Written by: Peretz Green


The Five Books of the Pact


First Tablet – Moshe Rabbeinu


Step 1 – (Exod. 20-2) 'I am the Lord, your God who has taken you out of the land of Israel' – this is the mitzva of faith. In truth the entire Torah of Moses and all his reception are included in the First Commandment of the Ten Commandments, and the details come after the First Commandment, for clearly faith is the first great foundation of the entire construction of the Torah.

December 30, 1998, Tevet 11, 5749, Heavenly Perfume, first day of the New Calandar of Leviathan.

Step 2 - We need not wait until the Second Commandment to enter the 'the Wars of God' for the purification of the faith. If for the sake of the power of faith the first great general mitzva could stand by itself as a fixed wedge in the heart of all the children of Israel, the pupils of Moses, our teacher, peace be upon him. This means that by itself one could come to know the desired actions before God, even without the other Commandments.

Step 3 – This is well-known in the words of the Sages, of blessed memory, in their comprehension of the Prophet Habakuk (2-4) who placed all the commandments as included in the First Commandment ' and the righteous person lives in his faith'. This is very important for understanding the special higher realm of the First Commandment by itself. The question arises: what is a Just person who lives in his (or her) faith if he still doesn't know the precious detailed mitzvot of the Torah?

A big question. It's easier to affront it by the inclusion of the 613 Commandments to the Ten Commandments since the other mitzvot can be built upon them. All the prohibitions of idolatry depend on the Second Commandments. All prohibited expressions referring to God depend on the Third Commandment, all the laws of the Sabbath depend on the Fourth Commandments, all laws of honoring people and derech eretz depend on the Fifth Commandment, all laws concerning killing depend on the Sixth Commandment, all laws adultery and forbidden fornications depend on the Seventh Commandment, all laws concerning theft depend on the Eighth Commandment, all laws concerning righteousness in testifying depend on the Ninth Commandment, all laws concerning righteousness in one's desires depend on the Tenth Commandment.

Step 4 – But how to establish them on one? If we exclude the last 5 commandments, we have Hillel's famous affirmation 'that which is hateful to you, do not do to another (Babli, Shabbat 31-1). Clear intelligence dictates that they are just for all people; thus they come after the commandment of faith, for even without faith they are understood and their strait logic is good and revealed to everyone. Most of the multitudes in these generations do not believe in the First Commandment while they believe in 'do not murder' 'do not commit adultery' 'do not steal' 'do not give false testimony' and 'do not desire that which belongs to others'.

Step 5 – Let's keep eliminating: the Fifth Commandment is rooted in derech eretz which existed before the Torah as derech eretz was the just pillar in people's behavior among themselves even before the Torah. Thus even without the Commandment of faith we would comport ourselves with derech eretz.

The Fourth Commandment is more difficult because it is not based on derech eretz. It's also a Commandment that is not understood as a just comportment in people's behavior and certainly people of the nations do not consider fulfilling Shabbat as Israel is commanded in it. Nonetheless the Manna answers to this; it descended in a double portion on Friday but on the Sabbath it did not descend. Thus if a person fulfills the Commandment of the faith to fulfill the will of the Holy One of Israel, he would understand the mitzva of Shabbat from the historical Manna of the desert, which is an astounding miracle of God Almighty. The going out of Egypt preceded the Ten Commandments so the exiting from Egypt be complete before the Commandment of the faith, and since the children of Israel didn't keep the Sabbath until they learned it, that essential study was taken from the Manna, in order to demonstrate to them the way of the holiness of Shabbat. The very existence of the Manna derives from the faith in God's Providence in every action of the going out of Egypt.

Step 6 – The Third Commandment ' do not invoke the name of the Lord, your God, in vain' (Exod.20,6) is bound to faith and derech eretz, for if it is prohibited to behave with lightness towards your peer for the sake of derech eretz, how much more so concerning the prohibition to 'insult' the name of the Creator of the world! This is an added sanctity in the warnings about the Commandments, but its essence is faith itself, and it's a clear thing to not use in vain the name of the One who said 'I am the Lord, your God, who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

The Second Commandment remains, and it's one of the two Commandments we heard in its entirety, and God didn't lighten our burden until both were fully commanded. From the Second Commandment that we know how to distinguish between the true faith in God's Oneness and between any other faith of idolworship. And how were we leaning on the First Commandment of itself, as the Just person who lives in his faith if we didn't know how to explain the intention of His Oneness, Blessed is He? In addition these first Two Commandments together represent the completeness of the mitzva of faith therefore we were forced to hear both of them! How then might we rely on the First Commandment by itself?

