Introduction to Sefer Ha-Yashar


It's found and has come into our hands as this day when the Holy City of Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus ha-rasha and his chief soldiers entered to take the spoils and plunder the booty. There was a ruler (Hegemon) among Titus' leaders by the name of Sidrus who entered and searched a huge and large house in Jerusalem and after he plundered all, as he began to leave it he noticed something in the wall and he felt in his thought that the wall covered up hidden things. He ordered to throw down the wall and he found there a barrel filled with many books of Torah, Prophets, Hagiography and books concerning the Kings of Israel and Kings of the nations and many other books belonging to Israel, and likewise correct and precise texts of the Mishnah and also many Scrolls. There was as well a large quantity of all kinds of food and wine. And he found there an elderly man sitting and reading those texts. The Hegemon looked at this amazing vision and he was overtaken by wonder. He asked the old man, "Why are you sitting here in this place by yourself and no one else is with you?" The man answered him, "For many days and periods of years now I knew of the destruction of Jerusalem that was coming and so I built this house and I made this hall and I took in with me all these books to read them and I took with me food, saying to myself, "Perhaps my soul shall be a refuge". God made this old man find grace and mercy in the eyes of the Hegemon and he took him out of there with respect together with all his books and from there they went to Seville. And the Hegemon found in this person great understanding and knowledge and in this realization he lifted him in respect and held him in his house always and the sage taught him many levels of wisdom. Then they built a large house in their wisdom, outside of Seville and they placed the books there. That house is still standing close to Seville until this day and they wrote there all that would happen in the future concerning the kings of the world, until the coming of Mashiah.

And it happened when Ha-Shem had us move here and there by force of the kings of Edom, from city to city with bitterness and pain, that this text came into our hands and was called Toldot Adam (the Generations of Adam) with the many books that were together with it since they came from that house close to Seville and they came afterwards to our city, the city of Napoli which was under the king of Spain (may the Lord have mercy). And when we saw these books, that they were all books containing wisdom, we placed it as our purpose to print them with the iron pen and ink, as with all the books that came into our hands, and behold, this book was greatly praiseworthy and elevated more than the others. Twelve versions came into our hands and we searched them out only to find that they were the same exact version, without changes between them, without additions or reductions, without changes of the letters or different words or different expressions. They were all equal in every way. And since we saw in this book great usefulness, we set our hearts to its purpose and we set our purpose to print it.

And it was found written that the book is called Sefer ha-Yashar and the reason for which it's called Sefer Ha-Yashar is that all its words come in the order as it was in the world chronologically. For it will not be found that this book relates later events that took place previously or that it relates previous events that took place afterwards. Each matter is in its place and was written in its time. Thus you'll find in all its words that a certain person died in a certain year to the number of years of such and such and for this reason it was called Sefer Ha-Yashar. But it had become a usual custom in the mouth of all to call it Sefer Toldot Adam; the reason was for its beginning 'ze sefer toldot adam'. Its essential name, however, is Sefer Ha-Yashar for the reasons and proofs given. This book is now in the hands of the Greeks, translated, and they call it Libros de los Diritus, and also with the Romans who call it Libro de los Palabros de los dias de Patos de los Granadis de los Giras dispuis morid Yehoshua. It is also found now with the kings of Edom who call it Esti Libro de nacimiento de Adam.

And it's found written in Sefer ha-Hhashmoniim that has come unto our hands that at the time of Ptolemy, king in Egypt, he ordered his servants to go and gather all the books of the various religions and books of history to be found in the world in order to study them and to search them out to understand all matters of the world and to compose a book from them in all matters of judgment and the correct laws for the world in order to clearly distinguish all matters. They went and gathered 965 books and brought them to him. He said to them to go yet again to search in order to reach a thousand books and they did so. After this they stood before him some of the peritzei[1] Yisrael and they said to him, "O lord, our king, wherefore should you burden yourself with all this; send to Jerusalem and let them bring you the book of their Torah that was written for them by the word of God, in the hands of their Prophets, and from it you will be able to gain wisdom in judging all things and all that you desire. The king listened to them and sent to the Jews for that purpose and they sent him this book, for they couldn't give the book of God because they couldn't give the Torah of Ha-Shem to a non-Jew. And when this book came unto Ptolemy he read it and it very much found pleasure in his eyes and he studied it profoundly for its wisdom and its grace and thus he found what he had been searching for and he left aside the other books that had been gathered, and he blessed those who had counseled him in this matter.

