Written by: Peretz Green



Big Fish meets a Donkey-Camel in the Desert

(cont. of Big Fish Waters the Earth)



Chapter 1


Camel 1 – I'm a Donkey-Camel now in the Desert with two big humps on my back. For sure I need water in this hot sandy terrain and I await the rivers of Big Fish Leviathan. The Isaac Signs need this conclusion for of Rebecca it states that she and her maid-servants rode on their camels, then Isaac lifted his eyes and saw them on their camels; Rebecca then asked who the man was in the field coming towards them, and when Eliezer replied it was his master, she fell from her camel and covered her face (Genesis, 24: 61-65).

Camel 2 – Also Rahhel hid Laban's Terafim in the cushion of the camel she was riding on, and also Lea and the others were on camels but that was quite regular. In Rebecca's case, however, we see here the camels evidenced in particular. Isaac lifted his eyes and saw the camels (ibid: 63). It would have been enough to say 'and Isaac saw them coming'. Even more than this 'and she fell from her camel … and she covered herself' (ibid: 64-65). Rebecca did not fall from the camel, otherwise she might have hurt herself, God forbid, but there is no hurting here nor is there any actual falling.

Fish 3 – More likely is that she got off the camel so quickly that a viewer might have thought that she had fallen from the camel. For what reason did she come down with such velocity? This was for respect. Isaac was standing on the earth while she was high up on the camel. It was not respectful that she remain up and he lower than she. Thus as soon as she heard from Eliezer that he was the one to become her husband, for respect she just about threw herself down from the camel to get down to earth and she covered her face in true oriental modesty. This is Pshat but 'she fell from the camel and covered herself' must have some underlying allusions.

Fish 4 – Thursday, October 20, 2016; Tishrei 18, 5777; Beersheva. I dreamed. Perhaps it was restaurant or a place where one eats things. In any case the person who greeted me when I was leaving was a bearded religious Jew. He gave me his hand. I didn't exactly give him my hand but turned it around with my palm turned upwards and placed it in his. I said, "I don't know if you're a Habadi or not. If you're a Habadi, it's prohibited for me to shake your hand. If you're not a Habadi, I can even embrace you". He smiled and said, "I understand and you're right. (Perhaps you don't remember) that you saw me once. I was a Habadi, exaggerated and completely taken in. You spoke up and said, "May that Ha-Shem Baruch Hu have pity on you and help you be saved from this trap". And so it was. Two weeks after that, I went out on the street and I saw Giuseppe and there were other signs that made me understand that you were right". He was very happy about this and of course so was I. I woke up and that's as much as I remember.

Fish 5 – Thank God, a very positive Sign, especially after my dream of the religious Jew who was moved by my words and said I was right and kissed me on the cheek. (Big Fish Waters the Earth – Fish 384). In that dream spoken of was a religious hhredi. In this dream an ex-Habadi was seen (even if he didn't express himself with extreme clarity of his having abandoned Habad but only intimated it. Nevertheless, the fact itself was clear from his words).

Fish 6 – There's an awakening, Baruch Ha-Shem. There is progress. Since in the above dream, the religious ex-Habadi spoke of Giuseppe, representing the universality of the New Message, perhaps this a sign that some have entered to read documents and testimonies on our Web-Site. In both dreams it was said, "You're right" when in truth I know neither of them. These are Signs of great happiness. Mentality changes are in sight. And it's Succot, zman simhateinu. Thank God, God is Great, God is One.

Fish 7 – Dream of Moshe Levi (October 20, 2016), a very negative sign of Hillary Clinton, her left eye was red and inflammatory!!!

Fish 8 – A wonderful Sign Succot: In my dream, the Tzadik Haim allowed me to empty myself from myself to receive!!!

Fish 9 – Shemini Atzeret, 5777" (October 24, 2016): In my dream, the Tzadik Haim was speaking to me about laws of the Torah. I had some difficulty in understanding but the Teacher knew this and repeated the teaching. I don't remember the contents of the laws, perhaps Shechita but I'm not sure.

This was, of course, a Sign of Simhhat Tora', Baruch Ha-Shem.

Fish 10 – Afterwards another dream. I remember only 2 things. I was together with the Tzadik Haim and we exchanged bastoni (Staffs) between that of the Teacher Haim and that of Wisdom Ancient and New; the Teacher Haim allowed me to make my choice which to hold. I think I chose to hold the bastone of the Teacher.

Afterwards we were lying down in a place of refuge from enemies.

Fish 11 – Noda' dreamed Shemini Atzeret: She was at her grandmother's house (Irena – originally from Greece). Peretz was washing the floor. Noda' was worried that he should slip since he was barefoot. In any case the floor was already completely clean but Noda' completed the cleansing of Peretz' footsteps. They left the house. Then Noda' entered a Bar and was seated at a small table. A certain celebrity was present with a few other well-known persons. He said to Noda', what are you doing here, you don't even know any celebrities. Noda' said that it wasn't true because she knew an extremely important woman whose name is Nelda Levi. Noda' spoke of how Nelda had risked for her love of God and of her husband, Remo. Noda' then showed an album with photo's, as if it was the film of Nelda's life and continued to praise her greatly. In the end Nelda herself came, had in her hand a sweet-bread that she herself had brought from Siena, gave it to Noda' and with love said in dialect, Magnia. The whole time the atmosphere was brilliantly white and felicitous.

Fish 12 – November 27, 2016: I saw the Tzadik, after I had been searching for him, from a certain distance, in a sort of restaurant. He asked me what I was doing and I answered that I was thinking about the Tzadik Haim. He then left and was not seen. I spoke to a girl at the cash register, who was in some way being secretary for the Teacher, asking her how it was that the Teacher had left. She answered that he does such, he goes, for example, to Padova, and then he leaves because he doesn't want to be seen.

Fish 13 - This is a message, probably in conjunction with the document "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs", that in order to complete the equilibrium reached in this writing, something need be written to warn strongly not to treat or mentally make the Goel Haim in a 'Saint', God forbid, such as that one of Padova whose name is not even to be mentioned. After the equilibrium concerning the position of Jesus and the great distance compared to the chosen Tzadik, it is necessary to reiterate the correct measure in this matter. It might be mentioned in reinforcing this measure that Hachamim, of blessed memory, in their formulation of the Hagada of Pesah, purposely did not mention the name of Moses even though everything in that first redemption was at his hands.

Fish 14 – November 28, 2016: In my dream, I was sitting third in a row with 2 pupils of the Teacher before me, in such a way as not be able to see him. I moved over to the other bench in order to see him. The Tzadik was now seated on that bench and when I moved over to it and sat down, he stood up, not allowing me to sit on the same bench with him. –

This was a message: I must be in a relation to the Teacher Haim as third person and I must avoid (from now on) speaking as first pupil from which it may seem that I place myself in a position of closeness that isn't desired.

Fish 15 – November 29, 2016: I dreamed I was speaking by telephone with the Signora Mazal, peace be on her precious soul. It was night; a distance was felt and somewhat of a guilt-feeling in not having visited her. In any case, I asked her several times if she needed anything or if there was something I could do for her and she repeated that she was alright and didn't need anything. - -

Meaning: notwithstanding the dark atmosphere all around, I was still 'connected' to the Mazal of the Final Redemption and could thus still continue working, thank God. Thank God Almighty, I'm doing my best. Solly generously bought me a large screen (of Philips) and brought it yesterday.

Fish 16 - December 1, 2016: I dreamed I started going to visit Remo and Nelda Levi, peace upon them, but I didn't continue because it was Remo's birthday and I hadn't bought a gift for him. Afterwards, perhaps in a second dream, Remo asked me if I knew a certain Willy Trepes and I answered that I didn't know him. - -

 Tre pes was a remez to the three Books, Book of Bread, Libro della Donna, Ha-Isha ha-nilat bishvil lahma (that I received in a dream in which Remo Levi told me to work on these 3 texts). I had not worked on it for too long after I had finished from I Due Libri di Daniel e Giuseppe. I started looking over the List of dreams, 1-900, adding a few things but I had left the texts themselves. Now I've decided not to worry about further commentaries to the dreams, unless necessary, but rather to excerpt imptortant dreams and bring them to the texts.

Fish 17 – December 10, 2016: I had the great zchut in a dream Shabbat. The Teacher Haim whispered in my right ear, "I promise you, you will accomplish much work".

Thanks to EL SHADDAI.

Fish 18 – several notes: certain important conclusions in the last few weeks. In the Book "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs" – a new equilibrium has been reached concerning Jesus. - in the last part addenda – spoken of is the New Relationship between Teacher and pupils of the Final Redemption that did not exist before. In Sefer ha-Cochavim, there are some important points made, concerning Siman Shushsan, and the Three Stars of the Hidden Redemption, Star of Esther, Star of Mordechai, and the Star of the Goel Haim. The conclusion is that they represent the virtue of modesty (Tzeniut), the wisdom of keeping silent, the hidden virtue called 'the honor to God is in not revealing that which is hidden'. These are three pillars of Hidden Virtues that are sources to the other virtues that are loved before God and to walk in them is to arise upon the White Marble Steps of the Kingdom of Heaven. And on the level of the Stars, the White Marble Steps are found in the Constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. Moshe Levi has finished reviewing Peirush Beersheva and Sefer ha-Cochavim, as I work on a last chapter of Siman Shushan.

Fish 19 - December 13, 2016: kislev 13, 5777: I dreamed that I was outside somewhere, at night, standing on a mountain-ridge; In my hand was a long staff and the upper part of which was a Lulav. Below from a distance in a kind of valley that the same time was the shore of a sea, was the Tzadik Haim who gave me the directive to wave the Lulav towards the starry sky seven times, each time at a higher level. I did so shaking the Lulav at every level. The levels went from the horizon upwards. When, however, I reached the fifth level, which was already directly above my head, Noda, who was at my side but not seen, said to hold up there. I held up only for a second and then continued. The last two levels were already behind my shoulders. I completed the seven shakings and woke up. - -

After this I dreamed two scenes, one concerning Lea, our mother, and one concerning Rachel, our mother but I don't remember any contents.

Fish 20 – I'm reminded of the Sign Ba Ha-Zman, for one because the Teacher Haim was at a distance and also here he was looking towards the stars. Secondly, the seven levels here remind me of the seven circles around me in Ba Ha-Zman. – The scenes concerning Lea and Rahhel are for the Book of the Stars.

(Just yesterday, I sent to Moshe Levi a presumably last chapter of Sefer ha-Cochavim called Siman Shushan. Moshe suggested that perhaps Sefer ha-Cochavim itself 'covers' what has to be done for Petal 12. I reminded him, however, that the 13 Small Booklets have not yet been written. Perhaps this dream and that concerning Lea and Rahhel come for that purpose. Perhaps not a small Booklet is needed but rather a 'chapters' in Sefer ha-Cochavim. The number here, however is Seven, not thirteen; and why was there a Lulav? Perhaps seven chapters to complete the seven Mothers stars).

Fish 21 – December 13, 2016: I dreamed I was directing a lesson. I had a few hand-written pages of mine. I told Yael to read them. Then my father, peace be with him, entered the room, took away the pages in Yaels hands, and strongly rebuked me. The gist of the rebuke was, 'You have confused people's mentality by taking away from them that to which they were used to'. I thought to myself in the dream that it was normal at this point that there be mekatreighim (accusers) against me (especially since in the preceding dream of seven shakings of the Lulav represented a 'new beginning' of Ba Ha-Zman). I woke up. - -

Quite upset by this dream. What I've understood until now is that I had written the above dream of 7 shakings in the 3rd person, thinking that in accordance with the dream of my sitting in the third seat (Fish 14 above of Nov. 28, 2016) I should now write things in the 3rd person. My father came to rebuke me because this would confuse people concerning the testimonies also of the past which would be a terrible error. I corrected it and the next morning I dreamed I was dancing with a beautiful and very modest young Jewish girl and afterwards I was reading a piece of poetry written by her.

Fish 22 – December 15, 2016: I dreamed. There was a printed page in my hand, I don't know of whom. There was something on it I thought was interesting, I'm not sure whether negatively or positively. Now the Tzadik Haim was present and I asked him to sit down so as to be comfortable to listen to my reading from the page. I tried reading it but for one, I was very slow in reading and secondly, it never reached a conclusion, as if it were leading up to something but never got there. The Teacher became impatient and wanted to get up and leave but I implored him to remain seated and I would now do better. I woke up.- -

I am going too slow. I must see in what I write that it does not do such to lead up to something and not conclude.

Fish 23 – December 15, 2016 - An important dream of Paolo: I told him to go search out an underground territory that was connected to the past. He went and searched out this underground world where there were also some 'pupils' of the past. He then came up and told me he had done it and I said, "Now, destroy it!". He went and destroyed it by way of an explosion. There was a long staff in his hand. The hands of many Heads of Countries, such as Obama, had their hands on the staff. Paolo with all of them together then stuck the staff into the roof of a 500 Fiat; it pierced the roof and was fixed into the car which then moved on by itself. We then went to eat in a very clean restaurant in Israel. Peretz said they had to eat meat, not poultry. - -

Fish 24 – Friday, December 16, 2016: a letter from my niece Shani Dafna that she wrote 5 months ago. The stamp was not overwritten. Someone had carried it by hand. Mystery.

Fish 25 - I dreamed Shabbat an unclear vision of Esther in her palace with unclear and indefinite happenings. I woke up with the feeling that I was being given a solution to something I've been inwardly wondering and also worried about. In the dream with my father (Fish 21 above) something bothered me: why were there hand-written pages that I gave to Yael to read? In my father's rebuke he intimated an error that 'confused' the mentality of people also in the past, obviously concerning the writings of Sefer Mishnat Haim. Thus the mistake must be something 'big' and of grave consequences. That my writing in the third person was a mistake is true but did it answer to the matter?

Fish 26 – I continue: In my dream above Fish 22, I was holding a page in my hand. What I read did not satisfy the Teacher Haim. I was reading too slowly and even more important whatever I read didn't come to any conclusion.

This dream of indiscernible happenings in the Palace of Esther has awoken me. In the course of these dreams, I've written 2 things, one is a conclusive section to the Book "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs". The other is an entire chapter 13 of Sefer ha-Cochavim, which was called at first Ktav Shushan, in which I try to explain the Hidden Redemption of the Final Redemption and to distinguish between niglot and nistarot and that the Virtues of the heart represent the Completion of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 27 - It seems that this is the chapter that has caused the trouble. In the dream with my father, the hand-written pages allude to the Megilat Esther which in Tradition is written by hand. The fact of it being my father, peace be with him, to rebuke me comes to warn, 'the hidden matters (nistarot) are of the Lord, our God, and the revealed matters are for us and for our children for all times' (Deut. 29: 28). 'My father and our children'. I am mistaken in that I am claiming to 'explain' 'nistarot' and such would eventually confuse people's mentality and have them fall into error which would in turn, God forbid, confuse the entire testimony.

Thus also the further information that what I wrote in that chapter leads to nowhere. People might try to read it very slowly as if to enter into its secret but it doesn't lead to any conclusion. Chapter 13 have to be re-elaborated. Instead of Ktav SHUSHAN is Siman SHUSHAN.

That I had placed those hand-written pages in Yael's hands was unfortunately also part of the correction. As Yael falsified and denied all that she had been given to know so would the error involved here cause people to go off track. Daniel Manigrasso has been led astray by her and has remained at a total distance from all of us (also from Giuseppe and and even from his own mother, Cosima).

Fish 28 – To corroborate this, the morning of the same dream of Paolo of December 15 (above Fish 23) Noda dreamed: at first she was Sharonne (living now in Belgium). Sharonne had 2 underground baths and she invited Noda to bathe in one of them because it caused one's legs to become smooth and lovely. Noda refused. Then Noda saw Daniel and tried to speak with him, but he refused because he was afraid of Yael. Noda insisted saying she had an important message for him but he was too afraid; Noda insisted saying it concerned Yael. Daniel said: "let’s go into the bath-room and I'll feign urinating and in the mean-time you can tell me". Noda continued: "Yael is sick. She is no longer in her right mind". Then Yael entered and was aggravated to see Noda. Daniel said he had only gone there to urinate and by chance Noda was there. End of dream.

Fish 29 – So you can see, dear friends, I have fallen from my camel and covered my face. I was riding high up on the camel's back ready to meet Yitzhak and to explain the Hidden Redemption of the name 'ASHER'. Isaac in the meantime had gone to pray at the Well of God's Living Presence in great sanctity. He then saw us on the camel so high and came towards us. I quickly asked who it was and Eliezer said it was my promised husband. I then recognized something of the hidden sanctity upon him and I realized that the Hidden Redemption had not to be explained. I hastily came down from the camel as if I had fallen and I covered my face in modesty and in fear of committing an error. For the Hidden Things are to God Almighty and the revealed things are to us and our children for all times.

Fish 30 - There is a new beginning, it is true. My dream of the 7 shakings towards the stars is the Sign to this. Therefore is it so important now to get off on the right foot because an error would proceed, God forbid and undo God save us, from all that has been done. One can proceed to study the Stars of the Redemption as it is revealed to us by the Goel Haim without going beyond our boundaries. Perhaps also in Paolo's dream, in my directing him to destroy that underground terrain, there's an allusion (aside from other allusions) not to try bringing the Geula Shleima to an underground Hidden Level. It's important because Paolo is White Horse who binds the 4 Corners of the world to the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.


Chapter 2


Fish 31 – December 16, 2016: Anna Gasparotti dreamed she was in Indonesia. A family there had two girl-children; one was theirs and one was adopted. The adopted girl had many problems, both physical and psychological; one eye was especially out of order of a different color than the other and the pupil of the eye was not right. Anna had pity on her and said she try to help her. She put her hand over the defective eye but that didn't help; then she put her hand over the other eye and the two eyes became equal and her sight corrected and also the other maladies went away. - -

Fish 32 - Sunday, December 25, 2016: first day of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot and the Celebration of the First Messiah who died a year ago.

I had the privilege to see the Tzadik Haim in a dream. He was younger, about 45 years old, very strong and very active. I saw how he woke up early every morning to go to work which consisted of driving a camion (a medium-size loading truck) and drove it to where he had to unload its contents. I was somewhat worried in the dream and said to ha-Moreh something to the effect that it might be too much for him but the Teacher didn't accept my concern and continued his work. In the end I saw him unload a large quantity of old, piled up used clothing, reaching a height of perhaps 4 meters - -

These were obviously lessons for me!

Fish 33 – The Tzadik Haim was a 'worker' all his life. In Aden, Yemen, he taught Torah day and night for 3 years. In Cairo, Egypt, he was close to Rav Haim Nahum with many tasks and he was head Shohet in Cairo. He was always active and always ready to work no matter how heavy it might be. All this apart from the fact of his being the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The Tzadik Haim slept, at most, 2 hours in every 24.

Aside from this lesson, the Teacher Haim is indicating the necessity on my part to unload myself of hundreds of useless, worn-out garments (of thought) which are impeding me from being much more active.

Fish 34 – Sunday, December 25, 2016: a very pleasant and surprising 8th segment of "ve-hayeta ha-aretz tohu va vohu" (Arutz 1) about Jesus, treated with respect and admiration and intelligent introspection and also as a Prophet with a high spiritual level. The woman who was the main speaker on behalf of Jesus is a Jewish author, Yochi Brandes, who at first was against Jesus in the way that most Jews are because of the hatred of Christianity throughout history but then after studying more deeply the question and reading the New Testament began to see Jesus in a completely different and positive light while shunning, of course, Christian theology (She even said that previously she used to call him Yeshu but afterwards she referred to him as Yeshua). In any case this was a very important and positive Sign of the birth of a new Jewish mentality beginning to develop among Jews. It was also a nice sign that the program coincided this year with our 'Celebration of the First Messiah who died a year ago'. All this coincides with many other positive dreams (such as the dream of the Stone divided in 4 directions in my hand that became one, with the announcement that all the Signs made with stones in the past years are now in line with the Stars of the Redemption, and the dream of 7 shakings of the Lulav commanded by the Teacher Haim, and other Signs) demonstrate the arrival of a New Historical Phase in the course of this Fourth Generation preceding the Geula Shleima in merit of the Final chosen Goel Haim.

Fish 35 - December 26, 2016: I dreamed I was standing up and Moshe Levi was standing in front of me. Between was a sort of sheet bedecked with many different colors. With this sheet between us so that we didn't actually see each other, Moshe kissed me on my lips, and I on his, in a long affectionate kiss of respect. - -

Fish 36 - Third day of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot, December 27, 2016: Moshe Levi dreamed: in an apartment that in the dream was his, there entered a woman with another youth that Moshe didn't recognize and she ordered Moshe to accommodate that youth as a guest in his apartment. Moshe didn't want to be told what he had to do, and that he had no intensions of doing, and he refused. Then, however, came one of Moshe's neighbors (the head of the condominium's committee) and quite angrily ordered Moshe to take that youth in as a guest. Moshe didn't want to create a problem and accepted. - -

Fish 37 – This pretty dream is subtle allegory. It has to do with the flexibility that I've been speaking about with Moshe in the last few days concerning the neutrality and hence flexibility that a 'Donkey' must possess. The taking in a guest here refers to the way of one's thinking. In Hebrew oreah (guest) refers to orahh (way), that is the way of one's thinking. The neighbor refers to a Sign from above. Meaning: even if a person has a thought or idea or a political policy which he has nurtured for years, a true Donkey of the Final Redemption must retain the flexibility to be able to change a 180 degrees if there is a Sign to warrant it.

Fish 38 - And this is so 'above' the logic or reasoning that has brought the person to his conclusions. Sometimes this can be quite difficult because a person, especially if one is intelligent and is used to the logic of his own reasoning, does not easily undo his conclusions based on his own understanding. How much more so if there is a truth to that reasoning, such as in this case where there is no logical reasoning for accepting that guest without having asked Moshe his consent and ordering him to do it. There's no reason for him to accept and it's even correct for him to be fervent in refusing it. This allegorical wisdom, however, is about having the neutrality and flexibility of a true Donkey. This dream is for Moshe!

Fish 39 – Therefore the same non-logic of that woman's imposing on Moshe what he must do against his will, is seconded by the same non-logic of the anger and command of the neighbor. Even the head of the condominium's committee has no right to do such. The dream, however, doesn't come to teach logic. It comes to teach, instead, that a Donkey must not be so fixed on any particular idea (except for principles of faith) that even in face of a Higher Sign he isn't ready to change his own thought. This requires a true neutrality and it is only such a neutrality that determines the true flexibility that a Donkey must entertain in himself. Even if you have held on to an idea for many years and you are convinced of its being correct, and then a Sign comes which is the opposite, you must be ready 'immediately' to turn over your long-bred thought and to follow the Sign whether understood or not.

Fish 40 – This is indeed the point; being fixed on one's own logical thought process is a limitation and doesn't lend to change and thus impedes flexibility. It is, in truth, not on the level of humility required of a Donkey. For human beings, it's hard, I know, because they associate their own 'person' (and thus their own 'being') with what they believe to be their understanding. A Donkey, however, has no such pretenses; whatever you think (I'm not speaking of matters of faith) may be right or may be wrong, may be true or not be true, may be good or not be good etc. Therefore don't fix yourself on any intellectual opinion and don't 'belong' to any political organization or institution that is fixed on its way of thinking.

Fish 41 - A person may have opinions and can think whatever he or she wants, also Donkeys, but to be fixed on one way of thought will impede the Reception required for true Donkeyhood. I explained to Moshe that although I agree with Republicans for the most part in the past few years, I am not a Republican or Conservative or Rightist etc. Allowing myself any title or official name might in time limit Donkeyflexion. (If I wanted to vote and perforce had to sign up, that's ok because it's a constriction). In any case, Moshe listened to the head of the condominium's committee and took in the guest. It may have been basically against his will but that's only because he didn't know the head of the condominium's committee was a Sign of a Sign of the Final Redemption. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw! Happy Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot.

Fish 42 – January 6, 2017: Tevet 8, 5777: Heavenly Perfume 3, 3968: Giordano sent us a link of Israel Today: Orthodox rabbis bring Jesus home for Christmas. Truly a 'new' perspective for Jews concerning Jesus and Christianity with many aspects of interpretation that we have mentioned, such as Jesus' not deviating from the Torah. There is here a level of reconciliation but I take out my knife to cut it down even if I prick my own finger because of its sharp blade. It's probably a necessary historical stepping stone to reconciliation but its source is of a new intellectual awakening that doesn't have to do with the true revelation of 'This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility'. There is, indeed, no real comparison.

Fish 43 – The falsehood comes out in their conclusion that the Christian 'congregations' will continue historically basing themselves on the logic that Judaism and Christianity are two different religions that are wanted with two different purposes. We explain that this may be a reason for what has happened but not for what will happen. Those Rabbis do not wish to touch the idolatry of Christian doctrine whether Catholic, Protestant, Neo-Protestant or whatever. The Trinity and the deification of Jesus cannot go on in history, absolutely not. Abraham, our father is not the father of a multitude of idolaters who call to Jesus as a god, the son of God. And since the Trinity and Christian theology in general is that which represents the Church, the Church doesn't exist without that false basis. Take it away and the Church doesn't exist.

Fish 44 – The only true solution is the Altar of Malchitzedek. The Church cannot continue on in history! And the true Messianic Mission of Jesus is explained in the Final true New Message of the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. Nothing less will do nor is there any compromise in the true monotheistic faith. Yes, we speak clearly, you say, but is not such a reconciliatory position good, at least in the meantime, helping many Jews to exit from their previous negativity towards Jesus and seeing him in a light of illumination? I suppose it has to exist as a sort of stepping stone but that which approaches the truth is often ridden with more impurity than that which preceded it. The impurity here is double, on the Jewish side and on the Christian side.

Fish 45 – The Jewish side must answer to Atzilut and the Christian side must answer to Logos. Their reconciliation doesn't discuss the second commandment. There is tolerance which as a quality is generally good but not always. In essence tolerance is for the person who commits a sin but when tolerance is for the sin itself, it's an accomplice to that evil. The rabbis here are being tolerant to Christians which is good but by extending that tolerance to the Christian 'Congregations' they are being tolerant also to Christian theology and this makes them accomplices. They don't yet feel the danger in this because they themselves have not yet been purified of the doctrine of Emanation.

Fish 46 – As far as Christians are concerned, they will further be led to error saying that 'o finally the Jews have come to recognize the truth of our belief' and this only strengthens their idolatrous belief. I saw it in a dream this morning. I was speaking of a time of reconciliation so that one not speak against the false ideas of someone else because the time did not allow for it so as not to weaken the general position (such as, for example, not to speak openly against the false theology of the Zohar or Habad or the Trinity etc.) The rasha from Zanzara was present and he was overjoyed to hear this and he felt uplifted and strengthened in his own belief and he put his arm around me and hugged me and wanted to kiss me. I did not accept him and kept my thought above him.

