Written by: Peretz Green


The Virtues of Esther



Chapter 1

The inner love for the protection of others


Gnomen 1 - DIARY: Giuseppe dreamed this morning, June 1, 1998, 7 Sivan 5758; he was together with Peretz who said to him that now there were 500 pupils of the Final New Pact. Both of them laughed and laughed and Giuseppe laughed so much that he fell back with the chair he was on and he still kept on laughing.

Gnomen 2 - I read to Giuseppe the Table - Message on Truth and Justice. - -

Gnomen 13 - One will need the New Protection of the Final Redemption in order to be saved from the distortions of nature that will be in the periods ahead. - -

Gnomen 14 - DIARY: Wednesday June 1, 1998, Sivan 9, 5758 - There is a great ve-nahafoch hu tonight, in the Sign of the Laughter of Isaac, our father. It came together with the formulation of the Message on Truth and Justice and the Message Whoever defends the Jews receives a sanctification’ and after Giuseppe’s dream of Monday morning in which Peretz said that now there were 500 pupils etc. (Gnomen 1 above) -

Gnomen 15 - It was a Sign of the Laughter of Isaac and the Felicity of Purim. 500 was the Sign of the Double-Tail that had touched the earth. For we have just come from the Sign of the 250 days of the Nun Soffit of the Tail of the Donkey. Double it, as the Tail of the Donkey, 500.

Gnomen 16 - With Giuseppe’s ‘surprise’ vision, it was also time to make a prayer for the Mazal of our work and the Mazal of the pupils. The situation is so financially tied down on every side that it is hard for us to make the slightest move.

Gnomen 34 - It is an undeniable truth, verified by the Signs from the beginning, that the Final New Pact has the New Protection needed to shield people from all that is coming in the 4th Generation. Giuseppe received the sign and the blessing related to the conservation of nature for the world afterwards, exactly as Noah’s Ark. Giuseppe received it that even the unbalances of the natural elements that are coming ‘create’ new things that otherwise would not have come into being, such as new sources of energy etc. It can be compared to the Tower. Two thirds were destroyed. One third was killed and one third was turned into monkeys, gorillas and elephants (and thus no longer part of the human race). The other third was saved but they were dispersed around the world, speaking new languages that previously did not exist.

Gnomen 35 - The fact of having spoken one tongue, the original language and thus the language, so to speak, most loved by the Creator, and we might even say the closest to expressing the will of God, represented certainly a higher level for mankind compared to the languages of the nations that came into being as a punishment for all the evil intentions in the Tower. Nevertheless, just as mankind had to be thrown out of the Garden in order to get the world moving, so to speak, also the separations between nations, each one with its own language and with its own codes of life, had to come into being. Also Israel could not have become the chosen nation if there had not been a multitude of nations from among which to be chosen.

Gnomen 36 - Linguistic and cultural diversity, on the other hand, represents an enormous richness for the world. Also in the future when all languages will become again ‘unified’ by way of the New Pure Tongue of the Final Redemption which ‘translates miraculously’ into every language, that immense diversity will become an even greater richness for the world.

Gnomen 37 - Note then that the Tower was destroyed and two thirds of its builders were destroyed but the dispersion of the remaining third also fulfilled positive and important purposes that were, in truth, part of the Divine Design in the history of the human race. For in truth nothing that happens in history and in the historical development of the world is without its purpose in the Divine Design, even when such developments are caused by the sins of mankind. Those who perpetrate the evil will be destroyed and the evil itself will be destroyed but there will always be the eventual positive results that will become the patrimony of the just of mankind who will benefit in those ‘new things’ in their service to God Almighty.

Gnomen 38 - The Tower was also an enormous technological undertaking, involving extremely complicated and precise calculations in their knowledge of the stars and their knowledge of mathematics. For sure something of that technological knowledge was taken by those who were dispersed and used for purposes of construction. So too will it be: scientists and their followers will perpetrate the great and terrible ‘Space Tower’ that is coming; and even much worse they will make the hateful Genetic Tower to form a new mankind at their hand. These scientists will be destroyed in the end because they bring calamities upon mankind and their intentions are for making themselves a great name and to ‘kill’ the faith of mankind in the Lord, our God, Creator of the universe.

Gnomen 39 - They are hated by Heaven and they are an evil to the earth and they will be cause to tremendous upheavals in the heavens and the earth, God save us. They will be destroyed and annihilated forever. The great technology and the ‘scientific’ secrets that they discover will continue, however, for the benefit of the world. Nothing will be lost of all that which can be used in a positive way and for just purposes. So too from the terrible twisting of nature into unnatural states, new powers will be born and many new things will be discovered that otherwise would not have been possible to find.

Gnomen 40 - The essence of what is positive, however, will become the beneficial patrimony of the generations after the great and terrible day of the Lord. Before that, the times are as chaotic as the time of the destruction of the Tower and the dispersion etc. New medicines are found but new sicknesses arrive. New Technology is discovered but completely new problems arrive for which yet a higher technology must be found. It is similar to the amazing jumps in technology for reason of war and with a war under way. Certainly the new technology discovered and used during the war is at most a relative benefit (if there is a ‘just’ side and if it is the just side that has that technology). The real benefit of that technology, however, comes after the war.



Chapter 2 - SEARCHING FOR THE MIDDLE WAY by way of the name ASHER as realized in the Final Redemption

The love to see others happy and to help people live in decent houses


Gnomen 51 - From June 7th to the 13th, my error of having sent the message of the refuge-houses[1] etc. to Milan! Shabbat, I dreamed: the refuge, the completely disproportionate war outside, the confusion, the fear, my prayer for 2 sisters who had a misunderstanding between them, the Teacher Haim who told me that he had been very angry because of the last ‘meeting’. I implored the Tzadik to explain my error. He said that almost everything had passed by now. He told me to sleep that night in the back of the station-wagon. - -

In the meantime, Paolo informed Giuseppe, Shaul and Anna Gasparotti to destroy the document. I dreamed again at the end of Shabbat that same refuge-place. There were dangers outside but all was now in the just proportions. - -


Gnomen 53 - After those corrections, towards the end of Shabbat, Noda, in a dream, saw me in a new room with a large table and a large window where there were all types of perfume, incense, creams, oils etc. I was dressed in white and gold tunic and my face was very luminous and radiant. - - Baruch ha-Shem.

Gnomen 54 - June 16, 1998 - Sivan 22, 5758 : I dreamed: I was in a place, a sort of large room where there were people around. In the midst of the room, the Tzadik Haim was seated. Close to his chair was a young girl of about 12 years old. I had to check her physical state. She lay on the floor, barefoot and barelegged and as I checked her hands and arms, I was very careful not to look at her or her legs and feet and I was totally aware of being before the Tzadik Haim. At first I lifted her right arm and then her left, finding that there was a weakness in her left wrist. I asked her if she was aware of this and she said she was. I then lifted her left hand, placing it in the hand of the Tzadik. He touched her left wrist and said, “It has gone away”. The Tzadik Haim then explained to all those around that Peretz had done the preliminary work but he had to place the girl’s wrist in the Teacher’s hand so that she receive the healing. - -

Gnomen 55 - Sivan 24, 5758, June 18, 1998 - I have established the Altar of the Great Israel on the Fourth Floor of the House of Prayer. This is the Altar of the Sign of the Donkey. Noda was the first to say a prayer on it, that of the blessings for the Protection against the evils of the Fourth Generation. This Altar completes the 7 Floors of the House of Prayer. It should have been established by the 14th year. All those belonging directly to the Sign of the Donkey may participate in this Altar.

Gnomen 56 - Some days ago Davide Levi (Holon) dreamed that he was driving in a car with a woman (perhaps Eliade or Liat). Then he stopped the car and towards a certain house he said, “This is the house of Peretz”. Outside, in front of the house, there were 3 donkeys, 2 were dark and one was grey. - -

Gnomen 57 - Davide Levi dreamed 2 days ago that he was with his father Remo Levi, peace be with him, who had the great privilege of being buried, 10 years later, on exactly the same day and same hour as the Tzadik Haim, the 23rd of Sivan; Sig. Levi showed Davide a newspaper in which it spoke of a scholarship for studying medicine and said “Look here, you can finish your studies in medicine, if you want”. Davide said that he felt himself passed the age and then, looking at the newspaper, said that in any case it was only for a month. Then Sig. Remo Levi got out of the car and bought a beautiful plant and said to Davide to bring it to Nelda.

Gnomen 58 - This was a sign that Davide may enter ‘signs’ of healings, in correspondence to my dream above which comes to open for me the permission to enter ‘signs’ of healings, with the proper intentions.

Gnomen 59 - be-23 sivan nitbarachti be-birchat ‘einei ha-’eda’ be-zcut ha-goel haim: be-24 sivan nitbarachti be-kiddushin mei-’elyon, be-hhatunat ha-simanim shel kol ha-luhhut, ve-she-nirtzeiti ‘eved lo yishtabahh shmo la’ad, be-rtzon nafsho yitbarach, bi-zcut halichati ahhrei ha-tzadik ha-kadosh, haim, ve-she-lo yiishabeiru ‘od ha-luhhut gam ‘ata bi-hiyotam iiti, lo yiishabeiru ve-lo yistalku mei-iiti ‘ad hashlamatam k’fi sifreihem u-k’fi kitveihem be-sefer mishnat haim: amen ve-ken yehi ratzon: ve-nitbarachti be-birchat ruahh maim eish adama ve-kol daka: ve-nitbarachti mei-ha-tzadik haim be-kos shel maim haim: zeh ha-ahhron haya ‘al mizbeiahh yisrael ha-gadol.

Gnomen 60 - The blessing of spirit, water, fire and earth (a fine voice) was for the purpose of the New Protection of the Final Redemption, in the Pact of Peace which completes the Protection for the Final New Pact in the New, True Kabbalah of Big Fish, Leviathan.

Gnomen 61 - Solly called (June 1998): He dreamed: The pupils were together. Peretz said, “We must pray”. Then he said, “We must pray as the Prophet Jeremiah”. All prayed together but each person prayed from his heart as it came. A large cylinder-light descended on them. - -

Solly dreamed that Peretz worked on the 7 Floors and the readjustments due to the Altar of the Greater Israel. The Altar of the Anointed Priest is on the 7th Floor and so too the Sacred Ark ((àøåï ä÷åãù äçãù.

Gnomen 62 - Rosh Hhodesh Tamuz 5759 - ha-luah (gematria 44) hu ha-dam (gem. 44) shel ha-geulah ha-shleima, ka-katuv ‘ktov hhazon u-baer ‘al ha-luhhot le-ma’an yarutz korei bo’. – (Habakuk 2, 2-3)

Gnomen 63 - A dream shows me that I must insist on the ‘tablets’ of Mordechai and Esther. These must be and I must insist. The luah (tablet) is the dam (blood) of the Final Redemption. The 5 Stars of the Higher Tribunal and the 5 Stars of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh are the very ‘blood-substance’ of the New Tablets (Blood (Dam in Hebrew) equals Tablet (Luah)). Through these 10 Stars one can better understand the substance of the 10 Commandments themselves and likewise the Tablets of the Just man who lives in his faith. These 10 are the living blood-substance of the Tablets.

Gnomen 64 - These Ten Stars represent the ‘intermediate-stellar-secret’ of the Tablets of the Final Redemption. The Commandments to Moses, however, were received directly from God and they were written by the ‘finger’ of God Almighty on Tablets of Stone. There was probably no direct relationship with these Stars at that time[2]. The Tablets at that time were written on stone: The ‘blood’ of the Israelites at that time was as ‘stone’. It was not possible then to ‘convert’ their ‘blood’ itself into Tablets. The commandments were written on hearts of stone. Therefore in the end ‘heifiru toratecha’ (they violated Your Torah). In the Final New Pact the commandments are written on the heart of each person. All past history comes to soften the hearts of stone and to make them become hearts of flesh of blood.

These same 10 Stars have various levels, similar to the 10 Commandments themselves which contain the entire Torah and the Torah itself contains revealed aspects and ‘hidden aspects’. Thus, within the framework of these 10 Stars, we find also the 10 Virtues which are based on the Ten Commandments[3]. The Constellations of the Tribunal and Esther are ‘rooted’ in the Stars of Mordechai and Esther of the Big Dipper, 2 of the 3 Hidden Stars. (The Star of the Goel Haim ‘completes’ them for the Final Redemption.) Also these 2 Stars have revealed aspects and hidden aspects. So too Mordechai ha-Tzadik had his revealed work to do in the redemption of Purim as he had hidden work to accomplish. Also Queen Esther on a revealed level was Queen, wife of Ahhashverosh, and on an inner level she maintained her Jewish identity and Jewish heart.

Gnomen 65 - All these elements of the Book of the Stars of Abraham, our father, are being revealed only now by the Goel Haim for the time of the Final Redemption. The names of these Stars and New Constellations were not revealed before. Only now the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE is completed for history, also the middle-name ASHER, the Middle-Pillar, the name containing the roots of the ‘Hidden Rose’ of Jacob without which there would be no ‘binding’ between the First Redemption and the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 66 - Where does the New Equilibrium of the Just Middle Way derive from in terms of the 3 Ascents of Moses, magister noster? We must better define the 3 Ascents. What was the equilibrium of the first Ascent to which Israel did not merit? What was the equilibrium of the Second Ascent which was not given explicitly in the Torah? What was equilibrium of the third ascent which was given to Israel?

Gnomen 67 - I’ve just explained in a written answer to Anna Gasparotti concerning the Tree of Life that in the third ascent there descended the force of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The first ascent was on the level of the Tree of Life. If so, it contained the Equilibrium of the Just Middle Way. But in the Final Redemption we associate the New Tablets of the New, True Kabbalah of the Just Man lives in his faith with the Third Column in conjunction with the Signs of Big Fish. On the other hand, is it not properly the Middle Ascent which represents the Virtues of the Just Man who lives in his faith?

Gnomen 68 - DIARY: July 1, 1998: Giuseppe here dreamed that we dug up what had already been covered with earth because I had forgotten 2 things. At a depth of 2 metres, I took up 2 pearls, one from each of 2 boxes sealed in plastic and then we re-covered the place. I wanted to show the 2 pearls to a young man who was there but when he saw them, he was awestricken and could not touch them. - -

Gnomen 69 - At night, in the ‘sign’ made, Giuseppe received the 2 pearls. The first pearl is in the Key of (the VAV) of va-yehi bimei AHHASHVEROSH (first letter of the Megilat Esther - and it was in the days of Ahhashverosh); thus the first period (of 10 years) has all 4 elements of AHHASHVEROSH but AHH comes to the fore; in the second period AHH-HASH comes to the fore; in the 3rd period AHH-HHASH-SHOR comes to the fore; in the fourth period is the judgement of ‘he is AHHASHVEROSH who reigns over etc. - I had been viewing the question in terms of the punishments but it must be viewed also in terms of the evil in its four-generational climb until the final fourth period.

Gnomen 70 - The second pearl relates that in the 7 years from 35 to 42, there will be an invasion of UFO and that the thwarted war of Gog and Magog[4] takes place in that period. There will be nuclear explosion in the heart of China and great numbers will emigrate into Arab nations that will become aligned to Gog to make a war against Israel. The invasion of the UFO, however, will dissipate their plans etc.

Gnomen 71 - At the time of the refuge houses, all blessings must not be said outside of the refuge itself. - (Sign of the extension of the Blessing of the 4 Elements).

Gnomen 72 - As in the Garden, the Middle is shone at the beginning but one does not come to eat of its fruits until the end. The Equilibrium of the Just Middle Way does not come and is not revealed until the Final Redemption. The Triple-Meditation is said to be of the New Garden. It represents a method for better eating and tasting its fruits. It derives from the 3 Ascents and thus has the Correspondence of the full name (EHEYE ASHER EHEYE). The entire Meditation, however, is in the Sign of the Just Man who lives in his faith.

Gnomen 73 - The Tablets of 30 Passes represent the ‘re-assembling’ of the Broken Fragments of the First Tablets. They thus possess something of that first Kabbalah, the Kabbalah of the Faith of the First Commandment and the basis of the Kabbalah of the Just Man lives in his faith. The ‘Tablets’ of Mordechai and Esther must pertain in particular to the Middle Ascent. The revelation of the Final Redemption comes by way of the Scroll of the Final Redemption, as revealed in the dreams of Sig. Banin, of Deborah and Davide Levi. Thus not Two Tablets, but rather one long ‘Scroll’.

Gnomen 74 - The holy letters written on Stone-Tablets were of the 1st and 3rd Ascents. What would have arrived from the 2nd Ascent was not to be written on Stone-Tablets but would have come in the form of a ‘Scroll’ and an Oral Tradition. The people, however, needed Tablets of Stone with the laws inscribed on them. In the Final Redemption we have the Sign of the Enlarged Tablets of the Torah or as we say the New Large Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan. These are the Tablets of the New Law of 30 Passes extended to the Third Column of Big Fish Leviathan.

Gnomen 75 - The first Column thus represents the Laws of the Just Man of the first Tablets. The Tablets of the Third Ascent had written on them the same laws as the first Tablets. What was different was the Kabbalah behind them. If Israel had won over the Yetzer ha-ra, it would have merited to remain just people who live in their faith. The First Column Tablets of 30 Passes represent that ‘simplification’.

Gnomen 76 - The Middle-Column represents the Virtues, the completion of the Just Man who lives in his faith. This is the Heart of the Just Person. The Third Column represents the New Kabbalah for the Just Man, all that which pertains to the New Things of the Final Redemption. All 3 Columns are needed for the Completion of the Just Man. The Just Man will carry the Tablets of the Law (30 Passes) on his left hand, the Tablets of the Enlarged Torah of Leviathan on his right hand, and the Scroll of the Virtues in his heart and on his whole body. Then will he walk in the true Middle-Way, eating the fruits of the Tree of Life, in merit of the chosen Goel Haim.

Gnomen 77 - In the first redemption, nevertheless, the 3rd Ascent and the Tablets received represented the Middle-Way for the people of Israel. The first Tablets proved to be too ‘high’. Likewise the revelation of the Virtues was too abstract for the people at that time. They would not have been able to ‘stand’ in them. They needed the more detailed exposition of the prohibitions and of the laws. It was a middle-way to which they could better adapt themselves. That, however, was not the time of the Historical Middle-Way that is representative of the Tree of Life. It is a great historic decree when the Final Sign of the Resurrection enters the world. It is a decree concerning the time itself and it begins only when the Final Goel is chosen. Thus whatever came before was not in the New Equilibrium.

Gnomen 78 - We may search for the roots of the Middle-Way in the first Ascent of Moses, in the second Ascent (according to the New Mishnah received) and even in the third Ascent but the New Perfect Middle derives from all of them and is incorporated into the New Forms of the Final Redemption. But the great pivot of the Middle-Way derives from the Middle-Column. Isaac is the great Binder of the Patriarchs; the name ASHER is the Binder of the historical redemption. The Prophet Elijah is the great Binder of the Torah of Moses and of the revelation of the Final Redemption. Purim is the great Binder between the first redemption and the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 79 - The virtues which derive from the Middle-Column are the great binders between the light of the soul and the actions, words and thoughts of the person. The Tablets of Mordechai and Esther (the Scroll[5] of the Final Redemption) are bound to the Middle-Column because all the New Teachings are bound to the perfect Middle-Way of the Virtues. And the Donkey Brays are right in the middle of everything. Why did the Donkey have such good luck to carry to the world the marvellous news of the Final Redemption, a piece of good fortune that, for sure, many humans would have liked to have? How did the Donkey get so Middle of the Wayish that he was needed by mankind to explain what the Middle-Way is all about?

Gnomen 80 - True, it is not in our merit; we are only Donkeys ridden on by the Final Goel, Haim. And yet also the Donkey is a chosen Sign of the Final Redemption. Why then a Donkey and not a human being? There must be some roots to this phenomenal redemptional happening. There must be something that the Donkey has for which he was given such a great privilege. The Goel Haim, brings to the world the Great New Revelation of the Tree of Life, the Final Tree of Eternal Life. But also the Donkey has the great merit of braying out its fruits for the world. And how might a Donkey get caught up in the marvellous cycle of eternal life?

Gnomen 81 - It’s a secret. I don’t know if I should tell you or not. And if you get jealous? No, no, I’m sorry, you are good human beings and you will be past the foolish jealous periods of your existence when you will come to read this. Only the Donkey licked the bark of the Tree of Life and thus he was able to smell its marvellous fragrance. The other animals of the garden did not have the privilege to get so close.

Gnomen 82 - The Donkey, however, was privileged because he was made to be the carrier of Man when he would come. And so the Donkey reasoned: When Man comes, he will eat of this blessed fruit and he will live forever. In the meantime he will ride upon me and I shall be unto him a faithful friend. It would be too sad a thing for him to lose me at some point after such a long and faithful friendship. Perhaps at least by licking its bark and knowing its scent, I too will be given something of that eternal life for the sake of Mankind’s happiness.

Gnomen 83 - And so it was. The Donkey’s good intentions were heard by God and the Donkey was allowed to come close and to lick its bark and to know its wonderful fragrance. Unfortunately, Man didn’t make it to the Tree of Life and it would take some 6000 years of confusion before coming onto that blessed Middle-Way which gives Eternal Life. So look at the luck of the Donkey who retained such an advantage over mankind. No one else had come so close to the Tree of Life in the Midst of the Garden.

DIARY: Paolo with a Scratch and Win won 100.000 Italian lire (about 25 dollars) with the number 33. Also at the School Sunday was read Siman 33. After reading to Paolo the Table concerning angels, Nodà saw Jesus who wanted to participate with me tonight, after the many words that have been written about him.

Gnomen 84 - Therefore I shall try tonight to be with Yeshua and to listen and, if I am able, to write down what ever I can. It is obviously a time of celebration in the Kingdom Of Heaven for the Sign 33. Beniamino will be present the whole time. It is also the moment of exposing the Middle Column as the Middle Pillar of the Middle Way of the Tree of Life. I am not sure but it seems to me that the announcement of the Archangel Michael that ‘the 3 men of the redemption are Moses, Yeshua and Haim’ has yet to be brought to a completion in the New Equilibrium. It is there in essence but it must be brought to another level of bold relief (see Esther 5 for the finalisation of this equilibrium). -

Gnomen 85 – (Yeshua's Words): “Also in the School of the Essenes, Tablets were spoken of. The Tablets of the First Temple are hidden in a cave. I was allowed to see them. One must be in the holy secret to see them and to contemplate their sanctity. But also the Tablets of the Teacher of Justice were spoken of. For these, the Tablets of his teachings, were considered the New Tablets of the Redemption also after his tragic death.

Gnomen 86 - “The Teacher of Justice was, for us, also the Tzadik who brought justice between the Hidden Kingdom of Heaven and the people of the earth. The School of Esther was its meeting place on earth. And I was the lamb of Providence to bind the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven to Israel. I too searched into the Middle Way as it was revealed at that time. See the severity inside the School and the leniency with simple folk outside the School. I myself believed myself the New Tablets of the Redemption, Tablets which derived from the Middle Way, the Tablets of the promised New Pact.

Gnomen 87 - Now I have seen it develop with you into the New Equilibrium. I have followed every point. For I am myself redeemed at every point of the New Equilibrium, as you have shown. Now you must see Moshe rabbeinu and then you will understand, for Moses was in the Middle between Ha-Shem and between the people. Therefore the first redemption could have been the final redemption with the passing down of the Tradition from Moses to Joshua. All 3 names of the full name could have been revealed in the first redemption.

Gnomen 88 - “Likewise in the second redemption of ASHER by way of someone in the Middle[6] to interpret God’s will, it was virtually possible that the entire redemption, in the Tradition of the Torah and the Prophetic Tradition of Elijah, of blessed mentioning, with the New Tablets of the redemption, could have taken place. My mission was designed for exposing that possibility. You must understand this point. The Messianic Mission given by the name ASHER has in it the possibility of bringing the entire redemption. For this reason am I considered one of the Three Men of the Redemption.

Gnomen 89 - “This means that the Middle Way alluded to in the Tree of Life was there to be revealed by way of that mission of the name ASHER because, at least virtually, it could have brought after it the entire redemption. When I said ‘I have not seen such a faith as this in Israel’ (Matthew, 8, 10) this was a sign that the Middle Way of the Tree of Life[7] reaches even the commonest levels of the world. Once that mission was opened, it was designed to reach the simplest folk. This is the sign that it could have been a complete redemption also for the world.

Gnomen 90 - “I was also seeing all from the position of the Middle which is the Way by which even the simplest of people whose virtues shine in their heart can serve the Lord, our God. Now, however, it can be better seen because the complete redemption did not come out of the name ASHER but from the final third name of the full name. It is only in the Final Redemption, therefore, that the Middle Way of the name ASHER becomes the Middle Way of the Middle Name, revealed in the Final Name. Its roots are in the name ASHER but it is realized only in the Final Redemption where the True Middle Way is revealed. For the name ASHER itself is completed only in the Final Redemption. This is the great, long trunk of the Tree of Life the fruits of which are not mature until the Geula Shleima.

Gnomen 91 - “Therefore, with the coming of the final name, the correction of the historical errors that came out under the name ASHER, as you have seen in the past 15 years, represent the permission for the White Steps of the Middle Way to descend into the world. For this reason the Scroll is referred to as being of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Queen Esther. The Middle Way which derives from the name ASHER is bound to the White Steps of the Kingdom of Heaven. Bitter was the Chalice that I drank from for the sake of the Middle Way which would come only at the end. But in these past 15 years, that long, historic sacrifice is turned into enormous pleasure and every word written redeems me from bitterness into great joy, redeeming for me the title of one of the Three Men of the Redemption.

Gnomen 92 - “Therefore my spirit is now in the Sign of the Laughter of Isaac. In me the Spirit of the Laughter of Isaac is born for the world now, in the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. For that which is truly bound is bound forever with the Lord, our God. This is what you needed to complete the New Equilibrium because you did not understand that the historical Laughter of Isaac of the Final Redemption is born in my spirit in virtue of the sacrifice of the Ram in Isaac’s Stead.

Gnomen 93 – "Therefore I said ‘if one slaps you on the left cheek, give him your right’ (Ibid, 5, 39). This was intended for those who wished to be dedicated to the peaceful ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. At that time this statement represented a true Middle Way between the ways of the earth and the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Final Redemption the concept is re-proportioned but the virtue that it contains continues because it has been bound from then on to the virtues of the Kingdom of Heaven hidden in the name ASHER.

Gnomen 94 - "This you must understand; the name ASHER is representative of the Middle-Pillar, hidden from the eyes of mankind, which binds the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth. This is the great, long trunk of the Tree of Eternal Life, hidden until it is revealed. Therefore also that mission had to contain the Sign of the Resurrection.

Gnomen 95 - "You are right that the great representative of the Middle Way is that declared by the Tzadik Haim, “We are all of the same flesh” for that which is true and high and reaches the common people is of the Middle Pillar from the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth. And humility of character is the binding force of that great union. This is the meaning of ‘This is the Star of Christ and it comes in virtue of humility’. This is the Star of the Mission which binds the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth by way of the beloved humility in all those who possess it.

Gnomen 96 - "Now you will begin to understand. All that which happened in that mission was justified in the light of the Just Man lives in his faith, as you have explained throughout. Not so the first redemption in which Moses was directly commanded and not so in the Final Redemption in which the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven was Head of the Hidden Tzadikim. Only that Mission in the middle was done on the basis of the Just Man lives in his faith. It is from that formation under the Signs of the Messianic Mission of the name ASHER that the Middle-Pillar reaches from great hidden heights to the levels of the simple folk of the world.

Gnomen 97 - "Are you beginning to see? All the true Signs bound to the name ASHER are for the Final Redemption in order that the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven be revealed on earth. The binding-power of the name ASHER is needed for all times. Therefore am I one of the 3 Men of the Redemption because great and essential aspects of the binding of the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth came by way of my mission. The most essential binding-power between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth is directly bound to the Signs of the Just Man who lives in his faith.

Gnomen 98 - "Do not be amazed then that the Tablets of 30 Passes and the Large Tablets of Leviathan are Bound Together by way of the Scroll of Mordechai and Esther. This is necessary for extending the name ASHER unto its New Life in the Final Redemption. The New Life of the Signs of the name ASHER in the Final Redemption are renewed in the Signs of the Laughter of Isaac when the world will come to understand the true purposes of the marvels of God’s Design in History.

Gnomen 99 - “I showed loving-kindness to the poor, the sick and the humiliated. Those became signs, as hidden pillars, between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. Millions afterwards would imitate me to use loving-kindness and compassion with the needy and the unfortunate. These kept up hidden pillars between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth throughout history and they will all become revealed by way of the Final Redemption. All the bindings therefore were not in vain and when the encrustations around those pillars are taken away, true light remains, lights which are truly bound between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. And when, by way of the Final Redemption, those hidden pillars be given to show their true light, from then on they grow stronger and are solidly bound to all the principles of the Final Redemption. And every person who is a carrier of that hidden pillar will receive of the great joy of my spirit in the Sign of the Laughter of Isaac.

Gnomen 100 – "It is for this reason that the Sign of 33 returns in the Final Signs; ASHER in small gematria is 6, as the 6 Signs, 3 and 3 as you explained. 33 is thus the Sign of the Signs of the name ASHER that must return for their completion, representing the true entrance to the Signs of the Laughter of Isaac, our father".



Chapter 3


The quality to forgive and to ask forgiveness for one’s behaviour or for indelicate actions or words towards others


Gnomen 101 - And this is the meaning of ‘the donkey’, as it states ‘sit here with the donkey while I and the lad go thither to prostrate ourselves and then we shall return here to you’ (Genesis, 22, 5). What is ‘the’ donkey? Oh, but it is just that donkey who licked the bark and smelled the fragrance of the Tree of Life. This is the donkey that brought Isaac towards the altar of his holocaust and this is the donkey who carried Isaac after his ‘resurrection’ from that sacrifice.

Gnomen 102 - I do know of a redemptional purpose for which Moses, our teacher, wrote the Book of Job. Job laments against the fate that has befallen him and his words often seem harsh and most certainly they are bitter. He is rebuked for his laments by his friends, sages of antiquity who explain, according to their wisdom, the perfection of God’s justice and the unknown goodness of all His decrees. In the end, notwithstanding the truths upon which they expound, their own rebukes to Job are not pleasing in the sight of God and instead He justifies Job and restores to him twofold his health, his family and his wealth.

Gnomen 103 - The opening section of the Book of Job is essential for understanding this profound text. God, on the day of Judgement of the year, listens to the plea of Satan who claims that Job’s righteousness is bound to the goodness that he has received. “If” he claimed “You will take that bounty away from him, he will curse you instead of blessing you” (Job, 1, 11). The Lord consents and allows Satan to put Job to the test and within a short time Job’s children die, his property is destroyed by fire and he is inflicted with a painful and agonizing illness. The skin of his body became so decrepit and disgustingly corroded that Job said to the worm that he saw crawling out of his abdomen “Stay where you are. Why leave a place where you have plenty to eat and to thrive on?”

Gnomen 104 - In truth, God did not punish Job nor was it the Lord who afflicted him. It was a test in the hands of Satan, permitted by the Judge of all mankind. Thus it is clearly understood that the afflictions of Job were given him not due to sins of any kind, since Job was an upright man in all that he did but BECAUSE he was a just man. This fact is the true fulcrum point of Job’s lamentation.

Gnomen 105 - Job did not say, in truth, that God is unjust or that He is not perfect. His harsh laments break out from the pains of his affliction to which he himself had not aspired and of which he himself was not instrumental in bringing about. Job had been a righteous man but he had not desired to suffer in order to reach a higher level of justification or righteousness nor had he ever asked for such. It is this point that must be understood because, in the end, after the long debates, all of high theosophical importance (replete with stellar ‘allusions’), God Himself justifies Job and rebukes the others.

Gnomen 106 - There exists thus a level of justification in Job’s laments because everything said by him is justified by God in the end. Job’s lament represents the predicament created by ‘nora ‘alila ‘al bnei adam’ (Psalms, 66: 5) – ‘awesome are the desires of God upon the sons of man’. Job was a just man in the world and of the world. He was a just man who lived in his faith, not a Tzadik as the later Hidden Tzadikim who accept upon themselves the suffering born of the sins of others.

Gnomen 107 - Job did not curse God, as the test put to him by Satan. Job’s wife in desperation said to him “Curse then and be done with it” (Ibid, 2, 9). It is explained in tradition that also Job’s wife had her justification for saying such: her intention was positive: If you curse Him then all will know that there was a reason for such an affliction but if you continue to bless Him you will drive people away from serving Him. For they will say ‘If such is the reward for serving Him, I wish to have no part in it’. -

Gnomen 108 - Job lamented but he did not curse the Lord, his God, and in that merit he was justified and blessed as a ‘just man who lives in his faith’. The Lord, God, allows His faithful to fall into the ‘historical traps’ of ‘awesome are the decrees of God upon mankind’. Afterwards, He Himself justifies their fall, lifts them up, redeems them and blesses them. Contained here are the decrees of exile which must precede each redemption. -

Gnomen 109 - I received directly from the Tzadik Haim the truth of the tradition that Moses, magister noster, wrote the Book of Job. We may, therefore, by way of the Triple-Meditation search for the place, according to our definition that the Book of Job represents the Justification before God and by Him of the Just Man who lives in his faith. Moses had received and was shown all 3 names of the full name (EHEYE ASHER EHEYE) and he therefore was shown the 3 exiles decreed before the final revelation.

Gnomen 110 - The Book and figure of Job symbolise the destiny of the Jewish people, their exiles that they will have to bear and its final justification and blessing that it will receive. For the Jewish people, as a whole, has been as the level of the just man who lives in his faith[8] and yet it has paid the bitter prices of its promised redemptions. Awesome are the decrees of God upon the sons of man.

Gnomen 111 - It is thus significant that the first commandment represents the level of faith of Moses and the first Ascent represents the Kabbalah of the Just Man who lives in his faith, a principle received later by the Prophet Habakkuk (2: 4) as the underlying basis of the first commandment which includes in itself all the commandments of the Torah. That first Kabbalah, however, could not be received by the people. It stood at an extremely high and sanctified level, representing at that moment of history the essence of the faith of Moses himself. The people was not yet ready for such a level. They fell in the sin of the golden calf. As Adam and Eve, in one way or another they had to sin and get cast from the Garden.

Gnomen 112 - Reasons are given for the immediate fall whether in being cast from the Garden or whether exile of the 10 tribes of Israel or the destruction of the first Temple but, in the last analysis, ‘awesome are the decrees of God upon the sons of man’, especially upon those who try to serve Him and who try to be as just men who live in their faith. For sure Moses also saw, aside from the tragedy at hand of the idolatrous calf, that he was being shown by Providence why the people would eventually have to undergo exile for their sins of idolatry.

Gnomen 113 - Moses, magister noster, also saw that the sin of the Golden Calf in that moment of history was so great that it would be the cause of the historical affliction of Israel’s being hated among the nations. Therefore the Book is called IOUB -hated. I humbly believe, therefore, that Moses, our teacher, received the essence of the Book of Job in his second Ascent on Mount Sinai of 40 days and 40 nights, after Israel’s fall in the golden calf. That entire second Ascent was a period of ‘mourning’ for the Tablets that had been broken. The pain in realising their sin and what they had lost was extremely heavy upon him. Moses ascended each day and spoke to God, seeking the remedy that would save the newly-born Israelite nation.

Gnomen 114 - So must he have contemplated the plight of Israel’s destiny and the decrees that would fall upon it for the sake of being justified by the Lord, our God, in the end, justified as the just man who lives in his faith. It is here that the first Kabbalah of the first Ascent, Kabbalah of the Just Man lives in his faith, which is bound to the first commandment, moves on to the second phase under the hidden name ASHER. And Moses, our teacher, searched for the ‘secrets’ of the Virtues of the heart as a remedy to Israel’s stubbornness.

Gnomen 115 - This was the ‘hidden ascent’ as it is hidden in the Torah itself and in this Ascent Moshe rabbeinu learned ‘secrets’ of the Kingdom of Heaven that would be ‘secretly’ developed in long, historical processes until it would be revealed to mankind in the final redemption. Moses, magister noster, entered the Palace of the Virtues loved in the Kingdom of Heaven, so as to betake of words in some way intelligible to the mind. Moses sought to bring these Virtues down into the world in forms in which he might teach them to walk in those ways and be bound to that Torah of eternal life.