After a time the peritzei Yisrael realized that those of Jerusalem had not sent the Sefer Torah to the king and they came and said to him, "O lord, our king, those of Jerusalem took you in; they didn't send you the Sefer Torah that we said to you but rather another book that they had they sent to you; but now send to them that they send you their Sefer Torah for from it will you find what you are searching for even much more than the book they sent you. When the king heard their words he became very angry with Israel and his wrath burned in him. Until he sent to them another time asking to send him the Sefer Torah. He was afraid, however, that again they try to fool him and so he wisely sent to 70 elders among them that they come to him and he sat them down in 70 different houses so that each one write a Sefer Torah without there being changes, and the spirit of holiness fell upon them and the 70 elders wrote 70 books all of them in the same exact version without additions or diminutions.

Then the king was greatly felicitous and he honored the elders and all the Jews and he sent gifts and offerings to Jerusalem as is written there. And in his death Israel acted wisely with his son and they extracted the Sefer Torah from his treasures. This book, however, they left there and did not take out so that each king that would reign there could recognize the marvels and wonders of God blessed is He, and that He chose Israel from among all the nations and that there is no God outside of Him, blessed is He. Therefore this book is still in Egypt until this day, and from that time onwards it has been diffused in the whole world until its reaching us, we in our exile this day in the city of Napoli under the reign of the king of Spain.

Behold, you'll find in this book that in it are written some things concerning the kings of Edom and the kings of Chitim and the kings of Africa that were in those days, Even though it will seem that they are not of the purpose of the Book or of its intentions, they come to inform all people that the source of this book distinguishes between the wars of Israel and the wars of the idolatrous nations. For the victory of the idolatrous peoples one against another is fortuitous which is not so in the victories of the kings of Israel with the nations that are by way of miracles from Him Blessed is He when Israel has trust in His name, be He exalted.

Behold this Book has many purposeful advantages and all of them bring us to trust (havtacha) in Ha-Shem, exalted is He, and to cling to Him and to His ways. The first advantage (to'elet) is that it adds explanations in matters of the creation of man and the matter of the universal flood and the years of twenty generations and their sins. And at what historical phase (Perek) they were born and in which time they died. And in this our heart is straightened out to cling to God, elevated is He, in our seeing the marvels and wonders that He did in those ancient times.

The second is that which added as well in the matter of Abraham's birth and his clinging to Ha-Shem, elevated is He, how were the events that happened to him with Nimrod. And likewise the matter of dor ha-plaga (generation of the separation), how Ha-Shem, elevated is He, brought them to the four corners of the earth, and how they built their lands and countries, called in their names until this day, and with this we draw ourselves closer to know our Creator.

The third is what it explains to us concerning the clinging of the patriarchs to Ha-Shem, elevated is He, and the events that show us the fear of God.

The fourth in what is told concerning Sodom and their iniquity and what was their sin and their punishment and in this we will keep ourselves far from all evil.

The fifth concerns the clinging of Isaac and Jacob to Ha-Shem, elevated is He, and the prayer of Sarah and her crying and the binding of Isaac, and this is a great advantage that inclines our heart to serve God, elevated is He,

The sixth is what it informs us about the wars of the sons of Jacob against those of Shechem and in the seven cities of the Emorei. This awakens our heart in the level of trust with which we must trust in our God, how 10 men destroy 7 cities only by way of their trust (bitahhon) in Ha-Shem, elevated is He, in their heart.

The seventh is what it explains to us all the happenings of Yosef in Egypt with Potifar and with his wife and with the king of Egypt for this will awaken our heart also in the fear of God to bring ourselves far from all sin so that He bring good upon us in the end.

