Written by: Peretz Green



Big Fish Waters the Earth

(cont. of The Universal Smile of Big Fish Leviathan)



Chapter 1


Fish 1 Erev Rosh ha-Shana 5776: September 13, 2015: Beersheva: Noda dreamed that there was a woman who had to give birth and she already with strong contractions. Noda began to help but she saw that the head of the baby-boy was already revealed. The baby came out; he was a complete, marvelous and miraculous child. He was immediately one year old, he walked and spoke. Our friend Mishel was present and was amazed; Noda made a jest to him not to reveal the miracle.

For sure, a very positive Sign, on the morning of Rosh ha-Shana.

Fish 2 - I remember that the only dreams of such a child were those that announced the birth and miraculously quick growth, and the speaking of Ha-Moreh Haim. Stella saw such a dream in the first year of the Signs (perhaps even before the first year). Then Davide Levi saw the New-Born Moreh Haim who quickly grew and said, Be not amazed, Im ha-Moreh Haim".

We are now in the two and a half year mark in the Six Year Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.

Fish 3 On Rosh Ha-Shana, 5776, I saw several dreams both the first and second days. I saw a young homosexual man; every male he looked at was a possible lover for him. I also saw dreams of complete lack of modesty. The second day I saw a man in bed with a woman, not his wife, and his wife beside her with another man. When the sexual relation between his wife and that other man was culminated, a sound of pop was heard; this made everybody laugh and laugh till the top of their gills. The total lightheadedness, God save us, of this adulterous scene is even worse than the adultery itself.

I prayed to Ha-Shem after these dreams that He have mercy on the people of Israel and on the world because there are also many good people who try to do good for others.

Fish 4 Anna Gasparotti (who calls every Friday evening to say Buon Giorno della Pace) dreamed, after Rosh ha-Shana: Noda came to Milan and she had with her 4 Keys. Noda explained: 3 Keys were for Peretz, Paolo and Noda; the 4th Key is for you Anna and you are the only one in the world now who can hold it. - -

Thank God, a very positive dream. I must think

Fish 5 Shabbat Teshuva. I attended the Synagogue here and I was given an 'Aliya, shishi of parashat va-yeilech. Afterwards I slept and had a terrible dream. There was a man responsible for cleaning the excrements of a sick person, one who is part of the Congregation here, in a hospital room; there were at least thirty large excrements. I was waiting for that man to tell me exactly what to do; he was nervous because people kept calling him by telephone. In any case I did not touch the excrements but said the Blessing, - ' - Blessed are You, O Lord, our God, on the purification and woke up. - -

Fish 6 - Excrements are money and indicated here are sins concerning money in this terrible Dor Mamon. The things spoken of in the Synagogue do not touch the true matters. People rely on money instead of relying on God Almighty.

I made a sign with Mud from the Dead Sea that we have at home. I put it ever my whole body, from head to foot, helped by Paolo where I do not reach; then with only a bathing-suit on me, Paolo said Minhhat Shabbat. The essence of the sign was in imitation of the terrible unfathomable darkness of the false-god Mamon.

The sign made exempted me from any responsibility in the Correction of Mamon which in any case is far above my force. Therefore in the dream I didnt touch the excrements.

Fish 7 8th of Tishrei, 5776: I dreamed that I was given to understand the great privilege given me by the Tzadik Haim to accomplish the historical Correction of Christianity, the True History of Yeshua and Tikkun Paulus. In the dream Paulus was completing these 2 large texts, the True History of Jesus and Tikkun Paulus. It was a long drawn out dream with much emotion in my realizing the historical importance of this matter. I even woke up several times and then slept again as the dream continued. I remember also crying with emotion both of happiness for having accomplished this privilege but also with tears perhaps for the suffering of those who had to bear with me in all these past years in my working on these texts of Sefer ha-Mafli. In the dream Paulus continued to complete these texts, adding a word here and there or simply ratifying the contents. - -

Fish 8 Shabbat Haazinu: I dreamed a meeting with the Lubovitcher Rebbe. I was accompanied by some of his followers into his room. The room was not of 770 and also the form of the Rebbe was not of the usual photo of their propaganda-machine. It could have been the Rebbe as he was, lets say, 50 years ago. So too his opening words when I entered, said with a benevolent smile, Shalom, Ive heard that you have to do with Habad might have represented a time 5 years before I became Talmid of the Tzadik Haim. I answered with some irony, yes, I have to do with Habad. Listen[1] to what I have to say. I then changed attitude and began my discourse. Throughout the dream I was standing while he, except in the beginning when he greeted me, he was seated. I also fixed him in the eyes most of the time as I spoke:

Fish 9 Before I proceed, I must give this warning. I am a shaliah (messenger) of the Higher Tribunal in what I am saying. Be careful not to deny what I am saying because it is from the Higher Tribunal and it is dangerous to speak against whatever I say here. Your followers have turned you into a cult, they are practicing idolatry in your regards. You yourself are not aware of the cult they have made of you. It is terrible, whether you realize it or not, they are idolatrously sick in thinking about you and bowing down to your shadow by day and by night. They are spiritually vomiting out your image by day and by night. Their thoughts have been totally immersed in idolizing you. Be careful, I know what I am saying, it is the truth. I am the Talmid of the true Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, ha-Moreh Haim.

This is the essence of what I said. The dream, however, was long and sharp and I remember repeating several times, while looking him straight in the eyes, You yourself do not realize the terrible avoda zara that they are doing to you. I spoke throughout the dream in English. I might have thought that, as said, this dream touches the earlier years after his becoming Rebbe, about 50 years ago when I would have been 20 years old, about the time I entered Habad which, it seems was the time when the cult to the Rebbe had begun to take firm roots in the Habad Movement, especially in Brooklyn, New York.

Fish 10 - Since, however, I am a shaliah of the Tribunal in the dream and I declare myself pupil of the Tzadik Haim, the time was surely after a year or 2 years with the Tzadik Haim, when I understood the idolatrous cult to the Rebbe and I left Habad, thus about 43 years ago. This may also be corroborated by the fact that I do not speak here about the origins of the sin of Emanation of the Zohar ecc. which I myself did not yet know. I speak of this time element of the dream because dreams of the Final Redemption need not repeat themselves and I had already declared myself a shaliah of the Higher Tribunal against Habad in a dream some years ago where I was in 770 the Rebbes office. What then does this dream come to add? I believe it comes to demonstrate and to officially declare against that earlier period when, had the Rebbe wanted to understand the idolatry being formed around him, he could have put a stop to it but unfortunately didnt. This dream comes therefore to declare his guilt already in that earlier time.

Fish 11 Succot: I followed the lunar eclipse with signs in Isaiah from end of 45 to end of 48. The reappearance of the moon and the red moon were then covered by clouds. Today the incredible news that there is water on Mars.

Fish 12 3 October, 2015, Shabbat, 6th of Succot: I had the privilege to see the Tzadik Haim in a dream. He placed his hand in my right hand, he said things under his breath, then he made a jest of throwing away something. The form of the Tzadik Haim was big and large, fairly young, about 40 years old. - -

The day before I had gathered about 16 pages of prayers in Hebrew from the Book "Some matters of the Final Redemption". I now understood that I had to make from those prayers New Hoshannot to be used for Hoshanna Raba, throwing away what was unnecessary or not relative. So have I done, with 8 pages of the New Hoshannot for the New Hoshanna Raba.

Fish 13 As I review "The Virtues of Esther", at least for the second time, I am amazed again at Jesus explanations concerning: the Signs of the Laughter of Isaac bound to the name ASHER. He also made a point of explaining to me that because of my lack of understanding this matter, namely how the Laughter of Isaac is bound to the Messianic Mission of Jesus, second man of the Redemption. The Laughter is the Historic Laughter that will be when the truth that Jesus sacrifice represented the Historic Ram sacrificed in Isaacs stead will create a New Understanding that will completely revolutionize the mentality of Jews and Christians throughout the world.

Fish 14 The reasons are certainly as many as the number of times the name of Isaac (Yitzhak) is mentioned in the Torah, each one for a different aspect of the Historic Laughter of Isaac. What must be comprehended at first is that the name ASHER of the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE is Complete in its own right; it is a Holy Name of God Almighty. The Mission of Yeshua who in truth was the Messiah son of Joseph the term of which was caught up in the Messianic Confusion concerning a few prophecies of a Messiah-Warrior sent to redeem the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (the Ten Tribes) who does not complete his wars but is killed by evil forces. Only after him, maintains the Tradition, will the Messiah ben David come. Also this will become historic laughter when the words of Jesus become understood: "I have not come except for the sake of saving the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" (Matthew, 15: 24).

Fish 15 So listen now rabbis without pretension

Without the Lost Sheep there is no redemption!

I was not fulfilling the bindings of the Signs because, in essence, it was not possible to complete the Smile of Leviathan without binding to the Smile the Signs of the Laughter of Isaac bound to purposes of that Mission by way of the RESH of the name ASHER. The Smile is not complete without the inner and constant felicity in the Historic Laughter of Isaac, our father. Therefore has it been so hard for me to smile even though the Book of The Universal Smile of Leviathan is complete with 661 Fishes. A Smile comes and goes but the Laughter of Isaac is historic, it reveals for the world what was hidden in the name ASHER. It thus changes the mentality of Jews in an about-face turn with a clear realization that the Mission of Jesus had to be for many redemptional purposes. Yeshua was loved by God Almighty and He accepted that sacrifice.

Fish 16 The Laughter here is not a Laughter that comes and goes. The Star of Isaac is also the Star of the Building that Lasts in Time. So too the Historic Laughter and felicity in finally knowing the truth that remains while cancelling out the erroneous thinking of the past. The felicity is that the Final Redeemer Haim has been chosen by God Almighty as the final Goel and with the decent of the Completed Signs also the Initial Signs, all included in the name ASHER are revealed and explained. This is not simply a Smile, its Inner Laughter of recognizing truth, a truth to which there is no alternative, the events of the Geula Shleima that has no Galut after it. In having the good fortune of knowing it, it is not simply an interesting information; you are touching a truth that is now being revealed by God Almighty for the world in merit of the chosen Goel Haim! It is the true Laughter that remains in time. Once it is revealed, it will always remain.

Fish 17 Yitzhak avinu is the futuristic Patriarch, the name itself being the third person singular of the future tense of to laugh, thus he will laugh. Great Laughter came at his birth with Sara, our mother, 90 years old. She had not given birth for all those years and she no longer hoped to become pregnant. Heavy was her inner suffering and with Hagars birth of Ishmael she suffered extreme anguish. Saras true, inner happiness cannot be measured. Why should the Laughter of Isaac be written in the future Yitzhak? Call him with a name that indicates great happiness, not in the form of a verb in the future tense! Simple. The Signs of great happiness in those events were Signs for Great Happiness of the future, the times of the Final Redemption.

Fish 18 The Signs of Isaac in that future form refer to the true Laughter of Isaac the comprehension of which remains in time. They make us smile with pleasure when we read of them and they make us laugh when the truth is perceived more profoundly. The Messianic Mission of Jesus is the Great Original Source of binding the Kingdom of Heaven to the world. In merit of the Prophet Elijah, and the Signs of the Resurrection, and in merit of the second redemption of Israel in the hands of Mordechai and Queen Esther, in the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven, the RESH of the name ASHER could have brought the Final Redemption. Yeshua was killed unjustly and his sacrifice was accepted by God Almighty as a sacrifice for the sake of the Jewish People. This truth is true laughter that remains in time. Jesus was very humble, as announced by the Goel Haim, This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility.

Fish 19 - The Goel Haim had declared in a dream of mine (April 2000) that the pupils must not remain without the Signs of Isaac. The Great Revelation of the Geula Shleima are bound to the Signs of Isaac, the Completed Signs are bound to the Initial Signs, to explain them for the sake of the Final Redemption. As the Completed Signs cannot be without the two Great Essential Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection of the Goel Haim, so could these two Signs not be revealed for the world had they not been part of the Initial Signs. This is Esau said to his father Isaac concerning Jacob, his brother, therefore was he called Jacob and he has taken me in these two times, he took the Birthright and now he has taken my Blessing (Genesis, 27: 36). With the coming of the Goel Haim, the third name enters into history. The Signs of the third name EHEYE are the Signs of Jacob, the third Patriarch. The people of Jacob, however, has had a long two-thousand year old exile for Jacobs 20 year stay with Lavan. Isaac was alive in the land of Canaan.

Fish 20 Its a two-thousand year old overlapping between the Signs of Isaac, our father, in maintaining the Right to the Promised Land and the Signs of Jacob, our father, in the general protection of the Jewish People exiled among the nations. The problem on the Sign level is that those two Great Initial Signs had entered and become part of Christianity and they were not part of Judaism. So tell me, what would you do? Those Signs in truth belong to us; for the Redemption is promised to all nations but to Israel first. Then does it become disgusting in Christianity because those true Initial Signs were taken out of their true and pure context and rendered idolatrous. You will realize then Rebecca, our mother, saw prophetically that the Blessing that Isaac wanted to give to Esau, in his hands would have become idolatrous, haughty, conceited, impure and unjust. Therefore she risked immensely but for the sake of the truth that she saw, in Jacobs being the one worthy to bless, she took it upon herself to accomplish it.

Fish 21 Ah, finally you understand me, hee-haw, hee-haw, as the Donkey in the Signs of Jacob, I had steal back from Christianity the two great Universal Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven (birth-right) and of the Resurrection (Blessing) for the sake of Israel and for the good of the world. Isnt that a nice historical theft after 2000 years of exile.

Jesus also said (in Noda's dream) that every word that we have written of the Correction of Christianity and the Salvation of Jesus, is a redemption for him. Our words have unchained him from all the idolatrous knots of Christian Theology and they have freed him from the clutches of false imploring and idolatrous prayers that are for the sheddim but not for the heavens. Jesus comes back to his Jewish brethren, extremely humble for all that has happened.

Fish 22 His returning to the Jewish fold and his being received by open-minded Jews who know of these Messages of the Goel Haim will increase every year when that time comes, reason for which we received the Sign of the name of our celebrating the 25th of December The Celebration of the First Messiah, Died a year ago. What is being explained here is that the Messianic Signs of Jesus bound to the Signs of the Historic Laughter of Isaac continually amaze and astound and the more you meditate and understand, you will see Jesus as if he had died only a year ago. This because the entire figure of Yeshua will be different in your eyes and the amazement of Gods Design in the Geula Shleima has no limit in being contemplated. The moral lesson for the sake of our peace is upon him (Isaiah 53: 5).

Fish 23 This fact, that the Mission of Yeshua becomes ever more understood as time goes on, relates to the two Great Completed Signs of the Geula Shleima as their historic realization proceeds, the Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sign of the Resurrection. These two Completed Signs complete the Initial Signs of Jesus Mission and if not for those Initial Signs, history could not have reached the Completed Signs. Jesus is therefore the second man of the redemption and the Signs of Isaac must always be present, otherwise the Historical Laughter of Isaac is not reached. The Message of Jesus teaching was of the Kingdom of Heaven which derived from the SHEEN of the name ASHER.

Fish 24 And Jesus was resurrected, as testified to in the Gospels, the Sign of which derives from the ALEF of the name ASHER. Had there been merit in Israel, the Messianic Mission of Yeshua which derives from the RESH of the name ASHER, could have completed the name ASHER and brought history to the third and name EHEYE of the Final Redemption. The Laughter of Isaac could have been revealed then but unfortunately that Laughter was turned into crying for Israels lack of merit in those periods. Nevertheless, the Historic Laughter of Isaac is 2000 years greater with the coming of the chosen Goel Haim.

Fish 25 - Those 2000 were needed; afterwards the generations will understand why better than we can at this time. The two essential realizations of the Third and Final Redemption brought by the Goel Haim are 1) the revelation of the Perfect Middle Way and 2) the descent into the world of the Tree of Life. As these will descend and be understood in the coming generations of the Geula Shleima, their realization is most certainly that of the Historical Laughter, Joy and Happiness of Isaac. Therefore also Jesus Mission of the Signs of Isaac of the name ASHER will constantly come into focus again and again with always sharper understanding and appreciation and the world will laugh with the true Laughter of Isaac that remains in time.

Fish 26 - And in his felicity the Donkey sings, I am the Donkey of the Middle Way who licked the bark of the Tree of Life and smelled its marvellous fragrance in the Garden of Eden. Hee-haw! Hee-haw! hee-haw! ("The Virtues of Esther", gnomen 127).

So it states there that This New Soul of the Donkey who eats Bread derives from the spirit of happiness of the Tzadik Haim.

Wonderful, now I understand why I love the Donkey so much! Maybe thats why I have been exempted from the Final New Pact, in order to remain in felicitous Donkeyhood nurtured on Bread from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 27 - I had thought the opposite, that it was to let aside Donkeyhood and have me return to be Talmid of the Tzadik Haim before I was Donkeyed into the New Bread of the Star that Astounds. Perhaps there was some truth to that but I didnt reach the necessary happiness to stay on that level. So perhaps I was missing out on this amazing statement that the New Soul of the Donkey comes into existence from the spirit of happiness of the Tzadik Haim. A happy Donkey is better than a somber Talmid, no?

Fish 28 October 14, 2015 - The new-born daughter of my daughter Esther is named Or Malchut (and they added Carolina), the Light of the Kingdom. Baruch Ha-Shem.

Fish 29 I dreamed October 26, 2015: I was with a rabbi. He said that he had the truth to save the city, the truth against Habad. I said that I had the truth to save the country, the truth against the doctrine of Atzilut and I was the only one who had this truth. The dream went on to repeat itself many times.

, ' , '' , ''. , . '' . .

Fish 30 October 27, 2015 - I had to go to the Hospital for a minor operation, for a total swelling of the saliva glands. After having seen Doc. Bruteman who put me on antibiotics, the next day the situation was much worse and he sent me to Soroka. He was afraid that it might be a virus called Ludwig Angine which if not treated immediately, in a short time chokes the person to death, God forbid. Five doctors inspected me and Doc. Meni Oltzberg saw that the glands were obstructed by small-stones. After an antibiotic in the vein, he with another doctor gave me a local anesthetic and proceeded to pump out all that stuff in the saliva glands. Afterwards he freed me from the Hospital, giving me, however, the choice of being hospitalized if I desired. I still need to continue the antibiotic and to have an ultra-sound of the neck and to return to the hospital with the results.



Chapter 2


Fish 31 October 28, 2015, Beersheva. The night after returning from the Hospital, I dreamed I was sitting in some Beit Midrash. A young man came in, obviously someone seeking his correction and he sat to read something. I was sitting next to him and seeing this I said, Come and sit down and begin to study. Dont worry, you will succeed. Your life will change and you will become a new person. You are loved by God, dont be afraid. - -

Fish 32 Afterwards, the same night, I dreamed that I was in some Beit Midrash-Beit Knesset and I had to read a parasha. I dont know the name but it concerned Yosef ha-Tzadik. I read that parasha, somewhat quickly to as to finish it in time. It doesnt seem to me that it was an actual parasha of the Torah as known; it was Torah, the reading was as from a Sefer Torah, it was not long and it concerned Yosef ha-Tzadik. - -

Fish 33 These 2 dreams were close to one another. They seem to be related to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel or perhaps more precisely to the Lost Sheep of the House of Judah, Israeli Jews who have lost their way for whatever reasons there might be.

Fish 34 Nov. 3, 2015: Correction Signs: I saw the Tzadik Haim in the midst of the House of Prayer (or Synagogue). I was standing close to the entrance. He said to me, These writings have not passed the test. I remember being very confused. I was then outside and I found a sort of Post Office, empty. Only behind a sort of plastic separation was Ha-Moreh Haim. I took hold of the plastic separation and lifted it up so that I was standing before him. I said: Shalom Moreh, The Tzadik Haim answered Shalom Peretz with seriousness, tell me. I said with my head lowered, Please Moreh, if the Tzadik Haim might let me know everything that has to with the Corrections. Clearly noticeable was that Tzadiks head was elongated. He was about 40 years old and very strong. The Tzadik Haim did not speak after my request but it seems to me that he took up my request. - -

Fish 35 I was very shook up by this Correction dream, and it took me a few hours to search for its signs. I realized that Tzadik in the Synagogue saying these writings have not passed the test referred to an error in the text ha-dag ha-gadol (I am now reviewing Moshe Levis Hebrew translation from my English text). In that text there is speaking with the Mazalot and there is also a calling them, such as Oh, Resurrected Bird, Oh, Battle of the Fish, this is wrong and confusing, one must call only to Ha-Shem Baruch Hu. In the second scene, the allusion was to Erech Apaim (patient, literally long faced. The error was in associating the 13 Midot Ha-Rahhamim with the 13 of the 13 Mazalot of Leviathan. This an unacceptable mistake: no associations are to be made with the Thirteen Attributes of Gods Mercy. Such, God forbid would undo, God forbid, the entire equilibrium of the Final New Pact.

Fish 36 In that second scene I asked that the necessary corrections become known to me. At night 2 dreams followed. In one there was a Ukrainian woman who wanted to lament against certain others but I couldnt understand one word of her Ukrainian and there was no communication between us. - - .

I think that the meaning is that the Correction of Christianity is satisfactory and no Corrections are needed. All those connected to their Churches cannot find any dialogue with the truth of the Final New Pact.

Fish 37 In another dream, I saw a man who seemed to me someone known to me before. He too said he knew me. I asked if from the Synagogue and he answered also from prison where you were. I asked him for what reason I had been in prison but he gave no clear answer. I said, What I know is that I have done anything bad to any person. A woman was now next to him who said to me, No its not true, there was a woman whom you harmed. I became furious and strongly denied any such calumny which was totally false and never was there such a thing, and I continued at length. - -

Fish 38 - This is a Correction sign but I must find it. I do remember the sign of my guilt, even though the ten judges who knew me, knew that I was innocent of the psychological violence of which I had been accused and condemned by 40 judges who didnt know me. That was after the 6th year of Signs (the hanging of the First Donkey in the Sign of the Donkey, Messiah son of Yosef, and the entrance of the Second Donkey in the Sign of the Donkey, Mashiah ben David). There 8 years of punishment was decreed upon us for what happened in the Schism (See: "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is turning"). I dont know if its related. Perhaps there are signs or words that might be misunderstood and seen as negative. If so I must find them and cut them out so as not to confuse people afterwards.

Fish 39 - In another dream, Noda, Paolo and I were invited to Roses (friend of Noda in those first years). I was, however, by myself, in a rather high apartment building of perhaps 15 floors. I went up and down in an elevator but only in the end I was able to get off the elevator at the 7th floor level where Rosa lived with her parents and her sisters and brothers. I saw her and entered her house but she said with coldness, I have a piso with yo u; in fact Paolo and Noda could not come. Her meaning with piso (it means floor in Spanish) was a lament or disagreement. I left. - -

This dream presents Correction problems. Why Rosa? It could be representative of the Book of the Rose. The 7th Floor obviously refers to the Seventh Floor of the House of Prayer.

I can only think for now that the 7th Floor of the House of Prayer is incomplete.

Fish 40 I worked on completing more blessings for the 7th Floor. I'm working on The Message of the Angel Gabriel (The 7th Petal). The first 6 chapters have to be cleaned of certain harsh language.

November 19, 2015: Italy: Giuseppe dreamed. He saw me; I was fairly young looking and in good shape, thank God. I was wearing clothes of leather. Giuseppe asked if it now possible to be in the Sign of the Hidden Donkey. I answered, "Yes, it is now possible".

Fish 41 November 24, 2015: Kislev 12, 5776: Noda dreamed: We were in a house, Noda, Moshe Levi and I, also present were Paolo and Yehoel Yehoel. There was a wall that Yehoel Yehoel had repaired and very nicely decorated. The walls of the house were painted shiny white and the atmosphere was extremely positive. Noda, Moshe Levi and I sat at a table eating breakfast. From above a voice said, 'The Messianic Key of the House of David has descended'. The Key descended.

Fish 42 November 25, 2015: I woke up several times from agitated dreams in which I understood only that they were bound to the Signs of Isaac, our father. I also heard the word seichass (now in Russian). In the end came Abraham Pianelli and I was happy that he had come. I said to him, "I'm glad you came. I spent a very long, difficult, anxious, annoying and solitary night. It's good, seichass, that you're here." - -

Giuseppe's dream, Noda's dream and mine all demonstrate the New Sign phase into which we have entered, thank God Almighty, after a long and difficult night, amen.

Fish 43 Nov. 29, 2015: Of Noda's dream above. The time is of breakfast, the beginning of a new day. The Messianic Key of the House of David comes for the sake of the transmission of the responsibility of the matters of the Final Redemption for the others, all in the permission of the Goel Haim from the Kingdom of Heaven. So too this dream, as all the redemptional dreams, is sent by the Goel Haim and it comes to announce and declare that the Heir to the Responsibility of the matters of the Final Redemption after me, Peretz Green, is Moshe Levi, son of Davide Levi and Liat, wife of Davide Levi.

(perhaps 6 months ago Solly dreamed that Davide Levi, for the blessing that he had received from the Tzadik Haim could be the 'Mashiah' although this terminology is to be understood only in conformity of the Final Redemption. In any case, Moshe Levi is also ben Davide who is a faithful talmid of the Goel Haim)

Fish 44 I, Peretz Green, thus approve, endorse and confirm this wonderful news, thank God, in the permission of the Goel Haim that my heir, after me, to the Signs of the Donkey, Mashiah ben David and the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread and to all that which concerns the Final Pact of the Final Redemption, is Moshe Levi, living presently in Holon, Israel, may that God Almighty protect him with good health and give him long life and happiness in all his endeavers, amen. To no one else does this heredity belong, not to my children or to any other pupil of the Goel Haim. Noda is testimony to this official announcement.

The time is yet of the morning, and, God willing, a full day is ahead, but for whatever the reasons may be, this message has come now, thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is great, EL SHADDAI is One.

Fish 45 Moshe Levi has shown himself worthy of this calling, in his faith to God Almighty, in his faith in God Almighty's choice of the Goel Haim and in all the work of translations and reviewing texts written by me for Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Fish 46 Third day of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot 5776 December 9, 2015: Baruch Ha-Shem, I dreamed the Tzadik Haim. In the dream, we spoke together about the 6 Completed Signs, looking at them from the first to the sixth and from the sixth to the first. - They were correct but I'm not sure if perhaps something had to be added or explained.

After this I dreamed I was either in the United States or in Israel. The situation was strange, as if the Russians were of another planet or the moon. We were sending a space-ship to conquer them on their planet and they sent their space-ship to conquer earth. The news came that they had been conquered by us, we had conquered their space-ship. This represented great news and required celebration. I saw a road; people came to walk on it and be part of the celebration in praising God. The beginning of the road was divided into two lanes but afterwards they joined. I decided to join the celebration; I was alone on the right lane and I broke into songs of praise to the Lord, our God, for the victory and salvation that he had brought. It was reminiscient of kri'at yam suf.

Fish 47 I just now heard that the Russian President Putin said, "Let us hope that it not be necessary to use the atomic bomb in Siria". How does he say such a thing? Is he on another planet? Or does he intend to shake up the world with some unexpected move? In any case my dream says that Russia loses and that there's a great celebration for God's salvation.

We can only wait to see what happens.

Fish 48 - December 16, 2015: Yesterday morning I dreamed three numbers '91', '61', '25'. These are 3 Prophetic Numbers: '91' = 'Tze' in Hebrew 'go out' in reference to what Ha-Shem said to Abraham: go out of the star-calculations that you have seen; Ha-Shem displaces the stars as He wishes (see Rashi and our Sefer Ha-Cochavim on verse Gen. 15: 5). '61' is related to the revelation of the Stars and the 13 Virtues of Esther in the constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. '25' = 'ko' in Hebrew 'thus', well known as a prophetic 'ko va ko' in the Torah (Exodus, 2: 12), and the Prophets of Israel often prophesied in 'ko'. Then morning, I had the privilege of seeing the Tzadik Haim. I had to stand up and make a short speech. After it I asked the Teacher if my discourse was all right, adding that I didn't make it into a drush. The Teacher Haim indicated that it was in place. - - Conclusion: write the Introduction to Petal 8, the Altar of the Prophet.

