Prayer against Habad and against Emanation


Have mercy, o Lord, our God, on Your people Israel, and save Your nation from the sin of Habad and from the sin of Atzilut[1] (Emanation) and save the rest of the children of Israel, for they do not know; they are closed off from understanding the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation and the evil of Habad. There are many good and innocent people who love good for Jews and for the State of Israel. Awaken Your people to search out the roots of evil and to stand up against Habad and against the Doctrine of Atzilut of the book of the Zohar and against all the false Kabbala. Amen and so be it.

[1] Atzilut refers to the 'World of Emanation' which according to the 'kabbalistic' doctrine is the highest of the 4 worlds that contains the 'Divine Essence', God save us. According to this deviating and idolatrous doctrine, adopted by the Hassidic Movements such as Habad, as well as other religious Jews, God is emanated in a 'Divine World' before the Worlds of Creation, Formation and Action, God forbid.