Written by: Peretz Green


Big Fish Prepares for the Changeover

(cont. of Big Fish meets a Donkey-Camel in the Desert)



Chapter 1


Fish 1 – Rosh Hodesh Nisan 5777 – 17 March 2018: I dreamed that the rasha from Zanzara was present. I said that we, I and those with me, had the authority for what we were doing. The rasha took this to include also him saying, "I too". I stopped him and said, "No, I have the authority for the Final Redemption and you have absolutely no authority! It is also impossible that true authority be given from Above to two people who contradict one another. Only one is true and the other is false!". - -

Fish 2 – March 19, 2018: I had a flash dream: I was saying that I am responsible for the New, True Kabbalah of the Geulah ha-Shleima, and no one else. - -

It seems to me it referred to the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet in their correspondence to the 13 New Mazalot. The inference was that although very few instances have been shown to verify this, that I am responsible for its truth. I remember that Peirush Beersheva was supposed to have another text with it, perhaps in the form of foot-notes, based on Big Fish and the New, True Kabbalah (which I suppose relates to that correspondence particularly) but that text has not been written.

Fish 3 – March 20, 2018: In some longer scene in which I had to do with a woman who hated Giuseppe, I looked her in the eyes and said several times, "I burn away hatred. I burn out hatred" ( - เ๐้ ๙ๅ๘๓ เ๚ ไ๙๐เไIo brucio l'odio). The woman began trying to justify her hatred with things that happened to her in her life but I didn't take her words into consideration and continued to fix her eyes and to say, "I burn out hatred". - -

Is it then I, o Peretz or Donkey, that burns out hatred, but no, I would say, it must be the Prophet Elijah in his accomplishing the Reconciliation of the heart of fathers to sons, in the hands of the Goel Haim who declares, "We are all of the same flesh". I can say it, however, because I have Donkey License and Peretz breakthroughs.

Fish 4 -

So don't come near me with your unchained heart

Filled with all kinds of useless hatefulness

I destroy you, I kill you, I burn you out, hatred

and you will have no place in a newly cleaned out heart.

Jesus tried it but instead of killing hatred

He was killed for hatred

In those incomplete Initial Signs

If he slaps you on the cheek, turn to him the other.

Fish 5 –

Isaac is also the Tablet of the heart

And he tried to burn out Philistine hatred

Until he reached the Well of the Living Waters

And the Well of the Living God who sees me

And the Well of Wideness

His will be the laughter of history's great surprise

When he burns away the hatred of unclean hearts.

Fish 6 –

Prayer is also the hidden virtue of Isaac

For only Ha-Shem can truly burn away hatred

From the thousand-thought loathing in your heart

Be then not without the Signs of Isaac

So that you may laugh as the end time enters.

The pure faith destroys the enemies of Isaac

For hatred cannot stand before the Loving God of Israel

Who forgives iniquity and pardons sin

Who extends His love to the far away islands

O God on High who redeems the merciful

From the anguish of the Terrible Day of the Lord.

Fish 7 –

Come then Jacob, for you are Israel

And you bore the pains of biased hatred for 2000 years

Come now in the Splendor of the Goel Haim

Whose Life for the Tree of Life

He extends to the world.

He is looking into the eyes

Of a hatred-filled woman

Canceling from her heart every trace of hatred

Marvelous counselor, potent one of God,

Father for all times, Prince of Peace.

Fish 8 –

Happiness is as well the enemy of the battle,

The battle must end and felicity must set in.

Such is the Final Redemption

The historic burning away of hatred from the heart,

Amen ve ken yehi ratzon.

Be renewed then against the enemy

As yet the incompleteness of redemption

And throw away the darkness of your heart

And let it shine with the Great New Light

Of the Final Completed Pact of History.

Truth is from the Higher Tribunal,

The incompleteness will be seen from what you say.

Correct your words and your heart together

And come unto the Completeness

Of the Tree of Life.


Fish 9 – March 21, 2018: I said in a dream ,"Be it burnt away all unnecessary sexual desire and let the true faith be announced". - -

For the world is in sexual turmoil, pornography has won over the minds of millions and abnormal sex is on the rampage and unnatural sex has become a plague, especially in democratic countries. Therefore, young men, your desires are cutting you away from true living. You are taken over by the sexual desires that abound in you and you are a slave to them, you are completely suffocating your true existence. Wake up from below the belt craziness and be afraid of the wrath of the Fourth Generation. Your heart is filled with impurity and your mind is all tainted with sexual images and you are being driven into hell-fires for your total lack of control. Say then, with great seriousness, many times a day for at least a month "Be it burnt away all unnecessary sexual desires and let the true faith be announced".

Fish 10 – Shabbat Ha-Gadol: Underground Rivers of Big Fish Leviathan:

The Resurrected Bird -

Underground River of the Nest – nahar ha-ken ha-tat-karka'i

The Battle of the Fish -

Underground River of the Abyss – nahar ha-tehom ha-tat-karka'i

The Weights of the Donkey –

Underground River Double-Hei– nahar ha-"hei"-ha-kefula ha-tat-karka'i

The Illumined Turtle –

Underground River of the Tree – nahar ha-'etz ha-tat-karka'i

The Kingdom of the Giraffe –

Underground River of the Amek Shaveh – nahar Emek Shaveh ha-tat-karka'i

The Star of the Project –

 Underground River of the Rechavim (see Jeremiah 35) – nahar ha-rechavim ha-tat-karka'i

The Refuge of Armadillo –

Underground River of the Starfish – nahar kochav-ha-yam ha-tat-karka'i

The Lake of Salt –

Underground River of the Leviatanit – nahar ha-leviatanit ha-tat-karka'i

The Valley of Mercury –

Underground River of Repentance – nahar ha-teshuvah ha-tat-karka'i

The End of the Minute –

Underground River without name – nahar bli shem ha-tat-karka'i

Heavenly Perfume –

Underground River of the Menorah – nahar ha-menorah ha-tat-karka'i

The Lion in his Den –

Underground River of Hidekel – nahar hidekel ha-tat-karka'i

The Beauty of Paradise –

Underground River of Prat – nahar prat ha-tat-karka'i


Fish 11 – The 13 Attributes of a Judge completes all the Signs of 13. These rivers complete the 13 Virtues of Esther and all the categories of 13. It was missing until now. Thus also the 13 Mazalot of Leviathan are completed and for this reason the 13 Underground Rivers have only now been revealed. And it is just the names of these 13 Underground Rivers that allow the Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan to send good fortune into the world.

Fish 12 – I was at Davide Levi's at Holon for the entire Pesah. Davide and Yitzhak came with Ori's car (husband of Rahhel) to bring me Holon and after Pesah they brought me back to Beersheva. Together with Liat, Moshe and Yitzhak we had a happy New Seder. On the second day of Pesah it was said to me in a dream that I had miscalculated something. - -

Fish 13 – April 13, 2018. I have tonight understood what my miscalculation was related to. I had been saying that now at Pesah 5778 we are in the changeover into the second part of the Fourth Generation. This is true but I did not relate satisfactorily to what the first year of this second half represents. For it is the 36th Year of the Completed Signs, with every Sign having an historical value of 36 years. This first year completes the Great Cycle of the Sign of the Stars. It is thus only in the second year from Pesah 2019, 5779 that Great Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven begins.

Fish 14 - This fact is extremely significant, especially for the way we must view this very special year under the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, under the 6 year Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. We as Donkeys must be part of the Conclusions to the Signs which must be concluded in this year proper. In fact Moshe Levi, Giuseppe Manigrasso and Paolo have had the privilege in these past weeks to see the Goel Haim in dreams.

Fish 15 – In Moshe Levi's dream, the Goel Haim spoke to him of a various subjects in an apartment similar to that of Remo and Nelda Levi, peace be with them. To Giuseppe was given a gift from the Hidden Tzadikim and the Goel Haim revealed the secret that the Hidden Just gave no memories, that is they have no time for thinking of the past and they go ahead constantly in the holy work they do. Paolo after many years has again seen the Teacher Haim. After Paolo overcame an impending-high and thick wall, he was together with the Tzadik Haim who spoke with him.

In another dream it was said to Moshe Levi that the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim were now elevated and others would be elevated by them.

Fish 16 – I finished reading over the drasha for Pesah 5775. Davide, Moshe and I had read the first two sections together in Holon and I finished reading it in these past few days in Beersheva. It's a profound document in its association of the second 'aliya of Moshe Rabbenu, the Source of the Middle Way in the Signs of Isaac and in the Messianic Mission of Yeshua, the Virtues and the Tree of Life brought to the world by the Goel Haim. It also contains Completion Signs for the destruction of the false Kabbalah of the Zohar and the false messianism of Habad and destruction of Traditional Christianity's Deification of Jesus while separating Yeshua from all that and enlightening all with the truth of his messianic mission.

Fish 17 – The text itself is a Meditation on the Signs of Isaac of which the Goel Haim said 'the pupils must not remain without the Signs of Isaac'. Listen to these 2 gnomen from "The Virtues of Esther" - Gnomen 362 – For as children of Isaac, we must nourish the Triple Meditation with obstinate simplicity, whether it brings us to the elevation of a new altar or whether we are saved in the blood of the sacrificed ram. As children of Isaac, we must walk towards our altar, unafraid, proud to be called upon for a higher purpose. For if we are desired on an altar of God, (that is, a purpose that relates directly to the Geula Shleima) we may yet be desired for walking in this world. But if we are not desired on an altar of God, we must fear that our path in the world may not yet be desired.

Fish 18 - Gnomen 363 - Therefore we must turn inwards to the Signs of Isaac, always, constantly, forever, searching out the virtues of Esther that lay beneath the surface, even deep in the profound waters of the heart. For the Signs of Abraham will establish the full stature of 248 limbs and the Signs of Jacob will teach us the wisdom of our often difficult plight and the joy of Israel’s resurrection but the Signs of Isaac will bind us to our inner stature to complete the inner humility which receives the true image of God in which we are created. -

Fish 19 – At the end of the 5 sections of the Drasha, is written that what remains is to find more details concerning the Stars of the Redemption and especially the Mazalot of Leviathan for all these are ramifications of the Tree of Life while the Trunk of the Tree is the marvelous binding of the Kingdom of Heaven itself to the earth.

I suppose that now with the names of the 13 Underground Rivers in correspondence with the 13 Mazalot, new songs of Big Fish are in order. I might open section 6 to the drasha (for now in a separate document).

Fish 20 – April 21, 2018: I saw Daniele Manigrasso in a dream. He had an extremely long beard, at least 2 yards; he then came close to me and his beard became detached from him and given to me or even placed on me. It represented a relief for Daniele while for me it was an addition. - -

Fish 21 – April 26, 2018: In a dream, I saw Sefer Mishnat Haim, quite large, at least half a yard. It was indicated to me that now the Sefer was closed and that I could begin to review all the texts from the beginning. - -

Fish 22 – May 9, 2018: Aryeh dreamed: he was together with his family Shaul, Rahhel, Gad and David. There were also Paolo, Noda, Asher, Noah Hanna Noga and David. Then there was also Peretz but he seemed unsatisfied or even in some consternation. Seeing this, Aryeh took Peretz and put his head on his thigh and caressed his head. Peretz was then satisfied and smiling. - -

Fish 23 – I said to Aryeh (by telephone) that Peretz' consternation is for the fact that still almost no one is part of the Final Redemption, especially the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. But you represent the new generation and you have full belief in all the marvelous news of the Final Redemption. When you take Peretz on your thigh and caress him you are consoling him and in an extremely definite manner. This is wonderful news that there will be others of the new upcoming generation that will believe in the Final Redemption as you and your whole family and Paolo, Noda, Asher, Noah Hhana Noga and David do.

Fish 24 – This is an essential closing Sign of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, the confirmation that the generation is coming that will receive the Donkey who Bread and will read and study the Texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim and become part of the Geula Shleima. It's the best news a Donkey could hope for. I've said it's an essential closing Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. All the Signs of this 36th year of the Signs are essential closing Signs of the 36 year cycle of the Sign of the Stars. (For the sake of understanding: in the 72nd year there will be the essential closing Signs of the Signs of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.) The period of these closing Signs is until Pesah 5779 –April 2019.

Fish 25 – Thus 'closing Signs' will continue until Pesah. This 36th year is thus in the Final Seal of the Sign of the Stars, the Sign of the Goel Haim in the Kingdom of Heaven, the Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot, the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, the Signs of the Fourth Generation and the New Construction and the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead. All these will have Closing Signs until Pesah which all together represent the Final Seal of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 26 – Other closing Seal-Sign have already come in this 36th year: The Formulation of the Thirteen Underground Rivers of Big Fish Leviathan which represents a Great Completion for the Thirteen Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. – And yesterday a rabbi from France and a rabbi from Rome authorized Giordano to fulfill his activities as a butcher and as a maker of salami. That decision was against the other Habad people who had gone against Giordano. Therefore it is an historic sign of the great fall of Habad. Giordano has been victorious in his battle against Habad, thanks to EL SHADDAI.