Step 7 – The fact is that that the Second Commandment is only the explanation to that which pertains to the faith so as not to come to error and it mentions prohibited idolatry and its punishment which in effect increases the reward for believing in the true faith.

In addition, faith is the great principle concerning redemption as promised to Abraham, our father in the Pact Between the Pieces, while in the Second Commandment all history is included until the Final Redemption. The 4 generations mentioned in it allude to 4000 years from Abraham, our father, father of a multitude of nations, chosen for his faith in the Oneness of God.

Therefore both the detailed mentioning of prohibited idolatry and the reward for correct belief, the Second Commandment is only a detailed explanation of the mitzva of Faith of the First Commandment. We do not find that God Almighty said to Abraham not to commit idolatry since 'Abraham believed in God and it was considered his righteousness (or as 'charity'). His faith in the Oneness of God, the Creator, prohibited any form of idolatry.

Step 8 – Such is the First Commandment: in as much as faith, with the realization of God's promise to Abraham in the redemption of Israel, one can stand solidly in that faith. The Patriarchs and Moses did not need the Second Commandment and all was accomplished by them without warnings against idolatry. It is understood by this that also the First Commandment includes in it all that which is prohibited as idolatry. For that which is positive in the faith will be the opposite of a negative side since all that which is not of the faith is in essence not the true faith. All this comes to explain that everything against the true faith, as detailed in the Second Commandment, is included in the First Commandment, thus also the Wars of God against other gods in Egypt. Clearly it contains all the miracles, wonders and plagues that the Holy One made against the Egyptian gods.

Step 9 - We say that the First Commandment is called the Reception (kabbala) of Moses[1] whereas the Second Commandment, in the forth section of this text, is called the Reception of Yehoshua bin Nune. Each Commandment of the Ten Commandments has a particular Reception of itself. Thus we said it's unnecessary to wait until he Second Commandment in order to enter the 'Wars of God' for the wars of God are against the gods of Egypt and against the theological falsehoods of the Hhartumei Mitzraim, against their magic and sorcery etc. all of which included in the First Commandment.

Step 10 - The first of Ten will always include the other Nine. The Zohar is the Kabbala of Moshe de Leon, from Spain, cut off (muhhram - excommunicated) for all that said about God's actions in the world, such as the redemption from Egypt, the splitting of Yam Suf and the revelation at Sinai are said in the name of Zeir Anpin of Atzilut which according to Moshe de Leon is Ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu, hhass ve-shalom, and that he is our God who says to us. I am the Lord, your God, hhass ve-hhalila.

Is there something that can replace the Holy One Blessed is He! Who dare claim such in his treacherous Zohar! Let's look at the Kabbala of Moses, magister noster.

Step 11 – For the Zohar, Zeir Anpin is the 'God' of the Torah who already has an Emanted Form with 248 limbs and 365 Cosmic Veins. The ein sof (the Infinite One did not descend on Sinai but re,ained above because it doesn't have limitations in order to be revealed as Zeir Anpin.

Atum of the 'hp;y gods of Egypt is greater than the limited Zeir Anpin, behold the Hartumei Mitzraim say of Atum that he was born of itself and afterwards he bore or created the other gods. Not so the 'restricted' Zeir Anpin born from his father and his mother Zeir Anpin, from the Partzufim above him. He, according to them. Is the 'God' who receives our prayers, God forbid.

Step 12 – These are purely idolatrous concepts. May that the Lord, our God, bless the neshama of Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh from San'aa Yemen who spoke the truth of the Torah in his true jealousy against the doctrine of Zeir Anpin. May that we merit to see the burning of all these idolatrous ideas and the excommunication of all their books, for this is the sin that impedes the true Final Redemption since there can be no true Redemption until the grain is sieved and the chaff eliminated.

Have we then no clear intellect! Has the wisdom of Israel become naught! Shall we count our gods and divide them into Emanated Partzufim! Are we to return to the gods of Egypt, Isis and Osiris who bore Horus, the god of the Nile from whom Pharaoh took his 'divinity'! Has Israel not yet stopped thinking about returning to Egypt to enmesh itself in their 'divine bindings'! Has Israel not yet been freed from the mixed-multitude! Will the rabbis not be awakened to distinguish other gods'. The Lord, our God, Blessed is His name forever, gave us the Torah and He alone answers our prayers and protects us.

