all the differences of birth or wealth or faction.

This is the journey we continue today. We remain the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth. Our workers are no less productive than when this crisis began. Our minds are no less inventive, our goods and services no less needed than they were last week or last month or last year. Our capacity remains undiminished. But our time of standing pat, of protecting narrow interests and putting off unpleasant decisions -- that time has surely passed.

Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.

For everywhere we look, there is work to be done.

The state of our economy calls for action: bold and swift. And we will act not only to create new jobs but to lay a new foundation for growth.

We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together.

We will restore science to its rightful place and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality...

... and lower its costs.

We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. And we will transform our schools and colleges and universities to meet the demands of a new age.

All this we can do. All this we will do.

Now, there are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. Their memories are short, for they have forgotten what this country has already done, what free men and women can achieve when imagination is joined to common purpose and necessity to courage.

What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them, that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long, no longer apply.

The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works, whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified.

Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end.

And those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.

Nor is the question before us whether the market is a force for good or ill. Its power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched.

But this crisis has reminded us that without a watchful eye, the market can spin out of control. The nation cannot prosper long when it favors only the prosperous.

The success of our economy has always depended not just on the size of our gross domestic product, but on the reach of our prosperity; on the ability to extend opportunity to every willing heart -- not out of charity, but because it is the surest route to our common good.

As for our common defense, we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals.

Our founding fathers faced with perils that we can scarcely imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man, a charter expanded by the blood of generations.

Those ideals still light the world, and we will not give them up for expedience's sake.

And so, to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born: know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are ready to lead once more.

Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with the sturdy alliances and enduring convictions.

They understood that our power alone cannot protect us, nor does it entitle us to do as we please. Instead, they knew that our power grows through its prudent use. Our security emanates from the justness of our cause; the force of our example; the tempering qualities of humility and restraint.

We are the keepers of this legacy, guided by these principles once more, we can meet those new threats that demand even greater effort, even greater cooperation and understanding between nations. We'll begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people and forge a hard- earned peace in A Fourth Generation Afghanistan.

With old friends and former foes, we'll work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat and roll back the specter of a warming planet.

We will not apologize for our way of life nor will we waver in its defense.

And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that, "Our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken. You cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you."

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness.

We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth.

And because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace.

To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.

To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict or blame their society's ills on the West, know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.

To the people of poor nations, we pledge to work alongside you to make your farms flourish and let clean waters flow; to nourish starved bodies and feed hungry minds.

And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to the suffering outside our borders, nor can we consume the world's resources without regard to effect. For the world has changed, and we must change with it.

As we consider the road that unfolds before us, we remember with humble gratitude those brave Americans who, at this very hour, patrol far-off deserts and distant mountains. They have something to tell us, just as the fallen heroes who lie in Arlington whisper through the ages.

We honor them not only because they are guardians of our liberty, but because they embody the spirit of service: a willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves.

And yet, at this moment, a moment that will define a generation, it is precisely this spirit that must inhabit us all.

For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies.

It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break; the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours.

It is the firefighter's courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke, but also a parent's willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate.

Our challenges may be new, the instruments with which we meet them may be new, but those values upon which our success depends, honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism -- these things are old.

These things are true. They have been the quiet force of progress throughout our history.

What is demanded then is a return to these truths. What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility -- a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character than giving our all to a difficult task.

This is the price and the promise of citizenship.

This is the source of our confidence: the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.

This is the meaning of our liberty and our creed, why men and women and children of every race and every faith can join in celebration across this magnificent mall. And why a man whose father less than 60 years ago might not have been served at a local restaurant can now stand before you to take a most sacred oath.

So let us mark this day in remembrance of who we are and how far we have traveled.

In the year of America's birth, in the coldest of months, a small band of patriots huddled by dying campfires on the shores of an icy river.

The capital was abandoned. The enemy was advancing. The snow was stained with blood.

At a moment when the outcome of our revolution was most in doubt, the father of our nation ordered these words be read to the people:

"Let it be told to the future world that in the depth of winter, when nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet it."

America, in the face of our common dangers, in this winter of our hardship, let us remember these timeless words; with hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come; let it be said by our children's children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God's grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations.

Thank you. God bless you.


And God bless the United States of America.


Chapter 14



Here I tell you that I and Yehoel Yehoel (Joel) flew to America, Wednesday, May 25 until June 4 and we stayed with Ted and Deb in Rockaway New Jersey. I wrote there a few handwritten pages, 12 and a half, which I will transcribe although they contain no new things, just as testimony that I wrote them there in the United States. Things happened though that are not explained and only now back in Italy am I able to speak about them.

Before that, here’s a memorandum of the events. Thursday: Ted’s daughter, my niece, Alissa, came. Together with Ted, we went to the Maul where Yehoel Yehoel bought some presents. We all ate supper together with Deb at home. Friday: my older brother, Marty, now 72, came in to see us. Very nice family reunion after 19 years. Sunday: Ted took us to NY, to the Statue of Liberty, to Ground Zero (the story of which I’m getting to), then to China Town and to Little Italy, and, as evening came in, to Broadway and it lights. That evening my blood pressure was at 212 over about 113 and I had a very harsh dream that I’ll speak about in conjunction with the prayer I made at Ground Zero. Monday: my blood pressure was still the same. Ted took us to Newark to see our old house on 70 Wolcott Terrace. This was the Sign I had seen in a dream, perhaps 6 months ago, in which the Prophet Elijah flew over that house. We went in the afternoon, together with Marty, to the Beth Israel Memorial Cemetery to visit Mom and Dad, as well as Grandpa and Grandma Green. Also uncle Harry and aunt Adele Green, and relatives Carl and Ida Green are buried there in the Green family Plot. Tuesday: blood pressure still very high.

Wednesday: On the telephone Paolo and Nodah insisted that I had to see a doctor before embarking on the flight home. Debra had wanted Ted to take me to emergency from Monday already, but both Ted and I tried to play it down hoping it would go down. It didn’t. About 5:30, Wednesday, in the afternoon, when Ted came home from work, he took me to Emergency. I was there until about 2 in the morning. They diagnosed me with hypertension causing high blood-pressure, an enlarged heart and a small bit of liquid on my lungs. At first they said I had to be recovered and could not go on that flight; they were afraid for my heart. Luckily, thank God, the test for enzymes was negative both times they made it. They gave me medicine and the pressure lowered somewhat. In the meantime Yehoel Yehoel called home. Later, in Italy, Noda, after she heard that the Dow had shoot up 200 points began to understand what had happened and the error committed and she made a very particular prayer. Wednesday, in the Emergency ward, the doctors changed opinion, didn’t require me to remain in that very fine Catholic Hospital (Saint Clair’s Hospital), and afterwards decided I could make the trip back.

Thursday: President Obama’s speech at Cairo, addressing the betterment in relations between the Arab world and the United States. In America it was at 6 am and I missed it but I heard excerpts from it on the CNN. Ted took us to JFK, Alissa was with us. Yehoel Yehoel and I verbally reestablished the School of the Yellow Rose in the United States.


The airplane trip from Zurich to the USA was terrible for me, a long 8 hour and 10 minute flight. During the flight I felt bad and I kept feeling myself as if fainting. I didn’t associate it to high blood-pressure because many times I’m just a plain donkey without the capitalized D. Then I was happy to land and didn’t want to think about it. We were in the Airport almost two hours between getting through customs and not finding our baggage. Only after getting them could we exit and Ted was there waiting for us.

In truth before leaving Italy, I had been quite worried about such a long flight to America. I know well that I’m not in great shape and even on the previous shorter flights, two and a half years ago, to Egypt and back twice, I had felt pretty bad on them. The fact is that I had said nothing to Paolo and Nodah. Simple, had I said something, they wouldn’t have let me go. Not that I wanted to go (for reason of the flight) but the Signs had indicated for almost a year already that it was necessary to go for the sake of a ve-nahafoch hu (a complete change-over from negative to positive) in regards to our own ‘financial’ situation’ and most important of the Donkey-Signs in general. Our situation was becoming impossible (as well as that of Gino and Iliade, of Giordano, of Daniel and Yael, of Shaul and Rahhel and the Sign of the Donkey was way down for a hundred reasons. At first it had been thought that Paolo, Noda, Asher, Noah Hhana Noga and David would go, but that proved to be impossible. The only option left was that I go with Yehoel Yehoel to fulfill the Sign. To Paolo and Noda the fact that Joel was with me made it OK. It was, of course, notwithstanding my intentions, foolish of me not to get checked before. After what happened, I realize that I had stupidly risked my life.

Noda had been of the opinion that if we had gone in time to America, the economic crisis would not have come. Therefore had she said in her casual prophetic manner that when there I should go to Ground Zero and say a prayer for the economy. I really didn’t have the same idea that our not having gone previously had been detrimental to the economy, nor would I by myself have thought that I had to make a prayer for the economic crisis. My own thought was that it’s not my business. Generally, however, Noda is not one to banter about such ideas and as the Prophetic Tail of the Donkey, I have seen the verification of her words so many times that I always take her words seriously even when I have another idea. On the other hand I had seen on CNN and Fox so much ado about the recession in the U.S. (and consequently in the whole world) that I also felt sorry for all the good, decent, earnest and honest working people who had lost their jobs, were in foreclosure of their homes etc.. etc. that it didn’t seem to me a bad idea to say a prayer for them. Even Ted thought it was a good idea when I told him why we had to go Ground Zero.

 After the Lady Liberty, Ted got lost in Jersey City (we had gone on the Ferry from the New Jersey side to the Statue) and it took some time to find the Holland Tunnel and then there was an hour of traffic to get in. Eventually we got to Ground Zero. There was a big fence around it and nothing to see but from the street standing along that wired fence, with Ted on my right hand and Yehoel Yehoel on my left and with my ve-nahafoch hu underpants (given to me by Yael) in my left hand, I lifted up my head and my arms towards the sky and offered my prayer directly to God Almighty asking that for the sake of all those suffering because of the economic crisis that there be God’s mercy upon them and that the economic crisis in the United States be finished.

It was a simple prayer said with sincerity and emotion and most of all with temimut[12]. It was also a prayer against the corruption of the big ‘untouchable thieves’ who in truth steal the people’s money, people who are honest working people etc. I made the sign of shaking my ve-nahafoch hu underpants (filled with hanging metal medallions clearly audible when you shake them or if you walk in them) and some emotional tears ran out of me and I was happy that I had been able to make that prayer.

Sometimes temimut without criteria is dangerous especially if you know the criteria involved but it gets lost in the temimut. I myself had said to Ted and Joel that to say such a prayer is in no way a small thing and that to ask for an economic turnabout in the United States is an immense request. I didn’t get beyond that, however, and was pleased with the occasion to do it. As the prayer finished I was in a state of strange feelings. I said in Hebrew to Yehoel Yehoel something like: you can in no way imagine the thousands of forces that I feel upon myself in this moment. I told you that this was in no way a simple request. - I was feeling thousands of forces descend upon me from above but I took it in stride. I am the Talmid of the Tzadik Haim.

Ted then completed our excursion to China Town, Little Italy, to a Restaurant, to Central Park and Broadway and we got back to Rockaway, New Jersey at about 21:30. Ted and Deb went to sleep early as always, then Joel and I, but my mind was totally hyperactive and incredible poetry bashed through my thoughts. I thought about writing but I was too over active and I decided to try sleeping. With the help of two Tylenols, I slept and dreamed. I saw the Tzadik Haim who was visibly angry with me and refused to let me speak to him. There was much confusion in the dream and nothing spoken that I remember. There was, however, an indication: The Tzadik Haim’s complete dissatisfaction with me was in relation to the 36 Hidden Tzadikim; in the dream I was in some way shone my just place with the 250 Hidden Tzadikim who live in their Faith[13]. By the way, the next day on the Television I saw playbacks of Lady Diana because of the fact that her son was coming for his first ‘official’ visit to the U.S. In any case the beginning of some sort of understanding came to me but I didn’t work it out clearly until we landed at Malpensa Airport in Milan and were together with Paolo and Noda.

Here’s the essence of what happened. Note 2 below is necessary for understanding it.

I had no right to make such a prayer. The entire question depends on a decree from the Higher Tribunal. In the very particular position that I am in, in order for that decree to be annulled, I would have had, and it’s the case to say ‘God forbid’ to assume upon myself the terrible weight of that decree.

Monday afternoon, the day after Ground Zero, Noda heard from us that my blood-pressure was high and she also heard that the Dow had risen 200 points; she associated the two things and realized that my prayer had been a mistake. She made a special prayer before EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, in the House of Prayer, to undo the error and annul the prayer that I had made.


Coming to America for me represented the final necessary completion of the name ‘ASHER’ and thus the true and final entrance to the third and final name ‘EHEYE’. It was necessary to reestablish the Signs, as I did in handwriting as part of this Book. The ve-nahafoch hu stands in the ‘SHIN’ of the name ‘ASHER’. My dream of the Prophet Elijah flying over 70 Wolcott Terrace represented the ‘ALEF’ of ‘ASHER’. It represented as well the reopening of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. The Sign of ‘Ground Zero’ had to be that of the ve-nahafoch hu. The positive Sign of the Correction of the Tzadik Haim because of my error was that the Sign of the end of the Institution of 36 and the establishing of the 250 had been reconfirmed. Perhaps there were three main times when this fact had to be reconfirmed (and such is true, I believe of all the principle Signs; they are reconfirmed many times and three of them are essential for the progression into the Final name ‘EHEYE’).

It was thus the necessary third time that the fact of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim exiting from history and the final reestablishing of the 250 Hidden Tzadikim who Live in their Faith. The three necessary times involve Israel, Italy and the United States and the Three Schools in which the Redemption is to be taught Esther, Shoshana and the Yellow Rose.

The 200 points of the Dow Jones alluded to the fact that the Sign of ve-nahafoch hu of the ‘SHIN’ had passed on to the RESH (200 in gematria). As the first Donkey who eats Bread I was representative of the RESH announcing in handwriting (and perhaps in the Emergency room to Doctor Naim) the Third and Final Redemption of Moses, Jesus and Haim). In this way, with the name ‘ASHER’ completed with the Signs done in the United States, the world entered the New Age. President Obama’s speech was an attempt to reconcile Christians, Muslims and Jews and all peoples. It was this sense ‘messianic’ enough to be a Sign that the world had entered a new phase of its history.


-        May 28, 2009 – transcription of text handwritten in the United States, at Ted’s house.


Didn’t I tell you I would get here. Well here I am, at my brother Ted’s house. It was, of course, a miracle. Noda got her Aladin’s Lamp message for the second time in the last 6 years. She prayed that we receive the means for me and my son Yehoel Yehoel to go to America. After about a week, our Queen Ester, without knowing anything of our intentions’ suddenly decided to give us 3000 euros, enough for our tickets, as well as a few debts.

  If you remember at the beginning of this book, I mentioned my dream in which I saw my youth house on 70 Wolcott Terrace in Newark New Jersey, and the Great Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, flew over that house.

Today May 20, 2009, brother Ted drove me and Yehoel Yehoel to see the house, and thus the Sign was accomplished. This is the Sign which reopens the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. Another dream-sign seen by Abramo Pianelli indicated the extreme importance of making this sign in America. It was said that it represented a ve-nahafoch hu (a complete and positive turn-about) of our entire situation. So, God Almighty willing, will it be. For a thousand reasons, we need such a positive change in order to go on with the Signs of the Donkey and White Horse. The Donkeys and friends of the Donkey need a great salvation. I pray for Gino and Iliade, for Giordano, for Renato, for Shaul and Rahhel, for Daniel and Yael, and others, all in difficult situations.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Ted came to take us at JFK Airport. For me it had been a grueling 8 hour 10 minute flight on Swiss Air. The plane was on time but it took another two hours to get through Customs and Baggage Claims. Then from New York to New Jersey, to Jonathans Kosher Delicatessen where we ate delicious corned-beef and tongue sandwiches. Then to Ted’s in Rockaway where we met Ted’s lovely and sweet wife Debra, originally from Cleveland Ohio who received us with love and enthusiasm.

I think in these few days here, I’m supposed to write something. I’ll try to get down the main aspects of the Final New Pact, writing in handwriting with the intention that as I write, the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Tzadik and Goel Haim, is actually being Renewed here for America by way of the Stars of the Redemption. It is Shavuot 5769. I have permission to write and am exempt from all other matters, for this is a Sign which pertains to the salvation of many, and I, in this moment of history am the only one who can do it. My son Yehoel Yehoel (Joel) and I said our New Rite for Shavuot and he sounded the Shofar as established in it.

We have the term for, let’s say, the most global aspect of the Final Redemption, the Garden of Fraternity (or the Garden of Brotherhood). This will eventually be an International organization for all people who wish to be part of the Final New Pact and to belong to the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.

More specifically: all those who are part of the Final New Pact are part of the Garden of Fraternity. Jews of the Garden are bound to the Altar of Judah. Muslims are bound to the Carpet of Islam. Those who are of Christianity and who follow the New Messages of the Final Redemption concerning the Messianic Mission of Jesus are bound to the Altar of Malchitzedek and are called the Children of Malchitzedek. This is equally true for those deriving from other non-Christian nations who enter the Final New Pact; they belong to the Altar of Malchitzedek.

Of those who derive from Christianity, there exists and important category called the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. These derive from the Ten Tribes of Israel who were deported roughly a hundred years before the destruction of the First Temple and were eventually migratory tribes or clans or families that extended to countries which later became Christianized. God’s Providence brought them to Christianity which represented a great elevation compared to the other pagan religions into which they would have otherwise fallen.

This knowledge is ‘secret’; it was taught to me by the Tzadik Haim. Afterwards the Completed Signs confirmed this fact. It is ‘secret’ because it concerns their souls which in past lives were of the Children of Israel who stood at Mount Sinai in the Revelation of the Ten Commandments. Afterwards they were again in the world as Jews of the Ten Tribes. Afterwards most of them fell into the idolatry of the nations to which they had migrated. Christianity became for them an elevation to keep them within the confines of belief in God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, even though it was an associated faith. When they come unto the FNP they return unto the confines of the true Tradition and the pure monotheistic faith and they arise on the Altar of Malchitzedek. If they eventually desire to come back to the Jewish Tradition, they can convert and arise upon the Altar of Ephraim.

The Thirteen Altars of the New House of Prayer of the Final Redemption are: Altar of the Prophet, Altar of the Great Israel, Altar of the Shoshana, Altar of the Anointed Priest, Altar of Judah, Altar of Ephraim, Altar of Malchitzedek, Altar of the Nations, Altar of Matrimony, Altar of the Anointed Priestess, Altar of the Daughters of Israel. Altar of the Daughters of Jacob, Altar of the Leviatanit.

The number 13 is also manifested in the 6 Completed Signs and the 7 Prophetic Circles. The 6 Signs of the Redemption are: Sign of the Stars, Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heave, Sign of the New Light of Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot, Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, Sign of the Fourth Generation and of the New Construction, Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.

The 7 Prophetic Circles correspond to 7 names of the Almighty: EL SHADDAI, ADONAI ELOHEINU, EL ‘ELYON, EL HHAI, ADONAI EL ‘OLAM, ADONAI TZEVAOT, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Another way of denominating the 6 Signs:

1)        Sign of the Book of the Stars of the Redemption, heredity of Abraham, our father, and taught to us by the Final Goel, Haim, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

2)      Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven

3)      Sign of the New Message of the Star of Christ concerning the Messianic Mission of Jesus, and the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam.

4)      Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and of White Horse.

5)      Sign of the Fourth Generation in which comes the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

6)      Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.


 There are as well the 13 Qualities of the Good Heart, the 13 Virtues Hidden Virtues of the Heart of Esther, and the 10 Virtues. The 10 Virtues are: Faith, Blessing, the Virtues of the Heart, Prayer, Respect (derech eretz), Correction, Sanctification, Renewal, Taste, Wisdom (holding one’s tongue).

The Final New Pact does not constitute a New Religion but rather a New Way of Life in all that which concerns life.


Help me, o Lord, my God, forgive me my sins. You are merciful and know the thoughts of my heart. I asked to help the American Economy for the sake of the good hearted, earnest and honest people. In the simplicity of my heart I said the prayer, with Ted and Yehoel Yehoel at my side at Ground Zero. A thousand accusers fell upon me to render my work invalid. I cursed them for their hypocrisy and they will not live out the month. You are my Rock and my Foundation. You forgive and have loved the work of my hands. I am the talmid of the Tzadik Haim. Innocently I made my prayer.

Make now for me a ve-nahafoch hu and return me to my standing. Change it in my favor, for I am of a simple heart and the desire to do good for others. I have tried to do Your will and if I have erred, I erred only with good intentions. Take away those accusers for they are hypocrites and cannot appreciate my temimut, but You o Lord, my God, know the inner intentions of my heart and save me from their clutches. See the thousand difficulties You have saved us from, remember me in good and change all into a positive light. Have mercy on Paolo, on Noda, on Anna Gasparotti, on Giorgio, on Daniel, on Yael, on Giuseppe, on Sharonne, on Solly, on Giordano, on Valentina, on Renato Levi, on Davide Levi, on Moshe Bardi, on Abramo, on Hadassa, on Oscar, on Pina, on Ted and Debra, on Marty, on Alissa, on Gilat Haim, on Yehoel Yehoel, on Haim Shimshon, on Asher, on Noah Hhana Noga, on David, on Ester, on Giosue’, on Baruch, on Simhhat ha-Shoshanah’ on Moshe Levi, on Rahhel, on Yitzhhak, on Shaul, on Rahhel, on Gad, on David, on Areyeh, on Marco Federico, on Sarah, on Eli, on Raffael Haim, on Deborah Eden, on Shani, on Sa’id, on Tina, on Maira, on Lea Levi, on Settimio, on David, on Daniel Levi, on Sarah, on Sarah Tampieri, on Biaggio, on Pina, on Emanuel, on Julia, on Raffael Levi and on my whole family in Israel and in America. Amen and so be it.


The Third and Final Redemption of humanity comes in merit of the true and beloved Hidden Tzadik, Haim, son of Moussa of San'aa, Yemen. He was born and lived in San'aa until he was 16 years old. He then went and lived in Aden for 3 years, afterwards in Cairo for 27 years and finally in Milan for over 20 years.

The Tzadik Haim was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation, Elevated Institution that began at the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and went until the Tzadik Haim himself.

The terrible sacrifice that he accepted upon himself and which then descended in the form of cancer of the stomach, after 620 days of suffering and then his demise on the 23rd of Sivan 5742, June 1983 was considered by God Almighty the Final Sacrifice of the Hidden Tzadikim, called the Conclusive Sacrifice of the Long Sacrifice of Isaac, our father.

This entails the Conclusion, the Final Last sacrifice of the Suffering Tzadikim in all these 26 centuries from Mordechai ha-Tzadik onwards. After his demise, his resurrection into the Final Kingdom of Heaven and the descent of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, the Institution of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim who suffer for the salvation of the world, assuming upon themselves the decrees of the Higher Tribunal so that the decrees fall on them and not upon the world, came to its end.

With the resurrection of the Teacher Haim, a New ‘Institution’ of Hidden Tzadikim came into existence, the 250 Hidden Tzadikim who live in their Faith. These Tzadikim are Hidden but they are no longer called Suffering in that they no longer have permission to take decrees upon themselves. They are, however, Hidden and they are ‘Children of the Ascent’ – ‘Bnei ‘Aliyah’. The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning is their Head, not in the number, as he was always the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim uncounted in that number.

I, Peretz (Paul) Green, son of Morris Green and Ann Becker, have had the immense privilege of being the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 HTZ of his generation. For 13 privileged years I studied with him in Milan, Italy. With his sacrifice, death and resurrection, I was not given to follow him as a Hidden Tzadik and everything changed with that Final Sacrifice. The world was saved, the time of the Third and Final Redemption set in. The time of the Final Great and Terrible Fourth Generation set in. To me was given the Sign of the Donkey who eats the Signs and swallows all the New Information and brays them out and writes them down and tries to explain them as much as I is able.


I have nothing original here to explain on this American soil but just to get down a testimony that I came with Yehoel Yehoel to fulfill this sign of ve-nahafoch hu and then to return to Italy this coming Thursday, God willing. Ted and Debra are very kind and treat us beautifully. Sunday, Ted took me and Joel to NY to visit the Statue of Liberty, then to Ground Zero where I made that prayer for the American Economy. We then ate in a small Restaurant in Little Italy and afterwards he took us to show Yehoel Yehoel the lights of Broadway.

