Written by: Peretz Green






Chapter 40


The First Commandment

"I am the Lord, your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage" (Exodus, 20: 2).


The just man lives in his faith

The first plague - Blood

Against Osiride and Iside

Against Partzuf 'Aba' and Partzuf 'Ema'

And against 'Atum'

Against Partzuf 'Arich Anpin'

The 'Crown of Emanation'

you are blessed in the faith

As you are blessed in the faith of the first redemption, so are you blessed in the faith of the Final Redemption.

For now you are entering the Faith of the Kingdom of Heaven, a faith that is as new as was the redemption at that time.

Afterwards it will be said, I am the Lord, your God who saved you from the wrath of the Fourth Generation, from the great confusion of the end of days.

In the first plague of the first redemption, the water of the Nile turned to blood because the Nile was the Egyptian god of life-giving substance called Ye'or.

This was against the goddess Iside who begat Horus, the god of Pharaohs image.

The waters of the Nile were considered her maternal womb-water from which Horus was born and from which Pharaoh became god.

Knowledge knows the downfall of mankind's waters.

Understanding sees the blood of Iside's miscarriage.

Wisdom perceives the error of Zeir Anpin's Mother who begat him from the higher waters.

Until they were turned into blood, and they tired themselves, seeking to find water from the Ye'or.

Therefore they sought Yod Or, the Wisdom of the Light.

This was the root of their error.

They did not seek the light which comes from the Yod, but they sought the Yod, to bathe in its light.

Only at first the difference may seem subtle, yet this idolatrous error stands in the Nile waters of emanated gods.

If you seek to bathe in the Light of Yod, before you understand the Light of Hèi, you will worship the dead and forsake the living.

For in Yod Hèi, God is the Rock of the worlds; the other world of the souls was created with the Yod.

Therefore the Egyptians gave cult to Ye'or and turned all their thoughts to honouring the dead and to serving many gods of the underworld.

But in its roots, whoever seeks the Yod in order to gain the Light, will not receive true light, nor will he gain the Yod; for the Yod is given by God, and it cannot be had for the wanting.

Thus whosoever desires to enter that "Higher Wisdom" in order to bathe in its Divine Light, will swim in idolatrous sin.

Until with the Staff of Aaron, at the bidding of the God of Israel, all those waters will be turned into blood, so that the emanated gods will be seen for what they are, the impure menstrual blood of Matronita which the Zohar stole from the Ye'or.

Therefore the Torah did not say 'In the beginning God created the light' but 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth' because from this we will know that the light is within the framework of the creation of the heavens and the earth; and we shall not seek a Higher Light before creation and come to error.

Only within this framework God said, "Let there be light" and immediately He hid it away for the Tzadikim of the world to come.

And of that Higher Wisdom, the Higher Tzadikim are given to drink, for they are the chosen link between this world and the world to come; they live in the Secret of God and bear the weight of that secret, thus binding both worlds for the sake of all mankind.

That Higher Wisdom is given by God, and it cannot be had for the wanting; as did Eve, as did the generation of Enosh, as the generation of the Tower, and as did the mixed-multitude in its Egyptian desire to be wise with godly emanations.

They all sought to capture the Higher Wisdom, believing it to their advantage.

From the fruit of the Tree of knowledge to the star-worship of Enosh's generation, to Nimrod's desire to reach the heavens and to rule over all existence, to the golden calf which they desired as a Receiver of God's emanation, as was Moses in their idolatrous eyes; all sought the Yod which was not theirs to have, creating idolatrous thought channels in the sin of Ye'or.

The Lord, our God, has no divine emanations, no divine partzufim, no divine spheroth before creation.

That which exists before creation is God, and whatever may be in His realm "above" and "before" creation, cannot be tampered with or meditated on.

The Sages of Israel, of blessed memory, received only a word, a word enough to close the doors on the wise: before this world God built other worlds and He destroyed them.

Whosoever wishes to move into a place of destruction will in the end be destroyed.

The Lord, our God, manifested His Divine Glory at Sinai, and so does He manifest His glory in His works and through miracles.

So too the Prophets saw visions of His glory, in ways that were comprehensible to them.

The angels are messengers of God and they do His bidding.

God may make His voice heard when He so wishes, and He makes His will known to the Higher Tzadikim in hidden ways.

And to each person who walks in the true faith, the Divine will guides him and helps him understand what to do and how to act and what is right.

Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.

The faith is simple in its most basic and most comprehensive form; God is One.

He, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, is the Absolute One, and He is the Creator of the universe and He redeemed Israel from the house of bondage, and He redeems mankind from the idolatrous pitfalls into which it has fallen, in the Fourth Generation of the Third and Final Redemption.

Know that He is the Absolute One and live in that faith, and you will become just before the Lord, our God, in virtue of that pure and simple faith.


Chapter 41


The Second Commandment:

"Have no other gods from before Me, make no statues or any image of all that is in the heavens above or on earth below or in the waters below the earth; do not prostrate yourselves to them and do not serve them, for I am the Lord, your God, a jealous God who punishes the sin of fathers on their sons, on the third generation and until the fourth generation to those that hate Me but I use clemency until the thousandth generation to those that love Me and that keep My commandments" (ibid: 2-5).


The Just one who lives in his faith serves only God

the Plague of Frogs

Against Nefti

Against the 'Wisdom of Emanation'

And Partzuf Zeir Anpin

You are blessed in the blessing of the second commandment


You are blessed in the blessing of the second commandment, for there is no greater blessing than the blessing which derives from the strict adherence to the pure monotheistic faith of the Second Commandment.

Behold the Second Commandment contains the great blessing of the Final Redemption.

Yet it is always difficult to comprehend where Israel is hiding.

Do not hide, o ye nations, behind the Second Commandment, when your hearts are tripled in other gods.

You have substituted the Egyptian god of the house, Nefti, with other images and other statues.

Your crucifix is Nefti, to be destroyed in the new leaving of Egypt, in the new plagues against the present Egyptian Neftis and Isides.

The world is Egypt in the Final Redemption, and all the false gods will be destroyed.

The emanated gods of the Zohar will be destroyed.

The emanated god of Christianity will be destroyed.

Your brains need purification from your zeir anpin gods and your logos gods and your emanated Buddha gods and your Nefti gods.

All your gods are serpents which will be swallowed up by Aaron's Staff of the Fourth Generation.