Step 13 – How is one to serve an Emanated 'God' that has an emanated cosmic form born of its father and mother! Have we become similar to the Greek gods and to the other idolaters!

Spoken of, however, is a new form in idolatry which derives from the 'other side'! THERE IS NO ZEIR Anpin, no Partzuf Aba, no Partzuf Ema, no Arich Anpin that created the heavens and the earth. They did not redeem us from the land of Egypt for they are the house of slavery and the land of Egypt stands in its complicated idolatry from which we were redeemed!

Zeir Anpin has eyes and a form and image but we will not serve that which has eyes or a body, even if they claim that it's a cosmic god emanated before created existence.

Step 14 - Will you then measure from before the creation of the world the 'categories' of the 'God' of Bereisheet! Will you try to know 'his' 'categories' before He created the world yesh me-aien (Ex-nihilo)!

If so, then your souls are not bound to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or to the God of Sinai, for our God who chose His servant Moses as Goel has no categories or partzufim or emanated Sefirot, nor is He revealed Godliness 'lowered' in level in relation to the ein sof (the Infinite One). All these are 'foreign terms' erroneous and not desired before the Lord, our God.

It's written, (Gen.1,1) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This is the true Kabbala of Moses, magister noster: beit-resheet, two resheet, resheet is wisdom: the wisdom (hhochma) relative to the heavens and the wisdom relative to the earth. It's prohibited to think even with the most sophisticated and abstract ideas about emanated heavens before Creation. Such is against Tradition and every such term will limit Ha-Shem and separate into various categories. This isn't the tradition of the people of Israel, believers sons of believers.

Step 15 – Not in vain did Moshe Rabbeinu come out with very strong warnings against any thought of images in God Almighty, Blessed is He. The majority of prohibitions relate to idolatrous thoughts since a mistaken concept will cause a prohibited image in the mind that will cause subtle changes in one's thoughts that 'change' the true God in cleaver ways in a false light and with subtle images.

In the Second Commandment the term 'and every image' (ve-chol temuna) already includes prohibited images of thought, false opinions and untrue doctrines that bear prohibited images intellectualized.

I found 6 warnings in the book of Deuteronomy for who is wise must not be foolish to think that these ribuim come only in certain periods where idolatry needs be emphasized. For the prohibition is not only for fathers, sons, third generation and the punishment coming in the fourth generation since the sin of fathers and all idolatry is then completed. All idolatry in all periods are prohibited, from its beginning until its end. On the contrary its roots are more subtle because it's more intimate in one's thought and feeling.

Step 16 - If you teach that above the worlds there is 'god' Zeir Anpin you're giving your brain an image, even if they are 248 cosmic limbs, God save us from all such prohibited thoughts concerning 'He who said and the world was'.

(Deut. 4-15) 'Be extremely careful with yourselves, for you have seen no image in the day the Lord, your God, spoke to you at Horev from the fire'.

Was it not, however, already written (Exod. 19-20) 'And God descended on Mount Sinai (ibid.24-10) 'and they saw the God of Israel'. Those who believe in the false Kabbala will ask: Why can we not say that this is the image of Zeir Anpin? The Ein Sof does not descend or arise but is equal everywhere; thus what is revealed is his emanation after many contractions, the Small Contracted 'god' Zeir Anpin - -

 (Deut. 4-15) 'Be extremely careful with yourselves' for also in that day that God spoke to us from the fire and we heard His voice in a marvelous closeness, we saw no image! If in this case with such an amazing closeness in which Ha-Shem spoke directly with the whole nation and the whole nation hears Him, no image was seen, how much more so when He is not revealed that there is no image.

'Be extremely careful with yourselves' because a mistake in this has harmful consequences, God save us, in a person's nefesh, ruah and neshama, from head to toe. If you have entered their thought with an image, whether from above or from below as it states (Ibid. 20-3). 'that which is in heaven above and that which in the world below or in the water below the earth' you cause great damage to yourselves.

You who have stood and saw the incredible revelation at Sinai, the fire and the sound of the Shofar, and you heard the voice of God from close, you need a special repeated warning in order not to fall into error. For if you begin to think yourself wise in the wisdom that you received from Ha-Shem in His revelation at Sinai and you begin trying to describe what you saw, according to your mental images, then you will fall into idolatry and will serve 'images' (kol temuna).