Yesterday, Monday, together with my brother Marty, 8 years older than I, we went to the Beth Israel Memorial Cemetary to visit Mom and Dad, also Grandma and Grandpa Green and a few other relatives of the Green family.

In the meantime my blood-pressure has shot up very high (212 over 124), probably for a combination of reasons. I must change life-style, there’s no doubt about that. I don’t want to speak about all my many faults, they are many and they are strong. I only hope to God that it’s not too late.


We are in the Fourth Generation which is divided into two periods, the first of 35 years, the second of 30 years, the first half from 1983 to 2018, the second half from 2018 to 2047. The first 35 years are still clement with tremendous advancements in many areas which are also positive. In fact the Sign of the Fourth Generation is doubled with the Sign of the New Construction. Also the last 5 years of the 65 year period will be in the Sign of the Reconstruction, after the Great and Terrible period of Judgment, from 2018 to 2042. That period will be filled with the worst imaginable calamities, famine, death, earthquakes, wars etc. etc. Only a part of the human race will remain, perhaps only a fifth. So terrible and replete with calamity is that period ahead, known in prophecy as the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord (last prophecy in Malachi)

One must have the fear of God in his heart, for only God Almighty can save people. Nothing else will count at that time, but we have the new commandment to occupy ourselves with Refuge houses, and although we still do not know in which way we can fulfill this now, without knowing where or how, without means are we now and know not what to do, this does not take away from the fact that it must be done.


Writing here from Italy. Before leaving the USA, in the car, I and Yehoel Yehoel made the Sign of reestablishing the School of the Yellow Rose for the United States, mentioning as well the School of the Rose (Shoshana) and the School of Ester in Israel.

Thank God Almighty, the trip back was good and I felt alright.




Chapter 15


Here I say a word about President Obama’s speech at Cairo. I had had intention to report it and speak of it but this morning June 9, 2009, I dreamed: I was with Meir (the Husband of Gilat Haim); he took me to a place with quite a few people, dressed in all kinds of oriental costumes. It was an event of some kind with dancing and games and much movement and frolicking. At a certain point, a woman (a bit similar to a woman, friend of Lucky Star who is from Libya; in the dream this woman was out to get me but she hid it and placed around my neck a heavy tablet on which was written or better inscribed in big letters EGYPT; it was said that I must go along with the game and now some men would launch arrows at me which when they hit the tablet would thus not harm me. I, of course, to myself became afraid thinking ‘and if they miss, it’s an extremely risky and dangerous game’! I searched for Meir but he had exited somewhere; I kept thinking what I should do and they showed me where I might stand in receiving the arrows. In the end, before they began, I decidedly took the tablet off liberating myself from their game. I then saw Meir who knows this group and he was happy that I had freed myself. The woman’s name was Veronica Verrana.


Here’s what I gather until now. Meir means ‘to illumine’; there’s something important that I must understand concerning Egypt (obviously Obama’s speech; also those who were supposed to shoot the arrows stood on a sort of platform-stage and Bama in Hebrew means stage-platform. If I allow myself to stand before that stage, as if associating myself with Obama’s speech in Cairo (as I had intended to do) I would be subject to arrows shot at me; probably ‘mekatregin’ – those who accuse me (from above) because, I believe, the essence of that speech is a theater-game and accepting its values was risky and very dangerous. When the tablet was upon me Meir wasn’t to be found; associating myself with it was without illumination; in the end, however, after conflictual thoughts, I disassociated myself from it; then did I see Meir and I was ready for my illumination to see the very opposite of what I had originally thought. Her name which I’m pretty sure was at least close to Veronica Verrana. (Noda’ looked up Veronica and ‘victory’ was given as a meaning, associated or symbolized by some Nun Veronica, probably of the middle ages. Perhaps verrana (verrà in Italian is ‘it will come’, verranno is ‘they will come’ – perhaps ‘many victories will come’.) Thus there is implied in the dream a ve-nahafoch hu because instead of her being victorious over me, I was saved and thus the victorous one here, and from darkness I came to the light, from non-understanding to understanding.

So have I understood this important dream which makes undergo a ve-nahafoch hu in regards to Pres. Obama’s speech at Cairo.

President Obama’s speech is a theater-piece game. In Internet there are thousand entries on that speech. Most seem favorable but there are also harsh critics. I looked a bit around here and there and did not read except some short articles without studying them.

I was, of course, taken in by the universal sense and the generalized wisdom of exhorting peace, reconciliation, a great positive change in the relationship between Arab-Muslim people and countries, and proposing such among the world of nations, as well as a denunciation of violence and Islamic Fanaticism. But he also criticized Israel for wanting to extend the Settlements while he denounced Palestinian violence and said that they must recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Let me mention here a dream the last night before leaving the US, just before Pres. Obama’ speech in Cairo. I remember that I was in the Palestinian Refuge Camp ---Yunis. There was a friend with me, a young, rather small bodied Jewish girl who went to some other part (perhaps of Yunis). I yelled and reprimanded her. Why are you going there! That is not the Wailing Wall (I think I said in Italian ‘il Muro dei Pianti’). She went, nevertheless, and something like a big digging crane swished up an enormous piece of the ground and she was obviously swallowed up alive. I went on and with three small receptacles was searching for water which was very hard to find. There was poverty and dry sadness all around.


It’s related. Many Palestinians are ready to blow people up and kill them. You think that you are going there to wail for them but it is they who bring upon themselves their own brutal situation. It isn’t the Wailing Wall where we go, instead, to cry for our sins as well as remembering all that has befallen us, etc. Before you wail the Palestinian Plight which is in truth self-inflicted, it’s just to cry for Israel’s suffering from them for 60 years now.


This element was completely missing from Obama’s discourse. I heard Mike Huckabee on Fox say that he was scandalized by an association that Obama made to the Holocaust subtly intending to compare, even underhandedly, that Israel must not cause a holocaust against Palestinians. I have to check it out because he didn’t say it exactly like that but in another prospective because he could not have said such outright. Another criticism of Huckabee was Obama’s telling Israel what it must or must not do concerning the territories. The entire ‘comparison’ of the Palestinian actions and of Israel’s actions are, in truth, hateful before Heaven. There is absolutely no comparison. These go and willingly kill innocent women and children, unheard of and far from all Jewish and Israeli thinking or actions.

Obama’s cow-towing to the Islamic world obviously requires clever diplomacy and theatrical sincerity and he’s expert in it, even if I’m not yet doubting his sincerity. That’s the real problem. It’s not just diplomacy or rhetoric, he means it. The true place of Israel was not expressed. Obama was here more Muslim than Christian because Jesus was Jewish, not Muslim, and Christianity believes in the Bible, the same Holy Texts that were the Fount of Jesus’ Jewish Tradition.

He spoke of Israel as any other nation whereas he extolled Arabic culture and science and mathematics and philosophy. I agree with his extolling Arabic culture (especially in the 7th and 8th centuries) but America is of the Judaic-Christian culture and Jews throughout the centuries have benefited society in many ways.


There is a great danger here that President Obama is preparing the ground for a terrible war or terrible events. Everything will come out the opposite of what he said.

I just saw Glen Beck on Fox with others screaming away at the power that Obama has ascertained and is advancing in the number of 16 Czars just in the short time as President (as compared to 6 in Nixon’s time), in a totally out-measured power head because these so called Czars do not answer to the Legislative branch of Government or to the Judiciary branch but only to Obama himself. Such power is unconstitutional because it breaks the Balance of the Three Branches. Glen Beck is very strong and very keen on all his opinions and has strong evidence to his statements. This doesn’t mean that it will be just as Glen Beck predicts but: and get this straight: Obama’s speech is as the People cry peace, peace but there is no peace, the war has actually begun. Glen Beck’s terribly negative speculation on the results in the coming years of Obama’s policies can well be closer to the truth. See how things already are and each year comes closer to the actual Fourth Generation in 2018.

Obama’s timing therefore is about at least 34 years ahead of time and before all the terrible decrees of the Fourth Generation. This, of course, is not his fault. He knows nothing of what is coming in the years ahead, dreadful decrees on vast segments of humanity and God Almighty’s Great and Terrible Judgment on all humanity. On the other hand Jews, Muslims and Christians believe in the Great and Terrible Day of God’s Judgment on the world. But he is attempting ‘redemption’ and a universal ‘reconciliation’ which amounts to the Redemption of mankind, well before the chaff has been driven away by the wind from the grain.

For this reason his well-seasoned diplomatic preaching was beautiful to hear for its ‘messianic sound’ but whether his optimism was sincere or not, he has in truth nothing and less to nothing to do with the true Messages brought by the Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the chosen and beloved Tzadik, the Teacher Haim.

Obviously, if Obama knew the Messages both Redemptional and Prophetic and the true history of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, the mashiah ben Yosef u-ben Miriam, he could hardly have become president of the United States, and most certainly he would not have been able to give a speech of this kind. I would have said that he did it in ‘good faith’ but the dream places the arrow shooters on a stage-platform. Obama’s speech is a ‘construction’ of his ideas and even faith but the ‘construction is mainly an intellectual one and a brilliant amalgamation of concepts from religion and from history with which he shoots his arrows out of Egypt to the world.

So know it then, Americans, the entire world knows Barack Obama and almost no one knows me, but I, Paul, son of Morris Green and Ann Becker, as first Donkey of the Goel Haim, was in Rockaway, New Jersey at brother Ted’s, while the false messianic president was in Egypt. The true Universal Speech had to come from the United States, not from Cairo. I could, of course, say nothing to anyone so I wrote as a testimony some handwritten pages as reported in chapter 14 so as to reestablish the Final New Pact in the United States, without which the Redemption is not complete.

 Maybe he feels himself Moses or a new prophet or an envoy of Christ but ‘salvation comes from Israel’ said Jesus, not from the Arabs and not from Christians and not from any other nation or people.

Why did Obama not say that Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East? Diplomacy. Why did he compare Palestinians and Israelis in a totally unbalanced manner? Diplomacy. Why did he say that every nation, including Iran, has the right to have nukes for energy purposes? Extremely dangerous diplomacy and detrimental to Israel who knows its enemy’s intentions!


A true Donkey came back to America to bind the conclusion Signs that, so to speak, lock into orbit all the redemptional Stars revealed until now. A New Phase of history has entered and is coming onto its time. President Obama is a false Donkey and everything he said falls apart.

The true Reconciliation of the hearts is not a compromise nor can it come through diplomacy until the substance is established. Then perhaps you need some diplomacy to make things work but if the substance is missing diplomacy only extends falsehoods which in the end crumble. Is Hamas going to recognize Israel when it’s already part of their DNA to hate Israel! Is the Arab world going to wake up to the true substance of Judaism, of the Jewish people and of the Prophesied return to Zion! Only when the head of the snake has been severed will its body die. Only when there is a complete change-over in the mentality of the Arab and Muslim Leaders and Imams etc. will it allow for a mentality change in the Muslim world and such will not come by diplomacy but only through the ‘macot’ of the Fourth Generation. It’s sorrowful but that’s the reality.

And when the ‘substance’ of the falsehoods is fostered by religious belief and zeal, the turnabout can truly be made only when the force behind the change has the same power of ignition. Therefore the true Reconciliation of the Completed Signs comes by way of a truly new understanding of the faith in the One Living God who chose Israel as the special nation of His Blessing. It will come to be understood that ‘whoever curses Israel will be cursed and whoever loves and praises Israel will receive a blessing and a sanctification’. This is the substance that will allow for a change in the rest.

This substance, however, will not be reached by words alone, the words of Sefer Mishnat Haim, I intend. The evil and misguided hatred for Israel in the actual Muslim mentality will come only after the terrible realization of the terrible decrees that are coming. The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord which is the substance of the period from 2018 to 2042 and millions upon millions who will die or be destroyed and the visible devastation throughout the world will allow for those remaining to see everything from anew and to come to the new realization of God Almighty’s will. The Terrible period of Divine Justice that is coming is that Day in which all truly understand that God alone saves. Therefore it’s essential to know God’s will and His promises. Obama’s speech is a theatrical farce and a diplomatic game.

Wake up Mister Barack Hussein Obama. You were chosen as President of the United States, not as a messianic ‘Donkey’ to usher in the Great Reconciliation of the New Redemptional Era. You cannot yet bind the messianic and redemptional prophecies without any true understanding of the Bible, the New Christian Testament and the Koran, And all Jews, Christians and Muslims cannot understand those prophecies without the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. That is why you can be known by everyone in the world whereas the true Donkey is totally unknown. I and the Donkeys with me can speak now only to the babes and the speaking so far is only in written words held closed in the Palace of Ester. We are alone for now in a world not ready to understand us. But God Almighty is with us in merit of the Tzadik Haim and the Final Sacrifice that he endured so that the world be saved.

Therefore I had to be in America while the ‘donkey’ who has no true donkeyhood was in Egypt. He himself is not Moses or the Prophet Elijah, if he thinks such, for as a Christian he is still a believer in the Trinity and in Christian theology; he is still of the Mixed-multitude that emanates gods and goddesses and bows down to them. And if he believes himself a new manifestation of Christ on earth, let it be said that he will no longer be able to receive any influences from the Second Coming of the Star of Christ because that Star now refuses to shine on all those who are still part of the First Coming of the Star of Christ 2000 years ago, and it is the Great Correction of Christianity of the Second Coming, as well as the Great Reform in Judaism, that reestablishes the New Equilibrium upon which any true Reconciliation can be reached.

Look around then. Are Jews now ready to recognize the Messianic Mission of Jesus? Are believing Christians ready to recognize that Jesus was a human being and a servant of God, not a Divine Being? And are Muslims ready to receive the true history of Israel and of God’s promises. All those who are ‘institutionalized’ are locked into the errors of their respective institutions and stop. Except on paper, sealed in texts accepted by God Almighty, and among a very few individuals, there is no Reconciliation and no Redemption. In the first 35 years of the 65 year Fourth Generation there is yet God’s clemency upon the world in merit of the Sacrifice of the Goel Haim. The Sign of the Donkey has been able to proceed in its existence in merit of the Sacrifice of Beniamino Perico, as explained in our texts. We cannot be diplomatic in all essential matters of the faith. Are we then not out of place in the world in this period of the Fourth Generation?

Do not take me as being harsh, o brothers and sisters of the Fifth Generation onwards. Daniel Manigrasso saw in a dream some years ago that the Goel Haim was very sad because, of the billion Muslims in the world, not even 500 prayers were accepted before God. – It is saddening that our cousins hate us and bring upon themselves curses instead of blessings. Such is the situation, however, and Obama’s speech did nothing to change the brutal and false teachings of Islamic Imams and thus of the lay-people in general. Obama’s words against ‘violence’ (instead of calling it terrorism) fall on empty hearts because Muslims believe in their Imams or Mufti who preach violence and hatred and Jihad at least against Israel if not of the whole world. So to whom and of whom are you speaking Mr. President?

And to this you want to tell Israel what it should or should not do? Israel wants peace and it would be willing to have a two-state solution if it is true, enduring, with the correct measures and a sincere heart. Palestinians have been poisoned by their compatriots of the worst ‘government’ conceivable. They want one State only, a Palestinian State. Therefore are they dying in poverty for the poison they have been fed on. When president Obama spoke of what Israel should do, they applauded in Cairo. When he spoke of what the Palestinians must do they did not applaud. There is no equilibrium in their hearts to understand the importance of Israel before God Almighty. Nor did Obama’s speech do anything to raise the standing of Israel or of the Jewish people in the eyes of Muslims. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is on the rise in many parts of the world. In the end his words embolden anti-Semitism although he certainly has no such an intention.

Such was epitomized yesterday (June 10) when an anti-Semite shot and killed a guard in the Holocaust Museum in Washing D.C. and at the same time was reported Obama’s ex Pastor Wright’s statement that ‘Them Jews aren’t going to let me speak to Obama’. And he criticized Obama for being sold and totally directed by the Jews. And these are not Muslims but ‘Christians’! Be humble Mr. President, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay. And very high plans of an international level have very high stakes for their failure. For all that one may want to say, George Bush was a better friend of Israel and he would never have made such a speech. Nor would he have opened up a faucet of Iranian Nukes for energy purposes, a statement that encourages Ahmadinegian’s plans to create Nukes for use against Israel. We can only hope that he falls in today’s election in Iran.


For sure you cannot understand what my being in the United States when Obama made his speech in Cairo has to do with anything and even for me, it’s not so easy. I was, however, trying to follow the Signs and I had to reopen ‘The Time has Come’ with the sign given that the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, flew over my old house on 70 Wolcott Terrace, in Newark N.J. (that was the ‘ALEF’ of the name ‘ASHER’).

I then fell into a grave error at Ground Zero with a prayer for the American Economy which in truth is a decree of the Higher Tribunal into which I had absolutely no right to enter. And if, God save me, that prayer had been accepted, I would have had to accept the decree on my person, and such is totally undesired. The Correction of the Goel Haim was, however, the final pillar in establishing that the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim are no longer while instead there is the new formation of 250 Hidden Tzadikim who live in their faith and who no longer have permission to accept upon themselves the decrees of the Higher Tribunal. It was essential to reconfirm this so that the ‘ALEF’, in the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, and the ‘SHIN’ in the Tradition of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim, from Mordechai ha-Tzadik to the Tzadik Haim, receive the final standing in conjunction to the 250 Hidden Tzadikim. This had already been established but it had to be reconfirmed by the Goel Haim on American soil for the sake of finalizing the entrance in the final name ‘EHEYE’.

For the sake of the RESH, I testified to this and I wrote of the Final New Pact in America as part of this Book; it thus includes all that has been written previously until chapter 14, containing the Correction of Christianity. Thus the name ‘ASHER’ was completed and the historical moment of the entrance into the final name had come with the Donkey’s being back in America for President Obama’s Inaugural Speech. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw. The final name is Universal, as for example the words of God Almighty in Noda’s dream, ‘In the first redemption I redeemed Israel from bondage and from the Egyptian idolatry. In the final redemption I redeem all humanity from idolatry’. - So too the entire Final New Pact is universal.

The roots of this universality are contained in the name ‘ASHER’ but their historical realization was not in the sign of the promised Reconciliation. Instead Judaism was separated and Christianity was separated and Islam was separated. In the end those separations had to be; it’s part of the Design. Judaism had to be separated because the Torah itself places the children of Israel in a position of being commanded in the laws of the Holy Torah. This had to be established strongly for all times because this remains for all times also within the framework of the Final New Pact.

This fact is the Great Pillar of Truth that allows for the Universal Redemption and without this truth there can absolutely be no true Redemption. Therefore the Final New Pact must be under the direction of Jews of the Tradition who are able to measure the differences in that which the New Law of the Final Redemption prescribes on a universal level and that which it prescribes for the Altar of Judah and the Altar of Ephraim. This is the Great Pillar to which Barack Hussein Obama has no holding. His universalism with Israel as a people as all the others destroys any true redemptional equilibrium. The nations cannot handle this and would undo it leaving out all the many prophecies concerning Israel.

What came out here is the final sign of Correction of the RESH. The Prophet Elijah flew over my house. The Tzadik Haim finalized the sign of 250 Tzadikim and no longer the 36. I completed the RESH with the handwritten document mentioned. But for the completion of the ve-nahafoch hu that this sign represented in general, there had to be the contrast (as the 4th Star ‘ROSH’ of the Constellation of Ester) as it is that from the RESH 2000 years ago the messianic mission of Jesus as it moved into Christianity changed the true faith and became the contrasting force to Judaism. So too here, as the RESH was completed by me in that document, there came another attempt for the RESH to exit from the true measures and to create for itself a ROSH above all the true parameters. Such was the theater-game redemption proposed by President Obama.

Even here I started to be taken in and thought positively about his speech although with serious reservations about his statements concerning the Palestinians and the Israelis. Returning to Italy, I began explaining the Sign of America and I transcribed that document and I was ready to write praises of Obama’s courage in affronting redemptional purposes and at that moment came the dream of the Tablet of Egypt mentioned above. It was the moment to reaffirm the true RESH of the name ‘ASHER’ and to disassociate myself and the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread from the falsified Resh presented in Obama’s discourse in Cairo.

In the meantime Paolo dreamed that our whole family was now living in America close to Ted’s house. This was a sign to the acceptance of the Sign of America, to say that after this sign it’s as if we lived in the United States, at least at a Stellar level, and thus every step for the Final Redemption is firmly bound to the United States. It seems that the true Donkey had to be in the United States as Obama made his speech because otherwise, because of that speech, a terrible decree would have befallen America, much worse than the state of things as they are now.


Giuseppe saw in a dream this morning, June 11, 2009, that I was dressed in a completely White Tunic (in the position of the Anointed Priest of the Altar of the Anointed Priest but more probably, because the White Tunic is that of the Altar of Judah while the Tunic of the Altar of the Anointed Priest is green, thus the Anointed Priest of the Altar of Judah). There were others with sacerdotal tunics and I held a chalice in my hand and we said prayers of the New Rite of the House of Prayer. Giuseppe also saw that I was in good health, thank God. - -

Very positive Sign of the Renewal of the New Priesthood of the New House of Prayer and it confirms the sign of our having moved into the third and final name ‘EHEYE’. – With quite a hidden stellar Purim to accomplish it.





Chapter 16


Here I tell then that it may seem very hard for us to imagine but in terms of the Times we have now fully entered into the Soul of the Final Redemption. It was extremely hard for us to reach this point. Now from Above the souls of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel will be awakened, with the help of God Almighty. And with them many other souls will be awakened. These are souls selected to receive the Final Redemption. All the Signs of these past 26 years had to be reconfirmed by the Donkey who eats Bread in America.


How shall I tell though, and what might I explain? Have we then passed the first two names that we are ready to receive the Soul of the Signs? Have we, then, received the New Spirit of the name ‘ASHER’? We are a poor lot of a few Donkeys and the days of our lives are filled with problems. Wherefore then can we speak of receiving the Higher Soul of the final name ‘EHEYE’ of the Final Redemption? A dilemma!

First of all, God Almighty is clement with us and for His miracles have we reached this point. With the hand of God Almighty upon our writings they will be preserved for the generations that are coming, in merit of the Tzadik Haim. We Donkeys walk in our simplicity.

A dream of Noda declares that the first pupils of the Final Redemption are simple on the level of the world but they possess very high souls that are bound to the Higher Souls of the past. The voice explained that the soul of Noda was rooted in the soul of Miriam, the prophetess, older sister of Aaron and of Moses. Peretz, it was said, was rooted in the soul of Aaron ha-Cohen. - -


So what’s to say then? Perhaps the souls of the Donkeys will now be revealed together with the New Spirit.

This isn’t so strange if you realize that the same is true of the name ‘ASHER’ when the Completed Signs arrive. The Completed Signs are bound to the final name ‘EHEYE’ but as soon as they begin to be revealed it becomes necessary to reestablish the entire name ‘ASHER’ which historically must be restored in its proper measures by way of the Completed Signs themselves. The Sign of the United States was a Completion Point allowing the finalized entrance into the final name, as explained. Perhaps now, after 26 years of the Final Signs, the New Spirit is ready to descend together with the final name of God Almighty in His great, final Redemption of humanity.

We are, however, in the Fourth Generation and the world outside is not suddenly to be awakened to the Final Redemption. The Great and Terrible historic Day of the Lord which comes only one time in history is coming. That period goes from 2018 to 2042. The Judgment isn’t only on the actions of each person here now but of the soul of each person and what it has done from its inception and in the various lives that it has passed. There are many who will lose their souls because in the course of the history of that soul, it has always fallen into sin and into negation and there is no reason that it be continued in time, only to fall each time and have to be punished and then sent again into the world etc.

There are many whose souls will be saved because they have merits even if they need to be cleansed of sins. Thus the Gehinam (hell, inferno) will continue to exist also in the generations of the Final Redemption.

There are many good souls of people who have mercy on others and are good-hearted and are beneficial to society; many of these will be taken before the terrible periods ahead, for God’s mercy is upon them and takes them ahead of time so as not to see the immense world suffering that is coming. These may merit to the Kingdom of Heaven according to the judgment on each individual.

And there are those selected to pass through the Fourth Generation in their faith so as to have the great merit of seeing the great bounty of God Almighty that follows the Fourth Generation.

