The angel of God who stands among the Myrtle


I must speak here in the first person, in some autobiographic sketches, although I am hardly an angel. Even the Donkey who eats Bread is not properly an angel although he descends from the Kingdom of Heaven. It's different with him; he was in the Garden, destined to be the carrier of Man when he would be created. But Adam came and went. Then he had other historical courses to follow, with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moshe Rabbeinu, Balaam, Yeshua etc. So where would he be put in all the meantimes, waiting for the Final Goel and the time of the Geula Shleima, if not in a Stable of the Kingdom of Heaven!

Good but I, Peretz Green, am certainly no angel and there's no need for me to explain why without becoming vulgarly crude. So how did I get to be an angel who stands among the Myrtle Trees, you rightfully ask. I too ask myself: How did I get into this story in the first place?

Well, I was supposed to be something similar to an angel and so I was given to the Tzadik Haim who for 13 years explained and showed me how the Myrtle Trees really are and he allowed me to know how the highest of the Myrtle Trees is. Others do not know this matter and thus compared to others I was similar to an angel. Then the Hidden Tzadik Haim allowed me to be alongside him for most of the 620 days of his final Sacrifice, which was in truth quite an angelic matter. Then God Almighty took him and chose him as the Final Goel of history and I became the first Announcer of the Final Redemption and then the first Donkey who eats the Redemptional Bread.  I could not become a Myrtle Tree but as a consolation, I was given the extremely great privilege to be as an angel who stands among the Myrtle Trees. That's how it happened. 


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