The Dreams of the Final Redemption


After the demise (June 1982) and Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, final Goel of Israel and of the Nations, there immediately began to descend the Redemptional Dreams prophesied in Joel 3-1: "and it shall come to pass after this, that I will pour out My spirit over all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men dream dreams: your young men see visions".

        The main purpose of the redemptional dreams in this first period is to establish in writing all the matters of the Final New Pact of the Final Redemption. The Goel Haim is in the Kingdom of Heaven. The redemptional dreams represent the means of communication between the Goel and his pupils in the world who are in the Sign of the Donkeys who eat the Bread of the Geula Shleima. Such, for example, are the dreams concerning: the Stars of the Redemption, the Goel Haim in the Kingdom of Heaven, the New House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam, the Signs of the Donkey who eats Bread, the Fourth Generation and the Resurrection of the Tzadik Haim, in the Final Sign of the Resurrection of the Dead.

        Included as well are the Prophetic Dreams of the Great and Terrible Fourth Generation which derives from the Prophetic Tradition of the Prophet Elijah, of blessed mentioning, promised in Malachi (3: 23), 'Behold I am sending the prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes'.  

These dreams represent the backbone of the New Revelation and will continue to come in the generations of the Geula Shleima. For they are the means by which the spirit of God Almighty will be revealed in the world to all people,  'I will pour out My spirit over all flesh'.

        The redemptional dreams are revealed by the Final Goel Haim and this is one of the great 'secrets' of the Geula Shleima in that it is primarily by way of these dreams that the Goel will become known in the coming generations as 'Marvelous Counselor, Potent one of God, a Father for all times, Prince of Peace' (Isaiah, 9: 5). All people can dream and receive important messages also on a personal level.

In this Fourth Petal we report many dreams of the first 12 years from which can be understood the various purposes accomplished by them. As said, the dreams continue to come and at least 3000 have come in the first 30 years of the Signs. Many of these have been placed in the framework of the written texts in Diary form.


The First 900 Dreams Of The Third Final Redemption (June 1982-December 1983)