Fish 49 January 27, 2016: 17 Shvat, 5776: Heavenly Perfume 22, 3968: Many dreams have passed that I have not written down, mostly correction dreams for the work yet to be done for the Book of the Rose. Two days ago the Tzadik Haim said to me that he did not hear my voice concerning the New Law. The Teacher Haim was sitting in a Garden, outside of a Synagogue, and he was caressing an animal; the animal was strange in form, small with zebra stripes but the head seemed as some kosher animal. I tried to understand what animal it was but couldn't especially because the zebra stripes seemed to me not kosher. I should have asked the Tzadik but I didn't, an indication that my non-curiosity impedes the development of the New Law. - -

Fish 50 This morning I dreamed I stood before a sort of small lake of water. I knew that in the water there were hidden treasures. I said, "In merit of the Goel Haim let the treasures hidden in this water be revealed (come up) ".

After this I saw the Tzadik Haim who took up a stone in his hand and indicated to me to follow the 'sign'. He turned the stone downwards towards the ground. At first I didn't understand what I was supposed to do. Then I understood that I had to lower myself towards the ground as the direction of the stone in the Teacher Haim's hand and to follow the movements that he made with the stone. - -

Fish 51 There was then another scene that I don't understand. There was a large airplane in a public airport. The front part was uplifted and open underneath as for reparations. The Tzadik Haim went and stood under it, perhaps looking at what had to be repaired. He criticized some Halacha regarding a prohibition relative to the reparation but I have no idea about what. I only understood that he was adamantly against some prohibition which was senseless and perhaps dangerous. - -

Fish 52 Since the question of the New Law has come up, I mention here a dream received by Noda 3 days ago. We were discussing a query if we should use the Microwave on Shabbat or not or to use instead the plata to warm things even if they were not put and kept on the plata from before Sabbath or not. I said to Noda to ask; perhaps she would receive an answer. That night she dreamed: there was a large tree in a garden with many, many branches and leaves, so many, in fact, that they blocked any passage way. Twice she saw this scene and then a third time and a voice from above said: These branches are the halachot. The trunk of the tree is the laws of the Torah and one must not exaggerate in the extension of the Halacha.

Fish 53 January 28, 2016: Shevat 18, 5776: Heavenly Perfume 23, 3968. I received a letter from my eight year old grand-daughter Shani Dafna, daughter of my daughter Mazal Heilbron from Shiloh. I was very happy about this.

I had the privilege to dream the following. I was with Giordano and Stella and Renato. Pesah was at hand but nothing was ready except for a piece of meat. The voice of the Goel Haim spoke to me in my ear saying: "Go stand on the Altar". There was no proper Altar present but there was an uplifted platform and I stood on it; the piece of flat extended meat about 2 square feet was placed on a table at my right hand. The voice of the Tzadik Haim told me to lift up my arms and to pray in the Sign of the Resurrection. As I prayed the meat began to steam and to be cooked. Giordano understood the marvel of the Sign. Stella needed to be convinced. - -

Fish 54 Feb. 2, 2016: Moshe Levi dreamed he was in a room with some previous school mates; the only whose name he remembers was Uri (my fire or letters of 'my light'). At a certain point, the room became a sort of rocket-ship and took off rapidly into space. The ascent was wonderful and it was possible to look down and see beautiful formations on the earth (like a flower). Moshe took some pictures with his cell-phone camera. In the ascent there was also a place of darkness and relative unpleasantness. Then they returned to the earth and Moshe was with his family and Peretz. He spoke with enthusiasm about what had happened and he tried to show the photos to them but they didn't come out.

Fish 55 on the same date Giordano Levi dreamed that he was in a city and the entire city was elevated into the sky.

Fish 56 Feb. 3, 2016: Noda dreamed that the hand of God from heaven came down and lifted her up and brought her high above. She saw many white closets. She was on a seat above and she woke up.

To note that these wonderful signs of elevation have come in this special period of stellar activity which will for two weeks and until about Feb. 15th, five planets are in line: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. I myself have received many dream-signs of a new elevation, as Fish 23 above. There seems to be new possibilities of 'straightening oneself out', signs of positive changes, the beginning of a New Phase (although always double in this Fourth Generation).

Fish 57 - Feb. 5, 2016: I dreamed that it was Shabbat and Rav Shilat made a sign to me that we have a smoke indicating that we go into an isolated room (as the urgency law that I formulated for those whose Shabbat is totally disturbed for lack of a cigarette. Some time ago, a year or so and recently, a few days ago, I decreed the undoing of that law which allowed such people to go into a private room and smoke and I reiterated the fact that this is only in the case that not smoking is similar to a malady. I also stipulated, and this is extremely important, that said law and permission to use this heter, goes on only until the end of the Fourth Generation and not beyond it. This is for reason of general terrible condition of the nerves in this Generation. For such people, a cigarette will add to their Shabbat, even if they had to transgress making and using fire, whereas, on the other hand, the difficulty of abstaining 'ruins' their Sabbath).

Fish 58 I understand now that this dream comes to show me that I had no right to remove that permission. This is said even with all problematic sides to it: other smokers might be induced to smoke, or that some will easily feel themselves in that state and thus utilize the permission unjustly etc. No, all those possible reasons are not enough to undo this important heter. Many Jews, even more so in the years ahead, need this permission which saves them from many things. When one is in such a state and he needs to smoke 1) if he holds back, that state of nervousness is cause to all kinds of negative thoughts completely the opposite of the spirit of the Sabbath. 2) if he hides himself and smokes he has tremendous guilt feelings since he knows that it is prohibited to light fire and to smoke on Shabbat. There are also many who feel themselves unable to bear the contradiction and they go farther away from the Synagogue and from the Halacha. These are two main categories which makes this New Law permission a very valid new-law. It can obviously not be permitted by the rabbis and thus its obligation is part of what only the New Law of the Final Redemption, under the authority of the Goel Haim, can provide.

Fish 59 You ask then, why was it just a rabbi, Rav Shilat, who used this heter with me together. This came to show me the force of reason to re-decree this law after I had decreed it nullified. By the way Rav Shilat, the Rabbi here in Henry Kendal who was the military rabbi for many years and who has a life of learning behind him, but also with having many, many contacts with people, doesn't smoke for sure. But this comes to show me that said permission to smoke on the Sabbath, with said conditions, is valid for all religious Jews, even Jews, total yirei shammaim such as Rav Shilat. It is before God Almighty a valid heter (during this Fourth Generation) of the New Law of the Final Redemption, on the authority of the Goel Haim, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. I, Peretz (Paul) Green am responsible for this re-decree of said law.

Fish 60 I remember when we were in Houston, Texas, that dreams had come to inform me that the New Law had to be written in Italy, not in Israel, because the basic severity would unjustly influence it and not in America for reason of lightness of thought but rather in Italy, a middle of the way. Before coming to Israel, I had understood well that permission. Only since my coming to Israel, did I lose sight of those reasons and I decided to undo that heter, obviously influenced by the environment. I must remember this, God willing, when working on the New Law, that judgments must be in conformity with the Italian Equilibrium. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!


Chapter 3


Fish 61 Parashat Mishpatim (Feb. 6). 7 years from the demise of Signora Nelda Levi, peace be with her in the Kingdom of Heaven. Rahhel, daughter of Davide Levi, saw her in a dream. Present were Rahhel, her mother Liat, her two small daughters (Shira and Ayala) and Sarah Tampieri. Nelda gave over 4 diamonds to Liat and said "I am blessing the four mothers". - -

A marvelous dream and a marvelous blessing bound to the blessings of Sara, Rivka, Lea and Rahhel. Sara Sara, our mother, Ayala Rivka Imeinu (ayalo shel Yitzhak), Liat Lea Imeinu, and Rahhel Rahhel Imeinu.

Fish 62 - February 7, 2016, " '', Lion's Den 5, 3968: I have begun to work on the Tablets of the New Law. I dreamed I was seeing 4 levels of the New Sanctity. I suppose these are in conjunction with the Four Bens or more probably with the 4 levels of Sanctification of the Altars of Anointed Priest, Judah, Ephraim and Malchitzedek.

Fish 63 Feb. 15, 2016: Moshe Levi dreamed. He was with his family. Peretz was in a higher place in the same room and he held a bed-flower basin that was filled with water. Then he spilled it out on the ground, and he said, "In the Sign of the Final NUNE (the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN). Then Moshe and the family were outside and there were amazing things from God, something similar to Sinai, with lightning and amazing lights and above-world effects. Liat in particular was amazed and struck by what she saw. After this there was a scene, on green grass, perhaps outside of Israel, where a Tank was seen. Moshe said to Rahhel and Yitzhak, let's go there to hide ourselves, and they ran and hid. - -

Fish 64 March 14, 2016: Adar 2, 4, 5776: Beauty of Paradise 13, 3068: Catch these hidden Signs! This morning I dreamed Sarah (Markus) who was dead on her bed. She was completely covered by a blanket. Then as I looked on, I saw some movements from her. I called out, "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah" quite a few times and she moved more and more until her head was revealed and she was alive. She was young with a very clean face. She was alive but she was in a state of otherworldliness in prophetic vision. Noda and David (Fierro) and perhaps Paolo witnessed what was happening and Noda asked Sarah something about David. I don't remember exactly but it was as if "Would David be rich". Sarah looked at him and said, "No, he will not be rich but he will have more important qualities". I myself wanted that Sarah look at me and tell something but as she looked at me she said she couldn't and that it confused her. It was realized that she could prophecy only about young children, not about adults. End of dream.

Fish 65 Now if you're good fishes you may just become good fishers and catch something from these hidden waters. Here is Sarah resurrected for the younger generation. Sarah saw in the past that it was after the (sign of) Resurrection and Peretz had more than 12 talmidim.

Fish 66 Got it? It's the time of the Renewal of the NUNE Finale of SHUSHAN, here now 10 days before the New Purim. Davide is looking over a couple a hundred gnomen of the Book "The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is turning". I finished looking over 4 Texts of New Tablets of the New Law, writing quite a few new gnomen that Moshe Levi translates into Hebrew, in fulfillment of the Sign of Fish 62 above, although there's still much to do for organizing the New Law.

Fish 67 - We are also going towards Pesah 5776 which is the 2 year marker before the end of the 35 years of the first part of the Fourth Generation. This is significant. There were 620 days of suffering of the Tzadik Haim before his death and Resurrection. There will be a particular zechut towards the Geula Shleima in the last 620 days before the closing of the 35 years (from about a hundred days after Pesah 5776 until Pesah 5778.

Fish 68 - That particular merit of 620 days comes at the end period of the 35 years which is under the Large 6 Year Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, under the fourth and fifth years in the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and the Sign of the Fourth Generation and the New Construction. This meeting of merits, the 620 days of suffering and the Large Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, as well as the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and Sign of the Fourth Generation, comes for an all important concluding phase of the first generation of 35 years before the world enters the great and terrible 30 year period of the Fourth Generation.

Fish 69 Therefore the Great Sign of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN must be in its state of Completion before that 30 year period enters. This is representative of the New Purim of the Geula Shleima. For we have seen the Great SHIN and we have seen the Great Vav, we have seen the second Long SHIIIIN and we have seen the Great NUNE FINALE at the Wailing Wall (in 1990). And now we are in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN close to Purim 5776. And the time is running so quickly that even the clocks are not able to keep up the pace. What does the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN mean? I don't know it until it comes. For sure it's been in the Signs in all these past years especially from when we witnessed it in Israel's sky from Beersheva until Jerusalem and until now. We know that it means that a lot of ve-nahafoch-hus are coming and that keeps us happy as we wait for them.

Fish 70 Certainly certain Hamans have to fall and certainly certain unexpected surprises have to come for the sake of the Geula Shleima. Certainly EL MISTATER is working miracles below the surface that we cannot yet imagine. Certainly incredible things are happening that we cannot yet see. Certainly the great, big NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN will reveal to us the Beautiful Queen Esther. Certainly EL MISTATER is working great miracles above of which we have no idea. And Big Fish is laughing because he knows something more than we about what's happening but he winks and smiles and says, "Just wait and you will see".

Fish 71 But yesterday I woke up all strange. I woke up rather early, about 5 in the morning, and to my surprise I felt that all my past life was behind me. The Teacher's Message came into mind: It's useless to be saddened by time lost and energy wasted and for a thousand negative things that have been. Finished, it's over, smile. Life is renewed every day and the wonderful Living God renews His love for good-hearted people every hour and every minute. "It's a time to smile" I said to myself, "and all that has passed has come until here; so will you then be saddened for the past or gladdened for the present and continue on new footing to prepare yourself for the great NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN?". I woke up happy.

Fish 72 The NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN means that Israel and people of Israel are being uplifted without their knowing it. The NUNE FINALE is the great Binding Force between the name 'ASHER' and the final name 'EHEYE'. There's a Song I wrote in Hebrew. I translate it here in English without its rhyme.

Fish 73 - 'I will be SHUSHAN, SHUSHAN will Laugh

with the Mazalot of Leviathan

in the happiness of life and the Joy of Purim

Big Fish of the Stars

And the Bird arises to its Resurrection

And the Beauty of Gan Eden resides in its light

The Fish swims and wins in its Battle

And the Lion in its Den in the Law does sit

Weights descend on the Back of a Donkey

And Heavenly Perfume exudes with Myrr

The Turtle is illumined and understands from afar

Until the coming of the Minute's End without laughter

The Giraffe then looks at the Kingdom

And the Vallee of Mercury found in it merit

The Star of the Project of the Redemption

Brought out from the Lake of Salt the Completed Pact

In the Refuge of Armadillo all is protected

I will be Shushan, Shushan will Laugh

In the Refuge of Armadillo all is protected

With the Mazalot of Leviathan.


Fish 74




Fish 75 The essential happiness of the Final NUNE FINALE is that the final name EHEYE of SHUSHAN of the Triple-Name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE is bound to the Laughter (Isaac) of SHUSHAN of the name ASHER. This is the essence of Peretz' words in Moshe Levi's dream (Fish 63 above): "in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE".

Fish 76 The final name 'EHEYE' is revealed to the world in merit of the Tzadik Haim. The Laughter of Isaac comes by way of the SHEEN of the name 'ASHER' in merit of Mordechai ha-Yehudi. Thus , in the happiness of the coming of the Goel Haim and the joyous Laughter of Mordechai and Ester in the New Purim. Be it remembered that Mordechai ha-Tzadik was representative of Isaac, our father (whereas Yeshua was representative of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead). Thus the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN (as witnessed by us from Beersheva to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in 1990): 1) represents the Great Binding of the Triple-Name 2) completes the Two Signs of Techelet Mordechai symbolized by the 2 Signs of the Tzadik Haim at his birth, born completely circumcised at the exact moment of Matan Torah

Fish 77 and 3) completes the New Purim of the Final Redemption. The Heart of the matter is that the Sign which completes the New Purim of the Geula Shleima is the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and therefore the great joy and renewal of the Spirit comes with the completion of just this Sign of the New Purim in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN.

Fish 78 - This corresponds to Tradition in that there is no greater 'Crown' of Happiness than that of Purim in which it is a mitzvah to get so drunk until one is unable to distinguish between Baruch Mordechai and Arur Haman. The ve-nahafoch-hu of Purim is the happiest event of all Jewish History. And what about Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot, you ask, which is representative of the Third and Final Temple in Jerusalem and Beersheva? Does that not equal, at least, the Great Redemptional Happiness of the Geula Shleima? And did the Sages not receive in Oral Tradition that in the future all the Holidays will be annulled except for Purim and Hhanuca?

Fish 79 Very good but we are now speaking about the SIGN of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN PURIM. The Great Happiness of the Third and Final Temple will come in its historical realization after the Fourth Generation. Also the great joy of the permission to rebuild the Second Temple came after the miracle of Purim. The period of the Third Temple will be a happiness for the whole remainder of the world and will ever greater in its Binding-Power for all the nations as time goes on. But all that will an open and visible Sign of God Almighty. Purim is something else; its the Hidden Redemption.

Fish 80 Some great Hidden Miracles are coming. They are, God willing, at the door. The NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN, in the name 'ASHER' in the Signs of Yitzhak Avinu, includes the RESH of the name 'ASHER'. This is the great hidden novelty of past history that becomes the novelty of the Geula Shleima. It is thus fundamental to the great Binding-Power of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. Therefore did we pass through the battles, thank God, of Tikkun Ha-Resh and the Correction of Christianity.

Fish 81 If the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN brings on the New Purim, it must become understood that without Jesus, second man of the redemption, there would be no New Purim. And it is for this reason that the Goel Haim said that the pupils must not remain without the Signs of Isaac. The Laughter comes through Isaac Avinu and only he was called Yitzhak. And therefore the Teacher Haim announced in the Sign of the Stars, "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of Humility". That was not only for the Correction of Christianity but for the great, new Happiness of the New Purim of the Final Redemption.

Fish 82 We must try to get closer to it because it is essential to the completion of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. Also the School of the Essenes was the School of Esther because it was 'hidden' and the 'secrets' held in it were hidden. So too the historical realization in Jesus of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead has been totally hidden to all previous history. Mordechai ha-Tzadik was the historical realization of Isaac, our father, and Jesus was the historical realization of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead. Thus the redemption of PURIM was not yet complete without the universality of the Mission of Christ.

Fish 83 And as the history of the 3 Patriarchs would not have been completed with Jacob, our father, if Yitzhak had been taken as a sacrifice to God Almighty, so too the Final Geula Shleima could not have come into being, had the Signs of 'ASHER' not been completed and the Signs of 'ASHER' would not have been completed if not for the Correction of the Mission of the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac's stead. Without the Mission of Jesus Isaac's Laughter could not have been revealed for the world in the Final Redemption by way of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN.

Fish 84 All this, dear friends and lovers of the truth, must be brought down to water the earth. To remain only with its concepts doesn't bring it to a personal level among people but leaves it up in the sky. The concepts alone will not make me laugh although they bring joyous comprehension to the mind. After understanding the ideas explained let's try to visualize it from the standpoint of the world. The Islamic world needed Mohammed for its existence and the Christian nations needed Christ for its spiritual existence. Now for the Geula Shleima the Jewish world, the ex-Christian world as well as the Islamic world need to must know and fully recognize that Jesus was the Sacrificed Ram of History.

Fish 85 Why is this so essential to the new history of the Final Redemption? We as Jews have Moses, we have the Prophet Elijah, we have Mordechai ha-Tzadik and we have the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim. Why do we need Jesus? The reason, dear friends, is because we are in truth much closer in level to Jesus than to Moses or the Prophet Elijah or to Mordechai ha-Yehudi or to the Hidden Tzadikim or to the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the chosen Teacher Haim.

Fish 86 Without Isaac you would have no Jacob and without the Ram Isaac would not be complete. But the Ram was a ram, it was not Abraham, Isaac or Jacob or Moses or the Prophet Elijah or Mordechai or the Final Goel Haim. The Mission of Jesus was needed for the sake of the Universal Redemption of the Geula Shleima in merit of the chosen Goel Haim of San'aa, Yemen. Have you then no Donkey ears to hear what I am saying? Three are the men of the redemption, Moses, Yeshua and Haim. Jesus was instrumental in the Great Laughter of History since compared to Moses and to the Tzadik Haim, Jesus was a simple person as are most people in the whole world.

Fish 87 It's not our doing, not Jews, not Christians, not Muslims nor anyone else. God Almighty foresaw what was needed for humanity, someone not of the higher chosen Tzadikim, a humble servant of God ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of accomplishing God's will. "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility".

You will ask, then, how it's possible to assert that Jesus' Mission represents an historical equilibrium without which universalism could not have reached the Geula Shleima when a totally unbalanced Christianity was the result of that Mission? The question is good and deserves answer. Hee-haw!

Fish 88 Have we not explained many times that the Donkey who eats Bread is the 'balancer' of the Final Redemption and the measuring rod of the true equilibrium? Ah, yes, but it must be remembered that the first Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, that marvelous dream received by Nelda Levi, peace be upon her, also represented the Mission of Jesus. We even sometimes associated Jesus with that first Donkey who ate the Bread of Bethlehem. That first Sign demonstrated the unbalance of Jesus' mission, as a donkey walking along the street with its cart and entering the Bakery Shop (Bethlehem) and eating bread. The second Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, seen in the second year by Sara (Markus), is the Balanced Sign of the Donkey. There is the elder driving the wagon pulled by the donkey. There is the bread bought by Sarah in the second Bread Store which then falls from the bag of bread she was carrying, rolls along the road then up the road from which the man's cart with the Donkey was descending. The bread rolled under the donkey's head. He hesitated and didn't want to eat it but in the end he ate the bread.

Fish 89 Jesus' mission was amazing but unbalanced. That, however, was not his fault; that period of history didn't allow for a balanced mission. So too the donkey of that mission was not complete and couldn't speak out to explain things. The second Sign is of the Completed Donkey who eats the Final Bread of the Geula Shleima and speaks. With the Final Goel who is the chosen 'son of man' prophesied by Jesus, the Completed Signs correct and explain the truth of Jesus' mission. With that Great Correction, the Unbalanced Mission of Jesus brings the New, True Equilibrium for the sake of the Balanced Universalism of the Final Redemption. It represents the Balance for humanity so that all people can reach higher levels through their faith even though they are not chosen Tzadikim. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!

Fish 90 - You see, dear friends, that my dream reported above Fish 64 of Sarah Markus' resurrection was in its place, in the renewal of the Sign 'it was after the (sign of) Resurrection and Peretz (better: the Donkey) had more than 12 pupils' (Sarah has been called from those very first years the Sign of the Head of the Donkey). It came for a completion of the Sign in Moshe Levi's dream above 63 where Peretz says, 'In the Sign of the Final NUNE of SHUSHAN'. The above explanations are need for the realization of the command of the Goel Haim that the pupils mustn't be with the Signs of Isaac, Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.



Chapter 4


Fish 91 March 18, 2016: Adar 2, 8, 5776: Beauty of Paradise 17, 3968: Beniamino noster never married and as far as I know he never had a girlfriend on an intimate level. It doesn't matter. As we round out some comprehension on the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and while the Wheel of Ahhashverosh is Turning, his sacrifice enters my heart, hopeful to water the earth with new understanding. On the 12th of March, our holiday of the New Pact of the Signs, to the 50 blessings is there an addition of 50 gnomen mostly concerning the New Protection of Big Fish Leviathan.

Fish 92 Those 50 gnomen complete the 50 blessings to the blessing of a 100, in the Sign of the Laughter of Isaac. Abraham, our father, was a hundred years old when Isaac was born and the Torah speaks of the exceptionable blessing of the fields of Isaac in Grar bearing a hundred-fold their normal output (Genesis, 26: 12). The 50 gnomen of the New Protection are divided in 25 and 25, taking account of the various elements of the New Protection with for each gnomen a new conclusion regarding the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. Those so to speak New Conclusions of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN are very interesting and will eventually be studied in depth by the pupils of the Goel Haim.

Fish 93 - The main elements of the New Protection are 5 and then 3 are added. By way of the 5 elements it was possible to formulate 25 and 25 for the 50 new gnomen. In approaching the matter, I spoke of the sacrifice of Beniamino Noster in that there is a direct relationship to his name and to 25 and 25. As explained elsewhere, his family name is Perico which can be read 'for the (plural) Ko'. The word 'ko' is a prophetic Sign in the Torah and in Prophets. In the Torah, Moshe rabbeinu, before killing the Egyptian 'looked ko and ko' (Exodus, 2: 12), simply translated 'he looked here and there' to be assured that no other person was witness to his action.

Fish 94 - Tradition, however, knows that 'ko' is a prophetic Sign. Here its meaning was: Moses looked into deeds of this Egyptian both of his own life and that of his descendants to see if something worthwhile would issue from him. After ascertaining both aspects negatively, he proceeded to kill him for the vicious and abominable acts he had done in committing an adulterous abomination with the wife of one of the Hebrew slaves. Moses' holy jealousy was awoken and he did what he saw fit to do. Also from Tradition is it known that Moses had received Kabbala Maasit and his killing the Egyptian was by way of words he knew and not with his hands. Likewise in Prophets there are often prophecies in the name 'ko: 'Ko amar ha-Shem' thus spoke the Lord.

Fish 95 Beniamino's name 'Perico' thus took on prophetic values after that tragic death on his job at work when of a building-crane that he was standing on broke and fell. He fell to the ground, was immediately knocked unconscious and died shortly afterwards. Beniamino was a part of us. He was a Donkey who eats Bread of the Final Goel Haim. We were struck with terrible anguish when it happened and it was difficult for us to understand. Nevertheless, in the morning before his funeral, Giordano Levi saw in his dream the Resurrection of Beniamino noster. This at least somewhat assuaged the pain.

Fish 96 Two other extremely important factors enhanced our understanding although our anguish was thick. There had been two Signs sent by the Goel Haim that became realized with Beniamino's death. Some thirteen weeks before that accident, the Tzadik sent a Sign that he would have to 'take' someone for the sake of humanity. In a second Sign the Tzadik announced that it was necessary to make a Sign of Mourning for 13 weeks. The Sign was made by not eating the first fruits. After the accident, exactly 13 weeks after that Sign, there could be absolutely no doubt that that Beniamino had been chosen by the Goel Haim as a 'sacrifice' for the benefit of the world and for the salvation of the Donkey-Mission of the Final Redemption.

Fish 97 A week ago, 12 March 2016, as Noda read the introduction to the said addition of the 50 gnomen of the New Protection in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN where these facts of the 'sacrifice' of Beniamino noster, both Noda and Paolo became upset for the fact that this was an official document of the New Rite to be read on the 12th of March. Paolo even stood up with adamant indignation and said, "No, Peretz, it is a great mistake to speak openly about this matter. It even frightens me. This cannot go out for others; it will be completely misunderstood. People will be frightened by it and leave. They will not be able to accept it, will get confused and run away from the Signs of the Final Redemption." Noda agreed with him although she was less verbal about it and perhaps she held certain other fears of damages that might be brought against us for speaking of this question in terms of a sacrifice.

Fish 98 I answered, saying that I did not agree, "We must speak about it openly. Why shouldn't we? The Signs of the Tzadik Haim were clear Signs and were verified. And there were no other Signs to say we had to hide this matter. Also for the value of Beniamino himself, the fact of his sacrifice must become known. I don't agree with you!" Paolo excitedly unwavering and even obstinate said, "No, Peretz, you are making a big mistake. Imagine if someone, such as Beniamino's sister (Beniamino was orphaned to his parents and had been living with his sister) or someone of his family came to hear such a thing! And then others, later, coming to hear such a thing concerning a 'sacrifice' will become afraid to become Donkey!"

Fish 99 I had no intension to continue arguing with a Horse when he gets excited but I only said, "Sister or family or future Donkeys, what you are saying has no sense. And on the other hand, there is an opposite side to what you are saying. Afterwards, when people come to know of Beniamino's tragic death, they will want to know how such was possible when he was a Donkey who eats Bread and a pupil of the Goel Haim. This would frighten people away if they didn't find a true and worthy answer." Noda continued reading all the 50 gnomen of Ko va-Ko in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN.

Fish 100 A dream-Sign (I think of Giuseppe) said that when Beniamino brushed his teeth every morning, rays of faith issued from his mouth and rose above. He had suffered in his short-lived life of many things that I do not know. He was very shameful about whatever he had passed through and made no mention of such things. He was happy to have found, through Daniel Manigrasso, the Final Redemption and he firmly believed in everything received by the Donkeys. He believed that the Goel Haim is the Final Goel of Humanity. Beniamino's life had been sad and without a driving purpose until he found the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and all his thoughts became extremely elevated although, for sure, in his humility, he himself was unaware of any elevation in himself but only of his belief and of his newly found friendship with the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, with the knowledge that God Almighty had chosen the final Goel of history.

Fish 101 - Beniamino was all internal. He did not express himself easily. He was gentle in his manners, careful not to offend anyone or to disturb anyone. Sometimes when he listened to the Signs that we announced, his eyes lit up and pure faith could be read on his face but for the most part he kept quiet as if not to be embarrassed by something he might say. We all loved him but who could see into his heart or understand his thoughts or the profundity of his love for God? He spoke very little but when he smiled one felt that he was endowed with an inner world but none of us could fathom how much he was loved by God Almighty. The Tzadik Haim knew.