The eighth is what happened to Moshe Rabbenu, peace be upon him, in Cush (Ethiopia) and Midyan for in this we meditate on the wonders of Ha-Shem that He does with the Tzadikim and we will cling to Ha-Shem, elevated is He.

The ninth is what happened to Israel in Egypt and how there came about the beginning of their servitude, and how they served Egypt with every kind of hard work and what was the reason in all this. Afterwards ha-Shem saved them in their trust in Him. And there is no doubt that one who reads this matter of Egypt from this book on the Seder Night(s) of Pesah has a great recompense. As the Sages, of blessed memory, say, 'Whoever (whatever more one relates) tells of the going out of Egypt, such is praiseworthy'. Also this book is included because it tells the true story that is worthy of telling it and reading it after the Hagada. For it is certain that there is great recompense in this. And we do so now in our exile in the cities of Spain, after reading the Hagada we begin to read from this book about Egypt until the going out of Egypt, for this book is worthy for each person to read.

The Tenth is that some of our Commentators among the Rabbis, of blessed memory and the commentators of the Torah will be found in the explanation of this book, such as the angels who met Jacob in his coming from Aram who went to Esau.

The Eleventh is the fact of Gabriel who taught Joseph 70 languages and also what is said 'who smites Midian in the field of Moab' (Genesis, 36: 35) and all that is told of this.

The Twelfth is that whoever speaks in public on these matters will come to express things that the commentators have not spoken of. And in this the heart of listeners will hearken to his words.

The Thirteenth is that the merchants who do their rounds from place to place and haven't time for studying Torah will read and will receive their recompense, for in it is the reward to the soul (nefesh) and pleasure to the body to hear the new things that have not been written in any other book, and from them a person will meditate to know ha-Shem, Blessed is He and to cling to Him.

And since we have seen the worth of this book and its high level, we have tried to print without addition or diminishing. And now we began to print it in book form so that it be in the hands of those of our pact, men of our redemption, that it be spread out in every generation, in every city and every family and in every country, so that people meditate on the wonders of God and His kindnesses that He bestowed on our fathers from antiquity in His choosing us from all the nations. And in this will take merit those who meditate in it and have given their heart to the fear of God. And in the Lord, our God, we trust and on him do we rely. And from Him we seek reliance and help, to help us in this work for it is a work of Heaven, may that He have us succeed and guide us in a direct manner and that He save us from errors and cleanse us from hidden things. As His anointed (Meshihho) said[2]: 'from errors who will understand and from hidden things cleanse us' (Psalms, 19: 13). And that God show us the good way and guide us on the road of success for the sake of His mercy and goodness, and that He fulfill the desires of our heart in good, amen and so may it be His will.


Introduction to Sefer ha-Yashar - Peretz Green[3]


I intersperse here my introduction because of the additions in it, especially from the Important Vision received by Giuseppe Manigrasso.

Sefer Ha-Yashar is an extremely high and sanctified book of true Torah Tradition. Its roots are those of the Oral Torah of Yeshua bin Nune received directly from Moshe Rabbeinu. It is therefore replete with holy 'segulot' (Virtues of a sanctified level). The actual name of the original text was "Kabbala Yeshara" (direct reception), and the incredible message received by Giuseppe Manigrasso, brought below, is a marvelous example of how the 'direct reception' and 'true kabbala' associated with this Sefer, gave over a direct, live vision, of an elderly scholar who had been in truth the author of the original written transcription of Sefer Ha-Yashar. See below the entire discourse of that antique Hacham every word of which is to be taken into high consideration as a truly amazing, truthful and important vision.

