Written by: Peretz Green


The Five Books of the Pact


Third Tablet – Elijah



(Kings 1, 17, 1) "And Elijah the Tishbi from Tishbi Gilad, said to Ahab, 'the Living God of Israel before whom I stood'".

This place in Tanach is the beginning action of the Propphet, the 'angel of the pact' blessed is his mentioning in that which was given from Heaven to be revealed in writing. This verse is a general introduction, a particular announcement according to which only the higher hidden prophets have such a soul to be able to stand on such a level before God, even before other people in the world when it is necessary 'a time to act for they have violated Your Torah.

It's not our task to explain what is known in Talmud and Tradition on the very high level and miraculous actions of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, for the sake of Israel, and in the long run for the sake of the world as is known that the Geula Shleima comes by way of his announcements.

In the course of history many legends have been, expressed and many created popularly around the Prophet Elijah. The Teacher Haim did not let me indulge in those agadot and withheld me from great confusion.

For 7 years the Teacher Haim sealed into my heart the Torah of Moshe Rabbeinu and his holy qualities and awaken me to 'eish dat lamo' (a law of fire is it too them). Afterwards for 6 years had me enter a 'sanctified' room (in the house I was living in) in order to begin to know the pleasant ways of the Kedusha. I did not, however, enter into higher levels. Nevertheless, compared to others I was separated.

I will not elongate here. A Donkey is far from the levels of Tzadikim and yet he does see things that others don't see because he does not enter the intellectual confusion of people. He is not a Prophet but the prophetic dreams of the Final Redemption descend to the Donkeys. Compared to Tzadikim he is blind and deaf as Meshullam servant of God. But back now to the 'angel of the pact, Elijah the Prophet, of blessed memory.

Elijah the Prophet did not die and in every generation he is the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim but not in their number. This isn't revealed in Tanach but the verses in Kings help us understand a few important events that do reveal the great level of the Prophet Elijah: his decree against the rain for his anger against Ahab, his staying in the house of the poor widow from Tzarfat and resuscitating her dead son, his sacrifice on Mount Carmel, his killing the prophets of Baal, his going in secret to a cave on Mount Sinai in order to conclude his mission in this world, his being head of the Prophets and the handing over his Tradition to Elisha his pupil. These are most essential and they are known from Kings.

In all these, the Prophet Elijah is the true 'kanai' (jealous one) to God and it's known that the source of jealousy is rooted in Pinhhass. Some of the Sages opined that the Elijah was Pinhass himself who did not die. The Tzadik Haim clarified the matter: Elijah received the soul of Pinhass not that Pinhass lived until the time of the Prophet. The soul of Elijah in his time received the soul of Pinhass in merit of the true jealousy to God. Thus the completeness of the soul that received the 'pact of peace' was completed with the Prophet Elijah. The pact of peace received by Pinhass was also a physical completeness from which his soul received a great level. After several hundred years that soul was born in Elijah the Prophet for his particular historical purposes and in that completion the Prophet Elijah did not die.

This is 'the Living God, the God of Israel, that I have stood before Him': this refers to the neshama of that had already stood before Him in the act of Pinhass. 'the Living God of Israel' – the soul says, 'as He, Blessed is He, is Eternal Life forever, so I stood before Him and received the pact of peace, to always be alive, also in a body.

(ibid 2-3) 'And the word of God was to him saying,"Go from here and turn east, and hide yourself in the rivulet Creet which faces the Jordan.

'Go from here' go away from your state of nger and return to your preceding state of hidden elevation so that you conduct the pact (Creetcoret brit) that binds the interior levels of your particular soul.

This was the beginning of his historical task of the 'angel of the pact' (Malachi 3, 23) Behold I am sending to you the Prophet Elijah'. When he entered the rivulet Creet he entered into the pact of peace for the historical purposes intended for him historically..

(ibid. 46) and you drink from rivulet and I commanded the ravens to furnish you there: and he went as God had spoken, and he went and sat at the rivulet Creet in face of Jordan. And the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening and he drank from the rivulet.