Gnomen 116 - Those 40 days were thus a period of heavy mourning for the people and an extremely heavy time for Moses and yet, at the same time, it was the Ascent in which the greatest of all the Prophets received the hidden Signs of Isaac, the hidden name ASHER, the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven, the hidden reasons of exile and the Completed Kabbalah of the Just Man lives in his faith. That first Kabbalah was completed in the second Ascent by the Signs of the Virtues of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Gnomen 117 - By way of the 10 commandments heard by the entire people and Virtues of the Heart of the second Ascent, Moses, our teacher, tried to ‘complete’ the redemptional ‘cycle’ of the Kabbalah of the Just Man lives in his faith. The second Ascent represents the Middle Pillar that binds the Kingdom of Heaven to people on earth. The Law of God together with the Virtues of the Heart followed by the Just Man represent a great completion of body and spirit.

Gnomen 118 - In this fullness of the Law and the Virtues that complete the Kabbalah of the Just Man lives in his faith, the Final Redemption itself becomes virtually possible, if Moses would have been given permission to bring it down.

DIARY: Today Tamuz 5758; July 8, 1998: Paolo, Nodà and I went to Massa Carrara and bought a round piece of white marble for the Altar of the Greater Israel. It cost 80.000 lire (about 20 dollars). I established it in the Tent. Both Paolo and Noda, after standing on it, said that they felt the Great Cylinder of the final New Pact.

Gnomen 119 - DIARY: today Giuseppe called with a dream of last night in which it was said that now is the moment that all the pupils, those already here and those who will come, make a complete separation with the past. The pupils must undo themselves from all connections to the past, including objects or whatever of memories that serve no true purpose. - -

Paolo ripped up some 50 photos of the past as a sign to this new beginning.

I thank God that I am beginning to understand somewhat better how the name ASHER was in the first ascent and how it is the Middle Pillar of the second Ascent and how it is the Middle Pillar of the Virtues of the Final Redemption and how the New Spirit of the Laughter of Isaac never loses sight of the Initial Signs.

Gnomen 120 - The Middle Ascent contained the Hidden Crown of the Torah. Also Isaac, our father, represents the Hidden Crown of the Patriarchs. The Crown of Abraham, our father, was revealed and he was known as a Prince of God throughout the kingdoms of that time. So too Jacob, our father, was famous throughout the land and in Egypt. Isaac, our father, however, compared to them, did not exit very often from his Tent and did not show himself very often to others. He loved the silence and peace of his inner sanctum.

Gnomen 121 - The Crown of Isaac, our father, is hidden in the akeidat Yitzhhak (the Binding of Isaac). Isaac was ‘chosen’ for that sacrifice and although it was a test ultimately not meant to take Isaac at that moment, it was, nevertheless, virtually possible because the Hidden Crown of God’s choice was upon Isaac. If, for hypothesis, Isaac had been taken then as the accepted holocaust to God, the entire Redemption would have had to be revealed for the world at that time, by way of the Revelation of the New Kingdom of Heaven that would have become Isaac’s responsibility to reveal from the other world, thus binding that Hidden Kingdom of Heaven with the earth.

Gnomen 122 - The ‘sacrifice’ of Isaac, our father, was ‘accepted’ nonetheless, as explained to me by the Tzadik Haim, that the slaughtering knife did touch Isaac, ever so slightly, held up by the angel of God, so that a drop of blood issued. This was a sign that the sacrifice had been completed and accepted. The ram, however, was sacrificed instead of Isaac.

Gnomen 123 - As hypothetical as the realisation of the Kingdom of Heaven at that time may be, it reflects, however, the virtuality of an extremely hidden matter. That it was too early in history is obvious but that does not exclude its fulfilment on higher, hidden levels. It was sufficient that Abraham bring Isaac to Moriah, to bind him upon the altar and to pull the knife. On a higher hidden level, all was accomplished. For it is properly in the Signs of the name ASHER containing the Signs of Isaac that the Signs of the Kingdom of Heaven are bound. The virtual possibility of Isaac’s being taken there and then to bind the Kingdom of Heaven, takes on a new prospective.

Gnomen 124 - Only the incredible contradictory terms of the binding itself created the condition for containing a secret so hidden as that of the Kingdom of Heaven. The roots of the fact that the Middle name ASHER is the one bound to the secret of the Kingdom of Heaven lay in the hidden significance and hidden implications of Isaac’s binding explained above. The binding of Isaac came to establish the roots of the Kingdom of Heaven and to establish the merits of sacrifice that would bind the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth secretly until the time would come for its revelation.

Gnomen 125 - The virtues of sacrifice are very elevated. This is because the purposes of sacrifice are elevated and totally altruistic. Isaac was to be sacrificed to fulfil the word of God to Abraham and this in turn represented a great goodness for the world reason for which it was desired by God. So was Isaac, our father, ready to give himself totally to his Creator. It was not for himself but for the good of all.

Gnomen 126 - DIARY OF THE DONKEY: The new soul of the Triple Meditation has descended. I feel new, as if I was never here before in this world, as a new soul born of the Triple Meditation sent for the purpose of giving it over to the coming generations. This new soul has been created by God Almighty, in merit of the suffering of the Tzadik Haim, and this New Donkey descends into the world in merit of the sacrifice of Beniamino Perico and corresponds with the arrival of the Round Altar of the Greater Israel of White Marble. Now is the moment for all pupils to separate themselves from the past.

Gnomen 127 – This New Soul of the Donkey who eats Bread derives from the spirit of happiness of the Tzadik Haim. For the Donkey’s nefesh must walk in the Law of Moses, his ruah must walk in the virtues of the heart as those received from the Teacher Haim, and his neshama is bound to the Tzadik Haim. In the light of his teachings, the Donkey stands before the Lord, our God, to pray. And in his felicity, the Donkey sings, “I am the Donkey of the Middle Way who licked the bark of the Tree of Life and smelled its marvellous fragrance in the Garden of Eden. Hee-haw, Hee-haw, hee-haw!”.

Gnomen 128 – The New Scroll of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and Queen Esther binds the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth in the marvellous revelation of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. This Scroll was received in the 4th year of the Signs. Now it’s the 4th year of the 3rd period, the 16th year of the Completed Signs, Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread under the Sign of the New Light of Hhanucat ha-Hhanucot. The Meghilat Ha-Geula Ha-Shleima represents the Middle Pillar of the Kingdom of Heaven, of the Second Column, Heart of the Rose. Thirty Passes of the New Law is bound to the First Column, Heart of the Prophet. The completion of the Middle Way is of the Third Column, Heart of Big Fish, in the Sign of the Large Tablets of Big Fish, Leviathan of the Just person who lives in his Faith.

Gnomen 129 - Between the donkey of early waking of Abraham, our father, and the donkey loaded with commandments that ‘caused’ Issachar, great recompense to the descendants of Jacob, our father, was THE donkey of Isaac, our father, and this is the donkey that gets the THE[9]. If, however, you are searching for a donkey-prophet, go to the she-ass of Balaam. And the donkey of Habakuk upon which the Final Goel rides is all five donkeys put together.

Gnomen 130 - For it says ‘on a donkey (hhamor) and on a wild-donkey (‘ayar) the son of she-donkeys (ben atonot - plural of aton - she-ass) (Zechariah, 9: 9), ‘Riding on a donkey’ refers to the donkey upon which Abraham rode. The wild-donkey is the historically wild-donkey of Isaac upon which Yeshua rode. The 2 she-asses are the loaded-donkey of Jacob and the she-ass of Balaam. Also the loaded-donkey that caused the birth of Issachar was expert in the calculations of the stars and held secrets of prophecy by way of the stars.

Gnomen 131 - But the wild-donkey of Isaac is called ‘ayar’ the root letters of which are ‘ir’ city and the root contains the ‘ayin and resh of ‘ir - awake. This alludes to the great City of Christianity that has extended throughout the world. THE donkey of Isaac includes the peoples of Islam, as the Sages say (about the verse in Genesis (22:5)) ‘not ‘im’ (with) but ‘am’ (nation), thus, ‘remain here, o nation similar to a donkey’ referring to the descendants of Ishmael. THE donkey of Isaac is THE historical Donkey from the she-ass ridden on by Jesus to the Donkey who eats Bread of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 132 - And all 5 donkeys are alluded to with this definite article ‘hei’ the number of which is 5. THE donkey of Isaac, our father, is thus THE donkey of the Middle Pillar and all the other 4 (or 5) donkeys are included in this one. And without the donkey of Isaac, there would be no donkeys anywhere. Is it not more than obvious then that Isaac’s donkey was the one who licked the trunk of the Tree of Life smack in the Middle of the Garden of Eden. That donkey would have to wait 2000 years until Abraham would saddle him early in the morning. In this he was the donkey of the Abraham phase of history, until the end time of the Second Temple. The 2000 years after this is the historical phase of the Confusion of Isaac.

Gnomen 133 - Abraham, our father, prepared Isaac’s donkey to carry Isaac to Moriah to be slaughtered. When Isaac rode that donkey, it became THE donkey of the Middle Pillar of the Hidden Kingdom of Heaven. For the Roots of the Kingdom of Heaven were formed in Isaac’s binding as THE donkey awaited his return. And history would have to wait 2000 years in the historical phase of the Confusion of Isaac’s Binding and the Horns caught in the thorn bush of theological confusion. Until Isaac[10] would return to ride upon that chosen Donkey of the Garden that licked the trunk of the Tree of Life and smelled its marvellous fragrance.

Gnomen 134 - Isaac went to the altar but he returned from his altar. The Ram was caught in the Thicket close to the altar and was taken and sacrificed on the altar. The sacrifice of the ram completed the sacrifice of the sacrifice of Isaac. In that merit-of-completion, the ram, elevated in the privilege of that sacrifice, kept up the hope of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven for 2000 years in the Isaac phase of history. Whoever has Donkey ears, let him bray. The Perfect Middle-Way of the Final Redemption could not have been if it were not rooted in the Middle Way of the Messianic Signs of the name ASHER.

Gnomen 135 - There are 7 signs, in particular, made or mentioned by Yeshua and recorded in the Gospels, that represented hidden-bindings between the Kingdom of Heaven and the people in the world (Christians): (We speak, of course, not of ‘Christianity’ but of Christians who merited to virtues by way of Christianity): 1) he spoke against falsehood, hypocrisy, arrogance, the substitution of false values over true values 2) he spoke about the Kingdom of Heaven that was coming 3) he spoke a New Message, a New Spirit, a New Marriage, a New Mission 4) he rode on a she-ass into Jerusalem 5) he spoke of the Sign of his Resurrection 6) he spoke of the ‘son of man’ that would come at the end-time 7) he praised the simple folk, the poor and the needy for the virtues of faith that they had in themselves even though they were not instructed in the Torah etc.

Gnomen 136 - These 7 categories become 7 times 7 in the Gospels by way of their repetition or their variation or other words or signs that fit into these categories. These ‘signs’ have lived in the world for 2000 years in merit of Yeshua. Jesus’ mission touched the foundations of the world-society fostering virtues of the heart, charity and deeds of loving-kindness among lay-Christians throughout history. Yeshua had given his life in sacrifice with just that intention, that the virtues of the heart be extended to all. Yeshua was the Messia of the Virtues of the Heart. His was the most incredible Messianic Mission of the Signs of ASHER which comes to bind the virtues loved in the Kingdom of Heaven to the heart of mankind.

Gnomen 137 - Blessed is the Lord, our God, who has closed us into the Pact of Truth.

Isaac, our father, did not die on the altar. On the contrary, he was ‘resurrected’ unto life and at the age of 40, 3 years after the ‘akeida’ he married Rebecca, our mother. In the 2000 year Isaac-phase of history, the Jewish people itself lived on; its altar was with it and its prayer was with it and God’s salvation was with it. The Hidden Signs of Isaac, however, were in the hands of the 36 Hidden Suffering Tzadikim, from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and until the Final Goel, Haim, the last of the Heads of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. They kept up, in secret, the merit of the Jewish people throughout the ages, not only of the Jewish people but of the world.

Gnomen 138 - Isaac, our father, was a hidden Tzadik; the ram that substituted Isaac was a ram. By the Providence of God, however, that ram was a necessity for the sake of the rest of history and the Design of the Redemption to which it is bound. Yeshua was by no means on the level of the higher Hidden Tzadikim. Yeshua was the elevated and chosen Ram of history, sacrificed so that the history of Israel might continue. Yeshua, in his mission, began to open for humanity the Tablets of the Just Man lives in his faith. He himself was not judged as a ‘Tzadik’ but as a just man who lived in his faith and in this he was justified and was given permission from the other world to complete the Sign of his Resurrection and to help from there to establish that mission for the world, the Mission of Christ of the Nations. The concept of the Kingdom of Heaven notwithstanding the many impediments and limitations imposed by that pre-Kingdom of Heaven, was being prepared in the heart of mankind.

Gnomen 139 - Nevertheless, it was only that form, a ‘messianic ram’, a person who was not a Hidden Tzadik but a Just man who lives in his faith, that could have represented the ‘messianic salvation’ that had to reach even the simple folk of the land. This category of ‘messianic salvation’ to the simple folk, at first in Israel and then to the nations, is a redemptional and messianic matter. It has nothing to do with the hidden levels of the Hidden Tzadikim. In a larger, global view, of course, also the hidden redemptional work of the Hidden Tzadikim comes with the purpose that the world at large arrive at its final redemption. That ‘messianic salvation’ which had in itself the power to teach virtues to a large part of mankind, was known to them (to the Hidden Tzadikim) but they could not speak.

Gnomen 140 - DIARY: July 10, 1998 - Solly dreamed that I said to him that I had brought another son, my last, and that, amazingly, I had circumcised him in the Temple. - -

I don’t know exactly what this means, but, in any case, a greater birthday present than this does not exist. I thank the Lord, my God, for this wonderful news. I believe that it represents good news for the construction of the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem and at Beersheva after the 65 years of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 141 - Here in the 41st day of the Sign of 120 days in the Triple Meditation, I describe my seder at this time. Just before Midnight (which is now at 01:00 because of daylight saving time) I prepare myself to enter the Inner Tent. I enter, put the white shawl around me and, standing, I receive hhatzot (mid-night) and say Shema. In the Tent, there is a small square table upon which are 5 stones bound to the Constellation of Esther, 5 stones bound to the Constellation of the Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik, 7 very small stones of the Sign of Beersheva and the Sign of the Eye of Jethrow which is in the Sign of the Eyes of the Congregation.

Gnomen 142 - After saying the Shema, I place my hands and arms over the table and I say, usually in Hebrew, ‘in the Sign of the Scroll of Mordechai ha Tzadik and of Queen Esther’. I receive the Scroll. These are ‘small’. I hold them both against my chest. These are, however, extremely luminous. I then re-place them on the table and I sit on the Chair of the Inner Tent.

Gnomen 143 - I then take permission from EHEYE ASHER EHEYE and from the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven and I take up the Staff of the Tribunal. I remove one of the small 7 stones of Beersheva from the little, black box that contains them. When 7 days have passed and the 7 stones are outside of the box, I put all 7 back into the box and begin again. After this I remain seated and I take up the Staff of the Teacher and look at the Eye of Jethrow and here I am free to meditate on whatever I desire or to leave the Inner Tent. Also the Staff of Malchitzedek (Staff of Antique Wisdom) is now in the Inner Tent, here in the Sign of the Prophetic Heart of the Triple Meditation.

Gnomen 144 - After leaving the Inner Tent, I must now stand up on the Altar of the Prophet in the Tent to receive the Long Scroll of the Middle Pillar of the Virtues. Usually I hold with me the Staff of the Prophet. Here there is one long Scroll that takes on cylindrical form and comes over my whole body (These are the 36 Stars of the Hexagon). It is black on the outside but extremely luminous inside. Within the Cylinder-Scroll, the Prophetic Mantle is upon me and the Sign of the Kingdom of Heaven is before me. This is the Sign of the Heart of the Rose. If I have particular requests to make, usually I ask on this Altar but not always.

Gnomen 145 - In this Middle-Sign, the Pact of the Rainbow has been enclosed into the Cylinder of the Final New Pact and the Cylinder binds within it the Prophetic Mantle of the Fourth Generation. After this I stand on the Altar, of round, white marble, of the Greater Israel to receive the Large, New Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan, holding on to the Staff of the Donkey who eats Bread. Here I count Nune for the Double-Tail of the Donkey and I count Nune for White Horse. Yet before standing on the Altar of the Greater Israel, I anoint my 10 toes in the Sign of the Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek and I anoint my head in the Sign of the Anointed Priest on the Altar of the Anointed Priest, in the permission of the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Tzadik Haim.

Gnomen 146 - Between my bed and my writing-table for the handwritten texts of the Middle-Pillar, is the Stone of the 4th Generation and the Staff of the Equilibrium of the 4th Generation with attached to it the Sign of the Prophetic Mantle of the 4th Generation, the Prophetic Necklace of Tibet of 91 Beads and the Green Stone of the Profound Waters from Israel. This is the Fourth Corner of the present level of the Triple Meditation. I stand here whenever I need to bring something of the Triple Meditation into specifics related to whatever I am writing.

Gnomen 147 - The small ‘Ark’, which for now serves as the New Sacred Ark of the House of Prayer of the Final Redemption, stands between the Inner Tent and the Altar of the Greater Israel. In this Sacred Closet for now are the Tablets of the 7 commandments of the children of Noah. There is also a Sign of the 12 Tribes of Israel. There are also many, small, white stones that remained from the Sign of 120 days last year, in the Sign of the Broken Fragments of the First Tablets ‘reconstructed’ for the 30 Tablets of 30 Passes. The 2 oils for the unction of the Universal Priesthood of Malchitzedek and the Anointed Priest stand before the Sacred Ark.

Gnomen 148 - In the middle of the Tent, somewhat north, is the Table of the handwritten texts of the Tribunal of Mordechai and the Virtues of Esther of the Middle Pillar. I am seated towards the south. On the westhern side of the Tent is the Computer and work-desk where I am now working on the Tablets of the New Law, or the Large New Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan.

Yestherday, Sunday, July 12, Michail Esther sent me, with Shaul, a splendid Mantle of the Donkey dressed as a Lion, a marvellous elaboration of true animal-skin (not of lion, I think) on which is worked the head and main of a lion.

Gnomen 149 - Why, in the Final Redemption, is it necessary that the truth of the 36 Hidden Suffering Tzadikim be revealed? One main reason, for sure, is that by way of this revelation, the future generations will better be able to understand the extremely hidden level of the hidden Tzadik and Final Goel, Haim. The matter, however, is also general to the Final Redemption, that is, the revelation of the truth of the Hidden Tzadikim represents an integral part of the New Equilibrium of the Final Redemption. It is not an extra addition which comes to enhance the New Equilibrium; it is an integral part of the New Equilibrium itself.

Gnomen 150 - The question can be reinforced: The world itself is not nor will it be involved in such levels. Those are the chosen few of the Ascent and none can reach such levels unless they have been chosen for it. It is not similar to all other subjects of the books of Sefer Mishnat Haim which are intended to be assimilated in the heart, mind and spirit of every person. When we speak of the Hidden Tzadikim, however, it is not intended that they be emulated because they are of a totally higher level than that of the world. How then can it be an integral part of the New Equilibrium of the New Revelation of the Final Redemption?



Chapter 4


To constantly renewed compassion for others


Gnomen 151 - The first Key to understanding this is that the Signs of the name ASHER of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE which contains in itself also the Hidden Signs of the Hidden Tzadikim, would not be completed if, at least, a general but authorised revelation of the truth of the Hidden Tzadikim would not be revealed for the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 152 - We have seen that the closing of the holy institution of the 36 Suffering Hidden Tzadikim and the Opening of the New Order of the 250 Hidden Tzadikim who live in their faith has come only in this past year and we received the Sign that on a hidden level of the Kindom of Heaven, the ninth of Av is a great celebration of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim.

Gnomen 153 - We have also explained that this important historical event, even though hidden for now (and which will eventually change the entire ‘time’ of the 3 weeks from the 17th of Tamuz until the 9th of Av from a period of mourning into a time of feast and celebration) did not take place above until after the sacrifice of Beniamino noster.

Gnomen 154 - As explained, that sacrifice was for the sake of the conclusion of the Signs of Isaac of the name ASHER, for the sake of securing the merit necessary for the continuation and the success of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread on earth. There also came the Sign of the hidden conclusion to the period of Mordechai ha-Tzadik until the Final Goel, Haim, that is the first and the last of the 36 Hidden Suffering Tzadikim. Earlier in the year was the Sign of the conclusion of the ‘Correction’ of the Teacher of Justice.

Gnomen 155 - All these Signs concerning the Hidden Tzadikim were revealed together with the conclusion of what is called the historical Correction of the name ASHER. And since the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread derives from the name ASHER in the same way that the Completed Signs derive from the Initial Signs, until the sacrifice of Beniamino noster for the salvation of the Sign, also the highest and most hidden Signs of the Hidden Tzadikim were not yet completed.

Gnomen 156 - Remember too that the Higher Hidden and Secret Signs of the True Tzadikim were not in the School of the Essenes nor were they ever known or touched upon in that School. That Hidden Tradition has been unbroken from the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, and until the Final Goel, Haim. The ‘secrets’ known in the school were of a different order. They knew a few secrets of the Kabbalah Maasit and they received inner levels of sanctification; they knew certain important secrets of the stars and the secrets of herbs for healing. Those of the School of Esther were holy, Jewish men who walked in the prophetic light of the spirit of sanctity (ruah ha-kodesh) upon them always.

Gnomen 157 - They were extremely precise in every action and in every word and extremely severe in matters of purity and the sanctification of one’s thoughts and deeds. They knew many things unknown outside and they too walked silently in their secret but they were not even close in any way to the level of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim of every generation. They are 2 completely different worlds. One must not get confused. The Hidden Tzadikim are on a level by themselves. Also the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs revealed in the School by way of the Teacher of Justice HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LEVEL OF THE HIDDEN TZADIKIM.

Gnomen 158 - One must not think that ‘something’ of the Higher Secret Tradition of the Hidden Tzadikim was in the School. It must be understood that when we speak of Messianic and Redemptional Signs, whether the Initial Signs or the Completed Signs, all these Signs are not concerning the levels of the Hidden Tzadikim. the Redemption is not for the Hidden Tzadikim, how much less so are the Messianic Signs in any relationship to them. The redemption and messianism are for the world, for the Jewish people, for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, for the nations of Christianity, for the children of Ishmael and for all peoples and nations. The Hidden Tzadikim have no need of the Redemption or of the Messianic Mission.

Gnomen 159 - What must be understood is that without the hidden level and the hidden suffering and the many hidden works of the Hidden Tzadikim in all these past generations, there could not have been redemption for anyone. They have been the true pillars that have held up the world throughout the long and extensive history of the name ASHER, both for the Jewish world and for the non-Jewish world. And if we say that the world was not kept up except by the air in forming words of the children of Beit Rabban, this is something else.

Gnomen 160 - Even the suffering and hidden works of the Hidden Tzadikim would not have been sufficient to save the Jewish people throughout the generations if there had not been those who kept up the Tradition of Israel on earth. Throughout the generations, it has been so and the remnant of Israel has kept up the kernels of the Torah, giving merit to the whole people as well.

Gnomen 161 - In generations such as those of the destruction of the Second Temple and the generation of the Holocaust, even the Hidden Tzadikim could not enter or take upon themselves to suffer for the decrees. In those 2 generations, the Jewish people, as a whole, was judged as being totally without the true Torah.

Gnomen 162 - In the generation preceding that of the destruction of the second Temple, the Torah was studied but the virtues required by the Torah were not practiced. The Torah was taught but the true Torah was not taught so that in the end the entire Jewish people was judged to be without Torah.

Gnomen 163 - The fault and the guilt was upon those responsible for the Torah. The Gospels, notwithstanding their many defects, are, nevertheless, an authentic testimony to the falsified Torah and the total lack of virtuous attitudes among the Doctors of the Law at that time.

Gnomen 164 - Also at that time, the 36 Hidden Tzadikim could not enter into the decree that was at hand. There was almost no true Torah in the world. In the generation of the Last Days of Judgement for Israel which ends in the unspeakably terrible decree of the Holocaust, there was a ‘hidden’ reason for which the decree of ‘they have violated my pact’ (Jeremiah, 31: 31) fell on the entire people, again not for reason of the majority of the people themselves but because of the falsified Torah of those responsible for the Torah and thus the non-existence of true Torah among the people. The sin, however, was hidden from all because it was a sin concerning that which claimed to be the truth of hidden things.

Gnomen 165 - The rabbis who embarked upon the hidden paths of the Zohar believed that they had found the text that reveals to them the ‘hidden things’ above. They had not realised that it was a great trap. If I believe that the book contains the secrets of higher, hidden things, I can no longer be critical of what I am reading because I will relate the lack of my own understanding to the higher level of that ‘secret’ to which I have not yet reached.

Gnomen 166 - The sin, however, was secretly hidden in the ‘hidden things’ of the Zohar and the leaders of the people fell into the terrible historical trap of the Sin of the last Days of Judgement of His chosen people, Israel.

Gnomen 167 - That was the last terrible trap of ‘hidden idolatry’ from which the nation had yet to be purified. There were some warnings but they went unheeded and, on the contrary, the warnings were considered blasphemous. The Holocaust was the resulting decree.

Gnomen 168 - The Zohar was the beginning of the reason, the sin of fathers, causing the Jewish people to fall until the decree of the Holocaust. Both are in Prophets, the ‘shoa’ and the ‘avon ketz’ the ‘sin of the end-time’.

Gnomen 169 - The Jewish people had to be purified from this ‘hidden level’ of ‘false and idolatrous lights’ even though it was hidden from their eyes because those of the Torah had fallen into the trap of ‘hidden things’ and this in turn disintegrated all levels of the Jewish world.

Gnomen 170 - The Hidden Tzadikim are of a higher order. They are not those responsible for the Torah in the world, its study and its extension among Jews, unless, as in the case of the Rambam, peace be with him, one was sent expressly for that purpose. That is the responsibility of the rabbis. Nor was the work of the Hidden Suffering Tzadikim only for the Jewish people because their suffering, especially in the last 2000 years of exile among the nations, has also been for the sake of holding back terrible decrees against the nations, most often of the nation in which the Tzadik is living. They are, of course, all Jews of the Torah, circumcised in the Pact of Abraham, and thus, because of the principle of the unity and the particular responsibility of every Jew for other Jews, their great merit has been beneficial, first of all, to all Israel throughout the ages.

Gnomen 171 - This point will have to become understood by the Jewish people.

DIARY: July 18, 1998: made the Sign with Gilat Haim, Yehoel Yehoel and Haim Shimshon to write the 10 commandments on the toes of their feet. At night was the sign of the New Justice or the New Tree of Justice that has touched the earth. Friday night, at the Sabbath table, Gilat Haim dressed as a Chinese Sage of the Stars, Yehoel Yehoel as a Yemenite Sage and Haim Shimshon as a Shepherd. Later on, after eating, Nodà explained to me her life history. Previously in the week there had been the Signs of Correction of the Long Tongue and the Thoughts, performed on the Tail. The Altar of the Shoshanah was established in the Tent to complete the Pact of Peace in the Sign of the Pact of the Rainbow for the pupils of the Final New Pact.

Gnomen 172 - We cannot undo the virtuality of Isaac’s actually being taken holocaust unto God, as explained in a previous chapter. There was something in that ‘possible merit’ so great at that moment for which we cannot say ‘It is impossible that God have actually taken Isaac’. It is not so. Had God, so to speak, decided to take Isaac, He could have taken him and in taking him, the purposes of the redemption would have been fulfilled. For the merit of Abraham would have been even greater and so too the merit of Isaac would have been even greater in his desire to be taken holocaust unto God

Gnomen 173 - It may at first not be easy to grasp this concept but reflect on the fact that the Lord put Abraham to his final tenth test to see if his faith would be ‘binding’ for all future history. If, for the sake of discussion, the Torah had explained that the Lord put Abraham to test and he actually slaughtered Isaac and that Isaac, after having died, was miraculously resurrected unto life so as to continue the promised history of God’s redemption, we would certainly have believed it. We are all believers in the Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead

Gnomen 174 - Likewise, as far from reality as it may seem, let us suppose for the moment that Abraham actually slaughtered Isaac and Isaac, instead of being resurrected in a physical body of this world was resurrected into a New Kingdom of Heaven and from there he revealed himself to people on earth, sending prophetic messages of instruction of every sort according to need to all those who, with faith in God and faith in that marvellous new mission, came to know of it: We too would believe and in our belief, its truth would be revealed to us

Gnomen 175 - In themselves, these ways are not impossible before God. If we must speak about impossibility, this refers to the impossibility of the world at that time to merit to such a revelation, even if for Abraham and Isaac such a merit was possible. Or the few individuals who received it would have been on such an exalted level compared to the rest of the world that they would have represented the destruction of the rest of the world and not its salvation and redemption.

Gnomen 176 - Therefore was it decreed before Him, Blessed is He in eternity, that there be 3 Patriarchs and not 2 and that all history evolve within the ‘project’ of the Divine Design to bring a large portion of an extensive humanity to the salvation of the Great Final Redemption.

Gnomen 177 - If then such was not part of the Divine Design, why then speculate on its possibility? One reason is that the ‘concept’ of that virtual possibility helps us in binding the roots of the Kingdom of Heaven and of the Resurrection hidden in the Signs of Isaac, our father. The true and final Kingdom of Heaven established with the death and resurrection of the Final Goel Haim, is the finalised realisation of what was truly hidden in that possibility.

Gnomen 178 - That such a possibility hid in itself some 4000 years ago until its final realisation, is demonstrative of how all future history can be hidden in a small point. Indeed all the 6 points over ‘va’yishakeihu’ hide in themselves the future history in the Divine Design in history that would be needed in order to bring the world to the realisation of the Reconciliation of the Hidden Signs of Isaac at the time of the Final Redemption. If one is amazed that we speak of the redemption as possibly realised at that moment with only 2 Patriarchs, reflect upon the messianic mission that issued from the RESH of the name ASHER which, however far from the reality of those times, could have represented the beginning and the opening of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 179 - This is not vain speculation but is in fact ‘proven’ by the last prophecy in Malachi - the failed Reconciliation involving the same Prophet Elijah. Whether its ultimate fulfilment would require 20 or 200 or 2000 years, that prophecy never left its terrain as the heredity of the chosen Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning.

Gnomen 180 - Indeed, from that prophecy and the possible failure prophesied in it, we come to study how the messianic mission of Jesus was part of the Prophetic Tradition of Israel. Once we understand that the failed mission was prophetic, we also understand why the ‘mission’ that derived from it could only be replete with errors. Otherwise it would have been the successful mission of the ‘messianic carrier’ of the Great Signs of the Reconciliation of the Prophet Elijah.

Gnomen 181 - That possibility of success, therefore, as far from the reality of the times as it was, was rooted in the virtual possibility of Isaac’s being taken at his time. And the possibility of Isaac’s being taken was rooted in the possibility that Eve not eat of the forbidden fruit. In all three the necessary development and evolution of mankind would have been hindered, each one in its historical context. Without Eve’s forbidden lunch, however, there would have been no mankind to savour the knowledge of good and evil.

Gnomen 182 - And had Isaac been taken, the world would have had no Jacob. And had Jesus’ mission been received by Israel, the nations of the world would have had little chance in participating in it for reason of the thick idolatrous and forbidden practices of the pagan nations. All three, indeed, were virtually possible but actually impossible in view of the decrees of the Divine Design of the redemption of mankind in three great historical phases. Nora Alila Al Bnei Adam. Awesome are God’s decrees upon mankind.

Gnomen 183 - Isaac, our father, was not taken, but nonetheless, we’re not speaking of philosophical speculation but of prophetic speculation. This is quite different because also that which did not happen in the world had its prophetic realisation on other levels. Philosophic speculation is of man but prophetic speculation is from God. The ‘virtual’ sacrifice of Isaac was, so to speak, taken by the Holy One, Blessed is He, and distributed to a selective few Hidden Tzadikim in every generation who suffer the ‘pain’ of Isaac’s binding and who know the felicity of Isaac’s salvation on higher, hidden levels. These bind the Pillars of Heaven to their foundations in the world so that the world receive in the end the Great Redemptional Marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth.

Gnomen 184 - For this reason, the suffering of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim relates to the Signs of Isaac, our father, and, as announced, the final suffering of the Tzadik Haim represents the Final Sacrifice of the Long Suffering of Isaac. And the Ram of Isaac’s salvation was slaughtered at Gilgota, a hidden salvation to Israel and a manifest salvation of preparing the nations for the Final Redemption when it would come.

Gnomen 185 - Also the poor Ram was chosen by the Creator to be taken in Isaac’s stead. The Sages of blessed memory received it that the Ram that Abraham slaughtered was among 10 (or 13) things created Friday evening, just before the coming of the Sabbath.

Gnomen 186 - Another Mishna declares that the name of the Messiah was created before the creation of the world (this refers to the Final Goel Haim, the Anointed Judge, ha-Shofet ha-Mashuah, of the Kingdom of Heaven. We might ask why the Ram was not created previously?

Gnomen 187 - The name of the Final Anointed Judge was Central Pillar of the Final Purpose of the creation of the world; the world itself would not have been created if that Final Purpose was lacking. The Ram, on the other hand (and the other elements mentioned in the same Mishna) represented a necessity for the world.

Gnomen 188 - If that necessity had not existed, the ram would not have been created at all. Just before concluding the last day of creation, the Almighty, so to speak, looked throughout the history of the world that was coming and He saw that unless the ram was created, the world at large would not have been able to arrive at the final purposes which were established for it and He created the ram that would be taken by Abraham and slaughtered instead of Isaac.

Gnomen 189 - The Hidden Tzadikim are bound to the Sign of Isaac’s Binding, as explained, and they represent the true and eternal name ASHER that never leaves its hidden position and is explained only when ASHER is already bound to the Final EHEYE. The Initial Messianic Signs given by the RESH of ASHER that offered the ‘correction’ of the misused ‘Light of the Temple’ and the virtual possibility of binding the name ASHER to the final name at that time, for reason of the reality that existed then, ‘fell’ into the ‘destiny’ of the Signs of the Ram while at the same time it became the failed mission of Malachi.

Gnomen 190 - It is thus essential to distinguish between the level of the Hidden Tzadikim of the Hidden Signs of Isaac and between the level of the Prophetic Sign of the Sacrificed Ram, as the level of a ram compared to the level of Isaac.

Gnomen 191 - This is similar to what we say that the difference in level between the ‘Messiah’ and the ‘Goel’ is that of a donkey compared to a man. That mission, however, was ‘messianic’ and being such it was bound up to the Light of the Temple that had to become a great source of light for the world. Yeshua’s she-ass would have to wait 2000 years but, in the end, her rider is clearly seen by all as the Central Pillar of the third point over the word va-yishakeihu.

Gnomen 192 - The fourth amazing Sign of Isaac, our father, is hidden in THE donkey: Now that the ram had taken its portion of the merit in becoming a sacrificial holocaust in place of Isaac, it was now the turn of THE donkey of Isaac to receive the merit of carrying the living Isaac upon himself.

Gnomen 193 - For 2000 years had he waited, from the time of the Garden, to see mankind corrected and to carry the chosen man. With the coming of Abraham, that donkey saw mankind corrected and with the birth of Isaac, the blessing of Abraham for mankind was complete and when Isaac was chosen to be a holocaust unto God for the sake of mankind’s great Redemption, that donkey was given the great privilege of carrying Isaac until a certain point just before Mount Moriah.

Gnomen 194 - Had Isaac, our father, been taken as holocaust to God, then and there, that selected donkey of the Garden, would most certainly have been ridden on by Isaac from the Kingdom of Heaven and, for sure, the Lord would have opened the donkey’s mouth to testify to all that he had seen and known in waiting for the chosen, corrected Adam to come, that he might fulfil his created destiny of the enormous privilege of carrying the chosen Man so that Man not tire himself in going from one place to another. Therefore the Torah informs us that Abraham spoke about THE donkey before his bringing Isaac to the altar on Moriah.

Gnomen 195 - This alludes to the fact that properly in that moment, when Abraham’s only prospective was to fulfil God’s commandment and to sacrifice Isaac, does he speak of THE donkey.

Gnomen 196 - When Abraham said to Ishmael and to another servant “Remain here with the donkey while I and the lad go thither to prostrate ourselves and then shall we return“ (Genesis, 22, 5), his words were prophetic but his intention was clearly that he would return alone. ‘THE’ donkey is mentioned in conjunction with the thought of the total fulfilment of Isaac’s sacrifice. When, on the other hand, Abraham returns with the living Isaac, the donkey is no longer spoken of. All remains on a hidden level and the long extended history of the redemption proceeds on its course.