Step 17 – And if those that stood at Sinai who saw and knew all this need such strong warnings, how much more so those who come after them. This is so since the sons that hear and read that their fathers saw the God of Israel when He revealed Himself, that they stumble and err after 'his image': (Deut. 4-16) 'lest you become corrupt and you make a statue, the image of whatever: the form of a man or the form of a woman'.

Nevertheless they transgressed and made 'Higher Images' above, God save us, and they mentally copulated with them in vain thoughts all day and night. May that EL SHADDAI separate from all Israel all such filth and impurity that has spread out among the children of Israel.

The Zeir Anpin also descended into its 'messianic form' to render the error to many simple Jews as well as to those 'smart in their own eyes' who boost about everything they do, and practice idolatry bringing down their whole stature into the photos and images of their mashiah-made Zeir Anpin, and committing idolatry at every step; their 'task' is to extend photos of their Rebbe. Such are the Hasidim of the Habad Movement involved in an idolatrous cult and they are excommunicated in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, even after the death of Menahem Mendel Shneerson. The sin of fathers (avon avot) of the Zohar has come down to its fourth generation. They are separated from all Israel until they repent and exit from it completely.

And they dare say that their mashiah was/is the Moshe Rabbeinu of the generation and was on the level of Moses, God forbid. Evil-doers are darkness. They are outside of the Torah and closed into the Hherem Mi-Deoraita.

Step 18 – They don't know into what trap they have fallen. All those photos of Shneerson whom they the Moses of the generation are hated before Heaven as are all the Emanated Partzufim of Moshe de Leon.

Their whole desire is to make 'converts' to their Emanated Mashiah. Of such a 'task' it states (ibid 23) 'Be warned lest you forget the pact of the Lord, your God, that He made with you, and you make a statue of whatever kind that the Lord, your God has commanded you (against).'

Stay far from those Partzufim; their impurity fools you and makes you err. They are impure doctrines and Habad's false messianism makes them err in thought, in speech and action.

Step 19 – Take heed that your sons and daughters do not fall into the trap, for if those knowledgeable in Torah have not distinguished between true Torah and the false Torah of Zeir Anpin, what might the young ones distinguish: (ibid. 25) 'When you bear sons and grandchildren and you are established in the land, and you become corrupt making statues in whatever form, you are performing evil in the eyes of the Lord, your God to anger Him'.

Step 20 - Nine and one: It's prohibited to interpret the Torah according to Ten Emanated Sefirot to which the Torah is absolutely not related. This is one of the reasons for which Moses broke the Tablets so that they be not taken as Ten Emanated Sefirot making them into 10 Godheads, God forbid. But nine and one begins with a non-counted ATUM who emanated the other nine and he's not to be served, just as the false Kabbala of Emanation puts the Ein Sof above all and in essence cannot be served; only when the world of Emanation reaches Zeir Anpin do they say that then is it served, for mitzvot and prayer. God forbid. (see this matter at length in Milhamot Ha-Shem of R. ElGafeh). For it's Zeir Anpin who has 248 limbs and 365 veins according to ther madness.

It's known that the Hartumei Mitzraim created the Ennead, nine gods and one (Pharaoh). Isis and Osiris bear Horus (who is also the Nile, and seemingly correlated with the word 'Yeor' the Nile – and Horus is also Pharaoh himself. This is Pharaoh's pretence to be 'divine'. Pharoah bathed in the Nile to receive the emanation of Horus and to bless the Nile. Only later Pharaoh was associated with RA-AMON and also in the Torah it corresponds to 'RA' (snake). Therefore the swallowing of the snakes of the Hartumim was also against 'RA'.

Step 21 – We come then to the plague of Blood, the first Plaigue. It's important to understand that the plague of blood was made on the waters of the Nile and then spread to a.ll the rivers; it was a general plague against Egyptian idolatry, sorcery, service to demons (sheddim) and star-worship. As the First Commandment was general to all the commandments, so too the 10 plagues in the Nile (Yeor) was a general plague to all the plagues.