Fish 47 - On waking I understood that my praising the reconciliation in that article was a mistake. The rasha of Zanzara di Muccania who has made for himself and around himself a New form of Christianity drew force from my reconciliatory statement. That's why I began to write here from Fish 42. Moshe Levi phoned me some minutes ago and told me his dream of this morning which confirms what I'm writing here. He dreamed that he arrived to a room that was filled with stinking garbage. Then he saw me with a foot cut off (God forbid). - - All this was for reason of my having praised that Article, In truth, it stinks and my saying that it's a step towards reconciliation is false and as if cutting off a foot of all that we have explained until now of the true reconciliation. I then dreamed I held a large and very sharp knife with which I was ready to kill anyone that opposed me but while touching the blade I pricked my finger and I think a drop of blood issued.

Fish 48 – The meaning I think is that we have the sharp knife to kill the false reconciliation, as explained, but we must be careful not to cut our own finger. The new level of Jewish recognition of Jesus is a necessary step in changing the false Jewish attitude of the past. So let's be quiet about it and not make a fuss about it, otherwise, people will not understand and will say that we are against reconciliation. It represents, nevertheless a new historical trend that will help to get over hurdles of two millennia mind-sets. Also the program spoken of in Fish 34 was representative of this new positive trend of viewing Jesus in a constructive and illuminating manner. It's an historical passage that must precede the true New Message of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 49 - Shabbat va-yigash (January 7, 2017): 2 dreams in which I was studying the Book of Yehoshua bin Nun. - - This was a correction: in reviewing the blessings of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot, in the 32nd blessing of the Thirteen Pacts of the Final New Pact, there had been written 'The Renewal of the Pact of the Torah with the Goel Haim in the renewal of the Kabbala of Yehoshua bin Nune'; I had mistakenly taken out the last part concerning the renewal of the Kabbala of Yehoshua bin Nune I thinking that it was unnecessary. A large mistake; the Renewal is with the Written Torah and the Oral Torah which is in the name of Yehoshua bun Nune.

Fish 50 – I then woke up and returning from the bathroom I took up the bottle of water on my desk (in the darkness) and glass bottle slipped from my hand fell to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces. Some of the tiny pieces went into my slippers and after shaking them well I used my right thumb to feel if something was left. A piece of glass cut my thumb and blood ran from it. I understood that this was a heavy sign of something wrong as known that seeing blood on the Sabbath is a very negative portent.

Fish 51 - I then remembered that in the paragraph after the 32 Blessings where it spoke of the 123 blessings of the Final New Pact (50 Blessings of Shemini Atzeret, 41 Blessings of the 12th of March and 32 Blessings of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot), it had stated with the 12th of March 'the Blood-Pact with Peretz'. This was the original name of the New Rite for the 12th of March in which I had actually let a drop of blood from my Circumcision in the Sign of the New Pact of the Completed Signs. In the present revision, I had left out the words the Blood-Pact with Peretz.

Fish 52 – It was still early, about 3:30 in the morning, and I returned to sleep after having woken Paolo who had swept the floor. I then had a tremendous dream. I was outside in a sort of lovely garden; the ground of the garden was designed in a beautiful way, with a small body of water in its midst and colors around it. Desiring to enhance the beauty of the garden, I took up an instrument that ejected a kind of fluid-colors that would then dry and remain. As I worked on enhancing the design, present was the Signora Mazal, peace be upon her elevated neshama, who rebuked me, saying: "You cannot make these additions, It's not allowed". I answered, "No, Signora Mazal, it's possible to add, there's nothing wrong with adding to it". "No" said Signora Mazal, "You're wrong, it must not be added to". I continued, "But no. Signora Mazal, perhaps you're mistaken; there's no reason why it can't be added to". "No", insisted Signora Mazal, "the matter is closed and you mustn't add to it"! After another 2 or 3 similar rebuttals, I began to understand that Signora Mazal was referring to texts, such as the Scriptural writings that were 'closed' and canonized (the Tanach) and it was no longer allowed to add or subtract from them. I then said, "It's not so unless you are speaking about the closure of Texts" and I woke up.

Fish 53 – In the past week I had been working on The Addition to Chapter 3 in The Book of the Stars (in Hebrew) – On the Star of Isaac. I have been mistaken I have no permission to add to the Final New Pact. What I wrote in this Addition opens up new matters not spoken of previously. My terrible obstinacy in this dream is because I have been guilty of this error several times and I refused to understand. I can complete whatever has to be completed or remove what is better to remove but not to make additions on the subject matters. My addition to perek 3 on the Star of Isaac became a proper addition on the question of the confusion brought about by the Sign of The Kingdom of Heaven in relation to the Akeidat Yitzhak as a Source of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 54 – The passing of Carolina, Anna Gasparotti's mother, a woman in my heart for her loving friendship and reciprocal respect. I'll always remember the great merit she had gained when she became angered with the Head Priest of their Church and promised never again to frequent that Church. That had happened when Giorgio and Anna were engaged to be married. Since Giorgio was not a Church goer and had his own ideas about things, the Head Priest said he wouldn't marry them unless Giorgio wrote a letter his respect for the Church. Although the matter was extremely difficult for Giorgio for reason of his sincerity and his seriousness, he made a strong effort and succeeded in writing a very reverential letter, respectful yet honest and sincere. For Giorgio it was a breakthrough which he would not have accomplished if not for his love for Anna but it was a letter that certainly could and should have been appreciated by the Priest.

Fish 55 - That Priest after reading the letter admitted that it was very nice and respectful but said that it was not enough; he had still to better demonstrate his position in regards to believing in the Church. Carolina was taken aback. She had been witness to the tremendous efforts of Giorgio to describe his thoughts in a reverential manner in that letter. She explained this to the Priest but he insisted that Giorgio write yet another letter. Carolina asked him why it was necessary and his answer was, "You know how it is with young people, they have to be pressed in order to get something worthwhile from them".

Fish 56 - This cold and impersonal answer that didn't take into consideration anything of the person who had written that letter awakened Carolina to a bitter but true vision of the total insensibility and insensitivity of that Priest and all that he stood for. She looked him sternly in the face and said, "Not you and not your Church, My daughter will never marry in your Church and never again will I step foot in your Church! Your insensitivity is a terrible disgrace!" – And so was it; Carolina never again entered there even though she paid the heavy price of being scorned in that bigoted Brescian mountainous city of Pilzone and she was considered a terrible sinner for her rebellion. She did not care. She knew that what she had done was right before God and that's what was important for her.

Fish 57 – Anna and Giorgio after that were married civilly. I've often said that for sure it was in Carolina's merit of that profound rebellion against an arrogant Deacon of the Catholic Church that served afterwards in Anna's becoming the first Anointed Priestess of the Altar of the Nations in the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. Anna came to know of us through my friendship with Giorgio when I was teaching English to the engineer-directors of the then Sit-Siemens Telecommunications in Milan. Anna and Giorgio have also greatly helped us financially throughout the years and Anna has done an enormous service in compiling the Dreams of the Final Redemption into a Catalogue and in reviewing many of my texts in Italian.

Fish 58 – January 19, 2017: I dreamed I was reading Sefer Mishnat Haim in Hebrew; it was as if the entire and completed text was before me, at least in Hebrew. Nevertheless it was still possible to better it.

This is a very positive Sign for the Hebrew texts on the Site.

Fish 59 – The program εδΰψυ διιϊδ ϊεδε εαεδε, chapter 11, was a brilliant synthesis of the 3 Religions, especially in their common relation to Abraham, our father. The morning before the program, I had been preparing 2 chapters from "Madumadu" concerning Abraham, our father. The day before that, I explained the dream of Solly in which it is said that the destiny of the nations is decided in the stars whereas the destiny of Israel is decided by God Almighty and that such is in merit of Abraham, our father. I explained that the tests to which Abraham was put, such as being saved from Nemrod's Furnace, and the birth of Isaac and the Binding of Isaac, all came for the purpose of elevating Abraham above the level of stellar destiny and such is the heredity of Israel as a nation.

Fish 60 – All this is in the Sign of the Sign of the Goel Haim from the Fourth Displaced Star to the Star of Abraham which results in the Sign of Velocity. This corresponds as well to the incredible velocity of the events in the world with the election of Donald Trump, in this moment the 'catalyst' of enormous changes that are creating great confusion in the whole world.



Chapter 3


Fish 61 – January 21, 2017 - I had the privilege to see ha-Goel Haim in my dream. He was sitting down on an indefinable material above the ground. I was standing before him and he told me to stand in a position of prayer and to meditate and to pray. This happened twice in the dream. - -

Fish 62 – I dreamed, Jan. 31, 2017: I was standing and holding a Scroll of Sefer Mishnat Haim in Italian. It was somewhat smaller than the entire Sefer Mishnat Haim that I was reading in Hebrew although there (chapter 2, Fish 58) no Scroll was visible. These are positive Signs for the Book of the Rose on our Web Site, thank God Almighty.

Fish 63 – Feb. 5, 2017: I dreamed I was lying on my bed and I was praying in a whisper for Giorgio. After this a young fellow took up a Shofar and said, "I'll show you now what Peretz didn't understand" (or where Peretz was mistaken) and he began to sound a tekia, a single tone tekia which didn't stop. He kept on sounding it and It went on and on at great length and just didn't stop. It was still being sounded when I woke up.

Fish 64 – Giorgio represents those who are mixed up in faith even to say that they have no faith yet they are savable in judgment because their ideals are good and honest and because they love nature.

Fish 65 – This Sign of the Shofar means that the period of the Great Long Shofar has entered.

Fish 66 – the Long Shofar comes to announce the Sign from the Fourth Star to the First Star of the Tzadik Haim in the Sign of Velocity and also the Conclusion Sign of the Great Separation which first and foremost separates those for Israel and those against Israel. This is the Long Conclusion Sign of the first half of the relatively clement Fourth Generation. It is long because there is still a year and 3 months until entering the 36th year of the completed Signs.

Fish 67 – The question now is why have I received this Sign of the un-ending long sounding of the Shofar with the premise that this would show me in what I was mistaken or simply did not understand?

Fish 68 - I've now visioned it in better. The young man who sounded the Shofar in my dream was the Tzadik Haim as he was in the of the photograph we have of him from 1932 or 1933 when he was 18 or 19 years old in Aden, Yemen. This is significant in understanding the dream. The Shofar is the Long Shofar of the Fourth Generation before the Redemption.

Fish 69 – It's essential that the Tzadik Haim is sounding the Shofar, as it is he who makes the Sign from the Fourth Displaced Star to the First Star in the Sign of velocity. The binding value here of the present Sign is a bridge from the last 35th year of the Fourth Generation to the second half of the Fourth Generation. It carries also a very positive Sign that will serve to save several million people among the various categories of the lost sheep, such as Giorgio whose Sign is Ambassador for the Nations. It still gives time, a year and a 3 months or even 2 years and 3 months before the Wars of God begin.

Fish 70 – My mistake or misunderstanding was in the emphasis of the matter on the Situation-Signs of President Trump because of all the velocity and confusion of the Fourth Generation being stirred up by him. The truth, instead, relates to the Sign made by the Tzadik Haim from the Fourth to the First Star entering the velocity of the Fourth Generation. Therefore the pasuk of Isaiah 27: 13 is out of place. The Shofar here was needed to straighten out the context of what I had been thinking about the present world situation. It is the Sign made by the Goel Haim who is sounding the Shofar before the Wars of God of the Fourth Generation.

Fish 71 - Feb. 7, 2017: I dreamed I had to write about Shabbat, as if I had to write here in this Book of Donkey-Camel dreams of Shabbat. After writing about one or two such dreams, I had to write about an even more sanctified Shabbat. I had a doubt if it was not too sanctified but the answer was it had to be written. (There were continuations but I don't remember). - -

 Fish 72 – Feb. 9, 2017: I dreamed President Trump was a guest at our house. We were sitting around a table. There was a closed box of cookies on the table. As I went to reach for it, President Trump held my arm back, saying, "It contains pig meat". I said, "It not forbidden to touch it". "Correct" said Mr. Trump, "For Jewish law, even to touch it to your lips, is permitted". President Trump then relaxed in a sofa-chair and dozing off. I wished him well saying with derech eretz that I was now going to sleep. - -

Fish 73 – A great Dam of Oroville, in north California, is about to crumble; 200 thousand people have been evacuated and are running for their lives, in the case it breaks. What's interesting is that this, the highest Dam in America, is 770 feet high!!!!!

Fish 74 – In New Zealand at least 400 Whales 'Leviathanim' have been washed up onto the shore dead. The reason or reasons are unknown. The remez, nevertheless, is: these represent the false Leviathans of Kabalistic Interpretations of the last 400 years in the books of 'kabbalists'. Their interpretations are all based on the doctrine of Atzilut and are all false. We're sorry for the poor whales but the 'sign' is very large.

Fish 75 – Feb. 14, 2017: I wrote a letter to Daniele Manigrasso after receiving from him by way of Shoshana his letter in which he told 2 dreams. In the first dream, he was at our house here in Beersheva. He studied with me Torah and the Final Redemption. In the second dream, he saw, closed away in a Container the Ark of the Alliance. There was the question of Corrections concerning the quickness of his thoughts that do not allow him to be himself and a question concerning his brother Giuseppe. In 4 pages I answered.

Fish 76 – Feb. 15, 2017: I've put together, I believe, the answer to the name of the Aguda that we are searching for: "Agudat Tehhiyat ha-Goel ha-Nivhar Haim".

A first dream after deciding: "Agudat Talmudei ha-Goel Haim". The dream was very negative. I was holding class with the pupils. Also the Tzadik Haim was present and seated. I spoke of deciding a title but didn't ask the Teacher. Then I realized I had erred in not asking him but when I turned to speak to him he was gone. - I woke up realizing I had sinned for lack of derech eretz but that also the title which included the name of the Goel had to have permission from him.

Fish 77 – So after this I asked permission of the Goel either for that same title or for the title "Agudat talmidei Beit Sefer Esther bizchut ha-Goel Haim" (or ha-Goel ha-nivhar Haim). I added Beit Sefer Esther with the idea that it was too direct to speak of the talmidim of the Goel whereas pupils of Beit Sefer Esther was lighter.

I dreamed: from our apartment I was looking at a distant highway on the cars traveling on it. The cars, of course, appeared very small. I noted and said to Nodah and Paolo, "Look, we look down at the smallness of the cars from this 26th floor and the cars from the distant highway are even much smaller". - - I didn't understand the answer.

Fish 78 – I thought that perhaps I had to redo the question more properly, seated on my special chair and perhaps with Unction which I have recently re-established after Moshe Levi brought for me a bottle of Olive Oil and Nodah perfumed it with Rose-Perfume.

Shabbat Be-Shallah, Feb. 11, 2017, I dreamed: I was in a room in which the Tzadik Haim was present together with some other men. I knew that the Goel Haim was going to leave the room and to descend. I tried to have permission to go and to descend with him but he didn't grant me permission. There was something peculiar in the hat of the Tzadik Haim and there was another man who descended with him whose hat was ever stranger as well as his clothing. - I woke up.

Fish 79 - At first I was somewhat unpleased about not having been given permission but after a short time I realized who the second person was with whom the Goel was 'descending' into the world to take on whatever form be required. So I was extremely happy, so much that I didn't want to tell anybody, even Nodah or Paolo or Moshe Levi about the dream. I wanted to keep it to myself so as to receive it more intimately. In fact until this evening (Feb. 14) I had not spoken of it. Still, however, the query continued and possible ideas were expressed. On the 13th, Paolo, basing himself on some word of Nodah said that for him, the title might be "Agudat Bnei ha-Geula ha-Shleima". I also had some idea that perhaps the name of the Goel Haim be used. I told this to Moshe Levi and he thought it possible but wanted to see what his father thought.

Fish 80 – This evening he told me that Davide rejected it outright and didn't like it. So I decided to speak with Moshe about my dream of the Goel Haim and that other person who descended without specifying who the other person was. He asked what it meant that they 'descended'. I answered, "Into the world". We left it at that saying it had yet to be contemplated. This evening, into the early morning hours of Feb. 15, I mentally reviewed the dreams of the cars seen at a distance and of this dream of the descent into the world. Here is my conclusion, hopefully to be accepted.

Fish 81 – The small car at a distance says, 'Look at a distance! Now it is very small because of the distance but as it becomes closer it becomes bigger'. This means: don't look now at what seems to be small to the eyes of people who are still very distant. Look at the matter of how it will be in the course of time when the truth will become known and will continually grow. Thus, do not look now when people still know nothing but afterwards they will know. If the Aguda is not in the name of the Goel, afterwards it will demonstrate a lacking. Good but it was still not clear if the pupils had to mentioned or Beit Sefer Esther or in exactly in which manner the Goel Haim had to be mentioned.

Fish 82 – The second dream was necessary to clarify it. Talmidim had not to be mentioned together with ADON (The Goel) and with the Angel of the Pact (Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning). They are the two men of the Final Redemption who can descend from the Kingdom of Heaven in any form desired, no one else. The Angel of the Pact need not be mentioned here. He is part of Tradition. A defining term, however, had to be given in order to distinguish that power of the Goel that was an essential part of his authority to be able to descend from the Kingdom of Heaven into the world according to the form and manner desired. Only one term could fit this measure 'The Resurrection of the chosen Goel Haim'.

Fish 83 – Thus "Agudat Tehhiyat ha-Goel ha-Nivhar Haim" or "Agudat Tehhiyato shel ha-Goel ha-Nivhar Haim". There's no need to mention talmidim; as I was not allowed to be part of descending etc. Nor had the name of the Web-Site Beit Sefer Esther to be mentioned. It was irrelevant to the name of the Aguda. The Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim includes everything else of the Geula Shleima also in all future times. What is now distant and seems small will become close and always larger. So too the level of power in his Resurrection from the Dead will be brought ever closer to the heart of humanity. It's proper for the name of the Aguda which represents the House and the Address of Sefer Mishnat Haim to carry the title of the Teacher's Resurrection.

Fish 84 - Feb. 16, 2017: Dreams concerning the sanctity of Shabbat. Subtle dreams, not easy to grasp. There's a root dream to the Kedusha of Shabbat and then others that I'm unable to remember because of their subtlety. That root-dream too was strange. It was in the form of a question: If you were presenting a stage-show or movie in which the Sanctity of Shabbat was being demonstrated, would that Sanctity actually become Sanctified?

Fish 85 – Let's say that the actor or actress was Jewish and used to keeping Shabbat, and had some idea of the Kedusha of Shabbat, of the different 'light' that descends when the Sabbath sets in. Then as he or she interpreted her feelings as Shabbat set in, in the Movie Set or on Stage, that Kedusha was actually felt. Would that result in an actual sanctification? Would there be an actual elevation in that Sanctity? Might there be a correspondence to the mitzvah of receiving the Sanctity of Sabbath as it is when a Jew receives it?

Fish 86 – I understand that these questions don't seem very reasonable, speaking here of actors and of a Stage-Play or Movie but I am relating what I dreamed and in Fish 71 above it was said in a dream that I had to write about Shabbat and about its Kedusha. There was it spoken about a Sanctified Sabbath and an ever more sanctified Sabbath. One must remember that Sanctity descends from Above.

Fish 87 – The Manna descended every day but on the Sabbath it didn't descend. On the 6th day, instead, a double portion came down. This shows that the Sabbath is outside of the natural limitations and laws of nature. God Almighty, blessed is He, decreed that the Manna descend, He decreed that it come doubly on Friday and He decreed that it not descend on the Seventh Day. This was to teach to Israel that the Sabbath is above and outside the natural order of things. It is sanctified and separated from the natural order of things.

Fish 88 – On the other days of the week, if the Manna was left over night, it went bad. Only what was eaten Friday and Friday Night and was left over for the next day remained perfectly fresh. Here the power of the Sabbath to protect and to preserve is vividly demonstrated. It's the power of the Sanctity of the Sabbath that does this. It sanctifies the natural elements, food, drink and natural pleasures that are within the confines of the Sabbath. Even one's appetite is sanctified on the Sabbath because the taste of the food itself is more delicious on the Seventh Day.

Fish 89 – The Sabbath is the day of Separation. It is separated from the 6 days of the week and a Jew's actions on the Sabbath must be separated from the regular ways things are done during the week. Every action that is of the week days must be either left undone or done in an irregular way on the Sabbath. Every such separation carries with it more Kedusha. Extra Sanctity is obtained for every regular action not done on the Sabbath and so too even the small details of any action not performed for the sake of sanctifying the Sabbath is considered a mitzvah of the sanctification of the Seventh Day.

Fish 90 – This explains and even excuses the Sages of blessed memory whose great enthusiasm in sanctifying the Sabbath had them speculate and decree the prohibitions of Shabbat in such terms that never seem to end. Elsewhere have we explained, in the name of the Tzadik Haim, that their enthusiasm led them to extremes which in the end became detrimental to many Jews feeling those manifold prohibitions as heavy chains around them from which they wished to be freed. Also the rabbis of the last 6 centuries thought that Jews would always remain in a Ghetto and decreed laws in accordance with that vision and didn't see the world that was coming. They continued to add prohibition on prohibition to the already large body of prohibitions of the Sages. That subject is covered elsewhere but here we're explaining the Sanctity of Shabbat.



Chapter 4


Fish 91 – Let's not speak, therefore of the exaggerations. Their intentions were good and theirs was not the time of the New Law of the Geula Shleima. The great Gaon of Vilna said that each prohibited work of the 39 prohibited works of the Sabbath has itself 39 other ramifications of prohibited work (melacha). It may well be; he is a Gaon and knows what he says in all that which concerns the Halacha. Is it then a wonder that so many Jews in Eastern Europe could no longer find their Shabbat? Such, however, is not our Bread. We are simple Donkeys, sanctified in our simplicity. Hee-haw!

Fish 92 – I have mentioned it, nevertheless, because the concept of the separation that distinguishes the Sabbath from the 6 days of the week is in truth unlimited. It was the work of the Sages and rabbis to define that separation in terms of actions and of forbidden work. That statement of the Vilner Gaon demonstrates that category of non-limitedness. The derech of the Tzadik Haim was the proper Middle Way. After the basic physical separations, the main separation was in one's feeling and one's thinking, a spiritual separation of the Sabbath from all other days. Here the Sanctity of the Sabbath is truly unlimited even more than 39 times 39.

Fish 93 – Even 2000 years ago, Jesus had to elucidate on the fact that the Jewish people was not created for the Sabbath. The Sabbath was created for the Jewish people. His disciples had not eaten and were hungry and they plucked grain to assuage their hunger on the Sabbath. Jesus excused them because they could hardly fulfill the Sabbath with hungry stomachs and because the Sabbath was given for their benefit and, in the case of such a need, the prohibition fell. The rabbis accused them of profaning the Sabbath! Therefore Jesus came to explain that Shabbat was given to benefit the people and not vice versa (Matthew, 12: 1-6).

Fish 94 – The Tzadik Haim explains that your prayers on Shabbat towards the benefit of others is more propitious. If for example, you ask Ha-Shem to have mercy on those who are hungry or ill or poor, Shabbat is a propitious time to ask for such elevated things. The separation of the Sabbath makes it, so to speak, closer to God. Closer to God Almighty means closer to His attributes of mercy and there the time is more propitious for such requests. Shabbat was given to the Jewish people when they had not what to eat. God showed His mercy and His love to them and sent them the Manna through which He also taught them the virtues of the Sabbath. Therefore God's mercy and love in giving them the Manna culminated in an even greater mercy and love on the Sabbath.

Fish 95 – The Sabbath is thus the day of love and mercy, not the awesome day of strict prohibitions. The prohibitions come only to enhance the separation and thus to increase the Sanctity of the Sabbath. That separation from work on the Sabbath needs as well its preparation, so that the needs of the Sabbath be prepared before it descends. God Almighty on the sixth day, had the Manna descend two times its usual amount, to allow people to prepare for the Sabbath when no Manna would fall. The Lord, our God was showing us the precision of His loving deeds towards us in order to demonstrate His love for the chosen Sabbath as the day of His special love and great mercy for those who keep it.

Fish 96 – God Blessed is He is, of course, always a loving and merciful God, not only on the Sabbath and not only for the people of Israel. God Almighty, however, is ha-EL ha-Kadosh, the Holy One. He is the only true God who is separated from all else, unbounded by all else, above all else, outside of all that which human thought can imagine. Therefore the Sages of blessed memory call Him 'Ha-Kadosh Baruch Hu' – 'the Holy One, Blessed is He'. In His love and in His mercy towards His creations, however, there are, so to speak, as many levels as there are people. For no two people are the same and the manifestation of His love and His mercy is in accordance with the needs of each person.

Fish 97 - Two main categories of His love and mercy may come into their definition for the sake of having us perceive some difference in the realm of Separation. For He is the truly separate One and in the world He has separated the six days of the week from the Seventh Day and He separated the Jewish people from the nations and gave to them the Sabbath so as to separate and sanctify them compared to the other nations. So did He separate the children of Israel in Egypt from the plagues. So did He totally separate them and their neshamot at Sinai. Afterwards He separated them in the Sabbath by way of the Manna. In all these the people of Israel became more separated and sanctified compared to the other nations.

Fish 98 – This separation of sanctity, however, cannot mean that He loves Israel and hates the nations. It is not so. God Almighty loves all people; they are His creations, children of Adam and Eve. There is, however, a two-fold manner, for lack of a better term, in His manifesting His love and His mercy. This 'secret' was revealed to Moses, our Teacher, when he received the thirteen attributes of God's mercy (Exodus, 34: 6-7). The first two attributes were received in the form ADONAI, ADONAI, the tetragramaton two times.

Fish 99 – This is the two of the Beit of Bereishit. This is the two of God's separating between the nations and Israel. This is the two in the separation between the days of the week and the Sabbath. All the 13 Attributes are doubled in this way between (rahhum) God's mercy for Israel and God's mercy for the nations, (ve-hhanun) in God's love for Israel and God's love for the nations, (erech appaim) in God's 'patience' with Israel (in not punishing them immediately but 'waiting' in order to give them time to repent), and in His 'patience with those of the nations, (ve-rav hhesed) in God's showing goodness towards Israel and in God's showing goodness towards the nations.