Gnomen 197 - Two-thousand years later, time of Jesus’ Messianic Mission, THE donkey was told that the Signs of Isaac had again come for the world, and that now was the time of the actual Sacrifice of Isaac and the coming of the chosen son of man and the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven. And so again THE donkey was given the privilege of carrying the chosen man of Isaac’s Signs.

Gnomen 198 - The she-ass of Jesus, however, had not understood nor could she have known, that those were not properly the Signs of Isaac himself but the Signs of the Ram sacrificed in Isaac’s stead. In the historical trap into which that mission would fall, also THE donkey got taken in.

Gnomen 199 - Therefore the she-ass of Jesus’ calling was not given to speak and she had no permission to say a word. For if she had spoken up to tell what she knew and of her origins in the Garden and of the great experience with Isaac, in her confusion, either she would have falsified all the Signs, believing that they were the Signs of Isaac himself or she would have caused the total undoing of that mission when Yeshua in his resurrection did not come to see the Goel come riding on her and they would have had a delusion when he did not come.

Gnomen 200 - It was not desired, however, that the chosen, innocent donkey be cause to such a falsification and no permission was given her to speak. Afterwards the Fathers of the Christian Church did exactly what was not desired that she do and they interpreted those Signs of Isaac as the Hidden Signs of the Long Suffering of Isaac, as if that Messianic Sacrifice of the Ram had been the Final Sacrifice of the Final Redemption. That is what is meant when we say that the Fathers of the Church erred in interpreting the Initial Messianic and Redemptional Signs as if they were the Completed and Final Signs of the Final Redemption.



Chapter 5


The compassion to see all people elevate themselves


Gnomen 201 - And why was it so important that the donkey not err, allowing people, on the other hand, to fall into the historical trap? This is because also that she-ass of Yeshua was the donkey who had licked the trunk of the Tree of Life and no sin was in her to make her cause any damage to mankind. That possibility was reserved for human beings.

Gnomen 202 - Even more important, however, is the fact that THAT donkey was reserved and conserved in the Hidden Kingdom of Heaven for the true time of the Final Redemption when the chosen son of Adam and Eve would be revealed to the world riding upon that marvellous Donkey who eats the Bread of the Final Redemption and from Heaven his mouth is opened to speak of the Final and Completed Signs in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 203 - The Donkey story is thus long 6000 years and in those 6000 years, he had to be conserved and to remain in the purity and the pleasure that he had procured from the Tree of Life.

Gnomen 204 - And since the Lord above knew that the donkey would have to be conserved and kept a secret until he be able to fulfil his Sign after 6000 long years of history, therefore in His great mercy for that innocent animal and in His pity upon it for the lengthy periods that it would have to pass, He allowed the donkey and the donkey alone to lick the trunk of the Tree of Life and to know the marvellous fragrances of its fruit.

Gnomen 205 - I think that by way of these explanations, no one will again confuse the Sacrifice of the Hidden Tzadikim and the Last Sacrifice of the last Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim with the Messianic Sacrifice of the Ram.

Gnomen 206 - The confusion derives from the fact that both derive from the Signs of Isaac and the Signs of our father Isaac are all Hidden Signs, the clear meanings of which are revealed only with the Final Redemption. There are many different levels of the Hidden Signs of Isaac and therefore, before the revelation of the full name EHEYE ASHER EHEYE of the Final Redemption, whatever was spoken of concerning the name ASHER could only have created confusion.

Gnomen 207 - This is until the true, lucky Donkey who licked the trunk of the Tree of Life 6000 years ago, the blessed Donkey of the Kingdom of Heaven, whose Signs we have been proudly and fearfully wearing for 15 years now, is sent down by the Final Goel to accomplish the purpose of what he was created for in the first place, in the Garden, that of braying out the News of the chosen Tzadik Haim, who comes to guide humanity in partaking of the eternal fruit of the Tree of Life that stands in the midst of the garden. Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!

Gnomen 208 - In essence, the confusion arises since both the Signs of the Hidden Tzadikim and those of the Messianic Mission were bound to the name ASHER. It was necessary that they be ‘part’ of that same name because, in the end, it would be the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim to merit to be the Final Goel and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Gnomen 209 - At the same time the Completed Messianic and Redemptional Signs would descend, also completing and finalizing the Initial Signs that came out in the Sign of the Ram. These 2 ‘sets’ of Signs, therefore, come together for the Final Redemption in order to establish in understanding for the world the enormous difference in level between the 2 positions, that of the level of the Final Goel from the Kingdom and that of the level of the Sign of the Donkey who eats the Bread of Bethlehem. And the Final Goel comes to the world riding on a donkey and on a wild-ass, the son of she-asses.

Gnomen 210 – This explanation helps us to place the sacrifice of Beniamino noster more clearly. Weve explained that Beniamino was taken in order to save the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread and that his sacrifice represented the Conclusion to the Final Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim.

Gnomen 211 - It was the final conclusion to the ‘Correction’ of the RESH of the name ASHER and thus to the Historical Signs of Isaac and thus the Binding of the name ASHER to the Final EHEYE.

Gnomen 212 - The Tzadik Haim’s sacrifice concluded the long history of the Suffering of the Hidden Tzadikim throughout history from the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning and then from the time of Mordechai ha-Tzadik. His sacrifice thus concluded the ALEF and SHEEN of ASHER and gave over the Great Historical Correction of the RESH. That Correction, however, was sent to us in order to establish it in and through the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread. As we are explaining here, the Corrected RESH of the name ASHER receives correctly the ALEF and the SHEEN pertaining principally to the Hidden Tzadikim and gives over the Signs of a ‘Messianic’ Mission for the world.

Gnomen 213 - There are 2 completely separated levels here. The sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim was the Conclusion to the Hidden Signs of Isaac regarding the level of the Hidden Tzadikim. The sacrifice of Beniamino was the Conclusion to the Signs of the Sacrificed Ram hidden in the Messianic Signs of the RESH of the name ASHER, on the level of a just person who lives in his faith.[11]

Gnomen 214 – These two completely disparate levels of Sacrifice, one of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Haim, and one of a Donkey who eats Bread, Beniamino, were a necessity for bringing the Salvation of the Final Redemption to the world at large, and even to the simplest of levels. They are thus integral elements of God’s Design in history.

Gnomen 215 - If not for the fact that these 2 completely different levels both derive from the name ASHER, there could have been no meeting place between the merit of the Hidden Tzadikim and the merit of good-hearted and even uneducated people in the world.

Gnomen 216 - So to speak, these 2 levels of merit could never have come together if they were not included in the same name ASHER. For without the merit of people in the world, all the merits of all the Hidden Tzadikim in all the generations put together could not bring the Final Redemption to the world.

Gnomen 217 - After the fourth amazing Sign of Isaac’s donkey, chronologically comes the Sign of Isaac’s being so blessed that he reaped that year a hundred-fold of what he had sown.

Gnomen 218 - Since, however, I am searching out these 6 particular Isaac Signs which themselves reveal what was hidden in the 6 Points over va-yishakeihu, I must place here the Signs of Isaac’s Wells which, I believe, correspond to the Sign of the Double Fourth Generation. I wish here not to delve into Isaac’s Wells until we come, God willing, unto Beersheva[12].

Gnomen 219 - One must strive after the New Heart of the Final New Pact for it is the Well of the Living Waters. And the Living Waters of the New Law must be written on the New Heart.

Gnomen 220 - You cannot receive the New Humble Brain until you have received the New Spirit of the New Heart. Without it, that which you study and learn will not have the strength of application, and study without application is vanity and inner hypocrisy. The waters of the Heart, however, run deep and only they can complete the flow of understanding and turn it into a river of application.

Gnomen 221 - Therefore delve into the Wells of your Heart and dig out all impediments until you find water. Do not fear the Profound Waters of the Heart because only in profundity does the heart take cognizance of the enormous inner joy of Isaac’s Well of Living Water.

Gnomen 222 - Only by digging deeply into your own heart, digging away the encrustations of the past, can you liberate it and render it a joyous and faithful receiver of the New Large Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan.

Gnomen 223 - Go then into your heart, all aspiring donkeys of the world; go with your shovels but also with your posters of protest and a voice declaring war against the walled-in enemies.

Gnomen 224 - Be persevering and do not give up when after great fatigue of digging, searching for and finding water, the enemy soon comes and fills up your Well with earth. For as you find in yourself the benefit of the water, also the enemy searches out the newly found water for his own benefit.

Gnomen 225 - You must therefore dig and dig again until you find the Well the waters of which do not and cannot represent any benefit to the enemy because those waters themselves represent the destruction of all enemies. Then have you found the Well of the Living Waters of Isaac, our father.

Gnomen 226 - Search then for the well of the Living Water of Isaac, cutting deep into the fibre of your heart without fear. Do not imagine, however, that you will find it immediately because it takes time and it requires tests in the reality of your applied understanding.

Gnomen 227 - Do not be superficial, for as soon as you begin to work on yourself, you will see yourself uplifted and you will feel the goodness of the waters. Do not yet think that you have found it. That which you have seen is only a glimpse of what you are searching for. If such glimpses were not perceived, you would give up after a short time.

Gnomen 228 - For the Living Waters of the Well of Isaac contain the beloved Virtues of the New Heart and the beloved Virtues of Esther, o worthy Queen of the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh.

Gnomen 229 - The Well of the Living Waters of Isaac thus contains the Profound Waters of the New Heart of the Final New Pact. Must you then be afraid to find the Marvellous Waters that are flowing within you in the waters beneath the earth? Your only fear must be in not digging, in not searching with perseverance and in not finding the Living Waters of Isaac’s Well.

Gnomen 230 - DIARY: July 26, 1998: Tonight I am a Profound Donkey-Dinosaur and I’ve got my Dinosaur-Egg to prove it. Shaul brought it here today, an incredible gift from Michail Esther. This Dinosaur-Egg is from the Gobbi Mountains in China and the scientists say it has 85 million years of age. The petrified earth in which the petrified egg is encrusted gives off a slight film of dust and so I donkeyed up my whole hide with Dinosaur-Dust and that’s why I feel so big and strong today: So far I have called it Sign of the Stellar Depth of Dinosaur Time.

Gnomen 231 - It has arrived just in time to be bound to the Sign of the Profound Living Waters of the Well of Isaac. We took it to a fountain up in Mount Cecina, 1261 metres above the sea, where Giuseppe got his stomach tickled on the White Marble Altar of Isaac.

Gnomen 232 - Can we be then far from the Laughter of Isaac which derives from the Living-Waters of Isaac’s Well? And today Michail-Esther goes to Israel to spend 2 weeks at the Dead Sea. It is there that we saw the heavens and the earth come together in the new formation of the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek.

Gnomen 233 - Listen all friends of the Donkey who desire to bray with him together, you must get down to Dinosauring into your heart! You don’t know what I mean yet but just hold your patience for you need much patience to find the Virtues of Esther.

Gnomen 234 - Lick the Egg of the Dinasaur with me and that which you saw as small will suddenly fit only into Jurasic Park. For this is the problem of walled-in jealousies and walled-in hatreds to others and to oneself; the person sees them when they come out and after the error has been committed the person handles them lightly and treats them as small things.

Gnomen 235 - But the inner rancour and hatred and aggressiveness are in truth large Dinosaurs but they must be searched for in one’s heart as if searching for baby ants. They are great Dinosaurs, however, and from inside they hide within the hidden wells of the heart and they bring down the entire stature of the person to the level of a fool.

Gnomen 236 - Find then those enormous Dinosaurs who have for these years fooled you into having you call them small ants. The New Heart descends from the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth of your heart but it will not reside in you until you have detected all those negative dinosaurs and cast them from your heart.

Gnomen 237 - Therefore must you delve as deeply as you can into the profound waters of your heart; in the shallow waters of your heart you will see only small ants but only in the deep waters of your heart will you find the Dinosaurs you are searching for, both the desired Dinosaurs and the undesired ones.

Gnomen 238 - For Dinosaurs are very big animals and they are hardly so foolish as to hide themselves in shallow water. They go deep into the deep-running waters beneath the earth of your heart there where you cannot see them unless you dig away the walls of separation between the shallow waters and the profound waters of your true self.

Gnomen 239 - Do not say then, “I will be alert and as soon as I begin to err, I will catch that bad-dinosaur by the head and cut its throat and destroy it”. It will not work because the Dinosaur does not leave those deep waters in which he hides unless you yourself enter your inner ocean and cast him out! Even if you have said the above a thousand times, you will never catch him when he comes out because he is an enormous Dinosaur and weakness of character renders a person smaller than a baby ant.

Gnomen 240 - Search then for the Living Waters of Isaac’s Well and liberate its profound waters from your ferocious Dinosaurs and do not be afraid to find them. On the contrary, you can even use them to your benefit, once you have cast enough of them out of yourself until you have become somewhat of a Dinosaur yourself. Take your hatred and convert it into love. Take your anger and turn it into a loving-smile of humility and in you the attribute of anger will become a fire of compassion to fulfil good intentioned deeds.

Gnomen 241 - Be guided by the thoughts of Esther’s Virtues and let her mind be the kisses of your heart! Seek the ways of mercy upon your neighbours and turn your criticisms, even if they correspond with the truth, into a request of God’s mercy upon a fragile mankind!

Gnomen 242 - Often the Tzadik Haim explained to me the depth of the truth of the teaching of Yeshua ‘Forgive so that also you may be forgiven; for as you judge others, so will you be judged’ (Luke, 6, 37). The ‘parameters by which you judge others become the ‘parameters’ of the Higher Tribunal in judging you.

Gnomen 243 - Deep inside your heart there is a great Chamber of Light, divided into 13 large Rooms. It is the Hidden Chamber of the Hidden Palace of Esther in which the 13 Attributes of God’s mercy are ‘translated’ into the Virtues of the Heart. This is the faithful heart in which resides the ‘secret’ of the Kingdom of Heaven. For the heart is the secret Hiding Place of the Virtues of the Kingdom of Heaven that descend, with the person’s ascent upon the White Marble Steps of the Virtues. Therefore must we seek the Virtues of the Heart because without them, one has no White Marble Steps upon which to climb.

Gnomen 244 - For sure, by now, you are amazed that our heart is filled with so many Tablets, the 5 Tablets of the Pact, 30 Tablets of 30 Passes, the Large Tablets of Big Fish, Leviathan, the Tablets of the 10 Virtues etc.

Gnomen 245 - Look now then and see that the Third Virtue is called with the general name of the Hidden Virtues of the Heart. So be yet still more amazed when you hear that the Palace of Esther and the Great Chamber of Light of the 13 Rooms of her Virtues are all hidden there in the Third Virtue of the 10 Virtues of the Heart, between Blessing and Prayer.

Gnomen 246 - All together these are the New Tablets of the Tree of Life brought to the world by the Goel Haim. You should also like the Donkey who eats the Bread of these Tablets and tries his best to formulate them in written texts. The Scroll of Mordechai and the Scroll of Esther represent the ‘manner’ and the ‘stellar-formation’ by which all the Tablets are revealed. They correlate to the Corrected Right Side of the Heart and the Corrected Left Side of the Heart.

Gnomen 247 - Within an ‘undefined’ Middle Pillar of the Heart are Ten Great Faculties of the Virtues by which the service to God is loved. And in the Third Virtue of that Middle Pillar of the 10 Virtues is the Hidden Palace of Esther with its own 13 White Marble Steps of the Virtues of Esther. Do not be wondrous at the fact that the heart has so much space for all these Seas. The heart is a great, large and profound ocean. Even enormous Dinosaurs can hide there and not be seen. But the heart is a great vast earth in which the Spirit of God seeks to reside among the Virtues. Seek the Spirit of God and divide your waters into Wells of understanding and write the words of comprehension on the Tablets of the Earth of your heart.

Gnomen 248 - What has all this to do with the correlation of the Living Waters of Isaac’s Well to the fifth point over va-yishakeihu and to the Fifth Sign, the Fourth Generation and the New Construction? I believe that the question is historic. The explanations (‘be’er’, ‘well’ in Hebrew, has the root ‘le-baer’ to explain) of the 10 Virtues and of the 13 Virtues, in the context of the Final Revelation, comes in this Final Fourth Generation. Also the battle of searching for the Hidden Waters of the Well of Isaac, as explained, is in its thickest point of contrast in the Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 249 - For the New Heart is part of the revelation of the Final New Pact which is revealed only after the Last Sacrifice of the chosen Hidden Tzadik, Haim. Then descend from the New Kingdom of Heaven, where the Goel Haim has been ‘anointed’ by the Lord, our God, as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom, the 6 Great Signs of the Final Redemption and the marvellous redemptional and prophetic dreams and visions as prophesied in Joel. In the prophetic and redemptional dreams come the Signs of the Tablets of the New Law and the Signs of the New Scroll of Esther reveal the Virtues required by the New Higher Tribunal of Mordechai ha-Tzadik for judgement in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Gnomen 250 - The Final New Pact carries with it the amazing conclusions to the entire history of the redemption. The Prophesied New Heart, therefore, was not revealed previously. All things spoken about, even the Virtues of the Heart, are in a totally new context. This is because the true bindings between the Kingdom of Heaven and the heart are possible only now in its final revelation. Now then is the time to search for the Living Waters of Isaac’s Well in the Profound Waters of the Virtues of the Heart.



Chapter 6


The inner quality to awaken the faculties of the mind to desire comprehension, knowledge and wisdom


Gnomen 251 - ‘And Isaac sowed in that land and he found in that year a hundred-fold and God blessed him’ (Genesis, 26, 12).

This ‘hundred-fold’ closes the cycle of 100 as explained concerning the stellar sign of Isaac’s birth. There is in this ‘hundred-fold’ a correspondence to the fact that the 6th Sign of the Resurrection relates back to the First Sign of the Stars, as we say, ‘Blessed etc. who binds the Sign of the Resurrection to the Sign of the Stars’. Indeed, the entire New Revelation of the Final Redemption is also in the Sign of a ‘hundred-fold’, a hundred times more than anyone could have imagined it to be. Add to this the Sign of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim which is a hundred-fold more amazing than anything imagined by anyone.

Gnomen 252 - Whatever Isaac, our father, sowed in that year, the produce that grew was a hundred times more than estimated. Such a hundred-fold growth is miraculous, not natural. The blessing of God was with him in sowing and in the produce throughout its growth. As the Tzadik Haim explained again and again ‘It is the blessing of God that counts in everything that one possesses, not the quantity. A thousand dollars without the blessing is much less than 100 dollars that are blessed’. In many ways the Tzadik Haim explained this concept and demonstrated its truth and the fundamental necessity of understanding it for the sake of not falling into the errors of the world.

Gnomen 253 - Sowing has its aspect of re-birth and resurrection. The seed dissolves into a liquidy mass before it begins to grow. The Sign of the Resurrection is ‘I was dead but I have been resurrected’. The body goes to dissolve in the earth but the spirit and soul are resurrected unto a higher life in a new body of the world in which they are found. How much more is the joy of mankind, a hundred-fold and a thousand-fold, when the Final Goel himself is resurrected into the New Kingdom of Heaven in the Final Sign of the Resurrection.

Gnomen 254 - We have shown the 6 hidden Signs of Isaac, our father, and their correspondence to the 6 Points over va-yishakeihu and to the 6 Completed Signs of the Final Redemption. They thus also correspond to the Sign of 33, 3 and 3, 3 Higher Signs and 3 Lower Signs of the Redemption. In the Sign of 33 they also became bound to the messianic sacrifice of Yeshua. The mission of Yeshua was in the Sign of the Conflict of Isaac and of the conflictuality between Esau and Jacob. The 6 Points[13] over va-yishakeihu are the 6 Signs which resolve the conflict of Esau and Jacob and their revelation comes at the time of the Reconciliation of the Final Redemption whereas in the mission of Yeshua they were not only unresolved but were ‘caught in the thicket’ with Yeshua, becoming the realisation of the conflict, as Yeshua himself had to admit ‘I am not come to bring peace but the sword’ (Matthew, 10, 34) etc.

Gnomen 255 - One will ask: If the 6 Points over va-yishakeihu are directly involved with the Reconciliation between Esau-Jacob, should the 6 Signs to be searched for among the Signs of Isaac not be those of the conflict? As explained, the Signs of Isaac have different levels. The 6 Signs mentioned are the Hidden Signs. We should as well be able to find 6 Signs of the Conflict. 1) THE PREGNANCY AND PROPHECY OF REBECCA 2) THE BIRTH OF ESAU AND JACOB 3) the birthright of the Firstborn SoLD TO jACOB 4) THE coNFLICT CONCERNING THE BLESSING, AND THE BLESSING TO JACOB 5) jACOB’S FLEEING TO aRAM BECAUSE OF ESAU AND 6) THE STORY OF jACOB’S RETURN TO CANAAN, THE PREPARATIONS TO MEET WITH eSAU AND THE KISS AND EMBRACE.

gNOMEN 256 - Also these 6 SIGNS aRE INCLUDED in the 6 points which only in the end are resolved IN the last point. the historical reconciliation had yet to wait 4000 years and from the mission of Yeshua began 2000 years of the confflict Esau-jacob. the last of those 6 points was therefore missing and unffulfilled. the 6 hidden signs plus the 6 signs of confflict containing the last sign of the reconciliation are 12 but thAT last sign WAs missing to make it only 11. This is the sign in the gospels of the failure of yeshua’s mission at the hands of the traitor escariota.

Gnomen 257 - Because of that lacking fulfilment of the Sign of the Reconciliation, the Hidden Signs came out in their Initial Sign forms, still basically hidden and certainly incomplete. The Stellar Signs fell into the hands of the Re-Magi. The Kingdom of Heaven was spoken about. A new messianic message was given. Yeshua rode into Jerusalem on a she-ass. The Fourth Generation of that epoch was announced. The Initial Sign of the Resurrection was accomplished by Yeshua after and in merit of his terrible sacrifice. And the other 5 Signs of Conflict went into making their history.

Gnomen 258 - We must, nevertheless, take recognition of the fact that the elements of the Virtues of Esther in the teachings of Yeshua were the true moral and spiritual substance of Christianity. All theological Christianity is false and without any truth whatsoever. The teaching of love, compassion, mercy and disinterested dedication to the flocks, however, are true virtues loved by God at all times and for all. Yeshua’s main concern is in doing good for others and in teaching, to the best of his ability in the context of the despair of the times, the concept of the Just Man lives in his faith.

Gnomen 259 - The great force of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, 5) has been its distinct quality of addressing the simple folk of the land, urging them to understand that it is the true faith in one’s heart that is loved by God and that it isn’t necessary to be a Doctor of the Law in order to possess the virtues which are so precious before Him. Yeshua was in no way an antinomian agitator seeking to loosen the chains of halachic tradition. He was a true defence lawyer for the poor, the sick, the disinherited and the poor of spirit. He was directly against the non-Torah attitudes of the rabbis at that time who covered up their own misdoings in veils of sanctified intentions.

Gnomen 260 - He was against the un-humble attitudes and behaviour of the Pharisees with the people of the land: Yeshua had known the good and just intentions of his own heart throughout his short life-time and he had seen the total lack of human sensibility or humanitarian concern, in total contrast to the true teachings of the Torah. He found solace and joy only in the School of the Essenes where the same Torah was put into practice within the context of a redemptional and messianic structure. Until his horns got caught in the Thicket of his own calling to bring that salvation out into the open.

Gnomen 261 - The inside structure of the School along with the external structure of the Essene Community were geared to help and to love the poor and the unfortunate. Those of the School were extremely sensitive to the suffering of others and they too suffered greatly at the hands of the Pharisees and the Priests of the Temple at that abyssal time of history. And the suffering and killing of the Teacher of Justice was a pillar of faith for them that the just were being persecuted by those who were unjust, non-understanding, corrupted in thinking and in action and who justified whatever they did in the name of the Torah.

Gnomen 262 - They were Torah studiers and halacha doers but they did not have virtuous hearts. They were empty of true feelings one for another while the Priests worried mostly about exacting tithes from the poor and uneducated folk. The holy Temple was standing but injustice prevailed. There was Torah but no heart. There was no true spirit that accompanied the study of the Torah or its practice.

In terms of the Triple Meditation, the Virtues of the Heart of the 2nd Ascent never descended properly and Moses, our teacher, was not given permission to bring down that revelation to the people.

Gnomen 263 - The Tablets of the first Ascent had the Spirit of the Virtues of the Heart in themselves. The Tablets of the Third Ascent were similar to the first Tablets in as much as what was written on them but the Spirit of the Virtues of the Heart did not shine in them. They were ‘hidden’ in them, as the second Ascent itself, to be searched for and sought for with understanding. Their principals are written in the Torah but it is a work of great depth and constant service to God in order to receive the true Spirit of those principals:

Gnomen 264 - For it is not the written word alone that counts but the oral tradition which accompanies those words and even more so the manner in which it is taught and the emphasis and importance given it.

DIARY: July 30, 1998: Paolo dreamed that Monica Levinsky is a low rasha and professional liar. - -

Some days ago Anna Gasparotti dreamed camps laid waste and arid where previously they had been cultivated. There were extremely large rusted cylinders and on one of them was written AVRAM which Anna was given to understand meant ‘without water’. - -

This is a decree of drought that is coming; no place was specified. (cf. famine in Canaan while yet Abraham was called AVRAM)

Gnomen 265 - DIARY: Paolo, Noda and the children went back to Mount Cecina to conclude the Sign of the White Altar of the Laughter of Isaac. On their return, Asher almost climbed out of the window. In that moment, I in the Tent, received the Sign of the Fear of Isaac. They brought back 2 stones, one became a Leaf in the Tree of Life and the other has Ram tendencies and it entered the Garden which I formed on the Altar of the Rose.

DIARY: I was dreaming this morning (July 30) that Paolo, Noda, I and the children were bound up to the Constellation of Esther. -

Gnomen 266 - I suppose one needs the Constellation of Esther to begin to search for the roots of her Virtues. Remember that I love you brother and I feel you and I feel for your suffering. I admire the strength of your character and your power of bitter contrast for the sake of true introspection. You are a hateful brother without any true feelings and you are strong in arrogance and your thoughts and your tongue are a poisonous plant.

Gnomen 267 - Ahhashverosh is the ‘neutral’ King because the 4 Stars are balanced in him; therefore he is Ahhashverosh who reigns from India to Ethiopia, over 127 Provinces. These qualities in the King could become virtues or they could become defects. Thus in his raising to power the evil Haman, also his qualities went over to the negative side. It took the Queen Esther, however, with the revelation of what was truly in her heart, to awaken the qualities of Ahhashverosh and to bring them unto the side of virtue.

Gnomen 268 - Queen Esther was beautiful. She was so beautiful because the virtues of her heart and the qualities of her character were beautiful. She was also beautiful because of her modesty. For many years had she remained inside the house of Mordechai, her uncle, and she was always veiled so that no one set eyes on her. She was also beautiful because of the milk she drank in her infancy. She was left orphan shortly after her birth and Mordechai took her as a daughter. A miracle happened, say the Sages of Israel, and breasts grew on Mordechai by which he gave Esther to eat. Also this added greatly to her natural beauty for she was nourished on the miraculous milk of a true Tzadik.

Gnomen 269 - Esther was hidden for perhaps 40 years in Mordechai’s house from the eyes of the outside world and in all those years she studied Torah and Tradition with him. Esther was Mordechai’s heart and he loved her very much. She was also Mordechai’s hidden fortune because her destiny was to be the hidden fortune of the entire Jewish people in that epoch. The Tzadik Mordechai knew this and therefore he kept her so hidden while at the same time he educated her in the true virtues of the Torah. She would one day represent the elevation of Israel and therefore had she been given to Mordechai, the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim.

Esther was not taught only love to other Jews but love and respect to all people. The Hidden Tzadikim see all people for their virtues, whether Jewish or non-Jewish. For the Lord, our God, judges every person according to his or her actions and the faith that one has in his or her heart. So is it in the Higher Judgement; one’s being a Jew, commanded in the laws of the Torah, does not make a Jew more or less than anyone else but only more responsible for what he does.

Gnomen 270 - The Star of Esther, in hidden ways ‘translates’ the qualities of ‘brotherhood’ ‘feeling’ ‘strength’ and ‘contrast’ into virtues.

For as air, water, fire and earth are the four elements from which all elements are compounds according to their proportions, so too Ahh, Hhash, Shor, Rosh are the 4 basic substances involved in the formation of the virtuous character. We seek therefore the basic concepts of these 4 qualities. After we have understood, God willing, the substance of these 4 basic qualities, we shall ask Queen Esther to further help us in translating their basic concept into generalised comprehensive language.

Gnomen 271 - Ahh is the binding of brotherhood into positive acts of goodness, one person to another. Before Esther binds Ahh into positive acts of brotherhood, Ahh of itself is neutral; it can enter into a relationship of love or a relationship of hatred. Ahh represents a blood relationship, as of brothers and sisters, and not, therefore, the emotional love-relationship between 2 people, for example, which comes from Hhash. Ahh therefore can also become the great binding force between all brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Seth, the son of Adam and Eve.

Gnomen 272 - Ahh may be lacking in open emotivity but if the positive actions are there, these confirm the deeper human bond that the blood of brothers and sisters possess. Ahh is bound to the element of air, spirit, speech; since open, emotional love may be lacking. This is recompensed by respectful words and chosen speech that contain the spirit of brotherhood. See that not only Jacob’s offer to Esau ‘sealed’ the reconciliation between them but the manner and choice of Jacob’s words in presenting his offer, himself and his family to Esau. And notwithstanding all Esau’s hatred of the past, Jacob’s great show of brotherly love brought out in Esau the true Ahh in him with deep blood-rooted feelings of love and compassion.

Gnomen 273 - Hhash is a sentiment of love as the love of a mother to her child. This is an active, constant and emotionally felt love to which the person’s heart is open witness. Brotherhood may be gained by strategy and thus it is also a result of intelligent and studied approaches used to bring out that ‘hidden’ brotherly love lurking in the primordial blood of the human kind. Hhash brings the heart to its foreground in feeling the depth of its sentiments.

Gnomen 274 - Hhash, however, is not the love of fiery passion bound to the fire of Shor, but the love which is as water such as that of a mother or father for their children. For as water runs to fill up the places where it flows, so the love of parents naturally gives of itself to fulfil the needs of their offspring. Hhash, however, is not only a sentiment of love but also of fear, as the fear of parents for their children. Ahh therefore is binding while Hhash is also separation.

Gnomen 275 - For the most, Ahh and Hhash are turned towards the objects of their love and they give of themselves to benefit others. Shor and Rosh, on the other hand, may turn inwards for the sake of strengthening the virtues or they may use strategies for the sake of maintaining the virtues. Do not underestimate the necessity of wise strategies in obtaining and maintaining the virtues for even a nail hammered unwisely will bend and not hold, thus not fulfilling the purpose for which it was intended. Nor must one forget that Queen Esther herself was the most excellent of strategists.

Gnomen 276 - Shor has the force of a bull, the strength of character needed to maintain the conditions in which the virtues are revealed. It contains the fiery enthusiasm that must be constantly rekindled in order to bring the virtues from their Hidden Palace in the heart into revealed actions in each person. For it is the fiery and passionate enthusiasm in serving God that keeps the tastes of the virtues alive in the heart. But the negative forces that go against the fulfilment of the virtues are many and the contrast of a Poisonous Plant (Rosh) is needed for maintaining the just measures and for contrasting the self-love that comes to falsify the true value of the virtues.

Gnomen 277 - Rosh makes you doubt yourself even while you are trying to practice the virtues. You have given charity, for example, but did you truly give it in a virtuous manner? Or did you begin to take pleasure in your own generosity, thinking yourself ‘something’ or feeling yourself important? Without the power of contrast within oneself, one will fall into the subtle pits of underground arrogance that lay hidden alongside all actions that contain great recompense before God. Therefore even the virtues that one discovers in himself must be sipped up slowly and cautiously not forgetting that poisonous plants may try to filter through and one must take great heed in avoiding them.

Gnomen 278 - These then are the 4 basic substances that form the virtuous heart: Brotherhood, Human Sensitivity, Strength of Character and the Power of Contrast. Ahhashverosh is the King of the Substance of the Virtues but he needs Queen Esther to bring those virtues into their positive results. Esther is beauty. Esther is modesty. Esther is the Hidden Queen. Esther is wise strategy. In her beauty was she loved by the King. In her modesty was she respected by all. As the hidden Jewish Queen of Ahhashverosh she was loved and admired by the Jewish people and by others. For her wisdom she became known in the Kingdom and she was given to reign over 127 Provinces with Ahhashverosh.

Gnomen 279 - I cannot deny that I believe that these past gnomen on the virtuous Stars of Ahhashverosh and of Esther in her Kingdom represent a new-born Dinosaur just hatched from its egg. This is one of those great big good Dinosaurs that come along every 85.000.000 years or so. I think that now we can begin to place the virtuous substances of brotherhood, human sensitivity, strength of character and the power of contrast into the New Heart of the Final New Pact. For until now we didn’t know that we were seeking Queen Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh inside our heart nor that the King of the Virtues has his Palace hidden there.

Gnomen 280 - Go then and establish the foundations of the Kingdom of the Virtues and establish Ahhashverosh in the 4 Corners of your heart. On the right side of your heart above write ‘Brotherhood’; on the right side below it write ‘Human Sensitivity’; on the left side of your heart above, write Strength of Character and on the left side below it write Force of Contrast. Now in the midst of these 4 Corners, you are ready to search for the Hidden Queen of your heart who reigns in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh.

Gnomen 281 - You may search for the hidden wisdom of her silence or the hidden strength of her faith. You may search for her modesty and the humility of her desires. Esther risked her life for the sake of saving the Jews. Be ready to renounce all futility, foolish speech and the wasting of time for the sake of being able to enter the Palace of Esther. You may search for the beauty of Esther’s refinedness and of the delicacy of her speech and of the elegance of her manners. So may you search out Esther’s strategy before revealing her true identity to the King so that you learn how to make your prayers more acceptable before Him.

Gnomen 282 - Esther is the Hidden Star of your own personal Hidden Fortune. Esther teaches the Deep Waters to be gentle with a woman. For the Hidden Virtues of the Heart are highly perfumed and you must learn to take in their scents with delicate, female inhaling or else you will remain so inebriated by its fragrance that you will forget your limits and quickly come to error. Walk very slowly on the Stairs of White Marble and check your balance at every Step. Remember that all 4 Corners must be well established before your search for Esther can be successful. The Profound Waters of the Heart are a great privilege but their gates will not be opened to you unless your love for others is sincere, your human sensitivity is awake, you are strong of character and you are able to contrast yourself.

Gnomen 283 - See then that Traditional Christianity did not have the 10 Commandments written on the toes or the 10 Commandments of the Just Man lives in his Faith written on the fingers or the 10 Faculties of the Virtues written on the heart. Christians had to follow the false theology of the Trunk and the Deification of Christ and all was corrupted into false forms and idolatrous cults etc. Nevertheless, the value of Christianity stood on the Virtues of Esther hidden in the heart. The basis of the Virtues as we are explaining them can be easily seen in the main emphasis of Yeshua’s teachings. We may abstract them in this way: the true state of Brotherhood; the true heart-felt love and compassion for others, the strength of character and the poisonous tongue of contrast to the evils of that epoch.

Gnomen 284 - In previous studies on the Triple Meditation, we have spoken of the 53 (Gan - Garden) of the Final Redemption, the 3 10’s of 30 Passes, plus the 6 Signs, the doubling of the 10 Virtues and the 7 Prophetic Circles. Now the Gan may be calculated in this way: 10 Commandments, 10 Virtues, 10 Commandments of the Just Man, the 13 Virtues of Esther, the 5 Stars of Esther and the 5 Stars of the Higher Tribunal.

Gnomen 285 - The Star of the Stone of Equilibrium relats to the Tradition of Moses, magister noster. The Star of the Stone over the Stone of Equilibrium relates to the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning. The Star of Praise of the Right Plate of the Scale relates to the Tradition of the High Priest Aharon. The Star of Victory of the Left Plate of the Balance relates to the Tradition of Yeshua Bin Nun. The Star of Mordechai ha-Tzadik relates to the Higher Justice of the Higher Tribunal. We thus have as well to place Equilibrium, Over the Balance, Praise, and Victory on the 4 Corners of our heart and the Star of Mordechai in the Middle, somewhat to the right.

Gnomen 286 - There is a difference in the formation of the Tribunal, for the Stars of Esther come to search for the Hidden Virtues of the Heart whereas the Stars of Mordechai search out the Profound Waters for the sake of truth and justice. This is the Scroll of Esther and of Mordechai bound to the Virtues of the heart and to the Intellect of the Heart.