We are now in the Signs of Jacob, our father, in the Signs of the Splendor of Israel. More exactly, in the Signs of Jacob that become the Signs of the Splendor of Israel. Also this is a Fourth Generation Sign in that the Splendor of Israel comes when the Third and Final Temple will be built in Jerusalem and Beersheva. At that time God’s choice of the Goel Haim will be known and accepted for only in such a condition can the Temple be built.

I pray the Lord, my God, let there be a ve-nahafoch hu upon our family here and that He save us from the situation we are in and the soul of each one of us becomes revealed in us so that we may serve EHEYE ASHER EHEYE with all our heart and with our vital soul and with all our forces. Amen.

I ask that there be a ve-nafoch hu for the monetary situation of our family and that Paolo will be able to accomplish his work and earn enough to carry us ahead. Let Your salvation with us be complete, o Lord, my God, so that we may prepare the way to Your Final Redemption even unto the extremities of the earth. Have great mercy upon us, o Lord, ADONAI TZEVAOT and raise up the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread.

If we have suffered through some difficult periods and were unable to receive Your New Spirit, awaken upon us now the New Spirit and the New Soul of the Final Redemption in merit to the chosen Tzadik and Goel Haim.

Thus from the Signs of Jacob, our father, these will become the Signs of the Splendor of Israel. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon


I pray also for material help because the Completeness of the Final Redemption must be molded into the person’s well being, in good health and in the vine and the orchid of each one’s house. Otherwise it is too difficult to receive the New Spirit and to feel the New Soul.


With Giuseppe, Sharonne and Esther a Fermo, Porto San Giorgio, le Marche, June 15, 2009. in the sign of relaxing and coming back to myself, after the events of the Signs in America. The Sign of ve-nahafoch hu is clearing up or becoming manifest from the moment of my return to Italy. A new felicity is being born in me, notwithstanding the immense difficulties of my household. There is great hope for we have reached the limit and cannot proceed as before unless Paolo can work with the Vendor Truck and earn a living from it. Until now there have been only impediments. I hope that the sign of ve-nahafoch hu is also for our financial situation that has so depleted our strength, as a family and as the Central Pillar of the Redemptional Mission, in all these past years. Amen.


After that, from 2042 to 2047, the world will be in the Sign of Reconstruction. The New Messages will become known and a heart to know the truth will be awakened. People will recognize that our texts speak the truth and that the events have followed the New Prophecies reported. They will want to know the rest regarding the coming of the Final Goel Haim and the revelation of the Completed Signs. So will there be interest in understanding the many phases that we Donkeys have passed and how all was revealed to us in merit of the Teacher Haim. Then the Diaries, the dates given, the time of every New Sign, the words given to explain each Completion, the prophetic affirmations etc. etc. will help the future generations to visualize and understand the historic Progression of the Completed Signs.

We pass many New Historical Sign-Phases in the Completed Signs, These are the stepping-stones many phases in God Almighty’s bringing the world to its Final Redemption and to the House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam. For when the Day will have passed, a universal desire for Reconciliation and Peace will set in and all arrogance will have disappeared from the face of the earth.

I am announcing here a New Phase in the Progression of this Fourth Generation both in terms of the Signs themselves and in terms of the events in history that will be forthcoming in the world.

The Sign to go to the United States was no small Sign. It’s been at least a year of dream-signs that came for it but it was difficult to accomplish. The Sign ve-nahafoch hu was given a few months ago in a dream to Abramo Pianelli and so too its urgency was announced. Clearly our going to America was a determining Sign.

Even before leaving for America, I was convinced that a New Historical Phase would be completed and the Signs would be reconfirmed for the final Name. The Sign of the Prophet Elijah flying over my old house on 70 Wolcott Terrace, Newark, NJ, most certainly referred to a Reopening of the Signs.

The Signs in the United States had not been reconfirmed in America for 19 years, and we have no Donkeys there to reconfirm them.

There had to be an event as a reference point that would be remembered afterwards. President Obama’s speech at Cairo served to this effect. And I had to be in the U.S. when he made his speech.

Indeed, that speech redeemed the title of this book because the Donkey was back in America for the Inaugural Speech of President Obama. This was not the inaugural speech when becoming president but rather his ‘inaugural’ speech as President of the United States to the world of nations, especially to the Islamic world. It was a ‘universal’ speech and was followed by the entire world. It was given with great enthusiasm, and with faith in God, in an attempt to unify the Three Great Monotheistic Religions even with citations from the Talmud, the Koran and the New Testament. It augured in a Great Reconciliation and was spoken the with brilliant eloquence of which Obama is a master.


I had thought that President Obama, in the Democratic Donkey Party was in some way playing a Donkey role, a role which had people known, should have been given to me, hee-haw, hee-haw! The real Donkey is us and it’s our work to speak about the Reconciliation of the Hearts and of the Three Great Monotheistic Religions. He is not the Donkey with Three Eyes! I thought that Pres. Obama was only helping me out, making a Sign that I should have made but couldn’t ‘cause nobody knows me.

Then came the dream with Meir and the stone Tablet upon which was written EGYPT etc. and after a bit of reasoning I knew that Obama’s speech was a ‘farce’, it contained falsehoods, it was very dangerous and that I had to totally disassociate myself from it. On the contrary, a false donkey had spoken and I, in the writing of this book, had to stand up on my Donkey rights and shear him of that false donkey costume. Over whose eyes was he pulling the wool!

On the contrary, Obama’s speech lays the foundation for more anti-Semitism, for more conflict in the Middle East and for a worsening of international relations. Soon came signs to show it: a white supremacist, Nazi-style anti-Semitic, killing a guard in the Holocaust Museum in Washing D.C.; Reverend Wright’s outrageous anti-Semitic comments about ‘them Jews who won’t let Obama talk to me’ etc.; Ahmadinigian’s victory in Iran; the threat of war from North Korea.


It’s not the time to preach peace, Mr. Obama; it’s time to know on what side of the fence you stand and to take an extremely strong position, not to proffer rhetorical diplomacy.

In the Corriere della Sera, probably the largest read newspaper in Italy. On the front page (today June 14, 2009) after reporting the victory of Ahmadinigiad, under a picture of a bloodied youth from Teheran, had the title “Ma il vero sconfitto e’ Obama” – but the one really defeated was Obama. The article explained that Obama’s attempt to offer non-preconditioned meetings with Ahmadinigian and his mentioning the right of every country to have nuclear energy was intended to help the so-called ‘moderates’ to win the election. His intention back-fired and gave many Iranians the idea that Ahmadinegian’s success was the reason behind Obama’s overtures.

Look now under the rhetoric and see the true and even naïve stupidity in speaking about the right to have nuclear energy for peace purposes. Speaking the truth to evil-minded people only allows them to use that truth against you for evil purposes. That truth in reference to Iran is foolish imbecility! Are you playing around with Israel’s destiny, Mr. Obama, or that of the Middle-East or that of the world!

 Obama’s intentions are not meant to be bad but seeing things from ‘signs’ often helps understand that which would otherwise not be considered: a guard killed in the Holocaust Museum, blatant anti-Semitic remarks by Obama’s ex-Pastor. Something stinks somewhere. Obama’s faith was received from this ill-minded Wright and so too his spiritual illumination. Wright curses America, curses whites and curses Jews. Perhaps he likes dogs and himself. Couldn’t you have chosen someone better to get your spiritual illumination from, Mr. Obama?!

Even Obama’s disassociation from Wright, a purely political necessity, doesn’t diminish the fact that his ‘spiritual formation’ came through that Reverend. About a sick-minded snake and poisonous Reverend we do not care, but a part of Obama’s inner heart grew up on his influence! This cannot go underscored in Obama’s inner relationship to Jews. What does Obama think but obviously must say the opposite!

So I stand now a Corrected Donkey and I totally disassociate myself from Barack Hussein Obama. Rev. Wright is an integral part of the formation of his ‘spiritual’ roots.


DIARY: Tuesday, June 16, 2009; Fermo: I dreamed I was in a small and poor 2 room house with no goods in it except for a bed, a table, a sink and running water. Then walked in former president Clinton. It was as if this poor house was his and he said in a rather boisterous and ironic manner, “This house is my richness”. He turned on the faucet and with thick irony said, “This faucet and this water are my great riches”. I understood in the dream that his irony was directed at President Obama’s present economic policies, as if to say, “This is the ‘eloquent’ American dream which results from Obama’s economic strategy”. I was content to see Clinton and I went to shake his hand but I found his handshake (right hand) extremely weak. I tried to squeeze his hand somewhat harder trying to obtain from him a solid handshake but the weakness was properly inherent. I squeezed it even more and almost wanted to rebuke him for such a lousy grip but I noticed that he seemed to be missing his fourth finger (before the pinky) and as I squeezed his hand he said “Ouch, you are hurting my pinky”. I realized that the weakness was physical and real. I then in a friendly gesture took hold of his arm and also his arm was extremely weak and practically immobile. - -


Someone like Dick Morris or Charles Krauthammer and many others could probably better interpret this dream than I. In any case the ‘right hand’ of the Democratic Party makes the right hand of America weak, the right hand being the generosity and opening towards all, desired by the so-called liberals etc. etc. The American-dream house resulting from Obama’s economic policies bring it to the level of the house seen in my dream.



Volume Two of the Donkey’s back

From Chapter 17

Second Volume

Paul and Paul working together

With the Donkey who eats Bread

Chapter 17







Here I tell you the second dream of June 16, 2009 at Fermo, somewhat more difficult to remember with precision. There was a person, a young man, who, in reference to some phrase in the Newspaper said to me that it was a sign regarding us two, as to say that there is something very similar about us and that from now on, we should work together. We decided to give each other our name and telephone number and when he said that his name was Paul, I said that also my name was Paul. He took this as a further confirmation that from now on we had to work together. He was clearly Jewish and he spoke to me in Yiddish and I managed to answer in my somewhat broken Yiddish; in any case he was Ashkenazi from one of the ex-republics of the Soviet Union. Then there were scenes of this person, here with a short beard and somewhat older. It seems that Paolo had said that in a part of the house there resided an evil spirit. This person then ‘driving’ a sort of car-chasse with only a steering wheel drove very slowly into that part of the house to battle with that spirit. As I watched, a young girl walked in and as soon as she came into that area she felt the tormenting results of the spirit. I took hold of her to protect her from the spirit and I made some gestures against it. Then the car-chasse was somewhat more elaborate and the man was seated in it and he concentrated. I asked him something but that disturbed him; I asked another question but that broke him from his concentration; he got out of the car and said to someone to explain to me that my questions disturbed his concentration. This is as much as I remember. - -


Mein Yiddish iz meer hebraish vi Yiddish ober es macht nisht ois, Ich darf nit fregen shailos, ver, vos, furvos und vi-azei. Es komt yetzt an ander Paul fun tzafon, mizrah europa, einer vos redt eich Yiddish, und fun yetzt an er vet bleiben mit mir tzuzamen und arbaiten mit mir af die Geula Shleima. Ich muz nit fregen shailos und ich muz im nisht mevalbel zain in zain arbeit mit fragen und werter, vaile er muz zich mitrakez zain in yeder peula vos er tut. Ich darf nur kuken vaile Ich zuch furstanden. Es dertzeilt a naiye tzait, zuzamen mit die alle naiyes noch dem Tzeigen fun America. Vaile a naiye hisbonnenus is geboren ven der siman fun di Fureinegte Shtaten is eingekumen in zain tzait. Er ruft zich Paul und ich ruf mich Paul und fun yetzt an er arbait zutzamen mit mir, das is genug und andere shailos darf ich nisht fregen. Ich danke Got vos alles veist und tut shtendig chessed mit diese die zuchen dem Aibeshter in yeder minut.


For I’ve flown back to the island of my youthful meditation doubled now with Paul and Paul. The Correction of Paulus now desires its completion. I’ve written some documents on Tikkun Paulus but I have spoken very little of his Letters, nor did I want to. I’ve always thrown off discussion on them, especially because most of them are not authentic or have been interpolated. So who wants to take them up! I spoke mostly about Romans and his famous spiritual illumination of God’s closing us all into darkness and blindness only to use clemency to all in the end. It was important to understand that although Paul’s spirit showed him a truth, Paul himself could not really understand its true and finalized prophetic intention. For Paul, the new Christians were now illumined in the truth of Christ, the Jews were the blind ones but on the other hand if not for the Jewish blindness, the grace of God would not have been extended to the nations. It was thus part of the Design of God in bringing the Redemption, the Complete Redemption at the end when the nations will have already entered the Christian Pact. At that time Israel will be illumined and recognize Christ and then the mercy of God will descend upon us all.’

What is interesting is that the Spirit that revealed his vision said the truth: God has closed us all into non-comprehension in order to illumine us all in the end. So is it concerning the Mission of Christ, Jews and Christians alike have been in non-comprehension, only the manifestations of that non comprehension are different on the Jewish side and different on the Christian side.


DIARY: June 21, 2009: Giuseppe dreamed that as he lay on his bed a man came and said to him, “These are twelve spirits that are entering you” and he felt them enter. There was a type of protecting wall around the four sides of the bed, as if behind them was fire that couldn’t touch him. - -

This is a further corroboration of the Signs that have entered into the third and final name, in the Signs of Jacob, our father. Giuseppe made the sign with me.


DIARY: June 23, 2009: Rosh Hhodesh Tamuz, 5769, Weights of the Donkey 28, 3962: Giuseppe’s dream had said that Ahmadinagian would have lost the election and that someone more moderate would have been chosen. This is the proof that the elections were rigged, as the Iranians are saying and of which the whole world is convinced. In any case the world watches on as the Iranian protesters get beat up and injured and killed. It’s an extremely important moment in Iranian history and we and the world hope that the uprising will continue. It’s not easy because they have no weapons. Let that the voice of the people be heard, as received in the very first years of the Completed Signs, in a dream of Sig. Banin, peace be with him, that now the historic time has entered in which the voice of the people will be heard. The voice of the majority of the Iranian people want this present regime done away with; they want more liberty and freedom of speech, free press, rights for women, and more generally Democracy. The first step is to throw Ahmadinagian down and his whole regime.

Obama until now is cautious but such is over-cautious diplomacy just in a moment when the Iranian people and the world want to hear support for the protesters!


Back to Romans. There is probably enough of the workings of Paul’s Spirit in this Letter to effect the new Corrections needed so as to transpose that Spirit into the true context of the Final Redemption. (I’ll read the other Letters but my intention for now is to interpret only Romans, unless I find it necessary to speak of other points from those Letters[14]) Paul’s wheel-turning is sometimes quite sickening, making it often, at least psychologically, all the more difficult for me to accomplish that transposition. I must, however, do it without asking questions because it must be done. Paul’s Spirit cannot simply be left to the past, even as much as I might personally want it to be.

Nor can I get out of remembering that I too am in the Paul position, like it or not, and even now I am doubled: I am Jewish, as Paul. Also my work, as that of Paul, comes to extend the New Revelation of the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, first of all to the Jewish people and also to all the nations. Had I been Paul at that time and the ‘conversion’ had come to me as it did to him, I could hardly have done differently. For if now the completed Spirit of the Final Redemption speaks the truth of the finalized Sign of the Resurrection, such were the measures of that as yet incomplete Spirit to assert the truth until that point reached by history in the prophesied Design of the Redemption.

Forgive me then if my sentence-reasoning sometimes reflects Paul’s wheel-turning when interpreting said transposition because it’s part of the Correction. His spiraling in the contrasts of death and life was the only means he had of separating one idea from another, having necessarily to distinguish the New-born Christianity from the binding laws of the Torah. That had to be done and a tremendously potent force was needed to detach Christianity from Judaism and to assert the New Law of the Spirit of Christ in counter position to the Law of the Torah for Jews.

Paul’s mission was historic bitterness and theological confusion. That Paul’s vision would result in historic bitterness was part of the destiny that also he realized; he was, on the other hand, totally blinded by the effulgence of that New Christian Spirit to ascertain the entrenched theological confusion that his words were creating. Our purpose here, however, is not to reiterate the Correction of Christian Theology which has been duly treated in our other texts of the Book which Astounds but rather, as said, to transpose that powerful Spirit into the true context of the Final Redemption.

For I too, as much as I am loath to hear his blasphemous affirmations that render the mixing of God’s divinity and that of the Lord, Jesus Christ, inseparable from Christian belief, yet knowing the potency of that Christian Spirit into which Paul’s whole being was taken up, I remain still enthralled by its invincible seriousness and the heaviness of its unyielding sincerity. Therefore even his style doth enter me as I proceed with words of clarification. By itself it comes after looking into his words with the intention to separate that Spirit from its Christian limitations and bring it into the fullness of God’s final name ‘’EHEYE’’.

Paul was the White Horse of Christ while I am the first Donkey of the Final Goel, Haim. Paul was the Messenger of Christ to the nations while I am Donkey with Three Eyes, for Jews, Christians, Muslims and all the others. Our Paolo is the White Horse but it’s my duty to fulfill the Completed Signs in writing. Such is now part of this book written in English which is projected principally towards Protestants. Certainly Protestants have used Paul more than Catholics since Protestants also ‘use’ the Gospels themselves for their spiritual edification after having broken totally from the Catholic Church from Luther on.

In this sense Protestants denied the authenticity of the Mother Church which was indeed the Church formed by Paul and returned wholly to the words of the New Testament. It was thus of extra necessity to review and seek to study more in depth Paul’s true intentions in the light of the Spirit in which he spoke and to relate them to Protestant belief. This fact itself, however, doesn’t interest us because the false theology of Christianity changed only the more subtle ways of interpretation while the substance is the same, the Trinity, the Logos, the Divinity of Christ, the literal sense of Son of God, the virgin birth etc. Thus there is absolutely no difference for us whether the interpretations are Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or Neo-Protestant. They are all in the same ‘light’ of Paul’s Spirit seen from different angles.

Our purpose in scrutinizing Paul’s Spirit is equal to searching the redemptional and messianic prophecies, which often answered to references to Jesus’ mission, for the sake of explaining their finalized realization in the Final Redemption. In that Christian Spirit those references were prophetically realized in Christ. In the New Spirit of the Final Redemption those same prophecies are ‘finalized’ because the chosen Redeemer, Haim, is the Third and Final Redeemer, after Jesus and after Moses. He is alive for the world now and for all times ahead to be the Marvelous Counselor, the potent one of God, the father for all times, the prince of peace.

Everything that was interpreted in Christianity was for the purpose of having it proceed historically only until the time of the Final Redemption and the coming of the Final Redeemer and the descent of the Completed Signs. At the same time the Second Coming of the Star of Christ is announced by the Tzadik Haim. The Donkey of the Goel Haim, in conjunction with the Star of Christ, now called as well the Star which Astounds, separates the true messianic mission of Jesus from all theological Christianity while revealing anew Jesus’ real story, a story, in truth, more astounding than the story of Jesus in the Christian New Tedtament.

This fact, however, that those same prophecies (for the most circa 600 years before Jesus) could have related 2000 years ago to the mission of Christ while they are finalized in the coming of the Goel Haim and also in the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, is quite a marvelous part of God’s Design in bringing the Final Redemption to the world. Christians were able to see in those same prophecies the references to Jesus while at the same time they were unable to see the terrible Christian error in which context everything else was placed. Were the prophecies then false? God forbid. The prophecies were true but their interpretation was as incomplete as Christianity itself.

It’s fantastic but the words of God are prophetic and they contain many aspects of the history of Israel and also of the nations that are often realized in various stages of history in different ways. Christians were able therefore to see Jesus’ mission in themselves but they couldn’t understand that his true messianic mission had been placed in an idolatrous framework of Christian theology nor could they imagine even remotely that these same prophecies would have entirely new and true interpretations at the time of the coming of the Final Goel.

I’m explaining this because it’s essential to our purpose in the transposition of that Spirit of Paul to the New Spirit of the Final Redemption. Why bother with the Spirit of Paul and all the confusion that it created? This is because it was not simply a false Spirit that was at work; otherwise it would be cast away as the ‘spirit’ of Buddhism or the other Asiatic religions that have no binding to Judaism or Jewish history or Jewish messianism. It was a true Spirit, the New Christian Spirit, but it was limited by the Christian religion into which framework it was cast and falsified by Christian theology.

The 2600 year jump from the last prophecy in Malachi to the Final Redemption which became a 2000 year jump from the Christian revelation until the Second Coming of the Star of Christ could not be envisioned by anybody. Even if all Christians of all times could put their knowledgeable brains together, they could not have known what was coming. The Jews, of course, didn’t believe that Jesus’ mission was ‘messianic’ and the Second Coming of Christ had no reality for them and they too had no idea of how the prophecy in Malachi had played its role in the prophetic and messianic mission of announcing the smiting of the land of Israel with anathema when they would refuse any reconciliation of the hearts.

This is the point that I’ve tried so many times to explain. That last prophecy in Malachi in that ‘lest I come and smite the land in anathema’ was prophetic to the mission of Jesus. And since the first part of the prophecy had eventually to be realized in history, because ‘Behold, I am sending the Prophet Elijah’ etc. is a promise of God Almighty, it, together with all messianic and redemptional prophecy, was displaced in time until history would reach that point of God’s choice of the Final Goel.

Therefore also the other redemptional prophecies could be interpreted or even realized to the same level in which the Messianic Mission of Christ represented the ‘Lest I come and smite the land with anathema’. This fact itself, however, was hidden to everybody until the Completed Signs. The great Blindness, therefore, which Paul attributes to the Jews was equally Blindness to all Christians. No one could understand that the ‘Lest I come’ had come and that the ‘Behold, I am sending the Prophet Elijah was displaced in time until the Final Goel would be chosen at which time the true Keys of the Reconciliation of the Heart of fathers to their sons etc. would be given over from the Final Goel Haim to the Sign of the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Completed Signs. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw.


For as it was true that those true prophecies were doubled historically with one level of realization in Jesus’ Mission and in a completely finalized Mission of the Final Redemption, so is it true that the Spirit of Paul was truly a Prophetic Spirit but only in conformity to the Messianic Mission that represented the ‘Lest I come’ and not more, and naturally it became meshed in the falsified Theological Spirit of Christianity. There is in that Spirit, nevertheless, something of great worth once it is stripped of the errors. It was the great force behind all that Paul did, said and wrote. It is thus not simply Paul who was speaking in his Letters (in the few authentic ones such as is Romans) but that Christian Spirit which operated in him.

As the level of truth that those prophecies could reveal at that time, truths so to speak at their half-way mark in history, so too the Spirit that was given to Paul could reveal truths that had meaning for all Christians while at the same time were much less than truth compared to the truth of the New Clear Tongue of the Final Redemption. I say not simply ‘lies’ or ‘falsehoods’ for respect to the truth of that Spirit itself but nevertheless the resulting idolatrous doctrine of the Divine Son of God is a total lie and a terrible falsehood as is also all Christian theology. So too the 6 Initial redemptional and messianic Signs were true Signs but having entered into the idolatrous theology of Christ’s Divinity resulted in untruths. By way of the Correction of Christianity, however, we redeem them from those falsehoods and reestablish their truth on the basis of the pure monotheistic faith and the Completed Signs.

The affirmation of Paul’s Spirit that God has closed us all into blindness and error for the sake of using mercy with all of us in the end contains an extremely important spiritual realization. With the revelation of the Completed Signs it is now history, the Jews were cut off from understanding anything of the Christian New Spirit because Christians deified the poor Messiah and turned his Messiahship into a New Godhead, the Son-God of the Father-God. For any Jew or Muslim such is a total contradiction to the true faith of Abraham, our father. So too that supposed Clear Tongue purported to explain Christianity’s substance was a terrible stumbling block to any clear understanding of the Second Commandment. Christianity, especially after Paul, got used to calling pure confusion in the name of Clarity while the irrationality of that confusion was called ‘faith’, a faith that Christians had no right to counter. Therefore it’s not so easy for me to clean you up, dear Paul, because in you the true Spirit which comes from God was turned upside-down in the Divine Son of God that you preached.

I would, however, desire for myself and for those of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, that they be of the fervor, the force, the sense of life, the sincere reckoning of negative forces that must be destroyed, the until the last breath in serving God and in working for the Final Redemption, as was Paul of Tarsus in his constant battle to establish the Church of Christ.

We go beyond Christian theology in this because Christianity was not decreed to exist and to be extended in the world for reason of its theology but for other important purposes that had to be fulfilled by it: The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel needed a refuge house of salvation so that they not lose their true identity forever. The nations needed a point of reference which allowed them to come closer to the Founts of truth of Revelation and which formed in them a New Spirit of Mercy on others and a New Spirit of Charity for the needy, and a New Spirit of Elevation in the love of that which is elevated and separated from the banal, unclean and vulgar values of the majority of mankind. Jesus’ Messianic Mission was needed for these purposes and that Messiah had to be uplifted as a Sign-post to the eyes of the nations.