Fish 100 – (emet) in God's revealing His truth to Israel and in God's revealing His truth to the nations, (notzer hhesed la-alafim) in God's remembering good-deeds for a thousand generations for Israel and in God's remembering good-deeds for a thousand generations for those of the nations, (nose avon) God's forgiving sins to Israel and God's forgiving sins to the nations, (ve-pesha) in God's forgiving sinful errors for Israel and in God's forgiving sinful errors to the nations, (ve-hhata'a), in God's forgiving iniquity to Israel and in God's forgiving iniquity to the nations.

Fish 101 – (Ve-nakeh) in God's cleansing Israel from its sins and in God's cleansing the nations from their sins. Also the two first names are doubled. If the first name is for Israel, it is doubled for those closer and those further away, and the second name is doubled for those of the nations closer and for those further away. In this way all the 13 Attributess are doubled to make 26, the gematria of ADONAI as written YOD (10) HEI (5) VAV (6) HEI (5). God Blessed is He is One, He is not two. Nor is He the God of Thirteen Attributes. Moses received from God what he was able to receive, Thirteen Attributes of His Mercy.

Fish 102 – As God Blessed is He is unlimited, so are His Attributes unlimited. What Moses, magister noster, received was the maximum of what mankind could receive. The Thirteen Attributes, nevertheless, for mankind, reflect the Unity of God that can be received. Therefore the number of these attributes are thirteen, as the gematria of EHHAD (One). They are as well the thirteen attributes that reflect the love of God that mankind can receive. Therefore the word AHAVA (love) is in gematria 13. Also the number of completeness of the Geula Shleima is Thirteen in which are completed Thirteen categories of Thirteen, as revealed in Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Fish 103 – The doubled Thirteen of the Final Redemption is reflected in the Great Marriage between the Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan and the Thirteen Stars of the Shoshana. What I've written above of the doubling of the Thirteen Attributes for Israel and for the nations is of the New True Kabbala of the Geula Shleima in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. I have received its basis in dreams and I extend it in the framework of my bond with the Teacher Haim. There is, of course, a thousand times more but this is what I'm able to receive. This doubling of the Attributes is extremely significant towards the universality of the Final Redemption.

Fish 104 – The entire Torah is in the Separation. It has even been a source of great jealousy among the nations: the Church Christianity that came out with their claim to be the true Israel, and Islam that claimed to be the last third true religion that all must adhere to and thus not recognizing the true place of Israel in God's Design in History.

Fish 105 - 21 Feb. 2017: My oxygen level is very low, I don't know why. The bad news from the Misrad ha-pnim had come today, that in order for Nodah to get her permission to live here Paolo and the children must leave Israel. This is terrible and harsh news for all of us. I made a prayer, together with Nodah to EL SHADDAI that change this decree into a positive decree. I spoke to Davide and Moshe Levi that also they should pray.

Fish 106 – I've been resting. Sunday (Feb. 19) I had my usual monthly or two month half a pint blood-letting. On Monday I received the Avastin injection for my left eye. So today, Tuesday, I was pretty tired. The hours have passed. I remember 3 dreams. I saw the Tzadik from afar, standing together with Davide Levi. I was thinking about the level of the Tzadik Haim and how great, vast and profound was his knowledge. After that (already Wednesday morning) I dreamed I was explaining to two people, working in a sort of office, the truth of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. As I spoke I made letters in Hebrew on books that were before me until completing my discourse.

Fish 107 – Also in a third dream, I was explaining, also accompanied with my writing Hebrew letters, the matter of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim.

I'm the only one in the world, aside from Giordano and Davide Levi, to have been the close witness to the Tzadik Haim's true identity. I was also the only direct witness to the declaration of the Tzadik Haim that he had taken upon himself that terrible decree. Afterwards that decree became his last sacrifice and the sacrifice needed to close the great circuit of the redemptional signs of Jewish history and to open the new great historical cycles of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 108 – Only one has actually established God's Law for the world, Moshe Rabbeinu. The level of the Tzadik Haim is comparable only to the Prophet Elijah. Therefore the ADON that you seek and the angel of the Pact that you desire are in the same pasuk (Malachi, 3: 1). Two great Heads of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in their generation were Mordechai ha Tzadik and the Rambam, peace be with him. Of the great hidden level of the father of the Tzadik Haim, Mousa, Head of the Hidden Tzadikim of his generation, only the Tzadik Haim himself knew.

Fish 109 – I remember in my dream saying that the 36 Hidden Tzadikim knew the decrees of the Higher Tribunal. This is an extremely sanctified level. The true Tzadikim are the Children of the Ascent. In their Sanctity they are able to leave their bodies in the world while they themselves arise above to the hidden worlds above and to the Higher Tribunal which to us is only a word but they live in a higher reality, unknown in the world. They walk, however, in the world as if they were as all others. They live in their secret 24 hours a day.

Fish 110 – They greatly suffered because of the decrees issuing from the Higher Tribunal that they received upon themselves so that those decrees not fall upon the world. They suffered but they never complained because they knew that such is their work, to save others from those decrees. That is their happiness that compensates for their pains. I, however, saw the last sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim, 620 days of physical suffering. I alone knew that it was for the decree that ha-Moreh Haim had revealed to me but something of it I revealed to Giordano and Davide because they believed in Ha-Moreh and they accepted every word I revealed to them.

Fish 111 – And yet for all the complete detachment from the world, such was not a detachment from eating and enjoying music and the pleasure of being with friends or talmidim. Even more so, it was not a detachment from the immense studies of ancient history, of the 'secrets' of Babylonia and of Egypt. The Tzadik Haim's mind was tremendously active all his life and he delved into every kind of 'hidden matter' of which history, especially ancient history, was immersed. He knew the secret mathematics of Babilonia, the secrets of the Hieroglyphics, the secrets of Hhartumei Mitzraim and the Secrets of the stars. He knew the secrets of many hidden books that are not to found.

Fish 112 – The Teacher Haim had an incredibly active mind with an active curiosity to know the basis of every matter that was hidden to the rest of the world. This, of course, includes thousands of matters of the Torah itself and of Jewish History. He knew the books of the Kings of Judah and the Kings of Israel that have not come down to us. He thus knew a hundred fold of what is written in Kings and Chronicles. So too, however, with every part of Tradition. The Teacher Haim was inside and at the bottom of every argument.

Fish 113 – the Tzadik Haim was also a great expert of classical Arabic. He knew the philosophical texts of Spain in its golden age and he spoke highly about the wisdom of those books. He also knew the original text in Arabic of Moreh Nevuchim and he said that are many points in it that cannot be clearly translated into Hebrew although Rav Ibn Tibbon did his best. He also knew perfectly Rav Saadya Gaon's translation of the Torah into Arabic as well as many other rabbinic books originally written in Arabic.

Fish 114 – Ha-Moreh Haim was also able to converse in 14 Arabic dialects and, as said, his knowledge of the roots of classical Arabic was very profound. He knew the Koran practically by heart and was able to cite from it at will from any part of it. I'm repeating all these things that I have already mentioned in other places in Sefer Mishnat Haim because in my dreams this morning I stood amazed in my thought of the vastness and the elevation of the knowledge of the Tzadik Haim. Also, as first Talmid of the Tzadik Haim, I know that my testifying to these matters will be a source of great pleasure to future Talmidim and Donkeys. There was no one interested in searching out the truth of things as was the Teacher Haim.

Fish 115 – And yet he was tamim, as the Jews of Yemen are temimim in their faith, and are never philosophic in their approach to understanding things but rather 'concrete'. Philosophy was for those who didn't know the reality of God Almighty's intervention in the world, who didn't know that the trees and stones and clouds and stars are alive. For the Tzadik Haim everything had its liveliness before Ha-Shem. Everything was a living part of God's creation. The Hidden Tzadik Haim knew the languages of the birds and the animals and the trees and the stars.

Fish 116 – His temimut, of course, was very holy and not as others. Even with a knowledge immensely great as his, when before something new of the 'modern' world that he had not known, his interest and curiosity was like that of a young child enjoying the new gifts given him. His eyes would open widely and he became amazed at the modern world's inventions. See my report on the nail-clipper with which ha-Moreh gave me permission to cut his toe-nails about a month before his demise. He had never seen one before and he was totally amazed by it and asked me many questions about it, for how long it had existed, was it known to others etc? He was struck by how practical it was and how precise was its cutting. The Tzadik Haim was tamim. He remained in that simplicity in front of life that I am unable to express in words.

Fish 117 – That was the occasion in which the Tzadik Haim revealed to me that the previous night, he had stood in prayer before EL SHADDAI and said to Him, "El Shaddai, I have stood before You in this state of things and I have borne it all before You. Look at me, now, please, and see that I can no longer bear it. I have become skin and bones and I have no strength left. Do with me what is Your will, please". God Almighty then spoke to the Tzadik Haim and said to him, "If you desire, I have with Me a remedy under My Throne of Glory. If you desire, I can heal you with. If I heal you, however, the decree will fall on the world, but if you desire it, so let it be". The Tzadik answered immediately, "No, o Lord, my God, let it not fall on the world. Take me to wherever I must be taken but let it not fall on the world".

Fish 118 – Such was my great privilege to hear directly from the Tzadik Haim after cutting his toe-nails. I was, of course, completely shook up inside, for the obvious outcome that was closing in. Nevertheless, I had in, truth, seen so much of the Teacher's suffering that I didn't want to see him suffer anymore. Clearly the Tzadik could not continue as such. Either Ha-Shem send the healing or else the time had come unto its own. Actually it was amazing that the Tzadik Haim had had the strength that day to be so pleasantly surprised by the nail-clippers and then to sit up on the sofa and relate to me his request and the answer of God Almighty. After this, several hours later, he was back to the sofa where I stood by his side with his permission to message his toes and feet. He was very, very weak and could practically not speak except for a few words at intervals.

Fish 119 – I thank God Almighty for all the privileges that He has given me to be close to the Tzadik Haim and to the so-many privileges that the Tzadik gave me all the time that I was with him and in all these years as the first Donkey who eats the Marvelous Bread of the Final Redemption. I don't know why these dreams have come now. think of my dream in which the Tzadik Haim had me wave the Lulav-Staff 7 times before heaven, in a Sign I believe is in the new phase of Ba Ha-Zman. Is it something like beginning the Signs again but in the new period? I do not know. Nor do I know why my oxogen level was so low last night even with my oxogen machine and even now it's only 80 which is fairly low.

Fish 120 – I was not able to be with the Tzadik Haim on the Sabbath. Generally, he would pray at the Italian Synagogue at Guastalla and I at some other Ashkenazi Synagogue in Milan. The Teacher wanted it so. In any case, as I have related elsewhere, the Tzadik Haim had given me the great privilege of being in the Higher Sabbath, at least on my level. As many other things, I had to know at least how it was manifested. After the Tzadik became ill and had to undergo the operartion, I have never again been able to see it. What I can say is that the Teacher Haim wanted to see for the Jews a New Sabbath, less involved with detailed prohibitions and more involved in the pleasures and elevated prayers and a joyous heart. We must hope that the New Law of the Final Redemption will be the catalyst to this New Sabbath. Amen.



Chapter 5


Fish 121 – The Tzadik Haim was very humble with people. His way of speaking to simple people, such as the Italians in any of the Cafes where we would sit was so beautiful to witness. The hidden Tzadik of a most elevated level and an incredible knowledge made himself as one of the fellows, laughing at their jokes, patting them on the back. It was amazing to see. He enjoyed their company as if they had been the most important people of the world. He hung on their every nuance and followed their glances with a loving smile and he answered or spoke in such a friendly way that they loved him. They were usually quite filled with wine and so they wanted to kiss him as well. If they did, the Tzadik was right there to accept their kiss.

Fish 122 - I've told it once before but let me tell it again to understand something of the Tzadik Haim's humility, his derech eretz and his love for other people. A few weeks after the demise of ha-Moreh Haim, I went to the Café on the corner of Via Anfossi in Milan where during the years I had been hundreds of times together with the Tzadik sitting and drinking coffee and listening to his words. One of the men who was always there and who was always very friendly to the Professore, as those of the Café used to call Ha-Moreh with much respect, greeted me with heart-felt condolences. In his hand he held some Magazine and he indicated with a smile of secrecy that I follow him into the inner room. We sat down and he looked around to make sure no one else saw us, took out and opened the Magazine and began to show me with red-wine glee all types of figures of naked women. On seeing this, I was taken aback and grimaced. I shouldn't have. On seeing this he became all flustered and even embarrassed and began to say, "O excuse me. I thought you'ld like it. I used always to show these women to the Professore and he enjoyed them. I thought it was the same for you". I swallowed my mistake and tried to excuse myself but the damage had already been done. "No, no, it's OK", I bladdered out," I didn't know it". I asked him to forgive me and he did but, as said, it was a grimace too late.

Fish 123 - I had badly blundered because I had embarrassed him and understood how incredibly humble was the Tzadik Haim. In order not to embarrass him or undo his gleeful happiness to be able to d        o something pleasurable for the Professore, Ha-Moreh went along in demonstrating his delight in those figures of naked women. This fellow, knowing that I followed my teacher always was convinced that also I would take pleasure in such. I should have smiled and laughed with him together so as not to allow him to feel uncomfortable in any way. I took up the lesson with a barrage of comprehending the derech eretz and love of the Tzadik Haim for good-hearted simple folk but I never forgave myself for having embarrassed that good man.


Fish 124-125 - Feb. 24, 2017:

O now I've seen such a wonderful Sheen

In fact there were two Sheens in my dream

Have we perhaps reached Shushan Purim?

And it's the day of Nelda's passing?

So when Paolo wakes up,

I'll get into asking.

Or have things happened

And we've just missed 'em

Like the discovery of a solar system!

A nice discovery

And it's here to stay

While its only

Thirty-nine light-years away.

It's not a black hole

Or a star to explode

It's a sun in its own right

In Aquarius' abode

It has seven planets

About the size of the earth

Is this now real

Or only for mirth?

No, it's true, that's what they say

Only TAL light-years away.

Perhaps it's TAL OROT

With a brand new scope

But to see it, you need a

new sort of telescope.

Like three eyes of a Donkey

That encompass so much

For Jews, Christians and Muslims

Who are so out of touch.

Or seven floors of Heaven

That close up the breach

In one Great House of Prayer

In all humanity's reach.

The Goel Haim

Has given the Sign

Of the long-sounding Shofar

Of the quickness of time

And the 35th year

Is so very nigh

That amazing Star-Signs

Shine in the sky

Thirteen Mazalot,

Thirteen Stars of the Shoshana

And Thirteen Petals

Against the Yetzer ha-ra.

Not that he will die

For he must exist

39 light-years away

If you get the gist!

In the meantime

Seven universal Lulavim

Announced to the heavens

The chosen Goel Haim.


Fish 126 – Feb. 28, 2017: I dreamed: I was with the Tzadik Haim. There was a celebration and a very festive atmosphere and he invited me to eat something. –

This was a positive answer to the text in Hebrew written the day before "ha-etz ha-shalem shel ha-SHEEN ha-gedola".

Fish 127 - A couple of hours later, I dreamed: There was a certain man for whom I was working in some kind of physical labor. He said to me that there was still a work to be done which consisted of carrying weights (such as heavy stones). I said that for me it was too difficult to carry heavy things because of my lungs. He then was somewhere outside and I was looking on as he took on the work by himself. There was a large bolder that even ten men wouldn't be able to move. He by himself moved it and rolled it along to a dirt road. He then used that bolder to flatten and level out the rest of the road for at least a kilometer; quite an amazing feat. - -

Fish 128 - I suppose the man in the dream was an angel unless he represented Jacob, our father, when he removed the bolder from the well which normally took all the other pastors to lift (Genesis, 28). Moshe Levi suggested that it's a very positive Sign: There's some large and important development ahead for the Final Redemption that will be accomplished by an angel of Ha-Shem. It will straighten out the road towards the Final Redemption.

Fish 129 – Shabbat Zachor (Feb. 11): 3 dreams. In the first dream I merited to see the Tzadik Haim. He was extremely happy. He pulled me above to a certain level and said to me, "You've made it. You've been successful. You've overcome the obstacles, Baruch Ha-Shem. You can be happy now and from now on!" - -

In a second dream: it was a matter of music. I was successful in making music. - -

Fish 130 - In a third dream I had the privilege to be at a table with the Tzadik Haim and we spoke together. There were some insects that bothered me because they seemed to come towards me. I said this to Ha-Moreh and he said, "Don't give them pithhon peh (the opening of the mouth). As soon as they come, push them away immediately and they won’t come towards you". - -

Fish 131 - There was a dream of Giordano perhaps 2 weeks ago. There's a certain Habadi with whom he has to do for the work of making salami. In general a rather good person, from a wealthy family. In the dream this person gave Giordano a whole envelope of 100 euro bills. The bills, however, were clasped together tightly with a clip. He told Giordano to take it and that it was for him. Giordano refused, saying: "No. it's the Sabbath and I don't take money on the Sabbath". The Habadi said, "It doesn't matter, take it anyway" but Giordano refused and woke up. - -

Fish 132 - Habad, so tied up with Mammon that it's more than Shabbat. Giordano, however, is a true talmid of ha-Moreh Haim and Shabbat is more than Mammon. How hateful is this hypocritical Movement before Heaven, a false Messianic Movement in all its intentions. Israel has known many false messiahs and much false Messianism in its history but Habad is the worst, for it has studied more than any other Movement how to be false, how to spread false propaganda, how to convince people of their sincerity when, in truth, their thought is only to catch innocent victims in their Rebbe-Trap.

Fish 133 – They say since his death that now there are meshihhistim and non-meshihhistim but the propaganda goes on just the same, so that it makes no difference what they call themselves, they are all meshihhistim with messianic intentions! If in truth there were non-meshihhistim, they would get out of the Movement and stop being of Habad, but as Shabteans of Shabbtai Tzvi, they await his resurrection! Habad lives in a whirlpool of Mystic excrements the foul odor of which has become so habitual that for them it seems like perfume! They dirty up Israel and every place they go with the pictures of their "Messianic" Rebbe and they smell up everywhere they go with their false propaganda. People who merit see the dirt and smell the bad odor but for those of Habad themselves, it is wonderful smelling perfume, for meshihhistim or non-meshihhistim alike.

Fish 134 – But for the others? I mean not those who cannot stomach them, but all the others, the many kinds of religious Jews who see all those Photos spread out all over with their uncensored propaganda phrase above or beneath it. Where are they? Why do they not speak up? "What kind of cult-religion have we become" they should ask themselves? Who gives them permission to dirty the Jewish religion with false Messianic propaganda? Why does no one ask themselves what it's truly all about and begin to look it in the face?! Why do they not realize the danger of so many young victims who fall into the Rebbe-Trap?!

Fish 135 - Rise up, o rabbis, you are rabbis. Begin to take pride in Israel's selection. Let it not be underscored by a Movement that exists on its false messianic propaganda. Wake up and look, just look around and open your eyes and reflect on what you are seeing. If you do it and it has no meaning for you, then you are only sleeping in a profound tardema and perhaps to wake you up one must wait until Ha-Shem opens you up and takes out a Rib and forms a new Eve. Wake up, o men of the Torah, and if not, let the Jewish women cry out and spill venom on a false messianic Movement that impedes Israel from its Redemption!


Fish 136 – Ki Tisah – "32: 15 and Moses turned about, and went down from the mount with the two tablets of the testimony in his hand. 17 and Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted, and he said unto Moses: there is a noise of war in the camp. 18 and he said: it is not the voice of a shout for mastery (victory), neither is it the voice of a cry for defeat; this voice of singing do I hear. 19 and it came to pass, when he came nigh unto the camp, and he saw the calf, and the dancing; that the anger of Moses waxed hot, and he cast from his hands the tablets, and broke them at the foot of the mount. 25 and Moses saw the people that it had become unruly; for Aaron had made it unruly for a disgrace among their opponents".

Fish 137 - (Dream 50) - Peretz dreamed (March 28, 1985 - Milan) that he saw the Tzadik Haim, accompanied by two others, descending rapidly from a mountain in an extremely severe disposition. Very sternly the Tzadik Haim ordered Peretz, who was ascending, to go down from the mountain. Peretz was away for a moment, then he was back, trying to placate the Teacher whose face was sad and very stern. The Tzadik Haim said with enormous anguish, “Our little sister has been wounded”.

Fish 138 – (from foot-page) The ‘little sister’ is the Torah, wounded because of the false ‘mystic’ doctrines of the Zohar and the false messianism of Habad which falsifies the true Kabbalah of Sinai etc. As Moses had to descend from the mountain for reason of the Golden Calf, for the Final Redemption, the Goel Haim has to descend for the purification of Israel from this Last and Most Terrible manifestation of the Golden Calf. Peretz was away for a moment because he had not yet finished writing the Supplements to Rav ElGafeh’s The Wars of God. The Tzadik Haim then strongly rebuked me (in July 1984) and I began writing the Five Tablets of the Pact etc. The Goel Haim thus consigns to me here the Key to the exact attitude to assume in this War against the doctrine of Emanation etc., as one would react to an intruder who wounded his sister, with absolute disdain against this sin (not the sinners, however, because they have fallen into this trap in good faith, without recognizing the idolatry involved, as Aharon ha-Kohen). -

Fish 139 – The Tzadik Haim's descent from the mountain is a prime example of how the Holy Torah is 'renewed' and is prophetic in this Fourth Generation before the Geula Shleima.

Notice there are two enlarged letters in this Parasha:

34, 7 - "Keeping mercy (NOTZER hhessed – the NUNE is large) unto the thousandth (generation), forgoing iniquity and transgression and sin, but Who will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and fourth generation".

34, 14 – "For thou shalt prostrate thyself to no other god (le-el ahher – the Resh is large); for the Lord whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God".

Fish 140 - The allusions here are important. The people saw that Moses delayed (BOSHESH) = BO SHESH = in it SIX. The Tzadik Haim descends from the mountain (the Kingdom of Heaven) when the Six Great Signs of the Final Redemption have already been revealed.

The large RESH of 'ahher' alludes to the fact that Christianity which came out of the RESH of the name 'ASHER' of the triple-name created an 'el ahher' of the poor Messianic Lamb. The allusion is completed by the large NUNE of Notzer in allusion to Natzrut (Christianity). It is, so to speak, a very 'long' allusion with Christianity for two thousand years. For Christians coming from pagan backgrounds, Christianity also served for God's mercy, His forgoing iniquity, transgression and sin. On the other hand, it is not forever because the idolatrous part of Christianity is tolerated only until the Fourth Generation.

Fish 141 – A further completion to the allusion is that the large NUNE and the large RESH together make NER (light, candle) and NER is 250 in gematria. At the time of God's choice of the Tzadik Haim the hidden institution of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim ends and there is opened the new hidden institution of the '250 Hidden Tzadikim who live in their Faith'. It is then that there begins the purification of the Resh of 'ahher' and the NUNE of Natzrut. In this way the RESH of 'ASHER' corrected is joined to the final name 'EHEYE' for the Final Redemption by way of the Great Correction of Christianity. All this is given by the Goel Haim, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven with his affirmation, "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility".

Fish 142 – By way of the document "ha-etz ha-shalem shel ha-SHEEN ha-gedola", the name of Sefer Mishnat Haim has been completed and from now on is to be called Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim. This is a very significant and important completion, thank God Almighty.

Fish 143 – Obviously the allusion spoken of above pertains also or even foremost to the people of Israel. The sin of 'el ahher' of the doctrine of Emanation has also come beneath the RESH of 'ASHER' and those Jews who will not have been corrected of it will be unable to receive the Geula Shleima. Its Correction is part of the Great Reform in Judaism and here the large NUNE of Notzer has several meanings. The Jewish people has, notwithstanding the Shoa, has been 'guarded' (natzur) in its existence for reason of God's mercy, and notwithstanding almost 800 years of this sin of Atzilut, has been brought back to the Holy Land which for a hundred years is the period of Yemot Ha-Mashiah. Thus the Notzer alludes also to Netzer, a 'messianic allusion' as it states (Isaiah 11: 1) "and a rod will come out of Jesse, and a branch (netzer) will grow out of its roots. And the spirit of God will be upon him" etc. This messianic prophecy takes in the Messianic Mission of Jesus which will be understood finally by the Jewish people by way of the Correction in Judaism and the Correction of Christianity. This is no small matter since the just recognition of Jesus' mission contains the key of 'mussar shlomeinu alav' (the instruction of our peace is upon him). It is thus needed for the Reconciliation of the hearts brought by the Prophet Elijah.

Fish 144 - The Large NUNE of Notzer alludes also to the Star of NUNE which is composed of the NUNE of Yeoshua bin NUNE for the New Law of the Final Redemption, and the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN in the Great New Purim of the Final Redemption, and the NUNE SOFFIT of Leviathan for all the true, New Kabbalah of the Geula Shleima of Big Fish Leviathan, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. The belief in all these new foundations of the Geula Shleima have an incredibly great power to lead one to being forgiven his or her past sins, so that a person and his or her descendents can 'participate' in the Geula Shleima for a thousand generations to come.

In truth, it is the Messiah son Joseph who was the Messiah of the Christian nations for the past 2000 years, as it states (Isaiah 11: 12): "He will raise up a banner to the nations and gather the forlorn of Israel and those spread out of Judah", which refers to the salvation, by way of Christianity, of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Fish 145 - In the Final Redemption the one that is truly awaited is the Goel, not the Mashiah ben David! The Mashiah ben David is, first of all, the State of Israel. Secondly, it is the KEY of the Donkey who eats Bread, guided by the Goel Haim, who explains that the Anointed ones coming, within the framework of the prophesied House of Prayer for all the Nations, are Donkeys of the Goel Haim. It is thus in no way as all Judaism has thought because in truth it's not the Mashiah ben David that is awaited but the Final Goel, Anointed Judge in the Kingdom of Heaven who in his lifetime was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim.

Fish 146 - He comes together with the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, who has been the uncounted Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. These are the two, the ADON that all are seeking and the Angel of the Pact that all desire (Malachi, 3: 1), that in truth, all Israel, and through Israel the whole world, is waiting for and, thank God Almighty, they have come. The complete verse is: "Behold, I am sending My angel, he will straighten out the way before Me, and suddenly will come the ADON that you seek and the angel of the Pact that you desire, come he will come, the word of God". – Who then is the Messenger of God who straightened out the way?

Fish 147 – Could it historically be Jesus? After all our true explanations of Yeshua's Messianic Mission, it may well be. 'U-pina derech lefanai' doesn't actually translate into 'to straighten out' but rather 'he cleared out' the way, as to say, he took away the obstacles that otherwise would have impeded the 'and suddenly he came etc. of the Final Redemption. In truth a multitude of peoples had to be established that could eventually receive the Final Redemption, a multitude that believed in the Patriarchs, in Israel's redemption from Egypt, the Revelation at Sinai, the Bible in general. Without this the Geula Shleima could not have come. So too the belief in the resurrection of Jesus and in the Kingdom of Heaven, notwithstanding the idolatrous theology of Christianity, has cleared the way for Final Redemption in which these two beliefs are essential.