Gnomen 287 - The 4 Stars of the Scale, in the form --’- represent also the right side of the head (eye and ear) the left side of the head, the middle part of the head and the upper part of the head. The Star of Mordechai is the Judging Tribunal itself, the truth and justice which derive from the Traditions of Moses, Aharon, Yeshua Bin Nun and the Prophet Elijah. Standing before these 4 Stars, if you stretch out your right hand you will take hold of the very large and blue coloured Star of Mordechai. This is the Just Judge who binds the resulting judgements of truth to their actuality in the world.

Gnomen 288 - The Constellation of Mordechai is obviously stationed basically in the intellect. Judgement requires a vast and profound knowledge and all is based on Law and reasoning. Nevertheless the Scroll of Mordechai and Esther is of the New Heart. Therefore is there such a strong bond of faith between the Star of Mordechai and the Star of Esther. The Judgement of truth of the Higher Tribunal needs to be balanced and completed by the applied virtues of the heart. Human sensitivity runs deep and also it must be evaluated in judgement.

Gnomen 289 - So to speak, were judgement only of the Tribunal, it would be too harsh and it would favour intellectual endeavour over the practised virtues. This is, of course, more hypothetical than real because the Higher Tribunal does not deal unjustly. We can, however, unfortunately, take an historical glimpse of Judaism and Christianity. Elsewhere we have explained that the Constellations of Mordechai and of Esther were ‘separated’ for the past 2000 years by the Star of the Neck caught in the Christian-Pharaoh-Counterpart of the falsified Christ etc. until this was resolved, unfortunately, but thank God, by way of the sacrifice of Beniamino Perico noster.

Gnomen 290 - Throughout Christian history there has prevailed some overall and extremely simplistic idea of Israel’s over rigidity in complying to the Law and of Christianity’s teaching, on the other hand, of the virtues shorn of the unnecessary detailed laws of Torah and Tradition. Critics of both have called one ‘intellect without the true heart’ and the other ‘heart without the true intellect of the Law of God in the Torah Tradition’. As totally simplistic as this is, it reflects something of the stellar reality of the separation between these 2 Redemptional Constellations, before the Completed Signs.

Gnomen 291 - It is possible to love God and to serve Him without a vast knowledge of truth and justice. It is sufficient to know several general principles of the true faith and to live with them. Millenary tension: the instructed, the non-instructed, the brain, the heart. Only when they work together in harmony, however, is there completeness. The Tree of Life, however, is in the Midst of the Garden, the heart. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is the brain. The New Humble Brain of the Final New Pact is in the Sign of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected. The New Heart is in the Sign of the Tree of Life.

Gnomen 292 - We are not here to separate the brain from the heart or the heart from the brain but to have them work in full harmony one with the other to complete themselves in their fullness. If the New Tablets, however, were written in the brain, it would not yet be sure that they were written on the heart. If, on the other hand, they are written on the Tablets of the Heart, it is sure that they are already written in the brain. Therefore the verse says ‘I shall place My law inside them and on their heart will I write them’ (Jeremiah, 31, 32).

Gnomen 293 - We need not define the interplay between brain and heart; they are interlaced so tightly and so subtly in a person that it is virtually impossible to search for the beginning. Both are needed to complete understanding until true understanding is truly felt in the heart. The Tzadik Haim redeemed me from the false barrier between brain and heart, taught in Habad doctrine. True understanding is in the heart and its substance must pass between the brain and the heart thousands of times before it becomes true understanding. They did not call themselves men of goodness, of charity and of good deeds but men of wisdom, understanding and knowledge!!!

Gnomen 294 - They indeed undermine the true heart and have cut it out of their existence. The falsified wisdom, understanding and knowledge studied and taught by them is the absolute antithesis of the New Humble Brain of the Final New Pact. The name Habad will remain a symbol of their inner arrogance, hated by the God of Israel. But the Lord our God, loves simple Donkeys who bray out the News of the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 295 - The Key is not the brain or the heart but humility and humility is the true key to both. If you are humble[14] you will be allowed to understand and if you are humble you will be allowed to feel the truth of your understanding and you will be allowed to enter into deeper levels of feelings hidden in the profound waters of your heart. Habad, instead, partakes of the arrogance deriving from the many subtle arrogance-traps inherent in all the false Kabbalah and they are totally invaded by that arrogance without knowing it. There are, however, no waters more shallow than the waters of false lights.

Gnomen 296 - Signwise the downfall of Habad came before the Sign of the Passion of Christ resolved with the Great Fall of the Star of the Neck. Habad represented the blockage between the Stars of the Tribunal and the Stars of Esther. Habad is the Neck which, if stiff, impedes the truth and justice of the intellect from being completed within the framework of the virtues of the heart. The New Humble Brain, on the other hand, is in the sign of the Reconciliation between the Brain and the Heart. The Tzadik Haim helps the Donkeys break down the stiff-necked arrogance of the past, establishing the reunification of the Constellations of Mordechai and Esther.

Gnomen 297 - The Final New Pact breaks down the separations between mind and heart uniting them in true harmony. This new unity is symbolised by the unification of the Scroll of Mordechai and Esther written together in the heart. This is the Scroll of the Heart upon which the New Law of the Final Redemption and the Virtues of the Heart are being written. Therefore is it important to set up the Key of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh as we have shone.

Gnomen 298 - It is not necessary to write Equilibrium, Over the Balance, Praise, Victory and Mordechai on any particular part of the heart. It is enough to know their names and to place them mentally in your heart. One may, nevertheless, associate them from the heart to the head so as to establish a line of unity between the New Humble Brain and the New Heart.

DIARY: the last few gnomen were written with Giordano sleeping in the Tent; he came in from Israel; there were hidden signs involved. Michail-Esther is at the Dead-Sea in the Sign of a New Spirit that is descending for Jews and for Israel. This New Spirit is bound to our subject here, the reconciliation between the Mind and the Heart.

Gnomen 299 – Some matters of the Justice of the Tribunal can be found in the Five Tablets of the Pact, in the Tablets of the New Law of 30 Passes, in the Large New Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan and, in general, throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim.

Gnomen 300 – I’m following the Gnomen as they come without knowing what is coming next; I search for the Gates that best correspond to the Tools of Reception of the New Spirit descending from the New Kingdom of Heaven to awaken the Virtues of the heart. Esther’s Brotherhood, Heart-felt Sensitivity, Strength of Character and Force of Contrast need those Gates to seek out the Virtues themselves. Might that we find them, God willing.



Chapter 7


To constantly renew one’s faith in order to make good dominate over evil


Gnomen 301 - DIARY of the DONKEY with THREE-Eyes: Aug. 5, 1998: Solly is getting ready to set up a Web-Site in order to disseminate Milhhamot Ha-Shem. This while the Donkey who eats Bread sat on the Dinosaur-Egg sent by Michail-Esther and hatched a Baby-Dinosaur. Gilat Haim saw in a dream a little poisonous lizard and she closed his mouth so that he be a good Dinosaur.

Gnomen 302 - In fact, he’s a very good Dinosaur, after being overridden by the Joy of Life.

Gnomen 312 - DIARY: Aug. 10, 1998: Nodà dreamed: She, Paolo and I were riding in a car. At a certain point there appeared an extremely large red turkey, at least a couple of yards tall. After this, they met up with a great female Dinosaur. The Dinosaur gave to Nodah a Dinosaur egg from which hatched a baby Dinosaur. - -

Paolo dreamed, at the same time, that little Noga was giving birth. She entered a river to give birth and there was great emotion and festive happiness. (Noah Hhana Noga is now 7 months old). - -

Gnomen 313 - Noah Hhana Noga is in the Sign of the Love of the Great Light of the New Heart. By way of ‘love’ discovered in the new virtuous heart, it is possible to develop with a rapidity disproportionate to any ‘natural’ development. Something like a baby-Dinosaur who quickly develops to be a Big-Dinosaur or a baby of 7 months who gives birth. For sure it is Great-Dinosaur-Light-Time in discovering the Virtues of the Heart.

I have listed the 13 Virtues of Esther, a personal choice of 13 points to be read into the Virtues. I’ve now reviewed them in terms of basic concepts and I see that by placing them into the framework of Ahh-Hhash-Shor-Rosh there are neatly 3 virtues for each of the 4 Stars. And the Star of Esther is the 13th General Virtue of Modesty.

Gnomen 314 - The 13 Virtues of Esther AHH - Brotherhood - Spirit

1) the inner love for the protection of others

2) the love to see others happy and to help people live in decent houses

3) the quality to forgive and to ask forgiveness for one’s behaviour or for indelicate actions or words towards others

HHASH - Compassion - Water

4) to constantly renew compassion for others

5) the compassion to see all people elevate themselves

6) the inner quality to awaken the faculties of the mind to desire comprehension, knowledge and wisdom

Gnomen 315 - SHOR - Force of Character - Fire

7) to constantly renew one’s faith in order to make good dominate over evil

8) the inner force acquired to perceive the living power of the Providence of God

9) the love to speak the truth and to discern the truth, to be precise in speech, in thought and in action, with neutral self-criticism

ROSH - Force of Contrast - Earth

10) the inner Patience to learn the strategies of self-harmony and to desire harmony for all

Gnomen 316 -

11) the quality of being constantly involved in self-correction

12) the quality of making of one’s weakness deriving from preceding errors the force and perfume of one’s deeds

ESTHER - Modesty - the Blessing of Inner Beauty

13) the quality of being clean in thought and in one’s inner thoughts


 Diary: now, April 2000, as I rewrite this formula from my manuscript, this morning, I dreamed in a long continuous vision that ‘the pupils must not remain without the Signs of Isaac that bind the 2 Redemptions.

Gnomen 317 - The 13 Virtues of Esther are the ‘applied virtues’ whereas the 10 Virtues of the Middle-Column are the abstracted faculties of the heart - faith, blessing, virtues of the heart, prayer, the Presence of God, correction, sanctification, renewal of the spirit, taste and silence. They are abstract but real forces in the heart of a person but they need with them true knowledge in order to be directed on the right path. The largest part of humanity has faith but not all have the knowledge of the true monotheistic faith. Many may desire blessing but not all know how to bring the true blessing of God upon themselves and in their lives. Many might desire sanctification but they must study many laws which govern it etc. -

Gnomen 318 - The 10 Virtues come in fulfilment of the Law and are therefore bound to the basic structure of the 10 Commandments. For they have no true existence until they represent the fulfilment of the true and just laws given by God. If a person that you love lives far away from you and that person needs you but you can in no way help him or her, you can, nevertheless, pray for that person. If, however, your friend who is close to you, needs, let us say, financial help and you are in a position to help him and you don’t, there is absolutely no virtue in your prayer for that friend. Help him first, then pray for him.

Gnomen 319 - Of the 10 Virtues, perhaps the most abstract is the third called the Virtues of the Heart, One knows generally what faith is or what self-correction means. One understands the positive results of being blessed and one knows what prayer is. One may not understand what the fifth Virtue of Presence is about but he will study the laws of Derech Eretz which are inextricably bound up with the receiving of the Divine Presence. One may desire sanctification even without yet knowing the laws involved because it is a faculty of the heart which may be awakened to ‘yearn’ for that ‘idea’ of sanctification.

Gnomen 320 - All have some idea of what Renewal of the Spirit means. One may at first not understand what Taste has to do with the Virtues but the normal faculty of taste is known to all. Everyone knows that if speech is silver, silence is gold and the one who knows when to show his silver and when to hold his gold is a wise man. The 10 Virtues are 10 very large categories and the terms to describe them are abstract, general terms. But the Hidden Virtues of the Heart, as a term, hides what it is speaking about.

Gnomen 321 - First of all, we are speaking about the 10 Virtuous Faculties of the Heart; why tell me now that only one of these Virtues is called the Hidden Virtues of the Heart? Do the other 9 Virtues not have Hidden Virtues of their own? They certainly do. All the Virtues have higher, interior levels. Of Faith, for example, it states ‘The secret of God is unto those who fear Him' (Psalms, 25, 14). Furthermore, all the Virtues as they are found in the Hidden Tzadikim exist on totally higher levels, extremely hidden.

Gnomen 322 - The 10 Virtues come to let us hear of the faculties of the Virtues that exist. All the Virtues have interior levels as well. The Third Virtue comes to let us hear that there exist also the Hidden Virtues of the Heart. The third Virtue becomes thus the Gateway to the Hidden Virtues. If one is allowed to enter and one is given to discover the existence of these Hidden Virtues, this will in turn open the way to finding Hidden Virtues in all the 10 Virtues. It is hardly strange that the Gateway to the Hidden Virtues are found in the position of the Third Commandment which, according to the scheme of the 5 Tablets of the Pact[15], is representative of the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, the most Hidden of all the Traditions.

Gnomen 323 - We have resolved this but how do we resolve the fact that the 13 Virtues of Esther as we have listed them do not seem to speak about hidden aspects but rather about the manifested results of the Virtues themselves, to care for others, to worry about the physical and spiritual needs of others etc.? It is obvious, however, that the 13 Virtues of Esther do not come for the sake of the Hidden Tzadikim but for people of all walks of life. The Virtues are being explained for all people, to walk in them and to awaken in themselves interior oceans of goodness to be used in serving the Creator, Blessed is He in eternity.

Gnomen 324 - The Virtues[16] represent the Central Pillar which goes from the Highest Levels of the Hidden Tzadikim to the worldliest of levels among the simple folk of the nations. The Hidden Tzadikim are on the level of the Virtues themselves and they practice the Virtues in the world as well, in hidden ways. They are the Pillars of the world. Their service in secret allows that people in the world have the possibility of awakening in themselves the Virtues of the Heart. If there were not people in the world who possess a virtuous heart and who do good for others, even the great, hidden service of the Hidden Tzadikim would not suffice to maintain the world.

Gnomen 325 - ‘Humility’ as a term is not used in conjunction with the 10 Virtues or with the 13 Virtues of Esther. This is because ‘humility’ (anavah) is the general pre-requisite to all the Virtues. It is the Crown of all the Virtues and therefore not included in their number. It is the beginning and the end of all virtue. The final purpose of all the virtues is to render the person humble before God. The Virtues are the paths loved by God because these conduce to or are themselves proof to the humility of the person.

Gnomen 326 - One must lower himself or herself. We must not consider ourselves more than someone else. Study has been the floundering of mankind’s free choice. As soon as one knows what the other person doesn’t know, the knower is assailed by the strategic self-complacence of the evil-inclination. Imperceptibly, the knowledge-swelling inflates him from within. If the person is humble, he may merit to wisdom, and if he merits to wisdom, he will always deflate himself and leave no room for any swelling.

Gnomen 327 - In truth, one must bless God and be grateful for every piece of true information that he comes to know and for every comprehension that he or she reaches. God has given us all these marvellous faculties of the intellect, great heavenly gifts with which to perceive something of the universe by Him created. Of ourselves we have nothing. All are His gifts to us so that we might merit to appreciate His bounty with us and to stand humbly before Him and before others. We are not here to study knowledge so as to stand up before others to say ‘See how ignorant you are -- you have no understanding at all’.

Gnomen 328 - The great underlying message of the entire Torah is: the one who was most humble before God was chosen to know the most, and the more that chosen servant ascended in knowledge, the more humble he became, before God and before all people. So have I received it from the Tzadik Haim: the highest and most important knowledge of the Torah is that of Moses’ humility. All the rest comes to explain what took place in virtue of Moses’ humility before Him. The commandment ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ is the means to and the personal testimony of humility.

Gnomen 329 - DIARY: Haim Shimshon dreamed (August 11) that I was dressed as a King, with a crown, a red mantle and a sceptre. At the same time, Mrs. Mazal, wife of the Teacher Haim, was a guest at our home and Nodah attended to her. - -

We are, thank God, in the Signs of Great Fortune descending from the Kingdom of Heaven. The Signs descend as baby-Dinosaurs but they will grow quickly with rapid maturation. (Yesterday, Nodah received a blessing from the Sig-a Mazal (by way of said dream) and yestherday night Lea, Giordano’s daughter, saw Sig-a Mazal in a dream and they spoke together).

Gnomen 330 - I am no king, God forbid, but I am here in the Sign of King Ahh-Hhash-Shor-Rosh and of Queen Esther. I must be modest in dress and clean inside in every way because Esther holds the Keys to the 4 Gates of King Ahhashverosh’ Palace. After I have closed myself off from all immodesty, I come to search for my brother Ahh. I enter his Gate on the upper right side of my heart and here I find 3 camps: 1) an inner love for the protection of others 2) the love to see others happy and to live in decent living-quarters and 3) the quality of correcting and of asking pardon for one’s unjust behaviour towards someone or for indelicate actions or words towards others.

Gnomen 331 - ‘inner love for the protection of others’: Why should I be worried about the protection of others? Am I my brother’s keeper? Cain hardly worried about the protection of Abel. History begins with an extremely hostile fratricide. Cain’s famous answer ‘Am I my brother’s keeper’ (Genesis, 4: 9) was hateful before the Lord’. And in Cain’s answer lies the correction. It is loved by the Creator that each person be his brother’s keeper and guardian.

Gnomen 332 - DIARY: - the official permission for Solly as responsible for Milhhamot Ha-Shem on Web-Site. He dreamed that I gave him a letter in which it was stated that he had been in a Concentration-Camp and that this letter was a document in his honour.

Gnomen 333 - The allusion is that in Milhhamot Ha-Shem it is proven definitely that the terrible underlying cause of the Holocaust was the Sin of Emanation of the Zohar and all the false Kabbalah that followed in its wake. Solly was not yet born but as a Jew and as for his feelings, he is worthy of speaking about the Holocaust.

Gnomen 334 - This represents the permission for Solly Kamkhaji to use our texts in speaking about all subjects concerning Milhhamot Ha-Shem and such is a great merit on Solly’s part to help inform the children of Israel of this grievous sin.

Gnomen 335 - AHH thus relates to the Correction of the killing of Abel. And since AHH is also to be associated with Rome, it clearly evokes the fraternal conflict Esau-Jacob as well as the fraternal-love relationship resolved in the end. The sense of this Virtue is ‘As you desire for yourself the true protection which comes from God, so must you desire the true protection for others’. This is the desire in its spiritual state but it must ‘descend’ into ‘actions’ of helping others be protected.

Gnomen 336 - DIARY: For a year and a half now I had wondered why the earthquake people of Assisi had so been rammed and shattered, without houses, with terrible cold and with both natural and social impediments at every step until now. The answer came on a television broadcast in which the Convent of the Sisters of Saint Clara at Assisi were interviewed. These nuns are held in great esteem at Assisi together with Saint Francis. Their cult is to the poverty and the suffering of Jesus. They deny themselves everything and are against all commodities etc. So too their ‘prayers’ have brought down the decree of poverty and suffering to those who sustain them and respect their foolish and idolatrous cult.

Gnomen 337 - (2) the love to see others happy and to help people live in decent living quarters: Some people deep in their hearts love to see others happy and they take joy in the happiness of others. Some people, deep in their heart, are jealous or invidious for the happiness of others. Many, perhaps most people, would destroy at least a half of the world population at given moments, if their thoughts had the power of decreeing judgements. Fortunately Higher Judgment is not based on mankind’s foolish inclinations. Such thoughts, in any case, have nothing to do with the Inner Heart and if one finds himself at times with thoughts of seeing great destruction etc. all these are not true thoughts but just some vapour escaping from the pressure cooker.

gnomen 338 - Do not judge yourself on empty thoughts that come and go. Do not judge yourself on generalised negative thoughts concerning certain peoples or nations (but about the Jewish people be very careful because they are His chosen nation!) I speak not of rooted hatreds and foolish prejudices that become rooted hatreds. Whatever may be criticised intelligently, however, is not forbidden. Also foolish passing thoughts to see the others all dead are as natural as the thousands of other foolish thoughts that may pass through one’s mind every day.

Gnomen 339 - One must first of all judge himself concerning his feelings to those who are close to him and towards the people that he knows. Are you happy in their happiness? Do you take joy in their good fortune? You can judge yourself in this matter only with the people whom you consider friends or brothers or sisters. If the virtue is in you, it can be extended to others as you meet them and come to know them. If the virtue is not to be found in you, you will also be defective in all your relationships to the people close to you.

Gnomen 340 - (3) the quality of correction, of asking forgiveness for any unjust, incorrect or indelicate actions or words toward others: Generally speaking it requires inner strength and character to ask forgiveness of other people and this fact is often a great impediment to the acceptance of one’s own prayers and service to God. Yeshua was adamant on this point ‘If you have offended someone, first go and placate him and only then bring your offer to the altar’ (Matthew, 5: 24). This is because if someone has been offended by you, your prayers will not be answered until you have been forgiven by that person.

Gnomen 341 - Let no one say ‘But I am right and he is wrong, why must I ask him to forgive me’. The question here is not one of right or wrong. You may well have been right and yet it is you who offended the other person because of the manner in which you spoke or because of unnecessary negative comments in reference to that person. Your being right has no place in judgement if in dealing out your ‘rightness’ you offend the other person. Many, many are the people who in their desire to elevate themselves are not successful because they do not understand that it’s not enough to be right.

Gnomen 342 - Three Spirits of Brotherhood: thus ‘Protection’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Self-Correction’ in regards to others. We come unto the Hhash-Compassion Virtues: (4) to constantly renew compassion for others ‘And you shall love your neighbour as yourself’ - it speaks of loving, not simply of liking. The Torah commanded Israel in this principle. Yeshua went to extremes to demonstrate its great value, establishing it as the principle of the New Marriage of the Virtues that he came to teach. In Jesus’ teachings, love and compassion for others represent the depth of human unification flowing in the heart from the Source of all unification.

Gnomen 343 - Note that all the 13 Virtues of Esther are the pure and essential ingredients of ‘Mission’ in those who aspire to be in a position of Shepherd. It is not strange therefore that Yeshua whose purpose it was to create a ‘New Mission’ came to teach the Virtues of the Heart. Yeshua rebuked the Shepherds of Israel in his time and came to teach the Virtues of the true heart necessary in order to become true Shepherds. This is a fulcrum point in all his teachings.

Gnomen 344 - Indeed, the Initial Signs contained the Keys to the Messianic Mission of Israel needed for the sake of extending the light of the Temple and of the Torah even unto the far-off nations as had been prophesied some 5 centuries earlier. The Keys to that Messianic Mission had thus to give over to Israel the ‘means’ to create such a Mission, means which were lacking or as yet not revealed in the Tradition of Israel until then. Those Keys, deriving from the Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, therefore ‘opened’ the Founts of the Virtues of the Heart necessary to create true shepherds and to render Israel a Nation of Priests and a Kingdom of Priests unto the Nations.

Gnomen 345 - Therefore when speaking about the Virtues of Esther, we tend to look more closely at the teachings of Yeshua. There are 4 basic states of character required for all the Virtues: humility (anava), happiness (simhha), seriousness (retzinut) and modesty (tzniut). These essential states of character are correlated to the 4 Stars of the Balance of the Tribunal: humility, Tradition of Moses; happiness, Tradition of Aaron; Seriousness, Tradition of Yeshua Bin Nun; and Modesty, Tradition of the Prophet Elijah.

Gnomen 346 - These we call the 4 Gates of Gold while the 4 Gates of the Hidden Virtues are the 4 Gates of Silver. Together they form the 8 Lights of the Hhanukia of the New Hhanukat ha-Hhanukot: Humility, Happiness, Seriousness, Modesty, Brotherhood, Compassion, Force of Character, Force of Contrast.

The Dinosaur is growing: This is a New Dinosaur, so now there are 2 Dinosaurs growing: These are the 4 Gates of Silver and the 4 Gates of Gold. We shall return to them, God willing, but let me first complete these first brief comments on the 13 Virtues of Esther.

Gnomen 347 - After compassion for others follows (5) the compassion to see elevation in others. This Virtue binds the love of good for others to the love of seeing people educated and schooled, for knowledge is the backbone of mankind’s stature. And so too knowledge, the quality of that knowledge and the extension of that knowledge, are the stature of every society. So too the inner stature of each person is built upon the true knowledge that he possesses, whereas the lack of true inner stature, its abasement and nullification, is due to grave defects such as arrogance, pessimism, light-headedness, immodesty, hatreds, insensibility, lack of character and lack of the force of contrast etc.

Gnomen 348 - (6) the inner quality to awaken the faculties of the mind to desire comprehension, knowledge and wisdom: Here the Virtues turn inward; in his desire to see others elevated by knowledge and instruction, he merits to perceive more and more how important knowledge is for the person’s true constitution and so begins a true love of knowledge in himself. Those of the Final New Pact, trying to follow these new teachings of the Goel Haim, and whose Virtues thus are turning and moving in their heart in positive directions, will soon find themselves aspiring to the Humble New Brain of the Third and Final Redemption.

Gnomen 349 - (7) to constantly renew one’s faith in order to make good dominate over evil. There are many who have in themselves some of the basic virtuous inclinations of brotherhood and compassion etc. but who do not succeed in realising these Virtues because of weakness of character and the consequential lack of constancy. Strength of character means, principally, the force of determining a path and of standing on it. Every Virtue has an enormous value and there are always obstacles to obstruct the way. According to the seriousness of one’s determination will be his success.

Gnomen 350 - DIARY: 24th of Menahhem Av, 5758: August 16, 1998: Giuseppe came with Rose-Water sent by Klemy. I spoke to him of the 4 Gates of Gold and the 4 Gates of Silver. Later on, 3:50 I was again outside and as I looked at the Star of Victory in the Tradition of Yeshua Bin Nun, while concentrating on ‘seriousness’, a shooting-star shot forth exactly over this Star.



Chapter 8


The inner force acquired to perceive the living power of the Providence of God


Gnomen 351 – Strength of character, however, without the true faith in the goodness desired by God for our benefit, will not suffice to make good dominate over evil. The 3 virtues of SHOR require a very strong faith because it is often a plowing in the darkness before the light appears; it is a belief in the New Dawn before it is seen. Often only sheer determination decides the outcome. One needs a fiery determination to go on and to win. Only a strong faith will keep the fire of that determination alive.

Gnomen 352 – That fiery determination which characterizes a strong character is necessary in order to combat the ‘evil’ that is inside oneself. We are not speaking about sins but about inner weaknesses that impede the climb on the Stairs of the Virtues.

Gnomen 353 - The strongest inner evil in a person is to consider oneself unworthy of that climb. This thought itself undermines and diminishes any possibility of success. One chops himself into pieces if he has perceived the value of the Virtues but he decides in himself that he is unworthy to receive them.

Gnomen 354 – Strength of character is needed to overcome the negative thoughts about oneself, thoughts that creep in from every side to ‘throw’ the person ‘outside of the camp’. That is what is meant here ‘to make good dominate over evil’.

Gnomen 355 - A person must see himself in an image of goodness, the goodness desired in him by the Creator, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever, not in an image of unworthiness; a person must see himself in an image of strength, not in an image of weakness. If one considers himself as unworthy or weak, he will be led quickly in accommodating that image and lower his entire stature.

Gnomen 356 – It’s thus essential in working within oneself in these Virtues, as they are being taught to us by the Goel Haim in conformity with the Triple Meditation of the Final Redemption, to understand that true humility and true strength of character work together, not in contrast to one another.

Gnomen 357 - It is not against humility to see oneself in an image of goodness and an image of strength. Humility must precede them, however; true humility is gold that will remain throughout. This has nothing to do with the fact that in order to combat the enemies that emerge from within, one must see himself as a good, just and strong soldier in the war of good and evil.

Gnomen 358 – (8) the inner force acquired to perceive the living force of God’s Providence: According to the strength of one’s active faith will he perceive the signs of God’s providence around him and even in himself.

Gnomen 359 - This does not come naturally; it must be acquired through experience and it requires that each person study everything that happens to him or her trying to understand what meaning it might have in the service to God and in the search for the Virtues and for the Hidden Virtues of Esther. In truth nothing that happens is accidental and everything that happens has a purpose or purposes although most things cannot be understood. By way of the Completed Signs, nevertheless, we are given keys of interpretation needed to help us read the providential factors that befall each person.

Gnomen 360 – There are many levels of keys to many kinds of readings around the individual life of a person. The Completed Signs, however, represent a totally new revelation of perceiving the ‘signs’ of God whether prophetic signs of this Fourth Generation or the Marvelous Signs of the Stars, the Kingdom of Heaven, the New Light, the Donkey who eats Bread or the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. The person who enters the study of the Completed Signs enters into a New Existence within their framework in which entirely new sets of meanings are revealed to him or her.

Gnomen 361 – When a person begins to enter the study of the Virtues and seeks to find deeper qualities within himself, he will find an extension of the Completed Signs within the inner fiber of his or her thoughts and sentiments. As the person takes advantage of this New Structure beginning to reside within him, he will find born in his understanding an assimilation to the levels of ‘signs’ provided by God but hidden in their Ester Garments, that guide him even in the most intimate endeavors that he undertakes. This is no small level but it is now facilitated a thousand fold by the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the Goel Haim.

Gnomen 362 – For as children of Isaac, we must nourish the Triple Meditation with obstinate simplicity, whether it brings us to the elevation of a new altar or whether we are saved in the blood of the sacrificed ram. As children of Isaac, we must walk towards our altar, unafraid, proud to be called upon for a higher purpose. For if we are desired on an altar of God, (that is, a purpose that relates directly to the Geula Shleima) we may yet be desired for walking in this world. But if we are not desired on an altar of God, we must fear that our path in the world may not yet be desired.

Gnomen 363 - Therefore we must turn inwards to the Signs of Isaac, always, constantly, forever, searching out the virtues of Esther that lay beneath the surface, even deep in the profound waters of the heart. For the Signs of Abraham will establish the full stature of 248 limbs and the Signs of Jacob will teach us the wisdom of our often difficult plight and the joy of Israel’s resurrection but the Signs of Isaac will bind us to our inner stature to complete the inner humility which receives the true image of God in which we are created.

Gnomen 364 - Abraham is the father of a multitude of nations and Israel is the Chosen Nation but Isaac laughs on the altar of his felicity and binds the heart of mankind to the joy of its final redemption. The Sacrifice of Isaac of the hidden Tzadik Haim mainly for reason of Israel’s and mankind’s sins of idolatry, explained in the Five Tablets of the Pact, nourishes the reception of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in the first 35 year period of the Final Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 365 - Beniamino’s sacrifice bound the Tzadik’s Final Sacrifice of Isaac to the merit needed to maintain the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread on earth. For we are the children of Isaac and we must search for the virtues of our heart that bind the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth in perfect harmony.

(second day of hhol ha-moed Pesah 5760)

Gnomen 366 – As the pupil turns the wheel of the Virtues around in his heart and succeeds in defying all negativity from within, succeeding in finding both the warnings and the conformations to the steps that he takes, coming to understand the manners, ways, signs and indications of God’s Providence upon him, he will then come to see and to better understand the immense reward at every step on the road to perfection and he will come to desire the levels of precision that go into that perfection and which represent an integral part of it.

Gnomen 367 - So does he begin to arrive at the Virtue (9) to love to speak the truth, to discern the truth, to be precise in speaking, in thinking and in doing, all this with neutral self-criticism. Notice how the Virtues, even when they stand on inner levels hidden in the heart conduce one back to the Law.

Gnomen 368 - The Virtues are, of course, in the Torah and they are not separated from the Torah or from Tradition. It is possible to view the 2 Great Traditions, of Moses, magister noster, and of the Prophet Elijah, in the last prophecy of Malachi as representing the Completion of the Torah.

Gnomen 369 – This Virtue of the love of precision on inner levels will not be able to be maintained unless it is accompanied by the precision in accomplishing the commandments of God on external levels.

Gnomen 370 - If, for example, you are searching for the virtue of loving the protection of others, you must also accomplish the Law of the Torah to place a fence (maake) around the roof of your house for the protection of others (Deut. 22: 8) and so as not to be guilty in hurting others. The Virtues have no true existence unless they come together with the aspiration to abide by the Law of God in all ways.

Gnomen 371 – (10) the inner patience to learn the strategies of self-harmony and to desire harmony for all. The beginning of harmony is ‘one way’ and the completion of harmony is ‘one way’. For you begin when you have found the harmony in yourself to make the decision to go in the ‘way’ that you have chosen.

Gnomen 372 - You have been given a glimpse of the light awaiting you on that road and you have wrapped together all the many aspects of your life, while discarding the contrasting ones, into your decision to follow that ‘way’. You have, in fact, brought a multiplicity of aspects into a harmonious singleness within you by way of that decision.

Gnomen 373 – You must not underestimate the force of the light that went into that original decision. Although it was only a ‘glimpse’, it brought your entire being onto a single ‘way’, creating a totally new vision of harmony within you. And yet you must know that compared to the inner harmony that you must strive to reach, the initial choice is as the ‘idea’ of having a marvelous house compared to the actual having it. All has yet to be done to make it become a reality.

Gnomen 374 - The distance is yet great and the road is replete with obstacles to make you deviate from the way that you have chosen because the ‘way’ is replete with enormous merits for the person’s soul at every step and therefore constant merit is required on behalf of the person. Wherein lays the merit of the person? In that he overcomes the obstacles that come to make him deviate from the ‘way’.

Gnomen 375 – Therefore you need strategies to overcome the discrepancies that set in between your initial decision and other aspects of your life that stand up in utter contrast to the ‘way’ you’ve chosen, breaking down the harmony that you had reached by your initial decision and causing you to be in conflict within yourself.

Gnomen 376 - The conflicts are, of course, different in every person but the resulting lack of inner peace is always the same. You cannot walk in two different directions at the same time without falling. The battle, however, is normal, and the more you search, the more you find discrepancies within yourself.

Gnomen 377 – Do not think that such battles and such discrepancies are signs of your deviation from the ‘way’. They are, instead, signs that you are fighting and that the enemy (generally speaking, the Yetzer ha-Ra) has noted your strength. Therefore he is bolstering himself up to use more force against you and to stop you in your climb.

Gnomen 378 - For he knows that your elevation is his undoing and he tries to thrust you into confusion so that you lose sight of the harmonious illumination the glimpse of which has determined your purpose in following the ‘way’. Therefore you must be strategic in mustering the wounds of your battles, knowing that falling is part of the climb and not to become stinted in pursuing your course.

Gnomen 379 – For you will fall a thousand times before reaching 10 centimeters of the truth, but then you will fall 500 times before reaching the next 10 centimeters of truth. You will fall only 10 times before reaching 40 centimeters of the truth and you will fall yet one time before you come to 50 centimeters of the truth.

Gnomen 380 - After this you may enter the Hidden Virtues of the Heart and the counting will begin again but on a higher and more refined level of the Great Unending Wheel of the Virtues.

Gnomen 381 – Enormous patience is needed for all this, both with oneself and with the obstacles of whatever kind they may be that come to make the person lose his patience and to make him angry. And if you come to anger, you have already lost your balance and have fallen from your place of solidity to the quicksand of error and you are not shielded from the Serpent’s arrows. You need great strategies to hold you in your patience. Sail on even through a thousand storms and do not abandon the ship, for one minute of true virtue shining in the heart is stronger than a thousand hurricanes together.

Gnomen 382 – (11) the quality of being constantly involved in self-correction. As we have written on the thumb of our left hand ‘the just man who lives in his faith constantly corrects himself'. Your falling is for the sake of your correction but your correction is for the sake of not falling. Falling is certainly most unpleasant and often excruciatingly painful inside. Correction is not easy and often it is difficult but it is absolutely necessary in order to come unto its Virtue.

Gnomen 383 – Remember in all the conflictuality to which we allude that from the beginning man is born unto the extremities of high and low.

Gnomen 384 - DIARY: August 17, 1998 – Rahhel came. Shaul smoked a piece of shell of the Dinosaur egg. I made a sign to hatch the third Dinosaur. Paolo dreamed he was in China. On a boat with 3 friends, he gazed on incredible scenes of islands with enormous animals and amazing types of fish in the sea. After this, Paolo entered into a large and amazingly beautiful Palace. He held 3 spheres of marble. The 3rd sphere of marble was a beautiful green color between turquoise and jade. This slipped from his hands and he followed it and retrieved it having entered into an amazingly beautiful green room of great size, indescribable in words. - -

Gnomen 385 – The 3rd sphere is the 3rd Dinosaur which has been born (this Dinosaur egg is from the Gobbi mountains in China). It is an important ‘binding’ of the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth. It is bound to the universality of Big Fish Leviathan.