If the Spirit had had no truth to it, then also the Messianic Mission of Christ had no truth to it. The Mission of Jesus for Israel, however, which became the Mission of Christ for the Nations, was of the true Initial Signs and of the Prophets. Paul of Tarsus was the White Horse and in many ways even the universal ‘Donkey’ of Christianity’. For he shuns all arrogance and makes himself nothing and takes no credit for all that he was doing while, at the same time, he is obligated to proclaim his position and his mission. He speaks about himself in a personal manner, not to be found in other New Testament writings. He denies his own originality or inventiveness while he proclaims that the Spirit of Christ was in him and it did everything.

His ‘donkey’ part is quite good but, of course, his theological conclusions are false in the total mix-up between the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of God.

Paul’s set of problem’s, of course, were quite different than that of the Donkey who eats Bread.

Paul had to distinguish and separate Christianity from Judaism. The Donkey has to give over the Keys of the Reconciliation so that Christians and Jews be in the very same monotheistic faith.

Paul established or reaffirmed the Divinity of Christ.

This Paul of the Correction has to destroy forever the Divinity of Christ.

Paul had to establish the New Church of Christ.

The Donkey Mission establishes the House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars for Jews, Muslims and ex-Christians (the children of Malchitzedek) and all other people, the Prophesied House of Prayer for all the Nations. Totally different, this House of Prayer becomes the Third and Final Temple.

Paul had to undo the obligation of Circumcision for all the new Christians.

The Donkey Sign receives the New Circumcision also for all those of the Altar of Malchitzedek, Circumcision which binds them to the Pact of Abraham while it doesn’t require them to fulfill the commandments of the Torah that are for Jews only.

Paul had to make Christ known to the nations.

The Donkey Mission has to make known to the world the Final Goel Haim.

Paul had to explain the meanings of Jesus’ Sacrifice as he interpreted it.

This Paul has to explain the Final Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim which is the Concluding Sacrifice of the Suffering of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim called the Long Sacrifice of Isaac, our father. With the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim this becomes the Sacrifice of the Final Redemption.

 Paul could not have spoken about the Book of the Stars of the Redemption.

This Paul has to explain the lessons of the Goel Haim of the Book of the Stars.

For Paul of Tarsus, Jesus presided over the Kingdom of Heaven but the Kingdom of Heaven is also synonymous for him to the Kingdom of God and Jesus is considered the Divine Son of God. Big mix-up!

We, the Redemptional-Bread eating Donkeys, must explain the position of the Final Goel Haim, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. In his Special Chamber in the Kingdom of Heaven also the Goel Haim prays, as we pray, always to the One Living God of us all. It is forbidden to pray to the Goel Haim.




Chapter 18


Here I tell you some more differences:

Paul of Tarsus could not speak of the Redemptional Design of God in the name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’. Nor could Paul speak of Three Redemptions or of anything pertaining to the Third and Final Redemption.

To the Donkey Sign are given all the Keys to the correct reading of the letters of this name of God Almighty, Redeemer of Israel first and also the Redeemer of all the nations.

Paul of Tarsus abrogated the Law of the Torah and replaced it with ‘the New Law of the Spirit of Christ’.

This Donkey Sign establishes the New Law of the Final Redemption both for Jews on the Altar of Judah and New Jews of the Altar of Ephraim as well for all the nations of the Altar of Malchitzedek. The New Law establishes on the Altar of Judah the Great Reform in Judaism. This Altar, however, does not come to displace Halachic Judaism nor even to substitute it because the Traditional Synagogue goes on in history; it is, nevertheless, an alternative New Law and New Rite for Jews who wish to follow it instead of the Halacha.

Paulus could speak nothing about the New Mazalot of Leviathan.

To this Paul has been and is being given the New Studies of the Big Fish Leviathan in the framework of the New True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan.

Thus could Paul not speak of the Revelation of the NUNES of the Final Redemption.

But we friends of Big Fish got plenty of NUNES to speak about, the NUNE of Yeshua bin NUNE, the NUNE SOFFIT of Big Fish Leviathan and the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN.


DIARY: June 25, 2009: Michael Jackson, dead at 50. Sign of an estranged NUNE that has to make place for a New NUNE of the Final Redemption. (This is not meant to be a criticism of Michael Jackson. I’ve never followed him or Pop Music. I do believe sincerely that he was innocent of the child molestation accusations.)


Of course, the History Book of Paulus was 2000 years shorter than ours. That Paul was in the first coming of the Star of Christ. We are in the second and conclusive revelation of the Star of Christ, come in the Sign of Humility. Also Paul was humble but his humbleness unfortunately, in his obligation to separate Christianity from Judaism, did not uphold any true sentiment for the word of God that Moses was the most humble of all others on the face of the earth. Automatically in separating Christianity from the Torah thousands of Torah matters were lowered almost into oblivion but so had his History to go so that Christianity become universal.

God has closed us all into error so as to use clemency and mercy with all in the end. That mercy and clemency will come when the humility indicated by the Star of Christ is adopted by Jews and Christians alike in recognizing the true messianic mission and the true nature of Jesus. Also the Cross of Jesus is resolved at the end in humility, the humility required to acknowledge one’s errors of the past and to move on to the New Spirit of the Final Redemption, in merit of the humble servant of God, the hidden Tzadik, Haim.


In truth, Paul had to teach God to the nations and he had to teach Jesus and the salvation of Jesus. But the nations were unable to perceive the true invisible God and so, I say this facetiously yet with irony that contains a point of truth, he put them together so that the nations be not confused. So he made it clear not to distinguish one from the other except in the form of God the Father and the Son of God. Whether he had any choice in the matter is dubious but in truth, and here I speak of truth on EVERY level, his ‘clarity’ represented the thickest historical and theological confusion ever effected by one man. Paul himself was Jewish and was son of and very well instructed in the Jewish Tradition. This fact gave force to the nations who are prone to recognize that Paul’s conversion from Judaism and all his statements about the Tradition of the Torah and Prophets were solidly rooted in the truth.


They were rooted, instead, in the prohibited idolatrous form of ‘association’. Christians, theologically, are indeed very poor of spirit; they are unable to think about God Almighty without associating to Him the image of Jesus. Nevertheless, and this is important, God the Father represented the true God of Israel which inherently bound Christians to the Biblical Tradition. This is very essential because it is not so with the hundreds of other large religions which are completely detached from the History of the Patriarchs and of Israel and thus of even the First Commandment, ‘I am the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage’. The difference is very great because once true clarity comes, the erroneous ‘association’ will fall away while the belief in the One Living God will become a living truth, in absolute conformity to the Second Commandment.

This difference between Christianity and the other religions (except for Islam, of course, which is purely monotheistic and which recognizes Israel’s history, at least when the Koran is or will be taught properly) must be contemplated and firmly understood. It is also to Paul’s credit that such a binding to the God of Judaism was firmly established in his letters.


What, again we ask, are we seeking in the Spirit of Paul? Try putting the elements together and you will discover the Sucking Up of Israel’s Spirit for 2000 years. It was a sucking up both historically and spiritually. Christians used the Torah and Prophets, the heredity of Israel, for condemning Jews in every epoch. Instead of heeding Paul’s admonition to remember that (Romans) it is the roots that carry them and they, the husbanded branches, do not carry the roots. This is an authentic and important teaching which Christianity has always overlooked and tried to undo with the Catholic pretense of Verus Israel. But I am now Paul and I must teach you something about sucking but only with a few subtle words for those who want to understand.

Israel had sinned in its spirit, it was taking only the doing without any true feeling. For the Reconciliation of the hearts of the Prophet Elijah, there was no heart and the ‘lest I come to smite the land with anathema’ was due to come. There was a stellar convergence at Jesus’ time: the Star of Malchitzedek was approaching its 2000 year cycle mark; the sins of Israel were grave and in their continuance it would become impossible for the Second Temple to remain. Nevertheless a chance had to be given while it was still standing. Perhaps Israel would repent and the harsh decrees could yet be annulled. In truth they had so angered the God of Israel that even that ‘chance’ would be anything but clear; nevertheless it had to be given because of the justification of that last PROPHECY IN MALACHI: either there would be RECONCILIATION or ANATHEMA.

Someone, however, had to represent it and even if Israel itself would not recognize it, the mission that would represent it and which was caught in the Convergence of that historic time would become ‘sealed’ into history. In that way when the final time of the Redemption would come and the positive side of ‘Behold I am sending the prophet Elijah’ would be revealed, it would then be possible to look back at the events ‘sealed’ in that historic testimony of the Christian New Testament and to fully realize how that negative part of the prophecy in Malachi was fulfilled through the Messianic Mission of Jesus.

The Star of Malchitzedek is the Star which gives over stellar wise a Universal Messianic Mission. Therefore Jesus’ mission was Messianic. The prophecy in Malachi rendered Jesus’ mission Prophetic. The prophecy in Isaiah 53 rendered Jesus a just servant of God who would be judged unto death unjustly while his sacrifice would be an expiation and salvation for his people Israel who would, however, not recognize that fact until the end time, This rendered Jesus’ Mission Sacrificial. This Messianic, Prophetic and Sacrificial Mission would need be rooted in the Torah because all prophecy is rooted in the Torah. After a study in the Signs of Isaac, our father, we ascertain that the Sign of Jesus in the Torah is the prophetic realization of the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead, as explained by us at length.


So it is that notwithstanding all terrible theological mishmash of Christianity, the true roots of Jesus’ Mission are inarguable, once they are understood. Therefore was there a true Spirit from Above that upheld Jesus’ Mission, and Yeshua, in the truth of his zealousness for the truth of God and for the true ways loved by God, had in him a true Spirit from God. Jesus’ jealousy for the truth answered to God’s indignation against the Jewish people at that time.

Still a chance was given to rethink what had happened and we might even surmise that 70 years were given after Jesus’ Resurrection, to give time to his disciples to try and extend that Messianic Message to the Jews in Israel and to other Jewish communities outside of Israel. At a certain point Paul of Tarsus, a fervent Pharisee and a persecutor of the new Christians, was met by Christ on the way to Damascus and he became a fervent and faithful Christian, chosen by Christ to be the messenger to the nations and to establish their Churches. In Paul’s total Conversion he took hold of and fully entered into that Spirit of Christ and never did he leave it. With this you can fully understand the dichotomy, unnoticeable until you can distinguish between the true Spirit of Paul’s Christ and between the falsified Spirit of Paul being thrown into an idolatrous theological context.


Christianity didn’t consider itself the husbanded branches of the original tree but as a New Perfect Tree, the true Israel desired by God. Thus the Jewish people in Christian thought became the enemy of Christ and thus of Christianity, and Christianity became, not only in words or thought, the enemy of the Jews and the persecutors of Jews throughout the ages. Christianity was hardly a New Perfect Tree, but a New and very Imperfect Tree unto itself.

Where then was the Spirit and where was the Sanctity? This is tremendously important question because its answer will explain many things. In truth the Sanctity remained exclusively with the Jewish people and Christian Spirit was closed into Christianity. But the sucking up of the forces of which I’m explaining came because Paul called his Spirit the Spirit of Sanctity and later the term Ruah ha-Kodesh (Spirit of Sanctity) was applied, God save us from the third part of the Trinity, the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

Look at some of the questions involved. The Spirit comes to create enthusiasm, a light of happiness, a joy in contemplating spiritual things in counter position to material things, a means of elevating oneself in the teachings received etc. True Sanctity, instead, although it will give all these things mentioned, is absolutely no Sanctity if the faith behind it is not in the pure monotheistic faith of the Torah Tradition.

Therefore the Christian Spirit was taken on by Christianity but it was absolutely not a Holy Spirit, it was a Spirit rendered unholy by the false deification of Jesus and by the Trinity. So too all that is spoken about in Christianity, whether Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant or Neo-Protestant in terms of Sanctity is not Sanctity but idolatrous Impurity. It’s the term Sanctity falsely attributed to an idolatrous doctrine which is impure in its very essence.

The Jewish people went into its exile, sad for their fate but recognizing the truth that the Temple was destroyed, be-avvonot, for our sins. The rabbis established many laws and many studies, many boundaries and many teachings so that the Jewish people be able to continue to be Jews during their exile. The great and vast Tradition of the Mishnah and of the Talmud were eventually written down (the Jerusalemite Talmud was ‘closed’ in about 300 and the Babylonian Talmud was ‘closed’ in about 400) and taught to those fortunate enough to study with the rabbis. So has the Halachic Tradition continued from then on with many great sages and their commentaries in every epoch of Jewish history. After the Temple the sacrifices were replaced with prayers and the Jewish rites of the Synagogue were established.

The Tradition of Judaism is the only Holy Tradition which has maintained levels of True Sanctity (Kedusha) throughout its history. Such is the Heredity of the chosen Israel, the Hereditary Chain of Jacob, our father. The Jews who walk in the sanctified Tradition with humility and sincerity and derech eretz for all, have a great portion in the other world. Jews who walk in the ways of the Holy Torah are separated in this world and separated in the next world. They are called sons to their Father in Heaven the Friends of God in receiving true Sanctity and in extending it to their children and their pupils.


I wish therefore dear brethren that you remain not ignorant of this great dichotomy between the true Sanctity that has remained in the Jewish fold and between the Messianic Spirit of Christianity which did not remain in the true monotheistic faith. Jews were without that Messianic Spirit but the true Sanctity spoken about here does not require that Messianic Spirit. The Holy Torah is not Holy because of a Messiah but is sanctified on its own right for all times.

The Messianic Promises of the Torah and of the Prophets do not represent changes in the basic Sanctity of the Tradition. There is no de-sanctification of the Holy Torah for reason of the coming of the Messiah. There are many prophetic purposes in the final messianic revelation of the Ge’ula ha-Shleima (the Final and Complete Redemption) but those purposes only help to enlarge the Torah for Jews themselves and for the world and to convert the hearts of the nations to the true monotheistic faith of Abraham. Those Jews who sanctify themselves in the light of the Holy Torah believe and pray that the Messiah come but his not having yet come diminishes nothing from the service to God by way of the Sanctity of the Torah and the Mitzvoth themselves. One Talmudic Sage says openly that the Messiah will not come to teach Israel the Torah but to teach it to the nations, as it is written (Gen. 49, 10) ‘until he come to Shiloh and there the nations will rally unto him’.


See and understand the marvelous conclusions of the true Redemptional Spirit explained here. The theological Spirit of Christianity will be destroyed because it is impure and idolatrous and it contains no Sanctity whatsoever. There is, however, the positive side of the Christian Spirit based on the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, son of Miriam and of Joseph. This then is the dichotomy which must be resolved, for if it were only the falsified Spirit that had to be destroyed such is easy enough. It’s sufficient to know and to believe in the Second Commandment; but it is that positive side of the Christian Spirit of Paul that must yet be redeemed because it represents a great impediment to the descent of the true New Spirit of the Final Redemption. When one searches to redeem that which has been hidden away, it’s necessary at first to know where it has been hiding or where it has been hidden. Now this Paul and my new partner Paul and also our White Horse, Paolo Fierro, know that that positive Spirit is hidden in the Letters of Paul of Tarsus, most especially in Romans.

As Paul came later than the other disciples of Yeshua, so too this conclusive phase of the Correction of Christianity has come only now, after the Signs made in the United States, as explained. Therefore brethren I do not want you to remain ignorant of this hidden mystery which has now been revealed by the true New Spirit of the Completed Signs. There is part of the Messianic Spirit in Christianity which is positive but has been cut off from Jews in these 2000 years. That true Messianic Spirit of Christ must exit from its false context in Christianity and enter into Judaism in its true context of the Final Redemption. That Spirit represents a completion of the qualities and virtues of the heart which until now have been missing and lacking. We as Jews need the proper and true humility to understand the Great New Message of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ which through the marvelous explanations given it becomes called the Star that Astounds.

Paul writes in Corinthians that when that which is Perfect comes, that which preceded it and was imperfect is superseded by it. All Christianity has stood in a very imperfect equilibrium, with elements in it based on truths and elements based on falsehoods. Now in merit of the Final Goel Haim the Perfect Equilibrium in all that concerns Christianity has been revealed. All Christian theology will be demolished and with it the Churches based on that theology. The true Messianic Mission of Jesus, with the true history of his being with the Essenes for three years, and the true Sign of his Resurrection, and the entire convergence I’ve explained here, remain in history for all times, as received by us that Jesus was the second man of the Redemption, after Moses and before Haim. This is for all times in all the generations ahead.

So have we received it in a dream-message from the Goel Haim that the pupils of the Final Redemption must not be lacking the Signs of Isaac. This refers as well to the Signs of the RESH of the name ‘ASHER’ and the true Signs of the Mission of Jesus.

We need this Correction of Paul to liberate that Spirit and to transpose it into the New Message of the New Spirit of the Star of Christ in its Second Coming. Thus in the very first Great Complete Sign, the Stars of the Redemption, the ‘Star of Christ come in virtue of humility’ is announced by the Goel Haim himself.

So ready, Paul, ‘cause the Donkey went back to America for Obama’s pretentious Messianic Speech at Cairo, and I’ve come back with a doubled Paul to destroy the false context of your Spirit but to exalt the truth of its fervor and sincerity and spiritual enthusiasm in you, so as to bring it back to the people of Israel, and thus will you be fully corrected. For God has closed us all into error so as to use mercy with us all at the end, in the true Redemption of Israel and the true Universal Redemption of the nations, until the far off islands, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.


 Your Letters have been blocking the Jewish people from the true Messianic Spirit for 2000 years but that doesn’t interest us because such was the decree of our long and mostly bitter exile and it was impossible to correct anything before God’s choice of the Goel Haim and before the Second Coming of the Star of Christ. What is, instead, essential to our position now, as Donkeys, is that that Spirit in your Letters has been blocking us now for 26 years from receiving the New Spirit of the Finale Redemption. This, in our position, is excruciatingly painful.

We have been as zombies compared to living beings before the New Spirit which comes to us from the truth of the New Historic Position of the hidden Tzadik Haim as Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. We are as blind before what we know and what we are seeing. Paul’s love of Jesus is phenomenal. It was so sincere and so heart-felt that it permeated his whole being and his every word and it gave him the powers of the Spirit to cleanse others and to heal them and to awaken the ruah of each person who came onto that faith in good faith and truthfulness.

The essence was to take Paul’s love to Jesus in that Christian Spirit and to transpose it into the fiber of our souls in loving and seeking the Spirit which the chosen Teacher Haim is waiting for us to receive. Why must it come through Paul, you clamor with some due indignity as you read his so many statements and expressions that anger even the zombiest of believers in God’s Oneness? But you do not find the personal love to Jesus in the Gospels which, except for the words of Jesus himself who personalizes his teachings with the hearers, are secondary spectator testimonies tempting to relate the facts of his mission and his teachings so that they be carried on in his history.

Not so Paul whose binding himself so personally and so totally with the Spirit of Christ, his Savior, inculcates the believing Christian with his immense passion and unyielding fervor. It was Paul’s Spirit that brought the Spirit of Christ to the new Christians of his time and to the Christians coming. It was Paul who taught Christians to feel Christ in the essence of their being in the Bread of the New Law of Christ and the Wine in the Spirit of Christ’s own blood. Paul was a true Donkey to Christ even though the Thicket of the Ram’s horns left no possibility of avoiding the dense theological confusion of all Christianity.

Therefore am I so angry in my own Donkeyhood. Why have I as yet not extracted Paul’s spiritual love to create with it the New Spiritual Love which the Lord, our God, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, desires that we know and feel in our hearts for His chosen Teacher of the Final Redemption, His chosen Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the beloved Tzadik and Final Redeemer, Haim? That I myself am the scarcest of Donkeys I admit fully, for the amazingly good fortune of my own life as first pupil of the Tzadik Haim and as the historical Peretz whose Announcements break down the barriers of all past history and establish the New World History of the Six Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, should never have faltered in giving over that New Spirit of a constant heart-felt and ardent love for the chosen one in whose final Redemptional Sacrifice we are the first heirs. So am I the first Donkey who eats Bread whose purpose is that of extending the New Spirit of the New Heart of love for the humble Tzadik Haim. Am I then not the true guilty one until now of not having understood the true Correction of Paul of Tarsus?!



Chapter 19



Here I tell then that I, Paul of my American Passport, am the guiltiest of the Donkeys, for I had not realized how much you Protestants have been nurtured upon the Spirit of Paul’s Letters. I was blind to this reality because of my anger for Paul’s confounding lies! I had to pass back into my American backyard to reassess the values of the Protestant society built upon so many bricks of Paul’s Spiritual Construction. Obama’s speech was a sort of New Protestant Messianism but he is the President of the United States, not a Savior of the world nor is he adequate to be a Prince of Peace in a world of nations where hatred is still the principle fount for ‘spiritualized iniquity’.


So had I dumped Paul’s Donkey into the abyssinal waters of no-return not only for disdain but for fear of not overlapping into the subtleties of the Christian love for Jesus and thereby falling ever so slightly over the brink-line of forming another doctrine with a new binding that might induce the new believers into a subtle cult of ‘association’, God forbid. Was I sagacious in this fear or was I inhibited in expounding the New Truth that mankind is waiting for? Here my pen had haltered in Paul’s Christian dilemma, for I am Jewish as was Paul and I was inwardly afraid that the image of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven become exaggerated as is the Christian mentality by the nature of the faith taught by Paul. Thus I had to return to my house on 70 Wolcott Terrace, in Newark, New Jersey, in the Sign of reopening the Mission of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who flew over my childhood house, so that I might reassess the value of the 70 nations in a New Terminological battle to reassert the truth of ‘and they believed in God and in Moses, his servant’.


For all history has awaited the Final Redemption and all True Torah is renewed in the Final New Pact, and the ENTIRE JEWISH TRADITION leads the believer into the expectation of receiving the chosen Anointed one whose name was created by God before the creation of this world. We may be afraid to speak the truth when it is not desired that it be spoken because of damages that it might cause. We may not be afraid of the truth when it is desired by God Almighty that it be revealed. Paul’s truth then was caught in the Thicket but we are not in the time of the revelation of the Thicket but of the New Clear Tongue of the Final Redemption.

The Goel Haim himself, in the Kingdom of Heaven, notwithstanding his holy elevation far beyond a level of human comprehension, prays every day and perhaps every hour to the One Holy Creator of the universe, asking of Him what he desires to ask. And the Teacher Haim instructs us and warns us that it’s prohibited to pray to him. The Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven is the ‘Son of Man’ prophesied by Jesus, ‘son’ of man, not ‘Son of God’. This expression itself comes to teach that even the one, final redeemer of the Final Redemption, is not to be associated with God Almighty, for he is a man, born of his parents’ union, a human being, even after his Resurrection from the dead and God’s choice of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must NOT be afraid to speak the truth; we must only be very careful in making sure the Clear Tongue is clear and not ambiguous. It is permitted to keep one’s thought always on the Goel Haim in the same way that it’s permitted to keep in mind the thought of one’s Teacher of the Torah from whom he receives the teachings loved by God, ‘and they believed in God and in Moses, his servant’. This is not only permitted, it is desired by the Lord, our God, for the sake of our own elevation in the spirit that God has bestowed in us. It is the Historical Necessity of the Final Redemption that the belief in the Goel Haim be as solid as is the Jewish belief in Moses, the servant of God.


In Corinthians 2, Paul explains (if it’s authentic) that the Veil placed on Moses was because in their sins they did not merit to see Moses nor was it taken off again (when he was before the people). So he concludes that said Veil would not be removed until the Jewish people would recognize Christ (I’m paraphrasing) and only then would it be removed. So does he state here that Christ is the image of God. This whole discourse is odious before Heaven and the new theology that Christ is the image of God is a hundred percent blasphemous.

In any case, just for the sake of Correction, I’ll use his Veil theme to offer another new interpretation but in the pure theology of the Torah. The holy effulgence of Moses’ face was too much for the children of Israel to bear. Because of his great humility Moses didn’t realize this but as soon as Joshua, son of Nune, told him of the light that shone from him he covered his face with that holy veil. This is Torah for all to read. Indeed that Veil was not simply a veil because a simple veil would not have covered that light; it was itself a ‘holy veil’, the nature of which is not revealed and by way of its sanctity did not allow Moses to be seen. This I add as commentary received by me from the Tzadik Haim directly.