Fish 148 - That the same verse contains a leap of 2000 years is no problem since all the redemptional prophecies which had there been merit could have been realized 2000 years ago, so too the 'u-pina derech' lasted 2000 years. That the verse speaks of 'My angel' is also no problem: the entire matter of Jesus' Messianism and Christianity was through a Messenger of God Almighty for the sake of preparing the world for the Geula Shleima. Also the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning is called 'the angel of the Pact' but Jesus' Mission reflects only the last prophecy of Malachi when the reconciliation fails and the 'lest I come and smite' (ibid: 24) is realized.

All this is OK but my problem is that in my dream above 127, I am standing before the Road that an angel of God has cleared and made smooth and ready to be walked on.

Fish 149 – Solly dreamed a week ago: I had designed two Projects (as architectural projects). In the dream I was somewhat annoyed with Solly because it was something he should have done but had not done do. - -

This dream refers, without any doubt, to what in the Signs has been called the 'Composite Project' and which already in the 1985 had been assigned to Solly by the Goel. In any case it was not accomplished, except, perhaps, in correlation to the Web-Site Camillo established by Solly. It's also true that the term 'Composite Project' has never been defined definitively.

Fish 150 – Putting it all together, my dream of 7 movements with a Lullav towards the stars, my dream of the Road before me and Solly's dream of the Composite Project, I conclude that the Composite Project is the work to be done, God willing, on the road already leveled out before me. I have opened the Text as Sefer Meshullam on seven Floors; I rename it Sefer Meshullam on the Composite Project of Seven Floors. The Composite Project must combine the Seven Floors of the House of Prayer to the Stars of the Redemption, holding up somewhat longer on the Fifth Floor because the Great Harmony of the Geula Shleima is bound to it. Also the Lulav is a Sign of Peace and Blessing. The Seven New Constellations are Dipper, Tribunal, Esther, Shoshana, Star that Astounds, Mouth of Leviathan and the Star of NUNE (to which are bound the Thirteen Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan reason for which the Star of NUNE is so potent). Wow! It was necessary to get to Fish 150 (Three NUNES) to finally understand why the Star of NUNE has had such a tremendous force in history.

Fact is that the NUNE of Notzer is a Large one, as the NUNE of SHUSHAN because the essence of the allusion is of the Great New Purim. It's this that's needed for a great ve-nahafoch-hu that the News of Final Redemption begins to become known to others so that many be saved and forgiven. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon. A Sign of ve-nahafoch-hu has come: see Fish 151 of chapter 6.



Chpter 6


Fish 151 - March 25: I dreamed: at first there were scenes of my (our) being destroyed, especially by sea, and all was lost. Then the scene changed and I sat at an oblong table with Paolo before me, Noda on my right, and M. from Cernusco on my left. The atmosphere was as if I had to admit defeat but instead I blessed: Blessed are You, O Lord, our God, who has now begun to allow us to proceed with the Construction. – It was a a total ve-nahafoch-hu. - -

Fish 152 - There was a follow up to this dream in which I in some way saw that M. from Cernusco had been shown on television, perhaps in a News program and perhaps with the other Zanzara group. In any case I asked him how it had been for him to be seen on TV, if it had been pleasing to him and if others had spoken to him about it. He coldly said, "Yes" without any enthusiasm whatsoever. End of dream. -

Fish 153 – My first reaction to this dream: I was very satisfied with blessing but disturbed by the fact of the presence of the traitor. And let it be remembered that he was by far the worst of that triumvirate schism because he for twelve years had been with me and he knew better than anyone else that I was the talmid of the Tzadik Haim. He had been together with ha-Moreh and me at least two hundred times in those years. He knew everything but was angry because he had not found a wife and it's a long story. In any case, I didn't like his presence in the dream and I didn't even want to mention his name in relating the dream. The dream, however, is obviously extremely important and very positive, and thus I had to understand instead of lamenting, as many times is the case with me. After my Sabbath prayer, I began to understand something more.

Fish 154 – Since this dream is probably the most ve-nahafoch-hu Sign I've ever received, it had to have its Haman with it, otherwise it's not complete. If M. was seen on television, clearly in connection with the false 'House of Prayer' of his cousin Zara di Zanzara di Muccania, this is a Sign that their ignominious 'Construction' has reached its pinnacle. For this reason M. had to be in the dream in which comes God Almighty's blessing of the Construction of the true House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Tzadik Haim. Haman has already built the Hanging-Gallows of 50 cubits against Mordechai but Ha-Shem Baruch Hu has intervened to make the ve-nahafoch-hu. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Fish 155 - I dreamed about the Jews of the Shoa. I was shown groups of Jews together, several hundred in each group, being marched to their death. A voice said to me: imagine a hundred and sixty such groups of Jews being taken to their tragic death. – It was totally unimaginable. - -

Strong shoulders are needed to bear such a vision.

Fish 156 - March 30, 2017: 3 Nissan, 5777, Resurrected Bird 2: Moshe Levi dreamed: Ha-Moreh Haim was at his father's house sitting on the Sofa and speaking with Davide. The Tzadik was about 20 years old. After this, Ha-Moreh was older, about 40, in a different form than the Teacher but Moshe knew it was he. The Goel asked Moshe how the work on the texts was progressing and wanted to see one; Moshe gave him "Or Hhadash La-Rambam" and Ha-Moreh Haim read from it at length with satisfaction. Afterwards, the Goel said he wanted to rest and placed himself on the floor to nap. - -

Bellissimo Sign for the Texts of Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim and for the Web-Site. Also the fact of the Tzadik's not showing himself exactly as he is, is indicative of ways in which people who read our texts on the Web will envision him. As for his resting on the floor demonstrates a further closeness of the Goel Haim to the world. Good News all the way around.

Fish 157 – The same morning, I had the privilege to see in a dream the Tzadik Haim who was extremely pleased about what I related in Fish 121, 122 concerning his humility and the extent to which he went out of his way so as not to embarrass or discomfort another person.

Fish 158 - April 1, 2017: I dreamed. I was somewhere outside, beginning to teach some young fellow about faith and how to pray. I said in Hebrew the Shema Yisrael word by word and he after me. I added then in Arabic 'Allah hu Akbar' but the boy absolutely did not say anything. To our left there was a high wall and on the other side was Saeed. Whether he heard or not I don't know but in any case Saeed could say nothing.

Fish 159 - This is a potent Sign that the 'Allah hu Akbar' of all Muslims, even such a moderate one as Saeed who is representative of balanced Islam, is 'cut off' from being excepted Above. There are millions upon millions of this expression every hour in the world. They do not arise and have no voice before Heaven. All this for evil thoughts against Israel and against the non-Muslim world. – See the Sign (Fish 635 in "The Universal Smile of The Big Fish Leviathan") of the Goel Haim's refusing 3 times to drink wine for blessing Muslims.

Fish 160 – April 7, 2017: Dream of Giuseppe: in his dream he saw Daniel and Yael and two other persons that he doesn't know. They were saying, 'still one more year and then all will change. From grace, the world will pass to the second phase of the Fourth Generation, to darkness, trembling, fear, and more that he doesn't remember. - -

Fish 161 – Erev Shabbat ha-Gadol: April 7, 2017; Nissan 11, 5777; Resurrected Bird 6, 3969: I dreamed: I was standing with 2 other men (Italians, of a simple culture) looking out of a window. I was explaining to them that for evil to exist in the world, God Almighty created an enormous 'construction', almost comparable to the creation of the world itself, which allowed for the existence of the evil that would be perpetrated by mankind. That construction was before the creation of Adam and Eve proven by the fact that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was already in the Garden. The 2 men were enthralled and one said, "It's tremendous. One must be afraid to speak in judgment about God's works".

Fish 162 – Shabbat ha-Gadol is representative of the 'new creation' of mankind since until Israel's being freed of slavery, it was not truly possible for them to exert their free-choice. Before yetziat mitzraim only chosen individuals, the patriarchs, Moses etc. were able to use their Libero Arbitrio. With freedom from slavery, and with the commandments given concerning Pesah, the entire people were now within the framework of truly being able to choose between fulfilling God's will or not. Therefore Pesah represents the true creation of Israel, the fulfillment of the purpose of creation, free-choice.

Fish 163 – Thus the created construction of evil is an extremely profound matter concerning the Creation itself. In the Torah it is given as in the form of a Tree. A tree has roots, a trunk, branches, leaves and fruit; thus the tree of evil is a complete creation of roots, trunk, branches, leaves and fruits. We don't find, however, that there are 2 trees, a Tree of Knowledge of Good and a Tree of Knowledge of Evil. We may assume that they are two separate creations but that they were, so to speak, brought together in the same Tree. If there had been two trees, one of good knowledge and one of evil knowledge, there would be no falling into the trap.

Fish 164 – If the Tree was of the Knowledge of Good, it would not have been prohibited! And if it were permitted and the Tree of the Knowledge of Evil were prohibited, one would eat of the Tree of Good Knowledge and not fall into eating the Knowledge of Evil. Only when the two Trees are mixed together as one Tree, then can it be prohibited so as not to fall onto the Evil side. This is one reason. A more profound reason is that in order to reach true knowledge both good and evil had to be mixed together, especially concerning the roots and then the final product of the fruits. For it is exactly the process and brain-work of separating truth from falsehood, pure from impure, good qualities from bad qualities, etc. that procures true knowledge. The entire Torah comes with this purpose of separation.

Fish 165 – Therefore yetziat mitzraim is so essential that it's always mentioned in prayers, Kiddush, the festivities etc. it represents the true birth of mankind from a state of slavery to state of free-choice. The Final Yetziat Mitzraim represented by the Final Redemption is from the slavery of sins to the freedom of fulfilling God's will in a world of peace and goodness. It's the time of passing out of the historical phases under the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil into the New Phases under the Tree of Life, in merit of the Lamb of God, the Tzadik Haim. A question arises indeed if there isn't less Free Choice in the Generations of the Geula Shleima. There was in fact a Sign received in which it was stated that there is a fraction less of Free-Choice in the times of the Final Redemption.

Fish 166 - There will be less evil in the world to deal with. The power of evil will be much less. People will be peace loving with charitable hearts and will desire to help others who need help. Free-choice will become re-proportioned in good deeds and in the sanctification of one's life. Since, however, evil itself will be so curtailed, there will less free-choice between good and evil. We must speak in large generalities, otherwise we could not speak at all. Great velocity is of this Fourth Generation. Afterwards all matters will continue at a much more natural way of historical time.

Fish 167 – Therefore in speaking in general terms about the Fourth Generation we can be much closer to the reality that is coming since it will be closed into a 30 year span. That which will be afterwards will be in terms of redemptional phases that will continue for 400 to 500 years and then go on to other phenomenal phases of mankind's Resurrection promised by God Almighty. This doesn't mean that at that time will there be the Resurrection of the Dead as foreseen by Tradition. God alone knows when that will be. In 400 to 500 years from now, the people of Israel will no longer need Tefillin because they will have reached a level of Sanctity where Tefillin will no longer be required.

Fish 168 – So was it announced by the Goel Haim in my dream of the Contract for the House of Prayer of the Redemption. The Resurrection from the Dead was not mentioned there; if it had been there would hardly be need to speak of the detail of Tefillin. The Resurrection is of a totally higher level in Israel's and mankind's progression in becoming closer to God Almighty's Presence. What was needed for the world, nevertheless, was the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Final Goel for the sake of the Final Redemption itself in which mankind will begin to enter after the Fourth Generation.

Fish 169 – And in order for the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Goel Haim to demonstrate its being the Final Complete Sign, there came the Signs of Domenico Manigrasso who showed himself (in dreams to Daniel and to Giuseppe) as resurrected in a new body of the resurrection declaring it in the merit of the Resurrection of the Tzadik and Goel Haim. That is the Confirmation of the Completion of the Sign. The fact that it's in dreams (obviously, the redemptional dreams of the Prophet Yoel) does not diminish in any way its reality. All that which comes in the redemptional dreams can also come into reality, depending on the time and the merit. Sig. Domenico Manigrasso was not Jewish nor was he knowledgeable in religious matters. That's why properly his resurrection responds to the world. Amen.

Fish 170 - The Third and Final Redemption contains the KEYS to the Historical Finality of the Signs of the Holy Torah and there could be no finality without the finality of the Sign of the Resurrection. But if it will require 400 to 500 years for Israel to reach a state of Sanctification for no longer needing the Sanctity of Tefillin, how many historical phases of further Sanctification might there yet be necessary after that to reach the level in which the closeness of the Kingdom of Heaven, in its being bound to the world of people, is so unified and united that all those that merit will arise from being dead into new resurrected bodies? If this is a long sentence in words, it is certainly not comparable to the length of historical phases of Israel's eventual holiness to reach the historic Resurrection of the Dead. The thoughts of God Almighty are not our thoughts. A thousand years for us is as one day for Him!

Fish 171 – Mankind will certainly not be unhappy about that lessening degree of Free-Choice. The world has already seen enough of that Tree to know what it's about. So there will be a humanity content with knowledge with a little less battling to get there. Hee-haw! But here's the thing and here's the New Pesah, here's the New Life and here's the Renewal of Creation. It's not in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil but in the Tree of Life brought to the world in merit of the chosen Tzadik whose name is Life. This is Great News of the Freedom of the New Pesah when the world is freed from the slavery of idolatry and of evil at every level. It's the Freedom of the New Pesah that allows for Israel's and mankind's eating the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Fish 172 – That's what I've been trying to tell you for many years now but I didn't understand it clearly enough to explain it. Hee-haw, hee-haw! Good, we can speak about a New Hagada with the remez of the pasuk in Jeremiah (16: 15) of the great Russian 'aliya but even though it's a big and important Sign, it satisfies only something of the time element: now is the time to speak of the Living God who has brought us up from a northern country instead of only speaking about the Living God who brought us out of Egypt. It's a large and important Sign but it only opens the door to have us know what has allowed it to happen and what it means for that which is coming in its wake. The New Hagada must tell of the great New Revelation of the Living God, Blessed is He, who is bringing us out of all past history into the New History of the generations of the Tree of Life, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Fish 173 – The world is totally renewed in the Final Redemption. All history was about the conflict of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the Final Redemption that Battle may still be a Battle but it's a winning Battle. And with those Battles won, it's time for the Fruit of the Tree of Life which not a Tree of Battles. It's a Tree of Pleasurable Life. It's a Tree of True Life. It's a Tree of Eternal Life. It's a Tree of Humble Elevation. It's a Tree of the Pleasant Ways loved by the Creator, Blessed is He. It's a Tree of the Virtues of the Heart. It's a Tree of Goodness and Mercy. The Pesah of the Geula Shleima liberates the world from its evils so that the virtuous mankind left can betake of the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Fish 174 - The Redemptional Prophecies are Keys to understanding something about how things will be in the times of the Tree of Life. For the name Haim, Life, of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, was already created before this world, since its purpose is to bring the New Life of the Tree of Life to the world. So will the final Goel be a Marvelous Counselor, potent one of God, a father for all times, the Prince of Peace. For these are the qualities through which the Goel brings the Tree of Life to the world. As for the knowledge of God Almighty, it will be as a great sea that covers the world, and people will not have to ask about God because all will know Me from the smallest to the greatest.

Fish 175 – When people will eat of the Fruit of the Tree of Life, the Stars of the Redemption will become as garments. The hexagon will cover my heart. The Tribunal shall cover my ears. Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh shall cover my arms and legs. I shall stand on the Big Dipper for the pleasantness of my feet. I shall look at the Shoshana so as to be part of the prayers of 13 Altars of the House of Prayer. The 3 Stars of the Mouth of Leviathan shall carry my lips into smiling. The 13 Mazalot of Leviathan shall be as crowns of new knowledge on my head and the Star that Astounds will astound me with precious new understanding for all the 127 Redemptional Stars as it moves me around from Star to Star. As a Donkey who eats Bread I speak but afterwards human beings will eat Fruit from the Tree of Life, how great will their pleasure and their comprehension be.

Fish 176 - Let me not be misunderstood. People will be people. They are not going to become spiritual robots! And not even spirited soldiers! But evil will be gone. The heart of people will be blessed with goodness. Nature will work its way back into its proper place. Every person, however, will have his or her own character and his or her own way of looking at things in the framework of true faith. There is no limit in feeling one's faith and on working with oneself to be bound more intimately in serving God Almighty. Religious fanaticism will not exist nor pious zealotry nor groups of people who want to demonstrate their religiosity. All such attitudes will justly be considered foolish superficiality that have no place in the balanced mentality before people, before God and before nature.

Fish 177 – There will be poetry, there will be beautiful prose, there will be beautifully written books and wonderful music will be composed and sung. There will be books of knowledge of every kind. When people will be modest and humble, doors and gates of new understanding will open up for thousands upon thousands of subjects. Boredom will be eliminated in the generations of the Final Redemption. The nature of the world, as created by God Almighty will return but the simplicity of natural living will not return. People will not go back to live as in times before electricity, radio, television, internet, smart-phones and a million new things. Scientific progress will continue but scientific abnegation of the One Creator of the universe will no longer exist.

Fish 178 – Also great surprises are still to come in the Fourth Generation that will bring scientific knowledge to new heights. At first extraterrestrials will make war, believing themselves endangered by our world's outer-space reach. Those of the earth, however, will win over them and then friendly relationships will be formed and this will lead to completely new comprehension concerning space and the beings of other stars and planets. This in return will lead to new scientific analysis since the elements found on other stars are not equal to what is found here. That new scrutiny could not have come from the earth itself but only of totally new elements that we did not know about. All this and yet nature will return unto itself because truth and goodness and good health are in conformity to the nature created by God Almighty for this world.

Fish 179 - We may try to comprehend something of this matter in a comparison with the generation of the Tower of Babel. The City and the Tower were built in the fervor of their rebellion against the Creator and they decided that if they could steal His language, they themselves, with King Nimrod as their god, could rule over the world forever. This corresponds to scientists who use their theories to negate God. The punishment of those of the Tower represented a cataclysmic change in the heavens and whereas previously the one original tongue was spoken, now they were dispersed throughout the world speaking 70 completely different languages. That original tongue represented an elevated simplicity that would no longer return.

Fish 180 – The 70 different languages, on the other hand, compared to the one original speech represented an extreme complication but it also represented the great beauty of diversity that the Creator Blessed is He loves in the world. As the world then would not return to the simplicity of one language, so too the scientific world and its manifold novelties represent a great variegated beauty for the world and they will not be abandoned for returning to previous historical periods. There will, however, be no evil in that new great scientific expansion and will be used by mankind for beneficial purposes. The true nature of people, nevertheless, will be re-found and the natural processes of the world will return and the beloved simple-faith in God Almighty will reside forever more in mankind's heart.



Chapter 7


Fish 181 – April 19, 2017. 23 Nissan, 5777: I dreamed I was writing a Message: 'What is the faith that we are teaching'? It came to clarify to those who desire to enter the matters of the Final Redemption what we believe in. I suppose this Message is intended as a very general Introduction to Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim. I'll write it, God willing, as a separate document and perhaps afterwards it's to e included in the Composite Project.

Fish 182 – April 20, 2017: I dreamed in the afternoon. I had the enormous privilege to stand together with the Tzadik Haim. He was extremely tall, several yards above me. I looked up at him and I felt myself very small. The Teacher Haim seeing this bent down and began to pull me up. I think my eyes were closed but I felt myself being lifted up as if in an elevator and I was very happy for that elevation and for being close to the Teacher Haim and also he was smiling and happy. - -

Fish 183 – In a second scene it was said that a book had been sent to me in the Post. At a certain point, I was outside in a sort of open space and I was told to receive the book. There was a kind of green poster board about 4 yards long and two yards high; in the middle was the book pasted to the board. I signed my name in English 'Paul' and detached the book from the poster. I didn't see the title but half opening a page I saw it was written in English but I also saw some Hebrew letters. The size was as A4 paper with perhaps 120 pages. I was quite happy about receiving the book. - -

Fish 184 - Great News from David Catucci (son of Rachel and Shaul). He told me 4 dreams of Noe' and the Arc filled with many Signs uconcerning the Arc of Salvation. At one point, David spoke to God Almighty and asked Him if he might take upon himself to expiate the sins of mankind so that the rains of the Flood do not come to destroy the world. Ha-Shem Baruch Hu answered David directly and said that he could not take upon himself that expiation. - - It is most wonderful that David has reached this level of Great Faith.

Fish 185 – April 19, 2017: Sanmeir dreamed that in a sort of Subway Station, a certain man was following and calling to him but Sanmeir didn't answer and went away from each time. A voice told him that this person was very negative and even wanted to do him harm. The man, however, continued to pursue him. Sanmeir then saw a strong solid (physical) light issue from his hand and he directed it against this person whose reaction was total panic and terror. In the force of that light, Sanmeir lifted him above in the air. In the end, the man came down and now his attitude was totally changed. A voice said to Sanmeir that now this person had become positive and his intensions were good. –

Fish 186 – Sanmeir believes in the Final New Pact and the New Law and the New Rite and he reads the dreams of the Final Redemption and he is the only one who performs regularly the Rite of Bread, Wine, Milk and Honey, and he is generous. Thus has he been shown by the Goel Haim, something of the power of the New Sanctity. With the force of that light he changed a very evil person into a very good person, an amazing and miraculous change. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One.

Fish 187 - in 2010 I made a note on a dream of Solly from 1988 and for reason of its importance in our temporal view of the Final Redemption, I report it here:

Dream 369 - Solly dreamed ((Oct. 4, 1988 - Milan) that Peretz, after receiving an indication from Paolo contained in the book ‘The Long Way to Jerusalem’, was completely transformed. He stripped completely and was different. Solly held his circumcision, other pupils held him by the arm-pits. Peretz did not speak, but rather emitted strong sounds, At a certain point Peretz yelled out in Hebrew “ςυ” (‘etz - tree).[1] -

Fish 188 - Sign: The Long Way to Jerusalem – (2017 May) We can't properly calculate how much time the Long Way to Jerusalem is, but we can somewhat conjecture in virtue of this dream since the (long) period of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot goes from 2054 to 2091. Perhaps the actual Construction and functioning of the Third Temple may be in that period. The first 36 years of the signs (1982/3-2018/9) are in the Sign of the Signs and the Meditation on the House of Prayer (and all aspects of the Final Redemption) which includes the 'construction' in terms of the writings of Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim. The second period of 36 years (2018/9-2054/5) is in the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven and the velocity of the Fourth Generation (until 2048). The Sign of the 'Long Way' is obviously a much slower mode of time. Jerusalem is also 'yirah shleima' 'true fear of God'.

Fish 189 - It's true that during the Fourth Generation 'true fear of God' will descend in the world to those remaining but that is similar to the fear of Sinai with the Mountain seemingly falling on their heads and made them tremble but even much more because of all that will happen. After the Fourth Generation, however, that true fear of God will be the source of living in the New World, also calmly and slowly and it is such a level of fear necessary for establishing the Final Temple and all that belongs to it. I think, therefore that the Long Way to Jerusalem refers to that third period from 2054/5 to 2090/1.

Fish 190 - Before this explanation we've always spoken of the possibility of the Temple being built just after 2048, also based on Anna Gasparotti's dream in 2000 that all the Signs received will be accomplished by 2050. One must note, however, that the Signs showing the Third Temple, seen by Noda and by Daniel did not show a fully constructed and functioning Third Temple.

As to the Sign made by Peretz and the pupils: Peretz strips because the Sign The Long Way to Jerusalem represents a very new perspective in comparison to previous explanations. The movements of Peretz are Star-Changes that come about for the sake of prophetic fulfillment; this means that many prophetic implications in the Signs or of known prophecies require Stellar-Changes for their realization.

Fish 191 - So too the realization of the Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil Corrected and the Descent of the Tree of Life into the world of the Generations of the Final Redemption. In that realization there is a Correspondence time-wise to the Third Temple projected here towards 2084. They go together. One must acknowledge the fact that the realization of these matters for 2084 is historically extremely brief compared to radical mentality changes of past history.

Fish 192 - May 28, 2017: I dreamed I said to Giordano, "I am returning to Italy". It was as if we were both in Israel and I decided to tell him this so that he not be surprised if I went away suddenly. He was not too enthusiastic about the fact indicating the lack of money. I too said that I had no money. After this, I dreamed that someone said me to put on a certain necklace for 7 minutes. The necklace was dark, very fine with 7 out-laying attachments, 3 on each side and the joining. I put it on. Then I woke up, got up and sat down, with my oxygen attached and I waited 7 minutes before detaching it.

Fish 193 – Shabbat, parashat Naso (June 3): Noda dreamed: She, Paolo and I were in a room; present was an extremely tall man who declared that he was an 'angel of the prophecies' who would be with us from now on; he said we could ask him whatever we wanted to ask. I asked what would be about Daniel and Giuseppe. The angel answered that they are as two peas that could not be together and that it was necessary to choose one of them. Noda then, somewhat annoyed by Peretz question because of so many more important things to ask, asked the angel about the House of Prayer. The angel showed her the Third Temple at Beersheva, in the same form as she had received it 20 years ago for the Temple at Jerusalem (a large, round and tall building, color desert-sand, extremely luminous etc.).

Fish 194 – (Cont) then we were in a Supermarket; Paolo bought 65 kilos of meat and five liters of fresh grape-juice. –

The vision of the Third Temple at Beersheva completes the News that at Beersheva will be the Third Temple of the Final Redemption as in Jerusalem, received in Giuseppe's dream. This, however, is the first time it has been seen in a dream. The 65 kilos of meat signifies the continuation of the Prophecies for the Fourth Generation for all 65 years. The fresh grape-juice refers to positive prophecies that are coming, not only the heavy prophecies of the Fourth Generation.

Fish 195 - June 5, 2017; Sivan 11, 5777: I dreamed I was seated at a table with the Tzadik Abuhhatzera, 'alav ha-shalom. He was very old, certainly more than a hundred years old, and quite tall. There were some others at the table but I didn't recognize them. At a certain point the Tzadik Abuhhatzera stood up and for respect I also stood up. He was very pleased by this and said, "Very few in these times know the true derech eretz" I asked him if he knew Rav Raffael Peretz as an example of a Rav who did have the true derech eretz and he answered in the affirmative. - -

Fish 196 - June 11, 2017: As I renew the Official Announcement of the Final Redemption, this morning, Davide Levi, at Holon, saw the Goel Haim in a dream and spoke with him. The Tzadik announced that in 2 days, the whole world will be speaking about a certain terrorist who will be killed.

