Written by: Peretz Green


Messianism and the matter of Abimelech



Chapter 1


I refer to the fact that as I was finishing The Donkey’s back in America for the Inauguration Speech of president Obama, my daughter, Gilat Haim, dreamed that she was going to America together with her brother, my son Yehoel Yehoel, and she was speaking to a girl about faith, referring to a Book in her hands. - - After the dream Gilat Haim realized that the Book was one of two volumes of the whole Jewish Bible in Hebrew and English that we have at home.

The same night, August 28, 2009, I had a dream which indicated not to stop working on the English and Italian texts in order to dedicate myself to the Hebrew Book that I’m presently writing Peirush Bersheva (The Commentary on Bersheva); otherwise, the dream indicated, ‘I would have to remain in Israel and I wouldn’t be able to get back to Italy’. So I wrote chapter 31 and then on August 29 I dreamed the Obama dream (see chapter 32 of the Donkey’s back) and the Book finishes with my letter to President Obama, chapter 32.

With the ‘Donkey’s back’ completed, I must, however, continue to write a text in English. I thought of Gilat Haim’s dream and I got Donkeyish about illuminating the terrain. I’ll here relate my first thoughts about why I deem this subject important. The full title is The Donkey who eats Bread explains the Biblical References to the Final Redemption.

All Christian theology in general is a great pain in the neck of history, Hee-haw! From the Fourth Gospel to Paul and from Aquinas to Kierkegaard and a thousand more modern theologians of the twentieth century, the Logos, the Divinity of Christ, the Trinity and the Virgin birth have totally confused ALL Christians. All believing Christians are in truth very confused and they do not recognize that their confusion is due to the unbalanced and falsified language that the Fathers of the Church adopted in explaining Christian dogma and Christian theology.

I’m not a theologian. I’m a Donkey. I have not read their books and I don’t intend to. Am I then to seek confusion? Is the world not confused enough that I need search for more? I’m a good, little, simple Donkey from Newark, New Jersey, and I happen to be Jewish as well. Christian theology makes me nauseous! I can’t stomach it. Speak of a Messiah, of a beloved servant of God, not of a Divinity come down to act out the role of God’s Divine Son! If you were Jewish or Muslim, it would make you nauseous as well but as Christians you have become used to not understanding what you are saying. You parrot the unbalanced Tongue of Christianity and it has become part of you. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not your fault. One gets used to the food that he is given to eat. And even if the food is poisonous but the person doesn’t know it, he will eat it with delight because he has become used to its taste.

I bray out the New Tastes of the Final Revelation and if you eat the Bread of the Donkey you will see how it supersedes the preceding tastes for its delicious savor but it also will cure you of the previous poison of which you were partaking without knowing it.

We have discussed at length the errors of Christian theology, as we have established by way of the Completed Signs the true Messianic Mission of Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary. There is, however, one aspect of Christian theology that I haven’t opened for discussion, the pre-existence of Christ. The pre-existence of Christ is found in Paul and from Paul onwards it was taken on with various shades of theological rhetoric. The main concept is this: Christ existed before the creation of the world. This is ramified into a theological spectrum of the Torah which was written or given in the Spirit of Christ. The Torah thus contains the Spirit of Christ in its antique framework and then realized fully in the coming of Christ where not only the Spirit of Christ is found but God Himself turned into a man, His Divine Son, Jesus, thus revealing the fullness of His revelation in the flesh. Let us see the source of this poppycock claptrap.

The main source of the pre-existence of Christ derives from the Talmud which states: Seven things were created before the creation of the world Torah, Penitence, Paradise, Hell, the Temple, the Throne of Glory and the name of the Messiah. We have explained that the true reading is not mashiah (Messiah) but mashuah (Anointed) which has great significance for the Final Redemption. In as far as Christian theology is concerned, however, there would be no difference; also the term Christ means ‘Anointed’ in Greek. Thus once the fathers of the Church, obviously basing themselves on this statement (although as far as I know it is never brought by them in writing) found their support for the idea that Christ (the other six things are shadowed out) existed before the Creation of the world.

“Was Christianity not then right”? would exclaim an as yet unknowing Christian. Does the Talmud not state clearly that the Messiah was created before the creation of the world together with the Torah etc.?

First of all it speaks of the ‘name’ of the Messiah, not of the Messiah himself. Otherwise it would have said ‘mashiah’ and not ‘shmo shel mashiah’ (the name of the Messiah). In truth the difference is enormous and you need not be a theologian to understand that it’s one thing to say the Messiah was created before the creation of the world and quite another to say the name of the Messiah was created before the creation of the world!

In any case, we must refute Christian theology. The declaration does not refer to Jesus whose name is Yeshua which means ‘salvation’. It refers to the Final Anointed one of the Kingdom of Heaven whose name is Haim. It is not interested in an historically intermediary Messiah but in the Final Goel. Obviously Christianity saw only Jesus’ mission and his resurrection and, as explained many times, just this was the basis of the theological unbalance from which the Fathers of the Church could not exit. For them the Messianic Mission of Yeshua was the only one of history, as for them Jesus was the only Divine Son of God. Christianity allowed for no other Messiah or no other Goel. Jesus’ prophetic vision of the Coming of the Son of Man was ‘resolved’ in Christian Theology by the formulation of the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ, even more so in Protestantism.

So too Christianity never saw Jesus as the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead. They saw him as the Sacrificed Lamb of God who takes away sin but they did not associate this with the Sacrificed Ram. Actually they couldn’t. If Jesus was the Ram sacrificed in place of Isaac, who then was the Isaac who remained alive? For obviously the Ram, an animal, was not on the level of Isaac, the second Patriarch. Jesus could not be the Isaac who remained alive since Yeshua was sacrificed on the Cross. The Sacrificed Ram, therefore, did not fit into the theological scheme of the Son of God. These words are simple enough but reflection is needed to understand them more deeply. If Christianity had recognized Jesus as the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead, this acceptance would have clarified Jesus’ true position as a servant of God. Jesus, as the Ram of Isaac, could never have been considered God or the Son of God!

But the Star of Malchitzedek which became the Star of Christ and which after the second coming of the Star of Christ becomes at the time of the Final Redemption the Star which Astounds has astounded us with the understanding that the tragic Messianic Mission of Christ, with his sacrifice on the Cross, was indeed the historical realization of the Sacrificed Ram. Isaac was the Jewish people saved from being slaughtered, God forbid, with the harshest of decrees changed into exile in merit of Jesus’ sacrifice. This is the truth and this is pure Torah on the New Level of interpreting the SIGNS alluded to in the Torah. This is the New Level of interpretation given by the Completed Signs. Therefore the mode of interpretation is new; these SIGNS alluded to or hidden in the Torah could not have been understood until the New Revelation of the Completed Signs.

Thus Christianity could not have interpreted Jesus’ sacrifice as that of the Sacrificed Ram because it is the truth. It must be realized that ALL Christian theology is false, from beginning to end, for since its basis is false, all that stems from it is false, even if those falsehoods are enlarged into thousands of books. If the basis is false, all that derives from it is necessarily false. That the sacrifice of Yeshua was that of the Ram is the truth; therefore Christianity couldn’t get to it. The false theology would never have allowed it because it represented the undoing of Christian theology. When, however, the Goel is chosen and the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption are revealed, this now is the time of the only true theology of the true monotheistic faith. So is it the time of the revelation of the Signs of the Torah.

And since Christianity could not see the Ram, it was unable to distinguish between those seven things mentioned in the Talmud that were created before the world and between the ten (or thirteen) things of which the Mishnah (Avot, 5: 6) explains were created at the end of the sixth day just at twilight before the entrance of that first Sabbath of Creation. One of those thirteen was that of the Ram of Isaac (aiyalo shel yitzhhak). There is obviously a great difference between what was created before the world and that which was created at the end of the Sixth Day of Creation just before the arrival of Shabbat. In essence, those things created before this world represent the 7 Great Purposes of Creation itself, the 7 Great Reasons for which the Almighty Creator created this world.

Those things created before the Sabbath at the end of Creation represent a very different category. It is as to say: as God Almighty was completing the sixth day of Creation, He, so to speak, looked into the history of the world that was coming and He saw that there were still 13 things needed in history for the completion of the world. Without them the history of mankind would not come to redemption. - -

Clearly then the Ram of Isaac[1] was an extremely important element of those things necessary for the continuation of the history of Israel and thus for the redemption of humanity. Incredible but true, Isaac’s Ram had to be created just before the Sabbath of Creation. It wasn’t simply a Ram then, was it? It was a very special Ram created for an important historical and redemptional role in the history of Israel’s redemption. For without Isaac, Jacob, our father would not have been born. The Ram was taken and Isaac was given to continue living in this world and Rebecca, our mother, bore Esau and Jacob who was later blessed with name Israel. It is true that God Almighty had no intention from the start to receive the holocaust of Isaac but this was hidden to the eyes of Abraham, our father, until the very last seconds and the intervention of the angel of God.