Gnomen 386 - In 5 days, motzei Shabbat (August 22), I enter, God willing, into the 3rd Column of the Large New Tablets of Big Fish Leviathan. The Sign of the 3rd Dinosaur had to be in order to make the transition. At the same time, Noda dreamed that she was looking at Texas and the border between Mexico and the United States.

Gnomen 387 - Texas is in the Sign of Big Fish Leviathan for the sake of diffusing the New Message on an international scale. At the same time, Yehoel Yehoel dreamed a poisonous chameleon who wanted to bite him but couldn’t because he was to stay in its place in the Tent of Aba – Let no one have any doubts – a big Dinosaur has been hatched.

Gnomen 388 – Mankind contains the highest and mankind contains the lowest. But only in the end does the true marriage between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth take place. In virtue of the Final Signs of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, the Great Middle Way has been opened.

Gnomen 389 - The Tree of Life from the Middle of the Garden returns into the new history of the world. The Signs of Isaac, our father, the Middle Patriarch, are revealed; these are the Keys of the Pact between the Pieces in the context of the Keys of the Pact of Peace of the Prophet Elijah. The Middle Column of the Triple Meditation is revealed. The Keys of the Virtues of the Heart loved in the Kingdom of Heaven are revealed.

Gnomen 390 – The one ‘final way’ loved by God for all people has been revealed. It is the ‘final way’ desired by God Almighty for all the future generations. It is the true and unique ‘way’ of the unification of soul and body.

Gnomen 391 - It is the ‘way’ of the New Binding of the world of the souls in the New Kingdom of Heaven and the earth, the New Binding which will in the future, God alone knows when, bring the two worlds to a totally new closeness in the marvelous period of the physical resurrection of the dead.

Gnomen 392 – All this has become possible in history because of mankind’s falling and mankind’s correction in its millenary stages of battling the inevitable in mankind’s quest to distinguish true knowledge from false knowledge. Therefore do not despair in your falling. Pick yourself up and keep on climbing.

Gnomen 393 - The correction of our errors is part of the Great Purpose of Creation. Let us correct ourselves with inner joy and be as the just man who constantly corrects himself. Sefer Mishnat Haim also represents the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Corrected.

Gnomen 394 – It’s the joy in such correction that leads to the Virtue (12) the quality of making your weakness from preceding errors the force and the perfume of your actions. This represents a very high level in serving God, corresponding to the level of repentance of which the Sages, of blessed memory, explained ‘af zedonot naasim zechuot’ – ‘even sins committed voluntarily become merits’.

Gnomen 395 - This is because the force used in committing the sin is now used with redoubled force for doing good and in serving God. This derives from a profound Virtue hidden in the heart which has the power to convert and to turn one’s defects into positive qualities.

Gnomen 396 – (13) the quality of being clean in thought and in one’s interior thinking. This brings us to the Hidden Star of Esther and it rebinds all the Virtues to the Golden Gate of Modesty thus completing the unification of the Tablets of Mordechai ha-Tzadik and the Tablets of Esther in our heart.

Gnomen 397 - Thirty one categories concerning the Virtues are mentioned: the 4 Gates of Gold, the 10 Virtues, the 4 Gates of Silver and the 13 Hidden Virtues of Esther. But the 13th Virtue has also a fifth Gate with it and the Star of Esther completes 32 Signs of the Virtues, in the Sign of the New Heart of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 398 – Why, in counting, the Star of Esther is counted but the Star of Mordechai is not counted? This is because the Star of Esther is bound to the Virtues of the Heart which form the New Heart of the Final Redemption while the Star of Mordechai is bound to the New Humble Brain of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 399 - But now I am itching to find 13 Attributes of the Heart that can be bound to the Rose of Jacob. For I cannot abandon the full range of the heart of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel nor that of the nations at large. I go then to the fifth Floor of Prayer to bring to completion the new heritage of the Good Heart prophesied in Jeremiah and elsewhere in Prophets.

Gnomen 400

a heart of true love and true fear of God

a heart that searches for justice

an active heart

a generous heart towards humanity

a wide and tolerant heart

a faithful heart that considers others

a good heart

a faithful heart in which resides the Kingdom of Heaven

a positive heart of wisdom

of light

of hope

of faith

a clean heart as that of babies upon which it is said ‘on his heart will I write it’ (Jeremiah, 31: 32).



Chapter 9


The love to speak the truth and to discern the truth, to be precise in speech, in thought and in action, with neutral self-criticism


Gnomen 401 – The above Attributes complete the 13 Virtues of Esther to 26.

Gnomen 402 - DIARY: day of President Clinton’s testimony concerning the accusations of Levinsky; there were virtues of admittance and his repentance.

Gnomen 403 - Paolo, Nodah, Shaul, Rahhel and children went, found and bought the marble sphere that Paolo had seen in his dream, a beautiful green marble sphere about 5 inches in diameter. It cost 45.000 lire (about 13 dollars). Notice the 32 virtues counted plus the 13 Qualities of the Good Heart. These are the Virtues that complete the formation of the New Humble Heart.

Gnomen 404 – August 19, 1998, Menahhem Av 27, 5758: Paolo dreamed that Peretz was naked and he, with a large shovel in his hands, had to take up the piles of cow-dung (or horse-manure) and cover me over with it. He was quite embarrassed but Peretz said to him, “It’s a Sign”. Then Paolo saw Asher miraculously saved after having been run over by a truck and remained with only a bruised shoulder. - -

Gnomen 405 - Is this now the way that White Horse should treat me after all these years together? Is this his appreciation? But, poor horse, what could he do? It’s a Sign.

Gnomen 406 – But it’s not White Horse who’s doing such. Why from Heaven has the Donkey been brought to such a sign!? Is this then my reward in speaking about the Virtues of the Heart? What have I been Donkeyed into now, I’d like to know? Where have I yet been lacking in ASHER, I’d like to know. And why are you standing there, looking at my nudity, laughing your head off as White Horse slings all that dung on the poor, little Donkey who eats Bread? Is the Donkey embarrassment Bread for your Laughter?

Gnomen 407 – We can, of course, not overlook the simple meaning of this dream. Cow-dung can only mean ‘money’. From somewhere, somehow, money will be coming for the sake of the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. Money is like dung. It stinks and it dirties but it is also good fertilizer.

Gnomen 408 - The Sign is a warning to remember what money means so as not to be stained by its dirtiness or taken in by its odor. Were it dung, you would not be taken in, but the odor of money is made to smell like marvelous perfume in the hands of Mamon.

Gnomen 409 – This comes just after the conclusion of the 45 categories of the Virtues. The greatest reason in this generation of not being successful in receiving the New Spirit of the Virtues of the prophesied New Heart of the Final Redemption is ‘money’, not money because it is money but for reason of people’s attachment to money. The great general sin of the Fourth Generation is that people place their faith in money, God forbid, instead of in God Almighty.

Gnomen 410 – For the sins of sexual abominations are against nature and the sins of idolatry are against the true faith in God. The scientific ‘genetic tower’ of Babel is against the world created by God Almighty. Money, however, comes into the story of every household and into the lives of most people at every level.

Gnomen 411 - There are many general factors in the modern world which drive people away from the true faith. The power of evil, however, often very subtle but extremely potent, to turn the person’s heart away from true values and to have the heart lean on dollars for its support, derives from the false and treacherous spirit, Mamon, the false-god ‘Money’. He is totally black and there is no stink as his fetid odor as he blackens out the virtues of the heart and places the filthy stink inside the profound waters of the heart so that the person cannot smell it.

Gnomen 412 – Only some people, because they have other merits, after having been blackened all over and made to stink inside, are given by decree from Above to lose everything they had so that they may ascertain the real value of Mamon and they might contemplate his stinking and treacherous perfume.

Gnomen 413 - If, in the end, they learn the hard lessons shown to them, those lessons are worth more than all the possessions that they might have lost. Note that Yeshua opened prophetically the time of Mamon, and as explained by the Teacher Haim: 2000 years – the sins of fornication, 2000 years – the sins of idolatry and 2000 years – the sins of money.

Gnomen 414 – And the Great Climactic Pinnacle of Mamon is here right now in this Fourth Generation, towering higher without comparison over his power in previous generations. As the difference in technology between a modern space-ship and a model T Ford is the difference of his present power to that of the past.

Gnomen 415 - For so too has the world also grown in its so many needs for money and this touches the life of all people, not only the lives of those who sin for money, those who live for money, those whose lives are ‘sold’ for money or those who place money above the importance of the Virtues of the Heart.

Gnomen 416 – Most people are not so or at least would not be so but even without realizing it they fall into the subtle traps of Mamon and they close themselves off from any true spirit and they become ‘estranged’ from God without understanding why.

Gnomen 417 - They must look at every step of their existence that has to do with money and they must contemplate their feelings to see if they have displaced in any way their faith and have given some of their love to Mamon.

Gnomen 418 - The lesson of Yeshua cited in the Gospels is clear. True faith in God pushes away Mamon while faith or reliance on Mamon pushes the person away from God. You cannot have both.

Gnomen 419 – Have faith in God and rely on Him, not on money, for all is His and all the money in the world put together cannot buy Him nor can it influence Him to speak a single word. Bless all the money that you earn by taking the tenth of it for charity before you use the other 90 percent.

Gnomen 420 - Clean your heart of the thoughts of money and make it into a Palace of the Virtues of the Heart. Do not pray to God for money unless you are truly in need but pray that your mind and heart not be invaded by the thoughts of money.

Gnomen 421 - Do not show respect for money but also not disrespect for money honestly earned. Be neutral to its numbers and cold to its touch and do not look at it and smile, not in this Fourth Generation of the false god Mamon.

Gnomen 422 – Correct yourself and be corrected for there is hardly anyone who is free from error, whether in thought, in speech, in one’s heart or in one’s deeds, in this Fourth Generation when the air is so thick with Mamon that people cannot distinguish what they are breathing in.

Gnomen 423 - Sanctify your life, even as you work, by liberating it from the stench of your desire for money. It is a needed means and it has the power of its value but Mamon uses that value to show you false visions and to make you blind to true values that last in time before God Almighty, in this world and the next.

Gnomen 424 - For many people all this is not easy. You must be constant in remembering the contents of these gnomen and of renewing them in yourself always. For many are the false tastes of Mamon but the taste of one true virtue will awaken the palate of the heart to desire only true tastes.

Gnomen 425 - And although you must use your understanding and your knowledge for making money, keep with you the words of wisdom expressed here and save yourself from the money traps of the treacherous false-god Mamon.

Gnomen 426 – Now that we have bathed in the waters of purification, making ourselves clean inside and out, what is yet missing for the sake of ASHER?

Gnomen 427 - Certainly the Laughter of Isaac begins only after Jacob, our father, has been freed from the ‘dirt’ slung upon him by Laban for 20 years and by Esau in his hatred and jealousy. At the moment of "va-yishakeihu" begins the Laughter of Isaac. The name ASHER cannot be truly resolved historically until it is the time of its historical realization which begins with the coming of the Final Goel Haim.

Gnomen 428 – This, however, means that the name ASHER is not completed historically until the time of the revelation of the final name ‘EHEYE ASHER EHEYE’. Thus the Laughter of Isaac that represents the Conclusion and Fulfillment of the historical purposes of the name ‘ASHER’ comes when the Signs of Isaac reach the point of the historical revelation of the Signs of Jacob which are also the Signs of the Splendor of Israel.

Gnomen 429 - The final Sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim was the great Conclusion to the historical Signs of Isaac, our father, and the revelation of the 6 Great Signs of the Final Redemption reveals the Signs of the Splendor of Israel.

Gnomen 430 – The 6 Great Signs of the Final Redemption, as explained, are themselves the historical Completions alluded to in the 6 Points over va-yishakeihu.

Gnomen 431 - We have spoken of 6 Hidden Signs of Isaac hidden in those 6 Points and we have mentioned 6 Signs of the Confusion of Isaac alluded to in those 6 Points. The Sign of va-yishakeihu is itself, however, the historical point of the reconciliation between Jacob and Esau.

Gnomen 432 - We must therefore search for 6 Points of that Reconciliation. After this, we must search for 6 Points of the Splendor of Israel for only then can we speak of the Signs of Isaac’s Laughter since until the Signs of the Splendor of Israel are revealed, the Laughter of Isaac is not complete.

Gnomen 433 – I will not search for them here but the Signs of the Reconciliation are bound to the Kiss and Embrace and to the preceding strategy of Jacob, our father, in approaching Esau, while the Signs of the Splendor of Israel are bound to the verses that speak of Jacob’s becoming Israel. We must, at first, attempt to understand something of the Laughter of Isaac. What is the Laughter of Isaac?

Gnomen 434 - DIARY of the Donkey: Tribunal: Giuseppe dreamed that I held some documents, not ours, and with an angry and disgusting voice said, ”It doesn’t matter. I am the Donkey who eats Bread and I have the Stamp (Seal)". Then with anger I said to Giuseppe, “You have sold yourself for 2 pieces of chocolate” Giuseppe at first held back but then he said: “It is not true”.

Gnomen 435 – Sept. 18, 2015: I am re-writing this chapter 8 from the archive text since, for whatever reasons there might be, chapters 8 and 9 are missing from the text on the computer which is also the text translated by Moshe Levi into Hebrew. Thus I searched in the already printed documents and I found chapter 8. I write here between Rosh ha-Shana and Kippur.

Gnomen 436 - I find myself in difficulty with Giuseppe’s dream above. In the remaining gnomen of this chapter, I had written a very strong defense concerning Giuseppe, concerning his fidelity to the Tzadik Haim, to the Donkey who eats Bread and to all aspects of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 437 - Of the accusation, I attributed it to the rashà of Zanzara with all his evil mindedness etc. and wrote many words against him and his followers. I considered the documents held by Giuseppe to be theirs, as stated in the dream that they were not ours.

Gnomen 438 - Fifteen years have passed since then. Unfortunately in 2008, about a year after Giuseppe’s divorce from Sharonne and after he bought a small 2 room apartment in Fara Gera d’Adda, Giuseppe went off course and in the foolishness of that moment, it can well be said that he sold himself for 2 pieces of chocolate. The chocolate was female, at first one with whom nothing happened etc. and soon afterwards he met his present friend Yafa.

Gnomen 439 - Looking at the dream it is undeniable that the accusation was made by me, and in fact in Giuseppe’s moment of error, it was a rebellion against me. I had seen in a dream the Tzadik Haim said that if I continued to stay in the house where we were, I would die. So I had to get out and stay somewhere else.

Gnomen 440 - Giuseppe’s apartment was close by. We had been in such an extremely close relationship in all the preceding years in the Signs of the Donkey, that I had no doubt that at least for the time being, I could stay with Giuseppe. At first he said OK but shortly afterwards, he called Paolo to say that he didn’t want me to stay in his apartment.

Gnomen 441 - This was a stabbing in the back that I could not fathom. Giuseppe had been bound with me in the Donkey Signs from 1987 to 2008 and in all those years there was a perfect understanding between us in all matters of the Redemption and in personal matters as friends. Giuseppe had received some 500 redemptional matters among which incredible dreams, visions and signs.

Gnomen 442 - I could not believe it, especially since I had related to him my dream in the Tzadik Haim said I would die if I didn’t leave the house where we were. It was impossible for me reconstruct the idea that Giuseppe didn’t care if I died, and maybe he even desired it.

Gnomen 443 - I have often regretted afterwards what I did. I called Giuseppe and lambasted him on the telephone and he said that I should come and stay by him which I did. Giuseppe, however, was sometimes Giuseppe who cried for his mistake and sometimes someone else who was against me. He was terribly confused.

Gnomen 444 - His main problem was the lack of a woman. Afterwards, he met Yafa, originally from Ecuador, and until now they are together but for a time also she took Giuseppe further from the Redemption. Those I suppose were the two pieces of chocolate.

Gnomen 445 - Giuseppe, has, nevertheless repented and he also convinced Yafa of the truth of the Final Redemption. Daniel, Giuseppe’s twin brother, had received a dream that a Tribunal was held and Giuseppe was acquitted from his past mistakes. Afterwards Giuseppe saw the Tzadik Haim in a dream who asked him what it was that had happened to him. Giuseppe answered that at a certain point he had felt himself suffocated and he completely lost his balance.

Gnomen 446 – I write here some words of defense written by me then in this chapter 8 (Gnomen 393 of the original text): The marvelous dreams that Giuseppe has received for the world is loved by God Almighty and that he is a pupil of the Teacher Haim, and that he is faithful to Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread. He has seen and heard the Patriarchs in dreams and some of the Prophets of Israel. His prophetic visions, when he is awake, have been verified (as authentic).

Gnomen 447 - There are 2 angels that accompany Giuseppe wherever he goes. He has shown enormous love to every aspect of the Final Redemption. He loves the truth, walks in the truth and speaks the truth. Giuseppe cannot be bought or sold for all the chocolate in the world.

Gnomen 448 – (gnomen 399 of the original text) – So is it true that from the very first time in meeting with Peretz, Giuseppe entered into the Sign of the Laughter of Isaac. He came to see the Donkey and in the end he broke out laughing. Not without reason, of course. A friend of Giuseppe had come with him.

Gnomen 449 - After the Donkey had spoken a few words concerning the Corrections of Christianity, he asked Daniel, Giuseppe and this friend to take off their shoes. But the white socks of Giuseppe’s friend had been somewhat darkened by sweat. You can well understand the precariousness of the situation. Giuseppe’s friend had dark socks instead of white ones, and as Giuseppe further contemplated his friend’s socks, he was simply unable to hold himself back and he broke out into a laughing spasm that took hold of everybody present.

Gnomen 450 - (gnomen 400 of the original text) - Who now is so wise as to know the reason for Giuseppe’s laughter? I’m only a Donkey and wisdom has yet to come but I’ll give it a try. His soul saw a prophetic vision and he saw arise from the feet of the masses and working classes the Laughter of Isaac which is revealed when the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel return onto the confines of the true faith and the true Tradition by way of the Final New Pact. Giuseppe’s happiness was prophetic unto the enormous joy coming to the world when the children of Rahhel awaken to the reality of their true origins.



Chapter 10


The inner Patience to learn the strategies of self-harmony and to desire harmony for all


Gnomen 451 - The bad-luck convergences of Yeshua’s Sign-Bush Thicket had it that the Sign of Confusion of the Blessing of Isaac would and could only resolve itself in the long, drawn-out history of Conflict between Jacob and Esau, 20 years of Jacob’s being away from the promised land for Israel’s 20 centuries among the nations. This Sign of the Conflict of Jacob-Esau became the format of the future history of conflict between Christianity and Judaism. Once the failure side of the prophecy in Malachi was certain, the Sign of the Ram entered for the sake of Israel’s salvation. At the same time, the Sign of Conflict set up a net division between traditional Jews and the followers of Yeshua. There were, nevertheless, also Messianic Signs that had eventually to be accomplished by way of that division, such as expressed by Jesus ‘I have not come except for saving the lost sheep of the house of Israel’ (Matthew, 15, 24).

Gnomen 452 - This represented a principle purpose of the Messianic Signs of Yosef. Joseph would become estranged from his brothers of the house of Jacob. Jacob, however, was not complete without Joseph. Twelve sons represented his completion. Only eleven sons represented his failure. In the end it was by way of Joseph that a complete reconciliation took place and the spirit of Jacob, our father, lived again and only then did Jacob truly enter into the Sign of the Splender of Israel. In history, the blessing of Jacob, our father, to Ephraim and Menashe become the 2 great nations of Great Britain and the United States.

Gnomen 453 - It is due to the separation of Yosef from his brothers that there exist two ‘sets’ of Messianic Signs, the Signs of Judah and the Signs of Yosef or the Signs of Messiah son of David and the Signs of Messiah son of Joseph. The Conflict of Yosef with the other Tribes of Jacob came out in history with the bitter division and strife between the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel. Later on, well before the destruction of the First Temple, the ten tribes of Israel were conquered and dispersed. Eventually most of these tribes spread out throughout Europe and East-Europe and eventually became part of the nations of Christianity. Christianity became the expedient of conserving the souls of the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Gnomen 454 - Divine prophecy, however, does not stop at the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The salvation of the Lord, our God, must reach all peoples. The peoples of Christianity are the nations which derive mainly from Esau and Japheth. See, then: the Sign of Conflict of Jacob-Esau has the purpose of saving many who are of the nations among the Christian nations. The Conflict of Joseph and his brothers has the purpose of saving the lost sheep of the house of Israel. In order to accomplish this, the Messianic Signs of Messiah son of Joseph were in the hands of Yeshua reason for which he was able to say ‘I have not come except to save the lost sheep of the house of Israel’ (Ibid).

Gnomen 455 - This can hardly be considered a small fact concerning the history of Israel, once it is known and understood. Without the return of the lost children of Israel there can be no redemption. And without a reconciliation, a true reconciliation based on the true monotheistic faith, between great numbers of people of the nations of Esau and between the people of Israel, there can be no redemption. Without the total Reunification of the Joseph Signs and David Signs there can be no redemption and no true Messianic Mission on earth.

DIARY of LITTLE-FISHY NATIUL: Here in this re-writing on Word 6 it is: Wednesday, December 30, 1998 - Tevet 11, 5759 - First day of the New Month of Heavenly Perfume (and Beniamin 1). - - This is the first date reached as White Horse concluded his revision of the New Stellar Calendar of Leviathan; it took him over 2 months and he reached real time tonight just in time for the entrance of Heavenly Perfume. From now on therefore we have 3 dates to place on all documents. This is perfumed news from Heaven although we are far from being able to feel the importance that this will have for the coming generations.

Gnomen 456 - Therefore we, as the people of Israel, must evaluate with the utmost seriousness the new and true prophetic message received by Giuseppe in a dream in which the Archangel Michael, the great Ministerial angel of Israel declares unequivocally ‘Three are the men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim.’ Without the understanding of the true Messianic Signs brought by Yeshua, there is no redemption, for Israel or for anyone else. See then the enormous amount of historical, hidden redemptional Signs that have passed before arriving at the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption in merit of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 457 - The historical completion of all these Signs does not come until the final revelation of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. The New Revelation has been waiting from the beginning to arrive to the time of Completion. Therefore all the Signs of Conflict have their solutions and the answers to all questions in the Completed Signs. Those solutions and those answers sent to us and taught us by the Goel Haim, represent the great, historical beginning of the Laughter of Isaac. The Final Goel, Haim, is in the Sign of the Splendor of Israel, a title reserved for the Third Goel, as the name Israel is reserved for Jacob, our father. The Laughter of Isaac of the name ASHER does not come until the Sign of the Splendor of Israel has come in the New Revelation of the final name EHEYE.

Gnomen 458 - Come now Donkey, get inside and bray with me. An angel of Big Fish Leviathan has come down to pick me up but I do not yet understand what I am being hooked on to. I heard only this: Sefer ha-Dag ha-Gadol Leviathan.

 “From whence your surprise, little Retzef? Are you not in the Sign of the Large New Tablets of Big Fish, Leviathan? Are you then afraid to swim in his waters? Do you not remember that the Tzadik Haim never gave you permission to be afraid? Tell now, what else did you hear?”

“It’s based on the 13 New Months of the Stellar Calendar of Leviathan, according to the names received, I heard it said.”

Gnomen 459 - “Ah, I’m beginning to understand. The Kingdom of the Giraffe has passed and you have still not eaten the leaves from the top of the Tree. Do not worry. We have entered the Star of the Project and the Book of Big Fish, Leviathan, has not been planned and yet it is part of the Composite Project. The angel has come to help you make the plans. After the 4 Gates of Gold, the 10 Virtues, the 4 Gates of Silver, the 13 Virtues of Esther, the 5th Gate of the Star of Esther and the 13 attributes of the Heart of the Rose, the humility (in the sign of 45) of the heart is ready to merit to the reception of the New Humble Brain.

Gnomen 460 - The final name EHEYE represents the holy name of God Almighty the holy letters of which reveal to the world the New Revelation of the Third and Final Redemption at the hands of the chosen Final Goel. The revelation of the Final Redemption is a New Tradition, including in itself, of course, the Tradition of the first name EHEYE and the true Tradition of the name ASHER. It is, of itself, however, a completely New Tradition, proven by the fact that it gives over a New Law, a New Rite, a New House of Prayer, a New Language (or 6 new languages deriving from and concerning the Stars, the Kingdom of Heaven, the New message, the Donkey who eats Bread, the Fourth Generation and the Resurrection) and New Teachings.

Gnomen 461 - The term New Tradition means that there is a New Reception (Kabbalah) which in turn becomes a New Tradition. This does not undo Jewish Tradition but is separated into its own context. The Halacha remains for those who follow it but also the New Law is valid before the Lord, our God, as the Halacha.

DIARY of the DONKEY: August 28, 1999: Giuseppe dreamed that Peretz said to him “From now on, as the evil in the world increases, so will the Mission[17] grow and be enlarged”. - -

Noda dreamed: There were 2 brothers; they had no fixed living quarters but worked and stayed for a while in a place and then moved on. One brother went ahead of the other, finding work somewhere and a place to sleep and afterwards his brother would come and stay with him. Afterwards the first would leave to find another place, leaving with his brother some (perhaps 2 in the dream) gold coins, he himself taking only a few silver coins and only the ragged clothing upon him. - -

Gnomen 462 - Both Giuseppe’s and Noda’s dream demonstrate that the New Cycle of the Constellation of Esther has entered into its time. The dream of Noda is clearly a ‘sign’ of ‘brotherhood’ or even ‘brotherhood’ and ‘compassion’; this refers to the first or the first and second Stars of the Constellation of Esther in the Kingdom of Ahhashverosh. The gold coins and silver coins alludes to the 4 Gates of Gold and the 4 Gates of Silver. Noda’s is a pure Virtue Dream. The Dinosaurs are growing.

Gnomen 463 - Noda’s dream of the 2 brothers is very positive and it indicates that the Virtues of the Heart have been opened in a totally New Cycle for the world, thank God. These Gnomen on the Virtues of Esther have been blessed with Dinosaurs who stand between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Little Kingdom of Heaven in the Heart of each person.

Gnomen 464 - Every Sign of Good News of the Final Redemption is extremely positive, representing Good News for a multitude of people who will eventually reap their benefits. It is also an undeniable fact that for every positive Sign there is as well the opposite negative sign (we often call it ‘the other side of the coin’) within the context of the Fourth Generation and is thus Double. At the same time that Noda received the Sign of the opening of the New Cycle of the Constellation of Esther, Giuseppe received the news of the other side of the coin. The New Cycle of Virtues that are descending into the heart of those that merit, at the same time will be used in evil by those who shun and hate the Virtues and who are given to evil and impure ways. Therefore, unfortunately, also evil will now begin to grow and to increase in the world.

Gnomen 465 - The relationship in the growth of evil in the world and the growth of the Final Redemption may seem somewhat strange. Why compare the 2 elements? The Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread, however, is in the ‘service of mankind’. It is given for the world to help all people come to know of the news of the Final Redemption and to give to all the possibility to participate and to gain merits before the Lord, our God. The increase of evil in the world also increases the need of the extension of the Final Redemption. Because of the evil that is coming there are many people who would ‘lose’ the faith they have if not for their reception of the News of the Double Fourth Generation that the world has entered.

Gnomen 466 - Even more pertinent is the greater need for the extension of the New Protection of the Final Redemption, as the evils extend increasing the physical dangers in the world.

Also 2 days ago Giuseppe dreamed that a Minister Arab spokesman announced that there was a decree against Islam, from north to south and from east to west, not against all but against Moslems who are fanatics and who preach hatred, war and terrorism and who ‘hate’ all those who are not Moslem as they. (see New Law - - Message to Arabs and the prophetic message received by Noda) Also this dream is in perfect correspondence to the New Cycle of the Stars of Esther. Their sin is against true brotherhood and true love for others.

Gnomen 467 - In that same dream of Giuseppe, the Arab Minister then heard an inspiring prayer of a Jew and then he said “We must pray together to Allah and only then will He hear us”. For this is the Virtue of brotherly love and fraternal attitudes loved by the Lord, our God. Decrees of their destruction have already issued from the Higher Tribunal because there is no way to change them and they impede the peace for all, a process of peace that is prophesied truth of the Good News of the Final Redemption and cannot be thwarted. They are also the cause of the great hatred on the part of other peoples against all Arabs and Moslems and this too is a negative element that must be eliminated from the face of the earth.

Gnomen 468 - DIARY Of the DONKEY: August 31, 1998 - I had Noda lay down on my bed in the Tent. I thanked EL SHADDAI and took permission from the Goel, Haim, to call upon the Donkey who eats Bread. He came down. I took up a knife after placing my foot on the egg of the 85 million year Dinosaur. I took up the Green Sphere of the Third Dinosaur which stands for now on the Altar of the Greater Israel and I rolled it over the Tail of the Donkey. The Donkey, with a knife, perforated the Tail’s head, extracted the old brain, and carved out a space for a new one and made half of a new passageway leading to the heart.

Gnomen 469 - DIARY: The Donkey then made 4 holes in the Tail’s heart, extracting all forms of arrogance, sadness, light-headedness and superficial ways. Then the Donkey completed with the knife a new passageway from the head to the heart and the heart to the brain and called the Three New-Baby Dinosaurs into service. One stood on her head, one on her heart and one on her neck. They stood firmly and lifted up their heads to the Kingdom of Heaven and they began to speak. The first Dinosaur said ‘Heart of the Prophet’ the second Dinosaur said ‘Heart of the Rose’ and the Third Dinosaur said ‘Heart of Big Fish, Leviathan’.

Gnomen 470 - Then the first Dinosaur changed places. The first Dinosaur stood on her heart and said ‘Humility, happiness of the heart, seriousness and inner modesty’. The third Dinosaur stood on her head and said ‘Brotherhood, Compassion, Force of Character and Force of Contrast’. Then the Middle Dinosaur began to scream and cry and to make great bellowing yelps above in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then something looking like an immense silver plate that had the faculty to spread large or to contract was placed in the mouth of the Dinosaur and swallowed by him. It moved up and down in his throat along his very extremely long neck.

Gnomen 471 - As the silver disk moved up and down in the Dinosaur’s throat and neck, the New Passageway in the Tail of the Donkey was firmly established between the brain and the heart. The first Dinosaur said ‘The New Humble Brain has descended’. The third Dinosaur said ‘The New Heart has descended’ The Middle-Dinosaur wanted to say something but the Great Silver Disk impeded him. At that moment Noda said “I’m tired. I want to sleep”. When the second Dinosaur heard her words, it struck him funny and he began to laugh and the silver disk popped out of his neck and mouth and he was so happy for this that he began to laugh with immense joy.

Gnomen 472 - He laughed so much and so hard that the Donkey didn’t know how to close the sign. Seeing this, I looked upwards and said, “Please close the sign EL SHADDAI”. A letter Shin descended upon my right hand and I placed it on the forehead of the Tail of the Donkey completing the sign. This took place this morning at about 8 o’clock. The entire sign had lasted about 5 minutes. Noda immediately went to her own room to sleep, afterwards saying that she felt much better and that she had dreamed 3 short scenes: In the first, she was holding clay in her right hand; in the second, from a song on the radio, she heard the words “You break my heart”; in the third she was at the children’s school and she held an Illustrated Bible written for children. She explained to one of the mothers, curious about the book that she held in her right hand, that this Bible was different than others, being made with very intelligent illustrations that help the child’s comprehension without too many words.

Gnomen 473 - First scene: the ‘clay’ in her right hand is an extremely wonderful sign. It is the New Power of the New Formation of the New Heart which has descended from the ‘right hand’, the love and mercy, of the Lord, our God. Second scene: ‘you break my heart’ - this is the necessary repentance and the emptying of the old heart. This is a crying out to God to break down the old habitual ways encrusted in the heart. Third scene: Illustrated bible for children: After receiving the Clay of the New Formation of the Virtues of the Heart and after prayers (singing in the dream) of repentance and the requests for correction, the Tail of the Donkey begins to receive, also this from the ‘right hand’ the love and mercy of God Almighty, the New Humble Brain. The New Illustrated Bible for children indicates as well New Humble and Intelligent Ways of teaching the true history of the faith.

Gnomen 474 - Ladies and gentlemen of the coming generations, in your times the mind and heart will unite in perfect harmony. Do not forget the Dinosaurs that helped you get there. In time it will be difficult for you to understand how in preceding generations people were so torn apart within themselves, so lacerated internally by the contradictions of knowing what is right but of doing wrong. You will not understand how deeply and wretchedly people came to hate themselves inside themselves, without being able to distinguish positive roots from negative roots while coming to hate themselves because of the negative roots.

Gnomen 475 - In your times, you will know little of an entire generation disturbed by psychological disorders and broken down nervous systems and sub-conscious roots of self-affliction, self-hatred and self-destruction. In your times the knowledge of your faith will be defined and consequently your mind and heart will be in agreement. They will live in a perfect marriage, always completing one another. They will know each other’s realm and they will know their own; they will know the times of their union and they will respect each other’s privacy.

Gnomen 476 - Remember then these days in the year 1998, when Michail-Esther brought us the egg of a Dinosaur and Three Baby Dinosaurs were born between the New Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. Remember that New Passageway between the mind and the heart made by the Dinosaurs on the Tail of the Donkey who eats Bread for the sake of the world that is coming, to salvage the remnants of good faith and good deeds and sew them into a new and unified design of inner harmony. Walk, all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, in the harmony of the image of God’s universe, for the Creator of heart and mind is One.

Gnomen 477 - Most people do not realise that they hate themselves. People detract themselves from partaking of good, judging themselves unworthy. If you find yourself coming to states of anger and in your anger you find yourself hating others, even those close to you or those who love you, this is a clear indication that you are inwardly in a state of self-hatred. In the last 30 or 40 years practical psychology has always been involved with finding those factors in people for which they have become negative and hateful towards themselves and to displace those negative attitudes with positive ones and with self-esteem and self-respect.

Gnomen 478 - Every person must try to realise that he or she has been given an enormous capacity to do good and to be in the positive enjoyment of living. Most people have yet to search out the factors that are impeding such an enjoyment. We do not and we wish not speak of matters pertaining to the Final Redemption in terms of psychology because it is only an intermediary knowledge and its purposes are not bound to the faith. The 4 Gates of Gold, the 10 Virtues, the 4 Gates of Silver, the 13 Steps of White Marble in the Palace of Esther, the Star of Esther and the 13 Attributes of the New Heart ARE ALL NEW, even though the words and terms are known from time immemorial.

Gnomen 479 - They are all new because they represent a totally New Formation from the Kingdom of Heaven to the Hidden Kingdom in the heart of each person. These forces are higher than any intermediary psychological blockage because they are forces of the New Sanctity given by God, in the power of the final name EHEYE. The psychological obstructions can all be overcome and superseded by the active desire and application of the terms, expressions and concepts of the Virtues in good faith before the Lord, our God. It is often useful, nevertheless, to understand the basic concept of what may be called, in general, ‘psychological projection’.

Gnomen 480 - There is without any doubt a ‘psychological mechanism’ of covering over one’s own defects by projecting them and seeing them and hating them in others. The sub-conscious exists; for sure there is a great deal more that the person does not know about himself than that which he knows, but that not knowing is a necessity for existence as is forgetfulness. If you compare the substance of all that which is inside the body with the revealed parts of the body, so will you have the ratio of sub-conscious and conscious respectively. We may even read it into the verse ‘The hidden things are to the Lord, our God, and the revealed things are for us and for our children forever’ (Deuteronomy, 29, 28).

Gnomen 481 - One need not think about the sub-conscious but about the person’s fulfilment in what he does. He must not be afraid of the sub-conscious but afraid to err before God and to do injustice with his or her own soul. If you straighten out your deeds and you take extreme care with every word spoken from your mouth, the corresponding sub-conscious adjustments will be made ‘automatically’ without your having to know it or to understand how. Change your ‘outside’ ways and your ‘inside’ ways will follow suit.

Gnomen 482 - The Mighty Creator of the world covered our bodies with skin so that we not see all that is happening inside. We could not live if all were transparent to see the workings of the inner members. We thank God that it is so and we are pleased that it is so. Who would suffer to see his stomach, bile and guts when he ate, or to see the veins and arteries and the movements of the muscles when he walked! That which is hidden is in some way as stars not visible to the naked eye compared to those visible. We, however, are speaking of Dinosaurs whose mother had 85 million years of time-depth. They will help you bring the Virtues even unto the depth of the Profound Waters of your heart, without your knowing what their eyes are looking at in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Gnomen 483 - This is why Dinosaurs had to come for the Virtues; they have such depth in time that they are able to touch the depths of the Profound Waters of the Heart of Mankind, Esther. I am not a propagandist; I am not selling Dinosaurs. Nor is there any price in the world that might pay their worth. As all angels, these are servants of God Almighty, made for helping bring down the Great-New-Triple-Passageway of the Heart and the Brain from the New Kingdom of Heaven. Now has He channelled the beloved Virtues into the unique sea of the Final New Pact and we by way of the Signs are participating in their New Formation.