The words must be studied in an attempt to delve somewhat deeper into the sort of 'apology' for the fact that the Sages and Rabbis did not give the true level of importance to this text as they did to other traditional texts. It was not given the emphasis of its being Direct Reception and was seen as many other aggadot.[4] Important for us now, however, of the Geula Shleima, is that the fact of its being Direct Reception has a 'new' correspondence to the Direct Reception of the New, True Kabbalah, of the Final Redemption especially by way of the redemptional dreams, sent by the Goel Haim, from the Kingdom of Heaven. There are a thousand levels of the past ways of thinking about the Final Redemption that recede into the shadows compared to the New, Direct Revelation of the Geula Shleima. Therefore the elderly Sage explained to Giuseppe that "Sefer Ha-Yashar hides the Spirit of the True Tradition of the people. When Sefer ha-Yashar will be extended, the spirit of the true Tradition will return to the people for the new born of the Final Redemption. A New Elevated Spirit will be upon the people and it will awaken them to desire the wisdom of the mind".

I report at first my dream concerning the two Stripes (long, large ribbons) of Blue (Techelet) bound to the birth of the Tzadik Haim, for it was in virtue of that dream and signs made by me and Giuseppe that brought about the vision received by him. After that I report the vision and I conclude with some comments on this matter of Sefer Ha-Yashar.

November 23, 2006, Inzago, Italy, Peretz: I dreamed: I was a in a place something like a gymnasium but it was empty except for the Tzadik Haim was seated at a table that was his writing desk with many texts on the table. Above in the same building there were about 15 people, mostly young, looking down from large windows. Their ways and attitudes were of a superficial bearing, frivolous with stupid quips of every kind. I had passed by them before descending to where the Teacher Haim was seated and he was now in an opposite corner to him. With a scissors, I had to cut two long blue strips that hung from above in that building. The blue strips were at least 3 meters in length; they didnt touch the ground and were about two meters above it. I had to cut them in the highest point that I could (but it wasnt possible to see where or how high they were attached above) and bring them to Ha-Moreh Haim. The Tzadik Haim was irritated with me for the length of time in which it not been done and now too for the time it was taking to cut them down and bring them to Ha-Moreh because in such a way those people looking down would be stopped from looking. The Tzadik urged me to be quick, otherwise merit would be lost because of those persons who were looking at him, waiting for who knows what, smiling and even laughing stupidly. The Tzadik Haim said they were making him suffer with their frivolous looks and it wouldnt finish until I had brought the two blue strips to him and every moment late would take away merit because it was making the Tzadik suffer. While I was cutting, one person of that group came down, one of about 59 or 60 years, very tall, bearded, not dressed well, saying some foolish words smiling stupidly insinuating that Peretz was late because he had previously been with them above. I didnt listen to him and continued to cut the two blue strips, and I woke up. - -

(The two week period in the Sign of Techelet seen by Noda finishes Sunday and I must work quickly to accomplish the Sign in this dream and this will bring nahhat to the Tzadik. We have spoken elsewhere of the two stellar bindings, between the Star of Mordechai and the Star of the Morning (Dawn), and between the Star of Mordechai and the Star of Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. For the Blue Strip (Techelet) related to the Star of Dawn, I immediately relate it to the birth of the Tzadik Haim at Dawn the sixth of Sivan, Shavuot, which was the moment of Matan Torah, in 1914. The Tzadik Haim said to me many times that the exact details of his birth were very important and that I would have to know them afterwards. It was essential, he said, that he was born in that exact moment that the Ray of Techelet that issues and races across the heavens a moment before dawn. The Tzadik was thus born in the Sign of Techelet Mordechai, the Techelet that brings with it the Great New Dawn of the history of the Final Redemption. This also corresponds with the fact that Mordechai ha-Tzadik was the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and the Tzadik Haim was the last Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The Strip of Blue Techelet, is thus 2600 years old. That is the Strip of Techelet of Stellar Harmony maintained by the 36 Hidden and Suffering Tzadikim of every generation. This Strip of Techelet had not yet been cut down and bound on earth with the Tzadik Haim. By way of the Sign made and this writing and these statements I have, thank God, cut it down and brought it to the Goel Haim. The second Strip of Techelet Mordechai is that which binds the Star of Mordechai with the Star of Ester. This is an essential redemptional binding between the Star of Mordechai of the Higher Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Star of Queen Ester in the Kingdom of Ahashverosh, five Stars in each. The Torah is completed when these two Constellations collaborate in perfect harmony. The Tribunal represents Justice, the Justice of the Laws of God while the Constellation of Ester in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh represents the perfection of the virtues loved by God Almighty. The second Strip of Techelet, is thus the binding of the Tribunal and of Queen Ester reuniting the forces of the Torah and the commandments with the merits of the Virtues of the heart to consolidate the true Tradition for the world of the Great Universal Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Tzadik, the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, Haim.