Fish 27 – May 27th, 2018, Beersheva. I took a taxi to Machon Mar where, next week, I will have to undergo a test called Colonoscopio-virtuale. In the taxi the driver and I spoke together. He, a man of about 50 years old was originally from Haifa but lives in Beersheva for over 20 years. He said that only rarely he leaves Beersheva to go the sea ("not on Friday or Shabbat" he made a point of his religiosity) and sometimes he visited the "Holy Places" such as Tzephat or the Tomb of the great Tana rabbi Shimon bar Yohhai. Just as he finished saying the name of the famous Tana, the car stopped working. He got a bit flustered and tried turning the keys several times, but nothing. "The car has died" he said and he was amazed. Only about a minute and a half later the ignition churned up.

Fish 28 - The fact, however, was clear. It was a Sign from heaven. It was a Sign of the death of the influence of Tzephat and the death of all the total falsehoods concerning rabbi Shimon ben Yohai's writing the Zohar. See what a Sign from heaven this is, I Donkey told him in my mind (and afterwards extremely sorry for not having spoken it out) that Shimon ben Yohhai never wrote nor saw nor even dreamed of the Book of the Zohar which was written by Moshe de Leon in Spain 12 centuries after the great Tana. Even that, however, is nothing compared to the very false and idolatrous sin of the Doctrine of Emanation upon which the entire Zohar is based.

It is all false, however, Last Sin of Israel before its Final Redemption. The Zohar is the Book of Israel's death because its doctrine represents the death of the true faith of Abraham and of Torah and Tradition. It speaks of 'emanated' levels of 'godliness' before the creation of the world. They even call 'God' the Emanator of the emanated levels and each level is pure Godliness (ELOHUT). Only for the world of Creation do they call Him Creator. All this is totally false. There are no emanated godheads except in the minds of those who have been indoctrinated in the Emanation Trap.

Fish 29 - But now the Star of Abraham comes closer to the world every day and as it does, idolatry will be destroyed throughout the world. But here we are speaking of the Jewish faith that has become contaminated. We cannot understand levels in God before 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth'. It is prohibited even to think about such things. An emanated 'level of godliness' is simply 'another God'. The Zohar is a Pantheon of 'other gods on My countenance'. My countenance refers also to very subtle and sophisticated theological doctrines, and no doctrine is more 'subtle and sophisticated that the Doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar, otherwise the rabbis and sages would not have been beguiled by it.

Fish 30 - Its totally prohibited to say that God 'compressed Himself (zimtzem et 'azmo) in order to leave room for the worlds. Who in his right mind and pure faith could say such a thing? Is it then possible to know what God is or to understand how He is in His essence or to know what He does or does not do? We cannot understand creation and we believe it on faith and what could supposedly be understood from the false Emanated Sefirot and the false Emanated Partzufim (Godly Faces, such as Father (Aba), and Mother (Ima) and their 'son' (Zeir Anpin)) before Creation. It is a craziness to think such. Our brain is human, it cannot perceive what is totally higher and what is in a totally different category. Thanks to EL SHADDAI for this Sign in the taxi cab, in a 'car', 'rechev' in Hebrew which means also 'binding'. It's to tear one hair out of one's head in contemplating the abominal idolatrous belief into which Israel falls, especially from time of Tzephat in the past 400 years.

The News of the Sign means that above in the Stars a previous 'Binding' of those doctrines has died. A great Binding has been broken and has died which will help people understand and reject this terrible matter. Great News for the people of Israel even though time is still needed.



Chapter 2


Fish 31 – May 29, 2018: Moshe Levi is in the United States for two and a half weeks.

I have understood a word in Haazinu, devarim 32, verse 38: "That they eat the fats of their sacrifices and drink their idolatrous wine; they will stand up and they will help you and they will be upon you a 'sitra' (a 'hidden covering - P.G)", as Rashi: that their idolatrous actions become a hidden covering to their own sins.

Fish 32 - As explained, Haazinu decries the sin of the Zohar and demonstrates prophetically that unfortunately the underground, hidden 'reason' for the Holocaust was the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation (Atzilut). They have already sacrificed to Sheddim in their false belief that the Zohar and all the so-called Kabbala is, God save us, 'holy'. It is not holy and is not true and the more that they go ahead in believing in that doctrine the more they eat the fats of their sacrifices and drink their idolatrous wine; The elements of that doctrine itself no longer allow them to recognize their error and become upon them a hidden covering.

Fish 33 - The word 'sitra' here prophetically refers to the entire realm of the false Kabbala which they falsely call 'nistarot' (hidden things, secrets, rooted with 'sitra'). The prophecy here comes to finalize the level of their no longer being able to extricate themselves from their error. At that point the extreme gravity of the sin of Emanation is met with God Almighty's wrath even to cause the destruction of all Israel, God forbid. That meeting point, however, would give way to the false conclusions and hateful consequences of the nations taking credit for Israel's destruction, God save us, doing it as well in the name of their idolatrous gods. The prophecy here thus turns back to Israel's salvation and its redemption.

With the prospect of Israel's awakening, God, Blessed is He, proclaims Himself against all those false gods of emanated partzufim and Sefirot and yells it out laude and clear, 'See then now that I am here, I am here and there is no other god with me'. This the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father and of all true Tradition. It is I who kills and I who makes live, I who wounds and I who heals and no one from My hand can be saved' (ibid: 39). All these words of the One True God destroys all the false gods created by the Zohar.

Fish 34 - Then there is the need of a still yet higher purification from the heavens themselves and it comes in the form of a truly incredible verse that destroys the entire doctrine of Atzilut from the roots, 'When I raise My hand unto heaven and I say, "I live forever"' (ibid: 40). God Blessed is He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. What does it mean that He lifts His hand unto the heavens? Does He stand below the heavens that He need reach up to them?

Behold, unfortunately, that the false 'god' of the Zohar is partzuf 'Zeir Anpin' (literally small-face) the 'middle' godhead between the world of Creation and the higher Emanations. Therefore in this prophetic verse, Ha-Shem, Baruch Hu, so to speak, places Himself on that false presumed level and declares before the true heavens against all the false heavens created by the Satanic doctrine of Emanation. I am the only true God who raises His hand and orders the heavens to do My will, not the false god Zeir Anpin!

Fish 35 - The prophecy then continues with the punishments of the present, final Fourth Generation and God's vindication against Israel's enemies, until all those remaining from the nations will see the fall of Israel's haters and they will praise Israel and recognize God's selection of Israel. That is paramount to the Final Redemption. 'The nations praise His people, for He has vindicated the blood of His servants, and retribution has He returned upon His enemies, and He will expiate the land of His people' (ibid: 43).

Fish 36 – The term 'sitra' had to be here. Within the context of their emanated world, was developed the terminology of the 'two sides': the 'side of holiness' (sitra d'kedusha) and the 'other side' (sitra ahhera) the roots of all impurity and idolatry. The so-called kabbalists believe themselves to be on the side of sitra d'kedusha. The sitra, the false mysticism created by the Zohar, is all on the 'sitra ahhra' but since they themselves retain that they are on the 'sitra d'kedusha' they can no longer be objective to evaluate the idolatry of that doctrine. Therefore Moshe rabbeinu in his highly prophetic Haazinu, received the term 'sitra', so that in the end the Torah teaches that it was the true 'sitra' of the true 'Kedusha' that destroys the 'sitra ahhra' of the whole doctrine of Emanation.

Fish 37 – The higher 'secrets' and the terminology of 'sitra d'Kedusha' and 'sitra ahhra' does exist, as revealed to me by the Tzadik Haim. But it has nothing to do with emanated worlds, God forbid, and is totally a different matter known only to the Hidden Tzadikim. Thus, the term 'sitra' in Haazinu represents the great Root-Correction of the doctrine of Emanation of the Zohar and all the rest of the false Kabbala that followed it, especially from the period of Tzephat some 400 years ago.

Fish 38 – As for those who insist in refusing to recognize that the doctrine of Atzilut could possibly or logically be the cause of the Holocaust, they need reckon with a few basic concepts of the matter. Atzilut is a 'hidden doctrine' falsely supposing to contain 'hidden things' and 'hidden secrets' of the Torah. Since the doctrine has become a hidden covering blinding them from any reason in judging the matter, this covering blinds the eyes of the whole nation, for if rabbis and Sages believe in it, what might they judge about it? So too the Shoa is above all human reasoning. The revelation of what the main sinful factor was behind the Shoa, the doctrine of Emanation, corresponds to the supposedly Hidden Levels of Atzilut in which, God save us, the Torah has been totally infested.

Fish 39 - One must meditate on said infestation to realize the falsification of the true faith of the true Torah and search for the truth of Israel's holy faith. We received the Sign in my dream that the Goel Haim came down from a mountain on which I was going up to meet the Teacher and with terrible anguish said to me, "Our little sister has been wounded". This means that the true faith of the Torah that we love so much, as ones loves a young sister, has been wounded by the doctrine of Atzilut. By understanding the truth of this statement it will become clear that the wound to the very faith of the Torah represents Israel's death. If the true Torah is falsified in the context of an idolatrous belief, the Torah cannot become a Fount of Light but becomes a Fount of darkness claimed to be light. If that would persist, hhass ve-hhalila, there would be no true Torah and thus no true Israel.

Fish 40 - Afterwards the generations will recognize with fear and trepidation but with illumination the unspeakable death of six million Jews in the Holocaust. It was the most terrible historic 'SIGN' to the uttermost erroneous belief that had to be destroyed before the setting in of the Geula Shleima in the world. It will be known as Israel's terrible last Sin of the End Time the Correction of which straightened out all Israel and brought them back to the pure simple faith in God Almighty, 'Tamim teheye eem ADONAI ELOHECHA'.

Fish 41 – May 29, 2018: A big blue whale was seen in the Gulf of Eilat. This was the first time that such a whale came into the Gulf of Eilat. This kind of whale is the biggest whale ever known.

It's a positive Sign of Big Fish and Blue is a Sign of Techelet.

Fish 42 – June 1, 2018: Solly made an azkara for his mother, Malka Behar-Khamhaji, peace be with her, in Beit Ha-Knesset Yisrael ha-Tzair, preparing a table with some refreshments. Rav Rafael Peretz spoke of the triple blessing in Be-haalotcha, "May God bless you and guard you. May that God lift His countenance towards you that you be gracious. May that God lift up His Countenance and place peace upon you" (Numbers, 6: 24-26).

When the Traditional expression 'Triple Blessing' was mentioned by Rav Peretz, I immediate associated it with the Three Redemptions, something I had never written or thought about before. Rav Peretz allowed me speak and the first thing I said was, "The Triple-Blessing also alludes to the Three Redemptions, the first redemption from Egypt, the second redemption of Purim and the Final Redemption". I did not explain it and I went on to speak about the prophesied 'clear language' that is revealed for all the nations at the time of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 43 - The simple explanation is 'May God bless you and guard you' in the first redemption. God Almighty did it all and gave the blessing and the protection. 'May that God lift His Countenance towards you that you be gracious' in the redemption of Purim; 'that you be gracious' alludes to the graciousness of Queen Esther when she entered to speak with Ahhashverosh, and it alludes as well to the graciousness bestowed on Mordechai ha-Tzadik throughout the entire Kingdom. 'May that God lift up His Countenance and place peace upon you', this alludes to the Final Redemption in which is revealed the true peace that remains in the world.

Fish 44 – Those are good Signs. We have, thank God, remained in our fidelity. That's the great quality of true Donkeys, they are faithful to all that which pertains to the Final Redemption.

Fish 45 – How selective it is to be a Donkey; if one of them begins to do things for the sake of being considered elevated, a teacher of the Final Redemption etc. it's a deviation from the true Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and thus from the Final Redemption. One must act for the sake of the Final Redemption, not for oneself, using the Final Redemption for personal recognition. For in truth the Donkey is Messianic in that his purpose is to announce the Final Redemption to the world. Therefore if a 'Donkey' wants to uplift his own name he is committing, God save us, a 'Messianic Error' and throws off course the true Geula Shleima.

Fish 46 – Let this be a lesson to all Donkeys, present and future: even if you have received many Signs in their stellar times, do not do as Korah, to say 'also to us God has spoken, why did you elevate yourselves over us!' (ibid, 16: 3). If a Donkey does so he will be removed from any of the Signs of the Final Redemption so that whatever he writes or says is totally separated from the true Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Fish 47 – A Donkey must do what he does for the Final Redemption with permission from the Head Donkey. This is a fence of separation between our Donkey-Course, as Donkeys of the Goel Haim, and any other unauthorized 'missions'.

Fish 48 – If one goes on his own wrong path, God save us, using the Signs of the Final Redemption, even if speaking as a pupil of the Goel Haim and a pupil of Peretz Green, he or she is profaning, God save us, God's name and the Geula Shleima. I put up this fence of separation between us and between any others who might desire to use the Completed Signs for uplifting themselves. They will be cut down and separated from the Final Redemption.

Fish 49 - There are no compromises in matters of a person's intentions. They must be in the name of Heaven, not in the name of anything else. If not, from Heaven will be revealed their sins so that others take fear in not deviating from the given path of the Final Redemption. If you hold on to the principles of the Final Redemption you will win your battles. From false foundations, however, all that derives from it will be false.

Fish 50 – One must not be lightheaded with Sign of the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim. Donkeys must be simple in their faith and they must remain faithful. Everyone can commit errors and the errors can be corrected but fidelity must be a hundred percent. If that fidelity gives way to a wrong path, the fidelity has fallen while the Pillars of the Final Redemption remain where fidelity is present.