The simple meaning is clear but its inner meaning refers to the entrance into the pact already sealed unto his neshama. What are the ravens that brought bread and meat? It alludes to the harsh things of the Hidden Suffering Tzadikim throughout the generations, as explained that the Prophet Elijah is the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation who live in their righteousness and their jealousy for God, and there closes in on them the doors of sustenance until they must say before Him 'Blessed is He; my sustenance is from the rivulet Creet and You sent your ravens so that I not die.' So the Tzadikim reach until death in their tribulations, and Ha-Shem remembers the actions of the angel of the pact and his jealousy and sends thin bread and thin meat so that they die not from hunger.


The Tablet of the Prophet Elijah

(Kings 1,18,21) Until when will you stand on two fences, if to the Lord, God, go after Him and if to Baal, go after him, and the people didn't answer.

Step 1 – Also the Prophets (as Amos, Hoshia (Isaiah) stood up against thick syncretism that prevailed in those periods but the Prophet Elijah most forcibly to Israel on his sacrifice on Carmel and he put before them the tremendous dilemma If the Lord is God, go after Him and if Baal go after him. The confusion was so great that the verse declares openly that the people had to stay in their silence and could not answer. They were devoid of any clear answer.

Step 2 – Syncretism means the mixing of more ancient practices and combining them with the faith of the Torah and falling into idolatry. This term os also used for the pagan beliefs and Christianity as many nations took on the previous gods to become 'Saints' of the Catholic Church.

Step 3 – Without explanations of the Prophet's affirmation it isn't simple to understand; we, however, associate it with the Final Pact and the Hherem Mi-Deoraita against the doctrine of Atzilut that the majority of the Sages and Rabbis in the past 450 years have adopted erroneously, Most of the Tribes of Israel in that time were convinced that there was no contradiction between their service to Baal and the service to Ha-Shem. For them Baal was the force of growth of what was planted and its fruit, the force that gives successful produce in the field. They served its power for their agriculture. So fixed in their thoughts concerning the force of planting that even their belief in the copulation between Baal and Ashtoreth for 'fertilization' did not appear contradictory to faith in Ha-Shem.

Step 4 - They certainly thought that service to Ha-Shem also brought to the fertility of the earth in quantity and with blessing but since they were accustomed to serving Baal, the interfacing between the two seemed to them just since they were farmers who worked the fields without realizing that service to Baal brought to promiscuity and sexual prohibitions. The Baal was a symbol of masculinity (as Baal Peor of Moab) and Ashtoreth was a symbol of femininity. This led to aberrant sexuality and to 'sanctified' harlots .

They didn't distinguish between pure service to Ha-Shem in purity of thought and deed and between service to Baal that led to an uncouth spirit and distorted actions. Important for them was their produce.

Step 5 – The Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, is one of the great souls chosen by God Almighty. He was also the prophet given to open the Final Redemption in its time and to bring the reconciliation of the hearts as well as the prophetic signs of the Fourth Generation that precedes the periods of the Redemption. The sacrifice that he made on Mount Carmel doesn't astonish us for itself as does the purpose of that sacrifice in the attempt to separate the people from its terrible error which had already settled in their blood ((Kings 1,18,21) "Until when will you stand on two fences, if to the Lord, God, go after Him and if to Baal, go after him, and the people didn't answer. So radicated were they in that belief that even Elijah could not save them. Therefore he no longer wanted to continue his service to God in this world and he desired to arise to his place, declaring that he was not better than his fathers before him. As his fathers had not succeeded, he too had not succeeded. Because of the importance of that action, the Sages established to say 7 times at the end of Kippur, the holiest day of the year, 'God is the Lord'.

Step 6 – Why just this expression 'ha-shem hu ha-Elohim' against syncretism has been placed at the end of the Kippur rite? If one who serves Ha-Shem serves Him correctly he will not fall into idolatry against the will of God. Nevertheless, not every moral failing leads to idolatry. The Teacher Haim explained the verse (Deut. 32, 17) 'and they sacrificed to demons, not God, gods that they didn't know, new ones come recently, your fathers did not measure them' that it's not to be taken out of context and one must not associate it with morality or philosophy; it speaks of idolatry properly, not on something similar to idolatry. It's syncretistic for it's not speaking of sorcerers who call to sheddim and know to whom they calling but to those who think they are calling to Ha-Shem and in truth are calling to demons.

