Some Brays of the First Donkey


The Donkey who eats Bread is a redemptional Sign, a Sign that has come into existence for the sake of the Final Redemption. The Prophet Zachariah assures us of its being a redemptional Sign when the Tzadik loved by God Almighty will be chosen as Goel of whom it states 'He is a Tzadik and in him is salvation, he is poor and rides on a donkey and on a young, wild ass, son of she-asses' (Zechariah, 9: 9).

Actually, since the Goel presides over the Kingdom of Heaven, he needs Donkeys on earth who eat the Bread of the Redemption and write down what they receive from him. But why Donkeys? Why not simply 'messengers'? How do Donkeys fit in to the picture?

The donkey is a sign that symbolizes the general level of humanity in its relationship to the matters of the Geula Shleima. The person who stands under this sign causes the Redemptional Donkey to come down from the Kingdom of Heaven. This creates the binding between the Goel Haim and his pupils on earth. In this way the pupils become, so to speak, Donkeys of the Goel. 

The Donkey is a Sign and even more precisely, he is Sign-Material. Hhamor (donkey) is rooted in 'Hhomer' (material). The Donkeys not only eat the Redemptional Bread; they take on whatever Sign or Signs are in the Bread. So has the Sign-Blessing been received, 'Blessed is God Almighty who has made me His bread'. This is representative of the incredible flexibility of the redemptional Donkeys as they work for the Final Redemption. Therefore, the Donkeys are an integral part of the Geula Shleima and if a pupil of the Goel Haim brays with correct intensions Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw, the Donkey descends from the Kingdom of Heaven and works his way under that pupil's skin and brays to his hearts' content.

It is essential that the Donkey is a humble beast.

With rambunctious girth and Donkeyhood upon me, I have written down quite a lot of brays in all the past years while younger Donkeys and Tails of the Donkey and also White Horse, my partner, have brayed with me together. In this way, in the coming generations, many others may have the great pleasure of braying while witnessing the Donkey's descent from the Kingdom of Heaven. They will love the Lord, our God, and will rejoice in God's choice of the Final Goel Haim and will be extremely happy to hee-haw for the Geula Shleima.

Presented on this Petal 6 are a few texts with many brays of the first Donkey who ate the Bread of the Third and Final Redemption.



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