Fish 51 – We must be faithful Donkeys and White Horses. We saw what happened when the lack of fidelity among the crudest, the most ignorant and unbalanced, uplifted a false Christ to the Heavens. They completely removed themselves from the truth they had known and seen; it was a rebellion and for me it was a sad reality, very hard to digest. Nothing can substitute fidelity.

Fish 52 – Even if one then realizes the error, returns and is pardoned, one must be extremely careful that that blemish of non-fidelity be substituted with a higher fidelity. True fidelity knows no ups and downs, it is constant.

Fish 53 – We are nothing for ourselves, o Donkeys. We are only very, very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to receive all the Marvelous News that we've received. We are not true Hidden Tzadikim but we try to be Just Donkeys who live in their faith. If one wants to 'move' things on his own, he will stumble and fall to the 'other side'.

Let's be simple and not uplift our head. It's enough for a Donkey to bray, if he brays with the proper intentions. We announce the coming of the Goel Haim. We are not here to announce ourselves except as a means to extend the News. Now the definitions of the Donkey who eats Bread are completed with the prohibitions of self-purposes.

Fish 54 - Be aware of the Hamans in the New Purim of the Geula Shleima, those who use the virtues of Esther for personal purposes. It speaks of brotherhood for all and Haman explains as if he were everyone's brother. It speaks of Passion and Haman says he is passionately worried about those who suffer. It speaks of wanting to see an elevation in others and Haman exclaims that purposes as if it were he who truly desired such; and so on and so forth with all the Virtues of Esther when in truth his intentions are all for himself. Until Esther reveals herself and decries the evil Haman, and the Virtues of Esther return to their true values, Purim. Such is the true felicity of Purim when the Virtues of Esther return to their true values.

Fish 55 - July 10, 2018: some 3 weeks ago Anna Gasparotti dreamed: she was in a place somewhere with Peretz; at a certain point a woman came and handed over clothing to Peretz. For him the clothes were somewhat heavy and Anna, seeing this, came close to Peretz and helped him support the weight of the garments. Peretz was extremely happy for this and now he had a pacifier in his mouth. - -

Fish 56 – I was, of course, very glad to receive that pacifier, a sign of renewed life. In fact, the Shabbat before Anna told me the dream, I had dreamed that I died. O but now I was a baby again and alive, thank God. The clothes relate to the 'virtues'; virtues are the proper garments in which one must dress. On the other hand, if one is arrogant and loves titles unto himself, it's said that he is stealing the 'garment' of the Holy One, Blessed is He. In any case true virtues, in humility, can be called 'garments'.

Fish 57 – I meditated, trying to understand in which way Anna might help me carry the weight. It came to mind that that there was an element of the Final Redemption that was only mentioned but practically unspoken of. It had been Anna who had dreamed the Sign of the Garden of Fraternity in the first years of the Completed Signs; she saw gardens with exotic flowers in which were people from all over the world. - I called Anna and gave her a directive to use the Thirteen Virtues of Esther, one by one and to write in the vest of Priestess of the Altar of the Nations to explain to people the Virtues. She was quite satisfied about this new project.

Fish 58 – Giordano is in a battle against those corrupt rabbis who have not accepted hechsher that he had received from a French Rav and one Rav of Rome. They were not considered kosher enough to have the others lose money because of them. But the meat used by Giordano to make salami was kasher a hundred percent. Giordano wrote a strong and tough letter in Facebook spelling out the truth as it was. A few Italian rabbis answered without saying anything concrete; they even speak of the 'known phenomenon of (get this one) 'malakasher' and they know about Mafia tactics in these 'meat' and 'kasher' matters, not only in Israel but throughout the world. Habad, of course, is one of the main Mafia factors in this realm.

Fish 59 – So where is there any true zealousness of the so-called rabbis to stand up against the 'malakasher'! O let's clap hands, they all know about it. But they are weak and don't really care or else they are afraid because going against that current is dangerous. Mafia tactics do not allow for it. It's a sad state of affairs. Yerahhem ha-Shem.

Fish 60 – Thank God, the Composite Project has been completed, all the Holidays and the Seven Floors. In Hebrew it's about 260 pages and for sure more in English. In my dream, in which the long road had been straightened before me has certainly been fulfilled. The Tzadik Haim in the beginning of that dream asked me to take a heavy physical work involving a large rock but I answered that it would be too heavy for me. The Goel Haim then took me apart and a long road was straightened out before me. This referred to the Book of the Composite Project and since that dream the work has proceeded in a straight line. I would not have been able to do without the help, the translations and the suggestions of Moshe Levi.



Chapter 3


Fish 61 – July 9, 2018: Moshe Levi dreamed; he was explaining to Diana (Moshe's friend) that it was extremely important not to get angry or be nervous Erev Shabbat. He explained this prohibition in many ways.

In another scene he was looking at a large field, after this on which there were a great many smooth, round rocks (the size of small cars). Then there came a large group of at least 20 elephants. - -

Fish 62 – It's significant that the day before he dreamed this, I had spoken in the Synagogue, Yehuda ha-Tza'ir, on behalf of Solly Kamkhaji's father Kamil Kamkhaji, peace be with him. I spoke about the 'clear tongue' (Zephaniah 3, 9) and concerning the dreams and visions (Joel 3: 1) and the new things of Isaiah 48.

We know from other Signs that elephants represent the 'clear tongue'. These had been men of the Tower of Babel who were turned into elephants; they therefore had a reminiscence of the Original Tongue and in the Signs they represent a Completion of the Clear Tongue of the Final Redemption. The Rocks are 'words' or family-languages of words. The Field includes the 'Clear Tongue' of the New Rite of the Final New Pact, as written, 'and Isaac went to meditate (to pray) in the field before evening' (Genesis, 24, 63). When Moshe related to his father these Signs, Davide said that had just in that day he been translating Fish concerning the 'Clear Tongue'.

Fish 63 – Tisha Be-Av – July 22, 2018: I had the privilege to see the Tzadik Haim in my dream. He was sitting on a small balcony which seemingly was the balcony of the house I was living in on Corso Plebisciti in Milan for many years. We were speaking together about something concerning the Stars (of the Redemption). The Goel Haim had to look up at the stars; instead he said he was looking at the stars by way of reflection from a glass door or window that was between us. There was conversation between us but I don't remember what was said. - -

Fish 64 - Shabbat Tisha Be-Av, Giordano went to the Congregation of Lev Hhadash. They were very kind to him and asked him to lead the prayer of the entire Shahhrit. Giordano agreed already having seen in a few other occasions that he is helped from Above when heads the prayers. After the prayer, all the congregants sat around a table, they ate and drank a modest Kiddush and they all became extremely interested when Giordano began to explain in detail his predicament with those who refuse to accept it as kasher when in truth it was 100 percent kasher even la-mehadrin.

Fish 65 - But money speaks, not kashrut. Giordano decried vehemently this false aspect of a falsified Halacha and those around completely sympathized with his plight and agreed with his justified outbursts against the dishonesty, insensitivity, the Mafia tactics and evil-heartedness without remorse for damaging someone else, and Habad is the greatest Mafia of all. Someone among those listening intently and obviously taking seriously Giordano's words asked Giordano if he might ask him a question. Giordano agreed. He asked, "To what current do you belong in Judaism". Giordano answered, "It's big question you ask, But let me tell you something, I am Jewish. I am a Jew as any other Jew, I do not belong to any current. I don't care at all about that current or another current, sono ebreo, ani yehudi, I am Jewish". All present were quite satisfied with this answer.

Fish 66 – Giordano, however, in his heart was not yet satisfied. He had spoken the truth and he continues his story, "I do not accept the Zohar and its terrible idolatrous doctrine of 'Atzilut' 'Divine Emanations', God save us. Who did they think they are to speak of what ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu is and of Emanated Divine Partzufim and Divine Sfirot, may God forgive us. Only a warped and deviant and evil mind could have written the Zohar. How can any true Jew believe in such an idolatrous doctrine of 'Atzilut'?! The human intellect cannot fathom anything of God Almighty, EL SHADDAI. 'Atzilut' is not a true Jewish matter, it is completely outside of Judaism, it is pagan and idolatrous". All were stunned at Giordano's words and they treated him with respect and with love. - -

Fish 67 - I heard all this from Giordano by WhatsApp and I'm sure that he could elongate much on my resume' with detailed clarifications and many more precisions. Important is that he merited before God to announce the truth of the idolatrous doctrine of Emanation to a public. Towards the end of the telephone call Giordano said with vivacious vigor, "And I will not stop here. From now on I'll speak out the truth, I don't care who it is. The door has been opened and I must follow this opening and have no fear of anyone except for God Almighty, Blessed is He.

Fish 68 – Exactly at the end of the Tisha Be-Av Fast (which this year fell on the Sabbath and was put off for the Tenth, Sunday) a huge heavy rock fell down from the Western Wall. Fortunately there were few people and no one was hurt. Had it been the day of the fast itself with many, many people at the wall, it would have disastrous. The fact of its perfect timing, however, exactly at the end of the fast, have been for many food for thought; What kind of Sign is it?

Fish 69 - One rabbi said that we must take cognizance of ourselves before God. Another rabbi said that this is the fault of the Reformed Movement which is protesting to keep its place at the Wall. 'Those Reformed rabbis should look into their unworthy deeds and repent' said he, 'and proof to what I am saying is that the rock fell just on the part that has been allotted to them on the western part of the Wall' (and which religious right is trying to undo and to prohibit any place for them).

Fish 70 - We say that those rabbis should look at their own unworthy deeds instead of blaming others. The sin of the Zohar and the false Messianism of Habad are far worse than Reformist Jews standing at the Kotel! In any case the falling rock just at the closing of the fast, is a sign. For us of the Final New Pact, the falling rock indicates the conclusion of one historical phase so as to go on to the next. The fast of Tisha Be-Av is no longer desired. It's not the time now to cry for past destruction but to contemplate the times ahead of us. The fast of Tisha Be-Av has become obsolete. Aside from this, there are many religious Jews who become ill or even die because they refuse to give up this fast. Something must be done o change the tide.

Fish 71 – Spoken of was the miraculous fact that no one was there when it fell and none was injured. Let me answer to the rabbi who blames the Reformists, that the miracle came just on their part; thus they have merit to witness this miracle. And that the rock fell to earth means, 'be as a strong rock in your justified protests and make your proposals come down to earth against the fanatic purists of the Halacha.

Fish 72 – August 18, 2018: After writing in my English translation about the Fourth Generation (in the book "Essentials of the Final Redemption"), I opened the Tanach, it fell on Isaiah 13: 6: 'Cry out for the day of God is close, as a plundering from SHADDAI will it come; ibid, 9-11: 'Behold the day of God is coming, it is cruel, irate and wrathful, to put the earth in ruins and destroy the sinners from it. For the stars of heaven and their paths will not give their light, the sun will darken in its rising and the moon will not shine of its light. And I will command dreadful things on the world and on evil-doers their sin, I will cut down the pride of the wicked and the arrogance of tyrants will I bring down'.

Fish 73 – In the United States in 2017, 72.000 people died for overdose.

Fish 74 – August 19, 2018: after having written against the sins of the rasha Zara, I dreamed: He called me by telephone and started to say that he was in great trouble and he's certainly a big idiot for the grave things (such as a curse) that have befallen him. I answered, "Terrible is the sin you've committed, the worst sin imaginable, and even if what you did is unique, it's all completely false and no one has committed such iniquity as you" etc.

Fish 75 – (dream continued): Then suddenly Paolo and Noda came here to Beersheva which was such a great happy surprise for me, I could hardly believe it. At a certain point there was a fireplace and Zara had slid down in it from the roof completely dirtying himself with ashes and almost fell on Paolo who had his hands in the fireplace and Paolo saved one of our books from the rasha's fall which otherwise would have been burnt (perhaps Zara believes himself Santa Claus, hee-haw! It's interesting in any case that the rasha called me to get help but I answered only the truth). - -

Fish 76 - August 19, 2018: Relentless monsoon floods in the southern Indian state of Kerala have left around 800,000 people displaced and nearly 10,000 others stranded, according to reports. The death toll has risen to more than 350 from the floods and landslides, Reuters reported, citing information from the chief minister of the southwestern state. The disaster represents the worst flooding in a century in Kerala, officials said.

Fish 77 – Last week the first space-ship towards the sun was launched, a feat which the scientists say will bring them much new information.

Fish 78 – August 18, 2018: A bombshell was announced against the Catholic Church by the Grand Jury of Pennsylvania: In the last 3 decades 300 Priests practiced pedophilia and there were at least a thousand victims but even many more, this only for the State of Pennsylvania but it relates to entire world. A great number of the higher clergy knew all that was happening but didn't reveal it etc. etc., 'From Heaven are their sins being revealed' (min ha-shammaim yigalu avvonam). God save the world from the Catholic Church and the thousands of poor child victims whose lives have been ruined by the Catholic Priesthood.

Fish 79 - Some points of interest from Aryeh's dreams: Sept. 20, 2017: there was a large red fossil of a turtle, then the turtle was alive and Aryeh gave him lettuce. A documentary on television explained that this type of turtle had many enemies and to defend itself the turtle dug (perhaps a hole) until they went away. Aryeh then wanted to give a large piece of meat to the turtle but Shaul said the meat could hurt him; the turtle continued to eat the lettuce. - -

The intellect (the Illumined Turtle) is refined and cannot 'digest' a thick large concept but rather one lighter idea at a time; this is why studying details one by one is essential for a larger understanding. The many enemies of the Turtle are estranged ideas and thoughts that come to disturb the intellect; in this, one must insist in his concentration until those other thoughts go away.