Since Paul’s Spirit couldn’t reveal the theological errors that Paul’s words were creating, a truer reason for the Veil becomes manifest. Had that holy light shining from Moses’ face not have been covered, the children of Israel would have made the same error that the fathers of the Church made with Christ! It would have been too much for them and would have brought them to a false theological doctrine. Moses, our teacher, understood the dilemma and he covered his face.

So have we explained that Moses himself had broken the Tablets so that the children of Israel come not to create an idolatrous cult to the Tablets themselves, calling them Godly Emanations and praying to them etc. Let us remember as well Moses’ many warnings in Deuteronomy of not falling into idolatrous thoughts concerning Revelation where they heard God’s voice speak from fire but no image was seen. To think that God’s image was seen is a falsehood; the Almighty God has no image.

The Second Commandment states ‘Have no other gods from before Me (literally ‘from before My countenance’. This alludes to the idolatrous sin of associating any person or anything in creation with God, as being a Reflection of God’s image or countenance. So would they have said, ‘The light of God is shining from Moses and they would have rendered him as a Divine Emanation or as the Divine Son of God. In his humility and love for the Jewish people, he covered his face so that they not deviate from the true faith.

Who then was protected from error, the Jews or the Christians?! And how could Christians be protected from theological errors once Paul separated them from the Jewish religion and explained that Christ is the image of God, God forbid! For Paul the Veil came off by believing in Christ, for then was it seen in one’s faith that Christ was the image of God! In truth, the light and effulgence of the Star of Christ, with its prophetic and messianic justifications all rolled into the same Convergence of that epoch, was too much for the fathers of the Church to bear and their confusion led to false and idolatrous doctrines.


So have I unveiled the idolatrous error but we must also see the inverse justifications of Christianity’s theological errors, for as all errors in the course of redemptional history, the purpose of their destruction is to edify the generations of the Final Redemption so that never again will a part of humanity fall into those same errors. The Correction of the New Testament becomes the Book of Knowledge of Good and of Evil Corrected for the generations ahead. Christianity is the fulcrum point of redemptional history upon which the final equilibrium of the Final Redemption clearly expounds the Knowledge of Good found in Christianity and the false and idolatrous Bad found in Christianity.


In this vision, a new knowledge results: if not for the Christian error concerning Christ, the Coming of the Final Goel Haim could not have come. If not for that error we and the world after us would have fallen into the same idolatrous error. This would never have been permitted to happen and therefore the Final Redemption could not have come into existence. It was, of course, already decreed by God that the final redeemer would be chosen and that the Final Redemption would be revealed and then would reside in the world. Thus whatever could have been a source of error in those future generations, had to be exposed in the course of redemptional history so that their correction represent the absolute surety of maintaining the truth afterwards.


DIARY on June 26, 2009: it was reported on television that the archeologists believe to have found the sarcophagus of Paul of Tarsus. How do you like that, whether true or not, for a nice Stellar coincidence!


The Deification Sin, the Son of God Sin, the Trinity Sin and the Image of God Sin have all come for being destroyed in the end from the mentality of mankind but indelibly remembered so that the exalted and unfathomable truth of the Goel Haim’s level before God Almighty never result even minimally in a deviation from the pure faith in the One Living God of all. In being the One Living God of us all, there is no difference whether the chosen Final Goel is spoken about or the simplest person in the world, as it states, ‘The Master and the servant are equal there before Him’. Moses prayed to God. Jesus prayed only to God, even after his resurrection. The humble Tzadik, Haim, Anointed Judge of the finalized Kingdom of Heaven prays to God Almighty alone and will not accept any prayers directed at him. For ‘I am with the first ones’, in the first redemption ‘and I am with the last ones’, in the final redemption, ‘and except for Me there is no other God, in the Great Correction of the theological error of Christianity.


There’s a progression in the history of the redemption as Body, Spirit and Soul. The laws of the Holy Torah were the true Sanctified Body of Israel. The children of Israel, however, sinned and did not merit to receive the Spirit. The Spirit entered Christianity but was falsified by false doctrines. Therefore when the time of the Final Redemption comes, the New Revelation must be preceded by the Correction of the Spirit. The Jewish people was without the Spirit. Christians had a falsified and idolatrous Spirit. Thus together with the Soul of the Final Redemption, comes the New Spirit, preceded by the Great Correction of Christianity and the Great Reform in Judaism.


The ALEF of the final name ‘EHEYE’ calls upon the Great Faith, an overwhelming faith that while maintaining all the true faith of the past from the Patriarchs and until now, reveals the Six Great Completed Signs in merit of the Goel Haim. The ALEF of the first name contains the true faith in the entire Tradition of Israel. The HEI is the Torah (Five Books of Moses). The YOD is the Oral Tradition of the Torah. The final HEI is the King-Messianism of that time and the Construction of the First Temple at Jerusalem under the King-Messiah, Solomon son of David.

With the division of the Kingdom, Israel’s spiritual descent is rapid and unyielding. For Israel’s salvation, a new order of Israel’s predilection was required. The New Hidden Order was signed into the Hidden name ‘ASHER’ which contained the Great Historic Bridge between the first name and the final name. The form of its conjunctive position between the first and the final names didn’t allow it to be a revealed redemption, but rather a Higher Hidden Order that held up the true Sanctity of the Torah, from the Heavens above to the select just who maintain that Sanctity in the world. Only a small number but extremely significant signs were given in Tradition, such as the abbreviated Sign-Posts of the history of the Prophet Elijah and his talmid Eliseo, the Ascent without death of the Prophet Elijah, the Circles of the Prophets (previous to the known Prophets of Scripture), and the Hidden (Stellar) Redemption of Purim of the Meghilat Esther, in the hands of Mordechai the Jew and Queen Esther.

 In essence the faith of the ALEF of the name ‘ASHER’ was the faith in the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, which, except for those few signs given in Tradition, was the Hidden Tradition of the Prophet Elijah. The SHIN of the name ‘ASHER’ was the Hidden Tradition received by Mordechai ha-Tzadik, containing the Hidden Stellar Redemption of Purim, that is God’s Redemption of Israel by way of the Stars of the Redemption. The ALEF and the SHIN together is the Holy Fire (ALEF and SHIN make EISH – Fire) of the Great Hidden Salvation of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim in every generation, from Mordechai the Jew until the Tzadik Haim who was the last Head of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim, of whom in every generation their Head is the Prophet Elijah, not counted in that number.

Their immensely holy service to God and their suffering in silence for the annulment of the severe decrees of the Higher Tribunal due to the sins of mankind has been for the preceding 26 hundred years the Great Pillar of Salvation, on Hidden Levels, of Israel and of mankind (the decrees of the Higher Tribunal for which they intercede and accept unto themselves to suffer are not only for Israel’s sins but those of all people). These facts are extremely significant in the Historical Design of the Redemption but they were ‘hidden’ from all until the Coming of the Final Goel and they are an integral part of the Revelation of the Final Redemption.

This knowledge, even though it remains a Hidden and Secret Knowledge on its own level, clarifies the Hidden Fulcrum of Salvation in the last 26 centuries. The Jews do not yet know this. Christians upon receiving this knowledge will have an essential point of reference in revaluating the Messianic Salvation of Jesus who had that Messianic Position but was not one of the Hidden Tzadikim. If not for the true Sanctity of their holy mission, the world could not have remained in existence. The Mission of Jesus could by no means have held it up. The Messiah himself was far from the true Level of the Hidden Tzadikim. The Salvation of Christ is of another order, an historical necessity to the preparation of many nations so that many might receive the Final Redemption when it would come. That purpose, however, and even the primary purpose of the partial Salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, were not sufficient to save the world. How much less so when the whole context of Christianity became overlaid with an idolatrous theology!


After the Great Hidden Fire of the ALEF and the SHIN, comes the RESH the purpose of which is quite different in respect to the first two Letters. For this Hidden name, ‘ASHER’ had to be the Fulcrum Point of Conjunction between all the preceding Letters of ‘EHEYE’ and of the ALEF and SHIN of ‘ASHER’ and between the final name ‘EHEYE’ of the Complete, Final and Universal Redemption. The RESH therefore had to filled with a Great Light that would reach the extremities of the earth by way of a very particular Messianic Mission. Obviously that Great Light had to be in conformity to the true faith in all the previous Letters. Had there been merit in Israel, that particular Messianic Mission could have come through Traditional Judaism by way of the Temple.

It’s essential to understand, nevertheless, that the RESH due to its universal purposes, so as to be bound to the final name, as explained, could not remain hidden but had to be uplifted as a Sign-Post to all the nations. The RESH therefore had to contain a Great New Light that could be marveled at and accepted by the nations. The RESH had thus to begin to reveal the two Great Hidden Elements of the ALEF and of the SHIN. Hidden in the Prophet Elijah’s Ascent without dying was the Sign of the Resurrection. Hidden in the Hidden Redemption of Purim, under the SHIN, was the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven. Those Signs were hidden in the School of the Essenes where Jesus received them.

The dilemma was great, however. There was not merit in Israel to allow that those Hidden Elements of the Great New Message be revealed openly. On the other hand, and this only God could foresee, those two Great Pillars of the Final Redemption, the Resurrection of the chosen Tzadik and the position of Anointed Judge in the Kingdom of Heaven, had to have an historic beginning so that the very concept of a just servant of God who is resurrected and who presides in the Kingdom of Heaven for the sake of the redemption of humanity would be extended to a multitude of nations. In the midst and as a result of that dilemma came the breaking away from the School, first of John the Baptist and then of Yeshua, to open the New Teachings concerning the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus’ mission was then caught in the web of the prophetic and messianic prophecies from which he was able to open the Sign of his Resurrection after he would be killed in his innocence. Incredible was Jesus’ knowledge and faith in the Messianic Signs that were upon him.


The dilemma had to play itself out for the sake of the Final Redemption that would be, nor could it be resolved in history previously. There was not sufficient merit in Israel to receive those Signs or for that matter any New Knowledge of a Great New Message. There was no permission to take those from the School (how much more the Power of the Kabbalah Maasit) and speak of them or use them ‘outside’. The Design of God, however, required an historical beginning of their diffusion in the world. Caught in the middle of that historic dilemma was the tragic messianic mission of Jesus. Because of the lacking merit in Israel, Jesus had to act in his jealousy for God, ‘a time to act on behalf of God, for they have violated Your Torah’.

The one who acts in jealousy for God does not ask God’s permission but acts on the moment in the ardent fire of his jealousy, disregarding even death in the faith of his decision. Only after that act, will God for Whom that jealousy was perpetrated, answer in judgment to the perpetrator, whether in favor or whether in refutation. If in refutation the punishment is great for the doer acted on his own accord for his own personal satisfaction. If in favor the recompense is great for the doer acted in his own jealousy in his love for God and his love for the truth, as known in the Torah in the act of Pinhhass ben Elazar ben Aaron.

The resurrection of Jesus was as well the Sign from God Almighty that the true jealousy for God that brought him to his tragic sacrifice had been accepted. This is the truth and it is fully corroborated in the Completed Signs. It is thus a truth that all Israel in due time will have to reconcile itself with while Christians will have to reconcile themselves to the fact that Jesus was resurrected, not God who is not of death that requires new life or resurrection! For the One Living God is above the life by us conceived and He is the Source of all life. It’s ridiculous to think that He bore of Himself a Divine Servant unto Himself. But such is the totally confused Tongue of Christianity given over by Paul to the nations.

What a great new source of light will it be when Christians after 2000 years understand Jesus’ Great Lament on the Cross in that last prophetic moment. He did not lament because of his pain or his death on the cross, for such would have impeded the acceptance of his sacrifice, while the prophecy declares with no uncertainty that he will go to his slaughtering as an innocent sheep who opens not his mouth. Jesus, however, opened his mouth in view of the terrible prophetic vision that was given him in that last moment which totally enhanced and completed his suffering, to see, after all that he had seen and suffered for, that he would be placed into the false context of God’s Divinity as the Divine Son of his Divine Father in Heaven, and in that last prophetic moment lamented to his Creator, ‘My God, my God, why hast Thou abandoned me?!’.

His messianic sacrifice, nevertheless, was accepted before God Almighty and Yeshua was resurrected and he was given to preside in a Pre-Kingdom of Heaven from where he was able to fulfill many acts of favorable intervention on behalf of Christians whose heart was filled with mercy on others and who accomplished good deeds. He was given to pray for those poor of spirit who were essentially good inside but who needed to be uplifted. It was, nevertheless, only a Pre-Kingdom of Heaven and its limitations compared to the finalized Kingdom of Heaven are not even to be contemplated, for they are outside of the true faith in God’s Oneness. It’s enough to say that Jesus, even in that very privileged position, could not correct Christianity.

Thus the Jews did not merit to the Spirit and Christians did not merit to any true Sanctity. God closed us all into darkness until the true Light of Truth of the Final Redemption. The RESH of the name ‘ASHER’ had been thwarted from being bound to the final name, and distorted into contradiction with all the preceding Letters and in that falsified context the RESH became a ROSH (Head) unto itself upheld by Christianity.

All this is to explain that before the chosen Goel, Haim, there was no true Spirit in the world, not in Judaism and not in Christianity. The Great ve-nahafoch hu of the Final Redemption is an incredible changeover from the past mentality to a New Humble Brain and a New Spirit of the Heart. So at least try to be happy, Paul, and let us thank the Almighty God of the universe that I was able to go to the United States and complete these Corrections and New Explanations of the name ‘ASHER’ for entering into the Final Letters of God’s name ‘EHEYE’ of the full name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’. Be happy you too then, o Paul of yesteryear, for we are continuing, God willing, on this Correction of your Letters, and with God’s help, we will get your mixed-up Spirit to return home in the context of the New Heart of the Final Redemption. Amen.



Chapter 20


Here I tell you thus that the ALEF of the final name is called the Great Faith. A Great Faith is required to accomplish the personal ve-nahafoch hu from all past history.


It cannot be denied that Paul was of Great Faith in all his Christian doctrine. (I’ve been reading in English, King James version, Romans, Corinthians 1 and 2, Galatians and I’ve begun Ephesians.) I cannot deny that it is a hateful reading because the whole manner of his style is heavy, burdensome and often contorted. And when he uses that twisted and knotty logic to construct the Freedom given through Christ to be liberated from the Bondage of the Law, it is sickening unto my inners. I suffer through, however, because it’s not for my pleasure I’m reading the Letters but because my obligation is to correct the falsified Spirit, to re-capture, so to speak, the passion of his Spirit and his unbounded love and unyielding force in fulfilling his mission, and his overwhelming fervor and his heart-felt sincerity in living the reality of the Spirit that he knew.

So who but a Donkey-Paul would take on such a feat, to bring Paul’s Spirit Corrected into the true realm of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the humble Tzadik Haim. It’s even quite frightening, but hee-haw, I’m not afraid ‘cause I’m a very courageous Animal. I voraciously eat up that Spirit, then after a bit, I vomit it all out leaving only the useful in the bosom of Donkey valor. Veritas vincet, I say, and I’m a true Donkey so what’s there to be afraid of! And then again my parents did call me Paul, no!

Paul’s Letters to the Congregations of the various nascent churches, however, do awaken in me the desire to write a letter to our Donkeys, somewhat alla Paul but with Donkey Paws, to straighten out the visions in edifying our Congregation. Listen, you who appreciate my words: a true change of level is needed and the taking on of more responsibility.

I make exception for Anna G. who in all these years has helped me in preparing texts and Solly Kamkhaji has worked on our Web-Site in all these years. Paolo and Noda have done everything for me. All have shown love to me and respect and have been generous to me and to our family. Also Daniel has written a book I love the True Jesus, and his twin brother Giuseppe Manigrasso has written several thousand pages of his dreams and testimonies but they need to be put in order or edited and made usable. Davide Levi in Hholon has helped me quite a bit with many documents together with his son Moshe Levi..

About 50 people know of the Final Redemption and about 20 are in the School of the Shoshana and more than twelve are to be considered Donkeys.

I love them all and they me but together we await the New Spirit to descend. We need that ardent fire necessary to receive the Spirit. Our family has always been in the zero zone with many debts below the zero but with the help of our friends we have seen the hand of God prepare for us our daily bread. It has been extremely hard for us to go ahead and only by God’s mercy upon us have we reached this point. 26 years of Paolo’s constant struggle to find the means of going ahead and of Noda’ to keep things going. They have suffered day by day with many problems but in their faith in God and in the Final Goel Haim they are able to withstand the hardships and continue.

I attest to guiltiness for my own lacking and yet I walk in the Spirit given me by the Tzadik Haim and I try to keep up with my responsibilities. I render myself ‘happy’ so as to continue writing because in sadness the spirit stays far and nothing positive can be accomplished. I overcome the heaviness of my body even though it has much difficulty in holding up the spirit in which I live. The spirit of which I speak, however, was the great gift to me from the Tzadik Haim, a spirit of the Sanctity that I have known. This, however, was not properly the Spirit of the Redemption, but a Spirit of Sanctity (kedusha) and its instruction from the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, my teacher and my life, the crown of my head and the source of all my aspirations.

Yet my heart cries within me often, hoping to see the descent of the New Spirit of the Redemption. Even until now I lift up the spirit of the others with words and my enthusiasm as I explain the marvels of the Completed Signs. The New Spirit, however, is still lacking in all of us. I sometimes feel myself as an unable kindergarten teacher but we are all still as small children unable to capture the New Marvelous Reality that in our great fortune has befallen us.

The essential merit now desired to be seen by the Goel Haim is to assume responsibility for the Final Redemption in the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread.


Paul spoke whatever he desired with results. His new adepts were afraid of his words, for in every argument he repudiated his own merit but bound his total dependence on the Spirit of Christ that operated in him.

I am also a nice Paul-Donkey, denying of myself any right to self-pride while no matter of the Final Redemption arrives or is explained without its being attributed to the merit of the chosen Teacher Haim. All believe me. I speak not to doubters. All agree with my every word but the Spirit must still descend. I am filled with hope and each night I believe that the New Spirit may descend tonight.

They are simple and temimim. God loves them as they are. More like Jesus than Paul, the disciples didn’t understand him and were awakened only after his resurrection, but he showed them love, nevertheless, and washed their feet in a sign of humility and he said, “I thank God that He has given these New Things to these and not to the Doctors of the Law and the Priests”. So is it with us Donkeys; we are as small Donkey-Children of the Teacher Haim but we, as a child, do not feel the substance of his resurrection although we believe in it a hundred percent. We know that the Final Kingdom of Heaven has now been established forever, but we are as a child of 5 years before his father; how far is yet the child from understanding the substance of his father.


The order of the Final Redemption, however, is completely different than the redemption from Egypt or the Revelation at Sinai or the redemption of Purim or of the Messianic Mission of Jesus with its extension into Christianity. The redemption from Egypt was a Miraculous Flame of God Almighty. The Revelation at Sinai was a Holy Flame from the God of Israel. The redemption of Purim was hidden in the Stars of the Redemption. The Messianic Mission of Jesus was a Great Effulgence of Light of the prophetic and messianic Spirit of the Star of Christ.

We are a few earthly Donkeys and young wild Asses poor of spirit, burdened with heaps of material problems, wrapped up in sheets of the darkness and soul-hampering of the Messianic Days and of the Fourth Generation. It is incredibly difficult for the New Spirit of the Final Redemption to descend upon us. Let me not ramble on! Those who have been present in these years gone by have some idea of how many impediments we have had to overcome in God’s mercy upon us. Yet still I believe it will descend upon us tonight or tomorrow.

Yes but o Lord, 26 years have passed, I cry out in my heart. Yes, Paul, the Spirit of my Teacher Haim comforts me but also many faults have impeded us and the Design of God, as you know, is filled with the principle that ‘Awesome are the ways of God on those that He chooses’. Has God not known the fiber of those whom He chooses! Is He unaware of the Times of His Design of the Final Redemption! The difference is in the Flame. In the redemption from Egypt and the Revelation at Sinai, the Flame of God shone to all those who had merit and believed in the Miracles of God as announced by Moses and Aaron. The Flame of Revelation was a Great Direct Fire seen visibly by all, a Flame that was to keep on burning for the rest of history. And yet, as Israel would affront the world, after the 40 years of studying Torah in the Desert and witnessing untold miracles above nature, there was a diminishing of heart and Satan slept not and most of Israel’s history has been a long downturn affair of sins and repentance, sins and repentance.


Christianity’s Flame had with it the Messianic Figure of poor Jesus on the Cross and his resurrection from the dead and the Spirit of this Flame has been taken on by Christians in every epoch in its extension among the nations. The Figure of the Messiah and the permissive theology of Christianity as well as the ‘liberation’ from the laws for Jews rendered that Flame accessible to all and good-hearted Christians were able to participate in that Spirit.

Look here now. Satan has great armies with which to encourage Christians to sin but Satan himself works his subtle strategies with the Jewish people, for in them, for his victories, is the recompense great, their being sanctified and commanded in abiding by the Revelation at Sinai. Paul saw them as being under the Law of Bondage and Death because he believed in that Spirit in which he operated and which declared the freedom from the Law of Bondage by way of the Spirit of the Law of Christ. This for Paul represented an absolute truth. He could not see that that Spirit itself would fall out of all possible Sanctity and would be covered with idolatrous clothing. As he was absolutely sure of the truth of Jesus‘ messianism and of his Resurrection so as to become the Christ of the nations, so was he absolutely sure that his Spirit was a true, holy light from God and perfect. Most certainly Paul could not have thought or believed differently. Any infringement on that belief would have totally upset the New Christian Equilibrium that was in the making.

Paul could not imagine that said Equilibrium was only an intermediate one or that at the time of the Final Redemption it would be undone in face of the final truly everlasting Equilibrium. Three are the men of the redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim. This itself represents the New Equilibrium which unties and undoes all the Imperfect Equilibriums of the past.


Does one then need a distorted equilibrium, I ask myself, so as to awaken the Spirit of the Heart? It would seem so, I answer. The Perfect Equilibrium of the Revelation at Sinai in the end did not bring the Jewish people to the true Spirit which would have led them to merits and privileges only. The distorted Equilibrium of Christianity, on the other hand, has awakened in Christians the Christian Spirit throughout history and until now. Paul’s Spirit worked. Why is the True, New Spirit of the Final Redemption so slow in revealing itself?


“Have no fear”, I am reminded by the spirit of the Goel Haim that resides in me, “Moses did not tell Israel in Egypt of other exiles and other redemptions, as known, but from the name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE Moses, our teacher, knew that in the historical Design of the Redemption there were principally three exiles and three redemptions, and that only after the third exile and the third and final redemption, all would be completed for Israel and for the world and there would be no exile again.”

Here’s the difference then: Paul did not know where his Christianity would lead whereas we Donkeys, in merit of the Goel Haim, know where the Final New Pact is going. We have been chosen to be the first Donkeys and to participate in the Formation of History regarding the Redemption of Israel and the Universal Redemption of the Nations.

In Christianity, it was that Pauline Spirit that kept up its continuation throughout history. So too the ‘RESH’ of the name ‘ASHER’ gave it life. We, however, are in the final name ‘EHEYE’ and there is no galut (exile) after this Fourth Generation; and thus there will be no need for another Redemption. We were ALL closed into darkness, that is true, and a long, long history of humanity’s development had to pass between that intermediate Mission and the time of the Final Redemption.

It is not our Spirit that procures the continuation of the Final Redemption for the world. Paul thought that the Signs he knew were the Final Signs, but in truth, they were only of the Intermediate Signs. We are the fortunate Donkey-Pauls who know that these now received in merit of the Goel Haim are the Completed and Final Signs of History. Paul constantly needed his Spirit to keep him going. We Donkeys walk in the Completed Signs and they keep the Redemption going, for these are the Final Signs that will be realized in history to complete all the redemptional prophecies.

The Time has come, the awaited for Final Time of History has come. The world will remain and the heavenly orders will remain but the world-order of humanity will be established after the period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord and three fifths will perish. The Donkeys, guided by the Goel Haim, come for the sake of salvation, for there are still large categories of people in the world to whom belief in the Final Signs would represent their salvation.