The Tzadik Haim explained to me that it was an intervention because Abraham, our father, had already pulled down the slaughtering knife so that it was necessary for the angel to block its thrust. Nevertheless, explained the Teacher Haim for the sake of true Kabbalah, the slaughtering knife did touch Isaac’s neck causing a few drops of blood. This is true and ‘necessary’ Kabbalah because it demonstrates the validity of Isaac’s Sacrifice on his own right[2].

The Actions of the Patriarchs are Signs unto their children. The Sacrificed Ram was an historic-redemptional Sign. The prophetic play out of the sacrificed Ram was through the mission and sacrifice of the young Yeshua, whose Horns were destined to become caught in the terrible Thicket of Christian Theology. But the Signs of Isaac under the name ASHER are actually fully realized in the Final Redemption under the final name EHEYE.

What happens then when the truth that relates to the historical-redemptional messianic role of Jesus in fulfillment of the Ram Sacrificed in Isaac’s stead is revealed and understood? The true position of the Ram will astound everyone. The finalized interpretation of the Sign hidden in the Torah will marvel all. I don’t know exactly what Jesus meant in affirming that Moses had written about him in the Torah but in any case the Sign of Jesus as the Sacrificed Ram verifies his statement.

Christianity might contend that Jesus was the Prophet Similar to Moses (Deut. 18: 18). That might have a place but only indirectly. There is an opinion among the Sages that this refers to the Prophet Jeremy. The Tzadik Haim confirmed this opinion and explained the reason. Jeremy was the Prophet who suffered more others for the hard-headedness of the children of Israel, thus similar to the suffering of Moses for that same reason.

It was therefore properly the Prophet Jeremy who received the prophesied New Pact (Jer. 31, 30). The New Pact of Christianity bases itself on this prophecy. Thus the Prophet similar to Moses is the Prophet who brings the Brit Hhadasha (New Pact) and in this sense, Jesus could have been referring to himself as the Prophet similar to Moses written in the Torah and received by the Prophet Jeremy.

Jesus may have had this in mind because his Mission was that of establishing that New Pact of Jeremy. It was ‘possibly’ true if not for the fact that all subsequent Christianity destroyed any possibility of Christianity’s validity. Even if Jesus may have had the right idea that Moses referred to Jeremy and to the New Pact and thus of him, that New Christian Pact itself could not truly relate to a ‘truth’ of the Torah as it could not purport to have received the New Pact of Jeremy. The New Pact of the great Prophet Jeremy had to be first and foremost in the true faith of Israel in the One Living God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.

It thus returns to the rule: many of the messianic and redemptional prophecies ‘passed through’ Christianity to a certain extant but much less than their true historical fulfillment. That historic and prophetic fulfillment comes only with the Final Goel and with the Completed Signs of all Redemptional History. Thus the only fully true allusion to Jesus in the Torah of Moses is hidden in the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead. And this true allusion verified by the Completed Signs changes everything, for Christians, for Jews and then for all others. Also Islam will eventually clear up its confusion in believing that Ishmael was brought by Abraham for the sacrifice at Moriah. We have, thank God, received the Keys from the Completed Signs for this Correction.

Getting back to the Talmud: if the term ‘the name of the Messiah’ (ùîå ùì îùéç), as is read by the Jews of Tradition believing that it refers to Messiah son of David, it might be thought that also this affirmation had its historically incomplete significance, in the same way that the messianic and redemptional prophecies went into Christianity as explained. And so too, as Christianity, it was not in the fullness of any completion. For we have explained that the Coming of the Final Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven re-establishes for Israel and for the world the six previous categories: Torah, Penitence, Paradise, Gehinam, the Temple and the Throne of Glory.

But Christianity came at the time, unfortunately, of the immanent destruction of the Second Temple, be-avvonot ha-rabim! And Christian theology diminished and falsified the true Torah. Christianity did, nevertheless, extend the knowledge of the Bible to the world. So did it teach penitence, reward and punishment. I wanted to make the point, however, that if the term Messiah is read, the very term Messiah or Mashiah, better matches Jesus than anyone else, that is, more than the Jews of Tradition who believe that (the name of the) Mashiah here refers to the Messiah son of David.

For Jesus is known as Messiah and Christ of the nations and he truly presided over the Pre-Kingdom of Heaven of these past 2000 years. And he was, indeed, the Messiah son of Joseph, that which in Jewish Tradition is spoken of as the Messiah son of Joseph who precedes the Messiah son of David. The Messiah son of Joseph doesn’t complete his mission and is killed; afterwards comes the Messiah son of David to complete the redemption, the Geula Shleima.

Thus, in any case, the term Messiah son of Joseph in reference to Jesus remains historically and Jews will recognize what is logical; we say that we await the Mashiah ben David but the Mashiah ben Yosef has to come first. Are we then waiting for a Mashiah ben Yosef who will come and be killed?! Not very logical! Once the Complete New Message is known, however, and the true messianic position of Yeshua is recognized, we’ll most certainly understand who the prophesied Messiah ben Joseph was. Therefore the term Messiah remains with Jesus.

On the other hand the term Mashiah ben David does not in truth refer to this Mishnah and the correct term is ‘Mashuah’, the Anointed one, and it refers to the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the chosen Goel Haim. The Goel is not the Messiah and the Messiah is not the Goel. This lack of knowledge has confused all Traditional Judaism in its opinions concerning the Mashiah ben David.

But the more one brays, the more one understands that the Donkey who eats Bread washes and cleans the term Messiah, diminishes it into its proper perspective and in the end lets it sift back into the waters of the great abyss, hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!

In whatever terms the Jews believe and imagine the Messiah son of David, it is not as they think. They believe that he is a great personage and a servant of God who brings Israel to its final redemption. In truth what they are waiting for is not coming and what they are really waiting for but do not know it yet, has already come. The Anointed one comes with the absence of knowledge (ba ha-mashiah be-hesech ha-daat) say the Sages of Israel.

I don’t exactly how the Messiah ben David might come in the absence of Israel’s knowledge. Perhaps he was in hiding and suddenly at a certain point he reveals himself? In any case the Sages, of blessed memory, didn’t know how it would be. They passed down a given tradition which is to be understood only when it comes to pass. And until that time even the Sages of Israel did not know the enormous distinction between the Goel who is Resurrected and who presides as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Messiah son of David who has a ‘messianic’ position or mission in the world, within the context of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. Nor could they have reached its understanding because the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sign of the Resurrection[3] came onto Christianity and not to Judaism. We now, thank God, have the Completed Signs; Christianity had the Initial Signs. Judaism did not receive the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs.

Judaism did have another set of Signs, those of Purim, the second but incomplete Redemption of Israel, in the Meghilat Ester, in the Tradition of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and Queen Ester. Even those Signs, however, are ‘opened’ only in the Final Redemption, as the Teacher Haim reveals to us the Stellar Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Stellar Secret of the Constellation of Queen Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. The Tradition of the Sages of Israel concerning Purim is also a great, vast and profound Tradition but it has not to do with the New Revelation of the Stars of the Redemption being taught to us by the Goel Haim.

Purim, however, is not considered a Complete Redemption because although it brought about the return to Israel and the construction of the Second Temple at Jerusalem, it did not have with it the redemption of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel without which the Redemption cannot be complete. The very essence of Purim is quite hidden and we often speak of it as the Hidden Redemption. So is it called hhag la-yehudim, holiday for the Jews and it’s practically unknown among the nations. Thus, although Mordechai ha-Yehudi is considered the second Goel of Israel, the three men of the redemption are Moses, Jesus and Haim. In any case the Initial Messianic and Redemptional SIGNS were not revealed in the Redemption of Purim. They were revealed through the Mission of Yeshua, as he had received them in secret at the School of the Essenes, and not previously.

The Three Men of the Redemption are Moses, Jesus and Haim, and the Goel is not the Mashiah ben David. Thus the ‘position’ on earth of the Messiah ben David is not that which Jews have imagined for millennia. He cannot be compared to the final, chosen Goel (redeemer) who was resurrected in the Final Sign of the Resurrection and who presides over the Final Kingdom of Heaven of History. Not only! The Goel, in the world, was a True Hidden Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim. Compared to his level the Messiah son of David is a Donkey, hee-haw, hee-haw!

Oh, dear lads and lasses, I’m not kidding. I didn’t invent the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread! It’s an integral part of the Great Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. And the Mission of the Donkey is the prophetic realization of the prophecy in Zachariah (9: 9), ‘Behold your king will come unto you, he is a Tzadik and the salvation from God is with him, he is poor and rides a donkey and a foal son of she-asses’. Now could I have ever invented such a verse? And if he is a king, how can he be so poor as to need ride a donkey?