Fish 80 - 22 September 2017, Milano: on top of a hill a not too large alien space-ship landed. Aryeh saw inside it an alien that was green with a deformed head. The alien then left the spaceship thinking that since he had been seen clearly Aryeh would lose his soul but Aryeh and family knew it wasn't true. The alien then wanted to inject a very long syringe in Aryeh's arm but Aryeh didn't let him; there was a similar syringe on the ground that Aryeh took up and injected in the alien's arm who then ran back to his spaceship and took off. - -

A prophetic dream of the misunderstanding of aliens that will attack earth representing their losing the war they intended to make.

Fish 81 – Oct. 14, 2017: Aryeh killed large insects with a light that issued from his hand. Shaul said that he dreamed that the stars bowed down to him and exclaimed that he would be the next Donkey. - -

Very important. Shaul understands better than the others the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and it's essential that his children follow the Final Redemption. The Sign is in the Joseph Signs (the dreams of Joseph). The insects killed by Aryeh are impediments that will be overcome by the 'light' of the Redemption in Aryeh's hand.

Fish 82 – Oct. 17, 2017: Aryeh dreamed Nazi France during the Second World War. - -

Sign of strong anti-Semitism that will be in France especially among the rich elite but the Jews will overcome it.

Fish 83 – Oct. 25, 2017: Aryeh was in New York with his friend Rahhel and he had an extremely long hair, so long that he had to roll it up under his arm. - -

The long hair are dreams of the Final Redemption. These will eventually help the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (Rahhel).

Fish 84 – Dec. 18, 2017: Aryeh saw an alien spaceship in the sky and then a second one. - -

Dec. 29, 2017: Aryeh was with Peretz in a room and was wearing a blue Turban, a white over shirt and blue pants; Peretz was blessing him in Hebrew. - -

Blue relates to the Altar of Judah; here Aryeh is dressed in Donkey Signs.

Fish 85 – In Aryeh's room there was a giraffe that wrapped his neck around his neck and licked him. Shaul said the giraffe was hungry and Aryeh gave him an apple; even when the Giraffe finished eating he didn't remove his neck from Aryeh's. - -

Sign of the fifth Mazal 'Kingdom of the Giraffe' binding itself to Aryeh, a sign of meditation on the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 86 – April 22, 2018: Aryeh was riding a bicycle on a sunny day; he felt that he had to bray and he brayed. - -

Aryeh's a good Donkey.

April 24, 2018: It was a sunny day and other boys were wearing different types of jackets but all of them had the number 7 on them: - -

Sign of the New Sanctity to be received by many young people.

Fish 87 – May 8, 2018: In his dream Aryeh was together with his father and mother, his brothers Gad and David, Paolo, Noda, Asher, Nogah, David and Peretz in a park at night. Peretz was visibly troubled; Noda tried to make him happy but succeeded only partially. Then Aryeh put Peretz' head on his leg and caressed him and Peretz was no longer disturbed but very happy. - -

This dream, together with Aryeh's other dreams, makes me very happy 'cause a Donkey has been revealed, hee-haw!

Fish 88 - June 22, 2018: Aryeh was at an emergency room and there strange people who wanted to kill him; he hid under a table and said many times EL SHADDAI. Then a woman came close to him and said to pray to Jesus and that would have protected him and returned to her place. He looked at her and she kept making the sign of the Cross but Aryeh continued to say EL SHADDAI. Those strange people came close to him with bad intentions but he continued to say even louder EL SHADDAI. Suddenly a bomb fell and exploded, it destroyed everything and everyone except for Aryeh and he returned home. - -

It's a sign that the Christian faith and their Christian expressions will no longer have any effect in this Fourth Generation.

Fish 89 – Aryeh and David selected a writing of Peretz to read on the computer, the story of Samson, and they understood things that previously they hadn't understood. Then they returned to the first page and there the story of a tree that had lost its faith in God. A man went to the tree and asked the reason for its having lost its faith. The tree answered that it no longer felt the presence of God; then suddenly the tree felt that God was there and returned to its belief. - -

Fish 90 – Sept. 2, 2018: Today Paolo went to Beit Ha-Haim to visit the grave of the Tzadik Haim. The sky was covered with clouds but as soon as Paolo reached ha-Moreh, a spiral open up in the sky and a beam of light shone just there. And when he went back to the Ambulance that he's working for, the percentage of usage on his telephone was 68 (Haim in Gematria).


Chapter 4


Chapter 4


Fish 91 – Renato Levi dreamed 2 or 3 days before Yom ha-Kippurim: he was in a Butcher Shop, present were Giordano and Peretz who was well dressed with suit and jacket. Peretz then left and with this massive swarms of locusts invaded the Butcher Shop and no one could go near it. - -

This decree is against the situation of slaughter and 'Kashrut' as it unfortunate is today, both in Israel and outside of Israel, all money with even Mafia type tactics 'not true Kashrut'.

Fish 92 – I saw Sig. Remo Levi in a dream; he was dressed immaculately and was tall and strong. He criticized me forcefully, looked down at me and said, "Stop this game". - -

I believe it refers to a negative attitude that I had lately to look at myself as weak. It's an attitude that must not be in me; it's like a game, like a false idea I create around myself and I must get out of it.

Fish 93 - Three days before Kippur, I had the great privilege to be in a dream with the Goel Haim and I held on to him with my head on his chest. I asked the Tzadik if he loved me notwithstanding all my lacking and faults and he answered, "Yes, I love you". - -

Fish 94 - Sept. 5, 2018: I dreamed I was praying in some Synagogue. It was probably Rosh ha-Shana. When I finished and went outside the Tzadik Haim was walking home from another Synagogue where he had been. I was overjoyed to see the Teacher Haim and also he was happy about our meeting together when it had not been planned and he said, "This is a great sign". We embraced and I kissed the Tzadik on his forehead and on his cheek and we were both very happy about this encounter.

Fish 95 - October 19, 2018: Giordano received an important dream: he saw his father Remo Levi, peace be with him, who was gigantically big, and he was terribly and furiously angry, and he made two very strong fists. Giordano looked at him amazed and then he too made fists. - -

It's a sign of decrees coming on the anti-semites in the world. They have angered the heavens and they impede the Sign of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot.

Fish 96 - Oct. 21, 2018: I dreamed: I had in my hand something that I was writing but had not yet finished. At a table were two men, one was my 'boss'; I said that I hadn't finished what I was writing and asked him to give more time. I then said that I was blessed from the time I was in High School with "Yevarechecha Ha-Shem ve-yismerecha, ya'ir Ha-Shem panav eilecha vi-hhunecha, yisa Ha-Shem panav eilecha ve-yasem lecha shalom". - -

Fish 97 – 27 Oct. 2018: tragic shooting in the Synagogue Etz Haim (Tree of Life) in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 11 Jews dead, 4 police officers wounded and 2 others. Killer shouted 'All Jews must die'. He's been taken alive. - - There had been a sign several years ago concerning the Jews of Pittsburg who were more interested in playing Bingo than keeping away those of Habad as their Hhazan at Rosh ha-Shana. –

Fish 98 - 28 Oct. 2018: On YouTube: Jay Smith, an Evangelical polemicist, an expert in the Koran (he knows it by heart) and the Bible (Old and New Testament) declaims the validity of the Koran and denounces its being the word of God in contrast to the Bible. He brings proofs that the name Muhammad, the term Islam and the term Muslims etc. were not testified to until Caliph Abdul Malik (Sixth-Seventh Century). In a long hour speech, he claims that only Jesus is the true 'God' and that Muslims should abandon the Koran and come home to the Bible.

Fish 99 – Everything he claims is false and as for the textual criticism this does not change the fact that the Koran is the accepted word of God for Muslims (even if certain corrections in it must be eventually corrected). The Completed Signs say unequivocally that the Torah and Halacha is for Jews and the Koran and Shaaria is for Muslims. The Koran upholds the pure monotheistic faith; Christianity is a corruption of the true faith. Jay Smith as all Christians are totally unaware of the falsification of the deification of Christ resulting from the Logos of John which is the father of all the idolatrous Christian theology.

Fish 100 – The true monotheism of Islam derives from the blessings of God to Ishmael which came to its realization, through Muhammad, 1400 years ago. An allusion to Islam's having a place in truth may be seen from the 'Sit here with the donkey' referring to the two youths. One was Ishmael, representative of Islam, and the other is a representative of Christianity (the other 2 historic religions). Only of Ishmal is alluded to according to the Sages of blessed mentioning, 'Do not read 'im' (with) but ''am' (nation)' thus Islam is similar to a donkey.

Fish 101 - The Sages do not speak of the second youth and we presumes it refers to Christianity but the Sages do not speak of Christianity since it is outside of the true monotheistic faith. The donkey of Islam means it diffusion among many nations of the world but is only at the half way mark as proven in Giuseppe's dream concerning the correction of the Binding of Isaac; only in the Final Redemption is the Donkey who eats Bread complete. Also the donkey of Christianity diffused it to many nations but its theology is a falsification of the truth and is therefore not even a half-Donkey.

Fish 102 – Islam mistakenly believed itself the third and completed Donkey, coming after Judaism and after Christianity, therefore it's significant in Giuseppe's dream that it was only a half-donkey, under the Signs of Isaac whereas the Complete Donkey is of the Jacob Signs of the Final Redemption. In Christianity the Initial Signs themselves were corrupted into it's divinity of Jesus scheme but the Messianic Mission of Jesus, once separated from all traditional Christianity, is true, in the realization of Messiah, son of Joseph, the Ram sacrificed in the stead of Isaac and the second man of the redemption after Moses and before Haim.

Fish 103 – Islam is not messianic and Mohammad was not Jewish and the separation of Ishmael from the house of Abraham was prophetic to its historic separation between Judaism and Islam and the right of the Koran and Shari'a to be a separate religion in the true monotheistic faith.

Fish 104 – Baruch Ha-Shem: I'm a Saba Raba, Great, great Grandfather to Maor Yael, daughter of Tehila, daughter of Rahhel, my daughter. I blessed her by way of Eliyahu, (๙๚ไ้ไ ๎แๅ๘๋๚ แแ๘้เๅ๚ ๚๗้๐ไ ๅแ้๘เ๚ ๙๎้ํ) that she be blessed in good health and fearful of God.

Fish 105 – November 8, 2018: Davide Levi dreamed: He was invited to the house of a Palestinian who was hostile towards him and who threatened him in the beginning with a wooden hammer saying, "If I hit you with this hammer, I'll cut your head off" to which Davide answered that he would cut off his head first. Sitting then at the table, Davide asked him if he believed in God. "Certainly" he answered. Davide said, "If you are a man of faith and you believe in Allah, as all Muslims, how do explain that Israel which is such a small country is able to withstand 280 million Muslims (the man corrected him saying, "Two Billion") that want to destroy it? Isn't this then the will of God? How is it that you do not realize that this is the hand of God who protects Israel and all is from Allah?" At this point the wife of the man who was also at the table stood up and said to Davide, "Your words are from God and you are speaking the truth!" She then distanced herself somewhat from the table and bowed down in prayer to thank Allah. Her small daughter seeing her mother do this, did the same. Her husband showed by his facial expression that he was not convinced by Davide's explanation or by his wife's position. - -

Fish 106 – This dream demonstrates that the female Muslims are more prone to understand the truth than the males.

Fish 107 - Nov. 27, 2018: Moshe Levi dreamed that a voice said 'In this period evil is surfacing strongly (mitgaber ha-ro'a).

A few corresponding events, Insight landed on Mars with the task of digging 16 feet underground for the first time, among others things. – A Chinese scientist claims to have cloned a human being for the first time. – There is almost a war between Russia and the Ukraine. – The caravan from south America to the United States. – In New Zealand 145 Whales were found dead on the shore.

Fish 108 - Yom shishi, Nov. 30: Incredible dream, hard to remember most details. We were in a sign of Peretz, I remember mostly the presence of Davide Levi, of Noda and of Solly and the other faithful Donkeys as Paolo, Shaul, Rahhel, Moshe Levi and some others. We were doing all kinds of Peretz signs, breaking down barriers, singing, stripping much clothing and celebrating because every action had a future awakening and I repeated this fact several times to everyone present, so as much as one worked on the sign and did whatever Peretz-awakening signs were possible, so would there be that privilege afterwards in time because it was a propitious time and every movement counted. We also ate things. Davide Levi was close to me the whole time.

Fish 109 – (cont.) Then perhaps Solly or Davide had to leave, so we waited for him to return, because the second sign had to be done. He came and Davide again was very close. I realized that the second sign was that of Zerah and was therefore less of breaking out but of more quiet and calm extension. There was something special to eat, sweet (cookies), Davide took it first and after him we were eating it with great joy. Then I had to strip until I was completely naked. I thought at first that only Davide, Noda, Solly and others had to be present and not the children but then also the children had to be present and every piece of clothing that I took off was a sign. Davide anointed my body, also the circumcision. Then, naked, I had to make a prayer and stood up on an altar and spoke before Ha-Shem and with much humility and trepidation I said. "O God, is this your will that I pray to You even naked? Have mercy on us all, in Your compassion have mercy on us all and on the lost sheep and on Your world" and there was a tremendous spirit that descended. I said more but don't remember.

