Written by: Peretz Green



War against the Zohar




chapter 2


Gnomen 88[1] - Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik: Jan. 24, 1999, Shvat 7, 5759, Heavenly Perfume 26: After reading the booklet "Kabbalah, Torat HaNistar" (Kabbalah, the Hidden Torah, in Hebrew) written by Gilad Shadmon, I have taken permission from the Final Goel, Haim, to excommunicate this entire group and to include it in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, although, in essence, the School of Kabbalah at Jerusalem in the name of the late R. Judah Ashlag, author of the Sullam (the Ladder) is already included in the Hherem etc. This terrible booklet, however, demonstrates clearly a ‘level’ of its own, a pharaoh level that must be destroyed and annulled from all Israel and its potential victims saved.

Gnomen 89 - It is in counter-position to the 5th Universal Star of the Sign of the Stars. This is extremely important because until now the sin of the Book of the Zohar in the Hherem goes until the Hated Fourth Generation of Habad. We know, however, from the Completed Signs, that the Fourth Generation that is bound to the 4th Displaced Star, is always doubled (and then quadrupled); the doubling, for example, is for Jews and for the Nations, or, concerning the corrections of idolatry, the Hated Theology of all Traditional Christianity and the Hated Theology of the Book of the Zohar in Judaism. With the Hated 4th Generation of Habad, the cycle of the Sin of the Book of the Zohar was not yet complete. It still needed the Second or Doubled-Sign of the Hated 4th Generation. This Doubled-Sign corresponds, on the negative side, to the Sign of Binding the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star from which results the coming of the 5th Universal Star, the Star that Astounds (also the Star of Malchitzedek and called the Star of Christ for the sake of saving the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel) in the Great Sign of the Stars of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 90 - This can be compared to the 4 Gospels, with its Hated Fourth Generation Gospel of John. That Fourth Hated Level of the theological idolatry of Christianity is Doubled in the theology of Paulus but with changes of a ‘universal’ nature that render it more acceptable to the nations to which Paul was messenger. Paul completed the cycle, in doubling the Hated Fourth Generation Theology of John and in bringing that theology out on a universal level. Therefore the Universal Church of Christianity came out of Paul, not John. The 5th Universal Star, so to speak, eats the Bread of the other 4 Stars and bakes the Bread-rolls in its own oven, in such a way that the Bread can be given over to the world, even to the masses of the nations.

Gnomen 91 - The language of the 4th Gospel is thus entrenched in its mystic garb of the ‘logos’, not given to direct comprehension but rather to abstract reflection and mystical enthusiasm. The 4th level solidifies the substance of the False Language in course and brings it down to the earth-level of the spirit, meaning words and expressions formulated to express its meanings. This is the Logos-level of John’s theology, removed from the relative simplicity of the first 3 Gospels. From the beginning of the first Gospel the true theology has fallen, in the mouth of the Baptists’ ‘children from the rocks’ descendants of Abraham etc. (Matthew, 3: 9) but the solidification of the false theology in course is sealed only in the Fourth Gospel.

Gnomen 92 - The doubled Hated 4th Generation of Paulus has eaten the logos in his way but he does not bake bread from it directly since it is too high for the masses. He points, instead, to the Son-of-God Language more easily assimilated by people. His speech, too, is direct, not as a prophet or the giver of messages from the oracle, but as Apostle and friend of the people. John’s Jesus was the theological Son-of-God because he was the Logos. Paul’s Jesus was the theological Son-of-God of all people. In this you can see the Hated 4th Generation: 1) doubled, 2) returning to the ‘simplicity’ of the first Gospel and 3) extending to a universal level.

Gnomen 93 - Thus the mystical connotations of John are, in Paul, transformed, for example, into the active experience of receiving the new spirit of the eternal Christ. John remained in the Jewish fold, searching out his Jesus in the Torah and Prophets. Paul thought of getting his bread out to the nations. It was, however, Paul that turned the language of the Torah into the dead-language that had to give way to the newly resurrected language of the Doctrine of Christ.

Gnomen 94 - John had completed the killing of the true theology of the Second Commandment but Paul separated (even with gyration linguistics more complicated in essence than John’s but with resulting conclusions that were simplified) his Christianity from the language, law and tradition of Israel. It was Paul who firmly established the barrier between the Synagogue and the Universal Church of Christ.

Gnomen 95 - In any case, for the sake of understanding the 5th level (after 4 levels of sin) on the negative, idolatrous side, it represents a thick attempt of clearing away all past history so as to pin-point the present new form for the masses. Paul, in order to simplify his theology for the masses, cleared away the Torah and the Law and Tradition and all past history, bringing humanity up to the time of the revelation of the Son of God.

Gnomen 96 - I was thus wondrous to see how the new fifth level of the Hated Sin of the Book of the Zohar (after the 4 levels) had taken its form, to be able to study the astute simplification required for clearing away all the complexities, diatribes, confusion and historic divergences that the false Kabbalah had undergone in its 400 year course until its extremely sophisticated Hated Fourth Generation Habad form (The fourth level). I found that but even more, as Paulus in his time, but much more subtly, even here, the Torah has gone and Law and all Tradition! Just wait, we’re still at the beginning of the discussion.

Gnomen 97 - Thus the Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar is now for all, even young children from 9 years old should begin to get used to studying the Higher Emanated Worlds. The 5th level of the false Kabbalah of the Zohar has opened the doors to the ‘highest secrets of the spiritual worlds’ to all people and even to all peoples, at all levels and in all walks of life. So claims Gilad Shadmon that every person in the world can now become a Kabbalist if he so desires; one must have only the strong desire to receive the light of the higher spiritual worlds while studying the Book of the Zohar in the School of Ashlag’s Sullam. And Shadmon’s sales-pitch has no limits in that ‘the very purpose of all creation is that the souls come to their final correction by way of the light of the Book of the Zohar by which they can come to participate constantly in both this world and in the higher worlds and know only delight and pleasure’.

Gnomen 98 - Yet there having been so many Kabbalists and so many ‘schools’ of different trends of Kabbalah, how can one know where to turn? Simple now! There are only 3 Kabbalists that should interest you: Shimon bar Yohhai who received the Book of the Zohar (hhass ve-shalom), Yitzhak Luria (the work ‘Etz Haim written by his pupil R. Haim Vital with the Ashlag commentary) and Rabbi Judah Ashlag who was sent into the world to finally bring the Book of the Zohar into the language that the souls of this generation are able to receive. So forget about all the other Kabbalists since they didn’t know how to speak to this generation of souls! Simple! Within 3 to 5 years of study, you will be both in this world and the ‘other world’ (‘olam ha-ba!) and all the problems of your existence and even those of your past and future existences will be resolved forever.

Gnomen 99 - More simple than that! Well, he adds in an underhand side-paragraph, it’s true that the other Kabbalists, for the most part, were accused of false theology concerning the Book of the Zohar, well, yes, they made an error and therefore they were accused since they believed that the forms of the higher spiritual worlds were actually enclosed in the physical object referred to; thus the spiritual ‘hand’ actually was ‘found’ in his physical hand, thus creating limited images which in reference to God are prohibited by the second commandment. All this is so but it happened because they did not study the method of Judah Ashlag.

Gnomen 100 - It is simple, explains Shadmon. The physical object does not contain the higher spiritual form but is only the last result of the higher spiritual world. The name of the object exists so that the Kabbalists, in their quest to bring the higher spiritual forms that they see, feel and know in the higher worlds, into the level of human language, use the language of ramification (‘sfat ha-’anafim’). This means that they are not really describing what they see but are using the term which binds it to the term of the physical object which is itself the final ramification of the higher spiritual world which is its source. Only this concept must you understand in order to make no mistakes, as the former Kabbalists, but once you have reached the higher spiritual worlds, you will then see the matter on the level of truth and you will no longer be able to err. May that God save us all from such simplicity! In any case, let me simplify: it is similar to the Protestants when they explain that their concept of the Trinity is the true one, not the concept of the Trinity of the Catholic Church!



Chapter 3


Gnomen 101 - For Gilad Shadmon, it is therefore quite simple that so many thousands of Kabbalists of the past 400 years have erred in ‘concretising’ the Creator by believing that the higher spiritual worlds existed within them. They even became healers and miracle workers, well recompensed, he says, because of that grave error. They had not yet understood that the ENTIRE PURPOSE OF CREATION is to reach the HIGHER EMANATED WORLDS OF THE BOOK OF THE ZOHAR. Then other rabbis and Torah scholars made the mistake of saying that one must at first study the whole Torah and Talmud and Poskim before entering the study of the Kabbalah. This was because of that error and thus they were afraid that Jews fall into dangerous mistakes in the faith, but the way of Judah Ashlag makes it impossible for one to err.

Gnomen 102 - What is a Kabbalist, he asks, and who is a Kabbalist? Très simple, messieus et madames. The Kabbalist is one who receives the Higher Spiritual Lights of the Emanation. All those who desire to ‘receive’ those worlds can become Kabbalists. Abraham was the first Kabbalist constantly walking in the higher spiritual worlds, and from what he received, he passed down in oral Kabbalah. Another Kabbalist whose name was Moshe Rabbeinu received what he was able to perceive and he wrote the Book of Kabbalah known as the Five Books of Moses. (Of this Booklet of Pharaoh arrogance and foreign trash, the filthiest can be seen right here in his speaking about Moses, our teacher!) It is simple, you understand, all Scripture, all 24 books of Tradition and all the Talmudic, Aggadic and Halachic Traditions are Kabbalah and, in truth, he explains, they all refer to the higher spiritual worlds of The Emanation. The difference is only in the language used. In past times it was possible for individuals to reach those heights by those means but now only by means of Ashlag’s Sullam on the Book of the Zohar is it possible to reach them.

Gnomen 103 - And as to your making a choice, it is simple. This purpose of reaching the higher spiritual worlds of the Book of the Zohar is the ‘ultimate purpose’ of every soul and only in this way can it receive its ‘final correction’ and no longer have to migrate in future gilgulim (incarnations).

In other words, avoiding to say it openly, Gilad Shadmon is asserting that the Higher Spiritual Worlds of the Book of the Zohar are the Final Redemption; Judah Ashlag was the Zohar’s Messiah, the Last Great Kabbalist, who brought it down to the level of the souls of these generations and Gilad Shadmon together with Internet is now the Donkey or White Horse of the Geula bringing it to the 4 corners of the world!

Gnomen 104 - It’s as easy as pie. Who would not come to eat such a delicious cake! Even Judah Ashlag’s soul itself has been totally simplified so that no one make mistakes or complicate matters by trying to understand who he is. His is the Triple-Soul, as Gilad Shadmon reminds us in the name of those Kabbalists who know that the same soul (God forbid!) went at first into Shimon bar Yohhai, then it came down again in the body of Yitzhak Luria and finally it landed right in the body of Judah Ashlag. So don’t waste your time with Torah and Tradition and Law or even other Kabbalists and don’t forget to buy your Zohar now. You can order it at $$$$$$$$ Kvutzat Baruch, Bnei Brak.

Gnomen 105 - Oh, what simple fun. You can destroy and deface the entire Torah Tradition, written and oral, with this teeny-weenie booklet ‘Kabbalah, the Hidden Torah’ of Gilad Ashlag!!! And yet until now I know of no insane-asylum adapted for this new type of spiritual imbecility. Stand up, o Israel, for the honor of Moshe Rabeinu and burn down the Final Golden Calf that has now entered the final stage of its universal expansion until it will be burnt down and destroyed forever!

Gnomen 106 - DIARY: Yesterday morning I woke up with 2 dreams containing bloody signs and smelly-neck signs. The bloody signs were on the under cheek and chin of my father, Morris Green, peace be with him, and the smelly-neck signs were on my neck, which disturbed the Tzadik Haim on whose left side I was walking.

These were negative signs that the Blasphemy, Idolatry and Arrogance at hand had pharaoh proportions and that it’s sin was blocking the true ‘reconciliation’ Signs of the heart and the brain.

Gnomen 107 - In the first dream, I saw my father, Morris Green, peace be with him, who was extremely anguished and there were blood cloches under his chin and cheek. He complained bitterly that when she, my mother, (Ann Green, peace be with her) said to him that from then on they would be only friends, that is what had so pained him and made him suffer. I remember trying to say something to my precious mother about Dad’s suffering on this account but she remained in her decision and in the luminous isolation of meditation and prayer that surrounded her.

I believe that, thank God, my father and mother have been in the Higher School of the Final Goel, Haim, and that they came to give me the signs that I need to complete this Correction, God willing.

Gnomen 108 - My father showed me how the relationship of husband and wife became painful when reduced to the level of friendship, especially since my father was relatively young in the dream and so too my mother and he needed his wife. My mother’s attitude, however, in contrast to the heart-felt suffering of my father, was very cool, indifferent isolation not wanting to be disturbed in the light of her meditation. (these scenes are completely distant in every sense from the reality of their life in this world; in truth my mother was as warm hearted as can be and my father was anything but the crying type, but in this dream they are giving me and us Signs). -

Gnomen 109 - On reading Shadmon’s propaganda booklet, I was dumb-founded and surprise-struck by the Dianetics-like coldness and the Siberian temperatures of every sentence. There is not one word spoken to awaken the love and fear of God, nor does it contain anything which speaks of love, charity and compassion for others. On the contrary, Shadmon establishes, perfectly against the Torah and Tradition ‘that even if one does good actions with others, it is only for egoistic reasons’ ( and consequently it is worthwhile to use that egoism in reaching one’s higher soul by entering the higher spiritual worlds!) and thus he coaxes his readers to explore the ‘scientific’ system of methodical Zohar study. Gilad’s city of cold-blooded killing has little to do with the coldness of Habad doctrines and attitudes so aptly wrapped up in and enmeshed with a very sophisticated linguistic Torah-filled system of falsified walls to cover the terrible ice hiding underneath.

Gnomen 110 - I was stunned by the isolation into which the new linguistic, all-Zohar, a little Luria and all-Ashlag school had fallen because of belief in its own light and its own power to resolve all problems without any need for any other part of the Jewish people. Its separation from the language of Tradition here is not subtle. It coldly undoes all traditional meaning and strips down all normal concepts in the insatiable blackhole of its disgusting inner spiritual arrogance ‘a Kabbalist whose name was Moses, our teacher’. There is no true respect for anyone or anything, only for the Book of the Zohar with its Ashlag-Double!

Gnomen 111 - My father, whose name is also Moshe, shows me here the anguish of the Torah in its having become separated from the true Tradition, the Tradition of the true Spiritual Marriage between the God of Israel and the chosen people who walk in the holy Tradition. My mother whose name is Hhana shows me the total indifference to the feelings of others, as is instead the fulcrum of the true Torah, in that false, isolating light of no-return. This group, without their realising it, obviously, has exited from the true marriage union and from the true conditions of the Pact of the Torah and from the simplicity of the faith in which we are commanded and which is the richness of our inheritance. They are no longer the Bride, Israel, in a Spiritual Marriage to the God of Israel by way of the Pact of the Torah. They are isolated in a false illumination that renders them as ‘platonic friends’ of the Torah and Tradition.

Gnomen 112 - They need nothing else because all is in the Book of the Zohar and can be reached by the Ladder of Judah Ashlag. They are ‘friends’ of Tradition, nothing more, because in any case, the Patriarchs, Moses, Elijah the Prophet and all Tradition only came for the sake of reaching the spiritual levels of the Higher Worlds now reached by the Zohar-Ashlag team. It’s the end score that counts, no! Kifrut[2]!

Gnomen 113 – It’s not by chance that the correlation shown me here is given by my beloved father and mother. I, as their son, am given to see the ‘separation’ between the wisdom of the Torah and between the ‘understanding’ of the Torah and Tradition, as it states ‘Listen my son to the Traditional Teachings of your father and do not abandon the Torah of your mother’ (Proverbs, 1: 8)[3]. The wisdom of the Torah and the understanding (Oral Tradition) of the Torah each have their qualities but only together, as husband and wife, are they complete*. My parents show me how this union is ‘falsified’ and they indicate the ‘separation’ that in truth occurs in the false lights of Aba and Ema[4] of the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 114 - Because of what they believe to be ‘understanding’, the illumined comprehension to which they reached, they have separated themselves from the true wisdom of the Holy Torah revealed by God Almighty to Moshe Rabbeinu, ‘alav ha-shalom. After that, in a second dream, the Final Goel, Haim, gives me over the sign demonstrating that the bad odour is in the neck.

We have received it that the Neck of Pharaoh[5] is of a particular ‘star’ between the Tribunal of Mordechai and Queen Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, as we learned during the ‘terrible’ signs of the Correction of the Passion of Christ, connected to the impediment of deification and arrogance of this star. Its falling and its breaking[6] signified the reunification of the Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai Ha-Tzadik and the Constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, opening the way to the New Tablets of the New Law of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 115 - This sign of the Tzadik Haim thus indicates the 5th level sin and the totally falsified linguistic structure that it expounds, represents a ‘bad odour’ still emanating from that hard-necked Pharaoh Star. During the Christian Correction it was in the Hated Fourth Generation of the idolatrous Christian deification deriving from John. After it, however, there is a revival of the sin in counter-parallel to the 5th Universal Star at the level of Paul’s Christianity. There the Pharaoh Star of Separation is again ‘hopefully’ awakened to the sound of a ‘new language come to finally justify the intentions and purposes of the Book of the Zohar. As in Christianity, the destructive and pernicious fallen tongue of Paulus stood on the other side of that fifth level, bringing with him a ‘new language’ for his new Christians. That new tongue of Paul derived from the ‘other side’[7] of the Star of Malchitzedek.

Gnomen 116 - The ‘bad odour’ of the Pharaoh-Neck of this last hated level of the sin of the false Kabbalah impedes the true Reconciliation of the heart and the brain needed for the true Reconciliation of the heart of fathers and sons of the Final Redemption. May the Holy God of Israel cut down this raging Zohar-monster and tear its eyes out of its sockets and split it into pieces for the sake of maintaining the clear intelligence of every son and daughter of the Jewish people. Amen.

Gnomen 117 - I, Paul (Peretz) Green, thus place the Book of Kabbalah - Torat Ha-Nistar written by Gilad Shadmon and all that which is associated to it, under the Hherem Mi-Deoraita, on the authority of the Final Goel, Haim. It is the 26th of January 1999[8], Shvat 9, 5759, Heavenly Perfume 28, Castelnuovo Magra, Liguria, Italy, Via Provinciale 50. This is in the power of the Beit Din of Mordechai ha-Tzadik of the Final Redemption, on the authority of the Final Goel, Haim. This text of Gilad Shadmon represents, God save us, the extreme arrogance and exact counter-position to the humility of Moses, our teacher.

Gnomen 118 - We, pupils of the Teacher Haim, must try to understand the Signs given. The Neck of Pharaoh means that the 5th hated level is the Kshi Oref, the Stiff-Necked sin of this period. The blood and boils on my father’s chin means that the sin has become so crude and coarse and the innocent victims so many that their sin has come up to awaken the Judgement of God to save and to redeem His people Israel, as in the time of Moses’ going to Pharaoh which was the apex-period of Pharaoh’s arrogance. Thus the Signs of the Plagues here. The ‘separation’ of my father and mother where the ‘wisdom’ of the Torah is falsified by way of a ‘friendship’ level instead of a ‘marriage’ level with the true Tradition of the Torah, gives the explanation of the result of the sin of Yeor[9], the illicit ‘occult’ Divine unions of the Ten Emanated Spherot in the waters of the Nile-Zohar. We are in the moment of the true opening of the Holy Wars of God against the false Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 119 - In Shadmon’s radical linguistic assimilation, simplification and total falsification, more than in any other book on Kabbalah until now, the clearness of separation from the true Tradition cannot be missed by anyone who is knowledgeable in the Torah. This has its good side in being a recognisable enemy but, on the worse side, unfortunately, it means that the enemy has taken its decisions and doesn’t search for its victims among all those who ‘represent’ the Tradition in any way. Only those who are not knowledgeable in the Tradition will fall! It is, of course, the sin of the Book of the Zohar that has to be destroyed. Shadmon’s text is only the last drop that sets off the judgement after the pail has already been filled to the brim. With the last intolerable manifestation of the ‘fallen tongue’ of the Giladi, the judgement goes out from the beginning of the sin of the Book of the Zohar and until its present, last, arrogant manifestation of the Kabbalah, torat ha-nistar.

Gnomen 120 - Noda dreamed this morning that after going to the neighbour across the road, when she wanted to return, a large crocodile was blocking the road. - - The Plague of frogs was from the Nile and in Tradition it is said that the crocodiles were formed from the frogs that returned to the Nile at the end of the Plague. This Sign (aside from confirming this opinion in Tradition) completes the Sign of the Sin of Yeor.

Gnomen 121 - It is equally relevant that the Sign of Pharaoh is representative of the Tenth Level; he was the Tenth god of Egypt and the tenth plague related to him directly and his household, although he himself was spared so as to witness the rest of the fall of Egypt. Pharaoh is the stiff-necked, deified King of Egypt, the divine king of the divine kingdom, Egypt. When the 5th level of the sin is reached, also the tenth level is reached because it is doubled, as, for example, the 5 levels of idolatry in Christianity and the 5 levels of the sin of the false Kabbalah in Judaism.

Gnomen 122 - Thus the tenth and final stage of the sin of the false Kabbalah has arrived. The correspondence to a tenth level in the writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim has come in the dream of Giuseppe above in which I received the Sign from Giuseppe to write 2 volumes on Wisdom, Ancient and New; wisdom is the Tenth Virtue in the Completed Signs.

Gnomen 123 - What we are seeing is the Pharaoh Kingdom that is blocking the true redemption and impeding the reconciliation of the hearts. Elsewhere we have explained that the sin of Yeor was to make the ‘Wisdom’ (YOD - 10) of the 10 gods of Egypt, ‘the binding light’ (YEOR - YOD OR) of Comprehension in Egypt. Pharaoh himself, the tenth god, was the ‘Binder’ of this ‘Union of idolatrous ‘Wisdom’ (the theological doctrines of hhartumei mitzraim[10]) with ‘Comprehension’ (mostly the religious rites and the popular beliefs around them created and formulated by hhartumei mitzraim). The ‘Union’ was made by Pharaoh every morning by his immersions in the Nile. In that Union, Iside, goddess of fertility, joined with the god Horus, god of the Nile, in order to renew Pharaoh’s divinity each day and to fecundate Egypt with the blessing of the Nile.

Gnomen 124 - The ‘Union’ of the final Pharaohs are the Illicit and idolatrous immersions in the waters of the false Kabbalah of the Zohar of the Ten Emanated Spherot. This begins with the Union of the Partzufim[11], Aba and Ema, Wisdom and Comprehension, which is itself totally blasphemous. The Union of Iside and Horus corresponds to that of Zeir Anpin and Nukva of the Book of the Zohar. Their illicit Unions (called by them yihhudim) nevertheless, are said to be the ‘unions of higher spiritual lights’ (the doctrines of hhartumei mitzraim did the same, expounding on the category of light of each god) and thus ‘platonic unions’. The error of this idolatrous union of Wisdom and Comprehension, Aba and Ema, in the end leads to the falsification of the true ‘wisdom’ of the Torah and its relationship to the true Tradition of the Patriarchs and of the Holy Torah and all the written and oral Tradition of Israel. On the level of Shadmon’s trash, we have the ‘results’ of all the errors that preceded but that were yet hidden in the waters themselves and with his final linguistic conclusions to the purposes of the Book of the Zohar, the frogs have come out of the water and all may see the blood that descends from the waters of the Nile.

Gnomen 125 - By entering the spiritual worlds of the Book of the Zohar, preaches the Giladi, one will end all his troubles and suffering and he will know only the highest pleasures and he will be able to receive whatever he wants; so will he know every truth and clearly see all existence in its true form and he will no longer have to return to this world, for the great final correction of each individual soul is to reach the active spiritual level of walking in the light of the higher spiritual levels of the World of Emanation. Within 3 to 5 years of correct study in the Ashlag-School of Kabbalah, all people can reach them, if they want to with a strong Pharaoh will. Who cannot understand that this is the opposite of Torah and Tradition. The only truth in common is that also Tradition admits that there is nothing that can stand against the will of a person. They want to bathe themselves in the idolatrous lights in their illicit unions in the Nile of the Zohar and the impurity of the hhartumei mitzraim have shown them all kinds of false lights, bright outside and as ugly and dark as the roots of sin inside.

Gnomen 126 - You may thus unite with the Nile gods of the Zohar but once you have known the wisdom of Yeor, you will understand by yourself that you may no longer unite with anything else. You may no longer be married to the previous tradition of the Torah because the Book of the Zohar is the inner Torah (hass ve-hhalila), so why bother with the exterior Torah. Call it a friend but don’t cling to it as a husband or wife.

Gnomen 127 - My father shows me the blood caused by the anguish of the true wisdom of the Torah when it is decreed ‘separated’ from the full and true love relationship with those who understand it. For true comprehension is the wife of wisdom and wisdom is the husband of comprehension. If that relationship is reduced to ‘platonic friendship’ nothing is born from it and its true love relationship is destroyed, as a husband whose wife no longer allows him to touch her.

Gnomen 128 - The destruction of the true relationship of love to which Israel is bound by its Tradition to God and to the Torah is so blatantly and intolerably manifest in this Antarctic Kabbalah Booklet that it stinks from its cold, dark and hardened neck. “Who is the Kabbalist?” Shadmon asks and quickly answers, “Anyone who receives the spiritual lights of the Higher Worlds”. “And who can become a Kabbalist?” Shadmon entices as he spreads his new Gospel to the craving masses, “Anyone who has a strong desire to receive”.

Gnomen 129 - All the rest is of the past and must give way because that past was only for the sake of reaching the lights of Atzilut[12]. And since Ashlag’s Ladder, the climb is on and all can make it; come now little ones, it’s not hard, you can all climb up to the top of the new Tower of Babel. As the success of Internet, so is the quickness of our spiritual climb, intones Shadmon, for as the world jumps ahead in its progress so too has there been progress in understanding and reaching the higher spiritual worlds. Come now, little ones, don’t fall behind the times. Do you still want to remain on earth while the fortunate ones are already living on the moon? Come now, it’s as easy as green cheese.

Gnomen 130 - “For it is the thought of God” exclaims Shadmon with utter madness and dog-brain syndrome, that all the souls must reach the infinite pleasures of the higher spiritual worlds of the Book of the Zohar, and Ashlag’s Ladder has been sent to the world to help you get there because by way of the Torah and Tradition you cannot get there. On the contrary, you will be lowered onto material thoughts that have no purpose anymore once the spiritual level of the Zohar has finally been revealed to those who desire it.

Gnomen 131 - The true danger, explains the Ladder holder with cold tears of pity on the small-brained nitwits, is that people study the Torah seeking only to know its simple meaning and its material connotations instead of searching for the Godly Emanation level that it comes to teach. One has very little choice in the matter, intones the illumined maniac without spelling it out, for in order to know the Emanation level of those higher worlds, you need the Zohar and to understand the Zohar you need the Ladder, so come to the Ashlag School of the Zohar ‘cause there ain’t no other place to go’. Notice the turnabout; the Book of the Zohar has moved into first place while the Torah has taken a meagre fifth position!

Gnomen 132 - The simplification linguistics of Gilad Shadmon turns the entire Torah world upside down 180 degrees, without shame. The hhutzpa of kifrut of this small ‘religious’ booklet ‘Kabbalah, the Hidden Torah’ makes Israeli Sabras[13] look like refined English children of Queen Elizabeth’s Court in comparison, and for sure, in comparison, the Higher Judgement sees them as such. It is better to be outside of the Torah in ignorance than inside the Torah with the stinking Neck of Egyptian idolatry.

Gnomen 133 - I remember now that in the dream my father’s blood-cloches were the result of boils, another of the Plagues. - Also in the dream with the Tzadik Haim, there was darkness all around. - We have received the signs that the 10 plagues return in this Fourth Generation. The School of Kabbalah represents a terrible plague to the people of Israel. May that God Almighty save His people Israel from this insidious trap. Here the signs of the plagues are very clear. The modern Pharaoh has shown his face and his intentions to turn Jewish souls into slaves of the false Kabbalah and the false lights of the Zohar. The Higher Tribunal has heard the great noise. The time has come for the Holy Wars of God against the false Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 134 - This monster has brought the sin of the forbidden fruit to its outmost Serpent simplification. You need only to eat of the fruit and your eyes will be opened and you will be able to distinguish between the absolute good of the Higher Emanated Worlds and between the absolute futility of everything else in existence. Come then to the Ashlag School of Kabbalah where the delicious fruit is waiting for you and where you will receive the beauty of the spiritual worlds and the higher intelligence of its tastes and the strong desire of its scents and you will be as gods knowing good and evil and you will have whatever you desire. More Tree-Serpent Enticement than that!

Gnomen 135 - In any case, the Snakeified Shadmon has managed, by way of his very astute simplification (and such a simplification requires astuteness, the wisdom of synthesis, mental flexibility in conceptual abstraction and then a lot of hhutzpa to maintain the thesis openly) to bind the hated idolatrous sin of the false Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar[14] to its original sin. With one sole swoop he has overcome 400 years of Zohar-Ramification history and has brought the beast back to its original habitat in the Emanated Worlds of the Zohar itself and brought those Emanated Spherot down to earth. Something like a clinching home-run with the basis loaded in the ninth inning of a break-tie World Series game. I have seen no champion of the Book of the Zohar as Gilad Shadmon!

Gnomen 136 - All the other Zoharists had either kept themselves in the upper hidden regions or dressed themselves in Lurianic[15] speculation not easily attained to or later on in hassidic garb to create movements on the force of that false Kabbalah but with the Zohar covered under their own forms. The Hasidim had left the Higher Worlds to their Rebbes and clang to happy hope without binding themselves directly to the Zohar-source itself. But No one had yet understood or taken to heart the directness and unadulterated spirituality of Book of the Zohar itself!

Gnomen 137 - How then would the Serpent finish his work?! How would the Jewish world find its way back to the Book of the Zohar itself, to the original false lights of Lucifer and fall into the trap? It was for this reason that Judah Ashlag was sent into the world. He would have the shameful honor of bringing the original sin of the Zohar back to its former glory. One had to get back to the idolatrous sin of fathers after 4 long, erroneous generations of the Zohar’s exile and even though also here 4 generations were needed to accomplish the task, it had already happened: Judah Ashlag, Baruch Ashlag, Michel Leitman and Gilad Shadmon. With them the trap was set up and established. Only Internet was still missing.

Gnomen 138 - But the slaves of the false lights waited patiently and Internet came to aide them. Now it was again Shadmon’s turn to demonstrate the new course. He had to break down all the barriers that the Torah and Tradition had strewn over hundreds of years of keeping the Book of the Zohar isolated in the hands of yehhidei sgullah[16] or tucked under the gartles[17] of illumined Rebbes. Pharaoh, however, is no small king that his crown be covered over for long and he must in the end show his face and his power to enslave Jews before the Great Idolatrous Snare be called ‘Complete’.

Gnomen 139 - We are here now in the 16th[18] year of the Completed Signs. What is happening here is the ‘other-side’ correspondence to the Great Sign of the Fourth Generation made by the Final Goel, Haim, in the Sign of the Stars[19] of the Final Redemption. The 16th year of the Completed Signs (until Pesah 5759) is in the sign of the Quadrupled Closings, concluding 4 cycles of 4 years each, and is thus the Big Year of Closing the Fourth Corner on the preparations necessary for ‘opening’ the announcements of the News of the Final Redemption for the world by way of our School of the Shoshana.

Gnomen 140 - In the Sign of the Stars, the 5th Universal Star of Malchitzedek is revealed after the Great Binding Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, from the Fourth Displaced Star (Star of the Fourth Generation) to the First Star (Star of Abraham). The Great Sign of the Teacher Haim takes in the entire Fourth Generation, binding all Signs and Times to this famous double-generation that precedes the generations of peace. Also the evil found in the world must reveal itself for its last great stand before it is destroyed in the Judgement of this Fourth Generation. The Great Sign therefore is ‘continuous’ from the beginning to the end of 4th Generation because it contains all the Time-Cycles that govern the very particular and historically unique Stellar-Activity of this Final Great and Terrible Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 141 - Thus at each point of the 4th Generation there is the unique Stellar-Activity of Three Stars in line, the Fourth Displaced Star, the Binding of the Fourth Star to the First Star and then the appearance of the 5th Universal Star without which the Redemption is incomplete and without which the News cannot be extended for the world. The Cycle is of 4 but it is always completed by that ‘fifth level’ for the sake of its universality. Thus during the 4th Generation every cycle of 4, particularly every cycle of 4 years completes important aspects of the 4th Generation. These aspects are also accumulative and thus progressive, returning and accumulating and closing that phase so that it be sealed and established for the rest of the 4th Generation.

Gnomen 142 - The 16th year is thus the Big Year of closing the Cycles Quadrupled in substance, coinciding with those Closings necessary to open the Final Redemption for the world (in the manners indicated by the Signs, such as the our Internet Site Beit-Sefer-Esther.com). For the 17th to 20th years are already on the 5th Level Sign of the Completion of those Quadrupled Years and thus already Universal and ready to extend the News.

Gnomen 143 - We are likewise watching the developments on the ‘other side’. For this reason this fifth level outpouring of the sin of the Zohar is important to understand at this point and we’ve shown how the ‘other side’ has its correspondence with that which is happening on the true levels of the Stars of the Redemption. Thus can we see here the correspondence with the Signs, as Shadmon’s Booklet makes an amazing ‘binding’ itself, of the four generations of the sin of the Zohar back to the original sin of the Book of the Zohar itself.

Gnomen 144 - The Serpent has cunningly lifted the Book of the Zohar out of its 400 year coverings to bring it full-faced to the public. The Holy Wars of God against the false Kabbalah[20] of the Ten EMANATED Spherot are about to begin. For Shadmon is a puppet to Satan while Lucifer pulls the strings and Mamon dances to the Kabbalah Music of Judah and Baruch Ashlag as the money of Zohar-buyers rolls in to the tune of Yeor. Now is it money-Blood but soon people will be awakened to the Blood of the Nile Waters as Pharaoh continues to demonstrate his kingship. Soon, awakened Jews will take up their pens to curse them and to cut them down. For the pleasures of Illicit Unions, hidden in the waters of Yeor, bear the Pharaoh-god of the Book of the Zohar in the fertility of Iside, the commentary of the Sullam, and in the image of Horus, the divine Pharaoh breeders of kvutzat[21] bnei baruch ashlag.

Gnomen 145 - Do not fear, the New Mazal of the Resurrected Bird is coming to break down the false resurrection of unclean spirits and to kill the Egyptian Birds of Zohar-Hieroglyphics while the Great Fish conducts his Battles from the faithful waters that he knows, to destroy from within the Waters of Yeor, themselves the deification-rites to Pharaoh. The Weights of the Donkey will descend until the Neck of Pharaoh as the Star of Bethlehem and the Donkey break its Neck and send its stink into the lower abyss. So too will descend the Illumined Turtle to show the ways of distinguishing the true light of the Final Redemption from all the false lights of the dangerous crocodiles of the Yeor.

Gnomen 146 - The Kingdom of the Giraffe gives the true fruits from the Tree-Tops while the giraffes keep their feet on the ground, as clarified by the Great Eagle that even in the Messianic Days the world remains in its nature as always but only the ‘Kingdoms’ or Governments change so that Israel may return to its true Torah. Therefore the Star of the Composite Project directs the Project of Sefer Mishnat Haim, the Book of the Final Redemption authorised by the Final Goel, Haim, and which in the end becomes the instrument to destroy all books of false doctrines and falsehoods and false-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 147 - The New Mazal of Armadillo’s Refuge is coming to warn of the Protection needed during the Terrible Fourth Generation but all those groups and movements who believe themselves righteous in the doctrines of their belief will not heed the warnings and will not understand the time in which we are found. And those whose Neck stinks from Pharaoh’s arrogance to believe themselves the spiritual conquerors of the world will be destroyed in the Plague of Darkness that is coming, in the time when all the lights go out. Before that moment, a Lake of Salt is descending to salt the minds in the Donkey’s words to discern the truth of the Great New Revelation of the Final Redemption. A great depth in understanding is coming as the Valley of Mercury descends into the hearts of those who love the Triple Meditation Designed by EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever.

Gnomen 148 - Every phase of the Fourth Generation has its End of the Minute, but there are times and there are times and the New Mazal descends upon us again and again to help us understand the Minute at hand and to prepare us for the heavier End of the Minutes that are coming. The New Heavenly Perfume is there from the minute of God’s choice of the Final Goel, Haim, and it issues into the lives of the fortunate ones, redeemed in the merit of the Final Goel, Haim. So too the New Law is coming for Judah, for Efraim and for all the Descendants of Malchitzedek as this little-Donkey-Lion of Judah roars from the Lion’s Den so that all come again to respect and love the Law of God. The Beauty of Paradise is arising from the earth, a beauty rooted in the beauty of the original terrestrial paradise. It is sprouting from the earth so that it arise into a virtuous heart of love.

Gnomen 149 - The Lord, our God, desires for us that we sanctify our heart in the virtues loved by Him, both the virtues towards others and the virtues involved in one’s personal elevation. We must have a generous heart in helping the needy, the widow, the orphan and the sick. Those who want to enter the rewards reserved for the just, before they have accomplished actions before God that warrant such rewards have turned the entire creation up-side down, God forbid, and they destroy by their teachings the true purposes of creation. Their sin derives from the cult of the Nile in the sin of Yeor, the 10 (Yod) Emanated Spherot of the Book of the Zohar and ‘or’ - light, written, however, without the vav so that it can be read ‘ar’ the root of ‘curse’ that derives from meditating on them.

Gnomen 150 - They want the Yod and the light as they bathe in the holy waters of the Nile, where Iside descends to beget Horus as her menstrual blood is cleansed by the holy waters of the Nile. Therefore came the Plague of Blood from the Nile to show them that Iside’s menstrual blood had contaminated their drinking water. So too the lights of the Book of the Zohar are begotten by the fertility acquired by placing lights on lights (Emanated Spherot and Partzufim) in a hidden union of Yeor (between Zeir Anpin and Nukva in the World of Atzilut). Great, amazing, luminous false lights, all idolatrous and reaping with a prohibition of ‘every image’ come out of that unholy union of menstrual blood in every word of the Book of the Zohar. Therefore the Neck of Pharaoh and the Plagues of Egypt were given now in Signs, to understand the terrible impurity coming from Bnei Baruch in Pharaoh Proportions.



Chapter 4


Gnomen 151 - Jan. 27, 1999 - Shvat 10, 5759 - The Lion’s Den 1: I’ve had to enter the Tree of Knowledge of Good and of Evil Corrected, so as to break down some more shelves of false lights that emanate from the Yeor. Take off your dark sun-glasses and catch some glimpses of the wisdom of the True, New Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan, against the false pretences of Gilad Shadmon and the School of Ashlag. For I desire, with spoken wisdom of silence, to help you better understand how to look false lights straight in the face. Do not lose your bearing.

Gnomen 152 - When the verse says ‘And all will know Me, from the greatest to the smallest’ does this mean that at that time and from that time on, all people will stare at great spiritual lights all day long? No! People will eat and work and look at television and sleep as always. Young people will meet and fall in love as is natural and young unmarried men searching for a wife will feel some frustration until their natural needs are satisfied. But all will have the fear and love of God in their heart. They will be honest with others and with themselves and for questions of doubts for which they fear to do something offensive before the Creator, they will seek the knowledge of God’s laws.

Gnomen 153 - Be wise, then, dear friends, and try to understand the Donkey’s words, for I am not a writer nor a literary stylist but I speak in the permission of the hidden Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of this past generation. These are the true Tzadikim who walk in the true lights of the true higher spiritual worlds, but they are also general souls who take on the enormous responsibility and the enormous weights of the worlds in which they walk and which they know above in their ascent. The Hidden Tzadikim are not and cannot be emulated because it is not possible to be as they are. For this reason, as well as for others, they have always remained hidden and unknown to all other Jews, including the most learned sages of the Torah. Their purpose is not that of being emulated whereas the Sages of the Torah were and are obligated to make pupils and to demonstrate their knowledge and their ways, so as to be emulated by their talmidim.

Gnomen 154 - The term Tzadik (not only in its true, higher meaning of receiver of the Secret Tradition of the Hidden Tzadikim which is still unknown) but also in the sense of true Sages of the Torah who walk in the holiness of its laws, has been greatly falsified in the past 4 centuries or so, as a result of the false lights of the false Kabbalah. It was falsified by its usage on a horde of those who because of their being receivers of the ‘secrets of the higher worlds’ of the Zohar allowed themselves to be called Tzadikim and Kedoshim[22] and, in the Hassidic world, even Adonim[23] in their usage of Admorim. (The hidden Tzadik, Haim, when he would hear this term ‘Admorim’[24] used, verbally tore out their foundations from under them).

Gnomen 155 - The true Hidden Tzadikim never allow themselves to be called with any such titles and if someone did call them Tzadik or Kadosh, the true Tzadik denies and rebukes. They do not accept honor for themselves because all honor is to God alone and if they would accept honor from others, this would lessen the level on which they stand. I was witness many times to how the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, refused titles or honor of any sort from other people.

Gnomen 156 - I have explained in several places that I myself was not given to arise with them but, nevertheless, I was the talmid of the Tzadik Haim for 13 years while he was still in this world. I had been caught up in the traps before I was saved, washed and redeemed by the Tzadik Haim. I had to fall into all the errors of the falsified tradition of Habad. I had to believe it was my purpose to climb into the higher worlds of the higher spherot and to be taken up day and night in the Higher Light until the entire physical existence be annulled.

Gnomen 157 - And now that the sin of Yeor has returned to its original state, I am reminded that previously, notwithstanding I was a full-fledged Habadi, I possessed a particular and independent love for the Sefer ha-Zohar, the ‘Etz Haim of R. Haim Vital and the ‘Kabbalah’ as I understood the term then. Mind you, this strong desire to study the Kabbalah directly from the sources, without the filters of Habad Hassidut, was not Habad usage or attitude. Although I couldn’t have defined it then, I was not totally satisfied with the Habad filter. I desired to ascend and to enter the light itself.