Fish 102 The Goel Haim chose Beniamino as a sacrifice for the benefit of the world. The pupils of the Goel Haim had to make a Sign of Mourning for 13 weeks because that 'sacrifice' related to the 'Mission' of the Final Redemption in the world. Merit was missing in us. Merit was needed to keep the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread alive for the world. The zechut of Beniamino noster's sacrifice would allow for the continuation. The guilt of that lack of merit was upon me because the responsibility was upon me. There was a negative Sign to this at the beginning of the 13th year when we made the Sign of the Seal of the Final New Pact. All the pupils came to the Beauty Saloon of Tonia (whom we used to call Lucky Star) to make the Sign in reading the Seal of the Thirteenth Year which itself was called the Seal of the New Purim. It was in that occasion that Sarah Markus, from Israel, had called Anna Gasparotti the day before telling her that in her dream Giordano had said that the Teacher Haim had said that he must 'take' someone for the benefit of humanity. At the same time, perhaps a few days later, Giuseppe received in a dream that the pupils of the Goel Haim had to make a sign of Mourning for 13 weeks.

Fish 103 In the Beauty Saloon before the reading of the Sign, I asked Tonia to cut my hair as she had often done. As she was cutting my hair the top of the hair-cutter fell off and so on the back of my head was made a thick empty space that had the form of a NUNE. Paolo noticed that it had the form of a NUNE. It was a bad Sign, not understood until afterwards, indicating that the Final Pact of the 13th year in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE had not yet accepted. After 13 weeks of the sign of mourning and the tragic death of Beniamino, it afterwards was understood that 'Perico'- 'for the 2 Signs of Ko' 25 and 25 making 50, a NUNE, was a necessary sacrifice that saved the all-important NUNE FINALE for History.

Fish 104 These were the Hidden Signs that according to Paolo and Noda I should not have written down to make them known. Am I, then, not to speak of the NUNE FINALE of Purim since Purim refers to a Hidden Redemption? I believe that posterity must know and study this whole matter of the Beniamino's sacrifice in the hands of the Goel Haim, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. And Paolo's idea that people will become frightened and go away because of the term 'sacrifice' has no bearing on reality: spoken of is a one-time historic event not to be repeated. Future Donkeys will not be taken as 'sacrifices'. Beniamino noster has already accomplished it for the rest of history by choice of the Goel Haim. And of Noda's fear that someone might accuse us legally of Beniamino's death has no sense at all. Beniamino is buried in Milano and his death was caused by an accident at work. Beniamino did not take his own life nor did he have any idea of being chosen as a sacrifice. He was 'taken' for enormous merits that he possessed before God Almighty.

Fish 105 All this subject has come out here since Moshe Levi saw in his dream that I said, "In the Sign of the NUNE FINALE". Then came the 12th of March and the Ko and Ko were read in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE and the name-sign of Perico was written there and explained. Therefore in the Fishes of the third chapter of this text I spoke more about the NUNE FINALE and its meanings for the Redemption. So did I speak about the position of the Mission of Jesus without which the historic Binding-Power of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN would not have been possible. Big Fish is universal and Jesus' mission became universal through the Sign of the RESH of the name 'ASHER' and by way of the Star of Christ come in virtue of Humility.

Fish 106 So was it given to be understood that for the sake of that universality, Yeshua was not on the level of the chosen Patriarchs or of Moses or of the Prophet Elijah or of Mordechai or of the Hidden Tzadikim or of the Goel Haim. He was a person as the people of the world who can elevate themselves and become 'Just people who live in their faith' by way of their faith and good deeds or even by way of self-sacrifice for the sake of others. That necessary, let's say, intermediary level of Jesus, was without the equilibrium of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption of which the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread is fundamental. The fuller realization of whatever positive purposes were part of the Christianity that issued come with the revelation of the second coming of the Star of Christ with the Great Correction of Christianity and with the re-establishing of the truth of Yeshua's messianic mission.

Fish 107 So is it explained that these two times, the Star of Christ of 2000 years ago and the second coming of the Star of Christ have their correspondence in the two Signs of the Donkey who eat Bread, the first in Nelda Levi's dream and the second in Sarah's dream. All this comes for the sake of the completion of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN in the realization of the New Purim of the Final Redemption. Without the New there can be no Final Redemption. The Binding-Power to unite all the Letters of the Triple-Name absolutely need the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN, the New, Hidden Purim of the Final Redemption. There is yet a conclusion to all this that we must try to understand. It was the Hidden Sacrifice of Beniamino Perico that came for the sake of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. It is a Hidden Matter as great as Big Fish Leviathan. And Paolo and Noda want me to keep it hidden so that only we know about it! I don't agree, unless a Sign comes to justify their fears.

Fish 108 - I have explained something of its essence elsewhere but perhaps its fuller meaning can be acquired in this present context. Beniamino noster represented the maximum positive conclusion to what Jesus could have desired that his Messianic Mission create. Beniamino was not Jewish but he was certainly of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel of which Jesus himself had stated that he had not come except for the sake of their salvation (Matthew, 15: 24). Beniamino, born Catholic, became a full-fledged believer and follower of the Geula Shleima in the true and pure monotheistic faith with all the positive qualities of humility and goodness and the love of other people. Everything that Yeshua might have desired as the positive result of his teachings and his mission could be found in Beniamino Perico.

Fish 109 - And yet, a true sacrifice was needed historically to complete the Mission of Jesus since Jesus' mission was not only his teachings or his affirmation concerning the Lost Sheep but it was a sacrifice for God and it was accepted and he was resurrected in the Sign of the Resurrection. Therefore also for the finalization of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN which, as explained, is bound to Jesus' messianic mission, a sacrifice was necessary as well as a Sign of the Resurrection of the one sacrificed. Clearly only the Goel Haim in the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead could choose and organize the sacrifice of Beniamino noster.

Fish 110 - March 21, 2016: Adar 2, 5776: Beauty of Paradise 20, 3068: Baruch Ha-Shem, I had the privilege of seeing the Goel Haim in a dream. He was teaching us lessons. I didn't see who the other pupils were but we were seated and the Tzadik Haim was standing on a small platform before us and teaching the meaning of MAFTEAH (the KEY). He was explaining that MAFTEAH was properly a General Key to a great many questions and indicated with his hands and his movements all the various parts of his body, feet, legs, head, brain, eyes, trying to inculcate in me the idea that MAFTEAH was properly something completely different than a physical MAFTEAH, that, let's say, opens doors. It was the opener of redemptional matters. It was to me in particular that the Teacher Haim intended to awaken with a deeper understanding.

Fish 111 - Let me try to get a few points together. First of all, for me this dream and the happiness it means for me is not less than the felicity of Purim. I will not explain why but in the last days I was in a state of personal anguish believing that the Ha-Moreh Haim didn't want to see me anymore. I was distraught with negative thoughts about myself and I prayed quite a bit in a state of teshuvah and tikkun. Seeing the Tzadik Haim again and the fact that he teaching me together with the others (and also speaking with me before this but I don't remember now of what) was a sign that my teshuvah and tikkun had been accepted by God Almighty. This is the main source of my happiness about this dream but there have been other matter of these last few days to think about.

Fish 112 Today, for example, with Moshe Levi, we concluded a fourth text of Tablets of the New Law. This is important since the Teacher Haim had said to me in a dream (see Fish 49) that he had not heard my voice concerning the New Law. Thus for the last several weeks Moshe and I have been working on completing texts of the New Law. We will now, God willing, take up the Messages of the New Law. Yesterday I was trying to cancel something from a Cassete that I made some twenty years ago involving the Hherem Mi-Deoraita. I spoke there of having received, as Donkey and Talmid of the Goel Haim and from the Prophet Elijah through the Goel Haim various KEYS of the New Kabbalah and of appointing Priests to the New Altars and New Judges for the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik etc.

Fish 113 - When I re-listened (after many years) to this tape and heard these things, I decided to cancel them out. They were out of place, self-aggrandizing, without the correct equilibrium and would be misunderstood. I tried and was successful in cancelling a few things but the matter of having received 'MAFTEHHOT' refused to be cancelled even after trying 5 times to undo them.

I go on. I have been writing in chapter 3 and here in chapter 4 about the MAFTEAH of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and concluding at first with the MAFTEAH of Jesus' sacrifice and then with the MAFTEAH of the 'sacrifice' of Beniamino noster. And now Ha-Moreh Haim is teaching us matters of the MAFTEAH; with 3 days left to Purim. Obviously there's a MAFTEAH here to be concluded, God willing. Ha-Moreh Haim as he taught concerning the MAFTEAH indicated the MAFTEAH on himself. Perhaps this is the MAFTEAH that we must try to understand. Forgive me, O Lord, my God, and do not let me err. I am afraid for my soul to speak of the Goel Haim as the MAFTEAH of the Geula Shleima. MAFTEAH here means the person chosen by God Almighty to open the gates and doors of the Redemption.

Fish 114 Humility is the KEY loved by God for being chosen for the Redemption. Moses, Yeshua and Haim were loved by Ha-Shem for their humbleness. In that virtue is then given the MAFTEAH to open the Gates and Doors of the Redemption. Moshe Rabbeinu was thus the humble servant of God to whom was given the MAFTEAH to open the Gates and Doors of the First Redemption. To Mordechai ha-Tzadik whose true identity was Hidden and to Esther who kept her identity as being Jewish hidden until the propitious moment, were given the MAFTEHOT to annul the decree of Haman against the Jews. And Purim remained the force of God's Hidden Salvation of the Jewish people for the rest of history. Jesus was humble and his heart was with God Almighty to save the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel and to him was revealed by way of the School of the Essenes the MAFTEAH to open that Messianic Mission for the historical purposes necessary to allow the nations to reach in the end the Final Redemption.

Fish 115 Those were the historical redemptional KEYS until the Tzadik Haim. Abraham, our father, was the chosen father of a multitude of nations but he was not called Israel. Yitzhak, our father, was sanctified on the altar at Moriah and in his merit the land of Israel remained the heredity of the Jewish people for all times, and in his merit the world of the Geula Shleima will be felicitous with Laughter in the Signs of Isaac but he was not called Israel. Jacob, our father, suffered more than Abraham and more than Isaac and it was he who pass through the evil of distorted hearts, as the verse in Jeremy 17: 9: 'Distorted is the heart in every way and ill with forgetfulness; who can know of it?' ( , ; , ) Yet only Jacob, our father for all the many vicissitudes that he lived through and overcame in virtue of his righteousness before God, was called Israel.

Fish 116 Moshe Rabbeinu did not become the MAFTEAH of the Geula SHLEIMA. Mordechai ha-Yehudi, did not become the MAFTEAH of the Geula Shleima. Jesus did not become the MAFTEAH of the Geula Shleima. The Tzadik Haim, loved by Ha-Shem for his love to all humanity and for the suffering that he underwent became for the world the MAFTEAH of the Geula Shleima. Ha-Moreh Haim is the great, chosen MAFTEAH of world history, for the children of Israel and for all the nations. In him is the great, final Binding-Power of the great NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN of the Geula Shleima. Therefore will he be called Marvelous Counselor, potent one of God, a father for all times, the Prince of Peace.

Fish 117 And yet, dear friends, wait a minute before you cry from Laughter in SHUSHAN's great NUNE FINALE. In my dream above Fish 110, someone was sitting beside me to my right hand but I could not see him; he was invisible. In my innocent thought, I believe it was Beniamino noster. The Goel Haim, the chosen MAFTEAH of history, in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN, for the sake of the completion of that MAFTEAH for the world needed a Hidden Sacrifice of a person who was on the level of the world, one who had suffered and had come to believe in the Final Goel Haim and in the Sign of the Donkey who eat Bread. This is the Hidden aspect of the New Hidden Purim of the Final Redemption, the sacrifice of Beniamino Perico, Beniamino noster.

Fish 118 Look and see that the Goel Haim himself announced by way of Giordano Levi in Sarah Markus' dream that he had to "take someone" for the benefit of all humanity. Contemplate this affirmation and be amazed! It is the Goel Haim who is saying this, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is he who had to bring someone to be a sacrifice for the good of the entire world. And see the Sign of just Thirteen weeks of Mourning with a Sign of not eating the First Fruits. Beniamino was young and unmarried and could have had an entire life before him.

Fish 119 The KEY was in the Sign of Thirteen. Thirteen is the great Number of the Final Redemption. (1) Thirteen Altars of Prayer in the House of Prayer (2) Thirteen Virtues of Esther (3) Thirteen Stars of the Shoshana (4) Thirteen Qualities of the Good Heart (5) Thirteen Petals of the Book of the Rose (Sefer Mishnat Haim) (6) Thirteen Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan (7) Thirteen Pacts in the New Final Pact (8) Thirteen Tribes of Israel (9) Thirteen Months of the New Calendar of Leviathan (10) the Key of Thirteen in the Book of the Messages of the Archangel Gabriel (11) the Key of Thirteen in the Book of the Stars (12) the Key of Thirteen in the 6 Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and the 7 Prophetic Circles of the New Rite and (13) the KEY of 13 in the Great, New SHEEN of the New Purim of the Final Redemption.

Fish 120 This demonstrates the truth of what is being proclaimed here. The sacrifice of Beniamino noster had the purpose of completing the Great NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN of the Final Redemption, a completion that the Goel Haim had to accomplish for the sake of becoming the Great, Final MAFTEAH of the History of the Geula Shleima. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.



Chapter 5


Fish 121 The MAFTEAH of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN must be bound to the Thirteen Mazalot of Leviathan, as we sing in Fish 73 above 'EHEYE SHUSHAN, Yitzhak SHUSHAN im mazalot ha-Leviathan'. The Laughter is reached in conjunction the 13 Mazalot of Big Fish, otherwise, the Binding-Power doesn't reach the earth. In Moshe Levi's dream I poured out the water that was in the bed-flower basin on the ground. Only then were there miraculous signs from Heaven.

Fish 122 They surround the world from above, from the starry heavens of the Milky Way. They become as a Crown upon our head, if the earth is being watered with them properly. With chosen servants of God would we desire that our thoughts be crowned. In the order of the Mazalot and the chronological order of the chosen ones I bind the NUNE FINALE to the 13 New Constellations of Leviathan.

Fish 123 -

Abraham The Resurrected Bird

Yitzhak - the Battle of the Fish

Yaacob - the Weights of the Donkey

Moshe Rabbeinu the Illumined Turtle

Aharon ha-Cohen the Kingdom of the Giraffe

Yehoshua bin Nune the Star of the Project

Pinhass the Refuge of Armadillo

Elijah the Prophet the Lake of Salt

Elisha - the Valley of Mercury

Mordechai - the End of the Minute

Yeshua Heavenly Perfume

The Rambam - the Lion's Den

The Goel Haim the Beauty of Paradise


Fish 124 Let us briefly substantiate them in order to bring them down to further understanding. With personal meditation, one can enhance them.

Of Abraham, our father, we already know that the Resurrected Bird has a correspondence with the Dove and Pigeon not split in the Pact between the Parts. It is the Sign that Judah and Israel, even throughout bitter exile and even thrown unto the throngs of both spiritual and physical death, remain intact in their essence, to be resurrected in fulfillment of God's promises to the Patriarchs, in the Torah and in Prophets.

Fish 125 - Isaac, our father, is the receiver of God's blessing, even when Abraham, his father, for reason of prophetic confusion, asked for God's intervention, as it states (Gen. 25: 11) 'And it was after the death of Abraham, and God blessed Isaac his son, and Isaac dwelled in Beer Lehhai Ro'I'. There are, however, many elements of Battle in Isaac's life, not battles of physical warring but of different sorts. First of all the very birth of Isaac was ridden with battles on behalf of Sarah, his mother and Abraham, his father; then the elements of battle between Sarah and Hagar for the sake of Isaac; then the personal 'battle' of Isaac in not marrying until after he was 37 years old and Isaac's suffering for Sarah's death; then the battle of prayer when Rebecca did not bring children, and then the battle in Rebecca's womb between Esau and Jacob. Then were Isaac's battles with the servants of Abimelech concerning the wells. Then Isaac's personal battle in his becoming blind and then the battle of the blessing to Jacob.

Fish 126 - It is thus not strange to bind the Battle of the Fish to Isaac, our father. It is true that Jacob's life was filled with battles but of a different sort and more than battles, his destiny was filled with 'burdens' and both of physical and spiritual 'weights'. He had constantly to overcome those burdens and weights: Rebecca's strategy so that Jacob, our father, receive Isaac's blessing; his need to flee from Esau's wrath, 20 years of working for Lavan; his struggle with the angel of Esau, the burdens caused by Dina's being violated by Shechem son of Hhamor and then with Shimon and Levi's killing those of Shechem; then came the suffering for Yosef.

Fish 127 - Jacob, our father, was the 'holy one' of the Patriarchs and thus were placed upon him many weights, burdens and much suffering. It is proper that the Mazal of the Weights of the Donkey be bound to Jacob our father. Note that all those weights did not come for any will of Jacob; they were 'organized' and placed upon him from God's Providence. In this sense he was the Donkey to those weighty burdens so that he merit to the name of Israel, father of the children of Israel, for all times.

Fish 128 - Moshe Rabbeinu, was certainly the 'illumined' servant of God Almighty. He constantly saw the true light of God with him directly. None can fathom the closeness of God's illumination upon him. No one can be compared to the love shone him by God Almighty, and he walked slowly and spoke slowly until he completed 120 years of age in perfect health. The Mazal of the Illumined Turtle can well be bound to Moses, our teacher.

Fish 129 - Aaron, the High Priest, Moses' older brother, lived in Goshen, far from Egyptian culture as much as possible. His life was dedicated to serving God Almighty while conserving the Tradition of the Patriarchs. His life was a life of prayer for the children of Israel, and of meditation on the holy tradition that he knew, and hope in the realization of God's promises to the Patriarchs. In those realms of prayer and contemplation, it is correct to bind the Mazal of the Kingdom of the Giraffe to Aharon, Cohen Gadol. He was always looking Above waiting for God's Kingdom to descend on earth. Therefore also he merited to prophecy and to be together with Moses in God's revelations in the redemption from Egypt and then in the desert as High Priest for the Children of Israel.

Fish 130 - Yehoshua bin Nune is the carrier of God's Project of binding the children of Israel to the laws of God Almighty received by Moses and to carry out the conquests of the land of Canaan so that Israel be established in its own land, giving the eventual possibility of being the chosen nation of the Torah with its Temple standing in Jerusalem. Such was the finalized or concluding Project of the first redemption from Egypt, in terms of the historical realization of the first name 'EHEYE'.

Fish 131 - Yehoshua bin Nune merited, in his love and service to Moses, to that immense Binding of Israel's history. Thus the Mazal of the Star of the Project well belongs to Yehoshua bin Nune. There are many Bindings in his Binding-Power, the Mishna of the Oral Tradition handed down from Moses, his binding-power as the 'General' in the war of conquest and the binding of Israel to its territories as one nation believing in its chosen heredity. Then are there other aspects of the Project of Redemption alluded to in his name: Salvation, son of Nune. We are in fact speaking here of the Binding-Power of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN which is the Binding-Power of the NUNES of the Redemption.

Fish 132 - It has been explained that the Star of Malchitzedek is also the Star of Salvation for Israel and for the world with its enormous singularity in receiving the tenth of the Stars of the Redemption. It is therefore that Star which more than any other represents the BINDING-POWER of all aspects of the Project of the Redemption. Thus the Star of the Project is in reference to the Star that Astounds (Star of Malchitzedek) and in reference to the mission of Yehoshua bin Nune in binding Israel to God's redemptional Project.

Fish 133 - To Pinhhasss ben Elazar ben Aharon was given God's very particular blessing called the 'Pact of Peace'. That Pact actually protected its bearer from death, as explained by the Tzadik Haim that its blessing entailed the perfect balance in one's body of the 4 elements, fire, water, spirit and earth. When those are in perfect harmony, the body is above death because death cannot occur except for an unbalancing of the elements.

Fish 134 - The Teacher Haim explained that Elijah, the Prophet, received the neshama of Pinhhass and was thus above death. The essence of that blessing is the Protection against the negative forces that would damage the 4 elements and thus is it correct that the Mazal of the Refuge of Armadillo which is the Sign of Protection from among Big Fish' Mazalot be bound to Pinhhass. The Refuge of Armadillo is also the Sabbath of the Mazalot, the seventh from the Resurrected Bird and the seventh from the Beauty of Paradise. Looking more deeply into the essence of Pinhhass' blessing, one can find in it the essence of the harmony of Shabbat. Pinhhass received the pact of piece, Shabbat is the day of piece and on Shabbat we say: Shabbat Shalom.

Fish 135 - We come unto the eighth Mazal of the Lake of Salt and its association to Elijah, the Prophet, of blessed mentioning. The Lake of Salt is bound to the Pact, as the brit mila performed on the eighth day after birth. Also Big Fish Leviathan re-meets his Salted Wife, Leviatanit, who was hidden in the Salted Waters of the Lake, in time for the Final New Pact of the Geula Shleima. All matters of the Pact are bound to this eighth Mazal of the Lake of Salt. The great and unique Prophet Elijah is referred to in Malachi (3: 1) as the 'angel of the pact that you desire'. So is it known that the Prophet Elijah is present to answer 'amen' to the blessing at every brit mila. We have explained at length that the 6 Great Completed Signs of the Final Redemption are the heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, as the 6 Points over the word 'Va-yishakeihu' (Genesis, 33: 4); so is it he who gives over to the chosen Goel Haim the new, prophetic tradition of the final Fourth Generation. It is quite appropriate that the Mazal of the Lake of Salt be bound to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning.

Fish 136 - Elisha, the chosen pupil of the Prophet Elijah, is reported after the Mission of Elijah the Prophet for an extremely important purpose which can be understood with the knowledge given us by the Goel Haim that Elijah the Prophet arose to the 'Kingdom of Heaven' and was from then on the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim. With Mordechai, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, was the uncounted Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. The matter is profound but the fact of Tanach's relation the history of Elisha after Elijah is relevant to the concept of the giving over of the Hidden Tradition from one Hidden Tzadik to the one after him. It could not have been missing in Tanach but its understanding is deep and will come in time when the matter of the Tzadik Haim's being Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation, becomes known and contemplated. It is correct that for reason of the depth of this matter, the Mazal of the Valley of Mercury be bound with Elisha, pupil of the Prophet Elijah.

Fish 137 - We have thus come unto the End of the Minute. With Mordechai ha-Yehudi we need not go far. Is Purim not the great story of the End of the Minute? Everything changed over completely from the terrible decree of Haman just at the End of the Minute. So too the wiping away the memory of Amalek will come at the End of the Minute after Israel is at peace with its neighbors. Also that will be part of the End of the Minute of the Fourth Generation. So too the tenth Mazal of the End of the Minute can well be bound to Mordechai ha-Tzadik and to Queen Esther.

Fish 138 - Jesus' Messianic Mission was 'incomplete' since he was left with only 11 disciples and the Mazal of Heavenly Perfume is the 11th Mazal of Big Fish Leviathan. And yet there was an enormous strength in Jesus' words and prayers because he bound himself with humility to the Will of God and his teachings and prayers arose as Perfume before God Almighty for reason of his sincerity and truthfulness in a time when no one was serving God faithfully. It is just to say that the 11th Mazal, as the 11 elements of Incense, is bound to Yeshua whose words and prayers were Heavenly Perfume before Ha-Shem, Baruch Hu.

Fish 139 - The Mazalot could not be completed for the world without the foremost representative of Traditional Torah and Rabbinic Judaism. Such was the Great Eagle, the Rambam, peace be upon him, and most certainly he sat in the Lion's Den in his writing the Mishneh Torah. Thus the Twelfth Mazal of the Den of the Lion is appropriately bound to the Rambam, the Great Eagle of Rabbinic Judaism. That completeness is also demonstrated by the twelfth position of Big Fish' Mazalot.

Fish 140 - Let us thank the Lord, our God, for He has chosen the Final Hidden Tzadik of history to reside over the Kingdom of Heaven and to guide and teach humanity all that which must be known for the Geula Shleima. His name is Haim, Life, and he is the New Life of the generations of the Final Redemption. As the Redemption will proceed, it is the chosen Teacher Haim who brings down from the Kingdom of Heaven the Tree of Life for the New Upcoming World. Nature itself will return beginning from after the Fourth Generation and when the world returns to its nature, it becomes a garden of delicious fruits and good health and happiness. The last Thirteenth Mazal of the Beauty of Paradise is strictly bound to the chosen Goel Haim.

Fish 141 - In merit of the chosen Goel Haim, we hope to God Almighty that these New Bindings help the water from the bed-flower basin to be poured down to the earth, in a further and essential conclusion to the MAFTEAH of which the Teacher Haim is instructing us. The Binding of the Thirteen Mazalot to the Thirteen chosen servants of God Almighty is essential in bringing to the world their merits so that the world of the Final Redemption be bound to them for all times ahead. Based on Moshe Levi's dream, we may now wait for amazing Signs of the Redemptional Stars on earth.

Fish 142 - March 21, 2016: Today Moshe Levi informed me that 17 Yemenite Jews from San'aa have been brought by Israel to Beersheva. 17 is gematria 'tov' (good). Beersheva is where the Temple together with that of Jerusalem will be built. The Goel Haim was born in San'aa, Yemen. So too Yihhye ibn Shlomoh Elkafeh, author of Milhhamot Ha-Shem, was of San'aa Yemen. One of the Yemenite Jews saw a correspondence with the verse: 'Ahhashverosh who reigned from 'hodu 'ad Kush' (Esther, 1: 1) (India to Ethiopia). Yemen is lay between them. In any case it is a good and positive Sign towards the New Purim that is coming. Amen.

Fish 143 I believe that the essence of the happiness of Purim is bound to the Banquet that Big Fish Leviathan is preparing for the just. If so, the New Bindings made here are part of the preparation for that Banquet and related to Tastes. When you go eat at a Banquet you expect to find special, tasty dishes. Yet 'Tastes', in Hebrew 'Taamim' also means 'reasons furnished by the intellect; Thus intellectual Tastes as well as physical Tastes. With this in view, you will certainly become aware of the fact that for the Great Banquet of Leviathan, the food itself would be lacking and the intellect would not be satisfied if not for presence of God's chosen servants.

Fish 144 This is what is now happening with the Binding of the Thirteen servants of God with the Thirteen New Mazalot of Leviathan. Bear with me, then, in simply dividing the Tastes and Dishes in preparation of the Banquet. Each individual, of course, will dwell on each Taste as slowly and as long as he wishes. Each one of the Thirteen servants of God Almighty is a world in itself of wonderful Tastes and illuminating study. Remember that we speak of Tastes with many intellectual flavors.

Fish 145 I write it here as a Sign, and God save me from any banalization. I say their respective names as part of the Binding of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. (1) The Tastes of Abraham, our father, are different and divided from the Tastes of Isaac, our father. (2) The Tastes of Isaac, our father, are different and divided from the Tastes of Jacob, our father. (3) The Tastes of Jacob, our father, are different and dived from the Tastes of Moshe Rabbeinu. (4) The Tastes of Moses, our teacher, are different and divided from the Tastes of Aaron, High Priest. (5) The Tastes of Aharon, cohen gadol, are different and divided from the Tastes of Yehoshua bin Nune. (6) The Tastes of Yehoshua bin Nune are different and divided from the Tastes of Pinhhass ben Elazar ben Aharon. (7) The Tastes of Pinhhass ben Elazar ben Aharon are different and divided from the Tastes of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. (8) The Tastes of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, are different and divided from the Tastes of Elisha, his pupil. (9) The Tastes of Elisha, pupil of Elijah the Prophet, of blessed mentioning, are different and divided from the Tastes of Mordechai ha-Tzadik. (10) The Tastes of Mordechai ha-Yehudi and Queen Esther are different and divided from the Tastes of Yeshua ben Yosef and Miriam. (11) The Tastes of Jesus, sacrificed Ram in Isaac's stead, are different and divided from the Tastes of the Great Eagle. the Rambam, peace be with him. (12) The Tastes of the Great Rambam, peace be with him, are different and divided from the Tastes of the Final Goel Haim.

Fish 146 - The Tastes of the chosen Hidden Tzadik Haim, Goel and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, are different and divided from all the Twelve chosen servants of God Almighty. The Tzadik Haim is the one who brings down for the world all the Tastes of other afore mentioned servants and it is he who brings the Tree of Life to the world. It is he who is teaching all the New Tastes of the Thirteen Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. It is he who is sending dreams and true visions to the world so that humanity receives the New Spirit from God Almighty. It is he who is teaching us the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father. It is he who sends Signs of Correction when we commit errors. It is he who is working for the final salvation of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. It is he who is teaching humanity to elevate itself on the White Marble Steps of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is he who is teaching mankind to return the true derech eretz loved by God Almighty. It is he who is given over the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam. It is he who is responsible and is teaching us the New Law of the Final Redemption. It is he who is sending us all the prophetic warnings of the Fourth Generation. It is he who descends at every Sign made by the Donkeys who eat Bread. It is exclusively the Tzadik Haim who brought the final sign of the Resurrection of the Dead. For sure the Mazal of the Beauty of Paradise is bound to the chosen Teacher Haim, born in San'aa, Yemen.