The coming of the Final Goel Haim is the most awaited for time in all history, and we Donkeys do become enthusiastic with every new detail of the New Revelation. We have, however, not yet received the New Spirit. It is coming for sure, don’t get me wrong. Even tonight it may well descend. I’m enthusiastic now especially after the Signs in America. The Sign says that the name ‘ASHER’, after 26 years of the Completed Signs, now gives the Completeness required for entering Sign-wise the Final and Universal Redemption of the final name ‘EHEYE’. - This Correction of Paul of Tarsus, here in this twentieth chapter in the Donkey’s back in America for the Inaugural speech of President Obama, comes at the time of a great ve-nahafoch hu and only now the Soul of the Completed Signs, together with the New Spirit of the Final Redemption, are ready to be received.

The Spirit of Paul is being chopped down to size and its great energetic potency is being transposed into the Final New Pact, in merit of the final Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the chosen Teacher Haim born in San'aa, Yemen.

Therefore did my parents call me Paul even if they didn’t know why. I suppose a Paul was needed with an American Passport, to outdo Paul’s Roman one in his time


Of course it’s different. Paul’s Spirit was a one-sided affair, Jesus Christ.

The Final Redemption is not a one-sided affair. All has come in merit of the beloved and suffering Tzadik Haim, but Three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim. The exaltation of the Spirit of the Final Redemption is not a one-sided affair. It is a Spirit of the final truth testified to and explained in 13 Petals of the Book of the Rose. The Spirit of the Final Redemption requires the new knowledge of truth that descends with it, the New Things prophesied in Isaiah 48. If the New Spirit would come without the study of the Six Great Completed Signs, it would become an exaggerated Spirit and the nations would take it up in incorrect ways. The prophecy says that one will not have to instruct another concerning God because all will know Me from the greatest to the smallest. ‘will know Me’ it says, a New Knowledge and a New Clear Tongue which explains it. Required are Texts and Schools to teach them in, as we have established the Signs of the School of the Shoshana in Italy, the School of Beit Esther in Israel and the School of the Yellow Rose in the United States of America.


The New Spirit must not be taken in superficial ways. It must reside in the person together with the Knowledge of the Final Redemption firmly established and constantly recallable to one’s active memory. The New Equilibrium must sit in the person’s intellectual being as well as in his heart. There are no contradictions in all the New Messages of the Final Redemption. All are Clear Messages of the same New Message and those who know it can be fooled by no questions and the answers instead are clear and unequivocal and faith in the Resurrection of the Goel Haim into the Kingdom of Heaven is the unique and exclusive Key to understanding all matters. With this Great Faith and this marvelous knowledge of the Six Completed Signs, the New Spirit will descend and the Neshama of each Donkey or pupil will begin to exert itself and manifest itself in the person, amen.

The Christian Spirit floats in the air and settles in who desires it and it requires almost no knowledge to have it enter. For it is not a Holy Spirit its context being of a false theological basis. If you ask Christians about the contradiction of the Trinity and Deification etc. they either get confused or they will refuse to listen to any argumentation that goes against their belief acquired. If they do listen, however, they can see the contradictions and many millions of Christians have indeed discarded Christianity for reason of those contradictions. This is because Christian theology cannot answer to ‘and all will know Me’. They have faith but it is in a man whom they have associated with God and thus the Christian faith cannot be the New Pact in Jeremiah 31.


Christianity had to be but it was extremely imperfect. When the perfection of the Final Redemption comes, that preceding imperfection falls by the wayside. It has done its time. It’s over. The Message of the Perfect Equilibrium moves in, every aspect of it firmly established from the Kingdom of Heaven, from the New Firmament, from the Stars of the Redemption, from the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim and from the signs made by the Donkeys. Only then can the New Spirit of the Final Redemption descend. It waits for each phase of the Perfect Equilibrium to be established to the degree known and desired by God Almighty. Then those who receive it will be straightened out in it, regenerated and knowledgeable in it.

The essential matter is its Perfection, not the time that it takes to have that Perfection established and the Creator of time knows the times of the Final Redemption. There is a great Tranquility in this Perfection in contrast to Egypt and Sinai.

The Christian Spirit is enthusiastic but it is also quite empty, as Huckabee’s ‘For Christmas, God gave a very great gift to mankind, He made himself into a man and was born from the Virgin Mary’. He too is speaking in the context of his Christian Spirit. But look around at the Newborn Christian revival Spirit or any of the other Protestant Spirits, of Quakers or Mormons and many others. Their Spirit gets them excited but it never reveals to them very much. Repent and place yourselves under Christ’s Spirit and be saved. Amen and they sing nice Jesus songs. Repent for the wrath of God is going to descend on the world and only those who have faith in Jesus will be saved. Amen and they dance and cry out with joy for their salvation.


I’m not speaking here of the Testimonies or other Neo-Protestants who do not believe in the soul or in the other world and who assert those beliefs in the name of God, committing the sin of using God’s name in vain of the Third Commandment of which it is promised that it will not go unpunished. Every day, every hour and every minute they condemn themselves and detach themselves from the soul that they might have possessed and they will have no portion in the other world. For it is not only that they profane God’s name; they profane it on the premises of totally false doctrines and have even used Paul to confirm their doctrine that Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God. Terrible will be their punishment towards the end of the Fourth Generation. In the many true Signs received I’ve not seen such wrath and hatred from Above as against this false religion which has made so many proselytes. Run for your lives and save you souls, this I exhort you without reserve. You have fallen into one of the Great Traps of the Fourth Generation.

The only hatred from Heaven similar is that against the Scientologists with their Dianetica. In a dream to Solly Kamkhaji, it was said and shown that those of the Dianetica capture people’s bodies and minds and throw them into a refrigerator while they steal their money.


Christianity has not been extended because of knowledge but because of ignorance taught to the ignorant and such has been the plight of all Christianity. So it’s not so simple to talk about the Spirit.

We’re speaking about the promised New Spirit of the Final Redemption. It is not an outburst of joy which then passes and is no more or an inner passion caught up in the Great Mix-up. It is a Spirit of joy in the heart extended by the clarity of the New Clear Language. Together it’s a New Humble Brain and New Humble Spirit in the light of the truth of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim. Humanity has now the Great Teacher that it needs for the clarification of all matters of Faith of the Tradition of Israel, of the Corrected Tradition of Christianity and of the New Tradition of the Final Redemption. The New Spirit is rooted in the New Teachings that must be understood and appreciated with joy and true happiness.

Not with coldness must it be taught, as do the Protestant Professors of Theology.

The New Spirit is in the warmth and heart-felt love for God’s mercy and the truths taught must give over the warmth that awakens the heart of the pupils. It’s also a Spirit of many Colors as received in the Sign of the Cylinder and the Pact of the Rainbow that enters the sealed Cylinder of the Pact. The Cylinder is connected with the Stellar Hexagon of 6 Stars 6 times. These are bound to the Six Great Signs of the Redemption on a Stellar level. These are of many Colors representing the 6 Signs as seen in 6 different aspects or perspectives of the Completed Signs, the perspective of the Stars of the Redemption, the perspective of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the perspective of the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of prayer and the Carpet of Islam, the perspective of the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread and of White Horse, the perspective of the New Prophecies of the Fourth Generation, and the perspective of the final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.


DIARY: Giuseppe dreamed June 29, 2009: He saw the city of Aquila. The number 150 was spoken of. Giuseppe asked what it meant and it was explained that each 50 was a NUNE, thus Three NUNES. On Tuesday June 30, he dreamed the same dream and it was said that he must relate it to Peretz. - -

We have always spoken of the Three NUNES, !) that of Yehoshua bin Nun 2) the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and 3) the NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan. Aquila is the Sign of the Great Stellar Eagle and the Jewish Tradition as presented by the Great Eagle of Judaism, the Rambam, peace be with him. Here it comes in relation to the New Time we have entered, that of the third name ‘EHEYE’. The NUNE of Yeshua bin Nun derives from the first name ‘EHEYE’. The NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN derives from the SHIN of the name ‘ASHER’. The NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan represents the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan.

This comes now to help me explain the New Spirit of the Final Redemption. You see, Paul, the dreams received by the Donkeys are greater than the Spirit that helped you formulate your erroneous doctrines, hee-haw! I try now to see the New Spirit in terms of these Three NUNES. In truth these NUNES ‘characterize’ the terms of the New Spirit once the basis of God’s choice of the Goel Haim and the truth of the Six Great Completed Signs are received. For it’s not possible to describe enthusiasm or ardent fervor or inner feelings or inner illumination or all that which may derive from the New Spirit on personal levels. Nor can I say to the Donkeys or to anyone, “Look here now, the New Spirit of the Final Redemption has come. Place yourself in it and try to receive it”. It doesn’t work like that! As said, the New Spirit is in a context of a New Knowledge which must be studied, meditated on, sustained with prayer and with attention to be just in action, speech and thought.





Chapter 21



Here I tell you then, in conformity to Giuseppe’s dream of 150, the Three NUNES of the Final Redemption. These Three NUNES are 3 Pillars of the New Spirit. A fourth displaced Pillar was in the Stellar Signs: The Sign of L’Aquila (eagle) is given. The New Spirit is within the framework of the Sanctity of the Great Stellar Eagle, the holy Tradition of Israel as formulated by the Rambam, of blessed memory, in the Mishna Torah.

Let this not be misunderstood. The New Law of the Final New Pact does not ‘follow’ the halachot (Jewish laws) of the Mishnah Torah or of the Halacha in general. The parameters of the New Law are different than those of the Halacha. The Halacha is Sanctified Law which follows the traditional Sanctity of Judaism. The New Law is Sanctified Law which follows the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. Both are Sanctified Laws given and sanctioned by the same One Living God and they do not stand in any contradiction (see Intro. of the New Law). The New Sanctity, however, is a necessity for the Final Redemption for many reasons.

The Synagogue is under the Halacha for Jews. The House of Prayer of the Final Redemption is the House in which ‘all will invoke the name of (the same One Living) God and serve Him together’. The New Sanctity is necessary for this perfect unity in the same sanctified faith because the traditional Sanctity is for the people of Israel, the chosen sanctified nation (‘am kadosh). The nations of the Final Redemption are not going to become Jews or follow the Halacha. On the other hand, they are now entering into a Sanctified New Law given by God Almighty. This represents a tremendous New Elevation compared to the unholy Spirit of all Christian theology which does not maintain the true monotheistic faith in God. They are thus entering a truly Holy Tradition for the first time. They will thus be equal in faith but they do not become part of the commanded Israel. Only a New Sanctified Law can answer to this new reality.

Daniel Manigrasso received in a dream that those (Christians) on the Altar of Malchitzedek who are as yet unable to stand on the Altar of Ephraim are to be called the Children of Malchitzedek (bnei Malchitzedek). This new name comes to separate them from Christian tradition: they are not to be called Christians any longer but the Children of Malchitzedek. The new name is needed to distinguish them from a tradition which is unholy into the New Holy Tradition as it is manifested on the Altar of Malchitzedek. If they wish to be part of the Tradition of Israel, they can arise to the Altar of Ephraim (with Circumcision and Conversion) where they are bnei yisrael, children of Israel. Here they are obligated in the Laws of the Jewish people as they are given in the New Law. Those born Jewish or converted to Judaism are part of the Altar of Judah. There are differences in severity and thus in the level of Sanctity between the Altar of Judah and the Altar of Ephraim. This is because the New Children of Ephraim have not known the Weights of the Jewish Tradition

There is yet a higher Sanctification for the Jew chosen as the Anointed Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest[15] as well as the Jewish woman chosen to be the Anointed Priestess on the Altar of the Anointed Priestess (called also the Altar of the Joy of Life). Also the Jews of the Altar of Judah follow the New Sanctity of the New Law and not the Halacha which pertains to the Synagogue.

The point is that in the House of Prayer the New Sanctity operates at different levels according to the New Law concerning each Altar. In the famous verse concerning Malchitzedek in the Torah, Abraham, our father, gave to Malchitzedek a tenth of all the spoils that had been taken in his war against the five kings. The Goel Haim has explained to us from the Book of the Stars that the Stellar secret here is that the Star of Malchitzedek receives a tenth from the Star of Abraham. In the House of Prayer the Altar of Malchitzedek receives a Tenth of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption.

Christians at first may find it strange to be called the Children of Malchitzedek and not Christians. Let them remember that Christianity is called such in virtue of the Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ with Jesus’ Messianic Mission. The Second Coming of the Star of Christ, however, brings them back to the true faith in the One Living God, the faith that was of Malchitzedek (but also to the true Jesus) who is called in the Torah ‘a priest to God on High’. Thus calling them the Children of Malchitzedek indicates that they have returned to the original monotheistic faith. Nevertheless, in virtue of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ and its Corrections of Christianity, the term Christ remains[16] as does the belief in the Messianic Mission of Jesus who became the Christ of the Christian Nations.

The ascent of let’s say ‘ex-Christians’- to the Altar of Malchitzedek is a great redemptional jump and through it the nations are under the New Sanctity of the Final Pact while at the same time not being obligated in the Sanctified Laws of the Jewish people for the Sabbath and for the Holidays. They can well participate, however, in the New Rite of Shabbat, Pesah, Shavuot (Feast of the Ten Commandments), Succot, Shemini Atzereth, Rosh ha-Shana and Yom ha-Kippurim.


The New Spirit of the Final Redemption is of the New Sanctity of the Final New Pact. The New Spirit, within this framework, cannot be divided or placed in terms of level. A person of the Altar of Malchitzedek can receive the New Spirit just as a Jew on the Altar of Judah or the Altar of Ephraim. The Sanctity is divided into levels because each level requires the New Law on that level. Not so the New Spirit which is given to the heart of each person and is not limited by classifications. ‘All will know Me, from the smallest to the greatest’.

There is thus no purpose in defining or describing the feelings of the Spirit. Necessary, however, is a knowledge of the framework in which the Spirit is operating. This seemingly arduous task is greatly facilitated since the New Tradition descends with the Six Great Completed Signs which ‘compress’ so to speak the many aspects of the Final Redemption into 6 Large Categories making it easy to study and understand them. Also given are the 7 Prophetic Circles, the 13 Petals of the Book of the Rose, the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan, the 30 Tables of the New Law, the 7 Floors of the New Rite, the 13 Qualities of the New Heart, the 13 Virtues of Ester, the 10 Virtues of the Heart, etc. All these number-wise fixed categories facilitate their study.

The 3 NUNES were shone in L’Aquila. The Great Eagle represents the Transition of the Sanctity of Jewish Tradition into the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. The Mishnah Torah of the Rambam, the Great Eagle, (äðùø äâãåì) is the reference point between the Traditional Sanctity and the New Sanctity although the Mishnah Torah itself is exclusively in the Traditional Sanctity. In the Mishnah Torah, however, in his discussion of questions concerning the Messiah son of David, the Rambam exclaims in no uncertain terms that the questions of the Messiah and the Redemption and the explanations of all those prophecies concerned will be known only at the time in which they come and are revealed, and not previously. Thus he warns not to get confused with the many opinions of the Sages on these matters because they are not a received, prophetic Tradition but only opinions and nothing more. Great and truthful was the power of the Great Eagle to affirm such to the children of the Tradition.

That most essential (and quite well known) point in hilchot melachim becomes the Great Binding Point between the Traditional Sanctity and the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. So did it become absolutely incumbent on us as the first receivers of the Completed Signs to substantiate the Rambam’s affirmation. Our explanations thus complete that Halacha for all Israel while at the same time we explain the New Parameters of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption[17].


To receive the New Humble Brain and the New Humble Spirit of the Heart, you must at first understand what the Final New Pact represents and that which is involved in the New Knowledge of the Final Redemption. There is a great and vast New Tradition which needs time, even years to study. A synopsis is needed to begin with; these are the Six Great Signs. With these, in a short time, you can gain a correct knowledge of the Framework of the New Tradition in which reside the New Spirit and the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. From Giuseppe’s dream yesterday, I gather that another way of encompassing the aspects of the Final Redemptions is to expound briefly on the Three NUNES of ‘Aquila’: the NUNE of Yehoshua bin Nun, the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and the NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan. There are, thank God, texts which explain these NUNES, but I speak here of being brief.

Here are some of the main parameters to follow. The 3 names of the Triple-name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’ are encompassed by the 3 NUNES. Joshua, son of Nun, received the Torah from Moses. Nun was his fathers name (Joshua was from the Tribe of Ephraim) but there is an extremely important allusion in this name. Also the word for ‘son’ here comes in allusion, it not being written normally as ‘ben’ (beit nun) but as ‘bin’ (beit yod nun). ‘Ben’ is the regular word for ‘son’. ‘Bin’ is the normal root of ‘bina’ – understanding. The Sages, in an antique Tradition received by them, say that Yehoshua bin Nun reached the ‘understanding of the 50 Gates of Understanding’. The letter Nun is 50 in ghematria.

There is here a particular study: Moses, our teacher is said to have reached only 49 Gates while to Joshua was given also the fiftieth Gate of Understanding. The subject is extremely interesting but here briefly is the general meaning: Moses reached the maximum of the Sanctity which is 7 times 7 while Joshua received the power from Moses to extend the Oral Tradition. The extension of that Oral Tradition required further Understanding so as to have the means of explanation. Moses gave over the Sanctified Wisdom of the Written Torah and to Yehoshua was given the Power of the Mishnah for the extension of the Oral Law. I received the term the Mishnah of Yehoshua bin Nun directly from the Tzadik Haim and after the Tzadik Haim’s Resurrection I received from him the blessing of the Power of the Mishnah of Yehoshua bin Nun correspondingly with the obligation to formulate the New Law of the Final Redemption.

To formulate the New Law, the New Sanctity is needed and thus is given the Power of the Original Power of the Mishnah of Joshua son of Nun. In this way the New Law will never deviate from the true Sanctity of Tradition even while it is written in the framework of the New Sanctity. Such then is the first NUNE of the Final Redemption.

The second NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN is more complicated to explain, especially since it’s bound up with the Hidden Stellar Redemption of Purim and thus with the SHIN of the middle name ‘ASHER’. And whereas the first NUNE is bound up with the first name in the Sign of Nefesh, this second NUNE is bound to the middle name in the Sign of the Spirit of the Heart, and we speak of the 13 Virtues of the Heart of Queen Esther. The first NUNE, therefore, binds the Sanctified Law to the Final New Pact while the second NUNE binds together with the Sanctified Law the qualities of the Sanctified Heart required in order to receive the Sanctified New Spirit desired for the Final Redemption.

For this purpose a New Sign for the Renewal of the SHIN in all its many aspects of the virtues and good qualities of the good heart had to be received. The Sign came in 1990 in Israel together with Paolo and Noda’ and Solly Kamkhaji and Madame Fortunee, wife of Mahhluf, when in the sky and for the whole trip from Beersheva to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, a SHIN was formed by the only very few clouds in the sky. The SHIN was then doubled in a particular way which allowed for two SHINs and at the Wailing Wall a marvelous red and orange light gleamed down from the sky which at first was in the form of a VAV and then became an incredible and large light in the form of a Great Nun Soffit (it’s called, however, the NUNE FINALE to distinguish it from the NUN SOFFIT of Leviathan). Thus the New Sign of SHUSHAN (Shin Vav Shin Nun) had been given.

As said, the explanations are many and all are very significant and interesting, but here for the sake of capturing the sense of the 3 NUNES, it’s enough to know: 1) the second NUNE FINALE derives from the SHIN of the name ‘ASHER’ and is therefore bound up to the New Spirit the Foundation of which is that of the good heart loved by God. The good qualities of the heart are equally those qualities loved in the Kingdom of Heaven and their contrasting negative qualities of the heart are those which impede a person from being accepted after his death into the Kingdom of Heaven. 2) the second NUNE FINALE gives over to the Final Redemption the New Purim and the New Ve-Nahafoch Hu of this present Fourth Generation which represents a great Salvation for the meritorious in the world who will have to pass through the Great and Terrible Period of the Fourth Generation. 3) the New Spirit of the Final Redemption is also the New Spirit that descends from the Stars of the Redemption and thus the Teacher Haim is teaching the many aspects of the Stars of the New Constellations. 4) the NUNE FINALE is very large and luminous, bigger than the other letters studied and the term ‘FINALE’ here gives over a large and finalized understanding that you may take from the first name or from the final name, and all the knowledge that goes therewith, but the essence of all is that the Holy God of the world desires the heart of mankind, a good heart filled with virtues of love, compassion, tolerance and forbearance.


The Third NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan belongs to our great friend and constant companion, Big Fish Leviathan. The NUNE Soffit refers to the revelation of the New, True Kabbalah (reception) of the Final Redemption. Although the terminology given me in a dream by the Tzadik Haim may be more inclusive, it refers more specifically to the New Studies of Big Fish Leviathan, the Whale of the Milky Way, our Galaxy. Already in the first years Big Fish came in dreams and winked to the dreamer. To wink in Hebrew is li-rmoz. Remez means ‘allusion’. Big Fish loves to find allusions in the Torah and in Tanach in general and to show how they are bound to his Thirteen New Mazalot. (We have as well, thank God, the New Calendar of Leviathan of his 13 Months). Big Fish also loves ghematria and numbers very, very much. He’s a great friend of mine in my work because I also love ghematria and numbers. Ah, yes, he also loves the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Hey, me too, I must have fish blood or something.

I gotta tell ye’ though, this Donkey work is really stupendous with Big Fish always around. Like I mean he’s all around, from top to bottom. He speaks to me and tells me such nice things. Sometimes we swim together and both of us have pleasure in this. Now don’t get upset if I tell you he has 13 New Constellations or Mazalot. How can they be new, you ask? Have new stars come into being? Nah, it’s not like that. All the New Constellations their names and names of their Stars of which the Teacher Haim is teaching us are new because of the names given. The names are new but those Stars were there before. The fact is that the name of the Star means everything. The force of the Star will descend to the world by way of the name that it carries. All the names of the New Constellations and their Stars were never revealed before. The entire study of Big Fish Leviathan is thus totally new.


Well, it existed before, but not with these same names, and only very few had access to some knowledge of it but it was a hidden knowledge. We find in psalms ‘This Leviathan have You formed for us to engage it with joyous laughter’.


DIARY: July 3, 2009; Tamuz 11, 5769; The Illumined Turtle 9, 3962: Our friend Abramo Pianelli came and took me out this evening and he beat me at Italian Biliards. He was quite happy about it because I win almost always. When he brought me home it was 11 PM. After some minutes he called me on the cell-phone and said that around the moon he had seen a cloud that formed a perfect eagle. By the way, Abramo knew nothing of the things written above of the Eagle (Aquila).

I believe it’s a sign that the Sign of the Great Stellar Eagle has descended to the level of the moon. It’s a good sign that the Correction here of Paul is working, thank God Almighty. The Spirit of Paul is being demolished on one hand and it’s being transposed into the Sanctified Tradition represented by the Great Eagle, both in reference to the Tradition of the Rambam, peace be with him, and to the Great Stellar Eagle of the Final Redemption.[18]

There is a Stellar Convergence tonight or rather this morning of July the 3rd; it’s now 2:30 in the morning.

For the Stellar Eagle

Has descended to the Moon

Just as I speak

Of the Triple NUNE

So the Dragon of Fire

Will frighten the world

Against foreign gods

And idols untold

But those whose heart

Is attuned to this theme

Will begin to rejoice

In the Goel Haim.

The New SHIN is at hand

And the New SHUSHAN

Therefore I wave

my Stellar Wand

and ask for many

ve-nahafoch hus

against the enemies

of the Jews.

And with scissors

I cut down four stars

That had wandered

Into another yard

And made their poison

In the Star of ROSH

While Esther was saved

By Ahhashverosh.

The Soul of the Signs

Has begun its Descent

And the Spirit of Paul

Is just about spent.

Soon the New Spirit

Will be composed

And the city of SHUSHAN

Will be exposed.

Queen Esther will know

That her prayer was heard

As Leviathan rejoices

In the Resurrected Bird.

Amen and so may it be.


See then dear Paul

Of your Spirit’s kissing

All went amiss ‘cause

The Essence was missing.

But I extracted its force

With subtle caressing

For the pen of wisdom

Is a prophetic blessing.

True, I’m not a Prophet

 But I’ve got Donkey-Gall

And now we’re in two,

Paul and Paul.


I hope to speak more about this third NUNE SOFFIT in coming chapters.

There are thus three NUNES which encompass and enter in all the studies of the Final Redemption. We can call them in short the NUNE of the Law, the NUNE of the Virtues and the NUNE of Leviathan.


The NUNE of the Law is Sanctified in the Final New Pact. The NUNE FINALE of the Virtues of the Heart is Sanctified in the Final New Pact.. The NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan is Sanctified in the Final New Pact.