Indeed he is not a king but Scripture had to fill in the lack of a better term because the true term could not yet be revealed while the idea of kingship has been in the world throughout history. But a king so poor that he must ride a donkey is quite an anomaly. Hee-haw, the chosen Tzadik Haim, in the position of Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, in his coming is extremely poor (aside from the fact that he truly suffered poverty in all his years in Milan) because he is the chosen Goel but he is completely unknown. Of necessity there must be a mission on earth that carries and announces the News of the Coming of the Final Goel. The prophecy in Zachariah hides in it the Mission of the Donkey who eats Bread. Hee-haw, hee-haw!

Come on now, unto the second chapter, hee-haw!


Chapter 2


I refer to the fact that also the Donkey Sign is Messianic and Redemptional. That’s why the term ‘messiah’ has to be thrown into the waters of the great abyss. Also in this the verse helps us because he doesn’t come riding only on a Donkey but on a Foal (or wild-ass) as well. Therefore no Donkey might raise his head to believe himself more than an ass. Do you understand? I’m not kidding. The Donkey Sign itself throws the no longer desired Messiah terminology back into the waters of the greatly confused past where it will be remembered only for the sake of studying past history. Hee-haw!

And most certainly the term King Messiah (melech ha-mashiah) will fall back on King Solomon son of David, in all his wisdom, glory and vanity, so that we understand what the title King Messiah does to people. For the King Messiah terminology made him desire a Messianic Kingdom from his own children! So he took three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines, plus the daughter of Pharaoh, and he put himself to work; but it didn’t work and only from one woman did he bring children!

Humble Donkeys who know their place are wanted, not King Messiahs! And as Christian theology will die out, so too the term Christus Rex will fall by the wayside and become obsolete. Thank God that Kings just ain’t no more, and if there still are some, they ain’t gonna be there for long. Kings have just had their time; let’s get on with better history. Jesus, nevertheless, was the Messiah son of Joseph of Tradition, and he was the Christ (Anointed one) of the Christian nations who ‘presided’ over the Pre-Kingdom of Heaven. More important, however, in the Final Redemption, he is the second man of the redemption.

The ‘Mission’ (but we say 'Sign' and not Mission') of the Donkey who eats Bread is not to be called messianic and the Donkeys are never to be called Messiahs. So what happened then to the Messiah son of David? Men ken im nisht forgessen in ganzen und fartic![4] So let me tell you a few things and then you’ll understand. The terminology of Mashiah ben David had to be. Open your minds, oh my brethren, and let your free and flexible intelligence lead you into new comprehension. When the Final Redemption is revealed after the Goel is chosen by God Almighty, this Geula Shleima is Universal. Of course 'Universal' is a great word. Think, for example, of the term Universal Peace and Tranquility. Who would not buy it if it were buyable!

The idea of universality is certainly grand but it’s also a great problem for the Jewish people, a true gap to be breached. Israel is commanded to be a separated nation, a nation separated in its sanctity and sanctified in its commandments. Such is the eternal pact of God Almighty with the children of Israel. It’s not something that goes on in history until the Geula Shleima and then changes. It’s for always. To most Jews the idea of universality to be reached in the Final Redemption is a hammer blow on the skull and a migraine headache to the brain!

Not without reason; in numbers, the nations together are a million times greater than all the Jews together. Traditional Jews know that a light of the truth of Judaism will go out to the nations but they also know that the nations are not going to become Jewish and that they will not be commanded in the Torah as are the children of Israel. The idea of universality in the Final Redemption is absolutely frightening to those who are embedded in the Torah Tradition. How will the separation of the Torah hold up amidst the generality of the nations? This is no small matter and yet, obviously, the Final New Pact must answer to this dilemma. Catch this point, however, Tradition also answers to this dilemma in its own way of having fixed the terminology of ‘Mashiah ben David’.

That the Mashiah ben David must be born Jewish and of the Tribe of Judah are requisites to keep the term alive. It’s essential that he be a Born-Jew of the Jewish Tradition who knows and practices the Tradition. So put up your Donkey ears and listen. To the Lord, our God, all times are present. It is He who separated Israel and gave them His commandments. So is it He who designed the Final Universal Redemption. Both Israel’s separation and the universality of the Geula ha-Shleima are true. How is the separation to be maintained? This is the real question to be resolved.

We’ve explained what has happened. With God’s choice of the Tzadik Haim the Completed and Final Signs descend in redemptional dreams to the first Donkeys. These Signs with explanations are all put into texts and the Final New Pact of Third and Final Redemption is established.[5] It is absolutely necessary that the authorization and the authority of the New Pact, including the Institutions connected with it such as the Schools of the Final Redemption, the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption and the Tribunal of the Final Redemption be closed firmly in the authority of those chosen who must be born Jewish and knowledgeable in the Jewish Tradition.

This is what happened with me. The authorization is of the Goel Haim. As his first pupil he gave me over in redemptional dreams after his demise the authorized responsibility for the New Pact, the New House of Prayer, the New Law, the New Rite, and the New, True Kabbalah of the Final Redemption. The person who receives this responsibility must be born Jewish. I also happen to be of the Tribe of Judah, as the Tzadik Haim often reminded me. If the authorized responsibility of the Final New Pact, the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, the New Law, the New Rite and the New, True Kabbalah of the Final Redemption were in the hands of someone not born Jewish (even if converted), the perfect equilibrium of the entire Final New Pact would not be valid. The authority of the Final Redemption must be in Jewish hands, authorized by the Goel Haim.

This is the force of the traditional term Mashiah ben David. The authority of the Final New Pact must be in Jewish hands. Otherwise it would not hold historically and the universality of the nations would err and bring the world to error.

Let me briefly tell you a fact that happened when we were living in Israel between 1999 and 2003. In Italy, we had established the School of the Rose (Beit Sefer Ha-Shoshana), official School of the Final Redemption. We have the official notarized document of this School. I was officially Head of the School and I designated Paolo Fierro (our White Horse, converted with us in the New Pact to the Altar of Judah) as presiding President. And even though he was not born Jewish he is the Partner of the Donkey and directly under my authority and this was acceptable because the authority was mine.

When we went to Israel, however, there was a technical problem about Paolo’s being president because according to law, the President had to reside in Italy. Anna Gasparotti, the first Priestess of the Altar of the Nations (who herself had done everything for establishing the Statute of the School) suggested in Paolo’s absence that she assume the presidency. I agreed. There’s a longer story which I’ll not relate here but to make a long story short, towards the end of a complicated discussion I had the following dream:

There was a large reunion of people from the nations. I was ready to address them as the Donkey responsible for the School of the Rose but as I entered and wanted to speak they shunned me and didn’t recognize in me any authority. The atmosphere was as if to say, “Who is that Jew there. What does he want. He has no place here” etc. - -

When I awoke I was able to perceive what had happened and what was the real cause of our discussion. The authority of the School must be in Jewish hands. If that authority would be in the hands of the nations, they would misuse it, not being able to maintain the Equilibrium of the Jewish side of the Final New Pact; and because their numbers are so great they would eventually relegate the Donkey, and with him the Jewish people, to some other Stable.

The error was really mine but Anna paid the brunt for it. From the moment she took over that Presidency, she began to speak differently (in the correspondence between us) and to say things she would never say and that were off course but she didn’t realize it. At the end of the correspondence, with this dream, I understood my mistake. That presidency cannot be in the hands of the nations for the reasons explained. It was all a Sign to show me how significant it was that all the Official Institutions of the Final Redemption had to be in Jewish hands, in this case in my hands as the Jewish Donkey authorized by the Goel Haim; otherwise everything would go off course.

 By the way, only on our return from Israel and a sign made by us in which Paolo took over again the presidency in my authority, did Anna really come back to being herself as always. I don’t think that until this day, Anna really understands what had happened or ‘how’ she had become with the presidency upon her. It was indeed incredible and Stellar. That’s the way things happen in the Completed Signs; if we err in something, incredible things happen until we understand and correct the error. And in the meantime we learn many other things by way of the correction.

I myself hadn’t realized the extreme importance of the Jewish responsibility necessary to maintain the proper balance in the Final Redemption. In general I understood it but not concerning the School. The Schools of the Final Redemption (which we designate as Scuola della Shoshana in Italy, School of the Yellow Rose for America and Beit Sefer Ester in Israel) is the most essential element in extending the New Message to the future generations.

Here we are then. The Final Goel is chosen, the Completed Signs descend and the Donkey Mission is established. The Tzadik Haim is the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Anointed one of the Mishnah. The name of the chosen Anointed one is Haim which means Life. A dream stated that Haim means Peace. This means that the Life referred to is the true pleasurable Life which can be obtained only when there is true peace in the world. The Goel Haim is thus the chosen Prince of Peace of the prophecy (Isaiah, 9: 5). The Anointed one of the Mishnah brings a renewal for the world in the six categories mentioned, the enlargement of the Torah, the extension of knowledge in what is loved by God and what is hateful and sinful before God thus renewing in many a complete penitence for one’s past, a greater knowledge in what represents the ‘rewards’ of fulfilling God’s will and the punishments in doing evil, the Design of the Third and Final Temple, and in general the service to God Almighty in Prayer before the Throne of His Glory.

