Peirush Beersheva - Commentary on the Wells of Beersheva


The city of Beersheva, aside from its being famous for its bond in the Torah with the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob even with two episodes in which the derivation of the name Beersheva, once for reason of the oath (shvua) between Abraham and Abimelech and the seven (sheva) sheep given (Gen. 21: 27-34) and once for reason of the well called by Isaac shiv'aa (seven) (ibid, 26: 18-33), has for the Final Redemption a very special place. Its being bound with the Patriarchs who lived before the Torah, renders it, even more than Jerusalem, a Sign of Universality, with Abraham, our father, 'father of a multitude of nations' (av le-hamon goiim). Jerusalem came to its importance for the Jewish people much later in history.

        We, Paolo, Noda and I, (Peretz Green) have had to come to Beersheva for the sake of the Completed Signs several times: in 1989 (4 months), in Sept. 2000 until Dec. 2003, and in Oct. 2012 until now (January 2016).

We have received in merit of the chosen Goel Haim information concerning the Third Temple at Jerusalem, the House of Prayer of 7 Floors, 13 Altars of Prayer and the Carpet of Islam, we have also been the fortunate ones to receive the Redemptional Sign that the same prophesied House of Prayer for all the Nations will be constructed in Beersheva.

In the same redemptional dream received by Giuseppe Manigrasso that the House of Prayer will also be at Beersheva, the Hachamim who declared such, made it a point to say two important points 1) that this has always been God's intention but it was hidden in the Torah and 2) that this doubling of the Temple represented the 'secret' that allowed for the universality or the 'extension' of the House of Prayer in the world. In Houses of Prayer outside of Israel it will be permitted, for example, to establish the Altar of Judah or of Ephraim Altar for Jews or the Altar of Malchitzedek for the Nations where (in the strict permission of those responsible), and this way they will be able to participate in the House of Prayer in whatever country they are. The two Houses of the Third and Final Temple gave this possibility whereas Jerusalem itself was not sufficient for this purpose.

Probably for these purposes and for others, the book "Peirush Beersheva" became part of the 13 Petals of Sefer Mishnat Haim. It comes to elevate Beersheva, the city of the Patriarchs (called as well in Giuseppe's dream 'Ir ha-Cohanim, City of Priests), by way of new studies of the Holy Torah in the light of the Completed Signs of the Final Redemption and with the New Teachings of the Goel Haim of the Stars of the Redemption and the 13 New Mazalot of Big Fish Leviathan. Todah le-EL SHADDAI, EL SHADDAI GADOL, EL SHADDAI EHHAD.