The New Law of the Final Redemption


"This is My servant whom I uphold, My chosen one by Me desired, I have given him of My spirit so as to bring justice to the nations". (Isaiah 42: 1). For many reasons the Final Redemption needs a New Law. Since the Geula Shleima is not only for Israel, it must contain the means to give over to all peoples the true laws loved by God Almighty. Obviously, the Laws for all Israel, with its vast range of detailed Halacha, can be taken on by the Jewish people but its range must be radically reduced for the Nations. And behold, the Third and Final Temple, the prophesied House of Prayer, is for all the nations and "the nations will go up to Jerusalem to study the ways of Jacob" (ibid: 2: 3). The New Law is thus double, for Israel and for the Nations. Why also for Israel since they have the Tradition and the Halacha? The fact is that most Jews in Israel and in the world do not actually follow the Halacha and they too need a New Law to guide them on their path to be just before God Almighty.

        The Sign of the New Law of the Final Redemption is called Thirty Passes. Its basis are the renewed explanations of the 10 Commandments, explanations of the 10 Virtues (Faith, Blessing, Virtues of the Heart, Prayer, Respectful Behavior, Correction, Sanctification, Renewal, Taste and Wisdom) and 10 Commandments of the Just Person who lives in his or her faith. Each of these 30 documents contain 30 Steps of explanation. Afterwards come other Tablets on various subjects pertaining to the New Law.



30 Passes: The Ten Commandments

30 Passes: The Ten Virtues

30 Passes: The Ten Commandments of the Just Man who Lives in His Faith

The Light of Ten Illumined Tablets of the Enlightened Turtle

Introduction to the Tablets of The New Law

Tablets of the New Law: Book 1 - Relationships between People

Tablets of the New Law: Book 2 - The Person and his Relationships with his Family

Tablets of the New Law: Book 3 - Things Unseen by People

Tablets of the New Law: Book 4 - Messages

The Tablet of the 4 Great Completed Signs

The Table of the 6 Completed Signs and 13 Announcements

The Tablet of the Triple Meditation