What happened before the plague of blood was a general introduction to all the plagues (Exod.7,10) and moses and Aharon came unto Pharaoh and they did God had commanded them; and Aharon cast down his staff, before Pharaoh and his servants and it became a 'tanin' (perhaps crocodile). Acronym: Tafnut, Nut, Isis, Naftis: these were the favorite gods of the masses in that period especially in their houses. Tafnut was the goddess of dry air; Nut was the goddess of heaven above air; Isis was the mother of the Queen who guards the Throne of the King: Nafti was the goddess of the house. These 4 were more prevalently in the thoughts of the Egyptian masses, their air, their sky, their house and their mother.

In the Tanin made from the staff, Phataoh saw 4 heads bound to the service of these 4 gods and he was afraid of it , and thus (ibid.11) 'he (immediately) called to the sages, sorcerers and hartumim, and also the hartumim did so with their whisperings.

Step 22 – Mentioned here are sages, sorcerers and hartumim 'and they did' succeeding to imitate the sign of the crocodile in the wisdom of their star-worshippers, their sorcerers and their whisperings, for their sages made the tannin through demons, and the hartumim by way of received wisdom or alchemy in a large sense. Also the hartumim were experts in the wisdom of the stars, in sorcery, in star-worship etc. by way of the sheddim (demons) while the hartumim were the Priests appointed over Egyptian idolatry who ruled over the nation.

All this shows that the sign of the Tanin was general to all the kinds of Egyptian idolatry with its thousand fold bindings (ibid 12) 'and each one threw down his staff and they became taninim. Also they made crocodiles in their wisdom bound, as explained, with Tafnut, Nut, Isis and Nefti tying their names with stars known to them to send down powers from the stars and binding them together with demons of their service.

(ibid) 'and the staff of Aharon swallowed their staffs' not their crocodiles but their staffs which is even more amazing because if the Tanin of animal life swallowed their crocodiles this would be one species overcoming another but the staff is inanimate, not alive. Thus the staff swallowed the their staffs made with great star powers and with actions of demons etc. in order to demonstrate that all their powers are as nothing compared to the Higher Force of Aharon's staff.

(ibid 13) and (He) hardened Pharaoh's heart and he didn't listen to them, as God had spoken. And God said to Moses, the heart of Pharoah is hard, he has refused to send the people. Go to Pharoah in the morning, behold he goes to the water, and stand before him on the shore of the Yeor (Nile);and the staff that turned into a snake take in your hand'.

Since the plague of blood is general to the other plagues it requires some depth: if the Tanin comes against Tafnut, Nut, Isis and Nefti, the plague of blood is particularly bound to Isis and also to Horus who is bound to the Nile itself while Pharaoh is the tenth god in the image of Horus.

For the Egyptians the Nile itself was considered a 'god' and the water itself was considered the source of intelligence aside from its being the source of physical life.

It's thus understood that the plague of blood was the source of the intellect, the water itself was impure in idolatrous ideas born from human intellect and guarded by the hartumim. There's always a great difference between the doctrines guarded by the priests of a religion and between the ideas of the masses; the cults of the masses in their homes are different from the concepts of the ruling priests. The plague touched the people who wanted to drink and they couldn't find water, that is, all Egypt whose lives depended on the waters of the Nile. For them the Yeor was a god, Pharaoh was a god and the water of the Yeor were the waters of Isis from whom was born Horus. Thus the water of Isis turned into blood; instead of giving life it was furnishing menstrual blood! Isis was the great Mother of the Yeor and of Pharaoh and thus the mother of all Egypt. For the Hartumim she was the Emanated Mother who ruled over all her sons and daughters and, according to their understanding, she was made by ATUM, as ATUM in their eyes was the highest god born of himself who 'emanated the other great gods. In essence Isis is similar to the Emanated Mother (Partzuf Ema) of the Zohar, and their service to her among the masses was similar to the cults of Catholicism's Mary, the Cosmic Mother who gives them life. In the Zohar she is the cosmic emanated mother who bears Zeir Anpin which according to the 'Hartumei ha-Zohar' is Ha-Shem, God forbid for this historic final error which touches the blood-faith of Israel. In Christianity the Trinity is between the 'Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit' while the Holy Spirit is the Mother who sheds her Spirit on her children. In the eyes of the Egyptians, Pharaoh was the Zeir Anpin emanated from the higher gods Isis and Osirus, and his birth came by way of the waters of the Yeor. In Buddhism Buddha corresponds to Zeir Anpin, the important emanation among all emanations of the 'infinite god' and he has the form of a man with many arms. Properly he, according to them is the 'emanated god' who gives life to people below (and they serve him (Buddha) and not the 'higher god' who emanated him, similar to the Ein Sof of the Zohar). Thus the Buddhists do not say that they serve 'god' but an emanation from the infinite source, Buddha, according to their understanding emanates the spirit of life upon them in order to elevate them outside of the lowness of the physical world) The doctrine of Zeir Anpin is identifiable but at least the Buddhists do not call Buddha god.