The chosen Tzadik Haim is thus the ‘mashuah’, the Anointed one, of the Mishnah, and it is he whom all Israel, and with Israel the world at large, is truly waiting for. That which was called, necessarily so as explained, the Mashiah ben David means more precisely that the person or persons who are chosen and anointed by the Goel Haim as those responsible for the authority of the Final New Pact must be born Jewish and knowledgeable in the Tradition of Israel. This authority is principally bound to the head Donkey who eats Bread of the Altar of the Great Israel. For this reason the Tzadik Abuhhatzeira in Solly Kamkhaji’s dream said to Peretz, “Ah, you then are the Donkey, Messiah son of David” (àä, àæ àúä äåà äçîåø, îùéç áï ãåéã).

The Sign of the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption, and whoever will fulfill the Donkey Mission afterwards in the House of Prayer for all the Nations, cannot represent the redemption for Israel without the Signs of Mashiah ben David which refer mainly to the Jewish authority for the Final New Pact. As explained, this is no small matter and it must be established firmly for all the coming generations.

I am not the Mashiah ben David. I’m the first Donkey who had to carry the Signs of the Donkey, Mashiah ben David for the reasons explained. And if someone calls me Messiah or Mashiah, I’ll give him a big kick in his donkey! Hee-haw!

The fact, however, is not small, as I’ve been saying. That Sign received by Solly K. is a ‘big’ important Sign. It cannot be missing from the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Open your minds o sagacious Jews; this Sign itself, an historical Sign, does not come to render the Donkey as the Messiah ben David. It comes to make the historic terminology of Messiah ben David fit into the true proportions of the Sign (and eventually the Mission) of the Donkeys who eat Bread. Hee-haw, hee-haw! This is a ‘big’ and important historic change. All the parameters that Jewish Tradition has contemplated and ‘established’ concerning the Mashiah ben David do not enter the true parameters of the Final Redemption.

Tradition waits for a great, chosen, holy personage around whom all Israel gathers and then the nations, and who carries out the various Messianic obligations of gathering in the exiled and constructing the Third Temple and bring all Israel back to the Torah etc. The parameters of the Final Redemption are completely different and completely new. The chosen Tzadik Haim who suffered greatly in his life-time, died in his last suffering and was resurrected and is the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. He is the great and holy personage chosen by God Almighty. He is beyond death and he presides in the Kingdom of Heaven. He communicates with us mostly by way of dreams and he teaches us many new things and he guides us.

The Donkey Sign does not come for the Donkey; it comes to bring the News of the chosen Goel Haim and of the Final Kingdom of Heaven and of the Completed Signs.

In the times in which we live, no one person on earth, no matter what level he had, would be able to present himself to the Jewish people as the Mashiah ben David. More easily would he be scorned and ridiculed than accepted as a true Spokesman of God. No one person could unify the Jews as they are now with a thousand divides. Nor are Jews now close to understanding the universality of the Final Redemption. There is now no road in existence to any Messiah son of David. But so it has to be because the idea that Jews have concerning the Mashiah ben David has well passed its season!

I am not speaking off my Donkey hat. I’m authorized by the Goel Haim to explain this matter as much as possible. The first redemption from Egypt came after the children in Israel were slaves in Egypt for 210 years. The second redemption of Israel came a few years before the 70 years of exile in Babylonia and Persia. The third and final redemption comes after 2000 years of the Diaspora among the nations.

In exile there is what is known in Tradition as ‘hester panim’. Literally this means that, so to speak, God hides His face. And in hiding His face from Israel, He hides Himself, so to speak, from the world in general. The hiding of God’s face means that there is great darkness in the world. This great darkness has myriad aspects to it but in general it indicates ‘darkness concerning the true service to God Almighty’.

And if it so for Israel, how much more so for the nations. There is great darkness all over. There are also religions all over but they too are in darkness. At length we’ve explained how even in the Jewish world of Tradition, a terrible spiritual plague has entered the Jewish Camp for the last 400 years which totally deviates from the true faith of Israel, the doctrine of ‘emanation’ of the Book of the Zohar. This represents an unfathomable darkness among all those who believe in this idolatrous crap. It also represents a general darkness in the faith because even the traditional Jews who have nothing to do with the Zohar or with all the so-called Jewish Mysticism, have not been on the level to call it into justice, to understand the terrible error and to condemn it, to extricate it from proper Judaism and to ban it forever more. Only the Yemenite Sage, Yihhye ibn Shlomoh Elgafeh, understood the whole matter and wrote the extremely clear and potent book Milhhamot Ha-Shem (The Wars of God) against the doctrine of ‘Emanation’ of the Zohar. But when it was published in Jerusalem in 1931, the so-called Kabbalists banned the book and put ashes on their foreheads and went barefoot to the Cemetery to cry before Heaven for the ignoble work which, oiy gevult, discredits the Zohar. –

 Galut, exile, darkness, idolatry and total foolishness. In the name of Torah, oiy gevult!

This sin is symptomatic of the terrible darkness which has set even into the very heart of Israel’s faith wreaking havoc on thousands of other strands within Jewish society both in Israel and outside of Israel. It has lowered Israel’s face without Israel’s knowing it. My purpose here, however, is not to expound on this sin but on the darkness of exile in which the true light of God is in hester panim.

As Jews we must realize this now with great emphasis. If we wish to stand on the pride of our Jewish faith, we must admit the truth. In exile, God hides Himself and darkness is prevalent. Errors, perforce, set in, errors of which we are unaware because they were covered in hester panim. How far now are the people of Israel and the world at large from God’s promise within the prophesied New Pact in Jeremy 31-33: "No longer will one need to teach his neighbor or his brother, saying ‘’Know God’’, for all will know Me from the smallest to the greatest, the word of God, for I will forgive their sin and their iniquity shall I no longer mention".

O there good humans, get your mental unity in place. The Final New Pact brings with it an enormous New Light which puts an end to the darkness of the past, a darkness which has covered over the eyes of Israel in these past 2000 years. More than the pride in our heritage we must now stand on purifying ourselves from the errors of the past. We must move into the phase of Correction. We must seek the New Light of the promised Final Redemption. Are we then to seek a King Messiah when we and most of the world have shunned all Kings?! Are we to seek that which we already know when the prophecy (Isaiah, 48: 6) declares lucidly, ‘do not say that you have heard and known these things (of the final revelation); these are new things created now and things conserved; you did not hear of them and you did not know them’ etc.?

Listen now then! If you didn’t hear about these things and you didn’t know of them, wouldn’t it be high time to listen to them and to know them when you are told that they have come? Tell me then if this Donkey logic is not perfect! Can you pretend to know or to understand what you as yet know nothing of? So too your ideas about Mashiah ben David are off kilter when the Completed Signs of history come. They are outdated and obsolete. And the truth that comes is new and it must be listened to as new things which you have never heard of and did not know of before. So don’t mess around with a Donkey whose got prophetic hooves. Renew your brain in the hooves of a Donkey who speaks the truth. The King Messiah, son of David, will recede into the waters of no-return ‘cause he just ain’t part of the Final Redemption. Hee-haw!

We have, nevertheless, some anointed qualities that are given us by the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the final Goel Haim. For the Messianic terminology is also one of unction with oil. For there are traditionally three main strands of messianic terminology: Anointed Kingship, Anointed Priesthood and the Messiah son of David. We know from the Qumran documents that in the School of the Essenes, the Anointed Kingship was not called Kingship but Anointed warrior (Mashiah Milhama) and that title was given to the Anointed Sage of the School, the most respected for his wisdom and knowledge and his closeness to the Teacher of Justice. The Anointed Priesthood was held by a selected Priest from the line of Tzadok. The Anointed Messiah ben David was the Messiah of the final Wars between the Forces of Good and the Forces of Darkness. These were thus three men in those three Anointed Positions.

We have, thank God, received the Signs of the Final House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam. There are 4 Anointed Priesthoods (or 8 counting the Female Priestesses of their respective Altars of Prayer). There is as well the Anointed Position of the Head Donkey who eats Bread. Thus the Priesthood in the House of Prayer is an Anointed Position. There are 4 levels of Priesthood for: the Altar of the Anointed Priest, the Altar of Judah, the Altar of Ephraim and the Altar of Malchitzedek.

The highest Unction is of the Anointed Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest; he must be born Jewish and must be knowledgeable in Jewish Tradition. So too the Priest of the Altar of Judah must be born Jewish and knowledgeable in the Jewish Tradition. The Priest of the Altar of Ephraim need not be born Jewish; he will be of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel converted to the Altar of Ephraim in the Final New Pact. The Priest of the Altar of Malchitzedek is not Jewish; he is sworn unto the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption.