Step 7 – This verse in Haazinu alludes to a terrible mistake in which a Jew believes he is calling to Ha-Shem but in truth his prayers descend below and are taken by sheddim, 'they sacrifice to demons and not to God'. This is stunning but one must examine the words after it 'new gods'. How is it possible that the children of Israel didn't have the force to recognize 'new gods'? The verse itself is strange in expressing the fact that 'your fathers did not measure nor know them'. 'Your fathers obviously refers to the Sages, of blessed memory. If they had recognized this sin of idolworship, they would certainly have cleansed it out of Judaism since it's against the faith of the Torah. But because they were recent historically (less than 800 years ago) and were linguistically 'new sets of gods' (of Emanation), the Sages had not known this 'new kind' of idolatry in its new Emanation-language-frame. Then the prophecy gives us an historical time-frame for the punishment of that sin of new gods. It's correct that Moses' prophecy give a sign of its time-frame since it was 'recent'. Without an allusion to its historical time-range, the 'come recently' would give no indication of when. Thus the prophecy declares that in the end will come a 'goi naval' (an evil nation) to punish them for they had fallen into the sin of 'new gods' which rendered the nation as if without God.

Step 8 – Moshe Rabbeinu is the Head of all Prophets and he saw what will be in the Last Days that ends with the Shoa, Because of the sin of Atzilut, ba-avonot, the Jewish nation remained without God, and if Israel is without God there is no reason for its existence; what can the Torah help if the people is without God, what's left is death, God forbid.

Nevertheless, even if we say God forbid many times, we cannot deny the Shoa and the 6 million Jews killed and there is no other sin that answers to such a holocaust as that of going against the true God and exchanging Him with another god or other gods, 'gods they did not know, new ones come recently' from the impure Book of the Zohar and the limitless error contained in it. It's, of course, not easy to perceive how Israel thinks it is serving Ha-Shem when in truth it's sacrificing to sheddim! In the Prophet Elijah's time, but also before and after him, the people of Israel got confused in its concepts of God – as when it worshipped the Baal and thinking it equal to serving Ha-Shem and in recent history believing in the Divine Emanations of God before creation and thinking it as a true doctrine of the faith. In both cases the Jewish people must again learn that God is the Lord and no other, not the former Baalim and Ashtaroth and not the emanated godheads and the pantheon of Partzufim and Zeir Anpin and Nukvei.

Step 9 – The Sages that fixed this expression that not mean to be a moral or philosophical concept, as said, but of a proper knowledge that Israel takes on, the Sages and Studious of the Torah in particular, to descend without knowing it into an idolatrous concept.

Behold, even if the Hachamim didn't know of the sin of Atzilut they did know the words of Moshe Rabbeinu in Haazinu 'new gods that your fathers did not recognize'. They could also have understood that this prophecy of Moses refers to the end time for Israel after which come the times of the Geula Shleima. The Sages well knew that the words of the Prophet Elijah are bound to the people of Israel and he opens the Final Redemption in the end. They have realized that 'God is the Lord' exists until the end time and that this is a necessary warning and correction so that the Geula Shleima come for Israel and for the world.

Step 10 – The time of the Time has Come has already come opening the generations of the Geula Shleima, Blessed is God Almighty, and the Goel Haim has been chosen. He was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation and he suffered a long, excruciating 'sacrifice' which was a necessity for the sake of the world and in his death he was chosen by Ha-Shem, Baruch Hu, as the final Goel of Israel and the world, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven for the Geula Shleima. The final Goel comes together with the Prophet Elijah who brings the prophecies of the Fourth Generation and of the promised Reconciliation. From the death of the Tzadik Haim there began to descend corrections for the Jewish people, for Christians and for Muslims). Required was the great correction against the Zohar and the whole doctrine of Emanation as explained by Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElKafeh in Milhhamot Ha-Shem, a precious book which will acquire a great name in the coming generations.