The turning of the water into blood was thus a general opposition denying the relationships of the waters of the Yeor, higher waters and earthly waters; included in the plague of blood are the 10 Egyptian gods: Isis, Nefti, Atum (non in his higher form but in another emanated form) Geb, Osiris, Shu, Nu, Tafnut, Set and Horus (Pharaoh). With the turnover of the waters of birth of Isis to menstrual blood, all the gods of Egypt were smitten from Isis to Pharaoh, king of Egypt, in order to lower and completely confuse their ideas and doctrines.

Step 23 – In The Message of the Archangel Gabriel it states that the root of their error of their service is alluded to in the word YEOR. I'll try to clarify the message: they sought the YOD in order to swim in its Light (OR) instead of seeking the Light that comes from the YOD.

The YOD is hidden wisdom, not something understood by itself but 'received'. If something is revealed, as is the Halacha, it is given as a command or as a saying that proclaims the law and it is decisive. For example: Halacha le-Moshe mei-Sinai is as the YOD – this is received wisdom which cannot be doubted and nothing in it can be undone. The entire Torah is the Divine Wisdom that Moses, our teacher, peace be upon him, the head of all Sages, brought to the children of Israel and the entire Tradition of Israel is founded on this reveived wisdom. Nevertheless, after the wisdom is received there's place to try to understand it and such understanding has diverse aspects and approaches. Therefore there's also place for discussions and various opinions among the Sages of Israel for all this is part of understanding without there being any digression from the received wisdom. Arguments come because there are 70 faces in interpreting the Torah without exiting from the generalities of the received wisdom.

One can see thus in the term YEOR also a positive aspect if we say that the YOD is received wisdom and OR as understanding without seeing here something pejorative. We have here received wisdom and comprehension. What then is the sin of YEOR of which the archangel Gabriel assesses?

Notice that it's not ORI (my light) but YEOR: one's searching comes after the YOD in order to find the light and not the searching for the light in order to find the YOD.

The pain of the last generations has been not to search the light that comes from the Torah (as it should be, that is: understanding in order to perceive the light but rather the acceptance of hidden things that cannot be received in a revealed way) forgetting that the hidden things are to the Lord, our God and not for us. The concept is not simple. The Torah is of Moshe Rabbeinu, peace be with him, who knew hidden things! But (Psalms 8, 5-6) 'What is a person that You remember him or a man whom You have commanded and have made him (slightly) less than ELOHIM!' Moses was 'ish ha-Elohim' and the Sages explain (devarim raba 11, 4) that on Sinai in his going up to Ha-Shem, his upper half was 'ELOHIM' and his lower half was a man (ish). Ish in scripture also means 'angel' for in his ascent his body was not a body as all others, if it had been it would have required bodily needs which was not the case, 40 days and 40 nights without eating or drinking: no bodily needs. The ascent itself was impossible in a natural body. Thus 'ish' is associated with an angel as (Gen 37, 15) 'and a man (ish) found him' in reference to the archangel Gabriel. Here in the case of Moses, an angel invested itself in Moses in order to maintain his body, for in his ascent to heaven and his speaking to God, he knew or felt nothing about the state of his body.

Moses was the most humble man in the world and he didn't seek hidden things. He didn't even want to be God's messenger to Egypt for reason of his great humility. Moses was humble and tamim in his faith and he was chosen for his humility to ascend above and to receive the Torah directly from God Almighty.

His destiny was not as that of Aaron who had resided among the Levites in the land of Goshen until the period of the plagues. Moses had grown up in Pharaoh's Palace and was as a son to Pharaoh and as such from a young age he was educated in all the idolatry of the Hartumei Mitzraim which was considered a great privilege, only for kings, princes and the higher ranking in the House of Pharaoh.