The Altar of the ‘Mission’ of the Donkey who eats Bread is called the Altar of the Greater Israel (mizbeah Yisrael ha-gadol). The Unction of this Altar is not the Unction of the Priesthood for this Altar doesn’t require a Priesthood but it does require a Head Donkey who, as explained, must be born Jewish. The Altars of the Anointed Priest, of Judah and of Ephraim are Jewish Altars. The Altar of the Greater Israel is not a Jewish Altar except for the Head Donkey. All those who become Donkeys are part of this Altar.

Are all of us then to be called Messiahs or Messianic? Absolutely not! Are these the Messiahs that Israel is waiting for? Absolutely not! They are to be called Anointed Priests. Is, then, the Head Donkey of the Altar of the Greater Israel called the Donkey, Messiah ben David? Absolutely not! He is to be called the Head Donkey who eats Bread. Was the Tzadik Abuhhatzeira wrong, then, in calling me the Donkey, Messiah ben David (ha-hhamor, mashiah ben david)? No, he was not wrong. The Head Donkey carries the Signs of the Jewish authority within the framework of the Final New Pact. The traditional term which indicates this authority is ‘Mashiah ben David’. Hee-haw, hee-haw!

What, then, does the Traditional concept have to do with the final forms of the Final Redemption? Well, if Jews imagine that the Messiah ben David is a chosen Donkey who brays out the News of the Final Redemption, then might I fit into their idea. Tell me please if you find such a Jew so that I might inform him of the rest!

As you can see, there’s no one here on earth to get head over heels about. And as for respect, this must be for all people. And if you want to show me love because of my particular credentials as the first Donkey who eats Bread, read and study the texts and testimonies of the Book of the Rose, and bray along with me in the love for God Almighty and the fear of His greatness, and with praises to Him for having chosen the final redeemer, the true Tzadik Haim, and who has anointed him as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. Then will I be satisfied with the love that you show me and together we will bray with great happiness for the News of the Coming of the Final Goel chosen by God Almighty for the redemption of Israel and the redemption of Christians and the redemption of Muslims and the redemption of all humanity, as it states, ‘the desire of God will be successful in his hands’ (Isaia, 53: 10).


Chapter 3


I refer to the fact that there will surely be those who will have great difficulty at first in comprehending what proofs we have that Jesus’ mission involved the Initial Signs and that the Final Redemption is of the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs. I speak very often about this because it’s essential for several important purposes. The mathematics of it is simple: The Completed Signs have arrived and from them we know that there were Initial Signs and it can then easily be ascertained from the Christian New Testament what they were. And from the Completed Sign of the Stars we can be absolutely sure that those Initial Signs went into Jesus’ mission since the Goel Haim himself announces, “This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humbleness”. And, of course, the Message received by our Giuseppe in a dream from the Archangel, Michael, the Ministerial angel of Israel, ‘Three are the men of the redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim’ clinches and completes the concept forever.

You would, however, still want to know something more, not directly of the Completed Signs, like some nice, big, juicy prophecy. Not an unjust request. Also the Great Eagle, the Rambam, peace be with him, stated[6] that concerning the (messianic and redemptional) prophecies, nobody knows their meaning until the time in which the (final redemption) comes, and then only will their true meanings be revealed.

His statement does put a Donkey to work. So listen, there’s a whopper of a prophecy in Isaiah 48 that will amaze you, once it’s understood of course. From this prophecy, after knowing the Completed Signs, obviously, does the matter of Initial Signs and Completed Signs surge to its finalized comprehension. It seems somewhat subtle at first but if you look closely at the language used, you’ll forego all doubts. Here’s the prophecy with my translation: Remember, it’s a whopper!

Isaiah 48, 6-8 – "(6) you have heard that all has been seen (in the prophetic visions of the Prophets); will you not say then that I (already) had you hear? New things (I am bringing) of now, and Conserved things that you have not known. (7). Now were they created and not from then (the past) or from a day ago, and you have not heard them, lest you say, ‘Behold, I have known them. (8) You have also not heard and you did not know; also from then (the past) your ear did not open, for I knew that you would certainly rebel and a sinner from the womb are you called".

I told you it was a whopper! If these things are totally new and were created now, how can they also be called ‘conserved from the past’ and when was it that Israel didn’t open its ear because God knew that Israel was rebellious already from the womb? If Israel could have opened its ear, as the prophecy indicates, were these things then not in the world before? Wow! Of itself this prophecy is incomprehensible. Only with the Final Keys can it be interpreted. For now only do we know that the Messianic Mission of Jesus was true and that it was based on the Initial Signs that became the force behind all subsequent Christianity.

The prophecy itself speaks in two strands about the same New Things. It is true that they are Completely New and Created Now but it is also true that they were Conserved because, in essence, they existed before. So is it true that Israel had a chance to open its ears to them because there was an historic opening of these New Things in the Mission of Yeshua. Even then they were truly New Things such as the announcement of the Coming of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Resurrection of Jesus. And Jesus said that he was announcing a New Message, as beautifully taught by him in the parabola of the Seed-sower which describes the various categories in the reception of the New Message that he was bringing.

The Star of Christ was considered by two of the evangelists as a very definite Messianic Event related to Jesus, so important that it could not be missing in the Transmission of the Christian Gospel. That was a New Thing in the world, a Stellar Convergence to the Messianic Mission on earth. Who had ever heard of or seen such a Convergence before? Historically that Initial Sign of the Star of Christ had to be because it was bound to the Sign of the Stars of the Redemption the Final Sign of which has Five Stars and the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, is opened for humanity and taught to us by the chosen Teacher Haim.

DIARY: Sept. 14, 2009; Elul 25, 5770; Star of the Project 27, 3962; Fara Gera D’Adda: I read in the Jerusalem Post an article of a Reconstructionist; it’s my first time seeing something of them. I found the article rather fascinating. It represents a new sort of tolerance among the Jewish people which would displace the intolerance of the Orthodox while shunning the total indifference to Judaism and to Zionism of many Jews in and outside of Israel who are by now out of contact with Jewish history and culture. He does blame this, however, mainly on the Orthodox who have been anything but an example to follow. He also rightly says that the Conservative and Reformed Movements stemmed from the dissatisfaction of Jews with the attitudes, closed-mindedness and intolerance of Orthodoxy (as well as the intolerance of the Orthodox groups among themselves because there are many different categories of Orthodox Judaism).

Some of the ideas are quite interesting. The institution of Chief Rabbis in Israel should be abolished. He’s right. Why should there be an Ashkenazi Head Rabbi and a Sephardic Head Rabbi? And if they, why shouldn’t there be a Head Rabbi for every kind of Jewish community whose culture is not Ashkenazi or Sephardic, such as the Yemenite Jews, or the Conservative or Reformed Jews etc. As it is they serve only to reinforce the Orthodox point of view and to cast away all others. Indeed, the conversions, marriages etc. of the Conservative or Reformed or any other non-Orthodox group are not considered valid. Thus all other Jews, he contends, have no real place in Judaism which certainly pushes people further away than it does to help them. He considers this whole matter as prejudiced and unjust. On the solution side, he would have a Jewish Tribunal in Israel consist equally of Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed Rabbis.

The writer, in fact, believes that the American principle of the separation between Religion and State should be established for Israel and he blasts the Israeli political parties for using the religious factions only for political purposes. The religious should have their own religious Institutions paid for by their adherents and not by the State. – It’s hard to refute such a pleasant idea.

In any case, Zionism, Jewish History and Culture and fidelity to Jewish values are essential to the Re-Constructionists. They do not believe in a physical Messiah who must come. The author here also believes that Israel must not have proportional elections but constituency elections as does the United States.

Yea, so what does a Donkey say about the Re-Constructionist Judaism as it was presented in this article? Well, I do like tolerance while prejudiced-intolerance is a plague to every society in the world.

As far as the separation between State and Religion, this is hardly a simple matter. And the fact that it is positive for American Society doesn’t mean that it will work for Israel. If there are no religious Jews who represent the religious segments of the population, this would cause an irreparable schism in the Israeli world, even worse than the schism that now exists between Religious and Secular Israel. That there has been corruption and political merchandise on the Government level is a separate matter which must be corrected in general. Not only because there are religious Parties is there corruption and the correction of corruption needs other parameters which pertain to religious or non-religious alike. But the most difficult point proposed here, I believe, is that the Religious Tribunal (separated from the Government) should have in it Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbis. This proposal of tolerance is very pretty but it isn’t feasible. A Jewish Religious Tribunal must have its basis in the Laws of the Torah and of Halachic Judaism. It could be argued for the Conservative Movement because it bases itself on the Torah and Halachic Tradition but with the good intention of using the Tradition to find ways of lightening the burden in many aspects compared to the general severity of the Halacha. This cannot be said of the Reformed Judaism which has created its own code of Laws and does not accept the Torah or the Halacha as a basis whatsoever in all their legal decisions. Tolerance must have a basis in compatibility and, in judgment, compatibility requires a Code of Parameters to be followed by all.