Thus the great Sign of the birth of the Tzadik Haim, born on Shavuot, completely circumcised and the amniotic sack itself that came out whole and had to be cut. Shavuot is the Celebration of the Revelation of the Ten Commandments, at dawn, the moment of Matan Torah. The second Strip of Techelet renews the Torah for the Geula Shleima in merit of the Tzadik Haim. I have thus cut down the second Strip of Techelet and have brought it to the Goel Haim. This represents the Final Seal of the Final New Pact of the 24th year of the Completed Signs, the Seal of the two Strips of Techelet Mordechai, one of the Dawn and one of the Torah, now bound for always with the signs of the birth of the Tzadik Haim from Sanaa, Yemen.

Thanks to EL MISTATER, EL MISTATER is great, EL MISTATER is One. The Two Strips of Techelet Mordechai, bound to the birth of the Goel Haim complete the bond between the Pact of the Great Prophet Elijah and the Final New Pact brought by the Goel Haim; and so is completed the stellar bindings of the New Tradition of the New, True Kabbala of Big Fish Leviathan, the heredity of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, in the hands of the Goel Haim. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon. And therefore before these conclusions of the Signs of Techelet Mordechai came the Sign to bind the name of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, with 12 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and then with the New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. (see Asino delle Stelle).


November 25, 2006, Inzago, Italy, Giuseppe: (Asino delle Stelle 4) Message received by Giuseppe Bambino Manigrasso, 25 November, 2006, Inzago Italy.

Giuseppe was in Peretz' Tent reading the Sign written above concerning Peretz dream and the Sign of the Two Strips of Techelet Mordechai and he received an extremely important vision that he related below:

- - we made the sign as seen by Peretz in a dream in which he cut the two Ribbons of Blu (Tchelet). As I read the text, I saw a man dressed in animal skins and he said to me that he was the author who had put Sefer Ha-Yashar into writing. He said:

"There are things that you must know. The Book of Yashar is a hidden book as indicated by its very name which hides the original title of Sefer Ha-Yashar. Originally it was called Kabbala Yeshara, (Direct Reception). This text represents the Tradition (Kabbalah) of Joshua son of Nune received from Moses, our Teacher. I was the Heir to that Tradition and I decided to write it down because of the difficult times; I saw people going into exile and I didnt know how to pass on this Tradition so I decided to write it and to pass it on as Aggadah. For this reason, however, many rabbis and Torah Scholars didnt take it into proper consideration as they did the Talmudic studies of the Oral Tradition.

"All was in my head. I had received a blessing. The particular Blessing that you have already received represents the Precise Definition of the various traditions. The Book of the Direct Tradition comes to complete the New Signs of the Final Redemption and is thus a Basic Pillar for the Final Redemption.

"When Moses blessed Joshua, he gave over this secret of the Reception, for history had to proceed on the true and direct Tradition.

"Joshua son of Nune said to his pupils, There will be deviations of the Written Torah; men and sages will fall into error (he couldnt say more because also Joshua was in the Spirit of God and he had him see something of the future) Now you (must) conserve (maintain) the Direct Reception with the purpose of maintaining it always on earth. Do not use, however, the term Kabbalah but simply Sefer, a Book that is Direct, Correct and Precise in its ways, that is in relating the facts as they really occurred.

"The Torah is perfect in what it relates, but its comprehension is not complete.

"The Spirit of God had distanced itself from the people; Israels heart had become closed because they had not listened to the word of God.

