New Light to the Rambam


For the sake of the Final Redemption (the Geula Shleima), the first text of the first Petal of the 13 Petals of the Book of the Rose (or Sefer Mishnat Haim) must contain an essential Binding between the Jewish Tradition and the New Tradition, in merit of the final chosen Goel, Haim. All matters of the Geula Shleima are new and yet they must be of the true Tradition of Israel, hardly an easy issue to get hold of. A starting point must be in reference to the Messianism of Traditional Judaism and the New Redemptional Tradition, in merit of the final, chosen Goel, Haim. A few sentences in Hilchot Melachim (the laws concerning kings) of the Great Eagle, the Rambam, peace be with him, serve this very purpose. He explains that aside from the belief itself in the coming of the Messiah son of David, and certain conditions that he must fulfill, the Tradition, when it speaks of how the Messianic revelation will be, merely creates great confusion. Only when that Final Redemptional revelation comes, will its substance become known and understood.

This short explanation of the Great Eagle became for us, pupils of the Tzadik Haim, after his death and resurrection into the Kingdom of Heaven, an unconditional obligation to expound on all that is in our power to explain of the Final Redemption. To this purpose has been written Or Hhadash La-Rambam, New Light to the Rambam.


The Five Tablets of the Pact and the Hherem Mi-Deoraita


There is, however, another indispensable and crucial purpose that must be accomplished on the first Petal. Its heaviness is unfortunately unavoidable. In order to proceed to the second Petal of the New Law of the Final Redemption, the only true monotheistic faith of all true Judaism must be clearly recognized. It is thus necessary to clarify and totally condemn the doctrine of Emanation of the book of the Zohar and all the so-called 'Kabbalah' that has issued from it. This is the purpose of The Five Tablets of the Pact and the Hherem mi-Deoraita, the Excommunication from the Torah itself of the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation.  This issue is not simple and it might be recommended to most readers who have no connection to these matters to go ahead to other Petals at first.



Introduction to Milhamot Hashem

Milhamot Hashem - Rav Yihyah Qafih


War against the Zohar


The Holy War against the Doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar
The Excummunication from the Torah of the false doctrines of the Zohar


The Five Books of the Pact - First Tablet - Moshe Rabbeinu


The Five Books of the Pact - Second Tablet - Yeoshua Bin Nun


The Five Books of the Pact - Third Tablet - The Prophet Elijah


The Five Books of the Pact - Fourth Tablet - Aharon


The Five Books of the Pact - Fifth Tablet - The Final New Pact


Behind the Large Iron Door of 770


Letters to Rav Berger


Prayer against Habad and against Emanation