Between the Orthodox Jews and the Reformed Rabbis there is no ‘Constitution’ in common. The Orthodox Jews cannot seek the just sentence on the basis of Jewish Tradition with those who do not accept Jewish Tradition. To do such would be a national suicide, not the precious measure of tolerance! For also the measures of tolerance must be studied to know when it is applicable or not applicable.

It is also true that the Orthodox cannot dictate to all Jews what they must do or not do. It just isn’t like that and it doesn’t work like that. So is it true that Jews all over are not judged within the framework of the Halacha. If the Orthodox think that only they have a place in the other world, they understand nothing of the Higher Tribunal. It depends on what the person is and what he speaks and what he does and every person is judged according to the parameters which are just for that person. There are no passports into the next world. And let us not forget that hypocrisy is one of the most offensive sins before Heaven and this is unfortunately not missing from the Orthodox fold. God Almighty wants and loves the good heart of a person, whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Re-Constructionist, or whether one is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Mohawk Indian or Aborigine.

But aside from that there are grave errors into which the Orthodox have fallen in the past 400 years, the idolatrous sin of Emanation of the Zohar and Jewish Mysticism and Hassidism which is based on the belief in that false doctrine. There is none of that in Conservative or Reformed Judaism. And unfortunately the Halacha itself has been terribly tainted and covered over with concepts and rites and prayers from the Zohar and Jewish Mysticism. One must turn back to the Halacha of the Rambam, peace be with him, into order to correct it.

Here then is the great crux which cannot be corrected until the New Revelation of the Final Redemption comes. There can be no true reconciliation between Orthodox, Conservative and Reform as they are. Similarly there can be no true reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity until the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption resolve the Messianic Mission of Jesus.

If there would, however, be no Chain of Continuity in Jewish Tradition, there could be no Reconciliation even with the Completed Signs because there would be no Tradition to stand on and no true basis to build on!. The Chain of Continuity of the written Torah and the Oral Tradition is that of the Halacha; there is no other. This is of the so-called Orthodox Judaism (a term I dislike profoundly) which today is a vast array of different branches united by ‘belief’ in the Torah, Oral Tradition and the Halacha.

The Halacha must be Reformed because in many cases it has not kept normative Judaism in the proper measures but it does maintain the basis of faith required of Jews by the Torah and Tradition. That Reformation of the Halacha can come only with the Final Redemption in which become known the aberrations of the Zohar and Tzephat Traditions and the false messianism of Habad. In view of the Six Completed Signs, the knowledge of the Coming of the Goel, the truth concerning the Sign of Resurrection, the truth concerning the immense difference between Goel and Messiah, the truth concerning the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, the truth of the prophesied House of Prayer etc. the rabbis of the Halacha will Reform Halachic Judaism. This is the work of the rabbis who conduct the Synagogues.

The work of the Donkeys in the Final Redemption is to establish the New Law for the Jews on the Altar of Judah or on the Altar of Ephraim as well as for the Altar of Malchitzedek for the Nations. The Traditional Synagogue will remain but Reformed Internally by the Traditional Rabbis. The Reformed Movement in Judaism will not remain in time. It has done its time when the Final Redemption comes in. The Final Redemption verifies the entire Tradition, and we explain that the Torah itself enters into the Final New Pact, the medicine to all those Jews who have violated the Pact of the Torah. I didn’t make this up. The New Pact of Jeremy 31 comes to correct the Jewish people after ‘they have violated My pact’. The New Pact is the Remedy for healing all past wounds.

In the end those Jews of the Reformed Movement will enter the New Pact on the Altar of Judah (Altar of the Daughters of Jacob for females) where they need not return to the Halacha as it has come down but they will take upon themselves the New Law of the Final Redemption. The New Law is authorized before God Almighty and is valid for all Jews who wish to follow it instead of the Halacha. Shabbat is Shabbat; all work is forbidden, buying and selling is forbidden, it is forbidden to light or to use fire etc. Nevertheless Shabbat is much simpler in the New Law. The Jewish Holidays remain in place but the New Rite for them is totally new. Enough now of this argument. I’m almost sorry I brought it up in the first place but for me it was the first time I heard something about the ideas of the Re-Constructionists. Only one word I wish to say: You can have a separation between State and Religion and this is very good but you cannot and should not have a separation between God and life.


Now to Friday, September 18, 2009, erev Rosh ha-Shana; an extremely important dream received by Noda’: She was in Rome and even though in reality she doesn’t like the city of Rome, in the dream it was very beautiful and pleasant; strangely enough there was a sheet of water on the ground throughout the city. The Head of a certain school called in Noda’ to ask her some information about our writings. Noda’ wanted to speak about Daniel Manigrasso’s book 'I Difetti di Gesu’' (the Defects of Jesus) but as soon as she would have begun there appeared Jesus who spoke to her. He said: When speaking about me, it’s necessary to speak in terms of love. Christians understand only a language of love because many have learned love from my words, to love others, to pardon and forgive others, and to love working for the good of others, such as the Nuns who go on missions and sacrifice themselves for helping others. As for the Jews they do not have to ask forgiveness for that which happened. They have already suffered too much throughout the Diaspora. About my birth and the Spirit, it is true what Peretz has explained, that my parents were very religious and fearful of God; they would never have done such if not for a higher Spirit of God’s Providence that took them over. In truth, I also had several brothers. - -

This is an extremely important message. It represents a ‘completion’ of the Correction of Christianity and of the Reform in Judaism. I think the title of the Defects of Jesus should be ‘I Love the True Jesus’.[7] I must correct my interpretation of Isaiah 53 in that I had stated that the people as a whole will eventually repent for that which happened. I was lead to this conclusion by a certain logic: After recognizing that we completely misunderstood him, that he was in truth loved by God, that he carried with him our sins and our iniquity in that tragic messianic sacrifice in which he was innocently killed etc. it seemed logical that at a certain point in history the Jewish people will repent for all that which happened. Jesus here declares that it is not so. The Jews have not to repent or ask forgiveness for the whole matter. Re-looking at Isaiah 53, it in fact does not say that Israel will repent; it speaks of an historical recognition, not of repentance. By way of the Completed Signs, the Jewish people will come to recognize the true messianic history of Jesus and of that his Mission. That recognition represents an enormous changeover in Jewish mentality; and then in the New History of the Final Redemption and the true Reconciliation of the hearts of fathers (the Jewish people) to their sons (Christians) and the heart of sons with their fathers.

Giuseppe dreamed Rosh ha-Shana 5770 a dream concerning Israel: the great danger for Israel is that its enemies are planning to attack it even though they say the opposite. There will thus be a harsh war but in the end Israel will win and Giuseppe saw a great number of graves of the enemy.


This year of 5770 is of the Large ‘Ain (70 in gematria). The Large ‘Ain is found in the verse (Deut. 6: 4) "ShemaYisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Ehhad" – Hear o Israel, the Lord, our God, God is One. The letter ‘Ain of Shema’ is Large. Also the last letter, the Dalet of Ehhad is a Large Dalet. Together the ‘Ain and the Dalet are ‘EID – testimony. The truth of the Shema’ Yisrael must be testified to by Israel as a testimony to the 70 Nations. For although Israel is commanded in pronouncing this testimony twice daily, its truth is true for all people in the world.

I hope this is good news for a publication of our text Baby Matthew or ‘That which was Missing from the True Bible, explained to Baby-Matthew’

The Large ‘Ain of Shema’ now relates to the Star of Abimelech (the sixth and seventh Stars of the Great Tribunal are the Star of Abimelech and the Star of Phichol) which is the Star of the 70 Nations (these are the 70 ROOT nations from which all the other nations derive). For the Universality of the Final Redemption, three Great Stars in particular are needed: The Star of Malchitzedek, The Star of Abimelech and the Star of Phichol. The Star of Malchitzedek allows for a Priesthood dedicated to the nations. The Star of Abimelech is a great Ministering Judge for the nations reason for which it is required in the Great Tribunal of Mordechai. The Star of Phichol is the Spokesman of King Abimelech and it thus relates to the Voice of the Donkey who Eats Bread which in general is the Spokesman of the Coming of the Final Goel and of the Final Redemption and of the New Law which brings justice to the nations.

The Star of Abimelech needs the Constellation of Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh in judging the nations. The Star of Phichol needs the Star of the Goel (redeemer). As the Tzadik Haim explained to our Daniel in a dream: 'I am the Goel Haim and you are the Star of the Goel'. The Star of the Goel is thus carried by the Signs of the Donkey of the Goel Haim, as the Spokesman of the Final Goel for the world. The judgment of the nations is not the same as the judgment to Israel because the Jewish people is commanded in the mitzvoth of the Torah, the nations are not commanded.