Gnomen 484 - Now is the time. In the revelation of the final name EHEYE, for merit of the Final Goel, Haim, we have the incredible good fortune to swim in the Great Sea of the Completed Signs as they descend from the Kingdom of Heaven. A completely new formation can be made in its receivers if, in simple faith, the person applies the terms to himself. The Lord, our God, is facilitating us a thousand-fold to receive the Marvellous Hidden News of the descent of the New Prophesied Heart into the heart of mankind. If, in His Divine wisdom, He has used angelic Dinosaurs to get them down, ours is only to receive and take the Dinosaurs seriously into our heart.

Gnomen 485 - Do not de afraid, then, of the deep roots planted in the sub-conscious impeding your climb upon the White Marble Stairs. Take hold of the Dinosaurs and press their gigantic feet into your heart until they touch the Profound Waters and so will you find yourself walking on earth with your thoughts always bound to the Kingdom of Heaven. And you will take delight in your every step and your pleasure will uproot the deeply encrusted fields of negative produce, of long-ridden sadness, of sub-conscious fears and of psychologically mechanised errors.

Gnomen 486 - The Dinosaurs have come to help you make your ‘lech lecha’ because it has been difficult, I know. You know that you must but it is not easy to leave the habits of your original environs and to lay aside the defects that have been passed on to you from birth and to close the ranks on all false teachings and the negative attributes that you have acquired in your father’s house, in the darkness, sadness, weakness and illness of this Great and Terrible Fourth Generation. Therefore does venom spill from your lips, knocking you down before you have a chance to stand up. Therefore does your fear of self-confrontation precede your fear of doing wrong and you do not find the step to change direction.

Gnomen 487 - Therefore have you called up your anguish from the depths of a broken heart and the mercy of the Lord, our God, has been awakened, ‘“Now shall I help you” says the Lord, our God, “Now shall I bring you up from the clutches of the Egyptian sub-conscious and from the hidden currents of Edom, from the falsified tongue rituals of the Amorites and from the vicious circles of the Great Abyss. With the palm of My right hand, I take up the clay of the New Formation. Here are three Dinosaurs to give you the force to perforate the barriers of time and place. Here are the Keys to dissolve the impediments that are holding your love back from Me”.

Gnomen 488 - “From the depths of your anguished and tormented soul have you cried unto Me and from the depths I answer you. I have again reviewed the generations and I have seen your plight. You have been trapped into the time barriers of no-return. You have been sold into the prison of your limitation. Your mind has been consumed by the vultures of history and your heart has been slaughtered on the altar of confusion. Therefore am I awakened unto compassion for your healing and saddened unto My soul for your limping. Stand up again with Dinosaur force for behold, I am sending you a New Prophetic Heart and the Heart of the Hidden Rose and the New Humble Brain of the Great Fish, Leviathan.”

Gnomen 489 - “How will it stand on the Tail of a Donkey? How will it ride on the Mane of a Horse? How will it cling to the Roots of Perfection and walk in a land of the Virtues unknown? How will it rain down on empty fields? How will it quicken the dead of spirit and drive off the demons of the past? How will six gigantic feet of Dinosaurs plunge into the Profound Waters of your heart, if the Lord, your God, did not love you unto the depths of His creation!”

Gnomen 490 - “I am not the massive task force of My creation, but the Lord, your God. Can I not enter the oceans of your heart that I have created? Is your sub-conscious a mystery from before Me? Are there waters so profound that I cannot fathom their meanings? I shall stand with you and lift you up from the past. I shall undo the knots that have tied up your inner thoughts into separated cells of contradiction. I shall send new living waters of perfect memory and rebuild your confidence from the roots of My salvation. I shall assuage your internal pains with new-born happiness and dry off your tears for unfulfilled love with the wings of My new angels of compassion from the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Gnomen 491 - DIARY: Sept. 2, 1998: Elul 5758: Baruch ha-Shem, Big day of good news: Solly has established the Web-site Camillo in Beersheva: The Tail of the Donkey has touched ground in Beersheva: Today we printed out the first New Heart with all 45 elements.

Gnomen 492 - The Laughter of Isaac is the historical laughter of the world when it comes to understand the Signs of Isaac. The Signs of Isaac, however, cannot be understood until they are completed historically and they are not and cannot be completed historically until the coming of the Final Goel and the revelation of the Final Redemption. Thus the Signs of Isaac do not come unto the Laughter of Isaac until the revelation of the final name EHEYE, in the Signs of the Splendor of Israel.

The Alef of the final name EHEYE carries with it the New Faith of the Final Redemption. The New Faith has 2 basic meanings: 1) the true faith revealed to the Patriarchs and sanctified at Sinai; for most of the world, the knowledge of this faith is either new or must be renewed because of errors that have distorted it. 2) the faith in God’s choice of the Final Goel, Haim, and in the revelation of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 493 - The faith of the ALEF has, so to speak, for the sake of understanding, already ‘received’ the faith of the first name EHEYE and the faith of the name ASHER. In truth, this three-fold name is one; it is one of the Holy names of the Holy One, Blessed is He. The proof that it is one name is that the entire name was given to Moses in the episode of the burning bush. It is, so to speak, divided into three parts because of the extended historical periods that would have to be passed before the Completed Redemption of the Lord, our God, would be revealed in the world.

Gnomen 494 - Some 3500 years have passed from Sinai and only now has the final name EHEYE been revealed with God’s choice of the Final Goel. At the same moment of the beginning of the revelation of the final name EHEYE, there is opened the final, double and displaced Fourth Generation of 65 years, 35 and 30 years respectively. The ALEF of the first name has its beginning in Abraham. It is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who redeemed Israel from Egypt and gave them the Torah. In this sense, 4000 years pass before the final revelation.

Gnomen 495 - There are aspects of the final revelation that are similar to the first redemption; there are aspects that are similar to the redemption of Purim; there are aspects similar to Hanukah; there are aspects similar to the messianic mission of Yeshua. These elements, however, are totally renewed in the Final Redemption. There are aspects of the final revelation that are totally new. The ALEF of the final name EHEYE reveals the New Faith of the Final Redemption and is always bound to the faith of Abraham received 4000 years ago.

Gnomen 496 - Jacob, our father, is called the holy one (kadosh) of the Patriarchs. This is not because Jacob, our father, was more holy than Abraham or Isaac, but because the holiness (kedusha) desired by the Lord, our God, required the completeness of the three-fold blessing. Abraham, our father, was the trunk of the tree and its roots; Isaac, our father, was the branching out into many branches and the strengthening of those roots; Jacob, our father was the fruit of the tree, the fulfilment of the tree’s purpose and the verification of the solidity of the roots.

Gnomen 497 - The fruit itself, however, cannot be eaten for the first 3 years; in the 4th year, it may be sanctified and eaten but only in Jerusalem and only in the fifth year, may it be eaten all over, once it has been cleared of tithe obligations. Perhaps concerning the Final Redemption, this alludes to the fact that we now stand in the concluding period of the 4000 year cycle of the Star of Abraham. The fruit of Jacob may be sanctified and eaten in the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem, God willing, after the Fourth Generation. After that it will become eatable to the whole world as the history of the Redemption moves into its fifth millennium. For the Signs of the revelation of the final name EHEYE are the historical Completion Signs of Jacob, our father, called the Signs of the Splendor of Israel.

Gnomen 498 - So too the first redemption was and is and always will be the trunk of the Tree of Truth and its Roots. The second redemption under the Signs of Isaac represents the branching out into various branches of redemption and salvation, reinforcing even more the Hidden Roots of the Tree. The Final Redemption, in merit of the chosen Tzadik and holy Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Haim, is the Sanctified Fruit of the entire historical redemption. The Tree of Life is completed for the world with the coming of the Final Goel.

Gnomen 499 - The Trunk of the first redemption and its roots have been in the world since then. The Branches of the Tree spread into the world but they were separated out in complicated, conflicting and hidden ways, some reinforcing the roots from Higher Hidden Levels, some spreading out for the salvation of the Jewish masses in their exile and some spreading out so diffusedly that the essence of the Trunk was covered over by them. In such a way they became as separated branches unable to recognise that they are branches of the same Trunk or at least unable to agree on the true nature of the Trunk. But the Blessing of the Fruit of the Tree of Life must be such that all humanity, those who merit to eat of it, be blessed in it in the same truth.

Gnomen 500 - Only to the Final Goel Haim are given the Keys to unite the Trunk and the Roots and the Branches and to bring the Fruit blessed by God which gives Eternal Life. This new blessing for the world begins when the Tzadik Haim is chosen by God and given the Completion Signs of Jacob, our father, in the Signs of the Splendor of Israel. This is not because the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption is more sanctified than the Sanctity of the Redemption of Purim but because only in the Final Redemption, the Sanctity of Sinai and the Hidden Sanctity of Purim are completed for their Final Blessing for the world in the Signs of the Splendor of Israel.



Chapter 11


The quality of being constantly involved in self-correction


Gnomen 501 - How can it be, you ask? Has the chosen people of Israel not had true fruit until its final redemption? No! Israel has the Holy Torah and the true Tradition and the Torah itself is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life is in its Garden. The blessing to Abraham, our father, was a true and everlasting blessing even before Isaac and Jacob. With the birth of Isaac, however, the extension of that blessing was secured for eternity and with Jacob, the splendor of that blessing was assured to the children of Israel for eternity.

Gnomen 502 - History had to come out and had to play itself out, the history of the Jewish people, the history of peoples and the history of people. Was there anything missing in the first redemption that it needed the second and the final redemption? Of itself, there was nothing missing. It was total and complete. The Design of God’s redemption in history, nevertheless, is not ‘designed’ for God but for humanity. That which God gives is perfect but if that perfection cannot be reached by people because of weakness and sin, there is yet missing the realisation of that perfection and the Design is not complete. Therefore the Design of God had, so to speak, to take into consideration the history that would be necessary to bring Israel and the world at large to such a level that it could merit to receive the final redemption.

Gnomen 503 - The perfection of the Design is thus the truly balanced perfection between that which God reveals and that which mankind receives. And the people of Israel is the measuring-rod of that reception. The Lord, our God, saw beforehand all that the children of Israel would do. He knew the myriad historical developments that they would have to undergo in order to bring them to that promised splendor. The Lord, our God, also saw the terrible spiritual descent of Israel after the death of Joshua bin Nun and He saw the infamous division and split between Israel and Judah that was coming. He looked throughout history and He saw Israel’s weaknesses and Israel’s strengths, Israel’s falling and Israel’s return.

Gnomen 504 - If from the standpoint of the perfection of God Almighty, the first EHEYE was totally ’sufficient’ to bring the complete redemption to the people of Israel and through Israel to the world. The Lord, our God, saw that it was not so and that His name as God the Redeemer of Israel would have to be ‘extended’ so to speak, until the complete redemption of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. Israel, however, was the measuring-rod of the redemption; as Israel would fare, so the history of the redemption would be ‘designed’.

Gnomen 505 - This fact was not arbitrary. It was an integral part of the Design. Israel was the chosen people, the promised descendants of the Tribes of Israel, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. These were the selected souls that were elevated and sanctified forever in the revelation at Sinai. To these were revealed the Torah and the Sanctity. To these were given the blessing and the knowledge. To these a closeness of God was shown, unknown to any other people or nation. If these would stand up in their faith and overcome the tests that history would provide, these would be the selected priests of humanity and all would learn from them and partake of their blessing.

Gnomen 506 - The souls of those 2 million or so individuals were sanctified to a very high level at Sinai. They saw the opening of the 7 heavens at Sinai and they heard the voice of God directly. The Law was given them to sanctify their bodies, their deeds, their heart and their thoughts. They had seen all this and received all this. If they could not overcome the difficulties and the temptations of the world, how would the other nations, totally idolatrous and immersed in false laws and in many abominations, ever come to the truth?

Gnomen 507 - The question, in truth, is not ours but it’s substance may be taken as a main underlying current of history’s flow. Only the mighty Creator of the universe knew what He desired to be the end result of the Complete Redemption and only He could ‘design’ the history needed to arrive at the final cross-road of the Great and Terrible Fourth Generation and the revelation of the Final Redemption of the Jewish people and the Great Final Redemption of the Greater Israel and the Great Final Universal Redemption of Israel, Ishmael and the Descendants of Malchitzedek and the good people of all nations..

Gnomen 508 - And through it all, the Jewish people would be the measuring-rod of the historical developments that would conduce in the end to the Final Redemption. The most important negative factor in Israel’s historical development for the consequences in history that it brought, and thus in the Design of the redemption, was the division between Israel and Judah. Had they merited then to remain united, all subsequent history would have gone differently and there would never have had to be the later division of Christianity and Judaism. They did not merit to that unity, however, and the division was historically catastrophic.

Gnomen 509 - One can, however, clearly see that the ‘Signs’ to that division and split were also prophetic to the separation of Joseph from his brothers. Those Signs, indeed, also contained the ‘cover-up’ Signs of the ‘seeming’ justification of Joseph and the ‘shameful’ Signs of ‘seeming’ guiltiness of Joseph’s brothers. The ‘form’ of this episode as related in the Torah is ‘desiredly slanted’ in the direction of Joseph. One must study in depth in Tradition to understand that just about the exact opposite is true.

Gnomen 510 - The brothers of Joseph were all Tzadikim, the righteous sons of Jacob, our father. Joseph was much younger than they and his knowledge of the faith and of the sanctified tzadikim was much less than theirs. It was Joseph who should not have criticised his older brothers before understanding their level, speaking against them to Jacob, his father, playing as well on the pre-disposition of his father because he was the son of Jacob’s beloved Rachel. It cannot be denied that in this matter, the sentiments of Jacob, our father, were stronger than his great wisdom and by his blatant favouritism to Joseph, he awakened in his sons a justified sense of unfairness.

Gnomen 511 - We can only say, as Judah said to Joseph in Egypt, ‘What can we say and how can we be justified, for the Lord has found the sin of His servants’ (Genesis, 44, 16). From Jacob’s slant came Joseph’s error and from Joseph’s pretences in speaking calumny against his brothers derived their decision to undo an arrogant root that was using treacherous strategies to uproot them and with them the house of Jacob. Their intention was to purify the house of Jacob and their decision to kill him was based on many signs that they had seen of Joseph’s arrogance.

Gnomen 512 - And yet the foolish arrogance of Joseph ha-Tzadik in his earlier years was not simply conceit or self-admiration. It was also ‘stellar arrogance’ bound together with Jacob’s love for Rachel. Jacob, our father, treated him as a ‘prince’ and brought, only for him, a precious, many coloured mantle worn only by ‘princes’ and ‘kings’. Jacob’s favouritism to Joseph was certainly not recommendable and it proved counter-productive as was his unbalanced show of love for Rachel even though he had the legal ‘right’ as Patriarch and as the head of his household to make his decisions and to see them obeyed. The ‘fortunate star of Joseph’, however, had its great share in lifting up Joseph’s ego.

Gnomen 513 - We have not yet spoken of this in Sefer Mishbat Haim but it seems clear that Yosef ha-Tzadik was born under the Kingly Star of Malchitzedek. There are correspondences for sure. His name is Yosef and the Signs of Messiah son of Joseph are bound up with the Universal Signs of the Star of Malchitzedek. This Star gives ‘Kingship’ as Malchitzedek himself and as the messianic terminology of ‘King Messiah’ which is also bound to the ‘Messianic Kingship’ of the Star of Malchitzedek. Joseph became virtually King in Egypt and only the Throne of Pharaoh was above him but it was Joseph the direct head of Egypt because, as explained by the Tzadik Haim, that Pharaoh was very lazy and he left everything in Joseph’s hands.

Gnomen 514 - Joseph became separated and even estranged from the house of Jacob. This was a Sign, unfortunately, that the ten tribes of Israel would be separated from Judah and even estranged from the house of Jacob. These are the children of Israel that were lost, upon whom the prophetic tears of Rachel, our mother, were answered by God that in the end they would return unto the confines (Jeremiah, 31: 14-16). Clearly Rachel's tears were for the Lost Tribes of Israel called in Prophets in the name of Ephraim, son of Joseph, or in the name of Israel.

Gnomen 515 - Since the Lost Tribes are attributed to the Joseph-Ephraim Signs, it followed historically that the messianic mission of Yeshua, son of Joseph, a mission given by the Star of Christ which is the same Star of Malchitzedek, had just that primary purpose of becoming a salvation for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. So too Yeshua himself was considered ‘arrogant’ by his Jewish brethren because of his scorning criticisms of the Doctors of the Law. Yeshua was not arrogant. He was humble but his message was prophetic and its language very strong. The ‘arrogance’, nevertheless, of Christianity’s later Churches is history. So too Christianity becomes totally separated and estranged from Judaism notwithstanding the Signs of Yosef that were hidden in it.

Gnomen 516 - Even the many-coloured mantle of Joseph resembles the Pact of the Rainbow and the Marvellous Colours of the Star which Astounds. Also the name Yosef indicates a ‘great addition’ to the house of Jacob, our father. This addition comes by way of the nations whose roots are in Esau and Japheth. The Signs of Yosef went into the formation of Christianity for the sake of the Lost Sheep. In the final and true salvation of the Lost Sheep, however, there are multitudes of people from the Christian folds, rooted in Esau-Japheth, who merit to the true faith by way of the final revelation of the Final Redemption and they enter into the Final New Pact on the Altar of Malchitzedek.

Gnomen 517 - Malchitzedek was, in one sense, alone in his mission as Priest to God on High, although as king of Salem, the ancient name of Jerusalem, he may have been influential in teaching the true faith. He was also called Priest because, obviously, he had his ‘congregation’. Joseph in Egypt was alone in his faith in the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, his father. In Joseph’s merit, the entire household of Jacob, his father, came to live in the land of Goshen, the first congregation of the children of Israel outside of the promised land, amidst a great country of people who knew only idolatry and magic.

Gnomen 518 - From all the aforesaid, it is clear as sunlight that whether the fault was Joseph’s or Jacob’s or of his brothers, the entire history of Joseph in Egypt, of his separation, his estrangement and the eventual reconciliation and reunification of the entire household of Jacob, our father, in Egypt, was ordained by the decree of God Almighty for the sake of the Great Design of the Salvation of all Israel and of the Descendants of Malchitzedek at the time of the Final Redemption. Now we can clearly understand that the Splendor of Israel of the Jacob Signs coincides in time with the Sign of the Reconciliation of all the Tribes of Israel in merit of the Joseph Signs.

Gnomen 519 - It is thus likewise clear that in that phase of history, Joseph was under the Star of Malchitzedek. In the history of that Star of the Universal Signs, however, the famous meeting of Abraham and Malchitzedek represent the Perfect Equilibrium between the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek in the beginning of the cycle of the Star of Abraham. The meeting and reunification of Jacob and the house of Jacob with Joseph represent the concluding period of the Star of Jacob (also called the Star of the Redemption) in its finalised or completed position in respect to the Star of Joseph.

Gnomen 520 - In this, the entire gamut of the redemptional cycle is completed, from the Star of Abraham to the Star of Jacob, each with the Star of Malchitzedek in its respective position of Perfect Equilibrium and Harmony. The first represents the Perfect Equilibrium of the true faith in the One Living God. The third represents the Perfect Equilibrium and Harmony of the Reconciliation and Reunification of the Final Redemption. The Star of Malchitzedek in the time of Isaac, our father, was in the position of very hidden Messianic Laughter while the Star of Isaac was in the Sign of extremely hidden Redemptional Laughter.

Gnomen 521 - Again, Isaac, our father, was able to truly laugh from the other world, at the time when his son Jacob met Joseph in Egypt. Thus the Laughter of Isaac comes simultaneously to the fulfilment of the Signs of the Splendor of Israel and simultaneously to the Signs of the Great Reconciliation. The great meeting place comes in the conclusive period of the Star of Jacob when it becomes the Star of the Final Redemption. And so can we look back at history and see how it was designed by the Lord, our God, to bring about the reunification of the Messianic Signs of Judah and the Messianic Signs of Joseph.

Gnomen 522 - Why was it necessary, then, that the episode of Judah and Tamar and the Messianic Twin Announcers Peretz and Zerah, had to come before the Joseph Signs? The reason, I believe, is that the Messianic Signs had to have a phase of completion in the promised land itself before the great redemptional Sign-meeting of Jacob and Joseph outside of the land of Israel. The history of Judah and Tamar took place when Joseph was still a servant in the house of Potiphar. Tamar, as explained elsewhere, held the Universal Messianic Signs of Malchitzedek and Judah held the Messianic Signs of the house of Jacob.

Gnomen 523 - If not for that Foundation of the Messianic Signs in Israel, the Messianic Signs of the house of David could never have been established. It was necessary that the Messianic Roots be planted in Israel and for Israel for all times. If, on the other hand, the roots were not in Israel and the Universal Signs of Joseph and the Redemptional Signs of Jacob, our father, reached their great redemptional Sign-conclusion outside of Israel, the force of the Universal Signs would not allow for the more restrictive mission for Israel in Israel. One can see in the inauguration speech of King Solomon the confluence of both the Messianic Signs of the house of David and the Universal Signs addressed to the whole world.

Gnomen 524 - In the time of King Solomon, he himself was under the influence of the Star of Malchitzedek. He is called Shlomoh and in the beginning of his reign there was ‘messianic shalom (peace)’ and he built the first Temple at Jerusalem. So Malchitzedek was the King of Salem (Shalem), the City of Peace and Completeness which would eventually be called Jerusalem (the Completeness in the Fear of God as would be ‘yira shlema’). This demonstrates that both categories of the Messianic Signs were contained in the very short-lived messianic kingdom of King Solomon. That Kingdom would not have been possible if the roots of the Two Categories of the Messianic Judah Signs and Messianic Universal Joseph Signs of Malchitzedek had not been united in the union of Tamar and Judah some 800 years before.

Gnomen 525 - Signs that are accomplished on earth, Signs relating to the future Messianic and Redemptional Signs of Israel’s history become written in the Stars of the Redemption and history is carried along by them. With the birth of Peretz and Zerah we see here again the 2 categories of Signs united together in the 2 Twins, the opening Messianic Announcers of the future Messianic Mission. They represent 2 Announcers of the same messianic mission both for the children of Israel and for the world. Peretz becomes the messianic progenitor of King David for the Judah Signs and Zerah the Universal Announcer whose message shines throughout the world as the splendor of the sun.

Gnomen 526 - We see here in the Torah the roots of the 2 categories of the Messianic Signs, in a formation of the Perfect Equilibrium between the 2 brothers. As the Sign of Perfect Equilibrium between the Star of Abraham and the Star of Malchitzedek which had to be written in the holy Torah for its future comprehension in the Final Redemption, so too the history of Judah and Tamar and the Sign of the Twins, Peretz and Zerah, had to be in the Torah for the sake of final comprehension in the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 527 - See then that by the time that EHEYE ASHER EHEYE revealed Himself to Moses, magister noster, in the Burning Bush, virtually all the Redemptional and Messianic Signs had already come out in their original historical forms and afterwards we receive them from the Holy Torah and Tradition. It was also, so to speak, in view of those ‘historical Signs’ that the Lord, our God, so to speak, looked at and ‘designed’ all the future history of Israel until the Final Redemption and He revealed to Moses the holy name of the Redemption of God, also the future exiles and the future redemptions of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE.

Gnomen 528 - Once Moses, magister noster, knew and was given to see the long, drawn out historical playout of exiles and redemption, he also knew that that redemption for which he had been chosen Goel was under the first EHEYE and indeed he brought back word to the children of Israel in this name alone. It is also for this fact that we know that the name is divisible into 3 names. And what we have said in that the first EHEYE of itself was sufficient to bring the entire redemption is corroborated by the fact that the Signs of Abraham, the Signs of Isaac and the Signs of Jacob as well as the other Messianic Signs such as Abraham and Malchitzedek, the Hidden Messianic Sign of the Binding of Isaac and the Sacrificed Ram, the Sign of Judah and Tamar, Peretz and Zerah, the Reconciliation of Joseph and his brothers etc. were all accomplished by the time of that revelation.

Gnomen 529 - Moses, however, was immediately given to know that those 3 great categories of Redemptional Signs deriving from the greatly beloved service to God Almighty of the Patriarchs would be extended into history, the long redemptional history prophesied in their Signs themselves (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) in correspondence to the name of God as Redeemer EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. History has now reached the third and final revelation of the final redemption in merit of the chosen final Goel, Haim, under the third and final name of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name forever.

Gnomen 530 - Certainly most striking in this name is that the first and the third are exactly the same. To show this relationship we often use the verse in Prophets ‘I am the first and I am the last and except for Me there is no other God’ (Isaiah, 44, 6). This demonstrates that the first and the third redemptions will be open and manifest revelations of God Almighty. Purim, however, was a hidden revelation and afterwards from the RESH of the name ASHER great historical confusion would issue in the terrible deification of the poor Jewish Messiah of the Initial Signs.

Gnomen 531 - "I shall now be, in the first redemption as I shall be in the final redemption but in the long historical periods that will come between them there will be great darkness and confusion, and I will not manifest Myself openly but on hidden levels to the just I shall manifest Myself, and in hidden levels in nature I will accomplish miracles. Because of this fact that I shall be hidden for many generations from the world for reason of sins, there will be yet great theological confusion even to the point of not knowing that I am One and that there is no other God except for Me.

Gnomen 532 - "Millennia will pass and the world will develop but when I shall again reveal Myself at the time of the Final Redemption, all shall see that ‘I, I am He and there is no other God with Me’ (Deuteronomy, 32, 39) - for as I manifested My might and My strong hand, My miracles and My signs and portents, to redeem you from Egypt, so shall I manifest Myself with great might and force in the final redemption, with miracles and signs and portents, to bring you up from the Egyptian stronghold of idolatry still strongly rooted throughout the world.

Gnomen 533 - "And as in the first redemption, all that I did, I did in the merit of Moses, My servant, and at his hands, so too in the last redemption, I will choose the servant of My choice and all that I shall do, I shall do in his merit and at his hands, as it states ‘the desire of God will be successful in his hand’ (Isaiah, 53, 10). But the 10 plagues and all that I destroyed in Egypt is but a small thing compared to the destruction and purification of the Final Fourth Generation, for this is the end-time for the entire world and two thirds (even four fifths, God save us) will be annihilated, body and soul, God save us, those who are not desired for the continuation of the generations.

Gnomen 534 - "Therefore have I sent My servant, Haim, now, so that in his merit and his teachings which are given over, as many as possible may be saved, body and soul. For in the first redemption, I revealed the 10 commandments and the Torah to the children of Israel and in the Final Redemption, I reveal the New Law for all levels of humanity. In the first redemption, Moses received My Law and he taught it to the children of Israel. In the Final Redemption, the Final Goel, Haim, from the Kingdom of Heaven, sends the New Laws in dreams and all people can receive them if they merit.

Gnomen 535 - "Now, in the merit of My servant, Haim, My name in full EHEYE ASHER EHEYE is being revealed for the world. All shall see the mightiness of My power and all shall be afraid to sin before Me and their heart will become sensitive to My presence and they shall know that I walk with the just and protect them and do not abandon them even for a second. Have no doubts again, o history, for the six days of creation are closing in to prepare the world for the Sabbath of Peace". -

Gnomen 536 - The many prophecies of the Final Redemption which obviously could not have been fulfilled until now come unto their time and become bound to the sign of the Final Goel, Haim, for the sake of the world. (Isaiah 49, 6) ‘And He said, It is a light thing that you be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved of Israel, I shall place you as a light unto the nations, that you bring My salvation unto the extremities of the earth’. The tribes of Jacob - the Jewish people wherever they are found; the preserved of Israel - the lost sheep of the house of Israel whose souls have been ‘preserved’ by Christianity; the Islamic nations and the nations of Esau-Japheth, when they come to the knowledge and recognition of the Final Goel represent the Completeness of the Redemption unto the extremities of the earth.

Gnomen 537 - The Islamic nations, however, are not part of the Messianic Tradition which derives mainly from the Signs of Isaac and Jacob. They are in a separate tradition the roots of which lay in the blessings and promises of God to Ishmael son of Abraham. Through Islam they returned to their roots and through Islam is their salvation. For this reason we do not find prophecies directly concerning them or their salvation because the prophecies speak in terms of the Redemption of Israel, of the Final Goel and of the Messianic Salvation that is coming for Israel and for the world. It would have been ‘improper’ for the prophecies to associate them directly with the Messianic Salvation since they are not of the Messianic Tradition and are bound to the salvation of their own tradition.

Gnomen 538 - Who are of the Messianic Tradition? Those who believe in the Torah and in the Prophets of Israel. This includes Christians because, in essence, they believe in the entire written tradition even if the meanings have been falsified for them by Christian Theology. They believe in the Messianic Promises of the Torah and Prophets and, in truth, the Messianic Promises of the Torah and Prophets have also come into the world to save them. They are not, however, as Moslems whose salvation is already in their faith (if they are good, peace-loving and tolerant to others and are not fanatics who wish to convert the world by force and if they love or at least do not hate the Jewish people or Israelis); Christians must yet be saved from idolatrous theology and to understand that ‘except for Me there is no other God’.

Gnomen 539 - Basically Islam as well, by way of the Koran, believes in the revelation at Sinai and in the Torah and Prophets but they are detached from the Biblical Tradition and have received their information from the Koran. They do not believe that they are part of the Messianic Tradition of Torah and Prophets and, indeed, they are not part of it. They do need, however, the great and holy Teacher sent by EL SHADDAI before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord, the great final day of justice, to explain to Jews, to Moslems and to Christians the Marvellous Completed Signs of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 540 - The Initial Signs of the Messianic Mission deriving from the Resh of the name ASHER came into the destiny of Yeshua and therefore all the preceding Signs of History had to pass by way of that Mission. For this reason the Prophecies concerning the Final Goel and the Final Redemption and the Messianic Promises become associated with Yeshua in the formation of Christianity and upon them Christianity was carried along for 2000 years. The first purpose, so to speak, of the ALEF of the final name EHEYE is to re-establish the true faith there where it has been falsified and thus to open to Christians the Correction of the terrible deification and to establish the New Altar for the Descendants of Malchitzedek, ‘I am the first and I am the last and there is no other God with Me’.

Gnomen 541 - Unfortunately, that purpose concerning the Correction of all false theological doctrines, even before the Christian Correction, must correct the Jewish error of the false theological doctrines of the Zohar before the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption can be received by the people of Israel. It must know and understand clearly the prophesied idolatrous sin (‘avon ketz’) of the Last Days, the treacherous and unrecognisable (until it is uncovered and revealed) Emanated Pantheon of the Zohar and the Four Generations of false Kabbalah deriving from it and the Hated Fourth Generation of the false Messianic Movement of Habad.

Gnomen 542 - The ALEF of the final EHEYE brings all the redemptional and messianic promises of the Torah and Prophets directly into the present in merit of the Final Goel, Haim. Christianity does not remain. We speak of the Descendants of Malchitzedek and not of Christians for this reason. The Correction of Christianity represents first of all the undoing of all forms of doctrinal Christianity. So too the Hherem Mi-deoraita, the Excommunication from the Torah of the sin of the Zohar etc. does not correct the Zohar; it destroys it totally from its roots and requires its burning for purification.

Gnomen 543 - When the theological errors are taken out of Christianity, the teachings of Yeshua and the Initial Messianic Signs which have yet to be understood by all are of great historical and inspirational value in the history of the redemption, as we have received it: Three are the Men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim. All that which is now studied concerning Yeshua, including the new information given by the Tzadik Haim about the Teacher of Justice, the School of the Essenes, the Initial Signs, the Mission of the Sacrificed Ram and the failed mission of Malachi is all part of the New Faith of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 544 - Nothing of it was known or understood before, not by Christians and not by Jews. The new explanations received are all true and thus they are an integral part of the New Faith. The new facts and explanations revealed are true and they must be believed in, as all the teachings of Sefer Mishnat Haim. So is there enormous merit in believing and recognizing the truth as it is being revealed in this moment of history. There is no time similar in all history, past or future, to the coming of the Final Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 545 - The chosen Goel, in his resurrection is immediately bound to the prophecy (Malachi, 3, 1) ‘immediately will he come unto his chamber, the master whom you are seeking’. This is the Chamber of the Palace of the New Kingdom of Heaven where the Final Goel is anointed as the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven. It takes much humility on the part of Jews to come to grips with the concept of the New Kingdom of Heaven although this is an integral part of the New Faith of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 546 - They do not understand at first mainly because of the total confusion in Tradition between the Final Goel and the Messiah or the error of thinking them the same person. The well known prophecy in Isaiah exclaims titles of honour of such a level for the chosen one coming that indeed they confuse more than they reveal until the terms are in the context of the Final Redemption. Furthermore, since the same prophecy has been highly Christianised, Jews tend to shy away from the exaltedness of its terminology and implications.

Gnomen 547 - (Isaiah 9, 5-6) For unto us a son is born, unto us a child is given: and the government (misra – Mission, position of responsibility) shall be on his shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, the Mighty of God ( - EL GIBOR - means having power from God), the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace: Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it and to establish it with judgement and with justice from henceforth and evermore. The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this.

A Donkey question: Are we speaking here about someone who is alive on earth?

Gnomen 548 – Weve received extremely clear prophetic dreams of this Sign, with the Tzadik Haim, reborn as a small child, but speaking as the Tzadik Haim, and rapidly growing up (see dream of Davide Levi (dream 535) but there were others, some of which came in the first months after the demise of the Tzadik Haim but were not written down; there were, nevertheless, not one but several dreams showing this same Sign, obviously because of its importance in understanding the redemptional prophecies bound to the Goel, Haim). EL GIBOR is not to be translated the Mighty God, God forbid, but Mighty in Godly given power’: EL here means the power of God such as the EL at the end of the names of angels of God.

Gnomen 549 - This King James translation of EL GIBUR is outrageous, encouraging Christians in their error with even greater fervour, totally outside of the context of the prophecy and with all prophecy for that. Is it God who has the government on his shoulders? Is it God to be called a prince of peace or a marvellous counsellor (pele yoetz)? Or is it God to be praised or honoured here by being called ‘a father forever’? All this would have no sense. It is speaking about the attributes of the chosen Goel.

Gnomen 550 - I wish to explain here a few points concerning the prophecy because it's representative of the New Faith carried by the final name EHEYE. The prophetic ‘a child has been born unto us’ (Ibid) itself indicates the newness of the faith that is coming. So too the terms used here are representative of the epithets, titles and adjectives that describe the immense standing of the Final Goel who will be chosen. These are extremely exalted terms, purposely exalted terms so that, in the end, all confusion be avoided. When the great level of the Final Goel will become known, these terms come to say: Because of the truly exalted level of the Final Goel he will carry these titles given by God; do not therefore confuse him with the Giver of those titles.



Chapter 12


The quality of making of one’s weakness deriving from preceding errors the force and perfume of one’s deeds


Gnomen 551 - In the second part of the prophecy, after those higher and universal ‘secrets’ concerning the Final Goel are established before it, those Universal Signs are then placed in relation to the more specific Jewish Messianic Signs of the House of David. This cannot be missing. If the Messianic Signs for Israel are missing, the entire redemption is missing and if only the Universal Signs were given, Israel could not accept them and we would again have, only hypothetically of course, Judaism and Christianity in a new form, God forbid.

Gnomen 552 - Now the prophecy comes to explain that through the power of the Final Goel, in virtue of the Universal Signs, also the ‘messianic kingdom’ of the ‘son of David’ will be given the power of its non-ending and peaceful existence. This prophecy could not be clearly explained in Tradition before the Final Redemption because it did not have the very essential Key that opens to the knowledge that the Goel is not the Messiah and that the level of the Messiah is as a Donkey etc. The true question on the historical-redemptional level is: The prophecy proclaims ‘forevermore’. Obviously, however, free-choice is not taken away. Suppose they deviate from the path of humility or of justice etc.? Who will ‘guarantee’ that the House of David will remain truly humble and just from henceforth and evermore?

Gnomen 553 - Once we know, however, that the Final Goel also represents the Completion of the Universal Signs which passed through Christianity, and that the Goel is in the Kingdom of Heaven, after the Final Sign of the Resurrection, and that the Messiahs of the House of David are Donkeys’ on earth ‘ridden’ on by the Final Goel, Haim, and that the Messianic Priesthood of the Final House of Prayer is directly under the Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven, then we can understand how it is that judgement, justice and humility, will reign in the Messianic House of David for evermore.