Fish 110 – (cont.) Then we had to fulfill the Zerah sign with my dressing, garment by garment and every garment was a sign for the future as the first signs; there was a calm spirit and great joy. After this a man was coming, (we were outside in a sort farm and barn setting) someone that in the dream I knew since he had come before, a kind of loose-headed salesman (poor). At first I thought his coming was an impediment but then we realized that he was needed for completion since he was external to our matters, so we accepted him but he had to wash and we had him enter the bathroom to take a bath. We ate the sweet type of cookies. I remember that Noda said that those special cookies were supposed to be conserved but then since Davide had taken them and we began eating them Noda said that we could eat them. I think it was here that I woke up. - -

Fish 111 – In this the 36th year, the conclusion Signs return from all the past years so that the 36 year cycle of 'Signs' be part of the second part of the Fourth Generation. – The fact here of the Zerah Sign is also significant, to demonstrate the Zerah Sign is with us and not with the rasha of Zanzara who calls himself, among a plethora of other titles, the Zerah of the Peretz-Zerah signs.

Fish 112 – In this period, Shaul and his children, Noda, Paolo, and now also Davide and Moshe Levi, have looked at the Site of the Zanzarese rasha and have seen how the megalomaniac writes about himself: Messiah son of David, the Eternal Priest of Malchitzedek, the Eternal Christ, Master of Justice, Master of Wisdom, Master of the School of the Essenes, Master of Kabbalah Ma-asit etc. etc. he can't get enough of himself and his titles. His writings are sickening and unreadable, conglomerating terms without any real comprehension. Anyone with even a minimum of understanding sees immediately what a charlatan and clown he is.

Fish 113 – I said to Davide, Moshe, Shaul and his children. Meditate well. This is the result of taking the Donkey out of the Signs; it's the Donkey who eats Bread with humility and humbleness that represents the true equilibrium of the Final Redemption. The Donkeys make themselves small and when they carry titles, it's for the sake of carrying them, not of BEING them, and they admit when they make mistakes and correct themselves. The Donkey Sign is from God Almighty for the Geula Shleima and the Signs would all become distorted without it.

Fish 114 – There's also a more hidden factor in Davide's being close to me the whole time in my dream: since he is in the Sign of 666 he breaks down the false Christs.

Fish 115 - I wish to explain something of the Beast Sign: for all the many Protestant sects, the 666 Beast of John's book of Revelations is considered the Anti-Christ that will come historically to bring together a multitude of nations and to deny the 'divinity' of Christ and only afterwards the true Christ, Jesus himself will come to save the savable of the world from the clutches of the Beast and establish his kingdom in the whole world. Such is the essence of their thought and each sect has its way of looking at it. Common to all of them, in any case, is their belief in the second coming of Christ. Without their belief in the second coming, the Beast would destroy the world for the denial of Christ's 'divinity',

Fish 116 – The whole matter, of course, is false. The second coming of Christ as they think is only part of the same theological falsehood both of the 'divinity' of Christ and of his second coming. The 'divinity' of Christ is a total falsehood and Jesus himself does not return physically and reveal himself to the world (and we've explained that his expression concerning the Son of Man is prophetic to the final Goel and not to himself even though he too could not be exempt from confusion, as explained in Sefer ha-Mafli). Nevertheless, we do have the sign that Davide Levi is the 666th pupil of the Tzadik Haim even though he is also among the first talmidim. For sure it's a Beastly Sign!

Fish 117 – As talmid of the Goel Haim, Davide Levi represents the good Beast (and Donkey) who denies the 'divinity' of Christ and believes only in the pure monotheistic faith of the Torah. Indeed the fear of all Christianity of the Beast who denies the 'divinity' of Christ represents the result of that falsehood, since in truth, that false 'divinity' has to be denied for the sake of the true Final Redemption. It's thus introspected in Christianity itself for reason of the true Initial Signs of Christianity which although they've been corrupted maintain in essence true Signs, such as the Star of Christ seen by the 3 Magi, or the sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection etc. The denial of the deification of Christ is hidden in Christianity itself, therefore we have the true Sign of 666.

Fish 118 - As far as the second coming of Christ the matter is totally different than what they think. With the true revelation of the Messianic Mission of Jesus, the resulting historical 'reality' of Jesus' position represents a 'second' coming of the true Christ. In the end all will see Jesus in a new light, Christians, Jews and everyone, as the name of the celebration of the 25th of December, 'Celebration of the First Messiah, Died a Year Ago'. The new realization gives over the vision of Jesus' Mission as if his death was only recently; he is a new Jesus, as if he has been revealed for the second time.

Fish 119 - Zara's conglomerate of falsehoods may seem 'amazing' to anyone who doesn't know how distinguish between truth and falsehoods and between equilibrium and total distortion. But whoever knows the truth of all the texts of the Final Redemption will see that everything he writes is only an exaltation of himself, to create his own image with messianic lies. The fact is that he stole the names of the terminology from us and then falsifies them in an impure context. This means that he took the terminology of the sanctified truth of the Completed Signs and rendered it impure and idolatrous.

Fish 120 – This is as it states (Kohelet, Ecclesiastics 7, 14): 'this against this has God made it'; it means that on the opposite side of good and sanctified truth is the bad and impure side and the verse ends that 'in it a man will find nothing'. For once it has been taken out of true sanctified side it is trust to the opposite side of total impurity and all its words in the end are pure emptiness and absolute impurity. The full verse is 'In the day of goodness it will become good, and in the day of badness, see that this against this has God made, and say then surely that a man will find nothing in it' (ibid). This will be the end of everything written and perpetrated by Zara di Zanzara di Muccania.


Chapter 5


Fish 121 – Yes, it seems amazing, how much material he has put together in his conglomerate of thievery and the additions of his megalomania, the Web Sites and books, and the tremendous energy to accomplish his Christhood. So it is when you are on the other-side, there is no yetzer ha-ra to impede, for Zara and his troop are totally inside a terrible impurity and an insidious idolatry around his person, why should the Yetzer ha-ra disturb him! Therefore he's all energy and action and cunning, constantly seeking ways to show his greatness. And note, there is no Correction in all his writings, only his perfection, he obviously makes no mistakes to be corrected, such would go against his "Messianic perfection".

Fish 122 – But from where has he gotten all that energy and from where all those stupendous false lights and ridiculous self-aggrandizement and all those pretences of his eternal victory over mankind? All is false but the scenes are filled with illumined poop. How did he get to all this? Something must be understood here! That he has cloned himself with such extremely foolish 'astuteness' and truly clowned himself into the most fantastic false Christ of history is undeniable. He has become the "Master" and "Teacher of the whole world" forever more, this thief of the 'Signs' and outrageous inventor of his own unbounded messianism of no return. What's behind it?

Fish 123 – Most of the answers are explained in the Book "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is Turning" but I wish to emphasize a few points here in a few brief sentences. All this is truly an amazing strategy of the Star of Christ to build him up and then to throw him down for the sake of the eventual destruction of the Logos of John. It is John's Logos which is the great source of the deification of Christ that must be destroyed. The Logos that becomes 'flesh' in Jesus is the Backbone of the terrible distortion of all Christian theology.

Fish 124 - Had Zara undone the Sign of Christ as was our directive in the beginning of the fifth year of the Signs and had continued to walk in the way of the Completed Signs, then the matter of destroying the Logos would have accomplished in a much more pleasant way. But Zara hid his true intentions and when the time came to undo the anti-sign of Christ descended from the Cross at Zanzara di Muccania, he refused to take it off of him; he was too excited about Being Christ, how might he lose such an exalted Sign, especially since inside himself he already exalted himself with a latent Christhood in one way or another. And I, the first Donkey who eats Bread, am by nature tamim and had absolute no farthing that he had such an estimation of himself.

Fish 125 – But you can't consider yourself a Christ with a Donkey around who absolutely allows no such self exaltation, so the next step is to cast the Donkey from the Signs. The fact is that Zara was unworthy to be part of the destruction of the Logos and now having detached himself from the true Signs, the Logos found a good place to hide since also the Logos could no longer have an undying existence with a Donkey who eats the Bread which destroys all false theology. The Logos was ecstatic having found someone to reject the Donkey and proclaim himself the Christ, so instead of the Bread of the Donkey, Zara began eating the Bread of the Logos and binding everything possible to his own person without realizing that in effect he was deifying himself and that everything he proclaimed on his own name was idolatrous.

Fish 126 - The point is, however, that it is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility, announced by the Goel Haim, that has come for its second time in order to effect the Great Correction of Christianity. It is therefore the Star of Christ that is in the task of destroying the Logos of John, for the Star of Christ cannot establish the truth of Jesus' messianic mission of 2000 years ago without destroying the Logos of John. The deification of Jesus caused by the Logos cannot be destroyed while the Logos is maintained. We are, of course, speaking about the Stellar reality which must precede the historic reality that will follow up during this Fourth Generation. Our work is to establish correctly in writing the Stars of the Redemption as we receive them from the Goel Haim and their signs will follow in history.

Fish 127 – On a stellar level it's the Star of Christ that must resolve the problem of the Christian deification created principally by the Logos. This is an astounding matter and in the Final Redemption that same Star becomes the Star that Astounds. Good, it needed a conniving megalomaniac who was at first involved in the true Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and then rebelled against the true teachings of the final Goel Haim, to become the recipient of the deifying Logos, In this way the Logos 'came down' into the world in one sick-hearted Sign-thief allowing for a million false illuminations and bestowing on him all the Christhood that he so cherished.

Fish 128 - Kislev 26, 5779, second day of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot, Tuesday, December 4, 2018: I dreamed I was a lawyer and had to prepare an official document of accusations until Friday. It was not easy for me since I wasn't used to writing such an official document as was Davide Levi who knew the procedure in these matters but I took hold of myself and began. The document was to be about a page or so, and then a second one even shorter. - - Obviously I must formulate the main accusations against Zara di Zanzara di Muccania.

Fish 129 - Carmine delle Donne (The real name of Zara) was with us, pupils of the Geula Shleima, by way of his cousin Domenico (Mimi) Lamastra, very early, from 1984 or so, and he claimed to believe in everything we received and taught. He desired to convert to Judaism of our New Rite and in 1987 I converted him. I had no doubts about what I believed to be his sincerity and his seriousness. It was certainly a fault on my part to make that conversion and from the very first moment he began to change. In the very same day that I converted him, he spoke about a rabbit of his that he intended to slaughter and to eat. When I reminded him that it was taref, he said, "Yes, I know but this one is different. I know what I'm doing". Obviously with his conversion, he began to feel his independence and own right to do as he wished.

Fish 130 - Already before that I had included him in the Signs of the Redemption and as explained in "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is turning". In the first 4 years which were mainly involved with the Great Correction of Christianity, we had permission to use Anti-Signs against the theological errors of Christianity, and I had given him the Anti-Sign of 'Christ, descended from the Cross at Genzano di Lucania'. In the beginning of the fifth year, I received in a dream that the Goel Haim said to undo the Anti-Signs because if they continued, they lead to idolatry. Afterwards during the fifth year, he refused to undo that Anti-Sign and it became his pillar for believing himself Christ.

Fish 131 - In those first years, he received from us all the writings in Italian, also our prayers, until then and studied them with seriousness. I thought that with him and his group of friends at Genzano, there would have been an important development for the extension of the Final Redemption, especially for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel found in Christianity. Paolo several times went to Genzano (In South Italy) to bring him whatever new writings were available. Another thing that he hid but it came out afterwards was his hatred to Paolo, the White Horse and partner of the Donkey who eats Bread. He was clearly jealous of the fact that Paolo was always close to me. Those writings became the bulk of his 'Christ-Mission' afterwards and he used them in his own name without any recognition of what he had learned with me.

Fish 132 - All the main terms that he plagiarized were in those texts, such as my explanation of the Second Commandment, the Final Redemption, the Signs of the Redemption, the truth concerning the identity of the Tzadik Haim born in San'aa Yemen, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, the Stars of the Redemption, the names of the Altars of the House of Prayer for all the Nations which were until then the Altar of the Prophet, the Altar of the Universal Church, the Altar of the Universal Synagogue, the Altar of the Anointed Priest and the Altar of Malchitzedek. So too were there hundreds of new terms in those texts and hundreds of dreams concerning the Final Redemption and the Fourth Generation with many explanations and the finalized interpretations of the redemptional and messianic prophecies, such as Jeremiah 31 - the New Pact, Isaiah 53 – the suffering servant, Zephaniah 3,9 – the Clear Tongue, Zachariah 9,9 - the Donkey, Habakuk 2,4 - the Just man who lives in his faith, Yoel 3 – the dreams and visions of the Final Redemption.

Fish 133 - There were in fact such a plethora of Signs and redemptional matters and such new and incredible explanations that I thought, in the sixth year, that I had to formulate the New Pact of the Final Redemption in the name and merit of the Goel Haim. I then dreamed by doing so, I was opening the way to be buried 12 feet deep. I knew from that dream that the Final Pact could not be formulated until the twelfth year. In fact, the first 6 years of the Signs were in the Correction of Christianity and the truth of the Messianic Mission of Jesus and needed was the second period of 6 years in the Great Reform in Judaism.