Gnomen 158 - The Hated Fourth Generation of the idolatrous sin has little need for contemplating its origins. It has already inherited the sin of fathers, of sons and of its third generation. I was luckily not born into Habad nor would I have wanted to be. Those born Habad had no independent desires; others who did have their own desires were considered a ‘yesh’, someone who had not yet been purified of personal thoughts and who was still plagued with human traits. The Lubovitchers did not think about entering the higher spiritual worlds. The Serpent[25] of Milan once explained to me that those Habadiim left of the previous generation were not truly part of the true purpose of Habad. The Present Habadiim, he said, knew that they should have no pretences of reaching higher spiritual levels. They are soldiers of the Rebbe[26] and stop. The time is to make Habad known, u-faratzta[27], so that the Rebbe can be revealed. -

Gnomen 159 - Did I get into the higher worlds? No, but I got into the lights and I combined them with Habad-Rebbe-Illumination. I obviously believed myself at times to be walking on higher levels because I remember that for reason of the higher spiritual contact I believed myself to maintain with the Rebbe, I used to imagine that, when the time would come, I myself would be chosen next Rebbe. How could my imagination have brought me to such conclusions if I had not inwardly believed myself to stand on a very high plateau of the spirit and soul? You can also see, however, that I never entertained all the Mashiah-Rebbe talk as did the other Habadiim.

Gnomen 160 - I was never really caught up in the Mashiah campaign of Habad, also because that came out on an open level after I left but the true Habadiim all believed it as a first principle that he was the awaited Mashiah and this existed long before it was exposed publicly. I myself was not particularly interested in the Mashiah problem. I was interested in the system of the 4 worlds; the mashiah problem was too worldly and it upset the spiritual equilibrium of my meditation.

Gnomen 161 - The Tzadik Haim had to reconstruct the world for me when I became his talmid. I had trained my mind to disdain the world, the things of the world, the events of the world, the history of the world. The ‘world’ ‘der velt’ no longer had any real meaning for me, I wanted lights, not physical existence. My first question to the Tzadik Haim, one of the first times we spoke together in the primarily Habad Synagogue of Via Cellini in Milan was if he was expert in the Zohar and in the ‘Etz Haim and in the other books of the Kabbalah. The person who to me was a Yemenite Kabbalist assured me with immense tranquillity that he was. Before he answered, however, he became somewhat serious and he looked to the right and to the left to make sure that no one would hear. Then he smiled while maintaining the same seriousness and said, “All of them” he assured me, “I know them all but the matter is hidden; it’s necessary to stay quiet”.

Gnomen 162 - The Tzadik Haim had given me to understand that if I would hold to the conditions of silence, I could become his talmid to the ‘secret Kabbalah’. There was nothing in the world that I desired more than that. In the Habad Yeshiva in Brunoi, France, I had prayed many times in my last 2 years there that I be given the kindness from God to know a true teacher who would teach me the higher spiritual secrets of the Book of the Zohar and the Kabbalah. And now it was happening and the fact that the teacher was Yemenite thrilled me with delight. I had a feeling, conceived of I don’t know where, that the profundity of the mysteries of tradition was to be found with the Yemenite Jews.

Gnomen 163 - I was from those very moments, when I felt myself on the threshold of a reality that I had prayed for and hoped for, ready to stand in the face of any contradictions that might come to interfere because of my being a Habadi. There would be no contradictions, I decided, there might only be Habadiim who wouldn’t understand. But I was used to thinking that others would not understand me from the time I was 13. Nor had I ever thought that the Habadiim were able to understand me, exception made for the Chief. In truth, deep down, I never really believed in Habadiim but I believed in the 7 Lubovitcher Rebbes and I believed that they were Tzadikim and great Kabbalists who ascended the higher spiritual worlds and all the rest, be-’avonot[28].

Gnomen 164 - Nevertheless, when the Tzadik Haim found me, I had been imbibed with 5 full years of written Habad Hassidut. All virtues and good qualities had been directed into false channels. I had no knowledge of derech eretz. Habad did not teach it. Only the Chief was to be respected. The Hassidim to one another could be brazenly uncouth; it didn’t matter. I did not feel the derech eretz of the Torah until the Tzadik Haim said Avraham avinu, Yitzhak avinu, Yaacob avinu, Moshe Rabbeinu, ‘alav ha-shalom. The heart-felt respect, the lowering of the head, the closeness in love to the chosen of God brought them to life in me. When the Tzadik Haim said, Baruch Ha-Shem (Blessed is God), which was very often, one felt the blessing from Heaven that descended.

Gnomen 165 - When the Habadiim spoke of Avraham avinu (Abraham, our father) etc. the words were quickly spit out without even a thought, whether in Yiddish or in Brooklynese; unless they were speaking in Hassidut and then the Patriarchs and all others were ‘behhinot’ spiritual categories; their historical reality was so totally secondary that it was non-existent. When I heard the Tzadik Haim speak of the Patriarchs, he made me feel by his expression, voice, feeling and derech eretz the true historical Abraham, the reality of his existence, and the privilege of being his descendants. He brought me back 4000 years to my history. It was so in everything that the Tzadik Haim spoke about or taught; his modes of expression, the changing tonalities of his voice, the intense and heart-felt feelings that he projected in the listener from his own and the many forms of derech eretz that were part of his speech, gave over a living reality whether of the past or present that cannot be described in writing.

Gnomen 166 - I had noticed immediately that the speech of the Tzadik Haim was slow, intense on the words themselves and that it was this slowness that allowed me to feel the depth in meaning and the sanctity of the matter spoken of. This was a primary indication for me in discerning between the depth and intensity of true understanding and between the superficiality of the quick pace that I was used to hearing by the Habadiim, their Chief included. I am by nature extremely sensitive to such differences. I was, by way of this new parameter, soon able to discern that superficiality on their faces and in all their manners and speech habits and, most of all, in their understanding. From the beginning the Tzadik Haim would say “It is better to read one verse of the Torah and understand it well than to read the whole Torah and to understand it superficially”.

Gnomen 167 - Then came the episode, after only some 3 months that I knew the Tzadik Haim, of Giordano’s butcher-shop, as I have written about in the document ‘A word from the secretary’. It was then that I saw the conclusion to thoughts entertained and played with by me in all my 5 years with Habad. I had thought about it, seen it, wondered why it was so but I had not yet concretised it into conclusive understanding: the Habadi had no real heart for other people (except the Chief, of course). As those of the generation of the Tower, the Tzadik Haim later explained, who mourned for the bricks that fell but to the workers who fell and died, they paid no attention. Giordano Levi, not being a Habadi, had no place in their Construction. What would it matter if he lost the Butcher-shop? Hundreds of lessons came out of that event. The heart of Habad was not good inside.

Gnomen 168 - It was totally cold to all else that did not re-enter the proposed purpose of its own construction. “Where are all their spiritual worlds, hah, Peretz” smiled the Tzadik with inner disdain. “Where has all the pious hasidut gone to? Where is it written in the Torah to distinguish between a Habadi Jew and any other Jew? Where is all the Torah they have studied if the prohibition of the Torah to make another Jew lose his work applies only to Habadiim?” And I myself kept studying the teacher’s lessons, wondering and reflecting at length ‘where had all the lights of the higher spiritual worlds gone to? I was amazed at what I was seeing.

Gnomen 169 - “The secret of God is to those that fear Him” the Tzadik Haim explained. “God does not reveal His secrets to those who would reveal them; but He knows who truly fears Him and who would never reveal the secrets received. Therefore the true Tzadikim can never write secrets in books or reveal them to others or even say to others that they know higher secrets”. That teaching was an enormous tidal-wave for me. For years I had been reading and searching for texts of the Kabbalah and delving into the mystic waters of Habad Hassidut to find the ‘secrets’ of the Torah and the ‘secrets’ of the Kabbalah of the higher spiritual worlds. I was totally amazed. What had I been searching for all those years if the true secrets could never be found in books?

Gnomen 170 - Notwithstanding the great complexity of Habad philosophy, the coming out of Habad, as the Tzadik in subtle ways unleashed the servility of my unfounded fears, was something like leaving the provincialism of the life in a small far-off village and coming back to live in a large city of international renown. Simple, when you are in Habad, all the other Jews have not entered your village. Exiting from the belief in Habadism turns you back over to the entire Jewish world. You become again Jewish, not a Habadi. No small liberation, no small Pesah, no small yetziat mitzraim[29]. What I had once believed to be light, I now saw in its true form, a terrible darkness that covered over mind and heart while showing its victims false lights of every sort.

Gnomen 171 - Nor did the liberation limit itself to being part of the Jewish world, in the teachings of the Tzadik Haim. I once again became a citizen of the world. “Good and bad exist all over” said the Tzadik Haim “and the Creator, Blessed is He, loves all His creations and all those who are good and who do good are loved by Him and rewarded by Him; and those who know more must be a good example to those who know less because all true knowledge carries with it the responsibility of humility before others, contrary to how it has been in the world until now. As Jews, we must be extremely humble before others and good towards them so that they see examples of the pleasant ways loved by the God of Israel who is the One Living God of all. There is no difference between Jews and non-Jews except that Jews are commanded in the Torah and the others are not commanded; other than that there is no difference”.

Gnomen 172 - After a year with the Tzadik Haim, he finally said to me, “If the secrets that fill up the Book of the Zohar and the ‘Etz Haim of R. Haim Vital and the rest are true secrets, how is it possible that they are written in books for all to see?” I attempted to ask many questions on the matter but the Teacher did not desire to ‘open’ their explanations. He explained simply, “It is an error, a terrible error, but they do not know it. They have concretised the Creator, God forbid. They have spoken of a Shiur Koma[30], making the corporeal members into Cosmic members, God save us".

Gnomen 173 - The Tzadik demonstrated that he was anguished by this extremely grave error but he was always very hushed up about it. He explained to me that he wished not to explain it because all had fallen and all were in error; if the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim would begin to speak about it, harsh judgements would be awakened in the Higher Tribunal on Jews, God forbid. Hanahh le-yisrael she-yihiyu be-shoggeg ve-lo be-meizid” (Let Israel’s error be considered unintentional and not intentional) the Teacher Haim taught me. “When we will be able to have a copy of Milhhamot Ha-Shem, God willing, then you will study in detail what it’s all about.”

Gnomen 174 - Certain points, however, had to be mentioned and decried by the Tzadik. With force, he would take up redeeming the honor of the holy Tana, R. Shimon ben Yohhai, “who never wrote the Book of the Zohar and never saw it and never even dreamed of it and who would be against what is written in it”. The Tzadik verbally blasted Moses de Leon, the true author of the Book of the Zohar, some 750 years ago, and he spoke at length about his scheme of false attribution for the purpose of selling his books at large prices to rich, innocent Jews who believed they were buying incredible, miraculous and secret manuscripts of R. Shimon ben Yohhai!!

Gnomen 175 - The Tzadik Haim redeemed me, 28 years ago, from the hateful city of Lubovitch and from the hated Tower of Habad and from the false-lights of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar and all the false-Kabbalah that issued from it. Time has moved on and we are close to the end of the 16th year of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, year of the great Quadrupled-Closures of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 176 - As the Quadrupled-Closures close, we approach the ‘new-beginning’, the second and final ‘opening’ of the Third and Final Redemption, as will be explained. The first 16 years represent a ‘completion’ in the signs of 4. The signs of the Quadruples, however, continue because the 4th Generation is most bound to the signs of 4. Thus from the 17th to the end of the 20th years, the Quadruples have already entered the signs of 5. This is significant because of the correspondence to the 5th Star of the Sign of the Stars.

Gnomen 177 - The 5th Universal Star comes only after the Great Sign from the Fourth Star to the First Star; it is the completion of the 4th Generation in its universal aspects. This will also be true on the level of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita against the 4 Generations of the Idolatrous sin of fathers. The fullness of the sin will be seen on its 5th Star-level, the universalisation of the sin itself.

Gnomen 178 - It is properly with the ‘completion’ of the level of the ‘idolatrous’ sin that the Redemption opens, as it states (Genesis 15, 16) in the Pact of the Parts made with Abraham, ‘and the 4th generation will return here because the sin of the Emorites is not complete until then’. It is thus very significant that the final fifth level of the false-Kabbalah is now completed. We are looking at the correspondences with the New Opening at hand and I’ve found a correspondence with the prophecy in Habakuk (2, 2-4) ‘And God answered me and said ‘Write down the vision and explain them on tablets so that a reader may quickly run through it. For there is yet another vision coming in the appointed time and one will despair in waiting for the end time and it will not be untrue, if it tarries, wait for it, for come it will surely come and will not be late in coming. Behold the unworthy one will not straighten out his soul by it but the just person will live in his faith.’

Gnomen 179 - That this prophecy alludes to the work being prepared by us is true beyond any doubt. The revelation of the Final Goel and of the Final Redemption is one and it is revealed in one direction. The verse is filled with allusions to the time and the work, the New Tablets of the Law and their explanations written in the framework of the New Pure Tongue of the Final Redemption and the teachings of the Teacher Haim which are all in the formation of the faith of ‘the just man who lives in his faith’. We have seen how the ‘appointed time’ of the beginning is cyclic; it returns in cycles. In this way, the ‘appointed time’ of the ‘opening’ passes through the cycles that it requires in order to come to the ‘new appointed time’. So too all the Signs are cyclic and every time they return to a point of concluding a ‘fourth corner’ of their cycle, the Sign has returned to its ‘appointed time’ but in the new and fuller context that it has reached.

Gnomen 180 - With this said, the verse, it is true, alludes to these cycles, but there is an emphasis on 2 appointed times, the first writing of the vision and the coming of the second particular appointed time. All the conclusions reached here in this text demonstrate that we are now, from Pesah 5759 (April 1999), at that second appointed time; this refers to the second appointed time concerning the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, not concerning all the time-cycles of the Fourth Generation since the second appointed time concerning the time-cycles in general must coincide with the 36th year[31] of the Completed Signs.

Gnomen 181 - a few of the more recent signs indicating the New Reopening: 1) the Tail of the Donkey touches earth; 2) 2 texts of Anna Gasparotti printed; 3) Web-site Camillo with Hherem Mi-Deoraita at Beersheva; 4) sign of the School of the 2nd Commandment; 5) the sign of the final fifth and tenth levels of the evil deriving from the School of Ashlag; 6) this is doubled with the signs of Pharaoh; 7) the sign of the Final Goel, Haim, dancing with joy in Israel; 8) the sign of the Archangel Michael who says to Giuseppe “Now you will have to speak words of God”. 9) In another dream of Giuseppe, Peretz was in a sort of office outside before the Duomo of Milan, working on computers, with many writings in Hebrew; 10) the sign of Daniele in which the Teacher Haim is extremely happy as he teaches young people of the School of the Second Commandment (as Peretz becomes invisible) etc.

Gnomen 182 - 11) also received that this text, the War against the Zohar 12) notice also the important conclusions to the book "The Virtues of Esther": 45 elements of New Heart and 55 elements of New Humble Brain; 13) signs of the Laughter of Isaac in the sign of 100; 14) sign of the completion of 120 of the Triple Meditation;

All these signs are leading us to the ‘second appointed time’ of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread alluded to here by the Prophet Habakuk.

Gnomen 183 - All these signs have miraculously ‘filtered through’ the depth of problems, difficulties and impediments of the past year to help us understand these Fourth Corner Closures of the 16th year, to understand that the 17th year is the Opening. In general, the Fourth Generation is the great Quadrupled Fourth Corner of History, the Final Closing of the 4 Corners of History into its End Time. This Final Fourth Generation is Displaced from all other Fourth Generation periods of the past or of the future; it is totally unique.

Gnomen 184 - The entire Fourth Generation is a ‘Closure and Opening’ so that even at the End of 65 years, the dream shows (the Sign of) Peretz who says, “O, good work, we have finally reached the beginning”: Now, however, the Quadruples are helping us specify better the levels of Closure and Opening.

Gnomen 185 - With this in mind, these past 4 periods of 4 years each were needed for the preparations while from the 17th year, entering the 5th period of 4 years is the ‘second appointed time’ of the Sign, we can better decipher the verse in Habakuk. For it is after the ‘second appointed time’ that the verse goes on to speak about ‘va-yafeahh la-ketz’ the desperate waiting and yearning for the End Time and all the assurances that, nevertheless, one must keep his faith and wait for it, even if it tarries[32] etc.

Gnomen 186 - The second appointed time reaffirms and reconfirms all the work done in these 16 years. From our point of view, therefore, the significance is very real in this moment of the progression that we are trying to follow. Also many decrees will begin to descend from the 17th year onward; it is a point of arrival of the 4th Gen. Many decrees had to await the second appointed time and, unfortunately, they must come and they are coming.

Gnomen 187 - One must not lose hope. It is coming, all is coming, all is surely coming, but the Fourth Gen. has its times to follow; it is still only the 17th year of 65 and even if the last 5 will already be in the sign of the New Construction, still 43 years are ahead. Concerning the Sign, however, the first appointed time was in 1983, the second appointed time in 1999, Pesah.

Gnomen 188 - It is correct to judge the prophecy also on the basis of the Sign of the Final Redemption because the Final New Pact is in the Sign of ‘the Just man lives in his Faith’. Those who will be able to appreciate the revelation of the Final Redemption have faith in their heart and they desire to be just people before God and before people.

Gnomen 189 - We, the pupils of the Final Goel, Haim, are here to help extend the exalted and marvellous faith in the First Commandment and the true knowledge of the pure monotheistic faith of the Second Commandment. We must extend the knowledge of the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, and all the announcements and New Messages of the Final Redemption. We must give over the New Law. We must warn of the Fourth Generation. We must help people find love for the New, True Kingdom of Heaven. In the end harmony will come, at the end of this End Time of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 190 - The New Kingdom of Heaven IS descending and so will it continue to descend until all that must be accomplished will be accomplished. We are not here to teach people to exit from their bodies and to bind their existence to higher spiritual worlds. This is not a purpose nor is it desired for the world. The Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, gave me permission to explain what is possible to explain about the great truth of the Higher Hidden Tzadikim. This knowledge is needed to complete the comprehension of past history and of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 191 - Be of a simple heart with the Lord, your God. Let no one be fooled into desiring to be a Hidden Tzadik. It is a choice from Above; it is not within the range of free-choice. All others who have tried, have erred and fallen into unknown pitfalls and have only created confusion for others.

DIARY: Motzaei Shabbat, Jan. 30, 1999, Shevat 13, 5759; Lion’s Den: Anna Gasparotti called; she took the 120 copies ready of her second book, in Italian, concerning the roots of idolatry. I explained to Anna something of the sign of 120[33].

Gnomen 192 - DIARY: Noda dreamed Shabbat that I told her to write down a dream even though it was Shabbat. She contested somewhat but I insisted and said “I don’t want you to get used to Shabbat in this way”. - -

Not of easy interpretation since the prohibition of writing on the Sabbath remains in the New Law but one must consider the rule that if someone is in a position where his or her work is for the sake of the others and only he or she can do that work or action, it has the precedence over all other commandments. In the case of this Sign it has happened many times.

Gnomen 193 - Those working directly for the Final Redemption may use this permission when needed.

Gnomen 194 - DIARY: Paolo dreamed: He was in Basilicata, perhaps Genzano, and he had to meet with the Crazy-Christ of Genzano[34], and he, very unwillingly, shook his hand. After that, separated from him, Paolo continued to curse this rasha’[35] with every kind of curse, before the other people present. - -

Very positive dream. The handshake is a sign of ‘taking back’ the Universal Signs needed for the Sign of White Horse. These Universal Signs return now ‘corrected’ for the sake of the New Opening, as we are explaining, because they will be needed for the extension of the School and Sign.

Gnomen 195 - DIARY: Paolo and Noda are in preparation for their New Marriage. Paolo dreamed that Noda was virgin. Tu bi-shvat[36] is the time of their New Marriage, God willing.

Gnomen 196 - We do not seek to receive lights from the Higher Spiritual Worlds. Our joy is to receive redemptional dreams and messages and to make corresponding signs when possible. For these are the dreams prophesied in Joel and this is the true, prophetic tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and in these does the will of God manifest itself to us. In these is born the New Spirit of the Final Redemption of which it states in the Prophet Joel (3, 1) ‘in those days, will I pour out My spirit on every flesh’.

Gnomen 197 - The Spirit of the New Heart and of the Sincere Heart is one that touches the heart of others, in faith and goodness, in love and mercy and charity. Not the spirit of the higher spiritual worlds of the false Kabbalah of Lucifer’s Lamp! How might we, small Donkeys, compare ourselves with Giladi Shadmon who has already seen everything and who walks in 2 worlds simultaneously and who has already exited from the chain of reincarnations and who already knows all the reasons for everything in his existence? We are only tiny ants waiting for Marvellous Signs from the New Kingdom of Heaven established by God Almighty with the coming of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 198 - For us it is more than sufficient that the holy, Hidden Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, the chosen Final Goel, Haim, Anointed Judge of the New Kingdom of Heaven of the Third and Final Redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, has declared and decreed unequivocally that all the lights and worlds of the Book of the Zohar and all the false-Kabbalah that followed the Doctrine of Emanation are totally false lights and false worlds that do not remain in time.

Gnomen 199 - It is all a great illusion, an illusion that will be totally extinguished when the false theological doctrines of the false Kabbalah will be discovered by the Jewish people.

Gnomen 200 - “It is all a great error” the Tzadik Haim would say “but aside from the unfortunate error itself, it’s all arrogance and hypocrisy; it was born in arrogance and it breeds arrogance but the inner arrogance is covered over by false and hypocritical humility. The Lord, our God is not fooled by false coverings. Such has been the sin of the End Time. No one can bring the End-Time before its time and the Redemption does not come until God Almighty has decreed it.



Chapter 5


Gnomen 201 - It is, of course, true enough that we are receiving the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan. The Great Whale, of course, does not reveal his redemptional influences unless the Final Goel, Haim, agrees. In the Signs, I received the authorisation to receive and to formulate and to announce quietly the New, True Kabbalah, directly from the Final Goel, Haim. This is New Kabbalah and this is True Kabbalah. True Kabbalah means, first of all, that it is part of the true Tradition of Israel, the written and oral Tradition and there is nothing in this Kabbalah that is outside or deviating from the true Tradition.

Gnomen 202 - This Kabbalah is called New because the New True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan, has never been revealed before and it doesn’t come into the world until the Revelation of the Final Redemption. The Big Whale, Leviathan is well-known in Tradition, for it is of the portions of Leviathan and of his salted female that the just will eat of at the time of the Final Redemption at the Great Banquet that will be prepared for the occasion. Nevertheless, as in all questions that deal with the Final Redemption, their Signs are mentioned in various forms in Tradition but they are not explained. There is none wiser than the Lord, our God, who has hidden these ‘secrets’ even to the eyes of the Sages of Israel before the time would come.

Gnomen 203 - Generally speaking, the prophesied Sin of trying to hasten the End Time begins with the Book of the Zohar with those who fell into its clutches believing that this was the book that would bring the Final Redemption, as written there that ‘this book will furnish alimentation at the time of the Geulah’. What did they think Moses de Leon was going to write, that his book would lead Israel to its terrible holocaust! He would never have been able to sell it had he written such! Nevertheless, the Zohar did prophesy that the Redemption would come in 1940!!![37]

Gnomen 204 - Great minds, learned rabbis and Torah scholars fell into the trap of the false-lights of that text, a great, false illumination in the darkness of exile and its many tribulations, a desire to find the true spiritual light that would bring by its truth and its spirit the great, promised final Redemption. See how the Torah becomes covered under such a desire! They sought the End Time of exile and the great light of the Redemption. So explained the Tzadik Haim that because of that desire they fell into the sin of the End-Time to hasten the Ketz. The Tzadik explained to me at length, although only now am I beginning to grasp its deeper reality, that the sin of desiring to hasten the end time is by no means a small ‘iniquity’ especially in the hands of those responsible for teaching the Torah to others.

Gnomen 205 - On the surface such a desire may seem legitimate enough until it is dissected into its true components while taking into consideration the term itself ‘AVON KETZ’, (alluded to Ezekiel 21,30), the ‘sin of (hastening) the end time’. There is a difference between a Jew who desires light and redemption and between a Jew who desires to find the way to ‘bring’ the redemption. The first desire is comprehensible. The second desire is nothing less than against the will of God. Only God, the Redeemer who revealed His holy name to Moses in the burning bush can bring the redemption. The Holy Torah never commanded us to search for the way to bring the final redemption. The Prophet Habakuk said ‘even in the desperation of waiting for the End Time, wait for it, even if it tarries, for come it will surely come and it will not be late’.

Gnomen 206 - Not without reason it is said that the Great Angel Satan knows the entire Torah and, obviously, his great last historical up-rising against the chosen people had to be an extremely intelligent and apparently spiritual trap in order to throw Israel down. The Serpent found the roots of his scheme there in that period of some 750 years ago where there already existed ‘circles’ of Jewish ‘mystics’ searching for the ‘secrets of the higher spiritual worlds’ in order to find the way to bring Israel to its final redemption. There were also other fraudulent manuscripts falsely attributed to great personages of the past. In those ‘secret’ writings the term ‘Ten Spherot without substance’ came to the fore in Sefer Ha-Yezirah[38].

Gnomen 207 - How this term, other than its appearance in Sefer ha-Yetzirah, came out, I do not know. We have explained it in the Hherem that the ‘expression’ there ‘esser sfirot bli-ma’ (10 Spherot without substance) does represent a truth whereas the interpretation of these spherot as ‘esser sfirot neetzalot’ (Ten EMANATED Spherot) is exactly the root of the theological corruption of the Book of the Zohar. (see the dream-sign received by me at Beersheva of James Baker who explains with diplomacy that the 10 Spherot do exist but it is in their interpretation that errors have come out). The expression ‘bli ma’ carries 2 basic concepts related to each other 1) without a ‘substance’ that exists in this world or a substance that can be defined in human speech, and therefore 2) ‘blom picha mi-ledaber’ - ‘seal your mouth from speaking about them’. Among those original mystics confusion set in because they did exactly the opposite; they began to define them, turning them into substance instead of ‘sealing their mouth from speaking’. Rabbi Moses De Leon!

Gnomen 208 - This fact, without any doubt, represents a ‘complication’ in understanding the matter. The beginning of the ‘idolatrous sin of fathers’ is always ‘subtle’ as was the reasoning of the generation of Enosh. What the reader must realise is that in theology the difference between one word or another may well distinguish between truth and idolatrous falsehood. It is subtle because it is not easily discernible, but once it is discerned and understood, that difference is enormous. The false-Kabbalah, as it speaks of BOREH Creator, speaks of a Higher Level, the Ma’atzil, the Emanator! Small error!!!!!

Gnomen 209 - That which, in our times, represents a gap in understanding this matter is the gap of knowledge concerning ‘hidden secrets’ in general. People tend to think that a ‘secret’ can be given over in terms of words but this is not so concerning the true secrets of God that He shares exclusively with the chosen HIDDEN Tzadikim. They have been chosen by Him for the purpose of knowing those ‘secrets’ for the sake of the world. Those secrets are not on the level of the nature of this world and whatever words are spoken about them destroy the true equilibrium upon which they stand. It is not simply then a piece of advice to ‘seal one’s mouth from speaking’, it is an absolute commandment to those chosen by God to be in that secret. The term 10 spherot without substance’ came out, I don’t know how, but the conditions of ‘seal your mouth from speaking about them’ was not maintained and such was the source of this entire error. The true conditions concerning hidden matters, conditions that can be found in the Mishnah itself, were not maintained, and Israel was thrown into the worse chaos of its history, 400 years, from the Kabbalists of Tzephat, of the idolatrous sin of the false Kabbalah before the terrible judgement of the Holocaust.

Gnomen 210 - It happened. They fell. They defined what had not to be defined and they spoke of what was not to be spoken of. They broke down the silence of wisdom into corrupted words of false-wisdom. And one very enthusiastic rabbi, expert in Tradition, with a peppery mind of Lucifer training, opened up the error and extended it into a large construction of 4 worlds and the trap was set for Israel’s historic fall. Rabbi Moses De Leon was also an expert writer and stylist and he knew how to convince his hearers. He loved Aramaic and he created an uncanny, mystic flow of Aramaic with which to fool the Jewish world as he voraciously sought his financial redemption.

Gnomen 211 - So did De Leon wrap up his new theological package in defining the Tettragrammaton as the Source of 4 Worlds, ‘opening’ his Ten Spherot in each one, and wrapping up the theological deviation in the Yod of God’s Holy name, ‘opening’ falsely its number 10 value as the Ten ‘Emanated’ Spherot above the Level of Creation. This is the terrible theological error of the Book of the Zohar. It is against the true Law of the Holy Torah to postulate ‘levels of Godliness’ above the creation ‘bereisheet bara elohim et ha-shamaim ve-et ha-aretz’[39]. No gematria or allusion or drush[40] or ‘secret’ can destroy this true Law of the Torah.

Gnomen 212 - We can take this as the basic meaning of the Sin of Yeor, the sin of assuming the Yod (ten spiritual divine levels) to be Emanated Lights ‘OR’ (light), Yeor - the Yod of Light. De Leon transferred a word taken from the Torah in the instance of the holy, prophetic spirit of Moses that ‘emanated’ from him upon the 70 elders of the congregation[41], to a falsified spiritual world of the Yod which he called the World of Emanation. And Israel fell into Pharaoh’s deified Nile without understanding in which waters it was standing. Such was the erroneous linguistic assimilation that would proceed to falsely open that which is truly closed, creating Ten Divine Emanations from the Higher unreachable Ein Sof.

Gnomen 213 - In doing so, the true but hidden terminology of the ‘10 Spherot bli ma’ was falsely ‘elevated’ from being ‘ten created hidden worlds’ to being Ten Emanated Spherot above the world of creation. The difference is ‘infinite’. If you speak of that which is created there is the Creator who has created it ex nihilo and this is true even if you speak of higher hidden spiritual levels. They are all creations ex nihilo not having existed before they were created. If on the other hand, you speak about a level which is before creation, you are speaking about a level which is in the Creator Himself. For this reason that which is above creation or before creation cannot be called by any name, except for the term Creator or the names of God authorised by the Torah and Tradition.

Gnomen 214 - The failings of human intellect are often recompensed by inventive imagination. This is on the condition that there exists a system of linguistic terms to build on and the conceptual flexibility to abstract those terms into meaningful bricks of understanding on the level desired by its builder. Christian theology would not have been born without John’s formulation of the Logos[42]. There would have been no conceptual ladder to bind Christ to his Emanated-Son-Level. When Christ becomes the incarnated Logos above and before creation, it becomes therefore ‘justified’ to call him Divine, the Emanated Divine-Son-Level of God, His Father, who is above the Emanated Level of His Divine Son.

Gnomen 215 - Once you speak about levels or categories that are above creation, you CREATE ‘levels of the Divinity’ within the framework of Divine Emanations. At that point, however, because the fact becomes covered over by other ideas, one no longer understands Who has created the world. Was it the Infinite God above the level of His own Emanations or was it the lower Emanated Divinity just above the level of creation? In this way you can complete your picture-puzzle with God, the Father above and from Him descends His Emanated Divine Son who holds his 2 Cosmic Hands over the universe of the created world.

Gnomen 216 - Or if you desire to add some sophistication to your idolatrous Design, you can imagine the Infinite One in His Absolute and Infinite Light above all levels who contracted himself in myriad contractions thus hiding his infinite light by way of worlds of Emanated Lights, both encompassing and linear, until reaching the lower level of the 5 Emanated Aspects, Keter, the Crown of his Emanated Will, Aba, (Wisdom, the Divine Father), Ema (Bina, Understanding, the Divine Mother), Zeir Anpin (the Small-Format, the Divine Son of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother), and Nukva (the Divine Wife of the Divine Son who when joined to her husband is so happy that from her Divine Emanated Kingdom she spreads her love to the created worlds below). Such is the Doctrine of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar! God save us from this Pantheon of sophisticated garbage!

Gnomen 217 - The sophisticated rabbis forgot that we are simple donkeys and we believe with all simplicity that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. We are so simple that it would never occur to us to ask, as does the Zohar ‘Which Divine Emanation was it that said ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ and which Divine Emanation said ‘Let there be light’ and which Divine Emanation said ‘Let us make man’ etc. We are so simple that we prefer to live in the simple theology of the Patriarchs and in the simple theology of the Second Commandment and in the ‘apparently very difficult’ commandment of God to be of a simple-heart with the Lord, our God.

Gnomen 218 - The Mishnah, however, was hardly fooling when it said that ‘one sin is cause to another sin’ (Avot, 4: 2). Once the Yod was interpreted as representing the level of Emanated Worlds ABOVE creation and especially the 10 Emanated Spherot, all limits fell away. Take every word of the Torah, bring it up to its spiritualised abstraction so that it not be hampered by any worldly sense, bring it up to the level of Emanation, associate it with one of the 10 Divine Emanations, either by the letters in Hebrew that it contains or the gematrias or the root idea expressed in the word itself. Then will you see enlarged the Great Orchestra of the 10 Great Egyptian Gods, come back for their Great Finale in the Divine Pantheon that emanates from the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 219 - Do not be amazed then that Moses De Leon was able to fill up hundreds and hundreds of pages with what seem to be the words of the Torah spiritualised to Mystic Upper World Sanctity of Divine Emanations. He might have done the same with Dante’s Inferno had he thought it would have paid better. See also how simple is Christian theology compared to the Divine Saga or Emanated-Cosmic-Son-God-Zeir-Anpin, so complex and yet seemingly so methodical and systematised and ‘established’ that even great rabbinical scholars living a life of Torah and Mitzvot in the sanctity of the laws, in the fear and love of God, such as Yitzhak Luria, Haim Vital, Moshe Cordovero, Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, the Vilna Gaon and the Gaon Malbim and many, many others, fell head first into the illicit hidden unions of Iside and Horus to beget the Divine Image of the Deified Pharaoh in the sin of Yeor.

Gnomen 220 - We are simple Donkeys; we do not believe in the Egyptian Gods or the Greek Pantheon or the Emanations of Buddha or in the Divinity of the Son of God or in the Divine Emanations of the Ein Sof. In our simplicity we believe that the Second Commandment has separated us from and prohibited to us all such beliefs. The redemption of mankind comes when it will walk in the true light of the Ten Commandments, not in the Ten Higher Emanated Spherot of the false-Kabbalah. We, poor Donkeys, left behind in medieval concepts and not understanding the enormous spiritual technology of the Book of the Zohar which is finally, by way of Judah Ashlag’s Ladder, helping mankind find the gates of its great final illumination, still search for humility, the felicity of the heart, seriousness and inner modesty and simple faith in the depth of our heart, in the Lord, our God, the Creator of the universe.

Gnomen 221 - Our objectives are yet of such meagre calibre that we still strive for simple things, true feelings of brotherhood between people, compassion and love for helping others, strength of character and the force to contrast that which impedes us from elevation. We still adhere to the ancient advice of seeking the virtues of the heart. When shall we finally understand that the world is new now and that such silly, banal things have long been superseded? Just get up to the Zohar lights and all the rest will come automatically! No, we are only stubborn Donkeys, wasting time and energy seeking the Virtues loved by the Lord, our God.

Gnomen 222 - We still worry about such simple terms as ‘faith’ and every day we try to reinforce our walking in the true faith with the Lord, our God. As if we were still of that far off first redemption, we seek yet to awaken our heart to desire God’s blessing. How have we fallen so behind the times? Why are we so stiff-necked that we refuse to believe that God changes His outlook with the progress of modern technology? We still think about becoming virtuous without realising that He has become tired of such small things and now He desires only that we come to the higher, all-spiritual Emanated-Heart, the Interior Design of the Torah of Emanation itself, the higher worlds of light revealed in the Book of the Zohar. And we fools still beat our chest ashamnu, bagadnu, gazalnu, dibarnu doffi!!!![43]

Gnomen 223 - Be not fooled o generations, the White Marble Steps of the Kingdom of Heaven are Steps of the Virtues; the inner virtues that one applies to himself and the inner virtues between man and God come after the virtues of the heart practised with all other people. The true purpose of the Book of the Zohar is to detach people from the true virtues of the heart, but in the end it will be cut down and burned out forever by those who merit to a virtuous heart. The beloved qualities of a simple faith, a good and sincere heart and charitable actions to those who are in need will never leave the face of the earth. For He is God Almighty and He does not change and eternal is His Law for as long as mankind will exist.

Gnomen 224 - In all the 13 years that I studied with the Tzadik Haim, he never stopped saying “Always be careful, remember the orphan, the widow, the poor and the needy, for the Holy One, Blessed is He, is close to them and He hears their plea”. Often the Tzadik Haim would teach me “Remember, Peretz, no matter the elevation of the level you reach, judgement will be made on the humility in which you conduct yourself with others. Do not offend anyone and be extremely careful with the ignorant for you cannot know the purpose for which God has created each person, nor can you know the hidden virtues of his or her heart loved by God. Rather make yourself as ignorant as that person so that you do not show him that you are knowledgeable and put him ill at-ease”.

Gnomen 225 - (see Hosea 6, 6-8) - The Bnei Baruch of Bnei Brak and the School of Kabbalah of R. Ashlag at Jerusalem represent a dangerous city of workers of iniquity; they are killers of the true spirit of the Torah and of Tradition and they are spilling the spiritual blood of innocent souls entrapped in their terrible, abominable and idolatrous Zohar-Ashlag snare. The idolatrous level to which they have reached is similar to that of Egypt in its deification of Pharaoh in his spiritual union with the Nile against which was sent the Plague of Blood.

Gnomen 226 - DIARY OF THE DONKEY: I am in the Sign of the New Tepee of the New Prophetic Equilibrium of the second Hhazon (vision) seen by the Prophet Habakuk. I have entered the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected and have broken the Neck of Pharaoh that was impeding the continuation of the Redemption. I am in the Sign of Shushan, as the Double-Shin heard by Davide Levi in his dream, ‘SHEEN’ and then the long ‘SHEEN’. These are the 2 SHEENS of the New SHUSHAN of the Final Redemption representing the City in which is found the Justice of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Palace of the Virtues of the Queen Esther. The first SHEEN is a BIG SHEEN that is upon my forehead[44]. This is the SHEEN that binds the 13 New Mazalot of Leviathan to the 13 Stars of the Constellation of the Shoshana. The long Sheen is inside my heart binding the Profound Hidden Waters to the Virtues of the Heart. From SHEEN to SHEEN is the New VAV of the Final Redemption to bind the New Humble Brain to the New Spirit of the Heart. And when this bond is completed, the VAV is extended from head to foot becoming the long NUNE Finale of SHUSHAN. This is the NUNE that binds the final NUNE (NUNE SOFFIT) of Leviathan to the NUNE of Yehoshua Bin Nun. This is for the sake of the Completion of the New, True Kabbalah of Leviathan with the power of the true Kabbalah of Yehoshua bin Nune for the formulation of the New Law of the Final Redemption. The Nune Finale of Shushan thus completes the entire stature of the Completed Man (Sign of 120) from the inside and outside.

Gnomen 227 - This is the history of the New Purim which begins with the Completion of the Signs of SHUSHAN, as here explained. Nor is there Purim without its Haman of Amalek extraction, the coldness of heart and inner hatred at the blood level for the True Tradition of the Jewish people. Nor does the Final Redemption come without its parallels to the first redemption and without its Pharaoh to increase the miracles of God.

Gnomen 228 - I have received from the Final Goel, Haim, the Sign of the Pact of the Renewal of the ‘beit of bereisheet’[45] together with the Sign of the Pact of Peace of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. These correspond to the prophetic continuation of the last prophecy in Malachi at the time of the second Hhazon of the Prophet Habakuk. All these, the Signs of SHUSHAN and the Signs of the Pact of Renewal and the Pact of Peace are needed for the continuation, God willing, of the writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Gnomen 229 - That which was impeding the Redemption, without our realising it, was the ‘force of contrast’ in its negative form. It is for this reason that the news of the force of this Pharaoh-Zohar School and their Site has come. Without knowing who the true enemy was, we could not sufficiently affront the force of contrast. As said, there is no Redemption without Pharaoh because the force of contrast cannot be missing. It is important for the pupils to understand this. If you know who the enemy is, it is necessary to speak about it and to verbally destroy it at every occasion possible. I have seen that in general the pupils find it much more pleasant speaking about more pleasurable matters. It must be remembered, however, that having the truth come out in the world is a ‘war’ even though, on the true level, these are the Wars of God. It is a great privilege to participate in denouncing evil and to speak up at every occasion against the known enemies which makes a "ve-nahafoch Hu", turning the negative form of the ‘force of contrast’ to the positive form of the ‘force of contrast’.

Gnomen 230 - Remember, pupils, that your words are potent and they are listened to from above, because you are few and you have held up in your wars until now. Do not be lazy in making your verbal wars against them because this awakens the quality of the force of contrast in oneself.

Gnomen 231 - DIARY of Meshullam: some new blessings for the Renewed Sign-Marriage of White Horse and the Double-Tail:

Blessed is EHEYE ASHER EHEYE who has designed a New Marriage between the New Kingdom of Heaven and the earth.

Gnomen 232 - Blessed is the Lord of Hosts who binds the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan, to the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 233 - Blessed is the Lord, the Eternal God, who has designed the completion of mankind in its spirit, in its mind, in its actions and in its soul for the generations of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 234 - Blessed is the Living God who renews the Signs of Adam and Eve, our first father and first mother, in the New Marriage of the heavens and the earth of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 235 - Blessed is God on High who blesses the groom and blesses the bride in the New Marriage of the Final Redemption under the Hhupah of the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan.

Gnomen 236 - Blessed is the Lord, our God, who sanctifies the New Marriage according to the New Altars of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the carpet of Islam.

