The Correction of the Pact that descends from the Sand of the Eighth Hole of Esau's Red Flute


We call this thirteenth Petal of the Book of the Rose the Thirteenth General Gate because it is general to any subject of the texts of the Final Redemption, in merit of the Final Goel Haim. The choice of texts, nevertheless, although useful and interesting to all, inclines towards matters needed by the nations, especially Christians who must yet acquire the foundations of the true Tradition of Israel, those who seek to know the ways of Jacob.

This idea resides in the title: The Correction of the Pact 1) for Christians who exit from the Christian New Testament and enter the Final New Pact on the Altar of Makchitzedek and 2) the Pact refers to the Pact of Circumcision, that is, by way of the Final Pact many people who err or sin in matters of sex, even adultery or other sexual abominations, will find their Correction in these texts.

The Red Flute thus recalls the hot masculinity of Esau who, as known in Tradition, did not hunt only animals but also other men's wives.

The Sand (hhol): symbolizes 1) a great quantity in number as the sand of the sea-shore; and 2) 'profane' as Yemot ha-hhol, week-days as opposed to the Sabbath which is holy. It refers to people of the nations bound to Esau, extremely numerous compared to Israel, who need a new sanctification in many matters.

That Descends: the New Sanctification descends into the world from the New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. Known to Tradition is that the Great Whale's masculinity was cut off while the Leviatanit was killed and salted for the great Banquet for the Just in the future. That part of Leviathan began to 'descend' into the world and passed slowly through myriad stars taking about 2000 years from the fifth day of Creation to the time of Isaac, our father and as it came down it was caught up in the incredible stellar harmony until it became as a musical instrument that emanated beautiful melodies, the Red Flute of the Stars. When it finally reached earth, Esau found it, fell in love with it and began to play marvelous melodies. That refers to Esau's marriage to Mahhalat daughter of Ishmael son of Abraham.

That event was indeed very special. Isaac and Rebecca were very disturbed by the fact that Esau kept on marrying Canaanite women. When Esau realized that it was so, he went to Ishmael son of Abraham in order to correct himself in their eyes. That marriage therefore was an extremely joyous event for all and also from Heaven, great love was shown him and just on that day, as a gift from God Almighty, the Red Flute landed on earth and Esau found it.

On another level, the Red Flute given for the Joy of Esau's Correction, is prophetic to the Correction of the peoples of Esau. Now, with God Almighty's choice of the Final Goel Haim there, has descended for the world the Correction of the Pact that descends from the Sand of the Eighth Hole of Esau's Red Flute.


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