Gnomen 554 - When all this is understood, all have yet to recognise that not the world, not the Jewish people, not the Donkeys and not even the Final Goel could bring all this about. Only the zeal of the Lord, our God, who, so to speak, asked the question long ago: How will the House of David reign for evermore if it will not be under the Final Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven who remains in time and corrects any errors that creep in and directs the entire house of Israel from above?

Gnomen 555 - All this is an integral part of the faith, the New Faith, carried by the ALEF of the final name EHEYE.

 - - For sure we must speak and we must not stop speaking of the fullness and the completeness of the Third and Final Redemption in the historical and miraculous realisation of the final third name of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE. We must, of course, remember that God Almighty is One and His name is One with Him, above past, present and future. His name, however, when it is manifested to mankind, even to one person for the sake of mankind, is extended to the history of mankind and to levels that can be reached, at least to some measure, by the normal comprehension of mankind.

Gnomen 556 - When we read in the Torah, for example, that EHEYE ASHER EHEYE revealed Himself to Moses, magister noster, in the burning bush, we know that an angel of God Almighty was sent to reveal himself to Moses and to speak to him in God’s name, here in the name of God when He manifests Himself as the Redeemer of Israel (and through Israel, the Redeemer of mankind at large). This does not mean that we understand the name itself but we know that the name of God Almighty has been revealed in and for the world.

Gnomen 557 - In the regime of normal Torah learning, one studies early from Rashi, peace be with him, Head of all commentators on the Torah and Tradition, that the 3 exiles and the 3 redemptions from those exiles all became known to Moses there in the reception of the name of God, the Redeemer, in the burning bush. Therefore Moses did not give over the whole name when he announced to the children of Israel that EHEYE had sent him for the purpose of redeeming Israel from their slavery in Egypt. It was enough, argued Moses, magister noster, before the Lord, that they think about their redemption now and not hear anything about the future exiles that had still to come during Israel’s history.

Gnomen 558 - For sure, this simple Rashi (based on teachings in the Talmud) contains in it some 4000 years of history, from Abraham, our father. This is because this name itself is the Great-History-Maker of the Redemption of God, the great historical redemption of Israel until the Great Final and Completed Redemption of Mankind through the chosen people Israel.

DIARY of the DONKEY: It’s November 8, 1998: I wish to note here that we have seen dreams, I, Noda and Paolo of an earthquake and of a white thick mist from which protection was needed; the windows had to be closed. Of the earthquake, it said that we were protected and that we had to stand in the middle of the room when it comes and that we should before hand take down things from high places that could fall, a sign that we have made. - -

Gnomen 559 - One reason for which the final name EHEYE is the same as the first is that the history of the first redemption returns for its historical completion in the Final Redemption. For only the third redemption is Final, as Jacob, our father is the third and final Patriarch.

All this has been before, the 3 Patriarchs, the full name revealed to Moses and written in the Holy Torah, the 3 ascents of Moses (the second is quite hidden, however). Why could no one understand the third and final redemption before? The question cannot be asked to Christians: They believe Jesus to be the Final Messiah and the Final Goel and the Eternal Son of God. They must first answer to ‘I am the first and I am the last and except for Me there is no other God’ (Isaiah, 44, 6). They also await the second coming of Christ, having to admit that the first coming has been quite a bloody affair for the past 2000 years.

Gnomen 560 - Moslems too are set off aside on their own final redemption Islamic entity exclusionism, Islam believing itself the final, third and redeeming religion to which all others must abandon their infidel positions and take on Islam. Nevertheless, at least a portion of the Islamic mentality has become more knowledgeable of history’s refusal to adhere to those pretences. This can be felt in the popular Islamic belief that at the time of the final days of judgement, a great sage will be sent by Allah to explain the full truth to Jews, Christians and Moslems etc.

Gnomen 561 - The question, however, directly concerns the traditional children of Israel. How long have we been waiting for the Final Redemption? Tradition is full with the awaiting of the King Messiah at the time of the Third and Complete Redemption as it is full with the hope, prayers, and the aspiration to see the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem rebuilt in its final standing. But no one has said ‘We await the final Signs of Jacob, our father’ or we are waiting for the final revelation of the final name EHEYE’. There are many speculations in Tradition itself as to ‘how things will be in the Messianic Days but it is known and officially ‘sealed’ in the Mishna Torah of the Rambam that these are only speculations and opinions formed in interpreting verses in the Torah and Prophets but they are NOT received Kabbalah and therefore they confuse more than they teach etc.

Gnomen 562 - The answer is that the Lord, our God, after He has chosen the Final Goel, begins to manifest His Marvellous Completed Signs which are all under the Great New Sanctity of the final name EHEYE. When the Lord, our God, manifests Himself for the third great revelation in history, the Sanctity of the first name EHEYE is ‘renewed’ for the sake of its historical completion in the final name EHEYE. All that which may represent the manifold purposes of that first Sanctity has been accomplished historically when the final name EHEYE begins to be revealed for the Final Redemption. All history returns, in a way of speaking, after having accomplished that which had to be accomplished, to be completed in the Great New Sanctification of the final EHEYE.

Gnomen 563 - We even say that the ALEF of the name EHEYE brings on the New Faith of the Final Redemption. How is it possible to speak of a New Faith in the first place? True faith in God is as old as Adam and what might be considered new concerning the faith of Abraham? The true faith was revealed for all Israel at Sinai. Jews know the true faith. Moslems pray in the true faith. There are even millions of Christians who believe in God and much less in Christianity.

It is that the entire Completion of the Final Redemption, that Completion of all preceding history and the Completion of all the Signs of God with the 3 Patriarchs, the Completion of the Signs of the Torah, the Completion of Prophets, the Completion of the Pact of Peace and the Promise to Elijah, the Completion of Purim, the Completion of Hanukah in the Completion of the Third and Final Temple, the Completion of all the Signs of the Messianic Mission of Yeshua including the Signs of the Sacrificed Ram in Isaac’s stead and the Signs of Christianity, the Completion of the Messianic Signs of the House of Joseph and the Messianic Signs of the House of David, the Great Completion of the final name EHEYE, are all New.

Gnomen 564 - We are, of course, not speaking of a completion in the faith of the second commandment. It is that the force of the second commandment returns for its completion in the world. It comes back to finalise the true understanding of the 2nd commandment for all people because great is the lack of knowledge of the true monotheistic faith in the world at large. Was there something of the redemption from Egypt and the revelation at Sinai that might be considered a completion of the pure monotheistic faith of Abraham? Certainly not. That faith was received by Abraham and it was he who passed it down in heredity.

Gnomen 565 - It was not the faith that was new but the manifestations, miracles, signs and portents of God, as well as the teachings, the laws and the prophetic words of God in the Torah that were historically New at the moment of the revelation of the first name EHEYE. For the sake of argument, had Abraham, our father, been present in Egypt and at the Red Sea and at the Revelation, every miracle witnessed would have represented a renewal in his faith and every element of those miracles believed in would be called New Faith because those miracles had not happened previously but in the unique historical moment in which they came.

Gnomen 566 - The Fourth Generation of the Final Redemption represents the Great, Final Manifestation of God as the Redeemer of Israel and of mankind. It comes with incredible miracles and incredible happenings and terrible destruction and Final Judgement for the entire world. All is new. The Final Fourth Generation never existed before nor will it ever come again after the Fourth Generation. So too the Marvellous News of the coming of the Final Goel, Haim, and the Amazing and Miraculous Completed Signs of the Final Redemption are revealed here and now for all times. All that which happened in the past that belongs to the Design in History of the Final Redemption returns for its completion in the final name EHEYE.

Gnomen 567 - The faith itself is renewed and all those aspects that are eternal, such as the history of the Patriarchs, the laws and commandments of the Torah to Israel and the Tradition in general and Israel’s history in general are renewed in the New Pact of the Final Redemption and all that revealed for the Final Redemption is totally new. It has never been revealed before nor is there need once it has been revealed for its ever being revealed again. Believing in the New Revelation means believing in the Completed Redemptional and Messianic Signs sent by God Almighty when He has chosen the Final Goel to bring the Final Redemption and the Final Revelation in the Redemptional Sign of the final name EHEYE.

Gnomen 568 - What then is new for Israel? All is new for Israel as for all people who come to know and believe in the Final Redemption as history moves on in the whole world. The Final New Pact is new. The coming of the Final Goel and the knowledge of his true position is new. The Sign of the Stars is new and all its meanings and connotations are completely new and were never known before. The New Kingdom of Heaven is new and the White Marble Steps of the Heart of the Kingdom of Heaven are new.

Gnomen 569 - The New Message of History and the Hidden Design in the Mission of Christ is all totally and astoundingly new. Nothing of it was known before. The truth of the Teacher of Justice and the true reason for the foundation of the School of the Essenes and, in general, the truths and the true history of the Initial Signs, are all as new to the Jewish people as they are new to all people. The entire mission of Yeshua as revealed in every sense in the Completed Signs of the Second Coming of the Star of Christ (Star that Astounds) with the New Bread of Bethlehem of the Messianic Signs’ is totally new for Christians as for Jews and for all.

Gnomen 570 - To Christians it’s a great shake up but it brings them to great joy in their Correction of the faith. To Jews, it is at first ‘scandalous’ but once it becomes understood, it is the New Source of a New, Long and Profound Meditation of Israel’s history and of the justice of God and His hidden marvels. Probably the main shake-up in Traditional Jewish thinking derives from the New Message of the Inauguration of the Inaugurations of the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors and 13 Altars and the Carpet of Islam at Jerusalem and at Beersheva. The New Message of the Mission of Yeshua on both planes of the failed mission of Malachi and as the mission of the Sacrificed Ram in the stead of Isaac, is at first scandalous but afterwards it is all food for understanding.

Gnomen 571 - Once that level is realised, however, it conduces to a profound meditation on all prophetic history but it does not touch the realm of law or Halacha. It represents a profound introspection given to Israel to chew slowly in the centuries ahead, for only the chosen people of Israel is truly contained in its past history and the prophecies of the Torah and of Prophets are all realised within the framework of the Prophetic History of Israel, the chosen descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the final revelation of EHEYE ASHER EHEYE it is truly Israel, in the end, that will be able to appreciate, with its new humble spirit and its new simple heart, the profound relationships and unending understanding of the full name of God, the Holy Redeemer of Israel.

Gnomen 572 - Such will be the historical recompense of the Jewish people in merit of its having maintained the Torah and the Tradition throughout history. And all the errors in Jewish history will become the Fences of Correction and the Gates of Perfection for all Israel and the spiritual level of Israel will be anointed in the eyes of all people. Great and deep will be Israel’s introspection and interior vision of God’s Providence throughout the ages and intense will be the closeness of God’s Presence to His chosen people Israel.

Gnomen 573 - More than the difficulty of coming to terms with the mission of Yeshua, for traditional Jews the New Law, New Rite and New Priesthood of the totally New Third Temple at Jerusalem and at Beersheva creates at first problems that seem insurmountable.


Gnomen 582 - Am I Tamar who seduces you to fall into the love-union that you need for your own salvation? Have I hidden my face from you behind the Messianic Veil? Am I the sweet and beautiful widow to whom Sheila will not be given? Have I dressed as a prostitute in your eyes, revealing the true history of the Messianic Ram? And yet you loved my enticing beauty in the moment of your need and why have you taken me for a prostitute when you were told that in my womb were found together the Messianic Signs of both the House of David and the House of Joseph?

Gnomen 583 - Alas, now, am I Peretz who breaks down the barriers of your former comprehension? Is it then from my lineage that you will have your anointed Donkey? And yet my brother’s Signs shine as the sun to the extremities of the earth. And did my brother not put his hand out from Tamar’s womb first some 2000 years ago to open for the world the Initial Messianic Signs of Zerah? And was he not Signed into the Scarlet Blood of his sacrifice so that his historic opening never be forgotten?

Gnomen 584 - Am I not the young Donkey from Bethlehem Ephrat? Does the Bread of my Gnomen-Bakery not satisfy your Messianic Palate? Will the son of the Pact of Peace not bring for you the Third and Final Temple at Jerusalem, of 7 Floors and 13 Altars and the Carpet of Islam, the Great Unified Faith in the One Living God of all mankind? Look then and see to whom this Seal of the Final New Pact and this Cord of the Inheritance of the House of Jacob and this Staff of Authority in the permission of the Final Goel, Haim, belong. Have they not come from you and have they not come for fulfilling the Messianic Promises made to you? Hee-haw!

Gnomen 585 - True, I am now behind the ‘Messianic’ Veil of the Donkey, hee-haw, and totally unknown to all. I plough ahead with turtle speed in finding the words to help understand the New Language of the Completed Signs and that help see the Great Illumination that has fallen upon our Stable for the sake of the true peace and the true reconciliation that will come unto their time after the Fourth Generation. The New Sanctity comes to renew all things. It renews Judah and it renews Tamar. It renews the Jewish people in the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. It renews the entire Torah in the Final New Pact of the Third and Final Redemption. And it renews the spirit and renews the heart. It renews the mind with the New Humble Brain in virtue of the humility of the chosen Tzadik, the Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 586 - When will you too be as the Illumined Donkey? And even more than what can be conceived by a poor donkey brain, will your brilliance be augmented by the vast human knowledge that you possess. You need my Donkey sechel only to illumine you so that you may use your brilliance to shine in the final revelation of the coming of the Goel Haim. We are in the Garden, in merit of the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim. What does it mean ‘we are in the Garden’? There are New Gardens ‘created’ in the Final Sign of the Resurrection, New Gardens between two worlds, the world of the living here on earth and the world of those resurrected into the New Kingdom of Heaven. 6000 years of history were necessary to be able to write these words.

Gnomen 587 - If you think me a human being, blame instead Peretz for such traits but mix me not up with such frailties: From the Garden itself am I. Even before the chosen Man had been created, was I ready to be of service to him when the time of God’s most marvellous creation would be completed before the setting in of the Great Sabbath of the Lord, our God. Therefore am I the thread you need in order to weave your thoughts back into the pleasures of the Garden. I am the stock of laughter formed in Isaac’s delight in the reconciliation of the hearts of brothers and sisters of all humanity, the children of Adam and Eve. Innocent children from all over pat me on the back and pull my ears with glee.

Gnomen 588 - But big grown-up Jewish scholars search for me in the Holy Torah for in it even impure animals are spoken of with Divine justice. Why, then, have I clamoured out messianic brays in human speech to justify the historical plight of the messianic people before the great redemptional prophecies of Balaam come unto their time? Would you hit me when when I have carried your burden faithfully through the meandering paths of messianic history? Until a mouth was filled from above to announce ‘the time has come’ and from my Higher Stable was I prepared for the Great Final Descent.

Gnomen 589 - I am the Scarlet Ribbon on Zerah’s hand woven into the fibre of a Donkey, divinely interspersed in the midst of the Patriarchs and into the holy garments of Israel’s Prophets. Hee-haw! Even in the Scroll of Esther am I hidden in the Signs of ASHER. Hee-haw! The horses may well be seen but when EL MISTATER hid His own name, He also hid away the Donkey in the Hidden Palace of Esther in the Kingdom of Heaven until the Final Time when he would be able to bray out freely the Virtues of the New White Marble Steps. Hee-haw! Could I then tell you this if I were a human being? Heeee-Hawwww!!!!

Gnomen 590 - I was given to meet with Peretz because he breaks down the barriers that allow me to get out of the Stable and down into the world. The faith of Abraham has saddled me with the weight of Donkey Trials so that I have the strength to carry the News of the Goel Haim to the great sanctification of God’s name at Mount Moriah.

Gnomen 591 - Even pigs will begin to ruminate when they hear the prayers of joy and the songs of praise and they see the harmony of the human race delighting in the One Living God of the universe, in the Third and Final Temple.

Gnomen 592 - The final name EHEYE comes in the Sign of Purification. ‘Purification, of course, has several meanings, but since the revelation of the Final Redemption coincides with the entrance into the Final Great and Terrible Fourth Generation from which, God save us, only one third of mankind will be saved, for sure the term Purification carries with it many Signs of destruction, calamity, high-waters, plagues etc. In the Final Fourth Generation not only the evil and the evil-doers are destroyed but the very roots of evil are finally annihilated forever. It is just this terrible purification which allows the Final Redemption to settle on earth. The entire world is subject to the Great Purification of the Fourth Generation.

Gnomen 593 - It has been explained several times in Sefer Mishnat Haim that there is, however, a difference in this between the people of Israel, Jews all over the world and the nations of the world. The Jewish world has passed its Holocaust and has already paid, thank God that it is over, for the Terrible Purification of its ‘selected’ Fourth Generation. The Terrible Sacrifice of the children of Israel was accepted before the Lord, our God, and from the end of the Holocaust the Jewish people as a whole is on the side of merit and it will continue to elevate itself in merit and to be refined in its elevation throughout its present and future history, Amen.

Gnomen 594 'In those days I shall make a new pact with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah’ etc. ‘not as the pact that I made with their fathers etc. ‘and they violated My law but I have husbanded them’ (Jeremiah, 31, 28-30).

Gnomen 595 - Why do these words ‘and (but) I husbanded them’ (va-ani baalti bam) come here just after the fact of the apex of the violation? It gives the reason for the absolute necessity of the new pact that would be made. With the Torah violated, God save us, what would become of the pact between God and Israel? The verse does not say ‘not as the pact that l made with their fathers at Sinai' but rather ‘in the day that l held on to their hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt’. It refers also to the pact of the Torah that was coming but already the pact was accomplished when the people, having witnessed the miracles and signs of God’s redemption, left Egypt with the intention to go into the desert and to Sinai and to serve God.

Gnomen 596 - They did not yet know what the ‘conditions’ of the Torah would be but already they had been given commandments for that original Pesah in Egypt ‘this month is for you the head of months, the first of the month of the year. Speak to the whole congregation of Israel to say ‘on the 10th of this month each man will take for them a lamb, a lamb for each family’ (Exodus, 12, 1-3) etc. These were laws of the Torah that were given before the revelation at Sinai. They were thus already part of the Pact that would be revealed and sealed at Sinai. This comes to help us understand that more than the violation of the Torah, the violation was of the ‘conditions’ of the Torah, ‘conditions already initiated in Egypt.

Gnomen 597 - In one aspect, the violation of the ‘conditions’ of the Torah is worse than the violation, let’s say, of the laws of the Torah. For example, a person says: I believe in the Torah and in the Laws of the Torah including the Sabbath. Nevertheless, for reason of my livelihood, I have to work etc. In essence he has said: I believe in the Torah but I am unable or unwilling to comply to all its conditions. If, however, one says ‘I believe in the Sabbath as described in Genesis but I do not believe in the ‘conditions’ to which I must abide by for the Sabbath’ such a person has denied the roots of the Torah and has not simply violated the law of the Sabbath but has violated the entire Torah.

Gnomen 598 - Therefore it says ‘they violated My pact’ from its very roots in not accepting the ‘conditions’ of the pact, conditions that began to be revealed and accepted in Egypt. There is, however, an aspect of the conditions of the Torah where the Torah in essence is not violated but the conditions were violated. In this case, it may be possible to change the conditions, by an official body of the Jewish Tribunal so that the law of the Torah may be met with less severe conditions. To the Sages and rabbis indeed was given the power to annul even a legal-decree of the oral law in the case that the congregation ‘could not stand on it’ representing a weight that it could not bear.

Gnomen 599 - At the time of the Final New Pact, therefore, the ‘conditions’ of the Pact of the Torah are re-established and the new conditions are sealed into a New Pact with the Lord, our God. The matter itself of the New Law is certainly complex but there is I believe an allusion in the verse that precedes the new pact to the Key of understanding the ‘new conditions’ - ‘no longer will they say ‘the fathers ate sour grapes and the teeth of the children were ruined’ (Jeremiah, 31, 28-29) etc. each person in his sin shall die etc. The Key comes in counter position to the apex of the violation of the Torah resulting in the Holocaust etc.

Gnomen 600 - From all this it will be understood that after the Holocaust, a great change came about in the manner in which the judgement of the Jewish people would be administered from the Higher Tribunal. Each Jew might be punished for the sin that he commits but no longer would he be punished because of the collective sin of the fathers. This change of prospective in the Higher Tribunal is as great a change as the New Pact itself and one is bound to the other. It is difficult to understand this; it is not black and white. The ‘arevut’, the collective responsibility of one Jew to another in the spirit of the unified entity of the children of Israel remains, but the measure is changed because the collective responsibility of the sins of Israel throughout its history, although in particular it refers to the past 4000 years before the Holocaust was concluded in that unspeakable and inconceivable collective sacrifice of the Jewish people.



Chapter 13


The quality of being clean in thought and in one’s inner thoughts


Gnomen 601 - The sacrifice of Israel in that nameless decree (called by its prophesied name of ‘shoa’) was accepted and taken by the Lord, our God, and the destiny of the Jewish people was turned positive for the rest of its historical existence. The profundity of the unspeakable death in Israel’s sacrifice turned the Higher Judgement into the Judgement of the depth of the promises of God, promises that hovered over Israel as a whole and that began now to descend, never to leave it again. No longer would there be negative judgements on the nation as a whole and every Jew, in general I speak, was liberated from the collective negative judgements of the past.

Gnomen 602 - We cannot explain how judgements are made in the Higher Tribunal. This is beyond our force and only the Higher Tzadikim themselves arise to the level of the Higher Tribunal and can speak there as they wish, often, so to speak, as ‘defence advocates’ for diminishing the decrees upon countries and peoples of the world. Concerning the Shoa, however, the Hidden Tzadikim had no permission to enter, as explained to us by the Tzadik Haim.

Gnomen 603 - Before the Holocaust, the religious Jews cursed the Reform Jews and all reform-movements and all liberal and socialist movements in which Jews were involved. At the same time the religious Jews were, unfortunately ‘cursed’ in the terrible, final sin of the false and idolatrous lights of the Zohar. The religious who claimed that the others were at fault were more at fault than they because they had denied, without knowing it, the true Pact and the true faith in the Holy Torah. Those who were considered the heads of the people because of their knowledge of the Torah were much more guilty and the level of the interior and spiritual damage in their sin was much higher.

Gnomen 604 - It’s counterproductive to speak at length; the sacrifice of all Israel has been accepted by the Lord, our God. It was the historical moment of the great ‘change-over’ of the Higher Tribunal into the promised positive judgement that began to enter into Israel’s further history. The New Time had entered.

Gnomen 605 - Israel’s ‘dilemma’, God forgive me, in that historic moment was the judgement of the Holy Torah, intimately bound together eternally with the Jewish people ‘and I have husbanded them’ even though in the sin of ‘avon ketz’ with their Higher Emanated Faces of the Cosmic Man-God, Zeir Anpin of the Zohar, they have denied My Pact and all Israel has fallen with them. The judgement until the end of the Holocaust found Israel guilty. After the Holocaust, all Israel, on a general level, was considered ‘be-shogeg’ unintentionally in error.

Gnomen 606 - All Israel was in error. In the Holocaust, the Jewish people as a whole was under a judgement of death. After the Shoa, the Jewish people as a whole entered a judgement of life. As the nation had been condemned as a whole, so now began its blessing as a whole[18]. The whole of Israel, the religious, the not so religious, the not religious and the non-religious could not stand in the judgement of the Torah as it had been, or else the very same harsh judgement would have returned quickly, God save us, nor will it ever be again.

Gnomen 607 - The heads and religious leaders responsible for the people had fallen and the kedusha of the Torah required to maintain that responsibility had left them. As explained, the Holocaust was the apex of the prophetic condemnation ‘and they denied My pact’.

Gnomen 608 - The Jewish people, as Jacob, our father, limped into the aftermath of the Holocaust when, finally, after its 2000 year struggle in exile, it was victorious in Isaac’s blessing and the higher Tribunal decreed its promised return to the land of Israel. The merit of the sacrifices of the victims of the Holocaust now stood above and the remainder of the Jewish people in the world limped but the ministerial angels of the nations had to admit that Jacob was still alive and that he had now truly merited to the name of Israel for all times.

Gnomen 609 - The Final New Pact was revealed with the Resurrection of the chosen Tzadik Haim, 35 years after the State of Israel. The chosen Final Goel, Haim, was born circumcised exactly on the day, hour and moment of the Revelation of the Ten Commandments at Sinai. The Tzadik chosen by God Almighty to be the Final Goel and Anointed Judge of the Kingdom of Heaven was born in the Sign of the Completion of the Pact.

Gnomen 610 - The Hidden Work of the Hidden Goel, Haim, was an integral part of the Completion of the Pact of the Holy Torah in that historical time when the Torah enters the new historical phase of the Final Prophesied New Pact of the great Prophet Jeremiah. Through the Hidden Work of the Hidden Goel, Haim, the Roots of the New Pact and of the New Law of the Final Redemption were established on their ‘New Root-Level’ in the Higher Tribunal. Enough with the children’s rotted teeth for reason of the father’s eating sour grapes! The religious were Jews, the non-religious were Jews, the Reform were Jews, the Conservative were Jews. All had become ‘equal’. All were be-shogeg. The ultra-orthodox and Hasidic Jews who remained ‘directly’ in the mystical tradition based on the Zohar were considered, so to speak, ‘not present’ because they had left the real world to carve out cosmic faces in the emanated Buddha of the Zohar.

Gnomen 611 - No longer, however, would the judgement of those evils fall on the judgement of the entire people[19]. The one who sins will himself die in his own sin. The virtues loved by the God of Israel became the essence of the change-over in judgement in defining the Jew. The Jew is not a Jew because of any symbol that he carries but because of the true faith that he carries in his heart’. The virtuous Rose of Jacob had gained in many colours and was coming on to its time. What had the Orthodox to say to the Reform? He could accomplish the prescriptions of the Halacha and have a mean heart, be stingy, become angry, and speak negatively about others while a reformed Jew without the Halacha, could have a heart of gold and generous hands and tolerant attitudes to many categories of people and be loved greatly by the God of Israel.

Gnomen 612 - I am not inventing anything of this tremendously hidden subject. The Hidden Tzadik, Haim, taught me the necessary ‘signs’ to understand that it was so. Each Jew was judged by the goodness of his heart and by his good deeds and the Lord, our God, knows how to count the Mitzvot of His Torah. Marvellous is the Design of God through the history of Israel. And the Hidden Goel beloved of God carried upon himself the Completion of the Pact of the Holy Torah for the sake of the Final Redemption.

Gnomen 613 - The Goel Haim is the chosen Tzadik to whom the Final Tablets of the Third and Final Redemption are given by God Almighty.

We are speaking here of the Roots, both the historical roots and the hidden roots of the prophesied reception of the New Tablets. With ‘historical roots’ we mean the absolute necessity of the prophesied New Pact as the result of all of the unfortunate conditions of 'they have violated My pact' in relation to the conditions of the Torah, that eventually brought it to the unspeakable Shoa.

Gnomen 614 - The state of the Torah had reached the apex of violation. Violated was the Pact between the God of Israel and His chosen nation; and the idolatrous terminology of the Zohar had uprooted any possibility of recognising the idolatrous golden calf of the Last Days of Israel’s Final Judgement. The Torah is eternal and its Sanctity is eternal, ‘nor will even a crown of one of its holy letters ever change’, but the Sanctity of the Torah had become detached from the Jewish people in its core and nothing could have been done to change the decree.

Gnomen 615 - The Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim was in the world, living in Cairo, but also the Hidden Goel, Haim, could do nothing to change that decree. He himself revealed this fact to me, to Giordano Levi and all the Levi family, to Sarah (Markus), to Maurizio Piha and to a few others. In 1939, the hidden Tzadik, Haim, saw, on the level of his wisdom, what the evil-doer of all history was planning to accomplish if he were not stopped. The Tzadik wanted to kill him by decreeing his death before the Higher Tribunal, in which case the rasha of mankind would have been killed immediately.

Gnomen 616 - The Tzadik’s holy jealousy for the bitter destiny that awaited the children of Israel at the hands of that iniquity-monster was held up at the level of the Higher Tribunal. In that moment of the Tzadik’s wrath, the thunderous Voice of the Higher Judge was heard from above in the Great Tribunal: ‘It is a decree from above and no one has permission to enter’. In such a manner was the decree revealed in the Higher Tribunal to the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and from here we know that the Hidden Tzadikim in those years of the decree had no permission to take upon themselves decrees relative to the decree of the Holocaust.

Gnomen 617 - We cannot imagine, of course, the inner suffering that the Tzadik Haim bore in those years, knowing and seeing all while having no permission to enter. After the Shoa, on extremely elevated and hidden levels and not in writing in the world, the Tzadik knew that the final punishment of the horrendous and inhumane death of 6.000.000 Jews had been received by the Merciful God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as a holy sacrifice, and it was accepted before Him with immense compassion. Blessed is the Lord, our God, for He is not a man who changes his mind nor does He ever forget His promises.

Gnomen 618 - The Sanctity of the Holy Torah that had been violated, however, would never again return to the children of Israel[20] because the ‘conditions’ (tenaim) of that precious Kedusha could never return again to be met. In time the Holy Torah would return to Israel but not the first Sanctity or the ‘conditions’ of that Sanctity. The time of the Sanctity of the first revelation, in the redemption of the first name EHEYE, as well as the long, hidden history of the hidden name ASHER, came now unto the historic time of the revelation of the final name EHEYE with the New Sanctification for the children of Israel.

Gnomen 619 - There is very little that we can understand about the Hidden Work of the Hidden Goel. And who can truly speak of the Hidden Work of the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim? I am, however, obligated to explain whatever I can because we are after God’s choice of the Final Goel so that there is no doubt that the Tzadik Haim was the Hidden Goel.

Gnomen 620 - I am simply the one who tries to explain the prophetic voice of the Redemptional Dreams sent by the Goel Haim to the Donkeys. Those pick me up, encourage me and remind me ‘Do not fear, little worm of Jacob, for I am with you, be not afraid’ (Isaiah, 41, 14). So I go on continuously and, thank God, slowly but constantly and the Tablets of the Final Redemption are being formed. When the Final Goel is chosen, we are the first lucky receivers of the results of the extremely hidden and holy works of the Hidden Goel accomplished by him when he was in the world. And the Donkeys are the instruments for translating those results into materialised results for the world. Hee-Haw!.

Gnomen 621 - Oh, now, you say, come on then, Peretz, and not Peretz, Man of the Tablets or Peretz Man of the Signs, but that little, sleekly worm of a Peretz, first talmid of the Hidden Tzadik, Haim.

Gnomen 622 - You speak of the Goel, Haim, throughout the pages of Sefer Mishnat Haim and you explain the Completed Signs in merit of the chosen Tzadik so loved by God Almighty for the sake of mankind’s redemption. And yet, and yet, they murmur, there is a sort of untouchable silence yearning to be broken with words, perhaps, of a more personal quality to help us understand the person himself with whom Peretz sat for 13 years.

Gnomen 623 - I myself am awakened with the desire to see your ardent curiosity satisfied by my answers. The Final Signs are here. I must speak up without fear. The time is coming when people will no longer misunderstand and create confusion.

Gnomen 624 - I am, however, frightened by the thousand-fold admonitions “These are for you, Peretz, not for others”. And yet I know how to distinguish between that which cannot be spoken of and between the ‘signs’ that were given to me by the Tzadik Haim with “Know this because you will need it later on”. Still other words of the Hidden Goel come to the fore, “You walk with the Teacher now for years, Peretz, but you still do not know with whom you are walking”. - I am now beginning to distinguish even better between the Hidden Tzadik and the Hidden Goel.

Gnomen 625 - There is certainly no greater privilege than being the secretary for the Final Goel and in taking part in the formulation of the books contained in Sefer Mishnat Haim. Now some words are coming back which until this moment I did not realise were ‘signs’ that I may speak about.

Gnomen 626 - The Tzadik Haim many times said and repeated to me, “You are fortunate, Peretz, you are extremely lucky. The Teacher is not severe with you. If you had been the talmid of one of the other Hidden Tzadikim you wouldn’t have anything of the wide freedom that you have as my talmid. The others are not as I, Peretz; they are severe in the rectitude of their Kedusha with their talmid from the beginning. There is no right and no left. Yashar (straight)! The Tzadik would talk simultaneously with his hands, making jests that cast out the right and cast out the left and sent a cutting line smack down the middle. When the Tzadik Haim would say those words, I would feel my soul in fear before the Maker of the heavens and the earth.

Gnomen 627 - “They themselves cannot reach the wideness and ‘open-mindedness’ of ha-Moreh”, the Tzadik explained to me many times. “They are in their holiness and they walk day and night in that Sanctity, sometimes in the world, sometimes in their ascent and every minute of their life is sanctified to the Lord, our God. The level of the Teacher, however, is above this on a level of ‘wideness’ which I cannot explain in words but I can only say to you, Peretz, that this level did not exist before. The Teacher is different and you are simply very lucky, Peretz. You must try to understand. I am telling you this because you must know it and afterwards you will understand.”

Gnomen 628 - At one point in perhaps the 3rd or 4th year with the Tzadik, he was so anguished by my errors and by my weaknesses that the Hidden Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim had decided to relinquish me as his talmid and to put me under one of the other Hidden Tzadikim, “but”, said the Teacher, “one with a very high and particular level who will know how to cope with your crying soul”. The Tzadik even told me to prepare myself to leave Milan to go to Rome where I would receive further orders because I would not have permission to remain in the same city with him. When I came home, I cried and prayed to God and I shook up my entire existence from head to toe. I wished not to be the talmid of anyone else in the world. On the next day, the Tzadik said, “I have changed my mind, Peretz, you can remain with ha-Moreh. You are fortunate. My heart is small and I know the inside of your heart and that you do not want to leave the Teacher.

Gnomen 629 - “It is your luck that the Teacher is broad in his vision. Give thanks to God for your good luck is the Teacher’s large and wide vision, his patience, his tolerance and his small heart. I know your love for ha-Moreh and for the ‘derech’ (way) of ha-Moreh. Be warned, however, and take it as a lesson and do not do things that force me into being severe with you against my will. The situation was very grave and highly serious, Peretz, you don’t imagine how much. From tonight you have 3 days of celebration. Rejoice because the Teacher’s heart is very small and he has had pity on you and he heard your soul crying and he wished not to see you suffer. Go drink wine and celebrate because the greatest fortune in the world has not been taken from you”.

Gnomen 630 - Often the Tzadik Haim said that his heart was small (lev katan), meaning that he could not bear to see suffering in others. Also the ‘small heart’ of the Teacher was a ‘sign’ and a teaching that I may give over. The Tzadik suffered for all but he could not bear suffering in others.

It happened only a very few times, perhaps 3 or 4, that the Tzadik said to me that I still didn’t know with whom I was walking. I was always left marvelled by those words since I knew that the Tzadik Haim was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The entire structure and formation of my study with the Tzadik was sealed in secrecy. The ways of hiding one’s true identity and of not revealing secrets was an integral part of my study with the Tzadik Haim. The idea of Goel in my mind was still based on that of the first redemption in the sense of an open and manifest appearance of the Goel, the very opposite of the amazing and total separation of the Hidden Tzadik from any recognition or honour. It wasn’t possible for me to understand that the Tzadik Haim was the Hidden Goel.

Gnomen 631 - It was obviously a ‘sign’ that I had to know, in the same way that the Tzadik had clearly indicated to me that his being born completely circumcised at the moment of the revelation at Sinai, dawn of the 6th of Sivan, was an important ‘sign’. So too in this, when the time would come, already envisioned by the Hidden Goel, that the redemption would be announced for the world, I would have with me the ‘sign’ that I myself did not understand that I had walked with and studied with and received from the Hidden Goel, chosen by God Almighty to be the Goel of all humanity.

So too the Tzadik, Haim, taught me ‘signs’, such as this sign of his enlarged, universal vision in judging all things, a vision which extended to the ‘large interpretation’ even of the Halacha and to the Torah itself. He greatly praised, for example, Ben Arach’s ‘good heart’ that outweighed the scales of the other Sages. And while here in Avot, let it be added that the Tzadik Haim taught me that the deepest word of wisdom to contemplate in Avot for its superior truth in explaining the essence of all the commandments was that of Ben Zoma ‘The recompense of the mitzva is the mitzva itself and the recompense of the sin is the sin itself’ (Pirkei Avot, 4, 2). Delve into this word, Peretz, the Tzadik Haim said to me many times, “because it has no end in depth and all is contained in it”.