Gnomen 237 - Blessed is EL SHADDAI who blesses the snow of the mountain and the sand of the shore that have touched the feet of those who extend the Marvellous News of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Teacher Haim.

Gnomen 238 - DIARY: So we went up to Mount White Horse and with 10 degrees below zero centigrade, Paolo and Noda put a bare right foot into that icy snow. Then they ran back to the warm Serena and we read the New Blessings. We drank apple juice and orange juice for the Wedding Feast. Then White Horse got us down from the Mountain in a hurry and by the Sea of Marinella, Paolo and Noda denuded a left foot and placed it in the sand. Now who done ever see a Renewed-Wedning like that before! Even more, from when we left the house until our return, we have never, in all our life, seen such marvellous clouds in the sky. Like great snowy flying-saucers, round and soft, all pasted together into different forms, of whales and gigantic birds with enormous wings and other types of birds and fish. So they accompanied us throughout all the signs of the Renewed Wedding between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth, in the Sign of the 13 New Mazalot of Leviathan. Ah, yes, before leaving the house in the morning, outside, in the sky, was a cloud that had the form of a very great and positive eye. What signs!

Gnomen 239 - All these are true Signs from God Almighty, signs that we search for and love to receive and to witness in the Final Redemption. Not false-lights of the Zohar that accompany one’s own mental distortions into worlds of non-existence, totally detached from the true world of God’s redemption! “Every person can reach the Higher Spiritual Lights of the Zohar” explains the Giladi, “It is enough to have a strong desire to receive.” This insane statement the foundations of which were construed from the stink of the dung of the Golden Calf is the publicity recipe of Pharaoh’s new PR man. Of course all can receive; it is perfectly impure and no requirements of the true Sanctity of the Torah are found in it!!!!!!!

Gnomen 240 - Also the dianeticists of Scientology say that they know how to leave the body and to float around from place to place and they say that they can know who they were in past lives and that they know how to resolve every ailment and every problem and to lead a totally higher life, especially from the big money that they receive from those yet being taught the way. We know, on the other hand, that this particular branch of scientific-religious-satanology, turned Lucifer to enlighten the pockets of clever mamonious demons, is hated by the Creator of the Universe and it will be totally destroyed in the end. From Heaven it has been called the ‘terrible refrigerator spirit that enslaves people’s minds and steals their money’. We did not know this or invent it. We received it[46] in the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 241 - Be not fooled by the facility of body-leaving. Gurus, Shamani, Mystics and Magicians have been leaving their bodies for millennia. Well, it’s not exactly so easy. It takes some training and methods of indoctrination. They work on it. They work on destroying the true and normal relationship between body and spirit, isolating the spirit into a separate state of being from the body and they subtly capture the spirit in the mental coldness of robot obedience to their quasi-divine-messianic-master-minds such as Ron Hubble or Reverend Moon. That is their secret! They learn to isolate the spirit from the body, against the will of God Almighty. And they float away into the emptiness of reflections from distorted mirrors and they lose their portions both in this world and the next.

Gnomen 242 - Thus Gilad Shadmon explains that now there is a way to put an end to all suffering and all affliction. One must follow the ‘way of the Torah’ which Satan immediately defines (get this one!) as the ‘way of allowing oneself the possibility of gaining full pleasure of his existence without limitations’. Go then to the Ashlag School and learn methodically how to climb the Zoharitic Ladder of the Higher Spiritual Worlds of Emanation; then will you learn to walk in both worlds at the same time and you will be totally exempt from all suffering and from all worldly suffering and you will know only the highest pleasures every minute of your existence. - Is any comment needed!!!!!

Gnomen 243 - Do not be fooled by spiritual worlds or by all those who acclaim the truth of the elevated and luminous levels they have reached. There are ‘millions upon millions’ of such ‘spiritual realms’ and as soon as the person’s spirit learns how to detach itself from the body, it is overwhelmed by the lights that it finds. There is absolutely no merit before God Almighty for the ‘elevation’ of such levels. All those who practise such are only avoiding the battles for which purpose their souls were sent to the world. Those battles are very precious and necessary for the elevation of each soul. The battles, difficulties, afflictions etc., in general, are there to be fought and to be won. One needs a strong desire to win and to overcome them, it is true, but the enormous value, the true elevation in this world and the immense pleasure of the soul in the next world, recompense for it infinitely.

Gnomen 244 - Interestingly Gilad Shadmon does not say anything about the world of the souls! And what in Tradition is called ‘olam ha-ba (the coming world), used generally to designate the world of the souls after death, he reinterprets to refer to the state of perfection reached by participating in the higher spiritual worlds of the Book of the Zohar. In that state of perfection and peace, in the capacity to have all that one desires, one will find himself walking in 2 worlds simultaneously ‘olam ha-ba (the coming world) and ‘olam ha-zeh (this world). Obviously the old terminology and concept does not interest Mister Shadmon and one easily gleans from his words that the world after death is only for the sake of sending back the souls into their next incarnation in another body until they have finally reached their nirvana in the Book of the Zohar and can then walk in both worlds.

Gnomen 245 - You see how easily everything is resolved in the Yod Waters of the false-Kabbalah. The Yod, Ten Divine Emanations, Above Creation, thus above this world, thus ‘olam ha-ba. If you bathe in the Nile and you make the illicit divine unions, you have exited from all the boundaries and limitations between ‘olam ha-ba and ‘olam ha-zeh. O.K., the rest of Tradition that established boundaries and limitations was for the sake of the poor Israel not yet bound to the waters of the Nile that supersede all this, but now, with the Ashlag Ladder, you can climb, man, you can just climb and climb and climb and even swim around on every step of the Ladder, for now is the time of the Big Waters in which all existence is only a prelude to the Emanated Blood of Yeor.

Gnomen 246 - The Torah of the Creator, for this kofer muhhlat[47], is only concerned with material matters, the external Torah, but the Torah itself hides behind the Creator only in order to reveal (or to hide) what in truth the Emanator is doing above in the World of Emanation. If you get to the Emanator, then, you have no need for the lower creations and you can stimulate all the illicit unions you desire to have. Even the Serpent himself couldn’t make you a better offer than that!

Gnomen 247 - We Donkeys stick to old-hat Ecclesiastics: Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil.

May that the Lord, our God, Creator of the universe and the Holy God of Israel have mercy on His chosen nation and save them with their precious souls from falling into the terrible trap of ‘hidden things’ the hidden purpose of which is evil. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Gnomen 248 - I pray to the Lord, our God, that He be awakened to great mercy on the New Souls of the Kingdom of Heaven that have descended in the world for the past 16 years and those that will descend, that they be protected in the bodies in which they have been born and will be born and totally immune in their spirit from this insidious, hateful, false and idolatrous trap of the false-Kabbalah. Protect the children, EL SHADDAI, and have mercy on the goodness of their heart and the innocence of their souls, and keep them far away from the trap of the false-Kabbalah forever. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Gnomen 249 - My heart cries to the Lord, my God. I shiver inside with the knowledge of what is happening, for the victims, the innocent souls that fall, not being able to distinguish what lay underneath. We cry with the tears of Rahhel, our mother, for the souls lost to their true identity, yearning desperately for the moment of returning onto the confines and with great joy we cry together when we see them re-found and freed from the chains of the long, concealed exile of the house of Israel. But I cry now inside and my heart pulls me into anguish for the tears of Lea, our mother, a thousand-fold more bitter in her sacred suffering, as the length of Jacob’s days did not assuage her unanswered love for the plight of the house of Judah. Come back now, o Jacob, our father, come and see the true, inner suffering of Lea, your faithful wife, washed and purified a thousand-fold in the love of the God of her consolation.

Gnomen 250 - Place a wall of fire around the souls of Your choice, o Lord, and let them not fall into the clutches of this last treacherous prostitute before Israel’s redemption. We know that it had to come out as all levels of evil must come out in the open to be destroyed forever in the Fourth Generation. Open the eyes of Your nation so that they look only with their own eyes. Answer my prayer, o Lord, my God, and let a wall-fire of distinction open the eyes of Jacob’s descendants. Amen, ve-ken yehi ratzon.



Chapter 6


Gnomen 251 - I have seen many changes in my life until now. At 17, I still didn’t know the difference between Ashkenazic Jews and Sephardic Jews, and yet it has been my destiny to know and to help others know, God willing, how to distinguish between the true Kabbalah of Israel and the false-Kabbalah of the past centuries. Not only, it has proven my destiny to receive from the Teacher Haim, the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan. I cannot deny the truth. I have seen the coming of the promised Final Redemption. It has been my privileged destiny to be talmid of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Haim, even though it was not in my destiny to reach their level.

Gnomen 252 - What I have not been able to see above, however, has been recompensed by the marvels revealed here in the world for the Third and Final Redemption. I have been called to come out of my parasha in the Torah to break down the barriers of past history so that eventually the News of the Final Redemption reach the 4 corners of the earth. I go down on all fours and bray, happy for the Donkey Signs that fall upon me. I am the first talmid of the Tzadik Haim and yet I have been made into an animal, a redemptional Sign-bearing Animal, often not much more intelligent than that precious but stubborn man-carrying beast. Often my heart cries out in a spasm of desire to tell of myself, to give over some rendering in words of the contrasts that I have seen.

Gnomen 253 - I believe that I have seen more contrasts in my own life than anyone else. I speak because it is part of my obligation to speak, of the Peretz Signs, of the Donkey Signs, of Big Fish Signs and even of Illumined Turtle Signs.

Gnomen 254 - I dip a piece of bread into milk and I rub it over the honey-sap covering my knees. I look upwards until I feel my Sign perceived in the Kingdom of Heaven and I say ‘For the blessing of the Rite of Milk and Honey on the Altar of Malchitzedek’. Then I eat my Milk and Honey Donkey Bread and say ‘Blessed are You, o Lord, our God, who has made me His bread’.

Gnomen 255 - Had I not to yelp out the dangers of Shadmon ecstasy?! But the force of contrast carries with it the wisdom of contrast and the Donkey is not one to let such occasions slip by. I had wondered how the Hherem would fare with the great Messianic-Habad-Farce dead in its Cult-photo Tanks?

Gnomen 256 - Signor Remo Levi, peace be with him, had sent a dream to Giordano in which young men of other Hasidic groups had died before their time because of ‘that’ way of life and their practices. But how would the war of Milhhamot Ha-Shem begin?

Gnomen 257 - These Hasidic fanatics are generally not accepted by the Jewish people nor did they look at the Hassidic groups as ‘deriving’ from the Book of the Zohar. Generally, people did not consider the possibility of false theologies underlying those movements.

Gnomen 258 - How would the Jewish people come face to face with the clash of Zohar-theology? Gilad Shadmon’s booklet came to give me the answers. Finally people would see the evil of the Book of the Zohar itself.

Gnomen 259 - Shadmon’s simplification linguistics is incredibly explicit in rendering the purposes of the Zoharists for what they are. He is a man who has studied alternative medicine for years, obviously a researcher and searcher of the relationships between ideas and systems, wrote this book with the intention of bringing the true purposes of the Book of the Zohar down to earth. It is as if he has said, “let us Kabbalists finally stop beating around the bush. Let us finally say what we truly believe and what we are aiming at, in a clear language that all can appreciate if they have not yet been contaminated with other forms of Judaism”.

Gnomen 260 - It is true. This unsanctimonious piece of kifrut does not beat around the bush. Gilad Shadmon says clearly that you absolutely need nothing else in the world except the Book of the Zohar and the Ashlag Ladder to reach the true purpose in life and nothing else in existence can give you or bring you to that true purpose. Is it possible to be clearer than that! Many warnings explained by the Hhacham ElGafeh and in the Hherem of the Five Tablets of how all this false-Kabbalah in the end leads to negating the true Torah were still ‘covered over’ by the Coat of the Halacha of Traditional Judaism, in Habad, for example, but also just about all the other forms of Mystic Judaism were ‘covered over’ with traditional garb.

Gnomen 261 - It was here that I understood that from the Fourth Hated Generation of Habad to this Zohar-Ashlag-Leitman-Shadmon Kifrut there was an incredible jump. One was concealed under centuries of rabbinic beating-around-the-bush-sophistication while this was crude-open-negation when looked at in the face of all Tradition. Then I understood from the Signs of the Plagues and the Sign of Pharaoh received by me that when the idolatrous cycle descends until its Hated Fourth Generation (Habad) level where it is so entrenched in traditional garb as well as its own historical development that its roots are indiscernible, there exists yet another doubled-level of the Hated Fourth Generation which, so to speak, gets the spring-board back to the original sin of fathers of the Book of the Zohar itself.

Gnomen 262 - This is in correspondence to the Sign made by the Final Goel, Haim, in the Sign of the Stars from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star, here on the negative side, concerning the idolatrous sin in its 4 generational descent. It is a strategy from Above because in the end, it is the Sin of the Book of the Zohar and its totally idolatrous theology that must become known. The terrible error of Habad Messianism was not enough to awaken the understanding unto the roots of the matter. Gilad Shadmon’s mystic simplistics did away with all historical development (except for Ashlag) and the new stage was set for the Great Cult to the Ten Emanated Spherot themselves as taught in the Zohar. Pharaoh, Plagues, Kifrut unseen before; the Sign of the Final Redemption would have to announce that the time had come; ‘od hhazon la-moed[48] had reached its moment.

Gnomen 263 - The Hutzpah of Gilad Shadmon is indeed Pharaonic, so terribly undermining all true Tradition and so dangerous in capturing innocent victims. The time of fierce judgement is at hand. The evil here reaches its maximum and ‘completes’ the sin. We speak of the Fifth level of the sin but it must be remembered that it is a Fifth level of the Hated Fourth Generation. It the sin that ‘wraps up’ all its past into a new neat package ready to send out on a ‘universal’ level, as the Fifth Star which is the Universal Star. The Sign of the Stars which is also the Sign of the Times of the Fourth Generation is itself doubled. For example, the idolatrous sin in the Jewish camp and the idolatrous sin in the Christian camp, reason for which we may speak also of this Fifth level as being as well the Tenth level. And the Sign of Pharaoh (the tenth god of Egypt) and the Sign of the Plagues (that were 10) prove it.

Gnomen 264 - If you read his booklet and you listen closely to its words, you will hear not only blasphemy in every sentence. If you are attuned to determining arrogance, you will find that from beginning to end, the hands are the hands of an impostor and the voice is the voice of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, the apex of arrogance so despised by the God of Israel. The true enemy of the Jewish people (after its being hidden for so many years) has finally decided to show its true face. Ah, finally, he is dressed in Egyptian garments and he comes in full arrogance with a crown of self-love and demonic self-confidence demanding the absolute Reign of the Book of the Zohar for all.

Gnomen 265 - Unfortunately there are victims because many do not have the criteria for determining arrogance and do not have the Tradition or at least not the true Tradition of the Second Commandment. On the other hand, you can fool a Jew when he is sleeping but not when he wakes up. The evil of this booklet and the sickness of its intentions and the absolute arrogance of its author have brought the Zohar-sin down to earth for all to see. Vox popoli is needed in the Final Redemption and vox popoli will come and Jews all over will soon be standing up to denounce and to curse Ashlag’s Crazy-House-Zohar-Rally and they will do everything possible to bring it down.

Gnomen 266 - The fact of the Fifth level is significant as the final level of this evil in the true sense of the well-known Kohelet (7.14) phrase ‘zeh le-umat zeh’ ‘God made one against the other’. This means that the Creator, Blessed is He, placed the forces of good in counter-position to the forces of evil in the creation. The ‘le’umat zeh’ (the negative forces) are known as the ‘sitra-ahhra’ ‘the other side’. As explained in the Five Tablets, it must be kept in mind that certain terms such as this ‘sitra-ahhra’ has its place as a linguistic reality concerning true Kabbalah but is falsified and corrupted by the theology of the Zohar. All examples may be taken from the term Esser Sfirot Bli Ma (10 Spherot without substance) corrupted in the Zohar into Esser Sfirot Neetzalot (10 Emanated Spherot).

Gnomen 267 - The Hhacham Elgafeh yells brimstone and fire against the Pantheon created in the Book of the Zohar with its 10 Emanated Spherot of Kedusha (sanctity) in counter-position to the 10 Spherot of the Sitra-ahhra (the other-side, of impurity). As we have seen in the diplomacy of James Baker ‘we must concede that the 10 spherot do exist but their interpretation has falsified the true meaning’. This was essential for understanding definitively that the enemy was not the 10 sfirot bli ma. The enemy was the 10 sfirot neetzalot.

Gnomen 268 - Here is the point. The false-Kabbalah is exactly the ‘sitra-ahhra’ of the true Kedusha. It is EXACTLY the 180 degree opposite of the true Kabbalah. If one, for the sake of argument, reads the Zohar with the purpose of negating and denying every aspect of its theology while undoing the false linguistics of Emanation, one will find himself ratifying the true theology of the Second Commandment and purifying the conceptual falsehoods into a proper context of the true Kabbalah. IT IS EXACTLY THIS ‘TERRIBLE’ FACT THAT HAS ALLOWED FOR ISRAEL’S FALL. It is exactly because the ‘Sitra-ahhra’ is in direct counter-position to the true Sitra d’Kedusha, not simply a misinterpretation or deviation, that the rabbis lost their balance and fell, believing in ‘good faith’ that the words of the Book of the Zohar were ‘holy’ and ‘true Kabbalah’.

Gnomen 269 - We can now declare, with the Signs at hand, that the reaching of the Fifth Level of Evil of the terrible, prophesied sin of the Second Commandment also means the completion of the sin of the Five Partzufim of the Book of the Zohar. And the Tenth Pharaoh Level reached with the Shadmonic text indicates that the Ten Sfirot of the Sitra-Ahhra of the Book of the Zohar has reached the fullness of its sin.

Gnomen 270 - So shall we take up, God willing, the Breaking of the First Tablets that contained the 10 Commandments because of the Emanatistic Mentality of the Mixed-multitude that would have corrupted the true Kabbalah of those same Commandments, had Moses, our teacher, not broken them in that most terrible, historical Sign of the Great Correction.

Gnomen 271 - Unfortunately, all those who believe in the false-Kabbalah are themselves trapped inside the sitra-ahhra and only a total reversal can save them. For this reason they see all kinds of lights and whatever they want to see. The ‘other-side’ exists and it is extremely powerful, until it is destroyed. Terrible is the sinful trap of the End-Time. For they are victims of those incredible false-lights of impurity that misguide them further into error at every step.

Gnomen 272 - Their heart has become so hardened in their false belief, aided by the ‘sitra-ahhra’ to strengthen their belief, that, as Pharaoh, they will not give up until they have been thrown down and destroyed, by vox popoli and by the hidden and open miracles of the Holy God of Israel. Be assured. The Fourth Generation represents the end of all idolatry in the world, from the crudest forms to the most sophisticated, philosophical, metaphysical, cosmological and mystic doctrines teaching idolatry.

Gnomen 273 - DIARY: Solly sent me a few more documents among which is ‘Praying according to the Kabbalah’ of the Rosicrucians (who believe that they know the ‘Secret Rose of the Cross’). See how the ‘universal’ aspect is shaping up. The Rosicrucian Kabbalists mix together Zohar, Buddhism, Hindu, Gnosticism and Christianity into the Great Melting Pot of the Rosicrucian-Meditation in an incredible, systematised and ‘scientific’ methodology of pure-Kabbalah-meditation. You’ve got the 5 Partzufim and the 10 Emanated Spherot dancing together and Karma and Dharma, Gnosis, Nomos and some others.

Gnomen 274 - By the way, the universal extension of Zohar-love which has spread like wildfire in the last 20 years but never such as now with Internet, in the end will be a Sign-post to the rest of Israel of the inherent impurity in all this.

Gnomen 275 - You will wonder why there exist such intricate systems of meditation, having as their purpose the betterment and perfection, the inner power and happiness of the person and yet they do not conduce to the purposes desired by the Lord, our God. These systems seem so marvellous and complicatedly delicious and beautiful to meditate on but they do not bring the results desired by EL SHADDAI for mankind. They have their lights and their uplifting of the spirit and great conceptual pleasures and spiritual delights but they are not desired by God Almighty, sole Creator of the universe, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, for the souls loved by Him.

Gnomen 276 - What is it more specifically that characterises the evil to which these great meditative systems lead? But precision in the question already helps with the answer. What does the sin of idolatry inherent in these systems lead to? What is so hateful in the sin of idolatry that makes it conduce people to that which is so hated by the Jealous God of the universe?

Gnomen 277 - In truth, it is easier to see if you are speaking about giving service to a stone or to a statue while calling it Divine or to the sun or the moon or the stars. As the objects of the cult, however, become more philosophical, metaphysical, cosmological and mystical, the idolatrous object becomes covered over in myriad ideas and concepts construed around that object.

Gnomen 278 - The Final Fourth Generation, with the Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, binding 4000 years of history from the Star of Abraham, our father, is the Great Conclusion to the end and destruction of all forms of idolatry, even the most sophisticated. The matter is so large that one is at first at a loss, so to speak, to understand how, after 4000 of history, the world is yet so filled with idolatry and even a part of Israel, in its 400 years of history until the Holocaust, fell into it; and after the Holocaust it still continues and even grows until it will be known by all and destroyed. Was the idolatry of the past worse or is the developed idolatry of the present worse?

Gnomen 279 - It is a difficult question but we must try to simplify by the concept of history itself; the Sign made by the Final Goel, Haim, also binds history to the truth of its ‘cyclic’ but ‘progressive’ substance. Also idolatry is cyclic, as the Second Commandment teaches its progressive descent in 4 generations until it is destroyed in every Fourth Generation. If it were left in its vigour after 4 generations it would destroy the substance of the progressive good that must remain for the world. In the global sense, however, of the Final Fourth Generation all idolatry will be destroyed. In past Fourth Generations, idolatry was cut down at many levels and in nations that were destroyed together with their idols.

Gnomen 280 - The thickness of visible idolatry was greater as we go back in the past and so were the ‘occult sciences and occult powers’ of idol worship and star-worship and magic etc. greater in the past. Almost nothing of those occult powers are in the world now and what has remained is a reminiscence of what was in the past. Nevertheless, there is a progression, that is, a progressive digression, for certain aspects of idolatry, that go on in history for 4000 years until they are destroyed in the Last Great and Terrible Fourth Hated Generation of history. It would be impossible to discern the very sophisticated idolatry of the Final Fourth Generation if we did not have parameters and examples upon which to judge. For this reason we can say that the very sophisticated and very idolatrous Book of the Zohar had to be given the extension of its great historical outplay so that it become the Sign-post of idolatry for all future generations. So will its destruction represent a great historical Sign-post of God’s hatred to idolatry for the Jewish people and for the world.

Gnomen 281 - The destruction of this Final Great Evil will be the catalyst to bringing Israel back to the true Torah as well as to its understanding and acceptance of the Final Redemption. For it is not a nation that has fallen but the chosen people, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is not some book that has been desecrated but the Five Books of Moses, our teacher and the true Tradition, the true Kabbalah of all Israel. It is because of the Terrible Evil involved that many of the Jews lost faith in the Torah. Afterwards, however, will the accumulation of the positive aspects of Jewish history come into place and all will understand the prophetic reality in which we now stand.

Gnomen 282 - That which is hated by the Lord, our God, in idolatry is the arrogance to which it brings and the more sophisticated the doctrines reigning over that idolatry become, so too the inner manifestations of arrogance grow inside and destroy the true heart loved by God. It is arrogance that falls with the fall of idolatry and it is the progression of sophisticated arrogance that is destroyed with the destruction from all Israel of the false theology of the false-Kabbalah. The true heart of Israel, the interior humility to which it is heir, is revealed when that idolatrous arrogance is revealed and destroyed.

Gnomen 283 - Such is the point of lowliness and error that had to come out and that is destined to become known to the entire Jewish people so that no one again lift up his head in arrogance to say “we are better than you”. Such is the great lesson of history that God has prepared for us so as to teach us humility, the humility loved by Him and the humility required to receive the Great Third and Final Redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, in merit of the chosen Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 284 - Here are the main elements of the Convergence that we are looking at in this text until now: 1) the quadruple, 4 periods of 4 years until the closing of this 16th year; 2) the Sign of the fifth level of the sin of the false-Kabbalah; 3) the Sign of Pharaoh and the Sign of the Plagues in the Sign of 10; 4) the correspondence of the coming 17th year to the ‘second appointed time’ of the prophecy in Habakuk; 5) the relationship of this prophecy to the just man who lives in his faith.

Gnomen 285 - The prophecy (of Habakuk) under scrutiny refers to this Final Fourth Generation. As the Fourth Generation has its doubling and even its quadrupling, so too this prophecy contains these elements. The prophecy speaks of the ‘vision’ of a first ‘appointed time’ and of the ‘vision’ of the ‘second appointed time’ and is thus doubled in contents. The ‘second appointed time’ however, is itself doubled: in reference to the Final Redemption, it relates in particular to the ‘second and final opening’ from the 17th year of the Completed Signs onwards. In terms of the Final Fourth Generation in general it relates to the 36th year of the 65 years of the Fourth Generation. We are discussing the prophecy primarily in terms of the New and Final Opening of the School and Sign of the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 286 - Concerning the Fourth Generation of 65 years, the ‘second appointed time’ can only refer to the 36th year because the division, as received, is 35 years and 30 years (the doubling of this Generation); thus the 36th year is the first year of the second half of the Fourth Generation. This corresponds perfectly with the fact that the second half of the Fourth Generation is by far the most difficult and ‘terrible’ period that must be overcome. Thus we see in the prophecy that after the ‘second appointed time’ it goes on to warn and to encourage that it will be followed by the desperate waiting for the end time which refers to the End time of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord of the second half of the Fourth Generation; and since it is protracted in time with the heaviness of destruction and calamities, the warning is needed ‘even if it tarries, wait for it, for coming it will surely come and will not be late’ (Habakuk, 2: 3).

Gnomen 287 - It will not tarry and will not be late because its times are those of the Final Fourth Generation as being taught to us by the Final Goel, Haim, by way of the Sign of the Stars and the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. Concerning the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, however, the main periods of interest concerning the reception and diffusion of the written testimonies and explanations are divided, instead, into 1) the main period of preparing those texts and documents etc. and 2) the ‘officially authorised final opening’ of that diffusion. From the Convergence at hand we have concluded that the first 16 years are called the years of preparation, after which begins the second appointed time of the announcements and, God willing, the diffusion[49].

Gnomen 288 - The prophecy itself is in the form of doubling and redoubling 1) the first vision of an appointed time with 2) the formulation of that vision on Tablets comprehensible to all 3) the second vision of a second appointed time and 4) the desperate waiting for the end-time that will surely come in its time. Notice that the prophecy does not speak about writing down the second vision on Tablets. This is because the main bulk of the Tablets are already formulated during the first 16 years in the documents and texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim until now.

Gnomen 289 - Probably the sense of desperate waiting, even if it tarries, etc. in reference to the Sign of the Final Redemption, relates to the immense patience needed, both concerning the Jewish world and the world at large, for the comprehension of it. In the end, nevertheless, that comprehension will surely come, according to the times of the Fourth Generation. Who will receive that comprehension and that merit? The prophecy answers: The unworthy person does not straighten out his soul in it (or does not rectify himself in it) but the just man will live in his faith (ibid: 2, 4).

Gnomen 290 - This we may well call the fifth element of the prophecy which is itself in correspondence to the Fifth Universal Star of the Sign of the Stars[50]. It is also universal in purpose referring to all people, men and women, throughout the world. Indeed the New Law of the Final Redemption is based on the concept of this verse and is called the New Law (or the Commandments) of the Just man who lives in his Faith. This prophecy in Habakuk is the most important concerning the End Time or better the end times of the Fourth Generation. It indicates that the times are ‘appointed’, that they must be followed in writing, that there is a beginning, a continuation, a second appointed end time, a desperate waiting for the passing of the end times until the final End-Time which is itself the beginning of the periods of peace of the generations of the Third and Final Redemption. It is this prophecy that demonstrates that history is both cyclic and progressive.

Gnomen 291 - This prophecy embodies the time elements of the Final Fourth Generation and does not directly enter the sin-elements involved in the Fourth Generation although afterwards in the same prophecy there are allusions to those sins. The Final Fourth Generation represents the Great Convergence of all past history, the prophetic-synthesis of which can be obtained by studying the 4 generations of the idolatrous sin of fathers of the Second Commandment. Our Text ‘The Five Tablets of the Pact’ explains more in detail how these 4 idolatrous generations must be studied from the Torah, namely from the Original Sin, the Generation of Enosh[51], the Tower of Babel and the Golden Calf. We will try to complete this study in this book and to conclude it with our study of the Beit of Bereisheet for distinguishing true Kabbalah from false-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 292 - The first 2 Commandments together represent Redemption, the Idolatrous Sin and the Final Redemption. The idolatrous sin in its 4 generations is the basis to all sins, in the same manner that, as known, the Second Commandment contains in it all the 365 negative precepts of the Torah while the First Commandment contains all the 245 positive precepts. In essence, all sins derive from a detachment from the true faith in the One Living God.

Gnomen 293 - Correspondingly, our main objectives in Sefer Mishnat Haim are: to re-explain the faith of the First Commandment, to explain fully the 4 generations of the idolatrous sin of the Second Commandment and to fully explain and establish all the elements of the Final Redemption.

Our discussions on the 4 generations of the Hated Fourth Generation are not limited to the sin of idolatry. Also here the main sins may be categorised in 4: 1) idolatry 2) sexual abominations 3) sins of greed for money and 4) sins pertaining to the world of science, such as genetics and speculative cosmology.

Gnomen 294 - These are, of course, large categories and each one may be subdivided into 4 categories. We are not taking this up here.

The 4 generations of the Second Commandment, however, are, first of all, those written in the Torah and explained in Tradition, from the original sin to the golden calf, as above. These are taken up in the Five Tablets but there is a conclusive phase of those explanations to be completed here, God willing. All is explained in Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of the Hacham Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh and in the Hherem of the Five Tablets of the Pact but the present Convergence brings out a fullness regarding the sin of the Doctrine of Emanation.

Gnomen 295 - As said, the sin of the Doctrine of Emanation has been discussed in those texts but there is a point of emphasis that must be made in view of the question asked above. How is it appropriate to speak of a ‘progression’ in long global terms of history concerning idolatry. With all the multifarious and complex and occult aspects of past idolatry, is there still left an aspect of the idolatrous sin that has not been codified or explained or is unknown, an aspect which it may be said is ‘worse’ (in its progressive digression) than all that which came before?

Gnomen 296 - I’m not saying this subject is simple. You must keep in mind the various strands of the terms used to describe idolatry, of the history of idolatrous ideas in their various manifestations, of the variegated aspects of the Original Sin, the Generation of Enosh), the Tower of Babel, the Golden Calf and the Breaking of the Tablets, and finally of the time convergence of the Final Fourth Generation and of the Third and Final Redemption. All the prophecies of the past 4000 years now re-bound to the Final Fourth Generation by the Great Sign of the Final Goel, Haim; and in each study there is the corresponding idolatrous doctrine in the Book of the Zohar and in all the false-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 297 - The answer to that question is the Doctrine of Emanation or the Concept of Emanation. It is not, however, that the doctrines of Emanation are new. They were there from the beginning but its terminology was left for the End-Time. In the past, before the sin of the false-Kabbalah was revealed in Milhhamot Ha-Shem of the Sage, ElGafeh, no one had an idea of what was meant by the ‘sin of the doctrine of Emanation’. The term ‘Emanation’ had not been opened to true Torah scrutiny and all light on the matter was smeared-over with Zohar-cream until the poisonous cream was itself considered the ‘secret’ that had to come out instead of the ‘final sin’ that had to come out.

Gnomen 298 - The fact is that ‘Emanation’ is the root of the roots of idolatry, the most hidden aspect of idolatry. It is therefore found behind every category of idolatry but it is unseen on a revealed level. There is, however, an aspect of the ‘concept’ of Divine Emanation’ in the original Sin, in the error of the Generation of Enosh, in the Tower of Babel and in the Golden Calf. And the Breaking of the Tablets is the Great and Terrible Sign of History that eventually breaks down and destroys the Sin of the Doctrine of Emanation. In allusion we can find it in the Second Commandent but only with study. ‘For I am the Lord, your God, EL KANA, who punishes the sin of fathers’ etc (Exodus, 20: 4). EL KANA, generally translated the ‘Jealous God’, is, so to speak, the Jealous One against all doctrines, ideas and cults that do not do honor to the unique and absolute Oneness of the Creator, Blessed is He. EL KANA comes in this context in direct counter-position to the Sin of Emanation.

Gnomen 299 - In Tradition we have such terms as ‘shittuf’ (an associated faith), ‘ribui reshuyot’ (a multiplicity of reigns), ‘elohim ahherim’ (other gods) and ‘avodah zara’ (strange service, a service not to God, idolatry). In Tradition is discussed the concept of the ‘nessiya mi-kedem’ (the distancing oneself from the First Cause). The linguistics of the Idolatrous Sin of Emanation is not known in Tradition. Had it been known, the Book of the Zohar would have been dead from the start.

Gnomen 300 - We are speaking pure and true Torah, every word. The linguistics of Emanation was hidden from the eyes of Tradition until its revelation for this time of the Final Fourth Generation because of the sin of the Book of the Zohar. But just this concept of Divine Emanation is the Root of the Roots of the Idolatrous Sin of the fathers and therefore its understanding and its being broken down and burnt out from the roots is the Great Catalyst of the Breaking Down of all forms of idolatry and false doctrinal theology in the entire world. For there is no people as His people Israel when it returns to the true faith of the Holy Torah. The world shall be stunned by Israel’s recognition of its error and the world will be amazed by Israel’s self-purification from its error and the world will witness a strength in the chosen nation never seen before or imagined. The Holy Torah shall become Large for the world and the knowledge of God will fill the world as the waters that cover the seas. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon bi-mheira be-yameinu. -



Chapter 7


Gnomen 301 - The false theology of the Book of the Zohar thus represents the worst historical sin of Israel of all times. When the hidden sin behind the terrible Holocaust will be understood, the two things unfortunately go together. There was no greater calamity for the Jewish people as the Shoa in all past history. So does it unfortunately correlate perfectly to the level of the sin of the golden calf. The sin of the false-Kabbalah is the prophetic realisation of the golden calf. It has in it the original sin, the sin of the generation of Enosh and the sin of the Tower but the Golden Calf came at Sinai in the midst of God’s revelation to Israel. The sin of the Golden Calf was the worst moment of all Jewish history.

Gnomen 302 - The breaking of the first Tablets was the saddest moment in Israel’s history. From what would have been the greatest and most felicitous realisation of Israel’s historical elevation from then on became the most shameful act before God and before mankind in all its ensuing history. We must, however, at the same time that we take cognisance of the immense tragedy of that historical sin, not lose sight of the Design in History which must be accomplished. This does not make it less tragic in itself or less sinful in any way but, nevertheless, it refreshes the equilibrium to know that in the long scheme of history, it had to come out. It had to come into existence for the sake of what would have to be understood from it in the end.

Gnomen 303 - When it happened, however, there was still the possibility of correction, at least to the extent that it could be corrected then. Had Israel, for example, received those first Tablets and afterwards sinned with the first Tablets present, there would have been no possible correction. The history of sins must come out and their correction become historical corrections the lessons of which cannot be missing from the great final understanding given at the time of the Final Redemption. Also for this reason the largest part of Jewish history is the plentiful and painful testimony of the sinful-traps into which it fell during almost every epoch of its existence. Israel was also chosen and given the power to bear its sins throughout history. No other people of the world had such strength.

Gnomen 304 - That which happened to Israel before the closing of the Five Books of Moses is sealed into the Torah as are the great, mostly sinful events of the mankind that existed before Abraham, our father. All that which is sealed into the Torah is eternal, having purposes that serve for all times, such as purposes of edification or purposes of what we term ‘prophetic realisation’. For there are no greater prophetic writings than those of the Five Books of Moses nor was there ever a Prophet as great as Moses, the Head of all Prophets, as the Tzadik Haim would always say ‘Rosh col ha-neviim’.

Gnomen 305 - We, however, when we use the term ‘prophetic realisation’ in reference to the Torah, are within the totally new framework of the same term because of the incredible time-element of this the Final Fourth Generation of History and its simultaneous arrival with the Third and Final Redemption. The Fourth Generation is not only the ‘prophesied generation’ but is called the ‘Prophetic Generation’. This means basically that there is one particular Generation in which the great bulk of the ‘prophetic substance’ both of the Torah and of the Prophets of Israel come into the time of their final prophetic realisation. Such is this chosen Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 306 - The very term ‘Final’ whether for the Third and Final Redemption or for the Final Fourth Generation refers to the fact that the ‘prophetic substance’ of all past history, sealed into the Torah and Prophets, comes to its Final Great Prophetic Realisation in this Double-Fourth Generation, Displaced from all other generations of history past or future. The Holy Torah is great and it contains all things but we can divide the ‘prophetic substance’ of the Torah as the division of the first two commandments, heard directly from God by all Israel. There is the ‘prophetic substance of redemption’ and there is the ‘prophetic substance of the four generations and of the hated fourth generation of the second commandment’.

Gnomen 307 - The Five Tablets of the Pact, including the text of Yihhye Elgafeh ‘Milhhamot Ha-Shem’, comes to explain the prophetic substance of the four generations and of the hated fourth generation of the second commandment and to explain the Hherem Mi-Deoraita against the false and idolatrous Emanation-Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar. The Book of the Zohar is thus the ‘terrible terminal’ of the prophesied idolatrous sin of the second commandment, and since it is caught in that negative trap of Israel’s history, it itself contains and represents the entire ‘idolatrous sin of history’ prophesied in the four generations of the second commandment and destroyed in the end by EL KANA.

Gnomen 308 - This subject matter is deep but not so deep that it is difficult to understand the material itself. The material of each argument can be perfectly understood with normal Torah comprehension. The great difficulty is in perceiving the time-element and the prophetic prospective in which we are speaking, that of the Final Prophetic Fourth Generation in which the evils of all past history that have existed until the present come to be totally destroyed and in which the prophetic substance both of redemption and of punishment, both of the Torah and of Prophets are found in the time of their Great Final Prophetic Realisation.

Gnomen 309 - It is only in this perspective that the various elements of the idolatry that has still to be purged from the people of Jacob can be truly perceived. The Book of the Zohar is the historical terminal of the Idolatrous sin of history. The original sin caused by the Serpent is in it. Not figuratively. Those first rabbis who fell into the sin of the Zohar believed that their eyes would be opened as ‘gods’ (receivers of Divine Emanations) who know good and evil and they fell head-first into the Emanation-trap. Without understanding what was happening they were cast out of the true Garden of the Holy Torah, falsifying the True Kabbalah of Tradition. They saw that the fruit was beautiful to look at and deliciously stimulating to the intellect and they ate of it and once they ate of it, the Serpent had won again as he had won with Eve.

Gnomen 310 - This is not drush. It is the historical prophetic realisation of what had to happen. Deep is the prophetic substance of the Torah, the words of God Almighty, amazing and terrible in their historical outplay, but redemptional in the end when all is clarified. And only the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption brought by the Final Goel, Haim, allow us to envision globally the 4000 year cycle from the Star of Abraham as well as the 6000 year cycle from Adam and Eve, our first father and mother. Only the Completed Signs give us the new prophesied tongue to read and to decipher the Signs of history sealed into the Holy Torah so that their understanding come to the fore with the coming of the Final Goel and the entrance of the Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 311 - The sin of the generation of Enosh returned to history for its final stand in the treacherous terminal of the Book of the Zohar. They displaced the service to God, the First Cause of all, to serve lower ‘causes’ closer to their level. The Zohar displaces the service from the Ein Sof, the First Cause, to the lower Divine Emanations of the World of Atzilut. This is explained in great detail and depth by Yihhye ibn Shlomoh Elgafeh in Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem. That sin was caused by the error of giving precedence to a human perception of God instead of adhering to the received faith which is higher than human intellect. It is called a root in the idolatrous sin of fathers which is by definition called a subtle error, subtle because it has its own intellectual justification which seems even humanly correct, an error because it ‘limits’ the truth of God and lowers people’s thoughts into a false service.

Gnomen 312 - Of course the sin of the Generation of Enosh has seen every type of historical play out in the course of world idolatry and even into the philosophical and metaphysical sophistication of Aristotle. For sure also Aristotle represented a ‘prophetic realisation’ of the sin of the Generation of Enosh but that has been for a world replete with doctrinal and practical idolatry until now. The great Rambam had to speak and explain it in his time so that Israel be saved from falling into it and he succeeded but the generation of the first Zoharists took it up again and placed God’s holy names on the Divine Emanations as the generation of Enosh had done with the stars. They abandoned, without realising it, the Ein Sof, the First Cause, who was far too above any level to be contemplated. They were fooled by the ‘reality’ of the names of God to which they called without understanding that they had no permission to place those names on anything else except for the First Cause of all, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever.

Gnomen 313 - In the end, however, when the evil-terminal of the pantheon brothel of the Zohar becomes understood, true Torah-loving Jews will say ‘Now, finally, we have understood the sin of the generation of Enosh’. The clarity of that understanding will never again leave the Jewish consciousness and the world will see and know that the true faith has been clarified after millennia of great confusion. The Torah is returning for its enlargement on a universal level and Israel is the chosen clock of historical change. Israel’s reversal from considering the Book of the Zohar holy to declaring it impure and idolatrous will be the great catalytic time-bomb that will radically change the mentality of Jews and of mankind concerning the true faith in God Almighty. All levels of ‘associated divinities’ will become invalidated and nullified and the true knowledge of God will reside in the world, as prophesied.

Gnomen 314 - The Tower of Babel is most terrible for the world at large because the Tower comes back, monkeys and all, in the Final Fourth Generation, in the Great Scientific World of its Space-Tower and the terrible and hated Genetic Tower of scientific arrogance. Terrible is the ‘second appointed time’ beginning with the 36th year[52] (2018) of the Completed Signs that will encompass the earth and shake it, God save us, from the foundations, until the very great and terrible day of the Lord will have accomplished that which it must accomplish.