Note that in the formulation of the basis of the New Law of the Final Redemption, we received that it be designed in terms of Thirty Steps. These are 30 documents in Three Pillars, each of 10 documents, and each document is of 30 Steps. The Three Pillars (or Columns) are named the Heart of Prophecy, the Heart of the Rose (the Virtues of the Heart) and the Heart of Big Fish Leviathan. These Three Pillars are in correspondence with the Three Great NUNES of the Final Reemption.




Chapter 22



Here I tell that somebody asked, “So what religion are you in if you are faithful to the Final New Pact”? It’s not a bad question and it deserves an answer. In 1986 we received a message from the Goel Haim (after Claudio, brother of Noda’ had written in a theme for School about us while calling it a New Religion) that the Final New Pact is not a new religion but rather a New Way of life and everything that concerns life.

The basis of the Final New Pact is the Torah and the Tradition of Israel. It cannot be called, however, Judaism or the Jewish religion because it is equally for Jews, Muslims, Christians and the Mohawk Indians. Even the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father, and of the Second Commandment, does not define it as the Jewish Religion because also Islam is of the same faith.

Christians or those of the Nations (except Muslims) enter the Final New Pact on the Altar of Malchitzedek and they do not become Jewish. Indeed, the Jew in the New House of Prayer remains Jewish and the Muslim remains Muslim. Christians, as explained, and all others who enter the New House of Prayer are no longer called Christians but ‘Children of Malchitzedek’. Thus the Final New Pact is not the Jewish Religion, not the Islamic Religion, not Christianity and certainly not of other religions. Therefore the Tzadik Haim said that the Final New Pact is not to be called a New Religion, in spite of the Great Reform in Judaism. Also Islam or better Muslims remain Muslims of the Islam Religion but will be renewed in accordance with the Final New Pact on the Carpet of Islam.

Even the vast, New Tradition of the Final Redemption does not give place to its being defined as a New Religion.


Obviously the term ‘New Religion’ but even just the term ‘Religion’ is not desired as a definition of the Final New Pact. The term religion is of the past and we speak, of course, in explaining matters, of the Jewish Religion or Islamic Religion or the Christian Religion because of the roots in those Religions but the Final New Pact itself doesn’t want to called a New Religion.


(I read Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, Philemon) The only word I have appreciated in Paul’s Letters is where he says that when perfection comes, the preceding imperfection falls away and is no more. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!!!)



The world coming, of which it states ‘All will know Me from the greatest to the smallest’, doesn’t need a New Religion. It needs a New Way of Life and all that which concerns Life.


Paul’s Letters stink very badly for the falsified Christ in them but the doctrine that God Almighty created the world and all things by way of Christ is pure blasphemy and its stench is outrageous. What is there to take from the Christian religion?


Christianity, nevertheless, gave over the knowledge of Jesus’ messianic mission, of some of his teachings and of his unjust death and of his resurrection. Only the Second Coming of the Star of Christ reveals the truth, the true history and the true proportions of all this. Thus nothing remains of the Christian Religion in the end. And as for the basis of truths, prophetic and messianic, found but falsified, these are detached and extracted completely from Christianity while integrated into the Final New Pact.


The Tradition of Israel is basic to the Final New Pact which is not a New Jewish Religion, nor does it represents a New Reformed Judaism. The Great Reform in Judaism on the Altar of Judah is not a New Religion. The Great Correction of Christianity requires exiting from all traditional Churches and entering the New House of Prayer on the Altar of Malchitzedek. Certainly the Jewish Religion is closer to the Final New Pact than Christianity and Jesus himself was Jewish and practiced the Jewish Religion and he never taught anything of some other faith. The Reformed Judaism on the Altar of Judah will eventually bring about some vital changes in the Traditional Synagogue in matters concerning the Final Redemption. The same can be said of the Mosques of Islam once the Final New Pact is known and accepted. It is not the Carpet of Islam, however, that will cause those changes in Islam but the acceptance of the Final New Pact which is closer to the Jewish Religion than to any other and the dates of the Luah – the Jewish Calendar for the Holidays remain. There was also a Sign in the first years that the Altar of Judah must not become too distant from the Synagogue. Also in those first years the Sign of House of Prayer was under the same roof and below the Synagogue but separated from it.


In all cases, the Final New Pact is not to be called or identified with a New Religion.


I received the Message of the Goel Haim above that: The Final Redemption is not a new religion but a new way of life and of everything that pertains to life.


I have reached, I believe, the Correction of Paul’s Spirit and here I complete, God willing, its Transposition into the Final New Pact.


Paul of Tarsus was a great missionary. His Spirit gave him fervor, enthusiasm, the courage to overcome all obstacles and the soldier attitude of fulfilling his duty. That Spirit of Christ in him was also a power above nature with which he was able to perform healing-miracles and to dispel evil-spirits and demons. The Spirit of Paul was the Spirit of the Mission.

Exactly what I’ve been crying about for the past 26 years. That ardent Spirit of Paul has not yet descended in the Donkeys as it should have.


I take fault with myself first of all. In coming back from the United States 19 years ago, I should have said to the Donkeys, “From now on call me Paul and don’t call me the Donkey who eats Bread, and if must make reference to my being a Donkey, I am the first Donkey who eats Bread. By calling me Paul you would have felt the lacking title of the Donkey and as such you would search for it, I would bray and explain to you that the Donkey who eats Bread is the Marvelous Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven who is seeking out Donkeys who eat the Bread sent by the Goel Haim. Every time you bray or do signs or say the prayers of the New Rite or say the 6 Signs or study a text of the Book of the Rose, all this with the intention of being a Donkey who eats Bread, the Marvelous Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven will descend into you.

So call me Paul in this period, as the Donkey who eats Bread exclaims, “True, I’m the Donkey but my work and obligation is to help you be Donkeys so that the Marvelous Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven will descend into you and will show you what a fantastic Donkey he is. By way of that Heavenly Donkey the Donkeys on earth will receive the Spirit of the Final Redemption. And when you receive the Spirit of the Donkey you will know that you are a Donkey of a Large Cart of the Great News of the Final Redemption ridden on and driven by the Goel Haim. All the more will you receive the true New Spirit of the Donkey.

Being of the Donkey means assuming responsibility, in braying, in making signs, in putting on ‘Donkey-clothing’, with staffs, with unction and prayers and ready to do whatever is necessary to help the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread. The Goel Haim wishes to see these things in all of us, and this has been greatly missing in the years gone by.


Now, however, after the Signs in America, the finalizations of the name ‘ASHER’, the Signs of the Final Redemption have entered fully into the final name ‘EHEYE’. This begins the course of the Neshama of the Signs and at the same time the Reception of the New Spirit promised by God Almighty. Then came the Sign of ‘Paul and Paul’ because the Correction of Paul had not been concluded and the Spirit of Paul was blocking the reception of the Donkeys. With the few chapters above there goes into effect the Transposition of the Spirit for the Donkeys of the Final New Pact. This represents a Great New Beginning for any person who desires to be part of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread.

With this, God willing, I reopen with you together (July 5th, 2009) the School of the Shoshana, the School that teaches the Donkeys to be true Donkeys.

At this point in history, the School of the Rose is dedicated to the Donkeys, true Donkeys with the Spirit of the Marvelous Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven who will descend in you and allow you to live in that Spirit. It is not now for pupils who wish to increment their knowledge of the Final Redemption. It is for those who desire to live actively in the Signs of the Donkey who eats and lives in the New Revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven in order to bring to the world the Marvelous News of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, the chosen Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. So bray hard and work hard and you will soon find yourself in the true, New Spirit of the Final Redemption and you may begin to feel the light of your Neshama.


So call me Paul and try to receive the true Spirit of the Donkey who eats Bread. Amen. With this New Spirit and with permission of the Goel Haim and confirmed by the Head Donkey, you too will be able to purify places and objects and people and to make signs of healing that are true and even to cast away evil-spirits and sheddim, if necessary, and many other things. This is because the Donkey is Marvelous and his Spirit is a true power that descends from the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank You EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.


So who then was that other Jewish Paul in my dream? I don’t know but I ask no questions, otherwise I disturb his concentration.


17th of Tamuz- I think that eventually this will be a day of the Feast of the Correction of the Golden Calf since in the CS we have the Correction of the Sin of the Zohar and the Great Correction of Christianity.

I didn’t fast today (in the new Rite we fast only on Kippur):

Torah, Prayer and Charity are the Three Pillars that hold up the world. Pray to God Almighty every day.


Now I enter the first day of forty of the Second Ascent, in the Sign of 120. Here is the ALEF of the name ‘ASHER’, 13 day in the ALEF, 13 days in the SHIN and 13 days in the RESH, and the fortieth stands in the Kingdom as the Beauty of Paradise. Help me in this Triple-Meditation, o Lord, my God. O Lord, wake us up from the slumber which rides on our eyes. Pierce our brains with new feelings of truth and open our hearts with luminous understanding.

We are Donkeys trying to receive the Spirit of the Marvelous Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven, desirous of working for the Kingdom of Heaven. O my Lord, the Donkeys want to feel the truth and they aspire to self-elevation. They are temimim and are attached to the Cord of Jacob. The Donkeys love the Altars of the House of Prayer and spiritual Donkey blood flows in their veins. Their pleasure is that the spirit of the Tzadik’s Resurrection reside in them and that they acquire understanding and spiritual elevation. You are close to them, o Lord, and they desire to feel Your existence?

O Lord, my God, enlarge our congregation. O Lord, my God, send us the remedies that we need. Send us the Cord that must be touched to call up the underlying passions of the heart. Bring, we beseech You, a new reality into our Donkey-Heart, a reality that makes function our inner-gears to work in every sense for the Final Redemption, a reality that calls up our Donkey-spirit from the depths of our essence. Teach us. EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, the Great Faith of the Final Redemption and place us in the new historic perspective that incites the Neshama to desire a higher realm.

We pray for all this while the breathe of life is still within us, knowing and never forgetting that Your ways are not our ways and Your thoughts are not our thoughts, nor can we know the times of Your Healing or the manners of Your Hidden Salvation. The Great Faith of the Third and Final Redemption is very great. We must search for it and find it and let no failure make us obtuse and have us lose the way. For the Way is Yours and we must search for it, the Thought is Yours and we must find it and the Time is Yours and we must be patient. In the world we build from the bottom to the top but You build the New Construction from the top to the bottom. We await the promised meeting place of the Construction when all the elements of the Final Redemption will fall into place. We await that day foreseen when the Donkeys will sing and never stop singing again. Amen.


DIARY: I spoke to Michal[19], a friend of Adam in Israel. She knows and believes in the Resurrection of the Goel Haim. She told me of her vision: all the soldiers of Israel who had died, from the first war of independence until now, had arisen from their tombs and they all returned to their homes and there was great happiness. She saw thousands of them marching home to their families. - -

The Construction from Above and the Sign Progression are reaching points of Binding, thank God Almighty.


These are the true Chosen-Donkeys loved by God Almighty given to know the truth of the Final New Pact, the truth of the Torah, from Abraham, our father, the truth of God’s redemption of the children of Israel from Egypt and the Revelation at Sinai, the truth of God’s redemption in the hands of Mordechai and Queen Esther, the true history of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, and the great new and true Revelation of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel Haim.

The temimut of the Donkeys is loved by God Almighty, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, the Redeemer of mankind. Their heart is pure, their thoughts are pure, their love is pure, their faith is great, their souls are the chosen souls to receive the Final Redemption. All the Donkeys have suffered, all have borne very difficult situations in all these past years. All have been purified in their perseverance and are the worthy Donkeys to receive the New Spirit promised by God Almighty.

These Donkeys are the temimim that God has chosen, the beloved ones of Heaven who will receive the Kingdom of Heaven. These are the charitable souls who have not strived after money. They have suffered but remained faithful in their love to God and to their faith in the Resurrection of the Goel Haim and to the truth of the Signs of the Donkeys who eat Bread. So do they all love me, the first Donkey who eats Bread, with a true heart, and I have loved them and will always love them for these are called the ‘friends’ of God and they are greatly loved by the Goel Haim. With temimut they bray with great pleasure as their Neshama binds itself to the Kingdom of Heaven.

These are the Donkeys who will receive the New Spirit promised by God Almighty. These are the blessed Donkeys who will be uplifted to extend the Final Revelation to Jews and to all the nations. The Lord, our God, has chosen them because He knows their true worth. They have been put through many tests but they have remained faithful. Therefore will they receive the promised New Spirit which undoes and destroys all the untrue and ephemeral spirits of the past.

For in truth, the Lord, our God, has stayed patient until the time of His choice of the Final Goel when the Six Great Completed Signs would be revealed, and so would He then choose Donkeys, even persons whose essence is of a Simple-Faith but who possess, to their unknowing, extremely elevated souls. As yet they do not always feel the Spirit because they are humble Donkeys who have no pretenses for themselves. These are the humble Donkeys of the Goel Haim. Therefore they do not yet realize how much they are loved by God Almighty nor can they fathom the level of the Neshama they possess. But EHEYE ASHER EHEYE knows and He will lift them up when the time is called unto its time.

Now the time of the Revelation of the final name ‘EHEYE’ has come. Until now God has allowed them to remain simple in their faith and humble but just these Donkeys are destined to be uplifted in the true New Spirit as it descends into them and takes over their true essence on all levels. It is coming and is getting closer, for the Signs have now entered into the final name of the Triple-Name in the Sign of the Neshama when all three names of this unified triple-name are revealed within the context of the third and final name, ‘EHEYE’. And the Neshama, the Soul of the Completed Signs and the individual Soul of each Donkey, brings with it together the New Spirit of the Final Redemption. Thus the time of the Spirit has begun and these are the first humble Donkeys, the very first Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Final Redemption, who will soon begin to receive it.


 These are the blessed Donkeys of the Fourth Generation. They undergo the tests necessary for being able to overcome the obstacles of the second half of the great and terrible period of Judgment that is coming. All falsehoods will be revealed and the perpetrators of evil will be burnt out of existence. But the Donkeys of the Goel Haim will be saved. They will pray and they will be heard. They will announce the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and they will be loved in this world and in the next. Their humility will become the richness of the earth. They will stand on their Altars and the New House of Prayer will become the greatest Pillar of Light ever known to the remainder of mankind. Blessed are the Donkeys, for their Soul will shine in them and they will receive the New Spirit given by the Goel Haim and they will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen and so be it.


Michal’s vision of all the Israeli soldiers killed in war who came out of their graves and returned to their homes corroborates the New Time in the third and final name. In merit of the Final Resurrection, the Souls of the Israeli soldiers who died in the mitzvah of protecting Israel, have come onto the knowledge and benefits of the Resurrection of the chosen Tzadik Haim. These Neshamot have died as sacrifices for the good of Israel and now in merit of the Resurrection of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Teacher Haim, they march towards their true homes in the Kingdom of Heaven. Michal’s vision binds their Resurrection in the other world to the Sign of the Resurrection in this world. For now in their ascent to the Kingdom of Heaven they will be able to speak and testify before the Higher Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik so that their justice will descend on earth in favor of Israel and against Israel’s enemies. Amen. The Time has come.



Chapter 23



Here I tell something of Malchitzedek, King of Salem, Priest to God on High. (I just finished reading Hebrews and thus the Letters of Paul). I’m obligated to explain something about this matter because in truth nobody really knows who Malchitzedek was. OK, he was King of Salem which was the ancient name of Jerusalem but how did he become a Priest to God on High? In the Torah he was never mentioned before and never mentioned again.

Based on information received from the Tzadik Haim, in part directly before his death and in part from the Goel Haim’s lessons to us of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, I conclude that Malchitzedek had attended the Hidden School of Shem and Eber, well attested to in Jewish Tradition, probably at Salem.

Malchitzedek was rooted in Shem, son of Noah, which had settled in Canaan in the area of the city of Shalem which later was called Yerushalaim (Jerusalem). Perhaps family-wise there were also intermarriages with other peoples living in Canaan. I say this based on the Messianic Position of the Star of Malchitzedek which is Universal and reflects the Priesthood of Priest to God on High also for the nations. Malchitzedek was most likely not his birth-name but is the epithet given by the Torah (or by those of Hidden School) for the purposes involved with just this name which means ‘my King is Justice’.

In some way or another Malchitzedek knew of the Hidden School of Shem and Eber and he had the good fortune of being allowed to enter it. We have it in Tradition (see Sefer ha-Yashar) that also Abraham, our father, attended that Hidden School for many years. In that Hidden School the Tradition of Noah had come down directly and this was essential for the conservation of the true faith in the One Living God who had spoken to Noah. On even more hidden levels, a Hidden Tradition of Hhanoch, the most ancient of Sages who walked in the Ways loved by God Almighty, and was so loved to Heaven that he was taken to the other world by God and he did not die. The ‘light’ of the Neshama of Hhanoch was the Fount of great secret knowledge to the hidden privileged ones of that Hidden School. There was absolutely no permission for them to reveal that light or their secret knowledge outside of the School. The Tzadik Haim had revealed to me that there existed there very profound secrets of the stars.

Clearly the Priesthood of Malchitzedek to God on High was a Priesthood conferred on him by the very elevated elders of that Hidden School. For that Priesthood, as all true Priesthood, must be conferred and sanctioned by those whose position before God authorizes such. It doesn’t come from God to the person directly but by way of those close to God who are able and authorized to confer that Priesthood. Aaron, the High Priest of Israel was chosen by God for such and Moses upon God’s commands conferred that Priesthood on his older brother. From then on the Priesthood in Israel was hereditary from father to son. (This functions well if the son is worthy but in history this hereditary Priesthood has many times faltered because the sons did not go in the just ways of their father, and the father did not take care of providing a veto on their service, such as Eli concerning Hhofni and Pinhhass.

This is not so with prophecy. God may sometimes have His prophetic Spirit fall on a person and thus turn him into a Prophet of God. The prophetic words of God must then be written down and that person can say that even if he was previously not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, that now God had revealed Himself to him and gave him over this prophecy. Even if such happened only one time, such a person is a Prophet of God because he received a true prophecy which was given by God.

The Priesthood, however, is functional to a congregation of the faithful who seek blessings and guidance. It must be from God, otherwise it is no true Priesthood. It is not desired, however, that the Priest assert the authority of his own Priesthood but rather that it be conferred by those elders of the Congregation who are authorized to confer it. In this way it is adjoined to the will of the congregants whose respect for the authority of the Elders renders that Priesthood desirable to all the congregants.

In the case of the Hidden School of Shem and Eber we’re speaking about a very particular and hidden Congregation. It was the School of the True Tradition given by God Almighty to the extremely few individuals mentioned from the line of Shem. It was never meant to become a School for the world and it was of a totally higher essence than anyone in the world would be able to attain to. It was a great light and worlds of hidden matters. It’s known in Tradition (especially Sefer ha-Yashar) that Hhanoch was a great Sage and was loved by the people of those times because he taught them the true ways loved by God, Creator of the Heavens and the earth. He taught them the true faith in the One Living God and he explained at great length the kind of actions and attitudes that are loved by God and the kind of actions and attitudes that are against the will of God.

So much did they love him that they put him as their King and he would come out in all humility and teach them the Ways of God. He was, however, extremely taken up in his long meditations on the Creator and on the marvelous manifestations of God’s works in the world. Sefer Ha-Yashar explains that as time went on his going out to the people kept on diminishing and he kept himself hidden in his meditations.

Excuse an opinion that he was also most probably disillusioned by many of those who proclaimed their love in hearing his teachings but did not put them into practice. This is my thought because it seems to me that if those people would have responded with wisdom and joy and betterment and enthusiasm in their faith etc., that Hhanoch would have been drawn into remaining with them for the joy of the good results and the positive development of society in those remote times.

In any case, the Torah exclaims that at a certain point in his life, (much less than the others of whom the Torah proclaims their longevity) Hhanoch was no more because he had been taken by God. There is a whole, large hidden matter here. In that being taken by God entirely and brought above to the blessed life after death of those loved by God, we have here hidden the seed to the later ascent of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, in his entirety without knowing death.

From Sefer Ha-Yashar (which the Tzadik Haim affirmed is true Kabbalah (Tradition) [20]we can surmise that Hanoch’s constant desire to be in the spiritual ascent before God is the seed of the later Hidden Tzadikim, the Sons of the Ascent, who ascend constantly above into the higher worlds, in their great Sanctity (Kedusha) upon them. The difference is that the Ascent without death of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, is the Ascent together with the Blessing received by Pinhhass, son of Elazar, son of Aaron, who in his act of jealousy was rewarded by God Almighty with the Brit Shalom, the Pact of Peace. The Tzadik Haim explained to me that the Neshama of Pinhhass was received by the Prophet Elijah, and the Pact of Peace was a Pact from God that the Four Elements of the body, constantly and at all levels, remain in their proper equilibrium. The body therefore does not come to death. We do not know what actually happened to Pinhhass but since he received the Pact of Peace we may well conclude that he too was ‘taken above’ in his completeness to the other world.

That fact, however, was not mentioned in the Torah because it was not directly involved with the History of the Redemption whereas the Ascent of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, is a Great Pillar and the Great Fulcrum Point in God’s Design in arriving at the Final Redemption of Israel and of the nations. The Ascent of Hhanoch is of ancient pre-history (the history of the Redemption begins with Abraham, our father) of those first generations after the birth of Shet from Adam, our first father and Eve, our first mother. It is, however, a seed planted by the Holy Torah , to be recognized only at the time of the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim for the realization of the Final Redemption in the world.

In the Hidden and Ancient School of Shem and Eber, the Elevated Tradition which derived from Hhanoch was a Source to God’s Light and God’s Prophecy. See that in Tradition it’s known that Isaac, our father brought Rebecca, our mother, to the School of Shem and Eber, to hear from God what reason there was for the incredible anguish, pain and suffering she felt from the twins that were inside her. There in the School was received the prophecy written in the Torah of the ‘two nations (of Jacob and of Esau) that are in her will be in constant striving’ etc. Isaac and Rebecca went to that School to know the word of God.

Thus Malchitzedek, of the descendents of Shem, son of Noah, found his way to that Hidden School and he stayed there to learn the Ways of God and from there he received his Priesthood. The Torah amazes us with this sudden revelation concerning a King and a Priest to God on High hiding from us all the rest. This too is Torah, teaching us that the matter of this King and Priest contains many secrets but they are hidden matters which only in the end will be revealed. The whole story of the meeting of Malchitzedek with Abraham (called still Abram) there by the Sea of Salt (Yam Ha-Melahh – the Dead Sea), in the Vale of ‘Shaveh’, the Perfect Equilibrium, is so filled with obviously Messianic Allusions that one wonders less about its reality than about the Redemptional Allusions that it comes to reveal in a totally hidden manner. Who is this Priest to God on High who comes with bread and wine and blesses the great, first Patriarch, Abraham, our father? Look a bit behind the words here of this episode and you will realize that the Torah is purposely telling us to be totally amazed by this episode.


Obviously, the matter was used by Christianity to attribute the New Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek to the New Universal Priesthood of Christ. Also the verse in Psalms 110 exclaims the Eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek. All that was said by Christianity on the Priesthood of Malchitzedek in reference to the Messianic Mission of Jesus does have its place but since Christianity was disproportionate in all its theological conclusions, also the sense of the Eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek becomes disproportionate. All Christianity does not arrive at any true Conclusion regarding the Final Redemption because it could not imagine that the prophetic words of Jesus concerning the eventual coming of the ‘Son of Man’ was anyone except Jesus himself. Christianity took on the Mission of Christ as the Finalized Messianic Revelation for all times and the prophesied coming of the ‘Son of Man’ became interwoven with the Second Coming of Christ at the time of the Final Judgment and the Final Redemption of mankind; Jesus himself would be the ‘Son of Man’ coming was corroborated by the Resurrection of Jesus. If he could, as resurrected, come down to earth and show himself, so too at a future time in history, he could descend in his glory and reveal himself to the whole world.

Christianity thought what it could and yet falsely raised Christ up to Godhood. So tell me dear Christians what do you need the Eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek for if Jesus himself is God who confers all true Priesthood? Is he then the Priest to God on High who teaches you to pray to him? So is this disproportionate foolishness found in all Christian theology. In any case one must glean the true from the false. Also we know now that Jesus was born under the Star of Malchitzedek which became, with his Messianic Mission, the Star of Christ. So is it true that the Messianic Mission of Yeshua was true and that it has an extremely important place in history for all times, but only after all is explained with the Coming of the Final Goel Haim, born in San'aa Yemen, in the light of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.