The Teacher Haim explained that in every class in which Moses was placed, he arose above his teachers in understanding as from his nature he was extremely intelligent. For reason of his humility, notwithstanding everything he took in regarding wisdom and understanding, he didn't become conceited or arrogant or think himself important. On the contrary, the more his knowledge grew, he lowered himself even more and didn't consider himself anything. The Tzadik Haim explained as a first principal in all his lessons that the entire Torah rests on the humility of Moses, peace be upon him.

Moses studied and arose above his teachers also in matters of the stars, the 'secrets' of star-worship, the 'secrets' of demons, the 'secrets' of magic, the 'secrets' of Hieroglyphics, and all the theologies of Hartumei Mitzraim.

Step 24 – Moses was redeemed from all their ideas and from all their brain-traps, for he was blessed from the womb and guarded by God. Moses, magister noster, was very wise and in all he did he measured his actions and his speech before doing something. In his wisdom he went above the Hartumei Mitzraim, without being influenced from demons, or star-worshippers or in all the relationships of their gods. He saw it all and learned it all and after every level of knowledge his wisdom would annul their wisdom and destroy its foundations. Therefore his teachers did not know how to answer his questions and in this way he arose above them.

Nevertheless, Moses didn't seek hidden things nor did he desire them. But his wisdom and his soul arose above the darkness to the light that brought him closer to his roots.

As said, Moses was expert in all the 'spiritual worlds' of Hartumei Mitzraim and he knew how to bring powers from the stars, how to perform the actions of the star-worshippers, how to prophecy in that context and how to be bound to the spirits of the stellar influences in the physical images made by the Hhartumei Mitzraim.

In spite of all this, he was low-spirited in himself and showed respect to every man and woman, and his heart was filled with mercy for other people and on animals and even on plants and inanimate life. He respected all but not more than the appropriate respect.

Step 25 – Moses didn't raise his head before anyone else but held his head slightly inclined. He was faithful in his speech and his heart desired the good of others and he was very afraid to do anything wrongful towards others. Moshe Rabbeinu, 'alav ha-shalom respected all life and especially people, the chosen ones of the world. He was humble and wise and did not seek hidden matters.

One should remember that the redemption of Israel from Egypt isn't bound to the knowledge of hidden matters but to 'and God said to Moses, strike or stretch, and Moses obeyed the will of God' (Deut. 29,28) 'The hidden things are to the Lord, our God, and the revealed things are for us and our children forever'.

Also the Prophets did not seek hidden matters. They prepared themselves (generally) in sanctity, in the permission of their teacher, as the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who was the head teacher of the Prophets in his days. After him Elisha became head, and they didn't enter into hidden matters (and most certainly not into such unfounded theologies as Atzilut, the World of God's Emanations). They prepared themselves in sanctity and with severity they sanctified themselves in the service of God until they were able to receive visions and prophecies (generally by way of dreams, but sometimes while awake). Each one followed the path received from his teacher, also some secret matters bound to the spirit upon them. Those are secrets but they are not called hidden matters but rather a reception among selected individuals such as is the Oral Torah which was handed down and not written.

Step 26 – Whatever is spoken about before 'bereisheet' such as emanations before the creation of the world, speaking of levels, categories, Sefirot, Partzufim and everything related to them, is an error that issued because they didn't obey the verse 'the hidden things are to the Lord, our God'. All that which is above or before the creation of the world are 'hidden things'. The hidden things are to God and not to us, blessed is His name forever, and if not for His great mercy upon us always, who would be justified before Him!

Nevertheless, our service to God is to try to be justified before Him, Blessed is He, with positive thoughts, with simple true faith felt in one's heart. But how might we justify ourselves before Him if we dare speak about 'his cosmic construction according to his contractions (tzitzumim) and his emanated Partzufim before the creation of the heavens and the earth!?

There's no greater shame for the neshama before Ha-Shem, Blessed is He, and those souls will not be able to justify themselves because they have entered a zone which is sealed as 'the hidden things are to the Lord, our God. Nevertheless, the children of Israel will realize afterwards what had been hidden from their eyes and will search out the reasons that great scholars of the Torah fell into terrible idolatry without knowing it.