The main justification for positive ‘verdicts’ in judgment for the nations is their good deeds towards other people and the virtues of their heart. Therefore Abimelech needs Ester in the Kingdom of King Ahhashverosh. All these Stars, of course, need the Stars of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob for these are the Three Great Patriarchs of the true faith.

Before the final Revelation, in the 2000 years past, Christianity dominated and it was separated from Judaism. The Star of Malchitzedek had become the Star of Christ but it was separated from the Star of Abraham. The Star of Abimelech of the Great Tribunal could not relate to the Constellation of Ester because the Star of the Neck[8] separated those two great redemptional Constellations. So was there great darkness in the world, with the Jewish people in exile and the nations faltering in their faith and in their hatred for the Jewish people. For those of the nations who might be excused for the false doctrines of the faith they were taught, could be justified in their good deeds and the virtues of the heart only if they were not Jew-haters.

In the time of the Final Redemption, the Star of Malchitzedek in the Second Coming of the Star of Christ is rejoined to the true monotheistic faith of the Patriarchs and of all Israel. The Star of Abimelech and the Star of Phichol complete the Great Tribunal of Mordechai which is now in harmony with Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh with the Star of the Neck becoming the Star of NUNE. Not only, the Star of Malchitzedek and the Star of Abimelech are also joined to the Star of the Sea of the Heart of Justice of the Mouth of Leviathan so that also the Big Fish can rejoice in the universality of the Final Redemption. And even Phichol is happy for now there are Donkeys to express his voice on earth.

All of this comes to uplift the nations in recognizing that Israel is God’s chosen people. You can therefore understand that this year of the Large ‘Ain is in perfect conformity to the Double-Sign, Sign of the Fourth Generation and Sign of the New Construction. Great turmoil, strife, conflicts and battles are in view for the next three years. For as the Stars of the Redemption are constantly bound in unity for the sake of the Final Redemption, the great separation between those who love Israel and those who hate Israel have been delineated. So has it been for the past 26[9] and a half years with hundreds of events that gave reasons for those worthy before Heaven to praise Israel and those hateful before Heaven to hate Israel.

The stage is now set for the Judgment of the nations.[10] Therefore the Star of Abimelech must now distinguish and separate those worthy of the 70 nations from those that are unworthy. Also decrees of punishments for those nations who killed Jews in the Holocaust and in Russia are coming onto their time. And in Giuseppe’s dream, there was a harsh war in Israel but Israel in the end destroyed its enemies.

On the redemptional side, we can hope for a positive development for the School of the Shoshana and hopefully for the publication of ‘I love the true Jesus’ and ‘That which was missing from the True Bible, explained to Baby-Matthew'. These two books represent Justice issuing for the nations of Christianity. A blessing is coming to help us live in the light of the Final Redemption. Tesha’ (this year Tav Shin ‘Ain) also means ‘You will turn to us and answer to our prayers’. For a child has been born unto us, a son has been given us and the Mission of the Final Redemption is on the shoulders of the Final Goel Haim. You, o Lord, our God will listen to prayers said by Jews also in the centuries past that could not be answered in their time. Now is the time as the points of no return have come onto their time and no diplomacy functions. Come now Abimelech and Ahhuzat Mere’eihu and Phichol, the General of your army, and blow the trumpet of true victory[11] when you admit to Abraham that ‘God is with you in all that you do’ and you admit to Isaac that "We have surly seen that God has been with you, and we said: 'Let there be an alliance between ourselves, between us and between you, and let us make a pact with you'" (Genesis, 26: 28).

For now the Star of Abimelech, the Star of Phichol and the Star of Malchitzedek which Astounds are fully bound to the Final New Pact and Justice will now begin to descend upon the nations of the world. All will be astounded by Israel’s God-given force, and the Strong Hand of God Almighty will begin to descend in this great new phase of the Terrible Separation. Amen.


Chapter 4


I refer to the fact that the name Abimelech is mentioned in the Torah 24 times in the episodes of Abraham, our father and Isaac, our father.



Genesis, 20: 2: "And Abraham said of Sarah his wife: 'She is my sister.' And Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah".

Abimelech is a symbol of a just king in as much as a King for the Nations. He may not be exceedingly righteous but he demonstrates a good level of justice for the nations. Thus the Star of Abimelech is also the Star of the 70 Nations.


20: 3: "But God came to Abimelech in a dream of the night, and said to him: 'Behold, thou shalt die, because of the woman whom thou hast taken; for she is a man's wife".

If Abimelech was not one to try to abide by righteous behaviour, he would not have had such a privilege of God speaking to him in a dream. Such is a great privilege in any circumstance. It’s true that at first Abimelech and his entire household were smitten in their genitals, men and women, and thus the dream came when he was already very afraid; nevertheless, Abimelech did not actually think that Sara was Abraham’s wife. Otherwise God’s warning to him that she was a married woman would be out of place. God’s words left him no excuse and also was he thus informed of the reason for the anomalous illness that had befallen them.


20: 4: "Now Abimelech had not come near her; and he said: 'Lord, wilt Thou slay even a righteous nation?"

He had not come near her because he was smitten and could not, otherwise he would have. And the Torah uses the verb karav whereas it could have used other expressions such ‘he did not come unto her’ or ‘he did not know her’ etc. but he could not even get close to her because of the plague that had assailed him and all his subjects. The plague amounted to death because if no children could be born it was the end of that nation. Therefore he says to God that He is killing a righteous nation. The phrase here ‘ha-goi gam tzadik taharog’ (the nation also just will You kill?) is an ‘indicator’ of the position of the Star of Malchitzedek. The nations do actions for which death would be decreed on them from the Higher Tribunal; the defence Judge for the nations finds in them justifications for rendering them innocent and thus annul the decrees. Obviously those justifications cannot be false and must be rooted in the truth; otherwise they would have no place in judgment. Therefore the Star of Abimelech is part of the Great Tribunal of Mordechai the Just. See in what terms of justice Abimelech speaks: 20: 5: "Said he not himself unto me: She is my sister? and she, even she herself said: He is my brother. In the simplicity of my heart and the innocence of my hands have I done this". 20: 6: "And God said unto him in the dream: 'Yea, I know that in the simplicity of thy heart thou hast done this, and I also withheld thee from sinning against Me. Therefore suffered I thee not to touch her". 20: 7: "Now therefore restore the man's wife; for he is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live; and if thou restore her not, know thou that thou shalt surely die, thou, and all that are thine". – One can see from this that the qualities of ‘simplicity of heart’ and ‘innocence of one’s hands’. And notice that God says to him that He held him back from sinning to Him. Thus also the nations have the free choice to be meritorious before God or sinful to Him. This is a clear proof that reward and punishment is not only for Israel but for all. ‘We are all of the same flesh’.


20: 8: "And Abimelech rose early in the morning, and called all his servants, and told all these things in their ears; and the men were sore afraid".

What do I care if Abimelech got up early or late? What does it add to the story? From it, however, we understand how grave the matter was. The whole nation was afflicted and he was king. He was terribly afraid of the consequences. Thus, even before calling Abraham, he went out to speak to them and to console them as soon as he himself understood what had happened and to declare that there was now a solution.


20: 9: "Then Abimelech called Abraham, and said unto him: 'What hast thou done unto us? and wherein have I sinned against thee, that thou hast brought on me and on my kingdom a great sin? thou hast done deeds unto me that ought not to be done".

Rashi says that all was closed up; they could not defecate or urinate and even their ears and nostrils were closed up, aside from the procreative organs. If so the ‘decree’ of death was extremely immanent. The ‘deeds that ought not to be done’ explains Rashi was something unheard of, absolutely no sickness of a normal order.


20: 10: "And Abimelech said unto Abraham: 'What sawest thou, that thou hast done this thing?"

Abimelech asked as a judge more than as a king. He wanted to get to the heart of the matter and to try to understand Abraham’s motivations in claiming that Sarah was his sister. Abimelech was trying to be just before God and before Abraham and Sarah.


20: 14: "And Abimelech took sheep and oxen, and men-servants and women-servants, and gave them unto Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife".


20: 15: "And Abimelech said: 'Behold, my land is before thee: dwell where it pleaseth thee".


20: 17: "And Abraham prayed unto God; and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maid-servants; and they bore children".


20: 18: "For the Lord had fast closed up all the wombs of the house of Abimelech, because of Sarah Abraham's wife".


21: 22: "And it came to pass at that time, that Abimelech and Phichol the captain of his host spoke unto Abraham, saying: 'God is with thee in all that thou doest".

(12) (13)

21: 25: "And Abraham reproved Abimelech because of the well of water, which Abimelech's servants had violently taken away".