For EL SHADDAI will annihilate all other gods in the Ten great plagues of the Fourth Generation.

In the wrath of the Second Commandment, EL KANA will descend into the world to vindicate the truth of His name.

EL KANA will leave no false god standing that will not be destroyed.

EL KANA will burn out all beliefs in emanated gods.

EL KANA will proclaim the Second Commandment throughout the world, and the entire world will tremble at the feet of their broken down gods.

EL KANA will demonstrate His holy wars against the false doctrines and the false theologies in this Fourth Generation.

The wrath of EL KANA will descend when their croaking has filled to the brim and is overflowing into the houses of people all over.

Until no one will be able to stand their croaking; as hateful as the "Witnesses" are before Heaven, so will the hoards of croaking missionaries become hateful in all the land.

Croak no longer, frogs of emanated gods, for none will accept your noise any more.

Back to the divine Nile of Pharaoh will you be thrown and you will be drowned in the Holy Jealousy of the second Commandment.

For centuries you have enraged the heavens with your cosmic man-god emanations.

But the concepts were too high and too complicated and so in your houses you worshipped Nefti.

As frogs you croak and your prayers are noisy deprecations.

With hardened aiguille skin your hearts are covered and your cruelty will be destroyed by EL KANA.

But he who walks with simplicity in his faith in the One Living God who chose Abraham, will be doubly blessed in this Fourth Generation by EL KANA, once for the blessing of the faith that has been maintained and once for the Third and Final Redemption of the Second Commandment.

For the great cleansing of EL KANA during the Fourth Generation is only for the sake of doing great kindness to those that love Him and who observe His commandments.

And the Redemption cannot come whilst frogs are croaking out false doctrines.

The true voice cannot be heard until EL KANA clears away the frogs and sweeps them back into the Nile from whence they came.

I warn you, get away from emanated gods, for the Lord of Hosts waits only until the Fourth Generation.

Be of those who walk before Him with the fear of His greatness and the love of His works, and do not listen to the croaking of frogs.

The just man serves his God and knows no other and he does not listen to the croaking of Frogs.

Stop up your ears from hearing their frog-calls and give peace to your brain.

Sit in your rooms and pray to the Almighty God of the Second Commandment, not to be caught in the sin of fathers, not to be shattered in the Fourth Generation.

God is not emanated and He has no emanations, and He redeemed Israel from the land of Egypt and saved them from the croaking of the frogs.

See then now the return of the frogs, how they croak out their Zohar of emanated gods.

Come now, Lord, take us out of Egypt and redeem us from mass confusion.



Chapter 42


The Third Commandment:

"Do not pronounce the name of God in vain for whosoever pronounces the name of God in vain will not go unpunished" (ibid: 6).

The Hidden Virtues of the Heart

The just one who lives in his faith trembles when he pronounces God's name

the plague of vermin

against Ra-Atum

against 'Understanding of Emanation'

You are blessed in the virtues of your heart


You are blessed in the virtues of the virtues of your heart, but you must get the vermin out of your hair.

You too East, West, South and North, you must get the vermin out of your hair.

For you cannot get the virtues out of your heart, if you do not get the vermin out of your hair.

The magi cannot create them, for demons have no rule over less than the size of a wheat grain.

Yet the virtues, as great as they are, are hidden in the heart, tucked away in hidden heart-cells, less than the size of a wheat grain.

But the Lord above will not let them out, until you have cleansed yourself of the vermin creeping in and out of all your pores.

As the cult of Ra-Atum crept in and out of the pores of Hhartumei Mitzraim.

As the vermin that the demons have no power over, and it seems as if they create themselves, so too Atum created himself, and then he fused with Ra, Sun-God-Father of Pharaoh, and permeated all his pores with vermin.

The magi said, "through Atum, we create Egypt, and Ra-Atum permeates Pharaoh to exhibit his splendour on the face of Egypt".

Pharaoh said to the Hhartumim, "create now you too such vermin in the name of Atum in whom you boast your power and so I too in Ra-Atum shall splendour over all Egypt.

But if you cannot make Kinim, so shall I no longer consider you Keinim (righteous)".

Behold the Hhartumim had no Sheddim to make Kinim, nor were they Keinim.

And against their will they had to admit, "It is the finger of Elohim" (ibid: 8: 16)

So the self-made righteous are keinim in their own eyes, and they would be as vermin getting under every skin and into every pore and unto every hair.

They are the verminous missions such as Witness the Moon in its Dianetic form.

I will ride high on the morrow so as not to destroy them now, for they are hated by EL KANA and their complete destruction is coming.

Atum descends for them to join the Sun-god-Ra to choose their Pharaoh to splendour on all Egyptian idolatry.

And the fourth displaced vermin oozes from Habad, the hated city of false love.

All these cover over the virtues of the heart and imprison them under the vermin.

They falsify the truth and call themselves upright and they fill up their clients and their victims with vermin.

They would convert the world if they could, but most of the world hate vermin and they go the other way.

Their poisonous doctrines get under the skin and unto the brains and making them believe themselves keinim.

But the purification of Atum's vermin will emanate from EL KANA.

They will be consumed by the worms that they have created with their words

Until they will have to admit, "the finger of the true God is stronger than all the heads of our gods together".

The demons in whose shadows they walk will come to relish their vermin and they will make a great feast of vermin consumè and chew up the stink in a month long appetite.

The victims will call to their Pharaohs and the Pharaohs will call to their Hhartumim.

The Hhartumim will call to the demons and the demons will rebel against the Hhartumim so as not to be impeded from feasting on the vermin.

And yet you ask why the virtues of your heart have yet to be revealed.

How can they be revealed if the vermin have crept inside the heart to say behold we are righteous!

Look for this sign o ye worthy of being saved and follow no group who claims itself righteous.

For they are doomed to the plague of vermin that is coming and their hearts are rotten inside.

They think that Atum can create them their lice, but even their demons will not stand up for them on the Day of Judgement.

Do not Witness the Moon in its Dianetic refrigerator, or you will be trapped in by the coldest vermin of all.

Do not cling to a Witness, for he is a sign to testify unto his own destruction at the end of days.

Stay away from Ying and Yang or you will be verminized and demonized by the Moon.

Allow not the "upright" fanatics to cloud over your minds, or you will be caught in the wrath of the Fourth Generation.

Be afraid of the true name of God, for he who takes the name of God in vain will not go unpunished by the name of God.