Gnomen 315 - The Constructed Tower of Babel, however, is the ‘undesired linguistic construction’ of the false-Kabbalah, the head of which is the World of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar which purports to reach the heavens. The Tower is the Construction that derives from egoistic desires hated by God on the part of those who have ‘travelled and taken distance from the First Cause of all’, the Creator of all language and the true Giver of the linguistic limpidity of the holy tongue. This is not philosophy but Torah. The Tower of Confusion, hated by God and destroyed by Him in the end, is the result of the linguistic corruption of the holy tongue of the Torah and Tradition, the corruption of which resulted in the hated-construction of Four Worlds and the hated Fourth World of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 316 - Why was the sin not cut down before until a holocaust had to result from it and until so many had to fall in its trap? Afterwards, nevertheless, the Jewish people will understand that it was decreed such in the Holy Torah ‘this is the beginning of their doing and now let there be nothing missing from all that they have purported to do’. Only in the very end, when the construction has been built and there are those who climb upon the Tower and say that they have reached the heavens and that they are now protected from all evil and they do cult to each Nimrod who places himself at the top of the Ladder to rule over the City and the Tower, does EL KANA descend to judge the falsified city of the World of Emanation and the hateful Tower of Four Worlds of the Book of the Zohar and all the false-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 317 - And yet the destruction came! Why has the sin behind it continued until now and even grown? Do you think that the third of those of the Tower who were dispersed throughout the world, suddenly speaking other tongues, understood what had happened or the reason for their punishment? Perhaps in time some of the more intelligent understood something but only after many years. The Holocaust will not again be nor anything similar to it in any way. The general punishment of Israel finished with the Holocaust, thank God, and Israel began its new course into redemptional history. But it takes historical time for Israel to understand the reason behind the Holocaust since it is contained in the great-terminal-Emanation-cage of the Book of the Zohar. One only wonders until now why there are so many different Jewish groups, inside and outside Israel, that are in great difficulty to understand one another because each one has its own set of linguistics!

Gnomen 318 - Afterwards Jews will say “Now we understand what the fact of ‘the universal tongue and the same words’ had to do with the sin of the Tower of Confusion. The true and eternal language of the Holy Torah was changed, corrupted and distorted out of all proportions by way of the idolatrous theology of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar while maintaining that it was revealing a hidden linguistic construction of the Torah itself. No sin is more hateful than this before the Holy God of Israel, Giver of the Holy Torah. The dispersion of the tongues that has taken place is due to the ‘false-linguistics-of-Emanation’ that undermined the true unified language of the Torah and distorted the true faith. Then all Jews will be astonished by the truth of the Torah and in the world a great and large understanding of it will be reached by all those who will have seen, in the faith of the just man who lives in his faith, its prophetic realisation in the Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 319 - All this, all this but the golden calf; all this, all this but the error of the High Priest Aaron; all this, all this but the Breaking of the First Tablets by Moses, our teacher! The Second Commandment ‘sums up’ the four generations of historical idolatry 1) the original sin of eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil 2) the sin of the Generation of Enosh 3) the sin of the Tower of Babel and 4) the sin of the Golden Calf. Thus the Hated Fourth Generation of the Second Commandment refers to the sin of the Golden Calf. All those root-sins of idolatry returned for their historical realisation in the golden calf: The fruit, the error of Enosh’s time and the Tower pertain to the whole world. The Golden Calf, as the Fourth Generation, was displaced, displaced in time and displaced in its contents from the first three that preceded it. This was the sin of the commanded Israel that had already heard directly from God the first and second commandments and the other 8 commandments by way of God’s speaking through the mouth of Moses.

Gnomen 320 - Here we are touched at home in the heart of the Holy Torah. Remember the sin of the Mixed-Multitude the correction of which is the Great Correction of History for Israel and for the nations. The whole world, in the end, will come to understand why Moses, our teacher, had to break the first Tablets written by the hand of God Almighty, in that the most dramatic and tragic moment in the height of God’s revelation. For the Final Fourth Generation is now and the prophetic realisation of the golden calf of history is the Book of the Zohar and its Doctrine of Emanation.

Gnomen 321 - In truth, only by way of the final destruction of the final golden calf of history will the history of the golden calf, written in the Holy Torah, become understood, both to Israel and to the world. The beginning of this comprehension is to realise that the maximum level to which the sin of idolatry might ever reach was reached in the sin of the golden calf and the counter-position of the breaking of the first Tablets is proof to this. The absolute extremes between that idolatry and between that most ‘terrible’ Correction are reached there at their maximum levels in every sense. So too the prophetic realisation of that final idolatrous sin of the end time and of its final destruction forever with the final breaking down of the falsified-Tablets of the false-Kabbalah of the Zohar represents the maximum level to which idolatry can reach and the maximum level of the True Kabbalah of the Holy Torah is required to break it into pieces and to burn it out of history forever. Therefore it happens only when the Final Goel has been chosen by God and when he is revealed to at least a part of Israel.

Gnomen 322 - Such is the pure Torah logic that we must follow: nothing less than the breaking of those first Tablets to pieces by Moses could have represented the Correction to the sin of the Golden Calf; for if there had been another way to effect that correction without breaking those Tablets there can be no doubt that Moses would have left the Tablets of God intact. There was, however, no lesser way or no other way. Israel, in its sin, even though victims to the error of the mixed-multitude, once it had sinned, could no longer merit to those first Tablets. The Torah, however, does not explain directly more than the bare elements of the sin of the golden calf and of Aaron’s error and of the corrections of Moses in breaking the Tablets and purifying the people and killing those directly guilty and seeking forgiveness from God to have mercy on the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Gnomen 323 - The sin of the golden calf is very veiled in its exposition in the Torah. It exposes one and hides nine. Since, however, we have come unto the time of the prophetic realisation of the beginning of the destruction of the false-Kabbalah, as the reasons of the doctrinal sins of the false-Kabbalah come to the fore, also, retroactively, the concealed elements of the episode of the golden calf become clarified, clarified for all times. For the terminal-sin-bag of the Zohar and its doctrine of the Ten Emanated Spherot of Atzilut is itself the prophetic realisation of that sin and it therefore contains all the elements of that sin. All that which happened in the first redemption but which could not be clarified more in the Torah until the time that history would pass into the realm of the Third and Final Redemption is clarified in this the Final Fourth Generation so that the great true light of the Torah will shine out for Israel and for the world in all future generations.

Gnomen 324 - Let us begin to view some of the correspondences between the sin of the golden calf and its prophetic realisation in the idolatrous sin of the Zohar. First of all, we have explained that the sin of the false-Kabbalah is alluded to in the prophesied sin of the End-Time[53]. This means that in history, in the time of the End-Time, there would be a sin that would be called the Sin of the End-Time. That sin would itself be or result from a sin concerning the End-Time, namely the belief in something that brings the Ketz, the End-Time, before the End-Time. I am not being redundant here but precise since we have seen in the prophecy of Habakuk that the End-Time carries with it several ‘times’, from the beginning of the End-Time waited for to the End-Time of the great and terrible day of the Lord and thus to the beginning of the Redemptional-Time of peace, while between those two End-Times there are yet other End-Times to be waited for and to be superseded with enormous patience, faith and hope in the final End-Time.

Gnomen 325 - Nevertheless, we can simplify here: the main concept of the sin of the End-Time is the attempt to bring the Final Redemption before the Time of the Final Redemption, as explained concerning the belief that the Book of the Zohar was destined to be the instrument of bringing the Final Redemption. We are now time-wise in the culminating-apex period of that false belief. All the historic movements and messianic movements that sprouted from the basis of the doctrines of the Zohar, including those of the Lurianic Tzfat Kabbalah and all the Hassidic Movements and the false Messianism of Shabtai Tzvi and the false messianism of Habad etc. were all attuned to the Zohar-Key as the mystic alimentation for bringing the End-Time and the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 326 - The prophecy had said ‘wait for it and wait for it and do not give up hope’ etc. ‘for surely it will come and will not tarry’ but they did not want to wait for it and they falsely believed that they had found the Zohar-Key to bring it. The beginning of the sin of the mixed-multitude was born in the same impatience because of the 6 hours of difference between their calculation of when Moses should have descended from the mountain and between Moses’ actual descent. The entire bulk of the sin until Aaron’s declaration ‘a feast unto God tomorrow’ took place in those 6 hours. (after another 6 hours, in the morning, however, Moses actually descended). Its prophetic realisation came out in some 6 hundred years but the essence of the same impatience is there. They erred in the absence of Moses as these erred in the absence of the promised Final Goel of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 327 - When they believed that Moses would not return, they sought a ‘substitute’ in Moses’ stead that would guide them and walk before them as had Moses. So too the Zohar became the Substitute of the Redeemer in their eyes and they allowed themselves to be guided by it as if it were the New Torah of Moses and the New Spiritual Redeemer of Israel. That impatience of the mixed-multitude was the immediate cause and catalyst of the entire sin that followed although once the Serpent had awakened the impatience of the mixed-multitude they were ready to fall into the insidious idolatrous traps to which they were previously inclined because of their preceding affinity to Egyptian idolatry. The sin of their impatience in that moment is thus independent from the idolatry involved in the sin itself of the golden calf. So too the sin of the End-Time is the sin of impatience of itself independent from the sin of idolatry. If not for that impatience, however, they would not have fallen into the sin and because of it they fell. Therefore the prophetic term ‘avon ketz’ stands by itself in the prophecies of the great Prophet Yehhezkel nor is it directly bound to idolatry.

Gnomen 328 - The relationship between Aaron to the mixed-multitude is not so easily established. We know from Tradition that the perpetrators of the sin, those who insisted that Aaron ‘make a ‘god’ that would walk (plural in Hebrew) before them’ were not the descendants of the Patriarchs but the ‘erev-rav’, the ‘mixed-multitude’ of people from Egypt as well as of other nations that had witnessed the redemptional miracles of God in Egypt and that had asked permission from Moses to go up with the people and to become part of it. God calls this mixed-multitude in regards to Moses ‘your nation’ in the Torah because it was Moses who had given them permission to aggregate with the children of Israel, ‘Go descend from the mountain for your nation has become corrupt and made for itself a graven god’ (Exodus, 31, 7). It does not say ‘My nation’ but ‘your nation’, the people that had come up from Egypt on your permission. So is it known from Tradition that the mixed-multitude killed Hhur, the husband of Miriam, in their anger when he tried to stop them and to make them wait for Moses. It was thus the ‘erev-rav’ that gathered to ‘command’ Aaron, after seeing that Moses had tarried in coming down from the mountain, ‘up now and make for us a god (elohim) that will walk (plural) before us because this man, Moses, we do not know what has become of him’ (Ibid, 1).

Gnomen 329 - Nevertheless, had only those of the mixed-multitude sinned, I do not believe that Moses would have broken the Tablets because in that case it would have been sufficient to kill those who had actually fallen while the children of Israel would have remained intact. It was not so. The mixed-multitude caused others of the children of Israel to fall in the sin even if their number was not great because of the 3000 that had to be killed because of the idolatrous service that they did with the calf, most were of the mixed-multitude itself. This fact, however, is not very significant because even if only one of the children of Israel had fallen it would have been grave enough to go on the name of the whole people, as known from other episodes in the Torah and in Joshua. The Torah in fact speaks of this sin as that of Israel not only of the ‘erev-rav’. The gravity of the matter here, however, does not stand on this fact but on the fact that the one who was instrumental in their sin was Aaron himself, the eventual High Priest of Israel.

Gnomen 330 - The question of Aaron’s error and culpability in virtually seconding the demands of the mixed-multitude is perhaps the most ‘ambiguous’ matter of the entire Torah. The Torah speaks but we are at a loss to understand what exactly happened. We are completely amazed at Aaron’s actions. With the golden-calf already made and an altar built before it, Aaron, obviously in his innocence, could still proffer ‘A feast to God tomorrow’. Totally incomprehensible. It seems to have no sense at all. We are speaking here about the worst sin in all Israel’s history and until the very end Aaron did not understand what was happening. Nor do the Sages of the Talmud or the later commentators help us very much in this matter. There seems to be a general agreement that Aaron did what he did from fear, seeing the wrath of the erev-rav and how they had killed Hhur, Aaron was afraid that if they killed him as well, High Priest of the people and the person responsible for the people in Moses’ absence, there would be no hope for correction afterwards.

Gnomen 331 - We feel here as if the Torah is hiding something from our eyes, of necessity for sure, but nevertheless, left to incomprehension and this answer of the Sages too seems to be more a cover up, also this for necessity certainly, than a truly satisfying answer. As we have spoken about at length in the Five Tablets, the answer of the Sages not only does not satisfy in simplification but it complicates the matter even more. Is it possible that Aaron, understanding the idolatry involved here, acted from fear? Would Aaron build an altar for idol-worship? Would he say ‘a feast unto God tomorrow’ if he knew that the calf was idolatrous? If Aaron had done all that, could he have afterwards remained as High Priest for Israel? I think that all will agree that these questions are hardly small ones.

Gnomen 332 - The Sages, of blessed memory, often use the expression ‘ta’u ba-’egel’ - ‘they ‘erred’ with the calf’. The sin began with an ‘error’ and finished in ‘idolatry’. Its being idolatry was not recognised until the end when they began to have an orgiastic attachment to the calf and they got drunk from their ecstasy and danced around it and sang praises to it and kissed the calf and bowed down to it. Strange. All that happened before, their killing Hhur, their demanding Aaron to make a god that would walk before them, the uncanny quickness with which they stripped themselves from all golden ornaments and gave them to Aaron to make the calf, the miraculous ‘magical’ way in which the calf was moulded and then came out by itself, the calf’s power to stand up on its own feet and walk around, as revealed in Tradition; all these gave no indication of the idolatry that was being perpetrated? And yet Aaron’s building an altar for it and Aaron’s saying ‘A feast to God tomorrow’ is proof that it is so.

Gnomen 333 - The Donkey is not trying to fool anyone. We believe that the Torah, in the case of the golden calf, is hiding much more than it is revealing. The Torah does do such things. A word in the Holy Torah can become a book if it is ‘allowed’ to be opened for interior scrutiny. The entire ‘sin of the generation of Enosh’ derives from one verse and it’s not even recognizable were it not revealed in the Oral Tradition of the Sages, of blessed memory. Much more is hidden concerning the life of Isaac, our father than what is revealed. The enigma of Malchitzedek, King of Salem, Priest to God on High, is an incredible flash of historical illumination that closes as it opens and leaves us gaping in darkness for someone to tell us what it’s about. Even the Donkey is hidden in the Torah, whether in the Garden, under Balaam, under Abraham, waiting for Isaac’s return from the altar or stimulating Jacob, our father, to give Lea her Yissachar. Therefore, I’m not fooling you. The history of the golden calf is part of those parts of the Torah that had to wait for the Final Redemption in order to be explained in their final clarity.

Gnomen 334 - No one denies nor can deny Aaron’s innocence in his guilt. There is no doubt nor must there be any doubt that the High Priest, Aaron, himself a Prophet of God and greatly beloved by the Holy One, Blessed is He, had even minimally any intentions that touched the realm of idolatry. Aaron’s guilt was for reason of his position more than for any other reason. The sin had come under his responsibility and under his hands even though he had not understood what had happened until the very end. Thus ‘And Moses said to Aaron “what did this people do to you that you have brought upon it such a great sin (hhataah)?” (Ibid, 32, 21) Innocence and guilt at the same time. Conflictual confusion indiscernible to common judgement. Obviously the sin came from the people and not from you but the people did something that caused you err and to bring a great sin upon the entire people. Terrible, shameful and embarrassing was that moment in which Aaron had to answer to Moses.

Gnomen 335 - Aaron’s answer to Moses alludes to something very important, explained at length in the Five Tablets. And Aaron said “Let not kindle the wrath of my sir (adoni, my master); you know the people, that it (stands) in evil” (Ibid, 22). Aaron does not call Moses ‘adoni’ - ‘my sir’ except here in this verse because Aaron was the elder brother of Moses and it was Moses who showed honor and deference to his older brother. Aaron is saying: That which happened derives from an evil in this people that you, Moses, know and understand, not I. As explained by the Tzadik Haim, it was Moses who had been brought up in Pharaoh’s household and in the school of hhartumei mitzraim and who knew their cults and practices and their secret arts and the secrets of Hieroglyphics and their occult sciences and all the forms of Egyptian idolatry. Aaron, of the tribe of Levi, the only tribe not rendered slaves by the Egyptians, had remained all his life with his family in Goshen. He was totally separated from all those Egyptian matters.

Gnomen 336 - This fact explains to a certain degree why more is not said about the golden calf in the Torah. Aaron himself did not understand what was involved. One needs the knowledge of Moses to understand the roots of the sin of the golden calf. Nevertheless that knowledge is hidden there in the Torah in allusions ready to be explained when the time would come. It’s essential to realise that in order to grasp the roots of the golden calf, its true study necessitates a deeper understanding of the idolatrous mentality of the mixed-multitude. Not that one must study Egyptian idolatry but one must know something of the idolatrous mind of Egypt. Let us remember that also the idolatry of Egypt was chosen to be destroyed by God because no other people in no other time of history was so thickly idolatrous as Egypt.

Gnomen 337 - It is known that the Ten Plagues against the Egyptians represented the War of God Himself against the ‘potent Egyptian gods’ and the idolatrous cults to them at that time. It is less known that the number of 10 Plagues has a correspondence to this fact. The Hhartumei Mitzraim had established the Ennead, the Nine Great Gods of Egypt. Pharaoh himself, however, was considered the Tenth God of Egypt, between the heavenly divine gods and the earth. (See the Message of the Archangel Gabriel 40 to 49 on the 10 plagues in relation to those gods and their cults) That is an interesting study by itself but our purpose here is to explain the Root of the roots of the idolatrous sin, namely ‘Divine Emanations’ and this term will not come from Tradition written or oral, as explained. All history has had to wait for the destruction of the Ten Emanated Gods of the Book of the Zohar in order to obtain this Root of the roots because with this Key all idolatry in the world will eventually be destroyed.

Gnomen 338 - Thank God, we have the Key. Am I going to tell you why the term Divine Emanation was never understood to be the Root of the idolatrous sin? I am naught but a Sign-tag and a faithful secretary. The only thing I can say is that the concept of Divine Emanation is the Root of the roots of the idolatrous sin and its understanding comes only in the end when the time has been decreed for the great destruction of all idolatry, this the Final Fourth Generation of all history.

Gnomen 339 - The final great sin falls into a ‘terminal’ and fulfils its historical cycles until the end. That ‘terminal’ is a text taken on by Torah Jews and they erringly believe it to be holy when in truth it is the culminating point of all idolatry and it falsifies the entire Torah without one’s realising it. Only the error of Aaron and the knowledge of the great sin that he brought upon all Israel, even though he was lead into an error and did not understand the idolatry involved, comes to reconcile in the end the error of so many rabbis and hhachamim of the Torah who spent their lives in the fear and love of God and of His commandments, as the High Priest Aaron, and were totally unaware of the sin of Divine Emanation into which they were entrapped. Great, Terrible and, in the end, Marvellous is the Design of God in history to bring Israel, and with Israel the world of nations, to the Great Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 340 - The idolatrous mentality of the mixed-multitude was that of Divine Emanations; they considered the golden calf as a ‘receptacle’ to a Divine Emanation or Divine Emanations from the Higher God, the same Higher God who had chosen Moses as His receptacle to the Emanations desired by Him. Yehudah HaLevy in his Causari touches the sense of a ‘receptacle’ claiming that the calf in their eyes was as a House or Temple to God, according to the concepts of that time. This, however, may be proposed for partially justifying the error of Aaron’s judgement but not concerning the mentality of the mixed-multitude. One must consider that those who lived in Egypt were trained mentally to believing in the 9 Great Gods of Egypt and the 10th God Pharaoh.

Gnomen 341 - ‘Atum’, however, was not counted. He was above the other gods and the Source of all but he was only ‘there’. He was not counted nor prayed to nor served. He was above, out of the range of the world. The other gods were ‘emanated’ from Atum but the Egyptians had only to do with the ‘emanated divinities’ who were closer to their existence. They said to Aaron ‘up now and make for us a god (elohim) that will walk (plural) before us because this man, Moses, we do not know what has become of him’. This is what their claim was: The Great Emanator had called back Moses to remain above. He would no longer return. The Sages explain that Satan showed them visions of Moses’ coffin passing in the clouds. Once they had been taken by impatience, the Serpent had permission to enter and to throw them down even more. They became afraid. The ‘receptacle’ of the Emanator’s will had been taken from them. They needed a ‘god’, a ‘receptacle’ for the Divine Emanation as was Moses.

Gnomen 342 - The expression ‘for this man Moses we know not what has become of him’ disturbs us inwardly first of all by the coldness in their relationship to Moses that it reflects. Is this the way you speak of the man who proved himself the faithful servant of God Almighty in Egypt throughout 10 enormous plagues never seen by anyone before and who had shown them great love in taking them up from Egypt on their request and who had led them faithfully into the desert where they witnessed God’s great miracle of the Splitting of the Waters of the Red Sea and who had led them to Sinai and prepared them to receive the 10 Commandments of God? ‘This man Moses’ was all that they had to say of him!

Gnomen 343 - But ‘this man Moses’ was for them, in depth, only a ‘receptacle’ to the Divine Emanation that resided in him for their benefit. How would they again be benefited by the Emanator Above if there was no other ‘receptacle’ to receive its Divinity from the Emanator so that it would walk before them and guide them as had Moses. See the falsification of Moses in their eyes. Moses was not for them a creation of God, as all creations, who had merited before God Almighty in his humility and all his beloved virtues and who was therefore chosen by God to be the Goel of Israel. Moses for them was not a creation of God but an emanation of God’s Divinity.

Gnomen 344 - As we shall see afterwards, God willing, in discussing the True Kabbalah of the ‘beit of bereisheet’, the creation itself ‘brought into existence from non-existence’, that is ‘creatio ex nihilo’ or in Hebrew ‘yesh mei-ain’ of all that exists is the true fulcrum point of distinguishing True Kabbalah from false-Kabbalah. This fact, however, becomes subtly concealed in Jewish Mysticism where no one can deny creation ex nihilo but in effect the doctrine of Emanation overrides the level of creation making the creation ‘a small thing’ compared to the emanated levels of the Emanator. At the root of all idolatry there is the Higher God who ‘emanates’ from Himself ‘Lower Gods’.

Gnomen 345 - Even if the linguistic terminology of ancient idolatry did not speak of ‘emanation’ which as a term concerning Divine Emanations is not found before the Book of the Zohar, the concept is of ‘emanation’. The Egyptians may have said, for example, that Atum ‘made’ the other 9 gods and they together, with Pharaoh’s immersion in the Nile, gave over to him his own ‘divinity’. The verb is ‘made’ or it may even be ‘create’ but the concept is ‘emanated from Himself’. The other 9 gods were Divine Gods in their eyes the Divinity of which was given over to them by the Higher Infinite God. If not, they could have no true divinity. They were for them Divine Emanations emanated by the Higher God reason for which they shared true divinity. This is the Key to follow in understanding this matter because the term itself ‘emanation’ comes late in history.

Gnomen 346 - We must conclude that for the mixed-multitude, the golden-calf was not a ‘creation’ but a special receptacle to receive God’s Divine Emanation as they believed was Moses. In their saying ‘this man Moses’ there is an allusion to the fact that they no longer wanted a ‘man’ as a receptacle because a ‘man’ even if he was ‘Divine’ (as Pharaoh) would eventually be taken up above and not be on earth in the world. They wanted something that would remain with them always. But the golden-calf was not as a Temple for them but a Divinity. And when, because of the intentions of the idolatry involved here and because of the ‘magic’ that entered the moulding of the calf and with the help of Satan himself in the matter, the golden-calf stood up and began to walk a few steps here and a few steps there, they were thrilled with delight for their success in having found the new eternal receptacle to the Divine Emanations from above in the place of Moses.

Gnomen 347 - Aaron, on the other hand, thought that their intentions and then the calf itself was, as Yehudah HaLevy says, similar to the idea of a Temple or a Sanctuary in honor of God. With this thought he continued to build for it an altar and to announce ‘a feast unto God tomorrow’. He considered the calf and the altar, or at least he tried to consider them such for the sake of finding a way to justify their demands while not letting them fall into something worse, as a holy shrine in God’s honor. He did not realise that in their mentality such a holy shrine was not simply a created object which, as a Temple, if desired by God, could be used for serving and praying to the Creator. It was for them a ‘chosen receptacle’, a Divinity itself, to receive the Divine Will of the Emanator above. Therefore it would have the power to go before them and guide them and to be unto them a god (elohim).

Gnomen 348 - All this, and who can know how much more, Moses, our humble teacher, saw and understood when he descended from the mountain with the Tablets of God in his hands. He saw that the idea of Emanated Divinities had returned to take hold of them and that they had already abandoned the true faith in the One Living Creator and that they had not taken the lessons of the true faith that Moses had taught them. If of a golden-calf they would make a Divinity because of their emanation mentality, what would they make of the Tablets upon which was written by the hand of God the 10 commandments?!

Gnomen 349 - Moses, our teacher, head of the prophets, in that moment saw what their emanation mentality would have made of the Tablets. Even more so Moses saw what the doctrinal framework of their thinking would eventually make of the same 10 commandments written on them if he would not destroy them in that instance. For the same commandments, not taken with the true 'theology' received by the Patriarchs and received by Moses and revealed to Israel, would be hateful to the God of Israel because their honor would go to other Divine Emanations and not to the true God who had given them. Moses threw down the Tablets and they broke into pieces at the foot of the mountain. Either the commandments would be received in accordance with the true faith in the Creator or they would not be given to be used as a system to perceive Divine Emanations.

Gnomen 350 - What Moses saw in his prophetic vision in that moment was the falsification in the error of emanation of the Torah that had been spoken at Revelation and that would be received by Moses and given to Israel in the desert for all history. We could not have understood it because only Moses, our teacher, was on the level to see it. But all that was happening to Moses and to Israel in that unique and amazing period of the first redemption, whether positive or negative, was destined to become ‘prophetic history’ in the great historical design of the history of Israel until the final redemption and the final fourth generation when all the preceding stellar and prophetic cycles would be resolved and understood for the sake of all history. In essence, it was impossible to undo the error and the sin that had been committed because what happened would have to have its historical realisation in the future. Moses, head of all the Prophets, saw the golden-calf and he knew the false doctrines that were behind it and he saw the prophetic essence of the sin of the Book of the Zohar and the falsification of the entire Torah and he cast down the Tablets in wrath to save all Israel in the end from the Golden-Calf of Israel that would be born in the prophetic realisation of that sin, in the latter centuries of its history before its final redemption.



Chapter 8


Gnomen 351 - With the Key of Emanation as the Root of roots of the idolatrous sin, let us review a few points concerning the 4 generations: the original sin, the generation of Enosh, and the Tower of Babel and the golden-calf, to find in them the Root of Emanation. The conceptual idea of Divine Emanation is behind every form of idolatrous belief in other gods and in many gods. The main concept always revolves around a belief in or admittance to the Higher Infinite God who from his absolute infinite existence emanated other, lower gods for the sake of mortals in the world.

Gnomen 352 - It must, however, be remembered that idolatry is a four generational descent: the sons no longer understand the idea behind the formulation of the beliefs of the fathers; the fathers still knew of the existence of the Higher God from whom all was made although they erringly clang to Lower Gods or Lower Causes believing that the Higher God made from Himself those Lower Divine Entities. The sons no longer have any thought for the Higher Infinite God and recognise only the Emanated Divinities etc. until the lowest forms of crude ‘fourth generation’ idolatry.

Gnomen 353 - One can see from this fact, which is in truth a profound study gleaned from Traditional sources, the reason for which the study of the roots of idolatry is not simple. The subtle but all essential root-error of the sin of fathers is covered in the idolatrous sin of the sons and these are further hidden in the encrustation of the third generation and, by the time of the Fourth Generation, the strange service to other gods is so displaced, even compared to the former levels, that the roots are totally concealed and unrecognisable. Idolatry therefore does not derive from the lower levels of popular religion; those lower levels descended into the crudeness of the thousands of forms that they take on from roots that must be studied in order to be understood.

Gnomen 354 - This itself is the root-level of the study of idolatry which must at first be understood from the generations of the Torah, from the original sin to the golden calf, because in those generations all was oral and those who were the ‘heads’ of ‘kingdoms’ (except perhaps for the kings themselves) were those very few ‘sages’, ‘wise-men’, ‘astrologers’, ‘soothsayers’ and ‘priests’ of that ‘higher cast’ such as ‘hochmei’ or ‘magusi’ Nimrod or the hhartumei mitzraim etc. Generally the ‘secrets’ of language and of language codes and linguistic symbols were exclusively in their hands, well guarded in secrecy from all others not of their cast.

Gnomen 355 - One can more readily perceive in those societies the dichotomy between ‘formal-doctrinal-religion’ and the lower popular levels of received cults and practices and the myriad extensions of popular religion and belief. The world at large has thus been the resulting playground of beliefs in which are hidden idolatrous roots that in their very inception deviated from the fear, love and service to God, the First Cause of all and sole Creator of the universe. The only true light was the Torah revealed by God Himself to Moses and to Israel and the true Book came into the world. God redeemed the chosen descendants of the Patriarchs, as He had promised, from Egyptian idolatry, and He revealed to Israel the true God and the true Doctrine of the faith for all times.

Gnomen 356 - The true light, however, is from God Almighty, Blessed is He, who knows all things unto the deepest intimate thoughts of each person. The true faith in that true light must be before the true God who loves humility and goodness, charity and kindness, respect and compassion, justice and rectitude, intelligence and wisdom. True light from God will thus not be perceived unless all the conditions of the truth of justice and goodness with other people are maintained. The Creator of the world made all things and He created man and placed him in the world so that he might participate in the benefit of creation and might partake of the light of truth in his faith in the God of truth. Of himself man is a nullity and possesses nothing except for that which has been given him. He is the receiver of true gifts from the God of truth. Man has only to recognise his place of having nothing except for the grace of God and to walk humbly before people and before the Lord, his God.

Gnomen 357 - Also this truth can be obtained from the Breaking of the Tablets: It is not sufficient to ‘possess’ the truth; one must walk in all the ways of truth loved by God. It is not sufficient to have the Torah; one must walk in the ways of humility, justice and mercy taught by the Torah. It is not sufficient to possess the Temple desired by God if the Temple does not serve to fulfil the goodness and compassion and justice loved by God. Moses, our teacher broke the Tablets to teach all Israel that the truth can be received only in truth, not with ways of falsehood or with egoism or with desires of personal gain or with ideas, concepts or doctrines that deviate from the true faith.

Gnomen 358 - It is not that the world could not have merited to the true faith and therefore only devious and erroneous ways were left them as portions. From the beginning people deviated from the ways loved by God, following their own desires and personal intentions while yielding to every inclination and exchanging and preferring false values over true values. Therefore they did not merit to the faith. For there is no greater merit than that of knowing the true faith and in walking justly in the conditions of truth that true faith requires. You do no ‘favor’ to God because you have faith. It is a great privilege to have faith and the conditions for maintaining that privilege are themselves great merits to one’s soul in this world and the next. One must conduct many inner wars and resolve many personal conflicts and overcome many obstacles and demonstrate great love and constant humility in order to keep that privilege.

Gnomen 359 - Were there pleasures missing from the Garden of Eden for which Eve had to seek others? Was there anything missing in the perfect health and longevity of hundreds of years and the purity of nature that was all health and pleasure in those primordial epochs, that the generation of Enosh had to seek other causes to serve? Was there anything missing in the linguistic unity and perfection in the generation of Nimrod that a Tower had to be built between the heavens and the earth so as to receive for themselves the benefits of God’s language that they desired for themselves? Was there anything missing in the great miracles of the first redemption from Egypt and at the Red Sea and at the revelation at Sinai that the mixed-multitude had to take upon itself to fear for its own well-being instead of waiting for the word of God?

Gnomen 360 - The reason for the existence of idolatry is that people did not merit to the true faith but they did not merit to the true faith because of their own egoistic desires and arrogance. They did not stay within the conditions for maintaining that great privilege. Instead of simply appreciating the enormous benefits of life that they had, they wanted more and more and then more and more and it was never enough. In the epochs before the flood, as the Tzadik Haim explained to me many times, at first they wanted many wives; then they wanted to maintain the beauty of the prettier wives so they gave a potion that kept them from pregnancy while the less prettier wives were for children; then they wanted large harems for pleasure and importance; then when they saw other pretty women of other men they stole them for themselves; then they had enough love-making with women and they began to have sexual relationships with other men; in the end they got tired of other men and they went over to copulating with animals. Why, indeed, were the animals destroyed in the flood? What sin had they committed? But so completely had their nature been distorted by the men who used them for sexual pleasures that the animals themselves no longer desired their own species and they sought only other kinds of animals to satisfy their by now distorted instinct.

Gnomen 361 - This is to explain why the world, in general, did not merit to the true faith in all the generations before the revelation of the Torah. They did not appreciate what they had and they sought other things not desired by God. If not for this, the true faith was there in the world to be taken. Books were not needed to obtain that faith. Until the generation of the Tower, there persisted the ‘original language’ (the ancient Hebrew or the ancient Semitic language, which is called "lashon ha'kodesh" in the tradition), the language used for the spoken communication between the Creator and Adam and then Eve from the beginning and which was passed down to all descendants. The true faith in the true Living God was integrally inherent in that language. The words themselves were ‘sanctified’ in the truth of the Creator. Whoever used those words with the proper respect and humility to call to God was ‘answered’ in such a direct manner in the heart that the true faith revealed itself in that person as the truth of the world in which one was found.

Gnomen 362 - Certainly that language had some development of its own at least to the same extent that the world had its levels of development even in those epochs. This had to be because it had to be adaptable to mankind’s inherent flexibility compared to the animals and to be developed as they developed. This linguistic flexibility, however, was maintained in its level of truth by way of the bond made by God with Adam in which He enhanced Adam’s intelligence to the level of knowing the true names of the objects and the animals. As it states ‘And the Lord, God, formed from the earth every beast of the field and every bird of the heavens and He brought them to Adam to see what he called them and all that Adam called them to each living thing was its name: And Adam called names to every animal and to every bird of heaven and to every beast of the field but for Adam he did not find a helping companion.’ (Genesis, 2, 19-20).

Gnomen 363 - That development, however, was relative and it pertained mostly to new things that were discovered or new objects constructed. Moses, our teacher, received the knowledge from God Almighty and he informed us of it in the Torah that until the time of the Tower, constructed at Shinar in Babylon, all the people in the world still used that unified language and its expressions were understood by all. That unique and unified tongue by itself was sufficiently ‘sanctified’ and ‘perfect’ in its reflecting the truth of what was spoken about to maintain the true faith in God and to aliment the spirit in truth in using it, had mankind merited to appreciate the goodness and the gifts of the Creator that it had received. That tongue, being the first language chosen by God, was, in the sense here explained, closer to the Creator of the world than all the languages that came afterwards.

Gnomen 364 - Nevertheless, it is known in Tradition that the ‘hidden school of Shem and Eber’ and their children maintained the continuation of the language that had reached the Tower. And other descendants from Shem and Eber continued to use forms of the Semitic Languages all of which contain elements of that original language. Abraham, our father, aside from the Semitic dialects that he spoke in Ur and in Hharan studied in the ‘hidden school of Shem and Eber’ for many years and he learned that more precise version of the original tongue. That was the language that he used and spoke and passed down to his descendants: ‘ivrit’ (Hebrew) as Abraham was called ha-’ivri ‘from the other side of the Jordan’ and it contains the root of ‘Hebrew’. The language received by Moses from God was based on that language passed down by the Patriarchs but its reception was direct and every word received and written in the Holy Torah was extremely ‘sanctified’ and ‘perfect’ in its precision. The study of the Torah is to understand the precision and the truth contained in its unified language and unified expressions.

Gnomen 365 - Before the universal flood, however, the decree of the life-time of a person reached until a thousand years, almost nine times greater than the decree of longevity after the flood, that of 120 years. That first decree of longevity was not simply in terms of the possible life-span of a person but it intrinsically involved the stellar formations and influences that govern over the earth and over people and thus the very nature of the world was nine times more potent and life-giving and pleasurable and tasty compared to the levels of goodness that nature bestowed after the great flood. So too must the comparison touch the unified original language given by the Creator to Mankind which was intrinsically bound up with all the forces of the universe as Mankind is bound up with all the elements of creation. This is as it states ‘Let us make a man in our image’ (Ibid, 1, 26) etc. God said, so to speak, to all the creations of the universe that He had made ‘Let us make Mankind together so that it possess the unique flexibility deriving from the composite elements of all the creation’. As the nature of man and the nature of the world so too the original language was nine times more elevated in every sense before the Flood.

Gnomen 366 - One must therefore not be amazed that men of great study and wisdom, even if relatively very few, existed even in those epochs now so remote from us. The air of the world itself was pure and opened the mind of whoever desired to use his brain. The fruits of the trees had marvellous tastes that enlarged understanding and broadened with happiness profound meditation to a person who ate it with pleasure in gratitude to the Creator. The language was elevated and deeply imbued with meanings of great significance to those who might use it with respect and love and precision in the respect for the Creator of that marvellous instrument, human language.

Gnomen 367 - That is not how things went, as we know from the Torah. All was given and all was there but none appreciated it except for a very few individuals who maintained the true Tradition received from Shet son of Adam and Eve and from Shet to individuals until Methuselah and Noah. And afterwards the Tradition was passed down in hiding in the School of Shem, son of Noah, and Eber that lasted at least until the time of the Patriarchs. And yet in all those generations before the Patriarchs there were also men with great intellectual curiosity whose minds were trained to assimilate every kind of knowledge to be found. Except for a very few true Sages, the type of which may be perceived from the personages that appear in the Book of Job, a Book written by Moses himself, as received from the Tzadik Haim, all other sages and astrologers and magusi and hhartumim etc. were idolaters, far removed from the true faith.

Gnomen 368 - From the error of the generation of Enosh, son of Shet, son of Adam, almost all mankind (but not Enosh himself) went off course and deviated from the true faith. Idolatry begins in that pristine history of the first generations. And already in that generation there were men with a great knowledge in the stars and in nature and in herbs and in divination of many sorts and kinds etc. It was to those ‘Sages’ that the idolatrous error of the generation of Enosh belong. We know it from Tradition and from the more lengthy and clearer explanation of the Rambam, peace be with him, concerning the words ‘az hhuhhal likro be-shem ha-Shem’ (Ibid, 4, 26), ‘then began to be profaned the name of God’. The subtleties of human reason led them astray.

Gnomen 369 - They were great astrologers with an immense knowledge of the stars in their formations and time-cycles and influences. They knew, with much precision knowledge, how the stars governed over the world and how it was possible to serve each star in the precise way desired by that star to receive one’s request from it. When we speak about the error made by them in maintaining that the Infinite God above gave them the stars to be as ‘smaller gods’ who govern over the world, they explained the matter in very rational terms. He is Infinite and invisible and totally separated in His essence from all that He created. People are material and concrete in their limited bodies and thus there is ‘required’ something ‘between’ them, something that has ‘received’ ‘divine powers’ from the Higher God but that is at the same time in a form to which they could relate. What were the stars there for if it were not so and why did the stars and the ‘ministers’ of the stars have such great governing power over the world if it were not desired by God that they be given honor etc. etc.

Gnomen 370 - Those calculations were obviously not in the hands of the people of the land but of the ‘men of wisdom’ of those times. The new linguistic formations that they developed in the course of their lives of study and meditation were those that went out to the people who received only the resulting practices that they had to follow and the new terms to be used without all the study behind them. And so too those of the generation of the Tower who said ‘let us make a tower the head of which is in the heavens’ (Ibid, 11, 4) etc. were very few, the ‘wise-men’ of King Nimrod who were capable of making incredibly precise calculations from the stars and to determine correctly the points of the city and the basis of the tower in their correspondences to stellar formations which accorded the equilibrium between heaven and earth to establish the success of their great building. And all those were masters of the language that they possessed.

Gnomen 371 - At the time of Enosh, because of the erroneous reasoning of those sages, there came about the first great linguistic corruption ‘then the manner of calling to God began to be profaned’. The verb ‘huhhal’ of this expression carries both the sense of ‘began’ and ‘to be profaned’. The meaning is thus ‘hidden’ in ‘huhhal’ and in translations one is generally totally unaware of the contrasting sense of this verb. And since the first sense of ‘began’ is generally assumed, the verse is translated simply ‘then began the calling on the name of God’ quite the opposite meaning of ‘then was profaned the calling on the name of God’. It is normal for the Torah to propose a simplification in a form which hides a profound complication that can be resolved only by study in Tradition. And generally one needs Rashi, peace be with him, to know where the linguistic complication begins. Where there is a double-sense, one must in the end resolve both meanings, otherwise the meaning has no completion.

Gnomen 372 - That those wise-men in Enosh’s time associated their reasoning with ‘good intentions’ for the people of the land can be perceived in view of the expression the ‘error’ of the generation of Enosh. We do not hear of it as a ‘sin’ or an act of ‘iniquity’ unlike the ‘forbidden fruit’ or the ‘evil-intentions’ of those of the Tower given openly as ‘sins’. With the golden-calf we hear both; it began in error and it finished in sin. (in our writings we often refer to the ‘sin’ of the generation of Enosh; this is because we are in the explanation of the ‘idolatrous sin’ in general but in Tradition the reference is always to their ‘error’. The seemingly logical reasons given by them for turning to the stars in their service took in certainly another fact that reinforced their affirmations. They saw around them that people, although they knew of the existence of the Creator, did not call to Him in prayer. People were not ‘touched’ in their heart by His existence.