Fish 134 - The Signs of the first 6 years were still relatively incomplete and this point is very significant since what Carmine delle Donne did was to build around himself the Incomplete Signs of the first 6 years, and to 'bury himself' in that incompleteness. Already at the end of the fifth year, Noda received in her dream that the Universal Church was by now a dead weight and had to be taken out of the House of Prayer. We made a Sign to throw it in the river. There could be no 'Church' in the House of Prayer as there is no Christianity in the House of Prayer, especially a Universal Church which actually translates 'Catholic' Church. It was needed in the first years for the sake of the Correction. Carmine refused to undo it.

Fish 135 - With the Universal Church taken away from the House of Prayer, it became obvious that also the Universal Synagogue had no place in it. The House of Prayer is not a Synagogue. The Synagogues will continue to exist and the House of Prayer will eventually become the Third Temple, not a Synagogue. The undoing of the Universal Church and the Universal Synagogue gave place to the Altar of Ephraim and the Altar of Judah. These were needed for the just equilibrium of the Completed Signs of the House of Prayer. The Altar of Ephraim became a Jewish Altar for the Lost Sheep of the Ten Tribes when they entered the Final New Pact. The Altar of Judah was for born or converted Jews who desired to pray and be part of the House of Prayer instead of the Traditional Synagogue.

Fish 136 - This completely changed the equilibrium since now there were two Jewish Altars and no Christian Altar. For those of the Nations who entered the Final New Pact there was the Altar of Malchitzedek. But also the Altar of Malchitzedek for the nations had to be re-dimensioned because the fact of greater number of non-Jews compared to the other Altars could lead to errors afterwards.

Fish 137 - This re-dimensioning came in a dream to Giuseppe in which was stated that the Altar of Malchitzedek had to take five steps backwards. It had to be rendered less, in the level of its Sanctity, than the Altars of the Anointed Priest, Judah, Ephraim, the Prophet and the Altar of the Greater Israel which relates to the Mission of the Donkeys who eat Bread. Those of the Altar of Malchitzedek had to be instructed in this so as not to err in believing the Priesthood of Malchitzedek superior to the other Priesthoods. Carmine delle Donne also fell into this trap believing himself the Eternal Priest of the Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek, a totally false messianic pretense.

Fish 138 - The Star of Malchitzedek represents the Universal Messianism par excellance alluded to in the Torah (Gen. 14,18) 'Malchitzedek, the King of Shalem (the antique name of Jerusalem; Shalem indicates its Completeness) Priest to God on High (before the Jewish people existed, thus for all the nations). After a thousand years Salomon, son David, was under it. After two thousand years it became the Star of Christ, hence the Universal Messianism of Jesus who was born under that Star. Carmine delle Donne believing himself under that Star thought he was of the Eternal Messianic Malchitzedek, not realizing that he was in the Incomplete and as yet unbalanced Signs of the first 6 years.

Fish 139 - But the Star of Christ is also the Star of Bethlehem containing the Messianic Bread and Messianic Wine of redemption (hence the Christian Eucharist). After 2000 years, it is again in the redemptional position (coinciding with the 4000-year cycle of the Star of Abraham and thus in its Completed Redemptional position) but now it is the Donkey of the Goel who eats the Bread of that Star, and thus the Sign 'The Donkey, Mashiah ben David'.

Fish 140 - This time the Donkeys bring all the Messianic concepts into their proper equilibrium (the Goel is not the Messiah and the Messiah is of a totally lower level compared to the Goel) and the same Star becomes the Star that Astounds. Carmine delle Donne, however, excluded the Donkey from the Signs and fell into the trap of the Universal Messianism of Christ which in truth no longer exists, and although he denies the deification of Christ he doesn't realize that he has substituted it with his own deification and sees the whole universe around himself.

Fish 141 - I dreamed after his rebellious breakaway that the great enthusiasm of Carmine and his followers did not allow them to see the idolatry that he had fallen into. There was a kind of slot machine in which there appeared the New expression that represents the Oneness of God (as does the Shema Yisrael): Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One. With the first EL SHADDAI there was immense enthusiasm and joyous ecstasy, and with the second EL SHADDAI the elation and rapture was even stronger, so that they did not see that the third was said EL SHADDAI is Three. (God save us, Hhass ve-hhalilah). This dream demonstrated without a shred of doubt that they had fallen into a new form of prohibited deification, this time all around the person of Carmine delle Donne.

Fish 142 - Thus all the elements of the unbalance are there: the Universal Church, formulating their New Pact based on the first six years, taking the Sign of the Donkey out of the Completed Signs, and remaining in the unbalanced concept of 'Christianized' Malchitzedek without its being re-dimensioned. He also substituted the Sign of the Donkey who eats with the Sign of Christ, thus doubling it since the Sign of the Star of Christ was already in the first Sign of the Stars. This apart from his evil cunning in stealing our texts and using them on his own name, and condemning me to death in a letter of his (a nice appreciation after all he had learned from me) etc.

Fish 143 - He is also a great liar but he is so off course and out of reach that he believes in his own lies. He declares for example that he is the Teacher of the School of Essenes. What is he talking about? The School of the Essenes hasn't existed for about 2000 years! I report here a dream that Carmine sent to me in a letter (in the sixth year) which if interpreted correctly could have represented the correction of his errors and if interpreted falsely only reinforced his erroneous position. The fact is that only the Donkey because of my experience with the redemptional dreams could have interpreted it correctly in which case Carmine could have repented and returned to the true Completed Signs. He obviously did not ask for my interpretation. Here's the dream:

Fish 144 – 'In my dream I was in ancient Rome illumined by the sun when I was commanded to say the following sentence: "Cursed is that Jew son of my mother" but in reality with great fear before my Father in Heaven, I pronounced, "Blessed is the white work of that Jew son my mother before the Creator of the heavens and he earth and of all the worlds"; then I was given permission to open the conductor of the water of purification to purify everything for the good of humanity; they had us pass directly under the Sign of the Star of Christ, correcting and purifying the Signs of the Redemption in the following way dictated to from heaven in the hands of Shlomoh (another name that Carmine called himself with): The Time has Come, the Sign of the Stars, the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Sign of the first true New Light, Sign of the Star of Christ, Sign of the Fourth Generation and Sign of the Reconstruction of the Third Temple, Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead'. - -

Fish 145 - Notice a few points of the true context around this dream. Carmine had already separated himself from the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and had already declared himself Messiah and had substituted the Sign of the Donkey with the Sign of Christ and his entire rebellion came before this dream. As mentioned above in my dream, the great enthusiasm didn't allow him to see the idolatry that came at the end.

Fish 146 – In the true interpretation of the redemptional dreams when something is contrary to the reality of the matter, the dream is not to be taken to the letter but interpreted (this similar is to Torah exegesis, when a verse cannot be explained by its simple form (pshat) it must be interpreted (drash) in another way). Here 'cursed is the Jew from my mother' is contrary to the fact that Carmine's mother is Catholic; he is therefore not Jewish from his mother. The true meaning is that Carmine is cursed for the reason that he considers himself a Jew from his mother which is totally false. It does not say that Carmine is cursed from his mother but in believing himself a Jew from his mother and believing him Messiah and all the rest. He is cursed and cursed is the basis of all his messianic pretenses.

Fish 147 - But he refuses to deny this falsehood and so the dream continues to show him the cursed consequences of his choice. He thus remains in the lie and says 'blessed is the white work of that Jew from his mother before the Creator' etc. he is cursed in his lie before the Creator. Then he is given permission to go on with this lie and to open the water of purification etc.; he is then made to pass directly under the Sign of the Star of Christ to correct and purify the Signs of the Redemption etc. The Signs of the Redemption cannot be corrected on the basis of a lie; in fact the Completed Signs of the Redemption need not be corrected but only 'completed' by the Signs of the second period of Six years which is a totally different matter. Or if we say that certain Anti-Signs of the first 4 years had to be corrected, that correction consisted in undoing them, properly that which Carmine refused to do. The correction of the Anti-Sign 'Christ descended from the Cross at Genzano' was to undo it totally; his refusal to undo it was not its correction but its corruption and the continuation of the idolatry in and around it.

Fish 148 - The Donkey knew and understood this but Carmine did not and he believed that the purification of the Signs of the Redemption was to purify them from the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. He only cast out the equilibrium of the Completed Signs and wound up with a totally unbalanced, falsified and idolatrous version. It is the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread that was given by the Creator of the heavens and the earth and of all the worlds. The work of the Sign of the Donkey is to maintain the equilibrium desired for the Final Redemption; take out the Sign of the Donkey and all the rest becomes unbalanced.

Fish 149 - That Carmine replaced the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread with the Sign of Christ immediately demonstrates the unbalance since it is a redoubling of the Sign of the Star of Christ given in the Sign of the Stars by the Goel Haim. The doubling of the Sign of Christ brings his entire "revelation" back to the Catholic Church and to the deification of Christ of all theological Christianity created principally by the idolatrous Logos. Carmine delle Donne made the worst possible deal possible. The proof of this is that the dream itself demonstrates that he is found in ancient Rome from where the Initial Signs became corrupted and extended to the world. The basic context of Carmine's dream is the Ancient Roman Catholic corruption of the Christian Signs. Carmine delle Donne instead of going forward in the Completed Signs went 2000 years back in time but his corruption is a thousand times worse, corrupting together with that past corruption the true Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of true and final Goel Haim.

Fish 150 – It need be mentioned that not less guilty than Carmine is Domenico Lamastra, who was together with me, Peretz Green, for 12 years, and he was close to the Tzadik Haim, hundreds of times, and knew my standing as pupil of the Teacher Haim, and participated in the New Revelation after the demise of the Tzadik. We were close friends in all those 12 years and he was generous and helped the Tzadik Haim and me many times. He would have been able to stop all of Carmine's pretences but instead he 'stabbed me in the back' and became a follower of his crazy Christ relative.


Chapter 6


Fish 151 – Eighth day of Hhanucat ha-Hhabucot, 5779, December 10th, 2018: I just saw a video of one the most famous sermons of Billy Graham. Billy Graham is the quintessence of the Logos doctrine. He quotes Jesus as saying, "I am God" relating it to Word of God, the only begotten Son of God. The Logos is the worst falsehood to have taken over the Christian masses in all these past centuries. In the beginning there was NO WORD of God. God Almighty is infinitely above Words. The words of God are manifestations of God's will for the purposes contained in those words. O what disillusionment for Billy Graham in the other world to know the total falsehoods of his preaching.

Fish 152 – The Logos must end, it must be destroyed and finished forever. No Word of God became flesh in Jesus. The word of God in the creation of Adam created Adam, our first father. Adam was a man, a human being, not God. The Logos must fall and be totally denied by all for the sake of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and for the good of all humanity that remains after the Fourth Generation. In the beginning the Word was not with God, for if the Word of God is God and God is God, you have then two 'Gods', an idolatrous theological blasphemy that has poisoned the minds of Christians. There was no Word in the beginning; there was only God Almighty always in eternity. This is the true faith of Abraham, God is One, the only One Living God, not a 'One' that can be followed by a 'two' or a 'three' or any other number.

Fish 153 – But the potent Logos will fall and be smashed into a million pieces and annulled forever more. See how Carmine delle Donne, the foolish Christ descended at Genzano of Lucania, has been taken into the Logos Christ and placed it around himself. Read any of his words and you'll find his self-Logos-ness all put together around himself. His force came from the impure and idolatrous 'other side' of the true Sanctified Completed Signs of the third and final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. Carmine has deified himself and all the other names that he mentions, Abraham, Moses, the Prophet Elijah and the Tzadik Haim are all used by him to increase his own deification. So too Christianity has used the entire Torah and Prophets to crown the Logos become flesh in Jesus Christ making others simply people, nothing compared to the Divine Christ.

Fish 154 – Comes the Donkey who eats the Bread of the Star that Astounds, according to the teachings of the final Goel Haim, the 'Son of Man' of which Jesus prophesied, to seal an end to the total unbalance created by the Logos. The Word of the Donkey must be listened to for he is guided by the Goel Haim, the chosen final redeemer: The Logos has fulfilled its days, its time is over, the New True Equilibrium has come unto its time in the Stars of the Redemption and in Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim. Jesus was a man, a human being, not the only begotten Son of the Word that became flesh in him.

Fish 155 - Jesus was missing contrariness of the Star of Rosh. When the contrariness exits, the star's poison is neutralized and it becomes the searching intellect to distinguish truth and true virtues from falsehood and virtues used for false purposes. The poison in a few of the expressions brought in John such 'I am in my Father and my Father is in me' (John, 14: 11) and such other similar statements (some of them for the fault of Jesus himself, as he has admitted by way of the Completed Signs), poisoned the Christian minds in the terrible false light deriving from the Logos. If Jesus had foreseen things more clearly, he would have said, "I am not God, I am a human being! Do not pray to me, pray only to God Almighty. I am nothing but am only trying to fulfill God's will".

Fish 156 – Such an affirmation would have neutralized the poison distinguishing the true God from any possible deification of himself (of Jesus). Jesus knew it but he didn't say it and instead he said a few expressions that not only poisoned Christian theology but also the hearts of Jew haters throughout the centuries. But the unbalance of the Star of Christ in that epoch did not allow the poison to be neutralized since the neutralization of that poison would have equally neutralized the basis of Christian revelation. If Jesus were simply a human being, he would have had to be of a lesser level than Moses or the Prophet Elijah and that would have cut off Christianity's feet from its inception. For Christianity to exist Jesus had to be 'Divinely Higher' than anyone else. And only in such a way could the masses take hold of it.