And in what will you end your Kippur? The word of the Prophet Elijah is turned towards you: For how long will you stand between 2 fences? If the Lord, God, go after Him and if the emanated Zeir Anpin go after it.

Step 11 – 'come recently' – in the last 750-800 years, the Sages weren't able to decipher correctly the 'emanation language' because they didn't know it. They erred without understanding to which 'god' the Zohar relates and all that issued is not the Lord, our God. The people of Israel are in great error, dark and sinister; it sits in darkness without the possibility to distinguish; they call to Partzufim and emanated Sefirot and they believe in their existence and think they're calling to Ha-Shem. In truth they are sacrificing to sheddim who receive their prayers and bring them down to the levels of demons. They take pleasure in them and dance to their 'clarity', they laugh at their distorted lights and swim in the Partzuf Atik Yomin, Partzuf Arich Anpin, Partzuf Aba and Ema and their gods Zeir Anpin and his wife, the new Ashtaroth Partzuf Nukva. This is not the Lord, our God but pure idolatry and only by mistake they consider such to be Ha-Shem, ba-avonot ha-rabim!

Step 12 - 'Until when will you stand between two fences'! Separate and know what is here and what is here; the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, has arrived with the revelation of the Goel Haim. The time is sad for bnei Yisrael, the days cry for the mental closure, the months protest with lamentations and the Sabbaths complain for the false doctrine that will eventually be burnt. How will you be purified from Hametz when emanated Sefirot are in your blood. On what will you drink 4 cups of wine when you have descended to the sin of fathers, sons, third and fourth generation and their words are hateful to God, for your intention is to Zeir Anpin and not to the true One Living God.

They have husbanded you, you have uselessly spilled seed on your whole body and you rejoice in your emanated gods while you have left the poor Infinite One (Ein Sof) alone and have not turned to him for He is above and exists only for Himself and not for you. For you, instead, He contracted himself with myriad contractions so that you not be involved in his infinity. He emanated ten thousand emanations in order to husband you so that you no longer recognize the true God.

Step 13 – Call to Him, lift up your voice; perhaps He will answer you and receive your prayers. Listen to the voice of the Prophet Elijah: God is the Lord, not Zeir Anpin. Sound the Great Shofar for the day is coming and the day of Kippur atones for sins.

Step 14 – Time is moving forward, o Israel, and you're behind in knowledge and you believe in emanated levels before maaseh bereisheet! In truth this idea is foolishness and it has no meaning just as the Christians who believe that a man is God! But the brain distorted in such a false faith is outside of any true logic and true words cannot enter 'the people answered naught'. What shall we say and what will we tell? Ha-Shem has closed us all into error so as to use clemency with all of us in the end with the knowledge of the Geula Shleima. Then will we exit from the errors by way of the Corrections sent by the Goel Haim, and God Almighty will use clemency with all of us. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Step 15 – Thus the statement 'for how long will you stand on two fences' has an important place in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita since Elijah the Prophet is different than all others in relation to the Final Redemption. Elsewhere we've explained the sin of the tree of knowledge, the sin of the generation of Enosh, the sin of the Tower of Babel and the sin of the Golden Calf and the breaking of the Tablets but we hadn't explained the standing between two fences (poshhim - plural) expressed by the Prophet. After the first redemption the people fell into the sin of the Golden Calf, Before the Final Redemption the people falls into the last terrible sin of the golden calf (mainly the heads of the people and Torah scholars), the faith in Emanation.

Step 16 – Moshe Rabbeinu and the Prophet Elijah represent the completeness of the Final Redemption in Malachi (ibid. 22) 'Remember the Torah of Moshe My servant' and (ibid 23) 'Behold, I am sending to you the Prophet Elijah'. In Haazinu we explained 'new gods' on the sin of Atzilut. The standing on two fences said by the Prophet Elijah completes an important matter for the Correction of Atzilut.