Fear the One Living God and love Him with elevated thoughts and simple feelings that reach the sublime and you will come to uncover the virtues of your heart and to betake of the blessing that is hidden in your heart-cells.



Chapter 43


Fourth Commandment

Keeping the Sabbath (ibid, 20: 7-10)


The just man keeps his Sabbath

Plague of wild beasts

against Geb

against 'Goodness of Emanation'

You are blessed in Prayer


You are blessed in Prayer, by prayer, and with prayer. But what about prayers against the confused deprecations to the Egyptian Geb.

Geb and Nut were two great favourites of the Egyptian masses to whom they used to pray day and night.

In many forms they came, as cows, as large snakes, as wild birds and wild beasts.

Every city had its favourite forms; every valley, plain and mountain had its sanctuaries; every house bedecked with Gebs and Nuts according to personal tastes and preferences. Against them the God of Israel, Lord of Hosts, sent hordes of wild animals of every sort (Arov) against the land of Egypt, at the hands of Moses and of Aaron.

But am I then come to teach you of Egyptian gods and wild animals?

Nine I chose from Heliopolis Enneade plus Pharaoh, but hundreds there were and thousands the forms in the great Egyptian mix-up.

Sometimes it was Ptah and sometimes it was Atum who created the other gods; sometimes it was Iside and Osiride and other combinations.

Yet all of them came down in emanated forms of wild beasts and animals and serpents.

Therefore the fourth plague was Arov hoards of wild beasts, a general plague against all forms of Egyptian gods and cults and the images and forms to which they were associated.

And to them all were dedicated prayers, night and day.

But except for the tribe of Levi in the land of Goshen, and Moses, in his quest for truth while yet even in the School of the Royal Court, no one imagined praying to the Highest of all the gods, the true Creator of all that exists, who has no form and no image.

The Higher Creator was always left above and could not mingle with all those lower emanations.

Always this had been the cause of Arov, the great mix-up, the desire to see the object of ones worship, the inability to grasp an Invisible God who has no form.

Yet the Lord, God, has no form and whatever is attributed to the Almighty Creator of the universe, be it human or animal or whatever, is an idolatrous form.

I speak here in the 4000 year season from that first great lover of the true Creator of the universe who has no form or image.

Notwithstanding the great Revelation at Sinai, much of the world is still mixed-up with beasts and men and they have yet to receive the lesson of the Star of Abraham.

This I have come for to speak out my message, for I was with the great Patriarch and now the time has come that Abraham truly be the father of a multitude of nations.

Abraham was one and his God was One, but many of Abrahams children have done cult to a multitude of gods.

God made man upright but mankind chooses to bow down to its own human calculations.

That which is most simple, people have abandoned, and that which is straight people have distorted.

People choose to mix God up with every kind of image, so that they might see the object of their worship.

But in this Fourth Generation of the great Arov, as Abraham, in his youth, broke to pieces all the gods in Terahs Deity-Shop, so the Star of Abraham will break into pieces all the divine images which have accumulated in four thousand years and which have lingered until now.

So is there coming a great Eiruv, a sign which closes in the believing and those who wish to live under the protection of the Shield of Abraham.

Pray to the One Living God of Abraham, that you be not left out of the Shield of the pure faith.

Lift yourself up from the plight of the beasts and the wild animals and snakes and human images and know the God who created you.

Burn down the images that you have perpetrated with human thoughts and unfounded desires through the false doctrines of the human thought.

Pray to Him and say, Let me in my simplicity rise above all images and forms to serve only You, o Lord, my God, the God of Abraham.

Be for me a fortress in Your invisibility, in Your absoluteness, in Your unknowable Essence.

Save me from all calculations which distort the truth of Your Oneness,

Save me from the great mix-up of the masses and save the masses from their great mix-up.

Let us know You from the protection that You place around us for Your love to Abraham.

Let us speak to You in prayer, nor shall we call to any other, for You are One and You alone can truly answer.

Let us not be deceived by false interpretations and let us not be hampered by human calculations.

Let us be one with ourselves in the depth of our heart, so that we may feel ourselves nil in the presence of Your Oneness, in the love for Your creations.

Help me to grasp the humility of spirit that You look for in every person.

Help me unwind the clock of past errors, so that I come in time to the table of Your salvation, to the waters of Your unbounded mercy. Let me walk in the true image in which You have created me, so that I may arise from all images and feel the closeness of Your existence.

EL SHADDAI, say Dai to all the obstacles in the path of the Star of Abraham.



Chapter 44


Fifth Commandment

"Honor your father and your mother, that you might prolong your days on earth" (ibid, 11)

The Divine Presence and Derech Eretz

The just man does not sit in his father's place and washes his mother's feet

Plague of Pestilence

against Ptah

against 'Force of Emanation'

You are blessed in the Divine Presence


If you honor your father and your mother, you are blessed in the Divine Presence.

If you respect your parents and your teachers who instruct you to respect your parents and to respect all that which is worthy of respect, thus do you form the humble attitudes loved by the Divine Presence.

I speak of the Presence of the true One Living God, not of the presence of Osiride or of Ptah.

Man is a fool in his spirit when it comes to gods.

If he is sincere, he will feel the presence of every god he serves.

Does he then not create that spirit and the presence that he feels with his own words and with that respect that he demonstrates.

Even if one bows down to a stone, and says to it loving prayers, and calls it his god and his creator, he will soon enough be amazed to feel the spirit and the presence of that stone wherever he goes.

Osiride was the fertiliser of the Egyptian spirit.

Ptah was the fertiliser of the Egyptian logos.

Against that spirit of spiritual fertility came the pestilence against the animals.

Against the Egyptian logos came the plague of Dever; read not Dever but Davar (Word - Logos).

Behold, it says (Exodus. 9, 3) 'Behold, the hand of God shall be against your animal stock in the fields --'; this 'be' (hoyia) is a very rare usage of the present tense.

It comes here to show that the true Presence of God was making war against the presence of all their gods who, as well known, were all fused with animal forms.

"And God separated between the animal stock of Israel and between the animal stock of Egypt, and there did not die from all that which was to the children of Israel anything (davar)" (ibid: 4); it was enough to say 'from all'; why is davar added to it?

The plague of Dever came to destroy the davar, the logos of Egyptian theology, and to separate it from the True Word of God.