Fish 147 Two persons are the chosen servants of God Almighty for the Geula Shleima itself, the Prophet Elijah and the Tzadik Haim. The verse in Malachi is proof to this, (Malachi, 3: 1) 'Behold I am sending my angel and he will straighten the way from before Me, and suddenly he will come onto his palace the Master that you are searching for and the angel of the pact that you desire, behold he is coming, says the God of Hosts'.

Fish 148 - The 'messenger' sent by God Almighty 'to straighten out the way from before Me' was the Hidden Tzadik Haim who was constantly at God's commands. In his very Hidden Works in the world and above the world, the Hidden Tzadik straightened out the truth of all matters in hidden ways that we cannot know of or understand. In his merit as the Hidden Goel he brought about before God the straight and just ways in which the Geula Shleima could be brought to the world. And with his Final Sacrifice for the sake of the world, with his death and resurrection, God Almighty decreed that there open up the promised time of the Final Redemption. The chosen Goel was brought to his place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 149 There, for the sake of understanding, was the great historic meeting of the two chosen servants of God, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and the Tzadik Haim, and thus was realized that verse in Malachi. Together they represent the total unity and harmony of the Geula Shleima and this is alluded to with the verb in the singular, 'behold, he will come' (ibid). When the Tzadik Haim is chosen, they come together to bring the Final Redemption to the world. For Elijah is the promised Messenger of the Geula Shleima and the Tzadik Haim is the completed Goel of the Geula Shleima and only together is the Geula Shleima accomplished for the world.

Fish 150 Please, God Almighty, hear my prayer: Have mercy on the hungry people of the world and open up Your mighty, great and strong arm to feed the hungry of every country. Have mercy on all the small children of the world and have them grow healthy, mentally and physically. O Eternal God, have great mercy on the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel and furnish them with the possibilities of finding the truth of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim. Have mercy on the widows and on the orphans and help them find their way to a good life. O Lord, our God, have great mercy on the so many ill people in the world and send healing to worthy tens of thousands who need Your help. Please, God of the Hosts, lift up the mind and heart of people throughout the world that they merit to be a friend of Israel and of Jews and to desire to know the ways of Jacob, our father. Help us, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE to find new, faithful Donkeys who are strong and who work for the Redemption. O Living God, forgive us our sins, our errors, our unjust thoughts and foolish actions and help us return to You with a full heart. O Lord, our God, help the people of Israel be lifted in love to others and to derech eretz and open their minds to listen to the marvelous News of the Final Redemption. EL SHADDAI please protect us from all evil and from all enemies. Please God on High, let us see Your wonders and miracles in these last years of the first part of the Fourth Generation, under the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. Amen and might that You answer positively to all these requests, ve-ken yehi ratzon. Please o Living God, bring happiness inside our heart and let us rejoice in Your salvation.



Chapter 6



Fish 151 Purim 5776: March 24, 2016: Beauty of Paradis 23, 3968.

Moshe Levi asks if the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN might be explained somewhat more in order to bring it down to a better comprehension. He says he has some difficulty in understanding it more 'concretely'. He is right. I understand. I began, however, with the clarification that we are speaking of 'spiritual' matters, as when we speak of the Letters of the Triple-Name. It is a matter of meditation and requires time and thought. Moshe said that he agrees and knows this but he is searching for ways to bring it's concept down with more clarity.

Fish 152 Let me try to assuage his thirst because if I succeed, it is a benefit to all. Be it remembered, nevertheless, that it's part of the Triple-Meditation. In Moshe's dream the water of the bed-flower basin was poured out on the ground and Peretz says, "In the Sign of The NUNE FINALE". The time is close with the dream coming only a week before Purim. Thank God that we were able to make the Bindings between the 13 Mazalot and 13 Servants of God Almighty. I believe this an essentially important step in bringing the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan down to earth. That association of the Mazalot and the servants of God will bring those chosen servants of Ha-Shem closer to the world.

Fish 153 Why was the water spilled out on the ground? In an important dream of Daniel Manigrasso, he saw scenes of a river of Leviathan that flowed under the earth. The water thrown to the ground is in relation to the waters of Big Fish Leviathan and that underground river and Water Source of Big Fish. Thus the water in the dream is not being wasted but is a Binding-Force between the Waters of Big Fish's Mazalot and his underground waters that are fulfilling their secret currents beneath the surface. Then in my dream, the Teacher Haim was teaching his pupils the concept of MAFTEAH (the KEY). Thus the Key of the NUNE FINALE is now being given by the Goel Haim.

Fish 154 We received the Great Sign of SHUSHAN in 1990 from Beersheva to Jerusalem. At the Kotel, the NUNE, formed by a cloud and for close to a quarter of an hour of the reflection of the setting sun in the west, was big, thick and very luminous. For those of us few who were following the Sign, mainly Noda and Paolo, it was an amazing and beautiful conclusion to the Sign of the SHEEN from Beersheva. When it's said 'the Sign of the NUNE FINALE', we are speaking of that NUNE FINALE that we witnessed and is thus the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. What we witnessed was the New SHUSHAN of the Geula Shleima, the NUNE of which was the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN.

Fish 155 - There was no doubt that it referred to the New Purim of the Final Redemption. This indicated that the SHEEN of the name 'ASHER', referring to the Tradition of Mordechai Ha-Tzadik, was now the New Source of the New Purim of the Final New Pact. The New SHUSHAN represented the great, new BINDING-POWER of the Final Redemption. This is due to the BINDING of the Three NUNES of the Star of Nune, the Nune of Yehoshua bin Nune, the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and the NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan. The great SHEEN of SHUSHAN was bound to the NUNE FINALE of the Star of Nune. This is an enormous celestial Binding,

Fish 156 The SHEEN of the name 'ASHER' is the Middle-Letter of that name, as it is the Middle-Letter of the Entire Triple-Name. With that SHEEN bound to the NUNE FINALE, between the other two Nunes of the Star of Nune, SHUSHAN then binds all the Stars of the Redemption to the New Final Pact on earth. And with this immense Stellar Binding, there is, only so to speak, 'completion' in the Triple-Name, that is in its historical closeness to the revelation for the world.

Fish 157 With the previous Great Correction of the RESH of the name 'ASHER', the Three Names of the Triple-Name were bound together. The distortion of the RESH in Christianity did not allow for such a 'unification'. In essence that came about in the first 6 years of the Completed Signs with the Great Correction of Christianity. The Sign of Shushan was then revealed in the early part of the second period of 6 years in the Great Reform of Judaism, in the Sign of the Donkey, messiah son of David, in the Hidden School of Esther in Beersheva.

Fish 158 - We had to be hidden because none would be able to understand how the Signs of the Geula were underway without knowing that God Almighty had chosen the Goel Haim and that he was in the Kingdom of Heaven. None knew nor could they know of the New and True explanations of God Almighty's name of the Historic Redemption 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE'. The Correction of Christianity bound the Three-Names together. The Great New SHEEN bound, so speak for the sake of comprehension, the Triple-Name to the Stars and Constellations of the Final Redemption. This is of essential importance because the Triple-Name of God Almighty's Redemption must be bound, so to speak, with those redemptional Stars and Mazalot in order to be bound with the world.

Fish 159 This matter is not easy to comprehend because we now with worldly intellect cannot yet vision the incredible Gaps that must be breached so that the Geula actually be in the world. As we cannot envision the calamities of the Fourth Generation that are coming, so too we cannot reach the comprehension of the mentality-revolutions that will take place in order that the Geula Shleima reside in the world. The world before us now is on the opposite side of such incredible changes. One cannot imagine now a world of peace, of true brotherhood, of true goodness of heart, of true faith in the One Living God of the universe and in true acceptance that Israel is God's chosen nation for all times. Where now is the world that stands before us?

Fish 160 Therefore, there must be underground currents of the waters of Leviathan which, as the Megilat Esther hides the name of God but is a guide to the eventual knowledge of the Star of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, are in hidden ways preparing the world for its receiving the Stars of the Redemption, the Thirteen Mazalot of Leviathan, the Eighth Firmament of the Geula Shleima (The new Firmament created together with the news of the Final Redemption below the other 7 firmaments) and the great, new comprehension of the Triple-Name 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE'. All these are being bound to the world by way of the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN. We pray that any direct impediments to the revelation of the News in the world be cut down by God Almighty and that the truth of God's choice of the Final Goel Haim can find worthy people who desire to be pupils and Donkeys of the Final New Pact, strong people who will work for the Final Redemption in the fullness of their heart. Amen.

Fish 161 Thus a more 'concrete' manner of contemplating the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN is to see it as the Great Binding Force of the Final Redemption, as explained here. The Binding force of the NUNE FINALE must be contemplated from the SHEEN to the VAV to the second SHEEN and then to the NUNE FINALE. The first SHEEN is that of the Triple-Name. From it extends the VAV to the Star of Nune with three ve-nahafoch-hus: the Star of the Neck becomes the Star of the Nune of Yehoshua bin Nune, the Star of Haman becomes the Star of the NUNE FINALE and the Star of the Neck (for the second time) now becomes the NUNE SOFFIT of Big Fish Leviathan.

Fish 162 The first SHEEN is called the Great SHEEN. The second SHEEN is called the Long SHEEN. The VAV carries with it the Six Completed Signs of the Geula Shleima. The first SHEEN binds all the holy Letters of the Triple-Name. Actually this Binding begins immediately with the Coming unto his Palace in the Kingdom of Heaven of the Goel Haim. It takes time, however, for the realization of the Bindings, as said: the first 6 years were in the Christian Correction and then 6 years in the Jewish Reform. In all those 12 years everything was being revealed by way of the 6 Completed Signs.

Fish 163 - The New VAV is thus Long. It takes the historic time that it needs. The VAV derives from the 6 Points over the word va-yishakehu the heredity of which was given to the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. That heredity is completed and revealed with the Coming of the Tzadik Haim and the 6 Completed Signs descend to the Levi family and from them are they received by the Donkeys of the Goel Haim who themselves begin to receive other Signs. So does it take time for the Three ve-nahafoch-hus of the Star of Nune and there are many other conclusions to the new study of the Completed Signs throughout the third, fourth, and fifth periods of 6 years.

Fish 164 - We are presently in the 6th period of 6 years of the Sixth Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. We are now towards the end (with Pesah 5776) of the Third Year. From Pesah 5776 until Pesah 5778, 5 years of this 6th Sign will be completed together with 35 years of the first part of the Fourth Generation. The 36th year of the Completed Signs will come in first year of the second part of the Fourth Generation which is the bulk of the Fourth Generation. In this way, in merit of the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his lifetime, that first beginning year will also be with merit for salvation. The New VAV in its fullness is thus 6 times 6 and it is thus extended also to the 36th year, in merit of the Tzadik Himself, not for the matter of his sacrifice. The world will need that merit so that the world still exist after the Fourth Generation.

The New VAV is thus long, as the form of a Vav. The second SHEEN is long in width due to the many aspects of the Geula Shleima that must be revealed and explained in Sefer Mishnat Haim with its Thirteen Petals. That second SHEEN, so to speak, finds its residence in the Star of Nune due to the Three Nunes. From the first SHEEN, the VAV, and the second SHEEN, the NUNE FINALE is completed for the sake of the New Purim of the Geula Shleima. The world of the Fourth Generation needs this NUNE FINALE for the continuation of its existence. We are speaking of the names of God Almighty that bring the Final Redemption to mankind. Obviously we can only capture some important points of their form from the explanations of the Goel Haim of the Letters of the Triple-Name.

Fish 165 The form of the Triple-SHEEN that appeared towards the end of the Sign witnessed from Beersheva to the Western Wall has been designed:

corresponds to the Three Nunes of the Star of Nune. It is explained that the higher, open SHEEN refers to the revelation of the Stars of the Redemption. The closed SHEEN in the middle refers to the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. The lower SHEEN refers to the New Law of the Final Redemption. Each SHEEN in its fullness becomes a NUNE, 50 Gates of Understanding, in the Star of Nune. Each category of the 50 Gates for each of the Three Nunes has with the corresponding 50 Gates of falsehoods, impurity and idolatry to be defeated and destroyed. Thus each Nune is doubled to be 100, thus 300. This is SHEEN, in gematria 300, as it comes to reside in the Star of Nune.

Fish 166 All this information represents the MAFTEAH of the Geula Shleima taught to us by the Goel Haim, as was shown to me in my dream. The miracles and salvation that will come will be perceived in a more 'concrete' manner. Here we are involved in a very important Stellar Conclusion for the Triple-Meditation. For we must try to study as much as possible and to begin to form and to formulate our thoughts in the context of the Triple-Meditation. Afterwards when the Schools of the Redemption, School of the Rose, School of Ester and School of the Yellow Rose, will be functioning, their curriculums will be based on the Triple-Meditation which contains all aspects of the Geula Shleima in eventually organized classes.

Fish 167 SHUSHAN is thus the 'hidden' MAFTEAH of Purim revealed for the Final Redemption. It binds all aspects of the Geula Shleima to the Stars of the Final Redemption. Queen Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh is the MAFTEAH to the Virtues of Esther. The Megilat Esther is the MAFTEAH to the Star of Esther and with it all the Stars of the Redemption. The Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, taught to us by the Teacher Haim, reveals the Stars of the Redemption. That revelation, however, could not be complete without the Star of Esther, the Star of Mordechai and the Star of the Goel Haim. Thus the Goel Haim reveals for us the Book of the Stars of Abraham but the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN binds the hidden aspects of the Star of Esther, the Star of Mordechai and the Star of the Goel Haim to the Geula Shleima. Without it, our knowledge of the Stars of the Redemption could not be complete.

Fish 168 Purim Shushan 5776: We are not astronomers or astrologers or just studiers of the stars because we like thinking about stars. We are, instead, trying to receive the new knowledge that the Goel Haim is teaching us because these truths help bring us closer to knowing the wonders of God Almighty. We try to fill our thoughts with the marvels of His works and of His incredible Design in bringing humanity to its Final Redemption. The spirit (ruah) of mankind must change and be uplifted for it is that which, in general, has been missing. In the first Great Sign of the Stars, the Goel Haim is giving over the means of acquiring that New Spirit promised by God Almighty for the Geula Shleima, namely the Stars of the Redemption.

Fish 169 This very fact that the Stars of the Redemption taught by the Teacher Haim, represents the means of receiving the New Spirit of the Final Redemption is itself a totally new concept unknown in the past. It's possible to imagine the Stars of the Redemption as the Ruah in every person that is the mediatory level between the Nefesh and the higher Neshama. The person needs to uplift the Ruah so that it 'arise' to awaken the Neshama. (see Tablet on the souls of the dead; when there was a decree, God save us on Jews, they would go to the cemetery and beseech the ruhot of the defuncts to arise and to implore their neshamot to pray before God to undo the decree).

Fish 170 The Stars of the Redemption stand between the New Completed Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. Without the Stars of the Geula Shleima the Binding-Force between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth would be missing, as the Binding-Force between the Neshama and the Nefesh would be missing if not for the Ruah. All the New Studies of the Final Redemption come for the purpose of the fulfillment of the prophecy 'and all will know Me from the smallest to the greatest' (Jeremiah, 31: 33). All matters of the Final Redemption are means to the reception of God's Spirit by people in the world.

Fish 171 The Sign of the Stars is the MAFTEAH that opens the Gates and Doors to the Spirit of ADONAI TZEVAOT for the world. The Sign of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven is the MAFTEAH to God's name as Redeemer of Israel and the Nations 'EHEYE ASHER EHEYE'. The Sign of the Stars is as the Ruah for mankind's Nefesh but that Nefesh of Mankind is not complete without the Promised House of Prayer for all the Nations, as received The House of Prayer of Seven Floors, Thirteen Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam, in Jerusalem and Beersheva. Only when these will be built and functioning will there the completeness in mankind's Nefesh to receive the Spirit of the Stars of the Redemption and the Spirit of God Almighty that 'descends' into the world by way of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 172 - The House of Prayer of the Redemption is the MAFTEAH to mankind's reception of the New Nefesh of the Final Redemption in the name ADONAI ELOHEINU for Jews and in the name EL ELYON for the nations, and the name EL SHADDAI for all. All these redemptional matters, however, would be un-understood in their proper measures and misinterpreted by many people who begin to think themselves 'something' and thus creating separate movements or religions etc. unless there existed a Completed Sign among the Completed Signs that is the MAFTEAH to the just equilibrium in all redemptional and 'messianic' questions. The Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread is the MAFTEAH to this new and completed Equilibrium. Through the Sign of the Donkey no one will raise his head to think himself a 'man' worthy of who knows what because he has understood something of the Signs of the Redemption.

Fish 173 The Spirit must be uplifted, it is true, but this is for the sake of being happy inside oneself in discovering the New Ways to serve God Almighty, not for uplifting oneself to think himself 'something' above all others who are still ignorant of these true values. Such an attitude will render the person hateful before God Almighty instead of being loved before Him. We are Donkeys who have had the good fortune to eat the Bread of the Final Redemption. We are Lucky-Donkeys, nothing more. This requires 'work' in serving God Almighty. One thing is to say it but the Yetzer Ha-ra exists and will continue to exist.

Fish 174 - This matter is often very subtle and it is extremely difficult for a person, no matter what level of study, to distinguish in him or herself, true intentions (if one truly considers himself 'Lucky' or if he believes himself on some 'superior' level). First of all a person needs a true Teacher who guides him. It is the purpose of the Geula Shleima that people become pupils of the chosen Teacher Haim. This is the great novelty of the Final Redemption, that although the Goel Haim is in the Kingdom of Heaven, he knows and sees each person who participates in the New Revelation and if a person is sincere and desires to be guided by the Goel Haim so will it be, especially by way of the redemptional dreams prophesied in Joel (3: 1).

Fish 175 - Also to this purpose comes the Donkey who eats Bread called also the Donkey of the Goel Haim. To become a Donkey of the Goel Haim one must consider himself a Lucky Donkey and not more. Then will he or she be able to receive. The service in serving God Almighty thus requires enormous introspection in attempting to acknowledge the true intentions inside the person's heart. In this one will ALWAYS find some tendency that has to corrected and that has to be worked on in order to correct it. Needed are time, patience and even inner 'strategies'. Most of all, however, one needs help from a true Teacher who sees much better that the person himself what is inside him. It is through this incredible MAFTEAH of God Almighty's choice of the Final Teacher of Humanity that afterwards, historically, the Tzadik Haim will become known and loved as Marvelous Counselor, potent one of God, a father for all times, Prince of Peace.

Fish 176 Let no one be fooled! No MAFTEAH will be opened for anyone without the Great MAFTEAH of Humility, without which there is no opening to the Virtues of the Heart. This MAFTEAH is given in the very first Sign of the Stars 'This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility'. As explained, also the first Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread seen by Nelda Levi represented the mission assumed by Jesus. Aside from that, the Sign of Jesus was the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead, a Ram! Why should the humility of Yeshua be so prominent in the Completed Signs?

The Great Sign of the Humility of Moses is in the Torah for all times. Moses, our teacher is the humblest of all times among all people, testified to by God Almighty in the Torah. The Humility of the Tzadik Haim will become understood in time with every step of advancement in the world of the Final Redemption. Ha-Moreh Haim was humble before all people without regard to their being Jewish or whatever, as in the Sign in which he embraces those of the nations, men and women, and with heart-felt love to each person he says, "We are all of the same flesh". Great was the humility of the Tzadik Haim and he did not judge people unless a judgment was needed for reason of his holy work. And it was the Hidden Tzadik, Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim who took upon himself alone the most terrible world decree ever to issue from the Higher Tribunal. In his humbleness, for the salvation of the world, he accepted that decree on himself and suffered for it 620 days until his death and Resurrection. God Almighty greatly loved the humility of the Tzadik Haim.

Humility is the virtue loved by God and the chosen servants of God Almighty, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Aaron, Yehoshua bin Nune, Pinhhass, the Prophet Elijah, Elisha, the Prophets of Israel, Mordechai, the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation, the Sages of Israel of the Mishnah and Talmud and of every epoch and the Rambam were all extremely humble. It is as we've explained, however. Jesus was not a Hidden Tzadik nor was he even close to their level. He was, however, the example of the Just person who lives in his faith, a level which can pertain to all people in the world who desire to serve God Almighty.

Fish 177 - Therefore the MAFTEAH of Humility is given in the Signs in conjunction to Jesus. Of the others, there is no contestation. All agree to their humility. Jesus, however, has been the great, un-understood one of history and Judaism and Jews have certainly not considered Yeshua humble. Christians, on the other hand, who believe firmly in Jesus' humility think that spoken of is God's humility which is a distortion of the truth. The Divine 'Humility' of Ha-Shem refers to His kindness and bounty, His patience and forgivingness etc. and is of a totally different order.

Needed for the sake of the Geula Shleima is the unconditional affirmation of the Goel Haim himself that to Jesus was given that tragic and incomplete Messianic Mission due to his humbleness; in his love for God and for truth and justice, he was ready to give his life as an expiation for Israel's sins in that epoch. Indeed in that humble faith he did not recant to save himself and his sacrifice was accepted by Ha-Shem. That true Messianic Mission was totally misinterpreted by Christianity and completely un-understood by the Jewish people, now with the revelation of the Star of Christ in its Second Coming, and with the total reformation of the concepts concerning that mission, the virtue that is most required to effect those mentality changes is that of Humility. As a Jew, I must now lower my head, undo the thoughts of the past and recognize the humility and humbleness in which Jesus accomplished his mission. This MAFTEAH answers to the necessary realization of that stated in Isaiah 53: 5: 'the moral lesson (mussar) upon which depends 'our peace' (shlomeinu) is on him'.

Fish 178 It is, of course, not properly the intellect that wins over its adversaries. There must also be tangible things that help a person be convinced of the truth. For even if faith resides basically in the heart where it is felt, nevertheless the thoughts, ideas, concepts, understanding and perceptions must have the agreement of the heart. Otherwise the faith will not hold up in the face of difficult contrasts. For this reason the Lord, our God, gave tangible miracles, signs and portents in Egypt, on Yam Suf, at Sinai, in the desert, in the conquests etc. So too with all the matters spoken of, there is needed the MAFTEAH of Prophetic Verification. This is the Fifth Sign of the Fourth Generation. That which will happen in the second half of the Fourth Generation will verify all that received in the first 35 years of the Fourth Generation.

Fish 179 Whoever will have any knowledge of the Final Redemption from the Texts of the Book of the Rose or whoever will have heard about it from Donkeys who eat Bread, with the events of the Fourth Generation will come to see the verification of the Prophetic Messages and in seeing that verification they will appreciate and believe in the rest. The Fifth Sign is double, Destruction and New Construction. The incredible new things of Science and even of the new mentality coming with the revelation of extra-terrestrials will not be the force of conviction of the Final Redemption but rather the terrible events of the Great and Terrible Fourth Generation. In that fear will the News of the Geula be taken on or at least will render people humble and worthy to receive the Final Redemption afterwards.

Fish 180 - Then will come the amazing realization that all this, the News and KEYS of the Final Redemption has come in merit of the Tzadik Haim who saved humanity in his sacrifice and was resurrected in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead. This Final Sign is true Source of the renewal and the vitality of the true faith of the Geula Shleima and all the rest depends on this MAFTEAH of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.


Chapter 7


Fish 181 In conjunction with the MAFTEAH of humility of Jesus, there is a very important matter not mentioned above in chapter 6. Jesus knew the evils of money and he said you cannot serve God and Mamon (Matthew, 6: 24). He himself abandoned all possessions entering the School of the Essenes. This practice in the School is itself demonstrative of the necessity to be separated from the false-god Mammon who had taken the upper hand at that time in the last few generations of the Second Temple. This point must be discussed. Jesus was loved by God Almighty also for his hatred to money and his renouncing on all possessions.

Fish 182 The exaggerated form of that hatred was as all the other extremes needed in that epoch where false values had overcome true values. Jesus was messianic. He had to recompense the terrible devaluation of true values in his time. The Christian world knows not of Jesus' schooling with the Essenes but they know his attitude towards the falsification of values for reason of money. Two of his most well-known phrases are: you can't serve God and Mammon (ibid) and it is as hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle (ibid: 19: 24).

Fish 183 Money destroys true values and substitutes them with false values. People place their 'hope' in money instead of in God. The false god Mammon attacks everyone whether rich or poor or in between. People worry about money instead of worrying if they just before God or not. People love money instead of loving God. People are jealous of other people's money which is against the tenth commandment. Rich people think about money by day and by night. They sleep thinking about money and they wake up thinking about money. Jesus warned them: you are falsifying your existence. You are traitors against the truth. You are serving the false god Mammon and not God. You are losing your place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 184 You are spiritually killing yourself because of Mammon. The rich epulone who called Jesus 'good teacher' (ibid: 16) and Jesus rebuked him saying, "Why do you call me 'good'? Only one is good, God Almighty" (ibid: 17). This person had recognized the truth that Jesus was teaching. When in the end he asked what he would have to do in order to merit to the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus said that he renounce on his riches. This he refused. It is significant that among those of that time only this one rich epulone realized that Jesus was teaching the truth. In that moment such represented a very great merit and so could he have merited to higher things. Jesus saw that the impediment to his elevation was his money. He obviously loved money.

Fish 185 I think that if he had not 'loved' money, Jesus could have said to him to take a large part of his riches and distribute them to poor and needy people. Would that not have been sufficient to render him meritorious? But Jesus saw in his vision of truth that because of his attachment to money, he could not receive his correction. Even giving charity would not be enough to save him, only renouncing on his riches. Money ruins the true mentality and distorts the heart. He refused to give up his money for the sake of finding grace in God's sight. It might be easy enough to claim that Jesus asked of him something that was too difficult. What rich man would be ready to renounce on his money for the sake of serving God?

Fish 186 It was, however, just this gave Jesus the right to proclaim that it's more difficult for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than a camel pass through the eye of a needle. Jesus knew what he was speaking about. The love for money destroys true values and rich people love money more than those who are not rich. Jesus knew perfectly well the great merit of giving charity but for a rich man it was not sufficient because in his love for money he would falsify all other true values. The time was such. So terrible was the force of the false god Mammon that there was no middle way measure for a just equilibrium. You were either on one side or on the other.

Fish 187 A just equilibrium means that the money you have is used properly for whatever money serves. Without money you cannot buy bread. A poor person is considered dead because money is necessary for 'buying' life. Awesome are the ways of God upon mankind. So many ills of any society are caused by people's desire for money that one might think it is better to do away with money altogether. But it is not so. Money is a just means of exchange that will not go away. It is a necessity for the world. Even Abraham, our father paid 400 silver sicli (a tremendously high price) for the Machpelah. Also the patriarchs were rich but Jacob, our father, became poor after fleeing from Esau and he had to work for 20 years to regain his wealth. Wealth and possessions are thus positive for living a good life.

Fish 188 It was, however, in those last few hundred years of the Second Temple that the false god Mammon came unto his time. There were 3 times, each of 2000 years, of the main sins that bring down mankind 1) prohibited fornications 2) idolatry and 3) mammon. The last 2000 years have been under the sin of Mammon. Jesus saw its evil in his time and so too the Teacher of Justice established the renouncing on one's possessions in order to be part of the School of the Essenes. Money had become a treacherous traitor and Priests bought their positions in the Temple. And those positions were used underhandedly for making more money! Where there was money there was corruption and this among the leaders of the people. It was no simple matter that Teacher of Justice foresaw correctly the destruction of the Second Temple!

Fish 189 Also Jesus received this prophetic affirmation of the Teacher of Justice by way of John at the School. The School had to be established in order to save a part of Israel from the sins of money-corruption. Thus, the very raison d'etre of the Essene School was for the purpose of being voluntarily cut off from the materialistic money-sins that were destroying Israel's true substance and its inner fiber. Therefore its teachers and talmidim had to forsake all possessions. They had to reject marriage as well because through marriage they would be lead into the materialistic sin-base of that time. These exaggerated extremist positions help understand the evil intentions of the Priests and the rich of that epoch.