Fish 197 - June 14, 2017: Here's what happened: At a practice Baseball game in Virginia where tomorrow should be the yearly competition of a Congressional Charity game between Republicans and Democrats, a certain 66 year old man, after asking someone whether or not those in the dugout were Republicans or Democrats, on hearing they were Republicans opened fire on them. The Republican House Majority Whip of the Senate, Steeve Scalise, was wounded in the hip along with 2 others. His two secret service men took out the killer. The whole world is speaking about what happened. That the Tzadik Haim in his words to Davide spoke of a terrorist, not in the more usual Islamic terrorist sense, is to be understood. With all the anti-Trump and kill-Trump garbage in vogue there is a political bearing on this shooting which thus may be another manner of terrorism. The Head of the FBI in Virginia answered the News reporters that it was too early to ascertain its being an act of terror or not, although he said it's not to be called an assassination attempt. The Republican Congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois has called it Political Rhetorical Terrorism[2].

Fish 198 - June 18, 2017; Sivan 24, 5777: I dreamed I was travelling together with Davide Levi on a bus. We were sitting opposite one another and facing each other and my right leg was touching his right leg as the bus travelled on.

This is a very good Sign in remembrance and recognition that the Tzadik Haim, perhaps a day or so before his demise had said to Davide and to me, "Always be together!" and made a gesture of unity.

Fish 199 – June 19, 2017; Sivan 25, 5777: Davide Levi clarified that the day of the demise of the Tzadik Haim was the 24th of Sivan and not the 23rd of Sivan as I had always been saying. Sig. Remo Levi, peace be upon his precious neshama, died ten years later, on the 23rd of Sivan. The burial of both was on the 25th of Sivan.

Fish 200 - June 19, 2017; Sivan 25, 5777: I dreamed 2 dreams: In the first I saw a particular container, something comparable to the Hhoshen Mishpat, with twelve compartments for precious stones. All the compartments were filled a variety of jewels but two of them had to be completed for the sake of prophecy that this represented. The completion concerned aliens from other stars who would be coming to the world. I at about two yards from the container, with the Sign of the Prophetic Staff, touched those two places where the completion had to be made, and so was the prophetic power of the container accomplished. -

Fish 201 – Afterwards I slept again and dreamed: I was in the back seat of a car driven by Paolo with Noda was beside him; the roof of the convertible was open and it was a clear, cloudless day. (I don't know what car it was but it was for sure of an older date, let's say of 20 years ago or so). Suddenly, directly ahead of us, in the horizon but arising from the earth was seen a beautiful vividly colored rainbow. I was extremely enthusiastic about this appearance and continued to praise God, Grazie EL SHADDAI, Baruch HA-SHEM, many, many times with enormous happiness. The marvelous rainbow continued upwards until it reached the sky directly above us and at that point I saw the shadow of my own head reflected in the rainbow. Then I saw also the shadow of Noda's head reflected in the rainbow in the same way, and then that of Paolo. Also Paolo and Noda were extremely enthusiastic about this Sign from God Almighty. -

The Rainbow is the Sign of the Final New Pact. It arising here from the earth itself, vertically, is the SIGN that the FINAL NEW PACT is now ready to ascend from the earth. It comes on this the day of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.

Fish 202 – I dreamed that the Pope was assassinated. Associated was the number 4. Perhaps 4 months or 4 years.

– June 20 - 4 years from now, 2021, a Sign speaks of the fall of the Vatican. Perhaps this is related.

Fish 203 – June 24: Moshe Levi dreamed: He was in a large Hall where many Jews were celebrating, as if a Marriage or something similar, and there was much joy and happiness. At a certain point, everything changed and there was great sadness and crying. - -

June 25-6: In the last few days was taken up in the ministerial committee the proposal of the law which allows only orthodox Rabbis to perform conversions. The "Israel Beitenu" Party was the only one to oppose the standing law of the Government. The Government also decided to eliminate the extra part of the Wailing Wall where it had been previously sanctioned a place on the southern part for Conservative and Reform women.

Fish 204 – Terrible sign of crying. It comes to inform with emphasis that these decisions are despised Above whereas if the opposing proposals had been accepted this would have been reason for enormous rejoicing.

Fish 205 – June 27, 2017: Moshe Levi dreamed: he was somewhere outside, not in Israel, and walked together with his father, Davide. During the walk he was climbing on a ladder that led to some higher realm or plateau. That higher plateau was not very definable but it was similar to glass, transparent. He saw the 'floor' of that plateau and he saw as well in the distance many people who were on it. For some reason he didn't climb up to it. Then in the dream, his father, Davide, on separated ladder tried to climb up to it but he slipped and almost fell and Moshe had to come to his aide. That was the first part of the dream. In a second part there was a large river from which animals, such as strange whales or fish with faces of animals such as a Rhinoceros were being cast from the river to the land. - -

Fish 206 – June 30, 2017: I believe the higher plateau of transparent glass-like substance refers to the New Eighth Firmament and it comes in conjunction with the fact that Davide is reviewing the Italian text of Asino del Nuovo Firmamento. It seems to me from this dream that the matter of the New Firmament has not been explained enough even in this book which carries its name. For this reason, Davide might be drawn to ask questions such as: what is the New Firmament? What is its source? Why must it exist? And so on. This represented in the dream by Davide's slipping because such questions, even if legitimate as questions, are somewhat less than the temimut required in this. It doesn't mean that Davide actually had such thoughts but rather that the matter itself has in fact not been treated sufficiently, a fact could lead to such questions.

Fish 207 – If the plateau represents the New Firmament, then the fact of ladder becomes very significant. An incredible new teaching is born concerning Jacob' Ladder. For now we are in the Jacob Signs and the Teacher Haim verified the Midrash that only when Jacob, our father, slept at Moriah, the serving angels saw that the image of the chosen one of Ha-Shem which was inscribed beneath the Throne of Glory, was that of Jacob. They moved up to look at the image and descended to look at Jacob, up again and down and so on, amazed by the vision. This new Mishnah thus comes to enlighten us. That higher plateau alluded to in the Torah and deciphered as the THRONE of God or the base of the THRONE or even beneath it, comes in the Final Redemption as the New Eighth Firmament. The climbing up on the Ladder is to take into vision the Goel Haim who is seated on the Chair of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fish 208 - This dream comes to help us understand the purpose of the New Firmament, even it's far from any true understanding. The 8th Firmament Is the Bridge between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. We look at Noda' dreams (dream 436 of 1988 and dream 471 of 1989): Even the angels cannot see the "Throne" on which is seated the Goel Haim and the Stars of the Redemption are the means between the Kingdom of Heaven and the world. Obviously complicated but the 8th Firmament Is needed for the completion of this purpose. The 8th Firmament is the great reflector of the Final Redemption. All the matters of the Final Redemption become reflected there. It thus becomes the Great New Reflection for the world from the 5th Generation onwards. The Stars of the Redemption themselves are reflected in it. This will require an explanation, God willing.

Fish 209 – Is this related to the river's casting out strange animals? Yes, for there is a 'reflector', it will reflect whatever you show it, whatever you do, in whatever form you want to show yourself. If there were no means to eliminate false behaviors based on false ideas or interpretations, there would be many who in 'view' of the Great Reflector would see themselves as 'elevated' and 'justified' in whatever course of action they took on. They would see only their own reflection and not have the means to verify the 'elevation' or 'justification' as to its being desired by God or not. For this reason the New Firmament is also as a Great River that allows no strange creatures to remain in it, not strange Whales or strange faced animals such as sharks with the face of a Rhinoceroses. This comes to avoid any kinds of false messiahs or false saints or false doctrines in the generations of the Redemption.

Fish 210 – I realize that I've said too much in too few words and that this matter deserves more space. I myself am quite tamim. I never thought about it until this dream of Moshe Levi. I must now try to verify my explanations and look to see if I must expand on the argument. Clear enough: Davide reviews, Moshe dreams, a Ladder is climbed to an elevated glass-like plateau, Davide has thoughts to approach the climbing differently but slips, Moshe rescues him from other thoughts, Explanation of this aspaklaria, Mirror-like Firmament, then the necessary protection from foreign ideas. My interpretation seems intact, as far as I can see.



Chapter 8


Fish 211 – I dreamed Shabbat (July, 1): I was reciting our Kaddish for Russian Jews, without saying the Amens. This continued for several times. Noda was beside me, reminding me not to say Amen. Afterwards was a similar dream; I was saying our Kaddish, perhaps not for Russian Jews but Europeans Jews. Then, in my dream San Meir was at our house and he took a shower but then I didn't see him for several hours until I found him sleeping on a chair in the bath-room bare-chest. Then I saw a vision of Hassidic groups feeling their sentiments of joy in their exclusiveness as Jews. That type of thinking had come to its end. Then I was sitting at a Table with food together with those of the Synagogue of this condominium but someone indicated to me that I leave because I was bare-chested and I did. - -

Fish 212 – All these are Signs of the past which now is considered dead, finished, gone, never to return. The New history of Judaism will from now on be on the rise. Note that these visions come in conjunction with the events of the past few days and corresponds to Moshe Levi's dream (Fish 203 – June 24: Moshe Levi dreamed: He was in a large Hall where many Jews were celebrating, as if a Marriage or something similar, and there was much joy and happiness. At a certain point, everything changed and there was great sadness and crying. - -). That referred to the proposal that not only the Orthodox Jews can decide on conversions but also Conservative and Reform and it concerned also a place at the Kotel for women etc. For this proposal came the celebration. It was refused by the Government upholding the Orthodox view for which came the sadness and the crying.

Fish 213 – There were, fortunately, many Jewish protests all over the world against Israel's position and this was very important and, in my dream, the answers of the Higher Tribunal announced the end of all that exclusiveness and restrictedness. Judaism must now become larger with a wider range in all its decision making. The old ways of thinking are no longer desired and they impede the Geula Shleima. Moshe Levi's dream is important because it would be easily possible to think that the Orthodox may be right in their desire to protect the conversions. The Sign comes to declare: No, the opposite position is correct and desired, not the Orthodox view.

Fish 214 – July 3, 2017: I dreamed something about a shehhita knife that wasn't casher. I had to write something about the Laws of Shehhita, something quite difficult for me. Then I saw the Tzadik Haim driving an automobile; I said to him, "I am certain that eventually the Teacher Haim will renew the laws concerning Shehhita".

The Tzadik Haim was a great expert Shohhet. In Cairo he was Head Shohhet and ordained 70 Shohhtim. He spoke to me and showed me the enormous precision with which the shehhita knife had to be sharpened. He allowed me afterwards to slaughter chickens and sheep.

Fish 215 - 4 July, 2017: Thank God, I dreamed that I was together with the Tzadik Haim on a Bus. In some way, I wanted to get off the Bus even though some danger was involved. The Teacher Haim insisted that I not get off until I had first prayed for Ha-Shem's protection. So I stood at the right hand of Ha-Moreh, lifted my arms in prayer and prayed:δ'', δ", ΰπι ωξεψ εΰπι ξϊχγω αωξιψϊκ .

ADONAI, ADONAI, I am protected, and I am sanctified in Your Protection.

As I prayed with these words of blessing, I felt the Sanctity envelope me. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is GREAT, EL SHADDAI is ONE.

Fish 216 – July 19, 2017: I dreamed I was in a forest with Paolo and Noda, lying on a rock and meditating and I didn't to leave the forest; indeed Paolo and Noda left and I remained but after a while I decided to go out of the forest. After leaving it I realized that I had left the Staff of the Teacher in the forest, and I was well afraid that it would be lost. I urgently said to Paolo to re-enter quickly and search for the Staff and he did; then also I entered and finally and with great joy I saw the Staff of the Teacher together with the Staff of Peretz and I was very happy. Then I saw Yael (Daniel's wife) who in some way had been responsible for the fact that the Staffs weren't lost. - -

Fish 217 - Yael was the woman who with strategy broke Sisra's head and killed him in the war fought in the time of the Prophetess Deborah. Sisra had been the commander and chief of the Canaanite army (Kings 4: 5). Something important that has been impeding Peretz from receiving from the Tzadik Haim has been broken, thank God.

Fish 218 – July 19, 2017: Noda dreamed. She was preparing for Pesah but she noticed that there were no eggs. Worried that the sign of eggs could not be made, she said to Paolo, let's go immediately before the shops close to buy eggs. A voice from Heaven was heard that said: No, no eggs need be bought because this year there will be no mourning. Then Noda noticed that the matza-balls she was preparing were without matza-meal and there was also no maror. Noda wanted to go with Paolo and Peretz to buy matza-meal but again a voice from Heaven said: No, there's no need for Matza-Balls and no need for Maror because there will be no bitterness. The Pesah Table was in fact filled with pans of lamb and potatoes. – This means that the New Hagada of the Final Redemption must again be renewed, God willing.

Fish 219 – July 28, 2017: Noda dreamed: There was a meeting for the School of Shoshana, headed by Anna Gasparotti. There were others present but Noda didn't see their faces. On the other side of the room they were in there was a table with refreshments; Noda left the lesson and went over to the table of refreshments. A certain man came and spoke to her, saying that the lessons held were similar to a meeting of a Condominium and they had no value because the heart of the people was dirty. - -

Fish 220 – This dream comes as we, I, Davide and Moshe Levi, are reviewing the Book 'the Dispute Between Anna Gasparotti and the Donkey who eats Bread'. This text of 2001 is filled with many corrections for errors that came out when we left Italy and Anna took over the responsibility for the Scuola della Shoshana and she began falling into serious errors as seen in her letters. The Dispute came to resolve those errors and a whole series of matters revealed themselves. Three main results: 1) the Presidency of the School must be in Jewish hands 2) the accounts of charity towards the Redemption and the distribution of that money must be approved by the Donkey responsible 3) the term Honorary Jew (Ebrea Onoraria) must not be held and is outside of the terminology of the Final Redemption.

Fish 221 – Here's how I slipped into the error of proclaiming Anna 'Honorary Jew': she had had a dream in she was in a Synagogue and Rav Elio Toaff placed a White Kippa on her head as an honor. - I wrongly thought she was to be given the epithet of Honorary Jew. Big error. This would confuse the equilibrium of her position of Priestess of the Altar of the Nations and would bring to great mistakes afterwards, such as distinguishing who was an Honorary Jew and who not, falsifying everything.

Fish 222 – Only now at the end of this revision did I realize that it was truly a Sign of respect for Anna's correct attitude and love for the Jewish people but there was also an important point of correction concerning a dream that the rasha from Zanzara sent in a letter: he was in a Church and there was a sort of competition to see who would merit to the White Kippa; in the end it fell on him, he was the great messianic winner of White Kippa. For sure all Jews and all Christians and the whole world would now show his universal honor of having received the White Kippa! There was, however, one point he had to take into consideration: the reception was in a Church, a proof that all the immense, new building he had created was only a new form of Christianity!

Fish 223 – As explained at length in 'The Wheel of Ahhashverosh is Turning' about the Schism, his construction had come out after he had refused to UNDO the Signs of the Universal Church and the Universal Synagogue which were only temporary expedients for the first 4 years of the Correction of Christianity. I don't know how I missed the signal in all these past years but the Sign of the White Kippa given to Anna in a Synagogue by Rav Toaff was properly the true counter-Sign of the White Kippa of Zara given him in the Church. Everything done by Zara was totally false and idolatrous whereas the Sign of Anna was a true Sign that the Head Priestess of the Altar of the Nations must have and must teach to those of the Nations. Let us hope to God Almighty in a great ve-nahafoch hu, amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Fish 224 – There was here the development of the Sign of the Giardino della Fratellanza (Garden of Fraternity). Also here I committed the gross error of binding the Giardino della Fratellanza to the Altar of Malchitzedek. I reasoned that said Fraternity is particularly for a multitude of Nations, since the majority of people who will eventually become part of Final New Pact will not be part of the School that studies Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim. This was a very wrong conclusion. Afterwards the Nations being of a much greater number those of the Altars of Ephraim and Judah would lift up their heads and consider themselves more important and would, God forbid, falsify everything. I established afterwards in my letters that the Giardino della Fratellanza had to be bound to the Altar of the Shoshana, on the Fifth Floor, and thus bound to the Altar of Ephraim which is a Jewish Altar.

Fish 225 – I had had an important dream that demonstrated the uplifting of the heads of the Nations. In that dream I was prepared to stand before a large audience, as the Donkey who eats Bread, and to make a pleasant speech with enthusiasm. As I entered, however, they looked at as if to say, 'Who is that one there, what does he want'? They didn't recognize me nor did they even desire to hear from me. - -

Fish 226 - This indicated what happens when the Presidency of the School is not in the hands of Jews who recognize the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, or when the Giardino della Fratellanza pertains to the Altar of Malchitzedek. Also the term Honorary Jew would lead to a falsification for many reasons, similar to Christianity that proclaimed itself Verus Israel.

Fish 227 – Why should the Fraternity Garden belong to the Altar of the Shoshana and not to the Altar of the Greater Israel which is the Altar of the Donkey who eat Bread? Also this Altar is headed by a Jewish Donkey while the Altar is universal and is for all? The reason is that the Altar of the Greater Israel is for those who are part of the many tasks of the Donkeys, to diffuse the texts of the Redemption, to establish the Schools of the Redemption, to receive people from all over the world and explain to them all matters of the Final Redemption etc. Afterwards there will be those within the framework of the Giardino della Fratellanza who will desire to work for the Final Redemption and they will be eligible for the Altar of the Greater Israel.

Fish 228 – The Altar of the Shoshana, on the other hand, is a Branch of the Schools of the Final Redemption but it on the Fifth Floor bound to the Jewish Altar of Ephraim. The Heads of the Giardino will be of the Altar of Ephraim who will keep it in check from non-desired influences. It's a Branch of the Altar of the Shoshana because in essence it has the purpose of coming to know the Final Redemption.

Fish 229 – July 30, 2017: Noda dreamed: Moshe Levi had to make a trip to the United States in order to diminish a decree by way of renewing the Sign of the School of the Yellow Rose. - -

Fish 230 - I related the dream to Moshe by telephone and the following morning (August, 1) he awoke with the following dream: he saw a fish and its eye, not in water, rather long, not very pleasant. After this he was in his parent's house, in the room that has become his brother Yitzhak's. With him was the Yemenite girl who for a time was his co-room-mate in his apartment (with no personal relations) and they spoke together; her name is Lital Moses. At a certain moment Lital didn't feel well and just about fainted but Moshe gave her some chocolate and something to drink and she recovered. It was Purim and Lital was preparing mishloah manot to give to others. She wanted to place in the packages she was preparing a sort of animal-doll which had a heart on it , but Moshe said that the doll was for her, a gift from him, so she took it and didn't place it in the package. End of dream. - -

Fish 231 – Before attempting to decipher the vision, let it be said that although Moshe knows well that it's a true Sign and is for sure important and he would like to accomplish it, he is perplexed as what to do because it comes in a moment where he has 1) work until August 20 2) from August 20 he will be called for his new work (although it's not exactly sure which day he must begin) 3) he has an appointment with his doctor for an ear-problem probably related to his jaw that he wishes not to miss because it's giving him much annoyance 4) for the money he could find a way but even the visa nowadays is more complicated requiring exact information where one will stay and for what purpose etc. For these reasons Moshe is wondering if there might not be some way to substitute the trip with something else.

Fish 232 – August 3, 2017: Baruch Ha-Shem, I saw the Tzadik Haim in a dream. I was in a room somewhere; it was the time of Kiddush for Shabbat; even though somewhat late Giordano came. Then I saw the Tzadik Haim standing who said with enthusiasm, "Giordano, I love you" (Giordano, io ti amo). Giordano sat down and began to eat something. Since Giordano hadn't said Kiddush, I decided to ask Ha-Moreh Haim if Giordano might say the Kiddush. Slowly and with much reverence, but also with shame because I was not dressed properly and was wearing shorts, I went close to where the Tzadik was seated and with my head down, with deference, I said, "I want to ask ha-Moreh if Giordano might say Kiddush". Ha-Moreh Haim gave his approval. Giordano then, standing, made a blessing on the bread but the blessing was different and seemed to have more to do with Pesah. I don't remember it. After that Giordano was seated just behind Ha-Moreh Haim and I was seated on his side. I could not remain, however, and leaving the seat, I said, "I'm not feeling well." - -

Fish 233 - the sign is wonderful. Giordano is loved by the Goel Haim. Great is Giordano's faith in Ha-Shem Baruch Hu and in the chosen Goel Haim and his prayers are with love and great enthusiasm. Let us remember that in the Completed Signs, Giordano holds the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, being taught to us by the Teacher Haim, in the Sign of the Stars and Giordano received the Great sixth Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. Therefore, aside from the personal value this dream holds for Giordano, it's also an important Sign for the elevation of the Signs of the Final Redemption before the closure of the 35th year coming at Pesah. And this is alluded to in the blessing Giordano made on the bread which had to do with Pesah although I don't remember it.

Fish 234 - Already in Noda's dream above Fish 218, she was preparing for Pesah. And the dream of Moshe spoke of Purim. We are in the year of the closing of the first period of 35 years of the Fourth Generation. I suppose that the Renewal of the New Hagada is very important and I must begin it now. I'll go there now and first of all take away the Sign of Maror and the Sign of Eggs so there should be no bitterness and no mourning in the New Pesah of the Geula Shleima, and even the Sign of Matza Balls not holding together (that I don't yet understand). In any case the blessing made by Giordano had in it something concerning 'insipid bread' as if the blessing distinguished normal tasty bread from insipid and dry bread.

Fish 235 - August 4, 2017: Thank God, the solution came to Noda in a dream. Three Stone-Signs will be held by Moshe in his apartment until Purim when he will return them to us; this will be instead of the Sign of going to the United States. The 3 Stones are the Stone of the Eye of Big Fish Leviathan, the Stone of the Second Commandment of Tet, and the Stone of the Rose (4 pieces together). The Stone of the Rose substitutes the School of the Yellow Rose in America. The Stone of Tet completes the Second Commandment for America. The Great-Green Eye of Big Fish completes the Great-Universal Signs of Big Fish for the United States. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is GREAT, EL SHADDAI is One.

Fish 236 – So Moshe's dream. The fish and its eye; and Moshe said it had a sort of greenish look to it. The room of Yitzhak, a substitution is at hand, as the ram in place of Isaac. Lital, the Stone-Signs must be held in Moshe's apartment. The animal-doll on which it had a heart indicates the sincerity with which Moshe desired to accomplish the Sign. Thus Lital, the Esther of this Sign, accomplishes the ve-nahafoch hu of Purim by way of mishloah manot and Moshe, the Ahhashverosh here, saves Ester and then demonstrates his love to her, 'until half of the Kingdom will be given you' to include the United States of America.

Fish 237 – Back on July 11, 2017, Giordano had called me to tell a dream: Rav Toaff, from the other world, asked Giordano to help him put his papers and writings in order, since they were all clamped together and out of order. Giordano began to do so, although the disorder was too much. In the meantime, Giordano took the occasion to begin to explain to Rav Toaff that the Final Goel had been chosen and that the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption had come. Rav Toaff interrupted him and forcefully said, "No, no, no, I don't want to hear about any such things, Signs or whatever"! Giordano still tried to put the Rav's writings and documents in order but it was impossible. - -

Fish 238 – Both Davide and Moshe Levi, although they understood the obvious connotations of the complete impossibility of the Traditional Jews to receive the Geula Shleima at this time, were somewhat surprised by the dream. How is it, they asked, that a person already in the other world didn't know about the Goel Haim. Their temimut, of course is great in such matters but a feather has weight only on a micro scale. I answered, telling it to San Meir as well, "There are a million places in the other world and, except for individuals, they do not know yet about the Goel Haim and about the Kingdom of Heaven. As the matters will become known and appreciated in the world, that development will pertain also to the other world". "Oh", they all answered with temimut, "we thought that in the other world, everyone already knew".

Fish 239 – Also to me a certain dream of Anna Gasparotti came to mind. Also San Meir, today Friday, August 4, 2017, told me to look at dream 550 of Anna. Here's the dream: Anna Gasparotti dreamed (May 6, 1989 - Milan) that she was in a store the space of which was used without criteria and she was talking about this fact with the women who ran the store. At a certain point a young girl came in. The women moved back away from her, frightened because they knew that this girl had died. Anna gave her her hand and she noticed from certain characteristics of the hand itself that the girl was from the world of the dead. Anna, nevertheless, continued the conversation with naturalness. The girl was in bad humor because of certain disturbing voices which bothered her and she asked Anna how come she remained to speak with her. “I want you to greet the Teacher”, Anna said in one breath. The girl became radiant at once and, by her jests and expressions, let it be understood that those of the other world, not only did they know the Teacher Haim well, but that they were also extremely happy about the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption. –

Fish 240 – First of all this defunct woman had had permission to descend and speak to Anna and even to ask for help. She was obvious a Christian woman who had merits but needed help. She was also clearly not in the Kingdom of Heaven, otherwise she would not be burdened and needful of help. She also didn't have permission to speak about the knowledge concerning the Goel Haim and the House of Prayer but only to make jests and facial expressions so that Anna would understand that in the other world there were those who already knew about the Goel Haim and the House of Prayer. Also this is a wonderful piece of knowledge. – What results is that many good Christians who are in the pre-Kingdom of Heaven, in virtue of the position of Jesus in that Pre-Kingdom of Heaven, and in virtue of the scarify of Beniamino noster, have merited to know that the Final Goel Haim, prophesied by Jesus as the co/ming of the 'son of man', has been chosen by God Almighty to bring for the world the Final House of Prayer for all the Nations. Jesus taught a great redemptional truth 'many of the first will be the last, and many of the last will be the first' (Matthew, 20: 16).



Chapter 9


Fish 241 - Parashat Va-Ethhanan: Shema Yisrael; the 'Ain of Shema is large, and the Dalet of Ehhad is large. 'Ain and Dalet together are EID, a witness. This verse of Shema Yisrael is the witness to His existence. Thus the commandment to say the Shema Yisrael so that in this way the children of Israel are the testimonies to His true existence. The command is to Israel because the people of Israel, descendants of the Tribes of Jacob and of the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, having been testimony to the revelation at Sinai that heard the voice of God from amidst the fire, are worthy to testify on the true existence of the One God Almighty. There say the Shema Yisrael and be testimonies to the true existence of the One Living God. I heard from Rav Rafael Peretz by way of Paolo and Noda: in which way do we fulfill the first commandment?. The answer is by proclaiming the Shema Yisrael.

Fish 242 – Rashi, however, explains: What does it mean 'our God'? this means that He is our God and not the pagan gods of the nations. God is One; In the end He will be the God of all people, as it states, 'then will He be One and His name be One'.