"And God placed a specific time, saying "Tomorrow, God will do this thing (davar) in the land" (ibid: 5); again davar stands out as extra, for it would have been sufficient to say "Tomorrow, God will do this in the land.

Here again God was warring against the logos, a very great factor of all idolatrous thought.

"And God did this thing (davar) on the next day, and all the animal stock of Egypt died, and from the animal stock of the children of Israel there died not one" (ibid: 6); once again davar sticks out.

With the first d-v-r of the third verse 'against the animal stock which is in the field, against the horses, against the asses, against the camels, against the cattle and against the sheep, a very heavy pestilence (dever kaved me'od), makes it four times the root is used here for this plague.

It alludes to the very heavy pestilence of John's logos in the Fourth Gospel, and the other three Davar to the basically same doctrine (although much less defined) of the other three Gospels.

It was said in Egypt that Ptah opened the world with his creative word and that the god Osiride was the first created word of Ptah.

Then Osiride took on the form of the sun and Ptah the form of a bull.

And when Iside and Osiride fixed their eyes on Ptah, they became ignited with forceful passion, so that they descended into the cool waters of the Nile to be refreshed from their internal flames.

There they gave birth to Horus, the Patron-god-image of Pharaoh.

The world has been smitten with the very heavy pestilence of those who have falsified the word of God.

The later Egyptian complications of Christian theology bathed in the Nile of John's logos and were baptised by John the Baptists children born of the stones.

So it is no different to say God opened the way of the world by lowering himself and contracting himself and hiding himself until he became the smaller-cosmic-Man-God who created the lower worlds with His word.

Great has been the pestilence upon the Jewish world since the diffusion of the Zohar.

Both John the Evangelist and Moses de Leon used the Word to create with it a Word never pronounced by God.

Why does the 'very heavy pestilence' come first and after it three times Davar, and not the opposite?

It is the false Word, or the falsification of the true Word of God, which is the beginning of the heavy pestilence.

John's pestilence of the Fourth Gospel was preceded by John the Baptist's all-encompassing falsification of the true word of God, which appears already at the beginning of Matthew.

Was it not the ranting Baptist who proclaimed, "If God so desires He could bring forth children to Abraham from these very rocks" (Matthew, 3: 9).

This is the great Sin of Fathers of all subsequent Christianity, the great creator of children born from the rocks who have no roots in the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham.

And although the worst pestilence of the false kabbalistic tradition comes at the end, in its Fourth generation, with the Gospel of Habad, yet the great all-encompassing Sin of the Fathers is the very heavy pestilence of the Zohar's doctrine of Emanation which has falsified everything after it.

All these have falsified the true word of God, 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth'.

All these have shone no respect for the extremely intelligent simplicity of the faith of the Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in EL SHADDAI.

All these live in a false spirit and perceive a false presence and do not serve the true Creator of the universe.

Return to the true Word of God, demonstrate your respect to the faith of the Patriarchs, be humble before people and of a lowly spirit before God, and you will be blessed in the true light and in the true protection of the Divine Presence.

Chapter 45


Sixth Commandment

"Do not murder" (Exodus, 20: 12)


The just one corrects himself always

plague of boils

against Shu

against 'Splendor of Emanation'

You are blessed in the Correction


The sixth plague of boils (shehhin) came against Shu, Egyptian god of moist air, because boils thrive on the moisture in the air.

Shu of moist air was a favourite of the Egyptian magicians, including, of course, the hhartumei mitzraim.

Shehhin was also an allusion to the arm-pits (beit ha-shehhi), and the four letters Yh-Na-hh-sh form the word yinahhesh, to apply divination.

Yinahhesh was just that verb used for certain divinatory magic, in which the spirit of the defunct person called upon spoke to the mechashef (magus).

In Egypt and in Babylon it was common that the magus, in preparing himself to receive the spirit, "purified" his body and especially his arm-pits with pi'ahh ha-kivshan, stove-ashes.

Thus, for the plague of boils which was in essence against all the divinatory practices, "and God said to Moses and to Aaron, take up (to yourselves) your handfuls of stove-ash and let Moses throw it to the sky before Pharaohs eyes" (ibid: 9: 8).

The stove-ash was extremely precious in Egyptian magic.

It was a priestly activity to collect certain ash from the burning of certain dried plants and to "sanctify" them.

The priest-magus would take up two handfuls of that specially collected ash, hold his hands upwards towards the sky and dedicate those two handfuls to Shu, god of moist air.

The Priest then said, in essence, "I dedicate these two handfuls of ash to Shu, that this be his portion to moisten with the air, and that the rest be the portion of Tafnut to protect with his dryness".

He would then cast the two handfuls into the air and say "Here is your portion, Shu, take it as you moisten the dust of the earth".

That is the essence but the preparations of that ash and the many rites connected to it were tedious and detailed and time-consuming.

Therefore Aaron, the future High Priest of Israel, was given to participate in the 'Preparation' of this sign.

And Moses, the legislator who would eventually bring to the world the true laws against all such practices, had to cast the stove-ash towards heaven, before God.

More than in any other plague, there is seen here the 'corrective anti-action' with an active participation of both Moses and Aaron, in this anti-sign against all the occult divinatory arts.

In order to destroy the forces of those magic practices, it was necessary to simulate that practice in some manner with concrete actions, so that the essence of those practices be "called" into the essence of the counter-sign.

Fools of uncouth spirit have accused Moses of practising magic (hhass ve-shalom to be said of the beloved servant of God) for every action done by him in which some physical object was used to obtain a result.

They say such because they are fools and have no true understanding of what magic is, nor will they ever fathom the sanctity of Moses' Staff.

Physical actions made in the permission of God can be called into action against actions which are against the will of God.

Therefore Moses could make a bronze serpent in the desert to heal those who because of their evil words and sinful chatter had been bitten by snakes.

Here the physical actions of Aaron and Moses were directly against the rites of hhartumei mitzraim.

For this reason verse 11 comes to specify that "And the hhartumim were unable to stand before Moses, because of the boils, for the boils were on the hhartumim and on all Egypt.

At first the plague fell on the hhartumim, and then on the rest of Egypt, because this plague was directly against the divinatory rites practised by the priestly hhartumim.

The hhartumim were unable to stand before Moses; this means before the 'action' of Moses, otherwise it should have said before Moses and Aaron.

But Moses performed the act of sanctification of the stove-ash, destroying by that action their powers of divination.