Thus, in Christianity, the Redemptional allusion of the Torah with the Vale of Shaveh, Valley of the Perfect Equilibrium, is not to be found. Malchitzedek went back to Salem, Jerusalem, the City of Completeness. Yeshua went in his sacrifice after having prophesied the destruction of the Temple. The Final Redemption begins when the State of Israel has already 35 years and the redemptional prophecies concerning the return to Zion have been under way from the beginning. So too do the prophecies assure us that in Israel’s return to the Holy Land from its long exile among the nations, that very State of Israel, which receives in its bosom Jews of the Diaspora, is there to remain for all times. Israel will never again be destroyed or the people of Israel exiled. This is an absolute requisite for the time of the Revelation of the Final Redemption. The State of Israel had already to be established and the prophesied return to Zion had to be underway. The time therefore of the Perfect Equilibrium could not have been that of Jesus’ Mission in which he had the prophetic and unfortunate messianic obligation to announce the anathema on the land and the eventual destruction of the Second Temple, be-avvonot ha-rabim.


In Jesus’ meeting there is no meeting of Jesus, as Priest to God on High, with Abraham, the chosen first Patriarch, whose destiny it is to be a father of a multitude of nations in the true monotheistic faith of Abraham. Christianity was the mother of a multitude of nations but they were not in the true and pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father, as commanded by God Almighty in the Second Commandment. So Jesus did not go back to Salem, and Abraham, our father, was never truly found in a theological Christianity totally in contrast to the true faith of Abraham.

Not Yeshua’s Mission nor his ‘Priesthood’ were conferred to Jesus by the Elder Sages of the School of the Essenes. Nevertheless, he came to believe in his particular calling, realizing clearly that he would absolutely not be able to associate his mission with the Essenes. He could not say that he had received his Eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek from the responsible Sages and Teachers of the Essenes. Had it been so and had the Essenes sent Jesus on his mission and had Jesus attributed thus his Priesthood to their authority, that Pillar of the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, conjoined with Yeshua’s Mission would not have allowed the faith in that Mission to become idolatrous with the deification of Jesus. But Jesus had no such permission from the Essenes and to perform that Mission he broke with his oath to life with the Essenes and later when he performed miracles outside in public this was against the severe oath of using the secret of the Kabbalah Maasit outside and in front of other people.

It is explained at length in our documents of Sefer Ha-Mafli (The Book that Astounds) that Jesus’ Resurrection was proof that his Sacrifice had been accepted by God Almighty and thus his sacrifice became a justification for whatever he had done previously. The lowness of the level of merits in the Jewish people of that time did not allow for a Mission sent directly by God. Only in the truth of jealousy felt and the taking on of a responsibility even in the face of death, could there have been a Mission that corresponded to the wrath of God against the sins of His chosen people at that time. There was no merit in Israel so that God send a Messenger or Prophet to tell them the truth. But if there was someone who in his jealousy for the truth of God which was not being practiced nor understood by Israel took it upon himself on his own responsibility to go out and speak the truth and would openly criticize the hypocrisy, the corruption, the abandon of true Torah values for totally egoistic or material reasons, making in every matter that which is secondary as primary and that which primary as secondary etc. etc. that person will earn enormous reward from before God because in the faith of death he spoke the truth of God’s wrath and of God’s words.

 Therefore, sorry Paul, the episode in the Torah of Malchitzedek and Abraham, our father, was not resolved in Christianity. It was left, instead, for the time of the True, Perfect Equilibrium of Final Redemption in all the new studies of the Teacher Haim on the Completed Signs. These are Complete on their own right and at the same time they straighten out all the unbalances of the past.

The first comprehension is awakened here in the First Great Sign, Sign of the Stars of the Redemption. After the Sign of the Book of the Stars of Abraham and the Sign of the Three Redemptional Stars of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Sign of the Teacher Haim from the Fourth Displaced Star to the first Star (that of Abraham), thus binding together 4000 years of redemptional history to the present, the Tzadik Haim reveals the Great Historical Secret of the Star of Malchitzedek which at the time of Jesus became the Star of Christ, revealing explicitly that another magnificent and fantastic Star seen in this dream by Gino Tampieri, was the ‘Star of Christ come in virtue of humility’.

There could be no doubts with a small amount of reasoning. Here in the same Sign we have the Sign of the Star of Abraham and the Messianic Star of Christ. The declaration of the Goel Haim that ‘This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility’, immediately substantiated the historical and redemptional truth of Jesus’ Messianic Mission 2000 years ago. At the same time the appearance of the Star of Christ in conjunction to the Star of Abraham[21] demonstrated that the Vale of Shaveh, the Stellar Time of the Perfect Equilibrium, was alluded to in that very particular Meeting of Malchitzedek and Abraham.

Thus the appearance of the Star of Christ substantiated the Mission of Jesus but it did not represent only the past. It obviously came for purposes relative to the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, thus for the present and future. This verified the Christian theme of the Second Coming of Christ but in the form of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ in the New Perfect Equilibrium.

Again, as in all Christianity, there were true elements, even prophetic elements, that became disproportionate, unbalanced, distorted and idolatrous. For Christians it was Jesus himself that would return gloriously revealing himself as the Christ of the Nations with all the redemptional consequences of the full realization of the Messianic and Redemptional prophecies etc. As Christianity itself, however, that belief is totally disproportionate.

The New Equilibrium began to clear up. The Second Coming was not of Jesus but of the same Star under the destiny of which Jesus had accomplished that Messianic and Sacrificial Mission of 2000 years ago. The Second Coming of the Star of Christ had now been revealed. It was revealed, however, in conjunction with the Star of Abraham. As alluded to in the episode known in the Oral Tradition, the Star of Abraham, when he was born, made a complete turn about the heavens ‘swallowing’ a great star in each of the four corners of the heavens. That was interpreted by the Sages of Nimrod as a Sign that Abraham would swallow up four great kings or kingdoms of the earth and would reign over the whole world. But the Sign of the Star of Abraham represented Jewish history in general and it represented most importantly that the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham would eventually win over and be spread out in the whole world. For God’s promise to Abraham was not simply a promise for his progeny that would become a multitude of nations but for the substance of the Faith of Abraham that would eventually become the faith of a multitude of nations.

In truth, that amazing information concerning the ‘stellar cycle’ of the four corners of heaven represented the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham.[22] This is also proven by the historical reality of the world wherein a large multitude of nations are still idolatrous and very far from the true Faith of Abraham. That pure faith comes only after the terrible events of the Fourth Generation. Thus the Sign made by the Goel Haim from the Fourth Displaced Star of this present Generation to the First Star, the Star of Abraham, represents a Binding of 4000 years of Redemptional History.

With this understood the matter became even more interesting. The Star of Christ now in its Second Coming demonstrated a stellar cycle of 2000 years. It had been, so to speak, close to the earth 2000 years ago and now after 2000 years it was again close to the earth. Extremely interesting. The stellar cycle of the Star of Abraham was of 4000 years while the stellar cycle of the Star of Malchitzedek was of 2000 years. This Star which became bound to the Mission of Jesus, the ‘anointed’ Christ of the Christian nations, was to be considered the Star of the Messianic Mission. The Gospels had proclaimed in testimony this Star of Christ bound to the birth and to the Messianic Mission of Jesus, and Christianity referred to Christ as the King-Messiah, Christus Rex, a term taken from Judaism, Melech ha-Mashiah, King-Messiah.

It thus became clear that the juxtaposition of the Star of Christ and the Star of Abraham in the Final Sign of the Stars represented the true, new Perfect Equilibrium of the Messianic and the Redemptional Mission, that is the time when these two Stars would become perfectly balanced for the ‘Anointed’ Mission or Missions of the House of Prayer. These two Stars must be together, each one in the completion of its stellar cycle, in bringing to the world the Final Redemption. The amazing allusions hidden in the Torah in the Meeting of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High and Abraham, our father, the promised father of a multitude of nations, were opened now to understanding. For both Jews and Christians have well understood from yesteryear that that Meeting contained messianic and redemptional allusions. It now became illuminating. The Torah with that episode gave us the hidden format of the Perfect Equilibrium that would come onto the world when the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek would be in perfect harmony.




Chapter 24


Here I continue to tell of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek.


In essence the Redemption is always two-fold. Moses, magister noster, did not accomplish the redemption from Egypt by himself but together with Aaron and after the Revelation at Sinai, Moses worked together with Joshua son of Nune. Moses received the Written Law and the Oral Tradition and transmitted all to Yehoshua bin Nune who transmitted them to the people. In the redemption of Purim, the collaboration between Mordechai the Jew and Queen Ester redeemed Israel from Haman’s evil decree. There is a question of ‘partnership’ in redemptional matters so that not only one person be so uplifted by himself exclusively that it lead to disproportionate reckonings. Christianity is the prime example of the uplifting of one person to the exclusion of all others which creates in the end an idol and a deified Son of God and a total range of false theology.


The first format of this doubling is alluded to in the Meeting of Abraham and Malchitzedek. The Torah is teaching us, in thick veils of hidden signs, that for the extension of the Blessing of Abraham from God is needed the Messianic Blessing of Malchitzedek. From the blessing of Malchitzedek is extended the ‘messianic blessing’ of ‘bread’ and ‘wine’ to others. Malchitzedek was a Priest to God on High but he was also the King of Salem and those under his kingship, by following his directives, could participate in the blessing from God on High.

The Tzadik Haim taught me that concerning the Messiah all have been in error since none knew that in the Final Redemption the essence is the Goel, not the Messiah. The Jews seek the Mashiah but in truth it’s the Goel whom they are seeking. The Tzadik Haim did not want to explain more, leaving me with the promise that “Afterwards, Peretz, you will know and understand what I am saying”

As explained elsewhere, I cannot confirm that the Tzadik Haim knew he was the Goel. Those words were taught to me before the decree, his death and resurrection. Only after that sacrificial death and his Resurrection and his position of Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, is the Mission of Goel conferred. It’s thus probable that the Tzadik Haim did not know he would be chosen by God as the Goel. The extreme humbleness of the Tzadik Haim may also not have permitted him to think such. The Tzadik’s knowledge of his own level and position as Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, is one thing. The historical position of Goel in the Kingdom of Heaven is another.

 In any case, I cannot attest to his knowledge or thoughts concerning this matter but after his sacrifice and Resurrection, however, a new profundity is born and I have the great privilege to ascertain, that in this world, the Tzadik Haim was the Hidden Goel, regardless if this was to his knowledge or not. From before God Almighty he was the true Hidden Goel of Israel and of mankind.


The two-fold aspect of the Final Redemption is of the Goel Haim in the Kingdom of Heaven and the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread in the world. This is alluded to in the Meeting of Abraham and Malchitzedek in the Torah. Also Abraham who is the Essence of the Redemption needed Malchitzedek, King of Salem, and Priest to God on High, for the extension of God’s blessing to Abraham, our father, to the world at large.

In Hebrews, the Eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek is falsely turned into the Essence and raised up above the level of Abraham who is the father of the Patriarchs, the father of God’s redemption and the chosen father of a multitude of nations. Abraham, our father, in the truth of his exalted level and of God’s love to him, was far above the Kingship and the Priesthood of Malchitzedek. Malchitzedek, however, was in a functional position without which the Blessing of the Bread and the Sanctification of the Wine would not be extended on a universal level. Both are needed and both are essential to the Redemption but the true level of Abraham is the Essence of the Redemption itself. Thus Abraham alludes to the Goel and Malchitzedek alludes to the universal Messianic Mission.

It was the Christian distortion of raising up Jesus to the exclusion of everything and everyone else that coincided, in Hebrews, with the unbalanced and disproportionate position attributed to Malchitzedek. “Come then and see what happened also on a stellar level”, says the Star of Christ in its Second and Final Coming. “The Equilibrium of the Meeting in Harmony of the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek is projected to the Final Redemption. Reaching that Final Redemption would require 4000 years as is the time-cycle of the Star of Abraham. The Messianic Star of Malchitzedek at the end of its 2000 year cycle became called in the name of the Star of Christ and only at the end of its next cycle of 2000 years does it return to the Perfect Equilibrium of the Final Redemption as the Second Coming of the Star of Christ and becomes called the Star that Astounds.

There is thus no doubt that the Star of Christ is the same Star of Malchitzedek. That the Second Coming of the Star of Christ comes in the Sign of the Great Correction of the Christianity bound to that First Coming, demonstrates that its First Coming didn’t contain the true Equilibrium of the Redemption. Perk up your stellar antennas then and perceive the stellar marvel: While the Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ 2000 years ago was in the completion of its 2000 year cycle, and thus, for the sake of comprehension, was at its closest point to the earth, the Star of Abraham, in the middle of its long 4000 year cycle, was at its furthest point from the earth. Do you get it? The total unbalance of that Messianic Mission of Christ reflected the Stellar reality of its time in which the Harmony of the two Stars, of Abraham and Malchitzedek, was practically ‘out of reach’ because of the extreme distance between them.

Therefore in Christianity, the Star of Abraham did not shine, while every exaggerated emphasis was given to raise up exclusively the Star of Christ with its Eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek. The exaggerated exclusiveness of the Star of Malchitzedek in its maximum distance from the Star of Abraham resulted in Christianity’s detachment from the True Tradition of Abraham and from the true monotheistic Faith of Abraham.


See a few verses of false and unbalanced tradition and judge all Christianity accordingly:


Hebrews 3, 3: (King James version: For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house hath more honour than the house. Etc.

7, 2: To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; (3) Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually. (4) Now consider how great this man was, unto whom even the patriarch Abraham gave the tenth of the spoils. (6) But he whose descent is not counted from them received tithes of Abraham, and blessed him that had the promises. (7) And without all contradiction the less is blessed of the better.

7, 14: For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Judah; of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood. (15) And it is yet far more evident; for that after the similitude of Malchitzedek there ariseth another priest, (16) Who is made, not after the law of a carnal commandment (a legal requirement), but after the power of an endless life. (17) For he testifieth, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Malchitzedek.


Jewish Tradition surfs on quite a different wave-length, the main fulcrum of which is based on a slighting of Malchitzedek’s standing for reason of the blessing offered to Abraham in which the King of Salem blesses first Abraham and only afterwards God: Blessed is Abraham to God on High possessor of the heavens and the earth and blessed is God on High who has protected you from your enemies by (or in) your own hand.- Thus there exists the opinion that God desired that the Priesthood come from Malchitzedek, deemed by many to be Shem, son of Noah,. Since, however, he placed Abraham before God in that blessing, the Priesthood was given to the descendants of Abraham. This interpretation is further extended to psalms 110, God has sworn and will not repent, ‘you are priest forever for the word of Malchitzedek’ – ‘al dibrati malchi tzedek’ – for the word of Malchitzedek. Here the oath would refer to King David and the term ‘priest’ is used in a larger sense of kingship and power etc.


DIARY: July 15, 2009: swarms of locusts invade L’Aquila as the biblical plague. In Hebrew ‘arbeh’ – locusts – has the root of multiplication. This refers to the so many words of those who spoke for the G8; they multiply words of ‘blessings’ but in truth they are multiplying words of a plague because there is no real substance to their words.


That Malchitzedek is Shem, son of Noah, which would make him well over a thousand years old, I believe, can be acceptable, as possibly indicated by the name of the Hidden School of Shem and Eber. In any case the entire question is quite enigmatic and unclear and that which must be considered with more concern are the clearly messianic allusions to this Priest to God on High.

The Christian interpretation that this eternal Priesthood of Malchitzedek is the better Priesthood of Jesus which annuls the Priesthood of Aaron, is impossible. If the Priesthood of Aaron had been annulled, this would create an unbalance in the whole Tradition of the Torah unless it were clearly announced by God Almighty in Scripture or in the Tradition of the Prophets etc.

This cannot be because there was no true Priesthood in all Christianity being that all Christian Priests teach that Jesus is God which is idolatrous! This excludes any further discussion of any New Priesthood in Christianity.

In the Torah the place-name ‘Emek Shaveh (the Valley of equality), also referred to as ‘Emek ha-Melech (the Valley of the King) are surely messianic allusions. Rashi, peace be with him, interprets ‘Emek Shaveh’ as the place where all nations were equal. This coincides better with our assertion that Malchitzedek represents the Universal Messianism or the Universal Priesthood called in his name, needed to extend the Blessing of Abraham to a multitude of nations. See, first of all, that the unbalance of Christianity (especially here in Hebrews) makes Abraham less than Malchitzedek which is a total falsehood and against the entire Tradition of Israel. Whatever the Priesthood of Malchitzedek be, it does not come to annul the Tradition of Abraham or the Priesthood of Aaron etc. Also in that episode there is total harmony between Abraham and Malchitzedek.


We may now in truth leave alone all past interpretations and look at with objectivity the New Priesthood of the House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam helps us see the true proportions of the matter. Remember that there is always some mixing of terms between Messianism and Priesthood since both aspects require Unction with Oil. Messiah is also Mashuahh, Anointed. So was there the Unction for the Priests in the Temple.

The Priests of the New House of Prayer of the Redemption are Anointed Priests. In the Final Redemption the chosen Goel is the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and the various sacerdotal positions are in the name and sanctioned by the Anointed Judge, Haim. They must be humble and worthy of that Unction and the Goel Haim who is responsible for this, will make it known if a Priest is adequate or is not considered adequate to that standing.

In 1984 Solly Kamkhaji received in a dream the all-important Sign of the Opening of the Door of the Priesthood (of the Altar) of the Anointed Priest and the Door of the Priesthood (of the Altar of Malchitzedek: Peretz ordered the two doors, the door of the Altar of the Anointed Priest and the door of the Altar of Malchitzedek to be opened and they were opened. Then Peretz said to Solly to do (or say) the same thing and Solly ordered the door of the Altar of the Anointed Priest and the door of the Altar of Malchitzedek to be opened and they were opened.

This came to establish, first of all, the Altar of the Anointed Priest and the Altar of Malchitzedek in the New House of Prayer. The Anointed Priest represented the higher Priesthood while the Priesthood of Malchitzedek was a Universal Priesthood for the nations. This was the most essential Sign of the New Priesthood in the New House of Prayer and was representative of the divisions of the New Sanctity according to the positions of each Altar. Later on at various times all the 13 New Altars of the House of Prayer were revealed in the Completed Signs; 8 of them were Altars that required a Priesthood, Altar of the Anointed Priest, Altar of the Anointed Priestess, Altar of Judah, Altar of the Daughters of Jacob, Altar of Ephraim, Altar of the Daughters of Israel, Altar of Malchitzedek, Altar of the Nations (for females). The other 5 Altars that have no Priesthood are: Altar of the Prophet, Altar of the Great Israel (this is the Altar of the Donkey who eats Bread), the Altar of the Shoshana (School of the Rose), the Altar of Marriages, and the Altar of the Leviatanit.


Unequivocally the Priesthood of the House of Prayer is of the New Things that come with the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. The position of the chosen Goel Haim as Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven is in truth totally new. The responsibility of maintaining the righteousness of each Priest can in truth only be held by the Goel Haim from the Kingdom of Heaven who is above death and whose Mission continues in all the coming generations and who is able to judge perfectly who is worthy and who is not and to send corrections when necessary.

The Priesthood of Aaron does actually have its continuation in the Traditional Synagogue but the Priests themselves will have to be verified in due time when the Synagogue itself will be renewed in the light of the Final Redemption. The Goel Haim is called the Anointed Judge and not the Anointed Priest but the term Anointed means that the Goel is Anointed by God Almighty for the sake of anointing Priests in the New House of Prayer.

There are thus quite a few Anointed-Donkey-Priests in the New House of Prayer.

I received in a dream in 1983, directly from the Goel Haim, the responsibility of all matters concerning the New House of Prayer. Therefore in Solly’s dream it was Peretz who ordered the Doors to be opened. When that was accomplished, he extended the Priesthood to Adam so that, as he, other Priests could be anointed.

In that Great Initial Sign, however, the essence of the two-fold Priesthood, a Priesthood that could uphold the commanded people of Israel on their respective Altars (Judah and Ephraim and their female counterparts) and a Universal Priesthood that pertained to non-Jews on the Altar of Malchitzedek (and the female Altar of the Nations). The Altar of Malchitzedek was even the greater novelty of the two. For it must be understood that we are talking here about a truly ‘sanctified’ Priesthood in the framework of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. Previously, the possibility for non-Jews to become part of a truly sanctified Tradition (unless by way of Halachic conversion to the Jewish religion) did not exist. (Exception is made for Islam which of itself does have its level of Sanctification being part of the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father, father of Ishmael).

 More often we refer to Christians of the Christian Nations who abandon all their respective churches and all Christian theology and who embrace the Great New Faith of the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Goel Haim and who enter the Final New Pact on the Altar of Malchitzedek. This Altar, however, is for all people of all nations who abandon their previous religions and enter the Final New Pact. Thus in the generations of the Final Redemption, the eventual numbers of people on the Altar of Malchitzedek (and the Altar of the Nations) will be exponentially greater than for the other Altars.

In those generations also Muslims will be part of the Final Redemption and their place in the House of Prayer is on the Carpet of Islam and also they will be very great in number. Their place of Prayer, however, on the first Floor of the 7 Floors of the House of Prayer, is not called an Altar but rather the Carpet of Islam. This is because they do not actually adopt the New Rite and remain with their traditional prayers but with the additions necessary to bring them in line with the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Let me recapitulate the main themes covered until here. The actual identity, history, descent etc. of Malchitzedek is not cardinal to the discussion. We speak of a few things but for the sake of taste. The essence of the episode of the Meeting between Abraham and Malchitzedek is all in reference to Messianic and Redemptional matters which are to be understood only at the time of the FR. As all other Messianic and Redemptional references in the Torah and in Prophets, Christianity interpreted them around the Mission of Christ. All those interpretations, however, are unbalanced because the falsified theology of Christianity allowed for no true equilibrium.

We thus begin anew in interpreting that astonishing Meeting and the allusions contained in it. The first and principle mode of interpretation is Stellar and it proceeds from the First Great Sign of the Stars of the Redemption, taught to us by the chosen Teacher, Haim, from the Book of the Stars, heredity of Abraham, our father. The Star of Christ announced by the Goel Haim was the name given to this Star with Jesus’ mission 2000 years ago. Before that it was the Star of Malchitzedek. 2000 years before the Mission of Yeshua, that Star was alluded to, together with the Star of Abraham, and their Stellar Position 4000 years ago demonstrates the Perfect Equilibrium of the FR.

The primary sense brings to the realization of the necessary two-fold aspect of Goel and Messiah. The Messiah is not the Goel and the Goel is not the Messiah. The true elevated level and the truly elevated position of the Goel is far, far, superior to that of the Mashiahh. The Goel is in the Kingdom of Heaven. The ‘Messianic Mission’ on earth is functional in bringing the word of the entire New Revelation to the world. This is the essence of the Meeting between Abraham, in the position of Goel, and Malchitzedek, in the position of King-Messiah. This is further defined in the FR inasmuch as we do not speak about Messianic Missions and most certainly not about King-Messiah in the FR. The Mission of the FR is the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. Among the many, many reasons for this name, it also comes to define the difference in level between the Goel himself and the Donkeys upon which he guides the Redemption.

The bulk of the Stellar Signs of that Meeting is thus resolved. There remains the Sacerdotal and Anointed aspect of the actual Priesthood of Malchitzedek in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. To this end Adam K. received the Sign of the Opening of the Door of the Altar of the Anointed Priest and the Door of the Altar of Malchitzedek. Here the Sign of the Priesthood of Malchitzedek, Priest to God on High, is resolved by way of the New Priesthood of the Altar of Malchitzedek in the House of Prayer of the FR.

Whoever the Head Priest will be, this position has nothing to do with the Eternal Priesthood of the Order of Malchitzedek of Hebrews. Nor or we speaking of one person. The Altar itself, however, as all the Altars of the New House of Prayer, once it is established, remains for all times. For the House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars and the Carpet of Islam will become the Temple of Jerusalem for all times, the Third and Final Temple which will never again be destroyed. So have we received it through the dream of Giuseppe that said House of Prayer will also be in Beersheva, City of the Patriarchs and City of the Priests. O look then, the Meeting is complete, Malchitzedek was the King of Salem and Abraham, our father, lived for the most part in Beersheva, hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!