The Massage of The Archangel Gabriel


This Petal contains a unified Text called The Message of the Angel Gabriel. Its main purpose is to deliver Messages of the Final Redemption in short chapters and precise headings. The Messages are divided into three categories: You do not understand, You are blessed, You are completed. For example: You do not understand derech eretz. You are blessed in the Corrections. You are completed in the Light of the Tribes.

In the first category of You do not understand, the first 5 messages are severe since they relate to the idolatrous sin of Emanation of the Zohar, the false Kabbalah that followed and the false Messianism of Habad. I have added a few extended footnotes to these 5 Messages. After this the Messages explain the New Matters of the Final Redemption that are unknown and thus un-understood. In the 'You are blessed' Messages comes mainly the new understanding of the blessings deriving from the New Things of the Final Redemption and the 'You are Completed' Messages complete this new comprehension.

Originally I arranged 39 subjects for each of the 3 categories, with the intention to report 39 sentences for each of the 117 subjects. Among them are 10 chapters which cover the 10 plagues and their relationship to the 10 gods of Egypt (the Enneade – 9 gods above and Pharaoh, the tenth on earth) and these in turn refer to the sin of Emanation of the Zohar with its 10 Emanated Sepherot.

I write these texts in the permission of the Goel Haim and I turn my thought to receiving the Message from the Angel Gabriel. I do not see him nor do I hear him, certainly not directly. I try to do my best and what descends descends as I write. If there are mistakes in the subject matter, I receive corrections, often in dreams from the Teacher Haim. In any case, the purpose of these texts is generally not for novelties in the subject matters but rather to bring the questions to a pointed linguistic style that enhances the understanding of those matters.



Part 1 - You do not Understand

Part 2 - You are Blessed

Part 3 - You are Completed

The Ten Plagues in correspondence to the Ten Emanated Sephirot of the False Kabbalah