Fish 157 – Such was the bounty of God Almighty so that the masses of many nations could get a hold of some truths, (belief in the Torah and Prophets) even though mixed together with falsehoods, so that in the end the poison would be neutralized and many could merit to the Final Redemption. The Star of Christ in its Second Coming has arranged for the Neutralization of the Logos by sending it to the Haman-Christ of Genzano who will later be called the Clown of Genzano who thought he was the Logos itself!

Fish 158 – It's true that Carmine delle Donne is unique in his Christ-Logos-hood, for there have been and are many false Christs in the world but none of them could match up to the Christ of Genzano! For no other false Christ knows of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption which of themselves represent the great new revelation prepared by God Almighty for the world.

Fish 159 - But as explained here that Jesus himself could not have neutralized the poison of the Logos-Deification, so too Carmine delle Donne could not accept the truth of the Final Completed Signs and instead of neutralizing the false Logos, he tried to neutralize and destroy the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, It's obvious, the Donkey Sign neutralizes all the false deification created by the Logos, so how could Carmine have accepted the Donkey?! The Donkey Signs destroy the Logos that Carmine desired on his own person and he made his choice. In the end, however, he had no choice because the tragic Comedy had to be, since it's part of the Design in the destruction of the Logos.

Fish 160 – He had no choice because he didn't merit to any true choice for reason of his beleaguered heart of jealousy and hatred and his unbounded megalomania. Jesus was the true Christ, loved by God for his humility and his great faith in God Almighty and in the mission that he undertook and in the sacrifice before God. Carmine delle Donne is a false ignorant but cunning hatefully arrogant Christ and the poisonous fool of the News of the Redemption.

Fish 161 – He will fall with the realization of the Sheen of the NUNE FINALEE of SHUSHAN of the Completed Signs of the Geula Shleima in the Completion of the Three Nunes, the Nune of Yehoshua bin Nune, the Nune Finale of Shushan and the Nune Soffit of Leviathan. The Sheen of Shushan is the middle letter of the name ASHER of the full name of God Almighty, the Redeemer of mankind, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE; when the SHEEN of ASHER is completed in the NUNE FINALEE of SHUSHAN, then Haman is destroyed and is hung on the fork of 50 Cubits that he had prepared for hanging Mordechai the Tzadik. This is the Sheen that we witnessed from Beersheva to Jerusalem (in 1990). The fall of Haman is the New Purim of the Final Redemption that we are waiting for.

Fish 162 – The New Purim of the Final Redemption will of course have other manifestations during this Fourth Generation for there are many Hamans in the world who must be destroyed but the New Purim of the Completed Signs needs the fall of the evil-hearted Haman, poisoner of the True Completed Signs. With the fall of Haman-Christ of Genzano, the Sheen of Shushan will splender from Beersheva to Jerusalem, bringing the Signs closer to the construction of the Third Temple at Jerusalem and Beersheva. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon, quickly in these days.

Fish 163 - In conclusion (Psalms 31,19) "May they become mute the lips of falsehood that speak haughtiness ( (๒๚๗of the Tzadik with arrogance (โเๅๅไ) and derision (แๅๆ)" : 'haughtiness' – that the Logos speaks of Moses, lowering him and raising up Christ; 'with arrogance', such as Billy Graham's false statement that Jesus said, "I am God" which if, God forbid, were true would make Jesus an arrogant fraud; derision – this is mentioning of the Goel Haim's name by Carmine delle Donne. May that all these lips of falsehood become mute. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.


Fish 164 – It's still the eighth day of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot: there are some matters that are very profound in the Design of the Geula ha-Shleima, and it's not easy to speak about them since the Fourth Generation must pass and the Final Redemption must begin to settle in the world and still yet time will be needed to their comprehension. For example, that the main sin behind the Shoa was that of the book of the Zohar and the false doctrine of Atzilut is very difficult to speak about because it doesn't re-enter into any mind-set until afterwards it will be fully understood.

Fish 165 – We were obligated to explain it because in the future the Jewish people will look at things on a different level and will realize the terrible idolatrous distortion that took place with the undermining of the true faith of the entire Torah tradition. If there is no true Torah, there is no true people of Israel. A deeper reason is that the understanding of the gravity of the doctrine of Atzilut behind the Shoa will render all possibilities of again falling into such an error nullified for all future history. The conclusive manifestation of the Golden Calf of Ahhrit ha-Yamim in its highest possible form of 'sophisticated idolatry' will destroy the risk of its ever happening again.

Fish 166 – This means that in God Almighty's Design in bringing the Final Redemption, and here is the profundity of God's Providence, no matter how difficult it is to reach its understanding, the original sin of the Golden Calf had to come about, and the false doctrine of Atzilut had to come about, and the Shoa had to be. For only the terrible Correction of the sin of Atzilut would allow the Final Redemption to reside in the Jewish world. In the end all will understand why God Almighty allowed it all to happen. 'Great is God and highly praised and there is no scrutiny of His greatness' (Psalms, 145: 3).

Fish 167 – This is one aspect of the historical depth of that necessary Correction. Let us however, move on to God's Providence in the necessity of Christianity and the sin of the deification of Christ caused mainly by the doctrine of the Logos. Also in this, the idolatrous sin of Jesus' deification had to come and be corrected for the rest of history. That Correction is not only for the very essential purposes of revealing the truth of Jesus' messianic mission, of being the Messiah son of Joseph prophesied in Jewish tradition, of the prophetic realization of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead and of Jesus' being the chosen 'middle' man of the three men of the redemption: Moses, Jesus and Haim.

Fish 168 – As Atzilut had to come and be destroyed so that it never come into history again, so too the deification of Jesus, Christ of the nations had to come and be destroyed for the sake of the Final Redemption. However, the deification of Christ is a completely different matter in respect to the destruction of Atzilut and the burning away of the false Kabbala forever. Israel's purpose in the world has been and will always be that of maintaining the pure monotheistic faith of the Patriarchs and of all Torah tradition. That correction brings Israel's purification in every sense for its ensuing spiritual climb on the White Marble Steps of its future history. The main point of this discussion, however, is to understand the Providential necessity of the deification of Christ.

Fish 169 – Atzilut will die and Israel will continue on its path of purification but the correction of the deification of Jesus carries with it an extremely essential fact that relates to the exalted level of the final Goel Haim and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. If not for that Correction of the deification, hass ve-shalom, hass ve-hhalila, the world, in its realization of the incredible level and power of the Goel Haim, would come to deify the Goel Haim, God save us!

Fish 170 - The Goel Haim is in the Kingdom of Heaven, on a totally elevated level . He can know every person in the world as he desires. He is the sacrificed Lamb of God in whose merit those who believe in his mission can be forgiven their sins, change their lives and begin a new existence. His name, Haim, was designed by God before the creation of the world. He is seated on the Seat of the Kingdom of Heaven where even the higher angels cannot see him clearly. He will be revealed to people in the world, mainly in dreams and also in visions and counsel each person according to one's needs. He knows the soul (neshama) of each person and the purpose of each person's life.

Fish 171 – From the Kingdom of Heaven, he will direct the construction of the Third and Final Temple. In his God-given power he will change the course of all history and be known as a father for all times. He will bring the solutions of the promised reconciliation of Eliahu ha-navi and be known as the Prince of Peace. He will be the final chosen Teacher of the world that remains and of the future generations. All this and much, much more but it is absolutely forbidden to pray to him or to call him Lord, God save us. If not for all the theological corrections of Christianity, the deifying Logos would again show its faith and turn him into the Divine Goel, God forbid a million times.

Fish 172 – The Teacher Haim is teaching us the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father. Who has had the knowledge of that Book, a matter that has been hidden from the eyes of the Sages until the final chosen Goel reveals it? Not only does he reveal its existence but teaches us the Stars of the Redemption so that people can come to know and understand amazing and wonderful new studies of the great Stars that have important roles in the formation of the Geula Shleima in the world. And together with this the Goel Haim is teaching us the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan who with his Wife the Leviatanit have been preparing the Great Banquet for the meritorious Tzadikim.

Fish 173 – That the Banquet of Leviathan will be made is known in Tradition and even that the Meat of Shor ha-Bar will be part of it, but the essentially new names of the 13 Mazalot are revealed only with the coming of the Goel Haim. So what would Billy Graham have made of all these facts if he came to interpret them according the Logos?! Would he have called him simply a chosen Teacher and the chosen Goel whose name was chosen before the creation of the world? No, he would have 'logosized' him not as the 'Son of Man' (prophesied by Jesus) but as the finalized Word of God become flesh in the Goel Haim, the Divine Son of God and Completed Christ of the world to whom one must pray and serve in order to have salvation, God forbid, and again the Logos would destroy mankind's reasoning and totally distort the true monotheistic faith of Abraham, our father!

Fish 174 - Jesus brought a New Spirit and a New Heart to the world but it got caught up in the Logos trap and the Fishermen-Priests pull in the poor fish in their Logos-nets and eat people brains in never ending confusion. The Teacher Haim teaches us how gain the new harmonious New Spirit and New Humble Brain and to serve only God Almighty and to pray only to him.

Fish 175 - Halleluiah when the Logos will fall and die and the brains will turn to the balanced clarity of the Clear Tongue of the Final Redemption even when speaking of the incredible elevated matters of the chosen Tzadik Haim in the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Completeness of the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.

Fish 176 - God Almighty is infinitely above every matter in the world; His being does not pertain to death not does His existence have to do with being resurrected from the Dead. That is foolishness. God created life and He created death and He created the resurrection from the dead. Jesus was in the Initial Redemptional Sign of the Resurrection, true while also limited in its scope but nevertheless the Life-Rod of all further Christianity. It too was smothered under the pagan god Tamuz who died in the winter and was resurrected in the spring and later taken up by the Logos-Plague so that God's incarnation in his only begotten Son-God could die and be resurrected. Poor Jesus whose true merits have been taken away from him and attributed to God by all Christians with high-spirited Logos-fever on their tongues.

Fish 177 - The Resurrection of the Goel Haim finalizes its Sign for all the coming generations until that amazingly elevated period of the Resurrection from the Dead as prophesied in the true Tradition. It is the Final Sign because no other Sign is needed in order to reach that prophesied period even though its time is known only to God. Signor Domenico Manigrasso, a very simple soul from South Italy, after his death, showed himself to his sons, Daniel and Giuseppe, in their dreams, in his new resurrected body and stated that it was in merit of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. And they touched him and knew the truth he was revealing. This was an important Sign of the Finality of the Sign of the Tzadik Haim's resurrection for the world.

Fish 178 – Do you see then how the Sign of the Donkey who eats the true Bread of the Star that Astounds and licks away the idolatrous exaggerations, distortions and Logos hungry zombies, neutralizes all their poison and casts them into the abyss so deep that even the sheddim are afraid of it? This is because the Goel and Tzadik of Salvation is so poor and humble that instead of a Cadillac he comes riding on a donkey and on a foal son of she-asses in the new Sheen of Shushan between Beersheva and Jerusalem. So listen now Christians and whoever wants to hear: you have spoken billions of billions of words in the name of Jesus but without the true equilibrium given with the coming of the third and final Goel Haim, all those billions of billions of words have been boiled in poisoned Logos-Soup and you must not eat it anymore.

Fish 179 – Jesus himself has spoken to us in redemptional dreams and told us that he is thankful for the words of the Great Correction of Christianity by which he has been freed from the New Testament and liberated from the falsehoods of that Incomplete Initial Pact. He told us not to be harsh in our words to Christians because they are used to the refined language that they learned from him. He acknowledged as true our writings concerning him. He reiterated that he is Jewish and never left the Jewish faith. He acknowledged that he too said certain phrases that were wrong in that they caused great confusion afterwards.

Fish 180 – Jesus is also thankful that the Goel Haim has revealed the true history of his 3 full years in the School of the Essenes where he received secrets of the Kabbalah Ma'asit with which he performed the miraculous deeds related in the Gospels. Jesus was a savior to many millions of good-hearted Christians throughout the ages and now with the coming of the final 'Son of Man' he most certainly desires that Christians exit from their relative Churches and enter the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim. And we, the Donkeys of the chosen Goel Haim are sure that Jesus will rejoice greatly with the fall of the self-crowned Logos-Christ of Genzano, Carmine delle Donne. Amen. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One.


Chapter 7


Fish 181 – Shabbat morning, Parashat Mi-Ketz, Dec. 8. 2018: 30 Kislev 5779: I had the great privilege to see the Tzadik Haim in a dream: The vision of the Tzadik just before his last illness and then after that terrible period. It's not so easy to describe the vision. I was shown that throughout the entire period of that excruciatingly painful time, the Tzadik's thought was upon me, not only his thought but his love and his concern for me. In the dream this was shown to me after he had completed the world kapara that he had gone through and that second image of the Teacher (which doesn't correspond to the physical reality of his death) was of a differently elevated sanctity that I cannot put in words. The main point was how the Tzadik Haim's heart was attached to me with an unbounded love. – Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One.