Fish 190 - The predication of the destruction of the Temple was received by Jesus from Yohhanan, brought in the Gospel as 'not a stone will remain on stone' (ibid: 24: 2). So is there the story of Jesus' turning over the collector-tables and those of the money changers in the courtyard of the Temple (ibid: 21: 12). One may have some doubts about the authenticity of this event but not about its purpose to demonstrate the falsified values of Mammon that had, be-avvonot ha-rabim, reigned over the upper echelon of the Jewish society at that time. To throw down those money-tables was a potent symbol of a major reason for the eventual destruction of the Temple. In these matters Jesus was truly a man where no men were found and he was loved by God Almighty because he spoke the truth without fearing people.

Fish 191 Therefore the MAFTEAH of Jesus' humility announced by the Goel Haim, "This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility", was fully involved in his hatred for the materialism that he relinquished entering as talmid with the Essenes equal to a priestly expiation of the Jewish nation's sins. This elevated intention then became the force of the mission that he undertook leaving the School and receiving induction from Yohhanan's immerging (tevila). So was that intention of expiating Israel's sins the force behind his accepting death and not reneging on the truth that he knew. Jesus was considered humble before God.

Fish 192 - One must also consider the fact that among Christians in these past 2000 years millions of individuals have been correctly influenced by Jesus' teachings and warnings not to fall into the traps of Mammon. Also this is not so easily discernable since we are not speaking here of Priests or Monks and Nuns in their monasteries. Spoken about are simple or even educated people who in hearing the Gospel teachings on the matter of Mammon have been saved. For it is to be realized that Jesus preaching on this matter was at the beginning times of the false god Mammon, a period which goes on for 2000 years. We are now in that last terrible period of Mammon that may rightly be called Mammon of Mammon. We are now in a world where all is money, God save us, and true values have been swallowed up by the strong winds of a materialistic life.

Fish 193 I have mentioned it our texts and related hundreds of times to those close that in all the 13 years of study with the Tzadik Haim, I received more lessons concerning the dangers of money than for any other subject. The generation was already closed into Mammon's clutches. There were many rich Jews in Milan. The Tzadik Haim was poor. Most often he didn't know in the morning what would there would be to eat in the afternoon or in the afternoon what would be eaten in the evening. He lived on the bit of charity given him each morning in the Synagogue of via Guastaglia, very little. He suffered the whole time in all the years I was with him and he had suffered in the 14 years before I came to Milan.


Fish 194 March 27, 2016 Giordano, Shabbat morning (March 26), saw in a dream Ha-Moreh Haim. Giordano says that it was a marvelous vision, indescribable; the Tzadik Haim was as large as the world. In one way or another he encompassed the world and the world was 'included' in him. I said to Giordano that this was an extremely wonderful and important dream, Baruch Ha-Shem, and that he should celebrate for it. It is extremely significant. Giordano was ecstatic and said to me, "I don't know what I've done to merit to such a dream". I said, "You have great merit. You are tamim and you recognize all the truth of the Geula Shleima and love Ha-Moreh Haim with all your heart. Baruch Ha-Shem that you have had the privilege to see such an elevated truth." Giordano said, "Perhaps it's because I always think about Ha-Moreh Haim, always, by day and by night when I go to sleep. My thought is always on the Tzadik Haim."


Fish 195 - The Tzadik did not complain and 'Baruch Ha-Shem' was always on his lips with true love to Ha-Shem at every step. As time went on, however, Ha-Moreh related to me the situation. There was even a decree, God save us, on the rich and small children of some of them began to become sick and die. It was a decree on the rich in Milan, a decree from the Higher Tribunal which, when the Tzadik Haim knew of it, he took upon himself that gezeira. Then it happened that while walking one morning to the Synagogue, as he did every morning, he fell off the curb and broke his leg. It was a very bad break in 3 parts of the bone and it was very painful. When the Tzadik Haim had suffered sufficiently before the Higher Tribunal and the decree was annulled, his leg was healed in an operation that amazed the doctors themselves. In any case there always remained afterwards some amount of suffering, something similar to rheumatic pains.

Fish 196 The decree was due to the rich who have money but they don't feel or don't care about the situation of others. They could do many, many mitzvoth every day but their love for money covers their hearts and their eyes. They have no idea of the severity of Heaven that is upon them. Of course they gave some tzedaka so as not to feel themselves guilty but it is nothing compared to what they could do. They do not realize that their money is only a gift of God to allow them to take merits which they need for their souls. No, they think that in their cleverness they have made money and they become enlarged in their own eyes because of what they possess. It is better that such people had never come to the world, explained the Tzadik. Terrible are their punishments when they wake up for judgment in the other world.

Fish 197 The verse says 'ohev kesef lo yisba kesef' (Ecclesiastes, 5: 9) 'whoever loves money never has enough money'. The Tzadik Haim explained how the Yetzer ha-ra works. Whatever amount of money the person possesses, he makes it into one bundle and puts it aside. You have a thousand dollars; what is a thousand dollars, nothing compared to those who have 10 or twenty thousand dollars. One has a million dollars, what a million dollars, nothing compared to those who have several million dollars. He puts it aside as a 'small' unit and goes on to making more money. So on so forth 'whoever loves money never has enough money'. In this way also very little charity is given because has not yet reach the next stage in the amount of his money.

Fish 198 - The Yetzer ha-ra stands on money in this generation even more than in the past generations. If one stops to look around and tries seeing thing objectively (quite a rarity in the world of today) he will see money on every angel and corner. The materialistic atmosphere is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The Tzadik Haim taught me to be aware of the evil that money created inside the person. It was part of Ha-Moreh Haim's work to explain to me where the foremost sin lay in our generation. It is much more subtle than the sin of the sexual abominations or of idolatry and it contains, however, all three. Many sexual sins are committed because there is money to commit them and for many, money itself becomes equal to an idolatrous cult.

Fish 199 The love of money seeps under one's skin without realizing it. Similar to the sin of being jealous, no one admits that he is jealous because a person knows that jealousy is a low and cowardly act. So too most often people who have money will not admit that their entire being is being influenced negatively by money. This is especially true not of rich people but of middle-class people. On the other hand, American materialism is so thick that there many boast about their love for money and this stupidity has badly influenced large sectors of the world.

Fish 200 Mammon reaches all people on all levels of the society and he comes with his rationalizations to every person in a different manner. In Signs we have seen his terrible blackness which darkens people's spirit and has them lead a life of insipid emptiness with their thoughts day and night on money. To some he makes prey to foolish vices such as horse racing or various types of slot machines or forms of gambling, all having the same purpose of making them think about money the whole time and waste away their heart and money on meaninglessness and purposelessness. To others he makes victims of spending. I've seen some who are happy when they receive their pay (in Italy it's monthly pay) and are quick to spend everything in a few days and then they lament their situation for the rest of the month.

Fish 201 - Of many, especially those whose funds are limited, he throws them into the throngs of jealousy and they take on hatred in their heart against those who have more than they. In this way Mammon throws them down, darkening their heart with negative feelings for those who have money and making their brain become vessels of iniquitous ideas. Worst of all are those have a lot of money in the Bank but who are closefisted and stingy. There are those who are rich but walk long distances so as not to pay for a bus. It's of these kinds in particular that the Tzadik Haim said it would be better if they had not been born!

Fish 202 In any case those who do have money have to search for those who need charity. It is they that, in truth, need the mitzvah more than the poor person who receives. The giver of tzedaka needs desperately those mitzvoth in order to be free from being condemned by the Higher Tribunal because the money that one has, whether he inherited it or earned, is for the purpose of giving charity to the poor, the needy, the widows, the orphans and the ill. He must search for them, explained the Teacher Haim, because it is he who needs the mitzvah and not only give something to those who knock on his door to ask for tzedaka.

Fish 203 Not only is this the remedy for being clean before the Higher Tribunal. It is also the best way to overcome the arrogance and egoism and conceitedness that bind themselves to those who have money. If such a rich person searches for those who need help and is generous with them, this will help to break down that arrogance and feelings of superiority that so destroy the souls of people, God save us. To be poor is very difficult but to be rich is extremely dangerous. Jesus had understood this in that famous statement. It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man be accepted in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 204 Most people in the developed countries, however, are not actually rich but somewhere in the middle although probably on a global basis there are more poor people than those somewhere in the middle. The fact is that whatever the level it is extremely important to use ones money for charity. Charity is the great Mitzvah that can truly help people in their judgment. Those who think they do other mitzvoth such as going to Synagogue everyday or even studying Torah and are thus exempt from charity are greatly mistaken. Those for sure are Mitzvot but they are also for oneself. It is necessary to try to do that which benefits others. They too must search for the poor and the needy and to give in charity at least a tenth of their earnings. The entire Torah is sometimes called in the name of tzedaka, 'charity'.

Fish 205 - First of April It's Rosh Hhodesh of the Mazalot of Leviathan. If not for Moshe Levi I would not have remembered that I formulated new blessings for this Occasion. I said them. We enter into year 3969 of the Mazalot. I wish to say a few words to greet this new Rosh ha-Shana le-Mazalot ha-Leviathan. There is a New Feeling about a New Taste. You see, I'm telling those who want to listen, I have kissed this coming year with new blessings of renewal. In essence the renewal is of the tastes of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 206 The New Tastes are different than all previous tastes known. Also for the Mazalot of Leviathan can we speak of different Tastes since every new Mazal has a taste of its own.

Fish 207 Fantastic is the example given by Jesus that the Scribe (one who knows the Torah) who comes to know of the Kingdom of Heaven is as one who in his house antique things and new things (ibid: 13: 52). When he desires he takes hold of the antique things and when he desires he takes hold of the new things. Brilliant! He said this 2000 years ago! So it will be, we tell you now, when the Jewish hurdles have been overcome and they recognize the entire truth of the Geula Shleima in merit of the Goel Haim. They have everything of the entire Jewish Tradition. They have in their house Antique things. And with the revelation of the Geula Shleima, they have in their house all the New Things as well. For anyone who knows both Traditions knows perfectly that there are no contradictions between the two.

Fish 208 The Antique things have their exquisite tastes and the New Things have their marvelous tastes. The New Law of the Final Redemption does what the Halacha cannot do. The New Law, however, is within the Boundaries of the Written and Oral Law. If not for the Halacha, the New Law could have no true existence. The Halacha, on the other hand, reaches only its continuation of the past; it does not and cannot reach the New Things of the Final Redemption. In this it is the Halacha that needs the New Law for its own completion. Even in all Tradition the hope of Israel is in the Geula Shleima. The entire waiting for the coming of the Mashiah ben David represents its belief in the Final Redemption. Indeed wherever Tradition has tried connecting to matters of the Final Redemption and the coming of Mashiah ben David, it has only multiplied opinions that with the New Law of the Final New Pact will be corrected.

Fish 209 Here again the Halacha needs the New Law. Look at the New Tasty dish and taste it. The Halacha stands before Ha-Shem and the New Law stands before Ha-Shem and there is no contradiction. Both are needed and both stand in the service of the One Living God. This fact itself is very tasty. Someone used to studying the Torah and Tradition is suddenly confronted with the New Things of the Geula Shleima and behold he can partake in these New Things of which no one had known and no one had heard, knowing that he is in perfect unity with the Tradition of always. Afterwards every new taste of the New Things finds still more taste in the comparisons or the relationships between the Antique and the New. Jesus had behind him very tasty dishes, otherwise he would not have been able to make such a parable.

Fish 210 April 6, 2016: Adar 2, 27, 5776: Baruch Ha-Shem, I was with the Tzadik Haim in my dream. There was place somewhere in the mountains, perhaps a resort but no people were seen except afterwards for a few friends of the Tzadik Haim. Ha-Moreh Haim was standing at the head of a rather large table speaking with some friends and I too was standing close to them. The Teacher indicated that I was too close and I moved away towards the end of the table. Around my neck, attached by a wire until below my belt, was the Sign of the Eye of Jethrow. Then I was behind a locked door in a rather dark room that was a place of prayer. I knocked on the door and in the end the Tzadik Haim, with a key, opened the door and entered with those friends seen before. The room became filled with light. I asked Ha-Moreh how he was feeling. He answered that there was a tremendous and painful weight on his shoulders. The Tzadik Haim gave me permission to massage his shoulders which were bare. I massaged them slowly with intention and asked if the massage was working. The Teacher answered that it was now much better and the massage was helping. Then I and Paolo were outside in a large mountain range of that area waiting for Ha-Moreh, jumping from a helicopter in a parachute, to land. He came down and landed with force so that he had to run ahead to recompense the force of the landing. We went to him then and he was in perfect condition. - -



Chapter 8


Fish 211 April 7, 2016: Adar 2, 28, 5776: In the above dream, Baruch Ha-Shem, I showed derech eretz with the Tzadik Haim and therefore he allowed me the mitzvah of massaging his shoulders, as he had allowed me the mitzvah of massaging his feet when he was in his last terrible suffering. Here in this dream the Sign of the MAFTEAH continues. The opening of the door with the Key is an entrance to prayer. I was alone in that room until the Tzadik Haim unlocked the door and entered with a few friends. There were no signs of a Synagogue or of the House of Prayer. I only felt or knew in the dream that it was a place of prayer. Then the Teacher gave me permission to massage his shoulders because he said that the weights and suffering upon his shoulders were extremely heavy. Thank God, my massage helped relieve the pains and the Tzadik was very satisfied about this fact.

Fish 212 - We cannot imagine anything of the weights on the shoulders of Ha-Goel Haim but the fact that I succeeded in alleviating the pain is medicine to my neshama. Perhaps the fact that we have as yet no congregation for the prayer in the New Rite, my desire to pray is strong and if there is a specific request, I am concentrated. The fact that the Tzadik Haim opened the door with the Key to a room of prayer and then allowed me to massage his shoulders gives me hope that I may overcome all the 'weights' on my shoulders of thoughts that disturb my prayer. Another fact is involved, the Sign of Eye of Jethrow which in the dream was tied around my neck by a metal cord hanging down before me under the belt. Jethrow was the Priest of Midian. He was, however, put into isolation, probably because he had his own ideas about things. In any case, Jethrow was certainly weighted down; he had 7 unmarried daughters for reason of the 'excommunication' that was on him. That was more or less the material weight.

Fish 213 Jethrow is known in Tradition for the fact of having known and practiced every kind of idolatry in existence. He was of a tremendously turbulent mind that did not rest and was not satisfied with all the idolatrous cults into which he had delved. Only when he learned of the redemption of Israel from Egypt and the revelation at Sinai did he finally come to the immense felicity of his soul for the One and only true God of the world. Jethrow was extremely intelligent. Jethrow was a man who had searched with scrupulous fatigue the truth of God all his life and he understood the world and mankind from every angle. Not without reason did Moshe Rabbeinu desire that he remain with Israel to be as 'eyes' to the congregation and the Torah revealed his wisdom in the council he gave to Moses for the question of Judging the people (Exodus, 18). The Sign of the Eye of Jethrow was made by me upon the angle of tile found in Israel when I, Paolo and Noda went to Mount Carmel. Afterwards I worked on it and attached Signs to it a process of years. One of the stones appears as an eye for which the name 'Eye of Jethrow' was given.

Fish 214 I'm trying to understand the sign of the Goel Haim jumping down from a helicopter (or small airplane, I didn't see it) in a parachute. Certainly good news is descending for the world. Amen.

Fish 215 April 8, 2016: Adar 2, 29: I dreamed, Baruch Ha-Shem that I was close to Ha-Tzadik Haim and he spoke to me. With fear I write it down, with trepidation, hope and love. With immense intimate love Ha-Moreh Haim looked at me and said, "I know, it has been very hard. You had to break everything down. It doesn't matter, be at peace. Now you can build everything up again". I could only answer and repeat, "Baruch Ha-Shem, Yes, now I can build it all up again" and I woke up at about 7:30 in the morning. - -

Fish 216 I'm not going to try to think too much, so as not to banalize anything in the process. For sure the words ', I know, it was very hard' referred to all past years.

The Tzadik Haim here was speaking to me, Peretz, after all these passed years. The manner was as he used to speak to me before. Let me note that some 14 years ago, here in Israel, it was said in a dream to Noda that Peretz was now exempt from the Final New Pact. And these passed years from then until now have been extremely hard for me for many reasons, regarding my health and regarding the progress of the Texts of the Sefer Mishnat Haim. Thanks God for the immense help of Moshe Levi in these past 8 years.

Fish 217 - This dream follows that of Fish 210 in which I was given by the Tzadik Haim the great privilege of massaging his bare shoulders, standing behind him. This dream is, on the other hand, a great jump down to the earth, compared to the manner in which Ha-Moreh Haim has spoken to me in the past years. With heart-felt knowledge of what I've been through, he said, "I know, it has been very hard, all the undoing. It doesn't matter, be at peace, now you can redo it all". Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One. The Tzadik Haim has brought me and is bringing me back to myself.

Fish 218 April 14, 2016: Nissan 6, 5776: As I read Sefer Meshullam, transcribed by Moshe Levi, Gnomen 349, on the verse in Isaiah 44, 7"- , , , -; , " 'Who as Me will call, will tell it and organize it for Me, in My placing the nation of the world; and the signs (Letters -) that will come will tell it to them!' explained in reference to the 3 Redemptions, the 'calling' is to Moses. The telling it and organizing it in My placing the nation of the world refers mainly to Israel's exile among the nations. The signs that will come refers to the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Fish 219 The word ve-ye-ercheha '(He) will organize or arrange it', refers to the stars (ma-arachot). The second redemption of Purim is written in the Stars the Megillat Ester is the Revelation of the Stars. From this verse we can better understand that the New Purim of the Final Redemption reveals that which was written in the Stars of the Redemption throughout history but could not be revealed until the coming of the final Goel Haim. The meditation is developing. SHUSHAN, the Sign of the NUNE FINALE, the Sign of the KEY (MAFTEAH), the Sign of Derech Eretz, the Sign of the KEY with which the Goel Haim is opening the Door, the Sign of weighed down Shoulders of the Goel Haim and his allowing me the privilege of massaging them, the Sign of the Goel Haim's jumping down to earth in a parachute and the Sign that no matter all the 'undoings' of the past, now it's the time to build for real.

Fish 220 The Goel Haim is coming down into the world; it's a jump, not a gradual descent. The NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN is beginning to reveal what has been hidden in the Stars of the Redemption of the past. Good News is on the way. A hundred and twenty seven Books are being opened. Hee-haw a hundred and twenty seven times. For this coincides with the many texts of the Book of the Rose that have been put on our Web-Site Beit-Sefer-Esther.com.

Fish 221 Pesah is coming. Tomorrow (April 16, 2016) is Shabbat Ha-Gadol. Pesah is Peh = Mouth, Samech = happiness but also reliance on, Hhet = the Pact (The brit mila is on the 8th day, Hhet=8 in gematria). Pesah is the Time of our freedom. In the New Pesah of the Final Redemption we are being freed from the past, that means everything of the past that was negative. The Mouth of the Final Redemption speaks out for the New Pesah and says, "Be with great happiness because the Final Pact upon which you can rely has descended into the world from the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim, by way of the Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Final Redemtion. Let us rejoice.

Fish 222 - The New Pesah is the New Pillar of the New Protection and of the Marvelous Geula Shleima the completed Signs of which are already in solid immovability fixed in the world. They will never leave the world. The going out of Egypt is filled with great miracles of God Almighty and great destruction to Egypt, Egyptians and the Egyptian gods. It took 10 tremendous plagues given by God Almighty in the hands of Moses and Aaron. Egypt is now the world at large, a world that God Almighty redeems from idolatry. That Egypt with all the purification it needed is now the world in the Fourth Generation, the period of the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord that comes to purify the whole world.

Fish 223 One third of the Israelite slaves were saved and redeemed. Those who had faith were saved. Nevertheless, the children of Israel were redeemed and given to live in its own particular identity, solidified in the desert, at Yam Suf and in merit of Moshe Rabbeinu at the Revelation at Sinai. Israel is thus chosen among the nations to be the particular servant of God also for the sake of the world. By way of the plagues which fell upon the Egyptians but not on the children of Israel, Israel was separated and feared by the Egyptians. So too by way of Israel's being Protected by God Almighty in this Fourth Generation, the name of Israel will be separated, feared but also loved by those of the nations who will be redeemed. All will see that Israel will be in a different state of existence compared to all the other peoples.

Fish 224 In Egypt the children of Israel redeemed were informed of God's revelation to Moses and they remembered some facts passed down to them concerning the Promises of God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In this Fourth Generation all those in the world who receive the Final New Pact and believe in God Almighty's choice of the Tzadik Haim will be saved. The children of Israel are separated in judgment from the nations even if they have yet not known or were not given time to understand the Final Redemption. They have the Torah and Tradition with them and they have many true merits before the Lord, God, and they will be judged on those merits. They have already passed the Shoa and as a people they have not lost their faith in the God of Israel and the truth of Shema Yisrael.

Fish 225 Now the Israel of the New Pesah of the Final Redemption will have to pass through the Fourth Generation. As the Jewish slaves who believed or at least hoped in the redemption were redeemed at that time, so too the children of Israel which is also the Jewish people at large, will be redeemed and protected during this Fourth Generation. God's words will again become heard in the world by those who rely on the Foundation of the Final New Pact, Pesah. The great suffering Prophet, Jeremiah, heard it from God Almighty that the time of the Geula Shleima would come and that the Jewish people would no longer recount the redemption from Egypt, but would proclaim the redemption from a northern land and from all those lands in which they were dispersed and would be given to return to the promised land of the Patriarchs (Jeremiah, 16: 14-15). This has been in course now for more than 25 years.

Fish 226 The Mouth (Peh) of Pesah is also the Fourth Mazal of the Illumined Turtle. The blessing of happiness in relying on God Almighty for the Final New Pact of the Samech is in the second Mazal of the Battle of the Fish. The Final New Pact itself is in the eighth Mazal of the Lake of Salt. The Lake of Salt itself is the Lake of the Final New Pact. The Mouth relating the Wonderful News is giving over the Great New Illumined and Illuminating New Messages; as a Turtle it is solid and slow. It is a Mouth that speaks slowly with enormous true lights that illumine mankind's intellect. The Final New Pact itself reveals the Completed Signs that contain the Great New Light destined to awaken a New Humble Spirit on every mortal remaining after the Fourth Generation.

Fish 227 - And those who receive the Pact of the Geula Shleima during the Fourth Generation will be under its Protection from all evils. The Mouth of Pesah has an enormous amount of subjects concerning the Final Redemption to speak about. The happiness of the Samech can be understood. Mankind, whether Jewish or of the nations, can now totally rely on the prophesied and finalized New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. This is not the happiness of a fleeting moment but rather an intimately true felicity that it brings. God Almighty promised it and now it has arrived and it will stay forevermore, as the redemption from Egypt and the miracle of Yam Suf and the revelation of the Ten Commandments at Sinai. All happened in its moment but those moments have lived on and have been testified to everyday by the Jewish people throughout its history.

Fish 228 Now the Great New Time has been opened for the great and terrible Purification of the Fourth Generation. With it comes the great message of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. A Great, New Whiteness is descending on the world for the sake of those whose hearts are good and have good intentions; they will be purified and remade as innocent children in judgment, for they are loved by the Lord, God, and He whitens them from any darkness of past sins. All this and the Samech is in the second Mazal of the Battle of the Fish. The reason is that the good part of humanity wants what is good, for themselves and their generations after them. They desire that the Geula Shleima settle in the world. They also know that evil in the world doesn't allow for God's redemption to reside in the world.

Fish 229 Therefore even if with remorse for the destruction that comes, they will even rejoice in the fall of idolatry in the world at large. It has been received in a prophetic dream by Noda in which God Almighty spoke saying, "In the first redemption, I redeemed the children of Israel from slavery and from idolatry. In the Final Redemption, I redeem the entire world from idolatry". These are true words spoken by God Almighty in this prophetic dream. What God Almighty says He will do, He does. He is not a man who changes what He declares! The Mazal of the Battle of the Fish is the Great Battle against all false doctrines of the faith and against all idolatry in this Fourth Generation. It is the Stellar Source-Constellation for accomplishing in the world that which is required so that the Star of Abraham can bestow the true faith of the One Living God to a multitude of nations.

Fish 230 Thus the Samech of Pesah is the Great Backbone that holds together the Body of the Geula Shleima. This means that all idolatry be destroyed from the world since the Final redemption has no body together with idolatry. From the Mouth to the Pact is a jump but the Samech's Battle against idolatry joins them by its great force and thus binds the Final New Pact in the Completed Signs of the New Pesah. All that will happen, however, during the Fourth Generation, is not in any way a time of rejoicing. And although there will be many, many miracles of God Almighty for the salvation of individuals, they will come, for the most part in a hidden manner, as God Almighty's name EL MISTATER (God who hides Himself). Therefore, now in this Fourth Generation, the time is of the New Purim, which as the Jewish Luah, Purim precedes Pesah by a month. The Completed Signs of the Final Redemption contain the New Pesah but they are as yet unknown to the world.

Fish 231 Pesah is the Middle Pillar of the Redemption and the Samech is the Middle Pillar of Pesah. The Peh of Pesah is bound to the NUNE of Yehoshua bin Nune (the Torah she-bal-Peh). The Samech is bound the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN (the extraordinary felicity of Purim). The Hhet which is bound to the Final New Pact is bound to the NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan (because the Final New Pact is not Complete without the New Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan and would be totally insipid without the Marvelous Tastes of the portions he is preparing for the Great Banquet).

Fish 232 - In this way, the Three Letters of Pesah are bound to the Three (main) NUNES of the Final Redemption. So are the 3 letters of Pesah bound to the 3 Letters of the name ASHER. The PEH is Mouth of the Prophetic Tradition of Elijah the Prophet. The Samech is bound to the SHEEN of the name ASHER, in the Tradition of Mordechai ha-Tzadik. The Hhet is bound to the RESH of the name ASHER which in essence is the Light of the Temple that allows the name ASHER to be bound to the final EHEYE for the sake of the Geula Shleima. In merit of the Goel Haim are sent the Great Correction of Christianity and the Great Reform in Judaism and the Design of the Third and Final Temple that will be in Jerusalem and Beersheva. After those Corrections, the Completed Signs join the two names EHEYE ASHER to the final name EHEYE for the Geula Shleima.

Fish 233 Thus Pesah is bound to the Three NUNES of the Star of NUNE and is bound to the Three Letters of the name ASHER, and thus with all the letters and all true past history and all the New History of the Fourth Generation and the Final Redemption. Buon Pesah 5776.

Fish 234 In my dream (Fish 339 in "universal Smile of the Big Fish") I said, at first to Paolo and Noda, and then to the Goel Haim himself, "Ha-Tzadik Haim hu Seh Ha-Elohim" (The Tzadik Haim is lamb of God). In the first redemption, the Pasqual Lamb was taken and slaughtered in God's name. In the Final Redemption, the last terrible suffering of the Tzadik Haim until his demise rendered him the Lamb of God. Thus with God Almighty's choice of the Hidden Tzadik Haim, his Resurrection and becoming the Final Goel, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Pesah is born for the world. He is the Pasqual Lamb of the Third and Final Redemption. In God Almighty's love of the humility and humbleness of the Tzadik Haim, He has called him 'The Lamb of God'.

Fish 235 Therefore also in this that in his sacrifice the suffering Tzadik was taken by God Almighty as the Lamb of God (ELOHIM) reflects the fact that his sacrifice was for the benefit of the entire world. Through his sacrifice the essence of the universe, the Image of God in which mankind is created, was pardoned and the New Time for the world set in. And from Signs we know that in merit of that sacrifice, 35 years of relative clemency are given to the world, before the bulk of the 30 years of the Fourth Generation begins. All this for adding comprehension to the fact that the Tzadik Haim is the Lamb of God in whose merit comes the New Pesah of the Final Redemption. The world doesn't yet know it but the Time has Come.

Fish 236 We have been warned to warn people not to make mistakes for reason of this term 'the Lamb of God' as have Christians falsified the intention of this term because of the deification and thus turning to Jesus in prayer and asking his forgiveness etc. in many erroneous forms. The Lamb of God indicates having been taken as a sacrifice before God for the benefit of Israel and of the world. No prayers are to be turned to the Lamb for forgiveness but to God Almighty only. If not for the great Christian error in this, it would not have necessary to mention. All those who recognize God's Oneness know that it's prohibited to pray to anything or anyone else. Who more than Moshe Rabbeinu was loved by God but it's forbidden to pray to him.