Step 27 - They will dig into the sources as did Rav Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh and will take lessons from our texts which are sealed by the Hidden Tzadik, Haim ben Moshe from Sana'a Yemen, and they will understand the sin of fathers, the sin of Emanation in the Book of the Zohar. Then will return the plague of blood against the Pharaohs in all their waters, and all their waters, their hidden teachings, will turn into blood and it will be seen to all that their waters are blood, and that it's prohibited to drink from them, for it is impure blood from the waters of the wisdom of the Egyptians, and this whole idolatrous sin will be revealed in its source from Isis to Pharaoh in the form of Horus born in the sin of YEOR of the Book of the Zohar. Then the rabbis will stand up and will place all those false doctrines in anathema and they will understand the Hherem MiDeoraita of this Book, the Five Tablets of the Pact that sustain the true Tradition of Israel's faith. For every word they've spoken concerning emanation is the exact opposite of the true tradition of Moshe Rabbeinu, peace be with him, both in the written and oral Torah.

Here's an example of what the 'Kabbalists' consider water but is in truth impure blood, and that anyone knowledgeable in Israel's Tradition will affirm directly from the Torah that this is impure blood and disgusting and not water. I cite here from a small sefer 'Kabbalah and Hidden Torah, written by Gilad Shadmon, based on the lectures of Michael Liteman, a Kabbalist of a group called 'bnei baruch' in Bnei Brak, in the name of Baruch Ashlag whose son carries on his father's work, Yehuda Ashlag, author of the Sulam on the Zohar:

Page 43: In the preceding 2000 years they needed Torah to a certain extent, Therefore a Kabbalist, called Moshe Rabbeinu, wrote what he perceived and he called it Torah, our Pentateuch. He wrote it a particular language. The Torah speaks only about higher spiritual worlds and what happens in them.

This book 'KabbalaTorat ha-Nistar' is closed into this Hherem MiDeoraita. The whole group of Bnei Baruch from Bnei Brak are excommunicated in this Hherem MiDeoraita, and all the writings of Rav Baruch Ashlag and the writings of Yehuda Ashlag are muhhramim, muhhramim muhhramim in this Hherem MiDeoraita.

Step 28 – The sin of YEOR is that of desiring to worship 'god' in order to comprehend the YOD of his name; the YOD makes them err demonstrating 'I'm the YOD and my number is 10; they fall into the trap of YEOR and say that the Infinite One doesn't reach the Nile, this because they desire an Emanation divided into 10 categories so as to know the name of each category and to receive a more detailed image and enter the 'hidden things of 'God'. Very, very subtle is the trap of YEOR until its true color is revealed. In the plague of blood all their wisdom, understanding and knowledge will see menstrual blood before them and will not be able to drink from all the rivers bound to the Nile, that is all the currents, movements and doctrines that derive from the Zohar, all of them from this impure source that searches out 'god' according to 10 divine categories rooted in the YOD according to their false doctrine.

Step 29 –For reason of the sin of YEOR in its root they erred in the number 10 and 'conceived' 10 Emanated Sefirot in 'him'; they returned to the sin of YEOR and to the other idolatrous doctrines of the Egyptians in their 'other side' application that issues from the Torah interpreted on a false basis. And this has a tremendous force in this Fourth Generation until in the end of this period all of its theology will be burnt out and eliminated from Judaism.

So great is this sin of Ten notwithstanding the great importance of this number that an historic sign comes in the Last Days for an historic testimony, a tremendous sign that will correct its sin and this is the breaking of the first Tablets with the Ten Commandments. So did Moses do in his descent from the mountain because a sign was needed in order to break the false Tablets of the 10 Emanated Sefirot.

Step 30 – All this sin and great confusion would not have happened to Israel if it had followed the true simple faith instead of hidden vanities, for it was said to all the nation on Mount Sinai (Exod. 20-2) 'I am the Lord, your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage'. Thus I am the Lord who did all these actions to your eyes for a testimony to the generations and this must be your belief. I did not ask of you 'hidden matters' which are not in your boundaries. Therefore if you exit from the boundaries and you try to arise to the higher waters of hidden things you will fall into the sin of Egypt that begins with the plague of YEOR and all your waters will become blood as you will become entrenched on the bindings of the gods of Egypt. If, on the other hand, you walk in the true simple faith and the love of the One Living God, then you will be of those who receive His promises and the rewards hidden for those who love Him and fear His name (ibid. 5) 'who does kindness with the thousands, to those that love Me and keep My commandments' Amen and so may it be.

Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One


First written Hanuca 1984

[1] All the Pentateuch is the Kabbala of Moses but the First Commandment is a special level whereas the Second Commandment is representative of the level of Yehoshua bin Nune, more detailed explanations for the sake of the people.