If Aaron the Priest had done the action, the hhartumim would have said, "He is a priest and mago as we are, and this time his God answered his prayer.

Moses, however, was the legislator, also legislator of the priestly laws, and his action was needed to demonstrate the magus' complete impotence in the face of the truth.

Two times the verse says hhartumim, once to show their impotence before the action of Moses, and once to show the complete lack of protection from Shu or from all the other gods they used to call to in their magic incantations.

In the world-Egypt of the present, many are the priests of magical rites and the priests of Satan and priests for conjuring up the dead.

Plagues of boils will be cast upon them throughout the Fourth Generation, before they will die the unnatural deaths that they merit.

They will be utterly disgusting in the eyes of people because of their ugly, stinking boils.

They will lose all their clients until they rant hungry in the streets against Shu and Tafnut.

For a cylinder has descended from the Star of the Stone of Equilibrium, and it suffers no calling up the dead.

It despises idolatry and breaks to pieces the Altars of Satan.

It hates every service to other gods and disintegrates their words into desert sands.

It is the Star of Black Death to the priests of Baal and all their like.

From the cylinder without, sparkling sparks do fly, blinding the wanton spirits and cursing their callers with indomitable boils.

Be of those who come within the cylinder, blessed in the Great Correction brought by EL SHADDAI.



Chapter 46


Seventh Commandment

"Do not commit adultery" (ibid: 20: 12)


The just man is modest even with his wife, how much more so with other people

plague of hail

against Nut

against Zeir Anpin and Nukva

against 'Victory of Emanation'

You are blessed in the Sanctification


You are blessed in the sanctification against the prostitutional gods of the heavens and the earth.

Nut was the goddess 'Heavens' and Geb was the god earth.

So too is the idolatrous god Zeir Anpin the 'heavens' and the abominable Nukva, the goddess earth.

Also Zeir Anpin and Nukva are the Zohar's gods begotten of other gods higher than they.

So too Nut and Geb were born of Shu and Tafnut, the Aba and Ema of the ancient Egyptian Zohar. And although Zeir Anpin is male and Nukva is female, opposed to Nut, a great human formed goddess and Geb a male earth god, yet in the end it is written, 'and the woman will encompass man' (Jeremiah, 31: 21).

It's all the same; the male gods and female gods always make love to fulfil their servants' aspirations.

Therefore cold hailstones were not sufficient to break up their passion, but great burning hail-stones with fire inside.

Thus the female cravings will become iced over, and the male energies burnt out, to destroy the prostitutional gods of the heavens and the earth.

The Torah greatly hails the burning hail-stones and says "for this time I am sending all My plagues 'mageifotai' to your heart and in your servants and in your nation, so that you should know that there is not like unto Me in all the land" (Esodo: 9: 14).

Indeed the miracle of burning hail-stones extinguishes all the natural relationships between fire and ice and amazes the human mind with a contradiction that it cannot find in nature.

Sun gods and moon goddesses, earth gods and goddesses are stunned forever by the hand of the true God who may at His will order the fire and order the ice to work together in the service of their Creator.

It was in virtue of this plague that Pinhhas was able to receive afterwards the Pact of Peace.

So too Pinhhas had slain them in the places of their masculinity and femininity, destroying them and their illicit union.

For this he received the Pact of Perfect Harmony among the elements, fire, water, air and earth.

So too the plague of burning hail-stones came to destroy the illicit unions of gods and goddesses all over Egypt.

Pinhhas by his slaying them in the midst of their 'sacred act' was greatly sanctified by the words of God which descended, praising his action of zeal for God and rewarding him with the Pact of Peace.

For Pinhhass with his sword at that moment destroyed their enflamed passion born of Zimri's rebellion, the latter having made himself as ice before Moses and before all that Moses stood for.

See now then that the seventh commandment, 'Do not commit adultery' is in the virtue of sanctification; and at the same time idolatry and all idolatrous practice are called adultery and prostitution throughout Scripture.

Therefore the seventh plague corresponds to the sanctification in God's name of being separated from all the male and female gods and goddesses that filled the pantheons of the ancient world.

Pinhhass' great reward was the result of applying an extremely high level of free choice (an extremely dangerous choice, as known) for the sake of fulfilling God's will.

He was not commanded to act, but had he not acted there was no one else in that moment to do what had to be done; and he choose to act.

It was not the free choice of deciding to fulfil a commandment or not, but of rising up to a higher sanctity for the sanctity of all Israel.

Thus we see here in this seventh plague the element of free choice placed before the Egyptians, as it says "(19) and now go collect your flocks and all that which you have in the fields; all people and all animals that are found in the fields, not being gathered into the house, the hail-stones will descend upon them and they will die; (20) the one who fears the word of God from among the servants of Pharaoh will make his servants and his flocks flee into the houses; (21) but who does not pay attention (place his heart) upon the word of God, will abandon his servants and his flocks in the fields" (ibid: 19-21).

See at what great length the Torah describes this element of libero arbitrio (free choice) , given over by God to the Egyptians.

For great is the mercy of the One Living God upon all of mankind.

Therefore of this plague it says 'all My plagues' for in the burning fiery hail-stones lies the essence of God's free choice, above the nature of the elements by Him created.

And also the Egyptians are His creations, made of the same four elements fire, water, air and earth.

Thus He showed them that also they, if they so wish, may rise above their 'natural gods' and come to know and to fear the true Creator of the universe.

Therefore this plague is called 'all My plagues' for the higher essence of the maccot stands here in God's demonstration to all that He is above all that exists and He is able to do all that He desires.

But the purpose of the maccot would not be to punish but to amaze His creations, if they wish to rise to the truth and destroy all their false beliefs.

And thus it says for this time I am sending all My plagues to your 'heart'; this is a miraculous plague which touches the heart of who understands it, for it touches a most essential purpose in God's creating mankind; to endow them with free choice so as to rise above the myriad of gods created by the limited and natural understanding of the human brain.

Yet god creating has gone on from the generation of Enosh, and it goes on until the most sophisticated of god creators are destroyed in the Fourth Generation.