Fish 237 The fact that people desire that in merit of that great merit before God that they too may participate in it in order to increment merit upon themselves. Such a desire is not prohibited. On the contrary, it is true wisdom. See, for example, that the Torah mentions Moses' name hundreds of times in the Torah, so that also in the generations sincere Jews who read the Torah take merit in the merit of Moses with whom God spoke 'face to face', 'from the mouth to the ear', as one who speaks into your ear clearly. So too in the New Rite of the Final Redemption, the name of the Goel Haim is mentioned so as to give merit in their recognition of God Almighty's choice of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. The prayer is to God Almighty, not to the Goel Haim.

Fish 238 The "Triples" have come on to their time, the Three Patriarchs, the Triple Name, the Three times of Moses for 40 days and 40 nights, the Three Letters of the name ASHER, and the Three NUNES of the Star of NUNE. These form the Base of the Triple Meditation. So too the Thirteens have come on to their time.

Fish 239 - The Waters of Leviathan have been poured out on earth, and the MAFTEAH given us by the Goel Haim is bringing the Waters down to earth, in a rapid, short-cut manner, as the Goel Haim's jumping down from a helicopter to the ground in a parachute. At this Pesah 5776, the Signs move in to the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread under the Large Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. It is time for true pupils of the Goel Haim become Donkeys who eat Bread. Those who of the Donkey Signs must begin to bray and to bring upon themselves the Donkey of the Goel who descends upon the Donkeys and Foals who eat the New Redemptional Bread. Now, Donkeys are needed who are strong and who work for the Redemption, as declared by Biniamino noster.

Fish 240 In all cases, with this document the 'Triples' have been completed by the Three letters of Pesah, PEH, SAMECH, HHET The Mouth that announces the happiness of the world in light of the New Pact of the Final Redemption upon which all can rely. Study it to see what is says. Judge it without prejudice. Put your past thoughts aside. We are in the New Pesah of history. Unfold yourself layer by layer and remain a small child. It is the only true way to receive. What you have had is yours, nobody is taking it away from you. The Torah remains, the Tradition remains, the Synagogue remains. Only put them aside for the moment so that you can approach the Final Redemption as a small child without previous opinions. Thus can you identify personally with the Prophecy, 'A child has been born unto us, a son given us, and the 'mission' will be upon his shoulders' (Isaiah, 9: 5). Those who understand will want to be renewed and cleansed of their past. Those who wish to become Donkeys will become as small children and the tasks of the Donkey will fall upon their shoulders. If they would be only 'people' they would not be able to support its weights, but as Donkeys they are happy and can fulfill their tasks by braying the weights away.



Chapter 9


Fish 241 I wrote the evening of 12 Tishrei 5731 (1971): the first time the Teacher Haim spoke to me was in the middle of 5730. After some words concerning shehhita, the Teacher asked me, "Have you entered?" I answered, "Not yet but I desire it" The Teacher Haim said, "You are interested but you must know that you will not be in your own will".

Note: I am translating here, April 19, 2016: Tishrei 11, 5776: from a handwritten notebook of mine. There were a few more details that I remember. I still knew nothing of the Tzadik Haim. He told me that he was Yemenite and that the Yemenite Jews knew many things, also hidden things. I asked the Teacher if he knew Kabbalah and the Zohar. He answered that he did. I asked him, "Also Etz ha-Haim?" The Hidden Tzadik answered in the affirmative, "ha-kol" (all of it). After this begins the "Have you entered"? After the last statement that "you will not be in your own will" I answered in some way, "I understand, that is what I desire".

Fish 242 from notebook: first night of Rosh ha-Shana 5731. I saw in a dream: I was looking above in the sky and there was a 'tower' that rose up above within the thickness of a cloud, and the top of the tower was not seen because it was wrapped in a black cloud. Suddenly in the midst of the cloud was seen the color red which continued to become redder and redder until it became as fire. I was amazed at all this and I lowered my head and all around me were children who were dancing at a hand span above the ground and each one had his finger to his mouth in a gesture meaning, "stay quiet, don't speak". - -

Fish 243 - Note: I was a new-born child, taken up with amazement for the visions I was being shown. I was as a baby, gently kissed on his lips by his father with love. The dream attached me to the Tzadik Haim for all times since I knew that I had seen such in merit of the Tzadik Haim. It also distinguished me from all others and it could not be told to others. The Tzadik also warned me to be humble and then throughout the years the Tzadik warned me to humble before all people and not allow the fact of an elevation unknown to others go to my head. This vision was no small thing and it was profound. A new neshama had been given to the talmid of Ha-Moreh Haim.

Fish 244 from notebook: parashat lech lecha 5731: the Teacher Haim spoke to me about the matter of awaking in the morning, to throw down the Yetzer ha-Ra, and that this quickens the brain and is beneficial to the whole body.

Note: if only I had done so as the Teacher Haim had wanted! I remember, nevertheless, how the Tzadik Haim described how the Yetzer ha-Ra came to the person on waking and shows him how totally sweet is that state of sleeping so that the person wants only to remain in bed and to sleep again.

Fish 245 note: I was 25 when I saw the above vision of the 'tower'. 45 years have passed since then. I have in truth seen the ups and downs and the 'corrections' of Meshullam, blind and deaf servant of God, in the hands of the Goel Haim. And yet now, after all these years, the Tzadik Haim said to me with compassion and consolation, "I know, it has been very difficult (all that you've passed) but it doesn't matter, now you can begin the building". And this morning, I dreamed that I kissed a small boy of about 6 or 7 years old very gently on the lips, 2 or 3 times. He was lying down and there was a kind of white light on him and on his face. He was conscious that I was kissing him and he didn't object.

Fish 246 - I am not Meshullam nor am I the Donkey of all the Signs I carried. I am not the Peretz of Judah and Tamar but Peretz, a talmid of the Goel Haim. It seems that since the book of Meshullam has been prepared by Moshe Levi for the Site, some great burden was lifted from me. I suppose that was the most difficult of prophesies for me to get out of. Everything went together and fit in its place and the explanations are perfect: not on the level of the Higher Tzadikim, not being able to see or hear those higher levels, the formulation of the New Law in order to bring justice to the nations, the ups and downs, the corrections and the victory. It's not so easy for me to get out of the Meshullam prophecies. For the sake of the Final Redemption, the Goel Haim sends the Donkey who eats Bread to bray himself into the Meshullam prophecies. So the Donkey and me were sent into the Meshullam prophecies and everything worked out perfectly.

Fish 247 So hold on to your belts and laugh a bit. So what is all that supposed to mean, that I am Meshullam? I'm not Meshullam. I have already left that Sign. I am Peretz, a talmid of the Goel Haim, and the waters of Leviathan are beginning to descend to the earth. With the drush on the 3 letters of Pesah a completion was made for the Triple Meditation. The NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan, the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and the NUNE of Yehoshua bin Nune have now been united in the Star of NUNE. This is a great Stellar Matter even if we understand very little of it. It represents a great Renewal on a Stellar Level for a renewal on earth of the younger generation. This is wonderful News. The Goel Haim has jumped down to earth with a parachute. Rapid changes are in sight.

Fish 248 We, however, as pupils of the Goel Haim, can now be helped greatly in entering the Triple Meditation. Stand on the Altar of the Leviatanit or on the Big Dipper. To your right is the Tribunal. To your left is Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. Before you, but at a distance is the Great Rose. Mentally put the SHEEN of SHUSHAN on your forehead. The 3 Pillars of the SHEEN bind the 3 Pillars of the Triple Meditation and wherever you go from there, you will be in true context of the Triple Meditation. The condition, of course, is that the person has studied many of the writings of the Book of The Rose. For there are many aspects to the Final Redemption but they are bound together in a perfect unity. Together they represent the New Tablets of the Great Final New Pact of the Final Redemption. The incredible coherency of all the New Messages is the vital soul of the Triple Meditation and demonstrates it truth at every point.

Fish 249 April 20, 2016: I have put milk with sugar mixed into it on my whole body in order to speak about the sweet whiteness that is coming for Pesah. In propitious moments, from the Kingdom of Heaven there descends something of the Rains of Honey and Lakes of Milk. These are levels of the 'sweetening' that comes in the Final Redemption. Obviously, the main results of its sweetening will issue for the world after the Fourth Generation. Those of us in the Signs, however, can be part of the sweetening in a difference sense. This is the Whiteness of a New Innocence. This the Whiteness of the New Sanctity. This is the Whiteness of a New Clean Heart. This is the Whiteness of a New Feeling of love for the Final Redemption. This is the Whiteness of a new happiness for God Almighty's choice of the Final Goel Haim.

Fish 250 from notebook: still from parashat lech lecha 5731: The Teacher Haim related to me that he was born circumcised and the placenta came out whole, on the dawn of Shavuot, exactly at the time of the Revelation at Sinai.

Note: the Teacher Haim told me that his holy father, Moussa, upon recognizing the exact hour of his birth and the placenta being whole and the fact that he was born circumcised, called him Haim in the name of the Living Torah and the Torah that gives life, as it states, 'Etz haim hem le-mahhzikim ba' (it is the life of those who cling to it (the Torah) (Proverbs, 3: 18).

Fish 251 The Tzadik Haim represents the Renewal of the Holy Torah and in this renewal there is the New Sweetness of the Torah. The Torah becomes sweetened in the Milk and Honey of the Geula Shleima. As the world itself turns sweeter after the Fourth Generation, so too there are levels of harsh judgment totally correct for that first Sanctity that become sweetened in the Final Redemption. The Torah throughout its history has had to face the Yetzer ha-ra at every point and evil was rampant in the world and for many reasons the Holy Torah had to maintain the strictness of the Laws of Israel's Sanctification. That Sanctity, however, could certainly not be maintained on a universal level. The New Sanctity of the Final Redemption purifies and sweetens the judgment of those who enter the Final New Pact. If they believe in God Almighty and they believe in God's choice of the Goel Haim who resides in the Kingdom of Heaven, they become new-born, with an innocent heart of small children, and Milk and Honey descend upon them from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 252 notebook: 17 Adar, 5731: for the first time, the Tzadik Haim, informed me that at times I was not sitting with the Tzadik Haim himself but with a malach (angel ish) in the form of the Tzadik.

Note: Ha-Moreh helped me know how to discern him, and he warned me strongly to be extremely careful when the 'ish' was present. The 'ish' was severe in his way of speaking and in his look. This was quite different than the Teacher Haim himself who was naturally with a smiling face and pleasant discourse and a hundred ways showing himself at the disposition of the person he was speaking with. Therefore when the face of the Tzadik became more serious and his words were less and with a certain severity, I was able to recognize with whom I was sitting.

Fish 253 I say this in simple words but it's not so simple to perceive. I had always to be careful and alert. The Tzadik Haim at any moment could be called and 'taken' to another place in the world for hidden tasks, and I had to know this secret so as not to make mistakes when the 'ish' was present and not Ha-Moreh Haim himself. The Tzadik Haim taught me, "Be careful. He is not Ha-Moreh. He is an angel. He knows no left and no right. Be careful with every word you say and with complete derech eretz and with your movements and the way you sit."

There is nothing parallel to this in the world. Therefore it's not easy to perceive.

Fish 254 Pesah-Shabbat, 23 April 2016: I dreamed a man who had to explain to people laws concerning idolatry. I saw, however, that in order to do it, I had to help him. I made signs on his face and neck removing layers of impurity and his face and right eye were completely renewed. "Now you can speak" I said. He gave over studies against idolatry. I warned him, "Don't delve into very precise details because idolatry has in it many subtle levels that are not properly understood and even confuse people". He accepted what I said perhaps with some displeasure about this fact. I encouraged him saying, "It's alright in this way. Be happy because you are a completely new man." His right eye bulged somewhat and was clearly healed. - -

Since this dream came on Pesah, it probably has to do with the prophecy in Noda's dream, "In the Final Redemption, I will redeem mankind from idolatry".

Fish 255 I also dreamed that there was a sort of 'goral' on the hand of a woman. By selecting a part of her palm, she was able to predict something of the year ahead. Someone before me chose a small part and she said he would have much pleasure in the year ahead. It was my turn and I chose the largest part of her palm. She said "You will have a great deal of work to do". It was not exactly what I had hoped for but I accepted it. - -

This I believe bound to the writings. Perhaps it has to do with translating certain texts from Italian to English and having them translated into Hebrew by Moshe.

Fish 256 notebook: Adar 18, 5731: also today I knew it was the 'ish' until the Tzadik Haim came. He said that I should mark down this day as a day of felicity.

Fish 257 27 kislev, 5733: Sunday, third of Hhanukah, a personal holiday in which the Tzadik Haim gave over to me the 'shemirah' that he had prepared for me.

Note: for protection from what is above and what is below and in the world. I know only that Ha-Moreh Haim made this protection according to the stars and that it took time, perhaps weeks, to prepare it. I still possess this 'shemirah'. It is covered by leather and I have never opened it.

Fish 258 notebook: Thursday, 2 Sivan, 5733: I received from my holy Teacher the stones, incense and rosh and on Friday I burned incense.

Note: these were for the purpose of burning incense in the morning of Rosh Hhodesh every month. I did so for years until the Tzadik was in his last illness.

Fish 259 notebook: Iyar 2, 5731 Yisrael Baal Shem Tov visited the Tzadik Haim. Ha-Moreh told a story of the Baal Shem Tov with his son-in-law at Jerusalem.

Fish 260 notebook: 9 Sivan 5732 I saw strong lights issuing from the Tzadik Haim while he was reading a Hhumash downstairs in the Sephardic Synagogue of Guastalla.

Fish 261 20 Elul 5733, I slaughtered a calf; the shehhita was kasher and according to the Halacha.

Fish 262 4 Shevat 5733 Ha-Tzadik Haim spoke of Yashfe () stone of () Grace.

Fish 263: 24 Adar Rishon, 5733 I wrote a strong and harsh letter to the bad-one. The Tzadik Haim said it was a Celebration.

note: bad-one: Probably the Head of Habad.

Fish 264: Rosh Hhodesh Menahhem Av 5733: The Teacher Haim gave me a gift concerning music.

Note: I think that the gift was a discourse of the Tzadik Haim on his love for music and that he was an expert player of the Oud (of 8 strings). He told me that in Cairo, when he was free in the evening, he sometimes frequented a sort of Bar-Restaurant where there was a band. When they came to know of the musical ability of rabbi Haim on the Oud they accepted him as one of them and when he went there they always asked him to play together with them. The Tzadik Haim loved music and he loved playing the Oud which unfortunately he was forced to sell for lack of money. Of music itself, the Tzadik Haim often said that "Music is the cream or icing of the cake. A cake without icing is not complete. Music completes the cake".

Fish 265 notebook: 28 Elul 5733: The holy Teacher gave over to me a 'Name' for the first time.

Fish 266 19 Hheshvan, 5734: The Teacher Haim told the story of the Rav Haim Azulai who cleaned and destroyed the image that spoke.-

Note: Briefly, a certain Jewish person was poor and was wrought with anguish. Afterwards, while cleaning out the attic, he found a picture, perhaps of one of their 'Saints'. He liked that picture, brought it into the house in a respectable place. It happened after this that the man of the picture began to speak with, after quieting him and telling him not to be afraid. This person of the picture then began to gain confidence and promised him that he would make him rich if only his picture be respected and kept in a special place. So it was that this 'spirit' directed him and told him exactly what to do. Finally the business that the 'spirit' had proposed went very well and he became prosperous. Rav Haim Azulai came to know of the matter and worked out a stratagem in order to speak and explain to that Jew that he had been taken in by an extremely 'impure spirit' and that his following this 'spirit' of the talking picture was idolatry and was prohibited. In the end the man understood and together they burned the picture and purified the place where it had stood. The man also returned to be poor as before.

Fish 267 continuation note: The Teacher Haim told me this happening in order to over to me the knowledge of the 'forces' of impurity and that are real forces, they have powers. The Kedusha, however, is above them and can annul them at will. This was not a simple lesson; so strong was that impure spirit that it had the power to speak and to give council! It is a tremendous force. The Hidden Tzadik Haim knew all forces in the world, both negative and positive. Ha-Moreh Haim knew the secrets of nature and the secrets of all the many kinds and many levels of 'spirits'. He had to know all these things because sometimes it was necessary to destroy them.

Fish 268 notebook: 27 Hheshvan 5734: the matter of the ARGAZ (Box) that Noah brought with him to the arch.

Note: I remember that in that Argaz was the vestment that had been of Adam, our first father. It was a garment replete with miraculous capabilities. This garment was stolen by Hham and it came into the hands of Abraham. Isaac gave it to Esau so that he be helped in his hunting. Dressed in that garment the animals were attracted and came close and could be caught. It had also other virtues of strength and victory. More than this I do not know.

Fish 269 - notebook: 8 Kislev 5734: the Teacher Haim explained to me the 'sword' of Metushelach (Methuselah) which was a shield and there was writing on the sword.

The Tzadik explained the mitzvah of Hhanoch for which he was so loved by God and was taken before his time: people let their excrements on the ground wherever they happened to be. Hhanoch went around with a shovel and buried it and covered it over because it represented a lack of respect before the Creator. That was the mitzvah greatly loved by God at that time.

Fish 270 cont. of 8 Kislev 5734: Hhanoch taught respect for one's father and mother and fought against evil-doers. He had a sefer that was given him by Adam ha-Rishon and he prayed that more understanding be given him. Afterwards he wrote on stones that lay on the ground and buried them underground 100 cubits () and whoever might pass that place would die.



Chapter 10


Fish 271 notebook: 21 kislev 5734: The Tzadik Haim explained the Holy One Blessed is He gives over 'names' according to the strength of the generation. He spoke of the difference between the Patriarchs and Moses. The Tzadik Haim told of an ancient hidden Synagogue found on the street he lived on.

Note: In the time of the Patriarchs, the name EL SHADDAI was revealed to them. The Tzadik Haim taught that EL SHADDAI means 'God who said, "It's enough" to His creation' which of itself would have continued to expand. The Creator, Blessed is He, said to His creation, "Dai" (It's enough). It therefore relates more readily to the Creator of all creation.

Fish 272 continuation note: To Moses the of 4 LETTERS was revealed, for this was the name that God wished to be revealed for His chosen people Israel. It is the Holy Name of the God of Israel. It is the name of God of the revelation of the Torah. It is also the name of God's mercy on His people Israel and then on the nations that appreciate the Jewish people.

In all such discussions on names, also to be understood is the teaching of the Tzadik Haim: The truth is that God is above all names. The names come for the sake of the relationship between the Creator and His creations.

The words of Ha-Moreh Haim 'according to the strength of the generation' allude the Hidden Tzadikim, especially the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, of every generation. The names of God revealed to them depend on the strength of the generation.

Fish 273 - 26 April, 2016: Nissan 18, 5776: at Holon with Giordano, Davide, Paolo, Noda, Moshe, Isaac and Noah Hhana Noga. We all went to eat in a Restaurant and then returned to Davide's house. It was, of course, a very pleasant reunion. BUT: On returning to Beersheva, I realized that we had not prayed together in the New Rite, except for the Signs said after eating. That was a great mistake. Three mistakes: the New Sanctity did not descend; we did not sanctify God's name; and we did not reinforce the Final New Pact. Moshe Levi bought for me 3 colors of Nail Polish, Orange, Blue and Turquoise, as I had asked for. Nevertheless, the Sign of my sin was written on them; the mark-name on the 3 bottles of Nail Polish was 'Sinful Colors'. 'Orange' - the New Sanctity did not descend; 'Blue' - we did not reinforce the Final New Pact; 'Turquoise' - we did not sanctify God's name. Be-avonnot ha-rabim.

Fish 274 When such sins take place, the reasons are generally manifold. It seems to me that my basic sin was what I have been saying in the past days to the effect that I am no longer the Donkey who eats Bread. I tried in this occasion to convince Giordano of this but he didn't accept it; indeed, none of the others really accepted it. I had explained that in all the past years, I was supposed to stop doing the Signs of the Donkey and the pupils were supposed to take them over BUT no one really did so (exception for Giuseppe BUT he fell so profoundly into error afterwards that it became understood that he could not have become a true Donkey). The reason, I explained, was that no one was willing to take on the weights that go together in assuming the Donkey-Signs. Giordano answered, "No one COULD have taken upon himself that responsibility, only you". They all agreed.

Fish 275 I contested, "BUT no, you have only to bray and the Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven descends". They didn't agree, "No, Peretz, you were chosen for this task, you're first pupil and you're first Donkey and nobody else could have done what you did. Perhaps afterwards, other Donkeys will come, and for sure they will come, BUT that is something else. Until now, none could be the Donkey, only you". I was obviously beaten and my reasoning was cast away; I was left with the Donkey Sign BUT I didn't yet want to admit it: "I don't know what you want. I received it in a dream, I spoke to Ha-Shem and said 3 times, "Ribono shel 'olam, I am Abel and you have totally killed me"! "What does that mean?" asked Giordano. "It means, I have passed through all the Donkey Signs" I answered, "and for each Sign I have been knocked down for their weights. Now, however, in my dream recently, the Tzadik Haim said to me, "I know that until now, it has been very difficult, but it doesn't matter, from now on you will be able to build" Doesn't that mean", I insisted, "that I am now outside of all the Signs?"

Fish 276 BUT now that I see the error of not having suggested or even thought of saying the New Rite together with them, and with 3 Sinful Colors come to help me understand, I must begin braying in the Mystery-Donkey Signs if things are to go right. So it is, until now no one else wants the weights of the Donkey BUT I am quite at home with them. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!!! I'm the Donkey of the NUNE FINALE and I can't get out of this one because the NUNE FINALE binds together all the Stars of the Redemption. It is the NUNE FINALE of the Great New Purim, so now I'm a Hidden Purim Donkey-Mystery searching for the ways to Build the House of Prayer of the Final New Pact. I use here the word 'mystery', a term avoided in all other writings, because it's not something simply 'hidden' to the eyes of the world, for example, BUT its unknown elements are so strong that only the word 'Mystery' satisfies me.

Fish 277 - For a hundred reasons, it was impossible for me not to suggest our praying together. Such a phenomenal incongruence, however, came to wake me up to the Donkey-Mystery that I am in. Otherwise I wouldn't have realized that by extracting myself from the Signs, also the others lose out. Again I am resurrected into the Mysterious Kingdom of Heaven Signs of the Donkey. I was dead and that saddened the blessed Animal in his Stall of the Kingdom BUT I am still here, the Donkey is alive. For the Donkey of the Jacob Signs was not torn and eaten up by a wild animal, no, the Donkey is still alive and in his position in Egypt (Writing in English that means) he can still furnish Bread for the Egyptians, for the House of Jacob and for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. O now look and see that the Spirit of Jacob has again been awakened; now he is consoled and again the Divine Presence can descend. All this because the Goel Haim has allowed me to massage his bare shoulders and this alleviates the heavy weights upon him. Hee-haw!

Fish 278 There was as well a very precious Sign at Davide's. Yitzhak told me with pleasure that he is continuing to read and study the texts that Moshe gives him. He mentioned that he read about the enormous importance of Derech Eretz and that he appreciated it very much. I said to him, "The fact that you are reading the Texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim makes my heart rejoice. I cannot tell how happy it makes me. Know that I consider you a pupil of the Goel Haim and so may it be all your life". Yitzhak answered amen and was very pleased to be a pupil of the chosen Goel Haim.

Fish 279 Aside from the Three Sinful Colors, Moshe also brought me 4 colored book-markers that you stick on and remove at will; 2 were yellow and 2 were sort of light red-purple. For sure he chose these colors, hee-haw, in order to remind me that as I wake up again to Donkeyhood, my Sign is Universal (yellow) and of the Priesthood (red-purple especially of Malchitzedek). He is trying, of course, to cover over his grave sin of having brought me Three Sinful Colors. Hee-haw! I shall now work on turning him into a Universal Priestly Donkey and let's see if he kicks or not! Nevertheless, in order to expiate his Three-Colored Sin, I have used some of the Nail-Polish for re-painting the Staff of the Donkey who eats Bread.

Fish 280 - notebook: 7 Shevat 5734. I had the privilege to see lights on the Tzadik Haim as he said the 'Amida. There was an incredible rapid-changing as with lightning and his eyes were fiercely strong and a 'cloud' and pillars of smoke surrounded him. I thus understood something more of the 'hhanina' (Higher Grace) of the holy Teacher in that glimpse given me.

Fish 281 notebook: 18 Menahhem Av 5737: hhag gadol my holy Teacher had me enter before the time.

Note: according to time according to how things are established above, I would have arrived to become his talmid years later. The Tzadik Haim explained that he had always followed me and after I was in Habad 5 years he saw that if such continued, there would be no possibility of redeeming me. Therefore he decided to save me while there was still hope. God's Providence brought me to Milan where I met and became pupil of the Hidden Tzadik Haim 'before the time'. So too the 'holy room' that the Tzadik Haim prepared for me (after 7 years with him) in the house I was living in. No one else had permission to enter that room. I could enter only on the permission of the Tzadik Haim and on the conditions taught me by him. Generally 2 times in a week, often Monday and Thursday night, did the Teacher Haim give me permission.

Fish 282 - I had to enter at exactly mid-night. Before that I had to shower and change clothing. I had to wear white socks and a white, clean bed-sheet clad around me. The Tzadik Haim had sanctified that room and purified it with a 'higher sanctification'. For at least 2 months after that Sanctification, I obtained no permission to enter (notwithstanding that in my obstinacy, I continued to ask many times). Actually those months were essential to gain understanding from the Tzadik Haim of the level of Sanctification. At one point he said, after my asking permission to enter, "You cannot yet enter, Peretz, the 'Clouds' of the Sanctification are still in the room. When they will lift, you'll be able to enter." All this was 'before the time', as explained. It also demonstrates how much Ha-Moreh Haim loved me and he knew the desires in my heart.

Fish 283 Entering into the room and closing the door with a key was the entrance into a higher realm of Kedusha. The immense Sanctity of that room, nothing of which I may describe, was only the CORRIDOR to the Higher Sanctity of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. It was before any entrance into the 'rooms' of the 'house'. My story is long and I have told it, a Donkey-Tale with Donkeys and Donkey-Tails. With Boats of Signs and wonderful Donkey Titles that come and go with each matter of the Final Redemption. Until now, then, the Goel Haim loves me because I am a Donkey of the Final Redemption. Now, however, thank God Almighty, I am in a 'new room' which is in the Signs of the New Sanctity ( ), as I have seen in my dreams of the MAFTEAH, and that of Renewed Derech Eretz, and a New Room to which the Tzadik Haim opened with a key, then my massaging his bare-shoulders to alleviate the weights, then his parachuting down from a helicopter, then the Teacher Haim's saying to me, "I know it has been difficult but it doesn't matter, now you be able to build."

Fish 284 All this has come since Moshe Levi's dream of 'the NUNE FINALE'. Also Giordano had dreamed in those days that he saw Ha-Moreh Haim who was as large as the world. So how did I say that I was out of the Signs? I have passed through the Signs in order that they get down into the world but I am not AWAY from them; they are with me. There is, however, a great, let me say, 'relaxation' when the Signs have passed through and established in Sefer Mishnat Haim. Since, therefore, they are with me, how could I say that "I am not the Donkey, you now are the Donkeys" etc. The Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven didn't like what I said. And as a punishment, I did not realize, understand, remember or think of saying our Prayer of Minha together, the eight of us, in a rare and precious occasion such as this. It is no small punishment.

Fish 285 It was, however, the punishment needed in order to be awakened to what happened and see where I had sinned. I had denied the Donkey Sign upon me and the Donkey Sign carries all the Signs and Weights of the Redemption. Without the Donkey Sign, no one present was able to think about saying, "Let's pray minha together". But it was my fault, not theirs. I had rejected the Donkey Sign from myself, and the Donkey was angry and did not want to descend. I now hear his justified complaints. For all these years I have shown you great love and descended upon you and in you and you have taken joy after joy in my company, and now you cast me aside, as if I was no longer the Donkey upon you. Shame on you! I have been a faithful Donkey for you from the Kingdom of Heaven and I have filled you delicious Signs and New Donkey-Understanding. And now, would you leave me alone and abandon our friendship? You make me bray tears.