"Sefer Ha-Yashar hides the Spirit of the True Tradition of the people. When Sefer ha-Yashar will be extended, the spirit of the true Tradition will return to the people for the new born of the Final Redemption. A New Elevated Spirit will be upon the people and it will awaken them to desire the wisdom of the mind.

"God Blessed is He loves those who follow His ways and His commandments. The ways are the Virtues of the heart and the Commandments are the ways of the Humble Brain that annuls itself before the Law of God, following it and studying it".


Thank You EL SHADDAI for this extremely important message received by Giuseppe. I have a copy of the Hebrew text given me by the Tzadik Haim who told me to read and study it because it is true Kabbalah and it contains many hidden things. In the early years of the Signs, Davide Levi dreamed that in a place of Prayer there were the Megilat Esther and Sefer ha-Yashar and they were translated into many languages.

Only now in this period (I merit the Medal for slowness in comprehension) has it become clear to me that Sefer ha-Yashar is to be included as part of Sefer Soshanat Mishnat Haim (only one of the 2 books to be part, the first is Milhamot HaShem). Sefer Ha-Yashar was considered very precious by The Tzadik Haim and he confirmed its truth and said it is true antique Kabbala. The story of the Roman Centurion after the conquest of Jerusalem and the book is fully mentioned in the Introduction above.

And now that with Giuseppe, I made the sign of cutting the Two Ribbons of Techelet, as seen in my dream, and with Giuseppes reception of this Message from the author of Sefer ha-Yashar, Ive come now to realize the relationship between my dream and Sefer ha-Yashar. In my dream, the Tzadik Haim was seated behind a writing desk with many writings all around him and in which he was anguished by the fact that I had not yet cut the Two Ribbons of Techelet. The Ribbons of Techelet are connected to the Megilat Esther and here was alluded the fact that I had not yet bound the permission of the Goel Haim and his words concerning the authority of Sefer Ha-Yashar and the story of the Centurion to Sefer Mishnat Haim. Nor had I realized the true importance of this whole matter until Giuseppe received this Message.

(Asino delle Stelle 5 I had not understood why in David Levis dream mentioned previously the Megilat Ester and Sefer ha-Yashar were together. I simply thought that just as the Megilat Esther has to be translated into many languages, so too Sefer Ha-Yashar has to be translated in many languages. With Giuseppes received message, we have the Keys to a much deeper and more comprehensive understanding. First of all the author speaks of the exile, I suppose the Babylonian Exile, thus in the same period as Purim and the Megilat Esther.

Most amazing of the Message is that Sefer Ha-Yashar represents a Basic Pillar of the Final New Pact, it being true oral Torah from Sinai, from Yeshua bin Nune. Since this text is part of the New Kabbalah of the New Law of the Final Redemption based on the Mishnah of Yeshua bin Nune, this fact gives immense force to the New Law and to the writings in Sefer Mishnat Haim. This is extraordinary News and I wish to understand it even more.

Sefer ha-Yashar has certainly been chosen to be diffused at the time of the Final Redemption which will be accomplished with its being included in Sefer Mishnat Haim.[5] (The Book of the Direct Tradition comes to complete the New Signs of the Final Redemption and is thus a Basic Pillar for the Final Redemption. This is to be correlated with the importance of the two Strips of Techelet; it comes to complete the New Signs and is a Basic Pillar for the Final Redemption. -)


[1] Probably Jews who had left the boundaries of Jerusalem to settle in Egypt and they had influence in the Court. -

[2] Psalms 19, 13

[3] The Original Introduction to the text itself in Hebrew is found together with the Hebrew text on our Site. I have translated it into English and placed it here before my introduction.

[4] The book, nevertheless, is known, and in the Beit Yehuda Humash there is translation of it in Yiddish.


[5] - Also the Text Tokfo Shel Yosef is of the same Kabbalah as affirmed by the Tzadik Haim. After searching all over for that text without success I finally found it with total surprise in 1990 at Mahlufs house, (see the DIARY of Hamuel).