Step 17 – DIARY: 2 days ago I received a harsh correction-dream from the Goel Haim. He gave me his hand and said ironically, "You succeeded". With fear and almost trembling I asked, "In what did I succeed, Moreh?" The Teacher answered, "in hhutzpa" (uncouth behavior). I was ashamed, repeated the word and woke up. - I tried to understand my sin from this extremely severe rebuke. I realized that on Shabbat, because of the extreme heat I was reading with a bare chest from a certain book that interprets Tanach and I hadn't kept the proper modesty. The lack of modesty in holy matters is considered hhutzpa.

Step 18 – What is the New Pesah of the Final Redemption? Noda dreamed in 1987 that Ha-Shem Baruch hu said 'In the first redemption I redeemed Israel from the Egyptian idolatry. In the Geula Shleima I redeem the world from idolatry'. Pesah is liberty. God, Blessed is He, redeems people who merit from that which enslaves them. It's known that God fought against the idolatrous gods of Egypt. For explanations to this see The Message of the Archangel Gabriel, the 10 plagues against the 10 main gods of Egypt that correspond to the 10 Emanated Sefirot in the Zohar. Of the Golden Calf we explain more in depth that concerning it even Aaron became confused and, until he saw the outlandish actions of those who served the Calf, he thought that the calf might be included in service to Ha-Shem, and he said (Exod. 32, 5) 'a feast to Ha-Shem tomorrow' (hhag le-ha-Shem mahhar). If Aaron had understood that it was idolatry he would not have said such.

Step 19 – The two fences, if to Ha-Shem or if to Baal, expresses the kind of idolatry that the Prophet desired to eradicate from its source clarifying that those who believe in Baal do not see the contradiction between serving the Baal and serving Ha-Shem. This is similar to the Logos of Christianity and to Emanation of the false Kabbalah (as I wrote this last sentence there was a tremendous noise from the kitchen; a shelf had fallen and plates were broken. Noda said happily 'the trap has been broken and we have been saved' (ha-pahh nishbar ve-anahhnu nimlatnu) Traditional Christians believe that they are serving God and do not see the contradiction since they don't understand it. Likewise the Jew who believes in the Kabbala of the Zohar thinks he is serving Ha-Shem and doesn't see the contradiction because he doesn't understand it.

Step 20 – These two categories go to the roots of idolatry and when they are destroyed by understanding the error also the other categories of idolatry fall away and are annulled. There is hope since their explanations are intelligible and are based on the true Tradition. Those who believe in a false faith is because they have received such from others not that they received the falsehoods from their intellect. Christians believe in the Church and in the Priests who taught them and Jews believe in Sages, of blessed memory, who erred in the false Kabbalah and they taught it to others. Very strong therefore are the words 'if you believe in Ha-Shem go to Ha-Shem and if you believe in Baal go to it. Do not rely on the idea that all is to the service of God; it is not so.