Gnomen 632 - Very often the Teacher repeated “There is no difference between Jews and non-Jews except that the children of Israel are commanded in the Laws of the Torah. This teaching of the Tzadik Haim was not meant to be taken as a piece of wisdom but as a solid foundation and starting point for all other wisdom concerning the relationships between people and concerning the just comprehension that there are no favourites before EL SHADDAI and that in judgement ‘the small and the great are there (equally) and the servant is free from his proprietor’ (Job, 3, 19) Again and again the Tzadik Haim would recall the story of the rabbi who died in the wrath of Heaven upon him because he had severely rebuked a poor, simple-hearted and extremely ignorant Jew who after hearing in the rabbi’s sermon that the Holy One, Blessed is He, loves the heart, went, with enormous joy for being able to fulfil the will of God, and bought in a Kosher Butcher shop the heart of a cow and he wrapped it and, without being seen (for his timidity) placed it inside the Holy Ark of the Synagogue.

Gnomen 633 - For ha-Moreh, this story represented the essence of the commandment of the Torah to know the God of Israel, the merciful Creator of the world, who looked into the depths of the heart of each person and searched out the virtues there hidden and who greatly loved the good intentions of the simple heart, tmimut. So too did the Tzadik Haim often re-teach the story of the extremely poor widow, in the time of King Solomon, who in her pity on a neighbouring elderly widow suffering the cold and not having with what to cover herself, made enormous efforts to find wool, a needle and sufficient thread and knitted for her a warm sweater. King Solomon, after becoming so pleased with himself for the great privilege of having built the Great Temple to honour the God of Israel and for having established the Great Unified Nation of the Great Israel, desired once to know who it was in the next world who would share his place of honour with him. In a dream he was shown this widow who had a much higher Garden of Pleasure than his for that good deed that she had done.

Gnomen 634 - This was not a ‘story’ for the Tzadik Haim. It was pure and unadulterated Torah, the Law of God’s mercy on those who practice love and who are merciful to others and generous to help. All the ‘great mitzvot’ of King Solomon did not measure up to that beloved act of love of a poor, simple widow. The Holy Temple was not ‘for God’. The God of Hosts needs no Temple in which to abide, ‘behold the whole earth is filled with His glory’ (Isaiah, 6, 3). ‘He demurs in the heavens and the earth is His footstool’ (Ibid, 66, 1). People need the Temple for their own sake, for a unified service to the One Living God, so that the spirit of His love and mercy be extended to them. So too the Lord, our God, did not need the commandments of the Torah. The Jewish people needed them for their own benefit and to benefit their soul. To the Tzadik Haim this teaching was essential to the Correction of certain erroneous attitudes which many religious Jews had fallen into.

Gnomen 635 - It was not Jesus who was teaching me the Torah, you understand. It was the Tzadik Haim, Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim whose level in the knowledge of truth was the ‘highest’ in the world. God loved the intention of a poor, ignorant Jew and accepted as a sacrifice in the Temple the heart of a cow placed in the Holy Ark of the Synagogue. The act of that simple-hearted man in good faith outweighed all the ‘life-time’ of mitzvot of that religiously severe rabbi. That heavy sweater made to cover a poor, cold widow was more sanctified and had a higher place before the Holy God of Israel than all King Solomon’s holocausts, sin offerings and thanks-giving sacrifices together. For the Tzadik Haim this was not a detail of the faith of the Torah but true Torah to which all other details were secondary. It is the heart of love that counts. All the Commandments in any other framework had no temple in which to shine.

Gnomen 636 - All the many teachings of the Tzadik concerning the virtues of the heart were, in truth, ‘signs’ of the Hidden Goel and his constant repetition of these teachings was for having them enter my blood so that I might have the true force to carry them over in writing later on. I was being taught the essential substance of the New Tablets of the New Law of the Final Redemption, without, of course, understanding that they were New Tablets or knowing the redemptional purposes that they would serve. It was essential Torah, Torah from the true light of the humility of Moses who merited to see the 13 Attributes of Mercy in the Splendour of God Almighty. “Many are those throughout history” the Tzadik sometimes said, “who have been ‘jealous’ of Moses, our teacher, but very few have truly understood his humility or practised the true teachings of his enormous humility with which the entire Torah is permeated.”

Gnomen 637 - Chosen was the life of the Hidden Suffering Tzadik Haim, from his birth in the Sign of the Completion of the Pact until the Sign of his Final Sacrifice and the Final Sign of the Resurrection. The Tzadik was the chosen one to possess the elevated and unique soul selected by God Almighty to be the Third and Final Goel of history. He was born to the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim, Moshe from San'aa, Yemen, because this was the position that he would have to occupy in order to accomplish the myriad unknowable works on secret levels that were as well the necessary preparations for the actual revelation of the Final Goel after the Completion of the Sign of the Resurrection.

Gnomen 638 - So his last ‘sign’ of the terrible sacrifice and his ascent to the Kingdom of Heaven as the Anointed Judge of the Final Redemption in the Final Sign of the Resurrection, completed in total fulfilment the Hidden Redemptional Cycle of his entire sanctified life, from his birth until his resurrection. That the chosen Tzadik Haim was born in Yemen is itself extremely significant. It is a redemptional sign: The Final Goel Haim gives over to the world the New, True Kabbalah (Tradition) (most often referred to as the New True Kabbalah of Big Fish Leviathan). Elsewhere have we explained that the tradition of Yemen was the highest of all Israel because of the unbroken chain of its Kabbalah from Sinai and by way of the Tradition of the holy Prophet Jeremiah before the destruction of the First Temple.

Gnomen 639 - As revealed here in this Scroll of Esther of the Final Redemption, the Hidden Tzadik Haim, in the Sign of the Completion of the Pact, was destined to receive and to bring the New Tablets of the Final Redemption. These Tablets are in the New Sanctity given by God in the revelation of the final name EHEYE. The person chosen to fulfil that ‘historic transition’ from the Sanctity of the entire true Tradition of Israel to the New True Tradition of the Final Redemption, had to be one so loved by God Almighty that to him was given a ‘level of all levels, to know all levels’, as later received in the marvellous redemptional dream of Giordano Levi (Dream 79) in which the Tzadik Haim, separated by an immense fence but visible to the pupils declares, “Tell them that I am the Tzadik who is incarnated 3 times (in history)”. And in the fulfilment of this purpose, the true knowledge of the true Yemenite Tradition, both the Revealed and Hidden Traditions (this is apart from the Secret Tradition of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim which is bound to selected individuals regardless of their place of birth) had to be an integral part of the heredity of the Final Goel, Haim.[21]

Gnomen 640 - The Tzadik, of course, never made any references to his being the Goel. Even the Hidden Goel is not the Final Goel until he has completed his sanctified work in the world. The closest quasi-reference was ‘You still do not know with whom you are walking’ but I didn’t understand it until after the Resurrection. The Tzadik Haim did, however, give over many essential teachings concerning the awaited for geula shleima. He confirmed, for example, the future ‘reality’ of the resurrection of the dead. He also taught us that there is a small bone at the level of the nape in the back part of the head, that, when the time will come and if the person is among those that merit, will be the source of the New Body formed at the time of the resurrection of the dead. Even when all the other bones totally rot away, this tiny bone remains intact.

Gnomen 641 - Whenever the Tzadik mentioned the resurrection of the dead, he always said, “The Holy One, Blessed is He and Blessed is His name for eternity, alone, knows when that will take place and no one else knows this”. The Tzadik Haim greatly praised the Great Eagle, the Rambam, peace be upon his holy and enlightened soul, for the extreme terseness of the Sage’s words concerning this matter. This was in contrast to others who had entered into all sorts of opinions and conjectural expositions of this subject. A rage from the rabbinite world of the Rambam’s time blew up because the Tzadik from Fustat had only mentioned the ‘resurrection of the dead’ as a received sign of Tradition without making any comment whatsoever. He had commented on every other matter of Jewish Tradition and why had he left this to itself!

Gnomen 642 - The outrage became so contemptuous that it even expressed doubts, God forbid, as to the Rambam’s truly believing in the resurrection of the dead. Nevertheless, the great sage, with the calmness of wisdom to which he was accustomed answered back that one can know nothing of the time and the manner of that future event. With those few words he quieted the spirits of those rather invidious rabbis who had searched to find what was not there. The Tzadik Haim would tell this story each time with great slowness, pausing intermittently to allow some of its light to seep into my understanding and to open my eyes to the wisdom of silence and for the sake of emphasising the true level of the Rambam who ‘knew’ what he was talking about. The Tzadik Haim revealed to us that which will eventually, I believe, have a large bearing on the future halachic world. The Rambam himself was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation.

Gnomen 643 - This is a redemptional-historical fact which could not have been ascertained without its revelation from the Final Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. Nor is it incidental that already in the first year of the Signs, or the beginning of the second, Sarah (Puddu) received the Sign of the ‘New Light of the Rambam’ which, God willing, will be the Opening Text of Sefer Mishnat Haim. In the Jewish world, the historical and authoritative Mishnah Torah has a very important place but the authoritative, redemptional value of every word that came from the hand of the Higher Hidden Tzadik, Moshe ben Maimon, is yet all to re-evaluate in the future.

Gnomen 644 - Later on it became essential to know that Mordechai, the Jew of Meghilat Esther, was in truth Mordechai the Hidden Tzadik, the first Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim. The entire study of the name ASHER which has been revealed until now in the New Scroll of Esther of the Final Redemption would not have been possible without that historical-redemptional link. The Tzadik Haim taught me these colossal but hidden facts because they were redemptional ‘signs’ that I would have to know. That Mordechai ha-Tzadik was the first to establish the formation of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in that number, not more and not less, whereas from the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, until Mordechai, the number of Tzadikim was not yet established. That the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning was the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in every generation while not in the counting was revealed to me directly by the Tzadik Haim. More clearity concerning this was understood afterwards from the Signs of ASHER confirmed in the Completed Signs.

Gnomen 645 - The Tzadik Haim did not reveal previously that the Teacher of Justice, the founder of the School of the Essenes, was the Head of the Hidden Tzadikim in his generation. That Sign was sent in an extremely important dream to Noda and it was an essential link to understanding the entire hidden story of the Initial Signs. Ha-Moreh Haim, had, however, spoken of the Teacher of Justice at length and in such terms of praise for wisdom, prophetic foresight and ‘secrets' that he possessed, that the idea of his being one of the Hidden Tzadikim was virtually alluded to clearly. Even in the dream of Noda, it was not stated that the Tzadik who founded that School was the Head but ‘one of the Hidden Tzadikim’. Through this affirmation, however, it became possible, with the continued progression of the Book "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs", to conclude definitely that the Initial Signs because of the direct bearing of the Prophet Elijah could not have been given over by one of the Hidden Tzadikim except for their Head.

Gnomen 646 - After better taking hold of this very profound matter, being that the dream had explained that notwithstanding the extremely high and sanctified level of that Tzadik, since his undertaking in forming the School had been taken on his own responsibility, all that great error which eventually came out in Christianity, was stamped upon his destiny until the time of its Correction by way of the Final Signs of the Redemption. The Story is amazing and very profound, to be approached with lead-weights on one’s tongue, but the reasons for which the Tzadik Haim would not have revealed this fact became clearer. It would have thrown me off balance to know at that time that at the source of the mission of Jesus was a Head of the Hidden Tzadikim who, notwithstanding the total justice of his action and perfect justification for all he did, nevertheless, for reason of that which issued historically from the School, he would be destined to carry, in some measure indefinable to us, the ‘punishment’ of that historic turning point.

Gnomen 647 - I could not have handled such a ‘secret’ of history without getting confused and I would have been awakened to ask questions that the Tzadik Haim had himself no permission to reveal in the world at that time. Nevertheless, the main reason why the Tzadik would never have revealed it was for the honour and respect that he held for that precious and self-sacrificing Hidden Tzadik, how much more so for his being the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim in his generation. From Heaven itself the Key containing this fact in the vision of Noda’s dream covered the honour of that Tzadik, not revealing his name and not specifying that he was the Head. As the entire question itself, it had to be uncovered from its hidden state in the revelation of the New Scroll of Esther. And from Heaven is this testimony because the respect of Heaven to that true Tzadik has ‘decreed’ that his name never be revealed and, instead, his true title of the Teacher of Justice, as he was called by the teachers and pupils of the Essenes, will always remain.

Gnomen 648 - Aside from this, however, the Hidden Goel, Haim, made it for me a question of intense study and meditation to understand the substance of the true Sanctity and the true ‘secrets’ of the Kabbalah Maasit that were held in the School of the Essenes and the extremely high calibre of its teachers and their pupils. The Tzadik Haim explained to me the life of the School, led in the light of the secret tradition of the Kabbalah Maassit and many secrets of nature. He gave me to see something of the extremely sanctified intentions of all those of the School for the salvation of all Israel and for the world, even though it had to be admitted that the extremity of the total severity practiced at the School, although necessary for the purposes that it had to serve at that time, could never have had an historical continuation. Never are the extremes successful in the end. Every detail the Tzadik explained about the Teacher of Justice, about the life of the School and its teachers, about the presence of Yohhanan Ha-Matbil (John the Baptist) well before Jesus and later on Jesus for 3 years were all very important redemptional Signs without which the true Design of the history of God’s (hidden) redemption, could not have been revealed or understood.

Gnomen 649 - In all discussions of the world at large the Tzadik made it a point to distinguish that which was natural and that which was not natural and thus against nature. The teachings concerning nature and the goodness of nature and the natural remedies of nature and the constant errors of mankind in doing things against the nature created and loved by God were constant and they permeated every teaching in one aspect or another. The reason for the terrible prophecies that had to take place in the world, aside from the sins concerning money, was because mankind destroyed nature, went against nature, distorted nature and they no longer understood what the true nature was. The time was coming, not so far off, in which nature would be given the time of its rebellion against mankind and this was the essence of the destructions, disasters and calamities that would afflict mankind in the prophesied (fourth generation).

Gnomen 650 - The apex of the distortion was coming but after that terrible period of the rebellion of nature against its distorters, the time would arrive when the world would again return to understanding and to doing that which was natural. This represented the greatest purpose of all in the promised Geula ha-Shleima. Mankind would return to the nature as created by God and nature would return to mankind to reap upon it the benefits and the blessings promised by the Creator. The Tzadik Haim was deeply rooted in the higher knowledge of the sources of nature and of the true nature of the world and was able to explain the entire Torah in conformity with the knowledge of nature. Great, wide and profound was the immense knowledge of the Hidden Goel, Haim.

Gnomen 651 - Of the prophesied war of Gog and Magog, the Teacher said that it referred to China. In the New Prophecies of the Fourth Generation, I have not yet found a confirmation to this in the Signs. In any case the prophetic sign of Gog and Magog which ends with a very great miracle of God as written in Ezekiel’s prophecy (38: 14-23) is itself a sign given to help all Israel and the world to realise that the time of the Final Redemption has settled in the world. It is thus not a sign that needs confirmation or announcing by the Final Signs because it is not a ‘warning’ but a given prophetic sign from God as written in that prophecy. It differs, therefore, from the other Fourth Generation Prophecies which come for the purpose of warning and helping to understand what is coming and how to prepare oneself.

The Tzadik affirmed many times that Israel will eventually destroy Amalek in an attack against Germany (or those among the Germanic stock whose hatred for Jews is in their blood) and the wrath of the Holocaust will be vindicated against the true enemies of God and of all mankind. Many times the Tzadik Haim repeated this with various shades of intensity.

Eventually there would be peace between Israel and Arab nations, when all fanaticism from every side would be no more and ignorance would be dispelled by the common knowledge that we are true cousins in Abraham, our father, and we are both true followers of the same One Living God of the universe who loves good will and unity of the heart among all people.

Gnomen 652 - Of the terms of the redemption, it would have been impossible for me to understand anything of the true measures of the messianic revelation, had the Tzadik not inculcated in me the essential knowledge of that which Tradition had not received. The Goel is not the Messiah and the Messiah’s level was far below that of the Goel. In truth, the Tzadik Haim hated the very term messiah (mashiahh) because it had brought only terrible confusion to the entire world.

On occasions the Tzadik explained that the fact that King David, after he had repented from his errors and from his sin with Batsheva, used to play the Oud, a sort of Guitar with 8 stings, beginning exactly at midnight and the Ruah ha-Kodesh (holy spirit) would descend upon him and he would begin versifying and melodizing, from which many psalms of the Book of Psalms were written down and eventually canonized for all time.

Gnomen 653 - The Tzadik Haim explained that the fact of King David’s receiving from the Holy Spirit of God (Ruah ha-Kodesh - Spirit of Sanctity) should not be overestimated to regard him as of a ‘great level’. There are many who, if they walk correctly with God and with people, are able to receive of the Ruah ha-Kodesh, even according to one’s own spirit and, of course, according to one’s merits. “When King David, however, desired to know something of the will of God or His words concerning any matter” the Tzadik would smile with inner laughter of wisdom, “he had always to call for the Prophet Natan!” “People tend to bundle up certain terms” the Teacher explained, “in one sack, but in truth there are myriad levels in Ruah ha-Kodesh and each level is different than another”.

Gnomen 654 - The Tzadik Haim was very fond of King Saul because of his humility, his simplicity of heart and his good-natured love of company and friendship. He had pity on Saul’s bitter plight and he did not like the harshness of Samuel’s rebukes. The Tzadik’s opinion was that Saul could have been forgiven had Samuel considered the simplicity of his heart, tmimut, and Saul’s lack of experience in all official matters.

Concerning King Solomon, the Tzadik Haim confirmed the truth of the fact that for 3 years, instead of King Solomon on the Throne, there was Ashmedai, King of the Sheddim, while the King begged in the streets to get something to eat and all laughed and scorned him when he tried to plead with them that he was King Solomon himself. From here the Tzadik would expound on the evil arrogance of kings and that as the Kings had ruined the Jewish people so have all kings been the great ruin of humanity.[22] The Hidden Tzadik, Haim, did not believe in kings and despised all kings and monarchies.

Gnomen 655 - In July, 1945, I was born. My mother Ann, peace be upon her precious soul, was not called Tamar but she was beautiful inwardly and outwardly and her mind was of a universal vision and she saw all people as brothers and sisters, even though she was Jewish in every way.

Gnomen 656 - Between the birth of my older brother Marty and mine 8 years had passed, 8 years of anguish for my mother who had miscarried a girl after 4 years. For various reasons she thought bitterly that she could not have other children but she kept up her faith and her hope of having more children.

Gnomen 657 - In any case, I was born, I thank God, and my beloved father, Morris Green, peace and light be with him, was certainly Jewish and from the Tribe of Judah as well. I had been held up, it would seem, from getting down until the war had ended and the atomic bomb had been tested and was ready to be exploded. I was joyous news to my mother and father while the world pitifully ‘rejoiced’ in the news of the end of the war. Mom cried from happiness when I was born, she told me many times, “The sun shone and rose brilliantly when you were born and there was light and splendour on every side. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you and I cried from happiness and joy”.

Gnomen 658 - You can get a glimpse of the incredible tmimut of my mother. She carried me for 9 months and yet she couldn’t believe her eyes when I was born. Perhaps that’s normal for many mothers but my dear, sweet and un-understood mother remembered it and repeated it all her life and wow, you should see how her eyes lit up and bulged out of their sockets from the joyous amazement of the moment, every time she told it. Usually she did not tell it when my younger brother ‘Zerah’ was present so as not to incur fraternal jealousy. He came just 16 months after me and they called him with the splendid name of Theodore, Gift of God. But before arriving at the announcements, much history had to be corrected and reconciled where possible and so too, before I became called with my Hebrew name Peretz, all called me Paul, to remind me that I would not be able to make the redemptional announcements of Peretz until I had corrected the messianic and theological blunders of Pauline Christianity. Hi-haw!

Gnomen 659 - To correct Pauline Christianity, however, in truth, before the Lord, our God, one has to see and know many things and to pass through many, many experiences and to fall into many traps and most of all to have the incredible good fortune to become the pupil of the true Tzadik in the world whose Hidden Work it was as the Hidden Goel to bring secretly to the world the New Marvellous Tablets and the New Sanctity of the Third and Final Redemption. Can a Donkey be luckier than that!

Gnomen 660 - I too, from my mother’s womb was Signed into the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel, Haim, and all that I came to know and all the experiences that I passed through before becoming talmid of the Tzadik Haim, were ‘signs’ mostly bitter, unsatisfying and negative signs that had all to be undone and eliminated and finally corrected by the Tzadik Haim. For 7 years, the Tzadik Haim, taught me the true Torah of God and of Moses, our teacher, the Torah of Goodness and of Love, the Torah of Compassion and Charity, the Torah of Humility and of a Humble Spirit, the Torah of Correctness and Derech Eretz; in one, the Torah of the Good Heart filled with the Joyous Faith in God and with Humility towards all.

Gnomen 661 - For 6 years after that, I was allowed to enter the sanctified room that the Tzadik Haim prepared for me in the apartment I was then living in. There, generally 2 nights during the week, I would ask permission to enter and to meditate in sanctity. Nothing was in that room except for a small table (still with me here as my hand-writing desk in the Tent) a beautiful red rug to stand on for contemplation and for prayer (it is still with me but cut into 2) a chair for sitting on at the table and an ash-tray of very thick purple glass (the Teacher Haim gave me permission to smoke in the room when I was seated at the table). At Purim in 1985 (5754), when I had to undo the room because I was leaving that apartment, as one of the signs of that undoing, I threw that ash-tray against the radiator so as to break it into pieces. I threw it quite hard for 3 times but it refused even to cede a chip. Instead the radiator broke and water flowed from all sides, to help us swim, I suppose in the Profound Waters of Purim. Seeing its unbreakability, I decided to keep it with me and here it still sits on my writing desk.



[1] Based on my dream, but it was unbalanced and I should have waited for a verification or a more balanced sign. I, instead, was hasty and, as my dream, the message was unbalanced. The other error was to reveal more about the messages received by Giuseppe which for certain reasons must not be written; this explains the cuttings in a few gnomen of the first chapter.

[2] Or whatever relationship there may have been, it was completely secondary compared to Moses’ reception. In the Final Redemption, however, the Stars of the Redemption, taught to us by the Goel Haim, are an integral part of the New Revelation because they add understanding in the entire history of the Redemption. Not only, the Redemptional Stars are instrumental in the realization of the Final Redemption in the world and they are instrumental for the Reception of true dreams, as received, ‘In the first Redemption, Moses received the laws for Israel; in the Final Redemptionl can receive laws’. The Stars of the Redemption are the intermediate-stellar-secret of this New, Historic Possibility. This is especially true of this Fourth Generation. where the spirit of mankind in general immersed in thick darkness.

[3] Faith, Blessing, Virtues of the Heart, Prayer, Derech Eretz, Correction, Sanctification, Renewal, Taste, Wisdom (Silence) – These, in order, represent the Essential Purposes ‘abstracted’ from the Ten Commandments.

[4] There are no signs to substantiate this and perhaps it comes afterwards. Of the invasion of UFO there have many signs but without determining the time element. Nor have we signs of this nuclear explosion in China.

[5] I suppose that the writings concerning the Virtues as well as Decrees of the Tribunal are the main bulk of the Scroll of the Final Redemption and I think that the Writings and Diary’s and registered dreams of the Donkeys are part of said Scroll. The Scroll until now represents the Walking and Living testimony of the Purim Hope that we are involved with, the Hope until now for a great ve-nahafoch hu for the sake of the Final Redemption.

[6] Someone in the RESH of the Middle Signs of ASHER. In view of the entire Triple-Name that possibility could not have been missing, the RESH must lead to the ALEF of the final name. That possibility, therefore, was true but the reality of Israel's low level rendered it impossible.

[7] The Tree of Life is associated with the True and Complte Middle Way (derech emtzait shlema) and the roots of the revelation of the Tree of Life for the world are found in the name ASHER. Since, as said, the name ASHER could have virtually led to the Final Redemption which reveals the Tree of Life for humanity, its roots must be contained in the name ASHER, more specifically in the Messianic Mission of the RESH when it is correctly bound to the SHEEN and the ALEF of ASHER. In the Garden the Tree of Life could have been eaten by Adam and Eve before their sin, that is when they were still in a state of pure simplicity. The Middle Way is thus the Way that can e received by a multitude of people.

[8] This contradicts the fact that the exiles were due to Israel's sins. The reasoning here, however, is said in the Key of Awesome are decrees on mankind. Redemption requires exile, exile requires sin. And all Israel is responsible for one another. There have always been good Jews who lived in their faith but when the weight of sinners overroad them, the people had to fall, good and bad alike. If not for the fact that a part of the people lived as a just person who lives in his faith, there could have been no redemption. The symbolism of Job, therefore, is representative of good Jews who had not sinned but who were put to the test because of the others.

[9] There’s another ‘The’ donkey when Moses puts his wife Tzipura and his children on the Donkey. (Exodus 4:20) I have not yet interpreted that Donkey. I started to in 2014 when Moshe Levi told me to look at it, but then I received a dream, not very clear, but it seemed to me that The Donkey of Moses had to wait yet 3 years for its interpretation. Perhaps its interpretation or rather its Sign will become necessary with the entrance into the second half of the Fourth Generation.

[10] The return of Isaac here refers to the final sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim which concludes the long historic sacrifice of Isaac, our father. Thus the Goel Haim opens all the explanations of the name ASHER that contains the Signs of Isaac. In the return of the Signs of Isaac, the Goel Haim rides The Donkey who eats Bread. -

[11] All these elements were not completed in Jesus’ Messianic Mission since the Horns of the Ram got caught in the Thicket of all theological Christianity thus distorting all the measures of explanation concerning the Prophet Elijah, concerning the ‘Son of Man’, that is the Final Goel to come, concerning any knowledge of the Hidden Tzadikim, and concerning the position of the Messiah himself, exiting from the truth and totally falsified. In the Final Redemption the Tzadik Haim was himself the Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim and he therefore reveals the truth concerning them with true explanations concluding the historical ALEF and SHEEN. At the same time the Goel Haim sends the Correction to all the distortions that came out of the RESH in Christianity. In this way the whole name of ASHER is established properly so that it binds with the Final EHEYE of the Final Redemption. The Correction of the RESH, however, requires a ‘Mission’ on earth because the only true ‘misra’ (Mission) – ‘and the ‘mission’ was on his shoulder’ of Isaiah, is that of the Goel Haim who presides over the Final Redemption from the King of Heaven. Needed is a ‘mission’ or a School in the world. Such is the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. The Donkey and White Horse Signs are not to be called ‘Mission’ and most certainly not ‘Messianic’. We are Signs of the Final Redemption and the information is received through the School of the Final Redemption. We have to carry, explain and establish, nevertheless, the ‘Messianic Signs’ which derive from the RESH of ASHER. But the term ‘Messianic Mission’ comes only for the sake of re-defining conclusively the historical concepts of Messianism. In any case, the Salvation of the Signs of the Donkey came by way of the sacrifice of Beniamino noster, because for many reasons, we were not worthy of proceeding without the merit of that tragic sacrifice. Beniamino Perico represented the beloved faith before God Almighty of the true just person who lives in his faith. He was in this sense the apex of Jesus’ teachings as corrected in the coming of the Final Goel. Beniamino, born Catholic, was of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. He was thus the fulfillment of Jesus’ words, ‘I have not come except for the salvation of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel’. Millions of others, born into Christianity, will afterwards be able to enter the Final New Pact by way of the Signs of the Donkey in merit of his sacrifice.

[12] See in Hebrew "Peirush Beersheva".

[13] I’ve always considered 6 Points but others see only 5 – if so, the 5th Sign of the Fourth Generation and the New Construction is not considered because it is a necessity that precedes the Redemption, not properly ‘redemption itself’. -

[14] Modesty pertains to a person who does not reveal himself, and it has 2 aspects: one more interior and the other more exterior. Humility refers to one who lowers himself and does not consider himself something. The praise of Moses was that he was the humblest man on the face of the earth, for even though he was chosen from among all people and he well know his elevared position, he did not consider himself something special.

[15] Ist Commandment – Tradition of Moses; 2nd Comm. – Tradition of Joshua son of Nune; 3rd Comm. - Tradition of the Prophet Elijah; 4th Comm. –Tradition of Aharon ha-Cohen; 5th Comm. – the Respect and Derech Eretz taught throughout Tradition which of the Five Tablets of the Pact also refers to the New Tradition of Big Fish Leviathan.

[16] We speak of 36 Virtues, the 10 of the Middle Column, the 13 Virtues of Esther and the 13 Virtuous Qualities of the Good Heart.

[17]. Actually this has not happened; I write here July, 2011, on the contrary, we have remained very small and very limited! There is, however the fact that we no longer use the term Mission and we are canceling them out from all texts, not the Mission of the Donkey but the Sign of the Donkey who eats Bread. The term cannot be properly Mission if we are not a Mission. We are, in fact, not a Mission but a School and in essence we are simply Signs of the Final Redemption. Nevertheless, we don’t know how things will happen in the coming years. For even as a School and as Signs of the Donkey, this does not mean that there will be no growth or no increase in the number of pupils. We do know from another dream of Giuseppe that we will not become a Movement for the masses in this Fourth Generation and that the number of Donkeys will not exceed 500. Thus, even as a Sign and a School the dream has its validity. Another element to evaluate: evil in the world will increase but such is especially true of the second half of the Fourth Generation, as known to us that the first 35 years are still in the phase of clemency for merit of the sacrifice of the Tzadik Haim. So is it true that there are now also many positive merits in the world, with many valid charity organizations, and many people whose hearts are positive and filled with faith. It is possible that as a School and a Sign, we have been given to remain very small whereas the bulk of the Fourth Generation begins in 2018-19, and the evil will increment for sure and the forces of good will be so weakened that only then will the Sign of the Donkey grow and increase, even if we not exceed 500 Donkeys. It is certainly true that, God willing, many of our texts will be sent out in book form to the public. That such is desired is clear from my dream in which the Tzadik Haim was extremely content because one or more than one of our books (of those we have placed on Lulu self-publishing) had reached Calefornia and the Teacher with joy explained that it was said about them, “This is not just wine to drink but wine to sip and to taste”. I leave it here with a question mark; only the Lord, our God knows what will be. -

[18]. Among the rabbis, in modern times, only the late Rabbi Isaac Kook, peace be with him, had a truly profound grasp on this concept and of certain aspects of the ‘change-over’ that had came about.

[19] This does not mean that the great principle of ‘all Israel are bound in responsibility one to the other’ was annulled; its measure, however, because of the merit of the accepted sacrifice of the Holocaust, was changed so that it become a gift of the accumulated merits and no longer the punishment of sins accumulated by the people. The merits went in favour of the whole people but the sins were ‘reduced’ to the individual judgement. These are, of course, words only, to help us understand something of the great change in Judgement that took place after the Holocaust.


[20] one must be careful in reading this without getting confused. The Sanctity (Kedusha) returns but only after it has been 'reinstated' within the framework of the New Kedusha of the Final Redemption. And although the New Law and New Rite do not substitute the Halacha or the Rite of the Synagogue both of which continue always, nevertheless the state of the Halacha will have its changes to be made after the purification of the terrible Chain of the false Kabbalah of the past 400 years. So too the Rite of the Synagogue, for example, will no longer pray for the coming of the Messiah once they know that the chosen Goel has been anointed by God in the Kingdom of Heaven. The first Sanctity was thus violated and tainted and needs purification by way of the New Pact and thus when it does return there are already many New Conditions to which the Halacha and the Synagogue will have to adjust. In this sense, the first Kedusha never really returns. One can, perhaps, understand this more easily by realizing that the Third Temple at Jerusalem and Beer Sheva is based on the New Kedusha of the Final Redemption. The sacrifices do not return (There will be a place for animal sacrifices but separated from the New Rite and only, I believe, for those Jews who because of their Torah heritage and their long-standing desire to participate in sacrifices as it was, will be given this possibility. This Sign received by |Giuseppe came only after the completion of the 13 Altars of prayer and the Carpet of Islam. We didn’t know it yet when the above was written. What returns, therefore, is not properly the ‘first Sanctity’ on its own right but a remnant of the first Kedusha within the context of the New Sanctity of the Final Redemption. Said Rite of animal sacrifices would not be valid unless it found in the new context etc.). All the laws in the Torah and Tradition concerning those sacrifices and the detailed 'service' of the Cohanim do not return.

[21] Upon me falls the sense of never having clearly defined this affirmation of the Tzadik. I have explained it as having a double sense, for Israel Moses, Mordechai and Haim while for the outside world it refers to Moses to Jesus and to Haim. I have also mentioned the difficulty of the term ‘incarnare’ in Italian, ‘to incarnate’ so that in Italian one reads “Tell them that I am the Tzadik ‘incarnated’ 3 times”. Since this ‘incarnare’ could also become ‘mitbasser’ in Hebrew ‘to be announced’ we generally translate ‘the Tzadik who is ‘announced’ 3 times, for Israel and for the Christian world and for the Muslim world. We even explained that the term ‘incarnare’ also came as one of many counter-signs or Correction signs to the false theological blunderings of the ‘incarnation’ of God in Christ, God save us. In this moment I see a third interpretation: it refers to the Prophet Elijah, to Jesus and to Haim. The reason is that the term ‘incarnare’ involves the Sign of the Resurrection in particular. In the midst of the Book of Kings, the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning is ‘announced’ and an episode of his power to resuscitate a lad from death is given. So too the Prophet does not die and his ascent is ‘announced’ there in the Book of Kings. So too is it announced in Malachi that the Announced Prophet of the Final Redemption is Elijah the Prophet. Also Mordechai ha-Tzadik is ‘announced’ suddenly from the darkness of exile revealed in the Megilat Esther but there the Sign of the Resurrection from his proposed hanging by Haman represents the complete turnover. Also Purim represents the resurrection of the people from that decree of death unto life. Secondly the Sign says ‘announced’ in history but the concealment of Purim is a feast for Jews, not for the world. Jesus, however, was announced in the world in virtue of the Initial Sign of the Resurrection. Thus the 3 Just Men announced in the Sign of the ‘New Incarnation’ in the Resurrection after death are the Prophet Elijah, Jesus and the Final Goel, Haim. These ‘represent’ the 3 ‘forms’ of Tzadik that complete the Resurrection for the world. And if you say that Jesus was not on the level of the Prophet Elijah or of the Final Goel, as explained throughout Sefer Mishnat Haim, the world, however, needs the level of ‘the Just Man lives in his faith’ so that all levels of mankind can participate through faith and good actions in the Resurrection and in the Kingdom of Heaven. Likewise is there the Sign received by Giuseppe in a dream ‘Three are the Men of the Redemption, Moses, Jesus and Haim’. Again, in terms of true levels, Jesus was hardly on the level of Moses or of the Final Goel. And Mordechai ha-Tzadik who was truly Head of the 36 Hidden Tzadikim is not counted. It was, however, Jesus whose great, sacrificial faith for the sake of God’s name opened the Initial Signs of the Redemption for the world. The Redemption, indeed, is not for the Higher Tzadikim themselves but for the world. And even the Goel’s Donkey could not help bring the News of the Redemption to the world until the Tail of the Donkey touches the earth. The first interpretation, Moses, Mordechai and Haim answers, instead, to the 3 Goelim of the Redemption of Israel. The second interpretation answers, instead, to the Three Men of the Redemption. So has it now been clarified, thank God, after 15 years of Donkey Heaviness, that the Tzadik who is ‘incarnated’ and ‘announced’ in the Sign of the Resurrection refers to the Prophet Elijah, Jesus and Haim. (I have been revising the Book "Between the Initial Signs and the Final Signs", Inzago, April 2006. I no longer remembered that this conclusion since for at least 10 years now, I have clearly stated that the Tzadik Incarnated three times can surely only refer to the Three Men of the Redemption, to Moses, Jesus and Haim. It is also true that only more recently have we reinstated the term Incarnated instead of Announced. In determining the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, I was influenced by the thought that the Tzadik Announced Three Times was in 'strict' relation to the Sign of the Tzadik Haim's Resurrection. This, however, is incorrect because it does not state 'Resurrected Three Times' but Incarnated. The Resurrection is only one of the Six Great Signs. Incarnated is something else which goes beyond any particular Sign. Only more recently have I clarified its meaning in what I believe to be the proper measure. The term Incarnated refers to the will of God which Incarnated itself in three chosen men for the sake of bringing the world to its Final Redemption. By these three chosen persons the will of God became (or in the case of the Goel Haim, will become) manifest for the world. – I leave the previous note as it was written so that one can have a perspective of the difficulty I had in explaining this Sign.

[22] The 2 great evils that had always brought humanity down, the Tzadik Haim would say, were ‘kings’ and ‘priests’ - -