For as Horus was the offspring of Osiride and Iside, and Osiride and Iside were born of Geb and Nut, and Nut and Geb were generated by Shu and Tafnut who were emanated from the words of Ptah and Ptah was the first created word of Atum, so too the Zoharitic emanated gods, the emanated god Crown, the emanated god Wisdom, the emanated goddess Understanding, the emanated god Goodness, the emanated god Force, the emanated god Splendour, the emanated god Victory, the emanated goddess Glory, the emanated god Foundation. And as Pharaoh was conceived through the divine image of Horus, receiving something from all the gods above him, while having of himself only their authoritative sanction, so too Malchuta of the Zohar receives from the higher emanated gods above it, while having nothing of her own.

After three millennia the Egyptian divinities came back for their last great stand, and they let themselves be dressed in Torah-like garments, so as to fool the rabbis, as of yet uncleaned of the sins of the Egyptian multitudes.

They sanctify themselves in impurity as they unknowingly call to Atum, to Ptah, to Osiride, to Iside, to Shu, to Tafnut, to Nut, to Geb, to Horus and to Pharaoh.

But the plague of burning fire inside great hail-stones in its new form is coming tomorrow against the false gods created by the human mind.

Sanctify yourselves from all the gods of man's foolish imagination and know the God who orders the ice and the fire to work together and to go against their nature to serve Him.



Chapter 47


8th commandment

"do not steal" (ibid: 20: 12)


The just man doesn't steal even a minute's time from another

the plague of locusts

against Tafnut

against 'Glory of Emanation'


The Lord of the heavens and the earth made fun of the Egyptians and Pharaoh with the plague of locusts.

For when the plague came there was great confusion in all Egypt as to whether to call on Tafnut's help or not.

This because they were not sure if the locusts would be driven away by dry air or if they thrived on it.

Yet Tafnut was a great favourite god, being that Egypt lives almost exclusively on dry air.

In Egyptian theology, Tafnut was the great 'renewer' of dry air, who with his divine breathe exhaled dry air throughout the land.

And the Egyptians inhaled Tafnut's breathe to give them life.

Therefore the Egyptians multiplied prayers to Tafnut, uniting their words of prayer, said with moist breathe, to Tafnut's life-giving dry air.

Against those 'multiplied' prayers of dry hot air, the Lord of Hosts sent the plague of 'Arbè', I will multiply the locusts, so that they fill the air and blacken the sun.

See the strength of this plague, "(13) And Moses stretched out his staff upon the land of Egypt and God drove an easterly wind on the land that entire day and the whole night: it was in the morning that the easterly wind lifted up the locusts; (14) and the locusts went up upon all the land of Egypt and it rested on all the confines of Egypt, very heavy, the likes of such locusts had never been before, and afterwards it shall not be such; (15) and it covered the eye (face) of the land, and it darkened the land, and it consumed all the herbs (grass) of the land, and all the fruit of the trees left by the hail-stones, and no vegetables were left on the trees or on the herbs of the field in the entire land of Egypt" (ibid: 10: 13-15).

God made war against the Egyptian Tafnut whom they believed was their 'tree of life' who inhaled the moisture of the air to water his tree of life and he exhaled dry air in which there was his life-giving breathe for all the inhabitants of Egypt.

Tafnut was particularly associated with the east wind and the dry air that he brought along with the sun's wake; thus the east wind was summoned by God for bringing this plague.

And as it is the air that covers the whole earth inside the houses as well, so was this plague not only outside, but inside their houses, as it states "and they shall fill your houses and the houses of all your servants and the houses of all Egypt which your fathers and the fathers of your fathers did not see from the day of their being upon the land until this very day, and he turned and he went out from Pharaoh" (ibid: 6).

The greatest emphasis of this plague is given to its covering every place where Tafnut's dry air was cherished.

All have tried to steal the 'tree of life'.

And all have tried to decipher the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Thus make not light of 'and the servants of Pharaoh said to him "for how long must this be a trap for us, send the men and let them serve the Lord, their God, before you know that Egypt has been destroyed" (ibid: 7).

For the Egyptians praised Pharaoh as the 'one who knows how to distinguish between right and wrong'.

Therefore some of his servants (inspired by the hhartumim), turned their phrases upon the King-god; 'is it possible that the great distinguisher between right and wrong, good and evil, has already seen in his great knowledge that Egypt has been destroyed?'

Is it still not possible to avoid that destruction by sending the men to worship the Lord, their God!

Thus here too the Lord made fun of Pharaohs tree of knowledge of good and evil.

And thus Pharaoh, to demonstrate his knowledge of distinguishing good and evil said "And he said to them, 'let it be so, God is with you, (but) as I send you and your children, behold that (the star called) Ra'a (evil) is against you" (ibid: 10).

So is it well known that Pharaoh said the truth concerning that blood-thirsty star, but Israel was saved in the blood of the circumcision performed by Yehoshua bin Nun, before leading them to the promised land.

But there is no true distinguishing good from evil until the Lord of Hosts has decreed it so, and only His word can establish a truth forever.

And these messages distinguish the fine points of correct attitudes and the wrong attitudes which have plagued mankind from time immemorial.

And the Tree of Life of the center of the garden is offered to mankind in the Final Redemption.

For only then it says 'and all will know Me, from the smalest to their greatest' (Jeremiah, 31: 33).

Yet the promise of the renewal of life was hidden in this plague against Tafnut.

Indeed it is in this plague that Moses and Aaron receive the good news that sons and the sons of sons will continue to tell of God's miracles throughout the centuries.

And it was with this plague that Pharaoh tried to separate the fathers from their sons "Not so, let then the men go to serve God, for it is that which you desire" (Exodus, 10: 11).

But Moses explained that they were not going as individual priests before God, but as a complete nation which is made up of families and even the possessions of those families.

Our children and our children's children will be the living branches of the true tree of life, given us by our God.

That knowledge, however, does not come unto mankind until the Final Redemption, although many throughout the centuries have tried to steal the Tree of Life from the Torah.

But they falsified the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil and they did not follow the foundations of distinguishing the One Living God from all their many gods.

And thus they came to falsify the true laws of God and they closed upon themselves the doors to the Tree of Life.

But the children of the Tree of Life are closed into its laws forever.

No god is to be worshipped except the true One Living God, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob.

He made war against the potent gods of Egypt and laughed at them and all their worshippers with them.

He strengthened the arrogant heart of Pharaoh to demonstrate the futility of Pharaohs knowledge and power.

And thus the Lord of Hosts renewed the face of mankind in the light of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and in the constantly renewed life of the tree of life, by way of the eighth plague of locusts in the land of Egypt.