21: 26: "And Abimelech said: 'I know not who hath done this thing; neither didst thou tell me, neither yet heard I of it, but to-day".


21: 27: "And Abraham took sheep and oxen, and gave them unto Abimelech; and they two made a covenant".


21: 29: "And Abimelech said unto Abraham: 'What mean these seven ewe-lambs which thou hast set by themselves?"


21: 32: "So they made a covenant at Beer-sheba; and Abimelech rose up, and Phichol the captain of his host, and they returned into the land of the Philistines".


26: 1: "And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham. And Isaac went unto Abimelech king of the Philistines unto Gerar".


26: 8: "And it came to pass, when he had been there a long time, that Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out at a window, and saw, and, behold, Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife".


26: 9: "And Abimelech called Isaac, and said: 'Behold, of a surety she is thy wife; and how saidst thou: She is my sister?' And Isaac said unto him: 'Because I said: Lest I die because of her".


26: 10: "And Abimelech said: 'What is this thou hast done unto us? one of the people might easily have lain with thy wife, and thou wouldest have brought guiltiness upon us".


26: 11: "And Abimelech charged all the people, saying: 'He that toucheth this man or his wife shall surely be put to death".


26: 16: "And Abimelech said unto Isaac: 'Go from us; for thou art much mightier than we".


26: 26: "Then Abimelech went to him from Gerar, and Ahuzzath his friend, and Phichol the captain of his host".


Charter 5


Abimelech, however, refers to the Star of Abimelech, the fifth of the 7 counted Stars of the Great Tribunal of Mordechai the Just. In the Great Cart of the Marvelous News of the Final Redemption, the Star of Abimelech corresponds to the Star of Ester. Since the Star of Abimelech is the Star of the 70 Nations, it needs urgently the Star of Ester which is bound to the 5 Star Constellation of the Star of Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. Urgency on a Stellar Level means that the Stellar Urgency cannot be missing, Since the Star of the Nations cannot judge the Nations in accordance to the Judgment of Israel commanded in the Torah, it needs absolutely the Virtues of the Heart bound to the Constellation of Ester.

And then I went on, “Remember, Abimelech, the Pact concerning the Well of Abraham that you made with him at Beersheva. I too, the Donkey, show you 7 Testimonies, of the Levi Family, of Anna Gasparotti, of Solly Kamkhaji, of Paolo, of Daniele, of Giuseppe, and of Noda. Look through all their dreams and judge the truth: who has received the True Final Signs of the Redemption, the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread or the Mission of Christ descended from the Cross at Genzano di Lucania? And you ask me for what purpose have I had to indicate these testimonies? For with this testimony is it firmly established for all times that I, Peretz (Paul) Green, first Talmid of the Tzadik Haim, first Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption, have dug this Well of the Book of the Rose, Sefer Mishnat Haim, with all the texts that it contains. And the texts of the 7 Sheep with all their testimonies are part of the Book of the Rose”.

DIARY: Nov. 9, 2009: Listen people of Switzerland, a tiny bread crumb fouled up your project of 5 billion dollars. Your entire gigantic nuclear project to finally discover the Big Bang Source and Secret of Life is all but a small bread-crumb before the Creator of the heavens and the earth! Nevertheless, it did not harm you; only to postpone your intentions. It was thus a good bread-crumb, if only you would take its warning and the lesson it came to teach. OK, this time it was only one Bread-crumb but it did mess up your project of 5 billion dollars. Hee-haw, haw-hee, haw-hee.

Switzerland and those of you that take part in this project, you have entered into the midst of your own destruction. The 27 kilometer nuclear spin is eventually going to back fire against the entire land of Switzerland. Some previous Dream-Signs are now fitting into place. In a Sign received by Nodà in 1988, all Switzerland was razed to the ground. There it was shown that Switzerland asked for the aid of the NATO countries but was refused help because they had refused to partake in NATO. Switzerland had to rebuild from scratch.

I put this together with my dream, not long before Chernobyl, there was a new nuclear weapon wrecking havoc as it spread and it was said, “This New Construction is now going against it constructors”.

This project, for many of the scientists involved, is intended to break down the faith in the One Living God of the universe. Actually they want to make a name for themselves, and this project represents the European Tower of Babel at this phase of the 4th generation. The hatefulness of this sin before God Almighty is thus as the decree of the Tower of Babel, for He saw their evil intentions and He decreed, “Let them complete what they intended to complete”. So malicious was their thought before Him that He decreed that they be unimpeded until they’ve completed their sin, and then, only at the very end, “And God descended to judge the city and the tower”!

Those who projected, calculated and guided the Great Construction, were the Wise-men of King Nimrod who had a great knowledge of many things, especially of the stars and of mathematics. They were the scientists of that age. Torah History in its prophetic play-out is revealed in this Final Fourth Generation.


[1] . It can also be called the Ram of Abraham since, Abraham, our father, took it and sacrificed it in Isaac’s stead, but generally it’s referred to as the Ram of Isaac. -

[2]. This is a very hidden matter: the Final Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim who was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, has been received by us as the Conclusion of the Long Sacrifice of Isaac. This refers to the Long Historic Sacrifice of the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim in every generation from Mordechai ha-Tzadik until the Tzadik Haim, for roughly 26 centuries. It is their sacrifices of suffering, taking upon themselves the decrees of the Higher Tribunal because of mankind’s sins. The ‘Institution’ of the 36 HTZ thus came at the time of the name ‘ASHER’ the middle name of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE; the ALEF is the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and the SHIN is the Tradition of Mordechai ha-Yehudi. The RESH represents the Universal Messianic Light which should have shone from the Temple but because of Israel’a sins etc. came out to the world by way of the Messianic Mission of Jesus. The Signs of Isaac, the middle Patriarch, are bound to the name ‘ASHER’. There had therefore to be the Completion of the Sacrifice of Isaac himself, detached from the Sacrificed Ram, for the sake of the great merit of the Long Historic Sacrifice of the 36 Suffering Tzadikim in every generation concluding with the Final Suffering and death of the chosen Goel Haim. It is thus in truth a hidden but essential separation between the Sacrifice of Isaac, our father, and the Sacrifice of the Ram.

[3] Except in its finalized form of the Resurrection of the Dead but of the Sign of that Resurrection with the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead, as explained in our texts.

[4] . ‘We cannot forget him totally and that’s it!’

[5] - In truth the Final New Pact is a DOUBLE-PACT because of the requirements for Jews and those for the nations but that isn’t what I’m explaining here.

[6] Mishneh Torah, hilchot melachim.

[7] We did change it into ‘I love the true Jesus’, 'Amo il vero Gesu’' and Solly translated it into:àðé àåäá àú éùåò äàîéúé.

[8]Oref, back of the neck, the letters correspond to Pharoah in Hebrew. With the redemption from Egypt it becomes the Star of Nun. This same Star becomes the Star of Haman of Purim which in his being hung 50 amot on the gallow, the Star again becomes the Star of Nun and allows the Tribunal of Mordechai and the Star of Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh to unite giving way to the Second Redemption of Israel and the rebuilding of the Second Temple. In the Time of Christianity the false ‘deified’ Christ was ‘hung up' on this Star, not permitting any reconciliation between Christianity and Judaism, in the long two thousand year exile. In this Final Fourth Generation this same Star represents the two main roots of all idolatry which impede the possibility of reaching the Final Redemption until they are destroyed, and thus it takes on again the name of the Star 'oref' and it becomes the Star of Nun of the Nun Sofit of Leviathan.

[9] Here, July 2014, in the 32 year of Signs, in war with Hamas; see in the Universal Smile of Big Fish (chapter 15 Fish 13) Noda’s dream :“what is the difference between Jews and Arabs, both believe in Ha-Shem and these follow the Torah and these follow the Koran? Answer: these the (fanatic) Arabs are cruel". – This dream is from the Higher Tribunal. – in any case the first 35 years are in the test-period of those who are friendly towards Israel and those who are hostile. Afterwards the judgment of the Fourth Generation sets in.

[10] As often, I jumped the gun. The actual judgments of punishment will begin in from the 36th year onward. The preceding years still give a chance of repentance, of changing ideas and of seeing signs in the world that could help to see things correctly if the heart is just and there is merit. It’s not that the statement is false: there are constant judgments throughout these years but the punishments of those judgments are still above etc.

[11] Since the moment here is of war July 2014, the word Trumpets here reminds me of my dream: December 2013, (Fish 20) – I dreamed. Thank God, I was seated with the Tzadik Haim. He asked me if I heard the trumpets above? I tried listening but didn’t hear them. The Tzadik turned around in his seat and listened to the trumpets, urging me to listen and to hear them, telling me to concentrate and that I’ll be able to hear them. I was looking above together with the Teacher and I concentrated and did hear some sounds but not clearly and I awoke. - -