Gnomen 373 - They concluded that the reason for this was exactly as they were saying. He is too high and exalted and invisible to be felt by people and only someone who meditates directly on His existence for many years may find the way of serving Him but not the people of the world. They need visible entities with which to relate directly. They assumed that it was so because they did not find people who prayed to Him. Indeed their new conclusions and the diffusion of the new laws discovered for serving God by way of the stars, greatly stimulated the spirits of the people who began to pray and to call to God by way of the stars. The cult of prayer came into being at that time and although the stars had become their means of calling to Him, the verse tells us the truth that ‘then began the calling on the name of God’. At the same time, that beginning of prayer to God was also a profanation of God’s name because they placed the name EL (God) on the stars, together with the names of the stars themselves, as a suffix generally, and thus the deeper hidden truth here is that when they began properly to call to God in prayer, they began as well to profane His name in association to the stars themselves.

Gnomen 374 - The idolatrous sin begins with intentions logically rationalised to fit one’s desires, desires that do not correspond with those of the Creator. From the reasoning used and the false conclusions reached, the formulators of the doctrines of that error effect a ‘linguistic corruption’ which then becomes the idolatrous bread of the masses. The first linguistic corruption directly coinciding with an idolatrous profanation of God’s name according to the doctrine preached came about in the generation of Enosh, son of Sheth, son of Adam and Eve. In that corruption, the name EL was displaced from referring exclusively to the First Cause and Creator of all to the stars. This was a falsification of the truth. The name EL was transferred from the Creator to creations, namely the ‘divine ministers’ of the stars who in their eyes ‘received of God’s Divinity by His Divine Will’.

Gnomen 375 - We shall see as we proceed that this concept which has its common denominator in every idolatrous theology hides the ‘error’ of Emanation. What do ‘divine ministers’ have of ‘divinity’ if they are simply creations? They have, instead, become ‘gods’ that participate in the ‘higher divinity’ of the Emanator not the Creator. For what the Creator creates are creations not ‘Divinities’. That which is a Divinity must partake of God’s Divinity, for which it states ‘Have no other gods from before Me’ (Exodus, 20, 2). Why are they called other divinities when they are in truth not divinities? This is why it does not state simply ‘have no other gods’ but ‘have no other gods before Me’ - do not say that I am the Higher God and that I have placed (or emanated) other ‘divinities’ before Me for you to serve!

Gnomen 376 - The process of ‘making other divinities’ when the existence of the First Cause is known and recognised, could only be by way of a supposed Divine Action that supersedes creation and stands higher than it. As explained, the concept of Emanator in reference to ‘Divine Actions’ at a level ‘above’ and ‘before’ creation, does not find a linguistic term, such as ‘ma’atzil’ -The Emanator- until the false-Kabbalah of and deriving from the Book of the Zohar. The concept, however, even if undefined in previous history, existed as the Root of the roots of the idolatrous sin.

Gnomen 377 - The Root of the roots of idolatry is revealed only at the end time of the Final Fourth Generation. This is because the Destruction of the Root of the roots brings in its wake the destruction of all levels of idolatry ‘below it’. The Book of the Zohar represents the highest form of idolatry that can be reached, the prophetic realisation of the historical sin of the golden calf. It is, therefore, in the ‘final’ false-Kabbalah that the terms Emanation, the Doctrine of Emanation, the Construction of Four Worlds with at top the World of Emanation, the Emanator, the Wisdom of Emanation, the Aspects (Partzufim) of Emanation, the Ten Emanated Spherot etc. come to the fore and are ‘revealed’. For the Book of the Zohar is the Sin-Terminal which in its eventual revelation to the Jewish people as the worst form of idolatry in existence will be ‘destroyed’ and its destruction represents the spiritual catalyst of the downfall and destruction of all other idolatry in the world as is prophesied for this Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 378 - That the Book of the Zohar represents the Root of the roots of idolatry explains 2 things: why the Zohar and the false-Kabbalah have had such a tremendous force and why the idolatrous sin in it has been so covered even to the eyes of so many thousands of scholars of the Torah. The roots of idolatry in the Zohar could not be seen because the Root of the roots of idolatry, the false Doctrine of Divine Emanations, was unknown. And since it became accepted as truth, the known roots of idolatry became indiscernible in the ‘higher false light of Emanation’ which had the power to change or undo or falsely interpret every other term that referred to a level ‘less’ than Emanation.

Gnomen 379 - One can perhaps better see it from the inversion. If one knows the Root-sin of Emanation he will immediately recognise the roots of idolatry that are in the Zohar: the distance taken from the Infinite One; the association of God’s name to the Ten Emanated Spherot; the multiplicity of reigns; the linguistic corruption that derives from each of these. The relationship of the Worlds of Emanation to the Ein Sof is idolatrous and it displaces the true faith in the First Cause to the Emanations. The calling of God’s names on the Emanated Spherot is idolatrous association (shittuf). The divisions of ‘emanated levels' that have their level of ‘divine autonomy’ (The Divine Emanation of Aba (Father, Wisdom) said ‘Let there be light’; the Divine Emanation of Ema (Mother, Understanding) said ‘Let us make a man’ etc.) is idolatrous, called in Tradition ‘a multiplicity of reigns’.

Gnomen 380 - These roots of idolatry, explained at length in Yihhye ElGafeh’s Milhhamot Ha-Shem, are known to all those who study the Torah but concerning the Zohar they did not see them. The reason is that once the conceptual and linguistic corruption of Emanation terminology is accepted and believed in, the Emanation Level becomes exempt from all scrutiny. You cannot speak about ‘association’ because on the level of atzilut there is only ‘Unified Godliness’ and for the same reason, you cannot speak about a multiplicity of reigns and for the same reason you cannot speak about taking distance from the Ein Sof. On the level of Emanation, all is ‘Unified Godliness’. Those roots of idolatry such as ‘association’ and ‘a multiplicity of reigns’ and ‘taking distance from the First Cause’ can only be spoken about on other levels, below that of the World of Emanation. The myriad levels of Emanated Worlds are not yet creations but are all Emanations emanated from the Emanator, and thus all Godly and Divine. No idolatry can exist on such a level. All is ‘Unified’ within the Godly and Divine World of Emanation. Absolute linguistic corruption!

Gnomen 381 - Linguistic corruption concerning essential questions of theology are vicious (idolatrous) circles that do the exact opposite of what the true terminology against idolatry does. Instead of defining idolatry, they disdefine God and leave no place for distinction. Does Christianity not recognise the second commandment? Officially it does, but once the Trinitarian God has become for them the God of the second commandment, there can be no idolatry in whatever relates to the Trinity. If you speak to them of the true terminology of idolatry, they will understand you only for that which is outside of Christianity, pagan religions, but the Trinity for them is a Higher Concept in which idolatry does not enter. Those of the false-Kabbalah answer with Emanation instead of the Trinity and all else is covered over. And as the entire Biblical Tradition is totally corrupted by its re-interpretation on the basis of the Trinity so the entire Tradition of the Torah is totally corrupted by its re-interpretation on the basis of Emanation.

Gnomen 382 - The roots of idolatrous doctrines are known from the error of the generation of Enosh The roots of the idolatrous construction, also this bound up to linguistic corruption and a new linguistic construction, are found in the history of the Tower. The roots of the idolatrous trap which is itself, however, preceded by an idolatrous mentality that returns to complete their falling into the trap, are to be searched for in the sin of the golden-calf. In those three sins the roots of idolatry can be studied while the Root of Emanation must be searched for. The Breaking of the First Tablets, however, contains the elements and the power of destroying the Doctrine of Emanation and it is directly related to the prophetic realisation of the destruction of the falsified-Tablets of the false-Kabbalah. The sin of eating of the forbidden fruit is the Root of the roots of sin in general including the idolatrous sin of idolatry.

Gnomen 383 - Therefore the Root of the roots of idolatry, Emanation, which comes to its sin-terminal-station in the Book of the Zohar is alluded to in the sin of the forbidden-fruit and the final destruction of the doctrine of emanation of the false-Kabbalah is alluded to in the breaking of the first Tablets by Moses, our teacher.

It was ‘written’ in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that the main reason for the great fall of mankind would be the sin of desiring to have one’s eyes opened, to be as the gods who know good and evil. From the beginning it was shown in the history of the Garden of Paradise that the great temptation of mankind would be to reach such a knowledge and to become ‘Small Gods’ who know everything.

Gnomen 384 - This is the Root of Evil planted in mankind for reason of the elevated faculty of the intellect given it by the Creator and for reason of the highest gift of all to mankind, his freedom to chose and to help himself determine the path desired. And yet mankind, for lack of humility and for desires deriving from self-love, when it begins to see the workings of the intellect and the power of its own choices, does not refrain even from desiring to be small-gods, all powerful and knowing. Nor does mankind refrain from searching out ways to fulfil its desire. With his intellect and knowledge man devises intellectual, philosophical, metaphysical and mystic constructions and he pastes all the parts of his building together with a ‘unified linguistic structure’, believing to have ‘created’ and constructed a City and a Tower the head of which touches the Divine World of Emanation even in heavens above the created heavens.

Gnomen 385 - Great is man’s intellect as is great his fantasy and yet the intelligent strategies of the Marvellous Angel Serpent succeed almost always in fooling mankind’s heart into leading its intellect onto foolish paths. Such is the 6000 year history of mankind until post-Serpent history arrives when that Great Angel will be more as an Angel of Necessity rather than as a Serpent-Tempter so as to help mankind fulfil certain physical needs for the sake of its continuation, and, nevertheless, to be a force of contrast needed always to awaken one’s intellect.

Gnomen 386 - From the original sin we see the sin of the desire to be Small-Gods. This sin is an integral element in all false theologies. We shall demonstrate that one does not come unto the ‘realisation’ of being ‘small-gods’ without the idea of Emanation.

We do not see human intellect used purposely for the sake of an evil scheme until the Generation of the Tower. In the generation of Enosh they erred with their intellectual reason but they did not intend to go against the Creator. They erred in how to serve Him. The Tower, however, was a planned rebellion. They were jealous. Why should God have all the power and be eternal and not they? This was the purely foolish sentiment to which they turned their intellectual prowess.

Gnomen 387 - The knowledgeable sages and magusi of Nimrod further reasoned that the reason for which, until then, all was for the Creator while relatively little was for them, was due to the fact that the ‘unified linguistic structure’ of the language of God was based on the absolute Oneness of the First Cause and on His absolute rule. If, on the other hand, they could ‘capture’ that language, so that it be theirs instead of God’s, then they too could be eternal and their names would be praised forever. In order to do this, they had, first of all, to distance themselves from the First Cause. They would decree, for example that the name God would from then on not refer to the First Cause but to King Nimrod. No subtle rebellion compared to the error generation of Enosh but those of the Tower desired an Eternal Building for themselves.

Gnomen 388 - Or instead of the expression ‘the heavens created by God’ they decreed ‘the heavens created by Nimrod’. In this way, they believed, the Divine Powers above, in the hands of the First Cause, would be taken by Nimrod who would become the King-God of the universe and that he and all his faithful subjects would become ‘eternal’ through him. They believed in essence that the words themselves of that first tongue were the ‘receptacles’ to Divine Emanations, of Divine Powers that had emanated from the First Cause. The ‘words’ themselves were the building blocks of God’s construction but if they could themselves become close to those Emanated Powers, by using those words in favor of themselves, they too would become ‘Small-Gods’, Divine Emanations.

Gnomen 389 - To further their cause, they needed to put those receptacles to work for them in a concrete way, so that the words used in their newly decreed sense might have a corresponding construction on the physical level so as to bind their words on all levels, from the earth until the heavens above; the mystic construction of every generation throughout the world. They are totally enthralled in the success of their elevation and the lights that they envision. They do not ask themselves, however, if, a priori, such is the way desired by the Creator of all or if the linguistic structure which unites their meditation is of the First Cause or otherwise. Their intentions of taking for themselves what they can, even that which is not theirs to be taken, opens for them impure worlds and they live in idolatry without knowing it.

Gnomen 390 - Every false theology contains a binding between the person and Emanated Deities or Divine Emanations or a Divine Emanation such as the ‘Son of God’ in Christianity or Buddha in Buddhism or Zeir Anpin of the Zohar (but covered over so as not to be felt - see the incredible exchange of letters of the Hhacham ElGafeh and a Kabbalist from Jerusalem in his introduction to Milhhamot Ha-Shem). From the generation of Enosh we see the original error of idolatry in distancing oneself from the First Cause and for associating the name of God on ‘other causes’ which are then ‘deified’. That deification which comes by way of association presupposes the concept of Emanation. There is no ‘deification’ without the Divine Power of God that emanates of its 'Divinity' or 'Godliness' on the new Divine Emanation of their cult. In the cases of the stars, the ‘body of the star’ may have been considered by them a creation but the Divine Spirit or Soul of the star was 'Divine' because it was emanated from the Great Divinity above.

Gnomen 391 - In the Tower we see the Hated Idolatrous Construction in their belief that they could build their own Eternal Kingdom by taking from God his Emanation Building Blocks! In the sin of the golden-calf. we see how the Divine Emanation Mentality made the mixed-multitude have a false idea of Moses and to consider him as a chosen receptacle to embody the Divine Emanation and they chose a golden-calf to substitute Moses. We shall see from the Breaking of the Tablets that because of the mentality of Emanation, Moses understood that they would falsify and deify the Tablets and the writing of the 10 commandments themselves. Unfortunately the historical prophetic realisation of that sin materialised in the form of the Ten Emanated Spherot of the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 392 - Moses himself, the beloved servant of God, is not less than the Tablets of the Law and both Moses and the Jewish people were not given to the Tablets; the Tablets were given to Moses and to the Jewish people. Also this is an essential teaching in the lessons of that Breaking. If you think that the Tablets are Divinely Eternal as God is eternal, you will come to deify the Tablets themselves, and if you do so, so you will falsify all the relationships between the Tablets and the people; the people will be given to the Tablet-God instead of the Tablets of God that have been given for the people.

Gnomen 393 - Also that was an allusion to the generations that were coming; do not think that when the time comes to establish the House of God in a chosen place, that since God ‘resides’ in the House, the House is of itself Eternal and cannot be destroyed. The House in which God resides was given for the benefit of the people and if the people do not appreciate the House of God and are not benefited by it, God will not reside in that House and it will be destroyed. For the heavens and the higher heavens are His dwelling place and the earth is His foot-stool and why should He come to dwell, so to speak, in a House if not for His great love to see people benefited from it?

Gnomen 394 - That allusion, you might ask, is more fitting because the Tablets were holy and the Temple was holy, but how can we say that the 10 Commandments written on the first Tablets are in counter-position to the impure and idolatrous doctrine created by Moses de Leon of Spain? First of all one allusion has nothing to do with another and it is possible that one Sign of the Torah alludes to 70 different historic events. But the question is not this. It was against Pharaoh that Moses, our teacher, had to deal in Egypt and it was against the idolatrous Egyptian mentality of Divine Emanations of the mixed-multitude that Moses had to combat and to correct. We know, because we have received it, that the Book of the Zohar and all the False-Kabbalah is the final Golden-Calf of history that has to be broken to pieces and destroyed.

Gnomen 395 - We must try to understand something more of it. How does the breaking of the Tablets relate to the 10 Emanated Spherot of the Book of the Zohar in such a way that this Sign of Moses, out teacher, actually helps us in the breaking-down of that false doctrine? But look, from those Tablets shone a true light that was splendorous and that uplifted the beholder to a new dimension of the spirit. It was the true ‘zohar’ bright-shining light as the brightness of the heavens. The first Tablets of the 10 Commandments, more than anything else in existence represented the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life to those that cling to it.

Gnomen 396 - This is because that Breaking would have to break down the foundations of the false-Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar itself, the Shnei Luhhot Ha-Brit (The Two Tablets of the Pact, of Rabbi Moses Cordevero) and the "'Etz Haim" (Tree of Life) of Rabbi Haim Vital on the Lurianic Kabbalah. These have had the greatest influence for the last 400 years in extending the false-Kabbalah. The fusion of the exclusively mystical language of the Book of the Zohar and the revelations of the Emanation Codes in Shnei Luhhot Ha-Brit and the ‘rationalistic definitions’ of the Emanation terminology from the Ein Sof until Malchut d’Atzilut (Kingdom of Emanation), of the "‘Etz Haim", gave birth to all the new forms of spiritual alimentation that went into the later development and formation of Hassidism which is the third and longest current time-wise of Zohar-history.

Gnomen 397 - Habad-messianism is the Fourth Hated Generation of Zohar-history with all the corresponding idolatrous sins hidden in it. Also the Sin of Habad has its Messianic-Nimrod sitting on the top of its own false linguistic structure with his head in the World of Emanation so as to secure the name of Habad forever. Nor will it be forgotten for the Messianic-Farce that it created and for the thousands and thousands of innocent souls that fell into its trap and for the millions and millions of dollars spent on false-Messiah propaganda instead of being used for mitzvot. Even more will it be remembered for the kind of terrible golden-calf worship of its self-chosen Messiah. The burning of the golden-calf and the purification of the people distinguishing those who had truly fallen and those who could be saved corresponds to the necessary purification of Habad[54], as explained in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita.

Gnomen 398 - The Zohar-Ashlag School of the Kabbalah represents the doubling of the Hated Fourth Generation, that part which springs back to the Sin of the Fathers and binds the filthy, idolatrous sin of Emanation to its new unified linguistic simplification on a ‘universal’ ‘fifth’ level, awakening the Wars of God against the false and idolatrous doctrine of Emanation. With the fifth level of the idolatrous sin reached, the doubling of these Signs completes at the same time the Tenth level meaning that all levels of the idolatrous sin have been reached and it is thus time for the historical realisation of the Breaking of the falsified-Tablets. The Ten Commandments as they were written on the first-Tablets come back to destroy, bury and annihilate the Ten Emanated Spherot of the Book of the Zohar and all the false-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 399 - The Ten Commandments written on the second Tablets had in themselves a certain level of ‘completeness’ compared to the first Ten Commandments. The Sign to this is the letter ‘teth’ (ninth letter of Heb. alphabet) in the expression ‘le-ma’an yitav lach’ (that it be good for you) in the fifth commandment of honoring one’s father and mother, in Deuteronomy etc. letter which does not appear in the entire Decalogue as written in Exodus. The ‘ninth’ letter is in the Sign of ‘truth’, as nine, for various reasons, is called the number of truth (emet – ‘truth’ in Hebrew is 441, in its small gematria 9; also the sum of the numbers of every multiple of 9 is always 9: 18, 27, 36, 45 etc. This absolutely does not mean that the commandments of the second Tablets were ‘truer’ than the those of the first Tablets!

Gnomen 400 - The indication of a level of truth or completeness in the truth of the second Tablets refers to the truth in seconding the first revelation. This seconding could only have been accomplished by a ‘second reception’ of the commandments. It is the completion that allowed afterwards that the Torah be brought to the extension of its fullness with the Fifth Book of Moses, Deuteronomy, thus completing the commandments to 613. It was thus an enhancing factor in extending the doubly verified Pact between God and His chosen people because the second giving of the commandments, after the terrible sin of the golden-calf, has enormous significance confirming God’s eternal love for Israel notwithstanding the sins and errors that they would commit in the course of their history.



chapter 9


Gnomen 401 - DIARY: Feb. 5, 1999; Shvat 19, 5759; Lion’s Den 10: Davide Levi called today with an extraordinary dream. He saw the Teacher Haim, in Israel, who danced with enormous joy before other people. The Final Goel, Haim, was dressed in a uniform of Katzin ha-Bitahhon of the Hhevrat ha-Shmirah (Officer of Security for Civil Protection). The Tzadik Haim danced up and down with unbounded happiness; Peretz was alongside the Teacher. In the place where they were, there was one girl who sat alone in a corner very sad. The Teacher, seeing her, went over and said to her to dance but she remained apathetic. The Teacher Haim insisted and he took hold of her and brought her to dancing although it was not easy for her. He also placed his elbows on her breasts to awaken her spirit. The Tzadik kept on dancing with immense vigour and Davide was amazed throughout the dream that he had never seen the Teacher as happy as he was in this marvellous vision. The Tzadik Haim also went out into the street and stopped traffic, calling to the people that they should dance. The Teacher spoke four languages in the dream, Italian, French (with Peretz), German (with a Scandinavian girl) and Hebrew. - -

Gnomen 402 - We thank EL SHADDAI for hearing this great news and for seeing the Final Goel, Haim, in such a true simhha. We can assume that the happiness is bound to the true New Purim of the Third and Final Redemption. These are signs of the ‘second appointed time’ of the prophecy of Habakuk. We say ‘open’ and with permission we shall open but the manner is Purim from the Hidden School of Ester in Beersheva.

Gnomen 403 – It’s an extremely positive Sign for the people of Israel, for many of the youths who have lost their way and have lost all perception of where and what they are. They need the Sign of New Life, given by the chosen Tzadik Haim, a Sign which be extended to the four corners of the world.

Gnomen 404 - The Sign of the Final Goel, Haim, who dances with such immense joy and dances together with a young girl and even touches her breasts (from outside) with his elbows to help her awaken her spirit, comes as well to demonstrate the Tzadik’s enthusiasm for new possibility of renewing their anguished and forelorn spirit. The Goel Haim shows great love and closeness to those who need help, to lift them up again and to revive their spirit.

Gnomen 405 - Davide Levi, living now in Hholon, asked me innocently how it was the Tzadik allowed himself such liberty (his undertones were to say that there might be many that would not understand such an action such as touching the garment over her breasts with his elbows and might even use such to build conflicts etc). I said to Davide that the Tzadik ‘descends’ to awaken the spirit of the people and especially in Israel today where the most difficult thing is to awaken the spirit. The touching of the girl’s breasts is a ‘Sign’ to bring back the true desire of life that has been unkindled for so long. The Final Goel does not come only into the Synagogue but even into the discotheques and into the street, to the people, the people of the land.

Gnomen 406 – He comes to give over a new awakened mentality so that many young people can begin their lives anew. He looks not so much at those traditional Jews and even less at the ultra-orthodox who believe themselves at peace with themselves but do not mix with the non-religious and with all those who have fallen into the traps of this Fourth Generation. A New Hope has entered the world. A totally new mentality can now be formed in the light of God’s Final Redemption.

Gnomen 407 – This dream comes in time for the War against the Zohar. New Hope and a New Mentality are needed. Too many Jews and especially Israelis have felt their separation from those of the religion and they lose their hope and often fall into the traps. Unfortunately all the unfounded Jewish Mysticism and the entire comportment of those self-imagined Tzadikim lost the pillars that help one walk before God Almighty in good and simple faith. Our obligatory mitzvah, however, now in this first stage of the Final Redemption, is to expose what is false-Kabbalah and to clarify what is true Tradition, so as clear the path for a redeemed Israel on every level.

Gnomen 408 – We give over the wonderful news of the coming of the Final Goel and of the Completed Historical Signs of the Final Redemption. Eventually the research in searching out the false-Kabbalah will conduce to the research of understanding the true Kabbalah. The distinctions between the two, which can be studied only in Sefer Mishnat Haim at this point of history, will further lead to the desire to understand why the Final Goel, Haim, relates to Israelis of every level and elbowed the breasts of a forlorn girl to wake up her spirit and who even stopped traffic to give over the true joy of the marvellous Final Redemption which is at hand.

Gnomen 409 - Dancing is also a Sign of the Completion of the Stature of Man. One cannot dance unless his stature is complete. This confirms the Signs of the New Heart and the New Humble Brain, in the Sign of 100, the Laugther of Isaac, our father, and the Sign of 120 (the New Heart has 45 elements and the New Humble Brain 55 elements - 100. Together with the ten toes and ten fingers, the full stature of 120 is reached. This also represents an important level of Completion in the Triple-Meditation formed on the Ascents of Moses, our teacher, each of 40 days and nights). The Sign of 120 of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption completes the stature of the Just man who lives in his faith.

Gnomen 410 - Also positive things are coming for Israel and for the Jewish people at large. For if evil is hidden, good is even more hidden and when the evil is extracted the good remains intact until it too is revealed. The world at large has already entered the Final Fourth Generation of 65 years and all those who have perpetrated evil against the Jewish people will be punished both on hidden levels and on manifested international levels. Also Israel and the Jewish world are part of the Fourth Generation but there is a great difference in this between the children of Israel and the nations. The Holy One Blessed is He brought the children of Israel to its Holocaust, the worst of the worst of punishments, so that it be exempt from the punishments of the Final Fourth Generation, as explained in our texts.

Gnomen 411 - The State of Israel already exists, thank God, and its existence is eternal as prophesied. The world is in its Fourth Generation but the Jewish people is in the time of its refinement. That refinement requires first of all its purification from ‘foreign gods’ before it can go up to Beth El. Here it is a matter of personal merit or personal sin and on these there is judgement but Israel and the Jewish people are not within the framework of the punishments of the Fourth Generation as are all the other nations of the world. The sacrifice of Israel has been accepted before Him and the judgement of Israel will become more and more positive as it historically becomes aware of itself in the face of what will take place in the world. I speak because I am a Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption but it is history, the history of this Terrible and Final Fourth Generation that will speak to the hearts of all those chosen to carry the true faith into the future generations.

Gnomen 412 - In truth the chosen Final Goel, Haim, who was born in San'aa, Yemen in June 1914 and died in Milan in June 1982, was the Hidden Goel of Israel when he was in the world and in hidden ways and on hidden levels, he prepared the way of the Final Redemption. It will take time. The Final Redemption is large, large, large. It is not only Jewish. It is universal, for Jews, for Christians, for Moslems and for all those who are friendly towards Israel and towards Jews. Not a majority you say, at this moment in history but so is it decreed and nothing will change it. As Abraham, Isaac and Jacob must be recognised as the three Patriarchs chosen by God, and as Moses, Jesus and Haim, must be recognised as the three men of the Redemption, chosen by God, so too the nations of the world must recognise Israel and the Jewish people. For God Almighty has chosen this particular people to be called His chosen nation.

Gnomen 413 - There is, however, much more good hidden in the heart of people than is recognisable openly. How many millions of Christians, especially Protestants, have come and are coming to love Israel and to perceive Israel in the light of prophecy, something totally unthinkable before the State of Israel. Even millions of Moslems, when their leaders will begin to speak favorably of Israel and of the Jewish people would immediately change their attitudes from hatred to love or at least to positive feelings.

Israel, however, has to pass through phases of self-maturity but its paths are guided from above so that its own history teaches it the lessons that it needs and from above Jews will be conducted to maturity and will desire to understand its historical lessons in profundity.

Gnomen 414 - The Redemption for Israel runs deep but when it emerges, it is encompassing on all sides and the unified new linguistic ‘pure tongue’ of the Completed Signs is the one prophesied and it does not exit from the unified language of Torah and Tradition. There will be awakenings in Israel, yearning for a new spirit, depth will be sought in the global history of the chosen people. Israel will contemplate its present and contemplate its past and find new meanings in its heart. A profound faith in the God of Israel will reveal itself from within. Not through philosophy or literature will they find their faith but from themselves within the new meanings that they discover in their innate self which had previously been hidden.

Gnomen 415 - The Promised Final Redemption had to come. God’s choice of the Final Goel had to be realised. As the return of the Jewish people to its homeland, so did God’s choice of the Final Goel have to be and so too all the Marvellous Completed Signs and the Marvellous New Messages both for Israel and for the nations had to come in God’s fulfilment of His name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE and in fulfilment of the Torah and of the Prophets of Israel and of Tradition. Therefore be joyous if you come to see these words because the Final Goel, Haim, has danced up and down with great joy in the streets of Israel because of the victorious phases of history that will henceforth be coming into the life of Israel and the Jewish people.

Gnomen 416 - Hear o Israel, the Final Fourth Generation of the world is Great and Terrible. It will not be light for all peoples and all nations, and Israel will be saved and redeemed from the situations that require salvation and redemption in order to continue its existence. Great is the Final Redemption that comes into the world in the midst of Great Darkness, Great Confusion and Great False Illumination but also True Scientific Illumination of the Final Fourth Generation. Terrible is the state of lowliness and painfulness, wars and sicknesses, plagues of madness, iniquity and darkness into which the world descends in the second half of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 417 - Israel will be separated because it is separated by the Lord, its God, whose eyes do not abandon the land from the beginning of the year until the end of the year. Nevertheless, also Israel is a part of the world and, on levels of the material world, what happens in the world cannot but reflect on the physical life of Israel as well. Also Israel will have to bear through some of the heaviness of the Fourth Generation. The great joy is for victories of the spirit of Israel and victories in new comprehension of its purposes and awakenings of great inner faith and new inner hope.

Gnomen 418 - It comes at first to only a few people and from the Schools the New Messages are prepared for eventual diffusion. In Israel that School is called Beit Sefer Esther and it is from this School, also by way of Internet, that people will begin to learn of the News of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. It is a great victory when Queen Esther will finally be able to exit from her Palace to teach her virtues to the people, and when the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik will open publicly its New Tablets of the New Law of the Final Redemption. All will take time, we know, the diffusion, the comprehension and the acceptance, and we can well imagine the reactions of many without having to spell it out. We cannot know, of course, in which way things will take their course but all the prophecies of the Final Redemption will be fulfilled. Wonderful News is coming to Israel by way of Beit Sefer Esther and the Final Goel, the Teacher Haim, resurrected in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead and chosen by God Almighty as Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, has descended to dance in the streets of Israel for the joy of the victories of the Final Redemption that are coming. For the people of the land, not for the fanatics and mystics of no-return!

Gnomen 419 - There must, of course be phases and stages of comprehension. In the whole world now the comprehension of the Final Redemption is still far off but events are coming in the life of Israel to help bring it closer. The conflict between ‘religious’ and ‘not religious’ will take on more definition because of ‘the religious who are practising a falsified Mystic-Zohar Judaism in counter-position to those who practice very little Judaism but who are filled with faith in God. Afterwards this will become a catalyst in the search for true Judaism.

Gnomen 420 - There will soon be hhilonim[55] against the Kabbalah of the Zohar, with at least some understanding that Mystic-Judaism destroys the true Judaism. When they will speak of this, without their knowing it, they are as great talmidei hhachamim[56] in the eyes of Heaven because they speak the truth. All those who profess the religion, on the other hand, and yet continue to believe in the false-Kabbalah of the Book of the Zohar etc. are in error before Heaven. Their Torah is unfortunately without its true voice while the hhilonim speak the truth of the Torah. Ve-nahafoch hu[57]. Purim!

Gnomen 421 - Do not think that such is not part of the Final Redemption. If not for the Holy One, Blessed is He, the religious, as they have been, even if they had the truth to give, would give it to no one and would keep it for themselves. Israel, however, is coming to a true ve-nahafoch hu. If, for example, the hhredim want to understand something of the errors of the falsified Judaism that they practise, they can study it from the hhilonim who have read this book. Hee-haw.

Gnomen 422 - It is a time of Signs and the Donkey Signs have many levels into which they must descend into order to lift up as many as possible in the end. I’m a prophetic-Donkey but I cannot know in which ways the prophetic Signs will manifest themselves or where or in whom or in what form.

Gnomen 423 - Even the prostitutional pamphlet of Gilad Shadmon, aside from the prophetic Sign-values that we have been explaining as the Completion-Sign of the Sin of the Book of the Zohar etc., has answered for me a query that I have had since my Bar Mitzvah. I never understood why the Haftorah of Va-Yiftahh ha-giladi haya gibur hhail ve-hu ben isha zonah (Judges, 11, 1) (lit. ‘and Yiftahh from Gilad was a strong soldier, and he is the son of a ‘zonah’ fell into my portion. Zonah carries 2 meanings 1) a prostitute or 2) one who furnishes others with food). But, after 40 years, now I read it, after seeing Gilad’s kifrut ‘and it was the Giladi, son of the prostitutional doctrines of the Zohar, who opened (yiftahh) the prophesied Final Opening of the ‘second appointed time’ by creating a situation of ‘et la-assot le-Hashem, heifiru toratecha’ (Psalms, 119: 126) (it is a time to act, for they have denied Your Torah). Notice that only here in the second chapter (Autobiographical gnomen) have I ever written what my Haftarah was, and the day afterwards I received the Booklet of Gilad Shadmon. Hee-haw, hee-haw!

Gnomen 424 - In the generation of Enosh, even in the light of a very sophisticated and ‘philosophical’ logic, they turned the true, simple faith into a complex theological cosmogony of Star-Gods. In the generation of the Tower, they rebelled against the First Cause, Blessed is He, the One Living Creator of the universe. They chose, instead, to steal the Divine Powers hidden in the words of the ‘unified language’ that He had given them and to reformulate the meanings of those words so as to build for themselves the Tower that binds the lower world with the heavens. Instead of the simplicity of the only true theology, the First Eternal, Absolute Cause and Creator of all that exists, they chose the very complicated and intricate construction of their new Nimrod theology.

Gnomen 425 - True wisdom must be loved for the truth itself that it teaches, a truth that enhances and increments the love for the Giver of the true wisdom. As soon as one believes that he has already acquired that wisdom and that he is autonomous with that wisdom and, subtly and without realising it, diminishes the Giver of that wisdom while augmenting his own standing in his own eyes, he is a fool who has rendered himself vulnerable to every whim of the Serpent. Therefore it states ‘the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God’ (Psalms, 111: 10). Since wisdom itself is called the ‘beginning’ as it states ‘In the beginning’, we learn that wisdom will remain wisdom only if it carries with it always its beginning which is the fear of God.

Gnomen 426 - And from where does one know that his fear of God is that fear truly binding him to true wisdom? Therefore it states ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth’ that is when in his fear of God he does not exceed or go above or beyond the first ‘saying’ of bereisheet itself representative of the wisdom of God expressed in words from which mankind can take benefit. Not by trying to elevate oneself to a fabricated Emanated Spherah of Wisdom ABOVE the level of creation! Can one acquire Divine Wisdom when he has gone directly against that which has been decreed by the true wisdom of the Creator!

Gnomen 427 - Our wisdom and the wisdom that, if we merit, we may aquire, stand exclusively in ‘In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth’. It is decreed in the true Tradition of the Mishnah that ‘it is forbidden to search for that which is above, below, inside or outside’ - of that ‘created beginning’. Wisdom, therefore, does not come from unbounded searching but from within the boundaries and conditions in which that wisdom has been given. How many thousands of ‘sophisticated’ volumes have been written on the ‘theological wisdom of the Trinity’! Christianity, however, formulated its theology on a theological and deified Christ who through John and Paul became the ‘unique instrument of God in His creation’. Burn all their books of wisdom and re-learn the Second Commandment! The true faith is simple. Hee-haw.

Gnomen 428 - All idolatry becomes complicated as it continues on its 4 generation course because it has detached itself from the true faith and from the full heartfelt confidence in the absolutely unbounded One Living God, the First Cause of all, the Creator of all and the Loving God who has mercy and compassion on His creations, the Omnipotent God who saves and redeems with marvellous miracles those who walk with Him in humble simplicity and serve Him with a simple heart. All true teachings do not come to complicate the faith with emanation-mysticism but to teach the simple faith of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to study the humble faith of Moses, our teacher, for which he was so loved by God. See how the Gilad-Pharoah-Zohar has reached the exact opposite and as the coldness of the mixed-multitude’s ‘this man, Moses’ compare ‘a Kabbalist, called Moses, our teacher, perceived what he could and wrote his Book of Kabbalah called the Five Books of Moses’. As sophisticated as idolatrous doctrines may become, they always lead in the end to pure arrogance and they always come in the end (because it was inherent there in its beginning) to manifest the exact opposite of the True Tradition of ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’.

Gnomen 429 - The true faith is simple but wisdom runs deep while it encompasses all. There is no greater recompense in this world and for the next than that of acquiring true wisdom in the true fear of God. The Sages of Israel did not say ‘Come and study the Torah and within 3 to 5 years of solid study, you will acquire its wisdom and you will be liberated of all problems’. They admonished that the wisdom of the Torah could be acquired only through years and years of fatigue and difficulties and only after a long course of self-purification in the intricate precisions that govern the laws of humility, patience, derech eretz, charity and compassion and the many qualities required so as to become a faithful dwelling-place to receive, to contain and to maintain the true God-given wisdom of the Holy Torah.

Gnomen 430 – Gilad Shadmon’s audacious simplification of what ‘Kabbalah’ means, all his original-sin Serpent enticing to capture the minds in its beauty, and the easiness and all-encompassing Paradise of that simplicity, all lead exclusively to the infinite complexities of the Ten Emanated Godheads of the World of Atzilut who speak to each other and contradict one another and unite with one another and make love with one another, dividing among themselves the verses of the Torah and Prophets in the Last Terrible Pantheon Corruption of Tradition in this Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 431 - All this has happened because from the beginning, without realising it, they turned the Blessing of the Beit of breisheet into the curse of Yeor, where the heavens, the Yod and the earth (‘or’ ‘light’ without the vav is ‘ar’ the root of ‘cursed’) are united in an illicit union in the ‘occult’ waters of the Goddess, Nile, where the 9 Emanated Godheads of Egypt unite with the Tenth Kingdom-God Pharoah. Therefore the Sages of blessed memory taught that the Torah did not begin with an Alef for reason of its possible association with ‘arur’ (cursed) which begins with the letter alef.

Gnomen 432 - Such is the idolatrous doctrine of the Book of the Zohar in which the Emanated Godhead, Zeir Anpin, unites with the Emanated Nukva, his wife, in order to give life to the Lower CREATED Worlds. And Zeir Anpin they call the ‘heavens’ while Nukva they call the ‘earth’. That is the Illicit Union which ‘theologically’ dissolves the true separation between the heavens and the earth, turning them into one ‘emanated’ essence (to which the created world is only a receptical). Thus, instead of maintaining the ‘separation’ of the heavens and the earth of the ‘beit’ (two) of bereisheet, the illicit idolatrous union of Zeir Anpin and Nukva renders the heavens and the earth an alef, one essence rooted in the Emanated Zeir Anpin and Nukva.

Gnomen 433 - For this reason the Torah begins with the ‘beit’ so that the heavens and the earth always remain in two separate categories and do not become enmeshed into a unified category by theorising their unification on a level of Emanation above creation. Notice that only the doctrine of ‘emanation’ can effect such an illicit ‘theological’ union because of its being believed ‘Unified Godliness’ ABOVE CREATION. Such a falsified theological union turns the beit into an alef which demolishes the true foundations of the world, God save us, and in that illicit union in the occult waters of the Yeor, the light becomes a curse instead of true light in which resides the blessing of God.

Gnomen 434 - Therefore the Holy Torah begins with the Beit so that humanity come to receive the blessing of the Creator who in His wisdom created the heavens and in His wisdom created the earth, in two separate categories, as it states ‘the heavens are the heavens unto God and the earth He gave to the sons of man’. And the Sages, of blessed memory, explain, ‘et ha-shamaim’ all that which is included with the heavens and ’ve-et ha-aretz’ all that which is included in the earth. Two ‘et’s are needed to reinforce the separation, so that we do not come to think that what is included in the creation of the heavens is included in the creation of the earth and what is included in the creation of the earth is included in the creation of the heavens. For they are two separated categories in God’s creation and their only point of true unification is that they are both the creations of the One and same God, Creator of all.

Gnomen 435 - DIARY of the Donkey: Feb.14, 1999, Shvat 28, 5759, Lion’s Den 19: It was at this point that I understood the grave error committed by me (already corrected) in one of the earlier chapters of this text, falsely prognosticating that the 5th quadruple of years, in Israel, is for Milhhamot Ha-Shem only and not for announcements of the Final Redemption. I had no right to say that and I beseech the Lord, my God to forgive me. With the Pharoah Signs having arrived, it is, on the contrary, the time to announce the Final Redemption. Sometimes I’m a foolish Donkey because I myself have been explaining the arrival of the ‘second appointed time’. The Sign of the great happiness of the Final Goel, Haim and his dancing in the streets of Israel, is an opening, not a restriction. I was strangling the ‘opening’ God forbid, needed to combat against Pharoah.

Gnomen 436 - The Donkey, of course falls into the Donkey-Traps designed for that purpose. Every time he does not or would not understand what he must understand or he makes a mistake in writing something contrary to the truth, comes the Donkey-Trap and pluff, he falls right in. Until he understands the error and corrects it. Such is the life of a Donkey. Do you understand now why the ‘bad odour’ came from my neck? I was holding back the redemption in Israel because of my calculation which was not mine to make in the first place! I did the Pharoah neck-sin of separating the head from the heart. That’s why my father and mother were shown to me ‘separated’ with my father anguished. I had separated the true wisdom of what I was explaining from the understanding of the consequences of the action to be taken.

Gnomen 437 - Even worse, by that supposition that the coming 4 years in Israel were exclusively for Milhhamot Ha-Shem without announcing the Final Redemption was equal to impeding the true marriage-relationship, in figurative language, between the heavens and the earth which at the time of the Final Redemption is called in the Completed Signs the Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth, a Marriage that must join the heavens and earth and the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth in a relationship of profound love as a husband and wife and not as two friends etc. In the marriage between the heavens and the earth often the man is compared to the heavens and the woman to the earth, in a relationship of giving and receiving and stimulating the giving which in turn stimulates the receiving etc. Such is the relationship between the stellar world and the earth.

Gnomen 438 - In the dream with my parents, my mother was in the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, in her New Triple-Meditation, obviously, and she refused to give over of herself and of her meditation to the earth, my father, in this case.

Let the readers not become confused here because not only did I receive two dreams, one with my parents and immediately afterwards with the Tzadik Haim, but these two dreams are both ‘beit’ dreams which contain two levels of interpretation. One level is as I have explained concerning the Sin of Yeor and the Sin of Pharoah that has now been revealed as complete. The other was prophetic to the error that the Donkey would make in falesly separation between the Kingdom of Heaven from the earth as explained. These two levels of interpretation have come here so as to bring the Donkey to explain what is meant by the True Tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet since the Beit responds both to the marriage-relationship between the heavens and the earth and to the true separation between the heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 439 - The doctrine of Emanation accomplishes the opposite of the Beit of Bereisheet; it creates a false and illicit unification of the heavens and earth which, in turn, because it is false, creates a false, ‘platonic’ relationship between the heavens and the earth that separates the true relationship, between ‘True Kabbalah and Torah’ and between the Wisdom of the Torah and the Understanding of Tradition and between the Written and the Oral Law and between the true spiritual marriage relationship between the Holy One, Blessed is He and the Holy Congregation of the children of Israel. In the end therefore it is the Beit of Bereisheet that reclaims the True Tradition and ‘returns’ to destroy all the false-Kabbalah based on Emanation.