In the Final Redemption there are some ulterior allusions. In the third and Final Redemption His Triple-Name becomes one. Until the Final Redemption it was not yet one with the whole Triple-Name. Therefore those of the Final Redemption are testimonies to the new reality of the Completeness of God Almighty's name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. Only at the time of the Completeness of this name can the testimony to EHHAD be fulfilled for the great historic changeover of the nations. So does the final name begin to descend with the Resurrection of the chosen Goel Haim. Thus come out the Great Historic Corrections of Atzilut and the Logos. For the Geula Shleima cannot reside in a world of false theology. The New Clear prophesied Language can be received by those who are free or who been freed from the false idolatrous doctrines.

Fish 243 – Actually all existence testifies to the existence of the One True God but only mankind can actually choose to testify or not because of the free-choice given them. So is the great merit of saying the Shema Yisrael two times a day. But now in the House of Prayer for all the Nations of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam, all people can say, instead of the Shema Yisrael: Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One.

Fish 244 – August 10 – I dreamed I was quite hungry and was eating different kinds of fish; the last fish I ate was a 'Calabrese Fish', a nice, large kosher fish with golden and silver scales. - - I don't know if there exists such a fish but I do know that the Tzadik Haim always said that I was Calabrese and he often spoke about my being Calabrese, having lived in Calabria about 600 years ago. So it's interesting for me since I never ate a Calabrese fish before.

Fish 245 – With Moshe here August 8, 2017, I made the Sign of touching the Staff of the Prophet to the newly formed Sign of the 12 Signs (a box with 12 sections each one with a Sign in it) in the prospect of receiving prophecies concerning aliens. Moshe suggests that I note here there perhaps 15 years ago or so, in accordance with a dream (or vision) Giuseppe, I had written, I don't remember if in Italian or English, a document to the inhabitants of 3 different Stars who wanted to know why our world was the chosen one and what the Torah was. I have searched for that document, especially since Asher was very interested in this matter, but I have not been able to find it.

Fish 246 - With Moshe here (also Sara Markus from Canada was here) we also did the Sign indicated in my dream: in a Beit Midrash filled with religious Jews, I said happily that finally I would now be able to study many things. Over a chair between me and Moshe I stretched out my left leg and Moshe held on to my left foot. - Moshe also took with him back to Holon the Green Eye of Big Fish Leviathan, the Stone of the TET (the Commandments of the Just one who lives in his faith), and the Stone of the Rose, as seen in Noda's dream.

Fish 247 – Sunday, August 13, 2017: I dreamed that the Tzadik Haim spoke to me by telephone and said with urgency, "Peretz, I have no food in my house, nothing, Do something, it's urgent. There is nothing to eat, nothing. Do something quickly. Tell it also to Asher". I answered each time, "Good Moreh, I'll do it", with no idea what or how. I didn't say as well that also we are totally without funds, not even a few shekels to buy my medicine.

Fish 248 – I woke up and immediately told the dream to Noda and Paolo, to Asher and David was present. We made a prayer asking EL SHADDAI to send food to the Tzadik Haim, reiterating my dream many times. I told the dream to Anna, Giordano, Davide, Moshe, San Meir; they all helped with money. Also Rahhel of Davide and Liat gave 500 shekel after Moshe spoke to her.

Fish 249 – August 21, 2017: Jerry Lewis died at 91. I am very displeased with myself for not having written to him, since I saw several times in dreams. I should have taken more heed. Too late now but I'll write some words, perhaps he might be helped by them in the other world.

To Jerry Lewis: I'm sorry for not having written to you while you were still alive and I apologize although there are no excuses. I had seen you in dreams at least 4 times and I also blessed you in one or two of them and in another I gave you some advice. I should have written to you about the Third and Final Universal Redemption that God Almighty has begun to reveal in virtue of the chosen Tzadik, Haim, from San'aa Yemen. Now in the other world of truth, you can understand more things, since you have merited your whole life to make people laugh which is an important gift unto people and you worked immensely for the Telethon for those suffering from muscular dystrophy and this charitable deed for sure has its recompense in the other world.

Fish 250 – As you, I , Paul (Peretz) Green, was born in Newark, New Jersey (July 11, 1945), 'a good, little Jewish boy from Newark, New Jersey' (I heard you once say on the Jack Parr show). I attended Weequahic High School. I later attended Yeshiva University for only a year, then I got trapped into the Lubovitcher Movement for 5 years, then came to Italy and there I came to know the Tzadik Haim, born in San'aa Yemen, and he chose me to be his first pupil. I studied with him for 13 years until his death and it was with his demise that an entirely new order of things came into being, namely all the new and hitherto unknown things promised by God Almighty for the Third and Final Redemption, the Geula Shleima.

Fish 251 - The chosen Teacher Haim arose to the Kingdom of Heaven, as the Final Goel (not Messiah) of Israel and of the Nations, the one awaited for for all (Jews, Christians and Muslims etc.) but un-understood until he comes. We, his pupils, were able to know it especially by way of marvelous redemptional dreams revealed to us. (redemptional dreams represent an integral part of the prophesied Final Redemption, as in the prophecy of Joel 3,1). These marvelous dreams gave over the beginnings of the Great New Pillars of the Redemption: the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father; the Goel Haim, Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven; the New Light of the Third and Final Temple; the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread; the Great and Terrible Sign of the Fourth Generation and of the New Construction, and the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim which has in it the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead which is an integral part of Traditional Jewish belief. These were the 6 Great Redemptional Dreams and their completions have continued to be revealed now for 34 and a half years.

Fish 252 – In merit of the chosen Tzadik Haim to us has been revealed the Final New Pact of the Prophet Jeremiah for the time of the Final Redemption. In the Final New Pact is revealed the Redemptional Secret of the Finalized Kingdom of Heaven, the Stellar Signs of the New Constellations of the Great Cart (Big Dipper) of the News of the Geula Shleima, the Tribunal of Mordechai, the Star of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh, the Great 13 Starred Rose of Jacob, the Star of Christ (Star that Astounds), the Hexagon of 36 Stars of the internal elements of the Final New Pact, the 3 Starred Mouth of Leviathan, the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan, the Eighth New Firmament of the Final Redemption, the Schools of the Final Redemption and the Garden of Brotherhood. We the pupils (Donkeys who eat Bread) have been receiving these New Marvelous Revelations for 34 and a half years now.

Fish 253 - Since I had studied together with the Teacher Haim more than the other pupils, I was given to be the first Donkey who eats Bread (the Bread of the Final Redemption) and to write the testimonies and the explanations of the Redemptional Signs. I am now, thank God, 72 and still working on these Texts and preparing them for our Web-Site. The Signs reveal the prophesied House of Prayer for all the Nations, of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam, to eventually be built at Jerusalem and at Beersheva (city of the Patriarchs).

Fish 254 - One of the most amazing revelations of the Final Redemption is the final resolution concerning the Messianic Mission of Jesus. We thus have the Great Correction of Christianity which is basically two-fold: 1) the total undoing of the deification of Jesus and thus all Christian Theology and 2) the entirely new understanding of Jesus' Messianic Mission after his having spent 3 full years in the School of the Essenes. From the beginning of the revelation of the Sign of the Stars, the Goel Haim had declared, "This is the Star of Christ, come in virtue of humility". I've set out these points with the hope that they might serve you well in the other world. Thanks to God Almighty, several thousand dreams have been received and thousands of pages have been written in full explanations of the Third and Final Redemption.

Fish 255 – The Redemption, however, has been revealed only to us, very few pupils and believers in the New Revelation, and because of this we prepare the Web-Site. The News are covered under a Veil in this the Generation that precedes it, until 2047. The Final Revelation, however, cannot yet reside in the world on a general universal level until the many evils in the world are destroyed. The Great and Terrible Fourth Generation has this unfortunate but necessary purpose. Also these prophesied catastrophes and punishments are revealed in the dreams received. The bulk of the Fourth Generation goes from 2018 to 2042. Afterwards those remaining in the world will be ready to receive the New Spirit that God Almighty sends to mankind when it is in harmony with His will.

I was married with Noda Polenghi from Italy and we have 3 children, 2 boys and girl (married to Meir; they have a girl). Paolo Fierro, called in the Signs White Horse, is my partner. After I had children with her we arranged, also in accordance with Signs, that I give a divorce to Noda and that Paolo marry her; they together have had 3 children. We live together (not in accordance with the Halacha) for the sake of the Final Redemption. We have been living with great financial difficulties all these past years. Most of our years together were in Italy and almost 5 years ago we came to Israel and are living in Beersheva

Fish 256 - a small d'rasha on behalf of Jerry Lewis: The great Sage Hillel said: If I am not for myself, who will be for me; but if I am for myself, what then am I? (Avot, 1: 14) Literally the Hebrew says, 'If there is no 'I' in me, who will be for me?' – The matter is deep. If I in myself have no 'I' in myself, there is no one from the outside who can substitute my 'I'. I must thus feel myself, I must have my own 'ego', otherwise I will not be a person who accomplishes something valid. Only a person who feels himself will have a true desire to accomplish whatever valid things he wants to accomplish. And no one else can substitute that personal 'ego' only the person himself or herself must ascertain it. If on the other hand, one feels his own 'ego' and cares only about himself, then is he an 'egoist' and whatever he accomplishes will be in essence negative and his 'egoism' will lead him to terrible errors and sins.

Fish 257 – Hillel, peace be with him, is giving the correct equilibrium in the matter. If one has no 'ego' he is totally belittling the soul-capacity that he has been endowed with and will accomplish nothing or very little, but if one does feel himself and is able to accomplish things but is only for himself, he is an unworthy person. Most people in all past history were unable to realize themselves because they were slaves to others or servants to others and their true self was lost. Those on the other hand who had positions became tyrants and evil with people etc. In generalized world history, the United States represented freedom from the chains of the past, a country where everyone could make his own way, or in other words could find his own 'ego' and use it to better himself. It represented a new historical phase of 'if I am not for myself, who will be for me'?

Fish 258 - Many who in their past social bearings could only have followed the position of their father could here follow their own inclination and freely choose to pursue their own desired path. Obviously, with 'egos' exposed and woken up, there also came often arrogance and hundreds of negative qualities, 'if I am (only) for myself, what am I?'.

In Israel's special history, 'I am the Lord, your God, who has taken you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage' God Almighty did everything in order to establish in the children of Israel a stable, true and firm 'ego' distanced from slavery and every kind of bondage. The way of the 'Ego' however, is wrought with all the perils of lifting up one's self in egoistic ways. Therefore God Almighty established Law and study of Torah in order to direct and teach the 'Ego' to remain in humility and not go beyond the boundaries of negative egoism.

Fish 259 - The Tzadik Haim taught, "The entire Torah is the humility of Moses and the rest is a commentary". And in the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, the Teacher Haim embraced the people of the world, simple working people from many nations, embraced each one and said with heartfelt love, "We are all of the same flesh". In his great elevation as the chosen Goel he descends to embrace all people and to restore in them their true 'ego' while showing them enormous humility so that they too use it well, to serve God and to do good for others. –

 Fish 260 – There is also an underlying messianic purpose in the fact that Jesus so often referred to himself in his discourses. That messianic purpose was to lift up the spirit of the so many burdened and strife-filled people and allow them to feel their own positive self. When the discourses of Jesus are taken to be messianic, they relate to the people in general; Jesus says it in his name so that those who follow his teaching can say it on their own self. So Jesus said to Magdalena just after his crucifixion, "Do not touch me, for I have not yet arisen to my Father, my Father and your Father, my God and your God" (John, 20: 17). And such was the purpose of Jesus' speaking about himself as the son of God, so that all people lift up their precious soul-ego and stand before God as loving children to their loving father, as God Almighty had said to the children of Israel, 'you are sons to the Lord, your God' (Deut., 14: 1).

Fish 261 - Also, you, Jerry Lewis, were born with a very strong 'ego' and even a need to show it to others but in the general picture of your life, you used that 'ego' to make people laugh and enjoy themselves and you also used much money for charity. Therefore your name has been blessed and loved throughout the world. People don't realize how true comics are loved before Heaven. Look at Bob Hope and George Burns. Comics are actually doing a great service to mankind by helping people lift up their spirit and live life more pleasantly. This is no small thing, especially in a world where stress is the mode and many have problems and are depressed and sad. Good humor of true comics picks them up and helps them come back to themselves.

Shalom and Blessing to you and to your precious soul, Jerry Lewis. Paul Green, Beersheva, 2017.

Fish 262 – Stellar Summer Triangle: Altair, Deneb, Vega. They are of 3 different constellations (Aquila, Cygnus, Lyra respectively). This corresponds to the Mouth of Leviathan which in fact is seen directly overhead. Vega from waki – falling in Arabic is also known as the North Star. Deneb is the Swan; Altair is in Aquila.

Fish 263 – After the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017: Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Wildfires in California, Earthquake in Mexico, tremendous sun-spot flares, the Threat of North Korea - all this before the last Rosh ha-Shana of the 35 year period. All is coming as a warning to prepare Refuge Houses for what is coming.

Fish 264 – Sunday, September 10, 2017: I had the privilege of seeing the Goel Haim in my dream and he smiled at me with a very warm and wide smile from happiness. - -

Fish 265 – Some days ago, I had given San Meir the assignment to write the New Mezuza of the Geula Shleima, as I have formulated it in the New Rite. We decided he would write it on A4 paper with a normal pen. He brought the Mezuza here and we checked it; he wrote it well. Afterwards I said, "We'll wait for a Sign to see if its accepted" and San Meir agreed. Then he told me a dream that he saw this morning not thinking that it meant anything. In the dream he was somewhere and he saw a girl named Sapire (Sapeer), the daughter of the son of Smadar, a Persian friend of his (whom I know because she came two times to visit me and to ask a few things). San Meir and Sapire embraced as friends who had not seen each other for a long time. Then they were in a place and wanted to eat but it seemed there was nothing, but then there was food in abundance, with chicken spread out on an oblong fashion; and there was felicity. And whatever San Meir touched increased the amount of food. - -

Fish 266 – I smiled and even laughed and to be sure I asked, "What was the name of the girl". "Sapire" he said, and I smiled and laughed and said, "Have you no idea what this dream is about? Don't read Sapire (safire) but Sofer (scribe). This is the Sign that the Mezuza you wrote has been accepted and you have been called 'Sofer' because you have permission from the Goel Haim to write Mezuzot for the Geula Shleima. You are the first Sofer and this is great news! it also is a completion Sign for the New Pesah as received by Anna Passalacqua in her dream (1986) of the New Pesah that the Teacher Haim asked for the blood of the lamb I had slaughtered the day before in order to put it on the door post. That was the Sign of New Mezuza but it has been fulfilled only now. Marvelous Sign and good news. Now you can also write New Mezuzot also for others".

Fish 267 – Sept. 11, 2017 (16 years after the Twin-Towers). I heard the following Sign on Fox: 'The extension of IRMA is of 400 miles, the biggest storm ever registered'. The Sign is 400, a redemptional Sign of 400, for only after 400 years is the sin of the Amorites complete. Just as we now approach Rosh ha-Shana of the 35th year, the sin of the Fourth Generation is complete. There was still clemency in these 35 years in merit of the Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim. And the sin 400 years relates to the sin of the false Kabbalah that entered the Jewish Fold primarily from then. But the 400 years of the sin of the nations in general[3] is in terms of many sins, against Jews, against nature, against respect and against Faith in God. IRMA alludes to IRA with the M inside, IRA the Wrath of God (In Italian) and M the Descent of the Kingdom of Heaven (as the MEM Soffit in Marbe ha Misra (Isaia, 9: 6) concerning the Kingdom of Heaven).

Fish 268 – IRA (in Italian) is WRATH, ZAAM in Hebrew, the world was created be-Zaam, Zain - 2000 years znut (forbidden fornications) Ain – 2000 years Avoda Zara (Idolatrty) and Mem - 2000 years Mamon (Money) in which all is included. Irma has come around and in Sept. 11 in the Sign that the present day world is at war with fanatic terrorist Islam. – Should it not be, since the Sin of the Amorites is completed in a 400 year cycle, that the time of Redemption should be at hand for the Jewish people and the nations? Well, first of all, it is, but it's still hidden in the Stars of the Redemption, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the New Firmament and in the world in Sefer Shoshanat Haim.

Fish 269 - And also as in that generation of Yetziat Mitzraim Israel sinned and had to stay in the desert 40 years, so too, now Israel and the nations need a generation to be ready to receive the Geula Shleima. Thus Israel for now remains in the desert even though the sin of the Amorites is completed and the world enters the Final Judgment of History, the second part of the Fourth Generation which includes the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. This period of Harvey and Irma, the wildfires in California, the Sun-flares etc. has come just before Rosh ha-Shana and before Pesah because there is still great clemency attached to it. This can be seen in the fact of very great saving of millions of lives notwithstanding the storms and because of the intelligent preparations of evacuation and of shelters and generous good will of thousands of people. Relatively very few have been lost whereas millions have been saved.

Fish 270 – All this is included in the large and particular smile of the Goel Haim. It's hard to describe but it was not a usual or regular smile of the Tzadik Haim. It was wide and large and it was not a smile that comes and goes but something much deeper that remains while reflecting the coming unto a 'time', a smile that remains impressed for always, forged, so to speak, into the New World of the Final Redemption. Also for me, having the great privilege to have seen it in my dream, it was an unforgettable smile.



Chapter 10


Message for Rosh ha-Shana 5778 and the Ten Days of Tikkunim

Fish 271 – Sept. 17, 2017: Thank God, I had the privilege to see the Goel Haim. I was in a place where there were preparation for a Feast; there were two floors. I saw the Tzadik Haim who appeared as he walked up on stairs. I greeted him and he smiled and acknowledged my greeting. I stood at about 3 or 4 yards from him and this distance remained throughout the dream. The Tzadik Haim then went down (or up) a flight of stairs to see more of the preparations for the banquet, and on that floor there was great activity with many people, young people especially, all pupils of the Goel Haim, busily working on the preparations. There was one young person who in particular was directing the others in their various tasks and although I didn't see his face clearly, I think it was Moshe Levi. Ha-Moreh then said, "Let's begin!" and began taking each one into consideration, and I woke up. - -

Fish 272 – The two floors may be the two days of Rosh ha-Shana. The preparations for a Banquet may be related the Banquet of Big Fish Leviathan.

Fish 273 – After reading Moshe's translation of chapter 9 to San Meir, he had to say this about my dream (Fish 247) in which the Tzadik Haim spoke to me by telephone saying that he had nothing to eat and the situation was desperate etc. San Meir justly pointed to the fact that the Goel Haim is in the Kingdom of Heaven; he needs no food or money. The indication must be that Bread is missing on some particular matter. I listened and the truth of his affirmation seemed obvious. After a few minutes I reasoned that if it is so, the matter that must be spoken about is the poverty of the Tzadik Haim. I've mentioned the fact in places but not enough and in any case now it must be put into focus even more.

Fish 274 – The Tzadik Haim was poor. Every day in the years in Milan was a battle. He wanted to work but Habad robbed him of being a Shohhet with the excuse he had no beard. The Tzadik was an expert Shohhet and had been Head Shohhet in Cairo for many years under Rav Haim Nahum. The hidden Tzadik Haim had no income. Every day in the Italian Synagogue of Guastalla where he would begin the prayer every morning, a few might give him some coins and then downstairs in the Sephardic Synagogue he waited each morning and there was slightly more generosity. This allowed him each day to buy something to put on the table for his wife Mazal, and for him. The Tzadik Haim's life in Milan was in constant need of charity, to pay the rent and for the expenses and for eating. Every day!

Fish 275 – For five years, I worked as English Teacher for the Head Engineers at the Telecommunications (Siemens and then Italtel). I would give my tenth but that was hardly enough to cover the expenses, and certainly not the rent or other expenses. I couldn't do much more because I had a wife and children but perhaps had I been more sensitive I would have given more. It took me time to mature and to better understand the difficulty that Ha-Moreh Haim was really in. Aside from that poor tenth, generally once a month, I would make my rounds to a few of the rich mostly Ashkenazi Jews in Milan to ask for charity. It was difficult for me because they didn't know who he was and they thought him simply a 'poor man'. I would try quickly to explain that the Teacher was a Talmid Hacham but in general they wouldn't wait to listen. They took something out of their pockets, gave it and didn't even stop to talk to me.

Fish 276 - Blessed were all those of the Levi family who did help the Tzadik even though they themselves were very limited. Blessed is Sig. Remo Levi and his wife Nelda Levi who loved the Tzadik Haim with all their heart. Blessed are Iliade Levi and her husband Gino Tampieri who helped ha-Moreh as much as they were able. Blessed is Giordano Levi and Renato Levi who gave meat and chickens from Giordano's Butcher Shop and helped ha-Moreh as much as they could. Giordano often came to learn things from the Tzadik. Blessed is Davide Levi who also studied with the Tzadik Haim and spent time with him when he was still in Italy. The entire family Levi loved the Teacher Haim with a full heart.

Fish 277 - The Tzadik Haim, of course, was grateful for whatever he received but it was not enough and there was always a scarcity. I myself couldn't realize how much because the Tzadik Haim didn't want to burden me with more than what was necessary for me to understand. The fact is that the hidden Tzadik, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim suffered a great deal, not knowing in the afternoon what would be on the table in the evening. And if not for the fact that ha-Moreh Haim told me sometimes of the difficulties, I myself would not have realized it because he did not and would not show it, a true Tzadik and poor and everyday was a battle.

Fish 278 – I have spoken elsewhere of a decree against the rich in Milan for which small children were dying, and that the Tzadik Haim had to withstand three full days in a fast. There was nothing to eat in those three days, there was no food in the house. Every day the Tzadik would go to the Synagogue and with the very little bit he received, he bought something to eat for his wife Mazal and to her he said that he was invited to eat with friends. It was a decree that the Tzadik Haim took upon himself before the Tribunal Above because children had begun to be taken and there was great anguish in the Jewish Community. Yet he went to the Synagogue and prayed as always and didn't show any trace of being hungry; otherwise he would not have fulfilled the requisites for annulling the decree. There were terrible decrees against the rich in Milan for many reasons of their insensitivity to others in need, poor people suffering from lack of all.

Fish 279 – Ha-Moreh Haim described to me many times the terrible reality of being hungry in those three days and the tremendous difficulty in having to be among people and not show them anything. "There is nothing worse than hunger", I heard the Tzadik repeat many times. And he described a few things of what it feels like inside but I will not attempt to put it words. The Tzadik Haim also blessed me that I never have to know anything similar. In any case that was a particular matter concerning a particular decree. The Tzadik Haim suffered for twenty years in Milan for lack of money and lack of work. I have said it often to the others that on the subject of the sins of money, especially of the rich, I received more lessons from him than on any other subject.

Fish 280 - Those who love money never have enough (Ohev kesef lo yisb’a kesef - Kohelet 5: 9). They live with the thoughts of money by day and by night, they sleep with those thoughts and they wake up with those thoughts. They have money but they want more, and the more they have the more they want. They are consumed by their love for money and many of them suffer from ulcers and other stomach problems and become extremely limited in what they can eat. What is worse is their attachment to other people. They look down at people who don't have a lot of money and they feel themselves superior. Indeed they are hated by Heaven and hated by people and they have no true friends. This they often come to realize in time that those who make themselves friends are there for the money, not for any true friendship.

Fish 281 – Because of such a realization some of them begin to suffer the great inner pain of solitude which is one of the most painful feelings in the world. It is a punishment, not because they had money but because money renders them insensitive to others. One who has money must be sensitive to those who are poor, those who are sick or unfortunate, to widows and to orphans. Those who love money become insensitive; therefore are they punished with solitude which they cannot break. Those who love money are emptied from true values. Why would anyone want them for a friend? Many are the ways of how the love for money destroys the true life of people and renders them a servant to the false god Mammon.

Fish 282 – and we are now not only in the generation of Mammon but in the final generation, Mammon of Mammon. Not only rich people fall. A large part of the world falls into the clutches of Mammon. Mammon is the most terrible false spirit that exists and it knows how to be subtle and how to make people fall into the thousands of money traps of this generation. He also speaks truths about the realities of needing money to live, to go on, to do anything you have to do. He knows how to convince you of his power and of your needing him and he subtly brings you into desire for money which is no longer simply for necessity but for Mammon, to serve him and obey his commands, while the person is blinded by the mundane reality and is blind to the fact that he has fallen. Mammon is much more subtle than one might think.

Fish 283 – The Tzadik Haim had to pay for the evils of Mammon in Milan. Many of the rich Ashkenazi Jews had forgotten their past and vows when they were saved by God's miracles from the Holocaust. They might show the numbers on their arms but because of their success in business, they had lost the sense of their miraculous existence. What now had they to do with poor people or even normal working people? They started by praising God and they finished by attributing value to themselves and their own ability. I saw them, through the teachings of the Tzadik Haim. They were stupid, dumb, foolishly arrogant, sucked up from head to foot by the blood of Mammon and they believed themselves intelligent. Is that not why they have earned so much money?!

Fish 284 – 'The Tzadik (Haim is the Goel) of Salvation; he is poor and comes riding on a donkey and on a foal son of she-asses’ (Zechariah, 9: 9). San Meir was right that I had to write about the Tzadik's Haim's poverty. It must be emphasized so that all people afterwards know about it clearly. The Hidden Tzadik was poor because he was the antithesis of Dor Mamon. This must be well understood in the coming generations for the sake of better evaluating the holy work of the Tzadik Haim. And now that I say this, another point comes to mind. Why has my dream come just now before Rosh Ha-Shana? We've been seeing in the Sign of 400 that the SIN of the AMORREI has been concluded. The Pre-Judgment period of history has been concluded. The world is now close to entering the Judgment Period. Rosh ha-Shana opens the Judgment and, in 6 months, the world enters the second part of the Fourth Generation. The Completion Signs of the Pre-Judgment period have been manifested with Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Fires in California, earthquake in Mexico, the threats of North Korea, the threat of Islamic Terrorism etc.

Fish 285 - The urgency of the Teacher Haim comes because there is still something very vital to the prophecies concerning the Fourth Generation that has not yet been given the proper emphasis. In a word: MAMMON. We've spoken at length against idolatry, against the sins of going against nature, against negation, against arrogance, against the genome and the Tower of Babel pretences to create a new race in the laboratories, against Islamic Terrorism, against anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews. We have spoken against these sins and have reported the Signs revealed of many punishments coming. Yet we have not given the proper weight concerning the sins of MONEY.