Step 21 – (Kings 1, 17 to 40) (17) 'And when Achab saw Elijah, Achab said to him, "are you then the one who befouls Israel'! (18) 'and he said, "I have not befouled Israel but you have and your father's house in your abandoning the commandments of God and going after the Baalim". (19) "and now send and gather to me all Israel on Mount Carmel; and the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophetesses of Ashtaret, those who eat at Isabel's table". (20) 'And Achab sent to all the children of Israel and gathered the prophets to Mount Carmel'. (21) 'And Elijah approached the whole nation and said. "For how long will you stand between two fences, if God is your Lord, go after Him and if Baal go after him". And the people did not answer a word'. (22) And Elijah said to the people, "I have remained a prophet of God by myself, and the prophets of Baal are 450 men". (23) Be it given to us two bullocks, and they will chose one and cut it and place it on the wood without fire; and I will do the other one and I'll place them on the wood without fire. (24) and you will call in the name of your god and I will call on the name of Ha-Shem, and the one who answers with fire, He is the Lord. And the whole nation answered saying "It's a good thing" (25) And Elijah said to the prophets of Baal, "Choose your bullock given to them, and do it first since you are the majority" and they called in the name of their god and they did not light it with fire. And they took the bullock given them and they called the name of Baal from the morning until the afternoon saying, "Answer us"! There was no voice and no answer. And they stepped over (pashhu) the altar that he made'. (27) It was now in the afternoon and Elijah made fun of them and said, "Call with a louder voice, for he is God who has speech and understanding, and he has his way, perhaps he's asleep and he'll wake up. (28) 'and they called with a loud voice and they grouped together (va-yitgoddedu) as is their law, with swords and spears until blood was spilled on them, and they prophesied until the time of Minhha but there was no voice and no answer and nothing heard'. (30) And Elijah said to the whole nation, approach me, and the whole people approached him; and he set up (va-yerafeh) the altar to God that had been trampled. 'and Elijah took twelve stones as the number of the tribes of Jacob – to whom the word of God had said to him Yisrael will be your name'. (32) 'and he built from the stones an altar in the name of Ha-Shem; and he made a ditch in a space of two seahs of seed around the altar' (33) 'and he arranged the wood and he split the bullock and put it on the wood'. (34) 'and he said, "Fill up 4 pitchers of water and spruce them on the altar and on the wood; and he said, "Double it" and they doubled it, and he said, "Triple it" and they tripled it. (35) 'and the water circled around the altar and also the ditch was filled with water'. (36) 'and at Minhha time Elijah the Prophet approached and said, "O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, today will it be known that You are God in Israel and I am Your servant; and according to Your words have I done all these things". (37) "Answer me o Lord, answer me, and all the nation will know that You are God, the Lord; and You turned their heart backwards". (38) 'and the fire of God descended and consumed the holocaust and the wood and the stones and the soil and the water in the ditch as dry dust' (39) 'and all the nation saw and they fell on their faces and they said, "God is the Lord, God is the Lord" ' (40) 'and Elijah said to them, "Catch the prophets of Baal, let not one of them escape: – and they took hold of them and Elijah brought them down to Nahhal Kishon and he slaughtered them there.

Step 22 – The Prophet Elijah is the holy prophet loved by God for his jealousy for the true faith in the One Living God against all worship to Baal. He slaughtered their priests and left not one of them. This may not be easily understood in our times because of modern concepts of 'kindness' but the gravity of idolatry requires total purification and this does not change in time.

(ibid 15) 'and God said to him, "Go, return to your way in the desert, Damascus, and anoint Hhazael as king over Aram (16) And Yehu ben Nimshi anoint as king of Israel; and Elisha ben Shafat from Avel Mehhola, anoint as a prophet in your place. (17) And the one saved from the sword of Hhazael, Yehu will kill; and the one saved from the sword of Yehu, Elisha will kill. (18) and I have left in Israel 7 thousand, all the knees that did not bow down to Baal and every mouth that did not kiss him".

Step 23 – I dreamed this morning (August 2015) about 450 religious Jews marched and protested against me because I dare say the truth. I was almost alone and only a few Jews were on my side. - - In reality I do not raise up my voice except in the writings of the Geula Shleima.

All those of you who believe in the Zohar and its theology and all the false Kabbala that issued from it are standing on two fences; you wanted to kill me because I curse your Zeir Anpin who has become your Divinity, God save us, and you are bowing down to emanated gods thinking that you are serving Ha-Shem.

True, in our times no one stands up to slaughter the prophets of Baal but we are getting close to the second part of the Fourth Generation and Ha-Shem said 'in the Geula Shleima I redeem the world from idolatry'. Don't think that spoken of is only of the Christian nations or most of the nations and Jews are exempt. On the contrary, did the Prophet Elijah go to other nations to fight against their idolatry? You, children of Israel who believe in Divine Emanations are now in the position of the kingdom of Israel at that time and faith in Divine Emanations is not only prohibited but it renders invalid and poisons the rest of the nation. It's not possible that the doctrine of Atzilut not be destroyed from all Israel because Israel has no true existence that remains in time together with this false doctrine.