Gnomen 440 - The false mysticism of the false-Kabbalah mystifies the true sense of ‘heavens’ and ‘earth’ taking them out of their created context and bringing them to a ‘superior level’, a ‘higher spiritual level’ which precedes them. As explained, whatever pretends to speak about ‘higher levels above creation’ is a doctrine of Emanation, whether or not the term emanation is used. The Book of the Zohar, however, is not simply a doctrine of emanation; it is THE doctrine of Emanation itself. Once the heavens and the earth have been ousted from their created context to levels of Emanation, they can begin to speak about ‘spiritual unions on the level of Emanation’ between the heavens and the earth. And since they call those ‘spiritual unions’ ‘Divine’ being on the level of Emanation, they are in truth ‘illicit idolatrous unions’ which give birth to false concepts on every level of heavens and earth, thus exiting and totally distorting the true equilibrium of the Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 441 - They turn the blessed Beit into the cursed Alef on the level of Atzilut and all that follows the Course of Emanation comes down in a distorted and falsified comprehension, in a relationship between the heavens and the earth that is not limited or defined by the true barriers of separation between them. The marriage of emanated lights or divinities that represent for them the ‘way of union’ of the heavens and earth undo the true equilibrium of the Beit of Bereisheet. All ancient mythologies have this element of idolatrous marriage between the heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 442 - All idol worship in its inception moves away from the First Cause. What change are the types of cult and the linguistic formulas and the names used to place on the ‘emanated beings’. But whether the ‘Kabbalists’ of the generation of Enosh or the ‘Kabbalists’ of the Tower of Babel or the ‘Kabbalists’ of Greek Mythology or the ‘Kabbalists’ of the idolatrous Book of the Zohar, they all, within the structures, cosmogonies, pantheons or spiritual worlds of the doctrine to which they ascribe, all involve ‘Illicit Divine Unions’ that undo the separation between the heavens and the earth and falsify the true unification between them, the true equilibrium between them as sealed into the Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 443 - Obviously the worse offenders were not of the generation of Enosh or of the Tower or the Greeks but those who made the golden calf in the framework of egyptian idolatry. These had witnessed God’s redemption and His great miracles and the revelation at Sinai. And in later history the worst offenders were not Christians or all those of the idolatrous asiatic meditation religions etc. but those who fell into the idolatrous error of emanation of the Zohar-Kabbalah. These were Jews commanded in the purity of the Holy Torah and in the true Tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet!

Gnomen 444 - To add some understanding concerning that equilibrium: the true Hidden Tzadikim know the true secrets of the true, hidden Ascent. The true Kabbalah of the True Hidden Tzadikim maintains the true equilibrium between the heavens and the earth as created and maintained by the Beit of Bereisheet. Since they maintain and support the truth of that equilibrium, they are bound to the enormous and incredible responsibility connected with each level of their Ascent. This is what is meant by the expression received from the Tzadik Haim that the 36 Hidden Tzadikim are the Pillars of the world because it is they who maintain the equilibrium of the Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 445 - True hidden light carries with it an enormous weight. Whoever might be jealous of them because of the light that they know, have no understanding of the suffering involved in those levels, a suffering of which they would hardly be jealous of if they knew its weight. We have shown how Gilad Shadmon’s Zohar-Ascent is so totally empty of even the normal weight of the Torah and of the qualities and virtues required by it, that to compare it to true weights of the True Kabbalah is ludicrous, to say the least. ‘It is enough to want to receive and with 3 to 5 years of study, your sixth sense will be revealed and you will become a Kabbalist’. No weight, no responsibility, no problems, no equilibrium! Air with luminous coloured filters and mental designs of the imagination formed according to the falsified Torah-linguistics of that doctrine.

Gnomen 446 - The Key to the idolatrous sin: 1) the ‘original’ desire to become as small-gods and to know everything (Emanation) 2) the forming of imagined Emanated Deities that represent Lower Causes from the Infinite God above (the subtle sin of the fathers in distancing themselves from the First Cause) 3) the construction of a Corrupted Linguistic House to accomodate the Divine Emanated Forces 4) the displaced descent into the concrete idolatry of the hated fourth generation whether on the level of pagan idols or whether the pagan gods are abstracted to the higher levels of their Godliness by sophisticated linguistics of Emanation or whether those linguistics are totally simplified ad absurdum to accomodate the vulnerability of the masses. Its name is idolatry. Each one of these corrupts, defiles, distorts and exits from the true Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 447 - The Emanated Deities or Emanated Spherot, having been distanced from the First Cause, are called with names and are called upon in those names in order to reap benefit from them. The benefit of those ‘Divine Names’, however, increment their benefits by joining with one another or by being joined through the intentions of their servers. That conjoining then takes on the attributes of kissing and hugging and uniting, eating, sleeping etc. and every other human terminology that helps them feel closer to their Divinities, whether these are understood in the crudest of manners or whether they are taken as symbols or examples to be abstracted into mystical lights etc.

Gnomen 448 - Such Illicit and Idolatrous Divine Unions will always have the purpose of binding and marrying the heavens and the earth so that from the heavens the person may reap benefit on earth. Therefore at least two Divine Emanations from among the Pantheon of Smaller-Gods will always come to represent a spiritual marital union between the heavens and the earth. That marriage union between the heavens and the earth, on its Divinity Level or its abstracted Emanation Level do not maintain the separated duplicity of the heavens and the earth. Zeir Anpin and Nukva, for example, or the Ten Emanated Spherot are said to be One, according to them, because all that which is part of Emanation is pure Godliness and there are no true separations there but only the ‘sources’ of the separated creations that come afterwards.

Gnomen 449 - They failed to realise that the Chain of Worlds deriving from the World of Emanation the source of which is itself idolatrous, will only falsify all the other concepts and ‘theologies’ of the ‘lower created levels’ until it reaches its maximum Hated Fourth Generation completing itself on earth and finalising such a totally anti-Torah doctrine as proffered by Gilad Shadmon. In any case, on all levels, it is the Beit of Bereisheet and the equilibrium that it contains that will determine what is the true Kabbalah of the Torah and what is false-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 450 - The extreme gravity of the matter is verified in history, unfortunately, especially for the children of Israel who have received the Torah and who have inherited the true Tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet. The false, idolatrous doctrine of the Emanated Heavens and Emanated Earth on the level of the World of Atzilut of the Book of the Zohar, after its 4 generational descent, does the exact opposite of the proposed Perfect Unification of the Heavens and the Earth of Emanation. It separates the true created heavens from the Jewish people on earth, the Holocaust. For the created heavens by way of the Pact of the Torah and by way of the Beit of Bereisheet are bound to the people of the Pact in the world, to benefit them if they maintain the Pact and to abandom them to every evil if they abandon the Pact. The Beit of Bereisheet became ‘one’, the alef of ‘arur’, on the level of the Unification of Zeir Anpin and Nukva of Atzilut and after 400 years of expansion, the heavens and earth for the Jewish people became separated into a ‘hateful platonic relationship’ despised and hateful to the loving God of Israel who choose them in virtue of the Patriarchs for the sake of a true spiritual Marriage Bond between the Holy One, Blessed is He and His chosen and beloved people Israel.



Chapter 10


Gnomen 451 - The Breaking of the first Tablets by Moses, our teacher, was for the purpose of the Correction of the Beit of Bereisheet which had been corrupted by the Egyptian-Emanation-Mentality.

One may ask why the Beit of the Blessing of the Torah could not instead have been the Alef of Emunah. The answer is that for reasons of mankind’s weakness, the Emunah that could have stood at the beginning of the Holy Torah would have been turned by mankind into the Alef of Arur. The Beit instead had the equilibrium in which mankind, at first the children of Israel, would be able to receive and in the long run master, understand and live by. History shows that Israel had to fall into many sins and to be purified from them in order to receive the true blessing.

Gnomen 452 - That is to say, it is not because of the Alef itself that it could not begin the Torah but such would have been similar to the elevation of the First Commandment had it, for the sake of hypothesis, been given without the Second Commandment. In short, only Moses could have lived in the light of the First Commandment without need for the other commandments. For Moses all would have been fulfilled correctly before God in the true faith of the First Commandment alone. So too would the Alef of Emunah have been similar to the great merit of Israel had it not sinned and had instead received the First Tablets. It was virtually possible but the level of the people required the Second Commandment, and it could never have come to its blessing if not for the Second Giving of the Tablets.

Gnomen 453 - Without the Second Commandment, the Emunah of the First Commandment would have been falsified by idolatry, God save us, turning it into the Alef of ‘Arur’. So too the great faith and light contained in the first Tablets would have resulted in an incorrigible sin that would have caused a ‘curse’ instead of a ‘blessing’, God forbid, without there being a remedy. So too, had the Torah began with the Alef of Emunah, instead of the true faith intended by it, Emanation Theology would have turned that true faith into a false faith becoming Arur instead of Emunah, God forbid.

Gnomen 454 - The first Tablets have their parallel in the faith of the First Commandment as it stands alone and to the Torah that begins with the Alef of Emunah. The first commandment, therefore had to have with it the Second Commandment for Israel to live in it and Israel had to receive the Tablets a second time in order for it to come out victorious in the long run of its history. So too the Torah had to begin with the Beit to secure the promised Blessing of Israel in its long and unending march through history.

Gnomen 455 - What more than the first Tablets represented the true faith in the One Living God? Nevertheless, had the Tablets not been broken, those very same Tablets and the 10 Commandments written on them would have become, God forbid, an unending curse, hhalilah ve-hhass! That lack of possible sufficient merit on the part of Israel (and with Israel the world in the long run) came to a head in the terrible historic sin of the Golden Calf. Moses understood the Emanation-Mentality of the mixed-multitude that had caused the people to err and he broke the first Tablets at the foot of the mountain.

Gnomen 456 - Therefore we can say that the Breaking of the first Tablets represented the Great Historical Correction of all times against the Mentality of Theological Emanation that came out in its form in the Golden Calf and later in history with the Book of the Zohar. With this we can also say that, as the Golden Calf, the Book of the Zohar came into the world as the final representative of the apex of Emanation-Theology, the False-Tablets which must be destroyed in the end for the sake of the Great Correction of all Israel in its faith and the clarification of the True Tradition for all times. And from this the results will be carried into the world in this the Final Fourth Generation when all idolatry will be destroyed.

Gnomen 457 - Until now, historically speaking, the term Emanation (Atzilut) and the difference between the true terminology of creation and the false terminology of emanation has not been understood and true definitions have been missing from Judaism except in the holy Book of Yihhye Ibn Shlomoh Elgafeh. I have even seen on the Bar Ilan CD ROM of the Talmud and Midrashim, Masechet[58] Atzilut, God save us, in the form of Midrash and included with other Midrashim. I, Paul (Peretz) Green, in the authority of the Final Goel, Haim, hereby place under the Hherem Mi-Deoraita this false Midrashic text called Masechet Atzilut and it is Muhharam[59], Muhharam, Muhharam in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita of the Sefer Hhamisha Luhhot Ha-Brit of Sefer Mishnat Haim. I renew it here, March 28, 1999; Nissan 11, 5759; The Resurrected Bird 5 - Castelnuovo Magra, Liguria, Italy.

Gnomen 458 - It was the highest and most holy action that Moses, our teacher, broke the first Tablets that contained true light from the God of Israel, God of the heavens and the earth, Creator of all things, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever. The doctrine of Emanation that would eventually be revealed would not come openly to expound on ‘deities’ of the Emanation Order. It would not come in the form of the Golden Calf for all to see. It would come, instead, in the forms of doctrinal Tablets of Emanated Godliness, pretending to be the True Torah on the level of its Divine Spiritual Lights of the World of Emanation before Creation, God forbid.

Gnomen 459 - Therefore Moses, our teacher, threw the two Tablets down and they broke into pieces. In this way, in the end, when that evil would complete itself in history, we, the pupils of Moses, would have the Key to defeat the great enemy, the Tablets of the Ten Emanated Spherot of the Book of the Zohar, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. I received the Dream-Sign in which the Tzadik Haim descends from the mountain where Peretz is waiting and with great anguish says “Our small sister (the Torah) has been wounded” and proceeds quickly to go down from the mountain. (It’s Feb. 16, 1999, Shvat 30, 5759, the Lion’s Den 21).

Gnomen 460 - The True Kabbalah means first of all the reception of the Written Torah and the Oral Torah by Moses, our teacher. All the words received by the Prophets of Israel are true Kabbalah. The mishna, talmud and midrashim are the continuation of the Oral Tradition or Oral Kabbalah received at Sinai. In this resides the Kabbalah of the Sages of Israel, of blessed memory, who received holy power (kedusha) and wisdom (hochma). That holy power cannot be received by what is written in books only. From what is written, one gains knowledge and by reflection on that knowledge one comes to understanding. Also that knowledge, however, is called ‘received wisdom’ because the person receives it from who has received it, even if written, and it is not reached by one’s own understanding.

Gnomen 461 - The Holy Power of the Wisdom (hhochmah) of the Sages, of blessed memory, can be received exclusively from another Sage (not in writing) and, obviously, only after many years of study, sanctifying one’s life in the commandments of the Torah and in all the qualities and virtues and derech eretz loved by God Almighty. Within the context of received knowledge, there exist levels of ‘autonomous reasoning and judgement, study and ulterior conclusions, for prohibiting and permitting’. This autonomy is needed for the continuation of the Oral Law and the applied halacha throughout the ages.

Gnomen 462 - The Sages of Israel mentioned in the Mishna and Talmud all had a level of Sanctity (Kedusha) and they were true Sages (hhachamim) in the Holy Power of Torah Wisdom. This, however, is very general while the level of their wisdom is not equal, each Sage on his level and in the perspective of the Torah or the ‘derech’ (way) or the ‘panim’ (face, aspect) which he has received from his teacher and which he developed in the course of his studies, as received in Tradition ‘there are 70 faces to the Torah’[60]. There are 70 different ways to explain the Torah while remaining within the framework of the true Kabbalah.

Gnomen 463 - One must not be led into error for reason of these ‘70 faces’ believing that in this the doors to every kind of interpretation are open. Let us add for the sake comprehension that if there are 70 faces of true interpretation, there are 7 times 70 possible faces of false interpretation deviating from the true Kabbalah of the Torah. Because of the great confusion of the past centuries created by the false-Kabbalah, this text has been intended also as a guide in distinguishing true Kabbalah from false-Kabbalah, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 464 - Are then all the words of the mishnaic and talmudic Tradition ‘infallible truths’? Such a question makes little sense. The Tradition is a vast ocean of a plethora of subjects that cannot be measured by one parameter. It depends on what is being spoken about and in which context and for what purpose and by whom and even for which epoch of history it was said and intended. Not all wisdom bears out in the reality of world history even if it may be a virtual truth for a given context that never came to touch the reality of the world. If there be 70 virtual opinions about the application of a specific Halacha, only one Halacha can be made applicable whether it is based on one of those 70 opinions or a synthesis of several of them.

Gnomen 465 - There are also many opinions in the Talmud that do not pertain to the Halacha but to history, to the science of their time and the medicines known until their time, to the realm of astrological calculations, to magic and to sheddim (demons of the lower realms) and to messianic and redemptional speculation. As to history, there is much important information and many relevant matters, especially in explaining prophecies. There is, however, also a great dearth of information for certain epochs, such as those from Hanukah and until the time of the destruction of the Second Temple. There is also historical or geographical information, often lacking in precision but history is a field that is progressive as the progression of science or sociology through accumulated data. All such lacking diminishes nothing of the power of wisdom of those Sages or of the general Sanctity of the Oral Law.

Gnomen 466 - In modern history of the past 2000 years, in the midst of mysticism, Secrets, Spirits, Names, Kabbalah Maassit, Kabbalah Iyunit (meditative), the pshat (simple meaning), remez (allusions) drush (interpretative studies) and sod (secrets) of the Talmud, and afterwards the Mystical Kabbalah and higher World Kabbalah and Philosophical-Metaphysical Kabbalah etc. the term Kabbalah has become one of confusion instead of clarification and there exists great chaos in this matter.

Gnomen 467 - The descent of the Final Goel, Haim, from the mountain and the urgency of his message ‘our little sister has been wounded’ represents the return of the Torah-Sign of Moses’ descent from the mountain and the Breaking of the first Tablets, as explained. Peretz in this Sign is in the Sign of Yehoshua Bin Nun[61] for the sake of the Power of the Mishna[62] of Yehoshua bin Nun in formulating these texts which must accompany the New Sign of Destroying the False Tablets of the False-Emanation Kabbalah and to help clarify and distinguish between False-Kabbalah and the True Kabbalah of the Torah and Tradition.

Gnomen 468 - The Beit of Bereisheet represents the perfect equilibrium between the heavens and the earth, both in terms of their separation and in terms of their unification, as explained above. We have also received it that the Beit of Bereisheet is the Beit of Redemption. One basic meaning of this is that whatever relates to the Redemption requires ‘two’ and not ‘one’ as might be represented by a hypothetical ‘Alef’ at the beginning of the Torah which would have meant ‘One’ to say ‘this is the Book of God’s Creation' or 'the Book of Creation of the One Living God'.

Gnomen 469 - The Holy Torah, however, does not come only for teaching us of God’s creation but with two great purposes that together represent the Completion of the creation, namely 1) the act of God’s creating the heavens and the earth (Bereisheet) and 2) the miracles of God’s Redemption (First Commandment). There is a correspondence in this to the creation of the heavens and the earth in the name of ELOHIM whereas with the creation of Adam, God’s name of Mercy and Forgivingness, the Tetragrammaton[63], is joined with it. If only in the name ELOHIM[64] mankind would be destroyed as soon as it sinned whereas the other creations had no free choice with which to sin. The name of Mercy thus completes the name ELOHIM so that the world can be blessed in the creation. Thus can there be repentance and correction[65].

Gnomen 470 - The name of God Almighty as the Redeemer is EHEYE ASHER EHEYE (lit. I Shall Be-That Which-I Shall Be) Also this name is completed by the Name of Mercy[66] The reason for this is similar to why the name ELOHIM is completed by the Name of Mercy. The name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE represents the redemption as it is given by God in its total perfection. Mankind, however, is not able to stand in that perfection as it is given by God, and notwithstanding the visible miracles of God witnessed, it comes to doubts and it sins. Also here, then, without the Name of Mercy, the name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE could not be completed for Israel and eventually for the world.

Gnomen 471 - The Beit of Bereisheet is thus ‘two’, Creation and Redemption, and both creation and redemption have their Beit, in the completion of their purpose for human beings, in the Name of Mercy. The completeness of the two aspects of Redemption is fulfilled by way of God’s choice of the Goel, the redeemer. Moshe Rabbeinu was the chosen Goel of the first redemption. The Hidden Tzadik, Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, son of Moshe, from San'aa, Yemen, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, is the chosen Final Goel of the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 472 - Why should the Beit refer to the first redemption and to the third and final redemption and not to the second redemption of Purim? This is because Purim is called the Hidden Redemption of the Hidden Name ‘ASHER’, the name that carried Israel in myriad hidden salvations from the division of Israel and Judah to the Babylonian exile and throughout the epochs of the Second Temple and in the long 2000 year exile until the time of the Third and Final Redemption. The redemption of Purim is from the Hidden Name ‘ASHER’ a name in which we do not see a Name of God, exactly as in the Megilat Esther (which is in the Signs of the name ‘ASHER’) where the name of God does not appear.

Gnomen 473 - So too is this fact alluded to in the verse ‘I am the first and I am the last and except for Me there is no other God’ - I am the first - in the first redemption of the first EHEYE; and I am the last - in the third and final redemption of the final name EHEYE; and except for Me there is no other God - in the redemption of Purim as written in the Megilat Esther where My name does not appear openly but only in hidden manners. Therefore the Beit of Bereisheet of Redemption refers to the first and to the final redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Gnomen 474 - For this reason, at the time of the Final Redemption, with God’s choice of the Final Goel, the Beit of Bereisheet enters into the Sign of its historical completion. This completion pertains to both aspects, of creation and of redemption. Of redemption there is no problem in understanding; the final redemption completes the cycles of all the redemptional cycles of Israel’s past history. But how can we speak of an ‘historical completion’ of creation when the creation of the world need certainly not be repeated? And the expression that God renews the act of creation every day cannot refer to the Beit nor can it refer to the final redemption because that renewal is every day, not at a given time in history.

Gnomen 475 - The Beit of Creation, however, refers to the Renewal of the Heavens and the Earth prophesied for the Final Redemption in many prophecies. The Beit of Bereisheet, however, includes in itself that particular historic renewal of the heavens and the earth with God’s choice of the Final Goel and the descent of the Completed Redemptional and Messianic Signs of the Third and Final Redemption in the world. The Completed Signs thus represent the Completion of the Beit of Bereisheet, the Completion of the act of creation in its great redemptional renewal and the Completion of all the Redemptional Signs of Israel’s prophesied history[67].

Gnomen 476 - The true Tradition of Israel, its True Kabbalah, is thus directly bound to the ‘blessing’ of the Beit of Bereisheet, both in terms of the creation and in terms of the redemption. Had the Torah began with the Alef, even though it represent the perfection of the One Living Creator (Ehhad) or the perfection of the true faith (Emunah), that perfection, instead of a blessing, would have resulted, God forbid, in a ‘curse’ (arur) from which there would have been no possibility of mankind’s survival and eventually of its salvation, redemption and blessing. It may also be possible to ask why the Torah did not begin with the ‘gimmel’ (third letter of the Heb. alphabet) in virtue of the 3 Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and in correspondence with the Triple-Name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE?

Gnomen 477 - The main reason is that the hidden aspects of the name ASHER had to remain hidden, such as God’s name in the Megilat Esther, the Hidden Signs of Isaac, our father, hidden in the name ASHER, the Middle Hidden Ascent of Moses, hidden in the Torah, the Signs of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, the Hidden Signs of the Hidden Tzadikim, the Hidden History of the Teacher of Justice and the Initial Redemptional and Messianic Signs of the School of the Essenes, the Signs of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua in the failed mission prophesied in Malachi, the Signs of the Mission of the Sacrificed Ram etc. All these had to remain hidden (as well as confused and conflictual) throughout history until their revelation and clarification in the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 478 - In truth, therefore, the Beit of Bereisheet contains the ‘gimmel’ but it is hidden in it, as the name ASHER etc. Had it been revealed as a ‘gimmel’ for ‘gimilut hhasadim’ (acts of charity and goodness) in virtue of the Patriarchs etc., it too, God save us, would have become a ‘curse’ for reason of the ‘gaavah’ (arrogance) that would have derived from it, God forbid. Therefore it had to remain hidden, in the midst, as it were, of the Beit itself which furnishes the blessing in the end from every side with the coming of the Final Goel and the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 479 - See how all mankind in general manages and has always managed to fall into all the snare-paths of arrogance of every kind, from the most blatant arrogance to the most subtle forms of arrogance, for reason of the whatever revealed knowledge it comes to possess. Had those Hidden aspects of the True Tzadikim and their Hidden Tradition and the ‘Secrets’ contained in the name ASHER been revealed for the world, that terrible snare of arrogance would have increased, God save us, a thousand-fold and the entire world, God forbid, would have been judged with total destruction.

Gnomen 480 - The Kabbalah of the Beit of Bereisheet prohibits absolutely all doctrines that pretend to speak about what is before creation. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 481 - The Beit of Bereisheet prohibits any speaking or thinking or imagining ‘levels’ (madreigot), ‘categories’ (behhinot) ‘aspects’ (partzufim) or ‘spherot’ on a level above creation on a proposed level of Emanation.

Gnomen 482 - That which is ABOVE creation is God and if one divides what is above creation into any form of metaphysical, cosmological or emanatistic constructions, a plurality has been created in God which is prohibited by the law of ‘ribui reshuyot’ a multiplicity of reigns. All such constructions are destroyed in the end by the Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 483 - Moses, our teacher, warned us that the Torah is not in the heavens that you must ascend to bring it down etc. (Deut. 30 :12). Moses brought the Torah down from above and revealed it for Israel. Once in the world there is no need to ascend to bring it down. Above there are 7 heavens. Moses, our teacher, in his ascent, stood on the level that he had to in order to receive from God the laws that he had to receive. He ascended to the created heavens above where he sometimes also spoke to angels, as known in Tradition, not to Higher Emanated Spiritual Worlds before creation! In the idolatrous mentality of the mixed-multitude, however, Moses himself was an Emanated-Small-God who was a receptacle of the Divine Emanations. Therefore Moses broke the first Tablets.

Gnomen 484 - If one exits from ‘creation’ he exits from the true equilibrium that exists between the heavens and the earth established forever by the Beit of Bereisheet. Therefore the Beit of Bereisheet in the end destroys all doctrines that exit from that equilibrium, at the time of the renewal of the heavens and the earth of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel. The Beit of Bereisheet in the hands of the Final Goel and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, Haim ben Moshe from San'aa, Yemen, will destroy and smash to pieces the false-Tablets of Divine Emanations of the Book of the Zohar and all the 4 long generations of false-Kabbalah derived from it.

Gnomen 485 - There are ten categories of angels, as listed by the Rambam, peace be with him in the Mishnah Torah. The Hidden Tzadikim in their ascent are in contact with angels. The angels themselves, however, are creations of God. They are not emanations. Also the higher spiritual worlds to which ascend the Hidden Tzadikim are created worlds, not ‘emanated’ worlds. The true Hidden Tzadikim, even though they possess the ‘secret’ of the Holy Ascent and are therefore able to leave their physical bodies, always maintain the perfect equilibrium of the Beit of Bereisheet between the heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 486 - Therefore they do not remain above but descend always back into the world and in the world they suffered. Great is the responsibility of the ‘secrets’ that they possess and that responsibility requires that the true equilibrium between the heavens and the earth of the Beit of Bereisheet be maintained.

Gnomen 487 - Even more, it is properly the Hidden Tzadikim who maintain the Beit of Bereisheet because there is not merit enough in the world to maintain it. The Hidden Tzadikim maintain it in their holy service to God Almighty and in the past also by way of their suffering in the world.

Gnomen 488 - All this that I explain about the true Hidden Tzadikim, I have received directly from the Tzadik Haim when he was in the world. It is true Kabbalah from the Hidden Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. When the Tzadik Haim was chosen by God as the Final Goel, the redemptional circumstances created the unique historical possibility and necessity of revealing authoritatively for the first time more about the truth of the Hidden Tzadikim. A Tzadik himself could not do it. The Donkey of the Goel has been obligated with this extraordinary privilege to explain what he can.

Gnomen 489 - This is also a necessity for the sake of understanding that all those who have been called Tzadikim in the past 400 years because their Ascents into the Higher Worlds of the Book of the Zohar are not true Tzadikim and their ascents were not true ascents etc. Their so-called kabbalah does not maintain the true equilibrium of the Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 490 - The Beit of Bereisheet destroys the falsified union said by the false-Kabbalists ‘leshem yihhud kudshe brich hu u-shechintei’ (for the sake of the union of the Holy One and His Divine Presence) which derives from the illicit 'union’ of Zeir Anpin and Nukvei in the World of Emanation of the Book of the Zohar.

Gnomen 491 - The Beit of Bereisheet requires absolute silence among the few selected Hidden Tzadikim who enter the wisdom of the heavens from revealing what they see and the ‘secrets’ they know. This is in the True Tradition of the Beit, as explained. The Wisdom of the heavens is not as the wisdom of the earth. This means that the Wisdom of God Almighty in creating the heavens is one category. The Wisdom of God in creating the earth is another category. And why have the false-Kabbalists written all their millions of false secrets? Because their ‘secrets’ are not true secrets and have no true weight and carry no true responsibility!

Gnomen 492 - The true Kabbalah of the Beit of Bereisheet does not permit that the names of God refer to anything but the First Cause of all. This is the true faith which is to be taken on faith (because it is not given to true human comprehension) but this is the accepted faith of which we speak in terms of the ‘simple faith in the heart’ because it is this faith which ‘simplifies’ all the rest. The millions of ‘complications in the faith’ created by the false-Kabbalah will all be destroyed in the end by the Beit of bereisheet.

Gnomen 493 - The Beit of Bereisheet brings the Jewish people back to ‘tamim tiheye im ha-shem elohecha’[68]. One must perfect himself in that simplicity in the faith maintained by the Beit of Bereisheet. The Beit of Bereisheet totally destroys in the end the falsification of the term ‘nistarot’ - ‘hidden things’ used erringly by the false-Kabbalists in referring to their ‘Secrets of Emanation’ etc. because theirs is not ‘nistarot’ but Falsified-Wisdom in the False-Lights of Emanation. The Beit of Bereisheet destroys all those falsified ‘nistarot’ and maintains the true equilibrium of what is written in the Torah, ‘ha-nistarot le-ha-shem eloheinu ve-ha-niglot lano u-le-baneinu’ (the hidden things are to the Lord, our God and the revealed things are for us and for our children forever (Deut. 29: 28)).

Gnomen 494 - Do not fear. The Final Goel, Haim, has already been chosen by God Almighty and the renewed Tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet is descending into the world during this Final Fourth Generation. Do not fear. The desire of God is successful in his hands. It is an integral part of the first phase of the redemption of the Jewish people that the Final Goel redeem Israel from the bondage of 400 years of mental-slavery to idolatrous Emanation-Theology. Israel will be purified of all these ‘foreign gods’ so that it may proceed to Beth El. Amen.

Gnomen 495 - When the Beit of Bereisheet smashes to pieces the False-Tablets of the 10 Emanated Spherot - Crown (Keter - the Will) of Atzilut, the Wisdom (Hochhmah) of Atzilut, the Understanding (Bina) of Atzilut, the Benevolence (Hhessed) of Atzilut, the Force (Gevurah) of Atzilut, the Splender (Tifferet) of Atzilut, the Eternity (Netzahh) - of Atzilut, the Magnificence (Hod - Glory) of Atzilut, the Foundation (Yesod) of Atzilut, and the Kingdom (Malchut) of Atzilut, the same Beit of Bereisheet binds the Breaking of the first-Tablets by Moses to the Breaking of the False-Tablets of these Ten Emanated Spherot in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 496 - These are the two great Breaking of the Tablets of history. Together they destroy all idolatry for the rest of history because both Breakings are in the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet. One is at the beginning of history and the second is at the ‘end-time’ of history, this Final Fourth Generation before the redemptional periods of peace in the world. And so have we completed here this Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet of the True Tradition.

Gnomen 497 - All that which pertains to the New, True Kabbalah of the Final Redemption (often referred to as the New True, Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan) is integrally part of the true Tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet. The New True Kabbalah reveals the New Tradition of the Final Redemption. In this sense it reveals ‘treasures’ (for example, the historical ‘treasures’ of the School of the Essenes in its relation to the Initial Signs) or ‘hidden things’ (such as the 6 Points (nekudot) over the word ‘vayishakeihu’ in Genesis (33, 4) or the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish, Leviathan), things, that is, that were previously ‘unknown’ and ‘un-revealed’ in the world. These ‘hidden things’, however, are not called ‘nistarot’ nor are they called sodot (secrets).

Gnomen 498 - ‘Nistarot’ (Hidden Matters) does not represent a category destined to be revealed to mankind but only to selected Hidden Tzadikim. ‘Sodot’ are ‘secrets’ and their level is hidden from the eyes of the world. ‘’The secret (sod) of God, He reveals to those who fear Him’ (Psalms, 25, 14). Those who fear Him are also those who do not reveal those ‘secrets’ not in writing and not orally. In general the new categories of things revealed in the Final Redemption, hitherto unknown, pertain to the Treasures of the New Kingdom of Heaven of the Final Redemption. It was previously determined by God Almighty that these New Things would be revealed only at the coming of the chosen Final Goel.

Gnomen 499 - This is also one of the reasons why the Final Goel, although he was the Hidden Goel previous to his Final Sacrifice, is not denominated Final Goel until he has finished his holy work in this world and has come on to the New Kingdom of Heaven where he is given the title of Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, as we have received the explanation of the verse ‘Suddenly will he come unto his chamber (hechalo) the honoured master[69] (adon) that you are seeking’ (Malachi, 3: 1). In truth the sign of the Final Goel had to be from the Kingdom of Heaven. The ‘Treasures’ of the Kingdom of Heaven all bound to the final revelation of the Final Redemption descend from the Kingdom of Heaven according to the directives of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only from that exalted position that they can be revealed in the world.

Gnomen 500 - All these terms and the concepts that they teach are part of the New Pure Tongue prophesied for the Final Redemption. Both the terms and the concepts are new and totally unknown in Tradition itself until the Tradition comes unto the time of the Final Redemption and receives them. It is enough to realise that in Tradition even the very basic knowledge of the immense difference in level and in position between the terms Goel and Mashiah is totally unknown. As the Rambam, peace be with him, explained: Even the Prophets of Israel themselves did not have this Kabbalah nor did the Sages of Israel receive it because it is not revealed until the time of the Final Redemption.



Chapter 11



Gnomen 501 - The Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption are the Great Treasures of the New Kingdom of Heaven. The Prophets spoke of the Renewal of the heavens and the earth at the time of the final redemption. What was meant by the ‘new heavens’ (shammaim hhadashim) was essentially unexplainable in Tradition except for the general comprehension of the ‘stellar orders’ (ma’arachot ha-cochavim) that change with the historical changeovers that take place in those epochs. In terms of the Completed Signs, a more precise meaning is The New Kingdom of Heaven established with God’s choice of the Final Goel. This is a New Kingdom that did not exist previously.

Gnomen 502 - All has arrived, thank God. We have received for the world the Marvellous News of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel and chosen Teacher, Haim ben Moshe, from Saana, Yemen. These are the Marvellous News that will be loved by all, whether by rabbinical scholars of the Torah or by simple, good-hearted folk throughout the world. Eventually the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem of the Completed Signs will be built and loved by all those who will have merit in the true faith.

Gnomen 503 - Then the house of Jacob will return to the pure, simple faith of the Patriarchs and to the true Tradition of the Torah indicated by the Beit of Bereisheet. This is the Sign that returns historically in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim, for the sake of straightening out all the distortions that have filtered into Judaism in the past 4 centuries. Amen.

Gnomen 504A quick explanation of the Signs of Shushan - The New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan contains the New, True Kabbalah of Shushan which is bound to the Hidden Signs of Purim. The New Signs of Shushan are thus of the Middle Pillar of the Triple Meditation bound to the name ASHER and to the Hidden Signs of Isaac, our father, and to the hidden, middle ascent of Moses at Sinai.

Gnomen 505 - The Signs of the New Shin, the New Vav, the New Sheen and the New Final Nun were received by us, I, Paolo, Noda and Solly, in Israel (it was some days before Purim 5750, March 1990).

Gnomen 506 - The Signs were extremely clear from the clouds. In the sky a Shin appeared, a very particular Shin. This Shin miraculously remained in the sky during our entire trip from Beersheva to Jerusalem and into Jerusalem until we stood in the large courtyard of the Wailing Wall.

Gnomen 507 - It was different than the regular Shin. The length of time that it lasted and the fact that it ‘connected Beersheva to Jerusalem’ was sufficient to call it two times Shin. Recently, in Davide Levi’s dream, the Donkey said “Shin, Shiiin, it is the Dead Donkey speaking to you”. Thus we know that the second Sheen is longer than the first Shin.

Gnomen 508 - With our arrival at the Wailing Wall, we no longer saw the Shin but there appeared a luminous Vav, just over the courtyard, emanating reflected rays of afternoon sunlight. After a short while, the Vav became longer and thicker and more luminous, enough to be called a Great Final Nun. These were the Hidden Signs of Shushan that we received in Israel, from Beersheva to Jerusalem.

Gnomen 509 - The New Letters of Shushan, deriving from the Middle Pillar of the Heart of the Rose, reveal the New Purim of the Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption. As we write the New Scroll of Esther of the Final Redemption, the New Purim has been underway and it will continue until it will be revealed from Beit Sefer Esther in Beersheva to Beit Sefer Esther in Jerusalem. Then will be revealed the Treasures of the New Kingdom of Heaven of the Third and Final Redemption to the people of Israel and to the Jewish world at large.

Gnomen 510 - This is the purpose of the Books of Sefer Mishnat Haim, which represent the New Scroll of Esther of the Final Redemption is written. The Signs descend in hidden manners, bringing the Treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in the Palace of the School of Esther until, by the strategies of the Beautiful and Intelligent Queen Esther, they will be revealed for all Israel.

Gnomen 511 - DIARY of the Donkey who eats Bread: March 4, 1999, Shushan Purim: I keep dreaming in the past few days about insidious-false-wisdom that eats away and destroys the person. In the dream, this false-wisdom does not specify false-Kabbalah (although certainly related) but false-wisdom. Each time I see it, it is given me to understand that the remedy against false-wisdom is Tzemach (messianic Sign in Prophets - Flourishing, Branching out). - -

The remedy to false-wisdom in the world is the branching out of the true wisdom contained in Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Gnomen 512 - I opened "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is turning" after closing the first hand-written draft of this book, but in the rewriting here this text, some 150 gnomen have remained for closing it, corresponding to the closure of the 16 years of preparation. Therefore I keep the Book "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is turning" open, but I need here some of the gnomen for the sake of closing this book. I have perceived, in the opening of the Book, that the 4th Book of Esther must turn the Star-Wheel of Ahhashverosh. For sure, history is turning in the past 13 days (I write here on the 6th day of Pesah 5759) with the war of NATO against the Yugoslavian Pharaoh Milosevitch.

Gnomen 513 - Giuseppe received an important dream: Two angels descended. One was the archangel Michael who said to Giuseppe, “Now you will have to speak words of God”. - -

All the dreams now arriving are in the Sign of the Second Appointed Time and the New and Final Opening of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread.

In a second dream, Giuseppe saw Peretz outside in Piazza Duomo in Milan, in a sort of open office working on texts with several computers around him. On the computers were written Hebrew letters. - -

This means that Peretz has permission to diffuse the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim outside ("Duomo") in public by way of Internet.

Gnomen 514 - Daniele received 2 dreams (a couple of days before Purim): In the first dream., he saw the Teacher Haim, who was extremely happy and filled with love for the people around, who were asking questions, and the Final Goel was answering them. Peretz was close to the Teacher, Haim. Daniele was amazed by the heart-warming contentedness of the Tzadik Haim. - -

In another dream, (2 days later - perhaps Purim itself) Daniele saw the School of the Second Commandment with about 20 pupils and a woman who was teaching. Then the Teacher Haim was present and showed the same immense contentedness, as in the other dream mentioned. In the dream, Daniele told that first dream to Peretz. Then, as the Final Goel spoke, Peretz became invisible.

All these are Signs of the success of the Sign at this crucial time of the New Opening. The happiness of the Tzadik Haim is certainly related to the fact that the pupils are prepared for the times ahead.

Gnomen 515 - Paolo dreamed: We were in a large, splendid building together with the Queen Elizabeth. Peretz decided to take a shower and, dressed in a bathing suit, he washed himself. Queen Elizabeth was very pleased with this and so she too, with a modest bathing suit, took a shower together with Peretz and there was much joy. -

This is a sign that the language and respect, the derech eretz and modesty taught by the Teacher Haim are totally consonant with the English Queen and her good manners, and even if the Donkey takes a bath with the Queen, all is clean and in the proper spirit.

The Star-Wheel of the modest Queen Esther is turning in hidden ways to bring the New Scroll of the Final Redemption to the world.

Gnomen 516 - Anna Gasparotti dreamed that she was with her family, mother and sister etc. and they were preparing to eat. Anna ripped-off large pieces of meat and threw some of them away. Peretz, in a close-by-room with the door open, was having a relationship with a girl. The others were taken aback but Anna reassured them, saying that Peretz in doing such obviously knew perfectly well what he was doing. It was therefore to understand that Peretz had particular ‘intentions’ with that act and most certainly, it was a ‘sign’. Then Anna was at the top of a mountain and with a sword fought against an ‘entity’ that represented ‘evil’.

Gnomen 517 - This dream followed a fact: The evening before her dream, I had explained to Anna on the telephone that it was not correct to change the term ‘l’uccello risorto’ (the Resurrected Bird - first of the 13 New Mazalot) just because, in vulgar-street Italian, they use the word ‘uccello’ to indicate the male-member. “It’s not fair to the birds” I said. “You take away from them this perfectly legitimate term, only because of street-vulgarity. In such a way, ‘uccello’ can no longer be used in a normal sense”. The last thing that Anna wanted to do, of course, was to offend the birds, with her and her husband Giorgio’s great love for nature, but she was somewhat perplexed, since in the classes she teaches at Public School she must be careful with double-sense vulgarity.

Gnomen 518 - I said to her “Listen, Anna, I believe that in 200 years from now, Italy will already be on a higher level and there will be a general elevation”. Anna was extremely pleased about this prediction which, historically speaking, was hardly far away. I added, “Use the term and don’t think about the vulgarity of others and even if it brings smiles or laughter to some, it doesn’t matter. Also one’s sexual-life is a question of fortune that derives from the stars”.

Gnomen 519 - Anna took to heart with joy that, in 200 years, things will be better. In her dream of that night, she received the Keys of this battle. It starts with the table; vulgarity breeds on the tables of vulgarity, because vulgarity spoken at the table goes into the food and into the blood. Anna tears away large pieces of crude (uncooked) meat from the meat being prepared for cooking. This is a ‘sign’ of ‘refining’ the table from the crudeness to which it has become accustomed (notice that not all the meat was extracted; there is no vegetarianism connected to this dream). The elevation from a vulgar table to a ‘corrected’ table, isn’t, however, an easy thing and a ‘strategy’ is needed to accomplish it.