Fish 286 – It's hard to denounce the sin of Mammon because it's so plagued by a million categories. How can one specify it? And yet aside from all the other announcements concerning sins of the Fourth Generation, there is one Great, Large and Vast category called the Sin of Mammon that is foremost in the Judgment of this Fourth Generation. Millions and millions of people who have and love money will be destroyed during this Fourth Generation. The generation is that of Mammon, better said, the false god Mammon. Perhaps I've avoided speaking about it more directly since the service to Mammon, whether one understands what he is doing or not, is a form of idolatry and in the sins of idolatry the love of money is included.

Fish 287 – That's not enough, however, and it is vague to most people. The false god Mammon must be denounced. He is the most treacherous and deceitful power in the world. How to battle him? You can't throw your arms against an ocean. It is useless. We, however, are speaking to people, not to Mammon. Millions have fallen into the trap and we must say some words to try and save them if still it is possible. But again the categories are so various and vast that it's hard to warn people about how to save themselves. I think that the dream given with the Tzadik Haim's being in dire straits and not having what to eat comes also for this purpose. It is useless now to speak to people and to warn them to go against Mammon. There is only one remedy: Use your money to give to charity to those who are hungry and are in great need of help.

Fish 288 – Millions upon millions will be destroyed because of their love for money. The only way they can save themselves is by searching for people who truly need help, who are lacking in food and have nothing, and to take large sums of money and give them as charity. This is the only way to be saved from Mammon. In that dream, if people would have searched to see who needed help, and they gave charity, the Teacher Haim would have had what to eat and more. Charity, taking one's money and giving it to the needy is a great force of salvation both to the person who receives and even more to the one who gives. Tzedaka is loved by God Almighty and indeed sometimes the entire Torah is called Tzedaka, Charity.

Fish 289 – Charity brings peace to the world. The Tzadik Haim used to tell that charity brings peace between a person and God. How? When a person has nothing, he is considered as dead (Ani hhashuv ka-met) and such a desolate person may feel himself abandoned by God and be damaged in his faith. But if he is given charity and he can eat and drink and live again, he remembers God Almighty and thanks Him with all his heart. Thus charity makes peace between poor people with God.

Fish 290 – Now here then look and be awakened. We've been seeing great charity of God Almighty with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Look and see at first the charity of God Almighty, for notwithstanding the immensity of these two storms, millions upon millions have come out of it alive, also because of the warnings and precautions and places of refuge prepared. Then see the great charity of Americans who have donated so much charity to those who have lost their homes and all their belongings and who need food and many necessities. I don't know if there exists another nation in the world that is so ready to give charity and help others in need as the United States of America.

Fish 291 –That great charity and help shown to Texans and Floridians is a Sign that America is great Country. It's true that these tragedies are due to sins and of this there is no doubt, nevertheless that charity and help is a Sign of God's love for the United States and this is good because in the Signs the United States is Ephraim and Israel is Judah and they must always be together. I received it from the Tzadik Haim that Israel and the United States are together and must always remain together.

Fish 292 – Let us conclude so that, God willing, we can get to the Banquet on time. An important point must yet be clarified. The discussion of the salvation of charity is not specifically aimed at the rich, even without defining more specifically what rich designates. The rich have a lot of money and if they are prone to giving charity, they themselves will search for where their beneficence may better help. If on the other hand they are pupils of the false god Mammon, they will only study how to use their love of money for getting more. And if by chance they give some relatively small amount to charity, that will only be to assuage their own guilt feelings but Heaven cannot be fooled.

Fish 293 – For those, Jesus has well defined them: "It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich person enter the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew, 19: 24). – Jesus' teaching regarded the Kingdom of Heaven. For this Final Fourth Generation the rich who are stingy and filled with love of money are hated before the Higher Tribunal and will be severely punished. They had the means to take merit before God and they lost every opportunity. In contrast to bringing peace to the world they increment anguish and suffering and are a great cause to destruction in this Fourth Generation. The Tzadik Haim said that it would have been better for them that they never had been born.

Fish 294 – This discussion, therefore, is not for the rich but rather for the great majority of working people who need to gain merits before God. Their way to merit is by giving charity to those who are needy and to make such the main object of their life. They replenish the world by their charity and they are loved before God Almighty. And if they give charity without making themselves known, such is charity of gold which is never corrupted. And if their heart is channeled to thanking God constantly for having given them the means to help others by their charity and they do not expose their beneficence for lifting up their own person, such is charity of diamonds before the Holy One of Sinai.

Fish 295 – Open your heart then and make the sacrifice that is in your power to make. One works and earns his living substance and the vitality of his family. What he separates for helping others with money is the means by which one can gain the great measure of having sacrificed himself or herself for the sake of what is loved before God Almighty. The recompense will be great in the time of reckoning. For he has taken away from his own vitality to furnish others with life-giving vitality. Everything he or she gives away will procure inner happiness in this world and great horizons of pleasure and knowledge in the next world and he will be a son of the Kingdom of Heaven and she will be a daughter of the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Fish 296 – It is the world of the charitable heart that will represent the Final Redemption. It is the love of the charitable heart that will increment the promised peace in the world. It is the goodness of the charitable heart into which the Presence of God Almighty will descend into the world. It is the personal sacrifice of charity that will bring people to understand the great final Sacrifice of the Goel Haim which will in turn sanctify their thoughts and the feelings of their heart both in this world and for the next. They will receive the New Humble Brain and the Purity of a Simple, Loving Heart.

Fish 297 – Then might we merit to the Great Banquet of Leviathan with a multitude of pupils of the Goel Haim who work in the preparations for that exquisite meal. May that we be faithful Donkeys to the will of EL SHADDAI. For the true Hidden Tzadik was God's sacrifice of Charity for the world and those who will give charity in their love for others will have place in the Teacher Haim's sacrifice. And the Sacrifice of Charity for the world is that which becomes the Charity of the Goel for the world of the Geula Shleima.

Fish 298 – That is the prophesied Charity of Marvelous Counselor, potent one of God, a father for always, prince of peace. God Almighty's charity that He donates to the world by His choice in the Final Goel is that the Goel Haim will be a Marvelous Counselor to those who need to be helped by him and by the advice that he will give over by way of Marvelous Redemptional Dreams. So will humanity's mind and heart be raised up to contemplate the enormous God-given powers in the hand of the Goel Haim for the sake of mankind's elevation.

Fish 299 – And those who need to be consoled will be taken to heart by the Humble Teacher and he will give them Signs of hope and consolation and they will feel him as a loving father who feels the intimate feelings of suffering of his children. All this is God Almighty's charity to mankind for He knew, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, that mankind needed the Final Teacher in order to bring the world to its Redemption and He chose His humble servant for that purpose. The Goel Haim is God's charity for the sake of the world and for giving over the foundations of peace for a redeemed humanity.

Fish 300 – And thus in my dream with the great Banquet in preparation, the Tzadik Haim says, "Let's begin!". And he begins to listen to and to speak with each individual. This is the all-important Sign of the Teacher Haim's becoming a Marvelous Counselor for all those who participate in preparing the Great Banquet of Big Fish Leviathan, with the Salty Meat of the Leviatanit and even the potent Meat of Shor ha-Bar. Good Rosh ha-Shana 5778. Hi-haw!

18 September, 2017 – Beersheva – Peretz.


Chapter 11


Fish 301 – The nuclear-war rhetoric is fierce at the UN from the spokesman of North Korea, after President Trump's strong speech on Friday. This is the last Rosh ha-Shana of the 35 year period, and already contains in it the 'transitional' Pesah coming. Storms Harvey and Irma, earthquakes in Mexico, the vast destruction of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria and the threats of North Korea and other signs all come to warn that Refuge Houses are needed to be saved from what is coming in the times ahead.

Fish 302 - Sept. 26, 2017: I dreamed I was giving reasons for the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread. There were a great many but I remember only one: at the time of the revelation of the Final Redemption, the level of humanity's comprehension is totally below the level of the comprehension of the Geula Shleima. The level of the world therefore is like that of a donkey compared to a man. Since the understanding or the level of the Final Redemption must come down to reside in the world, the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread is given. Thus it's only through one's clothing himself or herself in the Sign of the Donkey that it's possible to receive the Great News in the proper manner.

Fish 303 – I still have will in Donkey thrill

And want to bray yet more

So many are so far away

Not knowing what the Donkeys bray.

When will people realize

They must knock down their brain to size

Human intelligence has become a sin

until the Donkeys bray it in

to let us know the Bread is sane

eaten together with the New Humble Brain

and so the heart is humble at last

away from all arrogance of the past

in order to know of Resurrection

the past mind needs a great Correction

we must shout inside ourselves

with a spiritual scream

and awake resurrected

with the Goel Haim.

Fish 304 – I'm trying to interpret the explanation of the Donkey! Why has it come now towards the end of the first period of the Fourth Generation?

Fish 305 – 00:45 Thursday night, September 28, 2017 (Shabbat will be Yom ha-Tikkunim). I dreamed that I made fifty immersions. 40 immersions had their number; the last ten immersions would be with ten personal requests that, God willing, would be answered by EL SHADDAI. - -

I suppose the 40 immersions represent the 40 days of the third Ascent of 120 Stars of the Triple Meditation which end at Kippur. With that completed, God willing, I can make 10 requests to EL SHADDAI. I think that since I received the dream now, it's better that I design the 10 requests now, with the option to alter them when Yom ha-Tikkunim is over. In this way I don't get bungled up with them afterwards.

Fish 306 – an apartment has been rented for me and Yehoel Yehoel, Rehov Mivtza 'Uvdah 52, apartment 5. God willing, Paolo, Noda, Asher, Noah Hhana Noga and David will be leaving for Italy October 8. I ask of God Almighty to keep them and guard them, in good health, in good faith, to quickly be settled in Italy decently and with work and sustenance, with a high spirit in the light of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim.

May that we be blessed by EL SHADDAI in the Triple-NUNE of the Triple Meditation, in the closeness of the Teacher Haim: the NUNE of Yehoshua bin NUNE, the NUNE FINALE of SHUSHAN and the NUNE SOFFIT of Big Fish Leviathan.

Fish 307 - May that we be blessed in the large, true smile of the Goel Haim, with his closeness, his love, his humility and the accompanying of his wisdom from that closeness, that love and that humility.

Be they blessed from EL SHADDAI: Giordano Levi, Renato Levi, Iliade Levi, Gino Tampieri, Sarah, Biaggio, Jacopo, Pinuccia, Emiliano, Giulia, Davide, Lea, Daniele, Debora, Mirko, Maya, Elinor, Daniele, Sara, Gabriel, Eitan, Aharon, Giuseppe, Shaul, Rahhel, Gad, David, Aryeh, Gilat Haim, Meir, Sarah, Yehoel Yehoel, Haim Shimshon, Anna Gasparotti, Ottavio, Marty, Ted, Debra, Alissa, Sarah of Canada and her family, Michail, Solly, Netanel, San Meir, Davide Levi, Liat, Moshe Levi, Isaac Levi, Rahhel, Ori, Shira, Ayala, Ariel, Paolo, Noda, Asher, Noah Hhana Noga, David, ha-Rav Peretz, Doron, Mark, Tina, Nino, Eliahu, Lea, Rahhel, Esther and Mazal. May all these mentioned be blessed with good health, parnassa and virtuous actions.

Fish 308 - May that we be blessed by EHEYE ASHER EHEYE and have merit in the New Sanctity of the Six Completed Signs of the Final Redemption under the permission of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Goel Haim.

May that the texts, books and documents of Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim be blessed by ADONAI TZEVAOT for their completion and their diffusion and appreciation of a multitude of people.

May that Moshe Levi be blessed by EL HHAI in all his work for the Geula Shleima, and may that he be blessed with a lovely and precious wife and blessed with children so that he have his own family that lives in the faith and light of the Final Redemption.

Fish 309 - May that we be blessed by EL 'ELYON, in the NUNE of the Joy of Life, for YINON is his name, for the Completion of Signs of the Final Redemption for the Nations.

 May that we be blessed by ADONAI EL 'OLAM in the Segulot of the Thirteen New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan taught to us by the Goel Haim in the Light of Sefer ha-Cochavim of Abraham our father.

May that our CONCENTRATION be blessed by ADONAI ELOHEINU in the New Spirit of the Geula Shleima in our praying, in our studying and in our writing, in virtue of the concentration of the Teacher Haim.

Fish 310 - May that the enemies of mankind be destroyed by EL KANA and wiped off the face of the earth among which are: (1) those who deny God Almighty, (2) those who are servants to the false god Mammon, (3) those who commit sins against other people, (4) those who commit sins against nature, (5) those who hate Jews and hate Israel, (6) the false doctrines of the false Kabbala based on Emanation of the Book of the Zohar, (7) the false doctrine of the idolatrous Logos of John, (8) the false Messianism of Habad, (9) the Islamic terrorists and (10) the false Christ, Zara di Zanzara di Muccania. Amen and Ken yehi ratzon.

Fish 311 – October 18, 2017: I translate 3 dreams of Arye (son of Shaul and Rahhel):

20\09\2017 (Milan): I dreamed I was at our house in Milan although the corridor was very wide; in the corridor before my father's books, there was a table on which was a large, red fossilized turtle. Suddenly the turtle was alive; I brought him into the living room where my father was, opened the refrigerator and gave him some lettuce. As I did so, a documentary on the TV related that this turtle had many predators reason for which he had dug and took refuge below the earth until the enemies would go away. After the documentary, I opened the refrigerator and took up a large piece of meat but my father stopped me while the turtle continued to eat the lettuce.

Fish 312 - 22\09\2017: I dreamed today that I with my family; we were in a jeep on the top of a flat hill. At a certain point an extraterrestrial space-ship landed. It wasn't very big. As it landed I went closer to it and through a window I was able to look inside but without any clear image, making things seem large and undefined. I lowered myself and was thus able to see clearly an extraterrestrial of a green color, with an elongated head and deformed. When he left the space-ship he thought that since I had seen things clearly that I had lost my soul but we knew that it wasn't true. He immediately tried to inject in me a long needle but I didn't let him. On the ground I saw a similar needle, took it up and injected it in him. He ran back to the space-ship and took off.

Fish 313 - 14\10\2017: Today I dreamed that I was sleeping and I dreamed big, white insects with black stripes on them. I had a light in my hand and I lit it killing all the insects. In my dream I woke up and, as I got up, there was a large statue with the image of a white insect with black stripes, as I had seen previously. Suddenly, my father appeared driving a red sports-car. He had an extremely serious expression. He entered the house where were my mother and my second brother David. My father had an expression so serious that he seemed angry and he said that he had dreamed that all the stars had inclined themselves towards him and that he would be the next donkey. - -

Fish 314 – Parashat "Va-Yishlah": dreams to give some explanations of the Kingdom of Heaven. I hesitate and doubt that it's possible but my doubt is not accepted and again and again it comes back: explain!

Fish 315 – Nov. 22, 2017: In my dream, the Tzadik Haim was seated at a large table and I and someone were present. The situation: it had been programmed that the Teacher Haim and I would go together, in a few days, to Virginia, USA. The Teacher's face was now somewhat saddened and he said to me very delicately, "Peretz, I don't feel myself able to make the trip with you to Virginia". I listened carefully and realized that it was so and I showed agreement and said, "I understand, Moreh". My attitude was pleasing to the Tzadik because I didn't take the matter with sadness but that I felt properly that it would have been difficult to make that trip with me. The Teacher Haim's face now turned into a smile because he had been worried that I would have been saddened by this fact but I was instead sensitive to his situation. The Tzadik then added that also the Sig,a Mazal had said to him, "It's hard for you to get around even for a day and now you want to go with Peretz to Virginia for 3 days!". Ha-Moreh Haim was so pleased that I didn't remain unhappy and that I felt his situation that his smile was now together with tears of satisfaction in his eyes. - -

Fish 316 – Dec. 6th: In Taiwan the longest Rainbow recorded, 9 hours.

Fish 317 – Dec. 30, 2017: From Dec. 20 to Dec. 24 I was in the Hospital, Soroka, in Beersheva. I had been suffering for more than a week of pains in my stomach and I completely lost my appetite. I was tired and wanted to sleep but the pains didn't let me. Also the refrigerator was broken and so without food-regime on top of the loss of appetite and the pains that continually came and went, I was in bad shape. It was hard for me to go outside and walk; for every 5 steps I took I had to stop, feeling as if my stomach was very swollen. On Dec. 20 I went to my Kupat Holim and I was given a blood test. At home after a few hours, the Doctoress, Anna, called saying I had to go to the Hospital, my Hemoglobin being at a dangerous low of 7. Yehoel, Yehoel brought me to Soroka.

Fish 318 – the Hospital was a great relief for me. They began to give me food that brought my appetite back and then medicines after the gastroscopia (where they put a tube into the stomach) showed I had an ulcer in my stomach close to the bladder. On the 24th Yehoel Yehoel brought me back home. It was not easy, with the refrigerator still broken and a lack of prepared good food. I spoke to Rachel and Marcel, parents of Mishel, my friend, friends of ours from 15 years ago when we were neighbors. Rachel prepared cooked food for me and Marcel brought it home to me. Danny, a friend of Mishel whom we had met then, came to the house with to 2 large sacks of food that could be eaten without a refrigerator. The next day, through his contacts, a good second hand refrigerator was brought, thank God.

Fish 319 - Dec. 30, 2017: I dreamed the Tzadik Haim, who yelled out to me, "Go live in Boston for 8 years!"

Before this, in the same dream, Paolo, in his passionate desire to be helped, came here, as if he had broken down the physical barriers and managed to accomplish a kevitzat ha-derech (the jumping of the way – as Jacob, our father, who already in his fleeing from Esau had reached Hharan but then realized that he had not remembered to pass through Bethel where he had seen the vision of the Ladder and God's Blessing. He began to turn back and the land buckled under itself and took him immediately to Bethel – that's an example of kevitzat ha-derech). Then I saw the Teacher Haim extremely upset by the situation, mine and that of Paolo and Noda in Italy (without work, without an apartment and without money) and he said in a loud, anguished tone, "Go live in Boston for 8 years". - -

Fish 320 – In the dream itself, nevertheless, I felt that the Teacher Haim's words were not to be taken to the letter. Upon waking I saw Boston as going "to the north", using my mind to be above the several anguished situations we are in and not to follow my emotions. Also for various reasons, I must change my mind-set to English instead of Hebrew or Italian since generally I think either in Italian or Hebrew also because all the persons I have to do with speak either Hebrew or Italian or both. Much too often, my thoughts are over-burdened with explaining things mentally to others. This is great defect for many reasons (that I do not intend to explain) and thus the Teacher Haim is sending me to an American Boston to relieve me from other thoughts.

Fish 321 – December 30, 2017: of note in "Tablet of the Meditation on the Triple Meditation in the vision of Tzeref, man of the Tablets":

"The principal Mazalot of the Leviathan's Double-Tail are the Battle of the Fish and the New Law of the Lion in his Den. This is the Key that opens the bodily positions of the Mazalot. There are 6 Mazalot from the Refuge of Armadillo that represents the Mouth of Leviathan. The Weights of the Donkey (who has Big Ears) and the Heaven Perfume (of Prayers to be heard) are the Ears of Leviathan. The Illumined Turtle (one need not say more) and the End of the Minute (which concludes the times of what has been foreseen and thus sees the coming End) are the Eyes of Leviathan. The Resurrected Bird (New Life) and the Beauty of Paradise (Renewed Life of the Tree of Life) are the Nostrils of Leviathan. The Kingdom of the Giraffe and the Valley of Mercury are the Heart (the New Heart of the Kingdom of Heaven) and the Brain (the New Humble Brain) of Big Fish Leviathan".

Fish 322 – After writing the above, Science news reported that after mysterious syndrome that killed millions of Sea Stars, the five-pointed, palm-size Sea Stars are making an incredible comeback. What a good Sign for the New Protection of Big Fish Leviathan one of the main elements of which is the Star-Fish. Hee-haw!

Fish 323 – Another good Sign: strong protests in Iran against the Government.

Fish 324-327 – January 1, 2018 – End of the Minute

13 Qualities of a Judge

1. A Judge of Protection: A judge must desire that those being judged be protected by the judgment.

2. A Judge of Happiness: A judge renders happiness with a positive judgment explained clearly.

3. A Judge of Humility: A judge must be weighted down in humility as one seeking forgiveness in order to receive from Above and give over the proper judgment.

4. A Judge of Compassion: A judge must have compassion on those accused so that he'll be compassionate in searching for the truth in the judgment of every person.

5. A Judge of Elevation: A judge must strongly desire that people be elevated by true judgment. Even those guilty, when they accept the verdict and understand it, receive an elevation through that acceptance and that understanding.

6. A Judge of Thoroughness: A judge must exercise thoroughness in searching out every detail of each case before him.

7. A Judge who loves Justice: A judge must love justice on every level of his capacity so that evil (such as bribery) find no place to enter.

8. A judge fearful of God: A true judge must be fearful of God Almighty who is the True Judge of all and from Him true judgment exists in the world; thus a judge will be able to better receive true justice when he is bound to the Source of all judgment.

9. A Judge of Truth and Precision: A judge must speak the truth, distinguish the truth, be precise in his words, thoughts and deeds.

10. A Judge of Patience and Harmony: A judge must have great patience and internal harmony so as not to err in his judgments.

11. A Judge ready to correct himself: A true judge must have an attitude that notwithstanding his vast knowledge he is always prone to error and is thus always ready to correct himself.

12. A Judge Unprejudiced: A judge must examine each case on its own merits and must not be influenced in judgment by a person's previous sins and errors; then his verdicts will have the force to elevate people in the present and for the future.

13. A Judge who hates Honor and whose hands are clean: A judge must hate honor for himself even though, due to his position, he must exercise his authority; and in his hatred for being honored he will merit to be clean from all unworthy thoughts concerning money.

Fish 328 – Jan. 2, 2018: With the Completion of the 13 Qualities of a Judge, can now be given the 3 Nunes with more precision:

The Nune of Yehoshua Bin Nune: the 36 Stars of the New Pact closed into the Cylinder, the 3 Stars of the Mouth of Leviathan, the 10 Commandments of the First Column (Heart of the Prophet) and the Star of the Neck becomes the Star of Nune of Yehoshua Bin Nune.

The Nune Finale of Shushan: the 13 Midot Mesugalot shel Esther, the 13 Qualities of the Judge (Midot ha-Shofet), the 13 Qualities of the Good Heart , and the 10 Virtues of the Middle Column (Heart of the Rose) and the Star of the Neck becomes the Star of the Nune Finale of Shushan.

The Nune Soffit of Leviathan: the 13 Stars of the Petals of Sefer Shoshanat Mishnat Haim, the 13 Stars of the Altars of the New House of Prayer, the 13 Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan, the 10 Commandments of the Tzadik who Lives in his or her faith of the Third Column (Heart of Big Fish Leviathan and the Star of the Neck becomes the Star of Nune Soffit of Leviathan.

Fish 329 – January 1, 2018: Giordano dreamed: he was in a room somewhere; some of the family was present and others that he didn't know. There was an atmosphere of celebration. Remo Levi, his father, was seated at a table but instead of enjoying the festive atmosphere, his face was extremely serious and he did not flinch any smile whatsoever. Giordano stood before him at the table and he noticed the tremendous contrast and asked his father why he didn't participate in the happiness of the occasion. Remo looked at Giordano very seriously, as if to say, 'there's absolutely no reason for joy now'. - -

Fish 330 – Jan. 1, 2018: Davide Levi dreamed on the same morning that he was in a room with Iliade, Giordano, Renato and Gino. He was crying and said, bemoaning, "Why is it that every 2 years Israel must be in war?". –

These 2 dreams just on the New Year (which represents a stellar New Year with indications for the coming year for those able to read the stars but we receive the Signs from the Goel Haim) is very grave and foresees, unfortunately, war against Israel. We hope that it not so but both these visions are to be taken with utter seriousness.


Chapter 12


Fish 331 - Today Jan. 2, 2018: I asked Giordano to ask Renato more details of the White Marble Staircase which he saw in his dream. Renato explained that the Staircase was very, very long and the stupendous White Marble shone brightly emanating also colors of the rainbow. Indeed there were 4 long staircases, as a pyramid, all of which led up to the Goel Haim who was seated on an incredibly beautiful throne. The Tzadik Haim with his hand indicated to Renato to ascend towards him and with every Step that he took everything became even more marvelous.

Fish 332 - Jan 4, 2018: After Renato's further information, clearly the Stairs are of a large number, not only but there are 4 Staircases that in pyramidal form reach up to the Marvelously bedecked Chair of the Goel Haim. The fact of the 4 Staircases brings to an extremely important conclusion: in the the past years we have spoken about 36 Virtues, 10 of the Middle Column, 13 of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh and 13 qualities of the Good Heart. Now with the 13 qualities of a Judge, the number is 49 Virtues, and the Goel Haim's Marvelous Chair is a Great Fourth Nune (50) of 've-nahafoch hu'. And the Tzadik Haim, the last of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, is 'YINON SHMO'.

Fish 333 - The 4 Staircases also demonstrate the universality of the Geula Shleima from the 4 corners of the earth. Mordechai ha-Tzadik, first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim was saved from Haman's gallows of 50 cubits that he had prepared for Mordechai but on which he himself was hung and Mordechai became great in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. In all these 35 past years, we've been explaining matters of the ve-nahafoch hu but in truth we have not yet seen any historic redemptional the ve-nahafoch hu. The Qualities of the Judge were missing in order to conclude 49 Virtues and arrive to 50. (there was a dream of mine some years ago in which the Goel Haim walked up a wall of 50 cubits. I thought the ve-nahafoch hu was coming but the 13 qualities of a Judge was missing).

Fish 334 – The 3 Nunes are essential to the Triple-Meditation and they remain as always. How then must we relate to this Fourth Nune, First of all it a four-fold Nune and thus 200 - RESH. This represents the Final Step in Tikkun ha-RESH of the name ASHER. It's a Great General Nune that 1) completes the Four Corners of Faith of the House of Prayer: the simple-faith in temimut of the first corner, faith in the Torah and the Tradition of Israel, faith in the Goel Haim and the Completed Signs of The Final Redemption, and faith in the Second Commandment.

Fish 335 - 2) It completes the Four Altars of the New Priesthood: Altar of the Anointed Priest, Altar of Judah, Altar of Ephraim and Altar of Malchitzedek.

3)        These are completed by the Female Priesthood of those Four Altars: Altar of the Anointed Priestess, Altar of the Daughters of Jacob, Altar of the Daughters of Israel and Altar of the Nations.

4)        It completes the Hherem Mi-Deoraita: the sin of Fathers (Tree of Knowledge), sin of sons (Generation of Enosh), sin of the third generation (Tower of Babel), and sin of the Fourth Hated Generation (the Golden Calf).