Step 24 – The situation is difficult, we have no permission to speak to the religious even though so many are in error. But did you not say that Aaron was saved through the prayer of Moses although he himself had not served idolatry and didn't understand that idolatry until the very end. Yet this was for the sake of justifying even great rabbis of these last generations such as Haim Vital (Solly saw in a dream that 'Haim Vital walked in holiness (darco ba-kodesh)' notwithstanding the terrible errors in his writings) the Gaon of Vilna, the Malbim etc. etc. who walked in holiness.

This justification exists and let's remember that concerning Aaron, the prayer of Moses helped half-way and 2 sons out of 4 were saved but the Torah doesn't hide the fact that Aaron committed a grave sin (hhet gadol) and 3000 had to be killed by the Levites for their sin.

It's not unlikely that the fact of Aaron came to help justify the Sages, of blessed memory, in these later generations many of those who fell into the grave idolatrous sin of Atzilut. Moses at first burnt the Calf until it became dry dust because it was totally impure. The rabbis stand on two fences and don't recognize the doctrine of Atzilut which must be burnt out of Judaism completely. 'and I left 7 thousand, all the knees that did not bow down to Baal and every mouth that did not kiss him.

This now is the last generation before the Geula Shleima, the generation that 'every kind of end is in it'. Who will not be afraid!

Step 25 – DIARY: 29 Menahhem Av, 14 August 2915: Noda dreamed someone that we know, a good person but unfortunately who never married; in the past few years he served as shamash in the Synagogue in Milan. One of his brothers became a Habad, Noda and he spoke together. She asked him how he felt and he answered, "Thank God, I feel good and now I'm happy with my life especially since I look at the intimate relations of my brother with his wife. Noda said, "How disgusting is the Book of the Zohar" and she woke up. –

Readers will understand afterwards how much our writings are prophetically connected to events of the past. Here the faith in Emanation of the Zohar is similar to the idolatry to Baal and to Ashtaroth, and their intimate relations fructified the fields so they thought it was a good thing to think about their divine Baal copulating with Ashtaret his wife. They had felicitous thoughts about this, not only for the growth of plants but also for the incremented sexual stimulation. This caused a tremendous descent against the will of Ha-Shem who hates promiscuity.

Step 26 - 14 August 2915: a second dream, a terrible and frightening vision that shows how subtle but grave is idolatry and how much one must be careful. In the dream 2 or 3 men came to visit me to pray together. I said that now it was possible to bow down to the 10 Sefirot since they are already corrected and correspond to the Stars of the Redemption and there's no longer any problem. Noda was extremely upset and didn't agree absolutely. Then there was a Jewish woman who asked Noda her name and she answered, "Noda, as in the verse 'Noda bi-yehuda' (known in Judea)". The woman didn't accept this and said in English 'neck' and added, "This is what makes the binding" (as if explaining the word as 'nodo' (knot). Then they were in the Supermarket with 6 cobs of corn.

Step 27 – A dreadful Correction. In the New Rite we have the Triple Meditation of 127 Stars of the Redemption. Within these Stars we have 3 Nunes mentioned, the fiftieth Star called the Star of the Neck (the letters of Pharaoh which becomes the Star of Yehoshua bin Nune; then the 119th Star of the Neck that becomes the Star of the Nune Finale of Shushan; the 120th Star that by mistake I considered the Star of Logos and of Atzilut that becomes the pure faith of the Nune of Leviathan. Comes the dream with a mistaken name said by Peretz in order to reveal this dark and grave error. If the Logos and Atzilut become pure faith, God forbid, then, after the Correction and change-over, the Logos and Atzilut would exit from their prohibition to be bound to the Stars of the Redemption, a terrible and grievous mistake. Thus the woman in the dream comes to give the proper version for the Star of the Neck: the Star of the Neck becomes the Nune Soffit of Leviathan since the Star of the Neck returns and establishes the true binding for the 3 Nunes.