Gnomen 520 - And all the strategies concerning an elevation of the ‘spirit’ need a means of linguistic elevation. Enters the Donkey whose language comes to cut down the useless, imprecise and foolish linguistic habits and to ‘convert’ a part of them into useful, precise and intelligent ‘Sign’ language of the Final Redemption. The Donkey, in his usual vest of Peretz, joyously consumes a full sexual relation (with some lovely She-Ass, I suppose) with the door wide open! That’s about as vulgar as a Donkey can get! Anna, however, understands that it is a sign and is not fooled by the appearance. She breaks down the cliché-mentality, as she explains to the others that Peretz knows perfectly well what a sexual relation means and what it means to do such with the door open.

Gnomen 521 - One of the main purposes of the Donkey who eats Bread is to help elevate the masses and often he digs deep into their mentality. It is necessary to lift up the terms which are of themselves legitimate, but which have descended into the realm of vulgarity by the masses. After the crude pieces of meat discarded, the rest can be prepared for eating. But an elevation on the level of thought is needed for not ‘falling into the meat itself’ so to speak. A sexual relation of itself is not something vulgar. It is natural. Having a sexual relationship with the door open for all to see, is certainly vulgar (and prohibited), but if all is done (in the Sign) for the sake of a necessary teaching that helps educate the masses and thus has a purpose which desired from Above, it is permitted and even praiseworthy.

Gnomen 522 - “You see me doing something totally vulgar”, the Donkey is saying. “You do not realise, however, that vulgarity used at the table while eating, is spiritually equal to having a sexual relation with the door open for all to see. A sexual relation by itself is not vulgarity, it is natural. So too, eating of itself is not vulgar, it is a natural part of life. The same sexual relation, however, with the door open before others, renders the entire action vulgar and hateful in the sight of God and in the sight of people. So too, it is not eating, but using vulgarity at the table where one eats, that renders that table and that eating despicable before Heaven and spiritually disastrous to those who spit out their vulgarity into the table and into the food that they eat.

Gnomen 523 - With these, Anna receives the Keys of the Correction of the Table: discarding that which cannot be corrected, elevating the remainder with proper intentions, justifying Peretz’s action for the Sign of instruction that it contains, so that the masses stop having sexual relations with the doors wide open, in the mouth and on the table where they eat. With these Keys, Anna is able to combat, from the top of the mountain, the tremendously thick and odious vulgarity of the unsanctified table of the nations. - -

Gnomen 524 - March 8, 1999; Adar 20, 5759, Beauty of Paradise 13: Giuseppe dreamed that the nations had come to love the One Living God and there was harmony and peace in the world. - -

Already in the past few weeks, there are Signs, representing the Renewal of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption for the Second Vision of Habakuk, which officially enters Pesah 5759.

We are getting close but our situation and my situation is quite difficult and it is not easy for me to write. For 2 weeks I had been sick with a flu and it seemed to me that my end was coming.

Gnomen 525 - I thank the Lord, my God, for all that He has given me and shone me. I thank the Lord, my God, forever, that He placed me in the hands of the hidden Tzadik Haim, who redeemed me from all evil and saved my soul from the pits of error. He worked with me with immense love and taught me the Law of God. He picked me up from my falls and assuaged my wounds. He taught me the light of truth in every breath. He taught me the ways of interior faith, of the hidden heart inside. He taught me of God’s love to the simple folk of the world, especially when mankind’s intellect has become sour with arrogance and self love.

Gnomen 526 - To me was given the awesome privilege of witnessing the final sacrifice, so unimaginably painful, so beyond words and thoughts, so beyond human measures, of the holy, chosen Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, chastised in God’s immense love for the salvation of mankind. Then from death to resurrection, to the rebirth of humanity in the Completed New Pact of God of the Geula Shleima. God had chosen the Final Goel, the beloved Teacher, Haim, to bring the world to its Final Redemption. And to me, a new-born baby-Peretz, was given the great privilege to announce the truth of God’s choice, as the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption descended, renewing the heavens and earth for the coming generations.

Gnomen 527 - I thank the Lord, my God, for the truth and for the sanctification that I have received from the teachings and from the blessings of the Tzadik Haim. I thank the Lord, my God, for the many testimonies of the Final Redemption that I have been able to write down for posterity in these past 16 years. In merit of the Final Goel, Haim, no one has seen what we have witnessed in these past 16 years of history. These facts will eventually become known and understood, how we were in so few and with so few means and being such small donkeys with the heavy weights of the Final Redemption upon us and the many impediments from every side that had to be overcome. All this is the honour of the Lord, our God, who has acted wondrously with us and who has saved us and redeemed us from hour to hour.

Gnomen 528 - There are more than 2000 (probably closer to 3000) redemptional, prophetic and ‘messianic’ dreams written down by me or by the pupils, either in lists or in the diaries of the pupils or in the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim. These must be reviewed and restudied always, with love and with fear: Great is the Final Redemption and Terrible is the Fourth Generation. Study them always, because much is yet to be discovered in them. The dreams will not cease coming and further understanding of many things will be understood yet more. The dreams and the visions in them represent the great important means in the revelation of God’s spirit at the time of the Final Redemption.

 DIARY: March 11, 1999, Adar 23, 5759, Beauty of Paradise 16: Paolo went to the area of Milan to see a house at Capriate because, after the attempt to find a house at Savona failed, we turned to a previous sign that had said that if Savona is not possible, look towards Milan. Paolo and Noda went four times to search in Savona and the situation was difficult for us, here, from all points of view. Nevertheless, when the ‘signs’ of Savona were finished without result, we turned to the Milan direction and we felt a positive change. I now remember that about a week ago, I saw my grandfather S. Harry Becker, peace be with him, in a dream. He was in a room which I surmised was a sort of reception hall for who was on his way to the other world. We began to embrace but then he said to me “You still have a voice and a place”, thus indicating that my time for the other world had not yet come and that there was still work to complete here.

Gnomen 529 - Friday, March 12, 1999; Adar 24, 5759; Beauty of Paradise 17: Noda asked and received in a dream concerning our searching for a house: A mediator showed Noda a Triangle between France, Milan and Toscana. He said that he could not give us a house, unless Paolo pledged that he would work. In Toscana it would be possible to work with the AMC, but not in Milan. - We changed direction to search for a house in Toscana.

Gnomen 530 - Monday, March 15, 1999; Adar 27, 5759; Beauty of Paradise 20: Paolo and Noda went to speak with Sig. Fubbiani of the AMC, under whom Paolo works and he was content that Paolo desired to live in Toscana and to continue working for the AMC. We took this as a good sign.

The same morning, Gilat Haim saw in a dream that Solly was here and on the television were seen Jews who were selling poisonous water. After that, Gilat Haim warned her grandfather not to drink the poisonous water in the bathroom - -

The poisonous water has to do with the false-kabbalah of the so-called kabbalists and the false propaganda that they sell etc. -

Gnomen 531 – Tuesday, March 16, 1999; Adar 28, 5759, Beauty of Paradise 20: Giuseppe dreamed that he was in San Vittore Prison, harassed by other prisoners, until he could take no more and he called on EL SHADDAI to pulverise a rasha who had spoken to him with arrogance and the evil doer was pulverised. There were other arrogant reshaim and, as Giuseppe touched them, they were annulled. Terrible was the wrath of God that descended. Someone accused Giuseppe of killing them. Giuseppe answered “I didn’t kill anyone; this is the wrath of God that is descending against the evil-doers. I only made the ‘signs’ - -

Giuseppe, the night before, dreamed that he saw Anna Gasparotti: He said to her “It is now time that everyone in the whole world come to know that God is One”. There was a pen present that then became a piece of chocolate-cream-cake. - -

All these are signs of the new permission to extend the news of the Final Redemption. -

Gnomen 532 - With the changeover from searching for a house at Savona for Milan, and then from Milan towards Toscana, we, especially I, have felt that the decree has passed, thank God, and has become instead a blessing from God Almighty who is guiding us also in hidden ways, in the hidden light of the New Purim of the Final Redemption.

The Triple-Meditation of the Final Redemption contains 3 distinct Meditations: Heart of the Prophet, Heart of the Rose and Heart of Big Fish, Leviathan. The Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet is that contained in the Five Tablets of the Pact, concerning the Roots of Idolatry, explaining the great historic prophetic realisation of the sin of the Fruit, the error of the generation of Enosh, the sin of the Tower of Babel, the sin of the golden calf and the breaking of the first Tablets, all these binding the completed understanding of the Second Commandment to the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 533: This text has proven to be the fifth and final phase of the Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet in which (1) the distinctions between false-Kabbalah and True Kabbalah are completed in it, (2) the sin of the idolatrous ‘concept’ of Emanation as the Root of the roots of idolatry is brought to the fore in a manner not reached in the previous studies, (3) the Conclusive Distinction between false traditions and the True Tradition by way of the Beit of Bereisheet is defined for the first time in history, (4) the binding of the Beit of Bereisheet to the Breaking of the first Tablets is established and (5) the Breaking of the falsified-Tablets of the false-Kabbalah of the Zohar by way of the Beit of Bereisheet in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim, is accomplished.

note: "The war against the Zohar" is of the First Petal. It was indicated as the Tenth Conclusive Book and, since the Tenth Petal of Sefer Mishnat Haim must contain also autobiographical as the beginning of this Book, thus the beginning of the book has a place also in the Tenth Petal. Look then, it is the conclusion of the Five Tablets of Petal 1 and it is also an autobiographical text pertaining to Petal 10.[70] Also in the midst of writing this book, Giuseppe received a dream that gave me permission to write 2 Volumes on Wisdom, Ancient and New, on the Wisdom of the Middle-Way and also texts of Wisdom belong to the Tenth Petal. Before that, while in the first chapters of this book, Giuseppe received word that I had to formulate 4 Volumes of Big Fish, Leviathan, in the Key of the Reconciliation brought by the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. The texts of Leviathan belong to the 13th Great Universal Petal. This book covers the 1st, 10th Petals of Sefer Mishnat Haim. And all these could not be concluded and closed until the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet was completed.

Gnomen 534 - The Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet is considered the Left Pillar, the Heart of the Rose, the Middle Pillar and the Heart of the Prophet, the Right Pillar (see documents on the Triple-Meditation). The Left here refers to the severity and precision of God’s justice. The Meditation of Big Fish is on the Universal Right, as it states ‘The right hand of God is exalted’ etc. and the Meditation is that concerning Big Fish, the Galactic Whale of the Milky Way and all the studies that derive from the New True Kabbalah of the Final Redemption, such as the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan and including all verses of the Torah and Prophets if he comes to study them.

Gnomen 535 - The Meditation of the Heart of the Rose is a 13 Petaled Rose, a Meditation of 13 Petals or 13 Meditations because although, there is linkage between them, each one may be considered a Meditation on its own right. To give an idea of how these may be divided (although a different scheme may be possible): (1) Meditation on the Teacher of Justice and the School of the Essenes; (2) Meditation on the Initial Signs; (3) Meditation on the mission of Yeshua in the Key of the failed prophetic mission of Malachi; (4) Meditation on the Mission of Yeshua in the Key of the Sacrificed Ram in place of Isaac; (5) Meditation on the Sign of the First Donkey and on the Sign of the Second Donkey who eats Bread;

Gnomen 536 - (6) Meditation on the Gospels Corrected, Paulus Corrected and Yeshuat Yeshu; (7) Meditation on the Signs of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning; (8) Meditation on the historic hidden redemptional role of the Hidden Tzadikim, (9) Meditation on the hidden redemptional role of the Hidden Goel, Haim; (10) Meditation on the Hidden Signs of Isaac, our father; (11) Meditation on the Signs of the New Purim of the Final Redemption.; (12) Meditation on the Virtues of the New Heart; (13) Meditation on the Hidden Virtues of Esther. All these are Meditations of the Heart of the Rose.

Gnomen 537 - Remember, we are not speaking about any form of Asiatic-Meditation or Mystic Meditation or anything connected with training the soul to leave the body. Our Meditation translates ‘hitbonnenut’, repeated reflection on a given subject matter, to find always deeper meanings and clearer comprehension. In Sefer Mishnat Haim we may distinguish between a Book which gives over the information that it has to give, such as the New Law, and between the texts that give over the Keys to the Meditation involved. Certainly, however, also the New Law can be meditated on day and night, as the Torah. We speak, however, for example, in the Five Tablets of the Pact, which represents the Meditation of the Heart of the Prophet, of the Keys to the Torah-Meditation on the Roots of idolatry, bound to the Second Commandment. Here it is not simply a question of the information taught. These studies are properly Keys to further meditation on the prophetic historical realisation of what is written in the Torah. Also the argument itself is a profound meditation which has many levels of depth to be reached by continued reflection.

Gnomen 538 - The Meditation of Big Fish is so vast that I would not think of dividing it into 13 Meditations, unless we divide them into the 13 New Mazalot, but I think that we must call, whatever comes into Leviathan’s camp, one Big Meditation of our Big Fish, because we have his name and that’s sufficient. Similarly, the Five Tablets might be divided into Five Meditations, but the Heart of the Prophet does not want to be limited by a number. The Heart of the Rose, however, must be limited to 13 Petals, otherwise it would not be possible to close Sefer Mishnat Haim and the thorns would creep in if we would expose the Rose and try to extend it over the limited boundaries that are established in every aspect of each Meditation itself. One can see this by the type of information given in the Heart of the Rose.

Gnomen 539 - There is at first, in the Heart of the Rose, a ‘given information’ generally by the studies that I received from the Tzadik Haim and later on by the Completed Signs themselves. We are not researchers nor experts on Essene or Qumran documents. We received it, for example, that Jesus was 3 years in the School of the Essenes and Yohhanan at least 8 years etc. The Final Goel has taught us this fact, a fact that changes the understanding of all past history and it cannot be corroborated by textual studies of the documents of Qumran. So too, we cannot prove our conclusions, deriving from our information received concerning the Teacher of Justice, outside of the context in which we have received them from the Teacher Haim. If we would extend the questions involved into further speculation, we would only open the doors to thorns. Once, however, the given knowledge is taken, there is no end to the depth of comprehension that may derive from each Meditation.

Gnomen 540 - The Heart of the Prophet has its terminology directly based on that of the Torah and Tradition, so that there’s no fear of thorns growing out of it. However, where there are roses there are thorns and it is necessary to provide that the thorns protect the rose from outside influences, not that they invite in outside influences to create more thorns. The Key of 13 serves that purpose of limiting each Meditation so that the thorns become warnings to protect the Rose from outside influences.

Leviathan is both true Kabbalah concerning terms and matters written in the Torah and True, New Kabbalah concerning Big Fish himself and concerning the New Mazalot. This represents a new revelation of that which already exists, but is revealed only at the time of the Final Redemption. The new terminology, however, is fixed in such a way that it is not possible to extend it to other kinds of speculation or to other fields of information, but must be taken as it is given, no less and no more. Leviathan is the Galactic Fish of our Galaxy, for example. At Rosh ha-Shana his eyes are looking upwards, whereas on Pesah his eyes are looking downwards etc.

Gnomen 541 - DIARY: Two weeks ago, Sarah Tampieri dreamed that she was in Jerusalem. At a certain point, there was great panic and it was said that there was a threat of an atomic bomb. In the end, however, nothing happened. -

Giuseppe, last night, March 27, 1999; Nisan 10, 5759, Resurrected Bird 4, dreamed that the New Protection deriving from the Completed Signs had reached a new level of Completion.

Gnomen 542 - March 28, 1999; Nisan 5, 5759, Resurrected Bird 5: I dreamed this morning that I saw the Tzadik Haim seated at a table. On a chair, to the Tzadik’s left, was his holy father, the Tzadik and Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, Moshe. In the dream, he was ‘dead’ but he was alive. I was seated at the table before the Tzadik Haim. The Final Goel showed me that his holy father was ‘dead’ but ‘alive’ and seated at his left at the table. - -

Gnomen 543 - March 29, 1999; Nisan 6, 5759, Resurrected Bird 6: I am not sure but may be a sign that my time has come. I do not hope it is so. We were, however, together, the hidden Tzadik Moshe, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, and the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, the Final Goel, Haim, and I. Perhaps it must be so and if it is so, I accept it before God Almighty with great happiness. I am blessed by the Tzadik Haim and what is decreed from Above is that which is best and no human thought can know the reasons involved.

Gnomen 544 - There is still hope in my heart that it is not so (the end). Perhaps the dream has another interpretation. I do not know. As the Lord, my God, desires, so will it be. I can say nothing. Perhaps there is still time left. The Donkey has been through 3 great tests with difficult decrees and the third was the most difficult and the Donkey was given to live, but Beniamino was taken in that conclusive Sign of Isaac, our father, in order to save the Donkey then and the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread.

Gnomen 545 - O pupils and children, I do not desire to leave off in my work as I do not desire to leave you and I wish so much not to cause you any grief. I am not sure, because I have seen so many changes and so many decrees, God save us, from which we have been delivered with redemptional salvation. It does not depend, however, on my desire but on what is desired for me from Above. I have had the great privilege before God Almighty to study with the hidden Tzadik Haim for 13 years in his life-time and to announce the Third and Final Redemption and to write explanations of those announcements now for 16 full years. The Lord, my God, has replenished my soul thousands upon thousands of times in these past 29 years.

Gnomen 546 - Nor can I deny that I have seen what no other has seen, the thousands upon thousands of marvellous changes on many, many levels that take place in the light of God’s choice of the Final Goel, Haim. I have been blessed in every sense and the blessing has never left me. So have I had the enormous privilege to announce in the name of the true chosen announcer, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, the redemptional announcements and the prophetic announcements of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 547 - Be courageous, Paolo and Noda, and go ahead in the beloved work of the Sign, for the sake of the Sign of the Donkey and for the sake of the children of the Donkey-Sign. Do not be afraid and do not lose heart and you will be yet elevated in your faith. Be happy, for you have done much and in your merit the Donkey was able to work and write and to make the Signs of the Donkey in all these years. Do not be sad if my time has come because we must all continue to work towards the Final Redemption as much as it is possible wherever we are.

Gnomen 548 - Remember that people need the News of the Fourth Generation and therefore they need the News of the Final Redemption of Sefer Mishnat Haim. People need the warnings and the New Protection. Do not forget them and, God willing, we will yet work together even if I am where I shall be. That is what we are here for. We are Donkeys and we must bray, everyone as best he or she can, wherever one is.

Gnomen 549 - It’s after 7:00 in the morning. Paolo just told me his dream: I rented a house for Paolo and Noda and the children. In that house, Paolo took much initiative in doing all that he had to do. I was very pleased about this and I said, “Very good, this greatly relieves my thought”. - -

Gnomen 550 - I love you all very much and it is anything but easy for me to write these things. God Almighty will have mercy on you and He will help you and keep you and give you strength and understanding. May EL SHADDAI bless you with an elevated faith and bestow upon you long life in good health.



Chapter 12


Gnomen 551 – I am writing here Wednesday morning; tonight begins Pesah 5759. In the realisation of my situation, I prepared myself in these last 3 days before Pesah. That was on Tuesday. Between Sunday night and Monday, while writing the few gnomen above, I was in tears the whole day, asking God for blessings for all the pupils and for all the children.

Gnomen 552 - I held no doubts because of the particular level of the dream with the Tzadik and his holy father. There was, however, the fact that in the dream no words were spoken. This did leave me some thought.

Gnomen 553 - Both Paolo and Noda did not know of the decree upon me and I could not tell it. They had been through too many things to be weighed down now with such a thought. I continued to write and to finish the hand-written draft of This book while Paolo and Noda did everything to find a house as mentioned above, first Savona, then Milan and then Toscana. The time corresponded to my finishing the Sign of the Breaking of the Tablets in conjunction with the true tradition of the Beit of Bereisheet in the hands of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 554 - I had committed two grave errors in the writing of the text 1) see chapter 9 on my prognostication concerning opening only Milhhamot Ha-Shem in Israel in the next 4 years and 2) instead of completing the Breaking of the Tablets in the sign of the Beit of Bereisheet that I had begun, I had left off in the middle, in order to read the book ‘hhamoro shel mashiahh’ (The Donkey of the Messiah by Sefi Rachlevsky). For sure, I am the true Donkey to be able to make such a grave mistake and to choose to read the book before finishing what was at hand. Nevertheless, with the signs made by Paolo and Noda and with my finishing the hand-written text of this book, we felt that the decree had been lifted, they from their point of view and I from mine. I worked on re-writing the text on the computer in preparation for the new proposed Site of Beit Sefer Esther for the opening diffusion of the News of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 555 - It was as I began to approach for the second time the Breaking of the Tablets in the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet, that I saw the decree return. In one dream, I was shown that the ‘sin’ had returned. In another, there was an indication that I was trying to forestall my ‘funeral’ but that it would not function. Then I received the dream of the Tzadik Haim and his father, the Tzadik Moshe, and I had no doubts as to its meaning. It was the ‘fifth’ and final decree and frankly I felt that I would not make it even to Pesah, because every time I would put myself down to sleep I would find my circulation stopping and my arms almost left without blood and I was in heavy difficulty. Nevertheless, I went ahead with this book since I was close to finishing the Beit of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 556 - Monday night on the television for the first time was shown the film ‘Esther’. The film was excellent and the Esther chosen was lovely and perfect for the part. The film skilfully follows the text of the Megillat Esther. I had already been crying the whole day, asking of God Almighty blessings for all the talmidim, and I kept crying throughout the film, not being able to keep my thought from thinking at the same time with a hope in my heart that there would be a sign of ve-nahafoch hu. After the film, I finished the Breaking of the Tablets in the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet. Many thoughts turned about in my head and I just ‘happened’ to open the English Bible and it said ‘Don’t boast of what will happen tomorrow for you do not know what will yet happen today’ (Proverbs, 27: 1). I slept.

Gnomen 557 - In the morning, Tuesday, Noda dreamed that she and I were in an herborist-shop searching for herbs to mix into the bath water, to help with my blood circulation. Those of the shop said that they did not have it but that it existed and to keep looking for it. I then stood at a bus-stop waiting for a bus. - -

I saw the dream as positive, even though waiting for the bus was ambiguous. But then Giuseppe, who was with us for a week until the day after the second seder, woke up and told his dream. That was indeed good news and for sure there had been a ve-nahafoch hu.

Gnomen 558 – March 30, 1999; Giuseppe Manigrasso dreamed: He saw Peretz who had been called by the Tribunal as a judge. Giuseppe was dressed as a policeman who was in charge of accompanying Peretz. They were sent to a Hall of Justice in some unknown city in north Italy and they were given a place to sleep. The morning afterwards Peretz was called by the superior judge and Giuseppe accompanied him. Some of the other policemen asked Giuseppe who Peretz was and he explained that Peretz was a judge who had to take up a particular inquiry. Peretz went to his superior to receive the work as judge that he had to undertake. It dealt with a case concerning a family of 6 or 7 people who had committed mafia type crimes many years ago. Peretz said to his superior that it was useless to condemn someone to a life-time in prison (perhaps 50 or 60 years by Italian law, called here ‘ergastolo’) if the condemned person was already advanced in years and that a just time for the punishment had to prescribed; it was useless to condemn someone to ‘ergastolo’, for example, if he was already 60 years old (as those of this family involved, but to 20 years, for example.

Gnomen 559 - (cont.) It was Shabbat. Peretz’ superior said to him that he must be ready to work also on the following Sabbath. In the meantime, Giuseppe went to put on his new uniform as policeman. He was given the uniform and he was told to pay 2000 lire (less than a dollar and a half) but Giuseppe, embarrassed, had only 1000 lire. Armando was there and, on Giuseppe’s request, he lent him the other 1000 lire. Then, in front of the cloak-room, from the back side, were seen orthodox Jews who prayed in a strange manner in the direction of the door. - -

Gnomen 560 - I believe with all simplicity that the decree of my death has been turned over into a decree of life for the sake of the New Law of the Final Redemption. I thank God Almighty for this incredible miracle. I have again been redeemed from the altar of Isaac, our father. The film had been a sign of ve-nahafoch hu as I had inwardly hoped for. I had to complete the Tablets of Justice of Mordechai ha-Tzadik in the this Book in order to have sufficient merit to enter the Sign of Judge of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, the Sign of which represented my salvation. The fifth decree of death of the Donkey who eats Bread has been transformed into life by the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Gnomen 561 - We have seen Armando in other dreams, always in the Sign of Shor Bar; the New Kabbalah of Shor ha-Bar is part of the reception of the New Law in the sign of precision decisions and fine-point distinctions pertaining to the New Law.

The orthodox Jews praying towards the ‘door’ entails both the need of the New Law and the New Rite for large segments of the Jewish people etc.

The sign of from Shabbat to Shabbat is, I believe, an allusion to the completion of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet since Shabbat represents the Completion of Bereisheet.

Gnomen 562 - This morning, Wednesday, at about 4:30 Giuseppe and I renewed the blessing of the 4 elements wind, water, fire and earth ‘as He created them’. A great blessing came down and we both felt it strongly. I said, “This is the second time that we say this blessing and it is the second time that establishes it firmly for the future. This is for sure the Completion of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet which is certainly bound up with the 4 elements in their perfect harmony between the heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 563 - At about 8:00 Yehoel Yehoel came into the Tent. “I dreamed a double-dream, Aba; do you know what a double-dream is, Aba?” “No” I answered. “I dreamed the same dream that I dreamed a couple of weeks ago. Only the first part is new. I was in a forest together with Haim Shimshon and there was a big, beautiful dinosaur who walked by close to us. The rest was exactly as I had dreamed the other time; I and Haim Shimshon were at the beach and Haim Shimshon walked in the shallow water. Then I saw a shark and I was somewhat worried about him but nothing happened. Then I saw open in heaven something like a gigantic television screen and I watched some cowboy film. I had a telecommando in my hand and tried to change the channel but I had to see only what they wanted.” - -

A double-dream! The blessing had been successfully received and Yehoel Yehoel felt the responsibility for his younger brother (twin brother in the Signs of Peretz and Zerah) Haim Shimshon.

Gnomen 564 - Wednesday morning before Pesah, Eliade called: In a dream, she, Nelda, Giordano and Remo Levi, peace be with him, were on a kind of long cart, the type of which the Kosovars are now fleeing with from Yugoslavia. When the tractor began to move, Remo fell off the cart and blood and anguish ran through him all over - -

I said to Eliade that Sig. Levi is giving over a sign of the blood and suffering of those caught in the war who are trying to flee, so that we say a prayer Pesah to ask God to have mercy on those suffering people.

Gnomen 565 - Pesah began with a sign of separation from the habad mafia. Paolo by mistake had not seen that the Pitigliano wine, which in previous years was under the supervision of the Italian Jewish Community, was now under the supervision of the habadi, Yitzhhak Belinov of Milan. Unfortunately I did not see this until we were into the first sip of the first glass of wine. When I saw it, I said “Stop drinking, this wine is idolatrous and cannot be used. This is habad mafia and the habadiim are excommunicated in the Hherem Mi-Deoraita”. We all stopped drinking from the glass in our hands and spilled all the opened wine in the sink. We had no other wine to make the seder.

Gnomen 566 - I said to Paolo, “Go out and see if you can find wine”. It was late, almost 10 o’clock. Paolo, totally upset by the error committed, went immediately outside to the car to search for some wine. After a short time, he returned with some bottles of Chianti in his hands. I said that the first blessing had been invalid and we re-began the seder from the beginning. “Look”, I said, “just that same habadi upon whom I made the ‘sign’ of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. It’s all mafia, to make himself a name and earn money”.

Gnomen 567 - We understood that the error had come for the sake of renewing the Hherem Mi-Deoraita against the habadiim and against all the false-Kabbalah at this beginning time of the final opening and for the sign of entering the Sign of ‘judge’ as seen in Giuseppe’s dream. The rest of the Seder went well. We read the New Haggada of the Final Redemption and we made a prayer, in merit of the sign given by Remo Levi, whose compassion for those who suffer was very great in his life-time.

Gnomen 568 - Thursday morning, Giuseppe awoke with an extremely important dream: Sig. Domenico Manigrasso, peace be upon him, was seated at a table with his wife, Cosima, Giuseppe and Peretz. The room was very particular, known in the dream to be in north Italy, but the room was more other-worldly than earthly. They were celebrating Pesah with much joy and enthusiasm, reading various texts of the Final Redemption. At a certain point, Sig. Manigrasso arose from his seat and motioned Peretz to stand beside him. Then he said, “I shall accompany you home, thirty days”. Peretz was very happy for this and he followed Sig. Manigrasso. Giuseppe, very happy to feel his father so close, would have desired that he remain. The scene then changed and Giuseppe saw many young children outside standing before long white roads and with immense happiness they were singing ‘daieinu’. Giuseppe heard the Refrain ‘daieinu’ 4 times and each time represented 4 (such as 4 years) and every ‘daieinu’ was filled with positive meanings for the Sign of the Final Redemption. Giuseppe perceived these 4 meanings 1) ‘this is the Pesah of the Fourth Generation’ (this was heard clearly by Giuseppe), 2) ‘the New Protection is ready for its extension in the world’ 3) ‘the long roads that bring the News to the world are now opened’ 4) ‘the documents of the Final Redemption are ready to go out’. - -

Gnomen 569 - The children are the children of the Fourth Generation, extremely happy for this Pesah of the Fourth Generation, due to its positive meaning concerning the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread.

It was most important to arrive at this Pesah 5759 and to enter it with the sufficient completion of Sefer Mishnat Haim which explains all the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and gives over the New Protection etc. to the children of the Fourth Generation. The success of the School of the Donkey for the Fourth Generation depended on the level reached by the closing of the 16th year.

Gnomen 570 - Only at the end, did it become understood that the success itself depended on the completion of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet in the great convergence of the Signs in entering the ‘second appointed time’ prophesied in Habakuk. It had been for reason of the as yet incomplete Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet, the first time during the hand-written draft and the second time during the re-writing of the text on the computer for the sake of its opening on Web-Site, that the Donkey had to overcome two decrees of death.

Gnomen 571 - That second decree, however, was also positive, in the sense that to receive the Sign of the Tzadik Haim together with his father, the hidden Tzadik Moshe, is an enormous privilege that cannot be called ‘negative’, even while meaning that my time had come. In any case, I put myself to the task of finishing the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet. Nevertheless I say ‘decree’ because an error at that point, of not completing the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet (the re-written text is properly re-written and re-elaborated compared to the first-draft) would have taken from me the merit to enter the 17th year of the Pesah of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 572 - The fact that the Donkey who eats Bread passed through the extremely difficult conclusion of the 16th year and entered the Final Opening of the Second Appointed Time meant nothing less than the success of the entire Donkey-School of the Fourth Generation. When, however, I had finished a final version of the Sign of the Beit of Bereisheet, there came the film of Esther to say that the decree not to enter the Pesah of the Fourth Generation had been annulled and ve-nahafoch hu.

Gnomen 573 - Once, however, the Donkey, virtually shorn of all Signs and ready for leaving, had been given permission to enter the Pesah, an adequate vest was required to give the reason of the Donkey’s continuation on earth. Therefore, on Tuesday before the Pesah of Wednesday night and after the Sign of the film Ester, Giuseppe received the dream in which Peretz is given the position of ‘judge’ with the other signs in it of the New Law and the New Rite. After the film of Esther came the Sign of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik to place the Donkey as ‘judge’ for the sake of the New Law. There was, however, the element of time from Shabbat to Shabbat.

Gnomen 574 - It might mean 7 or 14 or 49 (entering the period of the counting of the Omer). It could have longer meanings, 2 years, 7 years, 14 years etc. Indefinable! After the first Seder, Giuseppe saw the dream of Sig. Domenico Manigrasso and of the children of the Fourth Generation singing ‘daieinu’. In that dream I received the words of Domenico Manigrasso with much joy and when Giuseppe told me his dream, I received it with immense joy. I said to Giuseppe: “Perhaps your father will bring us to the new house we are searching for”. My heart, however, was not thinking about a house of this world. I was extremely happy that Sig, Manigrasso had given me this promise and said “I shall accompany you home, 30 days.

Gnomen 575 - Also here as in the dream of Peretz’ work ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’, the place was a city in north Italy, thus connecting the 2 dreams. I reasoned that the unclear time element of ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’, which might indicate the general time span of the 49 day Omer to count the 7 weeks before Shavuot, was being explained in this second dream in terms of 30 days, even though it was not said ‘in’ 30 days or ‘within’ 30 days. I reckoned that I had 30 days left for my passage. I was not sad about this, but happy because the dream had informed us of the all-important element - the children of the Fourth Generation sang ‘daieinu’ satisfied with the Bread prepared by the Donkey that they would eventually receive. Thank You EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.

Gnomen 576 - I prepare myself. I must yet finalise at least a part of the texts already written, first of all this book, and then whatever documents I might be able to complete of the New Law. This Book, therefore, represents my written preparation to the pupils. How much I have loved you, pupils and children of the Final Redemption and I shall continue to love you always. I also know how great your love is for the Donkey who eats Bread but if now I must return to the Stable, I will be able to see you better and also you will be able to see me better. It is a matter of the phases of the Final Redemption. If there is an ‘ascent’ for the Donkey, this represents a great elevation for the Donkeys that remain on earth.

Gnomen 577 - For me the greatest happiness is that the children of the Fourth Generation will sing ‘daieinu’ with enormous joy for the blessed Bread of the Donkey. Thanks to God on High, the Bread already exists and it even abounds, even I had desired to prepare much more. Our thoughts and calculations, however, are nil and we can never understand all the true parameters of Heaven. The Great Sign of the Success of the Sign, thank God, has now been confirmed and the children sing ‘daieinu’ with enormous joy. Remember always the decreed death of Beniamino Perico, the death that allowed the Donkey to arrive at this successful conclusion to the 16 years of work as Donkey of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 578 - Remember that the Teacher Haim, the merciful and humble Tzadik himself, had predetermined that ‘sacrifice’ 13 weeks before it happened, as known in the documentation of the end of the 13th year. Beniamino was taken by God on High in favor of the Donkey-Sign. Great was our pain but extremely elevated the substance of that necessary sacrifice called by the Final Goel himself. That event astounds us and it must always be remembered and studied and contemplated in depth for further comprehension and amazement and joy for the great elevation that Beniamino found before the Living God of Israel.

Gnomen 579DIARY: Shabbat morning, third day of Pesah 5759: Haim Shimshon dreamed: He saw a cloud that became a man who killed people that perpetrated evil. Haim Shimshon went to Peretz who explained that the man was the angel of destruction of the Fourth Generation. - -

many signs now coming are ‘transference’ signs from the Donkey to the Donkey-children of the Fourth Generation. -

Sunday morning, April 4, 1999, Giuseppe dreamed: He saw his brother Daniele with Marco, a friend; there were Egyptian soldiers of the time of Pharaoh; the army grew greater and greater. Daniele explained that ‘the world had entered under the influence of the star called ‘r’a’ the star that requires blood and death’. All listened to Daniel’s words and became afraid. The scene was mixed between ancient people of Egypt and people of today. Salvation was only for a few; Daniele and his friend searched for a way to save themselves; Giuseppe was in midst of the people; the time changed rapidly, the colors faded, the world was changing and the air was heavy for everybody. Daniele said to Giuseppe to save himself following the roads of the port that led to the sea. Giuseppe ran towards the port but did not find what had been said; Daniele in the meantime was saved. Then suddenly the sky became totally dark and Giuseppe found himself in absolute emptiness without knowing where he was; and so was it throughout the earth. - -

Gnomen 580 - It’s the 6th day of Pesah, April 6, 1999; Nisan 20, 5759; Resurrected Bird 14: By phone Giuseppe told me a dream of April 5: There was a man who did things just as Peretz with ability and cunning, such cunning that the pupils almost fell into the trap. In the end, Giuseppe understood that he was an impostor who was falsifying all the work and the writings of the Final Redemption (may that God never permit it). The situation was very difficult because of the astuteness of that cursed rasha, but finally Giuseppe prevailed. Peretz was present; he didn’t speak but only seconded Giuseppe in his contestation. - -

Gnomen 581 - We must hope that by way of this important warning it will never take place. The warning, however, comes now in this moment in which I am giving orders and instructions to the pupils for the times ahead.

Afterwards, be extremely careful! There are evil-intentioned, wicked and very astute reshaim who would use their cursed cunning for their own purposes without showing their true identity. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by anyone! DO NOT BE SIMPLE OF HEART IN THIS MATTER! Have rather a thousand eyes open to guard the way which has been furnished by the Donkeys who eats Bread. Even if someone comes who knows the entire Torah and Tradition and has become expert in the Books of Sefer Mishnat Haim, but does not follow the Completed Signs, do not follow him! Follow the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption sent by the Teacher Haim!

Gnomen 582 - You have the Lord, your God. He has brought you the Final Goel to serve you with the Bread of Truth and the Bread of Humbleness. Guard with enormous jealousy every word and every instruction brought to you by way of the Donkeys and do not follow anyone else. Have faith in God on High! Follow the teachings of the Teacher Haim! Eat the Bread of the Donkeys who eats Bread! In this manner you will not err and not exit from the way given. Follow no person who comes but only the Signs of the Final Redemption!

Gnomen 583 - Even if someone arrives and says that he has seen the Teacher Haim, or the Donkey who eats Bread in marvellous dreams and that it has been said to him to take over in commanding the pupils of the Final Redemption, do not follow him! He is a liar and an impostor who wishes to make a great name for himself even though he cunningly demonstrates the opposite. Do not give ‘official positions’ of the Final Redemption to anyone unless there has been a confirmation of such in three dreams of Donkeys who eat Bread. But as to the dreams received by new pupils, judge according to each case.

Gnomen 584 - The 7th of Pesah 5759: Dear pupils of the Teacher Haim, something has happened on this miraculous night of the splitting of the Red Sea. I am seeing things in a different light. Listen, I tell you, I have seen tonight in a vision the splitting of the Celestial Red Sea and the Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan walked on dry land between the Celestial Walls of Water. Was I then given to be a judge of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik for only 7 days or 14 or 30 or 49 days? For if it is so that I must yet complete the New Law and the New Rite of the Final Redemption for Sefer Mishnat Haim, that work requires yet much time. O Lord, my God, who but a Donkey of the Final Goel, Haim, would have been able to go through a Donkey-Purim such as this!

Gnomen 585 - Also Sig. Domenico Manigrasso did not say ‘in 30 days’ but ‘I will accompany you home, 30 days’. This means ‘When the time comes that you must leave, I personally will accompany you to your house and it will take 30 days’. The dream of the Teacher Haim and his holy father, Moshe, was indeed a ‘definitive’ sign to complete the passage of my being Donkey. I have, however, accomplished this and so too have I written this testament for the Donkeys and for posterity. In this way I have fulfilled the will of my Teacher, the Tzadik Haim, and I have rendered myself free, ready and willing to leave when that time will come.

Gnomen 586 - By doing these things, there has been sufficient merit to pass over the 16th year Completion period. Not only a Donkey-Purim but a Donkey-Passover as well! Giuseppe received the Sign of my being given the position of Donkey-Judge in the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik for the new period that enters with Pesah 5759. ‘From Shabbat to Shabbat’ is not decipherable because it can have many meanings. As for ‘going home’ and ‘30 days’, I believe that this good news came to give me courage for something that was disturbing me on the level of the soul. If the time left were short, as I believed, I would not be disturbed, having fulfilled my obligations, as explained. If, however, the time is yet extended, this creates in me the doubt that perhaps I have not fulfilled my obligations or have not reached the goals for the sake of the Fourth Generation. Therefore came the dream with Domenico Manigrasso to assure me that all is well.

Gnomen 587 - It is known to us in ‘hidden signs’ that Sig. Domenico Manigrasso, peace be with him, in the New Kingdom of Heaven, is involved in the Sign of the Donkey from there and he awakens mercy on the Donkeys. It is thus properly he who assures me: Have no fear for the fact that you must still remain here and that you cannot yet return ‘home’. The ‘house’ is there and when the time will come, I myself shall accompany you. And from that moment that you will leave, 30 days will be needed to bring you there.

Gnomen 588 - I do not know the reason for the 30 days. Perhaps it's a ‘particular, slow ascent of a Donkey after he has finished his work in this world.

Gnomen 589 - At the same time, in order to assure me that what has been done until now already represents the ‘successful’ work done towards the Fourth Generation and that what comes now, in the vest of ‘judge’, is for the sake of further completing that work, there come many children of the upcoming generation and with great felicity they sing ‘daieinu’. ‘it is sufficient unto us’, even that which has been done already, to sustain those who merit during this Fourth Generation with all the Redemptional necessities required for their salvation. Amen, ken yehi ratzon.

Gnomen 590 - In this way I go ahead in my work with the tranquillity that the School of the Donkey who eats Bread is already decreed a ‘success’ before the Redemptional Stars of this Final Fourth Generation in the mouths of its children. Now you, dear Donkeys, must desire the privileges of assuming as much responsibility as you are able. Prepare yourselves. Your time begins now.

Gnomen 591 - I saw Gilat Haim in a dream (morning of the 7th of Pesah): Above, in the nightly heaven, was ‘Beersheva’, not written but it represented Beersheva and all was bound to Gilat Haim. - -

Yesterday I had spoken to the children, together with Paolo and Noda, of the Three Schools and Signs of Gilat Haim for Italy, Yehoel Yehoel for Israel and Haim Shimshon for the United States. These dreams come to declare that, God willing, Gilat Haim first of all will have a Sign to accomplish at Beersheva. There is also a Sign in which it is said that ‘without Gilat Haim there is no Mission’.

Gnomen 592 - That same morning, Gilat Haim dreamed: an evil man who for punishment had been changed into a vicious dog was trying to bite her. There was a policeman who stayed by her and protected her from the dog and from all others who might want to do something bad to her. Then the policeman said to her, “You must also go and speak of the Mission”. Gilat Haim went and found the owner of an Italian bar and his wife (unknown to her) and she spoke to them. She remembers only the first words, “I have come to tell you the truth. First of all, I am not of your religion. I am Jewish” - - see how the ‘transference’ of the Donkey-signs are ‘branching out’, thank God.