Fish 286 "No, good Donkey, Great Equalizer of all redemptional matters, wonderful, humble Donkey, forgive me for not having been sensitive to your feelings. I too have always loved you, from Nelda's dream on, and I have never abandoned my love for you. I erroneously thought that I had passed through all the Donkey Signs that I had to pass through, and that now I was exempt from the Signs. I thought that now I had to return to being myself, Peretz, and I associated the New room of the recent Signs to my being exempt from the Donkey Signs.

Fish 287 - I should have better understood that in my dream, as I massaged the Teacher Haim's shoulders, I was wearing a Sign called the Eye of Jethrow: a wire hang around my neck connected the Sign of Jethrow which was inside my pants. This meant that the New Time of 'now you can build' and of 'in the Sign of the NUNE FINALE' and in the New Kedusha of the New Room is together with the Signs of the Redemption. So how can I be together with the Signs if I am not a Donkey?! I must have committed a proper sin to be closed off from understanding. I did. I foolishly denied my being in the Donkey Sign. Giordano was adamant in contesting my statement. You are wrong, Peretz, completely wrong. The Sign of the first Donkey was given to you and no one else could have done it, not even closely. It was all a design from ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu and you were chosen to be first talmid of the Goel Haim and to be the first Donkey. You can't get out of it. Until now no one could have taken your place!"

Fish 288 "I understand what you are saying, Giordano, but to be Donkey one has only to bray sincerely and the Donkey will descend upon him" I insisted. "Good" said Giordano, "more Donkey than me? on the airplane coming, I was sitting next to a Ukrainian Nun of the Orthodox Church, and after some conversation, I began to explain to her why the deification of Jesus was a terrible error. She listened well and even said "I need time to think about what you've explained." "You see that also you are a Donkey", I said. "Enough" said Giordano, "You're the first chosen Donkey who eats Bread. And you are also the Peretz of the Signs. Do you know what Peretz is?" "No" I answered. "Ha-Moreh Haim told me, and you don't know who you are?". "No" I answered. "Ha-Moreh Haim said to me, 'Do you want to know who Peretz is?' told Giordano. "I answered, 'yes, Moreh, I want to know who Peretz is" . "Peretz", said Ha-Moreh Haim, "is strait out, he goes straight out with force and doesn't look left or right".

Fish 289 "O Giordano, thank you, we know each other 45 years, and you heard that more than 40 years ago, and for me it's the first time I hear it". Also Giordano was surprised. Sounds something like the 13 year thought-breaker when Nelda told us that in her dream Peretz was standing outside the Bakery looking at everything the Donkey did. In any case Giordano's remembering this was regenerating for me. I did not know that Ha-Moreh Haim had said such. Mysterious is the Sign of the first Donkey who eats Bread. I am blessed now in the New Room of Peretz in the Mysterious Donkey-Signs, Hee-haw! Good Pesah, tomorrow night is the 7th of Pesah, the Splitting of Yam Suf.

Fish 290 - Giuseppe Manigrasso and Yafa made together the second seder of Pesah, not as Jews but of those of the Altar of Malchitzedek who must try to follow the New Rite and Giuseppe had seen quite a few Pesah seders at our house. In any case, at the end of their seder, there were lightning and thunder. Then Giuseppe dreamed, in brief, that a Donkey with upon him the Signs of the Redemption was on the sea-shore and wanted to leave the scene by entering the ocean. Giuseppe and Yafa were very saddened by this fact. Then there came a strong wind and carried the Donkey with the Signs of the Redemption back to the sea-shore, and there was joy. - -

This was because I had been saying from the first seder that I am no longer in the Sign of the Donkey. That there came a great wind bringing back the Donkey and the Signs is prophetic to the correction I'm explaining here. Hee-haw!

Fish 291 Paolo, Noda and I established the reading of our texts between the 6th and 7th Floors of the Sabbath Prayer. For now, the Thirty Steps of the New Law will be read, one chapter at a time. The reading begins on the Shabbat after Pesah. We read the First Commandment in Italian.

Fish 292 - May 2, 2016: Nissan 24, 5776: O guys, what a dream. I don't remember seeing Sig. Remo Levi in dreams of mine (Perhaps I did but don't recall one). Now he was with me in at least three dreams of which the basic content was the same. Let me precede by saying I was feeling terribly bad yesterday and I was even afraid of going to sleep for how tired my whole body and head felt. I was disturbed and wasn't able to read or work on the texts. Nevertheless I slept and dreamed: Sig. Remo, his precious soul in Gan Eden in the Kingdom of Heaven, was close to me and kept on explaining to me that I had to write three books on the Woman who tires herself. - .

Fish 293 I must explain something. In the second or third year of the Signs 1984-1985, Giordano brought a friend, a certain Lamberti, his wife, Miriam Lamberti and their daughter to the New 'Mission' as we still called it then. He was of an Arab father but he had converted to Judaism or perhaps his mother was Jewish and he didn't have to convert properly. In any case they were with us for several months, perhaps half a year, and Miriam and their daughter were prone to dream dreams related to our work in the Final Redemption. An important dream received by Miriam was that of the Feast of 25th of December, 'the Celebration of the First Messiah, died a year ago'.

Fish 294 Good but there was another dream of Miriam and it is directly related to my dream here with Sig. Remo Levi. She had dreamed the titles of 3 books that I had to write. All three concerned the 'Woman'. I must search for the exact titles but at least somewhat close are the following: The Woman who tires herself for Bread; the Bread of the Woman of the Fourth Generation; the Suffering Woman who eats the Bread of the Donkey, These were more or less the 3 Titles. I never worked on them. In my dream, Sig, Remo Levi repeatedly gave me over the assignment to write those 3 Books. In the dream he was with me in my tiredness, even sitting with me on the bed where I was lying.

Fish 295 The story with Lamberti family ended after about half a year. We had been to their house. Aside from them, I remember that Giordano was present and Solly and a few others. The Donkey was High on Visions and the Signs were incredible. At a certain point, he said, "Let's now go together to Jerusalem and announce the Redemption". Solly agreed; Giordano was somewhat doubtful; Mr. Lamberti said he had to think about it and Miriam refrained from speaking but she obviously didn't agree. The next day, Anna Passalacqua, Solly's girlfriend, came and said she had seen the Teacher Haim in a dream and he had decreed that Miriam Lamberti could not be part of the 'Mission'. I called her by telephone and put an end to our meetings. She had obviously contested my proposal in such a way as to demonstrate her lack of faith in whatever might be against personal interests.

Fish 296 Anna Gasparotti sent the exact dream of Miriam Lamberti. April 31, 1985: In her dream Miriam saw Peretz who held three books entitled 'The Book of Bread', 'The Book of the Woman' and 'The Book of the Woman who fatigues herself for her Bread'.

Fish 297 May 6, 2016: Giuseppe dreamed that he saw a blind rabbi who suddenly was in a place where everybody could see him and he said, "punto e basta" without giving explanations; all were surprised. - Giuseppe awoke and slept again, finding himself at the feet of Sinai where Ha-Shem had given the Torah to Israel. It was night and all the children of Israel held lamps. That rabbi was explaining the meaning of his words 'punto e basta' (point blank). - Giuseppe again woke up and then fell back asleep, and he heard the words spoken: The cause of the internal divisions is ours. Now you see that I am blind, but Ha-Shem has closed my eyes and He has allowed me to see my heart and this has allowed me to see your hearts. Our blindness has been caused for having inquired where it was not allowed and this has separated us from the purpose for which we have been chosen. A false light has rendered us blind so as not to see or hear our brother; on the contrary we were disturbed if he wasn't in the same thought as we. We have transgressed that which is prohibited, 'not to inquire of God' is punto e basta (point blank).

Fish 298 See how the Sign-Cycles are returning, such as the Sign of the 3 Books mentioned above, and the Donkey Signs. After the Sign of the NUNE FINALE, the Signs are returning for their completions. This dream of Giuseppe, obviously in the Correction of the sin of Emanation, brings with it elements of Completion. For example: Israel's being in the Sign of Meshullam, blind and deaf servant of Ha-Shem. The rabbi here is blind in a Sign of Israel's blindness because of having inquired of God's doings before creation, Emanation. The time of this Sign, however, is hopeful because said blindness has given the possibility of searching into ones heart and thus into the hearts of other people. The time is giving the possibility of reflection: Why are there so many divisions among the Jewish people. The question has certainly been approached by many but the true answer is here in this dream.

Fish 299 The sin of Emanation which represents the completely prohibited enquiry into the 'Substance' of God before Creation is the true cause of the divisions. The true unity of Israel can be only when the true faith in the One Living God is upheld. Unfortunately, as those who believe in the Zohar have divided the Almighty into DIVINE ASPECTS and EMANATED SEFIROT, so too has the Jewish world been divided into factions and divergent ideologies with all the evil that such divisions create.

Fish 300 The Point Blank, in Italian Punto e basta, comes to inform us further that the wretched evil of Emanation theology blemishes ('pogem'), God save us, the name EL SHADDAI, the name with which God Almighty said to His creation 'dai' it's enough, 'basta'. This is the name in which the One Living God revealed Himself to the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This is the pure monotheistic faith which has been, God save us, totally falsified by Emanation Theology. It was never permitted and was always prohibited by the Torah and by the Hachamim. It is now time for all Israel to understand the true heart of Israel that has been ruined by tempting to understand that which is outside the range of human intellect. May God Almighty have mercy on the Jewish people and awaken their heart to understanding that when God decrees 'dai', 'It's enough'; until here you can go and not beyond, that He is EL SHADDAI and His commandment must be obeyed. It is written, 'The hidden things are to the Lord, our God, and the revealed things are for us and our children for always' (Deut. 29: 28). And it's written, 'Be of a simple heart with the Lord, your God' (ibid, 18: 13). This was the temimut of the Patriarchs in their faith in EL SHADDAI and it is essential to the true faith and to go against destroys the true Israel.


Chapter 11


Fish 301 Asher, after hearing Giuseppe's dream, made an enlightening statement, saying, "This shows that those who see are not able to see, but the one who is blind here is able to see. Those who think they are seeing, see only a false light, but the one who hasn't sight in his eyes but his heart is open sees the truth". There is a profound concept in these words that is given in the dream. That it relates to the Meshullam prophecy is obvious but its meaning is less obvious. Why should the 'blind' rabbi see the truth whereas those who see cannot come to terms with the lesson here taught 'point blank'? For sure the dream is delving into a deeper meaning of Meshullam, blind and deaf servant of God.

Fish 302 The blind rabbi explains that God closed his eyes but opened his heart or allowed him to feel and perceive more closely his own heart and that this in turn has allowed him to better understand other people's heart. Actually this is quite an amazing statement. It is as to say that he had to lose his external sight in order to gain his internal sight. It's hard to understand. The blind rabbi, as Meshullam, is a symbol of Israel. What can it mean then? Does Israel in some way have to lose its sight in order to perceive a deeper, inner sight of the heart? And if so, in which way must it lose its sight?

Fish 303 - Perhaps just such a meaning is prophetic; that is, something is coming or something will happen that will be representative of Israel's losing its normal vision and that that something will be a catalyst to Israel's searching for and finding a deeper vision within its heart. It may well be and if so we cannot now know exactly what it is that will happen. In any case the dream is explanatory. What is it that must be discovered? The reason for which there are so many divisions among the Jewish people. The answer is given. The Jews have inquired about God that which is prohibited to make inquiry. And we know that spoken of is the Zohar and its doctrine of Emanation. The divisions, God save us, have been perpetrated through that doctrine, with Divine Parzufim and Emanated Sepherot.

Fish 304 We do not know, however, what is coming to be a catalyst to that new introspection. It must involve something that brings the people to reflect on the question: Why are there so many divisions? There is a such a plethora of divisions among the religious themselves that it is even politically difficult to understand what the 'right' means. The Heads of Hasidim GUR announced that if their parents refuse to limit their What's up application (that is to use it only with goiim or non-religious) those Hhasidim must not show any respect or follow in any way those parents. If such is Judaism, I wish to have no part of it.

Fish 305 Fact is that all the Hassidic Movements are part of a Judaism of which I have no part. Being that they believe in the Zohar and all the rest of Emanatistic theology, their belief is anything but Point Blank. And even though they may 'walk ba-Kodesh' as the Sign concerning Rav Vital, this is because they have fallen into the error and not because of bad intentions. They are 'saved' by Aharon Ha-Cohen Ha-Gadol, as explained in the Five Tablets, because there was no idolatry involved in Aharon's intentions. Nevertheless, it is one thing to look at the intentions but it is another thing to look at the idolatrous error itself. Moshe, magister noster, said clearly that the sin itself committed by Aharon was a 'great sin' (hhata'a gedolah). Point Blank! There's no getting out of it!

Fish 306 Let me make the point here, because it's hard for many people to grasp the severity of the sin of Emanation. How much more so is it difficult to take cognizance of our unfortunate but necessary and obligated explanations that the essential gravity of this sin brought on the Shoa. The sin of Atzilut 'kills' the Jewish people because it kills the true Torah and without the true Torah the Jewish people has no true existence. I know well the clamor of this 'terrible' declaration: Can you speak of the killing of 6 million 'innocent' Jews because a theological error crept into Judaism? I well realize that it's hard to swallow. This is because it's not yet realized what it means that the true Torah is 'killed' by the doctrine of Emanation.

Fish 307 - Listen then at I would say to a rabbi who believes in the Zohar. Listen, dear fellow Jew, let me tell it to you Point Blank, the 'God' of the Zohar is not the God of true Judaism. The God of the Patriarchs and of the Torah has not 'contracted Himself'; the 'God' of the false Kabbalah has 'contracted himself'. The God of the Patriarchs and of the Torah has not made myriad 'divine emanations' to descend from Himself; the 'God' of the Zohar and all the false Kabbalah has made 'divine emanations' to descend from himself, emanated into five 'great Divine Emanated Aspects'. All this, believe the Kabbalists, is before Creation. But the Law of my God is that it's strictly prohibited to maintain all these ideas because it's strictly prohibited to inquire into such matters, Point Blank!.

Fish 308 May 17, 2016: Iyar 9, 5776: I dreamed: I was in a room or small book-store. Menahhem Mendel Shneerson entered asking for some book. I saw his face, ha-Shem yatzilenu, on which was a thick layer of 'tumah' (impurity). I began speaking to him saying, "It's totally useless everything you do, completely false". As he walked away to leave, somewhat upset by my words, I again said, "It's all worthless, all of it, the Tanya, the writings of the Mitteler Rebbe, all the many, many, many writings of the Tzemah Tzedek; it's all false and useless, everything you have and everything you do". He murmured something to the effect that 'everyone does according to the wisdom that he received' and angrily went away.

Fish 309 I believe this anti-Habad dream represents the Fourth Corner of my dreams against them. The first dream was when I entered his office in 770 and blasted him against the idolatry they made of him and for the fact that his followers themselves hate each other. The second dream was that in which the Tzadik Haim entered 770, leaving me outside, a dream of which I wrote the document called "Behind the large Iron Door of 770". There it was certainly the Tzadik Haim who did hidden actions against Habad and against the idolatry done to the Rebbe. The color of 770 in my dream was Purim-Purple, the color most representative of the Hidden Redemption of Purim. That I was left outside, I explained in that text, was because I, having been saved by the Tzadik Haim, had not yet prayed for the salvation of those of Habad that could be saved.

Fish 310 The third dream is among the Fish of the Big Fish Waters the Earth (Fish 8), in which I condemned the fact even from the very first years of his being Rebbe, he could have put a stop to all this Mashiah business but instead he encouraged it. I thus condemned the Habad Movement under him from his inception. Now, in this fourth dream, I condemned the Habad Movement from its origins in Sneerer Zalman's Tanya and all those Rebbes that followed. This completes and closes a Fourth Corner against the entire Movement of Habad.

Fish 311 I dreamed May 19, 2016, Iyar 11, 5776: There was a large Congregation. I had to complete something, as if in leading the Congregation, I had to complete the 32nd chapter of the Gospel and I did it. - - There is no 32nd chapter of the Gospels and the meaning certainly has to do with the heart. The words of Jesus to Noda in a dream were that with Christians one must speak with a soft tongue because they are not able to bear a severe tongue. It was in conjunction with those words that Daniel Manigrasso's book 'The Defects of Jesus' was changed into 'I Love the True Jesus'.

Fish 312 May 23, 2016: Iyar 15, 5776: Yesterday Paolo made a complete fast, for a general expiation. I dreamed: I was seated at the right hand of the Teacher Haim. In front of him, on the small table around which we were seated, Paolo was seated. Paolo had said something to ha-Moreh to the effect that the Tzadik might say something to someone if he desired. I corrected Paolo saying, "Paolo, the Tzadik Haim knows what he might say and to whom". Ha-Moreh said, but almost in a whispered voice, "It doesn't matter, he made a mistake, as also you made a mistake yesterday". At that point Rav Garelic of Milan was seated at the right hand of Paolo. The Tzadik Haim remained silent. - -

Fish 313 - Today in the afternoon, I slept and dreamed: Mahhluf (Malka), who reads the opening prayers and korbanot every morning and for Minha in the Synagogue here in Henry Kendal told me that Rav Yitzhak Belinov had gone and made a congregation for himself. He said this as a demonstration to Belinov's falseness, adding, "Se how false he is, he made himself the whole time as if he were part of our Synagogue, and then, without saying something, he left to make his own congregation". I was then outside in a place filled with boulders. There was a large gate that I wanted to reach in order to exit from there but the boulders were now piled up so that it was impossible to get out and as I searched for another exit, I woke up.- -

Fish 314 - Rav Garelic, 'head' of the Ashkenazi Habadim in Milan, has always been called by us 'the Serpent'. Rav Belinov, whom we refer to as 'Muhharam', much more learned than Garelic, and who couldn't stand him, is the one on whom I called 'Muhharam, Muhharam, Muhharam' in Milan, somewhere around 1973 in relation to the false Messianism of Habad. On him I placed that 'sign' (Muhharam) saying that the day will come and he will know the truth of my words and that Habad is justly in Hherem.

All this following Fish 310 above, a Fourth Corner against Habad. I surmise that they have become aware of our Web-Site and will try to block it from exiting, but we will find, with God's help, another exit.

Fish 315 In Fish 312 above, in my dream, the Tzadik Haim, as said, spoke very little and almost in a whisper, and for the fact that Garelic was present, he made no comment. He let it ride, so to speak. It is significant that I and Paolo were quite close to the Goel Haim and table was very small so that our proximity was almost touching him. Garelic was somewhat more detached, at Paolo's right side. It's not the time to yell against them. Others must go against them. Thus in the second dream it was Mahhluf who spoke against Belinov, the Muhharam. Hopefully this is good news. May that there be an 'up-rising' against Habad. Amen, ve-ken-yehi-ratzon.

Fish 316 Tuesday morning (May 24): 12:20 P.M: Terrible, terrible news. Those of the Synagogue here went yesterday on an excursion to Lake Tiberide (Yam Kinneret) before Lag b-Omer. Mahhluf who was 72 years old, was pulled down by a current and drowned. Yerahhem Ha-Shem alav ve-al nishmato. Just 2 days ago he saw me outside and since I haven't been in the Synagogue for a few weeks, we embraced and he kept saying to me 'refua Shleima' (have a complete healing) many times. I'm taken aback by this tragic news. There are no words, there are no words.

Fish 317 Wednesday (May 25): Paolo, Noda, Noah Hhana Noga and David went to Yam Ha-Melah. They brought the Staff of the Donkey and the Staff of White Horse with them to make Signs of: the Three Books: Book of Bread, Book of the Woman, Book of the Woman who tires herself for Bread (see beginning chapter 12) and the Signs of White Horse. I told them that there's a new convergence between the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek and that the letters of 'melah' and 'lehem' are the same.

Fish 318 - Listen, o fools from all over the world, and don't tell it to anyone who has even the slightest intelligence, for who might fathom the depth of this Crown of Mystic reasoning if any level of straight understanding has yet remained intact! Spoken of is the Mystic Bloodsucker who has washed away anything left over of true Torah Judaism and called it's mystic reasoning the Tree of Life. It was Shabbat, in the sixth day of mourning for Mahhluf Malka, his memory be blessed. Since the manner of his tragic death was certainly not to be pondered in human terms of justice, the Rav in the Synagogue decided to tell a story and its mystic explanation in order to teach that we cannot comprehend the ways of God.

Fish 319 A son had been born to Rav Haim Vital, alav ha-shalom, who walked in Sanctity, notwithstanding the terrible errors of Emanation into which he fell. The son grew with a vast and deep understanding of Torah and even at a young age was highly respected by the rabbis and lomdei Torah for his immense knowledge. Came the time and his father found for him a proper woman to marry and a great ceremony was arranged for their eirusin, with tables set with delicious foods and drink. As they ate and celebrated, the young groom to be, as he was eating a piece of chicken, a bone got stuck in his throat, he suffocated and died.

Fish 320 Tremendously painful, of course, was the reaction of all his friends and the people with him and they beat their chests with outrage of anguish and torment. His father, however, remained still. A few days after the funeral, they asked his father why he had not reacted. He answered, "Also my pain is very great as is yours, and I know how much your appreciation of his enormous sanctity has totally disturbed you. Let me, however, illumine you in the ways of Ha-Shem. The fact is that he was in gilgul. For in a past life, he had been a great talmid hhacham. It happened one time, nevertheless, that it was erev Shabbat and time was running out and his wife had had a doubt about a certain chicken, whether it was kosher or not. It was close to Shabbat and the Rav didn't want to give the matter his time and said, "It's taref. Throw it out".

Fish 321 One can thus imagine the scandal Above for such an action. And so it was that the chicken came before God and complained bitterly before Him, "I was a kosher chicken" he cried out, "and I could have been eaten on a holy table and been sanctified in the sanctity of Shabbat, and he didn't even inspect me, declared me taref, and cast me away". But the Holy One, Blessed be He, for the sake of justice, answered and said, "Fear not. I will correct it. That Rav will be brought in a gilgul (another time in the world) and will become great in Torah knowledge and at the celebration of eirusin I shall bring a chicken in your place and he shall bless on it and its bone will get caught in his throat and he will die. In this way both you and he will receive your corrections".


Fish 322 - Please, dear Mahhluf, forgive the teller of this unholy junk and marvelous ignorance, as other rabbis and lomdei Torah, in their belief in the Zohar and the Kabbalah of Tzephat etc. They simply do not realize how totally far from true Judaism they have wandered.

Fish 323 Have mercy on Your people, ADONAI ELOHEINU, EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, awaken the brain and the heart of the young Jews to love simplicity and to disdain all this false philosophical mysticism that brings people away from the simplicity of the faith and falsifies all their thoughts. Have mercy on Your chosen people and awaken young people from anew and let them understand the errors of mystical worlds that drive people out of their true mind and has them enter false dimensions that don't exist. As the Sign of the Tzadik Haim who jumped down from a helicopter to the earth, may that Your Divine Presence make a rapid descent to the earth of the Jewish world and awaken a new humble brain that knows its place and a heart of purity without false pretenses. Correct our brain ADONAI TZEVAOT. We are in Your hands. You are the Ruler over us all. In merit of Your beloved Tzadik Haim awaken the minds and the hearts and let the young Jewish world cast away forever with great force all the false Kabbalah of Tzephat and all the false Kabbalah of the Zohar. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Fish 324 June 4, 2016: Shaul related a dream of his son David: he saw Giordano Levi who was walking along and everybody knew him and greeted him warmly. Wherever he went, everyone knew him and respected him. After this in another scene there was a woman who wanted David to follow her but David understood that her intentions were not good and he refused to follow her into some lower place and she disappeared. - -

Good news for Giordano and for the Sign of the Book of the Stars and the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. "Hopefully" says Moshe Levi, "it's good news for the 'diffusion'".

Fish 325 I dreamed Shavuot (5776) that I was looking at the starry sky under the Thirteen Starred Shoshanah, in the middle (Orion's Belt) and as I saw the Star of the Altar of the Leviatanit and elevated depth was seen in it.

This comes before the opening of the Triple Meditation that begins the night after Shavuot.

Fish 326 These were the days, the 17 days of unspeakable sanctity on the emaciated body of the Tzadik Haim. These were the 17 days I remained in his house on Via Anfossi night and day. These were the days when God's chosen Man for all mankind would be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven completed in his merit. In those 17 days I was still allowed to massage his holy feet and to move the toes of Mankind's new redemptional history. These are the 17 days in which I said to Giordano, to Davide and to Sarah (Markus): "The Tzadik Haim has commanded". In those days the Tzadik Haim said to me, "ELOHIM YAHNECHA BNI VE-HEYEI LE-HHAYAL HHAZAK BA-MISRA SHELCHA". Those were the 17 Holy Days given to us so that we take merit, after the 6th of Sivan.

Fish 327 - June 23, 2016: 17 Sivan, 5776: Illumined Turtle 2, 3969: I remember in my dream, I was speaking to 2 young persons in the presence of the Tzadik Haim, all of seated at a table. I had explained things concerning the Final Redemption (that I don't remember). Then I said, "All this is in the merit of the Tzadik Haim. We have no idea nor can we have an understanding even minimally of how much the Tzadik had suffered in his life-time and until the very end. We look now at ha-Moreh Haim and we see him. (In the dream, we looked closely at the Teacher Haim) We see him but we do not see the true Tzadik that he is and thus we cannot imagine the suffering that passed through in his life and then the final suffering for the Great Decree. The Tzadik Haim demonstrated his acknowledgement and approval of the truth that I was saying". - -

Fish 328 I wanted to go on sleeping but I heard my mother's voice yell at me, "Get up, Paul". For sure that was so I shouldn't forget the dream. It's not the first time that my precious mother, Ann Becker (Green), is close by to keep me in line, especially to wake me up so that I don't lose something. I got up reluctantly, because of my tiredness. In the bathroom, I accidentally knocked over an incense container that Noda' had left there yesterday after burning incense for purifying our apartment. It was filled with pulverized burnt ambers that in its fall blackened the floor close to the toilet. I decided to clean it mostly with my feet so that they become completely black. I then put on my socks so as not to lose that black layer of burnt incense dust on my feet. Then I played the Cassette in which the Tzadik Haim recites Shir ha-Shirim in the ancient melody that the Rambam, peace be with him, used to chant it. In this way I heard the verse, 'I have stripped off my garment, how shall I then wear it again? I have washed my feet, how then might I now render them unclean?' (Song of Songs, 3: 5).

Fish 329 - 19 June, 2016: Moshe Levi dreamed he got off the bus and he was barefoot with soldier clothing. He entered his grandmother's apartment, Bussia, peace be upon her. The apartment was somewhat disorderly. They were then looking from the window of the house. Below there were regular buildings upon which were future forms. At this point, Moshe realized that his grandmother had died. He asked what she saw and she answered about the buildings and that there were trees that had a sort of light that bound the tree or the roots of the trees to the heavens above. Then Moshe also saw the trees and then there was darkness. After this Moshe was in huge dining room. There was a young man looking for food and he was almost desperate not finding anything to eat. Moshe said to him: "I don't understand why you are worried, there's good food on the table!" The person looked and Moshe was right. On a table there were many kinds of fruit, meat and other tasty food. - -

Fish 330 Good News. 1) Moshe is barefoot, sign of a Messenger for the Geula Shleima and a soldier for the Final Redemption. 2) In merit of the Levi family, Bussia has been resurrected. 3) she is helping Moshe search for the roots, such as the roots of the souls, as we say, 'the roots of the trees are in the earth below and the roots of people are in the heavens above'. 4) in merit of his work for the Redemption, to Moshe is given permission to help a 'lost soul' who is searching to find the true food that his soul needs for its pleasure. Moshe 'opens his eyes' to see and to receive the Bread of the Final Redemption. 5) if then Moshe can furnish people with the knowledge of the true Bread, for sure he is on the way to becoming a good Donkey who eats Bread.



Chapter 12



Fish 331 I've been working on 3 texts, the Book of Bread, il Libro della Donna (The Book of the Woman), , ha-isha ha-nivleit bisvil lahma, (Book of the Woman who tires herself for her Bread). About 2 months ago, in a dream Signor Remo Levi, peace be upon him, told me to work on these 3 texts. The names of these Books had been given in a dream to Miriam Lamberti in 1985 where it was indicated that I had to write them. Until now I never wrote them but after 30 years the matter returned in my dream of Sig. Levi.