Fish 182 – In the afternoon I slept from 3:30 to 4:00 and in my dream there was a party with preparations for a dinner with also sweet things; it was told to me that the Tzadik Haim would be present and shortly afterwards it was said that the Tzadik had arrived. I rushed quickly, pasing over some tables not yet mounted and some sacks that were in the way and then I saw the Teacher Haim together with his wife Mazal. As I approached ha-Moreh, I was in some doubt as to whether should greet the Tzadik first or Geveret Mazal. Ha-Moreh indicated with his eyes that I greet first Signora Mazal and I went and kissed her on the cheek. She pleasantly said with Yemenite cunning, "It’s not perhaps that you were influenced by someone to greet me first?" as she looked towards ha-Moreh, and I woke up. - -

Fish 183 – I was of course very happy about this dream and kissing the Signora Mazal was certainly a sign of good luck. I needed some good luck for the establish the new Sim-card from the new telephone company (that Davide Levi paid for), so Solly came and brought me to his house to work it out by way of their web-site. It was war to get it in line but after about an hour that Solly followed the directions from a woman worker there, the phone was ready and working, thank God. It was very important for me since previously for many months I could only receive calls and for the last 4 months even that was blocked (not really sure for what but perhaps for some unpaid debt) and I need the phone. I even prayed to God before going to Solly that He help me get it straightened out. At 16:45 Solly came and drove me to his house and with much patience he got it done. Thank God, I had good mazal.

Fish 184 – Solly then took me out to eat a delicious hamburger with fried onions which I had had on my desire thoughts for some time. Later on at home Yehoel Yehoel brought me delicious piece of chocolate cake that his friend's sister had made. It was really yummy. In the meantime Ottavio called to tell me that he had spoken with a young fellow, about 20, that he knows from work relationships and spoke a few things to him about the Final Redemption.

Fish 185 - The young man said he was interested in seeing our Web-site and Ottavio called to ask me permission to give this serious fellow the address of our Web-Site which I did. Also this was good news because for several months now I had been telling Ottavio that he needed to find someone with whom to speak about the Final Redemption. It was missing from Above, his faith in the Final Redemption, basing himself on his faithful friendship with Paolo and me, was not 'in vigor' if he didn't speak about it with someone else.

Fish 186 - Without sharing it with anyone else, he could not yet be considered from Above as a pupil of the Goel Haim. So Ottavio's having spoken was good news. And then the fact that this person became interested enough to want to study our texts in the WebSite was a very positive sign.

Fish 187 - I said to Ottavio that a person needs some introductions before one can understand our texts and Ottavio knew this. He assured me that this person was a serious person and quite intelligent.

Fish 188 - I said, "Tell him to read slowly and even to repeat things several times. He will then certainly have questions that he will ask you and you might even direct him to Paolo for more precise answers on any subject, which is Paolo's White Horse Bread".

Fish 189 – Some Blessings: before eating cake or sweet cookies, or sufganiot (Doughnuts) etc, we say:

Blessed is ADONAI ELOHEINU who creates various kinds sustenance.

After having eaten the sweet things of a sufficiency to feel satisfaction such as large cookies or sufgania or a substantial piece of cake that make one feel satisfied, or a meal eaten without bread, one says the following blessings:

Fish 190 – (7 blessings in correspondence with the 7 Prophetic Circles)

Blessed is EL SHADDAI who purifies our food from every impurity.

Blessed is the Lord, Our God (or ADONAI ELOHEINU) who sweetens our life in the rainfalls of Honey that descend from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Humble is the Goel Haim who rides on his Donkeys and guides them from Beersheva to Jerusalem and blesses our food for our good health and for a happy spirit in the name of EL 'ELYON.

Happy are the Donkeys who bring blessed Bread to a multitude of Nations and teach the faith of the One Living God (or EL HHAI). Hee-haw, Hee-haw, Hee-haw.

Blessed is the Lord, the Eternal God (or ADONAI EL 'OLAM) who purifies us in the Lakes of Milk in which we bathe and of which we drink to rejoice in the Mazalot of Leviathan.

Blessed is the God of Hosts (ADONAI TZEVAOT) who opens for the world the Stars of the Final Redemption.

Blessed is EHEYE ASHER EHEYE who blesses us in the Splendor of the Pact of the Final Redemption.


Fish 191 - I saw a few documentaries that testified with archeological and scriptural proofs that the first and second Temples were not on the mountain where Mesged AlAksa (or Dome of the Rock or haram el-sharif ('holy sanctuary of the Praised One)) is. The Temple was in the old city of David, separated from the walls behind which, Tradition has it, the Temple stood. The facts of study in these documentaries are convincing. It's only 16 years that the archeologists discovered the true old city of David and they've found the river Gihhon which was said in Tradition to flow under the Temple. And here's what convinced me even more: The results of their findings clarify the fact that the Western Wall had nothing to do with the Temple. I knew directly from the Tzadik Haim that the Kotel ha-Maarivi is not at all what they think it is.

Fish 192 – In the discussion it was said that if it so, and eventually the Jews become convinced of it, this could be an amazing and important solution to the great conflict between Muslims and Jews. If the Temple wasn't there but in another place, the Muslims could keep their Hharam El-sharif, ve-shalom 'al Yisrael.

Fish 193 – Dec. 19, 2018: Tevet 11, 5779: I dreamed: I was together with Noda; there was a tremendous flood that covered over everything (as the universal flood); we stood, Noda on my left, as the waters arose up to our necks, and we were ready for its covering us. I lifted my eyes and asked God to accept us. In the last minute we were saved and the waters had receded as we marveled about the quantity of water there had been. - - This dream came just after I had translated into English gnomen 556 of the book "Some matters of the Final Redemption".

Fish 194 – There was the fact of Noda's dream in which I said: 'they have exonerated me from the New Pact' - - , after realizing that the blessing was still missing for which the women had to take an oath of responsibility for educating their children in the Final New Pact. Noda then stood on the Altar of the Leviatanit making such an oath (that she repeated 5 times for the children). With that oath the Final New Pact was accepted (as the revealing of the Torah had been accepted at Sinai only when the women promised to educate their children according to the laws of the Torah) and I only then was exonerated from the Final New Pact, meaning exonerated from the punishment had that oath made by the women not been fulfilled.

Fish 195 - After translating those few gnomen relating to this, I saw the above mentioned dream of flood waters until the neck. Those Gnomen of the Book "Some matters of the Final Redemption" had been towards the end of the 18th year of the Signs and we are now in the 36th year where the conclusions to all the previous Signs are being 'sealed' since this is the overlapping year (first year of the second part of the Fourth Generation, year of the Resurrection under the Six year Sign of the Resurrection) before Pesah 2019 when the world begins to enter more fully into the period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord until 2042. My dream represents the New Protection for the Fourth Generation even if 'Higiu maim 'ad nafesh' the waters are up until the neck.

Fish 196 – Dec. 23, 2018: Tzunami in Indonesia, hundreds dead.

Fish 197 – I dreamed the whole night, at least 3 times, that I saw the Koran and it was very sweet. I've never had such a dream before. Perhaps there's some background to this dream, aside from the note above in preparation to the Sign of Zerah. One is that I happened to be reading in Jeremiah 33 concerning the promised universal peace promised to Israel in the last final Pact and the incredible goodness that Ha-Shem will do for Israel for which all the nations will be amazed.

Fish 198 – Some other facts: I did mention to Sanmeir that Rav Tovia Singer's[1] assessment of Muslims and of the Koran in general is extremely positive. Even in his Synagogue in Indonesia there's a place for Muslims to pray and he is in a close relationship with many Muslims who 'cry on his shoulder' for what the erroneous fanatic Muslims think and act against Israel and Jews.

Fish 199 – At the same time I saw a debate between Rav Tovia and a learned Christian in Jerusalem. Two things said by the Christian were terrible, the first thing was stupid and the second thing is truly angering. In response to Rav Tovia's affirmation that Christianity has killed Jews throughout history, the Christian 'happily' agreed but added that Christianity has also killed thousands upon thousands of non-Jews. O how nice it is for you to be a Christian!!! Well, didn't Jesus say he came to bring the sword and not peace!!!! How idiotic can you get.

Fish 200 - That's nothing compared to his Christian belief that Jesus never sinned and that there's no one else in history about whom such can be said. To make his point, he glibly called Moshe Rabbeinu a murderer (for his killing the Egyptian). Even among the audience there was a bitter murmuring for such a statement but an idiot is an idiot. For me it was the final Sign and Seal of the absolute abyssinal falsehood of all Christian theology. There's nothing worse than such a belief about whom God Almighty Himself said that Moses, our teacher, of blessed memory, was the faithful one in all His house and that no one among men on the face of the earth was humbler than Moses.

Fish 201 – Thank God for the complete destruction of all traditional Christianity that is coming in this Fourth Generation. Perhaps my dream this past night came as a 'sealed' distinction. The Koran and the basic faith of Islam is good, sweet and acceptable before Heaven. No word in the Koran goes against Moses and it recognizes him and the Torah that he brought as the truth. And we know from the Completed Signs that the Koran for Muslims is acceptable before God Almighty.

Fish 202 – And thank God Almighty that in merit of the Tzadik Haim we have been successful in totally separating the true Jesus from traditional Christianity. Jesus loved Moses and would have abhorred such a statement as that made by said Christian. I do think, however, that Rav Tovia should have given a lambasting defense against that statement instead of letting it go; he most probably realized this afterwards.

Fish 203 – 24 December, 2018: David Catucci dreamed: he was in his house; Shaul, his father, reprimanded him for the fact that he had not yet done the sign that he was told to do. The sign was to put honey on a plate and to hide it away in a safe place. This sign had the purpose of giving to mankind the power to be victorious over the aliens that would come. - - By telephone I told Paolo to tell David to do the sign as soon as possible.

Fish 204 – 22 December, 2018: Sanmeir dreamed that he saw the spinal cord of some person; to that person's left was a page of a Sefer Torah, and a page of 2 naked women. The pages were placed vertically. Then Sanmeir saw the same thing, but clouded, close to him, but the pages were lateral. - -

Fish 205 – December 24, 2018: Moshe Levi dreamed: there were young hharedim on a narrow street (perhaps Jerusalem or New York) and a guide (madrich). The madrich had them enter a place where there was coffin (without anyone in it). The children looked at and walked around it and touched it with interest.

Fish 206 – I heard on YouTube from Rav Tovia Singer that The term 'the Son of Man' appears 86 times in the Christian New Testament. I hadn't imagined it! He take up Daniel (7: 13) in the prophecy concerning 'a son of man will come in the clouds'. Rav Tovia lambasts their false translation into the Son of Man and also they write son with a capital, falsifying Scripture. He then interprets the clouds in counter distinction from Gog of Magog. Gog refers to 'GAG' (Roof) and refers to materialistic beliefs; the clouds refer spiritual beliefs above the material thoughts of the world. The war of Gog, a great federation of many nations, will wage war against those whose thoughts are elevated spiritually in the true faith. Then the promised Mashiah will come. The main conclusion is that this verse in Daniel does relate to the Mashiah and that he will be given great ruling power over all the nations and he will fulfill all the messianic prophecies and will raise the dead and live forever. And all people will serve him but not make him into a god or pray to him etc. It will, however, be recognized and believed in the immense power that has been given him by God.

 Fish 207 - I'm not interested in commenting on Daniel and I have never used his prophecy in our writings aside from the four kingdoms. I believe it but I was always pushed away by the fact that so many in the world use him to search for the End Time, that I refused to get into it. That's not our task. The END TIMES, God Almighty's choice of the final Goel Haim, has come, and the 65 years of the Fourth Generation has been revealed and the Completed Signs of the Geula Shleima have been revealed, whether one knows Daniel or doesn't. (Rav Tovia says that he loves the Prophet Daniel perhaps more than all the other Prophets).

Fish 208 - My intention in bring the matter here is only to demonstrate once again that the lack of knowledge of the fact that the Mashiah is not the Goel and the Goel is not the Mashiah and that the level of Mashiah compared to that of the Goel is very small, like a donkey, creates fantasies, as if the world no longer pertains to the world of people. If such a Mashiah would have such a power given him by God and he was King Mashiah over Israel and over the whole world, in the world, believe me they would not serve him as a king but he would become a 'god' in their eyes. Just think and you'll understand that I am right.

Fish 209 - It is in the wisdom of God Almighty that the Final Goel is the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and not in the world; he is bound to the world in a new relationship between the Kingdom of Heaven and people in the world but he is not in the world; if he desires to appear to someone in the world he has the power to do so, as has the Prophet Elijah, but he is of the Kingdom of Heaven not of earth. And how things will be in that future period of the Physical Resurrection from the Dead, I cannot know, nor is it my business, hee-haw!

Fish 210 - Instead, because they don't know the distinction between Mashiah and Goel, they mix all the contests together and make such a large sandwich that no one can eat it or digest it. It's not desired by God Almighty that such a Mashiah be in the world. The Goel in the Kingdom of Heaven is already on a completely different level compared to the world, and the writings of the Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim clearly prepares all people not to pray to the Goel Haim and not to serve him but to love and to learn from him as a most precious Teacher who teaches only the truth of the One Living God.


[1] Well known Rabbi, expert in Tanach, Christianity and Islam whose primary purpose is to bring Jews who have converted to Christianity back to Judaism. He lives in Indonesia.