Thank God for this Correction that straightens out the way of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. The 6 cobs of corn have the orange-yeoow color that represents the New Sanctity; thus the Correction is for all Six Completed Signs. Interestingly this dream came exactly on Friday, 14 August between the second and third 'aliya, being that the third 'aliya is particular to the Geula Shleima in the third name 'EHEYE' in name of the purification of the true monotheistic faith.

Step 28 - Do not continue with copulations of Emanated Sefirot of the Zohar and with all the 'spiritual pleasures' that derive from contemplation of their bindings. They bring only to the impurity of the heart and brain. These are disgusting to whoever knows the truth about false prohibited pleasures to those that fall into its trap. May that you get out of it all and be freed from it and that you apply to yourselves the verse, 'Be tamim (of a simple heart) with the Lord, your God'. Amen and so may it be.

Step 29 - Be as simple as small children. Have fear of God! Would you then tell the people around you to fulfill the will of God and then you explain that the Infinite One contracted Himself in myriad Emanations and emanated the World of Atzilut before He created this world; and that He proceeded to emanate Partzufim (Divine Aspects) and the Emanated Sefirot. Is this your faith?! These are all lies that anger the heavens for the Hidden Things are for the Lord, your God and the revealed things are for us and our children forever. And He said 'Be in perfect simplicity with the Lord, your God'. And the Mishna (Bavli, Hhagiga 11beit) proclaims the prohibition of taking into scrutiny what is above, what is below, what is inside and what is outside. – it's prohibited to entertain such thoughts and ideas and in truth none can fathom hidden matters before Creation.

Step 30 – God is the Lord, not Zeir Anpin. The Kabbalists are mistaken with Emanated Partzufim before the creation of the world. It's a lie and nothing true comes from it only 'other gods on My face'. And they say that every Partzuf is 'pure godliness' (Elahut). O dear Jews, the great and terrible day of the Lord is getting closer. Take away this idolatry from the people of Israel. Return to the faith of Abraham, our father, and know, o generations that are coming the true jealousy of the Prophet Elijah: God is the Lord, amen.

Now the new way has opened with the coming of the Goel Haim who is directing all matters of the Geula Shleima from the Kingdom of Heaven. The Teacher loves and teaches the true, simple faith of the heart to Ha-Shem. The people have become confused without being able to distinguish the true faith from the false faith. Therefore the New Time has come. The Goel Haim comes together with the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, to announce and direct humanity in the true faith because the confusion is great and a new beginning is needed for the 'ALEF' of the name 'EHEYE' in the Sign of the Great Faith, in the Sign of Purification from the errors of the past. Great Faith is needed to overcome the obstacles and the error couldn't be corrected without the chosen Goel loved by the Lord, our God.

On the first of August, I had the privilege to see the Tzadik in a dream (August 16, 2015). He had white hair shining from his head, also his beard was shiny white. He said to me, "What do you think, that I am a traitor? I am not a traitor"! He then descended from a wagon with a child of 8 years old, perhaps a pupil of his and on the face of the child there were 3 scars, not very small. - -

The promises of the Final Redemption have been revealed in the past 32 years, wonderful Completed Signs and important studies. The Goel Haim is not a traitor, God forbid and nothing will be missing from all he has promised by way of he Completed Signs and all that he has accomplished for the redemption of Israel and the nations. The child is a sign of the present time and the Fourth Generation must yet be passed, with scars but he will live and be saved.

In merit of the Goel Haim Ha-Shem establishes the verses (3) Harken unto Me, house of Jacob and all the rest of Israel, burdened from the womb. (4) Until old age am I and until seiva (from 70 years old) do I support; I have done it and I will carry it out and I will bear it and I will save' (Isaiah, 46: 3-4).

Awaken all the house of Israel. God is the Lord. EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, You haved the world from idolatry since You promise and fulfill. Save Christians that they know 'God is the Lord' and not poor Jesus. Save the children of Israel from the dark and hick error of Divine Emanations. Give over new understanding, in merit of the Goel Haim, to all the nations, on the condition they leace their past and receive the pure monotheistic faith and cling to the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, Amen and so may it be,