Chapter 48


ninth commandment

"give not false testimony" (ibid: 12)


The just man does not swear but if he is required to, he swears only in God's name

the plague of Darkness

against Seth, god of the evil sources

against 'Foundation of Emanation'


No other god was as sumptuous to the more macabre Egyptians than Seth, god of the dark evil forces of the underworld.

It was against this death-loving god of obscurity that the Lord sent the plague of darkness (hhoshech).

Also sons of Jacob died in this plague, it is true; those who had not the light of hope within them, and preferred the darkness of Egyptian magic to the elevated hope in Moses' God.

They no longer believed in freedom from the forces which surrounded them.

Their enslavement was total and without remedy, and they would have been a great impediment to the redemption of the rest of Israel, especially in the going out itself from Egypt.

In that plague of darkness they were taken, so that the Egyptians not come to think that the God of Israel was punishing His chosen people.

But the essence of the plague came to darken all the hopes of those used to beseech help from the great god Seth.

For Seth was the God of darkness of the other world and the darkness of magical forces.

The principal Egyptian rites in his favor were practised in almost total darkness.

In this way the Egyptians prepared themselves for the darkness of death, hoping for Seth's aid when they would pass into the underworld with the demised souls.

All darkness for them was the chamber in which Seth heard their prayers.

They were lovers of darkness, as they were lovers of magical rites and the service to demons from below and as they were lovers of the unnatural.

Therefore hhoshech came, a darkness so frightening that they would fear and hate all darkness thereafter.

For three days and three nights, from the terrible fear of the thick palpable darkness that was upon them, they dared not move.

An Egyptian who was sitting had to remain seated and who was standing was afraid to sit down, and they felt the substance of darkness.

For that darkness was not simply the absence of light, but a created substance sent by God against the Egyptian love of darkness.

Thus this darkness had to be of such a quality that it cancelled out all other darkness and rendered them nil and void before it.

It had to destroy the taste of every other darkness.

But the children of Israel in all their dwelling places and in all the land of Goshen were surrounded by a holy light from the treasures of God's redemption.

Some Egyptians in the land of Goshen saw this light upon the Hebrews so that they could give testimony of it afterwards to the other Egyptians.

But those few Egyptians of Goshen did not see the children of Israel bury their dead.

And if those same Egyptians tried to pass from Goshen to another part of Egypt, as soon as they stepped out of Goshen, they were completely covered by the hhoshech.

And no longer did they have the power to return to Goshen, because they were afraid to take a step.

It is unimaginable to the human mind how the substance of that darkness was, not only as to its thickness but as to the terrible fear that it imbued.

But it is equally difficult at this time for the human mind to contemplate the Egyptians' love of the forces of magic as well as their dedication to the god of the dark evil forces of the underworld.

That past reality has no real counterpart in history, after the plague of hhoshech.

This ninth plague was in the sign of truth, the truth which blackens out all falsehoods and shows the tasteful light of the light of truth.

Thus the ninth commandment admonishes against false testimony.

Indeed, the Egyptians, especially in their cults to Seth were used to swearing falsely in his name, to the damage of others.

As in Catholic states thieves pray to their Saints to help them not get caught in their pilfering and they offer him part of their good luck, so too the Egyptians made offerings to Seth so as not to be perceived through their false indictments.

For many of them believed that Seth, if they served him with fidelity, would keep them in darkness and hide their sins.

This plague represented the great separation between the light and the darkness, reason for which precisely with this plague, Pharaoh dared say to Moses, "Go away from me and take heed not to see my face again, for on the day that you might see my face you will die" (ibid: 10: 28).

And Moses acknowledged that the separation was indeed complete, and he answered "You have spoken correctly, I shall not see your face again" (ibid: 29).

There is a darkness yet coming, the likes of which the world has never seen or known.

There is a time, at the climax of the great illumination of this Fourth Generation, when all the lights will go out.

And those who have to be taken will be taken.

And those whose faith has to be proven will be proven in the midst of that terrible darkness.

Those who sit in their houses will not be able to go outside, and those who are found at their work when it happens will not be able to go home, for blackness will cover the cities and the demons will cast their lots to frighten to death those who must be taken.

All will be afraid of the hand of the Lord, on the terrible day that the lights go out.

All witchcraft and magic, all satanizers and spiritists, and all spheres of lovers of the dark and obscure forces, will be destroyed in those three days.


Chapter 49


Tenth Commandment

"do not covet your neighbor's house, do not covet your neighbor's wife or his servant or maid-servant or his ox or his donkey or all that belongs to your neighbour" (ibid: 20: 12)

Silence (is wisdom)

The just man doesn't desire even his own things. How much more so that which belongs to someone else

the plague of the first-born

against Pharoah, the tenth god of Egypt

against 'Kingdom of Emanation'


This tenth message of the plague of the First-born comes in this moment just after the passing of the wife of the Final Goel, Haim, Mazal (Shamma). (April 1994)

I am here re-writing this same tenth message, (April 17, 1996) after the seventh day of mourning for Beniamino Perico, brother of my heart, faithful friend, sincere talmid of the Tzadik Haim.

The passing of the Signora Mazal came with the closing of the Bridge that we had sign-wise been passing for over a hundred days. It came just before Purim, a month before Pesahh of the 12th year of Signs.

The tragic accident of Beniamino has coincided with the closing of the Great Seal of the Final Redemption of the Thirteenth Year of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Signora Mazals passing came in the eleventh year, a month before the twelfth year of the Completed Sign of the Resurrection, sign in which the Signora Mazal is walking together with ha-Moreh Haim, her husband for 41 years, in a New Garden of the Kingdom of Heaven.

We have passed days of great sadness (there was also the massacre at Hebron). But now the great merit of the Signora Mazal has entered into the Completed Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. And with this the sign of the Resurrection is reconnected to the Sign of the Stars, completing the New Shield of Abraham around us.

Signora Mazal Shamma, peace be upon her, was born in Yemen, to a great Talmid Hhacham and yerei shammaim (as explained to me by the Tzadik, Haim). I think he lived in hhodera; her mother died when she was still a very small girl. Her father decided to bring her to Aden. She still had memories of his carrying her on his shoulders. At Aden she was married at a young age and she had three children with her first husband, peace be upon him. She lost her first husband and she suffered terribly. Afterwards she lost her first son when he was twelve years old. After this she re-married with the Tzadik, Haim. Also her daughter of seventeen years old contracted a bronchial pneumonia and died. There remained Clemintina, or Clemy, may God grant her years of life with good health and satisfaction. She was married to the Tzadik, Haim, for 41 years, before his death. Together they had lived in Cairo, Egypt for 27 years and in Milan for 14 years. All the Tzadiks years in Milan were difficult for lack of money, for paying the rent, for the gas and electricity, for eating etc.