5)        It completes the Four Great Tikkunim: Correction of Christianity, Correction and Reform of Islam, Correction and Reform of Judaism, and the General Correction of the Nations.

Fish 336 – 6) It completes the Four Altars of Services: Altar of the Greater Israel (Donkey), Altar of the Shoshana (Schools), Altar of Marriages, and Altar of the Leviatanit (Oaths and the Triple-Meditation).

7)        It fully completes the Altar of the Prophet, in the name of the Prophet Elijah in Four Principle Aspects: the Prophet who arose to Heaven whole without death, the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation, the Prophet chosen to open the Final Redemption, and the Prophet chosen for effecting the Reconciliation.

Fish 337 – These are 7 full Nunes and together with the 3 Nunes of Yehoshua bin Nune, the Nune Finale of Shushan, and the Nune Soffit of Leviathan we have 10 Nunes, as alluded to in Yinon shmo – his name is Yinon = 10 (Yod) Nunes. Yod Nunes also indicated a great number of Nunes not less than 10. Indeed the 7 Nunes referred to above are quadrupled, thus 200 for each = 1400 Steps. And with the 150 of the 3 Nunes we have 1550 Steps. Renato was right in saying that the Steps were so many that they were uncountable.

Fish 338 - See psalms 72 – 17: his name will be for always before the sun, Yinon is his name and they will be blessed in him all the nations and they will show him appreciation' - (yeashruhu – not so readily translatable: the verb-root 'asher' to show appreciation; ashrei = blessed in one's life; as the first word of the first Psalm 'Blessed is he who walks not in the council of evil-doers' etc. or in the psalm 'Ashrei yoshvei beitecha' – blessed are those who sit in Your house'; the Italiano 'beato' is more precise and 'benedetto' is not said, as in Hebrew is not said here baruch or mevorach but 'ASHREI').

Fish 339 - For us here the yeashruhu with the root ASHER alludes to the Completion of the name ASHER in merit of the chosen Goel Haim. Thus 'his name will always be before the sun' he will be known on earth throughout the generations, as Marvelous Councelor, potent one of God, a father for always, prince of peace'; 'his name is Yinon' - this is an essential Sign to be recognized in his coming, that in the texts concerning the Geula Shleima, the 10 Nunes and the many, many Steps of the Virtues loved by God Almighty will be explained; 'all the nations will be blessed in him' – for he is the chosen Goel and beloved Teacher that all will acknowledge with great love'. 'and they will show him appreciation' – this alludes to the Incredible Conclusion concerning the Finalized Correction of the RESH of the name ASHER so that this amazing hidden name can finally in every way be bound to the final name EHEYE for the sake of the Final Redemption. Amen ve-ken yehi ratzon.

Fish 340 – Today the 8th, Moshe Levi, Sara Markus and Solly were here. Sara after I don't remember how many years gave me back my Red Ring that was named the Ring of Peretz.

The 9th of January: My mother's Birthday Ann Becker Green, peace be with her.

Fish 341 - Jan. 20, 2018: Shabbat parashat BO: Baruch Ha-Shem, I made in my dream ni'anuim (shaking-movements, waving) of the 4 Kinds, Lulav, Etrog, Hadassim and 'Aravot, together with the Tzadik Haim. At first I made the ni'anuim in my way but then I realized that Ha-More' wanted me to make them exactly as he and that is what I did, looking closely to every ni'anua made by him and doing the same in at least 3 directions. The ni'anuim of the Tzadik extended to the trees of the world. I gathered this from the fact that at certain points of the waving there was almost a merging of 2 directions, let's say between north and east, and when this happened it looked as if two very long tree branches filled with hundreds of leaves began touching one another. At such a point of conjunction Ha-Moreh Haim made a counter movement in order to separate then. I think I saw this happen 3 times. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One. - -

Fish 342 – Let me note that before this dream, I had read Moshe Levi's translation of my Text 'Message to Traditional Jews – Nicodemus'. This Message had already been acclaimed as an important Sign in a delectable Sign seen by Moshe after completing its translation. He was speaking to colleague at work and she spoke of someone whose name was Nakdimon, a rare name that Moshe had never before heard of used; a fantastic Sign indicating the successful purpose of this Message. Actually the name appears in the Gospel (John, 3: 1-21) a Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin interested in Jesus teaching after witnessing healings made by Jesus in Jerusalem who came by night to converse with Yeshua.

Fish 343 - On the morning of the same Shabbat (parashat BO), Davide Levi dreamed: he was with Iliade and Gino; they were looking over some writings of Peretz (yellow colored) and Davide was reading from them. There entered an Israeli, with a beard (but not religious) curious to know what the writings were about. Gino, embarrassed, said, "There are of the Witnesses of ---". Davide vividly refused Gino's response, "What on earth are you talking about?!" And he went on to explain to the Israeli the News of the Final Redemption in merit of the chosen Goel Haim in three main points 1) the absolute Oneness of God Almighty 2) the fact that the Final Redemption is for the whole world and not only for Israel, as the words of the Goel Haim, "We are all of the same flesh". At this point, outside there was a protest of Habad who yelled out all kinds of slogans. Davide said, "You see all these think they are better than the goiim because they have the Torah and such is false and prohibited while it creates anti-Semitism instead of being a light for the nations, which is point 3) the Final Redemption is universal and is truly a light unto the nations. The Israeli was convinced and satisfied with Davide's explanations. Davide asked Iliade what she thought and she said that perhaps the discourse was too long. Davide said it was not so but she insisted that people in our time cannot support long discussions. - -

Fish 344 - San Meir dreamed (either Shabbat Bo or Sunday afterwards) he stood before a mountain which had attributes of Mount Sinai, relatively small and without much growth of trees or plants. At the bottom of the Mountain there was a cave that was filled with a great light and voice said that the light was Kadosh. –

Fish 345 – This is a Sign of the continuation of the Announcement of the Final Redemption of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed memory. It comes to accomplish a new level of the New Sanctity (ha-kedusha ha-hhadasha) of the New Pact of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Goel Haim.

Fish 346 – Jan. 24, 2018: I had a request to the Goel Haim as to what I must do with the Text of Houston Texas, concerning our visit to Temple Emanuel, then about the Reform of the Final Redemption and the oaths I made concerning the Final New Pact. That next morning I dreamed: It was 'Kippur'. I had a question that I asked a Jewish man unknown to me: "About the Non-Jews to whom we have given permission to fast on Kippur, my question is: perhaps they should make a sign of eating something, let's say 5 minutes before the end of the fast, so as to indicate that they are, in essence, as non-Jews, not obligated in keeping Kippur? - -

Fish 347 – Speaking together with Moshe Levi about my request and my dream, I was able to conclude: The basis of that whole Text can be maintained but some things must be removed from it because they would cause misunderstanding to many (especially) non-Jews. So am I doing. –

Fish 348 – Jan. 28, 2018: I dreamed I was seated at a table on which there was a colony of small ants. I looked at them very closely and saw that they were aware of one another and had feelings for one another and they did things together for their general benefit. I therefore did not kill them but just pushed them to another part of the table. - -

A sign that only by looking close at things, can you appreciate their substance.

Fish 349 – David Catucci dreamed that he saw his father Shaul who was very serious. Shaul then gave of his seriousness to David. - -

I explained to David by telephone that there is nothing more important than seriousness; only by being serious does one come to positive and worthy results and therefore one must direct his life towards serious things and avoid the wide world of frivolous matters that do not count. This doesn't mean that one cannot play a game or enjoy a joke or use some of his time for less serious things in order to relax but most essential is to be serious.

Fish 350 – Great Blue Blood Moon – 31 Jan. seen throughout the United States – three phenomena together - was not so for 150 years.

Fish 351 – After Moshe Levi's dream (Feb. 7, 2018) that 'we must make the texts shorter': I dreamed (Shabbat parashat Mishpatim, Feb. 10) that what I wrote concerning the Conservative Movement was an error, and that the more you delve into it, the more you will find it mistaken. -  It's thus to be taken out of the Houston, Texas Doc. but it's also an example of making texts shorter. I do remember that the Conservative Movement doesn't consider the Geula universal but only for Israel.

Fish 352 – other scenes Shabbat parashat Mishpatim relative to shortening the texts: a girl a 3 years old revealed something of me that went against me and I only added to my guilt; this while I was shooting a woman out of a cannon – sign to eliminate negative things I say about myself, perhaps even negative dreams, and to eliminate USELESS things that have no true result. –

Fish 353 – another scene: a baby girl was crying; then it became known that her parents had been killed in some catastrophe and although the baby girl didn't understand it, she had remained an orphan and she was crying profusely. I took her in my arms and kissed her on the cheek feeling pity for her. – I don't yet understand what it might refer to. – other dreams of the Italian Kehila, of Rav Laras, of Rav Kopciovsky – these are for the continuation of the argument of Orthodox, Conservative, Reform in my Addition to the Texas Text and emphasis of the fact that we are an integral part of Halachic Judaism but the Halachic Judaism has to be corrected etc., that the Geula Shleima is the Completion of Traditional Judaism while being an integral part of it.

Fish 354 – Feb. 10, 2018, Noda dreamed: Noda, Paolo and I sat on a balcony of a house in Italy that looked down at a cemetery (similar to Henry Kendal in Beersheva, Israel); There was a tractor digging and searching for something. I said that I had buried the Tzadik Haim here and the tractor was searching for him. Paolo tried sitting before me to obstruct my vision but Noda pushed him to my left and she sat on my right. Then there were many children (also Sara, Gilat Haim's daughter and David Fierro) by the place of Ha-Moreh.

Fish 355 – This is very positive. It's time to return to announce the Resurrection of the Goel Haim, to begin again to teach children the Geula Shleima in merit of Ha-Moreh Haim. He has been, so to speak, buried in hiddenness until now but the time has come and there's no time left, we are the end of the 35th year.

Fish 356 - Shevat 29, 5777: Feb. 15, 2018: I had the great fortune to see in a dream the Goel Haim who was teaching me the difference between the name ELOHIM of Creation and the name ADONAI of mercy with the creation of Adam. Baruch Ha-Shem.

Fish 357 – Paolo, Noda and children moved into new house at Milan. Baruch Ha-Shem – Sara Tampieri gave birth to a son. Baruch Ha-Shem.

Fish 358 – Feb 18, 2018: I wrote 6 most important Points of Jesus' Mission, in Brief: I have not come to deny Torah and Prophets but to fulfill (or complete) 2) the Kingdom of Heaven is descending 3) Jesus' resurrection 4) forgive in order to be forgiven 5) that your left hand not know what your right hand gives (In charity) 6) that it's more difficult for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than a camel pass through the eye of a needle.

Fish 359 – Feb. 21, 2018: Billy Graham died at 99. His influence as Evangelist was enormous in the whole world; he was humble and very much loved by all. Pope John 23 broke the Tabu against Jews and Judaism. Mother Teresa reached the height of Catholic charity. Pope John Paul 2 was truly a man of peace with great respect for Jews. He also sold the Church to Mary, without understanding that he had actually given the empty Church into total emptiness. Missing was only the Protestant Sign of Billy Graham whose life-point was Jesus on the Cross and Jesus' resurrection. For him obviously Jesus was –god- son of –god- in its Protestant form.

Fish 360 – The circle is completed. Now Billy Graham will know that Jesus was a human being. There's a fourth angle here and note number Fish 360 (Complete Circle). There's a completion Sign here of Jesus' coming down from the Cross and the Initial Sign of the Resurrection.

It's also, Feb. 22, the seventh of Adar, day of birth and demise of Moshe Rabbenu. Sign of the return to the true faith, as Jesus said, "I have not come to deny Torah or Prophets" (Matthew, 5: 17).


Chapter 13


Fish 361 – 22 Feb. 2018, 7 Adar: I dreamed 2 rotating numbers of 360 each that indicated 2 important 'conclusions'. - - perhaps Correction of Christianity and the Message of Jesus (see Fish 360).

Fish 362 – Dream of San Meir: there were two large and wide pits underground, one empty and one filled with water. A naked man came up from one of them and entered the second one filled with extremely purified water. The water was so clean and transparent that San Meir was amazed and the pit frightened him. Then the scene changed. San Meir was riding on the head of a bull (shor), holding on to its horns but sitting on it backwards. Then there was a second bull that put his head on the first bull and they arrived at a mountain and they were elevated in the air until half of the Mountain and now the bulls moved towards the tail. Then they descended and the two bulls were dead; there were now many people (seemingly Spanish speaking people) looking on quite amazed by what they were seeing. - -

Fish 363 – Let's take into account a few things: 1) it's a few days before Purim (AHH HHASH SHOR ROSH) 2) there a Sign of VE-NAHAFOCH HU, San Meir sitting backwards 3) there's the Sign of the HORNS, the SVACH into which the Mission of Jesus fell into in the Sign of the Ram taken in Isaac's stead 4) the Mission of Jesus is that of Mashiah ben Yosef and Yosef was in the Mazal of SHOR 5) there the Sign of the Mountain, allusion to getting back to the Law of Sinai and therefore the two bulls die (explanation in fish 366) 6) a multitude of people will be amazed by this correction. -

Fish 364 - Billy Graham held to and spoke of always the faith in Jesus sacrifice on the Cross and Jesus' Resurrection. - There's a finalized Correction here of Jesus' descent from the Cross and of his Resurrection. Billy Graham's sincerity and dedication cannot disguise the fact that Jesus on the Cross was 'God', God forbid, and in his resurrected Jesus was 'God' God forbid! Graham preached idolatry his entire life and inspired millions of people in that faith. He was also a great friend of Israel as are the Evangelists, a fact which helps his death be beneficial to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jesus must come down from the Cross as a man, not a 'God' and he must resurrected as a chosen servant of God, not as 'God'.

Fish 365 – The very purified water is that of the River of Leviathan who has underground rivers in the world. They are sources to the binding of the 13 Mazalot of Leviathan to the world; that pure water destroys all forms of idolatry. It's clarity derives from the higher waters of Big Fish which reflect true lights from above; therefore San Meir is awestruck by its clear transparency, a clarity of the true, pure monotheistic faith. The naked man represents the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel or even the Lost Sheep of the nations who are now ready to immerge themselves in the pure monotheistic faith of the true Tradition. He is naked having stripped himself of the past idolatrous errors.

Fish 366 – The contorted bulls of the Christian Messiah ben Yosef and the theologically complicated horns of all traditional Christianity are corrected, especially the 2 main idolatrous errors that have been made by Christianity to reinforce its theology, Jesus' suffering on the Cross as 'God' and his resurrection as 'God'. With the true faith of the Mountain these two Bulls die. And all those Christians who become ex-Christians are amazed by the truth of the Corrections.

Fish 367 - March 10, 2018: I dreamed that I said, "Time knows the object of which its object knows its time".

The 'time has come' corresponds to the objects that know it is their time. The Time has come for what? The Time was 8 days after the demise of the Tzadik Haim who with his death completed the decree that he sacrificed his life for, and he was chosen by God Almighty to complete the Kingdom of Heaven for the sake of the Geula Shleima. Thus the objects of the Final Redemption must 'know' that their time has come and we must know the main categories that compound the Geula Shleima: the Six Complete Signs. Each one of the Signs is an absolute historical necessity for the settling of the Geula Shleima in the world.

Fish 368 - You need first of all the correspondence of the Time of the Stars. If the Stars are not in their time positions or their time cycles of the Geula Shleima, then it's not the time of the Final Redemption. Any discrepancy between the Time of the Redemption and the Time(s) of the Stars of the Final Redemption will not allow for the Geula Shleima. To demonstrate that the cycles of the Stars correspond to the Time of the Geula Shleima, the Sign shows us the names of a 'Multitude of Nations' attributed only to Abraham, our father. The Sign made by the Tzadik Haim binds the 4000 year Cycle of the Star of Abraham. From this we know that the 3 Stars in a row refer to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Fish 369 - This binding is essential since the 4000 year mark is the Time required for the Final Redemption and with it the other cycles of the Redemptional Stars are in their courses. The Sign gives over the Source of this knowledge of the Redemptional Stars calling it the Book of the Stars (from the Tzadik Haim I knew that Abraham, our father, had received the Book of the Stars (as well as Sefer Yetzirah) and that he was a great expert in the knowledge of the stars).

Fish 370 - With the knowledge that the 4000 year cycle had come unto its time, it then becomes necessary to understand stellar-wise what happened 2000 year ago in the Messianic Mission of Jesus. The Teacher Haim shows to Gino the Star of Christ come in virtue of humility and this Sign allows us to effect the corrections of Christianity and to firmly establish that Messianic Mission of Jesus as Messiah ben Yosef which is incomplete until the coming of the Sign of Mashiah ben David.

Fish 371 - Also this Sign of Mashiah ben David cannot be missing from the Geula Shleima. The first requisite for the realization of this Sign is the establishment of Eretz Yisrael since the Time of the Geula Shleima requires that the geographical "Mamlechet Yisrael" be in the world. The Final Redemption, although it is universal, must be in the hands of the Jewish people. If it would be in the hands of the nations, their great number would eventually override Israel and distort everything.

Fish 372 - After 6 years in the Correction of Christianity, and coming to Israel, this necessary Sign of Mashiah ben David, is established for the Completed Signs in Solly's dream in which the Tzadik Baba Sali (Abuhhatzeira) says to Peretz, "Ah, you then are the Donkey, Mashiah ben David" This completes the 2000 discrepancy with Jesus as Messiah ben Yosef for the sake of the Completed Messianic Signs.

Fish 373 - We learn as well the basic contents of the Star of Malchitzedek which is in effect the 'Messianic Star' of the Geula Shleima, the star of 'I see it but not now, I behold it but not close, a star makes its way from Jacob and there arises a tribe from Israel, it wipes out the corners of Moab and lowers (vekarkar – perhaps 'raises to the ground') all the sons of Shet' (Numbers, 24: 17). 'There arises a tribe from Israel' alludes to the establishment of the State of Israel. 'It wipes out the corners of Moab' etc. indicates the victorious wars of Israel and the Fourth Generation in general.

Fish 374 - The Fifth Completed Sign of the Fourth Generation completes this historical necessity that must absolutely precede the Geula Shleima. The Star of Christ of the Completed Sign completes the Initial Sign of the Star of Christ of the Gospels. In this way we know that the Time of that Messianic Mission of Christ did NOT CORRESPOND to the "Time has Come". It was an intermediate historical phase with many preparative necessities for the nations and the Stars of the Redemption could not be in line with the Geula Shleima.

Fish 375 - This doesn't contradict our explanations of the virtuality of that Mission leading to the Geula Shleima if it had been accepted by Israel in which case the RESH of the name ASHER could have entered into the final name EHEYE and hence the Final Redemption. That virtuality is for the sake of understanding how it was possible for Christianity to associate the messianic and redemptional verses of the Torah and Prophets to Jesus' Mission. The Time itself, however, had not come, but only if, for hypothesis, there would have come great merit in Israel, the times to the Geula Shleima could have been greatly shortened within the phases of the final name.

Fish 376 - In any case the Time did not correspond to the completed revelation of the Stars of the Redemption and the attempt of the Fathers of the Church to reconnect the messianic and redemptional verses as a Completed Mission on the part of Jesus led to the falsifications of all Christian theology. It is this Second Coming of the Star of Christ which is Complete and which thus brings with it all the Corrections of Christianity and the true confirmation of Jesus' Mission.

Fish 377 - The Time has Come of God Almighty's choice of the final Goel as anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven is now in correspondence. There is no Geula Shleima without the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the 'secret' of the New, True Correspondence between the Kingdom of Heaven and people in the world. There is no Redemption without this totally new relationship. That the Goel is 'anointed' by God Almighty indicates the new position as that of extending the 'unction' to the priests and priestesses in the New House of Prayer of the Final Redemption.

Fish 378 - This proves that there will be no one Mashiah ben David who will be responsible for the matters of the Geula Shleima because all Priests and Priestesses will be under and in the permission of the Anointed Judge, the Goel Haim who judges all things concerning the Final Redemption. Even the Anointed Priest which in some way represents the Mission of Mashiah ben David on the Altar of the Anointed Priest will be a Donkey of the Goel Haim reason for the Sign of the Donkey, Mashiah ben David. This Sign also gives over the White Marble Stairs of the Kingdom of Heaven; these are the Virtues loved by God Almighty and the merit of which bind people to the Kingdom of Heaven in this world and for the next. All this is within the new framework of the new time that corresponds to the Time has Come.

Fish 379 - The Geula Shleima cannot be without the Final Third Temple at Jerusalem that will never again be destroyed, that is the promised House of Prayer for all the nations which is the great unifying element of the Final Redemption since it will be recognized and loved by all those of the nations who merit to be part of the Geula. The Completed Signs then proceeded in revealing generalities, 7 Floors in correspondence to 7 Prophetic Circles, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam. After this was revealed the fact that said House of Prayer will also be at Beersheva which itself represents a completion for the nations allowing for the extension of more limited Houses of Prayer throughout the world. This too is a necessity for the Final Redemption because all people need places of prayer.

Fish 380 - The Geula Shleima requires the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread as stated "Rejoice greatly o daughter of Zion, exalt o daughter of Jerusalem, behold your king is coming to you, a Tzadik of salvation (nosha') is he, (he is) poor and rides on a donkey and on a foal son of she-asses" (Zechariah, 9: 9). The Goel is in the Kingdom of Heaven and he must become known in the whole world. In the beginning times he is very poor because he is yet unknown and has very few pupils and all matters of the Final Redemption are as yet unknown. So he rides on Donkeys and even White Horses to receive, explain and write down all the new matters.

Fish 381 - The matters are multiple, vast and profound but most of all they are true. Thus the Sign of the Donkey comes to eat the Bread, not to invent new things, and he carries the Signs on himself bearing great weights and since the many Signs they carry are messianic and redemptional, there is the danger that the Signs go to one's head and instead of seeing oneself as a Donkey, one sees himself as ' a messianic man' and begins to believe himself 'something'. This is one main reason for the 'Donkey' Title; The Donkeys are Sign-Carriers, not a 'Messiahs'.

Fish 382 - He is a Tzadik of 'salvation' (nosha') not a Tzadik 'moshia' (who saves) but much more than that: he is himself a Source of Salvation; he is a Tzadik who has been given by God Almighty the power to save others who believe in his Mission in the Kingdom of Heaven. If the verse would stop here, it might be dangerously misconstrued, and people would tend to call out to the Goel as if in prayer which is absolutely prohibited. The Goel, however, rides on Donkeys to make himself known and the Donkeys declare unabatedly that one must pray to God alone!

Fish 383 - It has been explained in our texts that one aspect of the various theological errors of Christianity relates to its necessary correction with the second coming of the Star of Christ. If not for that enormous Correction of 2000 years of Christianity which is an integral part of Sefer Mishnat Haim, such an error could have eventually issued. The Correction is a permanent guard against any theological deviation.

Fish 384 – The intension of 'nosha' (and not 'moshi'a') is that the chosen Tzadik inherently endowed with the power of salvation expresses his elevation. Therefore believing in his Mission as Goel and trying to be a pupil (Donkey) to him brings salvation, elevation, sanctification and blessing. This can be paralleled to 'and they believed in God and in Moses His servant' (Exodus, 14: 31). That belief did not carry over to praying to Moses which was indeed forbidden; it did represent on the other hand the strengthening of belief in God's choice of Moses as the Goel and it entailed salvation, elevation, sanctification and blessing. It totally reinforced the quality of being a pupil of Moses, magister noster.

Fish 385 - So too belief in the Goel Haim befits and benefits the believer if one strives to follow the Mission and the Teachings of the Teacher Haim and it elevates him or her in all other thoughts and actions and conduces to the eventual universal understanding that the Goel Haim is the 'marvelous counselor, potent one of God, father for all times, prince of peace' (Isaiah, 9: 5).

Fish 386 - The Geula Shleima must be preceded by the Fourth Generation which includes the 'great and terrible day of the Lord' that changes the mentality of those who merit and creates the new status of comportment for the generations of the Geula Shleima. The day of the Lord is terrible in its unprecedented decrees of destruction but it is also great in God Almighty's miraculous salvation of those He deems worthy of being part of the redemptional times. It is the Time of the terrible 'purification' of humanity, the Final Hated Fourth Generation that destroys evil and all the sources of iniquity in the world. Its time can only be before the actual Geula Shleima which cannot reside in the world without it.

Fish 387 - The Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim is bound to the 'secret' of the Completed kingdom of Heaven. Together these represent the great 'Secret-Force' of the Geula Shleima. The Kingdom of Heaven is the 'secret' of the Geula Shleima and the Resurrection of the chosen Tzadik Haim is the Force of the Final Redemption. 'Only the Teacher Haim can do this' (of the Sign) demonstrates that this is the final and Complete Sign of the Resurrection whereas the resurrection of Jesus was incomplete and could not continue after its being firmly established in Christianity.

Fish 388 - The Resurrection of the Teacher Haim is the Completed Sign that no longer needs another Sign until it brings to humanity the incredible manifestation of the Physical Resurrection of the Dead, the time of which God alone knows. The Tzadik Haim's Resurrection is the Great Force of all the Signs, and all the other Signs could not be Complete without this Final Completed Sign of the Geula Shleima. The Time has come, therefore, for the Six Completed Signs of the Geula Shleima. Thanks to EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI is Great, EL SHADDAI is One. Amen.

Fish 389 – Thus the Time has Come knows the objects required for knowing what Time has Come and the objects know that they have come unto their time and so correspond to the Time that has Come: The Time has come for the Stars of the Redemption, the Time has come for the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Time has come for the Third and Final Temple, the Time has come for the Donkey who eats Bread, the Time has come for the final Fourth Generation and the Time has come for the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead. The Time has Come. -

Fish 390 - March 15, 2018: Arye' Catucci dreamed (some days ago) that a giraffe was holding him around his neck. Shaul said that the giraffe wanted to eat something. Arye' opened the refrigerator and gave the giraffe something to eat; he ate it but still clinged to Arye's neck. - -

Sign of the Kingdom of the Giraffe desirous of the Binding between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. The Time has Come. –



[1]. Sign of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected the explanations of which fill the pages of Sefer Mishnat Haim which itself is the Book of the Tree of Life of the Final Goel, Haim.

[2] After a day the News spoke about the possibility of the assassination of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader.

[3] The sins are complete even though they will continue and strengthen; they are, however, completed for Judgment and there is no chance for any general repentance from those sins. Therefore the time is that of entering the second part of the Fourth Generation which exits from the level of SIGNS and enters the level of Judgment so as to make place for the DESCENT of the Kingdom of Heaven. -