Fish 332 Since years have passed, I associated the Bread with the Bread of the Completed Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, that seen by Sarah also in 1985, where after buying Bread in a second Bakery Shop, a Roll jumped out of the bag she was carrying, rolled along a long stone road, avoided a Church, and rolled up-hill on a road from which a wagon driven by an elderly man and pulled by a donkey was descending. The bread-roll stopped just under the head of the donkey who at first refused to eat it. He then settled down and ate the bread. With the Sign of these Bread Books coming back now, I associated the bread-roll rolling along the ground with years of dreams in which the Bread of the Final Redemption is found.

Fish 333 It corresponds with the Donkey's not wanting to eat of it. I didn't relish the idea of taking up again all those dreams already registered and explained. I had now little choice, however, and I began to review dreams, beginning with the Text, the Two Books of Daniel and Giuseppe. Lo and behold, it was if I was seeing many of the dreams there for the first time that needed explanations and commentary. So is it that the stubborn Donkey is now eating the Bread-Rolls that have rolled along a long stony road. There is an important testimony of Daniel on his father Domenico Manigrasso and then 127 dreams of Daniel and then 87 dreams of Giuseppe. I have written a few commentaries on some of Daniel's dreams, first of all on the Sign of the Resurrection of Domenico Manigrasso.

Fish 334 I thought that the 3 Texts should be different from each other but that is not so clear being the first in English, the second in Italian and the third in Hebrew, it has so far been indicated that whatever is commentated on be translated into these 3 languages. This makes the work easier. I am not yet sure, however, how the continuation will be. In any case, thank God, I'm eating nice Bread for the Final Redemption.

Fish 335 On the 17th of June, 2016, Paolo and I went with Solly to Beit ha-Knesset Yisrael ha-Tzair, where Solly prepared a table with some food and drink for blessings for a hazkara for his mother Malka bat Miriam Behar. I took the occasion to speak about the Tzadik Haim. See Book of Bread, chapter 2 (Roll 49) for the content of my speech. It was the first time that I spoke about Ha-Moreh without speaking about the Final Redemption. In some way I was disturbed by this fact whereas Solly, Paolo, Noda, San Meir and Moshe Levi deemed it an important step forward. I, however, am used to speaking only the truth as I know it and although I said only true things, I was being cautious and even 'strategic' and saying less than that required for the Final Redemption.

Fish 336 That night I dreamed. It was as if I were estranged from the Tzadik Haim, as if I was unrecognizable to him. This so saddened me, that I wanted to die, but a voice said to me, "Be not sad, for you are Poretz Gader and Goder Peretz and since you have a title for yourself, this represents a distance from the Goel Haim, but you must be happy because everything you have written about as Poretz Gader and Goder Peretz concerns the Goel Haim and the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. I thought about this and it made me happy because afterwards hundreds of thousands would be nourished on the explanations in the texts of Sefer Mishnat Haim. And I woke up.

Fish 337 I was moved to many thoughts by this dream, coming also in these 17 days between the 6th of Sivan and the 23rd of Sivan, day of the demise of the Tzadik Haim. In Hebrew I wrote a long document for the Woman who tires herself for her Bread. This afternoon I was working on the translation into English but after 3 hours I felt quite bad. Moshe Levi and I had agreed that after 6 o'clock, when he returned from work, I would read him the document but since I was feeling so bad, I didn't think I would have the force to read it to him. I took an aspirin, Ate a piece of cake baked by Noa Hhana Noga, I drank some grapefruit drink, and when Moshe called me at about 7, I felt ready and read him the document. He was extremely enthusiastic, insisting that it be translated soon into Italian for Giordano and Iliade.

Fish 338 I wrote a Correction letter to Giuseppe.

July 9th - Shabbat Hhukat: I dreamed I was coming out of house on some floor in the elevator hall. Some man, a rather tall, full, clean shaven and well dressed person, was beside me in waiting for the elevator. We shook hands but he noticed and said that my hands, especially the middle fingers, were quite weak. He was interested in giving me advice for how to strengthen them and I said, "I thank you very much for your concern". Seeing that I had appreciated his interest, he came closer and whispered in my ear what for him was the true remedy to my problem suggesting that I go to visit the Lubovither Rebbe. I contested vehemently, "No, no, hhass ve-shalom. I do not believe in all those falsehoods. All that is the dreadful impurity of ahhrit ha-yamim and the terrible confusion of the 'messianic days'. In the meantime we had descended to a lower level where there was a swimming pool and I continued to lambast fiercely the false Messianism and immense confusion of the Yemot ha-Mashiah.

Fish 339 I notice that I didn't realize at first that the man was a believer in Habad and even when I contested his 'advice' I didn't mention Habad specifically and in my speech I said that all this 'hassidism' and all these 'great confusions of the Messianic Days' will be done with and null and void because they are only empty confusion that does not last in time. This represents a time-change in the Signs. My statements referred to all kinds of Jewish confusion of the Messianic Days and to the foolishness of it all and of its total non-consequentiality for the future. Perhaps the swimming pool represented a 'change' in waters. I didn't enter the pool but I remember looking at its water which represented the confused 'waters' that I was speaking about.

Fish 340 The time-change corresponds to the conclusive Habad dream against all their Rebbes and their writings from the baal ha-Tanya on. Also my dream of Poretz Gader and Goder Peretz the text of which has become the Introduction to the 3 Books is of the time-change. Also my correction letter to Giuseppe is of a time-change level.

Fish 341 July 24, 2016: " , '' (' ):

About 2 weeks ago, when Solly returned from Italy where he had also been to the Cemetery to visit the Tzadik Haim and his parents, he dreamed: At first there was a question of Truma (an offer). Then he saw the tomb of Jesus, the part on the ground, (similar to that of the Tzadik Haim on which is written about 20 lines that I received then). So too on this tomb of Jesus were written lines but Solly didn't see what.

Fish 342 - Today, as I was rereading The Universal Smile of Big Fish Leviathan, it suddenly came to me that I should right those lines concerning Jesus, as if for his tombstone, considering it to be in Italy.

Fish 343 I immediately saw it as an important Sign for various reasons. Being buried means buried as a human being. The Tzadik Haim as Final Goel has 'redeemed' Jesus from all the past, in the Sign 'This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility'. It is the Tikkun of the Golden Calf of Christianity. Thus it came to me suddenly on the Sunday 18 Tamuz, the fast of 17th of Tamuz displaced because of the Sabbath; thus the day of the Golden Calf and unfortunate Christianity made Jesus into the historical Golden Calf that has been corrected by the Goel Haim. I've so far written in Hebrew:

Fish 344 -

I made the lines according to the first letters of Yeshuat Yeshua





Fish 345

Yeshua son of Miriam and Yosef resurrected from the dead in his time

After being crucified at Golgotha unjustly

Is as if he is buried now in Italy;

And the Tzadik, the Goel Haim, resurrected in the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead

in whose hand and in whose merit the true Jesus was revealed,

announced the Star of Christ

in Jesus' true Mission of Messiah son of Joseph.

the Ram sacrificed in Isaac's stead,

second man of the redemption,

as the masses come to the knowledge of the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility.

Fish 346

Yeshua figlio di Miriam e Giuseppe risorto dai morti al suo tempo

Dopo essere crocifisso su Golgota ingiustamente

Ora è come se fosse sepolto in Italia

E per mano e per merito lo Tzadik, il Goel Haim, risorto nel Segno Completo della Resurrezione dei Morti,

con l'annuncio della Stella di Cristo

rivelò il vero Gesu'

nella missione di Messia, figlio di Yosef,

Secondo Uomo della redenzione,

l'Ariete Sacrificato al posto di Isacco,

che insegnò la correzione del cuore amato da Dio

mentre le masse ora verranno a conoscenza della Stella di Cristo, venuta in virtù dell'umiltà.


Fish 347 (Book of Bread, Roll 117) August 8, 2016 - Paolo, Noda, Noa Hhana Noga and David went to Jerusalem. They visited the Tower of David, the Museum of the Holocaust, the Sepulcher of King David and the Sepulcher of Jesus. One has to descend into a limited space in the Sepulcher of Jesus and there Noda received a message from Jesus that she write down in a small note-book. Here is the message:

Fish 348 (Roll 118) The descent of the Kingdom of Heaven resides in the correction of the heart. All the ways of correction in a person are in the heart. The conflict (battle) of mankind in history and the conflict (battle) on a personal level in his life, resides in the just way of the heart.

The Prophet Malachi speaks of the new pact of faith that will be inscribed in their heart and that will bring them to have a full faith in the virtues of the heart.

This means: a truthful heart, a simple heart, a humble heart, a charitable heart, a compassionate heart, a loving heart, a heart free of corrupt human desires, a forgiving heart.

The heart and the way of forgiveness among nations will open the heart towards the true God where nothing will separate the person from God, this when people will choose to conduct their heart in just ways.

I came for the lost sheep among peoples and with this coming of the Star of Malchitzedek, peoples, people and the lost sheep will become, as said by the Goel Haim, 'one flesh'; the heart will unite everybody in the same faith; in merit of the Goel Haim we will all be of the same flesh.

I rebuke, however, those who by way of their studies concerning those of the past, who notwithstanding their human errors, made history for our people. They look at the errors or unworthy actions instead of considering the greatness in history that they contributed to, (such as) King David and King Solomon.

Freed will be nations from conflict by way of the conflict of faith. This will be when they recognize God's blessing on Israel His people.

The heart of nations will have to tend towards Israel and Israel will have to tend towards the nations.

Free the heart by way of humility. A blessing to Peretz for his true and tiring work loved by Heaven but not yet by people.


Fish 349 - (Roll 119) This message is a kind of fulgurating explosion in which is manifested the essential purpose of the Messianic Mission of Jesus. Yeshua loved the good heart, a heart with the attributes mentioned here, faithful, humble, compassionate, a heart of love and of forgiveness etc. This testimony received by Noda defines for us who Jesus truly was, a person who loved the good and just heart understanding with an illumined knowledge that it was just such a heart that God Almighty loved to see in people. These words of Jesus represent a superb synthesis of the purpose of his teachings.

Fish 350 - (Roll 120) - These words concerning the heart come after all our explanations: Jesus in his youth, Jesus with the Essenes, Jesus as Messiah son of Joseph, Jesus as the Ram Sacrificed in place of Isaac, our father, Jesus 'Second man of the Redemption' etc. After all these matters, however, one might still ask in which way, more than any other, must we understand Jesus' humility in the Goel Haim's announcement 'This is the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility'? For even with all the titles and explanations, we desire yet to better comprehend more precisely what Jesus' humility entailed that it was so loved by God Almighty? The answer lay here in these few but very rich words of Jesus that the just heart is the very necessary essence in order to be loved by Ha-Shem. Yeshua explains here that it's just such a heart demonstrated by the Goel Haim when he embraces the people of every nation with heartfelt love and exclaims, "We are all of the same flesh". Jesus expounds here that spoken about is the Corrected Heart that will bring the world to its realization of being in the same true faith and that all feel themselves of the same flesh. Amen-ve-ken-yehi-ratzon.

Fish 351 Giordano dreamed, 7 August, 2016: he spoke to President Obama the whole time criticizing him vehemently from every angle of his presidency. He said that America has totally lost its image and its respect in the world under him, that he is weak and has weakened the United States terribly and has made it into a laughing stock etc. in a long unending criticism until he woke up.

Fish 352 17 August, 2016: Solly in his dream was looking at night into the sky and saw Big Fish Leviathan in a large array of stars that formed the Big Fish.

A big Sign. It may be related to the change of house that we are in the midst of making since the owner of this apartment, Mahhluf, has decided to sell this house. We have seen a 'large' apartment on Rehov Bialik. The night before Paolo and Noda went to see it, Gilat Haim called and said she dreamed that morning that we moved into a very large house. Gilat Haim knew nothing of our needing to move.

Fish 353 August 19, 2016: I dreamed that I put on a new Talet, abandoning the old one, in the Sign of the New Sanctity of the Tzitzit. After this I dreamed that I wanted to make an immersion of purification but in the meantime I held old Tefillin in my hand the straps of which were already not Casher since according to the Halacha they would have to be re-tinted black. My intention was not to wear them but rather to regard and touch with my fingers the old-sanctity before my purification in the Mikveh. - -

Fish 354 30TH Menahhem Av, Rosh Hhodesh, September 30, 2016: Noda dreamed she was in Italy with her son David and they walked barefoot on the snow. It was pleasurable and Noda said to David, "After 4 years in the desert heat, we don't feel the coldness of the snow". Then she was on the balcony of her grandmother's house. The time was towards the setting of the sun with its beautiful red color."Look at the sun" she said to David but then she realized it was the moon and not the sun which to the right somewhat above. The marvel was that the moon shone as if it were the sun. - -

Fish 355 - The dream indicates a radical change. That the light of the moon was practically as bright as the sun, seems to indicate an incredible 'renewal' of the heavens and the earth, as in the beginning of the Creation the moon and sun were equal.

Fish 356 Rosh Hhodesh, 30 Menahhem Av Giuseppe's dream - there were signs from heaven, the figures of animals, the first an elephant with its trunk evidenced, then other animals; he perceived the 13 mazalot and at the same time the animals of Noah's arch. All this came from the stars at night and on earth there was chaos even though these signs were visible and clear. He saw them in order and in line in various 'file'. They came from the various stars and constellations of the universe, as if from heaven all was ready and the signs could now touch earth. But people were still very far. Then he saw a minister of Islam represented by a woman. There was judgment. There were terrible decrees. The minister was desperate and then she descended down to earth yelling "peace with Israel! peace with Israel!" having many Muslims change thought towards the people of God. So it was; they began with the Koran in their hands saying, "We Muslims must be in peace with Israel". Manifestations against Israel were surprised by this new message and many changed thought. Not all. "Only with peace with Israel can we inherit the blessing of God to Abraham; there are no other solutions" said the minister of Islam to various Muslim peoples in order to render then conscious of this truth.

Fish 357 Tuesday, September 6, 2016: Elul 3, 5776: Must be a day of Feast. Noda dreamed that Paolo prepared 3 very large sumptuous Apple Pies which he shared with many, also Tina, his sister. The atmosphere was extremely festive. Paolo dreamed that Solly gave me a tremendously large amount of money, as if a starry-heaven of money. The atmosphere was very festive I dreamed that I was given in inheritance RAHAV and 410. The atmosphere was of a very great and hidden inheritance. In my daily reading: Shoftim Shaul searches for his father's she-asses. Samuel announces to Shaul that he has been chosen King. Also Shaul is among the Prophets. Shaul hides behind the kelim.

Fish 358 And just now, after writing the above, David (Fierro) told that some time ago, perhaps a week or a month ago, he woke up at night and saw my dear mother Ann Becker Green, in the room with a candle who was looking at Paolo and Noda. He didn't realize who it was exactly but today when Noda showed him the family Album, he recognized that it was my mother. Siman tov.

Fish 359 Sept. 10, 2016: Shabbat. I dreamed: it was night; there were three cylinders from heaven to earth before me to my right, one was very long, one was medium size, one was short. These cylinders were filled with a white liquid substance and all three were related to me, as if Meditation-Liquid to be used at will. Baruch Ha-Shem.

Fish 360 - The cylinder as a Sign refers to the Final Pact closed hermetically into a Heavenly Cylinder. In particular it refers to the 36 Virtues closed into that Cylinder, the Ten Segulot of the Middle Tablet, the Thirteen Virtues of Esther and the Thirteen Qualities of the Good Heart of the Shoshana. In this dream, basing myself on the 36 Virtues, the proportions were 18, 12, 6. 18 - the Long Cylinder, 12 - the Medium Size Cylinder and 6 - the Short Cylinder. That the Cylinders related to the Virtues of the Heart could be seen in the dream by way of the fact that the Cylinders were expansible by thought. The thought upon them brought them, or each one, close and widened the range of the White Fluid inside. This refers more to feelings, sentiments, consciousness of an internal attribute more than to the graded logic of intellectual expansion. In any case these three Cylinders come for the sake of the Triple-Meditation which comes for widening and deepening one's love to God Almighty. -



Chpter 13


Fish 361 Shabbat Shoftim (Sept. 10, 2016): For the first time, Noa Hhana Noga was in Jerusalem for Shabbat with a group of Italian Jews. She liked it very much, also the prayers in the Italian Synagogue. She says she would even like to live in Jerusalem.


Fish 362 - The fact is that in the morning of the same Shabbat, Moshe Levi dreamed: We had a house in Jerusalem. He came to visit us (Paolo, Noda and me) and entered the rather large house. He remembers 3 rooms. In the first there were poor people (barboni). In the second there were 2 Israeli singers (Rami Kleinstein and Keren Peles) and the atmosphere was of celebration. In the third was Peretz in a blue tunic.

Notice how we are under the Stars of the Redemption.

Jerusalem is 'yira' shleima' - 'total fear' (of God)

The Blue Tunic represents Techelet, as Techelet Mordechai. It's a Sign of Elevation in the fear of God in the Sign of being bound to the Tzadik Haim (the Double-Sign of Techelet refers to the two signs of the birth, (1) born circumcised (2) on the 6th of Sivan at the exact moment of Matan Torah.

Fish 363 Paolo a few days ago dreamed that Solly had given me an immense amount of money.

I waited to see was it was about because it was certainly not to be taken to the letter. After Shabbat (Shoftim) Solly returned from Sicily, He brought me 5 stones, 2 from the Lava of Etna and 3 from the river Alcantara the water of which is extremely cold. The 2 Stones of Lava are for the purification of the kidneys. One Stone of the River is for the New Humble Brain. One is for the New Heart. The third, small, is in fact two; together it has the form of Israel but it broke in two. This is the Sign of the Dove and Pigeon in the Pact between the Parts (Genesis, 15); they are mentioned as two but then the verb is singular; he did not cut them in half (ibid: 10), as explained: (1) Israel, the house of Judah and (2) the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. They remain whole and they will be united afterwards (Ezekiel, 37: 19) 'and they will become one in My hand'.

There is for sure no price for such marvelous Stone-Signs.

Fish 364 September 13, 2016; 10 Elul 5756: I dreamed, thank God, I merited to be with the Tzadik Haim, at least 3 different times in 3 different dreams (the whole night practically). In these dreams was indicated that staying together with the Tzadik Haim meant staying in yirat shammaim and not to do as others who flee.

There was a whiteness in these dreams that are part of the New Sanctity of the Final New Pact as are the 3 Cylinders (Fish 359). Also these Stones from Sicily come to reinforce the New Sanctity.

Fish 365 - As I was reading Daniel's dreams in the Two Books of Daniel and Giuseppe, I was now up to dream 114 of Daniel, a very important dream in which the Goel Haim explains to us the purpose of the Star of the Goel Haim with the phrase, "I am the Goel Haim and you are the Star of the Goel". The dream then ends with Peretz lying on the ground with his body covered with many colors that formed a garment which would help Peretz to make Stellar Bindings in the 13 days that followed. Quite amazing. That dream was of June 25, 2006. As I write this my body is still full of colors. (see Book of Bread, Rolls 208-210 for an explanation of the Star of the Goel Haim).

Fish 366 With the colors upon me, with the explanation of the Star of the Goel Haim, I must try to use, God willing, these 13 days (until the second day of Succot) in binding the 13 Mazalot to water the earth for the closing of this Book.

Fish 367

We are the Star of the Goel Haim

To help us be serious.

Fish 368

To make Stellar Bindings of the New Mazalot

To water the earth from the Redemptional Stars

In merit of the Goel Haim.

Fish 369

To help us be serious

And to hate all superficiality,

He establishes the Great New ve-nahafoch hu

in the NUNe of Yehoshua, the NUNe Soffit and NUNe Finale of SHUSHAN.

He constantly replenishes us with New Signs

and declares, 'you are the Star of the Goel'.

He blesses us and sanctifies us and awakens us anew.

Explained is the closed MEM of le marbe ha-Misra (Isaiah, 9: 5)

and we ask God's forgiveness that we be not rejected.

Fish 370 -

How can we dress ourselves in the vestments of the Star of the Goel Haim and bind Leviathan's Mazalot so that they water the earth?

Here are some aspects of being the Star of the Goel Haim:

Search always for happiness, because everything we have is from God Almighty.

Fish 371 - Do not eat quickly and chew your food well. Try to be aware of your eating with thoughts of the good tastes given by Ha-Shem to mankind. Remember too that there are many who have not enough to eat and drink.

Fish 372 - Be humble in every thought. If you push yourself down your soul will pull you up. If you push yourself up your soul will pull you down. To pull yourself down means to lower the image of yourself in not thinking yourself better than someone else. This is hard; it requires inner happiness in being humble.

Fish 373 - To push yourself up means to want to be something or someone and to want to be seen by others as something special. This creates superficial thoughts and thick layers of foolish images.

Fish 374 - Be with an open and tolerant heart towards people. Accept people for what they are or for what you see them as. All are His creations. Therefore try not to judge people because it leads to error. You cannot know how God Almighty judges each person. This is very hard because one automatically judges other people. Remember the Star of the Goel Haim and try to be filled with positive thoughts and even love for others.

Fish 375 - Smile to other people when you greet them and when you are in their company. This is an important part of derech eretz but it will not come if the action is a superficial gesture. Make it come from the heart and if the heart smiles the person will smile.

Fish 376 - If your parents are alive, try to be filled with actions of respect because every movement towards them with respect is seen closely by God Almighty and He rewards every step, every smile, every way of showing love, every way of helping and every way of alleviating whatever problems there may be.

Fish 377 - To accomplish this, don't worry about being right; it's much better to be wrong while maintaining respect than being right and foregoing respect. This is true wisdom: be wrong even if you are right and let your parents be right even when they are wrong. God Almighty will add wisdom to this wisdom in derech eretz.

Fish 378 - Be careful with whatever you say. Do not banter words around as if they have no value. Great is the value of words as are the meanings expressed. If your words have weight then their meanings will be significant.

Fish 379 - Therefore speak slowly. Do not rush your words ahead of you. This generation is all sick in its swiftness and the resulting superficiality that it bears. The Goel Haim spoke slowly and clearly and every sentence was a sentence. His speech was also oriental with colorful linguistics and movements and changes of voice according to what was being spoken.

Fish 380 - Do not tell people what to do or what not to do unless they ask you, and if they ask answer only if you know the answer, otherwise say, "I don't know". And don't invent excuses for not knowing. And if you should know but don't, say that you will ask someone who knows the matter more or better than you. And do it!

Fish 381 - If you want to be a 'hasid', be a 'hasid' before God only, between you and Ha-Shem, not before other people, not in mannerisms and ways of religiosity and with so-called 'hasidic' garments etc. etc. etc. Study Jesus' words on this matter, they are illuminating.

Fish 382 - Try to wake up early. This is good for the mind and the body and in serving the Almighty. Waking up before dawn is a great segulah and carries the person with a positive light throughout the day.

Fish 383 -

Whether a Bird, a Fish, a Donkey, a Turtle or Giraffe,

we hold onto the Signs of Isaac for these will make us laugh.

Whether an Armadillo in his Refuge or a baby in his pen,

we must remain in the confines of the Lion's Den.

Whether the Star of the Project or the Lake of Salt

or the End of the Minute in Time's great vault.

Whether a Valley filled with intelligence or the Heavenly Perfume of Prayer,

we seek the Beautiful Paradise, this time remaining there.

Said the Teacher, "I am the Goel Haim and you are the Star of the Goel".


Fish 384 - Shabbat Shuva (October 8), I dreamed: I was together our people of the Final Redemption (Paolo, Noda and others). Before us was a Hhredi (Religious Jew) and other hhredim with him. He looked at us with disdain and spoke us scornfully and with condescension for the fact that we were not as he and those like him. I said to him, "What you are saying is utter foolishness. You believe in Ha-Shem and we believe in Ha-Shem, in the written Torah and the Oral Law, you pray to God and we pray to God, you try to serve Him and we try to serve Him. What difference is there that you should so look down at us? He walked away unconvinced. I then saw him again and said to him, "Your attitude is completely wrong. If you have had the good fortune to study Torah and to know many things and to perform mitzvot, this is only your good luck, You have been lucky, not that you're better than anyone else!". He went into another room where a minyan was praying. I too walked in. He took hold of my arm with feeling and even with tears in his eyes and said to me, "I have been moved by your words" and he kissed me on the cheek. - -

Fish 385 Thank God Almighty for this Sign of Reconciliation. I believe the Prophet Elijah is happy about this Sign. It is a culminating point and a Renewal of the Sign Ba-Ha-Zman. And the Kiss brings the Reconciliation to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. So is it a success for the revelation of the New Sanctity of the Final New Pact in merit of the Goel Haim.

Fish 386 The Star of the Goel Haim is for the people of the world. The world afterwards will participate in the Tree of Life brought by the Goel Haim. The Tree of Life descends from Above, bound to the Stars of the Redemption and in particular from the Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. The Tree of Life comes into the world in merit of the Teacher Haim whose name means Life.

Fish 387 The Tastes of the Tree of Life descend from the 13 Mazalot in particular. In the world nature will again return and new levels of good health will be born in the world. There will be a new level of harmony between husband and wife and renewed levels of derech eretz of children to their parents. Foods will return to be natural and new calmness will be born in people's heart and body. People will love God Almighty with their whole existence and will be afraid to do whatever is offensive towards Heaven or against His will. All this is the Tree of Life that descends into the world in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Fish 388 We must be simple Donkeys to be worthy of being the Star of the Goel Haim and try to take the Teacher's humbleness into our being.

Fish 389 - All that he was and all that he knew, nothing he demonstrated to others so that no one think him a Tzadik before God Almighty and show him honor.

Fish 390 Loved by whoever spoke to him, his heart went out to every person. Whoever sat with him felt the inner security of one who cares, one who is concerned with a person's well being, a person whose goodness waved in oceans of hope and strengthened the weak. Those of the Levi family called him Moreh, and felt him as their Teacher. Giordano's daughter Lea was healed of a grave illness by the Tzadik Haim and they came to know that God Almighty answered to his blessing. They saw his humility and were amazed with love, this the blessed family that merited afterwards to receive the Six Great Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Fish 391 Yet he walked as a simple person among people and smiled with them and laughed at their jokes, sometimes even of vulgar substance. Not to show any difference, he laughed with them and patted them on the back. They called him "professore" with simple but truthful respect as they sipped their wine and continued to play cards.

Fish 392 "The entire Torah is the humility of Moshe Rabbeinu" explained Ha-Moreh Haim, "but very few have understood it. Moses was humble in every step of his life and none suffered as he for the crude thoughts of the children of Israel. Even for miracles that he performed, they accused him of magic but he knew that they had been slaves and he forgave them and prayed to God to forgive them. Sometimes it was extremely hard to gain forgiveness but only in mentioning God's promises to Abraham Isaac and Jacob was God Almighty placated, so to speak, and pardoned the chosen nation. Moses' humility was the foundation of the redemption and the Revelation of the Torah but very few understand this fact".

Fish 393 It's not so easy to understand that we are the Star of the Goel Haim and it requires much thought to stand beneath its truth and to remain completely humble and not to believe ourselves something that we are not. The only thing that comes to mind is to say it for each Mazal and hopefully, God willing, as the Star of the Goel Haim, water will flow down from Big Fish Leviathan to water the earth:

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Resurrected Bird flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Battle of the Fish flow down to water the earth.

Fish 394 - Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Weights of the Donkey flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Illumined Turtle flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Kingdom of the Giraffe flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Star of the Project flow down to water the earth.

Fish 395 - Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Refuge of Armadillo flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Lake of Salt flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Valley of Mercury flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the End of the Minute flow down to water the earth.

Fish 396 - Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Heavenly Perfume flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Lion in his Den flow down to water the earth.

Our Teacher is the Goel Haim and we Donkeys are the Star of the Goel Haim. May that the Rivers of the Mazal of the Beauty of Gan Eden flow down to water the earth. Amen.

Fish 397 - Blessed is EL SHADDAI who blesses the Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan that they water the earth. Amen.

Fish 398 Blessed is God on High who renders us humble Donkeys to fulfill our privilege as the Star of the Goel Haim.

Fish 399 Blessed is the God of Hosts who in merit of the Goel Haim lifts us up to contemplate the Stars of the Redemption.

Fish 400 Blessed is EHEYE ASHER EHEYE who is revealing the Star of the Project of the Geula Shleima. Amen ve-ken-yehi-ratzon.


October 9, 2016, Tishrei 7, 5777, Beersheva



[1] For sure in connection with Haazinu. -