On her lips were words of kindness and she was a great teacher of derech eretz and of modesty. On her hands were the blessings of fathers and fathers of fathers. On her tongue was the wisdom of the Yemenite Tradition. No phrase of hers was without Baruch Ha-Shem, or Baruch EL SHADDAI or Baruch EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. The tradition of Sinai was in her heart. Day and night she knew no rest from the work of her hands and the blessings of her mouth.

It is a time of mourning, but the time of the Redemption, as the hand of the Almighty God of the universe begins to show the mighty works of the universal redemption. - - -


Now five years have passed since then (it is May 17, 1999, Sivan 2, 5759, The Battle of the Fish 26, and just tonight, without planning it, I had to finish the re-making of the Tenth Plague. For sure the Archangel Gabriel has arranged it in such a way so that it come unto his message.


Exodus 12, 12 - "and I shall pass through the land of Egypt on this very night and I will smite every first-born in the land of Egypt, from man to beast and against all the gods of Egypt I will bring judgements, I am God".

ibid, 29-30 - "(29) and it was at midnight and God smote every first-born in the land of Egypt, from the first-born (of) Pharaoh who sits on his throne until the first-born of the prisoners in the house of the pit (prison) and all the first-born of the animals. (30) And Pharaoh stood up at night, he and all his servants and all Egypt and there was a great clamour in Egypt for there was no house in which there was no dead one".

Pharaohs are springing up all over but at every tenth level they are cut down. Those who covet honor and glory for themselves are Pharaohs and must be cut down. Also Davide alias Carmine Delle Donne will be cut down for he has run the gamut of his New Logos and his theft of true documents and their idolatrous falsification at his hands have come up before the Higher Tribunal. His Pharaoh arrogance and his idolatrous New Logos will be destroyed. For he has blasphemed against the God of Israel and he has corrupted, falsified and rendered disgusting all the teachings of the Final Goel, Haim. His blasphemy and the disgusting new religion that he has created has been opened to the public. The New Logos of his new Fourth Gospel in which he himself is the Logos must be destroyed forever. He has called himself the First-Born Son for Eternity incurring the guilt of Pharaoh on his own head. He is a hated-Pharaoh among the first-born of the house of the pit. And all innocent children have cried and sung for joy for the coming of the Pesah of the Fourth Generation.

And with the Final Logos of Davide alias Carmine Delle Donne destroyed, also the Catholic Church will be cut down. For its prayers are sickening weapons in the tactics of the goddess war against the innocent souls entrapped into her idolatrous bliss and futile blackness. For the New Logos is of the women, Delle Donne, and the Church's Logos is its abominable goddess Mary, the mother of Christian ignorance. Are they not the embodiments of their Logos, Delle Donne and the Church! The difference is only that one sits a prisoner in the pit of his ignorance and one sits on his throne as Pharaoh the king of Egyptian Catholicism. Go not into the tomb of the fathers and mothers of the world at Machpelah, o head of Esau. Not until Hhush son of Dan son of Jacob our father has cut off your head with his sword and discarded your entire body. For the Baptists children born from the rocks is your malfunctioning liver, o Christianity, and the virgin birth has disfigured your feet and your legs into distorted pagan cults. Your belief in Gods having a Son has destroyed all true functioning of your genital-zone and has prostituted you to the whims of extraneous spirits. Your belief in the Trinity has rendered your arms and your hands accomplices to idolatrous theology and they cannot be lifted unto truth. Johns Logos has falsified the thought channels of your heart and Paulus ravings cut your entire body from the Law. But Johns Logos has been the thriving of your heart, o Christianity, and it had to find its Fourth Generation climax in the most of all distorted hearts, the final Logos of the Sign-Thief-Impostor, Davide alias Carmine Delle Donne of Genzano di Lucania, closed into the pit of his first-born and last-born Nuovo Verbo. He will be cut down entirely for not even his filthy, distorted arrogant and conniving head will ever enter the Machpelah.

Now too even the dead Pharaoh of Brooklyn is called upon by his slaves to bring the Final Redemption. His Egypt will be cut down and his slaves will be cast to the crocodiles in the Nile. The Hated-Fourth Generation of Habad is even more disgusting than it was before his death and they call to him to redeem them and to bring the geula shleima. They place a seat for him at their table but that anguished soul, anguished for all that came to form him as a pharaoh hated by the God of Israel, notwithstanding all the Torah by him acquired, would want only to be left in peace. But they call to him day and night and say that he is the Messiah who will come back to reveal himself on earth at the magic moment. Thick is the darkness that pervades their entire being for they themselves represent the darkness of the idolatrous evil that descended from the Emanated Faces of the Book of the Zohar. But they yet pale in their prohibited Rebbe cult before the Pharaoh of the Book of the Zohar itself Aslag-Shadmon and the family of the apex Zohar Idolatry at Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. They have ignited the wrath of the Holy God of Israel and He will destroy this poisonous and dangerous Pharaoh and cut it down from its roots. For the Pesah of the Fourth Generation has arrived and the God of Israel who destroyed the first-born in Egypt, from Pharaoh who sits on his throne until the prisoner in the house of the pit, shall destroy the roots of idolatry and burn it out forever in the roots of their roots. Those who have faith will see it and they will understand and those who have no faith will see it but they will not understand. Strategies from Above have brought them unto their apex and to the culmination-point of their sin, so that they be ready in the completion of their sinful arrogance and idolatrous doctrines to be destroyed in the Fourth Generation wars of God against all forms of idolatry, from Pharaoh who sits on his throne to the prisoner in the house of the pit. And how has that provincial prisoner closed into the limits of a handful of followers and unknown by anyone outside of the provincial city of Genzano come to rate with idolatry of thousands of years and of hundreds of years? But he is the first-born and the last-born to falsify the true Final Signs of the Third and Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. Therefore in him, in his Pharaoh-love of himself, the Final and most idolatrous Logos found its dwelling place, but not for long, because the Pesah of the Fourth Generation has already begun.