Gnomen 593 - It’s the Eighth of Pesah: I envisioned the Teacher Haim who said to me, “There is time. Go slowly and do not run any more. There is time. The Sign of ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’ is the best Sign that one can receive. Pesah has entered and all has changed. When you made the sign of the passage, you fulfilled the commandment of the Teacher. If it were not so, how then, could you receive the Sign of ‘judge’! And the Sign of Shabbat to Shabbat is not your problem. When the time will come, the Teacher will decide. Stay calm and go slowly. There is time to complete all that which you will be able to complete because the Sign ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’ means tranquillity. Go slowly and do not run. The slower you go the better it is. It is correct in this moment that you send as many documents as possible to Solly for the Site because the Sign is now giving that message not because you must run. Keep your tranquillity. It is so as you have explained the dream with Sig. Domenico Manigrasso and when the time comes it will be so. There is nothing more than the Sign ‘from Shabbat to Shabbat’ but you have not yet understood it. Think about it. There is all the time necessary and with tranquillity. Remember, Peretz, what you saw and received the 7th of Pesah 5759. You saw the Splitting of the Great Sea of Leviathan and you saw descend the new binding for always of the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish, Leviathan, with the Completed Signs of the Final New Pact. And remember the gift that the Teacher gave on the 7th of Pesah 5759. It is essential that you go slowly. There is no rush nor are there deadlines that you must meet as it has been in the previous years. Rejoice with immense happiness and let all the pupils rejoice”.

Gnomen 594 - The night before Solly received the 10th chapter of this Book, he dreamed: He saw a group of various levels of Jews among which were Habadiim. Peretz was present and he spoke to all the other Jews: “Look at the falseness”. he said, “look how they make Kiddush, pouring out the wine slowly, drop by drop with ‘enormous intention’ and then, before saying the blessing, they say the totally idolatrous phrase ‘le-shem yihhud kudshe brich hu u-shchintei’”. Peretz then went on explaining the falsehoods that had entered Judaism.

Gnomen 595 - Today we all (Paolo, Noda, the children and I) went out, just towards the end of Pesah, to procure some hhametz. In the house, I had been dressed with a coloured piece of linen which, instead of taking it off as usual, I had left underneath my trousers. When we got out of the car to enter the IperMercato, a part of the ‘garment’ stuck out of one of my trouser legs. Noda noticed it and she got down and tried to pull it out from the leg but it refused to be freed because it was held up inside with a safety-pin. So I put my hands into my pants to try to undo it but I was unable to find it. In the meantime an Arab vendor had walked by and saw the scene. It struck him so funny that he began to laugh his heart out with oriental gusto. Noda, by now, laughing her head off as well, kept trying to pull it out from the bottom while I kept trying to find the safety-pin without success. At that point I couldn’t help laughing myself and as I watched the Moroccan Arab taken with uncontrollable laughter, I said to him “Inta Tidhhak, ta’ib, Hhamdul-Illah” (You are laughing, good, thank God). He immediately lifted his arms and said “Hhamdul-Illah” and he just kept laughing and laughing as he went on his way. Finally, I pulled the garment up from inside and wrapped it around my underpants to keep it from falling.

Gnomen 596 - Just before that, while we still in the car, I had been repeating to Paolo and Noda and the children “You now are the Donkey who eats Bread, You now are the Donkey who eats Bread”. After what happened also this fact made us laugh. Then I said to Noda, “Look, it is a Sign of the Laughter of Isaac, our father. Look, first of all, when Isaac blessed Jacob, he gave that blessing, believing that his time had come. In truth, he lived some 60 years after that blessing. That’s one thing. Another thing is that the sign here is as Isaac, our father, when he returned from the altar, finding Ishmael waiting for him together with the donkey of Isaac. Enfin, we had returned to the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread bringing down from Heaven some of the Laughter of Isaac, our father.

Gnomen 597 - What does this extremely Hidden Sign of Isaac, our father, come to tell? The fact is that after the blessing to Jacob, we hear almost nothing of Isaac. He was there but he did not go out very much, as taught me by the Tzadik Haim. He no longer placed himself in the action of living an outside life. Even previous to giving the blessing, he was unable to see, so that we can be sure that for years already he did not go far from his tent. Jacob, our father, instead, although it is of him that the Torah celebrates his sitting in the tent to study the Tradition of God received by Abraham and Isaac, was for the most part outside working. After the blessing he worked 20 years for Laban and after that was his embattled return to Canaan and then all the problems that he encountered before going to Beth El. Jacob, our father, moved around a great deal. More than Abraham and Jacob, Isaac, our father, was truly the great sitter in the tent.

Gnomen 598 - For some reason, this conclusion to this Book has brought about a completion in the Hidden Sign of the Laughter of Isaac. Indeed, the Donkey-Sign (of Three-eyes, for Jews, Moslems and the Descendants of Malchitzedek) waiting for Isaac, the Sign of Isaac’s ‘hiddenness’ after his blessing to Jacob and the Hidden Sign of Completion in the Laughter of Isaac have all come together in a seemingly innocent, funny and even ridiculous scene of 3 minutes outside of the IperMercato, just an hour before sun-set on the Eighth of Pesah 5759.

Gnomen 599 - We have arrived at the opening and the permission to put this Book in English on the Web-site Beit Sefer Esther. The pupils can go Donkey now. I do not have the measure to speak directly with the generation outside. The Donkeys who eats Bread have the proper measures to spread the News and to speak with people. Just to make the point, I was again committing a grave error but I was saved, this time, by the Donkeys. In my excitement to put the News on-line from Beersheva, I prepared a Great Announcement of the Donkey who eats Bread of the Coming of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 600 - I prepared it, with the 6 Great Signs and 13 Great Announcements and had Paolo send it e-mail to Solly. When I told Noda about it, she became afraid and rebuked me, justly saying that previously we had said that whatever would be sent to Solly would at first be seen by the 3 of us together. After I finally admitted that she was right, she called him and he said that when he had seen the document he became afraid to put it on the Web-site and that he would have, in any case, spoken to me first. I myself wondered how I had sent such a document. For 16 years now, I have been saying that for Israel and Beit Sefer Esther, the News of the Final Redemption must be given with enormous strategy and in hidden manners. And now I was ready to place an atomic-bomb on-line. Very clever Donkey, eh?



Chapter 13















Gnomen 601 - DIARY: April 14, 1999; Nisan 28, 5759; Resurrected Bird 14; I renewed the Hebrew text of the Hhotam of Purim of the 13th year of the Completed Signs. Only now the Signs of Happiness coming from the Hidden Signs of Purim Shushan, as mentioned in the Hhotam, have arrived. Last night was "Purim", because Noda dreamed yesterday morning that we celebrated Purim with costumes and joy. - We are now in the midst of the New Miracle of Purim of the Final Redemption primarily concerned with the Opening of the Diffusion from Beersheva of this Book. The morning before yesterday, Haim Shimshon dreamed: He was in a Castle somewhere around here. Sig. Mazal, peace be upon her elevated neshama in Gan Eden, was with him and Peretz. This castle had been seen by Haim Shimshon about 4 months ago with the entrance of 1999. In that dream there had been children who came and totally destroyed that castle with explosives. Now in this dream, as Sig. Mazal, Haim Shimshon and Peretz went towards the castle, it was totally ‘reconstructed’; it was a new castle. - -

Gnomen 602 - This is a Sign of the New Mazal of the New Purim that has descended. I have mentioned something of how we had to search for a house in Savona, then Milan and then Toscana. But why is it a castle then, a castle that was destroyed and now has been made into a new castle? Are we not living in Castelnuovo? We may remain here, at least for now. The Mazal has changed from ‘destruction’ to ‘new construction’ in the Signs of the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan and together with the Donkey as well. Today we shall begin to open some of the 20 or so large cartons in which Paolo and Noda had put away almost the whole house a month and a half ago. Have I not said that the Star-Wheel of the Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh is turning? And its quite enough to make our heads spin!

Gnomen 603 - DIARY: Noda dreamed this morning that it was Pesah even though, also in the dream itself, it was not Pesah; bread was eaten but it was Pesah. Only 2 days have passed since she saw in her dream that it was Purim. This for one is to give a further Sign of the Opening of the 17th Year, of the Sign of the Stars in which the Goel Haim makes the PROPHETIC SIGN of the great velocity of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 604 - This Official SECOND SEALING of the Hhotam Purim is a Sign of great happiness. Purim, the hidden revelation, comes first, but inside the hidden Purim are the Keys to the Great New Pesah of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel Haim.

Gnomen 605 - We thank the Lord, our God, for the amazing New Sanctification that He has shone us and for the Marvelous Completed Signs of the Final Redemption that He has sent us, for the uncountable acts of salvation that He has done with us, for the Prophetic Dreams that He has showered upon us, for the New Heart that He is awakening in us and the New Humble Brain that He is constructing in us and for the New Shabbat of the Final Redemption in which He has commanded us. To Him alone we pray and from Him alone we beseech, for He is the first and He is the Last and except for Him there is no other God.

Gnomen 606 - We call to Him most often in six holy names of the Torah, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE (I SHALL BE THAT I SHALL BE), ADONAI TZEVAOT (GOD OF HOSTS), ADONAI EL ‘OLAM (LORD, ETERNAL GOD), EL ‘ELYON (GOD ON HIGH), ADONAI ELOHEINU (THE LORD, OUR GOD), EL SHADDAI (GOD OF MY PROTECTION). And the seventh name is of the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, EL HAI (THE LIVING GOD).

Gnomen 607 - We are Donkeys of the chosen Goel Haim. We thank the Lord, our God that He has given to us His chosen Tzadik as the Final Goel.

Gnomen 608 - I, Peretz Green, son of Morris and Ann (Becker) Green, born 1945 in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A., first Donkey of the Final Goel Haim. In the Vest of Peretz, Man of the Signs and in the Sign of the Donkey with Three EYES (one for Jews, one for Moslems and one for the Descendants of Malchitzedek) I declare with great joy that after 3 years from the Hhotam of Purim (The Great Seal of Purim), the Book Sefer Mishnat Haim, in all its 13 Petals, has been Sealed from Above in the power and authority of the Final Goel Haim. The testimonies of this Book are sufficient to establish beyond any doubt that the New Purim with the closing of the 16th year of the Completed Signs, 5759, has come, and that the Sealing of the Hhotam Purim has been completed with the Great New Blessing of the Beit of Bereisheet bringing to this conclusion in the Blessing of the Final Seal of the Pesah of the Fourth Generation, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 609 - This is a great double-blessing because in the sealing of Sefer Mishnat Haim also the Terrible Hherem Mi-Deoraita has been SEALED from ABOVE. The Hherem Mi-Deoraita is a great blessing on its own to all Israel except to those unfortunately ‘caught’ in the Hherem itself. We, however, are not cursing anyone except for the doctrines themselves and the evil itself and even those who would have fallen into that curse can exit from it by repentance and the complete change in direction necessary. It is the Hherem Mi-Deoraita and the fear of Heaven that they will gain from it will allow them to understand and to correct. For the rest of Israel it is a double-blessing on its own right because it both holds them away from falling into the trap but at the same time it gives over new understanding of the Torah itself. The Five Tablets of the Pact explains the amazing contents: the sin of the Fruit, the generation of Enosh, the sin of the Tower of Babel, the golden-calf and the Breaking of the Tablets.

Gnomen 610 - This Book completes and SEALS the FIVE TABLETS OF THE PACT of the First Petal of Sefer Mishnat Haim including the Hherem Mi-Deoraita contained in it.

Gnomen 611 - Here then are SEALED the Books, the only and exclusive Books, that are authorised before God Almighty in merit of the Final Goel Haim to represent the Final Redemption itself. I am SEALING here rapidly the Books of Sefer Mishnat Haim in this second Final SEAL of the New Purim and New Pesah of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 612 - I specify here that the NAMES of these texts are already SEALED in this FINAL SEAL a fact which does not preclude the permission for me, the Donkey who eats Bread and for the Tail of the Donkey, namely, Davide Levi, Anna Gasparotti, Solly Kamkhaji, Paolo Fierro, Noda B’Yihuda, Daniele Manigrasso and Giuseppe Manigrasso, to complete or re-elaborate the texts already designated by name. The names of those texts which I write here in full capital letters are those already designated whether or not they have been written or not or whether they have been completed or not.

Gnomen 613 - First Petal: The Sefer OR HHADASH LA-RAMBAM, the Book NEW LIGHT TO THE RAMBAM (Peace be upon him). This text has a basis of the 13 attributes of mercy into which the New Light spoken of is divided according to the arguments that fit into the categories of those 13 attributes[71].

Gnomen 614 - Sefer HHAMISHA LUHHOT HA-BRIT. The Book of the FIVE TABLETS OF THE PACT: The Five Tablets involve the true Kabbalah (Tradition) of Moses, our teacher, of Aharon ha-Cohen, of the Prophet Elijah, of Yehoshua bin Nun and the New True Kabbalah of the Big Fish Leviathan.

Gnomen 615 - The purpose of this SECOND SEALING is in correspondance to the SEALING of the BEIT of BEREISHEET that we have followed until its SECOND CONCLUSION in chapter 10 of this Book. The BEIT needed its doubling in order to complete the SEAL of PURIM of the 13th YEAR. Hence this Book.

Gnomen 616 - Second Petal: HA-HHOK HA-HHADASH SHEL HA-GEULA HA-SHLEIMA, the Book of the NEW LAW OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION. The form of the New Law is based on the Sign of Thirty Passes: The 10 Commandments as written in the Torah, the 10 Virtues: Ten Midot Faith, Blessing, Virtue, Prayer, Presence, Correction, Sanctification, Regeneration (Renewal), Taste, and Silence, and the 10 Commandments of the JUST MAN WHO LIVES IN HIS FAITH. These are represented by 30 Tablets of 30 Passes (Gnomen). They represent the basis of the New Law. To the 30 Tablets are added Tables for the many subjects to be explained in the New Law.

Gnomen 617 - Included in this SECOND SEALING are the SEVEN OATHS made by me Peretz Green before God Almighty concerning the truth of the SIGN OF THE DONKEY WHO EATS BREAD OF THE THIRD AND FINAL REDEMPTION (see INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW LAW).

The Three Columns of the ‘Commandments’ ‘Virtues’ ‘Just Man’ are in correspondance to the Three Ascents of Moshe Rabbeinu to receive the Law directly from God Almighty. That correspondance has at the same time its correspondance to the Signs of the Three Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; to the triple name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE and to the Three Redemptions, Pesah, Purim and the Third and Final Redemption. All these correspondences are part of the TRIPLE MEDITATION of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 618 - The Triple-Meditation is bound to the NEW LAW given on the NEW TABLETS of the FINAL REDEMPTION. It is extended to the first Petal of the Five Tablets for the sake of clarifying for all times the True Monotheistic Faith of Israel commanded us in the Holy Torah. The New Law of Petal 2 must be preceded by the Five Tablets of the Pact for that purpose, to know the true faith in which the New Law is being given. The global names of the Triple Meditation are the Heart of the Prophet, the Heart of the Rose and the Heart of Big Fish Leviathan.

Gnomen 619 - In general, the MEDITATION OF THE HEART OF THE PROPHET is that of the subject-matter of the Five Tablets of the Pact and it is bound to the first name EHEYE of the first redemption and of the revelation of the Torah.

The MEDITATION OF THE HEART OF THE ROSE is bound to the NEW REVELATION of the name ASHER which is the hidden name of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE between the first redemption and the Final Redemption. It is thus bound to the redemption of Purim. It contains as well the completely new revelation of the entire hidden history of the Christian Mission in the world and the SALVATION OF THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. It contains in itself 13 Meditations:

Gnomen 620

Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One







(7) MEDITATION on the SIGNS OF THE PROPHET ELIJAH, of blessed mentioning;

(8) MEDITATION on the historic hidden redemptional role of the 36 HIDDEN TZADIKIM;

(9) MEDITATION on the hidden redemptional role of the Hidden Goel, HEAD OF THE 36 HIDDEN TZADIKIM IN HIS GENERATION;

(10) MEDITATION on the HIDDEN SIGNS OF ISAAC, our father;



All these are Meditations belonging to the Heart of the Rose.

Gnomen 621All the subject-matter of the 13 Meditations of the Heart of the Rose are historically new in every sense and they are now SEALED into this SECOND SEALING of Sefer Mishnat Haim. Whoever uses their names and the contents of the TEXTS outside of the context in which they are found in Sefer Mishnat Haim is cursed before the God of Israel and whoever uses the TERMS, EXPRESSIONS and CONTENTS of these texts out of context on one’s own name is doubly-cursed before the God and Creator of the Heavens and the earth. So is it for all the TEXTS of Sefer Mishnat Haim and it is for reason of this SECOND SEALING and the active validity of said CURSE and of said DOUBLE-CURSE that we now have permission to diffuse certain texts on our Web-Site Beit-Sefer-Esther.com.

Gnomen 622 - The MEDITATION of the HEART OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN is bound to the third name EHEYE of the triple-name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. Therefore the name NEW, TRUE KABBALAH OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN representing most generally the FINAL REVELATION OF THE THIRD AND FINAL REDEMPTION IN MERIT OF THE FINAL GOEL HAIM BEN MOSHE FROM SAANA, YEMEN, refers to the entire SEFER MISHNAT HAIM. Also for this reason the Petal of the Big Fish is the 13th Petal. The 13th PETAL is called the THIRTEENTH GENERAL UNIVERSAL GATE OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION. The 13th Petal therefore contains all that which is found in the other 12 Petals.

Gnomen 623 - The name NEW, TRUE KABBALAH OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN thus pertains to the NEW, TRUE KABBALAH OF SEFER MISHNAT HAIM in general, as well as to the PARTICULAR NEW, TRUE KABBALAH of BIG FISH LEVIATHAN himself. (see 13th Petal).

In general the 13 Petals of Sefer Mishnat Haim are accompanied by COMMENTARIES. Sometimes they are in formo of the DIARY OF THE DONKEY WHO EATS BREAD are GNOMENIZED within the framework of the texts themselves.


Gnomen 625 - The third Petal is that of the NEW RITE OF THE THIRD AND FINAL REDEMPTION IN MERIT OF THE FINAL GOEL, HAIM. It This pertains to all the material of the NEW RITE OF THE HOUSE OF PRAYER OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION OF SEVEN FLOORS, THIRTHEEN ALTARS AND THE CARPET OF ISLAM which is the promised. House of AT JERUSALEM AND AT BEERSHEVA. May that it be built speedily in our days, with the help of God.

Gnomen 626 - The Commentary of the NEW RITE is called MESHULLAM. This Petal also contains the BOOK 416 GNOMEN OF MESHULLAM, BLIND AND DEAF SERVANT OF GOD, SEFER MESHULLAM ‘EVED HA-SHEM ‘IVER VE-HHERESH. The Prayers themselves of the NEW RITE, for the most part formulated by this Donkey in the Vest of Meshullam, may be used by all people on the condition that they recognise its source in Sefer Mishnat Haim of the Final Redemption and, of course, that they are used in the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father, and of the Second Commandment.

Gnomen 627 - The Design of the New House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirtheen Altars and the Carpet of Islam is part the DIVINE DESIGN IN HISTORY OF THE THIRD AND FINAL REDEMPTION. Here are some of the basic criteria in its formation:

Gnomen 628 -

FIRST FLOOR - Star of Abraham; THE CARPET OF ISLAM; The Love of God: EL SHADDAI - Third Commandment: Honor your father and your mother: The Star of Phichol: The Virtues of Speech.

SECOND FLOOR - The Star of Mordechai; THE ALTAR OF JUDAH; (ALTAR OF THE DAUGHTERS OF JACOB for women) - The Fear of God: ADONAI ELOHEINU - Fourth Commandment: Do not murder and do not drink the blood of all that lives and have mercy on your brother and on your beast: The Star Stone of the Equilibrium (Tradition of Moses): AHH - the Virtues of Brotherhood.

Gnomen 629

THIRD FLOOR - The Star of Isaac; THE ALTAR OF MALCHITZEDEK; (ALTAR OF THE NATIONS for women); Salvation to the Nations; EL ‘ELYON - Fifth Commandment: Do not fornicate with a married woman and do not husband a wife in her menstrual cycle and do not lay with a male and with beast and animal do not come into them: The Star of Praise - the Right Scale (Tradition of Aharon ha-Cohen): HHASH - Virtues of the heart.

FOURTH FLOOR - Star of the Redemption; ALTAR OF THE GREATER ISRAEL; The Sign of the Donkey: EL HHAI: Seventh Commandment; The Star of Mordechai ha-Tzadik (Tradition of Mordechai); SHOR - Virtues of Strength.

Gnomen 630 -

FIFTH FLOOR: Star of Esther; THE ALTAR OF EFRAIM; (ALTAR OF THE DAUGHTERS OF ISRAEL for women); Redemption for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel; ADONAI EL ‘OLAM: Sixth Commandment: Do not steal and all that which is your brother’s do not take unto yourself: The Star of Victory - Left Scale (Tradition of Yehoshua bin Nun): ROSH - Virtues of Strategy; (on this Floor is the added the ALTAR OF THE SHOSHANA.

SIXTH FLOOR: The Fourth Displaced Star; THE ALTAR OF THE PROPHET Elijah, of blessed mentioning; The Wars of God; ADONAI TZEVAOT; Second Commandment: Speak the truth and do not speak false language; The Star Stone Upon the Stone of Equilibrium (Tradition of the Prophet Elijah): ESTHER - Virtues of Modesty:

Gnomen 631 -

SEVENTH FLOOR: Star of the Goel Haim; ALTAR OF THE ANOINTED PRIEST; The Complete Redemption; EHEYE ASHER EHEYE: FIRST COMMANDMENT: I am the Lord (TETTr), God (ELOHEI) of the world (or God eternally), Creator of all existence, do not serve other gods, except for Me, Lord (TETTr) of Hosts, God (ELOHEI) of the heavens and the earth, God of Jealousy (EL KANA): The Star of Abimelech: - Virtues of Thought;

Gnomen 632 - The commandments brought above in conjunction with the SEVEN FLOORS represent the NEW RECEPTION OF THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS OF THE CHILDREN OF NOAH. Also the forms of these SEVEN COMMANDMENTS as we have received them may not be used without referring them to the authority of SEFER MISHNAT HAIM. Note that they differ from the forms known in Tradition and are therefore exclusively bound to the COMPLETED SIGNS OF THE THIRD AND FINAL REDEMPTION IN MERIT OF THE FINAL GOEL, HAIM.


Gnomen 634 - Fifth Petal: This Petal is called THE PETAL OF SEFER HA-MAFLI or THE BOOK THAT ASTOUNDS. The subject-matter of the 13 Meditations of the Heart of the Rose brought above are all discussed at length in SEFER HA-MAFLI. The main books are "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs", THE BOOK OF THE CORRECTION OF THE GOSPELS including the BOOK OF THE CORRECTION OF JOHN AND THE CORRECTION OF PAULUS (TIKKUN PAULUS), SEFER YESHUAT YESHUA, THE BOOK OF THE SALVATION OF JESUS, The book "The Virtues of Esther" ON THE HIDDEN SIGNS OF ISAAC, OUR FATHER and the book "THE STAR-WHEEL OF AHHASHVEROSH IS TURNING".


Gnomen 636 - Seventh Petal: This the Petal of THE BOOK - MESSAGE OF THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL.



Gnomen 639 - Tenth Petal: This is the Petal called THE BOOK OF THE ANGEL OF GOD WHO STANDS AMONG THE MYRTLE-TREES. This Petal Contains some autobiographical material concerning me. In this Petal come the TWO VOLUMES OF THE BOOK OF WISDOM, ANCIENT AND NEW, THE WISDOM OF THE MIDDLE-WAY.

Gnomen 640 - Eleventh Petal: This is the Petal of the BOOK OF THE COMMENTARY OF BEERSHEVA. This is a particular new commentary on the Wells of Beersheva.



Gnomen 643 - Thirteenth Petal: This is the Petal of BIG FISH LEVIATHAN in his Great Universal Thirteenth Gate. This Petal is also referred to as THE PETAL OF THE CORRECTION OF THE PACT FROM THE SAND THAT DESCENDS FROM THE EIGHTH HOLE OF ESAU’S RED FLUTE. There come here Texts OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN IN THE KEY TO THE RECONCILIATION OF THE HEARTS OF THE PROPHET ELIJAH, OF BLESSED MENTIONING. This Petal, however, being universal, is the Gate of Diffusion for any of the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim prepared for that diffusion.

Gnomen 644 - These are the main names and the main books of the 13 Petals of SEFER MISHNAT HAIM that are now closed into this NEW FINAL SEAL OF THE SEVENTEENTH YEAR OF THE COMPLETED SIGNS called THE GREAT FINAL SEAL OF THE NEW PESAH OF THE FOURTH GENERATION 5759.


Gnomen 646 - This is thus the Final SEALING of SEFER MISHNAT HAIM on the conditions mentioned, in its books, its contents, its new terms and expressions which are all part of the NEW PROPHESIED TONGUE OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION.

Gnomen 647 - The TWO GREAT SEALS, THE GREAT SEAL OF PURIM 5756 and THE GREAT SEAL OF PESAH 5759 are now CLOSED and SEALED, thank God Almighty, in merit of His beloved Tzadik, the Final Goel, Haim, IN THE TRUE TRADITION OF THE BEIT OF BEREISHEET, as explained in this text, chapters 11 and 12.

Gnomen 648 - This means that they and all contained in them are in the correct equilibrium between the heavens and the earth as established by the Creator, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, in the ACT OF CREATION and that they and all contained in them are in the correct equilibrium between the heavens and the earth desired by God Almighty, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, for the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 649 - This also means that if anybody uses these texts and the information contained in them for himself or herself for purposes other than the purposes and the ways authorised by the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, he or she will be cursed from the Creator of Bereisheet, the Holy Redeemer of Israel, God of the Hosts of the heavens and the earth. May God forbid that anyone fall under it. This represents the SECOND AND FINAL HHEREM MI-DEORAITA, THE FINAL HHEREM OF THE BEIT OF BEREISHEET OF SEFER MISHNAT HAIM AGAINST ANYONE WHO STEALS OR USES THE INFORMATION IN IT FOR UNWORTHY AND UNAUTHORISED PURPOSES. So is now CLOSED AND SEALED THE SECOND AND FINAL HHEREM MI-DEORAITA, THE FINAL HHEREM OF THE TRUE TRADITION OF THE BEIT OF BEREISHEET, OF SEFER MISHNAT HAIM, AGAINST ANYONE WHO STEALS OR USES THE INFORMATION IN IT FOR UNWORTHY AND UNAUTHORISED PURPOSES.

Gnomen 650 - The thirteenth Petal contains the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan which are also the 13 NEW NAMES of the NEW STELLAR CALENDAR OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN. These are, in order:


Gnomen 651 - With the WEIGHTS OF THE DONKEY upon me I have found myself a truly RESURRECTED BIRD. I have, thank God Almighty, seen it on my very Donkey skin and I have been through the BATTLE OF THE FISH against the doctrines of the False-Kabbalah.

Gnomen 652 - I praise the Lord, My God, for the ILLUMINED TURTLE who has helped the slowness of my meditation on the KEYS to the Terrible Sin of Emanation. I have myself stood many times in the KINGDOM OF THE GIRAFFE, keeping my head above the myriad clouds that tried to hide my sight from pursuing the path of the wise strategies of the beautiful Queen Esther from her Palace.

Gnomen 653 - The STAR OF THE COMPOSITE PROJECT kept me up in my Sefer Mishnat Haim spirit, in a certain sense even more than the others. For I kept losing my balance in face of health and financial and house problems, and a thousand things that I wish not to bother any reader with. May EL SHADDAI bless Paolo and Noda who took care of everything and always allowed me to go ahead with my work. So am I grateful to all the talmidim who have helped me in any way in these past 4 months particularly. Nevertheless, the heaviness of our situation weighed upon me from hour to hour. The Star of the Composite Project kept picking me up, however, because on every page of this text, I saw Petals of the Rose receive COMPLETIONS and NEW FINAL BINDINGS and I was greatly wondrous at this and it stimulated me to go on digging into the TREASURES OF THE FINAL REDEMPTION HIDDEN IN THE HOLY TORAH.

Gnomen 654 - I have tried to keep my tongue from speaking very much in this last period placing around my mouth the REFUGE OF ARMADILLO and this often helped me to find a LAKE OF SALT that satisfied the reasoning needed for each question. So have I seen the depth of MERCURY’S VALLEY so as to perceive the depth of the LIVING BOOK under my hand. And the END OF THE MINUTE, THE END OF THE MINUTE, how many have I been saved from in the nick of time by God’s mercy upon me to guide me in the Wisdom of His decrees.

Gnomen 655 - Those who will come to understand the studies and the Signs of this Book will perceive vividly the HEAVENLY PERFUME that exudes from its pages because of the new clarity that has descended, so that others may come to know the purity of its heavenly scent. I sit by night and by day as well, when I am not sleeping, in the LION’S DEN and so rarely have I put a foot outside that the world outside seems another. I have been caught up in so many Minute’s Ends that as soon as I step out of the door, I feel myself called back to my Tent and I begin to roar and when I roar I must return into my Den so as not to frighten the children.

Gnomen 656 - All this and yet I shall not deny that I have felt at moments the BEAUTY OF PARADISE in my Donkey Heart. Good News has come and Giuseppe was hooked by Big Fish and he received for us all the precious gnomen of the RECONCILIATION OF THE HEART AND THE MIND for the BOOK OF BIG FISH LEVIATHAN. So too Davide Levi saw the Teacher Haim with an immense new happiness never seen before, dance in the streets of Israel and pick up a saddened girl’s spirit and stop people in the streets while speaking four languages, to dance with them in the joy of the redemptional success that is coming from the Palace of Esther into the life of Israel and of Jews all over and into the world.

Gnomen 657 – Daniele too saw that great happiness of the chosen Teacher Haim, in his dream of the School of the Second Commandment in Italy whle Giuseppe in his dream said to Anna Gasparotti that now is the time for the whole world to know that God is One, as a pen on the table became Chocolate-Cream-Cake for the sweetness and delicious taste of the newly written Books of Anna Gasparotti. So too have I had immense pleasure, this time not in dreams but in the precious work of Solly in Beersheva to establish the our Web-Site of Beit-Sefer-Esther.com at Beersheva. Great are the merits that he is gaining for the good of all Israel and for the world.

Gnomen 658 - I have seen twice and then three times my receding from this earth and also my resurrection. All this in the merit of the patient and humble Tzadik, ha-Moreh Haim. His name is life and new life has come unto me so that it become new life unto others. I am not worthy of all this but only for my good fortune, with the grace of God upon me, I have known the spirit and seen my own resurrection again and again and again for 29 years now in the light, wisdom and holy power of the Tzadik Haim.

Gnomen 659 - All those who have read this Book with good faith and have appreciated, in the true faith of the Torah, the importance of its message, have the blessing of the Goel Haim so that they might participate in the great new merits attached to all the upcoming activities in favor of the Final Redemption. And in the truth and sincerity of their heart and in their good deeds, they will be blessed by the Lord, our God, forever, in this world and the next. Amen, ken yehi ratzon.

Gnomen 660 - EL SHADDAI, now let the pupils rejoice, for what we are being shown, in such a few in number, is marvellous and profound and filled with the virtues of the great faith and the inner faith loved by You. Let us all continue with Your help upon us to work with enormous joy and with the heart’s dancing to the wonderful new rhythms of the Third and Final Redemption wherever we are and in whatever we are working on. Amen, ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Gnomen 661 - So have we come on to this last GNOMEN and well, I just don’t know what to say. It’s a good thing that I opened "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is turning" so that there the Star-Wheel is turning and won’t stay quiet for long. Now must I enter the most virtuous chamber of a book that turns on Brotherhood, Compassion, Force of Character and the Force of Contrast. I suppose that a Donkey doesn’t reach those Stars until he has completed 16 years in being swept up in its gyrations without really understanding too much. It’s like when you’re swept up by a wind. You can hardly contemplate its measures or its source or anything else at that moment, at least not until it has passed and your feet are solidly back on the ground. But if other winds continue to come and sweep you up, you have very little time for meditation. And just now, after 16 years, when finally I feel my feet again on the ground, Ops, the Spinning Star-Wheel of Esther comes to speak of its girations in its 127 Provinces of the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh! Doesn’t matter. One must have faith in God Almighty and take life as it is given and try to walk within the framework of nature and of the elements as He created them in the Beit of Bereisheet. Amen, ve-ken yehi ratzon.

[1] The First Gnomen of This Book are Autobiographical, and are part of Petal 10 of Sefer Mishnat Haim.

[2] Negation of God or of the true Tradition of Israel.

[3] the father reaches both and from him you hear and understand the Tradition while the mother clings to the wisdom of the Torah in the extra understanding that she possesses even without the detailed explanations of the oral tradition. -

[4] The Divine Emanations of Aba-Father and Ema-Mother.

[5] The Hebrew letters of Faroah can be read in the form of ha-oref - the Neck.

[6] To become the Redemptional Star of NUNE which ‘unites’ the other Redemptional Stars.

[7] In counter position to the true Sanctity or Kedusha. -

[8] Renewed here November 27, 2009, Fara Gera D’Adda, Bergamo, Italy –renewed again April 2015, Beersheva. -

[9] Yeor – in Exodus - The Nile. See our Book ‘Message of the Archangel Gabriel’, 41-50 concerning the Ten Plagues.

[10] The Sages of Egypt (Exodus)

[11] ‘faces’, ‘aspects’, in the Zohar, the Five Emanated Partzufim

[12] Emanation (the Divine Emanations BEFORE the Creation!!!).

[13] Expression used to describe born Israelis; the sabra is a plant whose outside is crude but the fruit itself inside is sweet. -

[14] I excuse myself with readers for writing out fully so many times the ‘Book of the Zohar’; this is because the word ‘zohar’ means ‘a shining light’ in Hebrew and these writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim are true Kabbalah and each sentence and expression has its weight. I’ll try to avoid it where I can.

[15] Yitzhak Luria (some 400 years ago), virtually Head of the Kabalistic Movement of Tzphat in northern Israel, made known principally by Rav Haim Vital who left Calabria, his native Italian dwelling place, became the first Pupil of Yitzhak Luria and wrote in his name several volumes of Etz Haim (the Tree of Life).

[16] Privileged individuals.

[17] Special, long ‘belts’ wrapped around the waist for prayer, used by many Hassidim. -

[18] I’m renewing this text now in the 27th year of the Completed Signs -

[19] Sign made from the Fourth Star (of this Fourth Generation) to the First Star (Star of Abraham) binding 4000 years of redemptional history to the Final Redemption -

[20] Sefer Milhhamot Ha-Shem of Rav Yihhye ibn Shlomoh ElGafeh, an incredible and true tirade against the doctrine of Emanation created by Book of the Zohar and taken on by all the Kabbalists. – I’ve made a translation in English. And we published in 1983 our Italian translation, made by Davide Levi, with the Fiorentina Publishing House in Florence, in which there is my introduction revealing for the first time the true identity of the Hidden Tzadik Haim and the merits of the Yemenite Tradition.

[21] Community of Ashlag’s followers in Bnei Brak in Israel. -

[22] Holy men. -

[23] ‘ADON’ is not of easy translation, sometimes Master or Owner or Lord. For the verse in Malachi, ‘Suddenly he will come unto his chamber the ADON that you are seeking’, we translate it ‘Onored Teacher’ in reference to the Goel Haim in his death, resurrection and ascent into the Chamber of the Kingdom of Heaven. And the Goel Haim has prohibited it to us to refer to him as ADON, explained at length in our texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim.

[24] Adoneinu, Moreinu ve-Rabbeinu (our Master or ‘Lord’, our Teacher and our Rabbi)

[25] Rav Garelic, Head of the Ashkenazi Habad Jews in Milan.

[26] Menahhem Mendel Shneerson who still alive then. He was the false Mashiah of Habad and after his death pure idolatry was practiced in Messianic Cults to him, and until now in 2009. See Book of Berger, the Rebbe, the Messia and the Scandal of Orthodox Judaism. -

[27] Ufaratzta yama ve-keidma, tzafona va-negba, in the verse concerning Jacob’s blessing, ‘and you shall be extended westward and eastward, to the north and to the south’, taken by Habad as the slogan of their missionary purpose. -

[28] Lit. ‘in sins’, that is ‘unfortunately because of the sins involved’ -

[29] Exodus from Egypt. -

[30] The Measurements of the (Emanated and Divine) Body. -

[31] The 4th Gen is of 65 years divided into 35 years and then 30 years but the actual Terrible Fourth Generation relates to that second ‘half’ of 30 years; thus the first year of the properly-called Fourth Generation is the 36th year of the 65.

[32] Indeed, I’m renewing this text here in Nov. 2009 and we are still awaiting the ‘opening’ towards the public. (again I’m reviewing; April 2015 and only now Solly has re-opened the Web-site Beit-Sefer-Esther.com – with new hopes that it reaches out to a public, even if restricted). -

[33] Sign of the Triple-Meditation of the Final Redemption, alluding to 120 years of Moshe Rabbeinu’s life. -

[34] I refuse to write his name so as not to dirty our work. See the entire Book (in Italian) of "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is Turning" on the entire Schism created by him and his declaring himself the Messiah ben David, the Eternal Christ descended at Genzano in Lucania (Basilicata, in south Italy). - -

[35] Evil-doer. -

[36] The 15th of the Hebrew month of Shvat, Celebration of the Trees, and as taught to us by the Tzadik Haim, the day of –Marriage’ between the male and female trees and plants. -

[37]. I learned this from Sefi Rachlevsky in his book ‘hhamoro shell mashiah’ – The Donkey of the Messiah. -

[38] A book written before the Zohar. The Tzadik Haim warned me that the attribution of this book to the Sefer Yetzirah mentioned by the Sages, of blessed memory, in the Talmud, as the Book of Creation (or Formation) received by Abraham, our father, is totally false.

[39] Genesis 1, 1: ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth’ -

[40] Torah studies of the Sages in the Talmud and after it -

[41] Parashat be-ha'alotcha – Numbers, 11, 25.

[42] Which itself was a theological extension, thrown into the Christian context, of the previous philosophical speculation on the term ‘logos’, even in the Jewish philosophy of Philo of Alexandria, taken from previous Greek philosophers, but in those works the ‘logos’ had nothing to do with the Deifying Force of John’s Logos. -

[43] Recitation of our sins, ’we are guilty, we have been traitors, we have stolen, we have spoken evil’ etc. etc. -

[44] That is, in the framework of the Triple-Meditation of the Final Redemption

[45] The first word of the Torah is ‘bereisheet’, ‘in the beginning’ – which begins with ‘beit’ the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

[46] In a dream of Solly Kamkhaji who at that time knew nothing about Dianetics -

[47] One whose negation of God or of the truth is absolute -

[48] The second vision in its time.

[49] I review the text here in the 27th year (December 2009) and until now there has been no such diffusion –(Again I’m reviewing the text here in the 33 year of the Signs – April 2015, Beersheva)

[50] The Star of Christ.

[51] exposed in Tradition, not in the Torah, and to more length by the Rambam -

[52] Afterwards a clarificaion came indicating that the true beginning of the harshness of the Fourth Generation is from Pesah 2019, that is, the second year of the second period. This is because the first year is still ‘covered’ by the Year-Sign of the 36th year, namely Sign of the Tzadik Haim Ressurrected under the 6 year Sign of the Tzadik Haim’s Resurrection. -

[53] AVON KETZ (Ezekiel 21,30).

[54] in May 2000, Milan, Giordano Levi received in a dream: In the Jewish Community of Milan a certain Habadi (of Sephardic abstraction) came to Giordano and asked him what to do for his correction. G. said that first of all, he had to cut off his beard and change completely all his Habad garb. The Habadi went, cut his beard changed all his clothing and dressed in a white suit came back to Giordano saying ‘Baruch ha-Shem, now I feel much better’ and Giordano answered with much pleasure “Good, now we can begin to speak”. - - this was extremely important and positive sign in the progression of the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. - -


[55] Non-religious Israelis. -

[56] Torah Scholars. -

[57] A complete turnover, as in the Miracle of Purim of the Megilat Ester. -

[58] Tractate. -

[59] Excommunicated, said 3 times for establishing it permanently. I, Paul (Peretz) Green, in the permission of the Goel Haim, renew this Hherem here, Fara Gera D’Adda, Bergamo, Italy, November 29, 2009. -

[60] ‘Shiv'im panim la-torah’. -

[61] Yehoshua Bin Nune awaited at the foot of the mountain for Moses’ return. Thus with Moses’ descent from the mountain carrying the First Tablets, only Yehoshua, Moses’ faithful helper, saw them from close up before they were thrown down and broken.

[62] The Reception (Kabbalah) and Transmission of the Oral Torah. -

[63] The Four-Letter name YOD HEI VAV HEI -

[64] Which represents Absolute Justice in the Absolute Severity of God’s Truth -

[65] This what is meant by God’s being Patient; in His mercy He doesn’t punish immediately but, so to speak, waits patiently, giving time for the possibility of repentance and correction. -

[66] in all the commandments and affirmations of God to Moses, this name is not used but ‘And God (the Tettragrammaton) said to Moses).

[67] As we bless in the New Rite, ‘Blessed is the Lord, the Eternal God, who renews the Light of Creation in the Completed Signs of the Third and Final Redemption’. -

[68] ‘Be of a pure and simple faith (tamim) with the Lord, your God’ (Deut. 18: 13) -

[69] We translate ‘honored teacher’

[70] We eventually separated the first 87 autobiagraphical gnomen placing them in the Tenth Petal while the rest of the text is in the First Petal.

[71] Afterwards it didn't develop in this way, but it came rather a long and detailed explanation of the two last chapters of "Hilchot Melachim" in the matter of Mashiah Ben David, since the "Great Eagle" declared that in all these matters no one knows them until they will be revealed. It became our obligation to announce with full explanation all the essential questions of the Final Redemption. This became the book of "New Light of Rambam" which establishes the necessary bond between the tradition of Israel and the mew tradition of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim.